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      Emmanuel Dartey Manteaw, Dr. Nicodemus Abungu Odero

Abstract: The problem of power system optimization has become a deciding factor in current power system engineering practice with emphasis on cost and emission reduction. The economic and emission dispatch problem has been addressed in this paper using two efficient optimization methods, Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) and Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO). A hybrid produced from these two algorithms is used on the 30-bus 6 generator IEEE test system. The results are compared with ABC, Fuzzy Controlled Genetic Algorithm (FCGA) and Non Sorting Genetic Algorithm (NSGA-II) and found to be effective on the combined economic and emission dispatch problem.

      Allan Zade

Abstract: Transposition in conservative fields reaches its full potential in case that is unexplainable for any well-established theory. There are a number of phenomena and findings in various areas of science that stays in disagreement with those theories. Number of them were analyzed and described in this paper. Additionally, reason for Z-Process and its consequences in the galaxy scale was given.

      Aklilu Asfaw, Mengistu Sime, Fisseha Itanna

Abstract: This study was conducted to determine the effect of tannery effluent on seed germination of six different vegetable crops seeds under laboratory condition. The major objective of this research work was to make a comprehensive study on the status of vegetable seeds germination using different effluent treatments located in East Shoa, Ethiopia. The treatments were made by mixing measured amount of tannery effluent in distilled water i.e. 0, 25, 50, 75 and 100% concentrations on seed germination of six vegetable crops seeds, namely: onion (Allium cepa L.), carrot (Daucus carota L.), beet root (Beta vulgaris L.), Swiss chard (Beta vulgaris L.), tomato (Lycopersicum esculentum L.) and cabbage (Brassica oleracea L.). The seed germination experiment was carried out in Completely Randomized Design (CRD) with five effluent concentrations (treatments), each replicated three times. All vegetable crops seeds were grown in different effluent concentrations and the effects of different concentrations of effluents were compared to that of distilled water (control). Parameters considered to study the effect of effluents were percentage germination, shoot length (cm), root length (cm), seedling length (cm), fresh weight per seedling (mg), dry weight per seedling (mg) and relative toxicity (%). The results indicated that, application of effluent did not show any inhibitory effect on seed germination and other morphological parameters at low concentration except in onion, carrot and tomato, which were found susceptible with 75 and 100% effluent mixtures but, Swiss chard, beet root and cabbage were found resistant to all effluent concentrations mixtures. Based on the tolerance to tannery effluent, the vegetable crop seeds studied are arranged in the following order: Swiss chard > cabbage > beet root > tomato > carrot > onion. With the increase in effluent concentration, all plant parameters decreased accordingly. Different physicochemical parameters of water such as:- pH, temperature,

      Hassan, Shuaibu Musa, Abdullahi, Mohammed Evuti

Abstract: Air samples from densely and less densely populated areas of Abuja Municipal Area Council, Kuje and Dobi Village in Gwagwalada Area council were analyzed using BW Technology GasAlaert® Microclip (gas detection instrument). The results showed varying concentrations of hydrogen sulphide, carbon monoxide and low explosive limit gases. The high concentrations of pollutants detected in Abuja municipal area council can be attributed to increased population growth, increased production of gaseous wastes and increased number of industries. However, no low explosive limit gas was detected in Kuje area council and with only emission of low explosive limit gases in Dobi, Gwagwalada area council which was due to decomposed refuse around the market and rice milling waste within settlements, in Dobi village.

      Abdullahi, Mohammed Evuti, Aloko Duncan Folorunsho, Baba Galadima Agaie, Mohammed Jibril

Abstract: A predictive model for determining the quantity of lime required for water treatment was developed by considering the inter-relationship between water quality parameter such as pH and the quantity of lime required for water treatment. The model constants were obtained using least square regression method and solving the resultant equation using MATLAB program. The resultant model equation was found to be Q= -1.5402+ 1735.539(〖10〗^(-∆pH) ). Comparison of the results from the simulation of the model and experimental data showed a good prediction with a correlation coefficient of 89%.

      Kortse, P. Aloho, Oladiran, A. Johnson

Abstract: Experiments were conducted in 2005, 2006 and 2007 at the Teaching and Research farm of the University of Agriculture, Makurdi, Nigeria, to study the effects of variable harvest ages (days after anthesis-DAA) on the quality of ‘egusi-itoo’ melon (Cucumeropsis mannii Naudin.) seed. A bulk crop was raised and fruits that developed from date-tagged flowers were harvested at five days interval beginning from 20 DAA to 65 DAA in 2005 and from 15 DAA to 60 DAA in 2006 and 2007 to monitor seed development and maturation with time. End of the seed-filling phase was attained at 50 DAA in 2005 and 40 DAA in 2006 and 2007. The highest seed germination values of 96.5, 93.5 and 94% were obtained in 2005, 2006 and 2007 respectively at the last harvest (60/65 DAA). Germinability of stored seeds increased with DAA and the longevity of more mature seeds was better than that of less mature seeds. It was therefore concluded that delayed harvest until when fruits were between 60 and 65 DAA resulted in higher quality seeds of Cucumeropsis mannii.

      Abdul Qayoom Jakhrani, Al-Khalid Othman, Andrew R.H. Rigit, Saleem Raza Samo, Shakeel Ahmed Kamboh

Abstract: This paper evaluates the different empirical models used for the estimation of solar energy irradiation on tilted surfaces. For this purpose, three isotropic and the same number of anisotropic sky models were employed by using monthly mean solar radiation and weather data of Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. The tilt angle was fixed at 11ºS towards the equator for optimization of incoming solar radiation from the sun during the worst months of the year from October to March due to overcast skies. It was discovered that the Reindl et al. model estimated the highest amount of incident solar energy in the whole year and Badescu model established the lowest among all isotropic as well as anisotropic models, whereas, Liu and Jordan model performs well at the time of bad weather conditions. It is concluded that the selection of Liu and Jordan model could be useful for the prediction of solar energy irradiation on tilted surfaces in the study area, where the weather is mostly cloudy.

      Jagdish Pimple, Prof.Yogadhar Pandey

Abstract: A classical problem caused by separation of network is partitioning. Predicting those positioning from where the network get separated into the different partition could be a very useful feature that can be provided to applications in a wireless sensors network environment. Indeed, being aware of a future disconnection in the network can help to ensure a better quality of service by adapting the application behavior. We propose a distributed algorithm to detect “cuts” in sensor networks, i.e., the failure of a set of nodes that separates the networks into two or more components. The algorithm consists of a simple iterative scheme in which every node updates a scalar state by communicating with its nearest neighbors. In the absence of cuts, the states converge to values that are equal to potentials in a fictitious electrical network. When a set of nodes gets separated from a special node, that we call a “source node”, their states converge to 0 because “current is extracted” from the component but none is injected. These trends are used by every node to detect if a cut has occurred that has rendered it disconnected from the source. Although the algorithm is iterative and involves only local communication, its convergence rate is quite fast and is independent of the size of the network.

      Sumit Ruhela, Dr. S. K. Srivastava

Abstract: An attempt has been made to study the photo dielectric effect in mixed lattice of (Al2O3-ZnS) Cu, Cl with different proportion .The mixed lattice of (Al2O3-ZnS) Cu, Cl were prepared by heat treatment technique taking firing temperature 8200C at 45 minute. Polystyrene was used as binder for sandwitching sensitive material in form of parallel plate capacitor .The measurement were carried out in frequency range (100 Hz -50 Hz) with illumination of intensity up to 5000 lux and for temperature range between 400C to 900C. The capacitance (C), conductance (G) and loss factor (tan) were measured under various parameters, such as field intensity, intensity of illumination and temperature of sample.

      Firozia Naseema Jalal , M.G. Sanalkumar

Abstract: The present study deals with assessment of the water quality of the River Achencovil. Sabarimala is the largest annual pilgrimage in India with an estimated 45–50 million devotees visiting every year. The Achencovil River is a small river not more than 130 kilometers. Pilgrims use the water of Achencovil River for various sanitary purposes. The water quality is also disturbed by various other anthropogenic activities by the population living near the river. The microbiological and physico-chemical characteristics were studied and analyzed during July 2010 – April 2011 using standard procedures. The mid-stream part of the river is selected for the study. The results revealed that all the studied sites showed more pollution during the pilgrimage season (post monsoon) than the off seasons (monsoon and summer) and also showed fluctuations in microbiological and physico-chemical parameters. Pollution of river water can be reduced by providing proper sanitation facility to pilgrims and by providing proper methods for dumping of sewage and wastes. Almost all parameters showed significant (P<0.05) seasonal variation between segments and was determined by ANOVA.

      Md. Sadak Ali Khan, A.Suresh, N.Seetha Ramaiah

Abstract: In recent year’s semi-active dampers utilizing smart fluids like magneto-rheological (MR) fluid have attracted attention of the researchers. These devices have found varied applications like control of vibrations in seat suspension systems, rotary braking systems, prosthetics, seismic systems etc. The performance of MR damper depends on its magnetic and hydraulic circuit design. This paper deals with a design of MR damper for which mathematical model is developed. A finite element model is built to examine and investigate the 2- D axi-symmetric MR damper. Six different configurations of MR damper piston are simulated in order to investigate how the shape of the piston affects the maximum pressure drop that the damper can provide. The piston velocity and the input current to the coil are varied to evaluate the resulting change in magnetic flux density (B) and pressure drop(ΔP). The simulation results of the different configuration of damper piston show that the performance of single coil with filleted piston ends is better than that of other configurations for the same magnitude of input current and piston velocity.

      Ms.Wrushali Mendre, Dr.R.D.Raut

Abstract: An overview is presented of the medical image processing literature on thyroid disease diagnosis. The aim of the survey is to introduce for those new to the field, an overview for those working in the field, and a reference for those searching for literature on a specific application. Thyroid disease is extremely common and of concern because of the risk of malignancies and hyper function. Thyroid nodules may become malignant if not diagnosed at right time. During last few years, various image processing algorithms have been proposed for efficient and effective computer aided detection of thyroid nodules. Algorithms work on USG, SPECT images and planar scintigraphy. An overview of algorithms in each step (preprocessing step, segmentation step, feature extraction step, feature selection step, classification step) for thyroid disease diagnosis is given. Fuzzy cognitive map based decision support system and other recently proposed methods are presented. An overview of texture representation via noise resistant image features is given as well.

      Arti R. Naik, Prof. S.K.Pathan

Abstract: This paper presents review of application of artificial neural networks in weather classification and prediction; some existing weather forecasting models have limitations and also benefits of neural network are discussed in this paper. Accurate weather prediction is important in today’s world as agricultural sector is widely dependent on it. Since there is non-linearity in weather data therefore the paper focuses on potential method of weather prediction using artificial neural networks and training this network by back propagation algorithm.

      Preksha Pareek, Dr. Prema K.V.

Abstract: Below Poverty Line (BPL) is an economic benchmark and poverty threshold used by the government to indicate economic disadvantage and to identify individuals and households in need of government assistance and aid. In this paper a methodology is shown to classify as BPL or non BPL using Artificial Neural Network. Multi-Layer Perceptron (MLP) network will be used for classification. This classification will take very less time and provides efficient results. Further the effect of network architecture on performance is shown on this application.

      Seyed Hasan Mortazavi Zarch, Farhad Jalilzadeh, Madihesadat Yazdanivaghef

Abstract: The security of wireless WANs(world area network) has been a source of concern for businesses and individuals who are aware of its advantages due to its flexibility. With the increase in the use of wireless WANs for enterprises and homes, where information assets are shared continually, security is of the essence. With the increase in e-commerce and e-services, there is the risk of identity and credit card theft. Encryption is seen as a major tool in the line of defense of wireless WANs. This article discusses the various security protocols used in wireless WANs and how effective they are in keeping wireless WANs secure. The risks of using these protocols are outlined and recommendations for securing wireless WANs are reviewed.


Abstract: Mobile ad-hoc network (MANETs) [1] is defined as an autonomous system of mobile nodes and associated hosts connected by wireless links. Network topology changes due to change in location of nodes in the network. This makes it more difficult to find the routes those packets. In this paper, a Power Aware location aided routing algorithm (PALAR) scheme by reducing size of request zone, limit flooding and use available bandwidth and battery life in an efficient manner.

      Gunjan Bhatia

Abstract: The present paper aims at studying the emotional intelligence of the students in relation to their family relationship. It attempts to show the effect of family relationship on the emotional intelligence of the adolescents. Emotional intelligence is defined in the terms of self awareness , empathy, self motivation, emotional stability, managing relations, integrity, self development, value orientation, commitment, and altruistic behavior and family relationship is defined in terms of parental attitude acceptance, concentration and avoidance . The findings reveal that healthy family relationship greatly influences emotional intelligence of the adolescents. Family is the environment where the children learned to use their faculties and understand and cope with the physical world. It is a time when they do not bother with trivial things, such as the family relationship, because they know they are the kingpin of their family. It is the place, where they learn how family relationships work, by observing their parents, grandparents, siblings and rest of the family members deal with each other. They enjoy meeting them on family vacations and family reunions and exchanging Family reunion gifts with them.

      Parimalendu Bandyopadhyay, Mr. Joydeep Chowdhury , Raja Dutta

Abstract: Supply chain professionals are always evaluating possible inefficiencies and shortcomings of their supply networks to improve their ability to deliver to the customer. This is especially true in todays fast-paced, highly competitive environment where supply chain performance can provide manufacturers with a necessary edge. Some of the demand of “Current Market of logistic and services” are : 1] Value-added and Technology related services 2] Existence of Visibility 3] Minimal Cost-Control effect 4] ) Forecast of Risk free trading and last but not the least 5] Technology Specific Demand. Our research paper has discussed how the “Integrated Supply Chain Management” has become one key which can be able to fulfill all the need of the current as well as the clients. By using its “Focusing”, Visibility, “Strategic Planning”, “ Distribution of Knowledge Module” etc the solution become more robust and dynamic and can map all requirements.

      Dr R. G. Pathak, Dr Anand P. Satkar, Dr Rajendra N. Khade

Abstract: Brachial plexus block was performed using supraclavicular approach and a mixture ofadrenalized lignocaine and bupivacaine either aloneor combined with dexamethasone was administered. Dexamethasone is selected as an adjuvant to localanaesthetics in brachial plexus block because it has been reported to prolong duration of action of local anaesthetics.

      Nusrat Rasool, Ulfat Jan, G. Mustafa Shah

Abstract: The feeding habits and diet composition of the stream dwelling resident brown trout Salmo trutta fario in the upper streams of the Kashmir valley were investigated by examining the stomach contents of 108 specimens collected from January 2004 to December 2005. Analysis of monthly variations of stomach fullness indicated that feeding intensity was higher between March and July than that for the spawning season that covered the period from October to December. A total of 4464 individual preys were counted representing trichoptera, ephemeroptera, diptera, plecoptera, coleoptera, odonata, amphipoda, hirudinea, megaloptera; trout egg, plant seeds and terrestrial ants were also identified in the diet. The index of relative importance (IRI%) revealed that four food items together constituted more than 90% of the diet, with the most important being Brachycentridae (51.55%), Blepharocera (14.06%), Baetis species (10.48%) and Ephemerella species (5%).

      Mrs.Mahalungkar Seema Pankaj, Prof. Santosh S. Sambare

Abstract: In cellular networks, blocking occurs when a base station has no free channel to allocate to a mobile user, blocking can be new call blocking or handoff call blocking. One of the research challenges for cellular systems is the design of improved call admission control scheme which will reduce call blocking probability and improve the quality of service. The Previously proposed schemes are reviewed here through which we can build such a scheme in future for cellular network which can easily improve the quality of service.

      Kadam Surendra S, Tiwari L.R

Abstract: The presence of heavy metals in sea water causes hazardous impact on the marine organisms. There are number of toxic metals like Cd, Cr, Pb, As, Cu, Hg and Zn increasing levels in the sea water are of serious problem today. They are released in large concentration through effluent discharges from industries, metal processing, paints and pigment production, biocides production, and through domestic sewage from nearby villages. The present study deals with the heavy metals distribution (Pb, As, Cr, Cd and Hg) in water of Dandi creek west coast of India. Three stations were selected for collection of water samples in different locations, station 1 (190 47’ 24.7448’’N and 720 40’ 0.3’’ E), station 2 (190 47’ 31.141’’ N and 720 41’ 17.5474” E) and station 3 (190 47’ 52.6553’’ N and 720 41’ 19.0925” E). Five metals including Cadmium (Cd), Chromium (Cr), Lead (Pb), Mercury (Hg) and Arsenic (As) were analyzed in the water of Dandi creek using Plasma Emission Spectrophotometer at Center of Excellence, Vapi, Gujarat (India). Out of these five metals Lead (Pb) was not detected in water sample through out the study period and Mercury (Hg) was detected in very low concentration mostly in station 3. Arsenic (As), Cadmium (Cd) and Chromium (Cr) were detected through out the study period at all 3 stations. The concentration of heavy metals shows variation in three different locations.


Abstract: The impact of postmodernism education and ideology is all pervading and its consequences get reflected with changing life style of common man, moral values. In this paper author gives brief description of postmodern education themes. This paper is presented in International Seminar of Post Modernism: Dimensions and Challenges, S.V. College, Aligarh for discuss the postmodernism.

      Dr. Suchismita Mohapatra , A.K.Patra

Abstract: The total fish production during the year 2008 - 2009 was 9011.51 metric tonnes and during the year 2009 - 2010 was 6619.35 metric tonnes. On the monthwise basis, maximum landings were recorded in January (2221.86MT) for 2008-2009 and in October (1034.57MT) for 2009 – 2010 .Groupwise the cat fishes constituted the highest amount (2904.27 MT) and mullets the lowest amount (706.90MT) during 2008-2009. The miscellaneous species formed the highest catch (1868.74 MT) and the Clupeids constituted the lowest catch (79.40 MT) during 2009-2010. Among all the landing centres Penthakota has the highest catch with 3422 MT (41.83%) during 2008-2009 and 2086.01 MT (41.40 %) during 2009-2010 while Khirsahi had lowest catch with 16 MT (0.19%) during 2008 - 2009 and Ramchandi with 15.55 MT (0.30%) during 2009-2010. The catch composition showed seasonal variation with maximum number of species in the landing during rainy season. The fish captured from the various quarters of Puri sea were transported by boats to a series of landing centers.

      Anand R, Manju M, Anju M Kaimal, Veenaa Deeve NV, Chithra R

Abstract: Probability is an effective mathematical tool to calculate the likelihood at various instances rising as a effective research area. The programmers are continuously trying to accomplish full automation system in real world applications which can be made possible only through the effective calculation of probability in various circumstances. Though probability is very much important, the students and teachers are not obtaining the full experience of theory because of the lack of proper tools for exploring it. This paper has concentrated on bringing up some basic probability terms and implementation in Microsoft Excel which could be understood by all from the scratch.

      Tantarpale V.T., S.H.Rathod , Sunita Kapil

Abstract: Now a Days increase atmospheric temperature is the matter of great discussing issues for the environmentalists to gain more relevant information on tolerance of the organism to the temperature. The sensitivity of fishes exposed to the pesticides as well as the changed biological factors. Temperature as an abiotic factor showed influence on the physiochemical parameter of all living organism. The present study was carried to evaluate the impact of different temperature range (35˚C and15˚C) on the fresh water fish Channa punctatus. Alteration of the rising temperature observed on the opercular beats and respiratory rate showed increased trend, while the average opercular movements per minute at below room temperature showed decreased as compared to normal values.At 35˚C temperature the respiratory rate were increased as compared to normal values, while at 15˚C temperature treatment the respiratory rate of Channa punctatus was found to be decreased.

      Rajeshwari Goudar, Anjali Patil

Abstract: Network steganography describe methods which are used for transmitting information over network without being detected. Length of packet is used for sending secret data. In this paper, a network steganographic detection scheme has been proposed which can detect the presence of steganographic content by modifying length of UDP datagrams. Proposed detection scheme can detect network steganography based on packet length with efficient accuracy.

      Aithal U. B

Abstract: Tcensus survey of India 2001 and 2011 shows the sex ratio of India is 933 and 940 as against 1000, whereas in the state of Maharashtra the ratio is 922 and 946 against 1000. The gender ratio of Kolhapur district is 949 and 953 according to the census mentioned above (2) and (3). There are several techniques adopted to check the population growth and abortion is one among such instrument. Even though, there are number of legislations to prohibit the sex determination, peoples use their own experience to identify the gender determination and will proceed for abortion if it is unwanted (5). In this study, two independent samples of size 400 and 600 were selected from urban and rural area of Kolhapur district (4). The sample consists of female’s having one child and is going for second during their reproductive period. The collected information is classified according to various characteristics and analyzed statistically (1). The result shows that abortions are mainly for gender preference and other related causes like family income, mother’s age and so on. It is not influenced by the level of education of the mother.

      R.R.Sorate , A.G.Kharat , N.P.Dharmadhikari , S.S.Pimplikar , Girish Narang , Dheeraj Deshmukh, Sunita Bhagwat,Snehal Sorate

Abstract: Energy from subsurface of earth at specific location that has ability to change the normal functioning of human system is called as Geopathic Stress. Suitability of the site in ancient times is carried out by different tests (Bhumi Pariksha), architectures and civil engineers were very particular in selecting the site for dwelling but in recent past geopathic stress is rarely considered spatial planning. Recent studies have shown that it is one of the causes for inception of disease. Places on road affected by this stress are prone to accidents. This paper highlights about the significance and need of considering Geopathic stress as one of the parameter for spatial planning. Research shows that the Geopathic stress from nadir direction changes the reaction time of the driver which in turn leads to road accidents. Thus, by considering the aspect of Geopathic stress for planning, a safe and sustainable development of infrastructure will of benefit to the mankind.

      Manasi Gyanchandani, J.L.Rana, R.N.Yadav

Abstract: Intrusion detection systems aim at detecting attacks against information systems in general. It is difficult to provide secure information systems and maintain them in a secure state for their entire lifetime. Maintenance of such information system is technically difficult as well as economically costly. With the advent of new vulnerabilities to information system new techniques for detecting these vulnerabilities have been implemented. In this paper we introduce a taxonomy of anomaly based intrusion detection systems that classifies all possible techniques. It defines families of anomaly based intrusion detection systems according to their properties along with their advantages and disadvantages. This paper also includes various examples from the past and current projects. We hope that this survey will provide a better understanding of the different directions in which research has been done on this topic.

      Noverita Dian Takarina, Andrio Adiwibowo, Sunardi, Wisnu Wardhana, Tjong Giok Pin

Abstract: Coastal areas of Jakarta are well known for their multiple uses (housings, industries, etc.). In this region, aquaculture ponds are also flourished and receiving not only coastal waters but also from river nearby that contain heavy metals. Lead (Pb) has been recognized as hazardous metal because it can cause health problem. The objectives of this study are to measure the lead (Pb) content in the ponds sediment and C. chanos, to determine bioconcentration factor of C. chanos and its relationship with water quality parameters. Samples of sediments and C. chanos were collected from four (M1-M4) aquaculture ponds located in Marunda, North Jakarta. Lead (Pb) content was analysed by using Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (AAS) Shimadzu 6300. The highest content of lead (Pb) in the sediment (with lowest Pb content in muscles of C. chanos) was found in M2, which is 16.33 µg/g. On the contrary, the lowest content of Pb in sediment (8.93 µg/g) was found in M1 (location with highest Pb concentration in muscles of C.chanos). Based on bioconcentration factor (BCF) calculation, M1 had the highest BCF, as much as 0.558. Pb content in gills of C.chanos always higher compared to muscles. Moreover, the lower dissolved oxygen (6.8 mg/l), pH (7.3), and salinity (16.5‰ ) were observed in M1. The lower dissolved oxygen in M1 confirmed oxygen consumption by fish. Also, the lower pH accelerated the dissolution/release of metals in sediments, hence it becomes available for fish (C.chanos). Higher salinities ponds have higher bioaccumulated lead (Pb), especially on gills.

      Rini Supriya .L , Mr.Senthil Murugan , Dr.R.C.Biradar

Abstract: Multiple communication channel support in Radio Frequency (RF) transmission, such as that in a Software Defined Radio (SDR) warrants the use of channelizers to extract required channels from the received RF frequency band and to perform follow-on baseband processing. The objective of our project is to Design a SDR using Xilinx system generator and describe the process of channelization as it applies to low power and high-efficiency applications in wireless and Satellite Communications (SATCOM) domains. Smaller bandwidths and changing requirements of bandwidth calls for a programmable channel selection mechanism whereby channels and the resulting bandwidth can be selected based on target application, which is the primary principle in the Software Defined Radio based systems[3]. SDR is a radio in which some or the entire physical layer functions are software defined. Traditional hardware based radio devices have limited cross-functionality and they are modified only through a physical intervention. This results in higher production costs and minimal flexibility in supporting multiple waveform standards this problem is solved by SDR’s. In this project, a software defined radio is designed using Xilinx System Generator. System Generator’s FIR, FFT, FIFO and FDA Tool blocks are used. The FDA Tool block is used to define the filter order and coefficients, and the SDR block is used for the MATLAB/Simulink simulation and design implementation in FPGA using Xilinx ISE Design Suite 14.1.

      Bandana Mahan

Abstract: Silk Industry is an agro based industry, the end product of which is silk. Silk is a protein fiber produced by silkworm for spinning cocoon. Assam enjoys irrefutable reputation for its exquisite silk product. The silk industry of Assam mainly comprises the culture of eri, muga, and mulberry silk. Eri and muga are the exclusive monopoly of the people of Assam. The production of eri and muga silk are mainly concentrated in the Brahmaputra valley and is predominantly based in the rural areas. Mulberry silk is cultivated in less quantity then the others and almost in all parts of Assam. Natural surroundings, climate and humidity etc. play a vital role in the development of culture. Ecological condition of Assam provides help to the production of host plants for the silk worm and the silk fabrics. The industry here is just as old as “Free India”. Its advantage , such as, employment potential, assumed and regular income of the farmers, reelers and weavers at frequent intervals all round the year, non perishable nature of the final product and high export possibilities etc. caught the attention of people and other organizations too. It is found that silk of Tai-Ahom people of Assam has been attracting the tourists from the earlier period. The industry therefore may be developed as an attraction of both domestic as well as foreign tourists. In this study, an attempt has been made to introduce the silk industry of Assam and its relation to the tourism sector. Problems related to the production, spinning, weaving, selling and focusing of the products, economic upliftment, modernization of the products, government and other organization efforts in this connection is also mentioned in the study. The study is based on primary and secondary data collection.

      P. M. K. Alahakoon, A. I. Thilakasiri, P. S. R. Peiris

Abstract: Assessment and testing of skills achieve during a course is a prime requirement of the educators. Out of the many teaching and training programs, prime attention goes to ICT teaching programs which have gained an unprecedented demand in all levels of educational institutes today. Assessment of computer related skills are done in several different modes. However, the authors believe that the ideal testing mechanism must provide the students with the facility of using a computer rather than answering on their memory of using a computer. The testing mechanism described herein was designed and implemented at the main ICT training facility in the University of Peradeniya, the Information Technology Center (IT Center), in order to address this need and also to facilitate conducting tests amidst numerous technical and logistical challenges. The comparative analysis shows that the hybrid test system which involves students answering a printed MCQ type paper while attempting the relevant software based tasks on a computer is capable of delivering higher testable course outcomes as well as topics under cash category. The same can be easily improved to be a fully computer based test depending on the ability of the skills of beginners in handling a computer for multiple tasks.

      A.S. Maxworth, J.A.K.S Jayasinghe

Abstract: Precision Agriculture is completely new to the Sri Lankan agricultural community. The objective of this paper is to identify the methods and implementations that can be applied to the agricultural sector of Sri Lanka. While composing the framework with identified implementations the cost, scientific and technological knowledge of the farmers were taken into consideration.

      M. Vijaya Bhaskara Reddy , P. Sasikala

Abstract: Rumen tympanic due to metallic or non metallic (mostly polythene material) are among the most common cause of gastro intestinal disorders in ruminants (Radostatis etal, 1994). Plastics can be termed as wide range of chemical materials either synthetic or semi synthetic solidmaterials like polyethylene,polyvinyle chloride,polysterine largely used in plastics manufacturing industry which pose a threat to livestock and environment. Plastic garbage continuous to increase in two days modern world ,more concentrated in cities and towns .Rapid industrialization and Mechanization of Agriculture have further increased the incidence of foreign bodies threatening the life of poor depraved dumb animals at the cost of intelligent human beings. This paper reviews the factor attributed to its incidence, etiology, clinical findings/observation, complications, diagnosis, bio-chemical profile, rumen profile and measures to counteract the plastic menace to livestock.

      Dr. Shantanu K. Dixit, Mr. Nitin S. Shingi

Abstract: Generally robots are programmed to perform specific tasks this limits the use of these robots.To increase the use of robots where conditions are not certain such as fire fighting or rescue operation we can make robots which follows the instruction of human operator and perform the task, in this way decisions are taken according to the working conditions by the operator and task is performed by the robots thus we can use these robots to perform those tasks that may be harmful for humans. Also this system is not complex as sensors used are common i.e. Flex sensors, Ultrasonic sensor, Electronic compass and accelerometer.

      Sucheta Chauhan, Prof. Prema K. V.

Abstract: Car may be classified by a number of different standards and targets. Even, a broad classification is difficult, because a vehicle may fit into multiple categories. The proposed work provides a computer-based tool capable of classifying cars, as closely as possible to classifications performed by skilled operators. Such a tool is capable of extracting a number of numerical parameters characterizing the cars in areas like Value for Money, Design and Function and On the Road Performance. Such parameters are, then, used for training and learning an Artificial Neural Network (ANN) with the aim of classifying them by using different training and learning functions which reflects its performance level. From the results, it is revealed that TRAINLM, LEARNGDM & LOGSIG give comparatively good performance for this problem. So it would be easy to classify a car, whether it is family car or sports car or any other car within one second.

      Arjyadhara Pradhan, Dr S.M Ali, Puspapriya Behera

Abstract: A battery storage system provides an independent source of power. This is essential for off-grid living where battery storage holds all energy produced by your solar, wind or hydro system. Note also that grid-connected solar power does not automatically provide you with an independent power supply - if the grid goes down then you lose supply completely. However, it is possible to add a battery storage option so that you have an uninterrupted power supply. A typical battery backup option would use a 400Ah 24V battery bank, which will provide approximately 6kWh of backup power, enough to run fridge/freezer/lights and TV for a day (longer, if it is sunny). This adds approximately $10,000 to cost of standard grid-connected system. These gel batteries require no maintenance as long as a backup generator is connected to keep battery levels high when solar or wind is not maintaining this supply. The Selectronics SP Pro inverter is recommended, as it will manage this system well. One can rest easily, just checking battery "state of charge" only occasionally. This paper explains how a battery bank is utilized in case of Solar Pv system and also gives an idea about various types of batteries and their comparisons.

      Umeaz Kheradia, Abha Kondwilkar

Abstract: In the nascent stage of developing a personalised interpreter, we develop a prototype which uses a speech processing hardware and online translators to provide the user with real time translation. Speech processing hardware works on the principle of ‘compare and forward’, i.e., a database is already stored in the unit which is used for comparing with the input speech and the result is forwarded for further processing. The need arises from the inability of dictionaries and human translators to suit our needs for better communication. In this situation the prototype proposed will suffice the purpose reasonably well and minimise the communication inefficiencies.

      Pinaki Pratim Acharjya, Ritaban Das, Dibyendu Ghoshal

Abstract: A study on image edge detection using gradients is presented in this paper. In image processing and image analysis edge detection is one of the most common operations. Edges form the outline of an object and also it is the boundary between an object and the background. Detecting accurate edges are very important for analyzing the basic properties associated with an image such as area, perimeter, and shape. The software tool that has been used is MATLAB 7.0.

      M.G. Sanal Kumar, V Jayalekshmy , R.S. Balamurali

Abstract: Konni Forest Division, a part of Southern Western Ghats, on the bank of River Achencoil carries long history of man-forest interface and harbours rich floral diversity supporting three different eco regions. The present study aimed to assess the floral diversity of Konni Forest Division and its distribution in relation to various edaphic factors. Forest types are identified by reconnaissance survey. The study plots were selected at random and the plants were marked and identified species wise. Braun – Blanquet model was adopted to enumerate non tree species. Soil analysis and statistical analysis were done using standard procedures. Diversity indices were also calculated to explain the plot wise variation in the floral diversity, dominance, abundance, richness, evenness and distribution. 16 tree species were identified in the moist deciduous habitat, of which 86% showed contiguous distribution, 13% enjoy random distribution and 1% enjoy regular distribution. Evergreen and semi evergreen eco regions are home to 11 tree species. 23 non – tree species were identified of which 5 species have frequency above 50% and remaining below 50%. Various biodiversity indices shows that konni reserve forest is marked with species richness, species abundance, moderate species diversity , even distribution of plant species and no over dominance among species. Soil analysis showed richness in organic carbon, nitrogen, potassium, calcium and magnesium content, but low Phosphorus content. This indicates high fertility and productivity of forest ecosystem.

      Rashmi A. Mahale, Prof.S.D.Chavan

Abstract: Nature is the best tutor and its designs and strengths are extremely massive and strange that it gives inspiration to researches to imitate nature to solve hard and complex problems in computer sciences. Bio Inspired computing has come up as a new era in computation covering wide range of applications. This paper gives overview of most predominant and successful classes of bio inspired optimization methods involving evolutionary and swarm based algorithms inspired by natural evolution and collective behavior in animals respectively.

      Mr. Neeraj Raheja, Ravish Kumar

Abstract: Association rule mining is a way to find interesting associations among different large sets of data item. Apriori is the best known algorithm to mine the association rules. In this dissertation, clustering technique is used to improve the computational time of mining association rules in databases using Access data. Clusters are used to improve the performance of computer. Clusters are responsible for finding the frequent k item sets; hence lot of work is performed in parallel, thus decreasing the Computation time. This parallel nature of clusters is exploited to decrease the computation time in mining of data and also it reduces the bottleneck in the central site. Since after mining of data, there will be explosion of number of results and determining most frequent item sets will be difficult, so item sets are divided into two groups’ namely-globally frequent item sets and locally frequent item sets.

      Kirti Sontakke , S. Ghosh

Abstract: We develop a theoretical model to study density of state mass dependent Optical Phase Conjugation via Stimulated Brillouin Scattering (OPC-SBS) in direct gap semiconductors. An empirical formula based on phenomenological model is used to determine the maximum possible plasma density in terms of density of state mass in the medium which is used in deriving third order susceptibility using coupled mode scheme and hydrodynamical model. Extensive numerical estimates have been performed to appreciate the DOS dependency of OPC process in InSb, CdS and GaAs crystals shined by119 pulsed laser at 300K. Threshold value of pump electric field, the possibility of optical phase conjugation and the corresponding interaction length is to be premeditated. The maximum possible plasma density is found to be highest in CdS and lowest in InSb crystals. Hence the analysis reveals that higher the density of state mass lower is the interaction length. CdS is found to be most appropriate host for the (OPC-SBS) process with highest gain coefficient and with lower interaction length. On the other hand if the crystal is used as an optical waveguide with relatively large interaction length then InSb proves its potential in practical applications such as fabrication of phase conjugate mirrors.

      P. K. Mahanta

Abstract: An investigation has been carried out to obtain the flow and heat transfer of two dimensional electrically conducting second grade fluids over stretching surface in the presence of uniform magnetic field. The viscosity is assumed to vary as inverse linear function of temperature. The non-linear boundary layer equations together with the boundary conditions are reduced to a system of non-linear ordinary differential equations by using similarity transformations. The resulting equations are solved numerically by Runge-Kutta shooting method. The velocity and temperature profiles, the skin-friction and the rate of heat transfer are computed and discussed for different values of parameters. Some numerical results are presented graphically and discussed.

      D.Ravindran, P.Vickraman

Abstract: Poly vinyl alcohol(PVA) and Poly ethylene glycol (PEG) blend based polymer electrolytes has been prepared using Mg(CH3COO)2 and Mg(NO3)2 as salt by varying the PEG: [Mg(CH3COO)2 and Mg(NO3)2] ratio. The ionic conductivity of the prepared films was studied through XRD and AC impedance techniques. The temperature dependence conductivity shows Arrhenius behavior. The maximum conductivity of 9.852X10-6 S/cm was observed for the film with composition PVA-PEG- [Mg(CH3COO)2 +Mg(NO3)2]: (40-45-7.5-7.5)

      Safeena Sheikh, Suhail Asghar, Showkat Ahmad Patni

Abstract: A validated, specific, stability indicating reverse phase liquid chromatographic method has been developed for simultaneous quantitative analysis of Phenylephrine HCl, Lignocaine HCl and Betamethasone valerate in pharmaceutical ointment base products. The method was optimized by analysis of the samples and sample solutions spiked with each analyte for recovery study. Good resolution between the analytes was achieved in formulation and combined standards on Merck’ C18 (250mm X 4.6mm, 5µ) column with mobile phase constituted of phosphate buffer (0.01M) and acetonitrile (46: 54% v/v) further the pH of the mobile phase was adjusted to pH=7.0(±0.05) with triethylamine. Detection was performed at 270nm.The method was validated in accordance with ICH guidelines and validation data showed that the assay is sensitive, specific and reproducible for the simultaneous estimation of Phenylephrine HCl, Lignocaine HCl and Betamethasone Valerate in the presence of other pharmaceutical excipient.

      Safeena Sheikh, Suhail Asghar, Showkat Ahmad Patni

Abstract: A stability indicating high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) method is developed for the quantification of salicylic acid (SA) and Tolnaftate (TF) in combined pharmaceutical ointment base formulations. The separation was performed on a Merck” C-18 column with the mobile phase consisting of Acetonitrile: Methanol: Water (50:20:30v/v) at flow rate 1.5ml/min. Both the drugs were resolved successfully with retention time 1.318 and 8.805minute when detection was carried out at UV 245nm.The overall retention time of analytes were 10.0minutes.The method was validated with respect to linearity, precision, accuracy and recovery. The relative standard deviation for six replicate measurements of SA and TF were 0.259% and 0.240% respectively. Total recoveries of analytes were 100.56, 100.63, 100.58% and 100.23, 100.73, 100.22% of SA and TF respectively when examine over the range of 80, 100, and 120% of added drugs in placebo.

      Dr. Jyoti Sheoran

Abstract: The development and advancement in technology has significantly improved our lifestyle. Technology has made its impact on nearly all the dimensions of life including ways of communication. Advancement in the field of communication has made remarkable improvement, starting from the symbol style of communication to the latest digital mobile equipments and computers. Communication itself has not changed, rather the means, which we use to communicate have changed. The manners associated with the ways we communicate with each other continue to be the key to how we understand each other. As new technology emerges, there are new manners associated with the new method of communication. Present study has descriptively analyzed and discussed the historical development, changing paradigms, latest issues and challenges of organizational communication.

      K.V. Chacko, P.V. Hareesh Kumar, M.R.Ramesh Kumar, Basil Mathew, Vishnu. M Bannur

Abstract: The possible relation of the Arabian Sea Warm Pool (ASWP) with monsoon onset over Kerala is studied by utilizing the TRMM Microwave Imager data during the period 2007 - 2011 (5 years). The ASWP is a part of the Indian Ocean warm pool and forms in the Arabian Sea prior to the monsoon onset over Kerala (MOK) during the pre-monsoon months (April and May). The main focus of the present work is to look into the evolution of ASWP and its association, if any, with different types of MOK. The analysis revealed that there exist a lag of 16 days between the date of maximum intensity of ASWP and MOK. The ASWP started its dissipation immediately after attaining its peak intensity. It was also found that the extent and intensity of the ASWP showed large inter-annual variability. The number of warming events also showed large variability during these periods

      Ashwani Kumar

Abstract: A lot of efforts have been made during the recent decades to investigate and understand the key and controversial issues in natural phenomena / world through computer simulation. Artificial Life is one such an area that is growing very rapidly today. The main idea behind the rapid development of Artificial Life Systems is to develop a system that possesses the capabilities not to just replace (as a substitute) the human beings but also lead in the various aspects of life, such as survival, reproduction, selection, intelligence, expertization, civilization, feeling, creativity, forecasting, sacrificing, stability, curicity, and many more.

      Dr Madhu Sharma, Dr. Preeti Mehta, Dr. Prakriti Vohra

Abstract: Multiple tests are available to determine whether a patient is infected with Helicobacter pylori. Some of the methods for identification of this organism include: direct methods like smear examination, culture, histological sections and DNA probe technique; others are indirect like urea breath test and serology. The plethora of diagnostic tests available for the presence of Helicobacter pylori indicate that none of them is 100% accurate.

      Nilani K, Eswaramohan T, Balasubramaniam K

Abstract: The success of insemination programme depends on the appropriate management of semen collection, storage and use. According to some reports, the highest numbers of successful AIs were done in Central Province (CP) and the lowest were recorded in Eastern Province and Northern Province. So far there are no studies related to semen quality of bull which belongs to AI centre at Thirunelvely. The semen of Jersey was collected by means of artificial vagina and stored at 4-8°C. General examination was evaluated to assess volume, colour, opacity and pH. Fresh semen (0 h) and stored semen (24 h to 72 h) were compared by progressive individual motility and sperm count. Sperm count was evaluated by hemocytometer. Viability was determined by using 1% eosin. Repeated measures analysis of variance (ANOVA) with Dunnett’s post test was performed using prism 5.04 to compare the viability of semen from 0 h to 72 h during storage. Viability decreased significantly (ANOVA P<0.05) in a time dependent manner from 0 h to 72 h during storage at 4-8°C. The percentage of viable sperms and sperm velocity gradually decreased when compared to control 0 h (93.17± 1.322%, 23.33 ± 1.419 μm/s), with 24 h (85.50 ± 0.8892 %, 13.33± 0.7698 μm/s), 48 h (79.22 ± 0.7731, 1.778 ± 0.2383 μm/s) and 72 h (69.17 ± 1.360 %, 0.817 ± 0.271μm/s). Our preliminary studies suggested that the fresh semen is better than the stored semen for higher successful rate of insemination in NP of Sri Lanka.

      Dr. Usha Sarma, Dr. J. Mahanta, Dr. K. Talukdar

Abstract: Cervical dysplasia and invasive cervical cancer can be diagnosed by detection of epithelial cell abnormality (ECA) in a cervical scrapping from a clinically suspicious women by means of cervical cytology study popularly known as pap test. Aim and objective of the present study to different cervical lesion with the help of pap smear and categorize them according to the Bethesda system. The samples were collected from 242 numbers of women aged 20-65 years for the research methodology , alcohol fixed and stained with papanicolaou stain. The result of the study revealed detection of cervical cancer and dyspalsia in 3.53 % of the total cases studied. 88.05% cases were negative for malignancy and ECA with 11.95% out of which 29.63 % smears were equally having LSIL, HSIL and invasive squamous cell carcinoma. Study concluded that pap test has a definite role in early detection of cervical cancer and dysplasia.

      Sandeep Gupta, Gurdeep Singh Sidhu

Abstract: In present investigation, the study of gamma ray Energy absorption buildup factors (EABF) for three oxide glasses, viz. CaO-Al2O3, Na2O-SiO2, and Na2O-Al2O3-SiO2. The computations were done by ANSI/ANS-6.4.3 library and interpolation method using the Geometric Progression fitting formula for the energy range from 0.015 to 15 MeV, up to penetration depths 40 mfp (mean free path). The buildup factors have been studied as functions of penetration depth, incident photon energy and effective atomic number (Zeff) and presented in the forms of graphs.

      Singh D.P ., Singh J.R.

Abstract: In this paper we investigate the effect of auto-correlation on the power function of mean chart with known coefficient of variation. We synthesize the second order auto-correlation process by its three different roots. In particular, the shift in the auto-correlation structure from independent data to a random walk, this is a special case of the structural shift occurring in the process. For various values of roots the values of power functions are tabulated with known coefficient of variation.

      L. Chandra Shekar, M.L.Ravichandra

Abstract: Impediment lenient Mobile Sensor Networks (ILMSN) is a class of promising networks that experience frequent and long-duration partitions. Evaluate with the conventional networks, the distinct characteristic is that there is no end-to-end connectivity between source and destination. The network topology may modify dynamically and arbitrarily. This characteristic and non-existence of an end-to-end path poses a number of challenges in routing in ILMSNs. So, Utilizing multi-replica schemes to develop the routing performance is reasonable. Most of the presented multi-replica approach distributes many copies of the messages into the network for increasing the packet delivery rate. This operation consumes a great amount of constrained resource of ILMSNs. To solve this problem we suggest a Radio Frequency and Power-Attentive Routing protocol (FPAR), which cut down the replicas based on the Radio Frequency between the sensor nodes and sink node and the residual Power of the sensor node. The packet delivery probability is based on sink meeting frequency and nodes movement direction. Then we develop our protocol by using diverse targets called Diverse Targets Radio Frequency and Power Attentive Routing protocol (DTFPAR). Simulation results indicate that our proposed protocol achieves higher message delivery ratios with lower transmission overhead and data delivery delay than existing ILMSNs routing protocols.

      Dr. Bhavana Arya, Mridula Sharma, Shriparna Singh

Abstract: Employees are very valuable resource of any organization and especially the committed employees. Thus, exploring organizational commitment and its correlates is of immense importance. Current study attempts to explore the relationship between organizational commitment and self efficacy and the moderating effect of gender role orientation. Results showed a positive correlation between organizational commitment and self efficacy. Regression analysis indicated gender role orientation along with self efficacy to be the strongest predictor of organizational commitment among employees.


Abstract: The idea is to change the perception of remote controls for actuating manually operated Robotic-Arm. Well, this paper presents a thought and a way to eradicate the buttons, joysticks and replace them with some other more intuitive technique, that is, controlling the complete Robotic Arm by the operators hand movement or motion or gesture. In this paper the completely electronic (i.e. without mechanical sensors) way of achieving the above stated goal is discussed. This is achieved by using MEMS-ACCELEROMETER technology (that is used in smart phones for tilt sensing), showing the diversity of the application of the same technology.

      Mr. Kartic Bera, Dr. Jatisankar Bandyopadhyay

Abstract: Groundwater is one of the most valuable natural resources, which supports human civilization. The supply of groundwater is not unlimited and therefore its’ use should be properly planned based on the understanding of the groundwater systems behavior in order to ensure its sustainable use. Again a judicious use of groundwater, proper evaluation is required. A groundwater development and management program needs the analyses of a large volume of multidisciplinary data from various sources. Integrated use of remote Sensing and GIS can provide the appropriate platform for convergence of multidisciplinary data from various sources for appropriate planning. In the present study, an integrated remote Sensing and GIS based methodology is developed and tested for the evaluation of the groundwater resources of Dulung watershed, Paschim Medinipur District, West Bengal and a small part of the adjoining Jharkhand state. IRS 1D LISS-III satellite data of 4th February, 2008 along with other data sets, existing maps and field observation data have been utilized to extract information on the hydro geomorphic features of the study area. The ground water potential zones have been derived for the entire Dulangnala watershed and it has been divided into mainly four categories namely very low, low, medium and high recharge potential zone.

      M. Rama Narasimha Reddy, Dr M.Yohan, K.Harshavardhan Reddy

Abstract: This paper realise the out line of Heat transfer coefficient for circular copper tube of polished and non-polished through vapour bubbles form of filmwise or dropwise condensation and summurise the main result with its corellation application. During processes of this set up visually observe the exchange of heat during dropwise and filmwise condensation. This unit contained with an integrated steam generator boiler and steam extraction through control valve to the chamber tubes. Condensation of steam on the surface of tubes causes heat transferred from steam to tubes ,into water as heat exchange medium, at peak stage due to temperature difference may condense in to two ways-dropwise or filmwise on tube surfaces.in film -wise condensation, the heat from the vapour to the cooling medium is transferred through the film of the condensate formed on the surface ,where as in dropwise condensation process, only a part of surface is covered with condensate. Due to good contact between the vapour and surface very high heat transfer rates are reported in dropwise process. However, it has been difficult to sustain drop wise condensation commercially for long periods of time.

      D. Nagaraja, N.R. Patil, Raviraj.A.Kusanur, H.D. Patil, R. M. Melavanki

Abstract: The ground state (µg) and excited state (µe) dipole moments of two coumarin derivatives namely diethyl 2-acetamido-2-((3-oxo-3H-benzo[f]chromen-1-yl)methyl)malonate (2DAM) and ethyl2-((7-methyl-2-oxo-2H-chromen-4-yl)methyl)-3-oxobutanoate(2EMCO) were estimated in various solvents. The dipole moments were estimated from Lippert, Bakhshiev and Kawaski-Chamma-Viallet equations by using the variation of stokes shift with the solvent dielectric constant and refractive index. Ground state dipole moments were also calculated theoretically by DFT studies using Gaussian 03 software. It was observed that the excited state dipole moments calculated by solvatochromic shift method were greater than the ground state dipole moments indicating a substantial redistribution of the -electron densities in a more polar excited state for both the coumarin derivatives.

      Mekala Mahesh Reddy, Pallapothu Venkata Mahesh Varma, Modugula Narasimha Reddy, T. Ravi, T.Praveen Blessington

Abstract: In wireless networks, hidden terminal problem is common and leads to collision which makes it difficult to provide the required quality of multimedia services or support priority based services. To overcome these problems a directional antennas have been extensively used in designing MAC protocols for wireless network. Directional antennas provide many advantages over the classical antennas. In this paper, we show that directional antennas can be used effectively to solve a common hidden and exposed terminal problem by using an energy efficient MAC protocol for wireless sensor networks. This directional Antenna could be rotated in case of base station node to avoid directional hidden terminal problem.

      Kakollu Vijay Kumar, Alluri Sri Amith Varma, Kota Samba Siva Rao, Thumati Ravi, Thummalakunta Praveen Blessington

Abstract: Here we used a lumped port excitation for the Co-Planar Waveguide (CPW) feed. We used copper cladding for cutout and for substrate dielectric material named Arlon Cu Clad 217(tm).The CPW slots and antenna shape acts as openings in a metallized plane. The antenna has been analyzed over frequency ranges of S-band (2.20-3.95(GHz)), C-band(4.90-8.20(GHz)) andX-band (8.20-12.40(GHz)).Their return loss, gain, directivity, VSWR and impedances have been compared. It is covered with air box depending on the minimum distance between the air wall and the radiating aperture at the starting frequency i.e., (9.375mm).Though experiments with bow-tie antennas of various extended angles, the bow-tie antenna with a 900 extended angle exhibits the widest bandwidth in the desired frequency band which has a bandwidth of 25% for a VSWR <1.5:1, 16.96% for a VSWR <1.2:1 and 9.19% for a VSWR <1.4:1

      Srinu Madem, Sandeep Gudla, K Bhaskara Rao

Abstract: With the onset of reforms to liberalize the Indian economy in July of 1991, a new chapter has dawned for India and her billion plus population. This period of economic transition has had a tremendous impact on the overall economic development of almost all major sectors of the economy especially the services sector. Besides, it also marks the advent of the real integration of the Indian economy into the global economy. India has been attracting foreign direct investment especially during post reforms period. The sectors like telecommunication, construction activities and computer software and hardware have been the major sectors for FDI inflows in India. The Indian economy as a whole, we find that FDI stocks and output are Co-integrated in the long run. FDI is unlikely to work wonders if only remaining regulations were relaxed and still more industries opened up to FDI. Our present focus is on the FDI trends and consequences during the last decade in India. We also study the effects of FDI investment across various sectors during the same period.

      Surajit Mahanta

Abstract: The present study was conducted to see the level of professional competence with the variation of gender (male and female) and locality (rural and urban). The sample comprised of 300 teachers from 50 Secondary Schools of Kokrajhar district of Assam. Percentages (%), arithmetic mean, standard deviation, and z-test from the collected data, based on 4-point scale developed by the investigator himself, were calculated out. The findings of the study clearly reveal that professional competency of the teachers varies with the variation of sex and locality. Among both the sexes, the female teachers are slightly advanced in professional competency than their male counterparts. Again, the urban school teachers are more sophisticated in professional competency than the rural ones.

      Venkata Krishna Kota

Abstract: Usage of emails for the fraudulent activities is accelerating with higher pace. There is a thirst need for the tools to analyze large collections emails forensically. Traditional Information Retrieval tools can retrieve documents those are relevant to the given query. But directly answering the questions specific to the forensics domain will make the job forensic examiners easy. In this paper a system is presented to answer questions specific to email forensics. Ontology is designed with the basic concepts of email forensics domain. Information relevant to the case under investigation is retrieved using Information Retrieval techniques. Ontology is dynamically populated with the retrieved information. Knowledge which is of interest to the forensic investigators is inferred by firing the domain specific rules with the help of inference engine. Some domain specific questions have been answered with the help of inferred knowledge. The proposed system is a prototype and it can stand as a base to develop bigger systems.

      Dr. Sheetal Mundra, Dr Manju Singh

Abstract: Economic status of women is one of the most important criteria for estimating with precision the degree of the women development of a particular country in various periods of history. It is generally accepted that a change in the economic status of women is a good indicator of development of women as well as development of nation. In the present paper the word ‘Economic Status of Women’ has been used in terms of aggregate of Material Economic Status and Abstract Economic Status. In the present study the Economic Status of Women of different caste groups, is viewed by considering its relationship with Income Level of the family (ascriptive status / man achieved status) and Level of Exposure (achieved status/ women achieved status) respectively. The study finds that the parameters which are taken under the variable, Level of Exposure of Woman, presents the true and achieved status of the women of the different caste groups irrespective of the high level of family Income. Regression test is used to analysis the results.

      Brijesh Mishra, Gaurav Shukla, Siddharth Agarwal

Abstract: This paper elucidates the concept and development of Zigbee aided real-time navigation system without the use of Global Positioning System systems. The system has the ability to assist in navigation, bypassing traffic congested roadways, and in parking the vehicle. With the real time data that it facilitates to the navigator and it can also work in addition to the GPS. The basic features and functioning of the system have been illustrated in this paper.

      Sayanti Chattopadhyay, Susmita Das, Avishek Nag, Jayanta Kumar Ray, Soumyendu Bhattacharjee, Dr. Biswarup Neogi

Abstract: Many research works has been done on ECG signal analysis. Present work is on ECG peak detection which are vital for different disease determination or heart malfunctioning is defined. Here simulation approach is attempted. For various diseases, different ECG signals’ table representation is given in this paper. System prototype design is attempted. Including computational algorithmic approach it is visualized. In simulation approach ECG data analysis & peak detection is done.

      Raghu Nitin Alapati, Chava Pavan Kumar, Peruri Adithya, T.Ravi , T.PraveenBlessington

Abstract: A Carrier-Sense Multiple-Access/Collision Avoidance (CSMA/CA) was a telecommunication protocol that first listened before sending a frame through a medium in order to avoid collision among heterogeneous sites across a network. To teach such a mechanism to students in the traditional format, especially to the ones from the Sub-Saharan region was a difficult to visualize such a concept. In view of that, Carrier-Sense Multiple-Access/Collision Avoidance – Visualisation Teaching Tool (CSMA/CA- VTT) was envisaged to demonstrate step-by-step the phenomenon of “listen-before-talk”, the mechanism of Inter Frame Spacing (IFS) and Back off Timer (BOT) decremented generated random time to zero (0) to give one station high priority to send a frame. The CSMA/CA-VTT proved to be useful teaching aid in practice by showing sixty percent (60%) of the Regular group of twenty five (25) students that were taught using that tool, reported that they visualised the concept very high. In contrast, the Controlled group that were taught without using the tool, only four percent (4%) of students claimed that they were able to visualize the concept very high, whereas sixty eight percent (68%) of this same group regrettably lamented that their visualization to this concept was low. Such a result really suggested that the institutions especially in the sub-Saharan region did not have relevant telecommunications infrastructure that would be demonstrated before the learners. This showed that much of teaching-learning was done theoretically. It was against this background that alternative solutions of employing teaching tools like CSMA/CA-VTT were developed and used in learning institutions.

      Riya Banerjee

Abstract: Forest is an important resource for natural as well as social environment. It helps to maintain the global balance of natural environment, like maintenance of hydrological cycle, development of ground water storage and also mild the range of temperature etc. Forest provides the scenic beauty and the zone of biodiversity that helps human being to alive in the earth with developing particular cultural landscape for their own. Burdwan District is one of the diversified regions in terms of physical as well as cultural resource base in West Bengal. This paper is an attempt to analyse the forest resource base with its present scenario in Burdwan District.

      Dr.(Mrs.) A.R. Sudamani Ramaswamy, Mrs. B.Vennila

Abstract: In this paper, first-come, first served, multiple channel Poisson/exponential queueing system M / M / c with infinite waiting capacity is considered. For this model, we introduce a new procedure for construction of i) Shewhart’s control chart C1, ii) Control chart C3 for random queue length N using the method on skewness suggested by Shore(2000) and the control charts C1 and C3 are compared.

      Sitanshu Shekhar Mishra

Abstract: In this paper a number of ratio estimators in two stage sampling are considered and their efficiencies are compared with an estimator without use auxiliary information. Numerical illustration is provided to compare the efficiencies

      Sabuj Das Gupta, Md. Shahinur Islam, Kawser Md. Nuronnabi, Mohammad Sakib Hossain, Md. Zahid Hasan

Abstract: Power is very important to modern systems. From the smallest sensors, bionic implants, laptops, consumer products to satellites and oil platforms, it is important to be able to deliver power means other than classical wires or transmission lines. Wireless transmission is useful in cases where instantaneous or continuous energy transfer is needed, but interconnecting wires are inconvenient, hazardous, or impossible. An efficient method for wireless power transfer would also enable advances in such diverse areas as embedded computing, mobile computing, sensor networks, and micro robotics. The need to minimize energy consumption is often the main design driver in applications where devices need to operate without tethered. Energy consumption often restricts functionality in such applications. The work depicted in this paper is inspired by potential application of magnetic resonant coupling as a means for WPT from a source coil to a single load. It is observed that without the intermediate coil a LED is lit up to a maximum distance of 70 centimeter and with intermediate coil that lead is lit up to a maximum distance of 91 centimeter with voltage measured 2.2volts. Several experiments regarding this technique need to carry out for a better output and the day is not far when the need for wires will get obsolete.

      Dr.Iva Devi

Abstract: P ackaging plays an indispensable role in modern societies. In fact, without packaging many products cannot reach consumers in sound condition. Packaging is mainly responsible for the distribution and consumption of goods. Therefore, due importance is given to systematic and attractive packaging. Packaging can also be said as the backbone of our nation’s economic development, as economic progress can be ushered in only through proper and adequate packaging of the products. Hence, best efforts are made to improve the various means of packaging, so as to enhance the distribution and consumption of goods. Besides, packaging is also an important part of product planning and development and so it is important in the total marketing strategy.

      Soumya.T.V., Reshma John, Surya Jose

Abstract: Lactic acid bacteria (LAB) play an important role in food fermentation and preservation either as natural microflora or as starter cultures. LAB displays numerous antimicrobial activities. This is mainly due to the production of organic acids, but also of other compounds, such as bacteriocins and antifungal peptides. Bacteriocins are ribosomally synthesized antimicrobial peptides that are active against other bacteria, either of the same species (narrow spectrum), or across genera (broad spectrum). In recent years, bacteriocin producing LAB have attracted significant attention because of their potential use as safe additives for food preservation that could, at least partially, replace chemical preservatives. LAB were isolated using MRS media. The agar diffusion bioassay was used to screen for bacteriocin or bacteriocin-like substances (BLS). 28 lactobacilli were isolated from 20 different samples. Among the isolate 4 strains of Lactobacilli were observed to have activity against 3 diferent strains and also against S.aureus, MRSA, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Thus only 14.2% of the isolated strains were found to be producing bacteriocin like substance and all of them were isolated from the milk samples. Bacteriocin sensitivity to physical conditions and chemical substances were also evaluated. The test bacteriocin was found to be a sensitive to choloroform and resistant to catalase treatment

      M. K. Mishra , M. Anisha Shukla

Abstract: In 1968 Chang [3] introduce the concepts of fuzzy topological spaces. Since then many topologists have contributed to theory of fuzzy topological spaces .The concepts of generalized super closed sets in topology was invented by Levene [4] . In the present paper we study the concepts of Regular generalized super closed sets and Regular generalized super open sets in fuzzy topology and obtained some of their basics properties.

      Manoj Mishra, S. S. Thakur

Abstract: The purpose of this paper to introduce and study the concepts of fuzzy w-closed sets and fuzzy w-continuous mappings in fuzzy topological spaces

      Quyen Bui Thi Thuc, Channarong Intaraprasert

Abstract: This study explored the relationship of gender, high school background and strategy use by English Majors studying at universities in the South of Vietnam to cope with communication breakdowns. Communication Strategy Questionnaire was used for data collection. Data analysis involved Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), Chi-square tests. The results showed significant variations the students choice of individual strategies according to gender and high school background. Gender and high school background has only minor relationship with students communication strategy use.

      Sangram Keshori Mohapatra, Nanda Kishore Ray, Subrunsu Kulia

Abstract: This paper describes the power-system stability improvement by a static synchronous compensator (STATCOM) based damping controller with Differential evolution (DE) algorithm is used to find out the optimal controller parameters. The present study considered both local and remote signals with associated time delays. The performances of the proposed controllers have been compared with different disturbances for both single-machine infinite bus power system and multi-machine power system. The performance of the proposed controllers with variations in the signal transmission delays has also been investigated. To show the effectiveness and robustness of the proposed controller the Simulation results are presented under different disturbances and loading conditions.

      Palukuru Venkata Praneeth Reddy, Kavali Mohammed Imran Ali, B. Sandeep, T.Ravi

Abstract: TCP/IP protocols are used to send and receive data, voice and video data grams or packets over the internet. Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4) is version four of the Internet Protocol, which is the basis of TCP/IP protocols. Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) holds the future of ip addressing. It has many advantages compared to IPv4. The basic framework of IPv6 protocol was interchanged by the Internet Engineering Task Force. Present paper provides an introduction to IPv6 by giving the results that can be obtained by deploying the technology. It also explains some of the technical features and advantages of IPv6.

      P. Chandra Sekhar, P. Naveen Kumar, A. K. Sharma

Abstract: Solid polymer electrolyte films based on PMMA were prepared in different NaClO4 salt concentrations by solution cast technique. The features of complexion of these electrolytes were studied by X-ray diffraction (XRD). Film morphology was examined by Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM). The electrical conductivity of pure and NaClO4 doped polymer electrolyte films was studied in the temperature range 303-393 K. The electrical conductivity increased with increasing dopant concentration and exhibited Arrhenius type dependent with temperature. The increase in conductivity with dopant concentration may be attributed to the formation of charge transfer complexes. Transport number data showed that the charge transport in this electrolyte system is predominately due to ions. Using this polymer electrolyte, solid state electro chemical cell have been fabricated, and their discharge profiles were studied under a constant load of 100 kΩ.

      Chappidi Revanth, Edara Vamsi Krishna, Nekkalapudi.Sasank , Thumati Ravi

Abstract: In this paper, a monopole antenna for UHF Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is acquainted. A slotted Z-shaped monopole disposition is selected and fabricated using printing technology on a flexible, cheap paper substrate utilizing a simple, fast, and eco- friendly process. The design characteristics of the antenna are verified and the simulated results are compared with measurements showing good agreement. Here HFSS 13.0 tool is taken as investigating tool.

      Mrs.Seema .A.Taywade, Dr.Mrs.R.D.Raut, Dr.C.G.Dethe

Abstract: Today there is a need for classes of efficient compression and transmission methodology, hardware and languages’ for an application which deals great efforts in a short time. The requirement of neurologist is accurate, minute details, meaningful and timely information of EEG data. For this purpose the PMS should get the data which is more accurate, error free and support to the time. Hence there is a need for an efficient compression system and transmission media, which could play a vital role for PMS. The compression of Electroencephalographic (EEG) signal is of great interest to many in the biomedical community. The motivation for this research is the large amount of low amplitude data involved in collecting EEG information which requires storage space and high bandwidth for transmission. Lossless compression of EEG provides the necessity for exact recovery of the data for diagnostic and analysis purposes. Efficient compression and transmission of the EEG signal is a difficult task due to the unpredictability in the signal and also signal is having very low amplitude. Thus with various relevant data compression and transmission for EEG signal could be the great research.

      Anant Tandale

Abstract: Hydro carbon is released in the atmosphere through rotogauge (Ref photo @) while loading of LPG and Propane in the tankers contributes occupational health problems to the workers, greenhouse gas effect (Ref $) as well as revenue loss though it is insignificant in case of one tanker but it is significant if we consider loading and unloading of tanker at National level per day and Organizational level per year. In order to overcome the problem of releasing of hydrocarbon through rotogauge (for measuring liquid level inside the tanker) it is necessary to study this topic in detail along with the effect of these hydrocarbons on the workers working in that area. To know the effect of released hydrocarbon on the loading operators their medical checkups were done in three different seasons. The result of the study will tell the effects of these hydrocarbons on operators, extent of energy loss and revenue loss as well as the method to minimize the loss of hydrocarbon in atmosphere during loading and unloading of tankers thereby limiting the exposure of the operators to hydrocarbon vapours

      Anis, Abdullah Khan, Shahnawaz, Sarwar Rais

Abstract: Permo-Cretaceous, intracratonic Satpura Gondwana succession unconformably overlies the Precambrian Basement. The lowermost Talchir unit of Satpura succession comprises of glacio-marine and glacio-fluvial deposits. However, the succeeding the successions largely represent a variety of fluvial depositional systems with some records of fluvio-deltaic and fluvio-lacustrine sedimentation under a variety of climatic conditions including cold, warm, arid, subhumid and semiarid. The approximately 5 km thick succession comprises of Talchir, Baraker, Motur, Bijori, Pachmarhi, Denwa, Bagra and Jabalpur formations. The present study is confined to Early Triassic Pachmarhi Formation. On the basis of lithological characters six lithofacies were identified and their lateral trends at the measured section were studied: (1) Planar cross-bedded sandstone (Sp) facies, (2) Trough cross-bedded sandstone (St) facies, (3) Horizontally bedded to gentally inclined sandstone (Sh) facies, (4) Massive to faintly cross-bedded sandstone (Sm) facies; (5) Pebbly sandstone (Pb-S) facies, (6) Small scale ripple fine grained sandstone (Sr) facies were recognized in Pachmarhi Formation. Lithofacies characters and multistory sandstone bodies which are parallel to depositing streams is product of longitudinal bars and locally diagonal/transverse bars of low sinuosity braided streams. It is suggested that Pachmarhi sandstones are deposited in a braided river system under warm, humid to subhumid climatic conditions.

      Khayati Sant Ram͙, Mahesh Sharma , Anshu Sharma

Abstract: The study was made on morphometric parameters of human fetal suprarenal gland. The present study was carried out in the department of Anatomy, Government Medical College & Hospital, Chandigarh. The material for the study consisted of 30 spontaneously aborted human fetal specimens from 12th to 28th weeks of gestational ages. The suprarenal glands and kidney were taken from fetal specimens for morphological study. The measurements were done compass, scale and vernier caliper. The present study established a significant and positive correlation between the length,breadth and thickness of suprarenal gland. All the parameters were correlated to one another. Maximum increase of all the parameters were observed from gestational age of >15-20 weeks to >20-25 weeks. It was observed in the present study that the commonest shape of right suprarenal gland was tetrahedral whereas the shape of left suprarenal gland was semilunar.

      A.Antony Vinoth Kumar, C.Karthikeyan, V.Karthikeyan

Abstract: The objective of this paper is to prevent the attackers against the WEP in wireless networks. Wirelesses Local Area Networks (WLANs) have become more prevalent and are widely deployed in many popular places like university campuses, cafés, airports, residences, etc. However, WLAN security is a very important but usually neglected issue. Focusing on three major types of typical wireless security standards: WEP, WPA and WPA2, we aim to explore the current state-of-the-art in security protocols and to present an overview of their real-life vulnerabilities by issuing successful attacks against WEP and WPA-protected WLANs

      S.Satyasree, V. Krishna Reddy , P. Raveendra Reddy

Abstract: Highly sensitive and selective direct and derivative spectrophotometric methods are proposed for the determination of aluminium in various materials. 2-hydroxy-3-methoxybenzaldehyde-p-hydroxybenzoic hydrazone reacts with Al(III) forming yellow coloured soluble complex in aqueous dimethyl formamide which has a λmax at 410 nm in the pH range 4.5 – 5.5. Sensitivity of the method has significantly increased in the presence of 0.02% of cetyl pyridinium chloride miscellar medium. The system obeyed Beer’s law in the range 0.027 – 1.079 μg mL-1 of Al(III). The molar absorptivity (4.19 x 104 L mol-1 cm-1), detection limit (3.8 x 10-3 μg mL-1) and determination limit (1.16 x 10-2 μg mL-1) indicate the sensitivity of the proposed method. The studies on effect of diverse ions showed almost all the anions (except F-) and majority of the cations do not interfere in more than 50 fold excess. The interference from Ni(II), Fe(III), Cu(II) and Ti(IV) was eliminated by using suitable masking agents. The direct method was applied for the determination of aluminium in silicate minerals, industrial sludges and in soils. The sensitivity and selectivity of the proposed method is further enhanced in the first to fourth order derivative spectrophotometric methods developed. Second order derivative method was applied for the determination of Al(III) in plant extracts, hair, tea and water samples.

      Padmavathi Godavarthy, Y.SunilaKumari, E.Bikshapathy

Abstract: Triglycerides are stored lipids with high calorific value, and so may be the preferred choice of fuel during starvation, which may be partially utilized and also may be a simultaneously synthesized along the degradation, probably to balance the lipid over load and also to prevent lipotoxicity of cells caused due to accumulation of FFA(free fatty acids). There may not be any absolute depletion of lipids, during starvation as lipid is considered to be the element constant. To study and understand the relevance of triglycerides during starvation we selected, Anabas, testudineus, a sturdy fish from coastal waters of Andhra Pradesh (INDIA) and subjected it to brief (15days) and prolonged fasting (60days).Triglyceride concentration was estimated by the method of Raghuramulu et.al (1983).Six non adipose tissues, like liver, kidney, brain accessory respiratory organ, pectoral and lateral line muscle were chosen for the study. There was an overall upsurge observed in the triglyceride levels. During the short term fasting stress, the increase was found to be a significant one in tissues such as liver (P<0.01), kidney,(P<0.001) brain,(P<0.001) accessory respiratory organ(P<0.001) and lateral line muscle(P<0.001). Pectoral muscle (NS) however showed an insignificant rise. Long term starvation results were different from that of the short term. Tissues such as kidney(P<0.05) and brain(P<0.05) showed a significant rise and other non adipose tissues such as kidney, pectoral and lateral line muscle, all showed an insignificant increase. Accessory respiratory organ did not show any change in the triglyceride content. Anabas, adapted well to the starvation stress and survived all through the experimental period.We suggests that the triglyceride synthesis and accumulation during fasting may be used as an index to describe starvation status of anabas.

      Bipasha Mridha Ghosh

Abstract: India has been proficiently imbibing the conception of corporate environmentalism since time immemorial. It is preferred to study the contemporary trends of corporate greening in reference of iron industry because Iron and steel making in India have a history of more than 125 years and it is one of the leading industries. With the assistance of GAP analysis, environmental management practices of Iron Industries are studied in fine points to drawing the contemporary corporate environmentalism scenario. Findings show that Indian corporate environmentalism is the blend of Indian and European practice and Environmental Management System (EMS) is a fusion corporate environmentalism. Moreover following this pattern India’s iron industries are performing well. The significance of the study is fabricated, in enlightening a latest fashion of corporate environmentalism in India, which might be a better inspiration and more efficient to catalyze corporate environmentalism.

      Tawseef Yousuf, Muzahib Ibrahim, Hameem Majid, Javaid Ahmad , Vipin Vyas

Abstract: The present study deals with the ichthyofaunal diversity of Halali Reservoir in Vidisha district, Madhya Pradesh. Ichthyofaunal studies were undertaken during February – September 2011. The results of present investigation reveal the occurrence of 29 fish species belonging to 7 orders, 10 families and 15 genera. The order Cypriniformes was found dominant (18 species) followed by Ophiocephaliformes (4 species), Clupeiformes and Mastacembeleformes (2 species) and Beloniformes, Perciformes and Siluriformes (1 species) each. The range of different physico-chemical parameters were observed such as air temperature 24oC - 37oC; water temperature 21oC - 28oC; TDS 120 – 150 ppm; Conductivity 245 – 280 µS/cm; pH 7.1 – 9; Free CO2 nil - 8.4 mg/l; Dissolved Oxygen 6 – 9.8 mg/l; Phenolphthalein alkalinity nil – 40.02 mg/l; Total alkalinity 56 – 236 mg/l; Total hardness 50 – 120 mg/l; Chloride 57.99 – 96.99 mg/l; Orthophosphate 0.122 – 1.06 mg/l and Nitrate 0.16 – 1.12 mg/l.

      Dr. Babita Thakur, Rozika Gupta, Rajesh Singh

Abstract: Policies are framed to provide direction to obtain an end. The Industrial Policies of India were also framed to meet the challenges as an end and to give direction to obtain economic development and growth through industrialization after independence at the latter stage. The present paper highlights the changing face of India’s Industrial Policies. The evolution of India’s industrial policies can be seen by dividing the entire study into three phases namely: - first, Industrial Policies of India prior to Independence; second, Industrial Policies of India after Independence up to 1990 and; third, Industrial Policy of 1991 and thereafter policies. In the first phase an attempt is made to understand the industrial policy pursued by the British rulers. In second phase it is discussed that how India pursued and modified industrial policies which could put India on the road to progress. In the third phase how developing India gave new direction to industrial activities through New Industrial Policy and its following Industrial Policies which could cope up with rest of the world economies under the banner of LPG (Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization) is discussed.

      N.Ravi Teja, M.Aneesh Babu, T.R.S.Prasad, T.Ravi

Abstract: The intended application of our Different Types of Dispersions in an optical fiber. In this report we discuss about the Optical Fiber and its advantages, Theory and principles of the fiber optics, Fiber geometry, Types of optical fiber, Different parameters and characteristics of fiber are also explained. Fiber has linear and non-linear characteristics. Linear characteristics are wavelength window, bandwidth, attenuation and dispersion. Non-linear characteristics depend on the fiber manufacturing, geometry etc.Dispersion is the spreading of light pulse as its travels down the length of an optical fiber. Dispersion limits the bandwidth or information carrying capacity of a fiber.

      Bhavya R, Vijay V

Abstract: Edges define boundaries and are of fundamental importance in image processing. Edge detection is an important feature of image processing which is used for object extraction and finding out minute parts in applications like medical, mining, production etc. Image Edge detection significantly reduces the amount of data and filters out useless information, while preserving the important structural properties in an image. It is therefore important to find even the sensitive edges present in an image. An effort in this regard results a proposal of an edge detection algorithm which not only detects the minute edges present in the image which is very hard to detect from the existing methods, but also proves its efficiency in object extraction. A comparison with a few familiar methods is done in order to prove the efficiency and capability of the proposed method which completely suppresses the background and enhances object extraction.

      Jitendra kumar, Dr.U.prasadr

Abstract: In recent years there have been widespread interests in Sweep Frequency Response Analysis (SFRA) of transformer. SFRA is popular because without dismantle of transformer we can detect the different faults. SFRA is used for assessment of the mechanical condition of the transformer core and winding. It provides an early indication of the growing problems. This method uses a low voltage sinusoidal signal which contains a sweep of frequencies covering a range between 10 Hz and 2 MHz. This signal is applied at one end and measured on the other end of the winding with one phase at a time and the impedance of the transformer winding over a wide range of frequencies is measured. This method is based on a comparison approach with respect to reference data. It is advisable to have reference tests on the new transformer. Faults which can change either the winding capacitance or the winding inductance are detectable. It is desirable to monitor the mechanical condition of the transformers periodically during their service life to provide an early warning of faults in transformer. In classical method result interpretation of SFRA to diagnosis the fault in power transformer depends upon the experience of human experts. Sometime a high degree of inconsistency and ambiguity have been observed regarding interpretation of result by different human experts, so there is a need to develop expert system for SFRA. In this thesis expert system programming has been developed using suitable MATLAB code. It has been successfully applied to various power transformers.

      Papri Das (Sengupta)

Abstract: A laboratory study was conducted to assess the structural difference in some common mammals. During this investigation some farm and sanctuary mammal’s blood were examined. After that when compared with that of human haemin crystals some significant and also non-significant result were obtained. Statistical analysis was done to determine the structural differences.

      Dhananjay Kumar, Deblina Dey, Anshul Sarvate, Kumar Gaurav Shankar, Lakshmi Sahitya.U

Abstract: Plasmodium falciparum, the causative agent of severe human malaria. The dominance of resistant strains has compelled to the discovery and development of new and different modes-of-action. Current plasmodial drug discovery efforts remains lack far-reaching set of legitimated drug targets. Prerequisite of these targets (or the pathways in which they function) is that they prove to be crucial for parasite survival. Thioredoxin Reductase is a flavoprotein that catalyzes the NADPH-dependent reduction of thioredoxin. It plays an important role in maintaining the redox environment of the cell. A third redox active group transfers the reducing equivalent from the apolar active site to the surface of protein. This group is a second redox active disulfide in thioredoxin reductase. The vital importance of the thioredoxin redox cycle (encompassing NADPH, thioredoxin reductase and thioredoxin) is stressed by the confirmation that thioredoxin reductase is indispensable for the survival of intraerythrocytic P. falciparum. Cytosolic Plasmodium falciparum Spermidine synthase linked with the polyamine metabolism is a potential target for antimalarial chemotherapy due to the vital role of spermidine in the activation of the eukaryotic translation initiation factor 5A, cell proliferation and the mechanism of the aminopropyltransferase action of Spermidine Synthase. Methyl Erythritol 4-Phosphate (MEP)/Rohmer pathway is assumed to have specific inhibitors designed against enzymes of this pathway with less toxicity and fewer side effects. 2C-Methyl-d-Erythritol 2, 4 – Cyclodiphosphate Synthase (MECPS), catalyzes the formation of isopentenyl pyrophosphate (IPP) and dimethylallyl pyrophosphate. All three enzymes represents as promising drug targets for rational drug designing.

      Gautham Varma, Karteek Guturu

Abstract: Researches and designs of the information age are channelizing towards User-Experience design (UXD or UED), which has been developed in such a way as to give the impression that the design is unique to the user. Though it has successfully achieved its intent in certain design circles, questions arise in the field of architecture, concerning the relationship between the architect and the end-user recipient. The society recognizes ‘architects’ as the absolute masters of space determination, design, building planning and construction supervision. The architect is imposed of certain authority and responsibility considering that he is a trained professional in space formation. Despite achieving the feeling of belonging to the user, many individuals will still make adjustments to the architect’s design. How is the space formation being incomplete here? Is it because many users end up accepting, unconditionally, the architect’s creativity and adapt themselves to their four walls or do they complete, themselves, the nuances of functionality and space formation? This paper analyses the gap between the architect and the end-user as well as between the architect and his creation; to find out a better concept in which the user is given a higher power in designing than being a mere client.

      J.Santhanalakshmi, V.Dhanalakshmi

Abstract: Drug polluted waters are treated by various methods. Among the chemical methods the advanced oxidation process is adopted in this work using copper oxide nanocubes stabilized with green polymers namely chitosan and starch. Copper oxide nanocubes (CuOnc) are characterized using FTIR, FESEM and HRTEM. The edge side length of nanocubes of starch and chitosan stabilized CuO are found to be 10 ± 1nm, 8 ± 1 nm respectively. H2O 2 is used as the oxidant. Time dependant UV spectra for the oxidation of the three drugs namely gentamicin (GE), furosemide (FU) and deriphyllin (DH) are studied under the pseudo first order conditions, using the Cuonc as the catalyst. Based on the absorbance versus time plots, the kinetic plots for the rate coefficient determination are made. The optimum pH values for the maximum rate coefficient values for the three drugs are found to lie within the range of pKa values. The catalyst mass effect was studied and 1mg of CuOnc has been found to be effective. The trend observed in the rate coefficient values for the oxidative degradation for the three drugs is GE>FU>DH and chitosan stabilized CuOnc is found to catalyse better than the starch stabilized ones for the oxidative degradation of the drugs.

      Emmanuel Dartey Manteaw, Dr. Nicodemus Abungu Odero

Abstract: The problem of power system optimization has become a deciding factor in current power system engineering practice with emphasis on cost and emission reduction. The economic and emission dispatch problem has been addressed in this paper using two efficient optimization methods, Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) and Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO). A hybrid produced from these two algorithms is tested on a 10 generator test system with valve point effects. The results are compared with differential evolution (DE), Strength Pareto Evolutionary Algorithm (SPEA) and Non Sorting Genetic Algorithm (NSGA) and found to be effective on the combined economic and emission dispatch problem.

      Pratik Thakkar, Ronak Massand, Sahil Baxi

Abstract: Our idea is to build a pattern following Stinger Bot which follows a specific pattern that is drawn on the computer by a GUI interface by considering various algorithmic factors. It will find its applications in military sting operations and industries where the equipments or the parts need to be dynamically moved. It uses a ‘Paint’ like GUI on which the user defines a path he wants the robot to follow. This is then broken down using precise algorithms and transmitted wirelessly to the bot. The bot then decodes this information by passing the data through an Intel Atom processor, a serializer which finally maneuvers the motors along the path specified by the user on the GUI interface. The simplicity of the interface hides a labyrinth of contraptions and algorithms- which marks the beauty of this project.

      Chandra. R, Saravanaselvi. P

Abstract: The objectives carried out for the multicast video stream over WiMAX network are 1) The method involved to carry out its sub stream formation of video stream 2) The scheduling algorithm 3) Performance evaluation comparison for the existing methods are analysed and its comparative statement is tabulated. The novel idea is proposed for improving performance metrics such as good put, average delay and frame lost ratio to attain Quality of Service in Wimax networks.

      Varsha Gupta

Abstract: Our aim to establish the metal (Pb, Cd, Cr, Cu and Zn) levels of wild mammalian scat samples deriving from sanctuaries of Western Rajasthan and compare the concentrations between Desert National Park, Jaisalmer and Gajner Wildlife sanctuary, Bikaner. Restrictions on the sampling because of Wildlife Protection Act (1972) prevents taking of samples of living tissues to analyse body burdens of contaminants that the wildlife may be carrying. According to our results the concentrations of metals (µg/g (ppm) dry weight) in fecal samples were in the range of 1.02 to 1.88 (Pb), 0.90 to 1.49 (Cd), 1.14 to 1.69 (Cr), 0 to 34.3 (Cu) and 0 to 25.53 (Zn) in DNP whereas in Gajner it was in range between 0.40 to 2.17 (Pb), 0.96 to 2.6 (Cd), 4.44 to 9.9 (Cr), 3.63 to 22.23 (Cu) and 4.61 to 10.15 (Zn). Background concentration in Soil, vegetation samples were also analysed . Detail data on contamination is presented in this paper.

      Raghavendra J, Anji Reddy Y, Deepak Kumar R, Ravi T

Abstract: Rapid advancements in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) have already had a profound impact on life in the 21st century. The growth of knowledge-based societies present great opportunities and challenges for the social and economic health of all countries. New telecommunications technologies such as UMTS will play a central role in the smooth transition to an Information Society by providing people with fast, unlimited access to information and services at anytime, from anywhere.

      Aarti Sharma

Abstract: In recent years, emerging market economies (EMEs) are increasingly becoming a source of foreign investment for rest of the world. It is not only a sign of their increasing participation in the global economy but also of their increasing competence. More importantly, a growing impetus for change today is coming from developing countries and economies in transition, where a number of private as well as state-owned enterprises are increasingly undertaking outward expansion through foreign direct investments (FDI). Companies are expanding their business operations by investing overseas with a view to acquiring a regional and global reach. . Foreign direct investment (FDI) in India country assumed critical importance in the context of this liberalization. Though India is the tenth most industrialized country in the world, it is well known that it is mainly agro-based with around 70% population engaged in the farm sector. However, in the initial stage of liberalization, FDI was centered on the urban manufacturing sectors because of its civic infrastructure, labor availability, flexible taxation mechanism etc. The success story of FDI in these sectors is known to us. The present paper is an attempt to study the future prospects of FDI in India in pension funds.

      Ratnadeep Ray, Sakti Mandal, Arijit Dhara

Abstract: Sustainable management of wetland ecosystem is necessary as it serves the important functions such as food storage, water quality maintenance and providing habitat for different species of wildlife. Hence an inventory of wetlands in any given area is a pre-requisite for their conservation and management. Here a study has been carried out to delineate the characteristics of inland-wetland of Nadia district of West Bengal using LANDSAT ETM+ and LANDSAT TM data for the year of 2000 and 2010.The data have been analyzed and qualitatively characterized based on the turbidity and aquatic vegetation status. Two kinds of wetlands have been delineated like ponds and ox-bow lakes. From the analysis it has been observed that inland wetlands constitute 5.7% of the study area and here the ox-bow lakes are locally named as ‘Bils’. Thus this study highlights the usefulness of Remote Sensing data and DIP techniques for wetland mapping and characterization.

      Vishal Sharma

Abstract: The regenerative potential in the root explants of in vivo grown Cattleya ’Almakee’ plants largely depend on the location of isolated explants from the main root and on the level&type of the growth regulators.Regeneration is affected by polarity all along the root axis of root.The regeneration is of basipetal gradient.The proximal explants responded to the presence of cytokinins(BAP/KN)in Mitra et al.,1976 medium.The effect of cytokinins was accentuated in the additional presence of NAA,whereas the distal explants failed to regenerate.The regenerated plantlets were accilimatized &transfered to pots filled with moss, pine bark, brick &charcoal pieces (2:4:1:1) with 90% survival.

      J. Bennet Solomi, M. Rajalakshmi, C.V. Mala

Abstract: Every year 17 million people are died due to cardio vascular diseases. Some of the people life can be saved if immediate treatment will be given within the appropriate time. So the patient’s Cardiac health should be monitored continuously. A low cost hardware equipment has been designed and implemented to monitor the Body temperature, ECG signal, Blood Pressure and Blood Glucose of a patient. The major aim of this system is to provide an medical monitoring for the user at anytime , if there are any abnormal change of ECG data, body Temperature, Blood Pressure and Blood Glucose of a patient. Communication between client and server mobile phone is achieved through GPRS network. Temperature sensor LM 35 and electrodes are used to measure the body temperature and ECG signal of a patient and Pulse Oximeter is used to measure the Blood Glucose and BP of Patient. Body temperature ECG signal, Blood Pressure value and Blood Glucose value is transmitted as an email to the remote mobile phone.

      Debkamal Mohapatra, Brijesh Mishra

Abstract: Robust digital signature verifies the originality of an image by detecting malicious manipulations. Its goal is different from that of image watermarking, which embeds into the image a signature surviving most manipulations. In this paper, we present an effective technique for image authentication which can prevent malicious manipulations but allow JPEG lossy compression. The authentication signature is based on the invariance of the relationships between discrete cosine transform (DCT) coefficient at the same position in separate blocks of an image.

      V.S. Veena, Preethi S George, K. Jayasree, K. Sujathan

Abstract: Lung cancer is one of the leading cause of cancer related deaths for people of both sexes worldwide and sputum cytology has been accepted as one of the best non-invasive method for lung cancer diagnosis, but this method is not accepted as a screening technique because of its lower sensitivity.

      Nitashree Mili

Abstract: Rural tourism is a recent offshoot of tourism sector that has grown up to be a potential business in its own space. Rural tourism is a form of nature based tourism that uncovers the rural life, culture, art and heritage at rural locations, thereby favoring the local communities socially and economically.Such form of tourism has created tremendous impact on the local economy and socio-cultural scenario of the concern area on one hand and carries a potential scope for the rural residents on the other hand. Rural tourism is an opportunity for rural development. The Tipam Phakey village of Naharkatia has great diversity of culture, tradition and natural resources which makes it every attractive tourist destination. It is a store house of a unique Buddhist culture that has form the basis of attractions for outsiders. Here, rural tourism promotes the local economy, socio-cultural changes and life style of the people residing in and around the village. This present paper aims at exploring of rural tourism at Tipam Phakey village, which act as an incentive to promote local, socio-economic and cultural changes and lifestyle of the people residing in and around this tourist location and also to find out various constraints and possibilities of tourism development in the study area.

      Vishal P. Patil, Bhumika N. Vaghela, Dhruvi B. Soni, Pankti N. Patel, Yogesh T. Jasrai

Abstract: Gujarat is a western state of India which enjoys a tropical climate. The major concentration of forests is found all along the eastern border of the state and the hilly portion of Saurashtra. The Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary lies towards the eastern part of the state between the parallels of latitude 22-22’N and 22-28’N and the meridians of longitude 73-38’E and 73-44’ E. The Sanctuary is spread over the Jambughoda and Halol Talukas of Panchmahals district and the Sankheda taluka of Vadodara district. The Sanctuary is spread over 130.38 Sq.Km. of undulating land with moist deciduous forest. This work deals with the analysis of soil samples collected from different areas of Jambughoda wildlife sanctuary. Stratified Random Sampling was employed to collect soil samples from surface as well as 10, 20 and 30 cm depths. The collected samples were analysed for macronutrients, micronutrients, organic carbon and organic matter. The amount of carbon sequestered was also calculated in kg/ha. Significant variations were seen in organic carbon content among samples collected from different places as well as from different depths. The average pH content of the soil samples was also measured.

      Jaganathan P , Naveen kumar T, Dr. R.Sivasubramanianc

Abstract: WEDM is a widely recognized unconventional material cutting process used to manufacture components with complex shapes and profiles of hard materials. In this thermal erosion process, there is no physical contact between the wire tool and work materials. Wire Electrical Discharge Machining (WEDM) is getting more tasks in fields like dies, punches, aero and many more. It is the very difficult task to get optimum process parameters for higher cutting efficiency. Accuracy is becoming a predominant factor nowadays. In this paper EN31 is taken for study. The design of experiments (DOE) is done in taguchi L27 orthogonal array (OA). In WEDM process rough machining gives lesser accuracy and finish machining gives fine surface finish, but it reduces the machining speed. Hence we have to improve the MRR and reduce the Ra as the objective, which is done by taguchi method.

      A.Solairaju, N. Abdul Ali, S. Abdul Saleem

Abstract: The Gracefulness of Tp-tree with Five levels is obtained by Java Programming.

      A.Thirunavukarasu, Dr. S. Uma Maheswari

Abstract: This paper proposes an efficient algorithm for Fuzzy based Metagraph ADT (Abstract Data Type). It is a hierarchical data structure where every node has one or more data. A mathematical model which encompasses both data type and the functions that operate on the data type is called as an ADT. Fuzzy set ADT integrated with Fuzzy Metagraph can perform different operations such as Union, Intersection, Disjoint Subset Union, Clustering and Searching. The proposed method considerably reduces the time complexity which can be applied to solve a number of problems. Fuzzy metagraph is an emerging technique used in the design of many information processing systems like transaction processing systems, decision support systems, and workflow Systems.

      Shraddha Srivastava, K.C. Tripathi

Abstract: Indian summer monsoon rainfall (ISMR) is an important metric to quantify the Asian monsoon system. Artificial Neural Networks, ANNs, are being increasingly used for nonlinear regression and classification problems in meteorology. The issues raised for this study can be summarized as the problem of simulation of the ISMR time series with the ANN model to get away with the need of external parameter for its prediction. The need of simulation with ANN needs to be justified by the same simulation being done by the linear and non-linear regression models. Time series analysis of the All India Rainfall Index using the ANN model and the linear and non-linear regression models are done. Lag Correlation analysis of the time series has been done to determine the predictors. The results are statistically analyzed to determine the quality of forecasts and also to do an inter-comparison of the models. Non-linear regression analysis was done to critically analyze the usefulness of the ANN models while modeling the AIR with the single data set. That the ANN model is a better option than the linear regression model was observed.

      Syeda Farha Shazmeen, Shyam Prasad

Abstract: There are a continuously growing number of customers who use Internet banking because of its convenience. But the security and privacy of Information may be one of the biggest concerns to the Online Banking users. The problem with Online banking applications is that they send data directly to customer in plain text form compromising with security. The solutions to the security issues require the use of software-based solutions that involve the use of encryption algorithms. For this we propose a challenge/response -based short-time password authentication methods using Symmetric cryptography in combination with Software Security model. In this approach bank hides customer transaction data is secure SMS using IDEA symmetric cryptographic algorithm and send it to customer application supported handset. Customer application decrypts data in secure manner the encryption and decryption are characterized by a secret key that the legal parties have to posses. So, in face of the current security issues and the growing number of attacks and consequent frauds, new internet banking systems should be designed as to provide better authentication and identification methods. And these methods can be implemented to the Mobile banking to address the Security concern.


Abstract: Medicinal plants are the precious wealth for healthy and happy society; all the plants in natural ecosystem appear to be symbiotic with fungal endophytes. This highly diverse group of fungi can have profound impacts on plant communities through increasing fitness by conferring stress tolerance or decreasing fitness by altering resource allocation. Thus the present work has been carried out to explore their activities against some of the ethno medicinally important plants in Karaikal. In view of importance of these fungi (as potential bio control agents, source of bioactive compounds and in plant protection) it was considered worthwhile to study fungal associates of some of ethno medicinal plants. Five medicinal plants belonging to different families have observed, fungi have been isolated from the different parts of the medicinal plants.

      Karnati Hemanth, Talluri Ravikiran, Maddipati Venkat Naveen, Thumati Ravi

Abstract: The Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) is combination of different protocols at various layers.TCP/IP is the basic communication language or protocol of the Internet and private networks either an intranet or an extranet. The TCP/IP suite has many design weaknesses so far as security and privacy are concerned. Some of these are protocol design weaknesses, whereas rest is defects in the software that implements the protocols. In this paper, I focused mainly on protocol level issues, rather than implementation flaws. In this paper, we discuss about the security issues related to the some of the protocols in the TCP/IP suite.

      Mr. Rohit N. Devikar, Prof. Manjushree. D. Laddha

Abstract: Model-Based Testing is the automatic generation of efficient test procedures using models of system requirements and specified functionality. Model-based regression testing is an important activity that ensures the reliability of evolving software [1]. One of the major issues in this type of testing is the optimal selection of test-cases to test the affected portion of the software. Model-based selective regression testing promises reduction in cost and labour by selecting a subset of the test suite corresponding to the modifications after system evolution. Identification of such changes in modification and selection of test cases is very difficult task. In this paper, MBRT (Model Based Regression Testing) tool has been developed, which is a java base testing tool used for generation, reduction of test cases and also classify the test cases into obsolete, reusable and re-testable test cases which results in reduction in time and cost. In this paper use of class diagram and state machine diagram has been made for presenting the idea of regression testing and also use of flow graph to generate the test cases.

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