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      Liyanage RMW, Liyanage RP, Weerasooriya WMB

Abstract: Sarvavishadi Thaila (SVT) is one of the widely used herbal preparations in the traditional system of medicine in srilanka. It has been used in the treatment of different type of diseases such as Thundikeri (Tonsilitis), Sarpavisha (Snake bites), Keetavisha (Insect bites), Ratharoga (Skin diseases), Krimiroga (Worm infections), Arshas (Haemorrhoids), Ullogam (Trush), Vruna (Ulcers), Vidradhi (Abcess) & Granthi shotha (Edema). Its formula is consisting with many herbs, oils, spices & minerals which are having different therapeutic Activities. Reviewing of antibacterial and antifungal effect of the medicinal plants used in this formula is the key objective of this study. Review is highlighted that the many studies reveal that the antibacterial and antifungal activities of the medicinal plant used in the formula of sarvavishadi thaila.

      Saloni Patel, Shrushti Patel, Srushti Patel, Viren Patel, Dr. Priyanshee Rathod, Dr. Shrikalp Deshpande

Abstract: With advanced age there is an increase in multiple disease states, with a consequent increase in the number of medicines taken. The elderly therefore need regular review. Home Medication Review (HMR) Program was pioneered by Australian Government in the year 2001. HMR is a collaborative service involving the general practitioner, pharmacist and the patient. This study was carried out to assess medication taken, adherence. The main objectives of this study are to collect demography and check disease prevalence, study medicine use and to assess medication adherence in geriatric population. Results: 102 patients of age greater than 60 years participated in the study. 48 were females (47.05%) and 54 were males (52.95%).

      Dr. Hemendra Sarma

Abstract: Here an analysis is made on the high as well as low frequency torsional oscillations in a visco-elastic fluid. The flow is induced induced by a disk oscillating about an axis normal to its plane. The structure of outer boundary layer has been examined matching inner and outer solutions. Kármán-Pohlhausen method has been used for integrating the equations of motion. An effort has been made to analyse the behaviour of different flow parameters involving in the flow of the visco-elastic fluid.

      Ridham Priskap, Dadang Suwanda

Abstract: This study aims to examine and analyze the ideal format of regional head elections in the Indonesian constitutional system in the future. The problem in this research is to examine how the ideal format of regional head elections in the Indonesian constitutional system in the future. This study uses a normative method with steps of description, systematization and explanation of the content of positive law by using the concept approach, the law approach and the historical approach with systematic synchronization analysis.

      Arjun Dattaraju

Abstract: For decades Human Resource Management has been considered to be a cost centre, an overhead that does not contribute to the revenue growth or the overall strategy of the organization. However, there have been drastic changes in perception in the recent past with the management realizing the importance of Human Resource Management and the role it plays in contributing to the overall strategy of the organization. Today, the senior management of many organizations consider HRM to be a profit centre.

      G.G. Kaushik, Neha Sharma

Abstract: Subclinical hypothyroidism is a common biochemical finding in the general population. It is accidentally diagnosed and usually presents with mild or no symptoms of hypothyroidism, but it may progress to overt hypothyroidism. Patients with hypothyroidism are prone to develop cardiovascular disease, which is related to elevated cholesterol and lipoprotein levels in these patients.

      Konica Kansal

Abstract: The corona-virus (COVID-19) pandemic is the greatest challenge that we have faced and defining global health crisis of the current time in India. The World Health Organization, which has officially declared the outbreak a pandemic, has called on "all countries to continue efforts that have been effective in limiting the number of cases and slowing the spread of the virus." However, the rest of the country remains under lockdown. Due to which the country is under lockdown the companies has been shutdown, people are staying where they are. All the travelling, tangible business meetings, schools, colleges, hotels have been prohibited to execute their operations. Work from Home is the only practice which can help to continue the business operations and functions.

      Akkas Ahamed, Mohammad Alam Chowdhury, Md. Sayedur Rahman

Abstract: The Rohingya refugees are the most persecuted ethnic and religious minority in the world. They are suffering for long time. Many observers think that the Rohingyas are treated badly on ground of their religious identity. And they have been oppressed by the Myanmar’s Buddhist military junta for their distinct religious and ethnic identity.

      J.Parija, S.Spattnaik, B.Lnayak, S.Samantray, J.Jmohapatra, R.Das, N.Panda, P.Devi, P.K Das, S.Das M.Rmohapatra, L.Sarangi, N.Rout, Deepti Ranisantray, A.K Padhi, Sasmita Panda

Abstract: OBJECTIVE –The objectives of this study was survival analysis of the clear cell and uterine pappilary serous cell carcinoma AT AHPGIC

      Gitonga, D., Prof China, S. and Dr. Nabiswa, F.

Abstract: Since the beginning of the century, the need for adopting sustainable energy technologies (SET) has been of concern worldwide. This is because renewable energy sources have significant potential to contribute to the economic, social and environmental sustainability. However, despite the practical and convincing technologies on sustainable energy, the adoption rates have been quite low especially in resource constrained nations and communities. The effects have been greatly felt by humanitarian actors, host communities and refugees.

      Gitonga, D., Prof China, S. and Dr. Nabiswa, F.

Abstract: The situation that continues to persist with most Africans is that despite the impact of the eurocentric influence, evidence suggests that the inner motivation to their way of life overwhelmingly remains their African culture. Adoption of sustainable energy technologies in Africa will continue to be influenced by cultural practices. Adoption rates are likely to be low especially in resource constrained African communities like those hosting refugees.

      Gitonga, D., Prof China, S. and Dr. Nabiswa, F.

Abstract: Market availability is a key feature in a business. It helps in designing the product or service that meets the needs of consumers, and setting competitive, profitable and affordable prices. Adoption of sustainable energy technologies can therefore be best discussed in the lens of supply and demand. One of the bases for unwillingness to adopt sustainable energy is the fear of unreliability in supply. On the demand side, adoption of energy technologies will depend on satisfying what the customers are asking for and not necessarily what the suppliers imagines.

      Gitonga, D., Prof China, S. and Dr. Nabiswa, F.

Abstract: Energy subsidy is an essential ingredient in diffusion of new technologies .Subsidy initiatives in sustainable energy technology market in humanitarian settings aim to lower the market price and spread the duration of payments hence creating an incentive to consume more of a good or service. Adoption of sustainable energy technologies can thus be discussed in the light of subsidy initiatives structure. Some of the twin reasons for low adoption of SET in the camps is high upfront cost that inhibits access and installment payment that can foster adoption.

      George Adom, Prof E.O. Adu

Abstract: This study was aimed at examining the use of Cuisenaire rods on grade 9 learners’ performance in fractions. Pre-test, Post-test, and Control group quasi-experimental design was used for the study. The study group was made up of 250 grade 9 learners’. One hundred and twenty-five (125) learners were selected into the experiment group whiles One hundred and twenty-five (125) learners’ were selected into the control group through systematic simple random method. The data collected were analysed using Analysis of Covariance (ANCOVA) to find the Mean, Standard Deviation and Sample T-test. The mean and standard deviation were used to compare the pre-test and post-test between the Experimental group and Control group. The analysed results of the means, standard deviations and T-tests were used to reject the null hypotheses. The analysed results of Cuisenaire rods showed that the pre-test (mean = 8.372, SD=1.770) and post-test (mean = 12,428, SD=4.732), t=13,024 p< 0.05. The hypotheses were tested at 0.05 level of significance.


Abstract: The red-rust flour beetle, Tribolium castaneum is a serious pest of stored wheat flour in Nigeria. The study assessed the relative preference for development by T. castaneum in dehulled-fine flour of eight wheat varieties. The experiment was conducted between 24th February to 20th April, 2017, in the laboratory of Biological Science Department of University of Maiduguri, under ambient temperature (24±1.13 oC) and relative humidity (30.7±1.38 RH).

      H.H.D.P.J. Opatha

Abstract: Human resource analytics has emerged as a new trend and challenge in the business context emphasizing the strategic value of Human Resource Management (HRM) to the top management leaders. This paper tries to achieve five objectives: 1) what HR analytics means and its importance, 2) what the process of HR analytics is, 3) possible HR questions that can be answered by HR analytics, 4) a new model for HR analytics, and 5) challenges that exist for HR analytics.

      Adem Fedlu Jemal, Fangnon Firmin Fangninou, Rejoice Mwamba

Abstract: "Environmental pollution control and environmental management, in general, are major aspects of development processes especially in the perspective of sustainable development. It is, therefore, quite essential for decision-makers to appreciate the need to look at industrial development and environmental protection measures which go side by side. Data were collected from 40 industries, including food, chemical, tannery & abattoirs and medical industries all which dispose effluent."

      Dr. Niharika Mohapatra

Abstract: The present corona virus pandemic that the world is facing today is the biggest crisis after the Second World War. It possesses a serious threat to all aspects of development, having wider social, physical, psychological, economic and political implications. So in this paper I attempt to analyze how we as sociologists would contribute to the understanding of this outbreak and help in reducing its impact and contribute in the policy level.

      Charles Ganaprakasam & Fonny Dameaty Hutagalung

Abstract: Multitude of social scientist and psychologist expressed the advantage of interracial interaction. However, it’s still received little attention in Malaysia. Indeed, positive racial climate is an important aspect in school advancement that would have significant implications for youth development. In this paper, the author has explained in detail concerning the essence of interracial interaction, explained the challenges in encouraging interracial interaction, and strategies to enhance. Overall, the author demonstrated the essence of promoting harmonious interracial interaction and embracing multiculturalism in schools in order to reach the pinnacle of a student’s career.

      Ankita Agarwal

Abstract: Its a fact that about 5% of the world’s population is affected by diabetes. The term "diabetes mellitus "is a group of certain disorders, such as fat and protein metabolism, high glucose levels, and abnormalities of carbohydrate that characterize these disorders. The number of infected patients is predicted and expected to rise by 50% by the year 2030. The review article discusses the associations between diabetes and periodontal disease and the oral health manifestation of diabetes. There is a lack of oral health awareness among health professionals and even patients infected with diabetes. There is strong evidence supporting the relationship between diabetes and oral health. Diabetes mellitus is associated with several disorders and oral diseases. Periodontitis is a risk factor in subject with diabetes for poor metabolic control. Thus, the authors reviewed the literature to identify why diabetes causes oral conditions.

      Raju Khadka, Majeed Safa, Alison Bailey, Birendra KC

Abstract: Currently 516 tonnes of municipal solid waste per day are generated in Kathmandu, Nepal, the majority of which is taken to landfill. This is projected to rise to 745 tons per day by 2025. Landfill is a source of greenhouse gas emissions, most notably methane (CH4). This study assessed the CH4 emissions from a landfill site in Kathmandu for five scenarios: S0, S1, S2, S3 and S4. The results showed that CH4 emissions are extremely high at 15,136 thousand m3 for scenario S0 - “Business as usual”. A significant reduction of 53% of CH4 emissions was achieved with gas capture (S1).

      Uhuru Josephine, Wamocha Lydiah

Abstract: All over the world, Kenya included, there have been long standing attempts to eradicate all forms of violence against females. However such effort proved to be counterproductive.. The purpose of the study was to identify indicators of Gender Based Violence and factors reinforcing Gender Based Violence against females in Narok County, Kenya. Narok County was selected purposively because the county has been on the limelight on GBV and womens literacy is low. The study was guided by cultural lag theory by William Ogburn. Questionnaires, interview schedule and focus group discussions were used to collect data. Quantitative data was analyzed through descriptive statistics such as frequency percentages and correlation statistics.

      Memona Prasai, Bhawana Shrestha, Sanjeeb Shah, Aasis Paneru

Abstract: Childhood disease is most common among the children residing in slum area due to inadequate water and sanitation facilities. Large number of children still dies in the developing countries without seeking any health care facilities. Thus the study aims to assess the health care seeking behavior during childhood illness among mother of under five children residing in slum area of Kathmandu, Nepal.

      Hashmatullah Tareen M.Ed, Parveen Quraishi

Abstract: This study aims to explore female learners’ perceptions towards male lecturer gender. A major problem with this kind of study is low capacity of female lecturers and a large number of female learners who learn at Kandahar University. The attempt here is to find out female learners’ perceptions of male lecturers and the challenges that female learners are faced against the male lecturers. The total number of participants in this study were 80, in which the whole participants are female from Educational faculty and the participants were selected randomly.

      Okeya Isaac Olaitan, Dr. Dare Funso David and Dr. Okeya Olutoyin Elizabeth

Abstract: This paper re-assesses the effect of monetary policy on health and economic growth in Nigeria from 1986 to 2016 using secondary data collected from Central Bank Bulletin. Fully Modified Ordinary Least Square (FMOLS), Unit root test and co-integration test were carried out. The macroeconomic variables employed include, Gross Domestic Product, money supply, real interest rate, real exchange rate, consumer price index, bank rate, health index and prime lending rate.

      MOKUOLU, Adewunmi Olanrewaju (Ph.D) & FATOBA, Kolawole Oluyomi

Abstract: Students’ academic achievement in Physics is generally influenced by many factors among which are system, student and parental factors etc. This study examined the influence of students’ interest in Physics and class size on students’ academic achievement in Physics. Descriptive survey design with a study sample of 150 S.S.III Physics students were used in this study. Students’ previous examination result and questionnaires were used as instruments of data collection. Collected data were analyzed using Pearson correlation and multiple regression analysis at 0.05 level of significance.

      Boina Supraja, Kummari Shiva Kumar, Dorishetti Harish, Kattula Rakesh

Abstract: Background and objectives: The occurrence of trauma fractures is growing due to increased means of transport, bad roads, and resistance to road safety legislation. Adequate knowledge on the involvement of various parts of the body in trauma will assist in planning for the management of these fractures. This prospective study was performed to determine the etiology and frequency of bones affected.

      Enriko Horas Marudut Panggabean, Indrawati

Abstract: City management in the future, of course, will be increasingly complex due to the rate of population growth, urbanization, the limited number of natural resources, and other factors. One solution to deal with this problem is the application of the smart city concept, namely a city development model that has high effectiveness and efficiency functions with the support of technological developments. Smart city consists of many dimensions, one of which smart water, which is mostly initiated by cities including the city of Bandung. The purpose of this research is to confirm the model and get the index value of smart water readiness in the city of Bandung. The water cycle (raw water resources, production, distribution, consumption of clean water and waste water collection and treatment) plays an integral part of the urban system, which affects every pillar of urban society and its functions, produces energy ,supports tourism ,ensures the realization of environmental health and humans, and ultimately can trigger the development of the local economy (ITU-T, Smart Water In Cities,2014).Indirectly increasing convergence such as encouraging urban growth.[1]

      Dr. Ohn Mar Myint

Abstract: The aim of this study is to analyse the effect of financial access on performance of SMEs in Myanmar. According to the survey results, entrepreneurial characteristics and SMEs support environment have a positive and significantly influence on financial access. It means SMEs owners should have entrepreneurial mind-set and appropriate support environment for their businesses to get better experiences in financial access. Furthermore, financial access has a positive relationship with firm’s performance. It can be concluded that performance of SMEs will be effective and efficient if SMEs owners can get easily access to finance. Therefore, SMEs owners should have better entrepreneurial mind-set in the decision making process. Moreover, government should always monitor the financial access level of SMEs and should set the rules and regulations to improve SMEs in Myanmar.

      Nguyen Thi Hanh Phuc, M.A

Abstract: Reading strategies have been considered one of the most valuable tools for language learners to overcome difficult reading task. This mixed method study investigated reading difficulties experienced by 75 high school English language learners at three schools in Thai Nguyen Province, Vietnam. The instruments used in the study consist of two questionnaires. The results reveal that most of the learners experience vocabulary understanding (87%). The second ranking challenge belongs to problems handling lengthy reading (81%). The time pressure ranks third with 78%. The findings also indicated that most of the strategies are reported using at moderate and high level, except for GRS1, GRS2, GRS3 and PSRS3 (M<2.5). The most preferred strategies include PSRS7, PSRS8, SRS1, SRS2, SRS6, SRS7, SRS9 (M>3.5).

      Teka Tesfaye Mengesha

Abstract: Drying is a post-harvest process that consumes significant energy. It can affect the quality of the agricultural product. Using solar dryer most agricultural product can be preserved efficiently. The objective of the study is evaluating the forced convection mixed-mode solar dryer design under Jimma Ethiopia condition in drying parchment coffee bean and red pepper.

      Bambang Winardi, Agung Nugroho, Enda Wista Sinuraya, Sukiswo, Yuli Christyono, Yosua Alvin Adi Soetrisno, Denis, Susatyo Handoko, Hermawan

Abstract: Indonesia is a country geographically located in equator which has a great potential in terms of solar energy utilization. This is because the magnitude of solar radiation is influenced by the location of latitude, atmospheric conditions, and the position of the sun against the equator. According to Power Data Acces Viewer NASA in 2019 Indonesia has a relatively high radiation rate of 5.5 kWh/m2/day. This is a big advantage for Indonesia in terms of the utilization of solar energy into electrical energy through Photovoltaics.

      Emmanuel Nzeyimana, Prof. Maurice M. Sakwa, Prof. Gregory Namusonge

Abstract: Urban setting and urban life style that follow global market trends and standards; mismatch between poor families limited purchasing power to afford the primary needs in Cities, this has led to the increase of poverty progressively in the cities of developing countries. This phenomenon can be explained by the situation of increasing city duelers with no capacity to afford food and shelter, increased number of city vendors, street children and uncontrolled robbery and other criminalities within Cities in Developing Countries: poor trying to find out their ways of living through illegal practices and criminality.

      Dolores Salvacion F. Tolentino, Zenaida A. Exclamado, Norma T. Barbasa

Abstract: The authors used the data generated from the training entitled “Self-care and Basic Disaster Risk Reduction Management for Crisis Volunteers’ and employed the descriptive approach of research design.

      Ian Kiplagat Kibet, Shadrack Kipkoech Sitienei, Dr. Thomas Otieno Juma

Abstract: Conflict is an inherent feature in human society, however with its escalation it becomes a threat to peace and stability of not only a society, a nation, a state but also an entire region. This paper seeks to examine the reasons why non-governmental organizations are taking a central role in conflict transformation in the contemporary society, the nature of conflicts and finally the challenges it faces. This paper adopted descriptive approach using an interview schedule drawing its respondents from NGOs, government officials and victims of conflicts in Uasin-Gishu County, rift-valley region of Kenya which has experienced conflicts overtime.

      Sheetal Mehrotra, K Gunalakshmi

Abstract: This paper offers an understanding of how cognitive load can interfere with the emotions of the person. Exposure to cognitive load at any level can be challenging for the task in hand. Conducted over 60 participants, this experimental design used the stroop test initially to measure the attention deficits of the participants, who were then subjected to the experimental conditions (with neutral and emotional stimulus). Convenience sampling was used as the sampling technique for this study and Independent t-test was used for the analysis. Results showed partial differences in the emotional and neutral processing of participants.

      Krisha Jain, Atul Gadhave, Anitha Florance, and Dr Kalpesh Jain

Abstract: Researchers working on nCOV-2019 identified a unique protein, the Spike protein, on the surface of the coronavirus, which helped in understanding the method of transmission of the virus. Novel coronavirus uses this spike protein to infect a human cell by binding to the membrane. Detection of antibodies to SARS-COV-2 can help in diagnosis of disease, and also has implications in developing and monitoring patient therapeutics as well as in vaccine and therapy research. As many cases worldwide are asymptomatic (and particularly in India), detection of antibodies in serum and plasma can also identify infection in a patient

      Dr. Pooja Sharma

Abstract: Talent management is the systematic attraction, identification, development, engagement/ retention and deployment of those individuals with high potential who are of particular value to an organization.

      Dr. Pooja Sharma

Abstract: Talent management is the systematic attraction, identification, development, engagement/ retention and deployment of those individuals with high potential who are of particular value to an organization.

      Joel Mari Bwala, Usman Hyeladi Mshelizah, Bulama Samson Mshelia, Luka yohanna

Abstract: A socio-economic survey of rural farmers in Biu Plateau Region of Borno State, Nigeria was conducted in 2018 to study the characteristics of the farmers in order to proffer solutions that can improve their productivity. A structured questionnaire containing over 90 questions were designed and administered to a randomly selected 385 farmers determined from Krejcie and Morgan (1970) sampling table proportionately to the population of each of the selected settlements in the five local government areas that made-up of the region. Data were analyzed using relevant descriptive statistics.

      Ms. Sarah Mutesi

Abstract: Commercial banks have an important role in the economy and the society as a whole. Their central roles are to make the community’s surplus of deposits and investments useful by lending it to people for various investment purposes like company growth, education, houses. The main purpose of this study was to assess the extent to how credit portfolio management affecting the financial performance of Bank of Kigali-Rwanda. The study used qualitative and descriptive approaches, a sample size is 51 employees who have been selected using purposive sampling technique.

      Irma Djanapa Bulow

Abstract: This research aimed to: 1) investigate the implementation procedure of management information system of the education and training (SIM-Diklat) in the Religious Education and Training Center in Manado; 2) examine the quality of management information system service in the Religious Education and Training Center in Manado. The research method used was qualitative descriptive approach including data collection, data reduction, data display, and conclusion.

      Crispin Kukano; Chrine, C. Hapompwe; Jacqueline Siwale & David Chanda

Abstract: The aim of this study was to determine the perception of stakeholders towards the academic and vocational learning pathways in selected secondary schools in Kafue district. Mixed methods approach was used where semi-structured interviews, focus group discussions and questionnaires were used as data collection techniques. Findings revealed that the school stakeholders in most of the secondary schools perceived the academic learning pathway with negativity and, therefore, advised learners not to take it on account of none availability of infrastructure / facilities and and qualified teaching staff to effectively guide learners for quality achievement.

      Chrine, C. Hapompwe; Tembo Mabvuto Nanias; Crispin Kukano & Jacqueline Siwale

Abstract: This paper was purposed to investigate the impact of CDF on rural development with special reference to education and health sectors in Rufunsa Constituency. The paper used a desk review and expert analyses of mosaic literature on the subject matter and ascertained that CDF resources have not had any meaningful developmental impact in the constituency in the sectors under review. Prima facie evidence suggests that the 14 schools and 24 health centres in the constituency are not only inadequate for the population but also encumbered with service delivery limitations owing to lack of sufficient input factors for quality service delivery.

      Crispin Kukano; Chrine, C. Hapompwe; Jacqueline Siwale & Sianga Mukololo Brian

Abstract: This study assessed stakeholders’ compliance in the prevention of examination malpractices in selected primary schools in Solwezi district, North Western Zambia. Employing a survey research design, the study population comprised all head teachers, teachers and parent teachers’ committee chairpersons in primary schools in Solwezi district. The sample size of the study was 36 respondents which comprised 30 teachers; 3 head teachers and 3 Parents Teachers’ Committee Chairpersons. These were selected using stratified, purposive and simple random sampling techniques.

      Crispin Kukano; Chrine, C. Hapompwe; Jacqueline Siwale & Sianga Mukololo Brian

Abstract: This study assessed stakeholders’ compliance in the prevention of examination malpractices in selected primary schools in Solwezi district, North Western Zambia. Employing a survey research design, the study population comprised all head teachers, teachers and parent teachers’ committee chairpersons in primary schools in Solwezi district. The sample size of the study was 36 respondents which comprised 30 teachers; 3 head teachers and 3 Parents Teachers’ Committee Chairpersons. These were selected using stratified, purposive and simple random sampling techniques.

      Chrine, C. Hapompwe; Crispin Kukano; Jacqueline Siwale & Caroline Nkatha Waithaka

Abstract: This desk review study was purposed to analyse frantic factors responsible for low retention rate among public primary school pupils in Zambia. The study revealed that pedagogical, school environment and socio economic factors were topping the list on prohibitive drivers to children’s continuity with their academic life beyond the 5th grade. Pedagogically, the study enlisted discoveries of unqualified and untrained teachers handling classes to the collateral damage of the education system in general but the learners in particular as these personnel did not have professional proficiency and passion to meet the learners’ needs cognitively, emotionally, socially and physically.

      Nguyen Tuan Anh, Pham Hong Viet

Abstract: This study solves the accuracy problem of each keyword when training Keyword spotting (KWS) in non-aligned string results. This approach is called Keyword Detection Accuracy (KWA), which has been improved from the Levenshtein Distance algorithm, it is used to evaluate the accuracy of keywords in KWS by measuring the minimum distance between two strings. The main improvement algorithm is to display the status of each keyword in the training phase for predictive and true labels. In this study, the model used for training is LIS-Net, which is used in Speech Command Recognition. The results of the model are significantly improved compared to baseline models, and the results are displayed on graphs that can see the accuracy of each keyword.

      Shaista Sidiq Pandit

Abstract: Significant advancements have been witnessed in health care services over the years but there is always some kind of uncertainity associated with its adequate utilization. This uncertainity is primarily due to less or limited knowledge of medical health conditions and services among people. So, the concept of “HEALTH LITERACY” could come to the rescue of people and improve their knowledge to promote good health. The objective of this review is to identify the need and importance of Health Literacy and make an effort to highlight its effectiveness in improving the overall health outcomes.

      Ekokodje W. Joy and Olotu E. Joy

Abstract: Radial and Ulnar deviation indicates distal radioulnar joint flexibility. It also is a reflection of the structure and function of the carpal bones, ulnar, radius and surrounding ligaments. The radioulnar carpal joint is very important for hand and wrist functions. This study evaluated the radial and ulnar deviation movements at the wrist at the wrist to ascertain if the range of these movements were affected by gender, handedness, and a post-traumatic wrist in young adult males and females residing in Rivers State.

      Samuel Hyellamada Jerry, Alfred Dika Mshelia and Baba Mahmud Shehu

Abstract: This research work was aimed to analyze the spatial distribution of telecommunication masks and its adherence to environmental standards and guidelines in mubi metropolis using geographic information system (gis). in nigeria, the fast rise in the use of mobile telecommunication in recent years has resulted to a rise in the amount of mobile transmission masts being built near resident’s areas and the mobile telecommunication industry has a tremendous impact on the socio – economic growth of Adamawa state and nigeria at large. the objectives are to; identify and map out all the telecommunication mast located in the study area, examine whether service providers observe all the necessary environmental standards and guidelines before location of telecommunication mast

      Ansharullah Ansharullah, Tamrin Tamrin, and Sri Wahyuni

Abstract: Functional properties of rice bran protein concentrates prepared at different pH of extraction and precipitation were measured. Their nitrogen solubility was measured over the pH range 2 – 10 and in solutions of different ionic strength. Above pH 5.0 the nitrogen solubility increased with pH. By increasing ionic strength, nitrogen solubility decreased in the dispersion medium of pH 9.0, but increased in the dispersion medium of pH 4.5. Bulk density, water binding capacity and oil binding capacity varied slightly among the rice bran protein samples and were lower than those of soy protein isolate. Emulsification activities of the rice bran protein samples increased with increasing nitrogen content. Emulsions of soy protein isolate were more stable than those of rice bran protein samples.

      Chrine, C. Hapompwe; Michael Mulenga; Jaqueline Siwale & Crispin Kukano

Abstract: The purpose of the study was to assess the impact of age and gender diversity on employee performance in an organisation. A descriptive research design was adopted with Zambia Compulsory Standards Agency (ZCSA) being the focus organisation which has a total of 103 employees from various units. Stratified and random sampling techniques were used to draw a sample size of 50 respondents from various hierarchical levels. The main data collection instruments were self-administered questionnaires and interview guides. A set of descriptive statistics including frequencies, percentages, the mean and standard deviation were used to generate tables, bar graphs and pie charts to present the results of the study using SPSS version18.

      Ms. Nice Doreen Sheillah

Abstract: This paper is mainly assessing project planning and its success in local government of Rwanda with a case study of Watershed Management Project (KWAMP), in Kirehe District. The specific objectives were assessing the influence of project budgets in planning process on project success, determining the influences of project human resources and manager’s competencies in project planning on project success, and analyzing the contribution of respecting project timelines in project planning process on project success of Watershed Management Project in Kirehe District. Methodology used in research design are descriptive research design, and target population of 100 people with a sample size of 80 respondents. Data are collected using questionnaires and documentary review while data were analyzed using SPSS as analysis software, descriptive statistical method and correlation coefficient.

      Geoffrey Mutisya Maitha, Gideon Kikuvi, Peter Wanzala and Fredrick Kirui

Abstract: The effect of hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection on the natural history of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) disease remains uncertain. Nearly one third of people who are infected with HIV are also infected with hepatitis B and both infections have similar transmission routes. Therefore this study was conducted to determine the risk factors for Hepatitis B virus co-infection among HIV patients attending comprehensive care clinics in Makueni County, Kenya

      Zhen Jing, Sutikno

Abstract: Indonesias marine plastic waste pollution is severe and has a significant impact on Indonesias marine environment, ecology, biodiversity, economy, and health. The aims of this study are to enrich the theoretical basis, provide a new way to solve the problem related marine plastic waste pollution and promote the reform of Indonesia marine plastic waste pollution law. By applying interdisciplinary approach and literature reviews, result showed that existing regulations not specifically regulate about marine plastic waste pollution. So, this study suggests to improve legal regulations and implementations. Also, clearly define the agencies or Ministers that have responsibility to handle about marine plastic waste pollution problem in Indonesia.

      Domitillah N Ndunge, Dr. Catherine Mwenda, Dr. Muthoni Ritho

Abstract: Achieving the desired family size is not a difficult decision to make for a couple, female sterilization is not always the first choice of family planning to many couples. The purpose of study was to identify factors that determine the utilization of female sterilization among women aged 18-49 years in Mch/Fp Clinic, Tigoni sub-county hospital, In Kiambu County. Tigoni Sub-County statistics and trend shows the utilization of female sterilization is low compared to the other methods of contraception.

      Ishita Chonkar, Anjali Puntambekar

Abstract: Abstract- Background - Feet bear entire body weight. Transmission of weight is mainly through the heel to the ground and then through the arches of foot and base of toes. Alteration in the arches can cause pronated, supinated or neutral foot postures. Foot posture is known to have an effect on the proximal biomechanical link of lower extremity. Thus, this study aims at exploring the effect of pronated foot posture on the proximal strength and flexibility.

      Tewfik Bamud Mohamed and Yemiru Tesfaye

Abstract: Yeki Woreda forest is one of the ecosystem resources in southwest Ethiopia which provides several economic, ecological and social benefits. The contribution to local livelihood of NTFPs from the forest is particularly important. The main purpose of this study was to evaluate the contribution of NTFPs from the forests to local livelihoods. Specifically, the study aimed at identifying the major NTFPs, assessing the subsistence and cash contribution of NTFPs to local households and identifying the determinants of household dependence on NTFPs around the forest. The study was conducted in three purposively selected potential NTFP Kebeles and a total of 170 households were randomly selected from the Kebeles using the proportions-to-size technique of sample allocation.

      Dr. Deepti Uniyal and Shreya Rawat

Abstract: The study aimed at exploring the level of Emotional quotient among Teachers in context of the gender and the level of Institution they serve in. There were two hypotheses that were postulated as well as tested. The Emotional Competence scale by Sharma& Bhardwaj (1998) was utilised in form of the instrument to test the hypotheses. The sample comprised of 120 school and college teachers from Dehradun. Gathering of data was done through the random sampling technique. The analysis on the bases of statistical values was done using the T- test. The results showed an insignificant relationship of Emotional Intelligence with gender as well as with the Institutional level .It is further suggested that the schools and colleges should introduce programs, workshops and activities for their teachers in order to enhance their emotional skills as it will help them to effectively deal with the challenges pertaining to their profession and will help them to gain insight about not only themselves but about the emotions of the students as well.

      Dr. Manharsinh Rajput, Dr. Sanjay Paul, Dr. Priyanku Sharma, Dr. P. M. Deka, Dr. Bhaskar Sharma

Abstract: INTRODUCTION: Angiomyolipoma (AML) is a benign neoplasm; in its classic form it consists of blood vessels, smooth muscle, and adipose tissue. The main complication of AML is retroperitoneal hemorrhage caused by tumor rupture, which can be severe and life threatening.

      R Dubey, D Dutta, I M Umlong, B J Gogoi and S K Dwivedi

Abstract: Water quality survey and analysis of water sources is mandatory before deciding the suitability of any source for human consumption. Main criteria in determining the quality of water are physico-chemical and microbial parameters. This paper deals with study of physico-chemical and bacterial parameters of different water sources as river, stream and lake of Tawang district in Arunachal Pradesh, India. The study was carried out in the month of September 2017. Standard methods were used for carrying the analysis of collected water samples. Results were compared for water collected from different sources and it was found that contamination level with respect to physico-chemical parameters was within standard limits except bacterial contamination which was above standard limit in nearly all the samples. Maximum Iron concentration was observed in Shungatser Lake i.e 0.36ppm well above the desirable level.

      Rita Moni Sharma

Abstract: Background of the study: A study was conducted to assess the risk factors of suicide among adolescents in selected Govt / provincialized colleges of Goalpara district, Assam 1n the year 2015.

      Anu Sharma, Kavita Thapa

Abstract: Research into the families of children with disability maintain that parents or caregivers seems to experience higher level of global stress than parents of children without disability. The aim of the study is to see the level of stress amongst the parents of special needs children and to provide them with support and help to reduce the level of stress. For this purpose, a comparative study was undertaken.

      Yu-Ting Huang, Ming-Cheng Shih

Abstract: In order to explore the feasibility of six different linear conversion methods applied to nonlinear pseudo-second-order kinetic equations, six linear expressions are derived from these different conversion methods. These linear expressions are applied to the experimental data and used the mathematical and statistical data obtained from the calculation of these 6 linear expressions to analyze and determine which linear expression calculated the data closest to the actual experimental data than the other linear expressions. Most computers are equipped with EXCEL, so it is the most suitable tool for researchers to apply the EXCEL on these linear equations for various calculations and statistical analysis. Therefore, the Data Analysis toolpak, an analysis tool incorporated into Microsoft Excel for Windows, was used to analyze and find the best linear type fitted to experimental data from 6 different types of linear expression of pseudo-second-order kinetic equation.

      Rosy Purakayastha, Dr. Seema Anjenaya

Abstract: Context: Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome(AIDS), caused by human immunodeficiency virus(HIV) infection. Upon disease progression, physical and mental health is hampered alongwith social isolation upon disclosure of disease.

      Dr. Kavery Bora, Dr. Tribeni Bhuyan, Dr. Dhrubajit Boro

Abstract: Delusional Zoopathy is a disorder of perception alongside a delusion. Patients believe that there is an animal inside their body that they can feel moving inside. Delusional infestation, delusional parasitosis and Ekbom’s syndrome are the other names by which it is known. While existing literature reports the condition as a monosymptomatic disorder affecting mainly the skin or the intestines and involving mostly worms or smaller parasites. While both ICD-10 and DSM-5 categorize it under delusional disorders, delusional Zoopathy is yet to be categorized. Here we describe a rare case of delusional Zoopathy occurring secondary to schizophrenia.

      Prachi Vijay Ingle, Dr. Anjali Puntambekar

Abstract: Foot is the most distal part of lower extremity kinetic chain and has an important role in standing, walking. The alignment of foot has an effect on the lower extremity, pelvic girdle and spine in the closed kinematic chain. The disturbances in foot posture alignment could result in structural and functional deficits in lower extremity. Young adults leading an active life are prone to injuries of the lower extremity if the alignment is altered.

      Osman Wechuli Chesula

Abstract: The purpose of this paper was to critically examine the scholarship of the marketing discipline and profession in Kenya. The paper empirically analyses secondary literature and scholarly articles related to scholarship in the marketing field. From the results, it is clear that several challenges are facing marketing scholarship in the country. Specifically, the declining number of marketing scholars and lecturers mainly attributed to leaning institutions concentrating on research and neglecting the teaching aspect.

      Bernard Amponfi Gyabeng

Abstract: Optimal pipeline planning is an emerging problem of the environment and economic development in uneven terrain areas that requires the most sophisticated scientific methods of path analysis. During the planning of the most suitable routes for the pipeline, the topography, proximity to the road, settlement, water resources, protected sites and other critical landmarks have always acted as an important role as a constraint. With the Application of Analytical Hierarchical Process, the suitability analysis to derive the relative preferences of the different factors affecting the route is achieved.

      Sri Rahayu, Roselina Panghiyangani, Lenie Marlinae, Husaini, Eko Suhartono

Abstract: Nurses have become a critical role in the process of providing treatment in hospitals because of their involvement with the patient for 24 hours. Therefore, nurses become a determining factor in quality and hospital image; nurses are required to provide professional services. It can be seen by the performance they provide to increase the service of human resurrection, including them so that they have to consider the factors of satisfaction in work. The level of employee satisfaction in Suaka Insan Hospital is less than the standard that has been set before (≥ 80%) that is (2017) and 69% (2016). This research aims to analyze environmental, organizational and individual factors on job satisfaction in the Inpatient Installation at Suaka Insan Hospital Banjarmasin.

      Sri Purwanti, Husaini, Lenie Marlinae, Roselina Panghiyangani, Triawanti

Abstract: Preeclampsia is a complication in pregnancy that can cause serious illness, disability, and can cause death on maternal, fetal and neonates. In 2018, preeclampsia was the second of the tenth diseases in the maternity room of Dr. Moch Ansari Saleh Hospital Banjarmasin. One of the maternal deaths in South Kalimantan Province is caused by preeclampsia. The most cause of maternal deaths in South Kalimantan is hypertension, namely as many as 26 people (32.91%) while in 2017, maternal deaths caused by hypertension were 19 people (25.33%). This research aims to analyze actors that influence the incidence of preeclampsia in Dr Moch Ansari Saleh Hospital Banjarmasin. The study begins by determining a case (mothers who have preeclampsia) and control (mothers who did not have preeclampsia). The number of samples in the study was 72 samples with accidental sampling technique.

      Magaji J.Y

Abstract: Landfills have served a key role in the management of solid wastes and are likely to continue to be an important component of the waste management system. When they are not properly constructed, they become more hazardous than tonnes of waste scattered around. This study was set to evaluate Mpape waste dump, this is with the view to verify if the landfill was scientifically constructed. The information was sourced through both Primary and Secondary sources. The primary sources include the use of checklist, observation and interviews, while secondary sources are the set standard by EPA and AEPB relevant documents.

      Samuel Acquah, Anastasia Krampah-Nkoom, Mark Owusu Adjei

Abstract: In surveillance of the contemporary swift growth of progressing networks, attention has been enthralled mostly on the operational properties of multifaceted networks in wireless communications. A number of mammoth simulated networks of this thoughtful have lately been fashioned, which opens an extensive field for the study of their topology, advancement, and the intricate processes which transpire in them. Fifth Generation (5G) will have to survive with a high degree of heterogeneity in relations to services and necessities. Amid these end, the malleable and well-organized use of non-contiguous unexploited spectrum for diverse network disposition scenarios is well-thought-out a key encounter for 5G, New Radio (NR) systems.

      Widya Nursantari, Erida Wydiamala, Lenie Marlinae, Roselina Panghiyangani, Meitria Syahadatina Noor

Abstract: Pneumonia is the number one cause of death in children under five in Indonesia. South Kalimantan Province occupies fourth with the case of 66,72% and Banjarmasin City has recorded the highest incidence of pneumonia in children under five as many as 2.587 cases. The incident of pneumonia influenced by various factors, including environmental sanitation conditions and behaviour. This study aims to determine the relationship between risk factors of the physical environment of house and behaviour with the incidence of pneumonia in children under five in Banjarmasin CityThis study was an analytic observational with a case-control study.

      Dr. Divyanshu Jamwal, Dr. Ketaki Kanade

Abstract: Calendula Officinalis which belongs to the family Asteraceae, and most commonly known as ‘pot marigold’, is used medicinally in different forms like infusion, tinctures, liquid extracts, creams or ointment. Aim: The aim of present was to evaluate the anti-microbial effect of different concentrations of calendula extract (Calendula officinalis) on periodontal pathogens. Material and Methods: The study was conducted on twenty five patients having chronic gingivitis and twenty five patients having chronic periodontitis above the age of 18 years were enrolled in the study with the written informed consent.

      Dumani Markjackson, Alhassan Odiniya Innocent

Abstract: Human capital is a valuable resource; it pulls the other factors of production and gives strategic foresight to every corporation and nation. It plays an integral part in the value creation process of modern corporations and economies. Thus, several studies have been carried out to ascertain the link between investments on human resource on the performance of the micro and macro economy. This paper sets to explore available literature and synthesize the ideas and positions there-in to take an informed position on the categorization of human capital investments. To achieve this, the study adopted a desk research approach and reviewed several related conceptual postulations, theories and empirical studies on the subject to lay credence to take an informed position

      Nwoga H O, Ajuba M O, Omotowo B

Abstract: Background: Occupational safety of Health Care Workers (HCWs) is often neglected in low-income countries in spite of the greater risk of infection due to higher disease prevalence, low level awareness of the risks associated with occupational exposure to blood, inadequate supply of PPE and limited organizational support for safe practices.

      Nouri Jomah

Abstract: Corporate communication is responsible for all corporate communications involving a corporate identity. The goal of corporate communication is to nurture and enhance the reputation of the company, because reputation significantly affects the business success of the company (Argenti, 2009). Motivation is one of the most important concepts in human resource development. In most organizations, it is common to hear that a particular employee is not sufficiently motivated and therefore his or her contribution to the organization is negligible.

      Oktavianus Sabarua, Dr. Thelma Wawointana, M.Si and Dr. Jetty E. H. Mokat, M.Si

Abstract: The Civil Servant’s drafting needs is a must for all government institution to carry out the number and quality of employees following the needs of the organization. But in reality, every government institution still experiences a limited number of employees. This study aims to determine and understand how the stages of the analysis of Civil Servant’s drafting needs in the scope of the Central Sumba District Secretariat and the determination of the Civil Servant’s needs nationally by the central government.

      Malwanage V.M.B.K.T and Samita S

Abstract: Core stability is one of the major determinants that contribute to prevent injuries, enhance performance and improve quality of life of the human. Endurance of the four major muscle groups of the central ‘Core’ of the human body is identified as the most reliable determinant of core stability amongst the other numerous factors which contribute to readily make one’s core stability.

      Dr Maimona Kanwal, Sana Majeed

Abstract: Objective: To assess the factors affecting the compliance to anti-tuberculosis treatment by identifying the demographic, personal, social and healthcare facility related factors and also identifying the level of awareness amongst the tuberculosis patients about their disease and its dynamics in the public-sector hospital of Islamabad.

      Gladys L. Lagura And Emybel M. Alegre

Abstract: Professional development is considered essential for the quality education. Training is one of the professional developments that play a decisive role in the achievement of quality education. This paper determines the extent of the training attended, in-service and training from other institutions as to the content, nature and scope of training. This also determines the extent of training attended from other institution as to quality of training.

      Mariam Kassimi, Rita Filali, Nabil Chikhaoui, Mohamed Mahi

Abstract: Objectives: To describe CT imaging features of 4 patients with initial negative RT-PCR results but high suspicion of COVID-19 infection.

      R. Abhishek, Pallavi Zoting, Purva Ragit

Abstract: This paper explains DC to DC buck convertor and boost converter which cites the dependency of duty cycle and input voltage on output voltage. It consists of elements like switch/mosfet, transistor, inductor, resistors. A NGSpice simulation has been conducted to analyze the efficiency of the DC-DC buck converter and boost converter. The result shows the efficiency of the DC-DC buck and boost converter increases as we increase the duty cycle and the input voltage.

      Anju Sharma, Konda. Sushritha, Konda. Suman, Palakurthy. Harish Goud, Sadanandamn Akari

Abstract: Background and objectives: Recent ecological study for major CVD risk factors and mortality indicates a high correlation between expected and observed mortality rates for three major risk factors- hypertension, diabetes, and smoking. Survivor of MI are at higher risk of recurrent infarction than in people who don’t have coronary heart disease.

      Dr. Jaya Bharti, Prof. Pallavi Bhatnagar

Abstract: COVID-19 has emerged as the biggest global health crisis of the decade. What is essential to understand, that it is the concepts of community spread, Corona warrior, survival of the fittest immunity circle, immunity passport, hygiene, infection and safety etc. How people were perceiving corona? How were the coping with the fear and anxieties of corona? How realistic was their information bank? Purpose was the study to explore the experiences of people regarding corona according to locale (Rural and Urban Population). The data was thereafter content analysed for an in-depth understanding for their lived experiences. Both the groups have shown the resilience to give very realistic strategies for dealing with corona if we can tolerate the uncertainty of the situation instead of avoiding or running away from them that shows an opportunity for reoriented from towards life channelizing new direction and new energy.

      Taiwo Adebukola Kabir

Abstract: The purpose of the study was to investigate the item discrimination /difficulty of each item in chemistry achievement test and to find out whether the guessing ability of each student has relationship in answering chemistry achievement test. The study adopted a descriptive survey design. A sample of 250 participants was randomly selected across twenty-five public secondary schools in Ibadan metropolis. Data were collected using“Secondary School Students chemistry Achievement Test (SSSCAT)” developed by the researcher. Data were analyzed using statistical package of the Social Sciences (SPSS24), polychoric correlation coefficient and JMetrik analysis. The results revealed that the item fitted 3-PL model the most because this model provided the least -2 log likelihood as a result of the model fit assessment conducted and it was discovered that 27 items out of the 30 items of the chemistry achievement test survived under IRT framework.

      Sambhunath Maji & Prof. Birbal Saha

Abstract: Modern day classroom is the busiest and event-driven destination for the learners, where they remain engaged and involve every single moment either in getting new lessons from classroom teacher or their motivational works or talks. As per the role of classroom teacher in modern day scenario is concerned, it is very specialized and directed. Each one is devoted for one particular subject or topic. In language and literature classroom, the picture offers many levels of cognitive workings of the learners’ mind.

      Subhechha Tapaswini, Sabmeet Singh, NPS Chauhan

Abstract: Natural ecosystems such as corals, mangroves are fundamental life support system without which human civilization cannot exist. Ecosystem has 3 major functions such as, Bio geographical, Ecological, and Anthropogenic. Mangroves are global ecosystems of which function includes storage of water, biological productivity, biogeochemical transformation, habitat for flora and fauna. The mangrove ecosystem provides goods and services to the local community and other communities all over the world. It also includes shoreline protection from storm and flood.

      DR Fernando, S Samita, TUS Peiris

Abstract: Sensory evaluation plays a remarkable role in maintaining the quality standards of beverages such as tea. The quality, which determines the price of tea, is evaluated by professional tea tasters. Uncertainty and vagueness of sensory evaluation has been a serious issue in selection of good quality tea. An issue existing when analyzing sensory data to detect panel disagreement is that data of three dimensional (three–way) or higher are often reduced to two–way data. Present study aimed to investigate the possibility of using Clustering around Latent Variables for three–way data (CLV3W) method to detect panel disagreement in sensory data of Sri Lankan tea.

      Hoang Huong Ly, Ph.D

Abstract: In language testing and assessment, predictive validity of a test is probably considered as one of the most commonly discussed types of test validity because it is primarily dealt with the question of how accurate a test is as a predictor of academic performance. Therefore, this study examines the predictive validity of the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) as it determines the academic success of students, measured by cumulative grade point average (CGPA). The results indicate that IELTS scores seem not to be satisfactory predictors of academic achievement. It showed that IELTS Reading test score is a better fit for students’ academic success. The study also addresses some recommendations of further language test use.

      Dr. Aika Ibraheem Kreedy

Abstract: Although re-engineering is often used as a means to reduce the risk, reduce costs and maintain the operation of deriving the software, but re-engineering cannot avoid risk. Risk is a probability of occurrence of some unwanted and harmful event to the project. These events can result in cost overruns, schedule slippage, or failure to meet their project goals. Simulation is an important technique for calculate the probability of risk in software reengineering projects. This paper is aimed at implementing a simulator in Monte Carlo algorithm and Matlab language which estimates the probability of risk during project completion.

      Blaise Makoso Nimi, Gedeon Longo Longo, Benjamin Longo Mbenza, Memoria Makoso Nimi, Bienvenu Nkongo Mabiala, Elysée Buanga Khuabi and Jean –Marie Nimi Mbumba

Abstract: BACKGROUND AND AIM: Order to plan by the authorities in our country with limited resources, we have a study to assess the prevalence, awareness, control and factors associated with hypertension in rural Tshela, located in the southern part western DRC

      Sudeshna Ghosh, Sourabh Singh Bashera, Ritu Vakhariya and Ankur Kelanka

Abstract: The study aims to understand the awareness of the various pandemics that occurred during the 21st century including the perceptions of people of various age groups about the origin, trust on sources of information, impact on industries. A cross sectional study was conducted among people from various countries like India, United States of America, Kuwait, Canada, Luxembourg, etc. The data were collected through an online survey questionnaire and results were analysed using Microsoft Excel. A total of 350 people from various countries participated in this study.

      Dr.ShivalingappaJArakeri, Dr. Anju G. Das, Dr.SyedaAther Fathima, Dr. Mohasin Kadegaon, Dr.Geethanjali Hiremath

Abstract: Tumoral Calcinosis is an extremely rare benign condition frequently misdiagnosed, of unknown origin. It presents as calcified tumors, usually around the hips and buttocks, shoulder, elbow in muscle and subcutaneous tissue. Growth of such lesions is mostly slow and progressive in nature. Sometimes, ulceration of the overlying skin occurs with superadded secondary infection.This condition may be familial and is seen most often in black Africans.Approximately 1% prevalence of periarticular masses seen in secondary Tumoral Calcinosis.A 30 years old male patient came to OPD at Taranath Govt. Ayurveda Medical College, Ballari on 04 April 2019 presented with complaints of palpable hard swelling on natal cleft with pain and itchingfor 2 months.Surgical excision was performed and recurrence was not observed in follow up period.

      Dr. K. Srinivas, Dr. G. Shankar, Dr. S Ramakoteshwara Rao

Abstract: SHGs play a societal role in the life of women in the group of people with the motive to empower them. Once they realize the significance of savings in their lives they start income creation activities to support their families. SHGs give the women a stand to express themselves. They enhance people’s involvement for public accountability and community empowerment through organization of community participation process and ensuring democratic representation of people for sustainable development of communities.

      Atul Ghayal, Piyush Narkhede, Chetan Bonde, Shyamsundar Epper, A.S.Chandore

Abstract: To transmit torque from rotating power source to another device gears or gear trains are used. There are different types of gears such as spur gear, helical gear, double helical gear, bevel gear, crown gear, hypoid gear, worm gear, rack and pinion, epicyclical gear, etc.[4]Designing of gear is such a vast and critical process that whole research coverage in such work is very difficult. To provide speed and torque conversion to output shaft from rotating source, the gearbox is used. Multispeed gearboxes are used in the applications where frequent changes in speed or torque at the output shaft are required. The transmission of motion and power from the input source to output is possible due to the meshing of teeth of the gears.


Abstract: In this work, we amplify a reliable modification of the Adomian decomposition method as provided in [1, 2, 3] by introducing the reduced form of the Adomian polynomial to replace the original polynomials for handling the nonlinear components and subsequently we applied it to fractional nonlinear integro-differential equation of the Volterra type to observe the results produce by the reduced form of the polynomials as compared to the original polynomials.

      Ovitigama H. S. M & Premaratna C. D. H. M

Abstract: Eclecticism is a multi-sensory language approach which involves different language learning methods rather than sticking into one approach. This research is based on teachers’ use of Eclecticism in teaching English vocabulary which is aimed at investigating how Eclecticism affects to develop English vocabulary of students who learn it as a second language. Learning vocabulary is a universal problem in second language learning. As a remedy Eclecticism was introduced to the field of language learning. The reasons behind the effectiveness of Eclecticism, vocabulary learning rate, Teachers’ use of Eclecticism in practical situations were experimented in the research. In achieving the objectives, the investigation was implemented with 100 students and 20 teachers in the North Central province of Sri Lanka.

      Rasheed B. Ibrahim, Ismail A. Nasirudeen, Monsurat Isiaka, PhD

Abstract: Juveniles commit a broad range of offences from smoking to murder. Several factors have been empirically established as motivations of youth to a lifestyle of delinquency. Scholars have connected some specific misbehaviors with the home, neighborhood, schools among others and by exploration, these agencies and their agents constitute the bystanders and enablers of deviant behaviors. Against this background, this research attempts to determine their culpability regarding juvenile delinquency. Relying on three theories, the research adopted a qualitative approach to explore the role of bystanders and enablers in juvenile delinquency. Results revealed that majority of the bystanders and enablers are equally as guilty as the juvenile delinquents because they also contribute to the rise in juvenile delinquency either overtly or tacitly, consciously or unconsciously, directly or indirectly, knowingly or unknowingly. Therefore, the study recommends provision of equal opportunities, social infrastructures, adequate parental guidance, strict supervision and monitoring of children, among others.

      Prof. B.O. Ehigie, Sholola Hameed A.

Abstract: This study examined emotional intelligence and organizational constraints as predictors of counterproductive work behavior (CWB) among teachers in Ogun state. Cross sectional survey research design was adopted and a total of 300 participants were sampled, using purposive sampling technique. A structured questionnaire consisting of standardized psychological scales were used to collect data; two hypotheses were tested using hierarchical multiple regressions analysis. Findings revealed that there is significant positive relationship between organizational constraints and abuse (r = .48, p<.01.

      Sayali Kumbhar

Abstract: The objective of software delivery is to ensure that the software meets the requirements of the customer with a quality that conforms to the customer and domain benchmarks. The quality of the software can be jeopardized by factors like gaps in requirements specifications, bad design, ineffective coding practices, inexperienced programmers, insufficient test coverage, ineffective reviews etc.

      Hesbon Nyagaka Mosiori, Nicholas Ombachi, Judah Ndiku

Abstract: Globally, there exists a threat of radicalisation of school-going children into extreme violence. The radicalisation and recruitment process takes place in more mundane places: learning institutions. School-going children in sub-Sahara Africa have been affected by radicalisation into extreme violence. Kenya has faced several terror attacks since 1975; Al-Shabaab attacks since 2013 recruiting Kenyan youths to its ranks. Students are taught, convinced and recruited to a jihadist from schools, mosques, and in slums.

      LJM Tonogan, MD, MN Soriaso, MD, FPOA

Abstract: As of today, there has been limited number of studies in terms of the demographic profile of traumatic spinal injuries in our locality and our country. The objective of this study is to determine the clinico-demographic profile of patients with traumatic spinal injury admitted in our institution for the past 10 years. A chart review of 73 patients who satisfied the inclusion criteria with traumatic spinal injuries were reviewed. Traumatic spinal injury in the locality mostly affects ages 46-60 years with a mean age of 53.5. Males were most commonly affected, married and unemployed secondary to fall and motor vehicular accidents.

      Jasini Alexander Wahedi, Gambu James Wurma, Patrick Deborah

Abstract: Mosquitoes constitute a serious public health menace, resulting in millions of deaths worldwide each year. Emergence of insecticide resistance strains of the mosquitoes poses a serious threat and hence calls for alternative control measures. This study assessed the larvicidal efficacy of the ethanol and aqueous extracts of leaves of Thevetia peruviana against the larvae of malaria vector Anopheles mosquitoes. Bioassay was carried out on 2nd and 3rd instar larval stages of Anopheles mosquitoes. The toxicity effect of the treatment was measure in terms of mortality, which was observed for 72 hours, at 24 hours interval.

      Ayamolowo S.J., Kegbeyale R.M., Ajewole K.P., Adejuwon S.O., Osunronbi F.A., Akinyemi A.O.

Abstract: Background and Purpose: Workplace violence remains common in Nigeria work settings. Unfortunately, nursing, a profession that builds its practice on compassion while caring for their patients is not spared from this phenomenon of workplace violence. Studies have reported cases of workplace violence among nurses to occur frequently worldwide (Koh, 2016). Workplace violence is prevalent in healthcare organizations.

      Oussama Gafrej, Mouna Boujelbene Abbes

Abstract: This paper seeks to test the impact of a number of factors on performance, liquidity risk as well as credit risk in each type of banks. The variables selected are specific to the banking sector, macroeconomic variables and factors specific to each type of contracts used by Islamic banks that are included in the financing assets activities. A panel threshold regression is used to examine the dependence of financial stress indices with our dependent variables. The empirical application is comprised of 66 banks (including 31 Islamic banks) located in the GCC region. The study gives remarkable and significant results, especially by introducing the financial stress indices as threshold variables.

      Linda Rassiyanti, Erfiani, Indahwati

Abstract: Calibration method is one of the way that can be used to analyze the relationship between invasive and non-invasive blood glucose levels. The problems which often occur in the calibration method of blood glucose levels are multicollinearity and outliers. One method that can be used to overcome this problem is the ridge robust-MM.

      Ayuba Abubakar Fusami, Olivia Chidimma Nweze and Rekiya Hassan

Abstract: The surface reflectance indicated by vegetation obtained through remote sensing is distinct compared to other surface bodies over a given scene. Utilising this distinct capability allows the detection of presence of vegetation. Normalise Vegetation Index (NDVI) compares the total amount of visible red light absorbed with the amount of reflected near-infrared light by a surface.

      Pamela John Chogo

Abstract: This study conducted an evaluation of online learning experience among students at Higher Education Institutions in Tanzania. The research design used was the Cross Sectional Survey Design. A total of 500 questionnaires were distributed to a sample of 500 HEI students. Simple Random Sampling was used and out of the 500 students who received the questionnaire a total of 283 responded but only 276 responses were well attended to be useful for the study. The data was then analyzed and the findings presented using descriptive statistics

      Beth Njeri Kibera, Dr Jane Karonjo, Dr Rosemary Okova, Ms. Esther Mate

Abstract: Choice of a place for delivery is important because this prevents maternal death, in support of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). In Kenya, according to KDHS (2014) 62% of the women chose a health facility as a place, 38% chose to deliver at home, while in Laikipia County 48.8% were seen to choose to deliver at home. The specific objectives were assessing the demographic cultural and the facility determinants of choice of a place for delivery. A descriptive cross-sectional research design is what the study adopted

      Mr. Duale A Ahmed, Dr. Dennis Nyongesa Wamalwa

Abstract: Most young men who feel isolated and deprived of economic activities are resorting to extremism as they search for a means of sustaining their livelihoods. This study therefore sought to make an analysis of politics’ influence on terrorism in Garissa County, Kenya. This study adopted mixed methodology with a descriptive research design combining both qualitative and quantitative research strategies

      Dr. Swanie O. Fernandez

Abstract: This study primarily aimed to explore the extent of leadership styles and change management competencies of public elementary school heads in Region III. The study evaluated leadership approaches including transformational, transactional, and blended leadership. Change management competencies were analyzed based on the following domains such as strategic planning, communication, project management, innovation, and personal excellence.

      Preshna Sharma, Chandani Bhari

Abstract: Globally, postnatal period is crucial period in which most of the maternal and neonatal death occur due to wrong practice and knowledge most of which occur in developing country. The practice of postnatal care is increasing daily after proper knowledge and awareness on postnatal care. A research entitled “Knowledge and practice regarding Care of Postnatal Mother among the family care giver at Scheer Memorial Adventist Hospital, Banepa, Kavre” was conducted to assess the knowledge and practice of postnatal care.

      Yazan.f.jarrah, Dema M Al-Saqarat

Abstract: Urinary tract infection (UTI) is the third most common infection experienced by humans after respiratory and gastrointestinal infections¹. Urinary tract infections detected in both outpatients as well as hospitalized patients despite of their gender and age.

      Dr. Ushus k Unnikrishnan

Abstract: Veda will not be rightly subjected to search for historical matter or information if one assumes that the Vedas are eternal. But modern scholars accept that the Vedas are the creation of many generations of mankind like any other literature. So it is usual they find many historical factors in the Veda and trace the gradual development and progress of human thought in it.

      Udaya Raj Adhikari

Abstract: This paper points to public policy cycle and governance as a chief constraint to impair development efforts while making a decisions. It is known that public policy processes are made to run the governing system and implantation of the policies are the signs of good governance. Here the issue is, whether public policy decides how the government will run or the government will decide how the public policy would be best to run the system. This paper also tries to focus on the effects of the relationship and by following proper strategies of good governance and assessing good governance model.

      Netsanet Shiferaw, Biniam Tesfaye

Abstract: Improved tax compliance boosts the revenues available for supporting public services without increasing the current tax burden on compliant tax payers. The voluntary compliance behavior of the taxpayers is determined by various factors and identifying these factors and treating them accordingly should be the central premises of any tax system in order to maintain voluntary compliance at satisfactory levels. The study investigate the five key determinants of voluntary tax compliance from existing literature and previous studies which include Demographic factors, Economic factors, Institutional factors, Social factors and Individual factors.

      Segun Nathaniel Ogunyebi

Abstract: Dynamic effects of elastic foundation on the flexural motions of Bernoulli-Euler beam moving with variable velocity and under the action of an exponentially varying magnitude distributed load is studied in this present paper. The governing differential equations are solved by the method of finite sine transforms and finite difference method to obtain solutions to the fourth order partial differential equations.

      Evans Okemwa, Obed Mainya Nyabaro, John Lusweti Kituyi, Peter Kinyanjui

Abstract: Heavy metals are part of the soil, but at high concentration levels are considered toxic. With the current exponential population growth, urbanization, industrialization and advancement in agriculture has increased solid waste significantly over time. Due to lack of proper well-structured waste management systems, solid waste has been disposed in open dumpsite which lack any mechanism of control.

      Mugalavai, Violet K. & Omutimba, Harriet N.O.

Abstract: As the urban population continues to grow globally, there is need for dietary diversification especially in vegetable consumption as people integrate from various contexts. This is an important social- nutrition aspect that enables urban communities to become acculturated into contextual food habits and may help to socially integrate and expand nutrition possibilities among them and market possibilities for informal workers in the urban ALV food supply chain.

      Rarina Mookda, Sanan Waheed Khan, Sirichanok Intasuwan, Sirikanya Chotchoung

Abstract: Celebrity endorsement is widely used tool for marketing communication strategy. Taking into consideration the increasing role of celebrity endorsement our study examines three dimensions of celebrity endorsement, including trustworthiness, expertise and attractiveness, with mediating role of brand loyalty as predictors of consumer purchase intention. For this, we explored relationships among these variables to test a conceptual model which is developed using existing knowledge available in academic research on this topic. Findings from a survey of 351 respondents advocate that celebrity credibility is a very strong key to increasing purchase intentions of cellular brand. The study has important implications for the expansion of current literature, theory development and business practices. Limitations of the study are also outlined, and directions for future research are considered too.

      Pratik Dattatraya Raut, Siddharth Manoj Bhalgat

Abstract: The focus of the project was to design a cutter blade for shredding machine such that it would be economical and effective in manufacturing also same time maintaining its efficiency. For serving this purpose we made some alteration in basic design for 6 teeth cutter blade with square shaped hole. The 6 teeth cutter blade is usually preferred to have a cutter blade angle in the range of 10°-20° for better efficiency. To achieve this arithmetically progressive angles, the cutter blades (with square shaped hole) are needed to be manufactured in different variants.

      Wang Xuejiang, Murigi Peter Njoroge, Li Yuan, Xia Siqing, Zhao Jianfu

Abstract: A novel Granular activated carbon and Manganese/Iron-layered double hydroxides (LDH) composite was synthesized by co-precipitation method. Layered double hydroxides (LDH) have remarkable adsorptive characteristics which includes ease of synthesis, porous structure, uniform dispersion of various metal cations in the brucite layer, surface hydroxyl clusters, adaptable tunability, intercalated anions with interlayer spaces, high chemical and thermal stability, capacity to intercalate different kinds of anions, conveyance of intercalated anions in a continued way and furthermore high biocompatibility.


Abstract: Headgear is one of the protective tools used by soccer athletes, this tool is made to protect the players head so that it reduces the risk of injury. However, there are many cases where the players who use this tool feel uncomfortable because it was with an uncomfortable material. If the user is looking for a comfortable headgear, the headgear does not actually provide protection according to standards. Therefore, the authors do optimization on the headgear protective tool to allow the tool to provide optimum security but also provide comfort to the user.

      Netsanet Shiferaw, Demissew Assefa

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to assess the transition of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) in Ethiopia: the benefits, prospects and challenges of its adoption and implementation in the case of 13 significant PIEs. The study employs both quantitative and qualitative methods (mixed) research approach. Both primary and secondary data sources were used for the study. The respondents are selected by using judgmental sampling technique. Then, the collected data from those organizations is analyzed by descriptive and econometric analysis by using SPSS software.

      Uchenndu, C. C, Akeke, M. N. G

Abstract: This study investigated lecturers’ perception of corrupt practices in Universities in Cross River State, Nigeria. Four hypotheses were formulated and survey design adopted for the study. The population of the study was 2,286 lecturers from the two Universities while 230 of them were sampled using stratified random sampling technique. A researcher’s constructed instrument called Lecturers’ Perception of Corrupt Practices Questionnaire (LPCPQ) was used for data collection. Data obtained were subjected to statistical techniques with population t-test of single mean and independent t-test statistical techniques. Findings revealed that lecturers’ perception of corrupt practices in universities is significantly low. The recommendation among others is that University Management should put measures in place to promote awareness on the eradication of corrupt practices.

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