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A study was conducted to assess the physico- chemical effects of sand harvesting in River Thwake, Machakos County- Kenya. A total of 8 water samples from a sand harvesting site (point A) and no-sand harvesting site (point B) were collected and analyzed for; temperature, Hydrogen Potential, turbidity, color, electrical conductivity, Lead, Copper, Zinc, Iron, Biological Oxygen Demand and Chemical...

The objective of the study was to assess the mother satisfaction on maternity care services in Bharatpur Hospital, Chitwan Nepal.
View Resource Variation of Annual and Seasonal Rainfall Patterns in Kandy District of Sri Lanka

Rainfall variability over space and time must be regarded as the most significant aspect of the monsoon climate over Sri Lanka. The main objective of this study was to identify the spatial distribution of annual and seasonal rainfall in Kandy District (2005-2014) and long term annual and seasonal rainfall trends in Kandy (1875-2014). The monthly rainfall data have been collected from 19 rainfall...
View Resource Radio As A Veritable Tool For Sensitizing The Public On The Implications Of Vote Buying And Selling In Nigeria Elections

Vote buying is a trending phenomenon in our present days politics. This problem is flourishing by the day. In 2011 elections, there were trivial cases of vote buying. It is believed that moneybag politicians introduced vote buying after the introduction of electronic voting system in 2015, which barricaded their former gimmicks of rigging and ballots box snatching. The election that brought...
View Resource Reproductive Parameters of Diastocera trifasciata (Fabricius, 1775) (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae: Lamiinae), Cashew Branches Girdler in Côte d’Ivoire, Under Semi-Natural Conditions

In Côte dIvoire, the cashew nut still known as "brown gold" represents a hope for the populations of the producing zones and contributes to the international influence of the country. However, it is facing attacks from multiple insects including Diastocera trifasciata formerly Analeptes trifasciata.
View Resource The Effectiveness of Student Worksheets Based on Project and Integrated Information Technology in Geometry Space Subject

Student learning outcomes in Space Geometry subject are still low in Mathematics Education Department STKIP PGRI Sumatera Barat. This caused the lecturers and students still use teaching materials in the form of old published textbooks whose language is not communicative so that it is difficult to understand.
View Resource Classroom to Workplace: Communication Tools and Technology

This article discusses how collaborations between business faculty and industry representatives focusing on redesigning business communication content and assignments offer fresh approaches to using communication tools and technologies. The objective of this pilot study was to identify where gaps exist in the expected technology skills of business majors as identified by industry representatives....
View Resource Effects of Fermentation and Extrusion On The Microbiological And Proximate Composition Of Ripe Plantain And Groundnut Blend

This study was designed to monitor the effect of fermentation and extrusion on ripe plantain and groundnut blends. The blended samples were prepared in five combinations (A=100% ripe plantain; B= 80% ripe plantain: 20% groundnut; C= 60% ripe plantain: 40% groundnut; D= 50% ripe plantain: 50% groundnut and E= 100% groundnut) and separated into four batches (i.e. first batch = preconditioned and...
View Resource Substance with which Soul May Be Made Off

The author had proposed a model for soul (Jeev Atma in Hindu mythology) in his book1 ( Nature and manifestation of soul). It was mentioned that the size of soul is very precise and cannot be seen by any instrument so far known in the field of science. It was further mentioned that the soul is not made of elements like hydrogen carbon sodium etc. Everything we see around us including our own body...
View Resource Increasing cost efficiency through minimizing transformer losses: Design and performance analysis of a 250 kVA off-load tap changing step down transformer

A step down transformer can decrease the voltage level and increase the current level by keeping constant power and frequency which gives needful output to a substation. To get this require output transformer design should be splendid. This paper based on transformer design and analysis which can reduce copper and core losses with proficient cost. Step lop core lamination reduce no load voltage up...