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      Youssef Abdul Khalek

Abstract: Now days E-banking has been a major concern for all developed and developing countries. Online banking became a major system in all banking transactions. And each day the online banking is being spread and new innovative ideas created that aims for facilitating and enhancing financial transactions of the customers in terms of speed, cost, transparency and comfort. Despite all its benefits still many societies’ especially in developing countries unfamiliar and lack trust in dealing in online banking. This study aims to study the ability of Lebanese people as a case for emerging market to adapt and trust the online banking.

      Eunice Akinyi Ouma, Gideon Kikuvi, Walter Otieno

Abstract: Tuberculosis is a crucial global public health problem which ranks second to HIV/AIDS as cause of mortality and is the leading cause of morbidity and mortality among people living with HIV/AIDS. Kenya is burdened with an estimated TB prevalence of 266 per 100,000. 52.5% of cases and 5.2% TB associated mortality occur among children below 5 years. Kisumu County is a TB and HIV endemic zone with a prevalence of 208-306 per 100,000 and 19.3% respectively. Children below 5 years who are household contacts with sputum positive pulmonary tuberculosis persons should be initiated on Isoniazid Preventive Therapy (IPT). This practice remains low hampering the ‘END TB’ strategies in Kisumu County.

      Joseph K. Koka

Abstract: Across the globe the search for ways of a more resourceful convention of the abundant, untapped reserves of over 1850.5 ppb of methane gas. The UV photofragment spectrum of the dication complex ion [Mn(4-Picoline)3]2+ had been recorded in the gas phase for theoretical and experimental analysis using a quadrupole ion trap mass spectrometer. Using a combination of the pick-up technique and high energy electron impact the [Mn(4-Picoline)3]2+ ions were prepared and then held in a cold ion trap where they were excited with tuneable UV radiation and effectively activated further with methane. From the DFT calculations, the optimised C1 conformer of [Mn(4-Picoline)3]2+ was confirmed.

      Mikhael Klemens Kedang, Setya Yuwana, Wahyu Sukartiningsih

Abstract: This research (R & D) uses a Four-D Model approach with the aim of developing OCD (Offensive, Counter Attack, Defensive) learning strategies to improve reading comprehension skills with exposition text material. 60 students were taken who were divided into control classes and experiments with homogeneous abilities. The nonequivalent control group desing test was used to determine the effectiveness of the OCD strategy to influence student learning outcomes by t test> t table = 6.76> 0.20017 and get 90.5% responses of students with very good categories. This shows that the OCD learning strategy can improve reading comprehension skills in exposition text material.

      Ari Karmila Sari, Irma D.Roesyanto – Mahadi, Kristo A.Nababan, Remenda Siregar

Abstract: Introduction: Nail psoriasis is one of the clinical manifestations of psoriasis that found in the nail, usually affecting the nail plate, nail bed, hyponychium, and nail matrix. Histopathology examination is the gold standard for diagnosis of nail psoriasis. Recently, dermoscopy is reported to have good diagnostic value in dermatology, because it can assess the nail bed and nail plate. Dermoscopy can be done quickly and it is

      Dr Seba Abrham, Dr Kavya P.R, Dr Arunima P R

Abstract: Periodontal disease compromises a wide range of inflammatory condition that affect supporting structure of teeth. To minimize the progression of periodontal disease early detection is crucial. Traditional periodontal parameters have its own limitation. Hence newer diagnostic methods are under research to overcome the difficulty with conventional methods. Dermatoglypics stands out to be an unexplored field in diagnosing various diseases including periodontal diseases. This review highlights the role of palmar dermatolglypics as an early predictor for periodontal disease.

      Akhmad Syaiful Bahri, Dr. Agung Lukito, Dr. Masriyah

Abstract: The ability to think relationally in solving problems is an important goal of school. This is the ultimate goal of teaching that students will be able to make connections between concepts and apply concepts or algorithms in a flexible, accurate, efficient, and appropriate way to solve problems. This research is based on students difficulties in relational thinking in solving mathematical

      Indra Yacob, Lidya Imelda Laksmi, Soekimin

Abstract: Background : Liver fibrosis is a healing process in progressive chronic liver disease. For years, fibrosis was considered irreversible. Over the past three decades, liver cirrhosis has been accepted as a reversible condition. Histologic levels of fibrosis is the main thing in evaluating liver damage, it is also useful for predicting responses to antiviral treatment and also in predicting the endpoint of fibrosis to be able to continue into cirrhosis and end-stage liver complications.

      Ruhonyora Kenneth and Charles Lucian

Abstract: A growing body of opinion suggests that historic buildings promote different values to communities through adaptive reuse. The government of Tanzania has allowed historic buildings in Bagamoyo to be reused to promote sustainability in the community. This paper examines how adaptive reuse of historic buildings helps to promote social values the society cherishes and seeks to promote.

      Sushila Thapa

Abstract: This paper investigates the relationship between the unemployment rate and economic growth in Nepal. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) at constant price has been used as an indicator of economic growth. The data regarding GDP and unemployment rate were collected from World Bank database for the study. Correlation and Regression analysis were used to study the nature and degree of effect of economic growth on unemployment rate. It was found that there is a strong negative correlation between economic growth and unemployment rate. Also, it was found that GDP accounts for 48.6% of cause of change in unemployment rate. The findings are in line with the Okun’s law.

      Utkarsha Sagar, Ravi Raja, Himanshu Shekhar

Abstract: Pedestrian detection has so far worked efficiently using four basic important components namely: feature extraction, deformation handling, occlusion handling, and individual or sequential classification proposed in existing methods. This paper has primarily concentrated on collective basic deep learning on each of these factors using and advancing a new deep neural network architecture. In the aforementioned paper, the advanced neural architecture is compared with the current models including the Caltech benchmark dataset and ETH dataset to examine the results and accuracy.

      Rakhmawati Qodari Ningsih, Tjandrakirana, Wahono Widodo

Abstract: This study aims to produce science learning device products such as Syllabus, Learning Implementation Plans (RPP), Student Worksheets (LKS), Student Teaching Materials, and Valid, practical and effective Test Sheets structured inquiry models with Brainstorming strategies to improve thinking skills creative elementary school students.

      M.K. Sandabe and A.M. Zubairu

Abstract: The study was carried out to investigate the effect of phosphate fertilizer application on manganese (Mn) adsorption. Composite sandy loam and loam soil samples (0-20 cm) were collected from Dalori and Gongulong and analysed for their texture and chemical properties. Mn adsorption experiment was carried out. Loamy soil collected at Gongulong was moderately acidic in reaction, moderate in electrical conductivity (EC), high in base saturation, moderate in organic carbon, low in available phosphorus, and low in DTPA extractable Mn.

      Milind Raut, Chinmay Kendurkar

Abstract: This paper deals with the problems faced by the current designs of aircraft-based emergency homing devices like ELTs (Emergency Locator Beacons) and ULBs (Underwater Locator Beacons). Particularly, it deals with issues like low battery life of the transmitters and remaining in a deactivated state even after a crash. Many alternative methods are proposed which can make the homing beacons more efficient.

      Ariuntsetseg Dugar, Davaa Lkham, Solongo Gonchig

Abstract: Usually short turnover of our countrys soil and climatic conditions and crop rotations, type of crop, there are few deficiencies. Therefore, soil and climate conditions change and warming to ongoing the dispensation extend substitutions, diversification of crop.

      Imam Sudrajat Gultom, Mohamad Adam , Zakaria Wahab

Abstract: This study aims to find out how much customer content content creator is in the Indonesian News Agency Perum LKBN Antara South Sumatra. This study aims to determine the effect of product quality on customer loyalty content creator services at the Indonesian News Agency Perum LKBN Antara South Sumatra. The sample in this study amounted to 112 respondents with the sampling technique using the census method

      Husin Wattimena, Gazali Rahman

Abstract: Domestic violence usually affects wives or children. Husbands violence against his wife is considered an internal problem, both by outsiders and by people in the family itself. Domestic violence according to Law Number. 23 of 2004 is the act of someone against other people, especially women or deprivation of independence against law in the household sphere. The substance of Law Number 23 Year 2004 is very pro-women, while the criminal justice system should make law a spirit in law enforcement.

      Pipit Hery Kurniawan Abdulloh, Tjandra Kirana, Wahono Widodo

Abstract: The study aims to produce material-oriented, practical, and effective contextual approach materials to enhance the learning outcomes of elementary school students. The research was carried out using four phases of the 4-D model. Which is the level of stage define (definition), design, develop and disseminate (dissemination) and in the test of class IV SDN Jajartunggal III Surabaya, SDN Pakis 1 Surabaya, and SDN Manukan Kulon in the even semester School year 2018/2019 with One-Group-Pretest-Posttest Design Data analysis techniques use quantitative and qualitative descriptive analytical techniques.

      Amiebenomo Hauwa Christiana , Prof Adewale Dosunmu, Prof Joel Ogbonna

Abstract: Sand production occurs during the hydrocarbon production from a well when the reservoir sandstone is weak enough to fail under the in-situ stress conditions and the imposed stress changes due to the hydrocarbon production. A 3D Numerical Geomechanical Model of Greater Ughelli Depobelt in the Niger Delta was analysed by assessing the mechanical response to rock. This was done through the analysis and modelling of information from offset data. The developed model is capable of assessing the conditions that lead to the onset of sanding, the rate of sanding and the volume of sand that would be produced.

      Dira Aztiani, Zakaria Wahab, Isni Andriana

Abstract: The purpose of this research is to analyze the effects of perceived quality, perceived price and need for uniqueness on consumer’s purchase intention through online store of children import bag. This research used Multiple Linier Regression using SPSS Version 25 to calculate data. Data was obtained from filling the online questionnaires to a hundred respondents. The results of this research indicate that perceived quality, perceived price and need for uniqueness have a positive and significant effect on consumer’s purchase intention. As a suggestion, online seller especially in import product should searchs the products that give unique value, different from common product but still have a good quality.

      Fatuma. A. Affey and Catherine Mwenda

Abstract: High prevalence and suboptimal cancer pain management has been reported from resource-limited countries such as Kenya. Precisely, trends of cancer cases are on the increase at Garissa County in Kenya, yet no data exist on management of cancer pain. This study was to examine the prevalence, and cancer pain management of adult patients at Garisssa County Referral Hospital.

      Heni Sri Wahyuni, Kisyani Laksono, Hendratno

Abstract: This study aims to improve literacy skills of students in grade 3 through a tiered book. The study location was located in Muhammadiyah Elementary School 2 GKB, with the subjects of the study were 30 students in class 3-A. This study used Quasi Experiment with the design of one group pretest posttest design.

      Rince S. M Benu, Rooselyna Ekawati, Tatag Yuli Eko Siswono

Abstract: The aims of this study is to describe students reasoning in solving higher order thinking skills (HOTS) problems in fraction material reviewed based on adversity quotient. The subjects are three students namely one student with quitter type, camper and climber. The instruments used included the Adversity Response profile (ARP), HOTS tests and interview guidelines. The process of data collection is done by giving tests and interviews to get more in-depth information. The results showed students reasoning ability with the type of quitter had not achieved basic level thinking skills, reasoning students with the camper type were in critical thinking and the reasoning of students with the climber type was on the ability to think

      Nagma Shaheen, Dr. R.C. Agrawal

Abstract: In the present investigation , Antimutagenicity, antioxidant and phytochemicals investigations have been carried out. The 50 % methanolic extract of Aloe vera showed the presence of Alkaloids, Carbohydrate, Resin, Saponins, Glycoside and Tanins whereas Protein, Starch. Flavonods and Steroids were absent .The different concentration of Resin (2.5 % ) , Tannin ( 1.95% ) , Carbohydrate ( 1.34 % ) and Alkaloids ( 0.67 % ) were quantified.

      Irma Djanapa Bulow, Andi Rahman Giu

Abstract: Globalization has brought fresh air into education in Indonesia because it has inspired stakeholders in education in new breakthroughs and convenience in learning process. However, it also gives impacts that should be immediately stopped in order that the danger does not widely

      Dinesh Sharma Bhattarai

Abstract: Mention the abstract for the article. An abstract is a brief summary of a research article, thesis, review, conference proceeding or any in-depth analysis of a particular subject or discipline, and is often used to help the reader quickly ascertain the papers purpose. When used, an abstract always appears at the beginning of a manuscript, acting as the point-of-entry for any given scientific paper or patent application. The paper on the proof of the Sendovs conjecture for polynomials of degree 10. Sendovs conjecture deals with the location of roots and critical points of polynomials of complex variables. To prove it for polynomials of degree 10 is the central part of the paper.

      Myint Than Kyi, San San Maw, Lin Lin Naing

Abstract: In this paper, application of the graph theory to handle the function of power flow management will be introduced. Well known Ford-Fulkerson algorithm in graph theory is used to calculate the maximum flow in electricity distribution network. The maximum flow problem is one of the most fundamental problems in network flow theory and has been investigated extensively. The Ford-Fulkerson algorithm is a simple algorithm to solve the maximum flow problem and based on the idea of searching augmenting path from a started source node to a target sink node. It is one of the most widely used algorithms in optimization of flow networks and various computer applications. The implementations for the detail steps of algorithm will be illustrated by considering the maximum flow of proposed electricity distribution network in Kyaukse District, Mandalay Division, Myanmar as a case study. The goal of this paper is to find the maximum possible flow from the source node s to the target node t through a given proposed network.

      Binayanti, Hilal Anshary, Andi Parenrengi, A. Citra Malina

Abstract: Increased production of lithopanaeus vannamei vannamei shrimp continues to be pursued, one of which is by increasing shrimp immune response to infection with WSSV disease. This study aims to evaluate the best dosage of dsRNA VP19 WSSV in-vitro production to increase the immune response of vannamei shrimp (L. vannamei). The isolation of the VP19 gene and the construction of the VP19 vaccines were carried out using the Megascript kit with VP 19 genomic DNA as a template. Vaccination was carried out by injection method on vannamei shrimp with an average weight of 10.5 ± 3.5 g and a length of 11.05 ± 1.95 cm.

      Reni Rahmayanti, Agus Suprijono, M. Ali Haidar

Abstract: This research aims to describes the influence of the Pictorial Riddle method of inquiry learning model on critical thinking skills in the material of social conflict in class XI IIS MAN Karimun.

      Septi Budi Sartika, Endang Susantini, Budi Jatmiko

Abstract: The study aims to investigate the improvement of analytical thinking skills through the 4A (analysis phenomenon, analysis information, analysis data, and analysis finding) learning models on science education. Research methods use the quasi-experiment, with one group pre-test and post-test design with a class VII sample on the subject matter of climate change. Through the gain-score test, the results of the 4A learning model that has the syntax of phenomenon analysis, information analysis, data analysis, and analysis of findings were able to improve the analytical thinking skills moderate level average of secondary school students in natural science subjects.

      K.B.Samarakoon, S.Sridharan

Abstract: Incident reporting is an integral part of patient safety. Therefore, studying enablers and barriers to incident reporting is important to improve quality of patient care. Nursing Officers, who are front line health care providers, play an important role in incident reporting in hospital setup. The objective of this study was to describe enablers and barriers for incident reporting by Nursing Officers in Medical, Surgical, Paediatric, Gynaecology and Obstetrics wards in the Teaching Hospital, Kandy.

      Roihana Waliyyul Mursyidah, Muslimin Ibrahim , Mustaji

Abstract: This research aims to descript validity of students’ book for practicing students’ critical thinking skills. The research used descriptive quantitative method. Instruments data collection used validation questionnaires. Data analytical techniques used quantitative descriptive data analysis. Research result shows that the validity of students’ book and related instruments are declared very valid. Based on the discussion of the results and findings, it was concluded that students’ book that have been developed in natural science subject are suitable to be used to practice students critical thinking skills.

      Ositadinma Emeka Alozie

Abstract: Obviously, due to scarcity of skilled workforce organizations are establishing and consistently modifying HR Plan to stand out in order to attract and retain the best talented workforce necessary for efficiency, enhanced organizational productivity and profitability. Scrummy Food, Inc. is a young company that has the desire to increase its market share and beating competitive edge through a systematic market system enhanced by talented and skilled workforce but lacks the capacity of well-established human resource department with goal oriented HR manager.

      Surya Dharma Sudarman,Badia Perizade, Marlina Widiyanti

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to show the influence of organizational culture and transactional leadership style and to know the variables that have dominant influence on the performance of employees of PT. Pegadaian (Persero) Regional Office III Palembang. Qualitative data is used in this study in the form of a questionnaire with the use of the Likert scale. In this study the population used is all employees of PT. Pegadaian (Persero) Palembang Regional Office III as many as 105 respondents with saturated sampling technique. The results obtained are organizational culture and leadership style able to influence the performance of employees of PT. Pegadaian (Persero) Palembang Regional Office III positively and significantly. The results of the F test show that together the variable organizational culture and transactional leadership style can significantly influence employee performance

      A.G.N.K.Fernando, R.A.A.K.Ranaweera

Abstract: Employee Turnover Intention is recognized as one of the strategic and critical issue in competition among organizations especially in the hotel industry in Sri Lanka. Therefore, organizations try to minimize their turnover ratio in order to save their cost, consists of hiring, recruiting and selecting the employees.

      Dr. Navakoti Prasad, Dr. Devarakonda Visalakshi, Dr. S. M. Chaitan, Dr. S. Raghavendra Prasad, Dr. L. Vamsi Krishna Reddy, Dr. Karanam Anil Kumar

Abstract: Antibiotic prescription after simple extraction of tooth has remained a controversial topic amongst dental fraternity owing to the fact that antibiotic resistance is becoming a serious public health and patient safety issue. A prospective clinical trial was undertaken to assess the rationale behind antibiotic use after simple extractions in minimizing post extraction pain and discomfort. Materials and methods: All the patients undergoing simple extractions were categorized into two groups: Group 1: patients receiving antibiotics postoperatively, Group 2: patients not receiving antibiotics postextraction. The patients were evaluated upto 6 postextraction days for signs of infection and dry socket. Results: 4 patients (1.2%) reported with infection of the extraction socket in nonantibiotic group, whereas 1 (0.3%) case of infection was found in the antibiotic group. Dry socket was seen in 29 (8.8%) patients, 16 (4.8%) in the antibiotic group and 13 (3.9%) in the nonantibiotic group. Conclusion: The results of the present study do not significantly justify the use of antibiotics following extractions.

      Sulastri, Zakaria Wahab, Syifa Fauziyah

Abstract: This research aimed to find out the effect of logistics outcome quality and logistics process quality to customer satisfaction in palembang post office. The dimensions used for the logistics process quality variable are (procedure, contact quality personnel, information quality, and order discrepancy handling) while the dimensions used for logistics outcome quality variables are product availability, accuracy & condition order, and timeliness. The sample in this study is 100 respondents with the sampling technique using the census method. The data analysis used in this study is multiple linear regression analysis using the SPSS 15.0 program. The results of this study indicate that logistics outcome quality and logistics process quality have a positive and significant influence to customer

      Ank Phyu Win

Abstract: Queues (waiting lines) are a part of everyday life. However, having to wait is not just a petty personal annoyance. A queuing model is constructed so that queue lengths and waiting time can be predicted. Queuing models represent the queuing systems. This model enables the performance measures and customers’ patience in the restaurant. The common problem arises in almost every famous restaurant is that they lose the customers because of a long waiting line and poor quality service. This paper analyze the performance measures and the customers’ patience in the system. The data sets are obtained from a Kentucky Fried Chicken shop in Yangon in order to derive the arrival rate, the service rate, utilization factor, waiting time and probability of potential balking customers. The collected data is analyzed by Little’s formula and queuing model which is M/M/1 model.

      Qorny Rahmy Elfidah, Mustaji, Ari Wahyudi

Abstract: Learning is a process to create a state of conducive and able to make individuals feel comfortable in learning situations. In order to have a good interaction in the teaching-learning process only acts as a facilitator and learners are required to be active in digging his knowledge. In the learning process, a lot of learning models and techniques that can improve creativity and learning activities of learners so as to achieve the objective of learning which one of them is the cooperative learning model of STAD type and mind map techniques.

      Supriyanto, Martiani

Abstract: Hadang Game or Gobak Sodor is a regional game from Indonesia that played by children. This game is a team game consist of two teams, each team consists of 5-7 people. The core of the game is to block your opponent from being able to get past the line specified in the rules of the game. To win, players must collect points by passing guards from the front row to the back row, and vice versa. This study aims to determine the results of the development of plyometric exercise method (Scissor Jump, Stride Jump Crossover, Lateral Bound) and for playing games. Plyometric is an exercise method that focuses on movement at high speed.

      Ali Khalaf Hasan and Rasool Mohammed Kareem

Abstract: In this paper, the energy levels for 46-45Ca,46-45Ti and 46-45Sc isotopes have been calculated. Calculations were carried out in the f7-shell region by employing the effective interactions, f748pn and using the shell model code OXBASH for windows by applying spin-parity of valance nucleons. It is found that there is good convergence of energy levels values with the standard practical value.

      Ernania Rocha Fortes

Abstract: The purpose of this research was to seek for classroom management strategies that a higher education professor uses in the context of a course of Literature taught to 2nd year undergraduate students from CVPU- Cape Verde Public University (Pseudonym) located in Cape Verde and to explore the role of the professor in using classroom management strategies to establish or maintain favorable conditions for learning and what classroom management practices do teachers implement in order to avoid behavioral problems. This research focused on qualitative data collection and the instrument that was used to collect the data of this study was semi structured interviews.

      Shakuntala.B.S, Amruta Kalpavriksha

Abstract: Aim:- To assess and compare the prevalence of traumatic dental injuries among day scholars and residential school children and their association with predisposing factors, such as lip competence, molar relationship, overjet and variables such as age, gender and cause of trauma.

      George, Siyeoforiye Precious

Abstract: Crude oil contains lead as one of its heavy metals. The Niger Delta is vast with oil facilities that is capable of causing pollution to the environment. Lead is a toxic metal that has affected the children exposed to these polluted sites. This toxicity causes severe brain damage, neuropathy, weakness and many more. Therefore, the detection of this metal is very important to know its threshold in the blood. The source of intake could be in the air or through agricultural produce from these polluted sites. From this study, Mean value for children exposed is 40.1µg/dl while the Standard Deviation is 30.9µg/dl. This also affected their Intelligent Quotient with value of 40%. The children that are not exposed, have their Mean value of 3.4µg/dl while the Standard Deviation is 1.6µg/dl and Intelligent Quotient as 60%.

      Darshana Goswami

Abstract: Srimanta Sankaradeva was the pioneer to disseminate noble thoughts of moral values and spiritual inspiration for the humanity and social harmony. Liberalization of these thoughts popularized his vision and cultural creations among different communities of Assam. It was a Vaishnavite movement; however, it widens the range of assimilation of dignified outlooks.

      Ei Phyu Soe

Abstract: Solar energy is considered to be as a renewable energy solution for most of energy crises and environmental pollutions. Sun always moves from east to west direction independent of weather condition. So with this concept, movement of the solar panel without using sensors is done with the help of programme loaded into the microcontroller. Solar tracking enables more energy to be generated because the solar panel is able to maintain a perpendicular profile to the sun’s rays .As such, it is vital that those in engineering fields understand the technologies associated with this area. This thesis describes the design and implementation of solar panel tracking system by using PIC microcontrollers. These solar tracking systems are controlled using PIC16F887 Microcontroller for vertical axis and PIC16F84A Microcontroller for horizontal axis. Two stepper motors (NEMA17) is mounted to control the vertical axis and horizontal axis. The project includes the design and construction of Solar Tracking Control with the associated electronic circuits. This prototype is designed for double axis to solve solstice problem. The PIC Microcontrollers are programmed using C language in microC PRO for PIC.

      Ifeoma B. Asianuba, Eneh Daniel Aniete

Abstract: Increase in population around the globe today has brought about significant increase in the amount of waste generated. In other words, detection, monitoring and management of waste have become a challenge in developing countries. Due to the indiscriminate disposal of solid waste at dump sites and the environmental pollution posed by this activity, this paper proffers a solution to tackle this menace. The solution adopts an innovative approach by the application of Internet of Things (IoT) to implement a smart refuse (garbage) monitoring system. This application will tackle challenges of untimely and inefficient waste management by designated agencies.

      Triana Sukeci, Zakaria Wahab, Ahmad Widad

Abstract: The objective of this research was to analyzing the influence of advertising and sales promotions on consumer’s decision to use OVO application in Palembang City. The analysis used a Multiple Linear Regression by using Verse 23 of SPSS to calculate the data. The data was collected by filling out an online questionnaire for one hundred respondents. The results of this study indicated that advertising and sales promotions had a positively and significantly influenced on consumer’s decision.

      Lutfi Mushonif Elghufri, Suryanti, Widowati Budijastuti

Abstract: This study aims to determine the effect of learning by using a scientific wisdom-based local approach to making sponge slippers in Wedoro village towards creative thinking skills in 4 elementary schools . Subjects of this study was Grade 4 MINU Tropodo Waru Sidoarjo as many as 28 students to design one group pretest-posttest . Methods of collecting data using observation sheets of student activities during the learning process and thinking skills test .

      Fita Nurul Azizah, Suryanti, Widowati Budijastuti

Abstract: This study aims to produce local wisdom-based teaching material products in Ngingas Village to improve critical thinking skills of fifth grade students of elementary school. This research is a development research owned by Thiagarajan, Semmel, and Semel (1974) or called 4D Research and development which has four stages including: determination, design, development, and distribution. The subject of the study was the development of local wisdom-based science teaching materials in Ngingas Village by being tested in the fifth grade of SDN Ngingas Subdistrict Waru Sidoarjo using the design of the one group pretest-posttest.

      Dr Dorcas Oluremi FAREO

Abstract: This study examined the study attitude and academic achievement in Biology at secondary school level in Mubi metropolis of Adamawa State. The population of the students was all students in public secondary schools in Mubi metropolis of Adamawa State, out of which a sample size of three hundred was drawn through stratified sampling technique. The research instrument for data collection was self-developed by the researcher.

      Eng. Rami T. Dalabeeh, Eng. Waseem B. Al-hawari

Abstract: Recently, wearable technology is utilized to observe and supervise a patients health. These devices are in close contact with the patient. So, it may be used to acquire data in the form of time series data (i.e. minute-by-minute or second-by-second data) such as heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature and saturation of oxygen in the blood.

      Eng. Shadi O. Alnajdawi

Abstract: This medical device is one of the most important radiology devices used to diagnose patients. This machine is utilized to generate an image of interior body structures and endeavor to discover a cause of an illness or to eliminate pathology. Compared to other prevalent processes of medical imaging, ultrasound has a key advantage which is providing images in real-time.

      Eng. Mohamed F. Ababeneh, Eng. Ahmad M. Al-mbydeen, Eng. Alaa O. Suleiman, Eng. Ahmad A. Alslaihat

Abstract: Concussion is a critical brain condition which may lead to temporary loss brain function. Commonly, it is related to sport activity and accidents where around 57 million people around the world suffering from traumatic brain injury. Application of sensors technology promotes early detection of concussion and playing a significant role in clinical diagnosis and management. As well as, telemedicine provides a smart solution for detection and management of Concussion over remote area.

      Niroshani HS, Wansapura JP, Senanayake G

Abstract: Aim of this study was to differentiate the benign and malignant tumors according to the density values within the tumors. This study was based on the preprocessed mammograms obtained from the DBT machine and to calculate the density value by using mathlab. Effects of breast thickness and age of the patient also considered. Craniocuaded (CC) and Mediolateral Oblique (MLO) views of Mammograms were collected by using data base of Digital Breast Tomosynthesis system. Already reported 48 images were collected and assess the density of the tumor by measuring of pixel values within the benign and malignant lesion.customized MATLAB programme.

      Irwandi, Soekimin, Delyuzar

Abstract: Endometrioid Endometrial Carcinoma (EEC) is one of the malignant primary epithelial tumors in the endometrium, a glandular neoplasm that shows acinar, papillary or partially dense configuration and potentially affects the myometrium. Histopathological grading is based on the degree of structural differentiation and cell atypia. BMI is a body mass index calculated by comparing body weight with height, calculated by dividing body weight in kilograms with height in meters squared. The exact cause of EEC is unknown, most of the EEC cases associated with endometrial exposure to chronic estrogen stimulation will cause excessive proliferation resulting in endometrial hyperplasia which is a precursor to the occurrence of EEC. This study used endometrial tissue samples to assess the relationship BMI and histopathological grading of EEC. As many as 31 paraffin blocks fixed by formalin from EEC patients were examined and assessed for histopathological grading. The basic characteristics of the sample are obtained through medical records or pathology archives. the relationship between BMI and histopathological grading EEC was analyzed using SPSS version 22. The results of the analysis showed that there was no significant relationship between BMI and histopathological grading of EEC (p> 0.05).

      Ye Myint, Zaw Maw Oo

Abstract: The CNC Lathe machines are constructed base on conventional lathe machine. This paper is the conventional lathe can be modified to CNC lathe machine. For 2.5 m length conventional lathe machine to be CNC lathe machine, reassembling is done. With the disloged parts of conventional lathe, some changes, substitutions and necessary parts construction is done to be CNC. For converting to CNC, some necessary parts for changes and substitutions fagor materials are used. Gear box design of the spindle unit in CNC lathe machine and design calculation of Gears and Shafts in Head Stock are expressed. This study is including Gear Train, Gear Design, Strength Check, Dynamic Check and Shaft design material.

      Soe Myat, San Nyein Khine, Khin Kyaut New, Aye Nyunt, Than Shwe, Khin Su Su Aung

Abstract: Plants have evolved on the earth’ surface together with human beings, and then they depend on each other like a friend. Plants produce many different types of sunscreens. Some of these are physical sunscreens (trichomes) to reflect UV-B and some are chemical sunscreens (anthocyanins) to absorb UV-B. The high level UV radiation can increase trichome density and anthocyanin content. On the other hand, plants’ leaves in the high level UV radiation have high concentration of absorbing pigments. In this work, the absorbance spectra and the light harvesting efficiency (LHE%) of absorbing pigments extracted from the leaves of pink-flowered rain tree (Samanea saman) at sea level and at 1200 m above sea level, have been studied by UV-VIS spectroscopy to protect the effects of UV attack. According to the absorbance spectra, two plants can absorb nearly 100% of UV-A and UV-B, and the absorbing species in higher elevation plants are more concentrated than that in lower elevation plants.

      Madhurima Tummala

Abstract: Convolutional neural networks (CNNs), consist of multiple processing layers to learn the representations of data with multiple abstract levels. They are the most successful machine learning models in recent years. Within this paper, we will know the usage of a trained deep convolutional neural network model to extract the features of the images, and then classify the images. We will study image processing and understand image classification. It has good application prospects.

      Gipson Raphael Ole Kinisa

Abstract: The success of an organization is dependent on its human resources. Employees’ training plays an important role as it enhances efficiency of an organization and helps employees to boost their performance and that of the organization. The purpose of this research was to investigate the impact of employees’ training and development (T&D) practices on organizational performance in Tanzania banking industry, a case of NBC bank in Mwanza city. It was further guided by four specific research objectives: (i) To identify how training needs analysis is conducted at NBC bank in Mwanza city, (ii) To determine the T&D practices and procedures at NBC bank in Mwanza city, (iii) To determine the T&D methods used on employees at NBC bank in Mwanza city, and (iv) To determine the effect of T&D programs towards employees’ and organizational performance at NBC bank in Mwanza city.

      Ms. Harpreet Kaur, Ms. Jyoti, Ms. Amritpal Kaur

Abstract: Cervical cancer is the second most common cancer in women worldwide & is most common cancer causing death in the developing countries.1 Sexually transmitted human papilloma virus (HPV) infection is the important cause of cervix intraepithelial neoplasia and invasive cervix cancer. Women have little awareness about cervical cancer that contribute significantly for prevalence of disease. Cervical cancer screening using Pap smear provides an appropriate way for early detection & prevention of cervical cancer.

      Gecolea, Cincy Merly B.

Abstract: This study mainly focused on the observance of RPMS guidelines and the Calamba East District teachers’ performance and the development of an action plan that can enrich the utilization of RPMS and eventually improve the performance of the teachers. The descriptive research was utilized wherein a survey questionnaire was the primary source of data provided by seven school heads and the 162 teachers of Calamba East District for School Year 2015 – 2016 using the simple random sampling technique.

      Vicky Wong Wei Ki, Dayang Haszelinna Abang Ali

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to determine the determinants of rural-urban migration in Malaysia. The annual data has obtained from 1988-2017 in Malaysia. There are various empirical approaches that have been employed in this study which are Augmented Dickey Fuller unit root test, Johensen-Jesulius Cointegration test, Vector Error Correction Model and Granger Causality test.

      Kamaruddin, Aris Baso, Sri Suro Adhawati

Abstract: To increase peoples income and to find out the origin of Gracilaria Sp. Who has good quality, the government establishes the development of seaweed commodities as one of the entrances to progress and as a superior commodity. This research was conducted to analyze the marketing competitiveness of Gracilaria Sp. in Bone Bay, South Sulawesi Province. The competitiveness of seaweed marketing was analyzed using the Policy Analysis Matrix (PAM) method.

      Sutoyo Budiharto, Nasution, Ismet Basuki

Abstract: This study aims to determine the effect of mind mapping learning on grade X students affective learning outcomes on human material. This study uses an experimental research design, a type of pre-experimental one shot case study. Data collection techniques used in this study used observation with a data collection tool observation sheet attitude of students. The research subjects were students of grade X-2 majoring in social sciences as many as 38 students.

      Najwa Syarofa, Rusijono, Raden Roro Nanik Setyowati

Abstract: The purpose of this research is to know the readability of the book of folklore that is about Kamanippah Ancestor Enggano. This research was conducted by analyzing against the book of folklore and uses data readability calculations where looking for a hundred, a hundred in the first word of the second word and one hundred third Alenia said in the book.

      Le Thi Bay

Abstract: This paper aims at investigating the effect of games on grade 10th students’ motivation in English class at Tran Hung Dao high school, Quang Ninh province and seeks to determine the extent to which using games in learning process affects the improvement in students’ motivation in learning process, how students experience the teacher’s practice and behavior and measure the students’ perceptions of the using games in learning environment with respect to its effectiveness. Questionnaire, observation and structured interview were used as the main tools to collect data. Both quantitative and qualitative data analysis methods were used to provide enough data for the present study.

      Nguyen Thi Nhu, Duong Duc Minh

Abstract: The present investigation aims to investigate the factors that affect the teaching and learning processes of English teachers and learners at Thai Nguyen University. These factors were divided into two categories: socio-psychological (interest, personality family circumstances) and teaching situation (teachers and syllabus). Two sets of questionnaires were administered as the data collection instruments to gain enough data for the analysis. Results from both questionnaires show that social psychological factors influence the students’ attitude and motivation towards learning the English language.

      Prof Jita Parija,S.S Pattnaik,S.K Giri, Niranjan Rout, Lalatendu Sarangi,Bhagyalaxmi Nayak, J.J Mohapatra, Manoranjan Mohapatra,A.K Padhy, D.AgrawaL Prof Jita Parija

Abstract: OBJECTIVE –The objectives of this study were to analyse clinico-pathological determinants of the clear cell and uterine pappilary serous cell carcinoma.

      Rasika Karunarathna

Abstract: The main purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of employee satisfaction and organizational commitment. Accordingly, this paper attempts to review the articles and research papers based on employee satisfaction and organizational commitment on work at different institutions. In identifying the effect of employee satisfaction and their organizational commitment to work, the researcher incorporated a survey methodology in which the researcher did an in depth analysis into the relevant literature and sources. The analysis of relevant literature and discussion suggest that there is a better co-relation between these two variables namely employee commitment and satisfaction and organizational commitment.


Abstract: Muslims in Indonesia occupy the first rank in terms of quantity. Along with that, naturally it is fulfilled its needs in the field of law, both in the civil and criminal fields. In the civil sector, many laws have been born, for example; waqf laws, zakat laws, marriage laws and compilation of Islamic law, banking laws and a series of other laws including religious justice laws. This is a manifestation of the struggle of Muslims to align Islamic law in the legal system in Indonesia.

      Alaq Hameed Ali, Prof.Dr Shukriyia Shadhan Chyad

Abstract: Self-care management, including the physical and psychological aspects, affects health and wellness. In vitro fertilization, lifestyle factors affect the production of oocytes, fertilization rates, miscarriage and pregnancy. The aim of study to assess the effectiveness of the instructional program on the women knowledge undergoing in-vitro fertilization/intracytoplasmic injection about self-care management A Study and Control Groups, Pre-Test and Post-Test (Quasi Experimental Design), were used to study the Effectiveness of Self-Care Management Instructional Program on Women’s Knowledge undergoing In-Vitro Fertilization , from the period of 17th September 2018 to 4th July 2019.

      Israa Diaa Mohammed, Prof. Shukria Shadhan

Abstract: The study is a descriptive and analytic study was carried out to find out the impact of exercise during pregnancy on fetus and maternal outcomes, and to determine the statistical significant differences between exercise and pregnancy outcomes. A purposive sample of (100) pregnant women was selected from Al-Zahraa Teaching Hospital in Al-Najaf Al-Ashraf governorate. Data was collected through the interview of pregnant women. Questionnaire format was designed and contained four parts, demographic variable, reproductive variable, newborn variable, pregnancy physical activity questionnaire for pregnant women .Validity and reliability of the questionnaire were determined by conducting a pilot study .Descriptive and inferential statistical procedures were used to analyze the data.

      Yosi Trisa, Agus Suprijono, M. Jacky

Abstract: This article is based on the thesis of the Surabaya State University Social Sciences Education Science Master’s Program (2019), “Implementation of Minang Culture Local Wisdom Dima Bumi Dipijak, Disitu Langik Dijunjuang: Ethnopedagogy Studies Of The Minang Diaspora In The City Of Surabaya.” This research is qualitative in nature with an ethnographic approach that was carried out for three months (August-October 2018) to Minangkabau migrants in the city of Surabaya.

      Ismail Rumadan and Husin Wattimena

Abstract: Indonesia as a sovereign state, has the ideals of creating general welfare as the primary basis for any policy makers, including legislative policy to constantly seek to improve peoples lives. This is a constitutional right of every citizen, however, the desired goals rather late diterjal corruption that become mental illness menghempit Indonesian society. And these days continues to grow very rapidly, to damage the joints of the nation. Corruptions are not only detrimental to the finances or the economy of the country, but also damage the economy of the people, as well as being a threat to national and international stability.

      Anjali Tiwari

Abstract: The study adopts qualitative research paradigm for studying the concept of dignity from different perspectives from Indian workforce. In-depth interviews were conducted with 20 personnel representing different occupations to encapsulate their concept of dignity emanating from their experience. Interesting patterns emerged through content analysis of the interview scripts. Based on the analysis of the results a 3N model of dignity has been developed.

      Firsty Anastasia, S.E., Dr. Izzati Amperaningrum, SE., MM

Abstract: This research was conducted at PT. Duraquipt Cemerlang which engaged in the trading of pumps for petroleum companies. The purpose of this research is to analyze the application of information system before conversion, knowing the process and stages of system conversion and describes the benefits after the system conversion using SAP at PT. Duraquipt Cemerlang.

      P.M. Chathurika Senanayake

Abstract: English language has already become the lingua franca of twenty first century and by now English is playing a pivotal role in Education sector as well as in service industry. Competency in English facilitates the graduates in entering in to both the private and public sectors. The graduate who is a master in English language will enter to the world of work-readiness with confidence.

      MUSA, Danjuma Christopher & SAMUEL, Iwanger Ruth

Abstract: This study investigated the influence of cognitive styles and gender on upper basic III Mathematics students’ achievement in Keffi, Nasarawa State, Nigeria. The study was a descriptive survey research design. The population consisted of 1,890 upper basic III Mathematics students in 25 coeducational schools in the zone. The sample of the study comprised 245 upper basic III Mathematics students drawn from six intact classes of six coeducational schools in Keffi Education zone.

      Tengku Noorsharifa Dayang Bestari Sinar, Irma Damayanti Roesyanto-Mahadi, Kristo Alberto Nababan

Abstract: Introduction: Psoriasis is a chronic residive inflammatory skin disease that can occur in all age, characterized with erythematous plaque and thick scales. Interleukin-22 (IL-22) is a cytokine pro-inflammatory that has an important role in inflammatory diseases. IL-22 induces migration of keratinocytes, causing hyperplasia of the keratinocyte layer resulting in thick epidermis. There was correlation between expression IL-22 with psoriasis severity.

      Khin Khin Thant, Chaw Wint Yee Zaw

Abstract: Tooth gears are used to transmit the power with high velocity ratio. During this phase, they encounter high stress at the point of contact. Today gears are needed to increase load carrying capacity, reduce the transmission weight and fulfil noise requirements without increasing the manufacturing cost. The high performance gear which provide higher pressure or contact ratio. In this paper, gear pair for automotive gear box application was designed based on high performance gear approach.This paper presents a general approach for analyzing bending stresses using Lewis Equation from nine different positions of gear tooth flanks and it showcases how the contact ration governs the stress conditions. In this process comparison of bending stress was done of steel gear of high contact ratio (HCR) gear as a substitute in normal contact ratio (NCR) gear and the software programmed was performed in SOLIDWORKS and ANSYS Workbench to get the best result possible.This study will help to improve the performance of gear system.

      Chaw Wint Yee Zaw, Khin Khin Thant, Aye Thida San

Abstract: The objective of this paper is to calculate the design of timing gears trains for MICO Tractor Engine (80hp), which is an inline, 4-stroke, 4-cylinder diesel engine. The engine is produced maximum rated output power of 59.68kW (80hp) at 1800 rpm. This timing gear trains for Tractor Engine is incorporated with helical gears. It consists of five helical gears are used. Synchronize mesh is used for this timing gear for tractor engine. This paper is consider the design calculation of timing gear. Tooth load is calculated with help of Lewis equation & dynamic tooth load is calculated with help of Buckingham equation. Static analysis of the gear is done to find the von-Mises stress on the tooth of the gear in while meshing with Autodesk software.

      Jeyarasa Pratheepan, Niroji Thayalan

Abstract: Object In this study simple and computationally efficient random-walk probabilistic algorithms are presented for white matter fibre tracking using diffusion MR images. We examine how fibre tracts can be modelled globally by means of random-walk algorithms which capture the uncertainties in local fibre orientations due to noise and partial volume effects.

      Wunna Swe

Abstract: Diesel only propulsion system for transportation system in navigation route caused the river pollution. The green house gas emission and pollution to environment will occur seriously. Beside, the fuel price is gradually increased from year by year; it is importance to replace the diesel only propulsion system for boat. Solar energy is one of the most importance energy resource which abundance in most parts of the world. Photovoltaic (PV) system with energy storage is one of the replacement propulsion systems for boat. The photovoltaic (PV) generation system, the diesel generator and the energy storage system in a hybrid power supply system for boat that minimizes the fuel cost and the CO2 emissions.

      Aishah Al Dhanhani, Nor Hazana Abdullah

Abstract: Employee performance is a measure of the effectiveness of one’s job. It is also the way an individual does a job evaluated by its effectiveness. Hence, optimal job performance is often the primary outcome that organizations seek to attain. Therefore, this study examined the effect of leadership behaviour on the job performance of employees at Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, through the mediating role of involvement. In this quantitative research study, a structured questionnaire using a 5-point Likert scale was used to collect data from a total of 450 respondents from Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. The validity and reliability of the measurement and the structural models were ascertained.

      Sunny Nwakanma, Anigbogu Veronica Uchechukwu

Abstract: This study unveils the determinants of gender disparity in vocational and technical skills acquisition programs in Rivers State technical colleges. Two research questions and one null hypothesis were raised and formulated respectively to guide the study. Descriptive survey research method was used for the study. The population consisted of 645 students in Rivers State technical colleges and a sample size of 183 was selected through proportionate random sampling technique. A 20-item structured questionnaire was used for this study. Three experts validated instrument. Cronbach’s alpha method was used to establish the reliability of the instrument in a pilot test; which yielded a reliability of 0.81.

      Le Quang Dung, Nguyen Thi Dieu Ha

Abstract: The study tries to find the correlation between preferred reading strategies and language achievement of non-English majored students at two institutions at Thai Nguyen Universities; The International School and the Foreign Language Faculty. The participants are required to achieve IELTS 5.0-5.5 academic version for graduation. The study employs the Metacognitive Awareness of Reading Strategies Inventory, version 4.0 (MARSI) as a tool for data collection. The SPSS version 20.0 is used to analyze the data as well as to find out the preferred reading strategies of the students.

      Yahaya, G.M., Ishaleku, D., Abdullahi B.I., and Aisha R.S.

Abstract: Cervical cancer caused by Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) has claimed the lives of many women worldwide. The study aimed at determining the prevalence and associated risk factors of HPV infection among pregnant women attending outpatient clinic in General Hospital, Lapai Niger State, Nigeria. A total of one hundred and eighty four (184) pregnant women were enrolled, blood samples were subjected to ELISA screening for HPV and further screened for HIV, Hepatitis B and C using determine and HBsAg/HCV Rapid test strip methods. While ABO blood grouping reagents were used to detect blood grouped types. Questionnaires were used to obtained data from participants and analyzed statistically.

      Monica Henny Sudaryati

Abstract: Mention This study aims to analyze the relationship between ISO 9001: 2015 certification and learning strategies on the effectiveness of education and substantive technical training of religious education / madrasah supervisors of class I and II at the education and training center of educational and religious technical personnel. The method used is correlational research. The population of all participants in education and training, with sampling techniques totaling 60 people.

      Prem Kumar Rai

Abstract: This paper tries to explore the livelihoods strategies of Santhal; a minority and socially isolated group, in the context of Nepalese community through the resilience perspective with narrative inquiry paradigm. It moreover, argues the long terms social issues of livelihood where they have been facing in the society. Again, this paper advances a resiliency perspective towards enriching livelihoods analysis, and taking livelihoods inquiry toward in the context of current dynamics. Even though they have maintained their livelihood adversities whether economical or physical or social or psychological throughout their indigenous skills and knowledge. In this research I have looked Santhal livelihood strategies and opportunities in local community of Gaurigunj Rural Municipality who are linguistically and culturally different with others.

      Hasbi Abdillah Afif, Dr. Suhanadji, M.Si., Dr. Rr. Nanik Setyowati, M.Si.

Abstract: This study aims to determine how significant the influence of quartet cards media learning media on learning outcomes of fifth-grade students of elementary school. This study is a quasi-experimental study (quasy experiment) with the research design used is none equivalent control group design. The experimental class uses quartet cards learning media, while the control class uses conventional learning media. The research data was obtained through pretest and posttest in the experimental class and the control class.

      Vandana Singh

Abstract: Considering the complexity of the various facets of school education and multilayered challenges that obstacle achieving the goals of quality learning, this article attempts to analyze the role and importance of introducing mindfulness in the school educational scheme. The article discusses the findings obtained from an eight-week mindfulness-based intervention with middle school children to assess the effects of mindfulness practices on students’ attention. The study examined how mindfulness practices help in improving attention of children. Middle school students (n=40) completed the Mindful Awareness Scale for children (MAAS-C). Pre and post-test (MAAS-C) was administered on the single group.

      Karma Samten Bhutia

Abstract: Sikkim, a tiny Himalayan kingdom till its merger with India in 1975, is one of the smallest states of North East India sharing multiple boundaries with China to the North, Bhutan to the east, Nepal to the west and West Bengal (India) in the south. Though demographically small in size with total 6, 07,688 number of people (2011 census), it is the homeland of multiple cultural- racial ethnic groups. Bhutias, Lepchas, Limboos and Nepalese are the different communities that live in Sikkim, of which the Nepalese constitute the majority of the population.

      Zaw Maw Oo, Ye Myint

Abstract: In this paper, speed changing system for Horizontal Milling Machine (low speed position) is designed. In machine tool applications, the variety of speed are very important because of the cutting conditions. Cutting conditions, specially cutting speed, and feed speed depend mainly on the machined material properties and the surface finish accuracy. The purpose of a gearbox system is to convert input speed and torque into a different output speed and torques. The transmission consists of a train of gears of different size contain in a case. This paper emphasizes on the design consideration of speed changing system of gearbox for horizontal milling machine which has three speed two steps gear ratio.

      Aye Thida San, Min Min Oo, Chaw Wint Yee Zaw

Abstract: Centrifugal pumps are used widely for hydraulic transportation of liquids through pipelines where the requirement of head and discharge are moderate. This paper presents the design of impeller and casing of single suction centrifugal pump and performance analysis of losses. The impeller and the casing are a rotating component and a stationary component. Water enters axial flow through the impeller eyes and exits radial flow in centrifugal pump. The pump casing is to control the liquid to the impeller, transfers into pressure the high velocity kinetic energy of the flow from the impeller discharge and leaves liquid away of the energy having imparted to the liquid comes from the volute casing. The design calculation and performance analysis of single suction centrifugal pump are describe because it is the most essential useful mechanical dynamic machine in fluid works which used for water supply plants, irrigation, industry, steam power plants, hydraulic power service, mine and river water pumping system,

      Bhavana H T, Srikanth H T

Abstract: In this paper overview of few pattern classification methods and comparison of some aspects of pattern recognition system are presented. The paper also contains the research topics and applications of pattern recognition system. Pattern recognition is the research area that studies the operation and design of systems that recognize patterns in data. New and emerging applications, such as data mining, web searching, retrieval of multimedia data, face recognition, and cursive handwriting recognition, require robust and efficient pattern recognition techniques.

      Yusuf Jibrin Oyoyo, Prof. Rehema Baguma

Abstract: The study is on how to increase uptake of cloud computing in government institutions in Nigeria. The study sought to answer three research questions for this study:

      Trevor Mohlala

Abstract: Hydrogen mapping is important to better understand and implement more effective ways of energy generation processes. The hydrogen pockets in the map suggest the process in which hydrogen enhance its energy and this process can be used in technical engineering processes, whether chemically or mechanically. The biggest challenge is that our environment does not have ready access to the zero level where hydrogen exists as an atom to continuously charge the mapping process. However, there are other methods that can be employed to achieve highly competitive results following the methods of hydrogen mapping.

      Tabitha Murerwa , Florence Guantai

Abstract: In the animal kingdom, the rule is, eat or be eaten: in the human kingdom, define or be defined. “These are words of Stephen Thomas an American psychologist, which a Cleary depicts a picture of the nature of Conflicts: that they are inevitable and occur everywhere: whether at individual level, family, group .societal organizational, regional and globally. There is a common believe that among several scholars on the definition of conflicts. They all view it as a disagreement, contradiction, incompatibility or differences that may arise in any situation/individuals/groups /organizations in which there are incompatible Goals, Ideas, Cognitions, or Emotions within or between individuals or groups that lead to opposition or antagonistic interaction. The definition recognizes three basic types of conflict: Goal conflict, Cognitive Conflict and Affective.

      James Omondi Juma

Abstract: The recurrence of interethnic conflicts in Kenya has been a common phenomenon which has led to loss many lives and left a lot of destructions in the wake. Even with these recurrent conflicts there are opportunities within the communities where these con-flicts occur to make things right and ensure durable peace at all times. In Kenya, there have been several cases of recurrent con-flicts as well as efforts to bring these conflicts to a stop. One of the most affected places by inter-ethnic conflicts is Nyakach and Sigowet Sub-counties.

      Brig. Robert Gichangi Kabage

Abstract: The African Peace and Security Architecture (APSA) is a policy and institutional framework that the African Union (AU) established in 2002. It was intended to be an operational structure for the effective implementation of the decisions taken by the African Peace and Security Council (PSC), in the areas of conflict prevention, conflict management and post conflict reconstruction in the African continent.

      K.H.I. Gimhani and A.L.C.J. Liyanage

Abstract: Dairy industry is one of the main sectors in the food industry of Sri Lanka which produces large amount of cheese per year. The major by-product of cheese manufacturing is cheese whey which retains many milk nutrients with good functional properties and high nutritional value. But in Sri Lanka, the cheese whey is not used in effective manner.

      Dr. Mu Mu Than, Khin Mar Yee, Kyi Lint, May Myat Thu, Marlar Han

Abstract: East Yangon District is located in Yangon City, the capital city in Myanmar. East Yangon District has many new townships. The study is based on these new townships because they have many open spaces and a little far from the centre of the city. Definition for slum has been defined by many scholars. In this research, the researcher uses the definition of UN-Habitat, 2003. Slums are people living under substandard conditions and squalor. Many homeless people settle here.

      Amna Elhamadi

Abstract: The current migrant crisis, that threatens to become epic disaster situation, can also be seen through ecological causal relations. Namely, the sudden rise in food prices has been caused by hunger, unemployment, social unrest and conflicts that have been used by great powers to meet their interests. The devastated countries on which territories war is being led and continues, are also endangering survival of its environment in which they lived until then. People are fleeing and facing new sufferings on the road to a better future.

      Kyaw Aung, Nay Win Sein, Nyi Nyi

Abstract: This paper presents the calculation and production procedure of impeller for single section centrifugal pump. The pump type is single stage centrifugal pump with close impeller type. This impeller develops a head of 20 m and delivers 0.9 m3 /min of water. The designed impeller has 97 mm inlet diameter, 226 mm outlet diameter, 20˚ inlet vane angle and 23˚ outlet vane angle. The total number of vane is 6 and input shaft power is 6 hp. The inlet and outlet width are 26 mm and 18 mm respectively. The discharge pipe diameter is 80 mm to operate the desired head and capacity.

      Riska Barunawati, Mustaji, Raden Roro Nanik Setyowati

Abstract: The study aims to determine the influence of the Project Based Learning for miniature work media on student activity and learning outcomes. The sample of this research is grade IV students in the elementary School of Muhammadiyah 4 Surabaya amounting to 38 students. This study was carried out in thematic learning on the ward subtheme where I lived semester II of lesson 2018/2019. This type of research is Pre-experimental design, with a quantitative approach, and the research design used is One Group Pretest-Posttest Design. The data collection techniques used are observations and tests.

      Tran Minh Phu, Pham Quang Vinh, Nguyen Le Anh Dao, Le Quoc Viet, Nguyen Quoc Thinh

Abstract: The study was done through interview of 60 white-leg shrimp farmers in Binh Dai and Thanh Phu District, Ben Tre province in order to investigate the chemical use, disease occurrence and farming practice. Results showed that the most common shrimp disease are AHPND (56.7% and 63.3%) and white feces disease (50 and 63.3%), reported by farmers. The commonly used antimicrobials were amoxicillin (20-30%), cotrim (16.7-26.7%) and oxytetracycline (10-26.7%).

      Ni Ni Win, Dr. Khin Khat Khat Kyaw, Thu Zar Win , Phyo Phyo Aung

Abstract: Noise is always presents in digital images during image capturing, coding, transmission, and processing steps. The performance of imag-ing sensors is affected by a variety of factors, such as environmental conditions during image capturing, and by the quality of the sensing elements themselves.

      Md. Ariz siddique

Abstract: GST generally called the Goods and Services Tax is portrayed as the goliath winding evaluation structure planned to help and update the monetary improvement of a country. More than 150 countries have realized GST up until this point. Regardless, the likelihood of GST in India was mooted by Vajpayee government in 2000 and the ensured adjustment for the identical was passed by the Loksabha on 6th May 2015 anyway is yet to be embraced by the Rajyasabha.

      Hammed, R. A, Aduradola A.M, Atanda, T.A, Osoba, A.E, and Lawal, O.J

Abstract: The experiment was carried out at the Forest Nursery Unit of the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, to determine the effect of mycorrhizal inoculation and watering regime on the growth performance of Garcinia kola seedlings (Heckel). Garcinia kola seedlings were inoculated with no mycorrhizal (M0), ectomycorrhizal (M1) and endomycorrhizal (M2) and watered every day (W0), every other day (W1) and once a week (W2) for a period of 12 weeks.

      Dr. Jawdat M Al-Tarawneh

Abstract: This paper reviews the main models and theories that used in previous studies to study the adoption of innovations in different areas such as online banking, mobile banking, E-learning and E-health care systems. Despite of the increasing development of technology and its incorporation into users’ privacy and professional life, a decision regarding to adopt or reject it remains an open question. Thus, a well thought-of amount of research work dealing with the technology acceptance models was conducted among various disciplines.

      Rukhsana Qamar, Sibgha Noreen, Muhammad Safdar, Masroor Ellahi Babar

Abstract: Background: In nature, the plants are exposed to various biotic and abiotic stress factors. In abiotic factor soil salinity, water deficit, heavy metal and extreme temperature are included are the major factors which directly inhibit growth and development of crop plants (Ali, M, H, & Athar, 2007). In these abiotic stresses, the drought/water deficit is major abiotic stress that limits biological yield (Ashraf & Foolad , 2007).Among abiotic stresses drought is a major detrimental factor all over the world.

      Rogers Rugeiyamu, Erick Kashonda, Bahati Mohamed

Abstract: The study of motivation and its implication to employees is a contemporary agendum in human resources management. Admittedly, there have been manifold misconceptions about employees’ motivation. The misconceptions have been causing diverse sentiments among management scholars, practitioners and sometimes employees when trying to elucidate and apply the concept. Such misconceptions entails as to whether employees are intrinsically or extrinsically motivated, if some of employees are not at all motivated or all employees are motivated by single package and if money is the only center of motivation

      I.S.Yaddehige, S.M.Arnold, S.D.B.Galagedera, L.Y.D.Anushika

Abstract: Job satisfaction is a multifaceted concept. Numerous organizational factors have been identified to determine the level of job satisfaction. Midwives attached to Medical Officer of Health’s offices of Sri Lanka provide maternal and child health care services at ground level.

      Tanko, M., Mohammed S., Akpulu, S.P., Sadeeq, A. A., Timbuak, J.A., Mustapha M. and Z. M. Bauchi

Abstract: Anthropometry data of Nasofacial indices dimensions is vital in Nasofacial Surgery, Forensics Medicine and Diagnostic comprehension. This study is aimed at observing the variation of length and width of face and nose among Nupe Ethnic group of Katcha Local Government Area of Niger state. A cross sectional study was done on 400 colleges and secondary school students aged between 12-20years, using appropriate sampling method.

      Haris Kusmawan. H, Amin Setyo Leksono, Aminudin Afandhi

Abstract: Declining environmental quality has threatened the survival of humans and living things along with the rapid development. Development activities in all aspects of life carry the risk of pollution and environmental damage. This study aims to examine the vegetation cover conditions in Malang Distrct, measure and describe changes in vegetation cover and identify management efforts, protect environmental rehabilitation and conservation recommendations and control environmental damage (land) that has been done.

      Saif Musadaq Hasan, Professor Dr. Fatima Wanas Khudair

Abstract: Background: Sexually Transmitted Diseases are considered the most serious problems on health of community. It occurs not only in poor countries but also in rich countries, STDs are among the top five diseases causing loss of healthy life foundations for young and make them looking for health care services continuously. Aim of the study: To evaluate the level of Knowledge and Attitudes of undergraduate university students towards STDs.

      Asmaa Tarek KadhimAl-Hakak, Prof, Fatema Wanas Khudair

Abstract: Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer among women in the world. This is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in women many cells grow at the same time. but the body is keen to be the number of proliferating cells corresponds to the number of cells which dies. cancer occurs when cells grow and multiply rapidly larger than natural the world health organization and the international agency for research on the cancer report, at least, can prevent a quarter of all cancers and can treat 3/4 with current knowledge and technology.

      Vania Utamie Subiakto

Abstract: Political literacy activities occur in organizational life more and more we find it especially approaching the democratic party in Indonesia. Lively in 2018 towards 2019, Indonesia became a tranding topic on the issues of political news in the 2019 presidential election, especially on the third axis of Jokowi, Jokowis opponents ahead of the 2019 Presidential Election as well as the issue of Vice-Presidential Candidates who will accompany Jokowi in the 2019 Presidential Election in reporting at the station Kompas television.

      Temitope M. Osobamiro, Oluwafemi Awolesi, Oluwatobi M. Alabi, Abiodun Y. Oshinowo, Mujeebat A. Idris, Farouq A. Busari

Abstract: Industrialization has propagated the incidence of heavy metal contamination in the environment, and several life-threatening diseases which people suffer from today culminate from the impact of this group of metals. The extent of certain industrial activities on soil quality in terms of heavy metals must therefore be investigated.

      Priyanka Gupta, Shiv Kumar

Abstract: The aim of this study was to evaluate hearing and compare the hearing results of anterior atticoantrostomy with cortical mastoidectomy with attic reconstruction with or without ossiculoplasty to canal wall down mastoidectomy with ossiculotympanoplasty using tragal cartilage shielded by temporalis fascia. This was a prospective, analytical and longitudinal study which was conducted in the Department of Otorhinolaryngology, MBS Hospital kota, (Raj) From 1st Dec. 2015 to 30th Nov. 2016, included the patients with squamosal disease in age group of 15-45 years, having conductive hearing loss of 30 dB or more.

      Erra Cahyani, Suryanti, Widowati Budijastuti

Abstract: The study is intended to determine the effectiveness of the approach to scientific models of problem based learning to the ability to solve the problem and the result of learning of students in the eyes of subjects science knowledge of nature in the school base . The subjects of this study were 28 students of class IV A SDN Janti I Waru Academic Year 2018/2019.

      Rinda Puspitasari , Wiryanto , Neni Mariana

Abstract: The low student learning outcomes and the lack of learning activities that stimulate the ability to think creatively are problems that must be overcome. This study aims to develop and test the feasibility, practicality, and effectiveness of learning tools based on the Realistic Mathematics Education (RME) approach to improve the creative thinking skills of students in grade four.

      Nyi Nyi, Aung Ko, Cho Cho Khaing

Abstract: This paper presents the detail design of impeller and volute casing for double-suction centrifugal pump. The designed pump can develop a head of 150 ft (46 m) and deliver 335 ft3/min or 2500 gal/min (9.48 m3/min) of clean and cold water at the speed of 1760 rpm. The designed impeller has 7.32 in (19 cm) inlet diameter, 13.5 in (34 cm) outlet diameter, 13˚ inlet vane angle and 20˚ outlet vane angle. The number of vanes is 7. The inlet width and outlet width are 1.75 in (4 cm) and 1.98 in (5 cm) respectively. The discharge diameter is 6 in (15 cm) to operate the designed head and capacity.

      Kyi Lint, Mu Mu Tha, Khin Mar Yee, Lwin Lwin Cho, Ye Lin Aung

Abstract: Urbanization -the increasing percentage of a population living in urban areas due to rural-urban migration and higher levels of natural increase in the urban areas.* In urban studies, peripheries were presented as an area that is subject to certain structural changes according to an urban pattern (demographic, economic, cultural, spatial).

      Adebayo Abdulquddus Adelayo and Ofoezie Emmanuel Ifeanyi

Abstract: The study determined the seasonal and spatial variation in the species diversity and abundance of zooplankton fauna in Ede-Erinle reservoir. This was with the view to determining the effects of the physico-chemical characteristics of water on the zooplankton distribution and abundance in the reservoir. A total of 22,628 zooplankters comprising 101 species, 57 genera and five (5) groups (viz. rotifers, cladoceras, copepods, ostracods and dipterans) were collected and identified. The rotifers were the most specious (57 species) while the ostracods were the least (4 species).

      Adebayo Abdulquddus Adelayo and Ofoezie Emmanuel Ifeanyi

Abstract: The study determined the seasonal and spatial variation in the species diversity and abundance of zooplankton fauna in Ede-Erinle reservoir. This was with the view to determining the effects of the physico-chemical characteristics of water on the zooplankton distribution and abundance in the reservoir. A total of 22,628 zooplankters comprising 101 species, 57 genera and five (5) groups (viz. rotifers, cladoceras, copepods, ostracods anddipterans) were collected and identified. The rotifers were the most specious (57 species) while the ostracods were the least (4 species).

      Dr. Muawiya Dahiru Mahmud andAmina Umar Ruwan Doruwa

Abstract: Genetic engineering is certainly new speculative frontier and one of the academic areas that kindle tremendous concern and anxiety among Muslim communities world over. In particular, when in 1997, the first cloned sheep called Dolly was produced in Scotland using mature cells of mammary glands (somatic cell nuclear transfer, SCNT), the idea of cloning became both interesting and hot debate among Muslim jurists. Without prejudice to the contentious issues, this scientific innovation of cloning hold prospect of remedying a number of maladies that afflict our civilization such as Parkinson’s disease, diabetes and Alzheimer.

      Muhammad Irfan, Badia Perizade, and Marlina Widiyanti

Abstract: This study aims to determine the effect of Leadership and Organizational Culture on employee performance at PT. Pertamina EP Limau Field. The population in this study were all employees of PT. Pertamina EP Limau Field as many as 115 employees. The method of collecting samples in this study using the census (saturated sample) method. The results showed that Leadership and Organizational Culture had a positive and significant influence on the performance of PT. Pertamina EP Limau Field and Organizational Culture have the most dominant influence on the performance of employees of PT. Pertamina EP Limau Field. For further research it is recommended to add other variables that affect employee performance such as motivation, compensation, skills, competence, motivation, commitment, facilities and infrastructure, stress levels and work environment.

      Inegbedion Augusta

Abstract: This study examined the potency of aqueous leaf extract of Bryophyllum pinnatum on cadmium toxicity in the brain, heart and liver of rabbits through the assessment of the activities of aspartate aminotransferase and alanine aminotransferase for three weeks.

      Venkata Krishna Kota, Venkateswarlu Naik B, Vasudeva Rao Prasadula

Abstract: Smart City domain has multiple verticals like Water Management, Garbage Management, Power Management, Transportation Management etc. Such services will have to find problems in their respective domain and react to it in less time. An application is proposed in this paper to collect the relevant information from social network data, to process and filter the received relevant information and to communicate about it to the relevant department to handle the issues. The proposed application is scalable and fault tolerant.

      Muhamad Miftahul Alim, Ketut Prasetyo, Sunarto

Abstract: This study aims to see positive changes in skills in collaboration with students through the STAD learning model. Taking this theme is because students are still weak in collaboration in class so that it inhibits the transfer of information from the teacher or with other students. This study uses a posttest only control group design. Comparing two research classes at three meetings so that they will show the development of student collaboration skills. Data collection techniques were carried out by using a cooperation skill observation sheet.

      Abada, Ifeanyichukwu Michael, Okafor, Nneka Ifeoma, Omeh, Paul Hezekiah

Abstract: In the developing African societies, electricity has continued to pose greater threats due to lag in its supply. As a driver of economic development especially in the advanced countries, Nigeria has been at the receiving end in the global competitiveness for energy resources. In her quest to catch up, Nigeria state has in the recent past initiated public policy and reforms in the power sector in order to resuscitate her ailing economy.

      Abubakar Atiku Alkali

Abstract: This paper examines the place of heavy syllables in relation to syllable structure in English language. Drawing from examples in the literature, it is seen that syllable weight plays a vital role in the placement of stress in English. It is noted that although nouns, adjectives and verbs display different stress patterns, in all of these, it is always the heavy syllables that attract stress. Apart from the issue of stress assignment, the paper looks at other prosodic phenomena in which syllable weight is paramount.

      Yi Mar Myint, Khet Khet khaing Oo

Abstract: This paper intends the effectiveness of all living things and also to develop the businesses of cities. Today, the nature of environment and businesses has changed worldwide. And so all businesses became necessary for marketing, agency are always giving services for the properties to the customers by helping to coordinate between the buyer and owner signing the transaction treats are also served by agency for the customers. For faster property transactions, contact to agency. Customer’s satisfaction is agency’s first priority.

      Mr. Abuni Joseph Mark, Dr. Lydia Mwaura, Rev. Martin Otiende

Abstract: This study set out to assess the contribution of Village Saving and Loan Association to economic empowerment of women in Terekeka County, South Sudan. The overall objective of the study was to investigate the contribution of village savings and loans association toward the economic empowerment of women in Terekeka County.

      Shwe Wut Hmon Aye, Waing Waing Kay Khine Oo

Abstract: Myanmar has extensive mineral resources and a well-established centuries old mining industry. The main resources are iron, copper, gold, silver, lead, tin, tungsten, nickel, antimony, petroleum, gas, coal, jade and gemstone. In Myanmar, the mineral sector ranks third after agriculture and forestry products and is regarded as having excellent potential in the development programmes of the country. The aim of this paper is to introduce the explored and unexplored metalliferous ore minerals resources in Myanmar. It is also described the current status of mining and mineral processing industries.

      Peter J. Manga, Abdullazeez A. Mohammad, Ibrahim Maina

Abstract: Limited information exists on reliable estimates of evapotranspiration (ET) for successful design of Irrigation planning , management practices , water resource and the effective uses of the water resources .The evaporating power of the atmosphere is expressed by the references crop evapotranspiration (〖ET〗_O ) which represents the evapotranspiration from a standardized vegetated surface

      Waing Waing Kay Khine Oo, Shwe Wut Hmon Aye

Abstract: Refractories refer to the heat resistant material and are widely used as the internal linings of furnaces, kilns, reactors and other vessels in the metallurgy industry. According to the chemical compositions, chromite is one of the neutral refractory. In this work, the chromite ore from Mwetaung area was used as raw material. Firstly, the chemical compositions and refractoriness were measured. The experimental works for chromite refractory materials for use in lining of induction furnace was carried out.

      Aung Zaw Lynn, Cho Cho Khaing, Nay Win Sein

Abstract: This paper presents the design of impeller and it’s performance describes under the prediction of theoretical and experimental observations of single-suction centrifugal pump. The designed pump is single stage centrifugal pump with closed type and it is capability deliver 0.015 m3/s of water at a head of 20 m. The designed parameters of impeller are 99 mm of inlet diameter and 250 mm of outlet diameter, by mean of vane angles at 20˚ inlet and 23˚outlet. The number of vanes is 6 and input shaft power is 6 hp.

      Miss.Nalina Sivachandran, Mrs.Thushani Shayanthan

Abstract: The current war fronts are something different from the earlier battle field. Modernization of the world differentiates the strategies of wars, methods of wars and planning of achieving the military benefits. Therefore the earlier laws do not fit with the current war front. Therefore, the objectives of this research are analyzing the contemporary developments in the battle field, how do they all affect the definition of civilian and whether the earlier laws are sufficient for protecting and safeguarding the civilians during hostilities.

      M.B.T. Nayomali, P.D.V.C. Wickramaratne

Abstract: Nutrition knowledge is especially important to develop the mental and physical health. Nutrition knowledge, broadly defined, refers to knowledge of concepts and processes related to nutrition and health including knowledge of diet and health, diet and disease, foods representing major sources of nutrients, and dietary guidelines and recommendations. The main purpose of the study was to evaluate sports nutrition knowledge in Universities sports students. Data were obtained from the 90 respondents which included the organizational manager and questionnaires were carried out with a range of people relevant to the field of study.

      Ajay Chhabra, Rajesh Thakur, Vandana Chhabra

Abstract: Those who have dissected or inspected many [bodies] have at least learnt to doubt; while others who are ignorant of anatomy and do not take the trouble to attend it are in no doubt at all”. (Giovanni Battista Morgagni)

      Sutomo, S, Sjamsuddin Garantjang, Asmuddin Natsir, Ambo Ako

Abstract: This study aims to determine the effect of giving katuk and gamal leaves to the production and quality of cows milk at the beginning of lactation. This research was conducted in Enrekang District Dairy Farm using Randomized Block Design (RBD) with 4 treatments and 4 replications for each treatment combination. The total unit experiment is 16. The material used consists of forages (80%, 75%, 70%, 65%); concentrate (20% per treatment); gamal leaves (5%, 10%, 15%) and katuk leaves (130 g, 150 gr, 170 g).

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