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Analysis of Factors that Effect Firm Value of Consumer Goods Industry Listed on Indonesia Stock Exchange
      Jenny Rachel Soetjanto, Hakiman Thamrin

Abstract: This study aims to examine and analyze the influence of capital structure, liquidity, profitability, and activity ratio on firm value of consumer goods sector listed on Indonesia Stock Exchange. Research data is the annual data for the 2013-2017 observation period obtained from the companies annual report. The sampling method used was purposive sampling. From a population of 42 companies, 22 companies met the criteria to be the sample.

DOI: 10.29322/IJSRP.10.05.2020.p10102

The Impact of Chemical Reaction and Heat source on MHD Free Convection Flow over an Inclined Porous Surface
      Ekakitie Omamoke, Amos Emeka

Abstract: This study analyzes the chemical reaction and heat source effects on MHD free convection flow, of an incompressible fluid that is viscous over an inclined porous surface. With the application of the perturbation technique, the solution of a set of ordinary differential equations are gotten as a result of reducing the non-linear partial differential equations of motion, energy and diffusion, which are solved analytically for velocity, temperature and the concentration distribution. The effect of Chemical reaction and heat source on the velocity, temperature, concentration, skin friction, heat transfer and rate of mass flux distribution is plotted graphically and discussed.

      Daniel Munyoki Nduti and Dr.Elijah Onyango Standslause Odhiambo

Abstract: Smuggling is a global phenomenon which is quite complex due to its complex operations and the diverse commodities involved. The means by which commodities cross the border is the main issue that makes the cross border trade illegal. This illegal trade is common on the Kenya-Uganda Busia border town. This study examined cross-border smuggling of food commodities from Uganda influencing socio-economic status of households of Busia town, Kenya.

      Samuel Wabomba Nakhosi & Dr. Elijah Onyango Standslause Odhiambo

Abstract: Governance basically fosters effective and inclusive decision making process in all forms of authority. It ensures the legitimacy of citizens in determining their own ways of persuading the course of resource distribution and utilization to realize much anticipated upshots. Despite all the efforts guaranteed in the Constitution of Kenya, 2010 and other international conventions to offer women opportunities to govern, women’s role in decision making on governance is still low; meaning that women are still faced by challenges in decision making on governance.

      Navoday Borkar, Tanmay Chitnis

Abstract: T-junctions are widely used to facilitate the mixture of two fluids at different temperatures and in most cases, different velocity also. Temperature of the mixture at the outlet of the main pipe undoubtedly plays a significant role in all the industries where T-junctions are implemented as their main intention is to get reduced temperature of the fluid. This paper deals with the three main cases which are expected to rather have a significant impact on the outlet temperature viz. short tee, increased velocity ratio and long tee respectively.

      Emeh, Amara A, Anyanwu, Gladys O, Ibe, Ijeoma J, Emeh, Tochukwu C, Odaghara, Chijioke J and Nwaehiri, Uloma L

Abstract: A total of forty water samples collected between July and November, 2019 from five sampling points situated at distance of 0m, 10m, 50m, 100m downstream and 10m upstream (to reflect the ambient condition of the river prior to pollution with abattoir effluent) were used to ascertain the microbiological quality of the river. The mean bacterial counts ranged from 1.3 x 106 cfu/ml to 9.0 x 106 cfu/ml of total aerobic heterotrophic bacterial count, total fungal count ranged from 0.5 x 106 cfu/ml to 1.1 x 106 cfu/ml and the total coliform count ranged from 9 x 104 to 3.5 x 106 MPN/100ml.

      Meriam Caboral-Stevens, Tsu-Yin Wu, Anthony Moreno

Abstract: There is evidence in the literature that links interprofessional education and practice with better patient outcomes. However, the big driver in the implementation of IPE is the readiness of academic organizations to develop their curriculum around IPE. Similarly, student’s attitudes and perception of learning alongside another discipline were mixed. Our university ___ has yet it has not been fully embraced.

      Bayuh Abuhay Kibret, Ye Wu, Mengist Minale Tashu

Abstract: In this paper, we report a facile co-precipitation method to synthesize a low-cost iron impregnated activated carbon (Fe-CAC) for phosphate removal from aqueous solution. The result shows that Fe-CAC has high phosphate adsorption capacity than pristine activated carbon (CAC). Both Fe-CAC and CAC adsorbents reached equilibrium at 9 h with the maximum phosphate adsorption capacity of 216.6 and 173.2 mg/g P, respectively. The adsorption capacity of phosphate onto Fe-CAC was high in acidic solution (216.6 mg/g at pH = 4), while decreased in alkaline solution (168.9 mg/g at pH = 12).

      Le Quang Dung, Vi Thi Trung

Abstract: Academic writing is at the heart of teaching and learning in higher education. Students are assessed largely by what they write, and need to learn both general academic conventions as well as disciplinary writing requirements in order to be successful in higher education. However, statistics show that the quality of academic writing of university students does not meet the disciplinary requirements. This study explores the gap that exists in between the schools writing and writing at university.

      Oji Aleruchi Lenchi, Okafor Ngozi Anthonia

Abstract: Background: Diarrhoea causes death and morbidity in children under-five years of age. These deaths are preventable by prompt and appropriate home-based management administered by caregivers who are first responders in areas of symptoms recognition and decision to seek care. The effect of nurse-led intervention on knowledge of childhood diarrhoea among caregivers in Emohua LGA, Rivers state was assessed in this study.

      Nguyen Thi Lien-Diep, Luu Thi Thanh-Mai

Abstract: The study aims to identify the mediating role of travel intention and denote the theoretical intersection of Social networks, Sustainability Perception and Destination Decision to Vietnam in general. Sustainability perception of the development of tourist destinations is globally recognized, so Vietnam should not be an exception. The booming of Social networks from the internet, IoT, technology 4.0, and artificial intelligence have pushed businesses or fields wide-ranging changed both positively and negatively from communications, entertainment, marketing, sales and even to social lives.

      Usman, Umar Faruk, Alkali, Alhassan and Abbati, Mohammed Alhaji

Abstract: Water is one of the basic necessities for sustenance of life, and its impact nearly in all areas of life. With increasing population, there is an increasing demand for more water. This in turn results in increased abstraction and, hence a strain on groundwater resources. Given the widespread use of groundwater for domestic purposes in rural areas, maintaining groundwater quality is a critical livelihood intervention.

      Charles C. Sendyona

Abstract: This paper constructs a legitimate tax plan that could be used by a multinational technology company to minimize its corporate taxes. Multinational technology companies minimize their corporate taxes by using a number of strategies such as taking advantage of the loopholes in the tax codes where they earn cross border incomes, using intellectual property arrangements to locate subsidiary companies in low tax jurisdictions and using techniques such as “Double the Irish with a Double Dutch Sandwich”. Historically the international taxation of multinational companies has evolved over the last 100 years and organizations such as the G.8 and the OECD have worked tirelessly to harmonize the international taxation issues among nations.

      Aiswarya P S, Ashween Girish, Digil Biji George, Vipul Krishna M S, Ravishankar P, Balakrishnan M

Abstract: Pharmaceuticals is considered to be a vital field in health care industry. It plays a vital role treatment of any diseases. The application of robotics can revolutionize this field with its striking set of advantages as there is a vital role for robotics in the complex acts of research and development, production, and packaging. Robots posses traits like improved worker safety, improved quality, speeding up the drug discovery or delivery process.

      Sanjay Kumar Dwivedi, Gaurav Joshi, Nitesh Takarker, J.S. Rawat, Sarita Palni, Arvind Pandey

Abstract: Utilizing multi-worldly satellite symbolism, the present investigation represents spatio-temporal elements of Land use/cover of Haldwani Town of area Nainital, Uttarakhand, India. Landsat satellite symbolisms of two distinctive timespans, i.e., Landsat TM for 1990, Landsat 5 for both 2008 & 2010 and Landsat 8 for 2018 were procured and measured changes in the Haldwani town from 1990 to 2018 over a time of 28 years. Supervised Classification approach has been utilizing Maximum Likelihood Technique.

      Agrippa Chilanda

Abstract: The study investigated whether physics teaching methods curriculum content addressed poor performance of pupils in physics. It was conducted at a Teacher Education public University in Kitwe District. The purpose was to establish whether Physics trainee teachers were equipped with skills to teach physics effectively. A Cross-sectional survey design approach was used. Data was collected using Questionnaires and closed interviews from 67 physics students and 6 Lecturers. The findings showed that students inadequately practiced teaching using teaching methods learnt in lectures, hence, they had limited pedagogical skills, they were not demonstrated to on teaching using the teaching methods they learnt in lectures to enhance their understanding and that skills in preparation and setting-up laboratory experiments were inadequately imparted in the students.

      Wallace Kamau Kanyuira, Isaac Muitherero Kibuthu

Abstract: The research examined the impact of organizational culture on the performance of leadership with the purpose of creating awareness to church leadership and encourage deliberate and strategic shaping of organizational culture. The site was Outreach Hope Church (OHC), Kenya. The study used both qualitative and quantitative design methods for data collection and analysis. The sample size was thirty-three leaders comprised of six pastors, six elders, thirteen deacons and deaconesses and eight ushers.

      Omolumen, L.E., Okogun, G.R.A., Obodo, B.N., Iyevhobu, K.O., Idara, I.U., Ebaluegbeifoh, L.O., Unuane, P.O., Imodoye, S.O., Omisakin, I.A.

Abstract: Malnutrition remains a significant but intriguing consequence of HIV and TB infections. This study was set to evaluate the Nutritional Indices of Human Immuno Deficiency Virus and Tuberculosis positive pregnant Women. A total of four hundred (400) subjects were recruited for this study which comprised of 150 HIV positive pregnant women, 150 TB positive pregnant women and 100 apparently healthy women which served as the control. Whole blood samples (6mls) were collected using standard procedures and were distributed; 2ml into fluoride oxalate vacoutainer for glucose estimation and 4ml into plain tube for Biochemical tests.

      Cedric Gashugi, Prof. ZhangYongji

Abstract: Water scarcity is a problem that affects all developmental aspects, including agriculture, health, education, peace, and economic activities.

      Obini, N., Omietimi, E. J.

Abstract: The study area Eiyenkorin and its environs fall within the Precambrian Basement Complex of Southwestern Nigeria. This research was aimed at geological mapping and studying of the different rock units in the area to decipher their structural relationships and established their lithologic boundaries. Geological field mapping and identification of associated structural elements such as strikes of foliations and dips, azimuths of folds and joints and orientations of dykes were measured using a compass.

      Sunil Kumar, Dr. Ashok Kumar Mishra

Abstract: The potential for extensive application of Aluminium Metal Matrix Composites is very large in Globally, specially in the areas of transportation, energy & electromechanical machinery; the extensive use of composites can lead to large saving in materials & energy and in several instances, reduce environ metal pollution.

      Agnes Mercy Muthoni Wahome, Hellen Mberia, Geoffrey Sikolia

Abstract: This study sought to examine how the source of health message influenced attitude towards abortion among women aged between18 to 49 years in Nakuru County, Kenya. The study adopted a mixed method research approach, specifically using the convergent parallel designs. The target population of the study was women who had experiences an induced abortion in the age bracket of 18-45 years in Nakuru County.

      Adonis Fulgar Cerbito

Abstract: There have been a number of studies investigating how attitudes such as confidence and motivation affect students and their academic achievement. This study assessed the attitudes towards Mathematics and proficiency in Mathematics of Senior High School Students across different strands. The respondents of the study were 868 grade 11 senior high students of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), Pre-baccalaureate Maritime (Maritime), Accountancy, Business and Management (ABM), Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS), and Technical Vocation and Livelihood (TVL) strands. It aimed to ascertain the selected SHS students’ level of Mathematics proficiency and their attitudes towards Mathematics.


Abstract: The present study indicated the ability of isolated R3 strain in degrading high-strength phenol. Optimal conditions obtained in this experiment laid a solid foundation for further use of this microorganism in the treatment of phenol effluents. The growth and phenol biodegradation study was carried out in MSAM medium with phenol as the sole carbon source and energy. The strains were designated as R1, R2, R3, R4, R5 and R6. One of the strains namely R3 was found to be highly effective for the removal of phenol.

      Er. Sahil Takhi, Er. Monika Gosain, Mr. Virender Singh

Abstract: This research paper aims to describe how the blend of Kaizen System (KS) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) aid the Talent Acquisition (TA). Present scenario of the business, needs its recruiting strategies to be more persuasive, logical and pertinent, howbeit ensuring they magnify diversity. The increased competitiveness in the recruitment market, it is laborious to hire the good talent and this has led to organizations on developing their talent acquisition strategy

      Megawati Tambunan, Lidya Imelda Laksmi*, Joko S. Lukito, Betty, Jessy Chrestella

Abstract: Papillary thyroid carcinoma (PTC) is the most common type of thyroid cancer, covers 80% of all thyroid cancers and often occurs in women than in men, the frequency of women is 3 times higher than in men. Several studies have shown that estrogen and its receptors are involved in the development of various types of malignant tumors including breast cancer, prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer and thyroid cancer. Estrogen Receptor (ER) has been shown to increase PTC cell proliferation and cell line growth. Objective: To assess ERα immunohistochemistry expression in Papillary thyroid carcinoma.

      Wilfred Rotich Chacha, Shadrack Kipkoech Sitienei

Abstract: It is vital to understand the role and the relationship of various stakeholders in the process of policymaking as their input and the implementation of such policy largely depends on them. This paper sets to unearth the role and relationship of various stakeholders in health policies in Kenya. The paper was guided by the following objectives: to examine the role of stakeholders in health policies and to find out the importance of relationship among the stakeholders in the process of policies implementation. The research adopted a qualitative design approach to arrive at its logical conclusion.

      K.A.Karthick Raja, Dr.K.Murali

Abstract: Construction industry is the largest industry next to agriculture with huge resources. Construction projects refers to high stake endeavour employing several resources such as men, materials, equipments, etc acheiving predetermined performance objectives using management techniques. Resource management is one of the problems faced day to day in a construction project particularly labour management. In this project, labour are taken as resources in construction of gated community which includes twenty G+1 residential buildings. The details of plan and estimation of a project are prepared as per the building by laws. The estimation of various quantity and labour quantities was arrived based on CPWD standards and IS:7272 – 1974 respectively.

      Pooja Tripathi

Abstract: Journalists believe that the public’s right to know and need to shine a light on vice and corruption supercede all other considerations. But often the light they shine does not focus on vice or corruption, but on private people whose lives have been changed by a ‘newsworthy’ event and who find themselves put in a public spotlight by the news media, or on people in public life whose private lives are deemed to have a (negative) effect on their ability to do their jobs.

      M. D. K. L. Gunathilaka

Abstract: Much has been written both in global and local level on rice cultivation, rice production and associated problems, the impact of land-use changes, biodiversity in rice fields. Yet, an area that has received little attention in the Sri Lankan context, is the avifaunal species utilizing rice fields. As a consequence of rapid urbanization, the extent of rice fields is decreasing year by year.

      Dr Sabahat Afreen, Dr Aslaaf Shaikh

Abstract: Analyzing the pulse provides a frame work to a evaluate condition of matter both inside and outside of vessels. There are many factors both physiological and pathological that can bring about specific changes in various parameters of pulse.

      Dr. Mustapha Bintube

Abstract: The Social PEN structural theory of change is constructed on the very foundation of (Karl Poppers, 1959) deduction method of social scientific theorizing. The theory is derived from the reflection of properties of an Atom. It has been tested and proved to be sociologically stable and ontologically rooted for the explanation of change in human behaviour in the society through social PEN Structural analysis that is highly social PEN invisible, visible and PEN indivisible. The theory shows how to notice social PEN structures through sociological lens with contemporary examples on the context of Socio-economic and political fundamentals of our everyday lives. The social PEN structural dynamics take place in our offices, homes and in our cars.

      Nsoedo Onyekachukwu, Ojukwu Henry Sonna

Abstract: The study is based on examining the effect of employee remuneration on affective commitment in Private Universities in South East, Nigeria. Private Universities are oftentimes viewed as being inconsiderate when it comes to the issue that concerns their employees.

      Ms. Sonam Arora

Abstract: Societies everywhere are undergoing social transformation making it essential to bring in the new forms of education to foster competencies that economies need, today and tomorrow. Education is termed as “common good” by UNESCO and is regarded as the key to achieve sustainable development in a society as it is an investment in human capital.

      Md. Sirajul Islam, Sofiah Samsudin

Abstract: This article focuses on people with special needs in ancient societies. The main aim of this article is to examine people with special needs in ancient societies as a comparative study between few early philosophers and Islam in order to find out the real circumstance and situation of this group of people. It focuses on three different ancient societies Europe, Arab, and India. This systematic investigation meets with ruthless and brutal decision of few philosophers, invalid notion of people; inhuman customs and picture of harassment towards disabled people in abovementioned societies.

      Md. Sirajul Islam, Sofiah Samsudin

Abstract: This study focuses on Characteristics, Importance and Objectives (CIO) of research. The main aim of this article is to emphasize on research ethics. Knowledge in characteristics, importance and objectives of research motivate to be ethical in research. It is the utmost importance knowing these three basic subjects of research for researchers specially for novice researchers. These improve research mentality, academic attitude and way of thinking that enable researcher to choose research area, generate constructive potential research title. In addition, motivate to know what the problem is and cause of problem and how to solve the recognized valid problem. In fact, an outstanding unique contribution of a research depends on applying research ethics. A profound understanding the (CIO) of research reinforce research motive and enable to follow research ethics that is core requirement in each research activities.

      Kwasi Baah Gyamfi, Emmanuel Akweittey, Matilda Adusei Sarpong

Abstract: Galois theory is about the connection between groups, fields and their extensions. It is the interplay between polynomials, fields, and groups. Galois field is about fields and their extensions. It has got many useful applications in computing and some other areas of abstract algebra and it has also been used to produce many useful theorems.

      Satish Kumar Maurya, S.K. Patel, Vibha Singh, O.P. Pandey and R.P. Singh

Abstract: A field experiment was conducted during Kharif season of 2018 on research plot of Udai Pratap (Autonomous)College,Varanasi (U.P.)adjoining the Department of Agricultural Chemistry and Soil Science.The physicochemical properties of the experimental soil were ; pH (7.65), EC (0.26 dS m-1); organic carbon (0.58%), available nitrogen (258.5 kg ha-1), available phosphorus (12.6 kg ha-1), available potassium (165 kg ha-1),available sulphur (9.4 kg ha-1) and available (DTPA extract) zinc (2.17 ppm).

      Tafa Mosisa Ijara

Abstract: This study reviews previous studies conducted on the relationship between service quality and financial performance in banking industry. Accordingly 40 studies were selected from several journals and websites using convenient selection method. The selected studies were coded, summarized and analyzed using descriptive statistics.

      Samuel Chingaipe Mbewe, Adrian Habanyama

Abstract: The major research purpose of this study is to present the relevance of using edutainment approaches such as Computer Simulation and Poetry (CSP) to teach thermal physics to the learners. The use of edutainment as the teaching approach attract learner’s attention more and increases learner’s excitement and enthusiasm. The study was conducted in Chipangali District, Eastern Province of Zambia.

      Chukwu, E. D, Udoh, B. T, Okoli, N. H Nnabuihe, E. C

Abstract: The study was carried out to evaluate the activities of soil microorganism influenced by oil palm cultivation in a coastal plain sands area of Akwa Ibom State Nigeria. Four locations were identified, namely: oil palm plantations or block of 57 years (B-57), 39 years (B-39), 17 years (B-17) and a no oil palm block (B-0). Three representative profile pits were sunk in each location and soil samples were collected for laboratory analyses in the wet and dry seasons. The result showed that oil palm slightly increased the bacterial density as well as the respiration rate of the soil of the study area. The trend was as follows: B-39> B-17> B-0> B-57. Bacterial density was significantly (P>0.05) higher in the wet season than in the dry season in three of the locations. Microbial activities increased with the age of oil palm up to 39 years, then decreases as the palm ages.

      Dr Diljeet Bodra, Dr Yuvraj Lahre, Dr Punam K Munda

Abstract: Background and objectives :Japanese Encephalitis is a mosquito borne disease and leading cause viral encephalitis in India. In INDIA, the states which has high number of cases are UTTAR PRADHESH > ASSAM > BIHAR > KARNATAKA...etc. It usually affect the low socio-economic people and rural areas. We present the Renal Function Test, Liver Function Test , Ecg Changes and Their prognostic Outcome in the patient of Japanese Encephalitis In Jharkhand.

      Trailokya Borkakati

Abstract: The various calendric and seasonal festivals celebrated by the Tiwas Middle Assam are a shared sequence of experience, civic as well as religious and emotional interaction. Games, Dance and Feast that reveal public expression of community satisfaction and good will, ingrain both historical as well as geographical tradition.

      Trisha Paul, Chaitali Bhattacharyya, Payosmi Sen, Riya Prasad, Suraj Shaw, Susmita Das

Abstract: Human beings are capable of expressing thousands of emotions. The complexity, intensity and involvement with that emotion also vary with the situation. Various mood disorders can be recognized by the differentiated characteristics and features. The process of analyzing human emotional state is known as emotion recognition. In this paper the main focus is on analyzing a humans emotional states in a particular period of time. So, a dimmed tendency of different psychological states are observed over a short span of time in a wide range of age groups.

      Ouma, R.O, Mugalavai, V.K & Onkware, A. O

Abstract: Post-harvest and agro-processing losses in the rural farming communities in Kenya is a major challenge because of the level of knowledge, skills and technologies used by majority of these farmers in many parts of the country. The aim of the survey was to analyze the utilization of post-harvest and agro-processing technologies through market analysis of the existing technologies. The market survey was carried out in Elgeyo Marakwet and Uasin Gishu counties whereby the focus was Iten town and Eldoret town which form the major urban centers of the counties where farmers buy post-harvest and agro processing technologies.

      Omoregbe, O.A, Oloyede, D.A, Ekuerugbe, L.O, and Nkim, A.G

Abstract: Geochemical characterization of the Epe lagoon sediments was carried out in order to determine their depositional environment, provenance and weathering history. A total of Nineteen (19) samples were obtained from the upper 2-3m of the lagoon base and analyzed for Elemental composition using the Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry (AAS) method.

      HMTP Herath, JEMSS Jayarathna

Abstract: Studies around the world have found that gender based violence is most common where gender roles are rigidly defined and enforced. Evidence also suggests that justifications for violence frequently evolve from gender norms. Based on this, this study was aimed to identify the perceptions on gender norms and gender based violence among women in a rural community in Sri Lanka.A cross sectional study was conducted by recruiting seventy four women and a same number of families, randomly.

      Alice Namiti, Dr. Collins Oduor Ondiek

Abstract: This study sought to establish the adoption of Biometric System to Manage Teachers Absenteeism for Improvement of Teachers Performance: A Case Study for Karuri High School in Kiambu County. The specific objectives of the study were: To determine the current methods used in schools in monitoring teacher’s absenteeism, investigate the challenges faced in the use of the traditional methods. To determine the benefits of using biometric system to manage teacher’s absenteeism in schools, determine factors affecting schools from using biometric systems and develop and validate an adoption framework for biometric system.

      Dr. Ankit Agarwal, Shelley Saxena

Abstract: Introduction: Fundus examination is the first and foremost step in the diagnosis of vision conditions like diabetic retinopathy, cataract, corneal opacity and vitreous infection. But the fundus examination requires considerable experience and is subject to human errors. Artificial intelligence (AI) based analysis of fundus images of retina can be an answer to this problem. AI can be used even in the remotest areas where expert ophthalmologists are not available. Sevamob provides artificial intelligence enabled healthcare platform to organizations.

      Kurnia Retno Safitri, Budi Jatmiko, Elok Sudibyo

Abstract: This research aims to describe effectiveness of Investigation Based Multi Representation (IBMR) model learning device with contextual approach to improve student problem solving skill in State High School 18 Surabaya in material of Newton’s Law. The learning device is being developed using 4D design with one group pre-test post-test research design. The research data is obtained from result of pre-test and post-test of problem-solving skill, student activities during learning, and student responses after learning. Result of problem-solving skill is then being analyzed using n-gain test and paired t-test. Result of research shows that IBMR learning with contextual approach is effective to improve student problem-solving skill with medium category which is supported by student activities during learning that shows a very good result and student responses after learning is very positive.

      John Muturi Mwangi, Morris Irungu Kariuki & Peter Githae Muturi

Abstract: Despite the fact that State Corporations have been established internationally to support Governments efforts, their performance continue to be a major concern in most countries. Research has shown that strategic planning is one of the tools that organizations can employ to enhance their performance. The need to link strategic planning with performance has become crucial for organizations seeking superior performance. However, there has been no rich literature linking the two.

      Dawit Tesfai, Zhang Jing

Abstract: Eritrea is among the most vulnerable group of countries to the adverse effects of climate change, mainly because of its low adaptive capacity and its semi-arid and arid climate conditions. To assess the climate change impact and associated vulnerability for the Debri and Liban communities in the Logo Anseba district of Eritrea a comparative analysis of livelihood vulnerability index (LVI) was computed.

      Muhammad Ishaq, Kainat Ismail, Nadeem Ahmad, Ali Raza Ayub, Amna Iqbal, Farhan Ashraf, Saqib Shafiq, Muhammad Adnan, Muhammad Aqib Mukhtar, Ghulam Haider, Muhammad Umar, Mudassar Khadim

Abstract: Nanosciences and biotechnology are nm scale investigation of incredibly small things. Specific and mixed-age Tribolium castaneum and Trogoderma granarium have been reported from the Faisalabad commodity market. The population had been acclimatized to the laboratory for each of the two insects. Pupa of the same age was collected during insect rearing and in separate plastic jars for adult emergence (2 weeks) to raise the homogenous population. Biosynthesis of titanium-particles was performed according to the normal protocol after the extraction of plant materials.

      Ayesha Tariq, M. Rizwan, Muhammad Kamran Rafique, Syed Naeem Sajid, Zarmeen Fatima, Ummul Buneen, Imtiaz Hussain, Hamza Akram, Sidra Ray & Haseeb Haroon

Abstract: Cotton leaf curl disease caused by the Cotton Leaf Curl Gemini Virus (CLCuV) is limited to Asia and Africa. This study was conducted in green house to check the role of antioxidant enzymes under diseased conditions. Four cotton cultivars (Gossypium hirsutum) were planted with two replications to check the expression in healthy and disease infected plants.

      Dr Uma Shankar, Dr Avinav Sarmaik, Dr Reena Kumari

Abstract: Dermoid cyst, Epidermoid cyst and Teratoid cyst are congenital lesions which are histologically related and frequently found in ovaries and scrotal region. The rate of occurrence in craniofacial region is quite low. It is very rare to encounter a true dermoid cyst in postauricular region. A case of unusual presentation of peripheral dermoid cyst in postauricular region is reported here with discussion regarding clinicopathological features and types. Emphasis is on early diagnosis, evaluation and complete excision keeping in mind associated complications and carcinomatous transformation.

      Dr Uma Shankar, Dr Avinav Sarmaik, Dr Reena Kumari

Abstract: Dermoid cyst, Epidermoid cyst and Teratoid cyst are congenital lesions which are histologically related and frequently found in ovaries and scrotal region.

      Emmanuel Agyei, Bernard Wiafe Akaadom, Bright Kwaku Manu

Abstract: The emergence of technology has impacted several disciplines of human life. The overall objective of the study was to explore the extent to which Bachelor of Education (Mathematics) students of the University of Cape Coast (UCC) are exposed to the utilization of technology tools in their programme of study. A descriptive survey design was adopted for the study. The population considered was all Bachelor of Education (Mathematics) students at the University of Cape Coast. A total of 120 students were carefully selected for the study using purposive sampling. The main instrument used in collecting data was a questionnaire. The key findings of the study established that, although mathematics education students have a positive perception of the usage of technology, the students have very little exposure to technology in their learning programme. With reference to the finding, it was suggested that the institution should inculcate technology in mathematics education by making ICT a minor course for the Bachelor of Education (Mathematics) programme.


Abstract: The informal economy is characterized by low productivity and does not promote diversification into higher productivity sectors. Its weight in the economy and employment in low-income countries, particularly on the African continent, makes it a priority for the international community in terms of development. Indeed, the results of the 2005 NSI Employment and Informal Sector Survey (EESI) describe a situation of widespread underemployment and computerization of 75.8 per cent and 90.4 per cent respectively.

      Joy Rachael A. Otolo

Abstract: Violence makes women become vulnerable and exposes them to many risks that are life threatening. The problem here is that in spite of these risks women stay in violent households. Descriptive survey research design was used to collect data through questionnaires. Data was analyzed using qualitative research methods that included descriptive statistics. Purposive sampling was used to select eight women who were staying in violent households

      Sireerat Charuchinda and Kawee Srikulkit , Patcha Utiswannakul, Atthaphon Ponglawhapun and Siwaree Arunyanart

Abstract: In this study, turmaric powder was ball milled in the presence of dispersing agent in order to obtain dispersedly extracted curcumin. After that the dispersed curcumin was employed as dyestuff for cotton and polyester fabrics using exhaustion method. Fabrics were dyed at 2, 4, 6 and 8, 10 % o.w.f. Dyeing results showed that in case of polyester color strength (K/S value) increased with an increase in absorbed dye until reaching saturation point at 8% o.w.f where high K/S value of 21 was achievable.

      Mills, Bamidele Roseline, Mene, Charity Taripanyeofori

Abstract: This paper examines conflict and its management in an organization. The approach adopted is theoretical as it assesses based on extant literature. Functional and dysfunctional conflicts were examined as well as five styles or techniques of conflict management. The generality of view and theory that supports conflict indicates that the style to be adopted depends largely on the situation. The paper concludes that conflict is inevitable in all aspect of life especially in an organization. It recommends employees awareness in accepting and appreciating the differences in perceptions and behaviour of individual within organization, in order to foster cordial relationship between individuals, groups and the organization for attainment of goals and objectives.

      Yan Myo Naing

Abstract: Growth and yield models were developed in this study, especially for teak plantations in Taungoo District, Bago Region of Myanmar. The resultant growth and yield models predict current volume (cubic meter per hectare), instantaneous volume growth rate (cubic meter per year per hectare), instantaneous basal area growth rate (square meter per year per hectare), future basal area (square meter per hectare), and future volume (cubic meter per hectare).

      Leslie Tabitha Amere, Olukoya Adesola A., Maitanmi Julius Olatade, Danlami Leslie T., Okwuipo Magret I., and Dalyop Kaneng Mary

Abstract: Diabetes mellitus is one of the most common clinical conditions seen by health workers in their daily practice. They are constantly confronted with the burden of caring for poorly controlled and poorly adherent patients presenting with preventable debilitating, disabling and mutilating complications. Lifestyle modifications have been proven to contribute to the prevention and delay of complications. This study assessed the level of knowledge, attitudes and practices regarding lifestyle modifications among type 2 diabetes mellitus patients attending diabetic clinic at General hospital, Gbagada, Lagos State.

      Joseph Masita Marigwa & Dr. Elijah Onyango Standslause Odhiambo

Abstract: Although the forty seven counties in Kenya carry the promise of a more equitable model of development, through which effective service delivery and local governance is to be attained, the general public feeling and consensus is that their performance in terms of service provision is dismal. As a result this study sought to review the effects of socio-economic behaviour on service delivery in Nyamira County, in the last three years. The specific objectives were; to identify the effects of role overlap between county and national government staff on service delivery.

      HMDN Somathilake

Abstract: Stock markets can be considered as the place where stocks are exchanged. Most of the investors prefer to invest their money in stock markets. The purpose of current study is to examine factors influencing individual investment decisions in Colombo Stock Exchange. Accounting information, neutral information and advocate recommendation were identified as independent variables and Dependent variable is the individual investment decisions in Colombo Stock Exchange

      Oloyede, D.A and Omoregbe, O.A

Abstract: Palynological analysis was carried on ditch cutting samples obtained from well ‘LW’ (6,730 - 8,990 ft.) located within the Greater Ughelli Depobelt of the Niger Delta Basin. Lithostratigraphic study revealed four main lithofacies (sandy shale, shale, siltstone and sand). Three informal palynological zones were established on the basis of First and Last downhole occurrences of palynomorph marker species. The paleoenvironment of deposition was inferred to be marginal marine with frequent freshwater incursion, while the age was also inferred to be early Miocene.

      Dr Ambreen Qureshi, Dr Shagufta Rather, Dr Ufaque Muzaffar, Dr Ulfat Shah

Abstract: The aim of maternity care is the birth of a healthy baby to a healthy mother. Despite all efforts birth asphyxia occurs in 2 per 1000 births in developed countries and is almost 10 times higher in developing countries.1 In order to assess the fetal wellbeing, several antepartum surveillance tests have been devised. The most commonly used surveillance method is Cardiotocography (CTG). This prospective observational study was conducted in the Post graduate department of Gynecology and Obstetrics of GMC Srinagar associated Lalla Ded Hospital over a period of one and a half year from December 2017 to August 2019. Two hundred and fifty one primigravidae with low risk pregnancies at term in early labour were subjected to admission CTG.

      Dr Ankuran Dutta

Abstract: Indian higher education can boast of being one of the torch bearers among many developing nations for its rich plethora of dynamic content. Due to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, in all the higher educational institutions, which includes universities, standalone institutes, and colleges, a total of about 10 million academic hours are compromised, which will be rather difficult to compensate. The University Grants Commission through its advisory instructed all the institutes to continue classes in online mode as per feasibility and engage ICT tools available for use in academic discourse.

      Ashutosh Gupta

Abstract: The paper presents an axiomatic model of Universe. It suggests the minimum elements required to create the Universe and this model forms the necessary and sufficient condition for a Universe to exist. The Universe is perceived and viewed from the outside and its properties based on the model is enumerated. In this model one of the important element is an observer. This model takes care of both physical and metaphysical aspects of reality.

      Toroitich Caroline, Mugalavai Violet, & Ochuodho Julius

Abstract: Despite the importance of the agriculture sector to the economy, limited access to agricultural extension information has resulted in poor decisions on agricultural production and related activities thus, affecting achievement of food security. This study through a survey of 397 households sought to examine how availability, access and utilization of agricultural extension services affect smallholder farming household’s food security in Uasin Gishu County, Kenya. Data was collected using questionnaires and interview schedules and analysed using descriptive and inferential statistics.

      Dr, Babalola Yemisi T, Dr. Owopetu Christiana A, Dr. Sowunmi Christiana O

Abstract: Human immune-deficiency virus infection continues to ravage human lives globally. Women, continue to experience higher new infection rate, morbidity, mortality and their quality of life (QoL) is adversely in various dimensions for which they need adequate information behaviour. This study investigated the influence of information behaviour on the quality of life of women living with HIV and receiving HAART. Data was collected from three study centers, using a self- developed questionnaire with a reliability index of 0.85.

      Ehode Elah Raoul, Makoudem Tene Marienne

Abstract: The objective of this study was to analyse the level of development and the level of organization of e-commerce as a new activity in Cameroon. In Cameroon, e-commerce is still nascent. In order to develop this sector and avoid the abuses, the state has put in place in 2010 a law and in 2011 a decree regulating the activity. The digital development seems to impose a market that was non-existent. The country, with regard to the observed flows, binds itself little by little in this form of exchange.

      Dr. Catherine M. Abou-Zaid EdD. MSc, Ms. Dana Al Mamood

Abstract: Background: The significance of improving clinical handover in relation to patient care has been acknowledged in the literature. It is important in terms of preventing medical errors and reducing patient harm. A systemic review was performed and the outcome has prompted the researcher to propose a study within the Mohamed Bin Khalifa Bin Salman Al Khalifa Cardiac Centre (MKCC).

      Chrine C. Hapompwe, Crispin Kukano & Jacqueline Siwale

Abstract: The main purpose of this study was to explore the eminent 2020 negative impact of COVID-19 on grades 7, 9 and 12 learners’ national examinations results following the pre-mature closure of all schools on 20th March 2020 by government of the Republic of Zambia. The study was exploratory incorporating a qualitative paradigm and involved semi-structured key informant interviews of 3 district, provincial and MoGE HQ education officials; 4 primary and secondary school head teachers; 4 members of the parents and teachers’ association, in Lusaka via telephone calls; 6 examination candidates; observation and monitoring of the Edu.tv lesson programme by MoGE, desk reviews and expert analysis. Random and purposive sampling were the criteria involved to ensure sample representativeness and therefore validity, reliability and generalizability of findings.

      Crispin Kukano, Chrine C. Hapompwe and Dennis Chonya Silavwe

Abstract: The aim of the study focused on the implementation of curriculum change in teacher education in Zambia. The question underpinning this study was as follows: To what extent has the newly revised and implemented curriculum in colleges of education served the intended purpose? Questionnaires and interviews were used as data collection methods using mixed methods. Participants were selected using purposive sampling. Findings revealed that although curriculum change was a necessity, it needed not to be rushed owing to the process complexity and the fact that it needed adequate involvement of all critical stakeholders.

      Chrine, C. Hapompwe, Oscar Correia, Bupe Getrude-Mwanza

Abstract: The purpose was to investigate the sustainability of the Universal Free Primary Education Policy (UFPE) implemented in 2002 by the government of the Republic of Zambia through the Ministry of General Education in the wake of declining education financing to the sector. The study employed a triangulation incorporating a causal-analytical paradigm targeting 90 public primary schools in Lusaka district, Zambia with over 180,000 pupils and about 5,220 teachers as population (N).

      Rishabh Sancheti, Sambhav Sancheti

Abstract: A massive decrease in oil prices due to the COVID-19 pandemic has led to negative future contracts and with oil tankers and ships being filled up, the economy has taken a big hit due to a significant decrease in demand. Negative oil prices have both decreased economic growth and thus the Gross Domestic Product of the United States. We see that the aggregate supply has increase with the aggregate demand decreasing leading to oversupply of oil. We further evaluate that the recovery will be U-shaped due to short-term difficulties, however in the long term remain positive that the prices will stabilize.

      Nu Yin Kyaw

Abstract: This paper investigates the importance of E-commerce’s next generation so called M-commerce in Myanmar business space. In E-commerce, we can buy and sell goods and service online by the computer and laptop. But in M-commerce, the user not only use mobile for chatting ,sending SMS, downloading songs and videos but also use for other ways like sale, purchase and do many more other activities like get traveling information online, online booking etc. M-commerce technology is based on wireless application protocol (WAP).

      Lucia Tannya Diandra, Dadan Rahadian

Abstract: This study aimed at analyzing the effect of the ratio of bank financial performances and macroeconomics to the distribution of MSME Loans by state-owned banks in Indonesia for the 2015-2019 period by using variables LDR, CAR, and ROA, BI7DRR and inflation. The sample of the study consisted of four Indonesian state-owned banks, namely BRI, BNI, BTN, and Mandiri, which were selected according to the criteria for purposive sampling. The data were obtained from quarterly financial reports of each bank in the official website of each state-owned bank.

      Hellen Namawejje, Katamba Geofrey

Abstract: Uganda still has the lowest insurance penetration rate compared to its neighboring countries Kenya, Rwanda, and Tanzania in the East African region. This paper forecasts life insurance premiums and insurance penetration rates using the ARIMA model on annual data from 2000 to 2018. ARIMA (0, 1, 0) is the optimal model used with the least Akaike information criteria derived from Auto. Arima function in r. The forecast for life insurance premiums and the insurance penetration rate is done for 10 years (2019 to 2028).

      Sujeethasai K

Abstract: Kabasura decoction is a poly herbal medicine used in the treatment of Kabasuram in Siddha Medicine. Zingiber officinale, Piper longum, Syzygium aromaticum, Tragia involucrate, Anacyclus pyrethrum, Hygrophila auriculata, Terminalia chebula, Adatoda vasica, Coleus amboinicus, Saussurea lappa, Tinospora cordifolia, Clerodendrum serratum, Andrographis paniculata, Sida acuta and Cyperus rotundus are the ingredients of Kabasura decoction. The clinical features of COVID-19 can be correlated with Kabasuram in Siddha Medicine.

      Kartashova Natalya Sergeevna, Shakhmurova Gulnara Abdullaeyvna, Halitova Roza Alimovna

Abstract: The article reveals the possibilities of case - technology in teaching the discipline "Methods of teaching biology." Being an interactive method of teaching, it provides the development of theoretical positions in specific pedagogical situations, approximates the theoretical study of the material to the realities of the educational space, allows us to consider various options for the development of pedagogical situations.

      Gutu Birhanu Oliy

Abstract: Perishable agricultural product require great attention to sustain their supply on the market. For the lack of appropriate handling and storage, significant amount of product goes waste before it reaches market and consumption. During the peak production season, farmers are forced to sell the products at extremely low prices particularly for tomato because of lack of appropriate storage structure. Therefore losses can also be minimized by storing them at low temperature and high relative humidity environment.

      Manoj Kr. Bhusal

Abstract: As the COVID-19 pandemic propagates throughout the world, speculations have begun of the post-pandemic world. In this article, I argue that the world after COVID-19 will be a different and difficult one, with unprecedented economic hardships and rampant social anxieties becoming the new normal. However, the pandemic also offers a chance to reflect and to revise our course, and to come up with an alternative that will be just and fair for the many. I begin the article by offering an assessment of COVID-19’s impact on global power structures and move on to elaborate its possible implications on political processes, particularly on the instruments of democracy and the rule of law.

      Zira, S. P, Bwatanglang, I. B and Tukur, S

Abstract: In this study, the levels of organochlorine (dichlorodiphenyl dichloroethylene (p,p-DDE), 4,4’-dichlorodiphenyldichloroethan (p,p’DDD), 2,4’dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (p,p’-DDT), alpha-BHC, beta-BHC, delta-BHC, lindane, heptachlor, heptachlor-epoxide, endosulfan I, endosulfan II, PF-38) pesticide residues were investigated in selected agricultural crops (cabbage, tomato, garden egg, guava, sweet potato and soya bean) produced in Upper Yedzaram Basin, Adamawa State, Nigeria.

      Agnes Mercy Muthoni Wahome, Prof. Hellen Mberia, Dr. Geoffrey Sikolia

Abstract: This study sought to examine the role of social interpersonal communication in influencing one’s subjective norm and subsequently, decision making on abortion among Kenyan women. The study population was women aged between 18-49 years seeking post abortion care at various health facilities in Nakuru County.

      Senadheera Pathirannahalage Gayan Madushanka Abeyrathna

Abstract: This study attempts to investigate factors affecting to personal financial management behaviours of government employees in Sri Lanka by examining the relationship among the factors including Financial attitude, Financial knowledge, Locus of control and Personal financial management behaviours.

      A.H.M.T.C Bakmeedeniya

Abstract: Sleep is known as a primary function and one of the most essential state of human brain which plays a vital role in both health and mental in individuals lives. Sleep stage classification has become an important factor in terms of sleep disease diagnosing and treatment. Brain Computer Interface (BCI) is a computer based analysis of brain signal which records as ElectroEncephaloGraphy (EEG) signals by using electrodes placed on the scalp. BCI has become a popular technology lately and sleep stage classification using this has become a research area over the last two decades. Statistical analysis was the base for all the difference classification techniques but with the evolution of machine learning, scientists and researchers has moved to machine learning sleep stage classification differencing feature selection and classification algorithms. Also different domain such as time domain, frequency domain and etc… were come across various studies.

      Tamilarasu A/L Rajendran, Dr.Parilah Mohd Shah

Abstract: The conventional learning method is not engaging and motivating, which renders technologys aid to fulfill the objective of a lesson in the classroom. The assistance that we are looking for this has to be engaging and motivating, which leads to one common trend which captivates the attention of pupils, which are games.

      Krishna Khobragade

Abstract: Mineral is very important for any country to progress and their economic wealth therefore many mines developed, open and underground both but on an other hand it is affected our environment directly and indirectly both. Due to adaptation of heavy machinery with increased production of overburden thus provocative the existing environmental challenges.

      Omisope Sunday J., Dr. Ajibade Ayodeji T.

Abstract: This study examine the effect of financial reforms on financial performance through interest rate with the proxy of deposit and lending interest rate and returns on asset for financial performance in Nigeria and Ghana. The principal objective of the study is to determined the effect of interest rate on commercial banks financial performance in Nigeria and Ghana.

      Mahalle S.P., D. B. Lad and S. R. Karad

Abstract: The experimental material comprised 50 diverse genotypes of finger millet (Eleusine coracana L. Gaertn.). The present investigation was carried out to study the genetic divergence among 50 finger millet genotypes for thirteen quantitative characters using Mahalanobis D2 statistics during kharif, 2018 at Botany Farm, College of Agriculture, Pune Maharashtra (India). D2 statistics indicated that the genotypes studied were genetically diverse.

      Saba W. Kareem, Prof. Arafat Hussain Aldujali

Abstract: This work incurs assess the coping strategies among patients with asthma and to find out the relationship between coping strategies among patients with asthma and demographical data.

      Dr. Wajid Ali Anwar, Dr. Samreen Sadaf, Dr Mohammed Faiz Ahmed Adil

Abstract: Wound Dehiscence (Acute Wound Failure or Burst Abdomen) is one of the dreaded complications of abdominal surgery. The incidence of wound dehiscence is higher in contaminated and dirty abdominal wounds. Retention sutures have often been employed in the treatment of acute burst abdomen, but their role as a prophylaxis of acute wound failure is controversial. The main aim of the study was to explore the prophylactic role of retention sutures in contaminated and dirty abdominal wounds in patients without additional risk factors. Of the 97 patients selected, 31 patients had prophylactic retention sutures.

      Nicholas Muasa Musau, Isaac Muitherero Kibuthu, Rahab N. Nyaga

Abstract: The issue of giving in the church has been approached with a lot of skepticism. Most churches experience difficulties in the way they have to teach their congregants on the importance of giving. More often than not, it is wondered why some people give while others do not, yet they go through the same kind of spiritual teachings. This study was undertaken with a purpose of examining the influence of church governance on the level of giving.

      Kshitij Dodani & Nitesh Kamath

Abstract: Through this paper, we are trying to analyze the possible characteristics that influence the ability of a consumer to recall a specific brand or a specific feature of a brand. Through this paper, we also study certain characteristics that we possibility think can influence the brand recall of consumers and have tried to check whether these factors and the consumers ability to recall information have any kind of relationship which could help marketers develop appropriate marketing strategies.

      Shruti Sonawane, Dr. Hetal Pathak, Sagar Mistry

Abstract: In this paper an antenna for LoRa (Long Range) frequency band 865 MHz to 867 MHz is presented. We present a flexible antenna as a wearable device. The antenna uses vertical polarization. It is a low power, low cost, narrow bandwidth, omnidirectional antenna. The substrate material used is polyimide having a dielectric constant of 3.5. Using Lora WAN, the data will be sent to gateway and the tag location can be traced. It is a modern RF application for IOT. The Inkjet printing technology is used for printing the antenna. Various parameters such as return loss, VSWR, radiation pattern, gain, efficiency is tested.

      Ashfaq Ali, Naveed Ullah

Abstract: One of the great challenges of Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (STM) is the production of atomically sharp tips. Tungsten tips in Scanning Probe Microscope (SPM) and Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) are used instead of platinum and iridium (Pt/Ir) tips due to their high quality factor, mechanical stability and produced at low cost.

      Mylvaganam Pagthinathan

Abstract: Incorporation of clove oil to the butter is beneficial for human health. In this study, to developed the clove oil added butter and to evaluate the physical and chemical properties of of butter during storage. Butter was made using different concentration of clove oil (0.0%, 0.25%, 0.50% and 0.75% w w-1) and kept in refrigerator at 4 oC for 8 weeks. The moisture, fat, pH, titratable acidity, free fatty acids contents and antioxidant activity as well as sensory characteristics of clove oil added butter samples were analysed during the storage period.

      Dr. Ohn Mar Myint

Abstract: This study intends to identify the main influencing factors on the consumer attitude toward organic foods in Myanmar and to analyse the relationship between consumer’s attitude and purchase intention of organic foods. The data is collected with structured questionnaires from 200 consumers who were visited organic outlets in Yangon on Myay Paday Thar Island and Yangon Farmers Market during the survey time. The results of this study indicate that health consciousness and consumer knowledge are most influencing factors on consumer attitude towards purchase intention.

      Iboroma, Daopuye S; Nduka, Nwanneka E; Amadi, Kelechi G

Abstract: Adsorption using plant materials has been found an effective technique for removal of dissolved ions. To evaluate the effect of parts of red mangrove and weight on adsorption of Cr (vi) in aqueous medium, adsorption data of freshly prepared red mangrove leaves, bark and root powders were obtained from batch experiments and analyzed as function of powder weight. The results indicated that the adsorption was dependent on weight of mangrove powder. Adsorption capacity decreased from (2996.00 to 175.05 mg/g), for leaves; (2172.50 to 132.40 mg/g), for bark and (2819.50 to 1750 mg/g), for root as weight of powder used was increased from 0.2 to 4g.

      Jackline Abakunzi, Mongute Nathan Nyamweya, Mohammad Bogere

Abstract: The main objective of the study is to analyze the role of non government organizations services on poverty reduction in Rwanda with a reference to Caritas Rwanda in Musanze district. The sample size was 388 respondents selected using cluster sampling method from the total population consist of 13116 individual beneficiaries of Caritas interventions distributed in 15 sectors of Musanze district. Questionnaires, interview and observations were used to collect primary data. Descriptive statistics were used where distribution (frequencies, percentages) through statistical package for social sciences (SPSS, 23.0).

      Md. Nasir Uddin

Abstract: The main purpose of this study is to identify the impacts of digitalization on service delivery of union parished in Bangladesh and critically trace out the contribution of union digital centers. We know that union parished is the lowest tier of Bangladesh administrative systems. It also part of our field administration. Union parished deals with grassroots people who are deprived of taking the services of the central administration.

      Dissanayake KGC, Liyanage RP, Ranasinghe RHS

Abstract: Sri Lanka is a country where has efficacious food cultures related to their traditional life styles. In traditional food recipes native spices such as Garcinia cambogia or Garcinia zeylanica (Goraka or Malabar Tamarind), Tamarindus indica (Siyambala or Tamarind), Piper nigrum (Gammiris or Pepper), Trigonella foenum-graecum (Uluhal or fenugreek) and Cinnamomum zeylanicum (Kurundu or Cinnamon) are enriched. Recent advances in global perspectives on non-communicable diseases reconsidering traditional foods including spices for health prevention and promotion.

      Lynne Jalalian and Ogechi Anokwuru

Abstract: Background: Sickle cell disease (SCD) is a common genetic blood disorder affecting primarily the Black African/Caribbean and ethnic minority population. In Britain, there has been a sharp rise in individuals being diagnosed with sickle cell as well as a rapid increase in the number of sickle cell patients being admitted into hospital regularly. Pain management is effective in reducing hospital admission and delays in being discharged.

      Dr. Bhavya Bharathi.M, Dr. Shwetha Poovani, Dr. Gautam Shetty, Dr. Madhuri V

Abstract: STUDY OBJECTIVES: To evaluate the smile photographically using parameters and to assess the parameters using model and also to correlate the smile with the visual perception of the beholder.

      Metasebya Gonta, Million Desalegn

Abstract: The internet technology of social media has clearly impact on academic performance. The purpose this study is to identify the practices of student’s social media usage and its perceived challenges on academic performance at Wolaita Sodo University. The case study design and a qualitative explanatory research approach were employed. The availability samplings technique was used in the selection of the samples of the study.

      Normah Abdul Latip

Abstract: Forest destruction is a significant problem in every country with economic gain in forest products. Equilibrium point between forest resources and human development regularly results in devastating forest resources, as well as the forest near the urban area. This study purposely to understand the perception towards the forest quality among visitor to visit the forest.

      V.Manikandan, S.Karthikeyan, Ms.T.Bhuvaneswari

Abstract: Network intrusion detection is a dynamic and important research area. It is the process of identifying malicious activity in a network by analyzing the network traffic. Data mining techniques are widely used in Intrusion Detection System (IDS) to detect anomalies. Dimensionality reduction plays a vital role in IDS, since detecting anomalies from high dimensional network traffic is time consuming process.

      Jamiu Olasunkanmi Muili, Ayodele Adebiyi, and Eric Ndukaku Agwamba

Abstract: The study presents ratios estimators for the finite population mean. The new proposed estimators are based on Subzar et al. (2018) estimators. The characteristics of the proposed estimators, i.e. bias and mean square error, were derived up to the first approximation by the Taylor series expansion, and the conditions for its effectiveness were established relative to some existing estimators.

      Muluken Mengste, Zewdu Teshome, Behailu Belete, Girma Gizaw, Aschalew Mulugeta

Abstract: The issue of service delivery is becoming a global concern that demands continuous reform to fit the turbulent environment and changing customer needs. The purpose of this study was therefore to assess customer satisfaction on service delivery of selected public service organizations in Dire Dawa city Administration. The study employed the cross-sectional field survey method since relevant data were collected via at one point in time at public service organizations by distributing questionnaires to customers.

      Mustapha Usman Nasir and Muhammad Bashir Barkoma

Abstract: The study was carried out to determine the level of pollution, by selected metals Cr, Cu, Fe, Pb and Zn in soil samples collected from bank of River Yobe, Nigeria were bank of the river is used as dumping site while the other part is used as farmlands. The samples were collected from four different locations and were analyzed for soil nutrients, heavy metals and pollution indices.

      FP Merlin, WD Ratnasooriya, RN Pathirana

Abstract: Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs are synthetic drugs that are widely used to treat inflammation, but it is associated with adverse effects in the gastro intestinal and cardiovascular systems. Therefore, this study was aimed to investigate the anti-inflammatory properties of Rauvolfia tetraphylla (Family: Apocynaceae). Aqueous root extract of R. tetraphylla was used to examine the in vitro anti-inflammatory effect with diclofenac sodium as the reference drug, using in vitro heat induced egg albumin denaturation assay.

      Badereddin Algataa

Abstract: More pronounced climate change is a major challenge for the human population and the world economy. The increasing concentration of gases that create the greenhouse effect in the atmosphere is one of the causes of global warming. Climate change is influenced by both natural processes and human activity, in parallel with technological development.

      ADEROGBIN, Joseph Ayofe , OWOLABI, Oluwamayowa Oluwatomiloba

Abstract: The study was conducted to determine the level of metal contamination and access the spread of these metals in soils around some cassava processing plants in Oyo town. Cassava processing involves peeling off of the outer layers, crushing the cassava, compressing the crushed cassava under machine to drain off the effluents which could be a potential source of contamination to soil and underground water in the area. The location of the study falls within latitude 7o 15ˡ N and 7o 18ˡ N and longitude 3o 54ˡ E and 4o 00ˡ E

      A.Nagaratnam, B.Deepika, Shiek Ameer, T.Sharoon, CH.Ajay

Abstract: Classification is one of the most considerable supervised learning data mining technique used to classify predefined data sets the classification is mainly used in healthcare sectors for making decisions, diagnosis system and giving better treatment to the patients. In this work, the data set used is taken from one of recognized lab of Kashmir. The entire research work is to be carried out with ANACONDA3-5.2.0 an open source platform under Windows 10 environment. An experimental study is to be carried out using classification techniques such as k nearest neighbors, Support vector machine, Decision tree and Naïve bayes. The Decision Tree obtained highest accuracy of 98.89% over other classification techniques.

      Nyabaro Obed Mainya, Lusweti Kituyi, Tabitha Wanjau, Evans Okemwa

Abstract: Studies indicate that cooking starchy foods under high temperatures produces acrylamide in those foods. Consequently, intensive investigations have been undertaken, on the potential health risk of this contaminant in the human diet. Fried products including potato chips and crisps have been reported to contain high levels of acrylamide. The study proposed to determine the effect of potato maturity on the levels of acrylamide in its fried products (chips and crisps). Stratified sampling technique used in harvesting of Solanum tuberosum tubers in an identified area within two seasons of two months for the first batch and four months for the second batch this were prepared to standard and cooked to standard cooking procedure. The chips and crisps were analytically prepared before they were analysed. potato chips and crisps recorded (0.692mg/kg) and (2.91 mg/kg) respectively as lower values compared to premature potato chips and crisps that found (2.91 mg/kg) and (68.731 mg/kg) as the highest values.

      Oga, Kelechi Charles And Prof. B. Chima Onouha

Abstract: The aim of this paper is to examine the relationship between economic environment (inflation rates and interest rates were used as the dimensions) and organizational performance (the measures used was profitability) of manufacturing firms in Rivers State, Nigeria. We therefore adopted quasi experimental design in the form of cross-sectional research survey design and our population was 48 manufacturing firms gotten from Manufacturers’ Association of Nigeria, Rivers State Chapter and the sample size was 44 using the Krejcie and Morgan (1970) sample size determination table; also, simple random sampling technique was used and the research instrument. Data was collected through questionnaire as the research instrument which was analyzed using spearman’s rank order correlation coefficient with the aid of Statistical Package for Social Sciences. Our findings revealed that inflation rates and interest rates significantly influence profitability respectively, thus we concluded that economic environment significantly influence organizational performance.

      Daniel Mwaringa

Abstract: The mobile telephony has gained momentum and is one of the defining communication technologies of the time. This paper interrogates the adoption of mobile telephony from varied scholars’ perspectives. The insights are from the youth’s uses of this communication technology while looking at how this use has impacted on family communication. The mobile phone is seen to have structured certain interaction behaviors in the youth among them a decreased desire for the face to face interaction. This was observed from the youth’s continued display of addiction to social media. One of the important observations is that that uses of mobile phones to a great extent have altered the way families interact and have generated certain negative interactive behaviors. Nonetheless, this paper does not demonize mobile telephony but implores for appropriate usage of the communication technology.

      Sofia Khan, Shrutika Asati, Shikhar Yadav, Rajeev Sharma

Abstract: Risk – taking and Entrepreneurship are two associated words finding out within the innovation literature. Within the most definitions, innovations are related to risk and risk – taking. One in every of the foremost important factors within the innovation plus success is their risk – taking. Innovators should be risk – taker to realize their concepts. During this article, we tend to study the connection between innovation and innovators and risk – taking and also the importance of the result of risk– taking over innovation.

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