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      Muhammad Sahir, Rustam, Gunarto Latama

Abstract: This study aims to determine the effect of comparative doses of enrichment of Nitrogen and Phosphate on Cyctocarp development and release of spores. This research was conducted in November 2018 to February 2019, in the Laboratory of Seaweed, the Brackish Aquaculture Center for Takalar (BPBAPT). The research location is in Mappakalompo Village, Galesong District, Takalar District, South Sulawesi Province. For analysis of N and P content in the media analyzed at the Laboratory of water quality at Hasanuddin University. The test organism or algae used is Talus seaweed which has a Cyctocarp of ± 3 cm long with ± 1.5 cm diamiter. The experimental container used was a glass bottle with a capacity of 100 ml.

      Dr. Gitanjali Dutta, Dr. Sandeep Yadav, Dr. Subhasis Ghosh, Dr. A. K. Chowdhuri

Abstract: INTRODUCTION: Intracranial aneurysms are localized dilatations of the arteries in the brain due to weakness of the arterial wall, can lead to serious morbidity and mortality after rupture. Subarachnoid hemorrhage(SAH) usually occurs with rupture and is associated with a high rate of morbidity and mortality. The current study is an institution based study in an attempt to understand the outcome of surgical clipping and its association with WFNS grade at admission in light of established facts and principles in standard literature in a selected group of patient population.


Abstract: Groundwater is a valuable resource both in the united state and throughout the world. Where surface water, such as lakes and rivers, are scare or inaccessible. The volume of ground water in storage is decreasing in many areas of the united states in response to pumping. ground water depletion is primarily caused by sustained groundwater pumping. The water shortage problem is the lack of sufficient available water resources to meet water needs within a region. It affects every region and around 2.8 billion people around the world at least one month out of every year. More than 1.2 billion people lack access to clean drinking water.

      Abegunrin O. O. and Eniola O.

Abstract: There are many diseases that affect poultry production in Nigeria and treatment of these diseases are too cost to buy because most of these drugs and vaccines are imported to Nigeria, hence, ethnoveterinary medicine is considered as alternative. The study therefore examines the perception and use of ethnoveterinary medicine among poultry farmers in Ido local government area of Oyo State. Purposive sampling and simple random sampling were used to select 113 respondents in the study area. Data was obtained using well structured questionnaire and were analyzed using descriptive statistics such as frequency distribution and percentage while the inferential statistical such as Chi-square and Pearsons Product of Moment of Correlation (PPMC) were used to analysed the hypotheses.

      Kenneth Belibodei Wasini, Ada Nwaneri, Baralate Sambo

Abstract: Theory and practice in nursing are closely linked. They interplay to create the reality of a concept. This research was to investigate the knowledge and attitude of newly qualified nurses about integration of theory into their practice. Descriptive survey design was used for the study involving all the Teaching Hospitals in Enugu and Bayelsa States in Nigeria. Purposive sampling was used to select the hospitals, stratified sampling technique was used to select the sample using 40% across board and convenience method was used to reach the respondents amounting to 272.

      Muhaimin Nurrahman, Rudiana Agustini, Sri Poedjiastoeti

Abstract: This research aimed to produce learning media based advance organizer model which is valid, practical and effective to improve understanding students’ concept in material of ion bond and covalent bond. This research was conducted at Senior High school of Sport East Java in class X in odd semester. This development research used development model of Dick and Carey with the trial using One-Group Pretest-Postest Design.

      Samuel, Iwanger Ruth

Abstract: This study was a correlational research design which investigated gender ideologies as correlates of career maturity among senior school students in Nasarawa State, Nigeria. The population of the study comprised 1900 public senior secondary school science students in the State, while the sample size was 200 senior secondary school III (SSIII) students comprising 100 males and 100 females purposely sampled from 20 schools.

      Samuel, Iwanger Ruth

Abstract: This study was a correlational research design which investigated gender ideologies as correlates of career maturity among senior school students in Nasarawa State, Nigeria. The population of the study comprised 1900 public senior secondary school science students in the State, while the sample size was 200 senior secondary school III (SSIII) students comprising 100 males and 100 females purposely sampled from 20 schools.

      Anna Mariana, Delyuzar, T Ibnu Alferraly

Abstract: Meningioma is one of the primary brain tumors, originating from arachnoid cap cells. FGF-2 as a growth factor is a potent stimulator of endothelial proliferation which is very important in the process of angiogenesis. FGF-2 levels in meningiomas have been assessed using the ELISA and qrPCR methods in many previous studies using blood serum. This study used tissue samples of meningioma tumors to assess the association between immunohistochemical expressions of FGF-2 and histopathology grade among meningioma

      Tri Susetyo Andadari, Suzanna Ratih Sari

Abstract: There are many philosophies that build upon a Joglo traditional house in its era, from the decided location, building orientation, manufacturing period, differentiating the sections and ornaments that decorate the house. Unfortunately, this phenomenon is hardly to be found in this digital era nowadays.

      Nor Azam Bin Naaim, Harwati Binti Hashim

Abstract: In Malaysia, it is compulsory for all students in primary and secondary schools to learn English as a second language. To acquire and master all the language skills i.e reading, writing, speaking and listening, definitely is not an easy task. Hence, language learning strategies can be used to guide the students to improve their learning in order to be more competent and proficient in English language.

      Muhammad Anwar, Fientje Oentoe, Johannis Senduk, Herry Sumual

Abstract: The objectives of this research are: 1) Describing and analyzing the education and training plan in the technical and educational section of Manado Religious Education and Training Center; 2) Describing and analyzing the implementation of education and training in the technical and educational section of the Manado Religious Education and Training Center; 3) Describing and analyzing the evaluation of education and training in the technical and educational section of the Manado Religious Education and Training Center.

      Obida, S. S., Professor Owolabi, S. A, Professor Enyi, P. E., Professor Akintoye, I. R

Abstract: Volatility of stock market return is of great concern to providers of funds as it increases the uncertainty of their future wealth. Many studies have address of environmental disclosure and the Nigerian stock market but few considered the effect of environmental disclosure on the volatility in the stock market.

      Nuraida Indriyani, M.V Roesminingsih, Ari Wahyudi

Abstract: This research aims to determine the influence of cooperative learning model type course review horay with audiovisual media against social skills and student learning outcomes. This research was conducted at Jepara II Surabaya Elementary School in Lesson 2018/2019.

      Risca Kurnia Sari, Yani Quarta Mondiana, Anisa Zairina

Abstract: Indonesia began to show efforts to start a healthy life by cultivating organic food. Since it was first introduced in Indonesia in 1997 organic vegetables are healthier and safer for the body than non-organic ones. The demand for organic food has increased throughout the world which is increasing by around 20 percent per year so that the demand is able to create a potential market for organic products. Therefore, researchers want to figure out to what extent the quality of organic vegetables influences consumer purchasing decisions. Based on the background, the formulation of the problem in this study is whether the quality of organic vegetable products has an effect on consumer purchasing decision-making. Based on the results of data analysis, the regression model formed is y ̂=6.56+0.37 PQ. This model shows a positive relationship between product quality and purchasing decisions. The results of hypothesis testing indicate that product quality has an effect on purchasing.

      SJ Rathnayake, Sanduni Rathnayake, WMNKL Wijesuriya

Abstract: In year 2016, there were 12,629 pesticide poisoning cases and 348 (2.75% of admissions) deaths were reported in government hospitals in Sri Lanka. Institution based descriptive study was carried out in District General Hospital, Nuwaraeliya, Sri Lanka to identify the prevalence (2018) and trends (2014-2018) of organophosphates and carbamate poisoning among hospital admissions. The study revealed that mean age of patients poisoning with organophosphate and carbamate was 31.36 (SD = 15.20) and highest number of the poisoning patients were identified in the 17- 49 years group.

      Yodi Mardian, Sutanto Priyo Hastono

Abstract: Internet gaming addiction has received attention as a public health problem. Several studies have shown that internet game addiction adversely affects adolescents, such as anxiety disorders, depression, social disorders, mind problems, somatic complaints, rule-breaking behavior, aggressive behavior, academic problems, drug use and causing poor family relationships.

      Fazal Ahmad Afzali

Abstract: The main objective of this research study is to determine that circulation of all national currencies is a fence to the growth of world economy due to the flexible exchange rates, lack of international trades, foreign investments, and new technology, inflation, and currency crises. This research study is conducted through qualitative analysis method by introducing a lumpy descriptive theory of One Common Currency May well save the World Economy.

      Anil P Patil, Rupali A. Patil

Abstract: Learning science is an intellectual search for truth in nature. Innovation in teaching physical science needs some effective methods. Activity centered learning is now accepted as an innovative method for imparting physical science in school curriculum. Today’s students are mark’s oriented. They are neither thinking independently nor analyzing the concepts or facts. Their rational attitude and imagination are not developed properly.

      Saifuddinir Rahmadi, Rooselyna Ekawati, Neni Mariana

Abstract: This study was to determine the effect of applying realistic mathematical approaches to learning outcomes. This research is an experimental study with a quantitative approach, the method used is quasi experimental. The design of this study is nonequivalent control group. The subject of this research was third grade students of Artodung Pamekasan State Elementary School.

      Mary Wambui Mwangi

Abstract: Urban green spaces are a paramount element of the urban ecosystem. However urban green spaces have been facing challenges which if not timely dealt with, the urban green spaces will not be in a position to provide the urban inhabitants with the important ecosystem services they provide. Kenya like many other countries in the developing world have been experiencing rapid urbanization.

      Nanna Babu Palla, Dr A Vinaya Babu, K Govinda Raju

Abstract: Collaborative data publishing from multiple data providers in recent is a common practice. Data owners publish these micro data for research and pattern analysis deploying data mining and high end intelligent retrieval systems. albeit, few attributes may necessitate sensitive data disclosure when nexus with external viable data sources resulting sensitive data leakage. MORAS algorithm , used in this work enlightens a framework to reduce the linkage attacks by adversary and deriving the population uniqueness to zero. Hence, the privacy infringements are eliminated in data publishing avenue.

      T. Poonkundran

Abstract: The estimation of water quality is very important for human being knowing its suitability for quality analysis in and around Chidambaram Taluk. Water samples were collected from 10 different areas of Chidambaram Taluk and analyzed various characteristics of water samples. The results showed that many of the water quality parameters from residential areas above the permissible limits of BIS and WHO.

      Kumudini Sarathchandra, Shriyananda Rathnayake

Abstract: Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is the lifelong electronic Health Passbook which contains patient’s health information in a computerized system. This research paper reviews the implementation challenges of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) of Sri Lankan public sector hospitals.

      Nariman Abd El Salam, Yasser Abd El-Karim

Abstract: Many applications have been available in the market for guiding tourists in museums for helping them reaching their destinations efficiently. But these applications suffer from many shortcomings including limited functionality and accuracy of features. To alleviate these problems, we propose a design and implementation of TIG handheld museum tour guide device. TIG has been designed to provide the museum tourists with accurate and reliable information along with the ability to Interactive with free move. In addition to providing general information, TIG is capable of making visitor surveys with friendly GUI. Also, this device has been designed to access huge database. Evaluation of the device shows that TIG provides more accurate information with better efficiency than the existing solutions.

      Anusha Prasad, Dr Jayadevappa G

Abstract: The incidence of Mycobacterium tuberculosis infections among Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) patients is commonly observed due to the immunocompromised state of SLE patients [1]. Recent studies show that a history of tuberculous infections play a key role in the induction and exacerbation of SLE in genetically susceptible hosts thus acting as an immunomodulatory agent [2]. We report a case of a female patient with history of tuberculosis with an incidental diagnosis of SLE. The symptoms of SLE worsened after completing a six month course of Anti Tubercular Therapy (ATT) with standard drugs on par with RNTCP DOTS guidelines.

      Dr. Sachin Tammannavar, Dr. Ramesh, Hemanth Raju M.G, Janice Reema Lewis, Harshitha.C.

Abstract: This prospective study aims to determine the Factors affecting outcome of Therapeutic Penetrating Keratoplasty and its role in the management of corneal diseases. Penetrating keratoplasty is the final therapeutic option in the management of refractory corneal disease after conventional medical therapy fails to prevent corneal perforation.(1)

      Asep Nurul Ridwan, Pandu Riono

Abstract: Stunting is a condition of failure to thrive in children under five (infants under five years old), a result of chronic malnutrition so that the child experiences a size that is too short of her age in general (National Team for the Acceleration of Poverty Reduction (2017). In the first 1000 days, from conception to age 2 years a window of critical opportunity, where timely intervention can have a measurable impact on the prevention of stunting in children.

      S.P.D.S.S.K. Karunarathna, T.S. Hithakshika

Abstract: Elite high jump athletes use fosbury flop to compete their jump. This technique comprises three phases, namely, approach phase, takeo phase and ight phase. The performance of the athlete is depended on these three phases, and the takeo phase plays a salient role in the athlete performance.

      Angage Anoma Samanathi Perera

Abstract: Under the massive expansions of the world economies in the recent years, business organizations have realized the significance of integrating risk management into their strategies as the nature of business risks upcoming are terrifyingly increasing due to high competition, continuous technological advancements and changing behavior of customers. International organizations who are interested on risk management have published and revised many standards and frameworks to help practitioners to select the best and appropriate risk management framework comparing the strengths and weaknesses of their entities.

      Than Zaw Oo, Nyi Nyi, Cho Cho Khaing

Abstract: In Myanmar, there are various natural resources such as water, air, wind and solar. Among of them, water resource is the most abundant as there are many rivers and streams with rich electrical energy. Moreover, the cost of hydro-electric power is relatively cheaper compared with other resources. In hydraulic turbine is one of the most important parts to generate electricity. This paper intends to design the runner and nozzle with needle for Pelton turbine that will generate 220 kW output power from head of 213 m and flow rate of 0.135 m3/s. For these head and capacity of turbine, rotational speed is 1000 rpm, specific speed is 18.4, pitch circle diameter is 0.56 m, jet diameter is 0.053 m and nozzle outlet diameter is 0.064 m. The number of bucket based on jet ratio, 11 is 21. Detail design of runner, nozzle with needle of that turbine is described in this paper.

      Dr. Nadeesha Gunawardana

Abstract: The S?halavatthuppakara?a is one of the oldest surviving sources, the credit of discovering this goes to Mr. K. D. Somad?sa, the assistant librarian of the University of Ceylon. When he was making a list of palm leaves that were in the monasteries of the Southern province, received the initial copy of S?halavatthu in Burmese. Mr. K. D. Somadasa handed over it to the Ven. Polvatte Buddhadatta for transliteration in Sinhalese characters. When the book was found, it was crumbled down owing to the dilapidated state of the manuscript. Having translated the manuscript Ven. Polvatte Buddhatta published an article in the Silumina newspaper. After reading, the newspaper article by Ven. Hunupitiye Saddhammaa??lankara handed over a copy in Burmese, which was in his possession. When he was in Burma in 1923 copied the above manuscript. Due to the untiring effort of the Ven. Polvatt? Buddhadatta another Burmese manuscript of S?halavatthuppakara?a has found from the Mah?kappinna Mudalind?r?maya in Vlithara in Sri Lanka (Buddhadatta thera Polvatte, 2014: viii). Following the due clarification, Rev. Polvatt? Buddhadatta is credited to have published this manuscript. This was a Pali work written in Burmese (Buddhadatta thera Polvatte, 1959: ix). This can be illustrated as one of the oldest books available right now and further, the way in which the P?li language is used in this particular book proves the above fact. This book recalls us where P?li, as a language was not highly used for writing. Further, the book seems to have many grammatical errors. However, Sirima Wikramsinghe in the book of the Anur?dhapura era mentions that D?pava?sa, written before the 5th century A.C., was the first attempt, to write the Sri Lankan history by way of traditional historical reports (2014:2). It should be noted that S?halavatthuppakara?a is much older than the D?pava?sa.

      Dr. Nadeesha Gunawardana

Abstract: In this research paper, our attempt is to examine the role of the Emperor Aśōka as depicted in vaṃsa tradition in Sri Lanka. Aśōka’s legend is found in the fifth century chronicles of Sri Lanka, the Dῑpavaṃsa and the Mahāvaṃsa as well as in Buddhagohosa’s commentary on the Vinaya. In addition to this, the commentary on the Mahāvaṃsa, the Thūpavaṃsa and the Bōdhivaṃsa were studied. The discrepancies in Mahāvaṃsa and Divyāvadāna has been discussed here. I have not discussed the third Buddhist council as discussed it in our next research article.

      Dr. Nadeesha Gunawardana

Abstract: In this research article we have focused our attention only to the 3rd Buddhist Council which patronized by Emperor Aśoka. We have not discussed about the previous life of Asoka, his conspiracy to the kingship or war against Kalinga. There is no mention at all either of the thēra Moggaliputata Tissa or of his third council in the Aśokāvadāna. Aśōka’s legend is found in the fifth century chronicles of Sri Lanka, the Dῑpavaṃsa and the Mahāvaṃsa as well as in Buddhagohosa’s commentary on the Vinaya. In addition to this, the commentary on the Mahāvaṃsa, the Thūpavaṃsa and the Bōdhivaṃsa were studied. The discrepancies in Mahāvaṃsa and Divyāvadāna has been discussed here.

      Youssef AbdulKhalek, Malak Tlais

Abstract: It examined and identified some political risks indicators (Government effectiveness, Political Stability and Absence of Violence, Control of Corruption, Law & Order, Regulatory Quality and Accountability and voice) that exist in Lebanon and may affect the investment decision of foreign investors. Empirical study for the Lebanese political risks and the inflow of FDI to this country was performed where the quantitative secondary data was collected for span between 2002 and 2016. For this job, a systematic approach of variable analysis and panel regression approach combined with factor analysis were used to test which political risk factor significantly affect the FDI inflow in Lebanon.

      Ruchi sharma, Mangala Jadhav, Abhishek Gupta

Abstract: According to WHO, the prevalence rate of superficial mycotic infection has been found to be 20-25% worldwide. In India, more than one million cases per year were found of fungal infection.

      H.K.G.K.D.K. Hapuhinna, R.D. Gunaratne, H.M.J.C. Pitawala

Abstract: Hydroxyapatite and its composites have applied in several biomedical applications as a bioceramic. This research used to examine chemical and structural suitability of newly synthesized Eppawala hydroxyapatite composite varieties as dental filling material, by comparing and contrasting them with human tooth as well as commercially available glass ionomer cement (GIC), used in dentistry applications. Commercially available 2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate monomer used to reinforce solid state sintered and sol gel synthesized hydroxyapatite ceramic to prepare its composites and their physical, chemical properties were compared. Results show there is a close similarity between synthesized products and human tooth while credenting high thermal stability, good crystalline, and porous properties than the commercial product. Finally, study concluded newly synthesized composites can be applied directly as a substitution for human tooth while having different properties from each other.

      Mishal-e-Noor, Saqib Sultan Al Mehmood

Abstract: The study analyzes the initiatives taken by Punjab Police to promote e-governance and ICT in police department with a socio-economic lens. In order to have a better understanding of this contemporary phenomenon, the research focuses on digitization and automation of FIR and Public Complaints system in City Police Gujranwala during the last five years.

      Khairunnisa, Mega Teguh Budiarto, Agung Lukito

Abstract: Mathematics is a science that plays an important role in human life which is also a basic science taught from the most basic level or elementary school to varsity level. In addition, mathematics is also a continuous science in which there are basic material (prerequisite material) that must be mastered by students by understanding the problems in the material before entering into higher material.

      Angraeni, Achmar Mallawa, Anshar Amran

Abstract: Bone Bay is a fairly potential water area in eastern Indonesia, especially in its fisheries. Eddy can indirectly affect water fertility, so it is necessary to identify eddy to see which areas are fertile. Identification of Eddy is done by utilizing AVISO and LANDSAT- 8 which was processed in Envi 5.1 then included in ArcGIS where eddy points can be produced in July as many as 33 points, August 74 points, September as many as 46 points and October as many as 15 points, where eddy currents gather in the middle of the Bone bay caused by current movement.

      Femiliani novitasari, Alfa. FP Nelwan, Aisjah Farhum

Abstract: Bay is a waters region that has high potential for yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares) because it is a migratory route. This encourages fishermen to install new FADs so that the number of FADs increases. So it is necessary to do research on "stretch fishing productivity for catching Midlun fish (Thunnus albacares) using FADs in the waters of the luwu bone district. Data used is data catch per fishing effort on each ship. Theproductivity of catching yellow fin tuna (Thunnus albacares) highestship 1 is in the range of 0.72-0.82 kg / minute with a total frequency of 216 times and the highest productivity of fishing in ship 2 is in the range 0.72-0.82 kg / minute with a total frequency of 154 times .

      Hendra Hadiwijaya, Febrianty

Abstract: This study aimed to analyze the influence of creative leadership and knowledge sharing on employee performance. The samples of this study were 73 employees at Badan Perencanaan Pembangunan Daerah(Bappeda) of Lahat Regency. carried out in a census. This study used indicators to measure each construct and the measurement model was structural, so the analysis of this study used the Partial Least Square (PLS) method. The result of the study showed that Creative Leadership and Knowledge Sharing had a positive and significant influence on Employee Performance in Bappeda of Lahat Regency and Creative Leadership had a greater influence than Knowledge Sharing on Employee Performance.

      Fr. Jobin Joseph OSB, MScp

Abstract: This research is an attempt to study the experiences of the seminary students during the formation. A lot of students join the seminary where they teach Biblical themes, moral themes, and even secular themes. The student in the seminary stays for about 10 to 15 years under formation and finally becomes a priest. But it is to be noted that not all who enter the seminary becomes a priest.

      Nur Laily, Prijati , David Efendi

Abstract: This study aimed to consider the effect of entrepreneurial characteristics on business strategy and business performance of female entrepreneurs. This also investigated the indirect impact of entrepreneurial characteristics on female entrepreneurs’ business performance through the mediator of business strategy. In this study, the populations were all female entrepreneurs in Surabaya. Fifty respondents as samples were taken with non-probability sampling. They were determined to meet the particular criteria of research purposes.

      Dr Than Than Aye, Dr Lin Lin Tun

Abstract: The present research aims the preparation of modified humic acids to be used as the effective sorbents for the removal of acid dye and basic dye. The sub-bituminous coal samples occurred at Tekyit mine (Tekyit village, Pin Laung Township, Shan State), were received from Department of mine, Ministry of Mining, Myanmar.

      Veturia Chiroiu , Ligia Munteanu , Rodica Ioan , Ciprian Dragne , Cristian Rugină , Luciana Majercsik

Abstract: In this paper, the inverse sonification problem is analysed in order to capture hardly detectable details in a medical image. The direct sonification problem is converting the data points into audio specimens by a transformation which involves data, acoustics parameters and sound representations

      Ujang Abdul Muis, Budi Utomo

Abstract: Every mother is expected to be able to provide exclusive breastfeeding to her baby for 6 months, however, the coverage of exclusive breastfeeding in Indonesia in 2017 is only 52%, this is far from the National target of 80%. This study aims to determine the determinants of exclusive breastfeeding in Indonesia.

      Alphyyanto Eko Sutrisno, Martya Rahmaniati Makful

Abstract: Diphtheria is one of the infectious diseases that can be prevented by immunization which was still suffered 954 people with a mortality rate of 4.61%. West Java Province is one of the provinces with the second largest number of sufferers in Indonesia. Many statistical tests but do not include spatial elements in the analysis. The purpose of this study was to find out the spatial relationship between diphtheria incidence and the relationship factors in DPT immunization coverage. This study was cross-sectional with spatial regression data analysis approach were used 2017 of West Java Province health profile’s data and reports from the Central Statistics Agency of Indonesia.

      Mugalavai, Violet, K , Oyalo J, Ayua Emmanuel, Onkware, Augustino, O.

Abstract: In western Kenya, sorghum (Sorghum bicolor) remains an important crop for rural food and nutrition security. Sorghum is a rich source of various phytochemicals including tannins, phenolic acids, anthocyanins and phytosterols which have the potential to significantly impact on human health. On the other hand, sorghum producing areas still experience periodic food deficits due to environmental changes and limited knowledge on diversity in utilization.

      Ye Myint, Zaw Maw Oo, Myint Myint Thein

Abstract: This paper is studied about the five speed manual gear transmission system for Ford Ranger automobile. Power transmission system for automobile is composing with transmission gear box, universal joint, propeller shaft, final drive and drive axle. The transmission consists of a train of gears with different sizes. The main aim of this study is about the investigation of how the five speed manual gear transmission influence on the vehicle’s performance. The purpose of this investigation is for the driver’s safety and comfort by ensuring good vehicle drive ability. This study is including the gear transmission, torque, wheel torque, tractive effort and vehicle speed.

      Khansa AN Johim and Budi Utomo

Abstract: Maternal mortality is a challenge for public health field in the world and developing countries account for 99% of maternal deaths globally. It is estimated that 15% to 20% of all pregnant women will experience a high risk state and obstetric complication. The evidence based midwifery comprehensive guideline provided by the midwife is expected to detect early risk factors for pregnancy before complication occurs.

      Thazin Suyi Naing

Abstract: Population census of Pteropus giganteus (Brünnich, 1782) with relation to climatic conditions in Thazi, Mandalay Region in Central Myanmar was executed from July, 2015 to June, 2018. The initial population size of P. ginanteus was recorded as 545.69 ± 55.63 individuals during first study period (July, 2015 - June, 2016) and 638.16 ± 35.81 individuals in second study period (July, 2016 - June, 2017). The population size was gradually increased to 655.53 ± 29.65 individuals in third study period (June, 2017 - July, 2018). Positive correlation was established between population size of P. giganteus and climatic conditions such as ambient temperature, relative humidity and rainfall. Relation between ambient temperature and monthly mean population size was positive (R² = 0.042, R² = 0.1015, R² = 0.236) in three study periods. Positive correlation between relative humidity and monthly mean population size revealed to (R² = 0.0029, R² = 0.0261, R² = 0.0481). The result of correlation between rainfall and monthly mean population size was occurred (R² = 0.1506, R² = 0.2629, R² = 0.1457) respectively during three years study.

      Sugianto, Eddy Suprayitno and Bambang Budi S.

Abstract: Cork fish is a type of fish that is very high albumin. Making albumin powder is an alternative to consuming cork fish albumin so it is preferred and increases longevity. Making albumin powder can be done by foam drying method (foam-mat drying). In this study the addition of dextrin and arabic gum functions to protect albumin from heat damage. The purpose of this study was to obtain the concentration of dextrin addition with optimal arabic gum so it produced good cork fish albumin powder with the foam-mat drying method. Analysis of albumin powder produced on albumin levels, protein content, fat content, moisture content of ash content, amino acid profiles and organoleptics. This study uses a simple Randomized Design (CRD) with six treatments and four replications.

      Arbind Pathak, Sandip Paudel

Abstract: Foreign tourists who visit Lumbini get a glimpse of the ancient art and culture of Nepal as well as acknowledge Buddha. Most of the respondents availed of high class accommodation and were satisfied with the hygienic conditions in these hotels. They travelled by different means of transport to reach the destinations the satisfaction related to the attitude of drivers and they not at all appreciated conductors. Lumbini market as symbol of culture and heritage are satisfactory but proper marketing of tourism product is not satisfactory which need of an hour.

      Shrikrushna Chavan, Arundhati Tilve, Late C.V.Hegde

Abstract: Intrauterine contraceptive devices (IUCDs) are the major contraceptive measures in the developing countries like India where population is ever increasing and people are non-compliant. Perforation of the uterus is not an unusual complication of an IUCD with its incidence being 1 to 3 in 1000. It is important to minimize complications, detecting them early by educating people, training the staff to insert cu-T by arranging workshops. However, here we had a unique case in TNMC & BYL Nair Hospital, Mumbai, where A 25year female P2 L 2 MTP2 with an IUCD which not only perforated the uterus but also migrated to the anterior abdominal wall engulfed by the omentum and floating in a pocket of pus. IUCD was removed laparoscopically with tubal ligation.

      Miftaqul Rizqi Muliyono, Totok Suyanto, Muhammad Turhan Yani

Abstract: This study aims to determine whether the use of the problem based learning model can influence the understanding of concepts and problem solving skills in social studies learning in the fourth grade of SDN 1 Mulung. This study uses a quantitative method with quasi-experimental design type nonequivalent sampled group design.

      Dwi Hutomo Yuniardi, Totok Suyanto2 Muhammad Turhan Yani

Abstract: Through the Project Based Learning learning model, it is very helpful for students in receiving material or concepts in learning social studies subjects. Especially for elementary students. Students no longer carry out learning activities as limited as sitting, listening, noting, memorizing and seeming boring. Students will learn more actively and build their own knowledge so that learning is more meaningful. So it is very appropriate and can be the right choice in the elementary school class. Timothy agreed in his literary journal (2014: 46), revealing that project-based learning is feasible to be applied in elementary schools.

      Yenni Syafitri, Prof. Sudijanto Kamso

Abstract: Stroke is a deadly non-communicable disease. The high incidence of stroke in Indonesia shows that stroke is a health problem that is dangerous and needs special attention. Hypertension is the main risk factor that affects the incidence of stroke. The higher a persons blood pressure, the greater the likelihood that the person will experience a stroke. As a risk factor that can be changed and can be prevented, of course hypertension can be modified and detected so that it can reduce the risk of stroke events.

      Suhermin, Anang Subardjo, Wulandari Harjanti

Abstract: Medical sales representatives are sales force that is spearheading the sales and distribution of products in the health care organization. The tasks performed by medical sales representative have a high degree of difficulty that requires the support of the company and good communication with your boss. Research objectives to be achieved are: 1) To analyze the direct effect of organizational support on job satisfaction; 2) To analyze the direct effect of leader-member exchange (LMX) on job satisfaction; 3) To analyze the indirect effect of organizational support on organizational commitment; 4) To analyze the indirect influence of leader-member exchange (LMX) on organizational commitment. The approach used for this research is a quantitative approach.

      Lusi Olis Vera, Badia Perizade, Bambang Bemby Soebyakto

Abstract: The purpose of this research is to find out the influence of work environment and compensation, both partially and simultaneously, on employee job satisfaction of University X. The research was conducted on University X employees with a population of 2,722 people. Respondents of this research were all marketing division employees, all of them chosen by using Purposive Sampling, yielding as many as 145 respondents. Data collection was done by distributing questionnaires and the research method used was the Multiple Linear Regression Analysis. The results of this research indicates that the work environment has a positive and significant effect on employee job satisfaction, compensation has a positive and significant effect on employee job satisfaction, work environment and compensation simultaneously have a positive and significant effect on employee job satisfaction.

      Waqas Ahmad, Iffat Rehman, Imran Khalid Niazi, Khurram Aftab Mufti

Abstract: Central venous access is common procedure for long term medication in oncology patients. Various options are available with each having its benefits and risks associated. A study with aim to see the change in trend in central venous access in adult cancer patients at our institute comparable with international standards was performed over a period of one year for patients who had central venous access. All central venous access procedures done in adult cancer patients were included. Number of patients, primary cancer histology and site and complications after each procedure were observed and analyzed. Total number of patients, gender, frequency and type of malignancy and method of central venous access along with its complications were observed. A rise in referrals for port A catheter in the last 6 months with decreasing referrals for PIC and broviac catheters was noted former having least complications.

      Dr. Raymond H.V. Gallucci, P.E.

Abstract: Baseball’s traditional litany of statistics have been displaced by many different statistics, often combined via convoluted formulas as to their meaning and overall use. It possible to assign some fraction of a run to each base and number of outs per inning the “run expectancy” concept), I developed one single statistic that encompasses all to measure an individual player’s performance that encompasses both hitting and fielding for position players, including the combined performance, and pitching.

      Min Kumar Tamang, MPhil, KU

Abstract: Youth student migration is rapidly growing in the recent years in Nepal. Every year thousands of students leave the country to pursue their higher education to the different developed countries across the world. However, they undergo through the financial, social, cultural and personal challenges during their educational journey in the international universities and colleges. Despite these adversities, few of them return to Nepal with experiences and some achievements. Additionally, this study outlines the returnee youth students and their achievement after completion of study abroad. Considering the youth trend of study abroad, this study addresses the research question: how do the Nepali students narrate their stories of their achievement and outcome of study abroad?

      Entisar A. Fajer, Asst. Prof, Murtadha Ghanim Adai

Abstract: Caregivers for children with Nephrotic syndrome reported a more negative impact and poor mental health. They seem to be at great risk of depression, tension, anxiety and distress; many caregivers have been able to overcome the constant challenge of using their patience and accepting the consequences of coping well with adversity.

      Iylia Afiqah, A.H, Elda Elissa, A.A, Muhammad Aiyman, A., Sabariah A.H

Abstract: Physical inactivity has a major health impact on the world. It is now identified as the fourth leading risk factor for global mortality. Being physically inactive or sedentary activity increases the risk of being overweight. Overweight and obesity are also major risk factors for a number of chronic diseases. This study aims to assess the physical inactivity status and body mass index level among residences in Salak, Sepang, Selangor.

      Belal Sadiq Rababh, Khairi Mohamed Omar, Adel Ali Yassin Alzyoud

Abstract: There are a weak proportion of private and public institutions that use quantitative techniques in decision making and problem solving, so the objective of this literature review is to clarify the impact of using quantitative techniques for decision making and problem solving in public and private sector institutions. The paper analyzed previous related research papers related to using quantitative techniques in decision making and problem solving in different organizations. The results show that the use of quantitative techniques is important in making administrative decisions and solving problems resulting in the development of the institution and making appropriate decisions.

      Rizmeyni Azima, Lidya Imelda Laksmi, Joko S Lukito

Abstract: Phyllodes tumours is biphasic, because it is composed of neoplastic stromal cells and evolution containing epithelium. However, this stromal tumour is more cellular and increased. This tumours are far less common than fibroadenoma and de novo arising, and not from previous fibroadenoma tumours. The bad changes are the feared malignant are increased stromal cellularity, anaplasia, high mitotic activity, rapidly increasing tumour size, and infiltative edges. The incidence of phyllodes is <1% of all breast neoplasm in 0,1-0,5%, with the most incidence occurring at the age of 30 to 40 years

      Yulis Purwanita, Yatim Riyanto, Totok Suyanto

Abstract: Researchers were interested in applying Inkuirys learning method to teach my hero material. The media is called "Multimedia in the form of VCD". This study aims to analyze and observe the effect of inquiry learning methods on critical thinking skills and learning outcomes in grade IV elementary schools. This research was conducted at Elementary School 2 Experiment Malang, in the first semester of 2017-2018 school year. This study uses two classes namely the experimental class and the control class. The research sample was class IV B students as the experimental class and IVC class as the control class. The research instruments used were observation sheets of critical thinking skills and learning outcomes tests. Data analysis techniques used include normality test, homogeneous test, and independent test t-test. The results showed: Multiedia-assisted Inquiry learning method had an effect on critical thinking skills and learning outcomes of fourth grade students of SD Negeri Percobaan 2 Malang. Thus, the media is used as an alternative medium in social studies learning in the fourth grade.

      Dr. Raymond H.V. Gallucci, P.E.,

Abstract: The concept of the Situational Underlying Value (SUV) statistic has been introduced in connection with major league baseball, based on the “run expectancy” associated with each base and number of outs. Having completed that development, including the “proof of principle” for one-third of one team’s entire season (54 of 162 games), the SUV has been extended to both professional football (National Football League) and NCAA Men’s Division I College Basketball.

      Arif Julianto Sri Nugroho, Sumargana, Abdul Haris, Tasari

Abstract: Smoking is the biggest public health problem in the world. Many studies have only focused on preventing smoking behaviour, but the one which is also important is reviewing what triggers the students’ motivation to smoke and then stopping their behaviour. The main predictors of behavior change are seen from motivation.

      Wahyu Kurnia Ningsih , Yatim Riyanto, Totok SuyantoF

Abstract: The researcher was interested in developing learning media "3D Pop Up general map". This study aims to develop a 3D Pop Up general map media and describe the feasibility and effectiveness of improving the creativity and learning outcomes of social studies material in the Indonesian geographical characteristics of grade V elementary school. This research was conducted in Ujung IX/ 34 SDN, Semampir, Surabaya in the second semester of the 2018-2019 academic year.

      Amjed DMMLA,Perera KYD,Amadoru SDS,Kandamby HGIT,Chaminda JLP

Abstract: Moral distress occurs when the doctor’s perception of ethically suitable action cannot be implemented due to situational constrains at health care settings (Ferrell, 2006). Moral distress can also be defined as emotional stress of the health care worker due to ethically conflicting situations (Kälvemark, Höglund, Hansson, Westerholm, & Arnetz, 2004).The study was conducted in the National Cancer Institute Maharagama (NCIM), in Sri Lanka.

      SciencesAtik Artiningsih, Yatim Riyanto, Harmanto

Abstract: This study aims to determine the effect of the Scramble type cooperative learning model with image media on the motivation and learning outcomes of grade 2 elementary school students. This research was conducted at the SDN Tropodo 2 Waru Sidoarjo Regency 2018/2019. This type of research experiment uses a quantitative approach, with nonequivalent (pretest and posstest) design contril group design. This study uses two classes namely the experimental class and the control class. The study sample was class 2A as the experimental class and 2B as the control class.

      Adhy Prasetyo Widodo, Tris Eryando

Abstract: Poor air indoor quality can cause health problems. Monitoring of indoor air quality is currently carried out by environmental health officer by carrying a measuring instrument and making measurements directly at the location. Difficulties in monitoring indoor air quality, the limited number of environmental health officer, and the length of time needed to measure the indoor air quality are the main problems in the monitoring, recording and reporting system of indoor air quality.

      Prof. Nwankwo, C.A, Prof. Anyamene, A. N, Akpojivi, O.B

Abstract: This study investigated self-efficacy as predictor of counsellors’ job satisfaction in Delta and Edo States. The study was guided by five research questions and three hypotheses were tested at 0.05 level of significance. The research design was predictive correlational survey. The population of the study is 359 practising guidance counsellors in all public secondary schools in Edo and Delta states. Delta state has 217 counsellors and Edo state 142

      D.S.Rodrigo, H.M.N.Sewwandi

Abstract: Nowadays there is a huge trend on using timber roof structure with traditional joineries in hotels constructions because of its advantages like flexibility, durability, beautiful appearance, strength, eco-friendly, energy efficient, and aesthetical freedom. The king post and beam joinery is one of traditional timber joinery that commonly used when designing cabanas, summer houses, greenhouses and lobby in hotels. There is a standard measurement system is used by carpenters when design a roof structure and one of the basic measurements is the distance between two king-post trusses. Generally, carpenters in Sri Lanka use 8-10 feet as the range for the distance between two king-post trusses.

      Yale Ibrahim Danjuma, Aisha Abubakar Haliru, Mustapha Ibrahim, Muhammad Murtala Hamza

Abstract: The study on unsteady Heat Transfer to MHD Oscillatory flow of Jeffrey fluid through a porous medium under slip condition was investigated. The dimensionless governing equations are solved using perturbation technique. The analytical expressions for the velocity, temperature, skin friction or shear stress of the fluid have been obtained. The effects of flow parameters of Jeffrey fluid, Grashof number, Hartmann number, Slip parameter, porosity parameter, radiation parameter and frequency of the oscillation are carried out. The result obtained shows that velocity and skin friction decreases with increasing Hartmann number. It was also observed that the velocity and skin friction increases with increasing in Darcy number. The results obtained for Jeffrey fluid parameters was computed for velocity and skin friction shows that the velocity increases with increasing Jeffrey fluid parameter and skin friction decreases with increasing Jeffrey fluid parameter.

      Suriany, Delyuzar, T. Ibnu Alferraly

Abstract: Background: Cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma (cSCC) is the malignant tumor derived from the keratinocytes of the epidermis. It is the second most common skin cancer in Indonesia. The infiltration of tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs) had been studied and related with the prognostic factor for many solid tumors. The research about TILs with Hematoxylin&Eosin staining for cSCC has not been studied until nowadays.

      Nsikan E. John, Okon S. Saviour & Uduak A. Essien

Abstract: This study explores public hospitals in Nigeria to investigate the relationship between supply chain management practices and operational efficiency- cost minimization, delivery quality and service availability. Survey design was adopted to delineate the study population, select participants, and design appropriate method of data collection and analysis.

      Yang Zhong Fei, Foong Chee Haur and S.M. Ferdous Azam

Abstract: Establishing a well-structured faculty is not only the focus of the construction of college faculty, but also the only way for the survival and development of universities. The core of the construction of faculty is the professional qualification structure and academic structure.This paper makes a statistical analysis of the changes in the professional qualification structure and academic structure of teachers in Guizhou University in the past three years, and finds out some problems in the construction of the schools teaching staff, and puts forward corresponding countermeasures.

      Phyo Phyo Htwe, Khaing Khaing Kyu, Khin Saw Oo

Abstract: In this paper, the Myanmar indigenous medicinal plant, Couroupita Guianensis Aubl. (Amyauk-San-Bin), was studied. The phytochemical constituents of C. Guianensis was investigated and the antimicrobial activities of n-hexane, dichloromethane, ethyl acetate, ethanol and methanol extracts of C. Guianensis was tested by Agar-well diffusion method on six selected organisms Bacillus subtilis, Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonos aeruginosa, Bacillus pumilus, Candida albican and E-coli.

      Toe Toe Hlaing

Abstract: This paper presents the implementation of PID controller in position control of dc servo motor. Due to its simplicity, robustness and successful practical application, PID (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) controllers have become most widely used controller in the industry. There are several different methods through which the PID controller can generate automatic control efficiently. In this paper, the tuning method used for the proposed position control model of dc servo motor is Ziegler-Nichols (ZN) tuning algorithm. Here, a computer based model (using MATLAB SIMULINK) is furnished for obtaining the output during the position control of dc servo motor. Nowadays, dc servo motors have become the workhorse of the industrial sector due to their easy means of construction and maintenance. Therefore, the performance of the machine needs to be specified using computer aided programs and the control strategy best suited here is PID.

      Fiaz Ahmed, Nazia Perveen

Abstract: Clustering is renowned data mining technique used in exploratory Data Analysis which is based on unsupervised learning. Many clustering algorithms have been developed so for, and are applied in variety of disciplines based on nature of problem .The selection of suitable algorithm is necessary for accuracy, nature and complexity of data and practical representation of results.In this paper, we present SPACE algorithm which stands for“Single Performance And Cluster Evaluator”. This paper also reviews the clustering algorithms and provides foundation to the data analyst to further explore the power of clustering. SPACE algorithm is novel technique which provides solid analysis and visualizes the results efficiently.

      Nur Azizah, Siti Maghfirotun Amin, Wiryanto

Abstract: The low level of problem solving abilities of students and the lack of learning activities that hone problem solving skills are one of education problems that must be overcome. This study aims to develop and examine the feasibility, practicality, and effectiveness of problem-based learning devices to improve problem solving skills of fifth grade students of elementary school.

      Snehashi Janapati

Abstract: Ischemic heart disease (IHD) is commonly known as coronary artery disease. Blood supply to the heart is reduced due to narrowing of blood vessels. It is mainly caused by blockage of the arteries as well as deposition of cholesterol .It can leads to reduced blood, oxygen supply and functional impairment of the heart tissue. The preventive measure of coronary artery disease such as healthy lifestyle to do regular screening test for cholesterol levels and other parameters related to the disease. The self instructional module is one of the teaching strategies which can be used for teaching the clients regarding anticipated risk of ischemic heart diseases with hyperlipidemia.

      Saba Quraishi, Dr. A. J. Khan

Abstract: An Internet Service Provider (ISP) is an organization that provides services for accessing, using or participating in the internet. Internet service providers may be organized in various forms, such as commercial, community-owned, non-profit, or otherwise privately owned. Routing of data packets can affect network Resources utilization. I have implemented a genetic algorithm to finds the set of optimal routes to send the traffic from source to destination.

      Fitrikalinda, Delyuzar, Jessy Chrestella

Abstract: Background: Liposarcoma is soft tissue malignancy with an incidence of 9.8% of all musculoskeletal sarcomas. However, the rare incidence causes little case publication or clinical clinicatology in these tumors, especially in Indonesia. Objective: To determine the characteristics of liposarcoma in the Anatomical Pathology Laboratory of the USU Medical Faculty and the H. Adam Malik General Hospital Medan in 2016-2018.

      Nguyen Dinh Nam, Kieu Binh Chinh

Abstract: The use of exercises to improve and enhance physical strength for students has been used relatively diversely, abundantly by teachers of universities and intermediate schools. However, the use may be infrequent, so the effectiveness of the exercises is not high, and their advantages have not fully developed. Therefore, the selection of thematic exercises has a very important meaning in improving the physical strength for students of the University of Fire (UOF) in particular and for the other universities and intermediate schools in general, such exercises will help students to improve their physical fitness as well as help them to comprehensively develop important qualities and capabilities such as the strength, endurance, flexibility, agility and coordination in various exercise activities in order to achieve the standard of physical training for healthy police soldiers

      Chandrama Goswami, Sanghamitra Hazarika

Abstract: Institutional credit is essential for economic development. It is considered as a pre condition for macroeconomic stability and monetary policy execution. It is also a key element of agricultural modernisation and increased crop production; it makes production possible even for those who do not possess their own funds for it. In India, along with institutional credit, a parallel system of non institutional credit delivery is highly prevalent in the rural areas. The interest rates are very high in this system.

      Khin Htay Win, Thidar Khaing, Yinn Kay Khaing

Abstract: Pastry is generally made by mixing flour and sugar together, which are excellent sources of carbohydrates and a sufficient amount of energy. Milk and eggs that containing in pastry products which are known to be some of the major sources of protein and minerals. In this research, three brands of pastry sample I, sample II and sample III locally known as Nan-Khatai were selected for nutritional analysis.

      Yinn Kay Khaing, Khin Htay Win, Thidar Khaing

Abstract: In this research work, the tube well water samples (1, 2, 3 and 4) were collected from Kanthayar Ward, Chanmyathazi Township, Mandalay on August, 2018 to determine the quality of groundwater. The physical and chemical properties of collected water samples such as color, pH, total dissolved solid (TDS), total hardness, total alkalinity, calcium, magnesium, sulphate and chloride were determined. Organic pollutant parameters such as DO (dissolved oxygen), BOD (biochemical oxygen demand) and COD (chemical oxygen demand) were also investigated. The content of heavy metals such as arsenic, lead and cadmium were determined by using atomic absorption spectrophotometer (AAS). The bacteriological examination of all water samples were investigated. The collected water samples from site 2 was treated by using rice-husk charcoal, sand and sponge as adsorbents. The physicochemical properties and heavy metals of tube well water sample before and after treatment were also determined. The present study provides information on the quality of tube well water from collected area in Mandalay Region.

      Thidar Khaing, Khin Htay Win, Yinn Kay Khaing

Abstract: The famous fruit, Citrus reticulata Blanco was selected for chemical analysis and collected from the Pyin Oo Lwin Township, Mandalay Region in Myanmar. The preliminary detection of phytochemical compounds present in the sample was carried out by standard procedures. The sample gave rise to positive results for alkaloid, flavonoid, glycoside, polyphenol, tannin, reducing sugar and terpene respectively. The antimicrobial activities of sample in various solvent systems were determined by agar well diffusion method on six selected microorganisms such as Bacillus subtilis, Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Bacillus pumilus, Candida albicans, and E. coli. The main objective of essential oil was extracted from the peel of Citrus reticulata Blanco by steam distillation method. The yield of essential was found to be 0.4960% based on the sample weight. Moreover, the extracted essential oil was analyzed by Gas Chromatography Mass (GC-MS)

      Md. Nazmul Ahasan, Md. Abdul Khalek and Md. Mesbahul Alam

Abstract: Modeling and forecasts of global oceanographic index has important implications for decision making. An effective management on climate anomalies impact depends on the performance towards better accuracy and forecasts. In this paper, an algorithm which makes use of wavelets together with a time series model, GARCH is implemented in order to improve the performance of forecasts in global climate data series. Multivariate ENSO index, MEI, for the period January, 1950 to February, 2018 is used to compare the GARCH model and a newly proposed tools with W-GARCH(1, 1) model. The goodness of performance is calculated via the Akaike information criterion, Schwarz criterion, Hannan-Quinn criterion and RMSE. The results showed that although both models fit the MEI data well, the forecast produced by the GARCH(1, 2) model underestimates the observed score while the newly proposed W-GARCH(1, 1) model generates a better accuracy of forecasts for the given data. Hence the proposed W-GARCH(1, 1) should be applied for forecasts in the fields reflected by MEI variability.

      Surono Parabang, Amin Setyo Leksono, Andi Tamsil , Soemarno

Abstract: Clean water used in daily activities in the household will mostly be wasted as waste, both gray water and black water. Waste water classified as black water is generally processed simply using septic tanks while used water is discharged directly into the drainage channel and then into the environmental media. Waste water should be managed before being discharged into environmental media. Waste water management can be carried out through reduction, processing and utilization or disposal. The method used in this study is to review the results of previous research by adding primary data to develop a strategy for managing household wastewater.

      Selvia Nendy Afriliana, Waspodo Tjipto Subroto, Nasution

Abstract: This study aims to describe the effect of information technology-based game media on critical thinking skill of fifth graders on social studies subject under the theme of the Indonesia’s struggle for independence. The research subjects were 26 fifth graders of SDN Lakarsantri III/474 Surabaya, 2018/2019. The research subjects were divided into 2 groups of control and experimental groups. Data collection was carried out through tests, observations, and validation of learning devices with information technology-based game media. Information technology -based game media significantly affected students critical thinking skill. This result is based on Normalized gain (N-gain) or Gain Score and t test. The results of the Gain score calculation for the experimental group indicated an increase in students critical thinking skills of 0.81 (High). T test analysis resulted in the Sig. (2-tailed) of 0,000 with a significant level of 0.05. in conclusion, information technology-based game media had a significant effect on students critical thinking ability.

      S T Nandasara, Yoshiki Mikami

Abstract: The international scope of computing, information interchange, and electronic publishing created a need for a worldwide character encoding scheme. In this paper, we examine some of the issues involved in the process of standardization of character codes primarily for the 8-bit machine and subsequently for the 16-bit code environments in the context of Sinhala language and scripts. We examined some of the major issues involved in machine representation of textual information in graphical and phonetic approach for Sinhala scripts. A comprehensive evaluation of some of the possible representation is also presented

      Tania Lozano Robaina, Bin Xu, María E. Castellanos González

Abstract: Hydrocarbon spills are events that cause a lot of impacts on fragile ecosystems, such as the marine environment, with fatal consequences, the short-term environmental impact can be serious and cause severe damage to the ecosystem and people who live in coastal areas, affecting their livelihoods, therefore, it is necessary to take measures to reduce, control or mitigate them, in order to recover the affected areas and generate preventive measures to prevent future spills. This document analyzes the environmental impact caused by the hydrocarbon spill in the Bay of Cienfuegos and proposes an environmental impact assessment to contribute to an adequate environmental management.

      Viki Wulandari, Gunarto Latama, Elmi Nurhaidah Zainuddin

Abstract: Marine biofouling causes a lot of damage to the shipbuilding and aquaculture industry because of the increasing maintenance costs. The purposes of this research are to measure the effectiveness of seaweed to inhibit bacterial biofilms and determine their inhibitory concentrations. In this study, we used Sargassum polycystum and Ulva reticulata from Punaga coast, Takalar South Sulawesi, extracted with methanol to determine the potential of the extract as

      Nurfitri Rahim, Elmi Nurhaidah Zainuddin, Sriwulan

Abstract: Tiger shrimp is one of Indonesias foreign export commodities. Tiger shrimp has decreased production due to various diseases. Ulva reticulata seaweed is known to have polysaccharide sulfate and secondary metabolites that can enhance immunity in shrimp. This study was conducted to analyze the potential of Ulva reticulata extract in increasing the immune response in tiger shrimp. The study design used a Completely Randomized Design (CRD) with 4 treatments with 3 replications. As a treatment, mixing Ulva reticulata extract on commercial feed with a dose of 0, 0.5, 1.0 and 1.5 g kg-1 feed for 14 days. The observation parameters consisted of hemocyte counts and phagocytic activity. The results showed the highest hemocytes and the highest phagocytic activity was shown in the treatment of 1.5 g kg-1 with total hemocytes of 3.0 x 105 cells/ml and the percentage of phagocytic activity was 77%.

      Htet Htet Yi, Ei Phyu Soe

Abstract: Like most radars, Doppler radar detects an object by sending out a series of pulses of electromagnetic radiation in the radio or microwave region of the spectrum. In this research, Doppler radar is used to find out the time period of a moving pendulum for different lengths, to measure the rotation rate in rpm, to determine the Doppler frequency of moving object and to know the less vibration measurement. This radar contains parabolic reflector and Monolithic Microwave ICs (MMICs) transceiver. Observation and measurements are taken from zelscope software. This software extracts the information of amplitude, time, frequency, FFT etc and this information can be used to device various configurations of the radar.

      Kone Penantcha, Wei Xie

Abstract: This paper treats the problem of switching controller design which includes several linear time-invariant (LTI) controllers-all of them capable of stabilizing a specific LTI plant-in such a way that the H~ control performance of the closed-loop system is guaranteed for any switching sequence. It is demonstrated that there is a possibility to find realizations for these controller transfer matrices so that the closed-loop system remains H~ control performance under arbitrary switching.

      Dr. S.I.Saddique, Dr. Rakesh A V, Dr Gitanjali Dutta

Abstract: INTRODUCTION- Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is a major cause of mortality & morbidity afflicting millions of people worldwide1 and in India2.The World Health Organization suggests traumatic brain injury (TBI) will be a leading cause of death and disability by 2020, with about 10 million people affected each

      Rohimatul Anwar, Anik Djuraidah, Aji Hamim Wigena

Abstract: Spatial regression is one of the statistical methods that has problems of spatial dependency and heteroskedasticity. Spatial autoregressive regression (SAR) concerns only to the dependence on lag. The estimation of SAR parameters containing heteroskedasticity using the maximum likelihood estimation (MLE) method gives biased and inconsistent. The alternative method is generalized method of moments (GMM). GMM uses a combination of linear and quadratic moment functions simultaneously, so that the computation is easier than that of MLE. This study is to develop SAR model with heteroskedasticity disturbances using the GMM. The model is evaluated based on residual variance and pseudo R2. Furthermore, this method is applied to the Java’s Gross Regional Domestic Product (GRDP) data on 2017. The results showed that the district minimum wage and local revenue were significantly influence to the Java’s GRDP data in 2017. This model provides pseudo R2 value of 75.3% which means it is good enough to illustrate the diversity of Java’s GRDP in 2017.

      Nanda Fadhli, Aji H. Wigena, Anik Djuraidah

Abstract: The statistical downscaling technique is used to predict rainfall using general circulation model (GCM) data. One important factor to improve prediction accuracy is selection of GCM grid resolution. The purpose of this study is to determine the best GCM grid resolution to predict rainfall. The data used was GCM data from CFSRv2 with grid resolutions of 0.312°"×" 0.312°; 0.5°"×" 0.5°; "2.5°×2.5°" and local rainfall data in West Java. The determination of best grid resolution began with determining the GCM domain in each rainfall observation station based on minimum correlation value of 0.3 between GCM data and local rainfall data. The domains were evaluated by LASSO regression based on the smallest RMSEP and the largest correlation. The results showed that the best grid resolution is "2.5°×2.5°" .

      Neha Minesh Kalangutkar alias Wader

Abstract: The paper aims at analysing the Lawrence and the role of gender and sexuality in his select novel Women in Love (1920). The novel is a piece of twentieth century work and is written at the backdrop of modernist movement and is categorised as a modernist text.

      Ranjna Jadon, Dinesh Sharma, Brijesh Sharma

Abstract: The present study was conducted with the aim to form an inclusion complex of a toxic carcinogenic mutagenic agent Ethidium-bromide (EtBr) with the host molecule β-cyclodextrin (β-CD). The spectroscopy study of this inclusion complex in absence and presence of β-CD was carried out by Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR). The binding constant and stoichiometry of the complexes were determined by Scott’s method. The inclusion complex of EtBr with β-CD was further confirmed by 2D 1H-1H NMR and further by molecular docking technique. The binding constant and stoichiometry ratio were found to be 301 M-1 and 1:1, respectively which indicate the successful formation of the inclusion complex between EtBr and β-CD.

      Chandra Widya Permana, S.T., Dr. Ravi Ahmad Salim

Abstract: In order to improve the implementation of good governance more empowered, managed to, clean and responsible, as well as in the framework of the realization of good Governance, the Government has issued various guidelines and rules that became the basis for the local government, either the province, district or city, to carry out monitoring and evaluation of development in the regions. To that end the existence of Monitoring and evaluation Systems Application Development become a necessity and a must for local governments to simplify and speed up the reporting process development activities. This research method using webqual 4.0 as the Foundation in the process of research and manufacture of the questionnaire. The purpose of this research is to find out whether there is influence of dimensions of webqual 4.0 to user satisfaction. The end result of this analysis is to provide recommendations for improvements to the developers to improve the quality of the system.

      KVD Edirisooriya

Abstract: Sri Lanka has 65,000 sq.km of land area with many areas prone to natural hazards. The last decades have witnessed the occurrence of an increased number of natural hazards in Sri Lanka. Due to the Climate changes and inappropriate land use changes have been increased natural hazards in Sri Lanka. It is important to study the assessment and management methodologies. The main objective of this study was identifying literatures about hazard assessment and management methodologies in Sri Lanka.

      Nita Nurmala, Yatim Riyanto, Rr. Nanik Setyowati

Abstract: This study aimed to improve students’ learning outcomes and activities in the Civic Class of Theme 7 Sub-theme 2 with Problem Based Learning model using Video in second semester of grade 5 Public Elementary School of Bulak Rukem I No: 258 Surabaya.This is a classroom action research carried out in 2 cycles consisting of preliminary study, planning, implementing, reflecting and revision.

      Suraya Mansur

Abstract: This research studies the influence of social media on the development of youth identity and self concept in State High Vocational School SMKN I Bayah, Lebak Banten more deeply. The consumption pattern of social media among adolescents will have effect on the adolescents themselves. In this research the expected effects are at the level of the attitudes effect on the development of identity and self-concept.

      Ms. Khin Saw Mu

Abstract: In this paper, the initial-value problems are studied and solved for homogeneous and non-homogeneous transport equations. Moreover, the fundamental solution and mean value theorem are used to derive Laplaces equation. Finally, general solution of one-dimensional wave equation is established to apply dAlemberts formula.

      Eswari Gopi and Aruna Narayanan

Abstract: Introduction: Adolescence is considered as a nutritionally critical period of life. Anemia is the most prevalent nutritional problem worldwide and it is mainly caused due to iron deficiency. India has the world’s highest prevalence of iron deficiency anemia among women, with 60 to 70 percent of the adolescent girls being anemic. Trianthema portulacastrum Linn is a herb used in ayurvedic medicine. Different parts of Trianthema portulacastrum Linn, are traditionally used as analgesic, stomachic, laxative, treatment of blood disease, anemia, inflammation, and night blindness. Objective: To assess the efficacy of “Saravallai dhal powder” (Trianthema portulacastrum linn) in improving the blood iron profile of anemic adolescent girls.


Abstract: Liver abscess is a pus-filled cyst in the liver. The liver is an organ in the digestive system that assists the digestive process and carries out many other essential functions. These functions include producing bile to help break down food into energy; creating essential substances, such as hormones; cleaning toxins from the blood, including those from medication, alcohol and drugs; and controlling fat storage and cholesterol production and release. Early diagnosis and early treatment process may reduce the complication of the disease condition.

      Trixie E. Cubillas and Razeliza P. Ventura

Abstract: The study aimed to determine the effectiveness of small group instruction as a reading intervention strategy to develop the reading performance of the Grade 6 pupils. It utilized the quasi-experimental design specifically, one group pre-test posttest design. The study used Revised Phil-IRI Group Screening Test as the baseline in determining the participants of the reading intervention which highlighted the use of small group instruction.

      Dr. Nia Rohayati, M.Pd, Dr. (c) Yogi Muhammad Rahman, SH., MH., Siti Khoiroh, S.Sos

Abstract: This study purpose to explain the problem of labor disability. Disability as a minority has not received a decent job, despite having the ability, expertise in their field, as well as being regulated by law. This causes disability groups to have a low welfare level. The efforts made by the government for providing assistance to them have not been able to make them improve their lives significantly. Therefore, they are needs to be assistance, and then implementation of work programs. The target of this study is blind people. This study is using a phenomenological approach, the author has attempted to form a mentoring and doing implementation of entrepreneurship for blind peaple. The result is 39.5% of members are able to have jobs.

      Janet W. Mesa, Douglas O. Onyancha, and Paul K. Sang Magut

Abstract: Footwear is the man-made outer covering of human foot. It is an assembly of top and bottom parts and each part is composed of various components. They are mainly produced from various materials such as textile fabric, leather and synthetics. Leather shoes contain an upper made of leather and the sole varies from leather, rubber, PVC, PU or other material. Various component plays a vital role in the quality and performance of the shoe and failure of one may affect the overall performance of the shoe.

      Siti Dina Safrianti, Harmanto, M. Jacky

Abstract: This study aims to analyze the differences in critical thinking skills of students who follow the group investigation learning model with direct learning models. This is done to find the influence of group investigation learning model on students critical thinking abilities. This study uses a quasi-experimental design. The study population was all students of class VII of SMP 13 Malang City 2018/2019 school year as many as 240 students. The research sample was students of class VII-H and VII-I (59 students).

      Nyo Nyo Win, San Yu Khaing, Yi Yi Htay, Nan Nwe San

Abstract: In the present work, the almond seeds (Terminalia cotappa L.) of nutritional, phytochemical content and antioxidant activity were investigated. The antioxidant activity of ethanol extract was evaluated using free radical scavenging, metal chelating, ferric reducing antioxidant power and reducing power assays. Secondary metabolites including alkaloids, saponins, flavanoids, reducing sugar and phenolic content were determined in the almond seeds. Nutritional properties including moisture, ash, carbohydrates, proteins and fats content and metal content in the seeds were also estimated. The antioxidant property of ethanol extract of almond seeds was found to be high results indicated almond seeds to be a good source of nutritional and antioxidant components and hold their potential for value addition and nutraceutical development.

      Arif Sobirin Wibowo, Harmanto, M. Jacky

Abstract: This research aims to describe of lyrics values Ebiet G Ade’s song with the title berita kepada kawan as a source of character education values. This research uses a qualitative approach using Levi-Strauss structural analysis and Paul Ricoeur hermeneutics to find the ceritheme and episodes in every lyrics Ebiet G Ade’s song titled berita kepada kawan and later will be used as a source of character education values. The results of the research show that there are several character values in the lyrics Ebiet G Ade’s song that value is the character value in relation to God; Religious. Character values in relation to yourself; Hard Work, Discipline, Responsibility, Independent; Curiosity. Character values in relation to others; Friendly/ Communicative. Character values in relation to the environment; Care for the Environment, Care for Social.

      Victor A. Umoh, Ph.D, Michael P. Nnamseh, Ph.D, Inemesit N. Ebito, Ph. D

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the performance of Microfinance Banks in Nigeria using Balanced Scorecard. The study used a mixed method by combining both historical data and primary data respectively sourced from published reports which covered the period 2013 -2017 as well as questionnaire used to obtain opinions of staff and customers of LAPO Microfinance Bank, a foremost microfinance bank in Nigeria. It was hypothesized that customer, internal business process, learning and growth and financial perspectives have no significant influence on the performance of microfinance banks in Nigeria.

      Perpetua N. Okorji (Ph.D), Fabian Epetuku

Abstract: The study investigated the relationship between principals adversity quotient and leadership styles in secondary schools in Delta State. Five research questions guided the study. Correlation research design was utilized for the study. The population of the study comprised 414 principals from 414 public secondary school in Delta State. The sample was made up of 290 principals from 414 secondary schools. The sample was composed through systematic sampling technique. Two instruments were used for data collection for the study.

      D.G.M.P.M Gamage and R.H.G.W.P.K. Henegedara

Abstract: The skill gap among the gradates is a common problem in Sri Lanka, where the skill levels of the graduates and the skill level perceived and required by the employers does not match when the graduates enter in to the corporate sector. Although this is a pertinent issue, in the extant body of literature investigations are lacking. This paper aims to investigate the factors affecting the employability of graduates in the Sri Lankan context. Particularly, investigates the factors from both graduate’s and employer’s perspectives.

      Yan Naung Soe, Khet Khet Khaing Oo

Abstract: The more developing the country, the higher the living standard of the people, and the denser the traffic will be. So, there are a lot of traffic congestions and the monitoring and control of city traffic is becoming a major in many countries. The idea of intelligent traffic system is that drivers will not spend time waiting for the traffic light to change.

      Khet Khet Khaing Oo, Yan Naung Soe

Abstract: Today, it is important that information is sent confidentially over the network without fear of hackers or unauthorized access to it. Cryptography was created as a technique for securing the secrecy of communication and many different methods have been developed to encrypt and decrypt data file in order to keep the message secret. Cryptanalysis on symmetric key cryptography is encouraging the use of larger key size and complex algorithm to achieve an unbreakable state. To implement this system AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) and CBC (Cipher Block Chaining) algorithms are used. Data transfer system can prevent from interruption, destruction reparation of eavesdroppers, hacker, and blockers and so on, and can make the data secure. The implementation is written in C# using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and Microsoft. Net Framework v3.5.

      Nafisatul Insiyah, Sarmini, Ali Haidar

Abstract: The approach used in this study is a qualitative approach. This study researcher used a case study research approach. With another meaning a case study is a research where researchers explore a certain phenomenon (case) in a time and activity and collect information in detail and in depth using various procedures for collecting data during a certain period. The research technique in this study used observation, interviews and documentation.

      Neji, Amba Peter, Agwupuye, John Akwagiobe

Abstract: This study was designed to evaluate the phytochemical screening, proximate composition, mineral content and anti nutritional constituents of cooked and raw African walnut (Tetracarpidium conophorum or Plukenetia conophora) seeds. The phytochemical screening of the seed reveals the presence of alkaloids, glycosides, steroids and polyphenols.

      Nila Lailatul Khoiro , Waspodo Tjipto Subroto, Muhammad Jacky

Abstract: This study aims to improve students critical thinking skills in fifth grade students through Edmodos Assisted Problem Based Learning model. The location of the study was at Lowokwaru Elementary School 2 Malang, with 34 subjects in the fifth grade-A. This study used Quasi Experiment with the design of one group pretest posttest design. This study was conducted in 2 meetings, by doing several stages, namely, developing a Learning Implementation Plan (RPP), Student Worksheet (LKS), and Critical Thinking Skills Test. Data collection techniques use the method of observation of teacher activities and student activities, tests, and student response questionnaires.

      Dr. Shalini Patel, Dr. Sunil Kumar Joshi

Abstract: Mutrakrichchhra is one of the commonest health problems in community practice and it is a broad term which covers all most all the conditions of urinary tract infection (UTI), that is described in modern medical science. The pratyatma lakshana of Mutrakrichchhra is “Dukhena mutra pravritti” means discomfort during micturition. UTI may be defined as a condition in which bacteria enter, persist and multiply within the urinary tract. Mutrakrichchhra is also found as a lakshana in other diseases like Ashmari, Mutraghata, Mutraja vriddhri, Arsha, and Gulma etc. Description of this disease is given in almost all-important texts that deliberate its commonness in ancient period.

      Dr Shabnum Ravees, Dr Abhishek Chowhan

Abstract: There is abundant research on different areas of Mental Retardation worldwide. The present study intends to assess the misinterpretation among the care–givers of Mentally Retarded patients in Jammu region of Jammu & Kashmir. One hundred fifty-two (152) caregivers who were actively involved in the care of Mentally Retarded patients and reported in psychiatry hospital Jammu for percentage of disability certification for financial/monitory purpose constituted the sample. Caregivers were assessed by a qualitative inquiry by asking the purpose for disability certification and in order to get important information about the MR patient.

      Bongani A. Nkala, Hlengiwe P. Mbongwa, Tozama Qwebani-Ogunleye

Abstract: Bacterial infections are one of the world’s most pressing public health problems. The major challenge in anti-bacterial treatment is the development of antibiotic resistant bacterial strains. This then reduces the number of drugs available for treating bacterial infections.

      Margareth Raisa Magdalena Hutabarat, Nelva Karmila Jusuf, Imam Budi Putra

Abstract: Noncicatricial alopecia (NCA) is hair loss without scar tissue formation. The mostly found NCA are androgenetic alopecia (AGA), alopecia areata (AA), and telogen effluvium (TE). These three NCA are difficult to distinguish clinically that additional examinations are needed to support the diagnosis.

      Mukunda Prakash Kshetree

Abstract: This research based paper has discussed the significance of cooperative learning approach guided by constructivist theory of learning mathematics. It has provided a model of implementing cooperative learning approach in classroom practices with required tools. As it used a quasi-experimental research design, it has compared the achievements of control and experimental groups of the students by statistical analysis of quantitative data. There was a higher achievement of the treatment-group compared to the control group demonstrating a significant effect of the cooperative learning approach on students’ performance. The results of delayed post-test demonstrated that the treatment applied to experimental group was found to have a longer period of retention memory than the control group. The qualitative analysis of interview data highlighted some problems faced by teachers to implement cooperative learning in the classroom. Some pedagogical and theoretical implications of findings have been discussed at the end.

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