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Open Access Research Journal:

IJSRP is open access refereed international research journal. Open access research journals are publications that allow the unrestricted access to their content. IJSRP provides free online reading and downloading of published peer-reviewed articles.

IJSRP is a peer-review referred international research journal that publishes original research articles. The journal publishes original research articles in the field of science and technology and is open to submissions from all fields of study. All papers submitted to the journal undergo an initial review process by at least two independent reviewers and only those papers which meet certain criteria are sent for a full review.

IJSRP ensures that scientific and scholarly work is of high quality and appropriate for publication in a particular field. We also provides an opportunity for researchers to comment on each other’s work, providing feedback and suggestions on how to improve it or respond to it further.

What is open access research journal?

Open access research journal is a type of academic journal that allows free access to its content. Open access journals are a relatively new phenomenon in the publishing world. They have been around for about 20 years, but they have only become popular in the last 10 years or so. The content of the open access journals can be accessed by anyone online for free, without any restrictions on use, distribution, or copyright infringement.

What is Peer-Review Process?

Peer-reviewed journals are a form of academic publishing in which scholars in the same field who are experts in methodology review the work of other scholars before it is published. In a peer-reviewed journal, articles submitted by authors are reviewed by qualified experts in the appropriate field before they can be accepted for publication. The articles are usually evaluated by two or more referees who are not part of the editorial board of the journal.

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