International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications

IJSRP, Volume 2, Issue 11, November 2012 Edition [ISSN 2250-3153]

Load Flow Analysis on IEEE 30 bus System
      Dharamjit, D.K.Tanti
Abstract: Power flow analysis is the backbone of power system analysis and design. They are necessary for planning, operation, economic scheduling and exchange of power between utilities. The principal information of power flow analysis is to find the magnitude and phase angle of voltage at each bus and the real and reactive power flowing in each transmission lines. Power flow analysis is an importance tool involving numerical analysis applied to a power system. In this analysis, iterative techniques are used due to there no known analytical method to solve the problem. To finish this analysis there are methods of mathematical calculations which consist plenty of step depend on the size of system. This process is difficult and takes a lot of times to perform by hand. The objective of this project is to develop a toolbox for power flow analysis that will help the analysis become easier. Power flow analysis software package develops by the author use MATLAB programming The economic load dispatch plays an important role in the operation of power system, and several models by using different techniques have been used to solve these problems. Several traditional approaches, like lambda-iteration and gradient method are utilized to find out the optimal solution of non-linear problem. More recently, the soft computing techniques have received more attention and were used in a number of successful and practical applications.

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