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IJSRP, Volume 11, Issue 6, June 2021 Edition [ISSN 2250-3153]

All listed papers are published after full consent of respective author or co-author(s).
For any discussion on research subject or research matter, the reader should directly contact to undersigned authors.

June 2021 publication has started and publication will continue till 28th June 2021
Authors who paid publication fee after 3rd June, their paper will publish in June edition in next slots i.e. 12th June or 18th June or 28th June.
Online print version will release latest by 30th June. Download cover page for this edition.

Indexing and Correction:
Indexing will start after 28th June and minor corrections are accepted till 28th June 2021.
If minor correction required, send email to and ask for formatted (.doc/docx) paper.

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      W.K.D. Jayamini, K.G.H.D. Weerasinghe

Abstract: This research was carried out to compare the applicability of machine learning techniques in a way to support decision making in Thyroid disease diagnosis. In this research work, two types of machine learning algorithms; Multilayer perceptron Neural Network with Back-propagation and Random Forest were used, and a comparison of their performance was done to identify the most suitable machine learning algorithm which can be used to assist the diagnostic process of Thyroid diseases. Each of the models developed under the two machine learning techniques were trained and tested using two thyroid datasets from the UCI machine learning repository. The performance of the models was evaluated using the performance measures, Accuracy (%), Mean Absolute Error, Root Mean Squared Error, True Positive rate, False Positive rate, Precision and Recall.

      Rohit Vikas Akole

Abstract: Purpose: This paper shows the working of Supply Chain Management. Also, it gives the processes which happens in the supply chain industry.

      K. Jayantha; RG.Ariyawansa; U. Anura Kumara

Abstract: Modern humans in the world suffer from the inability to fulfill their needs and wants. To overcome this suffering, scholars present a solution: sustainability. The human sufferers engage in recreational activities because they expect a temporary escape from misery. One such place for such activities is the park; even though the scholars debate on the definitions of concepts such as park and sustainability. This debate motivated the authors of this paper to find a succinct method to conceptualize the sustainable park. The authors conduct eight studies prior to this paper from different points of views to provide a succinct conceptualization on the sustainable park. We used qualitative method and the grounded theory throughout the whole study based on the nature of our objectives. We fulfilled number of objectives within this study and previous studies such as proposing a definition for definition, creating a mechanism to measure the power of definition, and deriving the root definition of sustainability.

      Mohd Harridon, Muhamad Nurazmi Abas, Mohd Abdul Karim, Abdul Qaiyum Alidin, Muhammad Asyraf Mohd Niza

Abstract: The Space Industry is a complex industry with various resources, processes, regulations, and other entities that merged and integrated to produce the end product. It’s imperative to have a framework to manage all of the mentioned above in order to reduce wastage and gained the desired output within an optimum time frame. In this paper we had developed a conceptual framework pertaining to project management that could be utilized in space related projects.

      Ranasinghe GSP, Panapitiya PWC, Samarage SM

Abstract: Supply Chain Management is a process which creates a product or a service from raw materials to a final product that is consumed. It is a life cycle processes involving physical goods, information, and financial flows occurs both in forward and backward directions with the objective to satisfy end consumer requisites with goods and services from diverse, connected suppliers. Drugs are an essential component for running the health care institutions at National and Provincial levels, therefore effective Drug Supply Chain Management is vital in the health sector.

      Feybe Brigite Imbar, Avi Wulandari

Abstract: Amid economic uncertainty due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Indonesian economy supports the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). The Small and Medium Enterprises sector can move as the foundation of the national economy. The growing business sector creates tax obligations for these business actors. In mid-2013, the Government issued Government Regulation No. 46 of 2013 concerning Income Tax on Income from Businesses Received or Earned by Taxpayers with Certain Gross Turnover.

      Tuan Badlishah Tuan Jusoh, Harizal Hamid, Muhidin Arifin, M. Hakimi, Zuraida.K

Abstract: Feed is the most expensive input for poultry production, and the availability of low-cost, high-quality feeds is critical for the poultry industry’s expansion. Energy sources, supplemented by plant protein sources and animal protein sources, make up the majority of poultry diets. Maize is the most widely used energy source around the world, and soybean meal is a popular plant protein source.

      E M V O Ekanayake, L A Pavithra Madhuwanthi

Abstract: This study intends to explore the issues prevailing in the vocational training programs conducted for female prison inmates in Sri Lanka. This is a qualitative case study based on the vocational training programs conduct in two prisons in Sri Lanka. The study used semi-structured in-depth interviews which were conducted over the telephone with trainers who were engaged in providing vocational training programs for the female inmates in the two chosen prisons.

      Sanobar khan, Sanovar, Suneel Kumar , Mr Hitesh Kumar

Abstract: It is indispensable that credit card organizations can recognize deceitful transactions with the goal that client is not charge for things which they didnt buy. these issues can be handled with data Science and thier significance, alongside machine/soft learning, couldnt be more important. This venture expects to delineate the demonstrating of data sets utilizing machine/soft learning with Credit cards fraud/scam Identification. The Credit Cards fraud/scam detection Issue incorporates displaying previous credit cards exchanges with information of the ones that ended up being misrepresentation. That model is then used for perceive whether another transaction is deceitful or not. Our goal is to recognize 100% of deceitful transactions and limiting the wrong fraud/scam classification. Credit cards fraud/scam Identification is a average example in grouping. here In this cycle, we had centered on dissecting, pre-preparing datas set collections just lie the sending of numerous inconsistency detection or identification numerous algorithm, for example, Random forest algorithm, KNN algorithm and

      Zulu Bernard, Flory Kilingo and Prof. Chen Hongbin

Abstract: Freshwater shortage and pollution-induced by human activities have become a global concern. Water resources pollution particularly by the brewing industries is a major concern due to production of large volume of wastewater resulting from large volume of water used in the production processes of beer. African countries consume much volume of water higher than the accepted international benchmark of 6.5 hectoliter water/hectoliter beer production. Observed about 60% of freshwater used in Zambian breweries in the brewing of beer and finishing operations.

      Penelope Kayitesi, Hakizimana Khan Jean De DieuPenelope Kayitesi, Hakizimana Khan Jean De Dieu

Abstract: The study was to investigated the influence of procurements strategies on public projects implementation in Rwanda especially village road construction projects in Kicukiro district, Rwanda. A descriptive research design was adopted using both qualitative and quantitative approaches. The target population was 367. With a sample of the size n=79. The researcher used questionnaires and interviews. The researcher used Data analysis using statistical package for social sciences. Results revealed that the regression analysis R2 was 0.884 indicating that procurement strategies are important to enhance, promote village roads construction projects implementation and raise the transport service delivery in Kicukiro.

      Hitesh Mangtani, Antriksh Jaiswal

Abstract: In order to claim the top spot in the business aspects of Sports, advertising has become the need of the hour. Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and many more have capitalized on the fact of this ‘need of the hour’ concept allowing governing bodies of sports and National Sports Federations (NSFs) to generate a significant amount of revenue by having a considerable base of fans, followers, enthusiasts and viewers - also termed as ‘digital eye-balls’ in the world of broadcasting and media promotions.

      Rana AL-Asbahi

Abstract: The release of social networks in digital media has verified many benefits in our daily life, but the user privacy breach accompanies this intensification in popularity. Various methods has been used for publishing the social network data, the privacy preservation of the individuals in the data published has become a significant concern. Several works in relational data showed that the degree of privacy preservation does not depend on the size of the equivalence classes on quasi identifier attributes; it is determined by the number and distribution of distinct sensitive values associated with each equivalence class.

      Prof. Jonalee Bajpai, Phd., Govind Kapoor, Sanskriti Tulsyan

Abstract: Functional clothing refers to a genre of clothing that is developed to meet very specific and niche requirements of the end user. It is a result of interference of multiple domains of product development, such as technical textiles and other construction technologies. There are four basic requirements of any functional clothing namely physiological, biochemical, ergonomic and psychological. This paper focuses on the requirement-based classification of sportswear properties and how they have been used to improve the performance of the sportsperson.

      Jacqueline Siwale; Dr. Chrine Hapompwe; Dr. Crispin Kukano; & Febby Latoya Mwiikisa

Abstract: The purpose of the study was to explore management of work life balance and employee performance in the banking sector with special reference to AB Bank branches in Lusaka-Zambia. The study used a mixed method design employing both qualitative and quantitative methods. With a target population of 500 and the sample size of 222 members of staff using Israel Yamane’s sampling formula.

      Jacqueline Siwale; Dr. Chrine Hapompwe; Dr. Crispin Kukano, Nelson C.Kabanda & Newton Phiri

Abstract: The purpose of the ѕtudy was to analyse the impact of financial illiteracy on ЅMEѕ’business ѕucceѕѕ in Lusaka’s Central Business District. The study used a quantitative paradigm with a self-administered questionnaire being the main data collection instrument in which a cross section of SMEs, namely: Hardware Hair Dreѕѕing / barbershops; Computer Service/Buѕineѕѕ Centre; Supermarkets; Reѕtaurantѕ/Barѕ; Photo Studios; Health Service; Boutique/Fashion Stores; Electronic/Electrical Stores; and Butcheries, constituted the target population.

      Hayat ullah, Rose Patsy Tibok, Dr. Jane Wong Kon Ling

Abstract: The Government of Pakistan closed all the educational institutions on March 14, 2020 due to the spread of the pandemic Covid-19. The imposition of control movement and closure of institutes was implemented at the time when the secondary school students in district Mardan were appearing for their annual examination 2020. The increase of COVID cases across the country extended the closure of the educational institutions for the academic year 2020 and all the students were promoted to the next grade without examination which was another impact of COVID on students’ English language performance.

      Wasantha Subasinghe, Chithramala Dissanayake

Abstract: This paper discusses about the family background and socialization barriers of female commercial sex workers. There has been an increase in the number of street prostitutes over the past twenty years. The worst consequence is a loss of social respect and protection for women. A survey of 15 semi-structured interviews was conducted with respondents; obtained from the targeted sampling system for non-random sampling. There is a new trend with drug using and prostitution as well as low education level and prostitution.

      Eng. Basma S. Hiyari, Phar. Rawan S. Hiyari, Eng. Arar S. Alkhader, Eng. Mohamed F. Ababeneh

Abstract: Polymers are macromolecules with a wide range of structures, characteristics, and composition. They can be used in a variety of domains, including biophysics, medicine, and electronics. Biomedical polymers stand out among these polymers because of their low toxicity in vivo, ease of processing and sterilization, longer shelf life, small weight, as well as unique characteristics suitable for different appliances. This work investigates the different concentrations of biomedical polymers in the area of medicine.

      Judith Mutoni, Hakizimana Jean de Dieu Khan

Abstract: Renewable energy in the past has been considered a costly venture and not until recently has the idea of exploiting natural resources been fully embraced. This has become a staple for most developing countries that are depending mostly on solar energy for electrification of rural areas. Rwanda is not an exception in this case and with this in mind the government in partnership with Gigawatt global embarked on a project to build the first-ever solar park of its size in the region (Gigawatt solar power plant) to further boost the energy sector. The study examined the various factors that influence renewable energy projects sustainability.

      Pavithra Harshani Warnakulasooriya, Mahendra Arnold

Abstract: Background: Coronavirus disease-2019 (COVID-19) is a public health problem where the worlds 3.3 billion global workforces are at risk of losing their livelihoods. The present study sought to determine the knowledge, and practices of community health care workers (HCWs) toward COVID-19 in the Regional Director of Health Services in Galle District, Sri Lanka.

      N.S Kamath, K.R Nayak

Abstract: This article voices the woes from the resident physicians and resident doctors from a COVID19 pandemic struck country, the uncertainties faced by them and doubts regarding future endeavors yet to be faced as a challenge.

      Amadi, Anthony Ndubuisi; Ololo, Emmanuel Chimezie

Abstract: This work is on design and implementation of a software system for students’ projects (dissertation) allocation system. It will be used to enable final year students of Imo State Polytechnic Umuagwo apply for projects and upload completed project. Model View Controller (MVC) methodology was used in the in designing the system. The database used is MySQL, while implementation was done with PHP.

      Roberto P. Briones

Abstract: This paper introduces a procedure to apply Laplace transform theory in solving a class of Sturm – Liouville boundary – value problems, namely those having polynomial coefficients. The method demonstrates that not only can Laplace transforms solve differential equations satisfying only initial-value conditions, but can also be adaptable to solving boundary – value problems. In the end, the application of inverse Laplace transforms to the problem introduces the reader to a novel approach in the analysis and solution of a specific class of Sturm – Liouville boundary problems.

      Prem Prakash Dayal, M Rajkumar

Abstract: Coordination is an important facet of agile software development and is widely used by self-organizing agile teams. While agile manifesto emphasizes face-to-face conversation in co-located setup however post the Covid-19 pandemic, IT companies have adopted remote working as new normal and agile teams have become fully remote agile teams from co-located and distributed agile teams. The current study builds a conceptual model around coordination effectiveness by examining challenges such as work from home interference, procrastination, and ineffective communication among team members working in fully remote agile software development teams.

      Shunji Furukuma

Abstract: In the Anthropocene, the occurrence of ‘new plastic formations’ is being reported at locations around the globe, but there have been few reports from coasts along the Asian side of the Pacific Ocean. In this study, the cases of ‘new plastic formations’, consisting mainly of ‘pyroplastics’, which are drifted on the northwestern coast of Japan’s Seto Inland Sea, were described. In Japan, the problem of harmful substances caused by ‘hamayaki’ (burning of drifted coastal debris at the shore) has been studied from an early stage as the problem of coastal marine plastic pollution. In addition, in the Japan Sea and Yellow Sea, drifting marine litter created via combustion has been studied, and potential amounts of ‘pyroplastic’ were suggested. ‘Pyroplastics’ has been identified as the source of microplastics due to those vulnerabilities, and easy degradation into smaller particles was verified in the ‘pyroplastic’ collected.

      Sasiphan Nitayaprapha

Abstract: Emergence of crypto currencies has developed technological revolution in global financial markets. What factors determine crypto valuation have an important effect on business and investment. The paper outlines the ongoing research on the interactions between social media and bitcoin value in Thai crypto market. The research model is constructed to examine the dynamic interactions between social media and bitcoin value. The data mining technique using in this research is vector error correction models. The expected results will show how bullish forum posts affect future bitcoin values, who has more effects on bitcoin – silent majority or vocal minority. Research findings will reveal whether social media sentiment is important in determining bitcoin’s value. This research provides new insights into Thai digital currency market as well as the economic impact of social media.

      Aneke N.A.G1, Egbuna S.O, Ejikeugwu N. L and Omotiomo M

Abstract: In the study, the untreated and potassium chlorate, (KClO3) treated micro sized Date Palm Petiole Fiber, (DPPF) were used to produce natural fiber/HDPE composites by injection molding machine. DPPF was characterized to determine their chemical compositions in terms of cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin. Central Composite Design (CCD) tool of RSM was applied for optimization processes. Analyses of the results showed that cellulose content is, hemicelluloses and lignin. Chemical treatment of the fibers modified and enhanced properties of the fibers.

      Joseph Parker, Valentina Osei-Himah

Abstract: The purpose of the study was to explore the perceptions of teacher trainees on the use of educational games in teaching and learning of classification of living organisms. The study adopted the quantitative approach. Inferential statistics was used to report the results of the study. Frequency counts and percentages were used to report the teacher trainees’ perceptions about the impact of game-based learning approach in the teaching and learning of classification of living organisms. The study was carried out in Enchi College of Education in the Aowin Municipality in the Western North Region of Ghana. Stratified, simple random and systematic sampling techniques were used to select 80 respondents for the study. This was made up of 30 level 300, 30 level 200 and 20 level 100 students respectively. Thus 30 level 300, 30 level 200 and 20 level 100 participants were subjected to game-based learning approach as a group.

      Dr. Chrine Hapompwe, Caroline Simushi, Kiru Sichoongwe

Abstract: This study assessed the impact of Covid – 19 on Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in George and Furngroove townships of Lusaka. The study objectives were to establish the business challenges that Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are facing; to ascertain the impact of Covid-19 pandemic on the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), and to determine the level of relief provided by government to SMEs to mitigate the impact of the pandemic. The study collected both qualitative and quantitative data in two townships (George and Furngrove) in Lusaka. Fifty (50) and Forty-eight (48) SMEs were sampled (out of the 2018 4,500 list of registered SMEs in Lusaka) from George and Furngroove townships respectively using convenience and purposive sampling techniques. Data was collected using questionnaires and interview guides. The total questionnaires distributed were 98.

      Mohd Faudzi Zahari, Noraini Zulkifli

Abstract: As a maritime nation, Malaysia has developed its own maritime capabilities in order to safeguard its national interest over the sea especially in Exclusive economic zone (EEZ). Any activity that could threaten the strength of the economy can be regarded as betray national interests and actions must be taken to prevent it vociferously. South China Sea (SCS) is increasingly important not only in terms of defence strategy even in economic development of the country. It is used by the warships and merchant ships.

      Irvina Rahmah, Izaak Zoelkarnain, Achmad RofiI, Syamsul Arifin, Bahrul Ilmi

Abstract: Background: Human resources have a very important role in an organization. The role of human resources in an organization is very important because the quality of high human resources is generally followed by high performance. Performance is the foundation for achieving the goals of an organization. Of the human resources in the hospital, the one who mainly has a big role is nurses, this is because the nursing profession has a relatively large proportion, which is almost more than 50% of all human resources in the hospital. of a number of nurses in the nursing room, only 25% have attended basic training in inpatient nursing care, besides nurses who have PPGD certification only 5% of the nurses assigned to the treatment room.

      Nana Akua Agyeman, Benard Korankye, Lens Opoku Brobbey

Abstract: Several perceptual factors contribute to the desire and ability to set up a new venture or become an entrepreneur. Cognizance of that, this paper posits to ascertain the impact of self-efficacy and fear of failure on the entrepreneurial intention of international students in China. Relying on a quantitative and cross-sectional research design, an open and close-ended questionnaire was used to collate data from students in Jiangsu University and Jiangsu University of Science and Technology through a simple random sampling approach. The Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS version 26) was used to process data into tables to help the researcher undertake a descriptive, correlation, and multiple regression analysis.

      Caroline Grace Wanjiku, Patricia Chepwogen Chepkwony

Abstract: The study focused on the informal micro retail sector in Nairobi researching on the enterprises in the Smart Duka project run by a Non-Governmental Organization and investigating the use of group participation and its effect on the financial performance of these enterprises which are located in the informal settlements of Nairobi. Prior studies have focused more on areas outside the informal sectors of Nairobi and have had limited focus on the effect of group participation on financial performance of enterprises which the current study sought to address. The financial performance and business factors of the enterprises that joined groups (treated group) were compared to financial performance and business factors of the enterprises that did not join groups (control group) in the project.

      M.M.R.M.Neththipola Dissanayake

Abstract: This paper endeavors to critically evaluate the legal provisions which available to protect the interest of the Domestic Workers in Sri Lanka in the light of international instruments and it attempts to reaffirm the inadequacy of the existing legal system for domestic workers. It investigates whether and in to what extent the existing legal provisions are able to protect the interest of the Domestic Workers and in which areas in the Sri Lankan legal framework needs to be reformed in order to bring Sri Lankan law in line with the international legal standards and in to what extent. Also, this study attempts to identify the new areas to develop an effective legal regime for the domestic workers to avoid the existing barriers and match with the international standards.

      Abdulmtalb Hussen, Abdelbaset Zeyani

Abstract: The classical Fejer-Riesz Theorem has many applications in various mathematical fields. This survey paper presents this theorem in several versions: 1) with operatorvalued functions as coefficients, 2) in 2 2 matrix form, and 3) in the multivariate case. The main ideas of the proofs are sketched.

      Vindya Kumarapeli, Chithramali Hasanthika Rodrigo

Abstract: Training is an essential component of the Human Resource Management. In service trainings should be based on information gathered through a Training Needs Assessment (TNA). A TNA for health staff employed at points of entry (POE) to Sri Lanka was a timely requirement.

      Bambang Winardi, Enda Wista Sinuraya, Erlin Dolphina, Yuli Christyono, Denis, Tejo Sukmadi, Sudjadi, Ajub Ajulian Z.M, Yosua Alvin Adi Soetrisno, Sumardi, Susatyo Handoko

Abstract: In the operation of the electric power system, a good quality and level of reliability is needed, one of which is that the voltage that reaches the customer does not experience a voltage drop below the standardization from PLN. The voltage drop regulation according to SPLN No.72 of 1987 is the voltage drop on the Medium Voltage Network is a maximum of 5%, the voltage drop on the transformer is a maximum of 3%, the voltage drop on the Low Voltage Network is a maximum of 4%, and the voltage drop on the service line is a maximum of 1%.

      Anto, Moina

Abstract: This research is aimed to evaluate tax planning on value added taxes (VAT). Taxes have been the biggest contributor and revenue of a nation income which will be utilized to pay for the nation’s needs and control the wheels of its economy and growth. In tax planning, corporations can stipulate tax planning on Value Added Tax (VAT). Value Added Tax (VAT) is the tax which is imposed on value increment on goods and/or services from producers to consumers.

      H. K. G. S. Ranasinghe

Abstract: It is unspoken that insufficient investigation studies have been shown in the Sri Lanka on recognize the association between monetary and women entrepreneurs venture performance while Colombo Mid City is not well thought out in any of these. The main issue of the study is to examine if there is any association between Monetary Organizations and Venture Performance of Women Entrepreneurs in Colombo mid-City, Sri Lanka through this study. With the inadequate finances and the complicated process of formal monetary organizations as well as the inability to disrupt the slabs to elevate the women entrepreneur’s venture performances, it is clear that women entrepreneurs come across numerous problems.

      Doirangsi Kri, Tangkheso Tamai

Abstract: The researcher wants to find out the difference in the attitude of language teachers in relation to gender and social group towards the dyslexia students in Lohit District. The method used for this particular study was descriptive survey method. The 32 samples were collected through simple random sampling procedure from the Govt. Secondary Schools and Government Senior Secondary Schools in the Lohit district.

      Sule Ayuba Chul, Saleh Umar Chul, Mallam Fusami Babagana, Mohammed Abdullahi Sheikh, Yunus Haruna

Abstract: This study involved the examination of 2,591 Sahel bucks aged between 2-3 years, out of which 40 were selected. Fifteen of them had full-sized testes while 25 had small-sized testes. Serum concentrations of testosterone, luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) in these bucks were determined using enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay method.

      Md. Shamim Hossain Biswas

Abstract: The aim of this research was to investigate students’ writing problem among tertiary level students of DEML (Department of English and modern language) at NSU- One of the leading private universities in Bangladesh. A mixed method research approach was applied: qualitative and quantitative. A survey questionnaire, focus group discussion, and an interview protocol were designed for collecting data.

      Lemuel John M. Tonogan, MD, Ysrael R. Balajadia, MD, Mylo N. Soriaso, MD, FPOA

Abstract: Clinical pathways have long been used to facilitate the delivery of care in different areas of medicine, composed of a set of pre-determined orders based on the most preferred management to standardize the care of certain conditions.1-8 This is an analytical, retrospective, single-institution study aimed to determine its efficiency of the clinical pathway in the management of closed unstable supracondylar fractures in children. A total of 59 of 70 admitted patients aged 1-15 who sustained an isolated closed unstable supracondylar fracture included in the study. The patients were divided into two groups: the clinical pathway group and non-clinical pathway group. Demographic and clinical data were gathered through a chart review.

      Y.M.S.S. Yapa, S.N. Kumari, S.R. Jayasinghe, T.H.N.G. Amaraweera

Abstract: Oral health is considered as an integral part of general health care system in Sri Lanka and operated through a well-organized network of institutes in both state and private sector. The public oral health system is driven by taxes and provided free of charge at the point of delivery.

      Maria Terese

Abstract: The demand for energy has risen so much over the years because of the exponential increase in population and urbanization. Thus there is an immediate need for improving the efficiency of the heat transfer devices used in power generation. However, a major challenge to increasing the capacity of power plants is the accompanied increment in pressure drop which has to be balanced economically by the heat transfer efficiency. From ongoing studies, it was found that the heat transfer characteristics and thus the efficiency of heat exchangers can be greatly improved by using nanofluids. This paper explores previous studies on the enhancement of thermal conductivity of heat exchangers using nanofluids in them. The purpose of the paper is to prepare a review of the most recent innovations in heat exchangers using nanofluids as their working medium. It was concluded that in the majority of the situations, the use of nanofluids improves the rate of heat transfer. This in turn reduces the size of heat exchangers and saves energy, cost, reduces water usage and waste.

      Megawati Tambunan, Ibnu Alferraly, Lidya Imelda Laksmi

Abstract: Thyroid carcinoma is malignancy in thyroid gland showing differentiation of epithelial cells, namely follicular or parafolicular cells. Papillary thyroid carcinoma (PTC) is a thyroid carcinoma that is most often found in about 80% of all thyroid carcinomas. ERα contributes to tumor growth primarily by stimulating aberrant cell proliferation and inhibiting cell apoptosis, whereas ERβ suppresses tumorigenesis through cell proliferation, maintains cell differentiation and induces apoptosis. Based on contradictory nature of ERα and ERβ contradictory and several studies linking ER expression with PTC have conflicting results, the researchers are interested in assessing the relationship between ERα and ERβ immunohistochemical expression in PTC. Objective: To analyse the relationship between ERα and ERβ immunohistochemical expression in PTC.

      Nicola Malizia

Abstract: This study explored the drinking behavior of a sample of 351 Italian university students during COVID-19 to understand whether social isolation imposed to avoid contagion led to an increase or decrease in alcohol consumption at the individual level with repercussions on university performance; finally, the research aimed to investigate whether or not boredom influenced drinking behavior during the period under study.

      Balkar Singh

Abstract: Haryana is a prosperous state of India situated in north, has contributed in glorifying the name of nation by producing the Sports Persons & youths of the state are dedicatedly joining the India Army for the Security of our country. 1st, 1966 was the day when it was formed on the basis of the language, out of the state of Punjab. It is including the oldest civilisations of the world, the Indus Valley Civilization found in village Rakhigarhi (Hisar) and Bhirrama in Faridabad district which are approximately more than 9000 years old and since the year 2005 we are listening & watching through electronic media “No.1 Haryana”. And the state Government has introduced number of schemes for the empowerment of women like; BETI PADHAO BETI BACHAO LADLI & SABLE, etc since the past few year. This study/research will cover the scenario of real condition, Discrimination and Mental conditions of the Dalit women, & Negligence of the duties by the responsible persons of the society towards these girls/women in Haryana:

      Tengku Ahmad Kamal bin Tengku Abdul Rahman, Nur Ehsan bin Mohd Said

Abstract: The capacity to write well helps learners do well in exams because writing has always been a significant type of evaluation in colleges and greater education establishments. However, only a portion of learners, primarily with greater skills, can perform well in English. Whilst many learners from Malaysia drop into the lesser bracket, particularly rural students. The objective of this study was to examine whether sentence-combining practice, a written intervention, was effective in improving written expression in English for comparison and contrast for year six students who have been fighting literacy.

      Y.M.S.S. Yapa, S.N. Kumari, S.R. Jayasinghe, T.H.N.G. Amaraweera

Abstract: Patient safety practices in the Out-Patient Department (OPD) of oral health care clinics are not adequately in place in the public health care delivery system in Sri Lanka due to a lack of understating of patient safety practices in dentistry. Further, the low quality of record-keeping may imply the underestimation of patient safety in oral health care treatment. The present study was carried out as an interventional research project to improve patient safety practices in the OPD of oral health care clinics under the Regional Director of Health Services in Badulla District (RDHS-Badulla District).

      L. Udaya Bhanu, Dr. S. Narayana

Abstract: Customer loan prediction is usually life time issue so; each and every retail bank faces the issue at the minimum lifetime. If done exactly, it can spare a lot’s of man hours at the conclusion of a retail bank. If Company wants to semi automate the loan acceptability process (real time) based on customer detail provided while filling online application form. These subtle elements are Gender, Marital Status, Education, Number of Dependents, Income, Loan Amount, Credit History and others. To automate this method, they have given an issue to recognize the customers segments; those are allowed for loan amount total so they can clearly target these customers. We need to predict whether or not a loan would be approved. In a classification problem, we need to predict separate values based on a given set of self-sufficient variable(s). What’s our objective is to implement machine learning model so as to classify, to the best doable degree of accuracy, and dataset gathered from Kaggle. Random forest classification method shows best accuracy in classifying given on loan candidates using python help on Jupyter notebook.

      Omar Alsharef

Abstract: Sustainable development is a harmonious relationship between ecology and economy, in order to preserve the natural wealth of our planet for future generations. Sustainable development can be achieved only when the ecological, social and economic aspects of life gain equal importance and attention in all areas of human work and activities, and thus, or even in the first place, in food production. In all spheres of human activities, and especially in the field of environmental protection, there is a growing awareness of the limitations that our planet has and the need to reduce human impact to the least dangerous, tolerant and sustainable level.

      Frihastina Lubis, Santi Syafril, Dharma Lindarto

Abstract: Background: Obesity is associated with insulin resistance, lipid metabolism disorders, and metabolic syndrome. Adipose tissue in obese patients tends to have low-grade chronic inflammation that secretes inflammatory mediator cells and adipokines that block insulin signaling pathways. Ramadan fasting, which is prolonged intermittent fasting, is thought to have beneficial effects in losing weight and body fat, improving lipid profiles, and increasing insulin sensitivity.



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