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      Dahiru Musa Kazaure, Osuh Ojih Umar, Rabiu Shehu Suleman

Abstract: This research was carried out in Birnin kudu water treatment plant and some distribution channels within the town of Birnin Kudu on Bacterial that causes metal corrosion , deteriorate and brought pipes failure . The water treatment plant is located in Birnin kudu local government area of Jigawa state, Nigeria. Bacterial counts showed the presence of large bacterial cells in the various samples collected. The enumeration of sample from Birnin kudu treatment plant , Audu Bako way showed higher colonies among all the samples, Various metals associated with microbiological influence corrosion harbor large microbial population, which is estimated to be around 103 to 109 CFU/ml.

      Amardev Singh, N.K. Bhatia, and V.P. Gupta

Abstract: The present studies on the performance of P1 bivoltine seed rearing of four different silkworm races on some of the economic traits by feeding S-1635 variety of mulberry showed that in absence of extension supervision support due to outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic outbreak to the Adopted Seed Rearers (ASRs) have harvested good cocoon yield/100 dfls, pupation % was also attained above the norms set for procurement of seed cocoons etc., Further, highest single cocoon weight (g) and shell % was found in FC2 pure breed.

      MIM. Riyath, A. Nishanthini

Abstract: Social Media Network (SMN) becomes one of the greater influences on lifestyle and habits of teenagers which affects the educational environment and performance. There are different arguments about the possible effects of SMN on students’ academic performance. Studies show that it quite appropriates for teachers and students to use social media to socialize by this means for academic purposes. Studies on impact of SMN on academic performance among students of Advanced Technological Institute (ATI) is hard to find in academic literature. Therefore, this study examines the use of SMN on academic performance among students of ATI.

      Joko Sriwidodo, Kristiawanto

Abstract: Pros and Cons regarding death penalty from the perspective of human right in Indonesia are still going on. Some argued the death penalty does not violate human rights because the perpetrators have violated the human rights of victims and human rights of the community, while others convinced that the death penalty violates human rights since it revokes the right to life of a person. This paper aims to review the death penalty from the perspective of Human Rights in Indonesia by applying normative law theory vis a vis current practice.

      Purwaning Budi Lestari, Titik Wijayanti, Tri Asih Wahyu Hartati

Abstract: The empowerment of High Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) is very important in preparing graduates to participate in the globally competitive, entering the work face, and encountering the new industrial revolution 4.0 era. This study aims to (1) Determine the effectiveness of the STEM approach in empowering the HOTS of Students; (2) Determine the effect of STEM approach on the HOTS of pre-service students in the nutritional sciences learning at the higher education level.

      H Mon, S Kar, T Aung

Abstract: Denosumab, a RANKL inhibitor, inhibiting osteoclast formation, can cause severe symptomatic hypocalcemia especially in cases with renal impairment stage 4 and 5 (1). MHRA safety alert warns that the patients with severe renal impairment with Creatinine clearance of ≤30ml/min or those who are receiving dialysis, are at the highest risk of hypocalcemia (1). In individuals with CKD stages 4-5, anti-resorptive bone protection therapy might cause harm with increase the risk of fracture and vascular calcifications in low bone turnover conditions by further inhibiting osteoclasts while high bone turnover diseases are more susceptible to hypocalcemia (3). The incidence of hypocalcemia in CKD is reported to be 14-15% (4).

      Altaf Hussain

Abstract: Kashmir valley is known for its scenic beauty and mesmerizing landscapes in the Jammu and Kashmir state. It has great potential for industrial development. Micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) have played a significant role in the development of an economy. This study is about the industrial units and workforce participation in the Kashmir valley. There has been attempted to assess small scale industrial (SSI) units, handicraft centers, handloom centers, sick industries, female workforce, main worker and non-workers etc. at a district level in this valley.

      O.M Adebayo, J.M Panandam, S. Sugnaseelan, S.G. Tan

Abstract: Edible Bird Nest Swiftlets naturally inhabits the lime stone caves of South East Asia, but recently swiftlet ranching in house farms has become popular. These swiftlets are of great commercial importance because of their unique nest produced wholly from the pair of salivary gland and highly valued for their nutritional, medicinal and aphrodisiac properties. The study elucidates mitochondrial variability information of A. fuciphagus by analysing two mtDNA genes (cytb and ND5).

      Nguyen Quoc Nghi, Bui Van Trinh

Abstract: The objective of this study is to identify factors affecting the performance of commerce-service enterprises in Can Tho City. The sample size includes 272 active enterprises in the field of commerce and service. The study applied multivariate linear regression to analyze the data. The result showed that factors that have positive impacts on the performance of commerce-service enterprises are professional qualifications of enterprise owners, technology level, social capital, financial accessibility, and support policies. In contrast, the legal environment negatively influences the business performance of commerce-service enterprises. Especially, the technology level puts the strongest impact on the performance of commerce-service enterprises in Can Tho City.

      Pauline Tarkwen

Abstract: Breastfeeding leads to both short and long-term benefits of a child. It helps reduce infections and mortality among infants, improves mental and motor development, and protects against obesity and metabolic diseases later in the life course. The ten steps are maternity proven practices which help in achieving exclusive breastfeeding which remains a challenge not only to the unemployed mothers but also to the working health care professional hence why this study was carried out with an objective of assessing the knowledge, practices and barriers to exclusive breastfeeding among caregivers/mothers in Nandi County.

      Fadare Temitayo. V, Dr Adegbie, F.F

Abstract: Financial performance measured the life blood of economic units, the key to determine the perpetuity of a company as cost remain its major determinant. An increase in cost and sales price would attract low returns on sales and foster liquidation in most companies. Unfortunately, This affect the financial growth of the country but most company failed to comprehend the vitality of cost profile and it effect on profitability. This study examined the effect of Cost Management on financial performance of quoted Consumer goods firms in Nigeria

      Manjot Kaur Shah, Sachin Tomer

Abstract: The companies spent a huge amount in promoting their products to the public. Even at the times when the market came to a standstill owing to nation-wide lockdown to fight with Coronavirus, the companies continued to promote their products amid Covid-19. Some companies continued with their old advertisements while others made changes in their advertisement to include the coronavirus aspect in their promotion. In this paper, we have analysed the way the companies have responded in their promotion to fight with this unknown virus either by way of sending messages, creating awareness or the way their product would help people in fighting with this virus. We have taken into consideration the television advertisement and the promotion and hashtags used on their Instagram page. The companies selected are either Indian companies or companies whose products are available in India.

      Md Abul Hasan, H. M. Towhidur Rahman

Abstract: War is costly and it consumes the taste of blood of fighters who are negaged in war and of innocent citizens. It temporarily satisfy the winners and suffers the lossers, but in long-run, both parties suffer. Rationality or miscalculation and misperception always play key roles in determining the potential outcome of wars by the experts and leaders. States’ leaders, sometimes, do not calculate the overall impact of war in the internal affairs of the states except their winning in elections through mechanism. Findings show that relative power is often not a good predictor of outcomes of Wars. Our research found and conclude that war is mostly irrational (that means miscalculation and misperception matter) when it is considered from the initiator point of view, but it would be rational when States want to defend themselves against other threat(s), especially in destructive conflicts, but it should follow the international war rules and regulations.

      Onoja Emmanuel Oche, Suleiman Muhammad Nasir, Abdullahi, Maimuna Ibrahim

Abstract: Predicting students’ performance over a given period of time is one of the greatest challenges faced by the academic sector in this present time. Data mining techniques could be used for this kind of job. In this study, data mining techniques is applied on data collected from students and academic office of Federal Polytechnic Nasarawa State in other to predict students’ performances. WEKA data mining tool was used with implementation of six (6) classifiers namely; J48 decision tree algorithm, Bayesian Network, Navive Bayes, IBk OneR and JRip algorithm. Result shows that Bayes registered accuracy of 72%, BayesNet registered accuracy of 74%, J48 registered accuracy approximately 70 %, while OneR, IBK and JR classifiers produced classification accuracy of 63, 69 and 70% respectively.

      Felix Ogochukwu Olise, Frederick Osaro Ekhaise , Beckley Ikhajiagbe and Hilda Abiola Akatah

Abstract: This study was aimed at investigating the microbial composition of raw beef meats sourced from markets with a view to assessing the quality, quantity and diversity of microorganisms. The results of this study revealed that the total viable bacterial counts of raw beef meat ranged between 35.58×103±04.56 cfu/g and 48.00×103±06.4 cfu/g, while the fungal counts ranged between 10.36×103±02.03 cfu/g and 16.80×103±03.37 cfu/g. The mean microbial counts revealed that the total viable bacterial counts had its highest and least counts recorded in the open market and cold room while the fungal counts had its highest and least counts recorded in the abattoir and cold room. Eleven (11) bacterial and six (6) fungal isolates were identified from the market sources. Species of Penicillium, Aspergillus niger and Aspergillus flavus recorded the highest frequency of occurrence of 41.18%, 32.00% and 45.45% in the abattoir, open market and cold room respectively.

      Mahrezaldy Creza

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of independent commissioners and audit quality on earnings management in the manufacturing sector in 2017-2018. This study uses a quantitative method using a sample of manufacturing companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange in 2017-2018.

      Dr. Shalini Patel, Dr. Sunil Kumar Joshi, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Dr. Prashant Srivastav

Abstract: The pioneer of the ancient surgery, “Acharya Sushruta” defined Vatashtheela as “a condition in which the Apana Vayu due to vitiation produces mobile, elevated & glandular swelling in between the rectum and urinary bladder (or urethra) which obstructs the passage of urine and faces and produces the symptoms like Sanga (obstruction) etc”. whereas, Mutrakrichchhra is said to be Vata Pradhana Tridoshaja Vyadhi and difficulty in micturition is its characteristic feature.

      Y.Y.Senavirathne, H.M.R.D. Kularathne

Abstract: An unfortunate incident which is unexpected and unintentional tropically resulting in damage or injury can simply define as an accident. Most of organizations are aiming at reducing the workplace accidents in order to create a healthy working setting which is very safe. In any organization, there can be various factors affected to the workplace accidents. This study focuses on exploring the factors affecting high accident rate amongst laborer category in manufacturing sector, Central Province, Sri Lanka. One of main objective is to find & reveal the relationship and impact between safety training, working condition, job stress and rate of workplace accidents among operational level employees at manufacturing sector in Central Province, Sri Lanka.

      Rahul B George, Vaishak Ramachandran, Swetha Sharath, Aravind Sunil

Abstract: Despite the diversity of lifestyles, health and fitness has always been an important part of the lives of any individual. And as technology has grown and improved, the need for exercise has only increased exponentially. The change in the components used in foods, as well as technology focussed toward providing the user with a comfortable user experience, has all led to the development of unhealthy body conditions. Moreover, exercise has always been an activity that demanded that the individual partaking in it would have to be genuinely motivated or interested, as in most cases, exercise involved repetitive actions without any real interesting aspects. Multiple efforts have been made, over the course of the past few years, even the past decade, to make exercise an interesting activity, and have seen success to a very little extent.

      Robert Mwenyasi

Abstract: Due to broader social and economic Service recovery has been an important issue that shows greater demand for health, support and care that’s why it needs to study the health care services. factors such as empowerment, training and commitment will affect employees toward service recovery. Hence, to the organisations employee is the only source of sustainable competitive advantage. Therefore, service recovery is very crucial to study. Nurse working in public hospitals in Mbeya Referral Hospital were chosen as respondents for this study. Quantitative Reserach Design was used , and analysis was done by using SPSS. Questionnaires were distributed and 80 questionnaires were used for analysis. The results have shown that empowerment, training and commitment have significant relationship to service recovery. The recommendation and conclusion was provided.

      Eva Komba

Abstract: Stress among workers is becoming more and more prevalent year by year. Stress can lead to other health related problems. Much research has been done to know the causes of stress among workers. In this journal article, academic staff belonging to Higher Learning Institutions in Tanzania was chosen to test weather the causes posed to them were factors causing stress. The objective of this article is to prove that the cause of stress among lecturers is due to demand of staff and support from management. A total set of 55 questionnaires were distributed. The results showed that lecturers of Higher Learning Institutions in Tanzania experience occupational stress. The most common factors that caused occupational stress among lecturers, were lack of support from management, lack of facilities, and feeling work not valued. It is recommended that organisation concerned should help the workers to cope with occupational stress effectively.

      Jesca Mongi

Abstract: Recruitment and selection as one of the human resource management function in the public service in Tanzania takes place in the context of varied public service actors mandated by the number of constitutional and legal instruments. These instruments create the diverse resourcing institutions with rights, duties and functions related to recruitment and selection. It is argued that employee acquisition function in local government authorities in Tanzania does not function against devolution. The function is splintered across the public service institutions including the local government authorities [LGAs}. The subsidiarity and holistic principles including the decentralization by devolution (D by D) policy approach in the delivery of services at grass roots levels necessitate the human resource management functions and activities to be conducted and shared (specifically splintered) harmoniously amongst various government agencies and personnel.

      Bryan Atemba Mbati and Dr. Anthony Osoro

Abstract: This study focused at the area of ethics and anti-corruption commission on performance of procurement personnel in Trans-Nzoia County, Kenya, the specific objectives were; integrity of staff, transparency and accountability, information and Communication technology and government policies respectively. The researcher used descriptive research design for this study. The target population was 150 respondents.

      Vathsalya Poranki, Kuchipudi Anvesh kumar

Abstract: Kidney is a vital organ of the body that plays a crucial role in filtering blood, removes including elimination of drugs maintaining fluid and electrolyte balance, releasing hormones to control blood pressure, stimulate red blood cell production, activating vitamin D to produce calcium leading to maintain bone health. Acute renal failure and chronic kidney disease are the two main conditions in renal failure. This study shows that managing of co morbid conditions hypertension, diabetes, coronary heart disease, congestive heart failure, left ventricular hypertrophy, infections, renal calculi, pulmonary diseases which are very essential in treatment of renal failure.

      Srajan Gupta

Abstract: Among distinct 2-D materials, Graphene has attained higher potential due to its attractive properties. This material provided a new dimension to nanotechnology and material research. It has a 2D honeycomb structure lattice having a single layer of carbon atoms due to which it is flexible in nature, durable and lighter than any material. It has a wide range of applications starting from the fabrication of products, biological engineering, optical electronics, electrical engineering, and biomedical field. Morden Graphenes research has been directed towards the exploration of electronic properties and their electron transfer properties.

      Onik Anggita Sari and Slamet Isworo

Abstract: Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam (Purple Sweet Potato) can grow and breed in various regions in Indonesia that can be used as food preparations and animal feed. The phytochemical content of Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam (Purple Sweet Potato) includes flavonoids, tannins, saponins, and alkaloids. The content of phytochemical compounds can be potential as a biopesticide. The biopesticides are pesticides that are made by utilizing natural ingredients derived from plants. This study aims to determine the toxicity of LC50 Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam extract which can be potential as a biopesticide. Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam was extracted using 70% ethanol solvent. The dilution was carried out with the concentrations used, namely 100 ppm, 250 ppm, 500 ppm, 750 ppm, 1000 ppm, and negative controls.


Abstract: With the dramatic increase in competition between firms, organizations use employee training to improve their employee’s performance and therefore the life of organization. Performance of employees is crucial in this aspect for the well-being of the organization. The main of objective of the current study is to find the significance of training to improve the employee performance. The study population is composed of the personnel in three companies in Libya (Africa Engineering and Projects Company, Libya Investment Embracement Company and Africa Trade & Investment Company).

      DMND Senevirathna, Prof Guwani Liyanage

Abstract: Proper nutrition is crucial for everyone, but it plays a crucial role in childhood as nutrition is directly linked with all aspects of their growth and development. Therefore, all physical, cognitive and psychological capabilities as adults will be determined by the fetal and childhood nutrition. Disabled children, specifically, are in need of higher need of proper nutrition compared to non-disabled children. Malnutrition problems in disabled child will make he/ she highly vulnerable to further morbidities imposing further suffering of the affected child. Consequently, not only the child he/ herself but also the family and the whole community will suffer both emotionally and financially (Neyestani et al., 2010).

      Adeosun O.A., Omietimi E.J.

Abstract: Twenty-five (25) samples of groundwater sourced from boreholes and hand-dug wells were analyzed for twenty-three (23) physical and chemical parameters namely; Total hardness, Total dissolved solids (TDS), Conductivity, pH, Colour, Alkalinity, Turbidity, Nitrate (NO32-), phosphate (PO32-), Sulphate (SO42-), Fluoride (Fl-), Bicarbonate (HCO3-), Calcium (Ca), Potassium (K), Magnesium (Mg), Zinc (Zn), Sodium (Na), Iron (Fe), Manganese (Mn), Copper (Cu), Lead (Pb), Aluminum (Al) and Chloride (Cl) to determine their levels of portability and if the physico-chemical parameters fall within acceptable levels.

      N. M. Hakmanage, N.V. Chandrasekara, D.D.M. Jayasundara

Abstract: The development of agricultural sector directly influences the level of global development of economies and societies. Due to rapid increase of the population, demand for food has increased. The rehabilitation of extensive ancient agricultural network and massive new development in this sector is the viable solution for this pressing problem. Thus there should be a proper cultivation plan. This study presents a comprehensive review of the literature published between 1998 and 2018 on sustainable cultivation development plans based on statistical/ mathematical background which have considered major influential factors for cultivation.

      Jyotsnawali Misra

Abstract: Mahatma Gandhi was one of the greatest human being of India. His life journey inspires us to lead our life in the way of truth. His mother’s religious approach highly influenced his life and inspired him to be truthful and an honest person. Mahatma Gandhi was a person who dedicated his life for freedom movement. During that period he launched Civil Disobedience Movement, Non Cooperation Movement and Quit India Movement.

      Windia Adnyana, Philip W Ladds, David Blair

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to determine the prevalence and clinico-pathological changes associated with cardiovascular fluke infections in marine turtles in Indonesia. Prevalence and clinico-pathological changes associated with flukes infesting other organs were also determined. The heart and associated blood vessels from all samples were examined for the presence of flukes.

      G.S.P Ranasinghe, W. K Wickremasinghe, P.W.C. Panapitiya

Abstract: Waste generation is un-avoidable in Hospital, 85% is general waste and remaining 15% is hazardous materials. Types of wastes generated are infectious waste, pathological waste, sharps waste, chemical waste, pharmaceutical wastes, cytotoxic wastes, radioactive wastes, non-hazardous or general waste. Life Cycle Approaches (cradle to grave) of waste management are waste avoidance, waste minimization, segregation, collection, transportation, storage, treatment and disposal. A qualitative study was done to analyze the waste management at a tertiary care hospital in Sri Lanka. High-income countries generates hazardous waste on average up to 0.5 kg of per hospital bed per day, while the average hazardous waste generation in low-income countries is 0.2 kg per bed per day, whereas in this study waste generation was 0.276 kg per bed per day.

      Karthika V Chandran, Maddili Manoj Kumar, Sankaraneni Manusha, Shirnam Shailja

Abstract: Colorectal cancer is cancer that occurs in the rectum or colon. Colon cancer and rectal cancer are often put together because they have many similar features. Colorectal cancer is one among the most common type of cancer and is also third in cancer-related mortality. Currently, Capecitabine and Oxaliplatin (CAPOX) and 5-fluorouracil, Leucovorin, and Oxaliplatin (FOLFOX) are one of the conventional adjuvant treatments of colorectal cancer.

      Tengeya Isaac Nyakundi, Dr. Richard Ayako (DMin)

Abstract: Efficient church leadership is core in the numerical growth of church membership. Therefore, the style of leadership adopted by a Church leader will have a bearing in the growth of membership. Poor leadership styles have led to a drop in membership, even for Churches that began with a high membership. A notable example is that of the Pentecostal Assemblies of God Church Kianungu in Nyamira, which over the years has recorded a downward trend in her membership. The purpose of this study was to determine the role of church leaders on Church membership growth.

      Abdullahi Muhammad Teke, Nasiru Abubakar Katami, Maryam Khalid

Abstract: Almajiri as a Hausa concept originated from Arabic word MUHAJIRUN, meaning an emigrant. It is widely used to people who migrate from their homes mostly living behind all their luxuries to other places in search for safety, knowledge or religious freedom.The term Almajiri in Nigeria is used to describe those children or youths who left their home towns in search for Islamic education. This system started in the 11th century as a result of the involvement of Borno rulers in Qur’anic literacy. Over seven hundred years later, the Sokoto Caliphate was founded principally through an Islamic revolution based on the teaching of the holy Qur’an. These two empires ram similar Qur’anic learning system which over time came to be known as the Almajiri system. With the arrival of colonialist in Nigeria, Almajiri and the education system lost their prestige and fathers.

      Daiyinta Condroning Pawestri Handoko

Abstract: The influence of religion in accounting practice is not a problem that has been explored for most studies in conventional literature although this can easily be seen how the two are interrelated. Religion has a role in shaping and enforcing ethical behavior such as honesty, and justice which in a community these values can be characterized by a high level of trust in business affairs and financial management.

      Nurasiah Jamil,Helda

Abstract: Child marriage is a marriage of one or both partners under the age of 18 according to the 2002 Revised Child Protection Act 2014. Indonesian child marriage is ranked seventh in the world and second in Southeast Asia. This happens because Indonesia is contributed by child marriage rates from various provinces, one of which is West Java, which is the absolute highest child marriage in Indonesia with 273,300 child marriages and ranks 14th with 13.36. Cianjur Regency is one of the highest child marriage contributors in West Java at 22%.


Abstract: Every government’s responsibility remains that of pursuing and sustaining the security and wellbeing of its citizens and its territory against internal and external aggressions. However, Nigeria experiences several political and socio-economic challenges and violent conflicts which threaten her socio-economic development, peace, and security.

      Homelo V. Estoque

Abstract: Background: Patients taking atypical antipsychotics are in danger of antipsychotic-induced weight gain. Weight increases rapidly in the initial period after starting antipsychotics. Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular morbidity and mortality and reduced quality of. Both nonpharmacologic prevention and intervention strategies have shown modest effects on weight. Changes in physical appearance can lead to body image issues and problems with self-esteem, which in turn could lead to poor compliance with medication.

      R. Aniq Filali, M. Kassimi, R. Jabbouri, A. Naïtlho

Abstract: In December 2019, a viral pneumonia caused by the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-COV-2), begins in Wuhan (China) and quickly spread around the world. Today more than 3.5 million people are infected. Even though the mortality rate is relatively low, a considerable number of patients die every day. It appears that the cytokine storm is one of the main causes of death in coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), and that targeting the inflammation process would save the most severe patients.

      Mude Srujana, Rakshitha N, Dronavalli Lokesh Sai, Riyaz Miya

Abstract: At present the Tuberculosis (TB) Management had much attention on microbiological cure, and its impact on HRQOL is undervalued. The study was aimed to assess HRQOL including psychological, general health perception among TB patients. A prospective interventional study was conducted among 52 patients visiting department of chest and TB (IPD & OPD), Gulbarga Institute of Medical Science’s, Kalaburagi, for a period of 6 months. The data was collected by face- to –face interview and a suitably designed questionnaire world health organization quality of life (WHOQOL - BREF) and SF-36 questionnaire were used to assess the HRQOL of TB patients at base line before intervention and 2 months after the intervention using a pre-test design.

      Kavita Thapa

Abstract: Parents plays an important role in a child’s life. They provide for physical, emotional and social needs which are required for the holistic development of the child. But losing parents at an early stage of life can have disastrous impact on the overall development of the child. Even though the child is provided an alternate option of being in an institutional home but a huge gap exists in the fulfilment of psychological needs and well-being. Several studies have supported that this gap can lead to behavioural issues and psychological problems like depression, aloofness, reticence in the child.

      George Oando,Harrison Bii, Edna Milgo

Abstract: Elections world over represent the opinions and the voice of the people (Pettit, 2004; Dave, 2011), and there is always the need to put in place a system promotes public participation on election processes and present the outcome of the voting exercise accurately and timely (Keeter et al., 2002). The current voting systems have numerous issues, such as usability, accessibility and security with limited alternatives (Hodges, 2014).

      Sergio Severino

Abstract: "The increased utilization of new media technologies applied to health care and assistance (welfare, home care, psychological health) is determining the epistemological uprooting of their traditional meanings by introducing, on the contrary, a rise of applications that determines an increasingly active patient involvement in the implementation of care pathways and healing. In this sense, the patient must supervise the protocols, which characterize the hetero-direction of qualified personnel within the different social and health services in the previous era.

      Elebe E. Nwezza, Chinonyerem V. Ogbuehi, Uchenna U. Uwadi, C.O. Omekara

Abstract: In this paper, a new Gumbel generated Weibull distribution is introduced. The statistical properties including the quantile function, moments about the origin, incomplete moment and entropy of the new distribution are studied. The unknown parameters of the new distribution are estimated using the maximum likelihood approach. Furthermore, the asymptotic consistency behavior of the maximum likelihood estimates of the new distribution is evaluated through Monte Carlo simulation. Finally, the applicability and the potentials of the new distribution are illustrated in two real-life data sets.

      Gayan Wickramarathna, Hashan Ratnayake

Abstract: Buying and selling shares has become one of the most popular and lucrative investment decisions for investors. Unlike before, todays stock price decision has become a more complex task. Profitability of the stock market investment depends on the investors decisions and is based on a mix of dynamic environmental factors. Stock price trends are repeatedly forecasted to extract useful patterns and predict their movements.

      G.H.J. Lanel, P.W.C.E. Pathirana

Abstract: This study focuses on developing a new paper structure for the G.C.E.(O/L) Mathematics paper using Graph Theoretical concepts. The graph theoretical model is built based on the competency levels of the O/L (Ordinary Level) Mathematics syllabi and their weights. Centrality measures such as Weighted Degree Centrality, Betweenness Centrality, Authority and Hub are used to analyze this model. The open source software Gephi is used to do the analysis. The new paper structure is designed based on the dominancy of each competency and the suggested weight of each Mathematical Theme.

      Alfred Barasa Mucha, Lijodi Dunstone Gundu, Mwani Gerald Livanze

Abstract: Building a monitoring and evaluation system can be absolutely exhausting a task. Building a monitoring system to continuously track performance of government and or its institutions is essential for an assured success of such entities. The monitoring system gives a picture of the ongoing activities through select indictors on the direction of change, the pace of change, and the magnitude of change. Through this, it can also identify the unanticipated changes. All are critical to knowing whether policies, programs, and projects are moving in the intended direction and geared for the specific objectives.

      G.S.P Ranasinghe, P.W.C Panapitiya

Abstract: Drugs are essential component for running the health care institutions. The management of drug supply includes five basic functions of the Medicines Management cycle namely, selection, quantification, procurement, distribution, and use. Management support system for medicine management cycle includes organization, financing and sustainability, information management, human resource and quality assurance management.

      Iratrachar Amornpipat

Abstract: This study examined the relationship between sources of stress at work and Ground service agents’ level of stress. Of the 150 Thai full-time Ground service agents based at Bangkok station who received the survey, 114 returned it for a 76% response rate. Stepwise regression analysis was used to determine the impact of Five Sources of Stress at work on the level of employees’ stress level. The findings revealed that all aspects of five stress sources’ dimensions including Job Characteristics; Role of employee participation; Progression of careers; Relationship in the workplace; Organizational structure and climate were positively correlated with the level of stress among Ground service agents. In the regression analysis, it was found that Role of employee participation and Relationship in the workplace were the factors that most significantly affected stress level at work. The influence of working factors on employees’ stress level who work in aviation industry was discussed in light of these findings.

      Obasi Emmanuela Chinonye Mary, Nlerum Promise Anebo

Abstract: The weakness of the web due to the recent trend of sophistication in cybercrime has awaken the interest of researches in securing web applications. Hence web-based information assets are not secured with increased tendency of hackers to break in. The enhancement in the features of database servers has made most of the web applications use Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS). Attackers use SQL injection to gain unauthorized access to databases and manipulate all the valuable information stored therein. That has created interfaces that are not free from attack due to the susceptibility of risk attack in the web application called Structured Query Language (SQL) Injection.

      Astehe P. Aiiegona, Ortese C. Terhemba, Philemon A. Agashua, Grace R. Awopetu , Akuma P. Iveren

Abstract: This study investigated the perceived role of “Igbe” cultural practice in the development of mental illness among the Tiv people of Benue State. The “Igbe” cultural practice has been part of the Tiv ancestral culture and despite attribution of the practice to the development of some mental illnesses no empirical evidence has been established. A quantitative and qualitative design was utilized for the study.

      Suriany, Delyuzar, T. Ibnu Alferraly, Joko S. Lukito, Soekimin

Abstract: Background: Tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs) have been important prognostic factor for many malignancies, including cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma (cSCC). TILs are composed of many subsets, categorized into T-cells and B-cells. The tumor immune responses of B-cells are poorly investigated and ignored for years. The role of B-cells in tumor immunology is still controversial due to the antitumorigenic effect and also the ability to increase the tumor progression.

      Dr. Niruba Sarath Jayasundara

Abstract: The aim of this study is to explore the extent to which the bilingual acquisition research plays a major part in bilingual acquisition theories. This study reports the language development of a bilingual child from a Tamil and English language speaking home from the first vocal sound to the holophrastic stage.it elaborates how in each stage the child develops her bilinguality in both comprehension and production.

      Julius M. Huho

Abstract: Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) is an infectious respiratory disease which was first reported in Wuhan, China in December, 2019 and later spread to other countries. The alarming levels of spread and severity of the disease made the World Health Organization (WHO) declare the outbreak a global pandemic on March 11, 2020. By July 8, 2020, the disease had claimed 548,207 lives globally. The pandemic caused grief and suffering as the number of deaths increased every day. Kenya not being an exception, the government put up some measures in the attempt to contain the spread of the disease. These measures led to unprecedented challenges which included loss of livelihoods, disruption of the school calendar and human mortality through police brutality. On the other hand, as the country continues to contain the disease, several opportunities emerged. Such opportunities ranged from enhanced innovation to improved health facilities and personal hygiene. This paper, therefore, highlights on these two sides of COVID-19 in Kenya and the lessons learnt.

      Dr. Margaret Wachu Gichuhi, Prof. Joseph Mungai Keriko, Prof. John Bosco Njoroge Mukundi

Abstract: For quite some years, communities living in the Mt. Kenya conservation area have benefited from the several ecosystem services found within it such as; food, water, biodiversity, tourism and recreation, fuel and energy, timber and housing materials just to mention a few of them. This study analyzed the socio-economic benefits that resulted from sustainable management of these resources and also assessed the state of the environment for the past twenty years.

      Dr. Charles C. Sendyona

Abstract: This quantitative correlational study is devoted to three internal governance structures and one external governance structure that influence commercial banks’ performance. The paper focuses on the relationship between board composition, board size, audit committee independence, and capital adequacy ratio and commercial banks’ performance in Uganda.

      Abdelrahman Abdelnasser Gamal Mohamed

Abstract: Artificial intelligence is a breakthrough in technology. Artificial intelligence provided many services in various fields, especially in the field of medicine, where he anticipated the epidemic and presented many solutions to our help in overcoming it. I was able to develop a project to obtain the highest accuracy in identifying people affected by Covid-19.

      Abdelrahman Abdelnasser Gamal Mohamed

Abstract: Artificial intelligence is a breakthrough in technology. Artificial intelligence provided many services in various fields, especially in the field of medicine, where he anticipated the epidemic and presented many solutions to our help in overcoming it. I was able to develop a project to obtain the highest accuracy in identifying people affected by Covid-19.

      Dr.Debesh Bhowmik

Abstract: In this paper author tried to show the relationship between CO2 emission and GDP in panel data during 1960-2016 for four economies namely, USA, China, India and Japan through the methodology of fixed effect panel regression, Fisher-Johansen cointegration and vector error correction model with hypothesis of decoupling to justify EKC. The paper found that one per cent increase in GDP of USA, China, India and Japan led to 0.445 per cent increase in CO2 emission per year significantly during 1960-2016 in the fixed effect model of panel regression. In the decoupling model under panel regression during the same period it was found that the elasticities of CO2 emission with respect to GDP, GDP2, GDP3 and GDP4 were -8.94, 2.45, -0.262 and 0.0098 respectively all of which are significant at 5% level.

      Afolabi O!. Olawale, I.J. Oladapo A.S. and Adegbite, Jacob. A

Abstract: Phyllanthus amarus, Alstonia boonei, Nauclea latifolia are plants which are present abundantly in Nigeria and other tropical countries. The success of chemotherapy against the challenge posed by the dynamic emergence of resistant strains lies in the continuous search for new potent drugs. Plant-derived antimicrobials have a long history of providing the much needed novel therapeutics and lead compounds. This study investigated the antimicrobial activity of methanol and n-hexane extracts of the leaves of three ethnomedicinal plants; Alstonia boonei, Phyllanthus amarus, and Nauclea latifolia against a panel of clinical significant microorganisms viz Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicum and Candida tropicalis.

      Adegbite, Jacob Adeyosoye, Afolabi Olumide and Oladapo A.S.

Abstract: Water is very important for life, it is a useful resource for domestic, industrial and agricultural purposes. Water samples were taken for analysis from Ikogosi warm spring. Cold water (S1), warm water (S2), mixture of warm and cold water (S3) at a definite distance, distilled water (S4) and Gossy water (S5) samples were obtained. All the water samples were tasteless and odorless and they are clear in appearance. Sample 1, 2, 3 and 4 had the temperatures of 370C, 260C, 300C, 250C respectively. S1 value was highest in temperature due to the direct flow of water from the rock, but for the sample 5, Gossy bottled water was already refined to the ambient temperature of 250C. The concentrations of alkalinity, total hardness, sulphate (SO42-), nitrate (NO3-), chloride (Cl-) were all below WHO guidelines value. The turbidity of all the samples is within the tolerable range set by WHO. The results of some of these parameters are however below the quality standard specification for ground water meant to be used for consumption.

      G.S.P Ranasinghe, P.W.C Panapitiya

Abstract: Continuing Medical Education (CME) is an educational activity which helps to maintain, develop, or increase the knowledge, skills, professional performance and relationships that help physician to provide services for patients, whereas Continuous Professional Development (CPD) refers to the education following completion of formal training, which will help to maintain, develop or increase knowledge, technical skills and standards, resulting in better healthcare. Therefore CME and CPD go hand in hand. This qualitative study was performed with Key Informant interviews and focus group discussions to study of current Continuous Medical Education / Continuous Professional Development programmes for health care staff with special focus on Medical officers and recommendation for improvement.

      Leticia Sam, Professor Daniel Agyapong

Abstract: This study investigated Business teachers and students’ perception towards the practice of assessment in Mfantsiman Municipality, Cape Coast. To realize their perceptions, descriptive survey design was used. A close-ended questionnaire item with five point Likert- scale was administered to forty teachers and two hundred and thirty students. The data was analysed using descriptive statistics. The results from the data indicated that the students and teachers had a positive perception about assessment. The findings also indicated that there was no statistically significant difference between teachers and students’ perception towards the practice of assessment. Most of the teachers in this study used assessment for documenting learning, rather than reporting purposes.

      Setiyono and Kadek W. Indrayanti

Abstract: The phenomenon of violence against women is increasing with all kinds of diverse forms of violence. There are still many Indonesian women who find it difficult to access legal justice when they are victims in cases of violence. The legal culture of judges needs to be studied in depth given the judges decisions that are very diverse and far from a sense of justice in cases of violence against women.

      Sheila Mae D. Golingay

Abstract: This research paper investigates the accuracy of seven time series methods for short-term production volume forecasting. Different methods are compared to measure the forecasting performance on the monthly production volume of the Region XII, Philippines during the 2017-2019 period. The findings revealed that even the autoregressive integrated moving average (ARIMA) model performed well on the given data, but, overall, the best results were achieved with seasonal naïve method.

      Elka Nikolaeva Radeva

Abstract: Introduction: Novel coronavirus disease was announced on January 30, 2020, by the World Health Organization (WHO). On March 13, 2020 many dental offices closed due to the impending danger. Patients were discharged from the schedules without a clear idea of when normal dental activity would resume. Under such circumstances, a lot of patients with pain, caries or fracture restoration had to wait for dental care during these two months. The aim of the current study is to analyze the character of the dental complains and treatment immediately after 2 months of quarantine due to COVID-19; and to consider proposals and strategies for infection control in the new situation.

      IDOWU, Ismaila Ayodeji, Dr. ADEGBIE Folajimi Festus

Abstract: The manipulations of financial statements and subsequent corporate failure are recurring phenomena globally which have not guaranteed the credibility of the financial statements. Studies have shown that financial statement quality is a challenge in deposit money banks in Nigeria. Despite various measures put in place by the regulatory agencies, there were recurring cases of poor quality of financial statements. Therefore, the study examined the effect of corporate governance on financial reporting quality in quoted deposit money banks in Lagos State, Nigeria.

      Faheem Abbas, Sana Pervaiz, Muhammad Shahid Iqbal, Muhammad Awais Ahmad, Hafiz Mohsin Shahzad, Saira Bano, Saba Gulzar,Kashif Ali, Salah ud din

Abstract: The functionalization of phosphorene and its electronic interactions with the conductive polymer had been examined in this research. Edge functionalization of phosphorene is very important because it has been found to be more reactive at the edge of a phosphorene when compared to covalently bonded phosphorus in the zigzag direction. We have described the interaction of phosphorene with polythiophene, a conducting polymer to study its optoelectronic properties and the substituent effect of polythiophene on electronic properties.

      Nahidah Nazeer

Abstract: Patient care is a demanding concept that requires a lot of time and attention in terms of activities that meets the expectations, needs, and desires of the patient and their family to raise their standard of health, comfort, and high quality of life. Patient care refers to the services proffer by health professionals /workers to prevent illness .The chief aim of patient care is to give health care benefits to make better health outcomes and therefore give special attention to psychological care as well as emotional well being .This article reflects the service renders by health professional who works for the overall benefits of patient. The steps to improve patient care have also been clearly defined .This article lays emphasis on paying attention for the betterment of the patient’s health in terms of medical aspects.

      Rodiah Rahmawaty Lubis, Tari Adrian, Fithria Aldy, Abdul Jalil Amri Arma

Abstract: Introduction: Ocular trauma is one of the most under-recognized causes of vision loss especially in developing country. Many cases of vision loss due to ocular trauma result anophthalmia. There is complex relationship between visual system and manual motor system, called Eye-hand coordination (EHC). Surgical removal of the eyeball due to ocular trauma is always related to acquired anophthalmia.

      DR. Archana Shukla, Tabinda Zaidi

Abstract: This study focuses on the level of forgiveness among adolescent girls living in shelter home and those living with parents. Sample comprised of 25 adolescent girls living with parents and 25 adolescent girls living in shelter home, age from 13-19 years. For this purpose The Heartland forgiveness scale (HFS) was used and It was found that the level of forgiveness is high among girls living with parents and low among girls living in government shelter home.

      Charles Okongo Imbiakha, Prof Pontian Godfrey Okoth, Prof Edmond Maloba Were

Abstract: Military diplomacy is increasingly emerging as an approach in the management of intra state conflicts globally. Far more common and controversial is the issue of combat troops to help end fighting in an intractable conflict. The Horn of Africa represents a classic example of a region that has witnessed many conflicts attracting several international, regional and even individual state initiatives to ameliorate the situation. The Somalia and Sudan crises provide typical examples in which such efforts have been witnessed yet they also provide a case study of successful military diplomacy by African states in states engaged in protracted intra-state conflicts.

      Michael Acquaye, L. Gyansah, S. B. Oppong

Abstract: An air conditioner has enormous effects on its users through its air-conditioning processes for many years. Hence, this research is focused on the various air conditioning related diseases, especially the Legionnaire diseases and their effects on production in the textile industry. The study displays the negative effects of the Legionnaire diseases on production as well as highlighting its causes, signs and symptoms, diagnosis and the recommended associated treatments. The study ends up educating all refrigeration technicians, mechanics, engineers and students on this disease and its effects on their various domains of operation. The research used both primary and secondary data. Primary data was collected using questionnaires. Secondary data were mainly gathered from related articles, journals from the internet, published and unpublished books and other sources on the area of study. The data gathered were analyzed using simple statistics such as percentages and figures.

      Pandhu Widyanza

Abstract: Undang-undang No. 36/2008 regarding Income Tax showed that the greater the profits from the company, the greater the tax to be paid by the company. Social and environmental responsibility in the Limited Liability Company Act No. 40 of 2007 is defined as the company's commitment to participate in the sustainable economic development to improve the quality of life and environmental benefits the company, the local community and society in general. The difference is a tax administered by the central government and the local governments which are then distributed to the general public, while the cost of implementing CSR is managed by a company and then distributed to the general public. This research was conducted on the manufacturing sector in Indonesia with the 2017-2018 study period. The results show that the disclosure of CSR affect negatively to the aggressiveness of tax, while good corporate governance doesn't affect the aggressiveness of tax.

      U. V. C. H Subasinghe, G. H. J. Lanel

Abstract: This paper presents an efficient automated timetable suitable for universities that follow the distance learning education methodology. This study generates a first semester automated timetable and shifts the weekday schedule of the faculty of Natural Science (NSC) at Open University of Sri Lanka (OUSL) to weekends and Fridays.


Abstract: Herbicides are used in agricultural areas to reduce harmful of weeds. Herbicides could decimate some weeds and slow down growth in others. Using herbicide has increased significantly since the mid-20th century. In case that herbicides are not used, significant quantitative and qualitative losses will have occurred in agricultural production. However, the side effects caused by the wide and irrational use of herbicides threaten the environment and human health. Although herbicides are the least harmful among pesticides, many studies have shown the serious negative effects of herbicides on the environment and human health. Every year a list of herbicides that cause cancer or leave large residues in the soil and water are published. However, many herbicides have been banned, but only after they have been used in tons and causing environmental pollution.

      Manjula Wanninayaka

Abstract: The study examined whether team satisfaction enhances team identification, constructing a model which is including determinates of team satisfaction: mutual support, a common goal, and multi-skills. The structural relationships between all variables were evaluated using quantitative data which was obtained from 328 shop-floor level workers in the table-ware manufacturing organizations in Sri Lanka.

      Mekonnen Gebeyaw

Abstract: Successful crop establishment and high seedling vigor are considered as an important factor for the success of most field crops, as these parameters contribute to uniform plant growth and maturity, better struggle with weeds, and high productivity. Abiotic stresses adversely affect plant growth and productivity. In recent years, seed priming has been developed as an essential method to produce tolerant crop plants against various stresses. Seed priming is a method which is potentially able to promote rapid and more uniform seed germination and seedling growth in adverse environmental conditions and enhancing yield of a certain field crops. Seed priming is the cellular state in which the harmful effects of abiotic stress factors in plants are hindered by pre exposure to a stimulus, thus resulting in greater survival.

      Agung Satriya Pambudi

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to examine the effect of institutional ownership and managerial ownership on earnings management. By taking the population of manufacturing companies that listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) in 2017-2018, this research is conducted using quantitative method with regression analysis. This research showed that institutional ownership and managerial ownership had no effect on corporate earnings management.

      Nguyen Thi Thu My, Truong Minh Hoa

Abstract: Driven by evidence of its ad vantages over either online or classroom teaching alone, blended learning has increased rapidly in many educational contexts around the world, including Vietnam. With the holistic purpose of improving the language teaching and learning quality for polytechnic students, the paper focused on the students’ attitudes towards the current English blended learning course. The survey study was conducted at FPT Polytechnic College (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam) with the participation of 139 Information Technology freshmen. The data were garnered through the 45-item-questionnaire, and were statistically analyzed by SPSS version 20.0. The findings show that the majority of the students exhibited their much positive attitudes towards four aspects: the overall quality of this course, the quality of the instructors, the course content, and the supportive services. Yet, some students were dissatisfied with the other aspect–technology system– as they often faced technological problems during online learning outside the class.

      Isaiah Ajueny Mabil Mier, Li Zhuo

Abstract: Juba City, South Sudan, like any other developing countries in the world, has a problem of collecting solid waste. That is: one-third to two-thirds of the solid waste generated is not collected, therefore municipal solid waste management (MSWM) has become a complex developmental issue in Juba, the Republic of South Sudan due the economic activities. South Sudan is a developing country that just recovered from the decades’ conflict situation from the North Sudan and experiencing alarming solid waste problems in the capital. The aim of this review paper is to assess the current status of MSWM in Juba city, in order to point out the current challenges and thereafter suggest some possible MSWM measures as solutions to the problems.

      Dr. Moses Baikirize, Christopher A. MUYOBOKE

Abstract: The topic of this research is “performance contract scenario and socio-economic development of Rwanda” a case study of Gatsibo District. The purpose of this study was to find out the social and economic effects of performance contracts in Gatsibo District and to find out challenges of the performance contracts and possible strategies for improvement. The problem at hand was that; reconstructing a nation from ashes was nearly impossible in Rwanda after the scourge of war and genocide that took almost a million of people and left many others with physical and psychological wounds.

      Ameen Jihad Derweesh Alwaily, Prof. Dr. Fatima Wanas Khudair, Prof. Dr. Zainab Ali Hussein, Parasites

Abstract: Background: Antibiotics are active substances that affect the growth of bacteria. The misuse leads to resistance to antibiotics and thus causes consequences for the health of the community. Knowledge of Antibiotic Misuse among Patients with Oral Infections in Dental Units of Al-Najaf Primary Health Care Centers(PHCCs). The misuse of antibiotics has become a societal issue, a major public health issue worldwide.

      Chime, Helen E , Ahmed Garba, Akatah, Hilda A, Tanimowo, Williams O

Abstract: Women with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) are known to have higher rates of cesarean deliveries and pregnancy-induced hypertension. Evidence suggests that a large percentage of these women are at a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) in the future. This study was carried out on a ten years retrospective study on pregnant women with diabetes mellitus progressing to types-2- diabetes mellitus in Gombe South Senatorial District of Gombe State. A descriptive cross sectional Hospital based research design was developed for the study to assess a ten years retrospective study on pregnant women. Ten years hospital records from 2011 to 2019 were used in this study. Samples was randomly selected from four General Hospital where record of all pregnant women of different religion, culture and other characteristics was reached without being biased. Seven (7) research questions were answered using percentages, frequencies and Pearson Product moment Correlation, via SPSS version 23.

      PRD Wijesingha, HGM Wickremeratne

Abstract: The changes in data protection regulatory impact how we currently manage employee data. Human Resources as a function must know-how companies are faring the impact of this change. What areas companies need to be cognizant of that may open to compliance risks. This study focuses on the issues of individual data privacy breaches and being non-compliant to various data protection regulations in both local and global companies, and human resources responsibility to make it compliant. Though data privacy might apply to many industries, this study gives special reference to the business process management (BPM) industry which is one of the main industries which liaise with data processing and data managing.

      G.N. Kaushalya, V.P.I.S. Wijeratne, L. Manawadu

Abstract: Water is essential for all sorts of growth and development of humankind, animal, and plant. One of the most important uses of water is for domestic purpose and it is the third-largest water consumer from total water consumption in the world. This study mainly explored the spatiotemporal patterns of domestic water consumption and related issues in semi-urban and rural areas. Primary data collection mainly conducted with a hundred (N=100) sample household questionnaires and sample households were selected based on main drinking water sources (groundwater and tap water) using a stratified random sampling method. Correlation, Kernel density, nearest neighbor analysis, and interpolation techniques were used to fulfill the main research objective of the study.

      Risma Furi Nurnafiah, Triyanti, Wita Mailani

Abstract: This study is conducted to find the determinants of over-nutrition status among high school students in Jakarta. This study is a quantitative study using cross-sectional design. This study is using secondary data which collected in 2019 with total sample of 130 respondents. In this study, nutrition status is dependent variable while breakfast habits, energy, carbohydrates, protein, fat intake, physical activities, and gender as independent variables. Data used are in the form of questionnaire results, 24h-food recall interviews, body weight and height measurements. Data are analyzed using chi square. Study result shows 26.9% students are over-nutrition. Bivariate analysis result shows that there is no significantly relationship between nutrition and breakfast habits, energy, carbohydrates, protein, fat intake, physical activities, and gender. However, in this study shows a tendency that over-nutrition is higher on students who did not have breakfast, high protein intake, high on fat, and male. To prevent over-nutrition the school and community health center can give education related to balanced nutrition especially for male students. The school makes a policy for the supply of healthy balance nutrition foods in the school canteen.

      Onoja Emmanuel Oche, Suleiman Muhammad Nasir, Alhassan Hauwa Muhammed

Abstract: The agriculture sector is gradually becoming more digitalize with large integration of Internet of Things into various farming processes such as land cultivation, farm monitoring, product processing, food marketing and consumers-farmers interaction. This paradigm shift from mechanical (or wired) agriculture technology to a wireless (or sensor based) agriculture system comes along with its own security challenges as viewed from cyber security perspective.

      Bibhas Chandra Mondal

Abstract: In this paper we have proved some basic properties, related to union and intersection, of four different types of induced intuitionistic fuzzy sets.

      Yonas Kidane, Chen Hongbin prof, Teklwayne Tesfamicheal, Brhane Weldegebrial, Abrhaley Fsha

Abstract: The general objective of the research was to assess the impact of SWC measures on social, environmental, and economic aspects in Mizraf watershed in Tigray, Northern Ethiopia. Data were collected through semi-structured interviews, transect walks, field observation and field measurements demonstrated that Degradation Status after implementation of SWC highly reduced & all most 80% of it was reclaimed. The results of the positive impact of SWC measures implemented in this watershed were. The gully depth averagely reduced to 1m deep & it is all most dead (reclaimed). New spring water developed its discharge was measured 42.3 lit per second and the tunneling, rill, and sheet erosions are ceased out and this contributed to land productivity.

      Dr. Fidaa O. D. Safi, Dr. Marwan S. Alagha

Abstract: Service quality is one of the most effective tools to gain customer satisfaction and loyalty. This study aimed to examine the relationship between service quality and customer satisfaction on private telecom sector in India. The study based on primary and secondary data, a total of 310 customers of the private telecom sector companies were surveyed by applying a structured questionnaire.

      Randel D. Estacio, Reagan Joseph T. Villanueva, and Hendrik Freitag

Abstract: Odonata is considered as potential indicator of environmental disturbances. Despite of great efforts in recording the Odonata Fauna of the Philippines in general, the Riparian habitats in Bataan/Subic Bay (Luzon) and Mt. Hinunduang/Baroc River Catchment (Mindoro) are still unexplored. Due to the continuous forest and freshwater habitat destruction, faunal survey of Odonata species is urgent. The present study surveyed selected riparian habitats in these regions in December 2015 to April 2016. A total of two hundred six species belonging to twenty genera (Heteronaias, Brachydiplax, Diplacodes, Macrodiplax, Neurothemis, Orthetrum, Pantala, Potamarcha, Trithemis, Zyxoma, Neurobasis, Cyrano, Rhinocypha, Agriocnemis, Ischnura, Pseudagrion, Teinobasis, Euphaea, Coeliccia, and Risiocnemis) were recorded and seven endemic species of the family Platycnemididae, Euphaeidae, and Calopterygidae were documented in both regions. From the collected specimens, one species under the family Platycnemididae is new to science but additional collection and evaluation are needed.

      Jhonsen Indrawan, Yutu Solihat, Dadik Wahyu Wijaya, Akhyar H. Nasution, Susi Sembiring

Abstract: Background : For patients with critical condition, healthcare professional need to asses actual body oxygenation as soon as possible. Until recently, the gold standard of this measurement is with blood gas analysis (BGA). Pulse oximetry is very useful by it’s practicable and portable and been expected represent actual body oxygenation condition especially for non-BGA available centre.

      Neema Mwalyagile

Abstract: It is been half a century women’s progression in professional career has been in a debate. Yet today, only scant percent of women are able to make their way at leadership and decision making positions at higher education institutions across the globe. However, women career in higher education has been of little concern to researchers. The purpose of this study is to examine the relationship between gender stereotype and social-cultural beliefs with women’s career progression barriers among female staffs in a public university in Tanzania.

      Christina Kihanga

Abstract: Following the 2008 Global Financial Crisis and 2014 oil price fall liquidity risk in banks is a major issue. The main objective of this journal article is to examine liquidity risk of Conventional and Islamic Banks. The study uses data of banks operating in banking regulatory environments. The implications of the results will be bank management, government and regulatory bodies of banks to manage the signifi

      Dr. Brajeshwar Mishra

Abstract: COVID -19 is a respiratory disease caused by a coronavirus ( SARS Cov -2). Coronaviral proteins is responsible to disrupt the immune response pathway and breakdown the immune system. In Ayurvedic system of medicine Amritadi Kwath may be effective for immunity booster drug to healthy people for improving immunity to fight COVID -19 pandemic . But Amritadi Kwath to be used freshly prepared ,and shelf life is ( ½ -1 day) .Which is major drown back of Amritadi Kwath to the large scale production.

      Kshitija Ballamwar, Smt. Dr. Sangeeta Sahasrabuddhe and Komal Chafle

Abstract: Preservatives are added to product for basic reasons; that are to prevent microbial spoilage and thus to prolong the quantity of your time of the merchandise; and to protect the merchandise itself and customer from a possible infection. Although chemical preservative prevents microbial growth, and enhance their time period, now a days their safety is questioned by a growing segment of consumer.

      Stephen Onyango Ouma

Abstract: This paper will draw attention to the very idea of invented Africa, and the process of the invention with the hope that by understanding that process we may look into the possibilities of de-inventing invented Africa. Through this, the paper examines how the continent can rise to the socio-economic world based on its cultural and historical context and content, lastly, the paper explores the process of rediscovering the self-autonomy of the Africans from the European imperialism this is to make my “audience especially those who have not appreciated the magnitude of the crisis faced by communities of color as a result of mass incarceration,” to appreciate themselves.

      Mary Ingadoh Isalambah

Abstract: Gender has been recognized as a major issue that is central to the spread of HIV and AIDs infection. Women are more vulnerable to HIV infection due to their biological susceptibility, limited sexual autonomy and men’s power to control sexual activities. Gender- based social inequalities have been observed in which women lack the power to protect themselves from contracting HIV.

      Awomuti Adeboye, Bin Xu, Rodriguez torres Erik, Otonoku Tamara

Abstract: This study examines the impact of the Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic on Energy Consumption in relation to Human and Environmental Responses in Ontario Canada. Supply and demand of Electricity which is a secondary form of energy was extensively studied and reviewed. This impact was compared between the active COVID-19 period in the study area and similar periods of previous years. The data sets studied, reviewed and analyzed were extracted from the database of the World Bank World Development Indicator and the Independent electricity System Operator (IESO) of Ontario Canada. From the study and analyses, it was evident that: COVID-19 has disrupted many businesses, resulting in reduced provincial demand/Consumption and creating significant uncertainty in supply and demand forecasts.

      Yusuf Mohamed Ahmed, James Mbebe and Dr. Wilson Muema

Abstract: The telecommunication companies over the globe are growing very fast and this has been attributed to the strategic planning and implementation of growth strategies. Despite the industry experiencing a boom in the recent past, only a handful of scholarly studies have been conducted in Kenya to capture these growth moments and make sense of them. They key determinants for success of implementation of strategic plan are the government policies, leadership style, marketing positioning and the organizational structure among others. Essentially, the study sought to bring out the how these determinants predict the implementation of strategic change with focus on telecommunication entities in Kenyan context.

      Omar, D. Khalid

Abstract: Conflict is the occurrence of competition, aggressive mentality, antagonism and hostility among different communities with varying opinion and interests. Several strategies from traditional to modernized/civilized have been utilized over time without success in Wajir East Sub-County of the larger Wajir County in Kenya. The current work, therefore aimed at establishing effects of conflict resolution approaches on household economic development in the perspective of Wajir East Sub-County. Specifically, the academic work sought to find out the influence of mediation, arbitration and negotiation by council of elders on household economic development.

      Dr.Tabitha Murerwa, Dr. Susan Nzioki and Dr.Wilson Muema

Abstract: Through performance appraisal an organization undertakes to measure the set goals against employee actual performance with respect to the period in question. It is also used to identify an employee’s weaknesses and strengths and provide for appropriate adjustments. This study examined the importance of performance appraisal as an outcome of performance contracting in insurance firms in Kenya. The study employed a descriptive approach for and used a population that consisted of 49 heads of performance contracting sections of 49 Kenyan insurance firms. A census method of sampling was used due to the availability of the population.

      Chrine, C. Hapompwe; Mabvuto Nanias Tembo & Elizabeth Zyambo

Abstract: This study envisioned to empirically assess the impact of Constituency Development Fund (CDF) on rural development with specific reference to education and health services in Rufunsa Constituency, east of Lusaka, Zambia. The objectives of the study were: to assess central government’s consistency in disbursing CDF fund to Rufunsa Constituency; to assess the impact of CDF in the provision of health and education facilities in Rufunsa constituency; and to assess the level of community participation in CDF funded projects in the health and education sectors in Rufunsa Constituency.

      Chrine, C. Hapompwe; Martha Mbewe; Jacqueline Siwale & Caroline Nkatha Waithaka

Abstract: This was an empirical study purposed to analyse the role of pedagogical, environmental and socio economic factors in public primary schools’ pupil retention in Lusaka, Zambia against the resounding concern about the reduction in number of pupils who were able to transition to upper levels after enrolment. The objectives of the study were: to describe pedagogical processes which lead to low retention rate among public primary school pupils; to explore school environmental factors which contribute to low retention rate among public primary school pupils; and to analyse socio-economic factors responsible for low retention rates among public primary school pupils.

      H.K.G.K.D.K. Hapuhinna, R.D. Gunaratne, H.M.J.C. Pitawala

Abstract: Study describes the processing of nano ceramic/ polyester composite using a polyester matrix with different mixing ratios of nano-hydroxyapatite ceramic as the reinforcement and the filler. Processed products were analyzed to find out; physical, chemical, mechanical, thermal properties including reinforcement particle size distribution, composition, presence of functional groups, crystallography, surface morphology, structural features, thermal stability, a variation of glass transition temperatures and tensile properties. Results have shown high thermal stability, material stability with good mechanical properties in the processed nano-products. The study concluded, after incorporating polyester with nano-ceramic lead to have products with higher properties for automotive and industrial applications.

      Gentiana Mjaku, Ph.D. c

Abstract: There are numerous explanations and theories in contemporary literature regarding strategic leadership and management. Leadership has a significant impact on the strategic management process and thus facilitates the organization to implement effective strategies. During the strategic management process, leadership performs various roles as strategist, analyst, guide, organizer, motivator, developer, decision maker, collaborator and evaluator. Nowadays, organizations always need good strategic management and a capable leader to be able to achieve their goals. The main purpose of this paper is to examine strategic management and leadership, with a focus on the relationship between them. So discover what role leadership has in formulating and implementing strategy management by reviewing existing literature.

      Gentiana Mjaku, Ph.D. c

Abstract: The government uses different instruments to stimulate economic growth, reduce unemployment, and boost up investment, for which purpose, this system since its very beginning has gone through a number of filters of changes and improvements. Any change at the level of these instruments has a direct impact on the overall economic flow. The main purpose of this research is to analyze the role and importance of Value Added Tax (VAT) and its impact on budget revenues. It will assess the relationship between VAT and the generation of tax revenues in Kosovo, the creation of new fiscal reforms, especially related to the Value Added Tax.

      Dauda J. Abiodun, Ameh E. Mark, Adaji M. Umar, Ocheme G. Wilson and Nayo R. Olufunke

Abstract: The use of plants and their products for different purposes has been with man from the beginning. Aside food, plants are often used as medicine, an example of such plant is Ageratum conyzoides. This study was undertaken to evaluate the nutritional composition and antioxidant potency of Ageratum conyzoides whole plant. Ageratum conyzoides whole plant contained in percent, moisture (5.52±0.035), ash (10.47±0.058), crude protein (24.53±0.104), crude lipid (3.78±0.069), crude-fibre (18.89±0.023) and carbohydrate (36.81±0.006).

      Attamah, Nicholas, Kalu Chris U.

Abstract: FDI has undeniably been instrumental in the restructuring, transformation and diversification processes for poverty reduction in many developing countries of the world. However, this has not been the case with the Nigerian economy. This paper examined foreign direct investment for poverty reduction in Nigeria, taking into cognizance the right policy lessons and the avoidable policy scenarios. Using quarterly data sourced from the Central Bank of Nigeria(CBN) Statistical Bulletin, the National Bureau of Statistics and the World Bank Development Indicator (2019) from 1970 Q1 to 2018Q4.

      Nhor Sanhei, Long Somnang, Eing Kanyi, Rozinah Jamaludin

Abstract: The main purpose of this study was to figure out the student perception for English as a Second Language by using YouTube. The questionnaire of 19 items was sent to fifty ESL participation in a University in Phnom Penh City in order to identify students’ interests of YouTube in ESL classroom and to find out the students’ perceptions of using YouTube in ESL classroom. There were 50 participants who responded to the questionnaire and 22 males and 28 females.

      Melaku Adinew Ayitehgiza

Abstract: Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are a leading cause of environmental pollution and have been the most significant problems for the worldwide community. This study examines the dynamic causal relationships between CO2 emissions, industrial structure, economic growth and urbanization for the period 1980–2017 using the Autoregressive Distributed Lag (ARDL) bounds testing approach and Granger causality tests. Augmented Dickey-Fuller and the Phillips-Perron tests used to examine of unit roots of the variables. The results showed that industrial structure, economic growth and urbanization increases CO2 emissions. The result of Granger causality test indicated that there is a bidirectional causal relationship between industrial structure, economic growth, and urbanization and CO2 emissions. The results recommend that industrial structure, economic growth and urbanization were the main determinants of environmental pollution in Ethiopia and a series of policy actions related to industrial structure, economic growth and urbanization should be taken to reduction the environmental degradation.

      Abdelrahman Gajum

Abstract: The arms trade has become a key one of the most widely used instruments in arms suppliers. It has led to "outdatedness" of traditional security and diplomacy instruments, such as formal alliances, the deployment of military forces abroad and threats of military intervention.

      Evi Mahlina, Roselina Panghiyangani, Syamsul Arifin, Husaini, Meitria Syahadatina Noor

Abstract: The use of IUD contraception in postpartum mothers is a safe, effective, and convenient method for women, and is the best opportunity to control postpartum fertility. The use of IUD contraception in postpartum mothers can be influenced by several factors, including education, husband support, information and counseling, and health status. This research aims to analyze the effect of education, husband support, information and counseling, and health status on the use of IUD contraception in postpartum mothers at dr. Doris Sylvanus Hospital Palangkaraya.

      Prinawati, Roselina Panghiyangani, Syamsul Arifin, Husaini, Meitria Syahadatina Noor

Abstract: Low Birth Weight Babies (LBW) is the weight of a baby born less than 2,500 grams regardless of gestational age and occurs in infants less than (37 weeks) of pregnancy age. In 2015, there were 15.5% LBW incidence, meaning that 20.6 million LBW infants were born every year and 96.5% of them were in developing countries. This research aims to analyze parity, gestational age, pregnancy complications, anemia, and education related to the incidence of low birth weight babies in dr. Doris Sylvanus Hospital Palangka Raya in 2018.

      Khairunnisa, Izaak Zoelkarnaen Akbar, Triawanti, Husaini, Fauzie Rahman

Abstract: Incidence forced discharge is the request of the patient or the patient’s family to go home before his illness cured. In 2019, incidence discharge was 9.36% to 122 cases per month or 1461. It is not compatible with the standards of the Minister of Health Decree No. 129 Years 2008, i.e. incidence forced discharge is ≤ 5%. As for the impact of the discharge incident, one of them is the quality of service. The purpose of this study is to analyze the effect of access, interpersonal services of paramedics, service facilities and customer complaints on forced discharge at the Inpatient Installation of the Ratu Zalecha Martapura Regional Hospital. This research is a quantitative observational analytic study with a cross-sectional design.

      Erni Wiliyani ZM, Roselina Panghiyangani, Lenie Marlinae, Husaini, Meitria Syahadatina Noor

Abstract: The prevalence of exclusive breastfeeding coverage in Banjarbaru City is still low at 47.8%, and one of the areas contributing to the low achievement is the Sungai Ulin Community Health Center working area with an achievement rate of only 17.8% in 2016. The achievement is influenced by several factors; one of them is the condition of the working mother that can hamper the implementation of exclusive breastfeeding. This research aims to analyze factors related to exclusive breastfeeding in the work area of the Sungai Ulin Community Health Center in Banjarbaru City.

      Akhmad Munawar Fu’adi, Roselina Panghiyangani, Fauzie Rahman, Husaini, Meitria Syahadatina Noor

Abstract: The health care is an essential element in every hospital. The number of visitors at the polyclinic of internal medicine in Datu Sanggul Rantau Hospital was 6906 which is categorized in high utilization, but based on the results of public satisfaction surveys in 2018 on the outpatient unit obtained the results the interval public satisfaction surveys ranged from 2.60 to 3.064 which is the quality of service performance of units of service are less good. This research aims to analyze the factors that relate to the re-utilization of health care by patients with hypertension at the polyclinic of internal medicine in the hospital of Datu Sanggul Rantau.

      Fitriasih, Achmad Rofii, Lenie Marlinae, Husaini, Fauzie Rahman

Abstract: Unmet need for family planning is the proportion of women of reproductive age in marital status who do not use contraceptives; and/or those who have an unmet need because of health risks and poor use of contraception. According to data from the Office of the Department of Population Control, Family Planning, Womens Empowerment, Community and Child Protection of Banjarbaru City in 2019, the average data of unmet need family planning in Kampung family planning of Banjarbaru City was as much as 14.14%. This research aims to analyze the factors related to the unmet need for family planning for couples of reproductive age in the Kampung family planning of Banjarbaru City.

      Mahrita, Husaini, Triawanti, Roselina Panghiyangani, Meitria Syahadatina Noor

Abstract: Neonatal mortality is one of the determinants of children’s health and well-being. SDGs are targeting to reduce neonatal mortality at least up to 12/ 1000 live births. The neonatal mortality rate in the Hulu Sungai Selatan Regency in 2018 is the highest in the South Kalimantan Province of 18/ 1000 live births. This research aims to analyze the relationship between maternal age, parity, gestational age, pregnancy complications, childbirth complications, infant birth weight, asphyxia, congenital abnormalities, and birth attendants with neonatal mortality in the Hulu Sungai Selatan Regency in 2018. This study was an observational analytic study with a case-control design conducted in Hulu Sungai Selatan Regency. The sample of the study was 41 cases and 43 controls.

      Yunita Suwarni, Izaak Zoelkarnain Akbar, Eko Suhartono, Husaini, Fauzie Rahman

Abstract: Bed Occupancy Rate (BOR) is a number that indicates the percentage of the level of use of the bed at a certain time unit in inpatient units. The high achievement of BOR shows that there is an increase in service usage. This condition also shows that the work activities of health workers in the room have also increased. Increased work activities can be the cause of nurses work fatigue. Fatigue caused by several factors, among others shifts work, individual factors (health or illness, gender, age, education, workload, tenure, marital status and nutritional status). The research aims to analiyze factors influencing working fatigue in nurses at the inpatient unit Idaman Regional Hospital Banjarbaru.

      Fernando K. A. B, Bandara H. M. W. R

Abstract: Diverse range of bioactive molecules are produced by the plants which making them rich source of different types of medicine. Nowadays, most of the drugs are obtained from natural sources or semi synthetic derivatives of natural products that used in traditional system of medicine. In Ayurvedic treatments, Ficus bengalensis (Vata) plant uses for so many diseases as topical applications and internal medications. Especially, this herbal plant uses in the treatment of fungal infections. This study was conducted to determine the antifungal activity of Ficus bengalensis against the laboratory specimens of Candida albicans. The disc diffusion technique was used to test antifungal sensitivity by using Muller Hinton Agar medium. Fluconazole 2.5mg/ml discs were used as controls for comparison with the selected herbal extract.

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