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      Hamza Rafeeq, Muhammad Awais Arshad, Syeda Fasiha Amjad, Muhammad Haseeb Ullah, Hafiz Muhammad Imran, Rija Khalid,Maria Yaseen, Hadia Ajmal

Abstract: To check the activity of nickel sulphate (0, 10, 20 and 30 mM) on radish seedlings through Foliar medium, whole soil culture experiment was performed in the wire house of old Botanical Garden, University of Agriculture Faisalabad. In this study it was noticed that nickle sulphate act as suppressor on growth of the plant and it also decreased the content of carotenoids and chlorophyll contents (Chlorophyll-a, b). Statistical analysis was achieved after collection of data by using appropriate computer software such as ANOVA. All morphological changes were observed to collect the data for the biochemical analysis. A marked reduction in chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b was noticed with slight elevation of carotenoid.

      Mukunda Prakash Kshetree

Abstract: This research based paper presents the exploring and analyzing students’ algebraic misconceptions and errors (M/Es). Along with minute observation of students’ classroom tasks and their peer groups’ algebraic activities, the exploration of students’ M/Es was carried out by conducting in-depth interview with students (based on their work

      Shivangi Agarwal, Ashish Agrawal

Abstract: Whenever we talk about any product development or manufacturing process then it becomes very important that the process be perfect and premature, every process needs to be flexible. In todays era, agile is one of the ways. "Kanban" is a similar method that not only makes the production process flexible but also gives the best results through continuous monitoring. Although both Agile and kanban processes are used in the software industry, kanban is being used extensively in the field of mechanics. Kanban is not an entirely new way, but it is a means to further improve an already running process incrementally. In this article, the authors have mentioned about the history, experiments, and benefits of kanban.

      Munasinghe PG, Chandradasa KGSN and Wimalasiri

Abstract: Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) do pivotal role in economy of a country. SMEs adapt to change business environments to overcome challenges faster than larger enterprises. The use of information systems (ISs) is very important factor to adapt in changing business environment. The majority of SMEs in Sri Lanka do not use ISs due to various reasons. Therefore, objective of this study is to identify factors influence on usage of ISs in SMEs. The research model was developed using independent variables of Manager Characteristics, Firm Characteristics, Cost, Infrastructure, External Pressure, Legal & Regulations and dependent variable of Use of ISs in SMEs.

      Rosa Zorayatamin Damanik, Ratna Akbari Ganie, Iskandar Nasution

Abstract: Background: Elevated homocysteine levels are an independent risk factor for ischemic stroke patients. Besides being an independent risk factor, homocysteine is also a factor that affects the prognosis of stroke, but the results are still controversial.

      Billy Ogwel, Gabriel Otieno, George Odhiambo-Otieno

Abstract: Cloud computing has emerged as a technological paradigm to reduce Information Technology costs, foster collaboration while increasing productivity, availability, reliability, flexibility and minimizing response times. Despite cloud computing offering numerous benefits to the health sector, there are only few successful implementations. Adoption is slower in healthcare sector compared to other industries. Furthermore, there is little concerning the adoption and benefits of cloud computing in Kenyan healthcare sector.

      A. J. Salaam, S. M. Danjem, A. A. Salaam, H. A. Angba and P. O. Ibinaiye

Abstract: AIM AND OBJECTIVES: This study was done to establish a standard ultrasonographic measurement of the thyroid gland volume in normal adults in Jos University Teaching Hospital.

      Attiqullah Ayaz, Shirsha Rashad

Abstract: The border city in the southwestern side of Afghanistan, and a predominant portion of Helmand block comprises a huge wandering desert, domestic and industrialize opportunity, and a vast varieties of mountains (rocks), among such mountains one is Tur Ghar (Black mountain) at the north, northeastern view of the city, occurred through a volcanogenic activity. Kandahar’s Cretaceous sequence consists of volcanogenic-terrigenous rocks of the geosyncline type. When the Indian plate collided to the Eurasian plate the evidence is Kandahar volcanic at the southern margin of Afghan block.

      Dr. Prashant Kumar, Dr. Bhuvan

Abstract: INTRODUCTION – Observing the poor satisfaction and morbidity following incision & drainage of breast abscess, the need for alternate treatment modalities is frequently being questioned. Repeated needle aspiration with antiobiotic cover is an effective and satisfactory treatment modality.

      Dr. Ikrar Ali, Dr. Bhuvan

Abstract: INTRODUCTION – Observing the low incidence of complications following early feeding in patients undergoing intestinal anastomosis, the need for delayed feeding is frequently being questioned. The early enteral feeding in intestinal anastomosis can be safely started.

      Ahmed Hamed Radwan Rehan

Abstract: Over 500,000 people in the United States and over 8 million people worldwide are dying every year from cancer. As people live longer, the incidence of cancer is rising worldwide, and the disease is expected to strike over 20 million people annually by 2030. Cancer is a genetic disease; thus, CRISPR is a method enables us to delete a portion of the genome. Other treatments did not serve the wanted demands; that is, it could help in tackling cancer, but with victimizations. Hence, it is time to tackle the Cancer by this genome editing tool.

      Edy Susanto, Budiyanto, Suhermin

Abstract: This study investigated the effect of managerial competence, organizational culture on managerial performance and their impact on corporate entrepreneurship. The samples of this study were 95 KCP Bank BCA in East Java Region. The respondents were considered by 3 leaders who are responsible for the office, so the number of research respondents were 285 people.

      A Pascalia Lalian, L Yuanita, U Azizah

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to determine the validity, effectiveness, and practicality of learning tools to improve student’s critical thinking skills by using an advanced organizer learning model on colloidal material. The test was conducted in grade XI-5 of 7th Senior High School of Surabaya with 24 students. The learning device development model in this study uses the 4D model from Thiagarajan, but only 3 stages are applied (define, design, develop).

      K. S. H. Sarathchandra, H. A. H. Hettiarachchib

Abstract: Owing to the recent technological advancements and growing tendency to embrace technology has tremendously increased the use of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) both in developed and developing countries. Consequently, this led to accumulation of large quantities of e-waste around the world. Importantly, management and proper disposal of household e-waste in almost every country including Sri Lanka has become a prevailing challenge.

      Nega Fikru Alemu, Yang Changming, Yang Yang

Abstract: This research evaluated the concentration and distribution of heavy metals (Chromium (Cr), Lead (Pb), & Cadmium (Cd)) in the vegetable field in the Kolfe area, Addis Ababa. Soil samples are tested for pH and heavy metals. Heavy metals in the soil are higher than the earlier report [1]. However, concentrations of heavy metal were observed (Cr > Pb >Cd), mean concentrations of heavy metal Cr, Cd and Pb were 274.83 mg kg^(-1), 3.09 mg kg^(-1), and 29.83 mg kg^(-1), respectively.

      Shivani Singhvi, Dr. Shikha Sharma

Abstract: The present study is an attempt to examine the stress coping over job satisfaction in government and private sector. Background: The rising prevalence of job dissatisfaction is due to stress in satisfaction of job and here we are measuring how much a person have stress coping in private and government sector over job satisfaction.

      S.S.Ajmire, L.R.Gandhi, Anil Dewani, Ravi Bakal, Dr. A.V. Chandewar

Abstract: A sensitive high-performance liquid chromatographic (HPLC) method were developed and validated for the estimation of Diclofenac sodium and Pantoprazole in bulk and pharmaceutical formulations. The chromatographic separation was achieved by RP- HPLC using a mixture of methanol: Phosphate buffer (10mM) in ratio 80:20 pH 3.5 as the mobile phase with isocratically system, a C18 column & the eluents was monitored using UV detector at 284 nm. The pH is adjested by ortho phosphoric acid.

      Ashutosh Gupta

Abstract: The paper presents an axiomatic model of Abstract Universe or the Universe of Information. It suggests the minimum elements required to create the information of Abstract Universe and this model forms the necessary and sufficient condition for an Abstract Universe to exist. This Universe of Information is viewed for outside to see its impact on real Universe. The process of creation of Information Universe from its Axiomatic model is proposed. Some interpretation based on the model is proposed. This model will form the basis for the axiomatic model of the Real Universe which is beyond the scope of the paper.

      Ositadima Emeka Alozie

Abstract: The concept of multiculturalism and diversity in organizations continues to draw management and public attentions due to the constantly changing global business atmosphere especially for multinational corporations (MNCs). Diversity and multiculturalism are most times interwoven terms that calls for an organizational culture that allows all members to pursue their objectives’ without being hindered by factors such as age, gender, race, religion, nationality or other potentials that do not contribute to performance.

      Achudan TS, Gobinath N

Abstract: Drowsiness and exhaustion of vehicle drivers reduce the drivers abilities to control the vehicle, his natural reflex, and perception. Such diminished vigilance level of drivers is observed at night driving or prolonged driving, causing an accident and pose a severe threat to commuters. Therefore, it is an absolute requisite in the automobile industry to assimilate the driver assistance system that can detect drowsiness and fatigue of the drivers.

      Thokchom Premlata Devi

Abstract: Despite the fact that Manipur has various communities living together for centuries with long history of culture and tradition it would be imperative to notice that the oral narratives and cultural identity of Meiteis and other tribes of Manipur are relatively of homogeneous nature in the ancient period and this tread is found still persistent. In digging out the truth, the translation versions help depict the relative impacts amongst each other. It is imperative to know that intra- and inter-cultural enrichment can be made possible through translation.

      Professor Anurin Indika Diwakara

Abstract: During the Anuradhapura Era the King was the head of the state. When studying inscription stones enlisted in this regard, what is clearly visible is the fact that, a reign based on heritance has been functioning. The kingship was deserved by those who hail from the Kshathriya dynasty.

      Imam Budi Putra, Nelva Karmila Jusuf, Evita Lourdes Pinem

Abstract: Background: Seborrheic keratosis is a benign epidermal tumor that has various clinical appearances. Seborrheic keratosis are found on all area of the body except on the palm and sole, located mostly on the face and upper trunk. Lesions are often unattractive and serve as negative psychological connotations—daily reminders of aging.

      Wicak Kunto Wibowo, Achsanuddin Hanafie, Muhammad Arshad, Akhyar Hamonangan Nasution

Abstract: Introduction: Most surgeries require general anesthesia, where one of its complication is sore throat. Sore throat can reduce patient’s satisfaction and increase postoperative discomfort ranging from 17% to 76%. Some way to reduce this complication are to restrict physical trauma arising from instrumentation and airway manipulation.

      Tangkheso Tamai, Prof. T. Lhungdim

Abstract: The study compares the Attitude of Geography Teachers towards Geography Education in the selected three districts of Arunachal Pradesh. The total of 111 samples were taken from three selected districts. The three districts were randomly selected through simple random sampling techniques and they are Lohit, Lower Subansiri and West Siang Districts of Arunachal Pradesh.

      A.J.M. Priyadarshana, H.G.M.D. Kumari

Abstract: The primary objective of this study was to examine the factors affecting students’ academic performance at undergraduate level. The research is conducted based on students of the Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura which is one of the state universities in Sri Lanka.

      Srijat Dahal, Mausam Shrestha, Sanjeeb Shah, Babita Sharma, Mandip Pokharel, Prakritee Guragai, Bibek Shah

Abstract: Malnutrition, a global health problem, is a state of lacking proper nutrition. It contributes to childhood morbidity, mortality, impaired intellectual development, and increased risk of diseases in adulthood, with lack of knowledge and proper feeding practice being the leading cause. Therefore, the study aims to assess the knowledge, attitude and practice towards malnutrition among the mothers with under five children of Inaruwa, Sunsari, Nepal.

      Nia Aminatus Sholihah, Mustaji, Miftakhul Jannah

Abstract: Research has been conducted to describe the ability to know the concept of numbering at children group A through the Dakon’s Game modification. The research method is to use quasi experimental research with non-equivalent pre-test post-test control group design. Population and samples are group A kindergartens in Sidoarjo. Data collection techniques using observation sheets. The results showed that there was an influence on the Dakon’s game modification to the ability to know the concept of numbering at group A.

      N.R.Meddage , V.G.S. Pradeepika

Abstract: Who are the peoples in barriers of time and distance issues, those kinds of peoples can’t achieve their expectation in education. Therefore, we have developed a system for addressing to give a great chance to learn online with more facilities with the use of server configuration. The remainder of this document describes the functional requirements of the Virtual Academy in detail, including descriptions of the individual modules, integration points between existing modules and high-level scope of new modules to be developed specifically for the Virtual Academy.

      Dr.Satish Agarwal, Dr.Amit Sehgal

Abstract: Proximal humerus fractures are one of the common fractures occurring in the skeleton. They account for approximately 4-5% of all the fractures.1,2 85% are minimally displaced or undisplaced and can be treated with immobilization3,4,5 alone. The remaining 15% of these are displaced and provide a therapeutic challenge6.This study was conducted to analyze displaced fractures of proximal humerus that was treated with close reduction and pinning and to document their clinical and functional outcomes as well as complications .

      Gayatri Sahu, Dr. Shikha Sharma

Abstract: Background: Due to menopause, body makes less of the hormones estrogens and progesterone so that very low level of estrogens after menopause can affect health. And menopause leads to Marital Adjustment (MA) and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in women. Aim: the main aim of the study is to how quality of life affects emotional intelligence and marital adjustment in menopausal women. Sample: 60 sample were selected purposively from the Geetanjali Medical College & Hospital, Udaipur (

      Annisah, Masriyah, Rooselyna Ekawati

Abstract: Research has an intention to describe the process of a student’s representation who has a high, medium, and low ability in solving integer word problems. The method used is qualitative. From 35 participants, three subjects are selected with each of them has either high ability, medium ability, and low

      Erty W.L Toruan, Rointan Simanungkalit, Ariyati Yosi

Abstract: Introduction: Androgenetic alopecia or male pattern hair loss is a progressive hair loss caused by genetic and androgenic factors in hair follicles with characteristic shortening of the anagen phase, telogen phase elongation, and miniaturization of hair follicles which causes the hair shaft to grow thinner in each cycle.

      Nkusi REVOCATTE, Haochen ZHU, Uwabimfura JACKSON, Shyaka CHRISTOTHE

Abstract: E-waste generation in Kigali has significant increases as economic change, which means a lot of uses of ICT equipment in different domains with high population willingness to use technological materials, the change of technology makes loose of existing equipment value and increased waste electrical and electrical equipment. This study was carried out to determine and comprehend the e-waste awareness and disposal practices among residents of Kigali

      Arinze JP. Chukwu and Ikechukwu O. Agbagwa

Abstract: Sorghum cultivation and distribution in Nigeria spans the entire North and Southern Region (Savannah and Rain Forest Regions). Sorghum is generally not cultivated in the Southern region hence its attribute of not thriving in the Southern regions of Nigeria. Also, relegation of Sorghum to the S. bicolor is also responsible for this assertion since wild species such as S. arundinaceum, S. vogellianum, S. aethiopicum and S. vociflorum are grow as weeds and abound in most localities in the South except for the saline

      Nadeeja Dodamgoda, Furkan Ziyard

Abstract: The apparel industry in Sri Lanka is reputed worldwide for producing top quality fashion apparel and trusted by the most reputed, iconic global fashion brands. While being a key contributor towards the Gross Domestic Product of the country it is also the largest foreign income generator to the Sri Lankan economy. Effective organizational decision making process plays a pivotal role in determining the successful performance of organizations in the competitive market today.

      Benjamin Ricardo R. Lbn Tobing, Richard Hutapea, Kristina Nadeak

Abstract: Introduction : Condyloma acuminatum (CA) is a sexually transmitted disease that is currently a worldwide epidemic. Data collected in the United States found about 20 million new cases of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and about 14 million cases were Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) infections. Worldwide data collected by WHO, recorded about 1 million cases occur every day around the world. This phenomenon shows that CA is an STI that is quite common in the population.

      A Rahman HI

Abstract: This study is entitled the Socialization Effect of the Clean River by the West Jakarta Sanitary Office on Healthy Life Consciousness In Kedaung, Kali Angke Communities Period (2015-2016). The theory used in this research was firstly, the concept of socialization includes: the form of programs, content, methods, media, participation and participatory socialization. Secondly, the concept of consciousness includes: 1) Feeling obligatory or a must, 2) Rational, 3) Freedom, and 4) Individual responsibility. Then the method used in this study was the survey method. The findings of this study indicate that the clean river socialization by the West Jakarta Sanitary Office influences the healthy life consciousness in the Kedaung, Kali Angke Urban Community. Then finding of the study also found that the Angke River filled with assorted domestic waste distribution of household activity pose a problem, it was because the rapid growth and development was not be balanced by adequate

      J R Tijare, R K Pohekar, A A Dani, A V Shrikhande

Abstract: Cholelithiasis is a well-known complication of sustained heme catabolism as in Sickle cell anemia, which has frequency distribution between 22.5 – 44.4 % in central

      Dr. Cross Ogohi Daniel, Victor Inim

Abstract: Stakeholders and project managers are key players in projects success. Therefore, the relationship among different stakeholders needs to be established and the project manager plays a key role in achieving stakeholder management. Current research shows that there is a need for stakeholder management and the responsibility lies on the project manager. Therefore, this study shows the factors that affect stakeholder management and role in which the project manager has on a successful stakeholder management. This study obtained data through questionnaire. The analysis shows a significant relationship between some variables.

      Ghufran Ullah, HaiYan

Abstract: Breast cancer tumor is one the tumor discussed, researched and thought over by many recent time philosopher for it malignant and benign nature through manual and natural language methods. Due to the severity of tumor and increasing rate medical science has accepted this challenge and tried to diagnose it on early stage. Manual methods are not giving the results for mammographic images and statistical reviews for treatment. This study tends to evaluate the performance of seven machine learning classification models such as: Artificial Neural Network (NN), Bayes Network (BN), k-Nearest Neighbors Algorithm (KNN), Decision Tree (DT), Random Forest (RF), Logistic Regression (LR) and Support Vector Machine (SVM) are used to diagnose breast cancer symptoms.

      J.Suvetha Rani

Abstract: Nowadays, green synthesis of nanoparticles has great interest and achievement due to its eco-benign and low time consuming properties. In this work, Ceria nanoparticles is Synthesized using Ricinus communis (Castor oil) leaf extract. The Synthesized nanoparticles are characterized by UV-Vis spectroscopy, dispersive X- ray analysis (EDAX), which is attachment of scanning electron microscope (SEM). Crystalline nature and purity are revealed by X-ray diffraction (XRD) and their FTIR spectra are examined to identify the effective functional groups present in the synthesized nanoparticles. Raman studies show a characteristic peak at 461 cm−

      Erinsakin, Martins Ojo (Ph.D), Agun, Paulinah Olusola, Mr. Akinbebije John

Abstract: This study was carried out to ascertain the influence of Entrepreneurial Development Training Programme (EDTP) on Psycho-social and economic stability of widows in the south senatorial district of Ondo State, Nigeria. Descriptive survey research design was adopted for the study. The study population comprised, widows who were clientele of the programme. The sample size of the study was Ninety (90) respondents, selected through a multi-stage sampling technique.

      Md. Hasib, Md. Nazmul Hassan, Mehedi Hasan

Abstract: Purpose of the Study: To assess the nutritional status of the children before and after getting nutritional health services, to determine the health impact of nutritional status and to assess the dietary diversity of the children. Methodology: Data of 200 children of 0-5 years were taken before and after receiving nutritional health services and the data were collected from Barishal Sadar Upazilla, Barishal. Follow up data was obtained by anthropometric measurement, MUAC tape, health impact inspected by questionnaire including the dietary diversity by food groups and analyzed in Anthro-Plus and SPSS software.

      Preetam Kumar Panda, Prateek Kumar Singh, Capt. Shweta Singh

Abstract: Learning is maximized when children are engaged in the process of learning. If ‘fun factor’ is added to it, it becomes all the more interesting. Basically, teaching must include two major components viz. sending and receiving information. Overall, a teacher tries his/her best to transmit knowledge in the way he/she understands it. Hence, any method of communication that serves this purpose, keeping the objective intact, can be considered as innovative method of teaching, and our project is based on this concept

      Kurnia Oktafianto, Siti Masitoh, Hendratno

Abstract: This research aims to testing the effect of the Multisensory methods on fine motor of early childhood’s. The study used a quantitative approach with a quasi-experiment design with a non-equivalent group design. Sampling was carried out with a random sampling technique that selected 122 children aged 5-6 years each divided into experimental groups and control groups. Data analysis using non-parametric statistics with Kruskal Wallis’s test. The results showed that a significant value of 0.000 < sig 0.05 meant that there was an effect on the multisensory methods of fine motor development in children aged 5-6 years.

      Asmiddin, Zainul Abidin and Abdul Madjid

Abstract: The management of public sector collaboration emerged as an urgent approach adopted by the government at this time because it relates to the demands of the community related to the governments development performance which has not been able to reach the optimal point. The purpose of this study was to describe the implementation of collaborative management between the Buton District Government, including the regions that are now part of South Buton and other actors in coastal resource management, especially in the Coral Reef Management Program. This study uses a case study

      Puspita Sari Rambe, Rointan Simanungkalit, Ariyati Yosi

Abstract: Introduction: Melasma is an acquired, chronic, hyperpigmentation disorder which characterized by light-brown to bluish-gray macules and patches. Some researchers have reported an association between low serum zinc levels and various dermatological conditions including melasma. Zinc is one of the essential micronutrients known to play a role in the etiopathogenesis of melasma through its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. To date, no research has been conducted to assess the relationship of serum zinc levels with the severity of melasma.

      Fitri Puspita, Rointan Simanungkalit, AriyatiYosi

Abstract: Introduction: Acne vulgaris (AV) is a chronic inflammatory disease of the pilosebacceous unit characterized by the formation of open and closed comedones, papules, pustules, nodules and cysts. Vitamin D has an antiinflammation and anticomedogenic effects. Correlation between vitamin D and AV is presumed to exists only in patients with AV inflammatory lesions.

      Maj (Dr) Deepak Sharma, Surg Lt Cdr (Dr) Muneesh Joshi, Lt Col (Dr) Manab Kosala, Col (Dr) T Prasanth

Abstract: In cases of recurrent periapical abscess occurring post peri-apical surgery, platelet rich fibrin presents a viable alternative to bone grafts for osseous defects. Bone grafts may act as a nidus in cases where there is incomplete removal of granulation tissue. It is a 2nd generation platelet concentrates, which is a natural scaffold, derived from an autogenous preparation of concentrated platelets from human blood. These case reports illustrate the use of PRF in management for recurrent periapical abscess following failed periapical surgeries with bone grafts.

      Grace T. Seetso, Kefilwe J. P. Batsalelwang, Philip Bulawa, Shirley Kekana

Abstract: There are over seven hundred government primary schools in Botswana. In these schools, one of the managerial posts is Head of Department (Infant), for which the incumbents are responsible for supervising lower classes, of young children between five and eight years old. Despite the fact that these promotional positions are advertised for all qualifying teachers in the country, both female and male, the position is dominated by females.

      C.L.I. Fonseka, L.S Erandika, S.Sotheeswaran

Abstract: Facial expression analysis plays a considerable role in under human emotions and behaviours. Analysing facial expressions accurately has board application areas like human behavior analysis, human-human interaction and human-computer interaction. Automatic identifying of smile or non-smile from images has been a challenging and actively studied problem over the past few decades. Since it has many uses like patient observation, camera photo capturing and more.

      Maristella Rosalina, Rointan Simanungkalit, Lukmanul Hakim Nasution

Abstract: Background: Melasma is a common hypermelanosis condition that often occurs in areas of the skin that are often exposed to sunlight and the most common predilection on the face. The description of melasma lesions is often difficult to distinguish from exogenous ochronosis which can lead to misdiagnosis and treatment. Woods light examination and dermoscopy are diagnostic tools that are often used in cases of melasma because they are non-invasive compared to histopathological examination by skin biopsy.

      Nurfadilah, Dwi Sulisworo, Guntur Maruto, Suritno Fayanto

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to determine the effectiveness of the use of discovery-assisted discovery learning models to improve physics learning outcomes in terms of students initial knowledge. This research was conduct at Senior High School 1 Talibura in the academic year 2019/2010. This research is an experimental research that uses a quasi-experimental design consisting of a nonequivalent (pretest-posttest) control group

      Mussar Hadist, Artha Prabawa

Abstract: According to the report issued by the Directorate General of Disease Control and Environmental Health, diarrhea is the second leading cause of death among children under-five in Indonesia after pneumonia, with a proportion of 17.4 percent in post- neonatal and 13.3 percent in infants.

      Ramayanti boru Simandjuntak, Sri Wahyuni Purnama, Irma Damayanti Roesyanto-Mahadi

Abstract: Background: Xerosis cutis (dry skin) is a common condition experienced by millions of people, influenced by exogenous and endogeneous factors. Excessive bathing as an exogenous factor can cause dry skin. Endogenous factors such as chronic diseases and the use of certain medications can also affect skin moisture. Nephrotic syndrome (SN) is a common kidney disease in children and is characterized by the presence of protein that is released from the blood vessels and into the urine due to glomerular damage. Manifestations of xerosis cutis in the form of dull-looking have also been linked to the use of high dose diuretics in SN. Skin moisture examination can be evalutaed with dermoscopy and moisture

      Amalan Surya Hutabarat, Asan Petrus, Nasib Mangoloi Situmorang

Abstract: Victims of Drowning cases are still often found in the World of Forensic medicine today. Drowning is a condition where oxygenation occurs in the lungs due to the entry of water into the airways through the nose and mouth. In Forensic medicine, examination of diatoms in drowning victims is still very useful in diagnosis .

      Edwin Parlindungan Lubis, Asan Petrus, Abdul Gafar Parinduri

Abstract: Background : Drowning is a process that causes respiratory disturbances due to the entry of fluid into the airways or lungs. Until now, diatom examination is the gold standard examination to diagnose deaths because of drowning. The discovery of diatoms in tissue examination is one of the markers that shows the victim died from drowning.

      Chandani Malla, Anita Mehta

Abstract: Background: Oral hygiene is the practice of keeping the mouth and teeth clean to prevent dental problems, especially dental caries, gingivitis and bad breath. The purpose of maintaining oral hygiene is to prevent the build-up of plaque, the sticky film of bacteria and food that forms on the teeth.1 This research study was conducted to find out the Knowledge and Practice regarding Oral Hygiene among Primary School Children of selected school, Dhangadhi,

      Andreanus Kevin, Zakaria Wahab, Muchsin Saggaff Shihab

Abstract: This study aims to determine whether the dimensions of online consumer reviews consisting of source credibility, review quality, review quantity, review valence affect the online purchases intention in Tokopedia. The population in this study were all Tokopedia application users, while the sample in this study were users who made purchases using the Tokopedia application in the last 2 months with a total sample of 190 respondents. This study uses multiple linear regression analysis to determine the effect of source credibility, review quality, review quantity, review valence on purchase intentions. The results of this study indicate that the source credibility, review quality and review valence partially have a significant effect on purchase intentions, while the review quantity has no significant effect on purchase intentions.

      Niranjan Ojha (Ph.D.)

Abstract: Ecotourism, a burning issue and is a concern of Nepal. Nepal has attempted it in the industry for sustainability. UN Sustainable Development Goals focuses on sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth. The goal 12 focuses on sustainable consumption and production and specifically calls out a role for Travel & Tourism. In Nepalese perspective, increased graph of tourist arrival indicates that it is the right time to implement the principles of sustainability in the industry.

      Ado, I. B., Edet, A. O

Abstract: The study correlated the performance of students in Mathematics and Physics in Senior Secondary Two (SS2) mock examinations for 2015, 2016, and 2017 in Ibesikpo Asutan Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State. Four research questions and four hypotheses were formulated to guide the study. The study adopted correlational design. The population comprises 2561 physics students who partook in mock examinations for 2015, 2016, and 2017 sessions.

      Anand Mishra, Sanjeet Kumar Jha, Ganga Ram Bhandari, Shailendra Khatri, Shreemat Shrestha, and Pravin Ojha

Abstract: Rice is an important cereal crop and staple food for more than half of the worlds population. Drying and storage are two key post-harvest processes to improve yield in rice production. Farmers mostly perform drying of rice by sun drying. Sun drying has many disadvantages such as: over-drying, animals feeding on the grains, spillage and non-uniform drying.

      Anand Mishra, Shailendra Khatri, Sanjeet Kumar Jha and Shamshad Ansari

Abstract: Cow milking is considered as laborious and time-consuming job at livestock farms. This experiment was conducted with an objective to know the effects of milking methods on milk yield, milk flow rate, and milk composition at National Cattle Research Program, Chitwan, Nepal. Four cows were selected randomly. All cows were maintained under uniform feeding and management conditions.

      Anand Mishra, Sanjeet Kumar Jha, Kriti Ghimire and Ujjwol Subedi

Abstract: The zero energy cool chamber (ZECC) is used as storage for the extension of the shelf life of stored fruits and vegetables. However, there are limited researches on the use of ZECC for storage of mangos in Nepal. Therefore, the present study was conducted to qualify the quality and storability of mangos in different storage structures such as ZECC, room, and freeze conditions.

      Anand Mishra, Sanjeet Kumar Jha, and Pravin Ojha

Abstract: Two-third of the population depends on agriculture which shares about 31% of gross domestic product (GDP) of Nepal. Although there is huge potential of vegetable cultivation in Nepal however post-harvest losses of vegetable negatively affects the economy of Nepalese agriculture.

      Anand Mishra, Sanjeet Kumar Jha, and Shreemat Shrestha

Abstract: Onion is one of the important vegetable crops. A global review of area and production of major vegetable crops shows that the onion ranks third in area and production. Onion is one of the important condiments which are widely used all the year round in Nepal.

      Wisnu Yudha Prawira, Suparwoto, Yudhiakto Pramudya, Ishafit

Abstract: This study aims to develop instruments electronic four tier diagnostic test (E-FTDT) use the Google Form to measure the level of student teachers conception of physics (MCGF) on the concept of style. Development uses a 4-D model that consists of define, design, develop, and disseminate.


Abstract: The main problem in this study is the management of water quality on the Batu Merah River Pollution Level. Declining water quality will reduce the usability, usufruct, productivity, carrying capacity, and carrying capacity of water sources which in turn will reduce the wealth of natural resources. The research method used was a Field Research study conducted at the Ambon City Environmental Agency and Ambon Batu village residents.

      Md. Abdul Qader

Abstract: William Shakespeare, the pioneer of English literary world, is a universally famous dramatist whose creations and literary contributions became more in the Elizabethan period than in Jacobean age. This is why; he is identified as an Elizabethan dramatist in English literature although he is a Renaissance and modern thinker. Modernism is reflected in his plays to a great extent. Shakespeare has written thirty-seven plays in his life time. Out of them, only twenty-five plays were written in the Elizabethan Age (1558-1603).

      Oahimire, Oise Joan, Pofung, Zachariah Freejob

Abstract: Malaria fever appears to be one of the leading causes of infant mortality in Nigeria. Improper health seeking behavior for effective treatment is still a great concern for health practitioners especially in rural areas. A sample of 200 mothers between ages 15-49 years with children ages 1-5 years in the community participated. The study examined the treatment seeking behavior of mothers for malaria in children under five years of age in Fobur, Jos East LGA, Plateau state, Nigeria.

      Igoh E.O, Ofoha C.G, Atsukwei D,Ekwere E.O, Salaam A.J, Gabkwet E.A, Taiwo Y.F, Danjem S.M, Igoh C.S

Abstract: Introduction: Infertility remains a threat to successful reproduction by couples desirous of pregnancy. Since the seminiferous tubules make up 70%–80% of the testicular mass, the testicular volume reflects spermatogenesis. The testicular volume demonstrates a relationship with the semen profiles in infertile men, and its measurement has been used to estimate spermatogenesis.

      Fikremariam Yirgu Wondimtegegn

Abstract: The study was undertaken to explore the efficacy of audio-visual teaching materials in EFL Classes in two elementary schools in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The target population comprised 55 boys and 59 girls in the elementary schools. Data was collected from selected pupils, teachers and principals of the two elementary schools. The study sought to identify the common materials, methodologies and expertise used in teaching EFL Classes as well as to establish their effectiveness in using and promoting teaching aids.

      Jyoti Tiwari

Abstract: In this paper I am going to explore the topic of communal violence in general and violence against women in particular and the violation of women’s basic rights. The time span, which I am going to look at, is phase of partition 1947 and riots of 2002 Gujarat. Then I will also look upon the Communal violence Bill 2011.

      Khalifa Isa

Abstract: The quality management in any organization undoubtedly has a direct impact on the performance of that organization. Thus, the quality of educational institutions has a direct impact on the economy of a country, since higher quality faculties emerge from higher quality students who have higher and better knowledge that will be applied in practice, in a bank, an enterprise, a public institution, or in a school. Increased application of quality knowledge, acquired through education in the enterprise, for example, leads to an increase in the economic position of companies in the market, to a greater profit of the company, which again affects the economy of the whole country. Intellectual capital is considered one of the most important factors in explaining economic growth and is considered one of its sources. Any increase in the quality of education can have an impact on economic growth by improving the productivity or quality of workers.

      Prabhjot Sohal

Abstract: India records a high incidence of Human Papillomavirus (HPV)-related infections and cancers, with cervical cancer being the second biggest cause of mortality among women with cancer in the country. Immunization against the high-risk HPV serotypes can efficiently prevent related diseases. The HPV vaccine was recommended to be added in the Universal Immunization Program (UIP) of India by the National Technical Advisory Group on Immunization (NTAGI) in 2017. However, following a controversial vaccine trial in 2009 and a pending decision on a related legal case, the Government of India has refrained from including the vaccine in the UIP.

      Spar Mathews, Reginald Oats, Fana Moffat Kgotlaetsile

Abstract: This paper reports on a qualitative study which evaluated the extent to which the ideals of ESD are incorporated into teacher training curricula. The study was conducted at 3 teacher training colleges of education and the University of Botswana. Participants of the study were lecturers. Questionnaire and observation were used to collect data. Findings reveal that in Botswana information on ESD has been fairly disseminated at teacher training institutions.

      Wunde Sebsibe Teka, Haochen Zhu, M. Mehari, N. Muhammedamin, B.Yonas

Abstract: The core drive of this study was to measure the effectiveness of integrated watershed management implementation in Meskan district. Systematic sampling technique and random sampling method were used to select sample micro-watersheds and specific households from the two selected intervention and less/ non-intervention areas, respectively.

      Jatau Sarah and Binbol N.L

Abstract: Household waste recycling requires the participation of all individuals which include student’s population who are transient in nature but contribute largely to waste generation. A case study of Coventry University Postgraduate (CUPG) students, with the objective to identify the barriers facing these group of students. To give every student an equal opportunity of selection, simple random sampling was used for data collection. To get at least 100 responses, a number of 150 CUPG students were sampled, using questionnaires as a tool for data

      Fitrikalinda, Delyuzar, Jessy Chrestella

Abstract: Rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS) is a malignancy in the mesenchyme that shows differentiationof skeletal muscles, most commonly found in childhood to old age and can occur in any location throughout the body. PDL1 is an inhibiting molecule that causes disruption of the immune response against tumor cells. Revealed expression of PDL1 is associated with a poor prognosis. This study used tissue samples of rhabdomyosarcoma tumors to assess the association between immunohistochemical expressions of PDL1 and histopathology grade among rhabdomyosarcoma patients.

      Dr. Fidaa O. D. Safi, Dr. Marwan S. Alagha

Abstract: Neuromarketing is one of the effective means to create competitiveness and more excellence. This study aimed to examine the relationship between the application of neuromarketing and competitiveness on Airtel Company. The study based on primary and secondary data, a total of 200 employees who are patronizing marketing and sales processes departments of Airtel Company were surveyed by applying a structured questionnaire. Statistical tools like Cronbachs alpha coefficient and correlation coefficients, frequencies and percentages, descriptive statistics analysis, correlation analysis are employed to assess the relationship between the application of neuromarketing and competitiveness.

      Dr. Fidaa O. D. Safi, Dr. Marwan S. Alagha

Abstract: Neuromarketing is one of the effective means to create competitiveness and more excellence. This study aimed to examine the relationship between the application of neuromarketing and competitiveness on Airtel Company. The study based on primary and secondary data, a total of 200 employees who are patronizing marketing and sales processes departments of Airtel Company were surveyed by applying a structured questionnaire. Statistical tools like Cronbachs alpha coefficient and correlation coefficients, frequencies and percentages, descriptive statistics analysis, correlation analysis are employed to assess the relationship between the application of neuromarketing and competitiveness.

      Sneha Menga

Abstract: Adverse drug reactions was defined by WHO as a response of a drug which is noxious and unintended and which occurs at doses normally used in man for prophylaxis , diagnosis or therapy of a disease or for the modification of physiological function.1 Detection, recording & reporting of ADR has become vital & health care professionals should be encouraged to execute ADR reporting to ensure safer use of medication Many K A P studies about ADR were conducted among medical professionals & few among dental professionals. Hence current study was conducted to asses K A P of adverse drug reactions and its reporting among dentists.

      Silvia Christie, Syahril R Lubis, Ariyati Yosi, Dian D Wahyuni

Abstract: Introduction: Skin is the largest human body organ, colonized by a variety of microorganisms that are mostly harmless or even beneficial to the host. Microbiota includes bacteria, fungi, viruses, and archae that inhabit various areas of the body. Microbiota is a dynamic and will be shift its diversity with age.

      Nguyen Van Tan, Luu Thi Thanh Mai

Abstract: In order to improve the competitiveness of tourism startups, tourism enterprises of Vietnam need to move forwards to catch up with the global trend of developing OTA businesses - Online Travel Agent (which Vietnam is gradually shaping), to approach travelers around the world.

      Fitri Adhisti, Zakaria Wahab, Isnurhadi

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of advertising and personal selling on increasing brand awareness in Vocational high school YPT Palembang Development Schools. The population in this study is the students guardians. Vocational high school Pembangunan YPT Palembang Vocational Data collection technique is carried out by distributing questionnaires to 100 student guardians. This study uses primary data obtained from questionnaires and the analysis technique used is multiple regression analysis techniques. The results of this study indicate that Advertising and Personal Selling partially and simultaneously have a significant effect on brand awareness in Vocational high school Pembangunan YPT Palembang. Suggestions that can be given in this study are the management of the Vocational high school Pembangunan YPT Palembang can fulfill the improvement of the quality of teachers and the completeness of teaching and learning facilities and promotion activities both through the media and directly, so that the quality of graduates and the quantity of new students continue to increase.

      Riza Stya Yulianda, Akhyar Hamonangan Nasution, Fadli Armi Lubis

Abstract: Background: Management of sedation and analgesia in the Intensive Care Unit requires parameters to evaluate the sedation that can be done by objective or subjective methods. Objectively, we can use the Bispectral Index (BIS), while subjectively we can use thesedation scale, such as Richmond Agitation Sedation Scale (RASS) and Ramsay Sedation Scale (RSS).

      Duong Thanh Hao, Duong Thi Hong An

Abstract: The present study tries to explore three aspects concerning teacher professional identity construction and answer these questions: 1.How do university EFL teachers in Vietnam understand their professional identity? 2. How do university EFL teachers in Vietnam construct their professional identity in community of practice? The university EFL teachers who participate in the present study are from a university in Thai Nguyen, Vietnam. They are divided into three groups and are categorized as beginner teachers, teacher development and experienced teachers.

      Nonye-Enyidah EI, Akpo CS.

Abstract: Background: Implanon, a single rod long acting reversible implant contraceptive containing 68mg of etonogestrel, has been described as highly effective and is of similar effectiveness to sterilization.

      Joseph Mwendwa Musinga, Dr. Hellen W. Sang, Dr. Andrew Kipkosgei

Abstract: Job design is a process that entails putting together specific duties and responsibilities to create a variety of tasks that define the duties and responsibilities for individuals to carry out in their day to day work. Job design is very crucial for individual satisfaction and employee performance. It also ensures that a job is done efficiently, economically, reliably and safely. Therefore, the main purpose of this study was to find out the effect of flexitime on employee performance in financial institutions in Kericho town, Kenya.

      Surg Lt Cdr (Dr) Muneesh Joshi, Lt Col (Dr) Manab Kosala, Maj (Dr) Deepak Sharma, Col (Dr) T Prasanth

Abstract: One of the most challenging problems encountered by the clinician is the endo-perio lesion. It is a perplexing problem faced in diagnosing the lesion and a dilemma as to which part of the lesion to be addressed first. There are various schools of thought as to which approach to take in managing such lesions. Some say endodontic lesion is to be addressed primarily and other school advocates for treating periodontal lesions first.

      Rashid Ali Omar, Kennedy K. Mutundu, Felix N. Kioli, Lucy W. Maina

Abstract: There are debates whether Khat is a contributor to divorce and family break ups and social disorder like crimes and theft. This is corroborated by constant media highlights. For example, Mungai (1983) Khat consumption retards development and prosperity of both the individual and his nation. It makes one sleepy at odd times when others are working. It makes one weak hence less resistance to diseases. Khat chewers will care less about family, nutrition and health but spend many hours chewing and looking for the substance.

      D. Kulawe, Z. A. Abubakar and J. S. Hena

Abstract: This work was carried out with the aim of determining the acute toxicity and histology of the aqueous, n-butanol and the ethyl-acetate fractions of the leaves of Combretum molle to Wistar rats. Ethanol was used as solvent for extraction, after which differential fractionization was carried out using distilled water, ethyl acetate and n-butanol.

      Jayan Manuvel, P. Predeep

Abstract: Advantages like low temperature processing, cost, and flexibility make organic semiconductors an ideal choice for the new generation electronic devices ranging from LEDs, Solar cells to RFID tags. Many of these devices, especially OLEDs are already conqured the consumer electronics market in a large scale. Ironically the potential for large scale production of these polymeric devices are posing a threat to the emission issues and waste disposal. This warrants the development of green organic semiconductors.

      Felix Kilonzi, Cyrus Kamau Kanai

Abstract: Revenue Realization is a management system that measures revenue. The process can be used to identify factors that drive revenue, measures the performance of these factors, and taking action to maximize revenue. In the East African region, Cargo travels for long distance. Unfortunately however there is an increase of theft, tax evasion, delays in clearance which results to increased cost. The main purpose of the research study was to establish the electronic cargo tracking system and its effect on revenue realization in East Africa Member Countries. The study was guided by four objectives: To establish the effect of operational performance on revenue realization. To find out the effect of cost on revenue collection on revenue realization. To establish the effect of tax losses on revenue collection on revenue realization.

      Marulak Togatorop, Nirahua Salmon E.M

Abstract: Land acquisition under the pretext of public interest, sometimes injures the community, including the Customary Law Community (MHA), because the use of land taken by the government is not as originally planned, and even tends to give birth to misery of the community which was once the rights holder. Many cases have arisen between the Government, Regional Government and the private sector with the Customary Law Community (MHA), related to the implementation of development and investment on land which is the property of the MHA

      KR. Balasubramaniyan, R. Revathy

Abstract: In this paper, we define the algebric structures of Intuitionistic Multi fuzzy subgroup and some related properties are investigated. The purpose of this study is to implement the fuzzy set theory and group theory in intuitionistic multi fuzzy subgroups.

      Parul Gupta, Riya Gupta

Abstract: Concurrent CAM utilization with conventional medicines is increasing both in developed and developing countries. A questionnaire based study was conducted among the patients attending OPD of a tertiary care institute of Southern Rajasthan. The aim of the study was to find out the pattern of CAM use in patients as well as their attitude and perception regarding CAM therapies.

      Liez fitri Machfudzoh, Budi Purwoko , Muhammad Turhan Yani

Abstract: This research aims: (1) To find out the effect of the expression box media on the ability to express language in group B children in Ar Rasyid Sidoarjo Kindergarten; (2) To determine the effect of the expression box media on the ability of self-confidence in group B children in Ar Rasyid Sidoarjo Kindergarten. This research is based not only on the problems that occur in group B children in Ar Rasyid Sidoarjo Kindergarten, it is also based on innovations in learning done in kindergartens.

      Gbalam Peter Eze, Tonye Richard Apiri

Abstract: Oil price volatility effect on macroeconomic indices globally has been a long debate among scholars. This study examined the impact of oil price volatility on external debt management in Nigeria. The study employs the use of secondary data obtained from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Statistical Bulletin, 2018, World Bank, International Debt Statistics and Debt Management Office of Nigeria. The data were subjected to ADF test, Johansen co-integration test, Granger Causality test and Vector Auto-Regression (systems model) to estimate parameters and test outlined hypotheses using Wald Test Chi-square outcome.

      Dr. Bijayalaxmi Dash

Abstract: No other text fascinates the Odia mind as the eponymous Sarala Mahabharata. As of now we have at least four complete editions of the text beginning from the last quarter of the nineteenth century to the third quarter of the twentieth century. In spite of this, the question of ‘authentic text’ is yet to be settled; consequently there continues to be a call by textual scholars to restore the ‘authentic text’. This is natural, given that there are around 280 palm leaf manuscript scribal copies of the text in the Odisha State Museum alone and no two copies are exactly the same.

      Dr. Bijayalaxmi Dash

Abstract: No other text fascinates the Odia mind as the eponymous Sarala Mahabharata. As of now we have at least four complete editions of the text beginning from the last quarter of the nineteenth century to the third quarter of the twentieth century. In spite of this, the question of authentic text is yet to be settled; consequently there continues to be a call by textual scholars to restore the authentic text. This is natural, given that there are around 280 palm leaf manuscript scribal copies of the text in the Odisha State Museum alone and no two copies are exactly the same.

      R. M. D. Jayasena, K.G.C.Dissanayake

Abstract: Overweight and obesity are defined as abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that presents a risk to health. Once considered a high-income country problem, overweight and obesity are now on the rise in low and middle-income countries, particularly in urban settings. The treatment modalities have been unsuccessful even in this modern technologically-advanced era. Herbal drugs have been used in the treatment of Staulya since ancient times. Thus in this research, it was intended to investigate the effect of Virechana formulae in ola leave manuscript for overweight and obesity control in Sri Lankan context.

      Juliana Mbum Edike, Uduak Joseph

Abstract: Service organisations are significant contributors to the economy of fast developing nations. However, customers of service organisations often encounter dissatisfaction when the delivered service fails to give gratifying height of contentment, and the need to curb dissatisfaction in the face of competition is imminent, especially in the hotel industry. This study investigated the perception of consumers of three to five star hotels towards four intangible dimensions of service quality in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria

      Siti Machmudah, Muhammad Turhan Yani, Waspodo Tjipto Subroto

Abstract: This study aims to determine the effect of the reciprocal teaching model on social studies learning outcomes and activities fourth grade students in elementary school . This research was conducted in SDN Sooko 2 Sooko Mojokerto in the school year 201 8/2019.

      M.Tech. HusamTalibAl Shammari, Dr.Santhosh kumar, Dr. Sridevi, Padala Satish kumar, K.P.C. Ravi kiran

Abstract: The energy crisis and global warming due to rapid increase in Industrialization are the issues which compelled the scientist and the environmentalist to think about the more environment friendly solution which will satisfy the current energy consumption. Biofuel which is a fuel made by contemporary biological process is one such solution which gives energy security and economic development to our motherland.

      Ithabeleng Anna Moleli, Bing WU, Jianglin CAO, Ahyana Maxine Bowen, Fangnon Firmin Fangninou, Tchamo Joaquim Minnuse

Abstract: Waste management has become a global concern for both developed and developing countries. Food waste (FW) causes tremendous environmental, economic, and great social influence, thus studies on food waste are essential and meanwhile very complex according to Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nation. Countries have adopted different methods and technologies for both treatment and disposal of food waste from landfilling, composting, incineration and anaerobic digestion (AD). However, recently the first three methods have been questioned in terms of their environmental

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