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      Allan Zade

Abstract: Motion in a reference frame seems as a cornerstone of physics for many centuries. Classical mechanics were abandoned by Relativity because of inability to explain strange behavior of light and its constant speed in the observers reference frame. However, Relativity itself has a number of problems which appeared last decades. Those are new observations staying in contrary to the theory and theoretical research leading beyond the human comprehension. This article explains philosophical roots of many controversies. It shows the possibility to move out of them and discover a new way to promote science.

      Frankie Subon

Abstract: Vocabulary learning strategies are classified into incidental and intentional learning strategies that are present in taxonomies of VL strategies by Oxford (1990), Schmitt (1997), Sökmen (1997), etc. Notably, researchers have differing views on which strategy is the key to vocabulary acquisition. In recent years, researchers have begun to take into account all the strategies and recognize their influence on vocabulary learning (Gu & Johnson, 1996). In this study, a taxonomy of VL strategies by Gu & Johnson (1996) and Fan (2003) cited in Ming (2007) was used to identify the pattern of VL strategies of Form Six (Pre-university) students.

      Hassan Houshyar, Dalir Alavi

Abstract: The main goal of providing is equal opportunities for all residents to enjoy a land of equal opportunity. Meanwhile, basic step in planning of area destroying regional imbalances assessed and analyzed in terms of development in the sectors of education, health, economic and other fields. There are several methods to evaluate and rank the areas in terms of development; one of these methods is the analysis of taxonomy. Using this method can be classified different regions of a country in terms of development. Present research is examined analysis - description and nature development - North West provinces of Iran with the 25 indicators used in the fields of health, education, housing, and economic communication indicator, the rate of development. The results of this study indicate that none of the provinces do not have an absolute advantage in terms of development compared to other provinces, only placed the lowest level of development of East Azarbaijan and West Azarbaijan in the highest level of development. But is in each of the indicators of development and deprivation differences between provinces high.


Abstract: Several theories have been documented on the relevance and irrelevance of dividend policy. Many authors continue to come up with different findings from their studies on the relevance of dividend policy. The main thrust of this study is to find out the relationship between dividend payout and firm profitability among listed hotels and restaurant companies in the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE). Regression and correlation analysis were carried out to establish the relationship between dividend payout and firm profitability. The findings indicated that dividend payout was a crucial factor affecting firm performance

      Tahereh Haghroosta, Wan Ruslan Ismail

Abstract: This paper presents how a typhoon can change the sea surface temperature (SST) and heat fluxes trend. As a case study, Noul typhoon was investigated over the South China Sea. It affected South China Sea from November 14 to November 17 in 2008. Using archived data of National Centers for Environmental Prediction / National Center for Atmospheric Research data set, the effects of Noul typhoon on SST, latent heat flux (LHF), and sensible heat flux (SHF), were studied. Furthermore, the precipitation rate (Prate) during the typhoon was investigated as well. As a contribution, comparing daily and monthly contour maps for the desired parameters showed the important variations which resulting from typhoon intensity. The results also indicated that SST decreased in the area (SST contours occupy a smaller area) and Heat Fluxes reduced during the storm as well, from range of 100-300 W/m2 to 80-140 W/m2. The parameters must remain in a special range (shown in the figures, at least 302 ºK for SST and 90 and 10 W/m2 for LHF and SHF respectively), to help the storm to be alive and grow. Results indicate that the amount of Prate is also affected by the storms severity.

      Senee Kruanetr, Natpapus Tan-arsa, Ratchaneekorn Wanchanthuek

Abstract: To investigate the removal efficiency of Methylene blue (MB) by using TiO2 with second metal (M) such as Cu, Al, Mg, Fe, Tb, La and Ce as catalyst which were prepared by im-pregnation method in amount of 2% M/TiO2. The catalyst ratio that used in this reaction was 2 g/L, pH 5, temperature 30˚C and 100 min in reaction time. The most effective catalyst was 2%Cu/ TiO2. Then the preparations of 2%Cu/ TiO2 were compared; im-pregnation and sol-gel process. The study found that 2%Cu/ TiO2 prepared by the im-pregnation method performed better activity. Therefore, we selected to prepare the catalyst by the im-pregnation method to study the amount of

      LCKuan, Kutlwano Kabelo

Abstract: This paper focuses on the study of the behavior, characteristics, causes and effects of arc faults in low voltage (LV) switchboard. A pressure sensor is designed to have an early detection on the fault by means of detecting the arc pressure. By monitoring the pressure of supply the current, the possibility of arc occurrence is minimized. From simulation results of the proposed circuit, the pressure sensor is able to detect an arc fault, send a signal to the fault protector circuit which in turn alerts the breaker control circuit to trip the appropriate circuit breaker, thus avoiding damages to the switchboard, buildings and personnel injury caused by arc flash.

      Ms.ParijaS.Shaikh, Mr.Abhijit .N.Patil, Ms.Rachana B.Thombare

Abstract: The human brain is the most complex physical system we know of, and we would have to understand its operation in great detail to build such a device. An immediate goal of brain-machine interface study is to provide a way for people with damaged sensory/motor functions to use their brain to control artificial devices and restore lost capabilities. By combining the latest developments in computer technology and hi-tech engineering, paralyzed persons will be able to control a motorized wheel chair, computer painter, or robotic arm by thought alone.

      Miss. Megha B. Jadhav, Dr. B.M Patil

Abstract: Now a days as a technology advances in low end devices, mobile phones are equipped with large storage capacity and even lot of extra features are also available including camera, additional communication interfaces etc. User can easily use these features. However problem arises when number of file increases. In this case organizing and managing these files become tiresome work. This paper presents a framework to annotate and search files on mobile devices. To improve a searching at mobile devices semantic file annotation is used which annotates the file according to their different contexts. In proposed framework file annotation and searching is performed by annotating the file with their vital attribute which are extracted from the underlying operating system of the device. The file search can be performed on mobile itself or on Personal Area Network (PAN) also by the use of Bluetooth.

      Maheshwari T P, Faruqi NA , Hasan S, Sharma N, Singh O

Abstract: Introduction: Morphometric measurements including the weight of foetal spinal cord is helpful in determining the age and sex of foetuses, which are of great medicolegal significance. The aim of present study is to obtain accurate measurements of weight of human foetal spinal cord in different age groups. Material and Methods: Foetuses without any congenital cranio-vertebral anomalies were selected for the study and divided into five groups on the basis of gestational age. Laminectomy was performed and the spinal cords from human foetuses were taken out and weight recorded on electronic weighing machine under standard conditions. Result & Conclusion: Significant gain in weight of foetal spinal cord was observed in successive adjacent groups from group II onwards and maximum gain in weight was observed between group III and IV.

      Vignesh V, Sendhil Kumar KS, Jaisankar N

Abstract: In Cloud Environment, the process of execution requires Resource Management due to the high process to the resource ratio. Resource Scheduling is a complicated task in cloud computing environment because there are many alternative computers with varying capacities. The goal of this paper is to propose a model for job-oriented resource scheduling in a cloud computing environment. Resource allocation task is scheduled for the Process which gives the available resources and user preferences. The computing resources can be allocated according to the rank of job .This paper constructs the analysis of resource scheduling algorithms. The time parameters of three algorithms, viz. Round Robin, Pre-emptive Priority and Shortest Remaining Time First have been taken into consideration. From this, it has been computed that SRTF has the lowest time parameters in all respects and is the most efficient algorithm for resource scheduling.

      Prashant Shrivastava, T.K Mishra, A.C Saxena

Abstract: In this work the effects of WC concentration on abrasive wear behavior by thermally sprayed WC coating was evaluated using three body abrasive wear tester. A different combination of WC and NI coatings were deposited on steel substrates by flame spraying using powder with different WC concentrations (0 %, 12.5 %, 25 %, and 50 %). Flame torch was used for heating and coating of process. Microstructure properties of coated samples were evaluated using optical microscope and wear testing, were performed on the samples.. Experimental results were compared to determine which coating shows the best quality in terms of the wear resistance. It was found that wear resistance is strongly depend on percentage of WC up to a certain level of mixing after that wear resistance will start decreasing.

      Uma .H.R, Rupa.K.N

Abstract: Inclusive growth is much needed to include common people into the orbit of development. Social and economic justice can be provided only with the inclusion of hitherto excluded deprived section of people. Lot of measures was undertaken by the Government of India and Reserve bank of India together to mitigate the problem of financial exclusion. It leads to particularly, development of all sections of people. To achieve this multi-model approach was adapted. Service Area approach, priority sector lending. Differential rate of interest, Lead Bank Scheme, issue of General credit card and Kisan credit card and so on help to overcome financial hassle to get credit from formal institutions. In this direction emergence of Self Help Groups(SHGs) and then SHG- Bank Linkage Programme help extensively to strengthen the poor specially women folk. SHGs play a vital role to improve the socio-economic condition of women folk by developing thrift habit and providing micro finance in times of need and also encouraging micro entrepreneurs. This study highlighted the role of SHGs in financial inclusion. The primary data was collected through random sampling method and it reflects the positive relationship between SHGs membership and financial inclusion. The study shows after the membership to S H Gs there was enormous increase in the number of bank accounts by members to the extent of 82.7 percent from 17.3 percent before membership. With that, the credit availed by the members and annual repayment of the loan also shows positive trend. Thus SHGs help the deprived section of people to enter into formal financial sector and through that social and economic empowerment.

      Dr.Debesh Bhowmik

Abstract: The European Monetary Fund will replace the European Financial Stability Facility. The EMF provides euro governments with financial means by selling Eurobonds in the capital markets and to bail-out packages for the PIIGS in EU. In European Mechanism for Financial Stability(EMFS), there are three possible mechanism:[i] International Monetary Fund (IMF) assistance but no conditionality [ii] Creation of the European Monetary Fund (EMF) [iii] Design of the European Mechanism for Financial Stability, that could include the EMF. The mechanism should refer to an implementation in 2 stages. The financing mechanism of the EMF ties in with the budgetary discipline as laid down in Art.126 TFEU. The EU treaty provides for three different procedures to amend the Treaties. Today the effective lending capacity of the EFSF is merely €250 billion, but it is scheduled to be increased to €440 billion. So EMF needs to primary and secondary markets for selling 5 year bonds. Even, total amount needed for a full, longer-term bail out of the entire periphery (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain – or PIIGS) would be more than €2 trillion, or more than 20 percent of the euro zones GDP. So, EFM would introduce VAT bonds which could increase more revenues of EU for bail out packages. The funding of the EMF would have to be even larger, if additional and potentially also larger countries like Spain or Italy were to be rescued. Thus, while the idea of an orderly default procedure is well worth pondering, it appears highly questionable that an EMF could shoulder this task. A better alternative would be to introduce such a mechanism in the IMF.

      Deepak Upadhyay

Abstract: The Present study has been conducted in the surrounding villages of the Shivalik hills of Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh State to document some commonly found ethno-botanical plants and their uses in this area. An ethno-botanical survey was undertaken in this region. A number of plants were collected from the study area. Local knowledgeable people of the area were contacted for the local names and different uses of plants growing there. These plants cure a number of diseases and discomforts is being used extensively by the local people.

      Nutan Y.Suple , Sudhir M. Kharad

Abstract: This paper presents the design of the technique using fuzzy inference system for contrast enhancement. It has three main stages, namely, image fuzzification, modification of member ship function values, and defuzzification. Fuzzy image enhancement is based on gray level mapping into membership function. The aim is to generate an image of higher contrast than the original image by giving a larger weight to the gray levels that are closer to the mean gray level of the image than that are farther from the mean. In the fuzzy framework of image enhancement and smoothing, two contributions merit an elaboration. The first one deals with IF..THEN..ELSE fuzzy rules for image enhancement. Here, a set of neighborhood pixels forms the antecedent part of the rule and the pixel to be enhanced is changed by the consequent part of the rule. These fuzzy rules give directives much similar to humane-like reasoning. The second one proposes a rule based filtering in which different filter classes are devised on the basis of compatibility with the neighborhood. Fuzzy Image Enhancement treats image as fuzzy set and operates on those sets.

      R.Pushpavalli, G.Sivarajde

Abstract: In this paper, fuzzy based switching median filtering technique is proposed for enhancing highly corrupted digital images. This filter is obtained in two steps; in first step fuzzy decision rule is applied to detect the impulse noise on input image (noisy image). In second step, noisy pixels are removed using decision based filters. The performance of the proposed filter is compared with other existing filters and shown to be more effective in terms of eliminating impulse noise and preserving edges and fine details of digital images.

      Srikrishnan Sundararajan, Bhasi M., Pramod K.V.

Abstract: This is an empirical study of industry practice in the management of software development risks. As we know, the revolution in information technology (IT) has ushered in significant changes to software engineering practices, as well as IT business models. These happenings have resulted in changes to software risk perception and risk management. While there are numerous studies on software risk, we need a thorough investigation of contemporary Industry practices to build a software risk management model that is practically useful. Based on an investigation of 145 software projects, we propose a model for risk management applicable to non-inhouse projects. We explain the distinctive features of our model in comparison with the existing literature on software risk. The model identifies the key focus areas of software risk management in offshored or outsourced projects in order to achieve the best outcome.

      D. S. W. Rajapaksha , K. A. H. T. Kodithuwakku, K. F. S. T. Silva, R. A. J. N. L. Rupasinghe

Abstract: Post-acidification of set yoghurt always occurs during cold storage causing short shelf life thus consumer unacceptability. The short storage life of particular yoghurt affects the consumption level as well. This study concentrated on the inhibitory effect of preservatives on post-acidification of yoghurt. The set yogurt mixture was produced and inoculated with 2% starter culture containing Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus. After the required inoculation; ε-polylysine (as natural preservative) and potassium sorbate (as chemical preservative) were added separately at different concentrations. Titratble acidity, pH and firmness of yogurts during cold storage for 20 days were examined. Evaluation of sensory properties was done for the best concentrations of each preservative. The pH values and titratable acidity were significantly lower (<0.05) in yoghurts with added preservatives than those in blank yoghurt. The results showed that ε-polylysine and potassium sorbate used at 0.005% (w/v) and 0.1% (w/v), respectively gave the best (optimum) inhibition of post-acidification during refrigerated storage for 20 days. The sensory evaluation revealed that 0.005% (w/v) ε-polylysine was the most preferred preservative to consumers with respect to taste, colour, mouth feel, appearance and overall acceptability. Hence, these results support the conclusion that there is an inhibitory effect of potassium sorbate and ε-polylysine on post-acidification of set yoghurt during cold storage while the later was most preferred by the panelists.

      Ahmad Shukri Yahya, Fauziah Ahmad, Mohammed Khudheir

Abstract: Depleted Uranium (DU) ammunitions were used by the U.S.A and UK troops in an open environment for the first time in history against Iraq on civilians and military targets during Gulf wars in 1991-2003. Spatial distribution and risk assessment of soil in the estimated sites at Basrah Governorate with uranium contaminations have been screened using statistics and geographic information system (GIS) methods, and a performance model of predication distribution and potential distant values of DU and other polluted components were detected by data collection. An interpolation technique was practiced in order to accomplish certainties in the data set and to decrease the influence of outliers. After choosing a tailored model, parameters can be recycled with the data to estimate Uranium concentrations at unsampled locations using the kriging technique to define the weights of adjacent monitoring in the predicating underground surfaces similar to contaminated elements and radionuclides of uranium chains. The problem appears when were increased in the deaths and congenital malformations resulted from carcinogenic diseases among Basrah population, after 1994 of due to use of DU extensively in these regions. The primary purpose of this paper is to present the current state of the determine DU sites and to predict in adjacent points of specific locations using different techniques. A review is provided aiming to discuss the effect of pollution by DU and transferring the pollutants to groundwater.

      Chintan Kayastha, Jaivesh Gandhi

Abstract: The aim of this article is to optimize the process parameters for turning operation by use of Taguchi and Principal component analysis method. The aim of the present work is to investigate the effects of process parameters on surface finish and material removal rate (MRR) to obtain the optimal setting of these process parameters as product with good finishing surface is desirable in turning process with minimum machining cost.

      Medha Kalelkar, Anand Kelkar, Shashidhar Pamarthi

Abstract: This paper presents the navigation of an autonomous vehicle in real-world environments. Due to uncertainty in the environment, a complex decision based mechanism is required for path tracking based on sensing the environment and controlling the robot under different conditions. The autonomous vehicle consists of 3 ultrasonic range finders (sensors) mounted on the chassis which is used to determine the distance in three different direction: left, right and front. Several test cases are considered to take into account different situations like different types of obstacle and the position of obstacles. The robot makes its decision using if-else conditions and the speed is varied for smooth navigation.

      Lokesh Zalpuri, J.S. Tara, V.K. Singh

Abstract: The present studies based on the survey conducted and assessment made by the frequency of occurrence of economically important plant parasitic nematodes associated with Citrus crop. Samples were collected from roots and soil rhizosphere from 10 localities representing 3 districts namely Samba, Kathua and Rajouri for the study of nematodes infestations. The frequency of occurrence and populations varied from place to place which is simply indicative of the fact that the studied area is highly infested with different varieties of nematode species which ultimately affect the Citrus plant species of high grade quality of Citrus plantations.

      K.Murali, Dr.R.Elangovan

Abstract: Assessment of groundwater vulnerability using DRASTIC model in GIS environment has become more widespread for effective groundwater resource management. A study was carried out in Coimbatore south taluk, Tamilnadu, India to develop a empirical model DRASTIC to identify the vulnerability index owing to groundwater contamination with increasing population, industrialization and agricultural activities. The most important mappable factors that control the groundwater potential are depth of water, net recharge, aquifer media, soil media, topography, impact of vadose zone and hydraulic conductivity of the aquifer. Estimation of DRASTIC Index involves multiplying each parameter weight by its rating corresponding to its study area and summing the total. Based on DRASTIC index values it was observed that the vulnerability class in the study area falls between low vulnerability to high vulnerability. The results provide important information for the local authorities and decision making personals for effective management of ground water resource.

      Jyotsna Ogale, Alok Jain

Abstract: In this paper, nearly perfect reconstruction (NPR) critically sampled cosine modulated M-channel filterbank (CMFB) and transmultiplexer systems are proposed. An improved design approach for a FIR low pass prototype filter that expoits spline function in the transition band of the ideal filter and takes the magnitude squared error function into account is considered. Prototype filter is designed by new Cosh window, which is derived in the same way as Kaiser window but having no power series expansion in its time domain representation and performs better side lobe falloff ratio than the Kaiser window. The procedure involves the univariate unconstrained optimization of an error function. A performance evaluation reveals that redefined error function based design significantly lower distortion and interference parameters. The optimized design approach formulated for the filterbank carries over to the transmultiplexer system.

      Narender Kumar

Abstract: Remote Sensing techniques with GIS were used to study the two sub-catchments of the upper catchment of Sukri River, Luni River basin. The measurement and analysis for the two sub-catchments were carried by using GIS for linear, areal and relief aspects. Both sub-catchments have low permeability, high surface run-off, and control of geologic structure. The morphometic analysis and measurements at sub-catchment level depicted that a good relationship existed among the morphometric parameters and the terrain characteristics. Out of both sub-catchments, sub-catchment 2 has more balanced aspects in respect to the sub-catchment 1. The analysis and measurement of basin morphometric aspects and their parameters in GIS will be of immense utility in river basin evolution, understanding the basin for natural resources assessment, planning and management at any scale. Out of two sub-catchments, sub-catchment 2 is more prone for planning, management, and assessment in respect to the sub-catchment 1.

      Vishnu Bhoopathi, R.S.N. Sastry, B. Srinivas, M. Ramana Kumar

Abstract: Pedogeochemical sampling over an area of 24 Sq.Km taken up in the Narayanpur, which is in the part of Srisailam Formation NW of Cuddapah basin, to assess the soil pH and EC of the unconformity-related uranium mineralisation of the area . The area mainly consists of the basement granite, dolerite dikes, basal pebbly quartzite and intercalated shale. Pedogeochemical sampling is carried out on a grid of 1 Km x 1 Km out of 24 Sq.Km and 24 soil samples collected from - different geological -formations. It is observed that the pH is high along the unconformity where we also observe uranium mineralization, whereas EC is low. The low pH & high EC is observed in the soil samples away from the unconformity indicating mobile nature of uranium.

      Anthony P. D souza

Abstract: Unorganized sector was coined by the British economist Keith Hart in 1971, which emerged as a one of the dynamic and vibrant sector. This sector broadly corresponds to the household sector which includes private unincorporated enterprises. The unorganized sector also includes some formal activities on which there is no regular system of data availability. Unorganized sector contributed significantly and expanded rapidly in the Indian economy. The contribution of formal activities in the unorganized sector is quite small. High population, unemployment and ample number of degree holders are some of the reasons for self- employment generation in an unorganized sector. The Government of India set-up a ‘National Commission on Enterprises in the Unorganized/Informal Sector through a resolution dated 20th September, 2004 as an advisory body and watchdog for the informal sector . As per the Economic Survey 2007-08, 93% of Indias Work force including the self-employed and employed in unorganised sector. The Ministry of Labour, Government of India Has categorised the unorganised labour force under various groups such as occupation, nature of employment,distressed category and service category. This paper is based on role of entrepreneur and Challenges before the present youth in taking up such job in unorganized sectors as self- employment .It highlight about present scenario of unorganized sector, Status, role of entrepreneur in creating interest for self employment, Challenges and problems faced in selecting self- employment.

      Yousef Mehdipour, Dr. D. Balaramulu

Abstract: Adequately defining the students perceptions about teachers has been at the core of much research and controversy for many years. This research article investigated the attitude of university postgraduate students to Their teachers behavior. All the students of Hyderabad universities (13universities) constituted the population. The sample of the study is 900 students That randomly selected from five universities out of 13 universities in Hyderabad. A questionnaire was developed and validated through pilot testing and administered to the sample for the collection of data. The researcher personally visited respondents, thus 100% data were collected. The collected data were tabulated and analyzed by SPSS. Results showed that majority of the Postgraduates have a positive attitude to their Teachers behavior. The major conclusions of the study were that Students were found to be satisfied with the positive behavior of their teachers. half of students indicated that important qualities of teachers Behavior were punctuality, honesty, hardworking, friendly, confident and competency.

      Manab Kumar Saha, Bidhan C. Patra

Abstract: Rivers conserve a rich variety of fish species which is the most important aquatic fauna, directly or indirectly related with human health and wealth. Fish diversity of river essentially represents the fish faunal diversity and their abundance. The present study deals with fish biodiversity recorded over a period of one year, from January 2011 to December 2012 in the Damodar River, Burdwan district, West Bengal. The result of present investigation reveals the occurrence of 46 fish species belonging to 7 orders, 18 families and 26 genera. Among the collected species Order Cyprinidontiforms constituting 38 %, Order Perciformes constituting 30%, Order Siluriformes constituting 26%, of the total fish species. The highest abundance and richness was found in sampling station 2 – Barsul.

      L.V.S.Sindhura, G.Guru Prasad

Abstract: In this study, we propose a transmission scheme Space time block coding which is integrated with spatial modulation to improve the diversity of the system and also to reduce the inter-channel interference. At the transmitter end, for the given number of antennas the data is modulated and antenna indices and combinations are considered for their transmission. At the receiver end a maximum likelihood(ML) decoder, which is a low complexity decoder is considered to recover the original information bits. The simulation results shows the bit error rate performance of the system for various modulation techniques.

      Purushothaman P K, Ramakrishnan R, Vikram P S J

Abstract: A 34 year old male patient presented with persistent pain in the left side of the throat. Tonsillectomy had been done on the patient 5 years back. An elongated left sided styloid process (3.5cms) was diagnosed and was removed by transoral approach using an innovative technique of KERRISON PUNCH following which the patient was relieved from his symptoms.

      Neetha Thomas

Abstract: Peer-to-peer (P2P) systems can be used to share files, telephony, discussion forms, and streaming media. In Anonymity Peer-to-Peer (P2P) networks, many systems try to mask the identities of their users for privacy considerations. Existing anonymity approaches like Onion routing, Tor, Crowd are mainly path-based: peers have to pre-construct an anonymous path before transmission. If any peer leaves then whole path fails. Maintaining and updating such paths is difficult. Rumor Riding (RR) is a lightweight and non-path-based mutual anonymity protocol for decentralized P2P systems. Employing a random walk mechanism, RR takes advantage of lower overhead by mainly using the symmetric cryptographic algorithm. This paper is literature survey of rumor riding with existing systems.

      Ms. Neerja S. Dharmale, Mr. Rupesh S. Mahamune

Abstract: This paper is based on Digital signal processing. Controlling through human speech is one of the fascinating application of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and Automation systems. The speech recognition can be defined as a technique of determining what is being spoken by a particular speaker. Speech recognition is one of the commonplace applications of the speech processing technology. The term automation refer to do the thing without hands-on human interaction. The proposed project is based on the speech recognition and it’s application in control mechanism. This project involves the establishment of speech recognition system. After speech recognition, particular code related to spoken word is generated. Then this code is sent to microcontroller via wireless transceiver. Then microcontroller takes the necessary action according to the command signal. The wireless communication is provided via RS-232. The RS-232 cable provides data in the form of RS-232 level and Microcontroller is able to recognize the TTL level, so the data is converted to TTL level using MAX-232 IC.

      Bhaskar B. Gardas, Naresh R. Shimpi, Sunil B. Mahajan

Abstract: In todays scenario, every Industry is trying to reduce the selling prices and weight of their products. Every department of the organization is looking forward to cut the costs at every stage of the product cycle, right from the purchase of the raw material till the product is dispatched in the market. Manufacturing of some metals produce certain toxic substances and gases like Fugitive Dust, Metal Oxides, Fluoride, Aldehydes, and Chlorides. So, use of metals should be reduced by obtaining the same or more functionality by using some other materials or techniques. In this case study, Value Methodology is applied to Mumbai local trains to reduce their cost and weight considerably. Also safety of the passengers is increased. As local trains passengers density in Mumbai is the highest in the world, of the order 4500 passengers /9 car rake, in the peak time. Every passenger does not get handles to hold. Many passengers hold the handles and don’t move in, resulting in fall of passengers who lean outside of the running train. Hence, an idea is suggested, which says that handles should be removed from the train compartments and the rods on which handles are mounted should be lowered so that passengers can hold the rod. By adapting the handle less arrangement weight got decreased by 2,304 kg and cost decreased by Rs 3,02,400 (approx.) of a 12 car rake.

      Sayed Abdulhayan, Prahlad T Kulkarni, Ravindra D Noubade

Abstract: Scheduler is part of MAC Layer that executes fair throughput. A good scheduler provides high Quality of Service (QoS) and work towards getting better throughput. There are varieties of Schedulers based on different factors such as fairness, maximum feedback, etc. Priority Scheduler is based on the need of the service to be catered. We have designed a priority based scheduler on the top of ZF-MUMIMO scheduler. The Proposed scheduler is two-level scheduler. We will study the performance of designed Priority scheduler for Binary Symmetric Channel and M-ary Channel Models, in this paper.

      ZishanHaider. Y. Noorani

Abstract: Mobile Ad-hoc network (MANET) is a non-infrastructure, self-configurable and decentralized network of autonomous mobile nodes which are capable for communication over wireless links. Routing is the main part for any wireless network and same is for MANET. There are two approaches for routing in MANET one is Proactive and another is Reactive. Zone routing protocol is a hybrid protocol means that it uses Proactive approach in its inter-zone whereas Reactive approach in its intra-zone. This work revolves around enhancement in Zone routing protocol in the area of fast route reconfiguration and route acquisition delay.

      Mathivanan, K, Dr.G. Pazhanivelu

Abstract: The present study is aimed to find out the correlation between environmental ethics and participation in environmental activities among higher secondary students. Environmental Ethics Scale was constructed and validated by Dr. Haseen Taj(2001). The Participation in Environmental Activities Scale for higher secondary students was constructed and validated by the investigator (2009), 1000 higher secondary students studying in Virudhachalam Educational District were selected as sample through random sampling technique. Normative survey method is used in the study. The major findings indicate, the higher secondary students have high environmental ethics, higher level of participation in environmental activities and there is significant relationship between environmental ethics and participation in environmental activities of higher secondary students.

      S. A. Masti, A. K. Sharma, P.N. Vasambekar

Abstract: Spinel ferrites with general formula CdxMg1-xFe2-yCryO4 (x=0,0.2,0.4, 0.6, 0.8, and 1.00; y=0, 0.05 and 0.10) were prepared by standard ceramic method. The observations of variation of dielectric constant and loss tangent is reported in Cr3+ substituted ferrites synthesized by normal solid state reaction method. The formation was confirmed by X-ray diffraction technique. Variation of dielectric constant and loss tangent with substitution was explained on the basis of conduction mechanism.

      K.R. Lakshmi , M.Veera Krishna, S.Prem Kumar

Abstract: The diagnosis of heart disease is a significant and tedious task in medicine. The healthcare environment is generally perceived as being information rich yet knowledge poor. There is a wealth of data available within the healthcare systems. However, there is a lack of effective analysis tools to discover hidden relationships and trends in data. Knowledge discovery and data mining have found numerous applications in business and scientific domain. Valuable knowledge can be discovered from application of data mining techniques in healthcare system. Using medical profile such as age, sex, blood pressure and blood sugar it can predict the likelihood of patients getting a heart disease. It enables significant knowledge, e.g. patterns, relationships between medical factors related to heart disease, to be established. It can serve a training tool to train nurses and medical students to diagnose patients with heart disease. It is a web based user friendly system and can be used in hospitals if they have a data ware house for their hospital. Presently we are analyzing the performances of the ten classification data mining techniques by using various performance measures. For implementation of the work a real time patient database is taken and the patient records are experimented and the final best classifier is identified with quick response time and least error rate. A typical confusion matrix is furthermore displayed for quick check. The study describes algorithmic discussion of the heart disease dataset from Cleveland Heart Disease database, on line repository of large datasets. The Best results are achieved by using Tanagra tool. Tanagra is data mining matching set. The accuracy is calculate based on addition of true positive and true negative followed by the division of all possibilities.

      V.Seerengasamy, Dr.K.Jeyaraman

Abstract: To minimize the computational effort needed to solve a zero one Integer Linear Fractional programming problem a new approach has been proposed. Here we use matrix for finding the solution of the integer linear fractional programming problems.

      Irfan Shaikh, Pritesh Bafna, Prof. Mr. S. R Lahane

Abstract: We know that what is cost of storing the data on servers and again retrieving the same data. It is only suitable for paid users. Through our project we are going to reduce cost of this data storage and retrieval process and it will be beneficial for normal users. In our survey we found that such web sites are available but they are not feasible and affordable for normal users. So we picked up this huge drawback and we are trying to design an application for the same. Our system is based of secure retrieval of stored data along with safety and reliability. The most important attribute with our system is the need of key for receiving data for each user and thus increase the security levels.

      Purushothaman P K, Ramakrishnan R, Kiruthiga Devi M

Abstract: Juvenile nasopharyngeal angiofibroma is a rare benign neoplasm that occurs in the nasopharynx particularly seen in young adolescent males. Surgery is the primary treatment of choice. Surgical approaches are either a standard open method or with the advent of endoscopes, recently it is endoscopic endonasal approach. With either of the approaches, it poses a great surgical challenge for the surgeons because of the vascular nature of the tumor and hence its risk for torrential bleed. Preoperative endovascular embolization has significantly reduced the risk of intraoperative bleeding and aids in tumor removal. However, embolization facilities are not available at all centres and embolization per se itself carries risk as high as 20 % leading to central artery occlusion, oroantral fistula due to tissue necrosis, occlusion of the middle cerebral artery followed by stroke and occlusion of ophthalmic artery. We present this article to share our experience of resection of juvenile nasopharyngeal angiofibroma using endoscopic endonasal approach without prior preoperative embolization and the importance of working around the periphery of the tumor with ligation of pedicle which helps in significant reduction of intraoperative bleed.

      Chinta Praveen Kumar

Abstract: The paper is designed after attending and presenting series of presentations and conferences. It draws attention of many people who have similar feelings on English language. Today, classrooms are filled with flexible rules of teaching curriculum. The present papers also assess how language learners need to enhance their learning abilities and source of material to achieve language learning goals. Despite improvement of language skills of major such as, LSRW, its time to find other features of language skills such as correctness, accuracy, fluency and word power. Though speaking and writing are productive skills listening and reading core abilities to identify learners themselves find to choose freely. Self instructional material is primary source of language learning. Since English learning language (ELL) material in the form of textbook linked to the classroom and distinctly lack of update from the modern context. Considering Indian learners English usage and the quality of the language test, material production, this paper advocates teaching English through using text books is outdated. Then, if highlights the significance of the self instructional material is found to be main tool of learning which is of course, remarkable infotainment these days. In addition to the above objectives it also discusses pedagogical implementation of the learning of the language in the classroom context to create better curriculum course.

      Chinta Praveen Kumar

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to take a new look at an old question: the relationship between spoken language teaching practice and the process of learning language effectively. The general way to approach this is to discuss some research results first, talk about existing methods next, and then their implications. Significant part of this paper is, in fact, devoted to summarizing the current state of rural area people learning language skills, as I perceive it, I would like to draw some conclusions from methods and applications. Most of the learners of English tend to practice grammar rules, sentence patterns, vocabulary, and word phrases by resorting to grammar translation methods. The proper method of leaning speaking is to contextualize the language, bringing into present time use of language. It needless to say that many English teachers who are teaching English without aware of any objective of teaching. The cultural side of English is a very important aspect this is why especially in rural background there is a wide gap of learning English. Most often it is not just language that is to be spoken but culture, thoughts, emotions, interpersonal bonds have to be focused.

      Mukta P Bidikar, Pritam M Bidikar

Abstract: Patient satisfaction has evolved as an important tool to evaluate high-value care being given to patient. Also, design of the physical environibutement is increasingly recognized as an important attr in patient care. Patient has to cope with not only the disease but also with changes in environmental factors on hospitalization. Light in healthcare environments is known to influence physical and emotional well-being of patients and also enhance their recovery. Optimum bedside lighting conditions is vital for patients personal needs and comfort and also for activities such as clinical examinations, various tests and procedures as also nursing care. The present study was undertaken to test visual comfort relative to bedside light. A structured, interviewer guided questionnaire was used to evaluate 136 adult patients who visited three multi-speciality hospitals and results were compared to standards. The 136 patients consisted of 82 males and 54 females with a mean age of 31 years (+13). Of these patients 72% were satisfied with bedside daylight levels and 68% patients were satisfied with bedside artificial light levels. Dissatisfaction was mainly due to excessive illumination/ glare from brightness of light sources and reflecting surfaces, spotty appearance of light in certain areas in the room especially those near the windows. On the other hand, in ward areas where lux levels were low patients had difficulty in performing routine tasks like eating, reading, etc. The results suggest that patient satisfaction is related to adequate levels of bedside light and practical recommendations can improve visual comfort of patients in ward.

      Aijaz Hussain Malik

Abstract: This paper is and endeavour to decipher the roots of conversion to Islam in Kashmir with an emphasis on the regressive state policies and Brahmanical Social domination, which pushed masses at times to the extremes of hunger, desperation and miseries in a society based on Varna ashram dharma, a scenario which the Sufi missionaries availed both by preaching an ideology wherein differences based on caste hierarchy, purity and pollution and riches mattered least, and by introducing new crafts thereby offering alternative means of production to the people seething under social and economic exploitation. . The second part, the hitherto untreated aspect of conversion attempts to underline the degraded and depraved social and economic condition of women as emerges from the contemporary sources particularly Rajatarangini in the period prior to the arrival of Sufi missionaries in Kashmir and the reformative initiatives undertaken by the Sufis after their arrival for restoring women to their rightful place in the society both by working in unison with the rulers to call for abolition of redundant, demeaning and obsolete social customs and traditions, and by spreading awareness among the womenfolk regarding their position in the society, thereby broadening the horizons of persuasive conversion and social base of Islam. The third part brings to highlight the Islamization by Sufis of neo-converts for whom departing from past legacy was more than difficult.

      B.Chellaprabha, J.Priyadharsini

Abstract: Data communication in networking is done through exchanging the data packets between the end points. The packet loss may occur in wired/wireless network during the data transmission. Losses in wired network are caused because of congestion in routers, but losses in wireless network may occur because of interference or network congestion. The main problem in wireless network compared to wired network is classification of losses. Transport protocols are response to handle the losses, if the transmission uses existing protocols like TCP, the losses are always classified as congestion loss by sender, causing reduced throughput. Main aim of this paper is to reduce the losses and improve the throughput of wireless network. This can be achieved by using both loss differentiation and reduction method together to achieve high throughput. RARELD (Receiver Assisted Random Early Loss Differentiation) is a loss differentiation method used to classify type of loss and also used to reduce losses in wireless network. In this method both sender as well as receiver are used to optimize loss occurred in network.


Abstract: The stability of the fixed points of two-dimensional dynamical system is analyzed through Jacobian matrix and using its Eigen values. The species disappears for λ ∈ (0, 0.75) due to non stable co-existence. The species is synchronized to a stable non-vanishing fixed quantity when λ ∈(0.75, 0.866).Each one of the species oscillates out of phase between the same two fixed values when λ ∈(0.866, 0.957) and the species oscillate among infinitely many different states when λ ∈(0.957, 1.03) but symbiosis model moves towards the chaotic region when the value of the parameter λ crosses one.

      Sumathi M, Sharvani G.S, Dinesha H A

Abstract: Authentication is an important process in any system to verify whether someone is in fact. In any type of computer network such as private or public, authentication needs username and password. Password is a secrete key to verify the person is authentic. When user wish to use a system, first thing is user has to register with the system, then unique code is assigned for that person. On each subsequent use, the user must know and use the previously declared password. Authentication and authorization plays a major role which accessing the cloud service from vendors. Cloud customers should be authenticating enough to use the cloud services. Cloud authentication could be done in many ways like textual password, biometrics and graphical etc. In this paper, we are presenting the implementation details for Multifactor Authentication System which authenticates the customer in multiple levels using multidimensional and multilevel password generation technique.

      Singh O, Mishra BK , Pandit S, Maheshwari T P, Hasan S

Abstract: Plastination is a process of tissue preservation by embedding tissues with synthetic materials, as silicone polymers and epoxy resins to produce dry, durable, handy and natural looking specimens useful as a unique tool for teaching of anatomy, pathology, radiology and surgery. Since 1980s, (when it was invented by Professor Gunther Von Hagens experimentally), plastination technique, quality and cost effectiveness is developing. Plastinated specimens are popular among students and teachers, both, as they are easy to handle, odorless, nonhazardous and stable. Plastinated specimens are long lasting so require less number of cadavers. This is a promising method for producing ideal specimens for teaching and learning processes.

      Bedajangam S. K., Prof. N. P. Jadhav

Abstract: In IC engine piston ring friction losses account for approximately 20% of total mechanical losses as reported in the literature. A reduction in piston ring friction would therefore result in higher efficiency, lower fuel consumption and reduced emissions. To reduce these losses, various parametric approaches are made particularly at design stage and experimental level. The goal of this study was develop piston ring designs to improve engine efficiency, without adversely affecting oil consumption, blow by, wear and cost. Thus it provides characterization of a pressure balance in terms of effective area and distortion coefficient of the piston and cylinder. The models are for specific piston ring-liner system with different capacity. The variable parameters are piston velocity, engine speed, oil viscosity, gas pressure, crank angle film thickness and coefficient of friction. Non variable parameter are system constant, bore diameter, ring tension, ring width, compression ratio, reciprocating mass, piston ring area and piston ring profile. The major assumptions for developing models are either hydrodynamic lubrication theory or mixed lubrication theory of Reynolds equation.

      P.R. Arora

Abstract: The deserts of the world are hottest places, very less rainfall, almost clear skies throughout the year. These deserts receive highest direct normal irradiance which is most suitable for concentrating solar power plants. With the technological developments and their innovations in concentrating solar power, thermal storage and hybridization/ back up, the sunniest countries expects that CSP should be source of bulk power in peak and intermediate loads by 2020, and base load power by 2025 to 2030. By2050, CSP could produce 11.3% of global electricity, with 9.6% from solar Power and 1.7% from back up fuels (fossil fuels or biomass). The Thar Desert of Rajasthan is most suitable site for CSP in India. The purpose of the study is to highlight available solar resource, present technology of CSP, future development in technology and contribution of power generated from CSP plants of Rajasthan and its role in India electricity demand by 2052, under the guidelines of Jawaharlal Nehru Solar mission.

      Dr.Gagandeep Nagra, Dr.R Gopal

Abstract: On-line shopping is a recent phenomenon in the field of E-Business and is definitely going to be the future of shopping in the world. Most of the companies are running their on-line portals to sell their products/services on-line. Though online shopping is very common outside India, its growth in Indian Market, which is a large and strategic consumer market, is still not in line with the global market. The potential growth of on-line shopping has triggered the idea of conducting a study on on-line shopping in India. The present research paper has used Qualitative and Quantitative research methods to study the impact of Demographic factors of consumers on on-line shopping parameters like satisfaction with on-line shopping, future purchase intention, frequency of on-line shopping, numbers of items purchased, and overall spend on on-line shopping. The data was collected through Questionnaires. The results of study reveal that on-line shopping in India is significantly affected by various Demographic factors like age, gender, marital status, family size and income. The results of the study could be further used by the researchers and practitioners for conducting future studies in the similar area.


Abstract: This paper proposes a novel approach to reduce size and increase the impedance bandwidth of microstrip UWB (Ultra-Wideband) antenna, when using a thick substrate, so that it can be used for WPAN application, especially for mobile and portable devices.The application of gap-coupled capacitive feeding mechanism for achieving UWB with microstrip antenna has also been proposed.. The proposed antenna is capable of operating over a bandwidth (6.4GHz-10.4GHz) as allocated by FCC (Federal Communications Commission), suited for an UWB (Ultra-Wideband) application. Although coaxial probe feed is one of the most popularly used feeding mechanism for thick substrates, but the inductance of the probe might create an impedance mismatch, which needs to be compensated by introducing a capacitive feed strip.

      Tomba I, Shibiraj N

Abstract: The technique developed by Tomba (July 2012) for finding (n x n) magic squares (when n is divisible by 4) using basic Latin squares is re-discussed. The steps include fixing the column associated with the elements, adjacent to the pivot element and arranging in an orderly manner, making symmetric transformations that generates a magic parametric constant (T) and finally derived with minor adjustment on the pair-numbers of satisfying T [12]. Nordgren’s method can be applied so as to avoid symmetric transformation, adjustment on the pair numbers satisfying T and thereby shortening in 3 steps only. The improved technique for construction of doubly-even magic squares needs three steps with no symmetric transformation, minor adjustments etc. on the pair numbers satisfying T. As such, lot of labour and time is saved with the use of this improved technique.

      Priyanka Mangla, Vasudha Arora

Abstract: A WSN is a specialized wireless network made up of a large number of sensors and at least one base station. Sensor Network are emerging as a new tool for important application in diverse fields like military surveillance, habitat monitoring, weather, home electrical appliances and others. Technically, sensor network nodes are limited in respect to energy supply, computational capacity and communication bandwidth. In order to prolong the lifetime of the sensor nodes, designing efficient routing protocol is very critical. Here, we illustrate the existing routing protocol for wireless sensor network in data centric approach. In this review article, we discuss the architecture of wireless sensor networks. Further, we categorize the routing protocols according to some key factors and summarize their mode of operation. Finally, we provide a evaluation of energy consumption graph of SPIN and comparative study on these two main protocols.

      Renu Pawels, Ajit Haridas, Babu.T.Jose

Abstract: Biological sulphate reduction is a new technology that can be used for the treatment of wastewater containing high amounts of sulphates and metals. The objective of this work was to investigate the feasibility and efficiency of biological sulphate reduction in a sulphidogenic jet loop biofilm reactor using hydrogen as electron donor. Polystyrene balls (qty: 265g, size > 2mm, density: 135 kg/m3, total surface area : 2.29 m2) were used, for the first time in this research as floating carrier material for bacterial attachment. In this jet loop reactor, high mass transfer rate between hydrogen and sulphate reducing active biomass is achieved by using a liquid jet drive. The reactor was run in mesophilc condition (340C) and a pH controller unit was fitted to maintain the reactor pH at optimum for bacterial growth and reducing the H2S toxicity.


Abstract: Purpose – The aim of this study is to find out the factors that affect the capital structure of hotels and restaurant companies and to investigate whether the capital structure models derived from Western settings provide convincing explanations for capital structure decisions of the Sri Lankan companies. Methodology – Different conditional theories of capital structure are reviewed (the trade-off theory, pecking order theory and agency theory) in order to formulate working hypotheses concerning the determinants of capital structure of the hotels and restaurant companies. The investigation is performed for a sample of 15 companies listed on the Colombo Stock Exchange during 2008-2012. Findings – The results suggest that only profitability is negatively related to the debt ratios (long term; short term and total debt) whereas tangibility (asset structure), size and growth do not appear to be significantly related to the debt ratios. Through the findings we can come to conclusion that Pecking order theory is more relevant to Sri Lankan context. Practical implications – This study has laid some groundwork to investigate the determinants of capital structure of Sri Lankan companies upon which a more detailed evaluation could be based. Furthermore, findings should help corporate managers and decision makers to make optimal capital structure decisions.

      S.Usha, R.Dhanalakshmi

Abstract: Usually basic dc-dc boost converters are unable to provide high step up voltage gain due to the effect of power switches, rectifier diodes and equivalent series resistance of inductors and capacitors and the voltage stresses on the power switches are high. This paper proposes a simple transformerless dc-dc converters to achieve high step up voltage gain without an extremely high duty ratio. The structure of the proposed converters is very simple. This paper proposes three transformerless Dc-Dc converters with switched inductor technique, the duty ratio and the voltage stresses in the active switches of the proposed converters is compared with basic boost converter. The experimental results confirm that the voltage stresses in the active switches is reduced without an extremely high duty ratio in the proposed converters. Finally a prototype circuit is simulated to verify the performance.

      Mr.Aslam Chinarong, Dr.B.Yamuna Krishna

Abstract: Animal feed is currently evolving from a fragmented industry into an organized sector. They are using increasingly modern and sophisticated methods in an effort to incorporate global best practices. Both the industry growth and potential are evident from the fact that India is currently among the largest livestock-producing countries in the world, and that to date the feed industry has been characterized by home mixers. The report aims to capture the state of the industry at present and highlight the key issues affecting it, while also presenting a view of the industry immediate future. The present case is prepared to understand the financial performance trends of the Indian aqua feed companies and to assess the reasons for financial and performance gaps in the companies. The companies taken for the purpose of study are pancharathana companies in the aqua feed industry. The notable challenges responsible for the financial performance of aqua feed companies are technology environment of the industry, entry of china based companies with innovative marketing strategies, modern sources of financing with investment consulting companies, advanced planning of logistics and supply chin operations on both vendor and customer side, and finally internal operational control lapses that trigger the idle time and accidents in aqua feed companies. The strategies evolved to arrest these lapses can be a good learning lesson and corrective measure from the industry perspective. The financial performance explained through ratios can highlight the financial trends and progress of the industry in a brief way.

      Dr. Shobha, M. N, Dr. Krishne Gowda, Prof. Sridhara M. V

Abstract: Cities are constantly changing for centuries due to many reasons. In some cities in recent decades, changes can be observed due to the information technology industries. The Information Technology (IT) has entered into all spheres of society necessitating structural changes comparable to that of the 19th century industrial revolution. These have provoked large scale economic changes. Progress concomitantly is truly amazing, continuous and unprecedented. The purpose of this paper is to highlight the positive and negative changes in spatial, economic and social aspects due to the rapid growth of IT industry in Bangalore. The city has been considered for the study as it is almost a pace setter in the world regarding IT and IT enabled services known as the silicon valley of India and regarded as high tech city and India IT capital. Since the changes embrace every aspect of life both qualitatively and quantitatively, interrelationships of impacts and quantifications and prioritizations are manifest.

      Ms Munira A Jiwani, Mr. S.N.Dandare

Abstract: Visibility in poor weather condition is severely degraded by scattering of light due to suspended particles in the atmosphere such as haze and fog. In this paper, we propose defogging method from a single image based on depth estimation using blur. Formation of fog is the function of the depth. Estimation of depth information is under constraint problem if single image is available. Hence, removal of fog requires assumptions or prior information. The accurate thickness of haze or fog from a single image in these bad weather environments is still a challenging task In this paper a method is proposed to estimate the depth of the image based on blur estimation. In an image that includes objects in focus and out of focus are perceived with various blur. Measure of blur can be used for segmentation of image in terms of depth.

      M. H. Gulzar

Abstract: In this paper we find bounds for the zeros of a class of polynomials whose coefficients or their real and imaginary parts are restricted to certain conditions. Our results improve and generalize many known results in this direction.

      Bera, R., Datta, A., Bose, S., Dolui, A.K., Chatterjee, A.K., Dey, G.C., Barik, A.K., Sarkar, R.K., Majumdar, D., Seal, A.

Abstract: Organic soil management has become the pressing need today for reversing the cycle of soil degradation and thereby putting a step forward towards soil and crop sustainability. At the same time sustainability has been far fetched even after application of organic soil inputs over a period of years. Practical experience has indicated three regulating avenues in the way of achieving the above set target i.e., i) quality of soil input ii) quantity of application and iii) unit cost. Hence, an effective composting method, which enables the production of good quality compost at an

      Shobhita R, Dr. Anuradha Sathiyaseelan

Abstract: When women diagnosed with breast cancer undergo mastectomy and adjuvant medical treatment, they are confronted with multiple side-effects causing appearance related issues that have a profound impact on their identity, implicitly in terms of their sense of self and explicitly in terms of their social self. Therefore the aim of the study was to explore how the altered appearance of female breast cancer survivors impacted their perception of self-identity, after undergoing mastectomy and adjuvant treatment. The objectives of the study were - a) to explore the concept of physical appearance among female breast cancer survivors and b) to explore the issues faced by female breast cancer survivors in relation to their physical appearance. The sample included 7 female breast cancer survivors selected from a purposive non-probability sampling technique. They were interviewed based on a semi-structured interview guide. The data transcribed was analyzed using directed content analysis. The findings involved two global themes-1) Concept of physical appearance-survivors perspective and 2) Problem adoption and adaptation-indicating the identity stability. Through these results the present study concluded that altered appearance of female breast cancer survivors impacts their perception of self-identity, in the explicit perspective more than the implicit perspective, after undergoing mastectomy and related treatment.

      B K Borah

Abstract: The purpose of this short write-up is simply to present a new concept of time, which giving us naturally Lorentz expression in a simple way with simple mathematics and also can be extended for 7-dimensional space-time continuum. In this write-up especially particular attention is given to the seven dimensional metric

      D.S.Ambadkar, R. M. Kedar

Abstract: Substituted benzaldehydes are condensed with anisil and ammonium acetate to yield the corresponding 2-substitutedphenyl-4,5-bis-(4-methoxyphenyl)-1H-imidazoles . P-Anisil can be synthesized by the oxidation of P-Anisoin . All synthesized compounds were characterized on the basis of melting point, IR, NMR spectra and elemental analysis.

      Mishra Saswati, Dipti Raut , Lipika Patnaik

Abstract: Investigation on the hydrography and fish fauna were undertaken from a period of February to September, 2012 at selective locations in river Baitarini, Jajpur. Twenty eight species of fish belonging to six orders, eleven families and nineteen genera were collected. Order Cypriniformes was most dominant constituting 33.33% followed by Siluriformes (30.3%), Perciformes (12.12%) and others like Mugiliformes, Osteoglossiformes and Synbranchiformes. Of the total fish species Catla catla, Labeo rohita, Labeo calbasu, Ompok pabda, Puntius sophore, crustaceans (Macrobranchium rosenbergii and Macrobranchium malcolmsonii) were abundantly found. Results of hierarchical clustering using group average linking for water quality parameters revealed two main clusters of stations based on similarities/dissimilarities of physicochemical hydrological parameters.

      Prateek Chaudhary

Abstract: Our object oriented programming approach have great ability to improve the programming behavior for modern system and software engineering but it does not give the proper interaction of real world .In real world , programming required powerful interlinking among properties and characteristics towards the various objects. Basically this approach of programming gives the better presentation of object with real world and provide the better relationship among the objects. I have explained the new concept of my neuro object oriented approach .This approach contains many new features like originty , new concept of inheritance , new concept of encapsulation , object relation with dimensions , originty relation with dimensions and time , category of NOOPA like high order thinking object and low order thinking object , differentiation model for achieving the various requirements from the user and a rotational model .

      J.P. Shukla, Anuradha Shukla

Abstract: Increase in temperature and radiation hazards appear to be serious salient phenomena affecting human and other biota. Increase in temperature is rightly caused by Green house effect also known as Global warming. Natural radiation hazard is chiefly due to ozone depletion affecting various faunal life. Both incidents in general and ozone depletion in particular has been illustrated in the present paper including their impacts and possible remedial measures.

      A.Sumalatha, K. Ravi Sankar

Abstract: Renewable energy sources (RES) are being increasingly connected in distribution system utilizing power electronic converters. This paper presents a novel control strategy for achieving maximum benefits from this grid -interfacing inverters when installed in 3-phase 4- wire distribution systems. The inverter is controlled to perform as multi-function device by incorporating active power filter functionality. The inverter can thus be utilized as:1)power converter to inject power generated from RES to the grid, and 2)shunt APF to compensate current unbalance, load current harmonics, load reactive power demand and load neutral current. All of these functions may be accomplished either individually or simultaneously. With such a control, the combination of grid- interfacing inverter and the 3-phase 4wire linear/non –linear unbalanced load at the point of common coupling appears as balanced linear load to the grid. This new control concept is demonstrated with extensive MATLAB/ Simulink simulation studies

      Ekta Khandelwal, Madhulika Bhadauria

Abstract: The Software testing phase of the development life cycle model of software plays a very important role in deciding the quality and functionality of the software. The Testing of the software is done to detect the fault in its functionality and on the basis of its performance further quality of software is improved. In the software testing phase there is a task involved which is prioritization of Test cases. In this paper we have discussed about test case prioritization, what is the need of test cases prioritization? And the various techniques proposed by researchers for performing the test case prioritization.

      Chitra S, Krithika M.V

Abstract: The present study was to investigate the possible chemopreventive activity of green tea polyphenol, (-)-Epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) on laryngeal cancer cells. Cell viability was evaluated using MTT assay. Activity of superoxide dismutase, cytotoxicity was assessed using lactate dehydrogenase and clonogenic assay was done using crystal violet stain. Apoptotic cell death was confirmed by DNA fragmentation and cell cycle arrest was analyzed by flow cytometry using propedium iodide. The obtained results showed that the cell viability of Hep2 cells was very much reduced in EGCG treated cells. Significant increase in SOD activity (p<0.001) and a significant decrease in LDH activity (p<0.001) was noticed in EGCG treated group. Clonogenic assay and continuous shear in DNA fragmentation was observed in EGCG treated group.

      Sunumol Cherian, Kavitha Murukezhan

Abstract: Data protection in cloud has become an unavoidable and tremendously increasing technology. Many multinational organizations are interested in cloud computing and its wonderful features but they are worried about the security, privacy and availability of data as it rest in the cloud. As more and more sensitive information are centralized in cloud the data protection, security and privacy issues must be tightly considered. In this paper we propose a new cloud computing service called Data Protection as a Service. User authentication, data protection, security are the key areas we consider. User authentication is provided using alphanumeric password and graphical password, security is provided using encryption of the file using key. Key management is an important concept used for the protection of data. Overall transactions are viewed by an auditor. Here multilevel data protection is guaranteed for the cloud users.

      Arpit Kumar Srivastava, Abhinav Mathur

Abstract: Cryptography is the practise and study of techniques for secure communication in the presence of third parties. The necessity and the fact that exchanged messages are exposed to other people during the transmission promoted the creation of encryption systems, enabling just the recipients to interpret the exchanged information. In this paper, a particular cryptosystem called Rabin Cryptosystem is presented and analysed with the help of Chinese Reminder Theorem. Also, redundancy schemes for decryptions technique is mentioned and some basic mathematical concepts is explained and finally compared with RSA cryptosystem in terms of security and efficiency.

      Shreekant V. Jere, Shruthi N

Abstract: This paper proposes an algorithm to find a path which has the maximum allowed flow rate for data, between source and destination in a network. Unlike max-flow and min-cut theorem, we are selecting single path for data transmission. To find a path in a network there are many techniques. Prim’s technique is used recursively in our proposed algorithm to find different paths between source and destination. The maximum allowed flowrate for each of those paths is calculated and finally we take the maximum of those calculated flow rates.

      Ramakrishnan R, Purushothaman P K, Vikram P S J

Abstract: Extranodal natural killer/T cell lymphoma, nasal type, is a Non-Hodgkins lymphoma, most commonly affecting the nasal cavity, paranasal sinuses and nasopharynx. Clinically it is characterised by destruction of facial tissues, commencing in the midline. In most cases it either arises from malignant transformation of natural killer cells (NK) or cytotoxic T cells. Extranodal NK/T cell lymphoma, nasal type, is rare, but even rarer in females. The purpose of this article is to report a severe case of extranodal NK/T cell lymphoma, nasal type, in young south Indian female and improvement of midfacial swelling after radiotherapy.

      Shanjendu Nath

Abstract: Behaviourism stands for a group of theories, which define consciousness in terms of bodily behaviour which is observable to others. Behaviour is easily observed and verifiable by others. The intension of this theory is emphasizes on behaviour and to demystify mind. This theory out rightly denies the existence of mind as an independent substance and supposes that behaviour is out and out determined by the physical conditions of the body and its interaction with the environment. Moreover, this theory does not accept any unobservable stimuli rather it focuses solely on observable stimuli, responses and its consequences.Now in this paper I will delineate the main theme of Behaviourism including its different types emphasising my discussion on Analytical Behaviourism. Finally I will highlight the drawbacks of Analytical Behaviourism and hoe does this theory paves the development of Identity Theory of Mind.

      Sowmyashree C.S, Prof. Chandrasekhar S

Abstract: On the internet, an autonomous system is the unit of router policy which is also sometimes referred to as a routing domain. An autonomous system is assigned a globally unique number called Autonomous System Number (ASN). The investigators and network operators have recently identified that the high profile autonomous systems exhibit disproportionately high malicious behavior since they are attacked by malicious network. In this paper we explore whether some ASs are safe zone for communication through internet. We look for ISPs and ASs that exhibit disproportionately high malicious behavior using 10 popular blacklists, plus local spam data, and extensive DNS resolutions based on the contents of the blacklists. We find that some ASs have over 80% of their routable IP address space blacklisted. Overall, we conclude that examining malicious activity at AS granularity can unearth networks with lax security or those that harbor cybercrime.

      Tanusree Deb Roy, Kishore K. Das

Abstract: One of the very important issues discussed in the recent two decades is climate change. Temperature is one of the indicative factors of climate change. The present research aimed at studying temporal variation in temperature over Guwahati, Tezpur, Dibrugarh (Mohanbari) and Silchar stations, Assam, India, during the period 1981–2010. Trends in annual and seasonal temperature series were analyzed using Mann-Kendall test. The analysis reveals that majority of the trends, both annual and seasonal, showed increasing tendency in temperature during the period 1981-2010.

      Prof. RajeswariGoudar, SujataEdekar

Abstract: Covert channels leaks information where information travels overlooked. Encryption used to protect the communication from being deciphered by unlawful users. But covert channels hide the presence of communication. Covert channels are serious security intimidation. There are many existing techniques available for development of covert channels by influencing certain fields in the network protocols such as HTTP, IP, TCP, etc. The available packet length based covert channels are having tamper resistance capability but due to abnormal traffic distribution results in recognition possibility. In this paper we present overview of different protocol as well as some packet length based covert channels.


Abstract: This paper examines the key determinants that foster the adoption of photovoltaic (PV) power supply systems. The authors provide empirical evidence which suggest that ‘government initiatives’ and institutional ‘finance’ are important influencers of the decision to adopt PV power supply systems in developing countries. In order to diffuse PV technology it is also necessary to provide decision-makers with opportunities for direct and vicarious experience of PV systems through

      Mr. Akhilesh Mohan Srivastava, Ms Sanju Tiwari

Abstract: Validation of a document plays a very important role and also solves a number of important issues when working with XML and XML related technologies. Validation allow to work with modules and performing multiple validations in one actions. During the last few years a number of different XML schema languages have appeared as suggested replacements for the ageing Document Type Definition (DTD). Schematron [Schematron] is an XML schema language designed and implemented by Rick Jelliffe at the Academia Sinica Computing Centre, Taiwan. It combines powerful validation capabilities with a simple syntax and implementation framework. In this paper authors explain how a document can be validated through XML Schema and how a rule based validation can be implemented with Schematron. But when several validations is in computing process, performance of Schematron is degraded. To cope this degradation RELAX-NG is useful for validating a document.

      S. S. Wamane, J.R. Baviskar, S. R. Wagh

Abstract: With the rapid use of power electronic converters which are considered as non-linear loads have problems of drawing non-sinusoidal currents and reactive power from source which in turn pollutes the power quality. This paper presents the power quality problems and methods for its correction where two control strategies (p - q instantaneous power theory and d - q synchronous reference frame theory) for extracting reference currents for shunt active power filters (SAPF) have been evaluated and their performances have been compared under distorted supply and non-linear load conditions. These theories are used to implement the control algorithm of a shunt active filter which compensates harmonic currents. This paper implements the three phase three wire shunt active power filter to suppress current harmonics. The SAPF performance is validated using MATLAB/Simulink model showing comparisons for the two algorithms.

      Kenneth Chukwujioke Agbim, Fidelis Aondoaseer Ayatse, Godday Orziemgbe Oriarewo

Abstract: The indigenous people of Iboland and Anambra State in particular are known for entrepreneurial learning and success. However, the role of entrepreneurial learning in the development of indigenous female entrepreneurs is still under researched. Thus, this study sought to explore the roles of entrepreneurial learning in the development of indigenous female entrepreneurs in Anambra State. Data for the study was obtained through in-depth interview involving 30 indigenous female entrepreneurs that were selected using purposive and criterion sampling techniques. We found that both positive and negative factors influenced their choice of entrepreneurial career. The respondents recognized opportunities, got information on entrepreneurial network and network providers from neighbours, friends, movies, husbands and through social interaction. Furthermore, the respondents: developed different capabilities in the course of their social and experiential learning period; measured success as business growth, helping themselves and others from the benefits of the business; reported being motivated to learn their chosen vocation for the purpose of gaining practical skills and experience; and identified the challenges of entrepreneurial learning and entrepreneuring as financial constraint, home-front responsibilities and sexual mores of men towards them. Thus, we recommend the establishment of centers for entrepreneurial learning for women and the provision of interest free loans for the graduants.

      Godday Orziemgbe Oriarewo, Kenneth Chukwujioke Agbim , Michael Owoicho

Abstract: Knowledge workers retention is increasingly being recognized as a source of entrepreneurial success. Thus, we argue that the sustainability of such knowledge-based success depends on the effective and efficient management of knowledge workers plateauing and turnover. This study therefore sought to examine why knowledge workers experience career plateauing and show intention to quit, and the relationship between entrepreneurial success and the type of plateauing/turnover. The data generated were analysed using Z-score and regression analysis. It was found that reduced organizational hierarchies, reduced promotion opportunities, and fewer competitive positions are the factors that influence plateauing, while entrepreneurial success has a negative relationship with the significant types of plateauing. Also, lack of recognition/competitive reward system, inadequate training/development opportunities, and managerial/leadership style are the factors that influence turnover, while a negative relationship was found to exist between entrepreneurial success and the significant types of turnover. It is therefore pertinent for managers to assess and understand the factors influencing plateauing and turnover, and the types of plateauing and turnover that are prevalent in their enterprises. This knowledge will certainly help to minimize the effects of the factors and types of plateauing/ turnover on entrepreneurial success.

      Kenneth Chukwujioke Agbim, Godday Orziemgbe Oriarewo , Abu Emmanuel Omattah

Abstract: An organization that innovates its products, services and/or processes has introduced change in the organization and this change needs to be managed right from the beginning of the innovation process. To be effective and efficient in managing this change, organizations and their managers need to develop effective and efficient change management strategy for the extreme ends stages in the innovation process – idea generation and implementation. Thus, the study was designed to explore the relationship among the various images of managing, the innovation process and change outcomes. The study adopted a survey research method, while simple random sampling technique was employed to select the employees that completed the questionnaire. The generated data were analysed using linear regression. It was found that coaching, interpreting and nurturing images of managing are significantly related to idea generation, while directing, navigating and caretaking images are related to idea implementation. Also, the directing, navigating and caretaking images are significantly related to intended, partially intended and unintended change outcomes respectively. The study recommends the employment of coaching, interpreting and nurturing images in idea generation, while directing, navigating and caretaking images should be employed by change managers in the management of idea implementation. However, this must be done with recourse to the managerial capabilities of the change manager and the nature of the prevailing business environment.

      Parisa Beham M , Bala Bhattachariar J.U, Kasimanikandan K, Arun Kumar K , Karthigai Selvan M

Abstract: In order to detect and eliminate illumination effect, a tensor-based face recognition method is proposed in this paper. In this work, the effect of illuminations is effectively reduced by edge suppression method and gradient field transformation. The use of gradient is taken into account in calculating the direction of the shadows.. In the recognition phase, Principal component analysis is used for feature extraction. The K-nearest-neighbour rule is applied for classification. Experiments are carried out upon the real time as well as standard databases, and the results reveal that the proposed method achieves satisfactory recognition rates under varying illumination conditions.

      Akansha Gautam , Sandeep Panchal , Updesh Kumar

Abstract: The purpose of the study was to explore the relationships between anxiety, depression and mental health status among old age people. The sample consists of 50 participants within range of 60 to 70 years. Beck Anxiety Inventory (BAI), Beck Depression Inventory (BDI) and Mithila Mental Health Status Inventory were administered to all the respondents. The data was analysed by using descriptive statistics i.e. mean and SD, Pearson product moment correlation and step wise multiple regression. The result revealed that anxiety was significantly correlated with depression and alienation and negatively correlated with expression (sub-component of mental health status). Depression was found to have significant positive relationship with egocentrism, alienation, emotional un-stability and social non-conformity, and negative relationship with expression. The step wise regression analysis found emotional unstability and alienation to be predictors of depression.

      Deepu Pandita

Abstract: The genus Plantago of family Plantaginaceae includes about 483 species. These are small, annual or perennial herbaceous plants with various medicinal properties. The word Plantago is taken from the

      Kokila R, Anagha C, Neethu P

Abstract: Evaluation of Transformer Owning Cost (TOC) plays an important role during the selection of a transformer by an industrial customer. The dependency and the relationship between the transformer design and the TOC is used to obtain a cost optimal design for the test case. The TOC evaluation by conventional method is compared with those of results obtained after optimizing design variables using Genetic Algorithm (GA) and Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO), out of which the latter has provided a much minimized solution than the other two methods. Thus a minimized total owning cost is obtained using design variables optimized by particle swarm optimization technique.

      Jitendra S. Pingale, Mukesh D. Patil, Umar I. Masumdar

Abstract: Spintronics refers commonly to phenomena in which the spin of electrons in a solid state environment plays the determining role.In a narrow sense Spintronics refers to spin based electronicsi.e. spin-polarized transport in metals and semiconductors. The goal of this applied Spintronics is to find effective ways of controlling electronic properties, such as the current or accumulated charge, by spin or magnetic field, as well as of controlling spin or magnetic properties by electric currents or gate voltages. The ultimate goal is to make practical device schemes that would enhance functionalities of the current charge based electronics.Spintronics devices are based on a spin control of electronics, or on an electrical and optical control of spin or magnetism. Most semiconductor device systems are still theoretical concepts, waiting for experimental demonstrations.

      A. K. Das , A. K. Buzarbaruah , S. Bardaloi

Abstract: The behavior of doped and undoped nano-particles find a great deal of application in opto-electronic and semi-conductor devices, so ZnS nano-crystals were grown into poly-vinyl alcohol matrix by chemical route at different wt percentage. Optical properties of both undoped and doped with ZnS nano-crystalline compounds were studied. The nano structure was characterized with the help of X-ray diffraction (XRD) and Hi- resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy (HRTEM). Surface morphology was studied with the help of Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM). Average particle size of ZnS and ZnS-Ni were found to be obtained from XRD was about 2.28 nm. Peak of Photo-luminescence (PL) emission spectra was found at 515 nm and another peak at 495 nm corresponding to dopant 0.5 % and 1.0 % at different pH value. Energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDX ) spectra showed presence of Zn, S, & Ni with 67.92, 27.50 & 4.58 weight% respectively. Optical absorption with different value of pH were studied in UV-VIS Spectrophotometer and showed a strong absorbance with a tendency towards blue shift. As the value of pH decreases more blue shift occurs the particle size decreases. As the surface states are important for optical properties, at 0.5% doping with pH=3, the particle size is 2 nm which is least leads to increase in surface to volume ratio and because of it the surface states of Ni in ZnS increases which can leads to reduce the excitonic emission. Selected area electron diffraction (SAED) showed a set of three well defined rings corresponding to planes 111, 220, 311 which tallied well with the JCPDS card No. 05-0566.

      Ajith Krishnan R, Jinshah B S

Abstract: Magneto hydrodynamics (MHD) power generation process is basically based on the physics background of space plasma. The basic principle is the Faradays Law of electromagnetic induction. In this device plasma (Ionized gas) is the working fluid similar to the mechanism that happening in the magnetosphere of our Earth atmosphere. Except here the process is controlled and we increase the fluid density and pressure to get maximum efficiency in the generating power. Most problems come from the low conductivity feature in the gas at high temperature. Figure of plasma toy globe has same kind of gases which starts conduct when high voltage is applied i.e., the fluid inside the globe becomes plasma; thermal energy of gas is then directly converted in to electrical energy. In this paper the process involved in MHD power generation will be discussed in detail along with the simplified analysis of MDH system, recent developments in magneto hydrodynamics and their related issues.

      M. S. Rawat, Harish Rawat, S.R. Ansari

Abstract: This paper is concerned with the sensitivity analysis of GI/GI/1 queueing model by push-out simulation technique, which is based on discrete event dynamic system using structural parameters. The study of push-out technique is extension of score function simulation method for sensitivity analysis and stochastic optimization.

      Emmanuel Chukwunenye Uttah, Emmanuel Ogban, George Iniodu Ukpong

Abstract: Nigerians in Bakassi were evacuated after International Court of Arbitration awarded Bakassi to Cameroon. This study, carried out after two years of resettlement, was aimed at determining the incidence, health-seeking occurrences and spatial clustering of clinical malaria among New Bakassi resettlees at Ekpiri-Ikang, Nigeria. Records from approved hospitals and structured questionnaires were employed. Overall, 25.4% of resettlees seeking medical assistance were diagnosed with clinical malaria. Prevalence was highest among the 0-9 years age group; higher among females of reproductive age than among their male counterparts

      Emmanuel Uttah, Emmanuel Ogban, Christiana Okonofua

Abstract: Toxoplasmosis is an epidemiological paradox. It is one of the most prevalent and most widespread parasitic infections, yet one of the most ignored of all human infections. Between 30% and 65% of all persons worldwide are infected with Toxoplasma gondii, the causative organism. It is a coccidian parasite that infects mostly species of warm-blooded animals including man. It is asymptomatic among immunocompetent persons but presents a spectrum of clinical manifestations among the immunocompromised. Approximately 10% of congenital toxoplasmosis results in abortion or neonatal death. Infection may be associated with other diseases such as HIV/AIDS in humans or immunosuppressive therapy in any species. Toxoplasma encephalitis reportedly develops in approximately 40% of individuals with AIDS, and is fatal in 10-30% of these cases. This paper discussed updates and research trends on the biology, epidemiology, transmission, diagnosis, treatment of toxoplasmosis and made recommendations.

      Arissara Sukwatjanee

Abstract: This study was an experimental research using a two-group pre-posttest aiming to develop a physical capacity program for stroke patients with hemiplegia. The samples consisted of stroke patients aged 40-69 years old who had lost physical capacity less than 6 months and had been treated from a hospital in Thailand. 64 patients were involved and assigned to a control or experimental group by using a simple random sampling technique. The experimental group received a physical capacity program for 12 months, while the control group received a routine rehabilitation program from the hospital. The program included training activities of daily living such as sitting on a wheel chair, walking, speaking, dressing, taking a bath and eating. Data were analyzed by using descriptive statistics, paired t-test and the analysis of covariance. The results revealed the levels of activities of daily living of the patients in the experimental group were significantly higher than those in the control group. The findings suggested stroke patients would gain benefits from the physical capacity program because they become more active in their rehabilitation. Nurses and other health care professionals in communities should further use the physical capacity program to continuously promote activities of daily living in stroke patients with hemiplegia.

      Jane Nelima Wekesa, Silas Nyaroo.M.A

Abstract: The study sought to examine the effect of compensation on performance of public secondary school teachers in Eldoret Municipality Uasin Gishu County,Kenya.Teachers in Kenya have always portrayed lack of devotion in their work places. This is evident in their instability in the teaching profession and low morale in performing their teaching tasks and hence unsatisfactory performance. Poor remuneration has often been given as a cause of low morale among teachers thus leading to numerous strikes. The problem of inadequate compensation makes the teachers dissatisfied, thus leaving the profession to other well or better paying jobs. The study was carried out among public secondary school teachers in Eldoret municipality; Uasin Gishu County. The study adopted descriptive survey design. Simple random sampling was used to select the teachers and purposive sampling to select the head teachers. The sample population comprising of 114 teachers and 14 head teachers, was selected for the study. Questionnaires and interview schedule were used to collect data.91 out of 114 questionnaires were returned for the teachers and 11 out of 14 questionnaires for the head teachers were returned. Data collected was then coded, analyzed and presented by use of descriptive statistics such as frequency tables, percentages, mean graphs and pie-charts. Based on the findings the study concluded that fair compensation has an effect on public secondary school teachers’ performance this is because the compensation policy in place demoralizes the teachers, does not enhance task performance and negatively affects the productivity of the teachers in the schools.

      Sneha Mishra, Dr. M. Rahman

Abstract: This study shows that in the present scenario, Gulgulia speakers widely show traits of code-switching, not just in the outside domain but also in the home domain. This research, a socio-linguistic analysis of contact between Gulgulia, Hindi and Khortha etc. seeks to determine the social, psychological and linguistic factors that constraint the use of Gulgulia language in the day-to-day communication of the Gulgulia people. As the use of other neighbouring languages increases in the Gulgulia community, the question arises- Whether Gulgulia will be threatened under the dominance of neighbouring languages? The data for this study will be collected through individual and group conversation recordings made from the community members. The recordings will comprise of sentences through which I can show Gulgulia sentences with Hindi or Khortha insertions. Moreover a quantitative data on insertions can also be presented with the aid of a table showing the distribution of the main word class insertions in Gulgulia. Therefore, in this study, we mainly investigated the multilingual contact phenomenon as a pathway for code-switching motivated by language contact phenomenon. Our intention here will be to examine the present day Gulgulia, in order to illustrate how code-switching is influenced by a combination of language internal and language external (contact) motivations. We will be addressing the issues of contact- induced language change in the most genuine use of the language.

      A Manoj, G Sivanarayana, Ch. Ramesh Babu, V. Srininvasa Rao

Abstract: The present study was formulated during the year 2008 in the district Srikakulam of State Andhra Pradesh, India with a sample of 80 respondents with equal proportions i.e. 40 farmers from adopted villages and 40 farmers from non-adopted villages were selected by random sampling. Results revealed that nine out of ten computed correlation coefficient values of personal and socio-economic variables with indirect changes were found to be positively significant association in both adopted and non adopted villages. While observing regression values, it was acknowledged that the variables viz., scientific orientation, economic orientation and innovativeness were found to have positive association at 0.05 level of probability for adopted village farmers but in case of non adopted villages the one variable education alone had positive association at 0.01 level of probability and rest of variables had no association with indirect changes.

      Uma,H.R, Madhu.G.R, Mahammad Habeeb

Abstract: For many poor people around the world migration is a way of life, and has been for centuries. But globalization has radically altered the scale of migration: people are now more aware of opportunities elsewhere and it has become easier for them to travel. The seasonal migration of agricultural labourers is not a new phenomenon in Karnataka and India. Britishers have mobilized labour force for commercial crop production, mining and other administrative purposes during their rule. After Independence, Government of India (GOI) adopted the socialist-capitalist (mixed economy) model of development through five year planning. As a result of the defective policies of agricultural development the regional disparity is increasing, which is leading to the increase in the seasonal migration of agricultural labourers. Inclusive growth policy is an attempt to bring the backward sectors, classes, castes, tribes, women

      Muddaiah Siddaraju, Kanale S. Sreepada , Krishna M P

Abstract: A systematic survey on earthworm species diversity from Dakshina Kannada district, Karnataka state , India, has been conducted for the first time between January 2007 to December 2008. The study constitute mainly from Mangalore, Bantwal, Belathangady, Puttur and Sullia talukas. Habitat such as Banana plantation, Cashew plantation, Areca plantation, Vegetable garden, paddy fields were surveyed. Morphometric details of all the earthworms collected in the study area were recorded and species were identified . The study has revealed total of 11 species belonging to the family Octochaetidae in the order Haplotoxida. Species distribution pattern, their richness and habitat specificity have been studied and discussed in the paper.

      Ar. Bhavna shrivastava, Vemuri Rama Satya Vihari, Surbhi Kakani

Abstract: The paper introduces and discusses current developments in architectural discourse, design theory, digital design models, techniques and their relations to design pedagogy. The evolution of design knowledge in architectural theory and praxis is explicated and its implications for required changes in design education are presented. The theoretical influence of architectural concepts is presented through historical references in digital architecture. This structure of design concepts is proposed as a medium of design

      N. Sivanandan

Abstract: Quantitative EEG (QEEG) analysis techniques can provide additional measurements or displays of digital EEG signals. Several QEEG techniques commonly called EEG Brain Mapping include topographic displays of voltage or frequency. Many technical and clinical problems interfere with simple clinical application. Traditional EEG artifacts can appear in unusual and surprising ways, and new artifacts can be caused by the data processing algorithms. A brain map based on EEG signals shows the potential distribution over the entire scalp. Abnormal activity such as epileptic form spikes or sharp waves may be overlooked,

      Dr. Sarang Deshpande, Dr. Shailesh Malekar, Suhgail Asghar, Patni Showkat, Ujawane Pragati

Abstract: Prevalence of Urinary stones is increasing in the society due to high protein rich, salty diet with less physical exercise. In Ayurveda it is described as a Mutrashmari and manages through the detoxifying and pacifying the vitiated doshas. A 33 year old patient with 3 to 4 stones in all calyces of either kidney treated with single drug therapy of Unex capsule of Unijules Life Science Ltd. for three month and he got total cure without any pain etc.

      Thakur Kapil Singh, Godavarthi Tarakarama RaviTeja, Padmavathi Srinivasa Pappala

Abstract: Fault tolerance is a major concern to guarantee availability and reliability of critical services as well as application execution. In order to minimize failure impact on the system and application execution, failures should be anticipated and proactively handled. Fault tolerance techniques are used to predict these failures and take an appropriate action before failures actually occur. This paper discusses the existing fault tolerance techniques in cloud computing based on their policies, tools used and research challenges. Cloud virtualized system architecture has been proposed. In the proposed system autonomic fault tolerance has been implemented. The experimental results demonstrate that the proposed system can deal with various software faults for server applications in a cloud virtualized environment.

      Bushra Anjum, P.Sandhya, K.S.K.Rao Patnaik, C.V.S.Subrahmanyam

Abstract: Hydrogel based tablets of Simvastatin was formulated using hydropropyl methyl cellulose(different grades), guar gum and carbopal-934-P with the aim to study of release kinetic, to attain a near zero order release and to increase the bioavalability upto 95%. In-vitro dissolution studies were carried out using USP type 2 dissolution test apparatus. The release of drug followed a typical Higuchian pattern. Hydrogel based tablets formulated employing hydropropyl methyl cellulose, guar gum and carbopal-934-P slow release of Simvastatin over period of 12 h and were found suitable for maintenance portion of oral controlled release tablets. Simvastatin release from these tablets were diffusion controlled and followed zero order kinetics after a lag time of 1h1. The most successful of the study, exhibited drug release pattern very close to theoretical release profile. A decrease in release kinetics of the drug was observed on.

      Mukul Pratap Singh, Kunal Gupta

Abstract: Wireless sensor is the biggest researching area. Now days most of the applications are working on wireless medium. In wireless sensor network Injecting invalid data attack is very serious threat. If invalid data is stored in sink than due to error decision waste of energy and bandwidth will take place. In this paper presenting a new scheme for wireless sensor network which is help in power optimization and efficient bandwidth consumption base on message authentication code (MAC). This Scheme theoretical and results are helping in the WSN application areas and improves the performance and accuracy through draining the injected invalid data.

      Jayashri Khairnar, Mayura Kinikar

Abstract: With the evolution of web technology, there is a huge amount of data present in the web for the internet users. These users not only use the available resources in the web, but also give their feedback, thus generating additional useful information. Due to overwhelming amount of user’s opinions, views, feedback and suggestions available through the web resources, it’s very much essential to explore, analyse and organize their views for better decision making. Opinion Mining or Sentiment Analysis is a Natural Language Processing and Information Extraction task that identifies the user’s views or opinions explained in the form of positive, negative or neutral comments and quotes underlying the text. Various supervised or data-driven techniques to Sentiment analysis like Naïve Byes, Maximum Entropy and SVM.For classification use support vector machine (SVM), it performs the sentiment classification task also consider sentiment classification accuracy.

      Neha Goel, Abhishek Aggarwal

Abstract: Traditional business applications have always been very complicated and expensive. The amount and variety of hardware and software required to run them are daunting. You need a whole team of experts to install, configure, test, run, secure, and update them. When you multiply this effort across dozens or hundreds of apps, its easy to see why the biggest companies with the best IT departments arent getting the apps they need. With cloud computing, you eliminate those headaches because you’re not managing hardware and software-thats the responsibility of an experienced vendor like salesforce.com. In this paper we define a various platform of cloud computing and define the comparison between various infrastructure as a service platform and platform as a service platform.

      Mr. Akram Salim Pathan, Mr. G.R. Gandhe

Abstract: Software models are important for the evaluation and management of environmental resources. This paper presents a framework for developing a software system for water quality analysis of river ecosystems. A major component of the system is a database that permits inclusion of analytical water quality and sediment data, river geometry and sampling site characteristics, hydrologic measurements, and reference information on water quality parameters and criteria. Associated with the database is software for managing, analyzing, and representing the information in the database. An object-oriented strategy is applied to derive a model of the software system. The resulting object-oriented design is then translated into an entity-relationship model, which is in turn translated into a relational model. The formality of this translation process ensures consistency among the successive design stages. The overall development approach to system design and implementation is de-scribed, and an application for evaluating water quality conditions in the upper Godavari River is presented.

      Tijjani, A; Adebitan, S.A.; Gurama, A.; Aliyu, M; Dawaji, A.Y; Haruna, S.G.and Muhammmed,N.A.

Abstract: Laboratory experiment was conducted in the Microbiology Laboratory of School of Science and Science Technology, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Bauchi, Nigeria in May, 2012 to determine the antifungal effect of different concentrations of neem and moringa seed extracts on wet rot disease of sweet potato. Moringa and neem seed extracts each with four varying concentrations (30,60,90,and 120g/L) were evaluated along with carbendazim and untreated sweet potato serving as a control constittuted the treatments. The treatment were laid out in Completely Randomized Design (CRD) with three replications. The result showed that neem seed extact was significantly (P < 0.01) better than th moringa seed extract in controlling the disease. Treatment of the sweet potato with varying concentrations of neem and moringa seed extracts significantly (P < 0.01) inhibited radial mycilial growth of R. stolonifer and also reduce the weight loss of sweet potatoes caused by R. stolonifer compared with the control, except the application of 25g/1 of moringa seed extract. Preventive method of control significantly reduce the disease than the curative method. The effectiveness of the two plants seed extracts compared favourably with carbendzim. The study revealed that there exist a potential in natural plant products for the control of crop diseases, and if fully exploited, they can replace chemical pesticide in the control of crop diseses. It is therefore recommended that farmers should used 90g/1 or120g/1 as postharvest treatment for sweet potatoes before storage as control measure for R. stolonifer.

      Saurabh Gaur, Katamgari Balaiah

Abstract: India gives utmost importance to alleviate malnourishment, health problems in order to reach low Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) & Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR) as indicated in Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by 2015. Society for Elimination of Rural Poverty (SERP), Andhra Pradesh with the support of World Bank has brought a unique model namely Community Managed Nutrition cum Day Care Centres (NDCCs) into practice to provide decentralized cooked supplementary food to pregnant women, lactating mothers and children below 3 years.

      Sooraj V.M.

Abstract: The utilization of pozzolanic materials in concrete construction is increasing, and this trend is expected to continue in the years ahead because of technological advancement and the desire for sustainable development. One of the latest additions to this is Palm oil fuel ash (POFA), a waste material obtained from burning of palm oil husk and palm kernel shell as fuel in palm oil mill boilers, which has been identified as a good pozzolanic material. Palm oil fuel ash which contains siliceous compositions produces a stronger and denser concrete.

      Shweta Vikram

Abstract: Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a very popular and research area of computer science. NLP is a part of Artificial Intelligent but NLP has combination of many fields such as Hindi, English, and Computer Science etc. This paper contains how verb work in Hindi and English languages and morphology of both languages. Morphological Analyzer and generator is a tool for analyzing the given word and generator for generating word given the stem and its features. There are many Indian languages and many European languages but generally Hindi language consider as an Indian language and English as a European language. Both languages have grammatical rules. In English language, we do not use verbs as gender identification but in Hindi we use verbs for gender identification.

      K.S. Johnsirani, Dr. A. Jagannathan, R. Dinesh Kumar

Abstract: This study presents an experimental investigation on self-compacting concrete (SCC) with fine aggregate (sand) replacement of a Quarry Dust (QD) (0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%) and addition of mineral admixtures like Fly Ash (FA) and Silica Fume (SF) & chemical admixtures like super plasticizers (SP). After each mix preparation, 45 cubes specimens and 45 cylinders specimens are cast and cured. The specimens are cured in water for 3, 7 & 28 days. The slump, V-funnel and L-Box test are carried out on the fresh SCC and in harden concrete compressive strength and split tensile strength values are determined. Attempts have been made to study the properties of such SCCs and to investigate the suitability of Quarry Dust to be used as partial replacement materials for sand in SCC.

      Dr. G. Nirmala, R.Anju

Abstract: Making decisions are one of the most fundamental activities of human beings. In an atmosphere of uncertainty the decision maker has to select the best course out of several alternative courses of action that may be available to him. In earlier days, decisions were made mainly on personal judgement. Now-a-days judgement is combined with several quantitative techniques and the best action is arrived at in a given situation. In this paper we find the solution for the problem that Bharathidasan Constituent College (W), Orathanadu, Thanjavur district, Tamil Nadu, South India need to conduct remedial class for the weak students in their College. Finally we conclude that the decision maker (The Principal) enable to take an optimal decision through Fuzzy ingredients.

      K.H.M. Ashoka Deepananda

Abstract: Characterization of the helminth parasites of wild fish has a considerable importance from the point of view of hygiene and public health, as well as from its taxonomic interest. To study the pathogenecity of parasites in the field of fisheries, require detail knowledge of the parasites inhabiting localities involved. Present study aimed to investigate the intestinal nematodes from the Puntius species inhabiting Nilwala river basin, Sri Lanka and to evaluate their population levels in host populations. Eight host fish species were surveyed and two spirurid nematodes, Camallanus fotedari from Puntius dorsalis and P. titteya and Rhabdochona sarana from P. filamentosus and P. sarana, were recovered. C. fotedari was found inhabiting in low infection levels in its two hosts, and it, however had a relatively high preference to P. dorsalis (20%) than P. titteya (4.2%). Of the two host species of R. sarana, high prevalence, mean intensity and abundance were reported in P. filamentosus (syn. Dawkinsia singhala) compared with those of in P. sarana (syn. Systomus sarana). Occurrence of these two spirurid nematode, C. fotedari and R. sarana, parasitizing in wild fresh water fishes is a new records to Sri Lanka.

      Nova John

Abstract: Supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs) have been widely used all over the world in concrete due to their economic and environmental benefits; hence, they have drawn much attention in recent years.Mineral admixtures such as fly ash, rice husk ash, silica fume etc are more commonly used SCMs. They help in obtaining both higher performance and economy. Metakaolin is also one of such non - conventional material which can be utilized beneficially in the construction industry. This paper presents the results of an experimental investigations carried out to find the suitability of metakaolin in production of concrete. In the present work, the results of a study carried out to investigate the effects of Metakaolin on strength of concrete are presented. The referral concrete M30 was made using 53 grade OPC and the other mixes were prepared by replacing part of OPC with Metakaolin. The replacement levels were 5%, 10%, 15% upto 20%(by weight) for Metakaolin. The various results which indicate the effect of replacement of cement by metakalion on concrete are presented in this paper to draw useful conclusions. The results were compared with reference mix. Test results indicate that use of replacement cement by metakalion in concrete has improved performance of concrete up to 15%.

      Salim, Jyoti Ohri, Naveen

Abstract: Speed control of DC Motor is vital in many applications. In this paper, an effort has been made to control the speed of the DC motor using fuzzy logic control (FLC) based on LabVIEW (Laboratory Virtual Instrument Engineering Workbench) program. LabVIEW provides a graphical programming environment suited for high-level or system-level design. The fuzzy logic controller designed to apply the required control voltage that sent to dc motor based on fuzzy rule base of motor speed error (e) and change of speed error (Ce). In this paper results of FLC, PI and PID Controller are compared. The simulation results demonstrate that the response of DC motor with FLC show a satisfactory well damped control performance.

      Preeti Chaudhary, Girish Garg

Abstract: Our research is based on the fungus infestation and survival which is a cellular automata based approach to solving traditional digital maze image. Cellular automata technique is used to describe how the elements of a system combined with each other. Each of the elements of the system is denoted as a cell.

      Stelin M. Singh, Dilip B. Chetry, Dobiam Narba

Abstract: An Electron microscopic studies of the vitellaria of three polyopisthocotylean fish-gill flukes,Diplozoon paradoxum, Diclidophora merlangi andD. Denticulata are composed of cells in different stage of development.(Halton et al 1974) Immature cells are embryonic and undifferentiated. Differentiation into maturing vitelline cells involves the development of extensive GER, Golgi complexes and the production of dense droplets of shell-protein. With the onset of maturity, protein synthesis stops and, as the GER disintegrates, the cell develops food-reserves in the form of yolk bodies, glycogen and lipid and released in the ciliated vitellian duct. Vitelline development is continuous and all of the cellular stages involved can be found in each follicle.

      R.Rajkumar, Kartikay Chadha

Abstract: CME (continuing medical education) is a key concept of national strategies in health. A study was undertaken of the current knowledge and continuing future training requirements of nurses, Inspectors CME to inform policy to meet national goals of healthcare. Questionnaire distributed to nurses, pharmacist, doctors and health inspectors in rural hospital who practice Traditional Indian Medicine Technologies were used by 221% of respondents as part of their work-related activities. This paper describes health in India that increase provider and patient access to health information.

      Mohammed Hasmat Ali, Anil Kumar Sahani

Abstract: As multiplication dominates the execution time of the most Digital Signal Processing algorithms, so there is a need of high speed multiplier. This paper presents the detailed study of different multipliers based on Array Multiplier, Constant coefficient multiplication (KCM) and multiplication based on vedic mathematics. All these multipliers are coded in Verilog HDL (Hardware Description Language) and simulated in ModelSimXEIII6.4b and synthesized in EDA tool Xilinx_ISE12. All multipliers are then compared based on LUTs (Look up table) and path delays. Results show that Vedic Urdhva Tiryakbhyam sutra is the fastest Multiplier with least path delay.

      Natwar S. Rathore, Neha Kundariya, Anirudha Narain

Abstract: This paper describes PID Controller tuning based on Particle Swarm Optimization in the Reverse Osmosis application. Particle Swarm Optimization is powerful method for tuning PID controller comparison to other conventional optimization techniques. It has some advance features such as easy implementation, stable characteristics; self-tuning, flexible design In this paper a model has presented that focus on the PH and Conductivity control in the Reverse Osmosis (RO). PSO algorithm is presented to tune the parameters of PID controller used in the RO Model. Computer Simulation in terms of a virtual process is designed to check the algorithm and compare the results with other optimization techniques.

      Ashish Joshi, Ram Shringar Raw, Prakash Rao Ragiri

Abstract: Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks (VANETs) are highly dynamic network and prone to many kinds of attacks. One class of attacks known as routing misbehavior targets the routing process of the networks. Grayhole attack is a malicious change in the routing process of effected nodes. Such node takes part in routing process but drops the packet when it is required to forward the packet to other nodes. This attack changes the performance of the network. Ad-hoc On-Demand Distance Vector (AODV) is prone to grayhole attack due to lack of central control and security. In this paper, we have proposed a counter based approach for mitigation of grayhole attack using freeway mobility model for highway scenario which is most suited for VANETs. Simulation results and analysis of proposed work has been carried out using NS-2. Further, the performance of the proposed work has been compared in terms of packet delivery ratio, normalized routing load, end to end delay and average throughput with grayhole attack in AODV and normal AODV protocol.

      Prof. (Dr) Santosh Kumar Subudhi, Dr.Sumeet Dash, Dr.Rajat Panigrahi,Dr.S.P.Lenka, Dr.Sikander Prasad

Abstract: The face is the index of man , eyes are index are index of soul .The face is intimately related to self image .Orbits are part of facial skeleton and skeletal component of orbital cavity is formed by the combination of seven different bones . Due to complex arrangement orbital fracture occurs in isolation or in concomitant with fracture of adjacent facial bones like in lefort II , le fort III and zygomatic complex fractures .Among the various clinical features associated with orbital floor fracture, the diplopia which is most distressing to the patient generally for which he/she seeks treatment. So far as orbital floor reconstruction is concerned, various materials starting from autologous to alloplastic materials have been used.


Abstract: In the general population, the HIV epidemic is still misunderstood among the Indian society. People living with HIV have faced Stigma, Discrimination, violent attacks, harassment, been rejected by families, spouses and communities, been refused medical treatment, and even in some reported cases denied the last rites before they die. Negative attitudes from health care staff have generated problem among many people living with HIV. As a result, many keep their status secret. The study try to focus on social problems of these people. This is very sensitive issue. Everyone has a right of living. One cannot seize it from others. Are those people really enjoying their rights or not? To understand what are the conditions of their life? How they are living in this society? Society can accept or not? What type of responses they get from this? All these doubts are cleared in this.

      Dr. Surya Bhushan Tiwari

Abstract: Green Supply Chain is a system of organizations, people, technology, activities, information and resources involved in moving green supply product or service from supplier to customer, green Supply chain activities transform natural resources, raw materials and components into a finished green product that is delivered to the end customer. There are a variety of supply chain models, which address both the upstream and downstream sides. In the 1980s, the term Supply Chain Management (SCM) was developed to express the need to integrate the key business processes, from end user through original suppliers. Management and accounting of green Supply Chain is a recent and important concept.

      Saikat Saha, Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Tomar, Mr. Kunal Gupta

Abstract: Now a days Wireless Sensor is booming research area and used in most of the sensitive application. Mobile Healthcare is one of the most important, sensitive and necessary research point in WSN. Mobile Healthcare (m-Healthcare) helps the Healthcare Centre to provide a better Healthcare Solution to the Medical User. Although m-Healthcare is flourishing, the Security is most challenging problem in Mobile Healthcare. In this paper we propose a Secure and Seclusion-Upholding Timeserving Computing (SSTC) for Physical Health Information in mobile Healthcare.

      Ranjeeta Siwach, Vanditaa Kaul

Abstract: Wormhole attacks, in which colluding attackers with out-of-band communication links record packets (or bits) at one location and replay at another, cause far away nodes to consider themselves as neighbours to one another. Under this attack, two faraway malicious nodes can collude together using either wired link or directional antenna, to give an impression that they are only one hop away. We presents NEVO, in which nodes passively monitor (overhear) the forwarding of broadcast type packets by their neighbours and use the send and overhear times of trans- missions of these packets, to mitigate these wormhole attacks. NEVO does not require synchronized clocks, special hardware support, or any special capability.

      Shubham Sharma

Abstract: Big Data has become a major source of innovation across enterprises of all sizes .Data is being produced at an ever increasing rate. This growth in data production is driven by increased use of media, fast developing organizations, proliferation of web and systems connected to it. Having a lot of data is one thing, being able to store it, analyze it and visualize it in real time environment is a whole different ball game. New technologies are accumulating more data than ever; therefore many organizations are looking forward to optimal ways to make better use of their data. In a broader sense, organizations analyzing big data need to view data management, analysis, and decision-making in terms of industrialized flows and processes rather than discrete stocks of data or events. To handle these aspects of large quantities of data various open platforms had been developed.

      P. Shakila Banu

Abstract: In this paper I extend Sanchez approach for medical diagnosis using incline matrix and exhibit the technique with a hypothetical case study.

      K. Ravi, J. M. Rassias , R.Bhuvana Vijaya, R. Kodandan

Abstract: AQ-Functional Equation in Paranormed Spaces

      Pushphas Chaturvedi, Kunal Gupta

Abstract: Wireless networks provide wide range of services which is never so easy by any other medium, its mode of working tends it to have many security breaches. In modern era of communication trillions of profitable vital information is available on internet and they are accessible through this open medium. Such vital information can be achieved through intentional interference or jamming. In this paper we are trying to provide some efficient techniques which conceal such messages of high importance through dissembling. Dissembling refers to conceal under false appearance, there are various methods of concealing important messages but we tried to use very efficient ones, as messages are dissembled, the jammer won’t be able to access it because transaction will be completed before jammer reaches the original important message.

      Kalaivani.M., Jegadeesan.M.

Abstract: Gastric ulcer is one of the most prevalent gastrointestinal disorders, which affects approximately 5-10% of people during their life. In recent years, abundant work has been carried out on herbal medicine to clarify their potential efficacy in gastric ulcer prevention or management. Here, the present study was carried out to investigate antiulcer activity of ethanolic extract of Madhuca longifolia flowers in pylorus ligated ulceration in the albino rats .The ethanolic extract of Madhuca longifolia flowers at doses of 100,200,300 mg/kg b.w produced significant (p<0.01) inhibition of the gastric fluid volume, free acidity, total acidity. In conclusion the antiulcer properties of the extract may be attributed to the presence of phytochemicals like flavonoids (quercetin), alkaloids and tannins present in the plant extract with various biological activities.

      T.Aarthi, M.Karthi, M.Abinesh

Abstract: Surface tribology and metrology are one among the challenging tasks in the field of image processing and has extensive applications. Structural damage is one of the factors that causes machine breakdown. This paper is intended to propose a new method for explicit analysis of surface defects. In this proposal, the images are acquired using a Panasonic BB-HCM381 camera. These images are subjected to 2 dimensional discrete wavelet transform which uses sub band coding algorithm for feature extraction. The analysis of surface fissures is rendered by obtaining numerical data from the image. This data aids in performing statistical analysis that involves the calculation of mean, variance, standard deviation, skewness and kurtosis from the acquired image. These parameters are calculated for different wavelets like HAAR, Daubechies and a comparative study is made. LabVIEW is the system design platform used for developing this application.

      Kanika, Urmila

Abstract: An intrusion detection system (IDS) detects intruders that is, unexpected, unwanted or unauthorized people or programs on computer network. An IDS is used to determine if a computer network or server has experienced an unauthorized intrusion. An IDS works like a burglar alarm system. If it detects a possible intrusion, the IDS system will send out an alert or warning which would prompt an administrator to perform further investigation which might include computer forensics and prosecution.

      G. Suresh Babu, Dr. V. Chittaranjan Das

Abstract: Condition Monitoring is an advanced and very useful tool of predictive maintenance techniques. It has made good progress in recent years in identifying many types of deterioration in plant machinery, so that pro-active maintenance can be performed, improving overall plant productivity. There is a wide variety of condition monitoring techniques currently in use for the diagnosis and prediction of machinery faults, but little attention has been paid to the occurrence and detection of vibration analysis of rotating equipments The application of computers and electronic measuring and detecting system has provided a new improvement for condition monitoring and has a particular relevance for plant engineers in utilities and service departments. It eliminates unnecessary opening of equipment with considerable savings in personnel resources.

      P. Roja , T. Sankar Reddy , N. Bhaskar Reddy

Abstract: The objectives of the present study are investigate the unsteady two-dimensional laminar flow of a viscous dissipative micropolar fluid past a semi-infinite, vertical porous plate moving steadily and subjected to a thermal radiation and mass transfer. The plate moves with constant velocity in the longitudinal direction and free stream velocity follows an exponentially small perturbation law. The Rosseland approximation is used to describe radiative heat transfer in the limit of optically thick fluids. The method of solution can be applied for small perturbation approximation. Numerical results of velocity profiles of micropolar fluids are compared with the corresponding flow problems for a Newtonian fluid. Also, the results of the skin friction coefficient, the couple stress coefficient, the rate of heat and mass transfers at the wall are prepared with various values of the fluid properties and flow conditions.

      Naveen Singh, Mrs. Kavita Agarwal

Abstract: Software testing is one of the very essential phase of the SDLC .in this phase we have to generate lots of test cases for testing applications. As principal says exhaustive testing is not possible, here we can use the genetic algorithm to reduce the number of test cases as well as select best test cases that can give effective result. Genetic algorithm is based on fittest of survival concept so here we select fittest test case that can give appropriate result.

      Ranjana Prasad

Abstract: Silicon carbide(SiC) has lowest specific on resistance and high thermal stability as compared to silicon. This has made use of Silicon carbide in design of domestic electrical appliances to assist in energy saving. Silicon carbide power devices can operate at much higher junction temperature than those made of silicon. However, this does not mean that SiC devices can operate without a good cooling system.

      A F M Salman Akhter

Abstract: Now-a-days safe and pure water is a major issue all over the world. A research reveals that one third of the world’s people are in water stressed region, and this proportion will be increased to two-thirds in 2025. 80% to 90% of the per capita consumption of water becomes wastewater [1]. Now-a-days wastewater treatment is common in practice to fulfill the water consumption demand. The aim of this project is to determine the feasibility and efficiency of water hyacinth (Eicchornia crassipes) in treating wastewater by construction of wetland. This treated wastewater can be reused for irrigation purposes and in order to improve the groundwater water recharge.

      Rachid TOUMACHE, Khaled ROUASKI, Sabah FADEL

Abstract: The car fleet evolution in Algeria is due to the non-linear variation of the income represented by the national wealth (GDP) rather than other infrastructural factors such as car prices, fuel prices, the transport network, population density, and the extent of the country.This study predicts the future image of the Algerian car fleet, based on the technique of time-series cross-sectional data. The evolution of the car fleet is modeled using three utilities models provided by the literature namely the Gompertz function, the function Quasi-Logistics and Logistics function.

      Vaibhav Modi, Nidhi Mathur, Amrendra Nath Pathak

Abstract: AIDS is one of the most devastating pandemic. All drugs designed have targeted the viral protein the GP120. The entry of Human Immuno Virus (HIV) into the human cells is initiated by a temporary interaction between the viral exterior glycoprotein GP120 and human CD4 receptor. The primary receptor CD4 glycoprotein present on the cell surface of T-helper cells interacts with GP120. The GP120-CD4 complex involves the D1-D2 domain of the human CD4 and conserved regions of the viral protein GP120. The interaction leads to a number of conformational changes in the inner domains and bridging sheets of glycoprotein GP120 due to translocations and deletions, which creates a binding site in the V3 loop of GP120 for chemokine receptors (CCR5/CXCR4) present on the cell surface.

      Sheenu Toms, Deepa John

Abstract: As the amount of digital information on the internet grows it is more and more critical to retrieve information from semistructured documents. Also the data returned as answers to queries may not give interpretable knowledge. Therefore the concept of association rule mining is introduced in XML datastructure. Even if it is effective occasionally it give unexpected results. This paper propose a new method based on correlation which will more effectively return the rules. Correlation is used to find out relationship between different data items.

      Mr.D.V.Patil, Mr.S.G.Sutar, Mrs.A.N.Mulla

Abstract: Image processing is a method to convert an image into a digital form and perform some operations on it, in order to et an enhanced image or to extract some useful information from it. Image enhancement uses no of techniques or improving the visual quality of the image. Retinex image enhancement is an technique which enhances the quality of the image by using histogram generation technique.

      Sonal Job, A.K Jaiswal, Mukesh Kumar

Abstract: The shifting surfaces from past to present has evolved many changes and brought many challenges as well and the field of communications is the one which has witnessed this changing dynamics the most. Since the influence of the emerging technologies in yielding better performance than the existing , hence it calls for the newer infrastructure , installation to be made for its establishment and henceforth for its working. Such incorporation of the change in the entire layout is not always possible ,especially in case at the network level. Thus in order to optimize the performance of the operating communication systems comprising of the enhanced features of the newer technologies , we need to go with the option of modification of the existing ones as well as from the latest ones so that they will be complementing and supplementing each other. The optical communication due to the advancement of the photonics and terahertz based schemes is providing excellent ground for the nourishment of the next generation communication systems .Now-a-days the optical fiber has proved out to be the most efficient means of communication channel medium, but it does have some limitations. The paper has focussed on getting the solution for these - last mile problems and overcoming the difficulty of getting a reliable link for the communication purpose in areas where installing the fibers is not easy and thereby the incorporation of FSO link.

      Sonal Job, A.K Jaiswal, Mukesh Kumar

Abstract: There are variety of applications where optical fibers are not feasible, to provide ubiquitous wireless services quickly and more effectively , then in such cases RoFSO links can be used to transmit signals. But inspite of its potential, such links are highly vulnerable to fluctuating atmospheric conditions and also dependent on the deployment surrounding characteristics in particular the weather conditions, severity and duration of the atmospheric effects have direct impact on the availability of the links as well as on the quality of RF signal transmitted over it. Whereas the Radio over Fiber (RoF) technology, as a means of transferring radio signals using optical fibers without changing radio format, has become a candidate for the common platform for wireless access networks. This technology provides a simplified and cost-effective radio access network and supports high-speed multimedia to satisfy the increasing demand when the radio spectrum is limited. It also helps to increase transmission capacity and distance of wireless. However, the applicability of this solution greatly depends on the availability of fiber cable infrastructure and installation costs. Therefore to have communication systems which has low cost, simple, is easy to install, and can be increasingly deployed to offer high-speed, broadband communications links with an ease to provide high-speed communications without the difficulty and cost of deploying optical fiber cable . A heterogeneous structure made up of RoFSO and RoF can be an attractive means for RF signal transmission, providing a versatile role of both wire and wireless system for an optical communication. This suggests us that if a compliance between the two , RoFSO and RoF is made that is the places where there is difficulty in deployment of the RoFSO then the RoF can be used and vice-versa, then there becomes lesser possibility of link failure and hence an improved availability of link can be achieved.


Abstract: Conventional two-level pulse width modulation (PWM) inverters generate high dv/dt, high frequency common mode voltages and introduces harmonics which is very harmful in electric drives applications. It may damage motor bearings, conducted electromagnetic interferences, and malfunctioning of electronic equipments. Multilevel inverter (MLI) technology has emerged recently as a very important alternative in the area of high-power medium-voltage energy control. Neutral-point-clamped (NPC) inverters are the most widely used topology of multilevel inverters in high-power applications (several megawatts). This paper presents the most relevant control and modulation method developed for inverters to reduce total harmonic distortion (THD): multilevel sinusoidal pulse width modulation (SPWM). More relevant applications of these converters are laminators, conveyor belts, and unified power-flow controllers. Simulation results obtained in Matlab/Simulink confirms the effectiveness with negligible THD.

      Sumit Ruhela, Dr. S. K. Srivastava

Abstract: The photoconductivity of mixed composite of magnesium titanate (MgTiO⊂3) and zinc oxide ZnO has been reported with respect to the number of parameters. The sample is prepared by heating the homogeneous mixture of MgTiO⊂3 and ZnO in a cylindrical furnace at 600 - 8000 °ree;C for 45 minute. For the measurement purpose, the cell is fabricated in the form of sandwich. In this type of cell the electrodes are in direct contact with the material. The effect of voltage, temperature and field intensity on photoconductivity have been investigated.

      Supriya Goel

Abstract: Advances in communication technology have seen strong interest in digital data transmission. However, illegal data access has become more easy and prevalent in wireless and general communication networks. In order to protect the valuable data from illegal access, different kinds of cryptographic systems have been proposed. In this paper, a new integrating channel coding and cryptography design communication systems is proposed. In order to preserve the advantages of encryption, improve its disadvantages, and combine the channel coding and cryptography, we place the encryptor before the hamming encoder to select the generator matrix to be used for block code to form the new system. The analysis indicates the proposed design possesses the following feature. Its security is higher than the conventional one with the channel encoder only. Privacy is more due to unknown random codes. As the applied codes are unknown to a hostile user, this means that it is hardly possible to detect the message of another user. Anti-jam performance is good. It overcomes the disadvantage of Chaos based cryptography system as input data is not extended and hence bandwidth is not wasted. Moreover, the computer simulation shows that the proposed system has a good ability in error detection especially when the SNR per bit is moderate high, and the detection ability is enhanced when the increased length of Hamming code is employed

      Krishma Gupta, Anupriya Sachar , Sheetu Raina

Abstract: Present study was designed to investigate any seasonal (spring, summer, monsoon, autumn and winter) fluctuations in haematological parameters in the blood of Tor putitora. Significant seasonal variations in the number of white and red blood cells, haemoglobin, haematocrit, mean corpuscular volume, mean corpuscular haemoglobin and mean corpuscular haemoglobin concentration have been observed. In general, higher values of RBC dependent parameters ;viz, TEC, Hb, PCV were recorded during spring, summer, monsoon and autumn, and lowest during winter. White blood cells on other hand, exhibited gradual decline during monsoon and autumn upto winter only to rise again in spring and summer. The proportions of different leucocytes though variable but lymphocytes have been observed to be the chief contributor in TLC fluctuation. Thrombocyte count was significantly higher during autumn and winter season. Relation between seasonal changes in environmental factors such as temperature and dissolved oxygen with various blood parameters have been discussed.

      Anita, Dr. S. S. Tyagi

Abstract: To describe the approach of real-world activities we have proposed an idea by using ACO technique for providing security to the building and building can be bank, parliament house, prime minister house, ambani house etc. In this paper we are providing the security to the building and if any security-guard feels weakness than he can be replaced by other. And if there is the need of increase in the number of security-guards, they can do so on their own without interrupting the simulation and changing the input parameters.

      R.Priya, G.Kanaga

Abstract: The word Tsunami is of Japanese origin, which means harbor wave, tsunami are large waves that are sea floor is deformed by seismic activity vertically displacing the overlying water in the ocean. The quake occurred at a place where several massive geological plates push against each other with massive force. Tsunami has very low height while traveling over Deep Ocean. High waves occur only when it reaches the shallow waters, typically near the coast. The mega thrust earthquake measuring 9.2 at Richter scale of the western coast of northern Sumatra, Indonesia was the largest of its type since the 6.2 magnitude Good Friday earthquake of Alaska in 1964. The aim of the study is to assess the problems of tsunami affected children. The present descriptive study was carried out in one of the coastal village in Nagapattinam District . Census method was adopted and data was collected from 60 respondents.

      R.Priya, G.Kanaga

Abstract: Family is a social group in the society consists of one or two parents and their children. This is influenced by the environment in which they are living. The children in the slum are unprivileged to enjoy good family atmosphere as well as the good environment due to various causes like inadequate access to safe water, inadequate access to sanitation and other infrastructure, poor structural quality housing, overcrowding, insecure residential status, the low socio – economic status of its residents, poverty in terms of culture and material, breeding ground for all social problems, lack of communication and educational facilities, lack of welfare agencies and services. So, the researcher has made an attempt to study the family environment of slum children in Tiruchirappalli. The aim of the study is to analyze the family environment of slum children, since family is the first socializing agent of the child.

      A.Sathiyaraj , Dr.K.Jayaraman

Abstract: Children are innocent, trustful and full of hope. Children have the right to survive, develop, be protected and participate in decisions that impact their lives. Knowledge and awareness about Child rights among teachers is to be predicted due to its importance, the study is conducted among primary school teachers in and around Tiruchirappalli. About 140samples collected from both rural and urban area school teachers by utilizing a Child Rights awareness Tool, using normative survey technique and descriptive statistics analysed and found that only 27% of teachers with high level awareness of child rights. And there is no significant difference among teachers with respective to gender and locality.

      Mrs. A.Meenakshi, Dr.Metilda Bhuvaneshwari

Abstract: This paper is an attempt to contribute to existing literature on work-life balance in general and the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry in India in particular. In light of the work organizations in BPOs and resulting outcome that employees in their daily efforts within the industry, the significance of the issue of work-life balance should be stressed. Moreover, the conflict between work demands vis-à-vis personal and family needs is needed to be delved into in order to have sufficient institutional support at the employer, more so at the governmental level. This paper is an attempt to contribute to literature in three ways. First, it takes a critical look at the workplace setting and organization in BPOs. Second, the research examines the different benefits in BPO companies and if employees perceive them to foster work-life balance. Lastly, it discusses the recommendations from the BPO workers themselves in how to limit and alleviate the work-life disconnect and promote genuine work-life balance.

      Mrs. A.Meenakshi, Dr.Metilda Bhuvaneshwari

Abstract: Menorrhagia is very common complaint which is found in women and not given much care. It is a symptom which detoriates women health. In menorrhagia the menstrual cycle is unaltered but the duration quantity of menstrual cycle is unaltered but the duration and quantity of menstrual loss is increased. The normal blood in every women should be 50-80 ml and should not exceed 100 ml. this prolonged illness may cause many psychological Problems in women. So the researcher is made an attempt to study the problem scientifically. The aim of the study is to find out the psychological Problems of women due to menorrhagia.

      Dr. D. Thirumalraja

Abstract: The elderly Paliyan tribes are illiterate and highly ignorant and gullible. They are ignorant as well as unaware of the day-to-day happenings not being assertive enough to grasp the opportunities that are offered by the Government. They continue to cling to their domicile and maintain the pattern of life sticking to the age-old customs. They evade assimilation and joining the mainstream of society. The lack confidence and they have competitive spirit. The occupations they engaged in are seasonal and fetch meagre income. They are not in a position to provide education to their children and are not able to avail of better medical facilities. They have to labour day and night to earn their daily bread.


Abstract: Workplace violence refers to violence that originates from employees or employers and threatens employers and/or other employees. The definition of work related violence that has received pan-European acceptance is as follows, “Incidents where people are abused threatened or assaulted in circumstances relating to their work, involving an explicit or implicit challenge to their safety, well-being, or health.” This can involve violence resulting from industrial disputes, although this is not a major factor in most incidents.

      N.Rekha, Dr.I.Muthuchamy

Abstract: E-learning has influenced every sector of the society and can be used as a tool to improve the quality of education for the society and manpower. A study was undertaken to develop an e-content package related to the topic DNA replication included in Botany for XII standard students of Biology and to compare the effectiveness of this package with conventional teaching methods. The e-content has been developed for learning the concept: DNA replication using e-content package from XII standard botany text book prescribed by Tamil Nadu Text Book Society. A pre-test, post-test single group experimental design was adopted. A sample of 20 XII standard students were exposed to different treatments namely e-content package and conventional method of teaching. The control and the experimental groups were assessed through pre and post tests and their achievement scores were compiled and analyzed using appropriate statistical procedure.

      Melkamu Elmyhum, Tadsse Dessalegn , Yigzaw Dessalegn

Abstract: Maize is a major cereal for human nutrition in Ethiopia. For communities that rely heavily on maize as the main staple, development of maize cultivars with enhanced levels of two essential amino acids such as lysine and tryptophan are a must. The objectives of the study were to find out the combining ability, the nature and magnitude of gene action and heterosis of quality protein maize inbred lines. Six inbred lines and two testers were crossed to produce 12 F1 hybrids. Twelve F1 hybrids and two standard checks viz., BHQP542 and a normal maize hybrid, Jibat, were evaluated in a randomized complete block design with two replications in 2011 at Adet. Although it was a one season trial, LN1, LN2 and LN5 were good general combiners for grain yield and yield component characters and can be used for development of hybrids. Hybrid HN7 (81.1%), HN8 (107.3%) and HN11 (88.3%) had higher magnitude of heterosis over the quality protein maize check but these hybrids were not superior over the normal maize check. From this result hybrid HN7, HN8 and HN11 can be exploited for future use and additional effort is required for the development of competent quality protein maize.

      Shweta Nema

Abstract: The purpose of the present investigation was to see the effect of marital adjustment of males and females in middle age. The sample consisted of 124 respondents, out of which 62 were males and 62 females (mean age= 50 to 65), who were financially independent from their offspring. To measure adjustment we used Shamshad-Jasbir Old-age Adjustment Inventory (SJOAI) created by Dr. Shamshad Hussain and Dr. Jasbir Kaur. The inventory measures problems of marital adjustment faced by middle age. The data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, t-test analysis. There were found significant differences between two genders (male and female) in the marital adjustment. The result of the study revealed that there is a significant impact on males as well as females adjustment level.

      Dr. Ms. G.Uma, Dr. Mrs.D.Fatima Baby

Abstract: The roles assigned for women are subordinated to those set apart for men and the rights given to women are fewer and less emancipating than those given to men and the obligations of women are more limited than those of men. SHGs have emerged as the appropriate people institution which provided the poor women with the space and support necessary to take effective steps towards greater control of their personal and social life. It is not a static body; rather it grows in its resources and management skills of its members. In promoting SHG movement both Governmental and Non-Governmental agencies were involved. SHG movement had been designed to benefit women, especially the rural belt, by providing them social status and identity. In India, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh had been successful in SHG movement. The present study analyse the impact of the self-help groups on rural women in the study area of Thanjavur District, Tamil Nadu.

      S.Suganya, P.Damodharan

Abstract: Storage Services in cloud computing allows users to store away for the high quality cloud applications on-demand to enjoy without the hassle of managing their own hardware and software their data. While the benefits of these services are more, there are new security threats in the direction of the accuracy of the data in the cloud due to the physical possession of their outsourced data. To address this new problem and improved security and reliable cloud storage service to realize, we propose a distributed storage integrity auditing mechanism, by utilizing the homomorphic token and distributed erasure-coded data in this article.

      Godday Orziemgbe Oriarewo, Kenneth Chukwujioke, Agbim & Abeh Aondoseer

Abstract: Perceived desirability and feasibility have increased through participation in entrepreneurship education programmes in Universities. Thus, this study assessed entrepreneurial perceptions and knowledge among graduates of Nigerian Universities. Data were collected using questionnaire and analysed with respect to the 8 research questions using both unvariate and bivariate analyses. It was found that entrepreneurial perceptions and knowledge varied across age groups, gender, courses studied and ethnic groups among the graduates. The study reveals that: graduates aged 29-31 years had the best entrepreneurial knowledge and showed the best interest towards entrepreneurship; graduates of Engineering/Technology and Health Science courses were the most interested in entrepreneurship, while those who studied management science courses were the best performers in entrepreneurial knowledge; male graduates were more interested in starting their own business; and graduates from the South-East made the highest scores of 76% and 70% in entrepreneurial perception and knowledge respectively. The study therefore recommends the establishment of an institution to assist the older graduates with high achievement motivation to start their own business and a reinvention of the centers for entrepreneurship development so as to enhance their capability to groom more entrepreneurial and skillful University graduates.

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