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Thesis is a report made on particular research generally written for obtaining a professional qualification. It is referred to both master's thesis /monograph and doctoral dissertation. Finding your best subject of interest is the first stage in creating a thesis. Conduct basic research and study on the subject at hand. It should include a full description of what was previously known about the situation, your contributions/opinions, and everything you did to solve the problem. Read Full Article


How to avoid plagiarism


Plagiarism is the representation of another person's original work, ideas, thoughts, and words as one's own without crediting the source. Plagiarism is a major problem even if it is done unintentionally. You can easily avoid plagiarism by following some simple steps. Whether done intentionally or unintentionally, it is fraud. If your research paper or thesis includes information from other sources, it is critical that you use internal citations to acknowledge the source of the information. If you don't execute it correctly, you risk falling into the plagiarism trap. If a person does not attempt to construct his or her own piece of work, he or she will never gain effective writing skills. Read Full Article


How to avoid plagiarism


Choosing a research paper topic is not a simple task. But the key to make it simple is by choosing something manageable, setting some boundaries and focusing on your area of work and interest. Great papers can be written in almost all fields but you should try to settle on something that is important and genuinely interests you. Never choose a topic solely to impress your lecturer; instead, find one that captures the attention your curiosity. This would be simpler if you took courses in your major. You should strive to apply concerns related to your major to the topic that has been assigned to you. You should be able to defend your choice of topic and simply describe the approach you used to research it. You should be well-versed in contemporary theories relating to your area and confident in your ability to establish your work and contribute effectively. Read Full Article

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