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      Alaedin Khalil Alsayed, Mohammad Hossein Motaghi, Intan Binti Osman

Abstract: This research note presents the results of testing the goodness (factor analysis and reliability) of two questionnaires – communication satisfaction and leadership style – within the Palestinian community. The paper further discusses dimensionality for each construct. The Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire (MLQ)[1] rates leadership behaviors utilized by leaders/supervisors. The MLQ has been widely tested for its reliability in diverse context. Communication Satisfaction Questionnaire (CSQ) [2] measures the level of individuals’ satisfaction with organizational communication in several organizations. Palestine, with its uniqueness, provides an ideal context to test both of these scales to be serviced in similar communities. The present study has adapted the original MLQ and CSQ to fit with the Arabian culture. Both scales were translated into Arabic language, back translated, and reviewed by specialists. Both scales performed well and provide strong support for the validity and reliability of each scale, allowing other researchers a high degree of confidence in their application. The finding suggests that these research tools may be useful and can be expanded to the greater Arabian region.

      Joompondej Bamrungwongtaree, Mongkol Mongkolwongrojn

Abstract: Ball swaging is a material process used to assemble a boss tower and an arm aperture. A swage ball is inserted into the boss tower to swage and couple two components. The swage ball has a larger diameter than an inner diameter of the boss tower, applies a compression force to the inner surface of the boss tower to hold both components together with adequate holding force and without damaging the boss tower. This study proposes a new design of the boss tower by relief ring width optimization. It reduces the arm tip deformation while avoiding HSA resonance and allows similar swaging quality by using single ball. The 3-D FE method was used for analysis. The result analysis and experiment show boss tower deformation very similar. Although the variation of CTQ has been decreased, cleanliness has been improved. Moreover, non-circular arm aperture is able to reduce swage effect.

      Allan Zade

Abstract: Each new theory shares the same way in science. Its appearance is based on new experimental data and theoretical researches. They thought that experimental data are more valuable than theoretical research because any data can be proven by actual measurement and mathematical calculations. They believe also that agreement between physical measurement and mathematical calculations shows total proof for any way of thought. This paper shows inadequacy of that point of view and discusses well known facts from the history of science.

      M.H Ansari, V. TabatabaVakily

Abstract: In this paper, regarding accelerating development of mobile sensor nodes technology and increasing the utilization of them and alsothese networks are faced with security challenges; specially clone nodes attack, our focus is on exploiting optimum criteria of node clone intrusion detection procedures in mobile wireless sensor networks by using theoretical analysis of procedures. Since many of recommended protocols in this area have not been experimentalised and also no comprehensive study has been carried out on the possibility and capability of these procedures, in this paper all types of sensor network architecture, with the presence of mobile sensor node, are analyzed and then according to the type of architecture, the procedures of clone node intrusion detection is classified and meticulously scrutinized. Finally the conclusion is presented based on theoretical analysis.

      Allan Zade

Abstract: Light and its properties intrigued mankind for centuries. This paper gives answers on several questions related to light and its propagation through space. Famous Michelson-Morley experiment analyzed from the new point of view. New interpretation of experimental data of that observation is proposed.

      Bing Zhu

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to study the impact of macroeconomic factors on return of energy sector in Shanghai stock market (SEE), which are inflation rate, money supply (M2), exchange rate, industrial production, bond, exports, imports, foreign reserve and unemployment rate. The secondary data, collected from People’s Bank of China and the National Bureau of Statistics of China, were for the period beginning January 2005 to December 2011 with no any missing monthly observations. The samples are selected from Shanghai Stock Exchange (SEE) to present the energy industry. The findings reveal that exchange rate, exports, foreign reserve and unemployment rate have effects on the stock return of energy sector in Shanghai stock market.

      Milad Abdelnabi Salem, Dr. Norlena Hasnan , Dr. Nor Hasni Osman

Abstract: Nowadays, companies face great pressure from different actors to behave in particular way. These actors have great impacts on the ability of organizations to achieve their objectives. These impacts are variety in their power according to the variety of the actors. The limited time and resources make it is difficult to give the same attention of the different actors. This has led to the need of a tool that can be used to classify the different actors and identify their positive and negative influences on the companies, which is called stakeholder analysis. This paper provides in brief some of the characteristics of this analysis, and how this analysis can benefit the company. In addition, it presents example of how stakeholder analysis can be conducted. The results of this papers indicates that the stakeholder analysis is useful tool, which can help the managers in giving particular attention to particular stakeholders for the purpose to achieve particular objectives.

      Alaedin Khalil Alsayed, Mohammad Hossein Motaghi, Intan Binti Osman

Abstract: The purpose of this article is to call into question the conventional wisdom that employees’ communication satisfaction is correlated with their performance outcomes. It reports to which extent communication satisfaction can contribute to performance outcomes of Palestinian Public Sector employees from Ministries of Education and Health. Hence, the Communication Satisfaction Questionnaire (CSQ) Downs and Hazen (1977) was used by followers as a main instrument to identify their satisfaction with communication through three dimensions (informational, relational, informational/relational) and performance outcomes were measured by the outcomes listed in Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire by Bass and Avolio (1995) (extra effort, satisfaction, and effectiveness) (N1=342). In addition to, task performance scale developed by Williams and Anderson (1991) was used by supervisors to highlight their subordinates actual performance (N2=342). The samples consists of 342 dyads include (1:1) supervisor and his/her immediate follower.

      M.W. Mustafa, Abdullah J. H. Al Gizi1, Malik A. Alsaedi

Abstract: Adaptive PID controller based on real base function (RBF) network identification by optimal tuning of proportional integral derivative (PID) controller parameter is necessary for thematic factory operation of an automatic voltage regulator (AVR) system. This study presents a combined genetic algorithm (GA) and real base function network (RBF) identification control approach to determine the optimal PID controller parameters and AVR system. The problem of obtaining the optimal AVR and PID controller parameters is formulated as an optimization problem and real base function network (RBF) identification tuning by genetic algorithm (GA) is applied to solve the optimization problem. The proposed approach has resulted in AVR and PID controller with a good short-term response. The optimal PID gains obtained by the proposed RBF tuning by genetic for various operating conditions are used to improve the short-term response of AVR system. The suitability of the proposed approach for PID controller tuning has been demonstrated through computer simulations in an AVR system

      R.K Rajkumar, Fatin Hamimi, Nachimani Charde

Abstract: A good weld from spot welding mechanism is what most of the manufacturers preferred and desired for mechanical assemblies in their systems. The robustness is mainly relies on the joining mechanism of mechanical parts; especially when combining two different materials and therefore this paper analyzes the spot weld growth on 302 austenitic stainless steel and low carbon steel of 1mm of thickness. In this experiment we have welded sixty three (63) samples; especially for tensile strength test (45); for hardness test (9) and the rest for metallurgical studies. The basic controlling parameters that varied throughout the experiments were welding current and the welding time while electrode force and tips were kept unchanged. The weldment was developed from lower range of controlling parameters to higher range. However this experiment was limited to the basic parametric variation to find optimum parametric set up for 1mm base metals. The test result shows close relationship in the parametric changes with respect to its strength as how other researchers found in mixed steel spot welds.

      Subhamita Roy , Sudipta Nath

Abstract: This paper proposes a power quality disturbance classification technique based on the energy of the distorted signals. The multi-resolution analysis technique of DWT is employed on the distorted signals to extract the energy distribution features at different levels of resolution. To identify the different power quality disturbances the energy difference at each decomposition level is calculated with respect to the energy of the pure sinusoidal signal. Then probabilistic neural network is applied to classify the power quality disturbances. The simulation results validate the accuracy and efficiency of the proposed method.

      Ajay G. Dahake, Dr. Yuwaraj M. Ghugal

Abstract: A trigonometric shear deformation theory for flexure of thick beams, taking into account transverse shear deformation effects, is developed. The number of variables in the present theory is same as that in the first order shear deformation theory. The sinusoidal function is used in displacement field in terms of thickness coordinate to represent the shear deformation effects. The noteworthy feature of this theory is that the transverse shear stresses can be obtained directly from the use of constitutive relations with excellent accuracy, satisfying the shear stress free conditions on the top and bottom surfaces of the beam. Hence, the theory obviates the need of shear correction factor. Governing differential equations and boundary conditions are obtained by using the principle of virtual work. The thick simply supported isotropic beams are considered for the numerical studies to demonstrate the efficiency of the. Results obtained are discussed critically with those of other theories.

      Dr. Shri Krishna Mishra

Abstract: E nvironment is, in general terms, a surrounding or conditions influencing development and growth of all the living beings. For the last several decades nature and environment have always been a source of human reflection and investigation as the environmental pollution has reached to such a critical stage that we find ourselves passing through an irreversible climate change and are not able to retrieve the previous climate back.

      Dr. Ashim Chakravorty , Dr. P.D. Ghosh

Abstract: The present paper deals with the phenological study on broad leaved kharif weeds of randomly selected fifty one species of angiosperms from the agricultural farm of Zonal Adaptive Research Station, Krishnagar, Nadia and different blocks and village area like Bhaluka, Nabadwip and other adjoining areas of Krishnagar, Nadia, West Bengal during June 2008 to May 2011. The emergence of weeds took place from June to September showing early arrival in case of Amaranthus spinosus, Croton bonplandianum and Jatropa multifida and late arrival in case of Aerva lenata, Utricularia bifida and Wahlenbergia marginata. Initiation of flower bud blooming was early in Evolvulous, Bacopa, Hydrilla and Bromus while late emerging weeds had late initiation of floral buds and blooming. The earliest commencement of fruiting was in July in E. alsinoides while it was as late as December in seven species. Percentage of dicotyledonous plants was more than that of the monocots. Most of the members are edible and have more or less good local medicinal uses in the village areas. A good number of weeds belonging to the families which are prevalent in this alluvial zone are Amaranthaceae, Rubiaceae, Liguminaceae, Pappilionaceae, Solanaceae, Malvaceae, Labiateae, Scophularaceae and Compositeae.

      Babasaheb B. Fand, Ankush L. Kamble, Mahesh Kumar

Abstract: A biotical stressful environment in changing climate is predicted to impact negatively the diversity and abundance of insect-pests; and ultimately the extent of damage caused in economically important agricultural crops. This may affect perilously the agricultural production and the livelihood of farmers especially in tropical and subtropical countries where larger proportion of work force is directly depending on climate sensitive sectors such as agriculture. In this article, we enlighten through the extensive literature survey, the climate change induced challenges that the crop growers have to face in near future in managing harmful insect pests of their crops along with its socio-economic impacts on farming community. We feel it is timely and important that further studies pertaining to climate change driven changes in serious insect-pests of crops and planning and development of adaptive strategies needs to be undertaken to lessen the yield losses and safeguard the food security of nation.

      Goutam Sadhu, Nayan Chakravarty

Abstract: This paper offers an outlook on gender mainstreaming in water management in India by investigating the linkages between ‘gender’ and selected practices of drinking water management. Experience from several water projects have shown that gender is not mainstreamed effectively if restricted to practices that only try to make women visible or simply add a gender component in an intervention program. One of the successful community owned water project ‘Aapni Yojna in 350 villages of three districts of Rajasthan, India is taken up as a case for investigation to analyze the various dimensions of gender in the context of water. Prospects for effective gender mainstreaming in water management will be the turning point on how the principal agenda can address the change of gender relations and water as a human right so as to realize the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in developing countries.

      Saiprasad Bhavsar, Mahajan Hemant, Rajan Kulkarni

Abstract: India has made huge strides in the past decades in warding off the spectre of famine. The Green Revolution should have gone a long way to tackling child malnutrition, Norman Borlaug’s creation of dwarf spring wheat strains in the 1960s meant that India could feed itself at last. Better farming techniques and food security policies have made mass starvation a thing of the past. Yet the problem of child malnutrition remains critical, and the reasons it deserves concerted attention are many. Besides the obvious moral obligation to protect the weakest in society, the economic cost to India is and will be staggering. The present study was carried out to find out Maternal and Environmental Factors affecting the nutritional status of Anganwadi children in Rafiq nagar urban slum of Mumbai. This is a Descriptive Epidemiological study conducted at Rafiq Nagar urban slum which is a field practice area of Department of Preventive and Social Medicine, TN Medical College, Mumbai, India.


Abstract: Liberalization of global economy has resulted tough competition in global market and for the sustainability in market for any product or service, the optimization of resources and costs in all sorts is required.The global competition is based on the innovation of advanced products, processes etc. and technology support is the essential requirement for any advancement in product or process. The advancement in technology had lead to the industrial revolution and higher level competition for survival. In today’s situation, the importance of the upkeep of equipment has its own importance since the condition and performance of the equipment have large role in the quality and availability of the products.

      T.Venkateswara Rao, B.Mahesh Babu

Abstract: Solid-state switch-mode rectification converters have reached a matured level for improving power quality in terms of power-factor correction (PFC), reduced total harmonic distortion at input ac mains and precisely regulated dc output in buck, boost, buck–boost and multilevel modes with unidirectional and bidirectional power flow. In this paper, an improved power quality converter employing conventional PI based & intelligence controlled( FLC) forward buck converter topology is used to feed a permanent magnet brushless DC motor (PMBLDCM) drive. Normally, the PMBLDCM drive consists of a three-phase voltage source inverter (VSI) and a PMBLDCM which is fed from single-phase AC mains through a diode bridge rectifier (DBR). In this proposed system a conventional pi and fuzzy logic controlled based forward buck DC-DC converter is used after the DBR and it performs power factor correction (PFC) at input AC mains and voltage control at DC link, in a single-stage.

      Suchismita Mohapatra , A.K.Patra

Abstract: Seasonal variations of Phytoplankton dynamics were noted both quantitatively and qualitatively at Puri Sea Shore of Bay of Bengal. In total of Phytoplanktons, 45 species of Chlorophyta (53.60%), 17 species of Bacillariophyta (29.45%) and 12 species of Cyanophyta (16.75%) were identified. Phytoplanktons are producers or photosynthetic organisms as they bear photosynthetic pigments which converts solar energy into chemical sugars, consumed by consumers or heterophes. Thus they are vital to marine eco system.

      Resal Raj, Pramod W Ramteke

Abstract: T ype 2 Diabetes Mellitus is a complex disorder due to the actions and interactions of many genetic and environmental factors. Although exercise and changes in the diet can reduce the complications of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, identifying the genetic risk factors and non-genetic risk factors may help treat the disease better with its known physiology and effective therapies. Recent identification of different genetic risk locus of chromosomes, disease susceptibility genes and the genetic variations of each gene is not only a step towards knowing the disease but also help treate the disease, Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus better.

      M. G.Sanalkumar, S.Nandakumar, S.Vaisakh, R.S.Balamurali, S. Sankar

Abstract: Avifaunal composition of Nilgiri Western Slope forests was studied. A total of 160 species were identified of which 9.38% are migratory. 56.25% were common, 35.46% were not common, 1.94% were rare, 1.25% were local migratory by status. Very high richness index (25.56846) and Shannon’s diversity index (4.822978) indicating a luxuriant bird species composition in this habitat. The low value of dominant index (0.008) indicating co-dominance of species and the evenness index value near to one indicating even distribution or continuous distribution of bird species in this locality. Lower anthropogenic disturbances, lack of hydroelectric dams, forest continuity and luxuriant vegetation of the area harbours good avian population in this locality and the area can be considered as a paradise for avian conservation in the Southern Western Ghats.

      Reeja Jose, M.G. Sanalkumar

Abstract: Zooplanktons are heterotrophic planktonic animals floating in water. They serve as good indicators of changes in water quality. The present study was undertaken to observe the seasonal fluctuations in diversity of zooplanktons of Achencovil river, a significant freshwater body in Kerala. Both qualitative and quantitative analysis of were conducted from July 2009 to June 2010, by taking samples from 3 segments of the river. Zooplankton community of Achencovil river comprised of 28 species belonging to Cladocera (11sps), Copepoda (9sps) and Rotifera (8sps). Cladocerans showed dominance both in number and diversity, followed by Copepods and Rotifers. This study also reveals that different groups of zooplanktons have their own peak periods of density, which is affected by local environmental conditions prevailing at that time.

      V. Jayalekshmy , M.G. Sanalkumar

Abstract: Kerala is the synonym to biodiversity. Fresh water ichthyological diversity is the most crucial part of biodiversity as it is difficult to be estimated and protected. The study aimed to estimate the fish diversity of Pallickal River in relation to physico chemical parameters. The period of study was from March 2012 to October 2012. Fish samples and surface water samples were collected seasonally. Specimens were preserved in 4% formalin. Identification of fishes was done with standard keys and water samples were analyzed by standard procedures. Statistical analysis of the data was done. 30 fishes belongs to 16 families of 9 orders were obtained, in which the dominant family was Cyprinidae. One endangered species and 7 vulnerable species were recorded during the study. Biodiversity indices were calculated using Biodiversity pro and the values obtained showed rich and healthy ecosystem showing less over dominance and high diversity. Dominant species differed in relation to site and season. Physico chemical parameters indicated the ecosystem as a life sustainable one, except low pH recorded at site 1 during pre monsoon period. DO, PH and TDS were identified as the principal factors those influence the piscian fauna, using PCA.

      Shalini Kushwaha, Paramjit Chawla, Daljit Singh Khurana

Abstract: Menopause is a gradual three-stage process that concludes with the end of periods and reproductive life. The antioxidant enzyme system get affected in postmenopause due to deficiency of estrogen, which has got antioxidant properties. The objective of the present study was therefore, to analyze the effect of supplementation of drumstick and amaranth leaves powder on lipid profile and blood pressure. Ninety postmenopausal women aged 45-60 years were selected and divided into three groups viz. Group I, II and III having thirty subjects in each group. The subjects of group II and III were supplemented daily with 7g drumstick leaves powder (DLP) and 9g amaranth leaves powder (ALP), respectively for a period of three months in their diet. The subjects of group I was not given supplementation. Total cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL-C, LDL-C, VLDL-C were analyzed before and after supplementation. Blood pressure of the subjects were also recorded. The data revealed that supplementation of DLP and ALP significantly decreased total cholesterol (14.2 and 8.2%), triglycerides (5.9 and 4.6%), LDL-C (10.9 and 5.3%), VLDL-C (5.8 and 4.6%) whereas increase in HDL-C (15.3 and 7.2%) in postmenopausal women of group II and III respectively. SBP and DBP decrease by 3.6 and 2.1% in group II whereas 4.3 and 6.7% in group III. The results indicated that these plants possess hypolipidemic and hypotensive properties.

      Monjit Borthakur, Bhrigu Kr. Nath

Abstract: Urbanization is undoubtedly the major transformation to land cover that profoundly influences biotic diversity. Changing urban landscape with high population growth and more demand for land is a major issue in Metropolitan Guwahati. The general pattern of urbanization in Guwahati is complex, diverse and fragmented which brings modification to natural land cover within the city. This complex urbanization process has altered the land surface characteristics within the city. An analysis of Landsat imageries has revealed subsequent decrease of land cover with a distinct spatial heterogeneity of land surface temperature from 1991 to 2008. To regulate the development, the proposed Master Plan for Guwahati 2025 has assigned some land use zoning. But the pressure of changing urban landscape has clearly seen over the eco-sensitive and Green belt areas, especially towards the periphery of the city. Due to scarcity of vegetation, some hotspots on surrounding hillocks were identified, the surface temperature of which is as high as the downtown. Thus, here an attempt has been made to correlate variation in temperature with land use type. The result of the present study is considered to be useful to develop countermeasure to thermal environmental problem in Guwahati metropolitan area.

      Dr. D. Asha Devi , Ajay Kumar .Y.L

Abstract: Solar energy is one of the major renewable sources and is non polluted. Hence, the utilization of this energy is essential everywhere where the maximum possibility of utilization of solar energy is there. One of such possibility is solar power to street lights and traffic systems. Hence, an attempt is made to implement the solar power saver system for street lights and automatic traffic control unit. The proposed system is implemented with MAX3032 Altera CPLD with 32 macro cells. An infrared sensor array is installed on the streets to know the presence of traffic. As there is a requirement of light only at night times, light detectors are used in the system to work it only in the absence of sun light when there is a presence of traffic. In this way the maximum power can be saved. Proposed cost effective system not only saves the power rather it reduces the usage of conventional energy. The proposed system logic is implemented using VHDL.

      N.V.Saraf, R.D.Raut, M.D.Choudhary

Abstract: Ligation properties of Isonitroso Phenyl 2 Propanone with Pt(II) & Pd(II) have been investigated. The synthesized complexes are characterized on the basis of elemental analysis, magnetic, electronic & spectral studies. The complexes confirm 1:2 stoichiometries and are non electrolyte in nature. The ligand has been found to coordinate to metal ion through two oximino nitrogen atoms. Further two coordination sites of metal ion are satisfied by oxygen atoms.

      Raut R. D., Ridhorkar B. D., Gholse S.B.

Abstract: The kinetic study, cover all the important aspects of chemical reaction including mechanism. The outcome of investigations indirectly explain the path of certain complex biochemical processes. The role of the organic phosphate ester in chemistry and particularly in biochemistry were recognized quite early because of common C—N—P linkages present in nucleotides. With this view, investigations of the kinetic study of the hydrolysis of 2-ethyl, 6-methylaniline phosphate ester has been made in a wide range of various experimental conditions at pH 1.24. The rate of coefficents of temperature effect have been determined. The reactive species has been found to undergo hydrolysis with common P—N bond fission, with bimolecular reaction path, since the entropy of a activation energy falls in the range.

      Sachin Solat, GD Velhal, Hemant Mahajan, Amrita Rao, Bhuwan Sharma

Abstract: We are living in an international society, and HIV has become the first truly international epidemic, easily crossing oceans and borders. It is disappointing that the global numbers of people infected with HIV continue to increase, despite the fact that effective prevention strategies already exist. The present study was carried out to assess the awareness of rural population about HIV/AIDS in Raigad district and operationalization of appropriate interventions to empower the community leaders with appropriate leadership skills, to control the spread of HIV infection. The present community based interventional study was conducted during January 2009 to December 2009 at Mahad Taluka of Raigad District, India. Total of 724 individuals were selected by using stratified random sampling. The information was gathered by personal interview using semi-structured proforma. Total 724 individuals were interviewed with 202 (27.9%) males and 522 (72.1%) females. Overall awareness about symptoms of HIV/AIDS, its transmission routes and preventive measures was very poor. Composite scores of Knowledge and attitude were low (below 50%) specifically in females, unmarried and illiterate individuals. Thus it is necessary to create suitable environments at community level to stimulate, support and sustain healthy lifestyle choices and fear and guilt free discussion on the issue of HIV / AIDS and condom. At the level of the individual, the interventions should focus on behaviour change, especially aimed at HIV / AIDS prevention.

      Nitin Anand

Abstract: Business intelligence (BI) is considered to have a high impact on businesses. Research activity has risen in the last years. An important part of BI systems is a well performing implementation of the Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) process. In typical BI projects, implementing the ETL process can be the task with the greatest effort. Here, set of generic metamodel constructs with a palette of frequently used ETL activities, is specialized , which are called templates.

      B.W. Sawarkar

Abstract: The present communication deals with Senga maharashtrii n.sp. collected from Mastacembellus armatus, a fresh water fish from Chandrabhaga River at Daryapur, district Amravati, Maharashtra. Four mature worms of the cestode were collected form a freshwater fish, Mastacembellus armatus Cuv. and Val. The scolex is oval in shape, highly muscular broader posteriorly, narrow anteriorly and measures 0.63 x 0.372 – 0.513 in length and breadth. It bears two oval bothria, broader posteriorly, narrow anteriorly and which extend up to the posterior and of the scolex. The bothridium is thickened at the margin and measures 0.419 x 0.01 – 0.199 in length and breadth. The worm is fully described in this paper.

      Avadhesh Kumar Koshal

Abstract: India, the seventh largest country in the world situated between latitudes 8° 4’ and 37° 6’ longitudes 68° 7’ and 97° 25’. The present study is based on secondary sources of time series data obtained 15 years 1996-99 to 2010-11. The total, actual & normal rainfall, rice & wheat yield and area were data analysis of continuous 15 years (1996-99 to 2010-11). It was found 15 years R2 value 0.13 (13%). The mean standard deviation of all the study period was 101.1mm. Moreover, the coefficient of variation CV =0.09 of data. The developed model explained rainfall 13% and rice yield 64% of the variability in rainfall and rice yield. The analysis of rice yield with rainfall CV=0.07 was observed and coefficient of correlation between rainfall and yield was 0.09. The rice yield and rainfall was shown good correlation. Although wheat is grown during non-monsoon months, its production shows a rather weak but significant correlation with monsoon rainfall is 0.09 for rice but negative for wheat is -0.26.

      Meenal Malik, Mahabir Singh, Jagdish Singh

Abstract: The Airy stress function for a long tensile fault of arbitrary dip and finite width buried in a homogeneous, isotropic, perfectly elastic half-space in welded contact with a homogeneous, orthotropic, perfectly elastic half-space are obtained. This Airy stress function is used to derive closed-form analytical expressions for the stresses at an arbitrary point of the half-space caused by along vertical tensile fault of finite width. The variation of the displacement and stress fields with distance from the fault is studied numerically.

      Sanjay.C.Patil, B.K.Mishra

Abstract: Optoelectronic is one of the thrust areas for the recent research activity. One of the key components of the optoelectronic family is photo detector to be widely used in broadband communication, optical computing, optical transformer, optical control etc. Result that theoretical predicted for device and using MATLAB are quite similar. Present paper includes Id–Vd characteristics and Numerical model (3D)of a GaAs MESFET Photo detector has been presented in this paper. The model takes into account all the major effects that determine the device characteristics in the illuminated condition. It has been found that in a short channel MESFET photo detector, the drain current saturation is caused by the velocity saturation of the carriers rather than the pinch off condition. By considering both the photo conductive effect in the channel and photo voltaic effect at the gate Schottky barrier, the major limitations of the existing model have been overcome.

      Dr. Shalini Srivastava, Dr. Sachin R. Dighe

Abstract: Rhinitis, an extremely common medical condition, is characterized by acute or chronic inflammation of mucous membranes. Pro-inflammatory cytokines, including interleukin-6 (IL-6), IL-8 and TNF-α are the key drivers of inflammatory response in rhinitis. Hence, their inhibition is an important therapeutic strategy for treating rhinitis. In vitro cell line models are extremely valuable for testing the potential of new therapeutic compounds. Epithelial cell lines derived from the airway and nasal passage have been previously reported as models for testing anti-rhinitic drugs such as Cetirizine and Loratidine.

      Manish Vishwakarma, Vishal Parashar, V.K.Khare

Abstract: In this paper illustration of the influence of input machining parameters on the material removal rate are determined along with performance measurement analysis. Experimentation was conducted on EN-19 alloy steel with Tungsten Copper as tool electrode. The data collected during experimentation has been used to yield responses in respect of material removal rate (MRR). The objective of this paper is to study the influence of operating input parameters of copper electrode on material removal rate of EN-19 material followed by optimization. The effectiveness of EDM process with tungsten copper electrode is evaluated in terms of the material removal rate. In this work the parameters such peak current, voltage gap, pulse on time, duty cycle and flushing pressure were selected. Analysis is carried using the response surface method and Anova analysis.

      Detcharat Sumrit, Pongpun Anuntavoranich

Abstract: This study proposes the systematic method by using the Analytic hierarchy process (AHP) to deal with the rational multi decision making on various assessment factors for technological innovation capabilities of Thai automotive part firms. Based on pair wise comparison, an expert group provided the perception of the important relative weight data towards these assessment factors. The results presented this proposed model is one of the effective methods to help managements to easily analyze what is the most influence criteria impact on firms’ capabilities and what criteria should be firstly improved. Also last section highlighted this model application on Thai automotive part firms as case study. The comparison outcome may provide the industrial managements for their TICs assessment developments and the insight of others in the same market.

      Ekanayake E.M.C.L., Wijayakulasooriya J.V., Alahakoon P.M.K.

Abstract: Traffic intensities in Sri Lankan roads are ever increasing making current traffic light system ineffective. Then it is imperative to make new methods to control increasing traffic. This end could be achieved only by eliminating inherent defects in traffic light system. Among approaches suggested to address the problem of managing higher traffic intensities includes extract information about the traffic concentration by processing digital images. This study attempts to estimate the traffic intensity by using image processing which also a part of intelligent traffic control system adopted in the future. This study focused on eliminating the problem encountered in commercial image processing system which does not work well in traffic congestions. The difficulty arrives when vehicles are exposed partially and appears differently under different light and environment conditions. This study proposed to develop an algorithm to detect vehicles from a stream of images extracted from a video. This algorithm will separate vehicles from their backgrounds and detect vehicles on the basis of morphological characteristics.

      Abdullah J. H. Al Gizi , M.W. Mustafa

Abstract: In today world, fuzzy logic and particle swarm optimization are used to answer various engineering problems. In this paper, the proportional integral derivative (PID) controller tuning by fuzzy rule method (FRMs) and a particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm are proposed to improve controller by adjusting transfer function parameters. The proposed fuzzy rule function and PSO algorithm searches a high-quality solution effectively and improves the response of the controlled system by adjusting the transfer function. Simulation and comparison results are presented and that the proposed algorithm finds a PID control parameter set effectively so that the PID controller has a better control performance.

      Pattaraweerin Woraratsoontorn, Pitikhate Sooraksa

Abstract: In hard disk drive manufacturing, the tolerance ring is commonly used for coupling a bearing cartridge to an arm actuator. Further, the tolerance ring can prevent slippage between the arm actuator and bearing assembly during operation of disk drive or during shock events. The metal scratch occurred in the tolerance ring installation process cause a number of particles. The main purpose of this analysis is to improve and to investigate behaviors of the tolerance ring using finite element 3D model for reducing the particles. The result shows that the developed vulnerable point effect less movement of the tolerance ring, the particles were decreased because the metal scratch was eliminated.

      Jenice Aroma R, Mathew Kurian

Abstract: The emerging trends of Semantic web attract the attention of researchers, due to the increased level of machine understandability which could offer an enhanced approach of acquiring more relevant results. It leads to redefining of the existing conventional web services (Web 2.0) into semantic web services (Web 3.0).The Conventional WSDL Services (Web Service Definition Language) are mapped into the semantic based OWL-S Services (Web Ontology Language for Services) through the addition of Semantic Annotations. This paper clearly focuses on giving a detailed overview of Semantic web, thereby states the need for redefinition of Web2.0.It stands as a guide to the researchers to gain an additional knowledge and for the beginners, a stepping stone into the semantic web research.

      Caroline S. Cheng, Vikash Kumar

Abstract: Homelessness has been one of the issues that remain unresolved in parts of India due to complicated and interwoven factors. Human rights groups have also found that in India children are sometimes forced into pornography, prostitution and sex slavery. The purpose of the study is to find out the pattern of exploitation and victimization of the beggar population in Patna district. The study is qualitative and exploratory in nature. Purposive sampling was used to conduct this study with 22 beggars including female and male beggars aged between 13 to 55. The study reveals that homeless beggars are victims of organized crimes and face exploitation such as physical torture and economic loss. Female beggars face sexual exploitation and are manipulated into prostitution. Young beggars are manipulated and forced into drug abuse and drug dealing, pick pocketing, stealing and robbery. With no doubt, the illegal activities are being operated by gangs & supported by local police. Homeless beggars are being targeted and continuously exploited by gangs especially young girls & children. State needs to take immediate steps to prevent these vulnerable populations from being victimized being homeless. The study is conducted at specific places where beggars’ daily activities are centralized with consequence that the findings are potentially very context specific.

      Pramila Ramani, Harsha Patadia

Abstract: This True Experimental study compared academic performance of students in class VIII in one of the English Medium School of Vadodara, India among traditional instruction, only Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI) and Computer Assisted Instruction with simultaneous discussion. The design used in this study was posttest only control group design Three sections of class VIII students were selected and groups were randomly allotted. ANCOVA was used in data analysis. There was significant difference in the post test scores of students receiving traditional method, only CAI and CAI with simultaneous discussion. Bonferroni correction was used for Post hoc test. It revealed that traditional method is as effective as only CAI. CAI with simultaneous discussion is more effective than traditional method. CAI with simultaneous discussion is more effective than only CAI.

      Dharamjit, D.K.Tanti

Abstract: Power flow analysis is the backbone of power system analysis and design. They are necessary for planning, operation, economic scheduling and exchange of power between utilities. The principal information of power flow analysis is to find the magnitude and phase angle of voltage at each bus and the real and reactive power flowing in each transmission lines. Power flow analysis is an importance tool involving numerical analysis applied to a power system. In this analysis, iterative techniques are used due to there no known analytical method to solve the problem. To finish this analysis there are methods of mathematical calculations which consist plenty of step depend on the size of system. This process is difficult and takes a lot of times to perform by hand. The objective of this project is to develop a toolbox for power flow analysis that will help the analysis become easier. Power flow analysis software package develops by the author use MATLAB programming The economic load dispatch plays an important role in the operation of power system, and several models by using different techniques have been used to solve these problems. Several traditional approaches, like lambda-iteration and gradient method are utilized to find out the optimal solution of non-linear problem. More recently, the soft computing techniques have received more attention and were used in a number of successful and practical applications.

      Sudhakar Jain

Abstract: This paper proposes a methodology that integrates a growth model with an input-output transaction matrix to analyze the impacts of economic growth on the consumption of energy .This methodology also use to study that how energy intensity in Indian industry change over time. This allows us to verify the pattern of energy consumption of about 130 each sector between the years 1967- 2012. Energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions are closely linked. This paper reviews energy efficiency option to reduce energy intensities and energy consumption and their impacts. Energy efficiency and technological changes, energy mix can save energy by demand in household and as a result green house gas emission decrease. It also present a model to calculate energy consumption in households. The other focus of this work is on presenting the process of data collection and methodology. Results and discussion will be revealed in a later paper.

      Sandeep K. Shukla, Devendra N. Pandey

Abstract: Environmental restoration is not simply a practical matter. The topic carries with it immense of metaphysical and aesthetic interest. In the same way that the science of ecology and cultural phenomenon of environmental politics are inseparable, restoration of the environment is inextricably tied to and informed by several areas of discourse: ecology, cultural ecology, human ecology, environmental history and environmental ethics. The multi-disciplinary scope of the literature review undertaken for this work allowed for the reconceptualization of key terms and ideas of critical importance to restoration The Vast stretches of Renukoot, Singrauli, Sonbhadra region were once covered with natural forests, hills and grassland with various natural resources. The tribal dwelling populations were small and interspersed. Before 1950, this area was a normal town enjoying the natural environment, traditional systems of culture and living with pollution free environment. The changes in status of environmental and development of Sonbhadra began during 1950 with the construction of two dams Rihand and Obra. Since then a number of establishment like Hindalco Aluminimum Plant (1962), Kannoria Chemicals (1964). A cement factory (1970) Followed by a number of coal, stone, mining projects and power generation units established scenario of the region and impacted human socio-cultural environment very significantly.

      Shivshankar Sangole, Balasaheb Deshmukh , D. B. Panaskar

Abstract: The present study was carried out the physicochemical characteristics of basaltic and granitic aquifers of Dharmabad Taluka of Nanded District, Maharashtra (India). The water samples collected from different regions of basaltic and granitic aquifers of Dharmabad during 2007 in pre monsoon season. The physico-chemical parameters such as pH, EC, total dissolved solids, hardness, alkalinity as well as chloride, sulphate, nitrates, sodium, potassium and fluoride have been analyzed. The analytical results indicated considerable variations among the analyzed samples with respect to their chemical composition. The observed values of various physico-chemical parameters of water samples were compared with standard values recommended by BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards). Majority of the samples do not comply with BIS for most of the water quality parameters measured. The fluoride concentration in the underground water of these villages varied from 0.1 to 1.17 mg/l, causing dental fluorosis among people especially children of these villages. The nitrates concentration varied from 12 -178 mg/l. Overall water quality was found unsatisfactory for drinking purposes without any prior treatment in maximum samples.

      B.Hulugappa, Tajmul Pashab, Dr.K.M.Ramakrishnac

Abstract: Rolling element bearings are critical components in induction motors and monitoring their condition is important to avoid failures. Several condition monitoring techniques for the bearings are available. Out of these, stator current monitoring is a relatively new technique. Vibration, stator current, acoustic emission and shock pulse methods (SPMs) and FEM, surface analysis, for the detection of a defect in the Inner race of induction motor ball bearing have been compared. The measurements were performed at different loads and different speeds. The defect in the bearing could be detected by all the methods.

      Dr Patil Anil, Dr Aparadh Aparna

Abstract: Traumatic tooth injuries are common in children. When permanent teeth are involved, it can be a challenge to save these teeth. This case describes rehabilitation of fractured carious mandibular central incisors. Endodontic treatment was followed by the placement of a glass fibre-reinforced composite resin post and all ceramic crowns. During follow-up appointments, clinical and radiographic examinations revealed the efficacy of the treatment in retaining the fractured carious tooth.

      R.Suganya, R.Shanthi

Abstract: Clustering is a task of assigning a set of objects into groups called clusters. In general the clustering algorithms can be classified into two categories. One is hard clustering; another one is soft (fuzzy) clustering. Hard clustering, the data’s are divided into distinct clusters, where each data element belongs to exactly one cluster. In soft clustering, data elements belong to more than one cluster, and associated with each element is a set of membership levels. In this paper we represent a survey on fuzzy c means clustering algorithm. These algorithms have recently been shown to produce good results in a wide variety of real world applications.

      Dr K N Prasanna Kumar, Prof B S Kiranagi, Prof C S Bagewadi

Abstract: Serge Haroche and David Wineland were awarded Nobel Prize in Physics for being able to resolve the conflict of Quantum measurement. We give a concomitant model for the same. Study of concatenated equation is done in the next paper.

      G.Nirmala, S. Priyadarshini

Abstract: The concept of P-fuzzy algebra is elaborated in this paper with conjugate fuzzy sets, congruence and pseudo fuzzy cosets. Well known existence theorem in algebra is proved under P-fuzzy algebra in new manner. Some properties in P-fuzzy algebra are introduced.

      Radha Shankarmani, Dr. S. S. Mantha, Dr. Vinaya Babu

Abstract: Agile methodology promises quality deliverables in frequent intervals. In Agile project development, user stories (requirements) entered in Product backlog is prioritized and according to priority few of them are selected for the current iteration (sprint). These user stories have to be implemented within that sprint. Hence the project team demands experts in the relevant domain for successful completion. Software development organizations have limited number of experts with them and hence the number of projects that follow agile methodology is restricted. This paper first discusses the risk involved if moderately skilled members are chosen for agile software development and then the methods to mitigate the risk so that more number of projects can adopt agile methodology.

      Dr.G.Nirmala, M.Vijaya

Abstract: The concept of connectivity plays an important role in both theory and applications of Fuzzy Graphs. This paper discusses the Hamiltonian fuzzy cycle on K2n+1 fuzzy graph. Next we proved results on complement of fuzzy cycles . Finally we discusses cycles in cubic fuzzy graph.

      Abdo Saif Mohammed, M.N.Shanmukhaswamy

Abstract: Wireless sensor network used Clustering techniques to extend the lifetime of the network. LEACH is the one from these clustering techniques to maintain the energy efficiency of sensors. The technique of selecting nodes with highest residual energy as cluster heads with the assumption that energy consumption distribute periodically between the nodes. Cluster heads collect information from the surrounding nodes and send it to the base station. but sometimes if one of this clusters fails it cannot be detected by the cluster heads or BS. Non cluster heads and sub cluster heads still send data to the failed CH in every time slot of a frame allocated to them, hence more energy is consumed. In this paper, we have proposed a new algorithm of fault tolerance to determine the cluster heads failures within a few seconds after the beginning of each round to enhance the lifetime of wireless sensor network.

      G. Ahirwar

Abstract: Electromagnetic ion-cyclotron (EMIC) waves have been studied by kinetic approach. The effect of kappa loss-cone distribution with bi-Maxwell general loss-cone distribution functionon EMIC instability in magneto-plasma is evaluated. The dispersion relation, growth rate the electromagnetic ion-cyclotron waves in low  case (ratio of plasma pressure to magnetic pressure), homogeneous plasma have been obtained.The wave is assumed to propagate parallel to the static magnetic field. The effect kappa loss-cone distribution with bi-Maxwell general loss-cone distribution functionon EMIC waves in magnetosphere plasma is to enhance the damping/growth rate of EMIC wavesin low case. The results are interpreted for the space plasma parameters in magneto-plasma.

      G. Ahirwar

Abstract: In this paper, we have derive the dispersion relation, and growth rate of Alfven wave in the presence of parallel electric field in Saturn magnetosphere has been applied to the magnetosphere Saturn to the observations made by Cassini.s. The effect of parallel electric field is included in the zeroth order distribution function through modification of the electron thermal velocity parallel to ambient magnetic field. It is found that the parallel electric field of the electrons enhances the damping/growth rate of the wave according to the direction of electric field. The applicability of theory for the space plasma has been discussed.

      Nandita Laishram, Dr. Robita Sorokhaibam

Abstract: Hospitals occupy such an important place in the modern world. The changing pattern of hospital will result in dominance of “consumers” as against “providers”. The successful hospital is one, which provides good patient care services. Patient care is not only curing and managing the patients’ disease, it is about caring patients through different functional areas such as nursing, food, and nutrition, patients’ safety, pharmacy etc. the hospitals are much like other organizations but it has some special features like individual care, emergency service and it cannot make many mistakes because it may cause life threatening conditions. Thus, it can be said that to satisfy patients and their attendants is highly significant in hospitals.

      Sunil Kumar Panjeta, Onkar Chand, Danvir Mandal

Abstract: The scope of this paper is to analyze the performance of augmented gain EDF amplifier systems by enhancing the stages of EDF amplifier & further by variation in pumping power on designed EDF amplifier system. The design evaluates the performance of the network for a given pattern specifies the design accessibility for the speed enhancement. The Performance of an Optical Communication system can be improved by the use of EDFAs as an Optical Amplifier. Erbium doped fiber amplifier (EDFA) is an important element in DWDM networks. For the present work, we have used EDFA design software tool. The proposed model consists of an input source, isolator, pump source, erbium fiber and WDM coupler. It simulates various characteristics such as amplified spontaneous emission, minimum gain, maximum gain, average gain, noise figure, gain flatness, gain tilt etc. in efficient manner. It confirms the excellent agreement between simulations and results obtained in real EDFA design. And also changing the design parameters on four stages EDF amplifier such as Input Pump Power, the different performance parameters (gain and noise figure) can be optimized without changing the values of isolator, erbium fiber length and WDM.


Abstract: This paper emphasizes on the dignity and importance of teaching profession. It also convey the moral note that each teacher has to perform the role according to certain rules and norms concerning with imparting knowledge, values,, balanced emotions ,competencies, skills, discipline guidance etc. for betterment of pupils and also for attaining goals of education. The study was examined on 40 teacher trainees of College of Education in Chennai to evaluate the effect of interest of teacher trainees towards their teaching profession. The result reveals that respondents developed a favorable interest towards their teaching profession after the completion of their B.Ed. course. However, qualification and marital status had no significant relationship with the change in interest in teaching profession.

      Ms Shweta

Abstract: The Cellulose is the most abundant polymer in nature and constitutes a large pool of carbon for microorganisms, the main agent responsible for soil organic matter decomposition. Cellulolysis is broughtabout by interaction of complex communities of micro-organisms namely, fungi and bacteria. Earlier studies have shown that the substrate cellulose is insoluble, therefore bacterial and fungal degradation occurs exocellularly either in association with the outer cell envelop layer or extracellularly. Earthworms play an important role in the degradation of substrate indirectly by affecting microbial population structure and dynamics and also directly simply because their gut is capable in undertaking cellulolytic activity. Thus, products of cellulose hydrolysis are available as carbon and energy sources for other microbes that inhabit environment in which cellulose is biodegraded, and this availability forms the basis of many biological interactions. Yet, there are still few questions to be answered as to whether cellulase comes from the earthworm or from symbiotic ingested microorganisms during the cellulolysis?

      Rabisankar Roy, Susmita Das, Jayanta Kumar Ray, Shreyashi Barat, Biswarup Neogi

Abstract: This paper is based on Automatic Speed Control of Single Phase Induction motor with variation of ambient temperature. The circuitry of the system comprises of temperature detector, control circuit and loading circuit. The control circuit is embedded with comparators, amplifiers and relays. Here algorithm, flowchart and computational approach is initiated. The detailed circuit diagram is given. This system has undergone a successful test approach and its behavior is observed by analyzing its temperature versus load curve. The equation of the curve using Newton’s Interpolation method is incorporated. Simulation approach is incorporated.

      Dr. Shri Krishna Mishra, Mr. Badri Yadav

Abstract: The present research paper is devoted to provide a summary of the entire study, which includes a SKITT out line of the major objective. Methodology and procedure followed in different phase of study. This study was undertaken to know the own-idea and Curiosity in teaching of pre-service teachers of middle level Shri Kanwartara institute for treacher’s training Mandleshwar Dist-Khargone (M.P.) efforts was made to find out the difference and relationship between the above two variables. The physical own-image is usually formed first and is related to the student physical appearance, psychological own-image is based on thoughts-feelings and emotions. They consist of the qualities such as courage, honesty, independence, own-confidence, aspiration and abilities of various kinds. A man’s day-to-day life is shaped by his Curiosity and attitudes. His day-to-day relations with other member of the society, his educational and vocational adjustment, his attitudes and values depend upon his Curiosity. There are various objects in this universe. Those which are pleasant and appealing to our instincts and sense become the centre of our Curiosity. Curiosity differs from individual to individual and as such they are quite subjective.

      Nikita Wadhera

Abstract: This paper presents a MPLS architecture for evaluating end to end delivery. In this we have made a topology through which we show end to end delivery using MPLS. The method we use for end to end delivery is Cisco Express Forwarding (CEF), Label Distribution Protocol (LDP), Tag Distribution Protocol (TDP), Exterior Gateway Routing in this we use Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) ,Interior Gateway Routing in this we use Routing Information Protocol (RIP) protocol and the tool which we have been used for making the topology is Graphical Network Simulator (GNS). MPLS is improved in the future by reducing labels in the network.

      Sheshappa S.N., Ramakrishnan K.V., Appa Rao

Abstract: A high performance computer includes a fast processor and millions bytes of memory. During the data processing, huge amount of information are shuffled between the memory and processor. Because of its small size and its effectiveness speed, cache has become a common feature of high performance computers. Enhancing cache performance proved to be essential in the speed up of cache-based computers. Most enhancement approaches can be classified as either software based or hardware controlled. The performance of the cache is quantified in terms of hit ratio or miss ratio. In this paper, we are optimizing the cache performance based on enhancing the cache hit ratio. The optimum cache performance is obtained by focusing on the cache hardware modification in the way to make a quick rejection to the missed line’s tags from the hit –or miss comparison stage, and thus a low hit time for the wanted line in the cache is achieved. In the proposed technique which we called Even-Odd Tabulation (EOT), the cache lines come from the main memory into cache are classified in two types, even line’s tags and odd line’s tags depending on their Least significant Bit (LSB), This division is exploited by EOT technique to reject the miss match line’s tags in very low time compared to the time spent by the main comparator in the cache, giving an optimum hitting time for the wanted cache line. The high performance of EOT technique against the familiar mapping technique FAM is shown in the simulated results.

      Betsy Varughese, Rajesh Kumar , Neerja Bhatla , S.N Dwivedi , Manoj Dhingra, Renu Dhingra

Abstract: The present study is aimed to ascertain whether preeclampsia is associated with changes in serum levels of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), placental growth factor (PlGF) and soluble fms-like tyrosine kinase -1 (sFlt-1) and urinary excretion levels of PlGF in Indian patients. Serum and urine samples were obtained from 40 women with preeclampsia and 40 normotensive, non-proteinuric pregnant women as control and the levels of these factors were analyzed using enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). The serum levels of VEGF (mean ± SD 170.53 ± 36.56 Vs 254.61 ± 47.394 pg/ml, p<0.0001), PlGF (mean ± SD 236.77 ± 93.70 Vs 744.98 ± 168.55 pg/ml, p<0.0001) and the urinary levels of PlGF (mean ± SD 30.08 ± 9.42 Vs 77.70 ± 24.70 pg/ml, p<0.0001) were significantly lower (mean ± SD 236.77 ± 93.70 Vs 744.98 ± 168.55 pg/ml, p<0.0001) where as serum levels of sFlt-1 were significantly higher (median 11295.25 Vs 2936.2 pg/ml, p<0.0001) in preeclamptic patients compared to the control. In conclusion, preeclampsia is associated with alterations in serum and urine angiogenic factors. The longitudinal measurement of these angiogenic factors in serum might be ideal for ascertaining the risk of preeclampsia, but measuring the levels of PlGF in the urine during routine antenatal care could be a simpler and noninvasive factor, if it can be used as definite, informative screening marker for preeclampsia.

      G.V.Mahajan, Prof. V. S. Aher

Abstract: The importance of materials in modern world can be realized from the fact that much of the research is being done to apply new materials to different components. However it is natural for a design engineer to rely on trusted and tested materials, but now the world is changing .Today composite materials have changed all the material engineering. The evolution of composite materials has given an opportunity to various designers to use new and better materials resulting in cost reduction, increase in efficiency and better utilization of available resources. Composite materials are finding their applications in aerospace industry, automobile sector, manufacturing industries etc. This paper presents design method and vibrational analysis of composite propeller shafts. In this paper, the aim is to replace a metallic drive shaft by a two-piece composite drive shaft. Designing of a composite drive shaft is divided in two main sections: design of the composite shaft and design of couplings. In composite shaft design some parameters such as critical speed, static torque and adhesive joints are studied; the behavior of materials is considered nonlinear isotropic for adhesive, linear isotropic for metal and orthotropic for composite shaft. Along with the design all the analyses are performed using finite element software (ANSYS). The results show significant points about optimum design of composite drive shafts.

      Bipa Datta, Arnab Das, Samiran Chatterjee, Moumita Mukherjee, Santosh Kumar Chowdhury

Abstract: A single layer monpole slotted patch antenna is thoroughly simulated in this paper. Resonant frequency has been reduced drastically by cutting three equal slots which are same hexagonal structure at the upper right, upper left, lower left corner and a circle at the center from the conventional microstrip patch antenna. It is shown that the simulated results are in acceptable agreement. More importantly, it is also shown that the differentially-driven microstrip antenna has higher gain of simulated 3.50 dBi at 9.75GHz and -0.79 dBi at 13.57GHz and beamwidth of simulated 162.960 at 9.75GHz and 123.090 at 13.57GHz of the single-ended microstrip antenna. Simulated antenna size has been reduced by 51.33% with an increased frequency ratio when compared to a Conventional microstrip patch antenna.

      Maazuddin Khan, Dr. L.Vijayashree

Abstract: B usiness of a Government in general is to provide to all its citizens the ways & means for their welfare which is directed towards creation of an egalitarian society. A democratic country like India has its unique constitutional responsibility of providing to all its citizens, Social Justice and Empowerment of its down trodden. In this context, Government of India in collaboration with the State Governments has undertaken various schemes for the upliftment and empowerment of the deprived, economically weaker sections and destitutes. One such scheme operational in government of Karnataka is Social Security Pensions.

      Dr.Showkat Hussain

Abstract: Islamic finance as academic discipline evolved during the last two decades of the 20th century an attempt to look into the possibility of enterprise and investment upon the Islamic ideals. The discipline has taken a new direction as the experts are involved to concentrate over the subject along with fresh researches. The subject at once entered the academic arena due to its dynamic potential especially in the exigent financial scenario. Muslim intellectuals and the financial experts delved deep into the socio-economic themes of Quran and Sunnah and approached the presidencies from Fiqh al-Ma‘amalat (Financial jurisprudence) to reorient academic projects in this field. Consequently, the contemporary Muslim academia asserted for the immaculate content that explored the subject for larger community interest and welfare. Now, the subject has been recognized by the world academia and the researches done can explore and analyze the Islamic financial instruments and their workability in the present century. The academic institutions worldwide are involved in study and research as to identify this field with international academic standard. The present study therefore will highlight the academic dimensions of the discipline, will give a description of major academic institutions engaged in research and will examine the relevance of the subject in the present academic scenario.

      G.Nirmala, S. Priyadarshini

Abstract: The concept of Pfuzzy algebra is elaborated in this paper with conjugate fuzzy sets, congruence and pseudo fuzzy cosets. Well known existence theorem in algebra is proved under Pfuzzy algebra in new manner. Some properties in Pfuzzy algebra are introduced.

      Jyoti Rathee, Tamanna, Nitin Nara

Abstract: Cloud computing is ondemand, pay per use service which is for users convenience and here the user has not pay for maintenance cost. It is a computing platform for the next generation. Because of it is new technology, it has both advantages and disadvantages. Cloud refers to a scalable networks of computers that work together like internet. Cloud deployment models are: SaaS, PaaS, IaaS. It helps in many ways the IT industry and also improve efficiency.

      Venkata Krishna Kota , Umamaheswaran S

Abstract: Emails, SMS, Chat transcripts and Social Network Messages play a vital role in present day’s communication. These digitally communicated data sets are different from well typed English documents like books, news papers …Etc in 2 ways. One is the use of acronyms instead of typing full form of the term and another one is the existence of misspelled words. Because of these reasons, information retrieval methods used for analyzing well typed English documents may not be well suitable to analyze them. In this paper we propose an information retrieval method to address the high recall requirements of retrieving information from digitally communicated data sets.

      Sanjay A Deokar, Laxman M Waghmare

Abstract: The dynamic voltage restorer (DVR) is a series connected device for mitigating voltage sag/This paper presents with feed forward pre-sag/swell voltage control method to regulate the output voltage of pulse width modulated (PWM) voltage source converter (VSC). The proposed controller maintains a constant load voltage under the multiple balanced/unbalanced dynamic PQ disturbances. The proposed DVR control scheme based on park’s transformation is a simpler, lower cost. It is able to compensate multiple sag/swell accurately and can achieve fast response under dynamic load conditions. The detail simulation of 440 volts, 50 Hz distribution system has been carried out to evaluate the performance of DVR for the mitigation of multiple voltage sag/swell with the help of Mathworks Matlab/Simulink for both balanced and unbalanced load conditions. The simulation results are presented for various combinations of dynamic PQ problems.

      Pramila D. Kamble, Dr.Bharti W. Gawali

Abstract: All the biometrics, fingerprint recognition is one of the most reliable and promising personal identification technologies. Fingerprints are plays an important role in biometric system. In biometrics technologies, fingerprint authentication has been in use for the longest time and bears more advantages than other biometric technologies do. Fingerprints are the most widely used biometric feature for person identification and verification. But in this paper we proposed that fingerprint verification of ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) security system using the biometric with hybridization. The fingerprint trait is chosen, because of its availability, reliability and high accuracy. The fingerprint based biometric system can be implemented easily for secure the ATM machine. In this system the working of these ATM machine is when the customer place on the fingerprint module when it access the ATM for draw the cash then, the machine wants to fingerprint of that user’s which use the machine. Using biometric, it verify/identify fingerprint and gives accurate result that if it valid or not valid. In this way we can try to control the crime circle of ATM and do secure it.

      Seema Devi, Dr. AK Gupta, Meenu Singh

Abstract: A survey was carried out in District Hamirpur for documentation and information from natives about the ethno-medicines uses of plants. The indigenous knowledge of local uses of plants by natives,was collected through personal interviews during field of this hilly district of Himachal Pradesh.The communities in the different villages of this district are gathering the long-hidden indigenous knowledge . From my whole study I found that plants of Fabaceae and Solanaceae families are widely used, by the natives ; 12 plants from Fabaceae and 8 plants from Solanaceae family I reported.

      Dr. Vipin Arora, Dr. Pooja Arora , Dr. S.K. Jawa

Abstract: With the development of new dental restorative materials, advances in adhesive dentistry, better understanding of the caries process, the tooth’s potential for remineralization and changes in caries prevalence and progression; the management of dental caries has evolved from G.V. Black’s “extension for prevention” to “minimally invasive.” This concept includes early detection of lesions; individual caries risk assessment; nonsurgical interventions; and a modified surgical approach that includes smaller tooth preparations with modified cavity designs and adhesive dental materials to repair rather than replacement of failing restorations. The goal is preservation of natural tooth structure.

      Kartic Bera, Moumita Pal , Dr. Jatisankar Bandyopadhyay

Abstract: Flood is a natural hazard resulting from extreme geophysical events to create an unexpected threat to human life and property. Flood risk steams from the likelihood that a major hazards event will occur unexpectedly and that it will impact negatively on the people and their welfare. Flood management planning is a very important which helps to rescue the flood affected people to mitigate the problem of flood and to take necessary preventive measures .It is a planned and integrated management approach with the help of Remote sensing and Geographic Information System and data on socio economic characteristics to render right suggestions to the people. The study describes an efficient & scientific approach with suitable illustrations of map and real time flood inundations. The areas, which are highly flood affected, are delineated. So that, the flood affected people can be rescued from inundation and can be evacuated to different safe places.

      Tarun Kumawat, Pradeep Kumar Sharma, Deepak Verma, Komal Joshi, Vijeta Kumawat

Abstract: Spark is an open source cluster computing system that aims to make data analytics fast — both fast to run and fast to write. To run programs faster, Spark provides primitives for in-memory cluster computing: your job can load data into memory and query it repeatedly much quicker than with disk-based systems like Hadoop Map Reduce. To make programming faster, Spark integrates into the Scala language, letting you manipulate distributed datasets like local collections. You can also use Spark interactively to query big data from the Scala interpreter.

      R.Y.Budihal, G.S.Pujar

Abstract: Provenance and Tectonic Setting of Late Archaean Greywackes from Dharwar Craton: Karnataka, India

      Amit Rajput, Seema Kanathe

Abstract: This paper describes the design of a high-speed CMOS Sample and Hold circuit in front of an analog to digital converter (ADC). Sample and hold (S/H) circuit employs linear source follower buffer at input and output. Synopsys cosmosSE software tool has been used for schematic design, H-spice for Simulation and Cscope for waveform performance. Complete S/H circuit has designed with tsmc035 (Taiwan semiconductor manufacturing corporation) technology, with 2.5V power supply. Power consumption of 5 mW for 8 MHz at 53 MS/s.

      Swarup Jyoti Baishya

Abstract: Human Development described as the ultimate goal of the development process with economic growth, or as a means towards improved human development. Economic growth is an important factor in reducing poverty and generating the resources necessary for human development and environmental protection. The human development is a process of expanding the real freedoms that people enjoy. There is a strong correlation between gross domestic product (GDP) per capita and indicators of development such as life expectancy, infant mortality, adult literacy, political and civil rights, and some indicators of environmental quality. However, economic growth alone does not guarantee human development. In fact, the performance of an economy or region has begun to be measured by how it fares with respect to its attainments in human development. The current study attempts to analyze the relationships among Human Development and Economic Growth for traditional Assamese fisherman of Niz-Saldah village in Sarthebari Revenue Circle of Barpeta District, Assam. The study will be able to draw a clear cut picture of the traditional Assamese fisherman in Niz-Saldah village and also analyse their various problems and prospects. It will help the researchers to carry out further study in state level, regional level and national level. Side by side the study will be helpful for up gradation and development of those communities and so on. SOI topographical maps, secondary data, field data, GIS and field observations will be used to carry out this study.

      G.Ravi, Prof.A.Ravinder Nath, Jampaiah Amanaganti, Ch.Sathish Kumar

Abstract: Using selected theoretical methods the affinity of a large range of bases towards model cations has been quantified. The range of model cations includes the methyl cation as the smallest carbon-centered electrophile, the benzhydryl and trityl cations as models for electrophilic substrates encountered in base-catalyzed synthetic procedures, and the acetyl cation as a substrate model for acyl-transfer reactions. Affinities towards these cationic electrophiles are complemented by data for base addition to Michael acceptors as prototypical neutral electrophiles.

      Animesh Pandey, Siddharth Shrotriya

Abstract: In the generation of artificial intelligence and modern intelligent machines, Natural Language Processing forms a major part of the whole system. The implementation of NLP requires a meticulous and complex algorithm which consists of many functional, analytic semantic fragments. The realization of all the modules takes a lot of time and resources. Therefore, there is a need for libraries which contains these modules and can be used whenever required for implementing the algorithm. In this paper, we have constructed a NLP library in Nemerle programming language using the dotnet framework. We have used Nemerle due to its strong meta-programming system, C# like syntax, functional and imperative features. We have developed all the modules and then collaborated them in a single class library which can be used in other languages supported by dotnet framework. Using this library, one can build his own language processing algorithm buy using the provided fundamental features of NLP. In addition to that, we have also shown the advantage of using Nemerle over other available programming languages.

      N. Suganthi, N. Saranya, M. Agila

Abstract: Region duplication is a common form of image manipulation where part of an image is pasted to another location to conceal undesirable contents. Mostly used region duplication detection methods are directly matching the block of image pixels. But it is not effective when the duplicated regions have geometrical and illumination distortions. The proposed method uses SR-PE (Scale rotation invariant pattern Entropy) for obtaining the matching pattern which is much faster compared to other algorithms. It generally aims to measure the spatial regularity of matching patterns formed by local keypoints. This method consist of various transformations from which the duplicated region can be identified, by estimating the transform between matched SIFT(Scale Invariant Feature Transform) keypoints. The SIFT algorithm along with the SR-PE and RANSAC algorithm helps to find the duplicated regions more effectively.

      Nilam Ahire, N. V. Dravid, Smita Pawar, D.V. Newadkar, Rajesh Oswal

Abstract: Neumann’s Tumour/Congenital Granular Cell Tumour (CGCT)/Granular Cell Epulis Of Infancy is a rare lesion of newborn. It is benign in nature, arising from the alveolar ridge of the gingiva. It is seen more frequently in female neonates. It may cause respiratory and feeding problems.Herewith, we present a case report of CGCT arising from the upper gingival margin of female neonate, treated with surgical excision. We report this rare case in view of its unusual resemblance with Granular Cell Myoblastoma though the histogenesis is different.

      Rabia Noor

Abstract: The veteran novelist Margaret Mitchell, who made history with her only novel, Gone With The Wind, had been a reporter earlier, which is known to very few. She had been reporting for Atlanta Journal Sunday Magazine in her hometown Atlanta for four and a half years. The current study has been carried out to find out whether the people, who know her, are aware about her reporting career. It also tried to explore whether she can be a role model for female journalists and if any of her messages hold relevance at present. The study found out that a very few people knew that Margaret Mitchell had been a reporter before writing the historic novel. It also concluded that she can be an inspiration for female journalists and writers and that most of her messages, particularly women-centric, hold relevance even today, when women, though empowered to some extent, face similar problems as were faced during Margaret Mitchell’s time.

      Darling.B.suji, J.Vasanthakumar

Abstract: A Study was conducted in Kanayakumari district to find out the efficiency of water use for paddy and banana and the relationship between the characteristics of the respondents and the efficiency of water use. The study reveals that 60.67 per cent of the respondents had low water use efficiency and 25.33 per cent of them had medium water use efficiency in paddy. Only 14.00 per cent of them had high water use efficiency in paddy. This study also shows that 61.33 per cent of them had low water use efficiency followed by medium water use efficiency (21.33 per cent) in banana. Only 17.34 per cent had high water use efficiency in banana.

      Patel Dharmin , Panchal Khushbu, Jadav Chetan

Abstract: In this paper an effort is made to review the investigations that have been made on the “stress analysis of an infinite plate with cut-outs”. A number of analytical and experimental techniques are available for stress analysis around the different types of cut-outs for different condition in an infinite plate, made up of different materials under different loading condition has been reported in this article. The methods compared are tabulated with their findings. Singularities of circular hole in rectangular plate and elliptical hole in rectangular plate are considered in present study.

      M.Lakshmi Deepthi, Dr.N.Kumarathan

Abstract: Host-based Intrusion Detection System (IDS) are based on comparing the system call trace of a process against a set of k-grams. A simple extension to self-based IDS incorporates system call arguments and process privileges either to reduce or make Mimicry attacks more difficult. To avoid increasing the false positives supplied, specifications has to be used to abstract the system call arguments and process credentials. The specification takes into account what objects in the system that can be sensitive to potential attacks.

      Mr.Harish Kumar Tiwari

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship of selected kinematics variables with the performance of back court spike in volleyball. The subjects (5 M, age 20 -24 years) who were participated in All India Inter University of Volleyball. Pearson product moment correlation was used to analyze the linear (Height of center of gravity of the body & ball) and angular kinematics (Angles of Shoulder, Elbow, Hip, Knee and Ankle joints) variables at the moment of ball contact. The results have shown that the values of co-efficient of correlation are at right ankle joint (-0.843), left ankle joint (-0.651), right Knee joint (0.879), left knee joint (-0.593), right hip joint (-0.298), left hip joint (-0.081), right elbow joint (0.884), left elbow joint (-0.720), right shoulder joint (-0.560), left shoulder joint (-0.815), Height of C.G. of body (0.112) and height of C.G. of ball (0.497) whereas tabulated value of 3 degree of freedom at .05 level of significance is 0.87. Value of coefficient of correlation in case of the Angle at right Elbow & right Knee joint has shown the significant relationship where as other selected biomechanical variables shown the insignificant relationship at.05 level of significance.

      Pankaj Kumar Srivastava, Priyanka Rai, Upama Singh

Abstract: Intrusion detection in Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is widely used in many applications such as detecting an intruder. The intrusion detection is a mechanism for a Wireless Sensor Network to detect the existence of inappropriate, incorrect or unsuspicious moving attackers. WSN consumes lots of energy to detect an intruder. The main objective of this approach was developed under JFrame Builder tools is to provide simple and secure algorithm for energy efficient approach for external intrusion as well as internal intrusion detection. Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) often consist of tiny devices with limited energy, computational power, transmission range, and memory. WSNs offer a variety of potential means to monitor environments. Furthermore, we consider two sensing detection models: single-sensing detection and multiple-sensing detection. Our simulation results show the advantage of multiple sensor heterogeneous WSNs.

      Rajarshi Kar, Oindrila Gupta, Mukunda Kumar Das

Abstract: A very interesting phenomenon was observed by G.J. Ranque (1931) and R. Hilsch (1945) when a compressed gas is introduced tangentially into a tube. The tube is fitted with a central aperture orifice at one end (this end of the tube being very close to the tangential entry nozzle) and a throttle valve at the other end (this end being a little far off from the entry nozzle). The shape and size of the nozzle is such that the gas attains maximum velocity of emission as it enters into the tube. In the process of movement of the gas inside the tube towards the throttle end, there develops in the spiraling gas a region of high pressure in the peripheral layers and a region of low pressure in the axis of rotation. Thus a hot stream of gas comes out through the throttle end and a cold stream through the orifice. By manipulating the throttle valve, the amount of gas and also the extent of heating and cooling can be controlled. This very simple device with practically no moving parts is sometimes referred to as Ranque tube, Ranque-Hilsch Vortex Tube (RHVT) or Ranque-Hilsch energy separator.

      Abhijeet Ranjan, Chetan Toshniwal, Aman Kumar

Abstract: The aim of image enhancement is to improve the perception of information in images for human viewers, or to provide better input for other automated image processing techniques. There is no general theory for determining what good image enhancement is when it comes to human perception. However, when image enhancement techniques are used as pre-processing tools for other image processing techniques, then quantitative measures can determine which techniques are most appropriate. Here we are proposing some enhancement algorithms based on spatial domain for better image analysis in medical field.

      Aware Sachin Bhaskarrao

Abstract: Resource management offers Quality-of-Service reliability for time-critical continuous media applications. Currently, existing resource management systems in the Internet and ATM domain only provide means to reserve resources starting with the reservation attempt and lasting for an unspecified duration. However, for several applications such as video conferencing, the ability to reserve the required resources in advance is of great advantage. This paper outlines a new model for resource reservation in advance. We identify and discuss issues to be resolved for allowing resource reservation in advance. We show how the resource reservation in advance scheme can be embedded in a general architecture and describe the design and implementation of a resource management system providing reservation in advance functionality.


Abstract: Teaching is a profession, which lays foundation for preparing the individuals for all other profession. Effective study skills through teaching create an effective interaction between teachers and learners. It also creates the sets of values and beliefs which in turn enrich the views of reality. Learners can have multi- dimensional personalities. The instructional design aimed to produce specific change in the behavior and it can be used to shape the curriculum in the study skills and other settings. The teacher is a social agent. He should make the favorable study skills though the process of teaching in the class room and to develop the skills for a single learning situation at a time like problem solving ability, intellectual inquiry, memory, retention and concept formation in a logical way. The present study helps the teacher to promote the interaction of learning by improving the study skills and academic achievement. The results revealed that the respondents developed a favorable study skills and academic achievement towards the teaching profession after the completion of the programme.

      Alekya N, Mohan B

Abstract: Direct torque control based on space vector modulation (SVM-DTC) preserve DTC transient merits, furthermore, produce better quality steady-state performance in a wide speed range. The SVM-DTC system based on input-output linearization technique for induction machine drives is developed in this paper. A sliding-mode observer for estimating flux is introduced. The observer is inherently sensor less because they do not employ the rotor speed adaptation, and thus they are insensitive to speed estimation errors. Moreover, the observer is extremely robust. The simulations of conventional DTC and the proposed control topologies are given and discussed. It is concluded that the proposed control topology outperforms the conventional DTC in reducing torque ripple and parameter robust.

      Roopa Singh, Imran Akhtar Khan

Abstract: Customers are always been important for the business. With the high rate of competition in every market, it is critical to retain the customer/ loyal customers. The purpose of the paper is to highlight how short term actions with bit compromise with the profit will turn into long term customer loyalty and hence long term benefit. In this paper we will be focusing on understanding the customer retention and customer loyalty, their importance to the business. After analyzing the importance of benefits, we will understand the approach of how to increase customer retention and customer loyalty towards your business. Though there will be many strategies for each of them, we will also understand what considerations should be done while deciding the best strategy for the business as different business has different scope and also their limitations too.

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