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      Luxmanan Subaharan

Abstract: Trincomalee town, being located in the dry zone of Sri Lanka, cannot be considered a water-stressed area. However, there is an ever-increasing demand for drinking water supply due to the increase in population and the rapid development of the area. Trincomalee town receives 11,250 m3/d of treated water out of which 39% is recorded as NRW. Trincomalee town recorded a comparatively high percentage of Non-Revenue Water (39%) in the region mainly due to the deteriorated distribution system and associated problems.

      Ejem, Chukwu Agwu

Abstract: With impulse responses test, this study found that economic growth proxied by growth responded to the shocks of domestic debt in both positive and negative direction using variables that found to be stationary at order one. The speed of adjustment of short term errors in the long run was seen to be one hundred percent using Vector Error Correction

      Fadhilaturrahmi, Delyuzar, H. M. Nadjib Dahlan Lubis

Abstract: Lymphadenitis is an infection of the lymph nodes. This can be caused by infection with Mycobacterium tuberculosis or Atypical Mycobacterium. Infection due to Atypical Mycobacterium is increasing in incidence worldwide, but it is difficult to overcome infections caused by Atypical Mycobacterium. The clinical symptoms of this infection are often the same as tuberculosis so often diagnosed with tuberculosis. Objective: To find out whether there is Atypical Mycobacterium in a fine needle aspiration biopsy sedan confirmed by examination of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) in Indonesia, especially in Medan.

      Mika Ambarawati, Ririn Dwi Agustin

Abstract: This study aims to describe Indonesia ethnomathematics in Malang batik art in mathematics learning of two-dimensional figure material. This research is a qualitative-explorative study which explores batik motifs in the form of the two-dimensional figure.

      Aparna Reghukumar, Kishore K

Abstract: The main intent of this paper is to look into how modernism has drastically affected our modern day cities and how over time all the cities lose their character and appear the same despite its geographical locations and the rich history they hold. Modernism completely changed the face of earth and made all the cities appear the same in the end of the day. It has made us forget about our rich past and the memories we have of these cities are not of what the city actually was. We have lost the connection we once had with the cities and also there is no longer the feel of sense of belonging with any of these

      Alexander Gai anak Mansor, Dennise Koh

Abstract: This research is to improve object manipulation skills of overhand throw for Year One pupils. It is used to identify the problem faced by the pupils in object manipulation skills especially the overhand throw. This research also to ensure the effectiveness of Target Games method to improve object manipulation skill of overhand throw. This action research is carried out for seven weeks and five types of Target Games are used to solve the problem.


Abstract: Leadership is a vital component in the management of healthcare organizations. There are many leadership styles. The purpose of this literature review was to explore the different leadership styles with reference to the impact on healthcare management. Even though there are positive and negative aspects of each leadership style, beneficial outcomes for health system can be achieved by using the most suitable leadership style for the given context.

      Nyein Nyein Hlaing, Toe Toe Hlaing

Abstract: In present age, role of renewable energy is enormously increasing in the world. With advancing modern technology, vehicles are driven by using those energies, especially solar energy. In development countries, many kinds of automotive, such as car, train and ship and even aircraft are being in active and passive way. The active way means direct solar power supplying to vehicles and the passive way is from solar energy stored batteries. Many studies have surveyed the last decade of hybrid light vehicle and solar car development. This project is inverted to study performance of solar powered vehicle.

      Rizki Arviandi, Alfred C Satyo, Agustinus Sitepu

Abstract: The more increased of knowledge and science makes someone can not solve his own problem. Hence, someone needs the assistance of other people who understand better regarding the problem to overcome. In getting the assistance, it frequently occurs different opinion and lead into the quarrelling and even cause legal issues. In the resolution of legal issues in court to get the truth for the criminal action, starting from the investigation process up to the trial of one issue concerning with human body, health and human life, it requires the help of a doctor.

      Mohd Ridhzwan Rashid, Denise Koh Choon Lian

Abstract: The objective of this study was to improve the level the level of eye and hand coordination using a modified coordination training program for second-level students at primary school in Sarawak, Malaysia. The study involved 20 students (N = 20) including 10 boys and 10 girls over 11 years old.

      Nurhartantrio Taufik

Abstract: The increasing number urban residents brings various challenges for city lifeness, one of which is transportation problems. In Indonesia, the problem is very serious in several cities, including in Bandung. There are a number of strategic issues related to transportation, including low performance (quality and quantity) of public transport services, low frequency of Trans Metro Bandung buses and school buses, lack of orderly pedestrian facilities, low level of community discipline in traffic and accident rates. In addition, transportation also causes high pollution due to vehicle exhaust emissions.

      Mukti Bhandari, Sapana Pokhrel, Sikesh Manandhar, Nirajan Bhattarai, Mana Raj Kolachhapati

Abstract: The objective of this study was to compare the productive and reproductive parameters of two genotypes (Holstein Friesian and Jersey crossbred cattle) in Chitwan district under farmers managed condition. Data on productive and reproductive traits like Milk yield in current lactation (LMY), Annual milk yield (AMY), Lactation length (LL) Age at first calving (AFC), Gestation length (GL), and Dry period (DP) were collected from 303 crossbred cows (131 Holstein crossbred and 172 Jersey crossbred) from households, smallholder’s farms and commercial farms of Chitwan during the month of November 2014 to April 2015.

      Aye Aye Thant, Win Win Aye

Abstract: Future predictions of rainfall patterns in water-scarce regions are important and essential for effective water resources management. Global circulation models (GCMs) are commonly applied to conduct such predictions. However these models are complex and expensive. Moreover, their results are associated with uncertainties and variations for various greenhouse gas emission scenarios. This study involves predicting future rainfall under different scenarios of GCMs for Mandalay, upper Myanmar.

      Olayinka, Olalekan M.

Abstract: The purpose of financial reports is to deliver reliable financial information that is useful for different categories of stakeholders to take well-informed decisions. The primary role of the audit committee is to supervise the internal process of preparing financial report and to ensure that the conflict of interest between management and shareholders is minimized so as to enhance the quality of financial report. The study examined the effect of Audit Committee Effectiveness on the growth of Firms Performance in Nigeria with emphasis on Eight Public Quoted Banks in Nigeria. The data were sourced from the annual reports and accounts of eight banks in Nigeria for 2011-2015 independent variables proxied on the size of audit committee, the frequency of meetings of audit committee and the financial literacy of audit committee members while profit before tax was the dependent variable.

      Ratna Suminar, Sulastri Rini Rindrayani, dan Nafik Umurul Hadi

Abstract: This study is aimed at finding out how to optimize the use of learning media in senior high school based on several relevant theories. The method used was grounded theory, which links several practical and empirical theories to develop an optimization solution in organizing e-learning in schools. This article was written based on several studies of research results relevant to the implementation of e-learning to examine in depth their weaknesses and strengths as a conclusion.

      Ms. Mercy Kagwiria Mbui, Dr. Humprey Kirimi Ireri

Abstract: Advertising has become part of everyday experience which one cannot escape from. With the recent development in the field of communication technology and the opening of new media channels, such as the internet, it has gained even more access into our lives and minds. The present study tries to analyze a collection of banks advertisements in a Kenyan socio-cultural context with the aim of examining linguistic strategies for persuasion in Kenyan commercial banks

      Birina Bharali, Dr. Poonam Khattar

Abstract: Internet has become an important tool for our day to day activities such as entertainment, social interaction and information. However internet has moved into all sectors for example schools, homes, cyber café and business etc .on the other hand it can be used by some people for gambling, chatting with friends for longer duration and even for pornography. Therefore use of internet has been increasing rapidly worldwide.

      Malik Tahir Mahmood Awan, Tehseen Hameed, Muhammad Haseeb Arshad

Abstract: BACKGROUND: A description and cross-sectional study was carried out among married and non gravid females of reproductive age group admitted at Doctor’s Trust Teaching Hospital Sargodha to find out at tetanus toxoid coverage and reason for non vaccination among them.

      Ejezie, C.R., Onyekuru, S.O., Ikoro, D.O., Okereke, C.N., Opara, K.D., and Ejezie-Chiedozie, N

Abstract: The main objective of the study is to carry out a geochemical and palynological characterisation of the lignite seams in some parts of South-eastern Nigeria. The study area is located within latitudes 50 27 N and 60 11N and longitudes 60 52 E and 70 35 E, covering parts of Avodim, Nsukwe, Umudinkwa, and

      Japheth. O. Ogenga and Edward. M. Mugalavai

Abstract: Dry spells are a major triggering factor of drought phenomena with devastating climatic hazards in many areas of the earth. Dry spells increase the risk of drought occurrence and make the affected regions more vulnerable to food insecurity. Homa Bay County location is in the Lake Victoria Basin in Western region of Kenya. The study area is influenced by sub humid climatic condition hence frequent and prolonged dry spell that causes decline in the livestock production. This paper examines the mitigation strategies for dry spell impacts on livestock in Homa Bay County.

      Sahlan, Ishafit, Suritno Fayanto

Abstract: This study aims to determine the value of centripetal acceleration using phyphox app on Android, in terms of experimental and theoretical. Android is connected to a PC via the same WiFi network or using tethering by entering the search address available in the Phyphox application, after connecting the android is placed at the end of the electric motor, then the electric motor is driven with a circular path. The data collection process begins by running the Phyphox application through a PC to collect measurement data, Data collected on android exports to Ms Excel has done averaging techniques, the obtained angular velocity, centripetal acceleration, and time. The results of the experimental analysis showed centripetal acceleration values obtained from android as = 9,768429 m/s2 and in theory obtained value as =9,768996144 m/s2 with erorr= 5,8040x 105.

      DR. Ismail Rumadan

Abstract: Communities in Maluku specifically East Seram District and Central Maluku Regency have different perceptions of inter-village fights, particularly Tehoru and Teluti Sub-Districts, distinguishing between village and fights between youth or groups, whereas for people in East Seram District especially in Werinama Sub-district and siwalalat does not distinguish between fighting between villages and youth, what is distinguished is fighting between villages involving the community in general and causing casualties and property.

      Sumana Saha and Tripti Chakrabarti

Abstract: We have studied an inventory model for weibull deteriorating items with price-dependent and stock-dependent demand taking shortages under inflation and time discounting in fuzzy and bi-fuzzy environment. We have derived an inventory model for deteriorating items with stock and price dependent consumption rate and shortages under inflation and time discounting over a finite planning

      Mu Mu Than, Khin Mar Yee, Kyi Lint, Tin Tin Mya, Thidar Win

Abstract: Farming is a great way to describe the lifestyle and work of people whose jobs are in the agriculture industry. Waw Township, lowland area, is located in southeastern part of Bago Region. Sittaung River and Khamon Myitkyo Chaung pass through Waw Township.

      Sudi Adego Collins, Ochieng O. George, Kibaara K. Rucha, Koome G. Rithaa

Abstract: Background: Information and Communication Technology [ICT] has enormous potential of improving and transforming efficiency and effectiveness of health care systems. However there are limited studies on ICT adoption, use and integration in health care in Kenya.

      Joyce Wanjiru. Kiige, Prof. S. Selvam, Dr. Lucy Njiru

Abstract: The practice of the value of hospitality contributes to individual and communal wellbeing in the society. Mental Health Continuum Scale-Short Form (MHC-SF), and Hospitality Scale were used to investigated the correlation between hospitality as a character strength and human flourishing among 308 young African adults. The study found significant positive correlation between the overall hospitality and human flourishing. The findings offer insights into promotion of the practice of hospitality correlation with human

      Vivit Novia Harirotul Abadiah, Ketut Prasetyo, Sunarto

Abstract: This study aims to analyze the influence of the POGIL model on the critical thinking skills of Islamic students and due at MA Nurul Ulum, Malang City on Geography learning, the hydrosphere phenomenon and its impact on life material. This type of research is a Quasi-Experimental Design with non-equivalent Pretest-Posttest control group

      Dr. Niharika Mohapatra

Abstract: Globally there is an increase in the social and economic impacts of different kinds of disasters. But the vulnerability to disasters can be reduced if any individuals or family has links through diverse social networks. As disaster vulnerability is socially constructed. In this paper I will attempt to analyze how social networks help in providing disaster related information to its potential victims and even help in managing disasters in an effective

      Janet M, Joy Ak, Nilachandra L, Ningthemba Y, Margaret Ch, Chandrakant P, Sreejith C

Abstract: Osteoarthritis (OA) is a chronic disorder of synovial joints in which there is progressive softening and disintegration of articular cartilage accompanied by new growth of cartilage and bone at the joint margins, cyst formation and sclerosis in the subchondral bone, mild synovitis and capsular

      Dr. M. Vijayasree, Dr. G. Sitamahalakshmi, Dr. C. Padmavathi Devi, Dr. S. Sasikala, Dr. G. Soumya Reddy

Abstract: Primary Extranodal lymphoma (PENL) refers to group of disorders arising from tissues other than lymphnodes. The incidence of PENL is increasing due to better diagnostic facilities like histopathology and immunohistochemistry. This study was mainly based on the incidence, distribution and histopathological subtypes of Primary extranodal lymphoma.


Abstract: The present study was conducted to study the level of mental health among the mothers whose children have either Autism disorder or Down syndrome. The mental health of mothers, who are primary care givers of these ‘special children is of great

      DK Awasthi, Neha Verma, Gyanendra Awasthi

Abstract: A wildfire is simply an uncontrolled fire that is wiping out large fields and areas of land. Wildfires are uncontrolled, rapidly spreading, and raging huge flames enhanced with wind action and firebrands that can wipe out an extensive forest or vegetation land area within minutes For a fire to start three things must be present; oxygen, heat, and fuel. Foresters call this the fire triangle. Fire will spread towards the direction where there is plenty of one of these elements. It has wide impact on society, wildlife and atmosphere. It can be controlled by using many precautions.

      Ranganatha Gowda L R, Sujatha K

Abstract: Power is a key parameter in VLSI design. In this age of portable computers, battery life is very important. Power convergence is an important factor from a designer perspective. All applications demand chip level power reduction. Power and timing convergence goes hand in hand. One cannot be compromised for other, here comes the challenge for a designer. This paper focuses on understanding of various power sources and solutions for power reduction in a physical design. Enhanced quality rules are proposed for the high quality performance of the design. The enhanced power reduction techniques for both Data path power reduction and Clock path power reduction are mainly

      Aravindaraj P, Sujatha K

Abstract: In recent year as the complexity of Integrated circuits increases the physical design complexity also increases. As the technology advances the Integrated circuits are expected to be low area as possible. To reduce area of total chip, we use some efficient algorithms for floorplan. A floorplan optimization is usually about placing all modules inside a partition so that the total area of block should be less as possible, to get the solution for this NP hard problem we use some meta-heuristic algorithms such as Simulated annealing(SA), Particle swarm optimization(PSO), Ant colony optimization(ACO), Genetic algorithm(GA) etc.

      H. Radea Respati Paramudhita, SH., MH., Dr. Sigid Suseno, SH., MHum., Dr. Lies Sulistiani, SH., M.Hum., Yogi Muhammad, S.H., M.H.

Abstract: This study aims to determine the right model for the protection of human trafficking victims. This research on the implementation of restitution for them thats persons committed by corporations in law enforcement is a normative legal research related to the theory of the rule of law, principles of criminal law, basic concepts of criminal law, rules / norms of criminal law that are specifically related to protection of victims, criminal liability and corporate criminal liability. The results of this study are human rights, criminal law and various efforts undertaken to improve corporate criminal liability and protection of victims of trafficking by referring to international treaties and customary international law.

      Dr. Nilanthi Pathirana, Dr. G S K Dharmarathne, Dr. D M J B Dissanayake

Abstract: Procurement is recognized as a wider term than the mere purchasing of materials or services, based on specific requirements. Procedures and systems related to the procurement process does differ based on different countries, governments, sectors, organizations etc. but general consensus is that, the adopted process involves three (3) main stages identified as planning, purchasing and contract management. In the Sri Lankan health sector too, these key stages are prevalent in the procurement of medical equipment however, various concerns have arisen with regard to the timeliness of the current processes.

      Dr. Nilanthi Pathirana, Dr. G S K Dharmarathne, Dr. D M J B Dissanayake

Abstract: Procedures and systems related to the procurement process does differ based on different countries, governments, sectors, organisations etc. but general consensus is that, the adopted process involves three (3) main stages identified as planning, purchasing and contract management. In the Sri Lankan health sector too, these key stages are prevalent in the procurement of medical equipment however, various concerns have arisen with regard to the timeliness of the current processes. The objective of this study, was to assess the physical and financial progress of the medical equipment procurement process with respect to the date of delivery in each year, at the Regional Directorate of Health Services (RDHS) in Gampaha, Sri Lanka.

      Yuyus Hidayat, Indrawati

Abstract: In addition to having the potential to create synergies that enable large development opportunities for its population, a city can also produce various problems. As the 3rd largest city in Indonesia, Bandung is also inseparable from various problems that occur in all aspects of life. One of the problems faced is regarding health services. There are still many improvements that need to be made in health services to encourage Bandung City to implement a smart city solution, where smart healthcare is one of the dimensions implemented.

      Aneena Maria Francis

Abstract: In the present scenario, we can see that so many severe issues in college students related with their behavioral problems. Especially these problems are connected with their emotional incompetence and poor adjustment. This condition can lead to self destructive thoughts. So, present study examined the relation between Emotional Competence and Suicidal Ideation of college students. For this purpose, the emotional competence was measured using Emotional Competence Scale (Bharadwaj& Sharma) and Suicidal Ideation using Suicidal Ideation Scale (Sisodia&Bhatnagar).

      Nentawe Y. Goshwe and Teryima D. Kureve

Abstract: Some of the key challenges in solar Photovoltaic (PV) power system are temperature variation, semiconductor characteristics of individual modules and irradiation variation. In practice, individual solar modules normally operate at different temperatures and electronic characteristics, therefore resulting in the modules experiencing individual thermal and irradiation conditions that adversely affect the output power to the load. This paper presents a microprocessor-based modular DC-DC converter that regulates the bus voltage which in turn tracks the maximum power point of the array.

      Shashetu Bayu Tizazu

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is collecting, analyzing and interpreting Western Gurage riddles. Interview and document analysis were used as a data collection tool. Accordingly, nine riddles were chosen and translated in to English using literal approach. Then, they were classified into three main categories based on their function in relation to representing the culture of Gurage people. The finding showed that Western Gurage communities are rich in riddles.

      Odek Robert, Elmad Okoth

Abstract: This study analyzed factors affecting performance of distribution logistics among production firms in Kenya: a case of Kibos Sugar Company limited and allied industries. The study applied descriptive approach through survey design. The target population comprised 122 employees. The sample size of the study was 24 respondents arrived at using the method of proportional allocation. Data analysis was done by descriptive statistics. The study realized that accuracy of data collected, size of data base and ability of management information system to predict future decisions are significant elements of information systems that has got vast influence on the performance of distribution logistics.

      Sule, A., Ishaleku, D,Nkene, I.H. and Ekeme, K.I.

Abstract: Antimicrobial use in animal’s production has led to the emergence of resistant of Escherichia coli. A study on antibiotic resistance and plasmid profile of E. coli from faecal samples of Cattle from Keffi Abattoir, Nigeria was carried out. A total of 50 faecal samples were collected and E. coli was isolated and identified using standard microbiological method. The antibiotic resistance was determined in complianc with the clinical and laboratory standard institute (CLSI) method while the plasmid DNA of the multiple antibiotic resistance isolates were determined using stardand molecular method.

      Meriam Caboral-Stevens, Michelle Gee, Melissa Kachaturoff, Tsu-Yin Wu

Abstract: Background: Bangladeshi Americans are one of the fastest growing Asian minority groups in the United States, including in the state of Michigan. Bangladeshi Americans have a high prevalence of cardiovascular disease. An inverse relationship between the consumption of fruits and vegetables and the risk of CVD among Bangladeshi Americans was found.

      S.S Pattnaik, J.Parija,S.K Giri, L.Sarangi, Niranjan Rout, S. Samantray, N. Panda,B.L Nayak, J.J Mohapatra, M.R Mohapatra, A.K Padhy

Abstract: AIM AND OBJECTIVE - This short review provides an updated overview of the essential immunochemical markers currently used in the diagnostics of gynaecological malignancies along with their molecular rationale. The new molecular markers has revolutionized the field of IHC

      Asri Widiyarno, Rusijono, Suhanadji

Abstract: The purpose of this research to describe the enhancement of the concept of social sciences students of Grade V Elementary School Sidotopo I/48 Surabaya, using role-playing methods. The research was conducted using the method of research action Class (PTK) with the design of the research model Kemmis and Mc.

      Nadeesha Gunawardana

Abstract: As mentioned in the Mahāvaṃsa the daughter of King Aśoka was Sanghamittā, was married to Aggibrahma. The son of these two was Sumana. Whilst the prince Tissa, the brother of the Aśoka receiving the pabbajjā from the thēra Mahādhammarakkhita with four hundred thousand persons the nephew of the Aśoka, Aggibrahma ordained together with them. Mahāvaṃsa describes since the time of the Aggibrahma’s pabbajjā Sangamttā looked forward to enter the order. Sangamittā received the pabbajjā at the age of eighteen. On the same day she received the shikshadāna. The directress of Sangamittā was the renowned Dhammapālā and her teacher was Ayupālā. She received the pabbajjā in the sixth regnal year of king Dhammāsōka.

      Dr. Nadeesha Gunawardana

Abstract: The influence of the Mahāyāna encouraged the practice of worshipping Bōdhisattvas within the Sinhalese Buddhist rituals. The feminine principle was not venerated in Buddhism until the 4th C.E and Goddess Tārā probably entered Buddhism around the 6th C.E. The Śhakti of the Avalōkiteśvara is called as Tārā. The Mihitalē inscription of king Mihidu IV describes her as Minināl (Gunawardna, N 2017:185-190). The Sinhales Buddhist called her as Biso Bandara. Tisara Sandeśha treats her as Tārā Bisō. She is known as the mother of liberation. She represents the virtues of Success in work and achievements.

      Fahruddin Fkip, Zulfakar

Abstract: The education is a topic of no small controversy. The problems of education and schools are often laid at the feet of those who prepare teachers the solutions are often claimed to be found there as well.

      Ms Mary Mumbi, Dr. Catherine Mwenda , Mr. George Njoroge, Mr. Stanley Njau

Abstract: Errors in medication administration are the most prevailing in medicine and can cause harm to the patient, morbidity and mortality as a result of negligence and failure to adhere to guidelines. A descriptive cross-sectional study was carried out among 117 nurses working at a mission hospital in Meru. A sample of 106 nurses was chosen using stratified and simple random sampling methods. Data was collected using a self-administered questionnaire and an observational checklist formulated from the Nursing Council of Kenya (NCK) manual of clinical procedures were used to collect data. Analysis was done using SPSS Version 21 software.

      Ridha Fitri Andansari, Zainul Arifin Imam Supardi, Bambang Sugiarto

Abstract: This research aims to: (1) analyze implementation of Learning Implementation Plan (RPP); (2) analyze students’s activities during implementation of learning instruments using GIMUR; and (3) analyze obstacles were encountered during teaching and learning process carried out with this learning instruments. The type of this research is quasi experimental research. The research population is all of the students in this competence.

      Kipyego, R & Mugalavai, V.K

Abstract: With the global population expected to reach over 9 billion by 2050, there will be a continuous need to increase food production and buffer stocks to meet the growing demand and efficiently cope with volatilities in food production and prices (UNDP, 2015). In Kenya, around 3.4 million people in Arid and Semi-Arid areas are severely food insecure and droughts have historically been a serious constraint to agricultural production in rain fed agricultural systems resulting in significant reductions in both yields and area cultivated thus impacting negatively on rural livelihoods and food security (FAO, 2016).

      Yeni Rahkmawati, I Made Sumertajaya, Muhammad Nur Aidi

Abstract: The issue in ARIMA modeling is the use of model selection criteria to choose the best ARIMA model. The use of different model selection criteria can produce the best ARIMA models that are different so it can be difficult to choose the best model to be used. Therefore, a study was conducted on the characteristics of the model selection criteria through evaluating the accuracy in identifying the ARIMA model by using simulations on several generation data conditions with different models, parameter values and variances.

      Aakash Sarnobat, Dhara Kalola

Abstract: Recommender systems provide user with facilities that the user might be interested in. These systems provide options based on the pattern of usage, certain information and reference with certain characteristics to present recommendations to the user. This paper describes the classification of different recommender systems along with the limitations of each. It also covers some real world applications of recommender systems and possible systems that can be built using recommender system algorithms.

      Emeylia Safitri, I Made Sumertajaya, Muhammad Nur Aidi

Abstract: Forecasting is used to measure uncertainty based on past information from a variable called a time series.

      W. H. S. M. Fernando, D. G. N. D. Jayarathna, A.C. Kankanamge

Abstract: The passenger transport service in Sri Lanka is often criticized as low in quality. The quality depends on wider range of service elements and attributes pertinent to this service. Bus terminal facilities are primary elements of bus transportation service and development in these facilities will strengthen the transportation system. Bus stops, bus terminals and depots are the critical infrastructure components of a bus-based transit system. Bus terminals are the nodal points at the beginning and end of journey. Colombo as the major city in Sri Lanka, focus on transportation sector and its current situation is very important for the government to achieve their future plans and for the future developments.

      J.Ali, A.Hussain, S.Maqsood, U.Imtiaz, R.Laeeq, M.Zulfiqar, S.Ray, S.Zafar, SN.Sajid, I.Hussain

Abstract: Most common cancer among the women is breast cancer, it contributes about 30% all the cancer patients. Amazingly it very rare in men, it effects only 1% of all cancers in men. About 10% of breast cancers are genetically inherited, due to inherited germ-line mutations in high penetrance moderate penetrance and low penetrance breast cancer susceptibility genes. The remaining 90% of breast cancers are due to acquired somatic genetic and epigenetic alterations. There are many genes that are responsible for the breast cancer. For analyzing whether common variants linked to differential allelic expression, a list of genes are established on the basis of their involvement in cancer related pathways and mechanisms.

      Nzenwata Chisom Beauty

Abstract: In this information age Africa specifically Nigeria face challenges which originate from insufficient digital technology infrastructure, down to lack of unskilled workers which affects the country’s economy. Nigeria is yet to utilize Digital technology in the delivery of services in most recognized organizations in different sector of its economy; this vacuum has contributed to workforce low productivity that requires immediate attention.

      Dr. Kapila Khemundu

Abstract: The studies of values in sociology with reference to social change in Indian society require a multidimensional approach. A value being a desirable behaviour of individual that is acceptable to society immediately catches the attention for its implicit and explicit character. For qualitative understanding values may be broadly divided into two type i.e. positive values and negative values. Positive values highly receive rewards and praised in the society whereas negative values deserve punishment and subjected to humiliation. Modern India nation state has a past colonial legacy that has reflected in Indian society in the various phases of social transformation and socio-cultural value changes

      Penina Chepkorir Langat, Willitter Chepkemoi Rop

Abstract: Participation in the stock market is important to the general economy and to individual investors. Despite the benefits of stockholding, few individuals participate in the stock market. Many researches have tried to provide explanation the reason why few individuals participate in the stock market. There was need to investigate the relationship between risk aversion and individual investor stock market participation decision among secondary school teachers in Nakuru County.

      Bindu Pantha

Abstract: This study attempts to investigate impact of credit risk management on bank performance by taking panel data of selected 9 commercial banks operated in Nepalese economy with 72 observations for the period 2009/10 to 2016/17. The dependent variables is return on asset which measure bank performance while the independent variables are default rate, cost per loan asset and capital adequacy ratio. For the purpose of this study, the secondary data have been used. Empirical results are based on fixed effect model and random effects model for balanced panel data. The finding suggests that default rate and cost per loan asset are the significant variables explaining the banks performance. However, Capital adequacy ratio is insignificant for the banks performance

      Wiwit Maharesti, Sarmini, M. Jacky

Abstract: The Mythical Study of Hanoman Si Kethek Putih is assumed to have character values that can be used as a guide for students behavior. This study uses a qualitative research design, aiming to uncover the character values contained in the local culture of the puppet art keroncong with the play "Hanoman Si Kethek Putih" which is studied with the combined anthropological perspective of Levi-Strauss structuralism and


Abstract: The study was conducted in Ogbomoso zone with five local government areas to analyze the profitability of small-scale palm kernel oil producers. A survey was carried out with the use of purposive sampling technique to collect data from 60 respondents with the use of interview schedule. The collected data were analysed with the use of tables, frequencies, percentages and other tools that include benefit cost ratio and Cobb-Douglas production model were also

      Siti Zahrotin Mauniyati, Nasution, Ismet Basuki

Abstract: The effect of POE Lerning Model and Achievement Motivation on the Spiritual & Social Competence of Madrasah Tsanawiyah (MTs) Students in Social Studies. This study aims to determine the effect of learning model predict observe explain (POE) and achievement motivation applied in the experimental class and learning model direct instruction (DI) that is applied to the control class on material excellence and limitations between students towards the spiritual and social competence of students Madrasah Tsanawiyah (MTs).

      R. Thusyanthini, N. Sanotharan and G. Theavivirathan

Abstract: Cashew has the potential to deliver the sources of income for farmers, empower rural women in the processing sector, make employment opportunities and build foreign exchange through exports. This study was conducted to find out the factors affecting cashew production and to identify the major constraints present in cashew cultivation met by farmers in the Maritimepattu Divisional Secretariat Division in Mullaitivu District of Sri Lanka. It was examined the social characteristics, economic factors, and farming knowledge of cashew cultivation among farmers in the study area. Data were collected using a structured questionnaire administered to 60 respondents selected through a simple random sampling method.

      Nuhu Robert Kirtani, Bulus Tikon and Nahshon H. Likki

Abstract: This paper examined the effect of socio-cognitive factors (personal, behavioural, environmental factors) on dating violence among undergraduate students of university of Maiduguri. The study was a survey research design. Three hundred and eighty four (384) undergraduate students of University of Maiduguri served as participants in this study.

      Fazal Ahmad Afzali

Abstract: The main objective of this research study is to explore the insecurity as a push factor of migration from Afghanistan. Besides, other key determinants that really push emigrants to migrate are also focused in this study. The assigned method in this research focus is qualitative analysis which means that it is not a numerical study that would need a regression analysis. The inference of this research discovered that emigration is a remarkable global economic and social concern that many countries of the world face it both as a damage and as an advantage.

      Fazal Ahmad Afzali

Abstract: The main objective of this research paper is to hypothesize the impact of terrorism on unemployment through their basic relationships by using time series analysis for the period of 1980-2017 in Afghanistan. This study utilized a simple multiple regression model represented by the Ordinary Least Square and Vector Autoregressive Regression estimation methods. Unemployment is reserved as dependent variable and suicide attacks as independent variable.

      Ratno Susanto, Riyanto

Abstract: This study aims to determine the ability to think critically in a tennis course. The research subjects were 87 students of Physical Health Education and Recreation Study Program in IKIP Budi Utomo Malang. Critical thinking skills measurement instrument consisting of 7 critical thinking skills essay questions where the data were analyzed by using a descriptive method based on critical thinking skills indicators. The instrument used in this study was an instrument from Greenstein. The results of the study of critical thinking skills show that the average acquisition results of critical thinking skills by 47% including the category is still low and need improvement in learning activities that can improve the students critical thinking skills of Physical Health Education and Recreation IKIP Budi Utomo

      Kieu Binh Chinh, Nguyen Dinh Nam

Abstract: As matter in fact, firefighters (FFP soldiers) must carry out fire fighting and rescuing operations in fires that last for many hours in high temperature environment. That requires firefighters to have a supple strength, agility and high speed in their work to handle situations the most quickly, efficiently and safely. Therefore, even from the study time at university, physical education for students of the University of Fire (UOF) is especially paid kind attention in order to improve the quality of students when participating in specialized subjects of fire fighting and rescuing in the university as well as after graduation from university and accepting work at their localities.

      Anil Kumar Pandey, Dr. P S Charpe

Abstract: In all over the world there is 7.75 billion of human population. They need proper place for deification and urination to save humanity and environment. That safe place may be toilet. civilization began not with the advent of written language but with the first toilet.(Horan 1997.Altho, it is seen that much less that what is needed in the world toilet is available .It is found that approximately forty percent of the world population has access to flush toilets .so if you take approximately 3 billion people have toilets. There need 20 to 25 liters drinking water to flush toilet after use per day .that may be 75 billion liters .on other hand there is another problem to safe discharge of used water .to avoid these problems it is necessary that toilet bowls should be water efficient .I.e toilet bowls should be so designed that may use very little quantity of water (100 to 200ml) per flush .This may be achieved by changing the design of toilet pan.

      Dipjyoti Sundaray

Abstract: This paper attempts to define role of teacher in ensuring quality in Education with the support of New Draft Education policy 2019. Quality in education cannot be ensured without well equipped teachers with pre- service and in-service training. Hence the proposed section of teachers in New draft National Education policy 2019 is a welcoming steps and it has been further discussed below.

      Anusha S, Deeksha P Reddy

Abstract: Digital wallet refers to an electronic device that allows the users to make electronic transactions. By using digital wallet, we can avoid direct cash transactions. Mobile users can use their Smart phones for money transactions and payment. Digital wallet also includes online shopping with the help of computers or smart phones. Money can be added to digital wallet either by linking ones bank account to their digital wallets or by the use of debit cards. Not just money, we can also have our important ID documents such as Driving license, Aadhar card, etc. saved in our

      Huynh Thanh Toi, Nguyen Thi Hong Van, Pham Thi Tuyet Ngan

Abstract: The combined effect of feed types (commercial feed, live and frozen ongrown Artemia biomass), and stocking density (100; 200 and 300 ind./m2) on growth performance and survival of mudskipper (Pseudapocryptes elongatus) was peformed. The aim of study was to find out the best stocking density and Artemia biomass for the best growth of fish obtaining. Natural mudskipper fingerlings, with length and weigh was 2.7 cm/ind and 0.51 g/ind, respectively, were nursed in 250 L plastic tank containing 100 L of 15‰ seawater.

      Huynh Thanh Toi, Nguyen Thi Hong Van, Pham Thi Tuyet Ngan

Abstract: The combined effect of feed types (commercial feed, live and frozen ongrown Artemia biomass), and stocking density (100; 200 and 300 ind./m2) on growth performance and survival of mudskipper (Pseudapocryptes elongatus) was peformed. The aim of study was to find out the best stocking density and Artemia biomass for the best growth of fish obtaining. Natural mudskipper fingerlings, with length and weigh was 2.7 cm/ind and 0.51 g/ind, respectively, were nursed in 250 L plastic tank containing 100 L of 15‰ seawater.

      Supriyanto , Nasution, Wisnu

Abstract: Model of problem posing learning to improve creative thinking skills. The ability to think creatively is one of the 21st century learning skills, this study aims to describe students creative thinking abilities in social studies learning by using themodel Problem Posing. The subjects in this study were 28 students of class VIII SMP Negeri 1 Tulangan in the 2019 school year. The researchers used primary data and data collection using creative thinking tests. The test is done before and after

      Mandeep Chetry, Han Dong

Abstract: A helicopter is an aircraft that can take off and land vertically. A helicopter is also called a rotary aircraft. It can hover and rotate in the air and can move sideways and backwards while aloft. Nowadays, many parts of helicopters are built of composite materials. Composites are made of two or more materials, combined together to obtain a new matter with properties that are superior to those of individual components.

      Elisifa Nnko, Dr. Samson Nyangau, Prof. Romanus Odhiambo

Abstract: There are many factors which affect nurse perfomance level. However, few studies have addressed the influence of work scheduling on nurses performance while providing patient care. This study aimed at identifying the influence of work scheduling on performance of nurses in regional hospitals in Tanzania. The study adopted descriptive survey research design using both quantitative and qualitative approaches. A target population of 410 from which a sample size of 387 was randomly selected through stratified random sampling method Pearson correlation, independent t- test, one-way Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), and linear regression method were employed to analyze data.

      Reden P. Roma

Abstract: The study was conducted to determine the significant relationship between teacher-respondents attitude, Proficiency, Instructional Practices, and Strategies in Teaching Mathematics towards the performance of Grade 7 students in selected public junior high school in the Division of Las Piñas, using quantitative descriptive correlational as a research

      Prudence Houedegnon, Bin Xu, Fangnon Firmin Fangninou, Dossa Martin Boton

Abstract: Climate change-related risks, such as health, resources disparities, vulnerability, and food insecurity are increasing in Benin, West Africa (WA). Morbidity and mortality based of vectors borne diseases (malaria, meningitis, dengue, cholera, etc.), air pollution-related respiratory diseases, and climate extremes events (floods, droughts, etc.) and heatwaves are most likely risks. Several studies have been carried out on climate change in Benin. But none showed methodologically consistent and detailed and giving any certitude on the analysis of temporal-spatial trends and the future climate of the country. As a result, the climate remains uncertain and no studies have been carried out to assess the impact of climate change on health over Benin. While, the risks of the appearance of vector-borne diseases (VBD) that are sensitive to climatic variations and changes, such as malaria, meningitis, dengue fever, cholera, etc. remain and magnifying day to day.

      Dian Septi Nur Afifah

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to describe the characteristics of understanding students Field Independent in solving mathematical problems. This type of research is a descriptive study with a qualitative approach. The research subjects were high school students in class X. Determination of the subject was done by giving a cognitive style test that is GEFT as many as 18 questions in the form of geometric images. The instrument used was problem-solving tests and interview

      Ahmad Naswa, Eddy Suprayitno

Abstract: Gelatin is one of the ingredients which has extensive use, both for food products and non-food products. Gelatin is a biopolymer of the collagen hydrolysis in an animal skin, muscle tissue, and bones. Gelatin is obtained through an acid pre-processed process (gelatin type A) 9 or base (gelatin type B).

      Zulfiani, Muhammad Iqbal Djawad, Zainuddin, Hamka, Iman Sudrajat

Abstract: Temperature is one of the important water quality parameters in influencing the condition of larvae in the initial development phase. This study discusses how to compare the temperature in the larvae of seabass (Lates calcarifer) against the rate of yolk sac absorption. From observing the development of seabass larvae at different temperatures, it is known that the temperature of 24°C, 28°C, 32°C, and 36°C affect the time of absorption of yolk with the time of absorption 45, 51, 36 and 30 hours respectively. From the results of the analysis of variance in the absorption rate of egg yolks, there was a significant difference between each treatment in the early stages of developing seabass larvae (Lates calcarifer)

      Yi Mar Myint

Abstract: In information theory, linguistics and computer science, the Levenshtein distance is a string metric for measuring the difference between two sequences. Informally, the Levenshtein distance between two words is the minimum number of single-character edits (insertions, deletions or substitutions) required to change one word into the other. The edit distance between two sequences is the minimum number of weighted transformation-operations that are required to transform one string into the

      Kornelia Johana Dacosta, S.Sos, M.Ikom

Abstract: The Child Friendly Integrated Public Space is the Provincial Government of Jakarta program in the form of neighboring-scale park development that aims not only as a community space for activities, but also in an integrated manner that promotes child-friendly outdoor activities. Based on this condition, the writer conducted the research related to identifying the strategic role of the child-friendly integrated public spaces in the campaign of the importance of fulfilling childrens rights to the environment. In this study, the writer applied several theoretical concepts including the concept of public relations, public relations campaigns, and environmental communication. The method used in this research is qualitative with a case study

      Nining Kurniyatuti, Harmanto, M. Jacky

Abstract: This study aims to determine the effect of two stay two stray on critical thinking skills and to find out how much improvement two stay two stray has on students critical thinking skills. This research is a quantitative study, the type ofresearch Quasi Experimental Design. Sample in this study of Class XI IIS-1 as an experimental 17 and XI IIS-2 as a control class 14

      Abdi Nugroho, Eddy Suprayitno

Abstract: Pangasius hypophtalmus bone is a waste that can be used as raw material for gelatin. Gelatin is produced by partial hydrolysis of collagen in fish bones. This research aims to find out the best extraction time that produces high strength and high viscosity gel. The extraction time used was 5, 6 and 7 hours. The best gelatin results were obtained at 7 hours extraction time of stretch gel (173.3 bloom), viscosity (4.05) and amino acid glycine content (19.95%), proline (10.88%), alanine (8.05% )

      Ovie F.O Ndukwe G.U Oliver N. L Obi K.C Aguwa U.S Olu S.I

Abstract: Carica papaya is a major type of fruit that is been consumed for relaxation or medicinal purpose, and this plant is made of different parts which seen to have different health benefit. The study is aimed to evaluate the effect of aqueous extract of Carica papaya seed and peels (back) on the testes and sperm morphology of male albino wistar rats. 35 adult male wistar rats weighing 180g divided into seven (7) groups A-G were used for the study and the research lasted for 4weeks. Group A served as the control, while B, C, D for the seed and E, F, G for the peels at 100mg/kg, 200mg/kg and 400mg/kg for both plant part.

      Abdul Awal

Abstract: This paper outlines the principal reason of the highest emergence of English language in Bangladesh with many recent sociolinguistic views critically. It also endeavors to draw the impact of English as international language on native language and culture. Some findings and proposal are illustrated based on the global history and politics of language. The relation between language and socio-cultural existence has got priority in this observation. Hopefully the paper will help people think English in a different look in socio-cultural and political life in post-colonial countries. This paper would be conducive to make future language policy of post-colonial countries. How language determines cultural and linguistic hegemony is notified vividly. Some suggestions for English language teachers in post-colonial countries including Bangladesh based on the recent sociolinguistics views on linguistics imperialism are

      Alberto C. Sanico

Abstract: Learning to solve problems is one of the primary objectives in teaching and learning mathematics. However, results of the different achievement tests continued to show that problem solving is still one of the least learned skills in mathematics which is attributed to several cognitive and affective factors. This study investigated the direct and indirect effects of the identified cognitive and affective factors on the mathematical problem solving performance (MPSP) of Grade 8 students. The sample consisted of 446 students of whom 196 (44%) were males and 250 (56%) were females. Data were gathered using achievement tests and survey

      Dwi Indah Lestari ; Prof.Badia Perizade,M.B.A.,Ph.D ; Drs.H.Isnurhadi,S.E.,M.B.A.,Ph.D

Abstract: This study examines the effect of Work Environment and Work Stress to employees performance. The population in this study were employees at PT. Solusi Transportasi Indonesia (Grab Palembang).The sample technique used in this study is a census technique which means the respondents are all employees of PT. Solusi Transportasi Indonesia (Grab Palembang) as many as 118 people.

      Nining Winarsih, Harmanto, Aminuddin Kasdi

Abstract: This study aims to analyze the presence or absence of the influence of the Role Playing model on the learning outcomes and character of homeland love in the youth oath material for students in MAN 2 in Probolinggo city. This study uses the Quasi-Experimental design method with a non equavent Pretest-posttest Control Group design.

      Abada, Ifeanyichukwu Michael, Omeh, Paul Hezekiah

Abstract: The entrenchment of liberal democracy and its attendant participation of the constituents in Africa and Nigeria in particular has over the time heightened the level of youths’ engagements in the political processes. Bestowed with fundamental obligations arising from the principles of social contract, the state has become a social agency for providing safety nets for vulnerable youths in the society. Nigeria being a developmental state has in the recent time forced with the initiation of interventionist programmes aimed at alleviating the sufferings of the teeming population.

      Nur Amira Noor Kamal

Abstract: The Malaysian’s Ministry of Health has revealed that mental health problems among Malaysian students are worsening where from one in 10 individuals in 2011 to one in five in 2016. Studies have shown that viewing photographs and videos of nature scenes can promote significant reductions in physiological stress and virtual environments provided a more dynamic alternative with greater ecological validity, which is, approximating the real-life situation

      Anu Babu, Josemon Achenkunju

Abstract: Recently, the services based on internet has grown rapidly raising an imminent question about its analysis of the information about suggestions of services. The organizations can be collecting the suggestions about the services from the consumer. Many suggestions are often available only through the information such as good or bad and another contain more non useful information by local slang.

      S.D.S Jayalath, A.A.L.Madhushani

Abstract: This particular study titled The Relationship between Service Quality of Sport Event and Customer Satisfaction” was accomplished with special reference to President’s Gold Cup Volleyball Tournament, 2017. This study was undertaken by focusing on the matter that was recognized from the National Volleyball Convention, 2017 and through records of Sri Lanka Volleyball Federation. In-depth literature assessment was accomplished to offer a conceptual model to formulate hypotheses for the study.

      Saw Yu Mon

Abstract: In this paper, packed petroleum gas homogeneous charge pressure start motor, CNG (HCCI) performance on the effects of formaldehyde addition by changing inlet temperature were researched. In this examination, the four-chamber, four-stroke motor was utilized. The outcomes got from the utilization of different level of formaldehyde expansion in CNG (HCCI) motor were analyzed with several inlet temperatures.

      Peter E. Ayunku, Ekokeme Tamaroukro Timipere

Abstract: The paper examined the ownership structure on the value of listed firms in Nigeria. The objective of the study was to ascertain whether debt to equity ratio and debt to asset ratio has a significant impact and relationship with returns on equity of corporations in Nigeria. The ex-post facto research design was adopted to observe the study variables in retrospect.

      Anoop Kaur, Yogesh Kumar

Abstract: Scheduling algorithms are accountable for arranging submitted jobs to available resources in cloud environment to get maximum utilization of resources and minimum response time and latency. The recommended algorithm mainly pivot on two basic factors first is variable task quantum which provide balanced waiting time among long and short tasks. Second is divide the Main Queue of ready tasks in to two sub queues accordingly value of task quantum. Simulation of algorithm is done by using cloudsim toolkit 3.0.3 opposed three different scheduling algorithms shortest job first, Round Robin and Time slice priority based round robin.

      Novrealita Magfira Setiyana and Eddy Suprayitno

Abstract: Cork fish (Channa striata) is one of the fish that has high economic value. Cork fish (Channa striata) has many nutrients and high albumin content. Cork fish albumin is a good prospect to be developed because it is beneficial for postoperative healing. Cork fish albumin raw material is usually obtained from meat.

      Elly Rasmikayati, Ellisa Agri Elfadina, Bobby Rachmat Saefudin

Abstract: Mango is the main exotic fruits in West Java, Indonesia. Then, the government and farmers try to develop the agribusiness of mango. But, the productivity still fluctuatives and land tenure of mango farmers are mostly narrow. The purpose of this study is to describe the characteristics of the mango farmers and factors associated with their land tenure area in Cikedung Sub-district, Indramayu Regency, West Java.

      Muhamed T. Al-budairy, Assistant Prof. Dr. Murtadha Ghanim Adai

Abstract: Background: Antenatal care (ANC) can be described as the care providing by health care authorities to pregnant and teenage mothers to ensure the best health for mother and her fetus during the pregnancy. The most important aspects of ANC are: Identification of risks; Prevention of pregnancy-related or associated diseases as well as their management; Health education and finally health promotion.

      Dewi Urip Wahyuni

Abstract: Retirement should not be feared of, but it should be faced with confidence, enthusiasm and good emotional management. The purpose of the present study was to demonstrate that retirement is not an end of a career, but a resumable pending career. The present study was quantitative.

      Jeremiah Bvirindi

Abstract: In an effort to ensure democracy, good local governance and citizen participation, chapter 14, section 264 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (No.20) Act 2013 provides for devolution of government powers and responsibilities to provincial and metropolitan councils and local authorities. To facilitate devolution, the Constitution organizes government at three levels namely, national, provincial and local. However, contrary to the provisions of section 264 of the constitution the government has not given powers of local governance to the people to enhance their participation in making decisions affecting them. This paper discusses the objectives of the devolution of governmental powers and responsibilities, the prospects of improving good local governance through devolution and impediments to the implementation of devolution.

      B S Bani, R Ekawati, and E B Rahaju

Abstract: This study aimed at describing junior high school students metacognitive behavior in terms of thought process, self-reflection and information processing. There were 25 students’ participants and three were selected as subject of this study. Mathematical Ability Test (MAT) and two Metacognition behavior’ tests (MBT) were given to students’ participants and three subjects with high, medium and low mathematics competence were interviewed afterwards.

      Muhammad Iqbal Faizin, Wasis, Eko Hariyono

Abstract: This research aims to: (1) analyze validity instruments consist of Syllabus, Learning Implementation Plan (RPP), Student Worksheet (LKS), handout, and critical thinking skills instrument. (2) Practicality analysis consist of implementation of Learning Implementation Plan (RPP), student’s responses, and obstacles were encountered during teaching and learning process carried out with this learning instruments.

      Ajmal Khkalay & Muhibullah Turabi

Abstract: A metaphor is the expression of an understanding of one concept in terms of another concept, where some sort similarity or correlation between the two concepts exists. Or a metaphor is the understanding itself of one concept in terms of another which literally mean something different The perception of metaphor has changed significantly since the end of the 20th century.

      Dawit Negeri Urgessa

Abstract: Vocabulary learning is one of the important language skills Harmer (1991) clearly states, ‘’If language structures make up the skeleton of language, then it is vocabulary that provides the vital organs and the flesh’’ (p.153). Effective use of vocabulary learning strategy is very important in language learning at higher education. This study is aimed at assessing vocabulary learning strategies used by in-service first year English Major Students at Ambo University in 2019 academic year.

      Pofung, Zachariah Freejob, Oahimire, Oise Joan

Abstract: Antenatal care is a key strategy for reducing maternal and neonatal morbidity and mortality rate because adequate patronage of antenatal care services is associated with improved maternal and neonatal health outcomes. This study focuses on the utilization of antenatal care services among women in Kerang District, Mangu Local Government Area, Plateau State. Random sampling technique was used to select 192 representative women using the administration of questionnaires, while qualitative data was source through Focus Group Discussion (FGDs). Quantitative data was analyzed using descriptive and Chi-square statistic while the qualitative data was analyzed through content analysis.

      Alfin Mubarroq Utomo and Eddy Suprayitno

Abstract: Gelatin is a protein resulted from partial collagen hydrolysis made from animal’s skin or bones. Mahi-mahi or lemadang fish is one of the large pellagic fish commercialized as fillet while its bone and skin was mostly unused and thus suitable to produce gelatin. Objective of this study was to found out the best physicochemical properties of gelatin made from mahi-mahi skin after curing for 6, 7 and 8 hours using tartaric acid. Best result shown in 8 hours curing with rendemen 14,04%, gel strength 14,75 N, viscosity 6,52 cP; protein content 86,18%; fat content 0,46%; water content 8,18%; pH 4.87 and glicyn amino acid content 23,09% and prolin 13,22 as the main amino acid structure in gelatin.

      Murtala Hashimu, Nura Abubakar Anka

Abstract: With the current speedy development of computer technology, scholars have attempted to accept artificial intelligence on education. Computer networks have been developed by both scientists and educationist using computer-aided instruction systems to develop programs to test and improve the educational performance of students. A long-sought goal in education is being sought by instruction and integrating sound assessment. Current advances in educational measurement and artificial intelligence have positioned this aim within reach of people.

      Monaliza S. Agsalog

Abstract: This study explored the effects of Experiential Learning Approach on the academic performance and motivation to learn physics of grade 10 students. This was conducted at Kinawe National High School (KNHS) during the school year 2016-2017. The study determined the significant difference in the academic performance between the students taught with the experiential learning approach and those taught with the conventional method.

      Gberikon, G.M, Agada, J.O, Yaji, M.E

Abstract: Synergistic effects of Anogeissus leiocarpus and Morinda lucida leaves, stems and roots extracts against some enteric bacteria were carried out. Samples of Anogeissus leiocarpus and Morinda lucida leaves, stems and roots were collected from Otukpo in Benue State. Clinical isolates of enteric bacteria such as E. coli, P. mirabilis, S. typhi, K. pneumonia and S. dysentriae were collected from Veterinary Research Institute, Vom, Plateau State. Phytochemical analysis were carried out on the leaves, stems and roots of both plants to ascertain their bioactive components. Standard microbiological and biochemical tests were carried out on the isolates for confirmation and revalidation. Susceptibility tests were carried out using agar well diffusion methods.

      Dr Shivendu Shekhar Ojha, Dr R.K. Tripathi

Abstract: Context: Endotracheal intubation has been suggested to be one of the most invasive stimuli in anesthesia, particularly during induction and after tracheal intubation. The present study aims to evaluate the efficacy of dexmedetomidine as compared to diltiazem on hemodynamic response to laryngoscopy and intubation. Aims: To assess and compare the hemodynamic response of dexmedetomidine as compared to diltiazem in patients undergoing laryngoscopy and intubation and rate and type of side effects of the drugs if any.

      Norfadilah Kamaruddin

Abstract: Current trends reveal a shift in the role of museums from a traditional conservation role into one with educational responsibility for enhancing visitors’ learning experience. This trends moreover have raised concerns in the museum exhibition studies with reflecting to the role of technology today which enables museum visitors to be more actively create their own knowledge. However, there is a concern that excessive interface design of the museum exhibition may distract the original purpose of museums.

      Innocent MURAMUZI, Michael MAWA, Maximiano NGABIRANO

Abstract: Peacebuilding is a process of trying to restore cordial normal relations between people or groups of people especially after a conflict. It requires the reconciliation of differences, apology and forgiveness of past harm and the establishment of a co-operative relationship between groups after the conflict. Peacebuilding is a foundation for sustainable peace but this foundation needs a lot of resources including time as well as the support of all stakeholders in a country to have a common vision for the future if they are to achieve sustainable peace.

      Ashish Saini

Abstract: The world is going out on crisis of conventional petroleum fuels either due to their unavailability or their harmful effect to health and environment. Biodiesel has emerged as a potential alternative to petroleum diesel due to its chemical characteristics similar to petroleum diesel with less harmful environmental effects. Biodiesel is mixture of fatty acids alkyl esters derived from triglycerides present in oils and fats. The problem with biodiesel is its oxidative action on storage. On oxidation biodiesel molecules are transformed into peroxides which further breaks into acids, alcohols and esters. The extent of biodiesel oxidation is determined like Iodine value, oxidisability, structure Indices etc.

      Ahmad A. Alslaihat, Abdullah A. Alsous, Nasser M Al-Dwaik, Radi A. Al-Khlaifat

Abstract: This paper illustrates the concept of bio-signals, identifying some of the most prevalent forms of bio-signals. Besides that, describing the prime features of this term in both time and frequency domains. In addition, identifying systematic processing approaches for the removal of mutual artifacts and noise.

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