International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications

IJSRP, Volume 3, Issue 6, June 2013 Edition [ISSN 2250-3153]

Validating a Document using XML Languages
      Mr. Akhilesh Mohan Srivastava, Ms Sanju Tiwari
Abstract: Validation of a document plays a very important role and also solves a number of important issues when working with XML and XML related technologies. Validation allow to work with modules and performing multiple validations in one actions. During the last few years a number of different XML schema languages have appeared as suggested replacements for the ageing Document Type Definition (DTD). Schematron [Schematron] is an XML schema language designed and implemented by Rick Jelliffe at the Academia Sinica Computing Centre, Taiwan. It combines powerful validation capabilities with a simple syntax and implementation framework. In this paper authors explain how a document can be validated through XML Schema and how a rule based validation can be implemented with Schematron. But when several validations is in computing process, performance of Schematron is degraded. To cope this degradation RELAX-NG is useful for validating a document.

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Mr. Akhilesh Mohan Srivastava, Ms Sanju Tiwari (2018); Validating a Document using XML Languages; Int J Sci Res Publ 3(6) (ISSN: 2250-3153). http://www.ijsrp.org/research-paper-0613.php?rp=P181336
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