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IJSRP, Volume 2, Issue 7, July 2012 Edition [ISSN 2250-3153]

All listed papers are published after full consent of respective author or co-author(s).
For any discussion on research subject or research matter, the reader should directly contact to undersigned authors.

All the papers will be listed in OARD, latest by 17th July 2012.
Online print version will be released latest by 17th July 2012.

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Abstract: We study a consolidated system of event; cause and n Qubit register which makes computation with n Qubits. Model extensively dilates upon systemic properties and analyses the systemic behaviour of the equations together with other concomitant properties. Inclusion of event and cause ,we feel enhances the "Quantum ness" of the system holistically and brings out a relevance in the Quantum Computation on par with the classical system, in so far as the analysis is concerned.

      Ade Sumiardi, Wibowo Mangunwardoyo, Sumi Hudiyono, Dwi Susilaningsih

Abstract: Biosurfactant have been recognized as an important microbial products which was applicable in a number of industries and bioprocesses. In these study, characterization of biosurfactant producing bacterial consortium isolated from soil a hydrocarbon-contaminated area in Cepu Area, Central Java, Indonesia were conducted by measuring the growth of bacterial consortium, surface tension, interfacial tension, emulsification activity and its chemical composition. The results revealed that growth of bacteria exponential phase was reached at 24 hours no different growth pattern. The biosurfactant was a complex compound which consist of carbohydrate, protein and lipid. The emulsification used E24 of 93.75% unit was for bacterial consortium. The surface tension was reduced to below 51 dynes/cm from 72.00 dynes/cm (water surface tension) of bacterial consortium and the lowest interfacial tension values were obtained 10.00 dynes/cm.


Abstract: We provide a series of Models for the problems that arise in Yang Mills Theory. No claim is made that the problem is solved. We do factorize the Yang Mills Theory and give a Model for the values of LHS and RHS of the yang Mills theory. We hope these forms the stepping stone for further factorizations and solutions to the subatomic denominations at Planck's scale. Work also throws light on some important factors like mass acquisition by symmetry breaking, relation between strong interaction and weak interaction, Lagrangian Invariance despite transformations, Gauge field, Noncommutative symmetry group of Gauge Theory and Yang Mills Theory itself.

      Ali Abusalah Elmabrok Mohammed, Ng Kim-Soon

Abstract: This study uses Edward Altman's financial distress prediction model and current ratio to assess financial situation of Companies listed in the Malaysia Stock Exchange. The population of this study is composed of 44 selected listed Companies of Malaysian Stock Exchange. The secondary data for assessment were obtained from the financial report of these Companies. This study found that there are financial distressed companies listed on the main board and are not classified as PN17 company. Study concluded that Edward Altman model and current ratio are useful tools for investor to predict financial failure of companies

      Dr. Shivani Mishra

Abstract: In any organizations culture is subtle way which significantly helps in developing and maintaining leadership and organizational effectiveness. The present study demonstrated the empirical link between the organizational culture, leadership and organizational effectiveness. in present study data were gathered from selected manufacturing units of Gujarat from 440 samples. Descriptive and exploratory research design had been adopted. The finding of the study necessitated that the null hypotheses is rejected. In this survey it is found that there was non-spurious relationship found between organizational culture, leadership and organizational effectiveness. Present study contributes to the existing pool of knowledge on the relationship between culture, leadership and organizational effectiveness.

      Poushpi Dwivedi, Shahid S Narvi, Ravi P Tewari

Abstract: The field of manufacturing technology has totally been renovated with the emergence of nanotechnology; and the mergence of nanoscience with material science, biology, biotechnology and medicine has completely novelized various arrays of biomedical engineering. For the nanomedicine landscape we have designed and developed Ag/CS-PVC nanocomposite material having superb antimicrobial properties which can effectively be used as self-sterilizing catheter biomaterial especially for the cardiovascular system. Arjuna bark, one of the best cardio-protector agents, has been involved for the production of silver nanoparticles. Several techniques have been used for the characterization of nanoparticles and the nanomaterial developed. This biomaterial is cost effective and extremely biocompatible.

      M.V.K.Meher, A.Satish Kumar, K.Samatha, A.D.P.Ra

Abstract: The elastic properties of Molybdenum - lithium ferrites [Li(1+3y)/2MoYFe2.5-5y/2]O4 of various compositions sintered at 1200 oC were measured at room temperature using the ultrasonic pulse transmission technique. Elastic properties of the specimens were investigated as a function of composition. From the experimentally observed values of longitudinal and shear (Vs) wave velocities, Young's (E), Rigidity (n) and Bulk (k) moduli are calculated and found to decrease with increase of Molybdinum content. As the ferrites under investigation are porous, the elastic moduli have been corrected to zero porosity using Hassel man and Fulrath's formulae. The Poisson's ratio is maximum at y=0.1 then gradually decreasing with increasing Molybdenum. Debye temperatures of these specimens are calculated using Anderson's formula and it is found that decrease with increase Molybdenum. The elastic moduli with compositions were interpreted in terms of the binding force between the atoms. The average sound velocity (Vm) is found to decreases linearly with Debye temperature.

      Y.Venkateswarlu, Kota.Sandeep, ASN.Chakravarthy

Abstract: Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) is a widely used multiple access method in a lot of vital applications. The systems that are designed based on CDMA are suffering from multiple access interference (MAI) problem. Linear CDMA detectors are widely used in CDMA systems' design because the complexity of these detectors is linear with the number of system's users. Matched filter, Decorrelator, and MMSE adaptive filter are examples of these linear detectors. A lot of CDMA detectors are designed to overcome the (MAI) problem. But as the capability of CDMA detector in (MAI) cancellation increases, the complexity of the detector increases too. This project gives a proposal to a new linear CDMA detector that has the same multiple access interference (MAI) cancellation capability as CDMA decorrelator detector. Structure complexity of this new proposed detector is as simple as the matched filter detector structure. Solving the (MAI) problem in CDMA system with simple detector structure at the receiver helps on increasing the CDMA system capacity. The new proposed detector operation is based on the symmetry property of CDMA signatures' codes cross-correlation matrix.

      RuchikaKataria and Dolly Kumar

Abstract: The three years of field study were undertaken during the year September 2008-September 2011. 49 species of insect pests were recorded. The maximum numbers of insect pests are identified from order Hemipterans, Lepidopterans and Coleopterans. The major damage was seen from order Hemipterans, sucking pests mainly Aphids. There are around 6 species of aphids are prevalent; damaging approx. 30 host plants species from 16 different families were recorded. Host plant species belonging to family Malvaceae (16%), Fabaceae (15%), Solanaceae (12%) and Asclepiadaceae (10%) were found as preferred hosts of aphids in agro- ecosystem of Vadodara. Hence the present study provides the good information about the assessment of incidence and infestation rate of sucking pest, Aphidsin the agro- ecosystem of Vadodara

      P.S.Ashtankar, Dr.C.G.Dethe

Abstract: The basic circular monopole antenna exhibits a 10 dB return loss bandwidth over the entire frequency band, the paper proposed a modified version of simple circular monopole antenna for WPAN application. The antenna offers excellent performance in the range of 2-12 GHz.. The antenna is designed on FR4 substrate and fed with 50 ohms micro strip feed line. The antenna is suitable for operating frequency of 7 GHz. It is shown that return loss of the antennas at 7 GHz is better than -10 dB and VSWR obtained is less than 2. Proposed geometry is design and simulated using HFSS11 Details of the proposed antenna design and measured results are presented.

      B.Bindhu, T.Asai Thambi

Abstract: Nephrolithiasis is a global problem affecting mankind for several centuries. Struvite stones may cause 'staghorn calculi' and if untreated could eventually damage kidneys. Recent findings showed that medication has caused an increase in the formation of urinary calculi. In view of this , an attempt is made to grow struvite crystals using gel method and to find the influence of drugs on the formation of urinary calculi. The chemical composition, thermal properties and morphology of the grown crystals with and without the addition of drugs were carried out using FTIR, thermogravimetric analysis and SEM-EDAX.

      A.K. Srivastava, G .Lokesh, Raziul Islam, P.K. Kar and M.K. Sinha

Abstract: Laria is a wild ecorace of tropical tasar silkworm Antheraea mylitta Drury and the adaptability of this ecorace mainly on Shorea robusta (Sal). It has high economic importance is noteworthy for its small size, robust with variable cocoon colour and has low filament denier. In nature, the voltinism of this ecorace is uni-, bi-, and trivoltine. In the present study, variability in the cocoon characters and biochemical parameters was assessed to analyze the degree of heterogeneity with in the natural population of Laria in relation to the cocoon colour. Differential amount in the cocoon traits, such as cocoon weight and shell ratio were recoded with significant variability at p<0.05 level. Protein and reducing sugar concentrations were recorded higher in whitish grey cocoons compared to the yellow colored cocoons. This would be highly warranted to study intra-population variability for the understanding of wild tasar silkworm ecoraces like Laria. The study also facilitates to harness the potentialities of Laria ecoraces to apply in breeding prospects.

      Selim Ahmed, Rahamot Ali Sheikh, Shayla Nasrin, ARM Luthful Kabir

Abstract: Worldwide, approximately 40,000 children per year are moved between more than 100 countries through adoption. By law, guardianship, not adoption, is permitted in Bangladesh. To the best of our knowledge, no scientific study on guardianship or adoption is ever reported from Bangladesh. Our study, for the first time, is reporting on some of the basic characteristics of adoption in Bangladesh.

      G.B.S.R Naidu, B.Anil Kumar, G R Locharla

Abstract: DSP functions such as FIR filters and transforms are used in a number of applications such as communication and multimedia. FIR Filter is an LTI system its output is a convolution function of input and impulse response of the system. It involves multiplication and addition operations. Application of DAA (Distributive Arithmetic Algorithm) in this implementation avoids the usage of multiplication to minimize the hardware complexity. In this paper a novel architecture for a 16 tap FIR filter is designed and implemented by using optimized DA algorithm. Xilinx Xc5vfx200T FPGA is targeted using Xilinx ISE 10.1i software. Performance of the implemented FIR filter in this paper is measured in terms of relative error in result by comparing the FPGA output with theoretical value calculated in MATLAB.

      Neesha Shinde, Shinde Kiran, Khatri SM, Deepali Hande

Abstract: To find out the effectiveness of ventilatory muscle training in COPD.

      Debnath. D, Nath. S.K., Borthakur. N.K.

Abstract: Sound which is undesirable for human hearing is called as noise. When there is a lot of noise from various sources, it constitutes what is called as noise pollution. Noise pollution can be caused due to various sources-there is street noise, traffic noise, and noise in public transport places, noise in playgrounds and parks, noise in the shopping malls, noise in workplaces... One of the greatest sources of noise pollution is Heavy vehicles like Trucks and Buses. The Noise level in Nagaon District of Assam, India has been increasing rapidly due to rapid urbanization, uncontrolled movements of vehicles. Transport is the major contributor to noise in the town, especially from heavy vehicles like Trucks and Buses. In this paper we are trying to present about the result of noise level in dB (A) on various points of Nagaon District. It has been found out that noise levels are more than permissible in all the investigated 27 spots (in each spot 15 no. of observations are taken) around the District. Result shows, the noise should be identified as the major environmental problem and should take necessary steps to minimize it.

      Naseem Zaidi, Aziz Ahmad

Abstract: A soft-switching buck converter is proposed for battery charging application. This converter can also be used with other low voltage miniature applications. Resonant inductor and capacitor helps to turn on-off the switch at zero current. This reduces switching losses in our conventional converter. In order to determine two (current) zero-cross points for switch-on and switch-off, the quasi-resonant state is employed. The quasi-resonant state is performed in full-waveform mode. This makes output voltage independent of output load variation. This leads to efficiency higher than conventional converter due to ZCS. Complete design-oriented mathematical calculations were done for zero current resonant switching converters. The performance of the proposed converter is evaluated on a 3.24-W (6 V/0.54 A) experimental prototype.

      Prathiba N S, Mrs. Asha G H, Mr. K Shashi kiran

Abstract: This paper presents an efficient region-based WP (weighted prediction) with improved global brightness change detection for real-time H.264 encoder. We improve WP for local brightness changes using the reference reordering, without additional memory bandwidth and computation for ME (motion estimation). A brute force way is choosing the best reference index that minimizes MV cost after performing ME with two references separately. However, it doubles the ME computation too. To reduce the computation, we propose the following MB-based WP.

      Komala.S, Ravikumar.G

Abstract: Multithreading and prefetching are the techniques used to increase the performance of the processor. Multithreading executes another concurrent thread when running thread encounters a catch miss. Prefetching increases the single thread performance by predicting the data address in advance. This paper presents the performance of standard benchmarks in simultaneous multithreading processor (SMT) and chip multiprocessor (CMP). SMT is a tightly coupled system where the processor and the cache are dependent on each other. CMP is a loosely coupled system with independent processor and cache. The processor is demonstrated by cyclic accurate execution driven simulator and the processor performance are evaluated based on execution speed and execution time.

      G.Mohana Priya, P.Vasanthi Kumari

Abstract: When data is transmitted over insecure bandwidth-limited channels, data compression and encryption is always necessary. Slepian-Wolf coding can be applied to the lossless compression of encrypted sources. But for the images, image compression techniques present in the literature that make use of Markov properties in the Slepian-Wolf decoder do not offer significant result. This paper proposes compression of encrypted grayscale image.An encryption algorithm called Quasi-group is used to encrypt thegrayscale image so as to protect the image during transmission. The encrypted image is compressed progressively in resolution by Resolution Progressive Compression (RPC) technique. The experimental result shows that the proposed approach provides significant security and high PSNR value.

      D.Sreeja and C.Janaki

Abstract: The aim of this paper is to introduce the concepts of (1,2)-Πgb-open map,(1,2)-Πgb-closed map,(1,2)-Πgb-homeomorphism and (1,2)-ΠgbC-homeomorphism and study their basic properties. We also investigate its relationship with other types of functions.

      Abhinandan R. Gupta

Abstract: With the urge for development and to satisfy the needs and wants, working and growth of Construction Industry is unavoidable. However, the conventional approach and negligence towards future generation bought the concept of "Sustainability" which simply means the proper use of resources or to sustain resources for further generation to come. Using scarily and Eco- friendly material even though is a great compatible approach for achieving it but what about the construction already existing? brings a great question to one's mind. Million tons of resources are utilized per year for construction purpose and million tons get waste both at construction and demolition time. This C & D waste needs to be given special attention .The aim of paper over here is to develop sound planning for such site waste material and the implementation of 3 R's-Reduce , Reuse & Recycle for sustainable construction management practice.

      Deepak Gupta, Renuka, Payal Singla

Abstract: This Paper provides a heuristic algorithm for two stage open shop scheduling problem to minimize the makespan in which processing times are associated with their respective probabilities including the concepts of job block criteria and transportation time. Further weights are attached with jobs to indicate their relative importance. A computer programme followed by a numerical illustration is given to justify the proposed algorithm.


Abstract: In this paper we consider the problem of finding the number of zeros of a polynomial in a prescribed region by subjecting the real and imaginary parts of its coefficients to certain restrictions.

      Amit Kumar, Aziz Ahmad, Ashwani Grover, Umesh Gupta

Abstract: In industry or any area increasing load is a vast problem for power generation plants due to increase in demand for power. So making balance between generation and demand is the operating principle of load frequency control (LFC). The reliable operation of a large interconnected power system necessarily requires an Automatic Generation Control (AGC). The objective of AGC is to regulate the power output of Generators within a specified area in response to change in the system frequency, tie line power or relation of the two to each other, so as to maintain the scheduled system frequency and power interchange in the other are within the prescribed limits Several studies in LFC have led to the trend of applying the adaptive approach to the implementation on automatic generation control (AGC). However, the adaptive controller with self-tuning technique requires online acquisition of system parameters that was not clearly stated in the related literatures. Fuzzy controller and integral controller have been used to the models of single area power system and responses of area control error (ACE), tie line power and change in frequency are observed. The design of Fuzzy Logic Controller (FLC) involves the allocation of areas inputs and outputs , mapping of rules between inputs and outputs and defuzzification of outputs into a real value. There are some parameters (TP, M, β) which are used online for the adaptive tuning of fuzzy controller. We have solved for those parameters with model equations and used in the designing of the controller. Simulation results show that fuzzy control based estimate with an adaptive controller could enhance the performance of the LFC.

      A. Kalaiarasan, S. Ahmed John

Abstract: This work is of used on the evaluation of the anti-inflammatory activity various extracts of Bulbophyllum kaitesnse. Psuedobulb using experimental models. Four different extracts (Petrolieum ether chloroform, Ethanol and aqueous) were tested. The anti-inflammatory activity of HRBC (Human Red Blood Cell Membrance Stabilization Method) was evaluated for the is vitro of anti-inflammatory property because the erythroucyte membrance is analogous to the lysosomal membrance and its stabilization implies that the various extracts may as well stabilize lysosomal membrances. Stabilization of lysosomal membrance is important in limiting the inflammatory response by preventing the release of lysosomal constituents of activated neutrophil such as bacterial enzymes and proteases. Which cause further tissue inflammation and damage upon extracellular release. The effects of the administration of reference standard (diclofenac) were evaluated. The plant extract showed significant activities in both of the anti-inflammatory asays as compared to diclofenac drug dependent manner. This investigation suggests that Ethamolic extract has anit-inflammatory potential activity. The result obtained indicate the Bulbophyllum Kaitense Psuedobulb has anti-inflammatory activities that supports the folk medicinal use of the plant. The world first report in the plant.

      Anshita R. Purohit, Pradeep U. Verma and Naimesh J. Patel

Abstract: The ability to perform high-throughput seed DNA extractions is highly desirable and essential for plant breeding and other molecular screening techniques. DNA extraction methods for PCR-quality DNA from calluses and plants are not time efficient, since they require that the tissues be ground in liquid nitrogen, followed by precipitation of the DNA pellet in ethanol, washing and drying the pellet, etc. Secondly, it gets more difficult to isolate the DNA from seed containing oil. The need for a rapid and simple procedure is urgent, especially when hundreds of samples need to be analyzed. Hence, for this purpose, a simple and efficient method of isolating high-quality genomic DNA for PCR amplification and enzyme digestion from seed is developed.

      Dr. R .P. Pathak, Shiv Kumar Sahoo

Abstract: Recently S. P. Singh et. al. (Proceeding of The Mathematical Society BHU Vol. 24 (2008) 1-9) introduced special class of positive linear operators and studied some approximation results on it. Which are modified operators given by Deo N. et. al. (Appl. Maths. Compt., 201 (2008),604-612.).We shall study some approximation results on it.


Abstract: Based on the principle of gas expansion, a new structure of reciprocating air-powered engine is proposed. It can convert the reciprocal motion of piston into one-way rotary motion of the output shaft and provide engine power. According to the pneumatic transmission system dynamics, the mathematical model of the air-powered engine is established and simulated. Then analyze the influence of the air state parameters and system structure parameters on performance of the engine, and the principle prototype is processed. The results show that the structure design of the engine is feasible, the average output torque and rotational speed increase with the increase of intake pressure. Under the circumstance with the same intake pressure, the average output torque increases with the increase of cylinder bore, but the rotational speed decreases with the increase of it. The results lay a foundation of further study on optimizing structure design.

      Suchita Chatterjee, Mangal Singh

Abstract: In this paper, we discuss the bit error performance of turbo codes in Rayleigh fading channel. Turbo encoded signal is transmitted over a Rayleigh fading channel with additive white Gaussian noise. Training sequence is sent prior to data transmission in order to calculate the channel coefficients. After computing channel coefficients, it is assumed that channel characteristics are constant over a small interval of time. Data signal is determined using these coefficients and then turbo decoded. It reduces the bit error probability and a more reliable output is obtained.

      N.Sreekanth, Dr M.N.GiriPrasad

Abstract: OFDM is a multicarrier modulation technique in which a high rate bitstream is split into N parallel bit-streams of lower rate and each of these are modulated using one of N orthogonal sub-carriers. Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) is an emerging multi-carrier modulation scheme, which has been adopted for several wireless standards such as IEEE 802.11a and HiperLAN2. In a basic communication system, the date is modulated onto a single carrier frequency. The available bandwidth is then totally occupied by each symbol. This kind of system can lead to inter-symbol-interference (ISI) in case of frequency selective channel. The basic idea of OFDM is to divide the available spectrum into several orthogonal sub channels so that each narrowband subchannels experiences almost flat fading. Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) is becoming the chosen modulation technique for wireless communications. A well known problem of OFDM is its sensitivity to frequency offset between the transmitted and received signals, which may be caused by Doppler shift in the channel, or by the difference between the transmitter and receiver local oscillator frequencies[2]. This carrier frequency offset causes loss of orthogonality between sub-carriers and the signals transmitted on each carrier are not independent of each other. The orthogonality of the carriers is no longer maintained, which results in inter-carrier interference (ICI).The undesired ICI degrades the performance of the system[6]. This paper investigates three methods for combating the effects of ICI: ICI self-cancellation (SC), maximum likelihood (ML) estimation, and extended Kalman filter (EKF) method. These three methods are compared in terms of bit error rate performance, bandwidth efficiency, and computational complexity. Through simulations, it is shown that the three techniques are effective in mitigating the effects of ICI. For high values of the frequency offset and for higher order modulation schemes, the ML and EKF methods perform better than the SC method.

      Mr. Sandip T. Dhagdi, Dr. P.R. Deshmukh

Abstract: Shot boundary detection and Keyframe Extraction is a fundamental step for organization of large video data. Key frame extraction has been recognized as one of the important research issues in video information retrieval. Video shot boundary detection, which segments a video by detecting boundaries between camera shots, is usually the first and important step for content-based video retrieval and video summarization. This paper discusses the importance of key frame extraction; briefly review and evaluate the existing approaches, to overcome the shortcomings of the existing approaches. This paper also proposes a new approach for key frame extraction based on the block based Histogram difference and edge matching rate. Firstly, the Histogram difference of every frame is calculated, and then the edges of the candidate key frames are extracted by Prewitt operator. At last, the edges of adjacent frames are matched. If the edge matching rate is above average edge matching rate, the current frame is deemed to the redundant key frame and should be discarded. Histogram-based algorithms are very applicable to SBD; They provide global information about the video content and are faster without any performance degradations.

      Rashmi Swami

Abstract: The world's fossil fuel resources are unable to sustain our current energy requirements beyond the next few decades and so the need for inexpensive alternatives is now urgent. Organic devices are well placed to meet the needs of both the electronics and energy industries because their manufacture does not require expensive processing steps and they can be adapted to a range of applications. Consequently there has been significant interest in this fiel d over recent years and there are now many research groups world-wide investigating the semiconducting properties of conjugated materials and their use in LEDs, photovoltaic and transistors. This activity of creating electricity through the use of organic solar cells is an example of one way scientists are trying to alleviate some of the dependence on non-renewable resources. It is the purpose of my research proposal to explore that with a little human ingenuity, other ways to create energy can be attained.

      Harsh Alkutkar

Abstract: This paper introduces how to extend Google's Android Platform as a social matchmaking tool by using the latest embedded software features , sensors and integration with social (Application Programming Interface) API's such as Facebook and Twitter. It starts with the importance of social networks in the context of matchmaking and then proposes a sample framework by using Android's (Software Development Kit) SDK and framework to build apps that intelligently match personalities and suggest potential matches.

      Waskar V.G, G.S.Kulkarni, and Kore V.S

Abstract: The rotating biological contactor is an attached growth biological treatment used in removal of biodegradable matter present in wastewater is popular due to its simplicity low energy requirement, low land requirement, stable in various shock loading and recirculation not required and low hydraulic retention time. This review paper focuses on various controlling parameter of RBC like organic loading, hydraulic retention time, speed of rotation, dissolve oxygen, staging, temperature, submergence etc. The paper also highlights on the performance studies of RBC for different types of wastewater.

      Anant Gupta, Rishabh Dheer

Abstract: The Indian Judiciary has seen a state of catastrophe primarily because of the presence of inefficient and dishonest judges. This research not only tries to catch on the issues that have been related to a judge's performance and standards, departure from standards and corrective measures that can be taken et cetera, but also an in-depth study of impeachment cases of Justice Soumitra Sen, Justice P.D. Dinakaran and Justice Ramaswami. Also, Articles 124(2), 124(4) and 217(1) of the Indian Constitution which relate to the Appointment and Impeachment processes have been discussed. Studies done in Latin America and Singapore have been covered which talk about the introduction of digital technology which, apparently, would help in reducing both, delay and corruption. It would also help in keeping a better and comprehensive record, making it difficile for judges to lose case files and extract bribes. The three schools of thought about judicial reform, view problems of the legal system as one of funding, one of indiscriminate access and one of incentive. Yet another group is of the belief that the problem lies in the judiciary following ineffective and rigid. Methods that are being followed in nations like Argentina, Ecuador, Paraguay and Uganda have been compared with the Indian methods while dealing with the judges and the judiciary. The significance of fast track courts and speedy trials have been taken into account for making better judicial proficiency and fund allocation by the government. The gist of the article lies in deliberating about The Judicial Accountability Bill, 2010 and its role in preventing the miscarriage of justice by handling complaints against corrupt judges. It suggests, employing "Crash Programs" as a corrective measure to reduce backlogs, through substantial infusion of resources in the Indian Judicial System The individual calendar system wherein judges are bound to follow the cases allocated to them from the beginning to the end and case management technique which has been recently introduced recently by the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India includes reforms ranging from pre-trial conferences, strict scheduling to shortened discovery time cut-offs. The paper also throws light on accurate statistics and time limits being other corrective measures, as they appear to work because they sustain a legal culture antagonistic to delay in the judicial arrangement.

      Lalit Kishor Tyagi, Arvind Kumar Jaiswal, Mukesh Kumar, Tripuresh Joshi

Abstract: In this paper, we discussed on Four-wave-mixing (FWM) based wavelength conversion at 1.55 μm and 1.552 μm using six different types of commercial optical fibers. For a pump peak power of 6.2W, a numerical simulation is used to predict the performance of each type of fibers for different experimental conditions and to address the potential of each fiber type in wavelength conversion applications utilizing four-wave-mixing. It is shown that wavelength conversion, covering the entire C-band, can be achieved with different performance for each type of optical fiber at reasonable optical pump power. The simultaneous wavelength conversion of two different formats or bit-rate optical signals, with low input power, is demonstrated in a highly nonlinear optical fiber with a single strong continuous-wave pump. The effect of four-wave-mixing at highly nonlinear optical fiber is analyzed at 1 km distances with its power. The Four Wave Mixing is analyzed in non-degenerate mode for wavelength conversion.

      Akhilesh Verma, Archana

Abstract: This paper reviews an introduction to various approaches to image contrast enhancement in the spatial domain using genetic algorithm and its extension based on population based incremental learning (PBIL). GA performs efficient search in global spaces to get an optimal solution. The algorithm does not require any prior knowledge about image in Order to select the appropriate enhancement function. GA is more effective in the contrast enhancement and produce image with natural contrast. Histogram equalization and similar methods for image contrast enhancement produce unnatural brightness. This paper introduces various approaches based on genetic algorithm to get image with good and natural contrast.

      Mr. Pankaj S. Kulkarni, Ms. V. C. Belokar, Dr. S. S. Sane, Prof. N. L. Bhale

Abstract: This paper deals with finding out the possibilities of suffering a person from heart disease i.e. predicting heart disease from horoscope of a person using data mining techniques. Horoscope has 12 regions each occupying 300. Each region is called an "house" that deals with different significations. There are total 12 planets that can occupy any house in a horoscope. According to position of the planets different angular combinations can be formed and these combinations are termed as "Yoga's" that are used in predicting features of horoscope. Each house deals with different significations and the same set of combinations obtaining in a particular house might influence the different significations comprehended by the house, in different ways. To be more specific, let us consider the 4th house of a horoscope. It is supposed to signify mother, education, land and house properties. An illiterate person may possess many houses and a long-lived mother while a highly educated person may not possess any properties. This apparent inconsistency has been reconciled to some extent by the introduction of an important factor, viz., the Karaka (indicator). This paper aims at testing new horoscopes & finding out different possible angular combinations present in that horoscope and to predict the possibility of heart disease. This is also an approach to find out whether Astrology is a scientific study and application of language of the heavenly bodies or not.

      Vindhya Pati, Shoba Bindhu C

Abstract: 802.16 also called WiMax is the latest wireless technology that is being used. Video streaming which is one among the multimedia applications is being tremendously used with the increased use of internet. In centralized networks such as WiMax the base station takes care of allocating the appropriate time or frequency slot for all the subscriber stations that are competing for the medium depending on the type of traffic that each subscriber station holds thereby providing quality of service support by differentiating among the traffic types. The traffic in WiMax is prioritized by the scheduling service that is employed at the MAC layer. However encoding video with efficient encoding codec's is necessary for optimizing the video quality thereby minimizing the distortion at the receiver end. There may be several reasons for distortion in the video quality at the receiving end like transmission errors, loss of important video frames etc, However we concentrate only on the second one i.e. distortion due to loss of any important frames which would obviously result in deteriorating of the video quality at the receiver end. The system uses MPEG-4 for encoding the video.

      Km. Renu, R. N. Shukla, Tripuresh Joshi

Abstract: Effects of Osmotic dehydration on water loss, solids gain, and weight reduction during osmotic dehydration were investigated in order to determine the usefulness of this technique as pre-treatment for further drying of bananas slices. Banana slices, 10 mm thick, were immersed in sucrose solutions with concentrations of 30, 40 and 50 Brix at 40, 50 and 600C for 60, 90 and 120 minutes. Water loss, weight reduction and solids gain increased with treatment time. Longer treatment time in high concentrations of sucrose resulted in a very soft product, which is difficult to handle and unsuitable for further drying. Increasing concentration at the same temperature did not cause significant increments in weight change. Higher concentrations of sucrose caused higher rates of water removal. The effective Normalized moisture content for water and Normalized solid content were determined, considering banana as slices configuration. The temperature was controlled using constant temperature stirred water bath. The ratio of the volume of slices to that of the medium was maintained at 1:4, 1:5 and 1:10 in order to ensure that the concentration of the osmotic solution did not change significantly during the experiment. The samples were withdrawn, rinsed quickly in water, blotted gently with a tissue paper in order to remove adhering water and then dried in a hot air oven at 70 0C for 18 hours. The regression analysis was done by response surface method.

      Mayur Kumar, Anil Kumar, Santosh Tripathi, Tripuresh Joshi, Dr. Chandrakant Shukla

Abstract: This paper presents the performance analysis of Eureka-147 DAB system. DAB transmission mode-II is implemented. A frame-based processing is used in this study. Performance studies for AWGN and Rayleigh channels have been conducted. For all studies SER has been used as performance criteria.

      Papiya Chakraborty

Abstract: Image enhancement is one of the most important issues in image processing. Various enhancement schemes are used for enhancing an image which includes gray scale manipulation, filtering and Histogram Equalization (HE). In This Paper I use a new method for image quality Enhancement by Histogram equalization. It will become a popular technique for contrast enhancement because this method is simple and effective. To perform histogram equalization of an image, we have to derive the cumulative density function and intensity mapping that will as best as possible of each pixel to equalize the image histogram. For each intensity in the original image, an intensity is calculated for the transformed image that has as close as possible, the same amount of Cumulative frequency.


Abstract: In many different fields such as Physics, Geostatistics, Psychometrics, & finance among others the estimation process of parameters of a model involve the calculation of an integral. Although in principle, unfortunately the resulting (multidimensional) integrals usually does not have an analytic solution and therefore it is necessary to use numerical methods to approximate it. In this paper we mainly focus on the numerical solution of Weddle's rule by using Newton Kote's formula.

      Shrikant J.Honade And Dr.P.V.Ingole

Abstract: DS-CDMA system is well known wireless technology. This system suffers from MAI (Multiple Access Interference) caused by Direct Sequence users. Multi-User Detection schemes were introduced to detect the users data in presence of MAI. This paper focuses on iterative linear multi-user detection schemes used for data demodulation. Simulation results demonstrate the bit error rate performance of turbo multiuser detector in presence of MAI for different number of users with variation in signal to noise ratio.

      Seema Dr. A.K. Gupta Sunita

Abstract: Hamirpur district is situated between 76°18'-76°44' East longitudes and 31°52'30" North latitudes. The track is hilly covered by Shivalik range and the elevation varies from 450-1,100 meters. This region is rich in diverse flora and suitable for studies related to Medicinal plants. Various plants are used for curing many diseases.

      N.Kalaivani, D.Saravana kumar and G.Sai Sundara Krishnan

Abstract: In this paper the notion of Α-Γ-totally continuous functions in a topological space has been introduced and some of their properties are studied. Further the concept of Totally Α-Γ- continuous functions, Α-Γ- strongly continuous functions and Α-Γ-open functions have been introduced and the relationship among them are studied.

      Jalil J. Bhatnase, Usha B. Naik, Dinesh K. Dabhadkar, Roshan D. Dhore

Abstract: DHBA (2,3-Dihydroxybenzoic acid) is increases the solubility of iron and this phenomenon is help out for enhances the growth of marine algae for CO2 sequestration to minimize the atmospheric global warming. Stability constant of DHBA by mole ratio method at pH 7.8 is that 15 days. The growth of S. obliquus and Nostoc is analyzed by analyzing chlorophyll-a content in this medium. Chlorophyll-a in DHBA-Fe sufficient is high as compare with DHBA, Fe deficient medium. DHBA-Fe (4:1) shows maximum growth as compare to (2:1) and (1:1). Finally this growth was reduced due to lack of nutrients in the medium. The solubility of iron with DHBA is due to surface reductases enzyme present on algae.

      Rimmi Saini, Satinder Saini, Deepa Gupta, Ajay Rana

Abstract: Testing of software is an important means of assessing the software to determine its quality. Software testing has proven that testing, analysis, and debugging cost usually consume over 50% of the costs associated with the development of large software systems. Software testing and retesting occurs continuously during the software development lifecycle to detect errors as early as possible. The sizes of test suites grow as software evolves. Regression testing is an expensive testing process used to validate modified software and detect whether new faults have been introduced into previously tested code. To reduce the cost of regression testing, software testers may prioritize their test cases such that those which are more important, by some measure, are run earlier in the regression testing process. Test case prioritization techniques schedule test cases for regression testing in an order that increases their ability to meet some performance goal. One potential goal of such prioritization is to increase a test suite's rate of fault detection. An improved rate of fault detection during testing can provide faster feedback on the system under test and let software engineers begin correcting faults earlier than might otherwise be possible. Test case prioritization techniques schedule test cases for execution in an order that attempts to increase their effectiveness at meeting some performance goal. Sometimes it is difficult to choose appropriate prioritization technique for a given testing scenario. Thus we analyse the fault detection rates. This paper presents several strategies for selecting a smaller number of test suites by reordering the test cases. We have used a metric --- APFD for measuring rate of fault detection. Here we have reordered the test cases, applied APFD metric to various test suites and reported the results of experiments using those techniques. The rate of fault detection is measured for different reordered test cases, comparing the rates achieved by randomly ordered and optimally ordered test cases.

      Kumar Rajesh, Kumar Sanjay

Abstract: Visceral Leishmaniasis (VL) is a vector borne anthrozoonotic disease caused by a protozoan, Leishmania donovani, of Trypanosomatidae family. The most precise methods used for its diagnosis includes the analysis of spleen & liver smears (90%), Bone Marrow smear (80%), sternal or iliac crest puncture, and refered as gold standard for diagnosis. Various serological tests like Aldehyde test, antimony test, Leishmania skin test, Direct agglutination Test(DAT), Indirect fluorescent antibody test (IFAT), ELISA etc. are also used to diagnose VL, but in the case of immunocomprised patient, diagnosis of VL is difficult due to low titer of antibody. Several molecular diagnostic techniques are also available but they need fro more sophisticated laboratory and expertise person. The current article is devoted to the detection of specific antigen whish are useful in diagnosis of VL in VL patients as well as in immunocomprised patients.

      Prangya Paramita Priyadarshini Das & Rajkumar Sahoo

Abstract: Stress and depression can both be caused by life events and medical conditions. The one difference is that stress can be caused by pleasant events such as a promotion or marriage, while depression is associated with unwelcome events like financial difficulties or death. Life for many young people is a painful tug of war filled with mixed messages and conflicting demands from parents, teachers, coaches, employers, friends and oneself. The objective of this research was to study the relationship between stress and depression among post graduate students. Another objective was to study the effect of gender on stress and depression among post graduate students. The size of the sample was 51(27 male and 24 female). Beck's Depression Inventory and Hari's Stress inventory was used to measure the level of depression and stress among post graduate students. It was found that stress and depression among male students was higher as compared to their female counterparts. The correlation analysis states that as stress increases the level of depression also increases among male and female post graduate students. Gender had a significant effect upon the depression level of male and female post graduate students.

      Tista Banerjee , Sumana Chowdhuri, Gautam Sarkar, Jitendranath Bera

Abstract: This Paper presents a comparative study of Genetic Algorithm method (GA) and Particle swarm optimization (PSO) method to determine the optimal proportional-integral (PI) and proportional-integral-derivative (PID) controller parameters, for speed control of a Field Oriented Control (FOC) induction motor. The FOC induction motor has been modeled in MATLAB (SIMULINK); the GA and PSO algorithm has been programmed and implemented in MATLAB. Comparing with traditional Ziegler-Nicholson method and the evolutionary algorithms (EA), it has been observed that during optimizing the controller parameters of a FOC IM drive with PSO the performance of the controller is improved for the step input in speed control as well as for speed tracking problem more efficiently, than Ziegler-Nicholson method and EAs.

      Anupama N. Kallol, Anand S. Deshpande and Arunkumar P

Abstract: The manufacturing sector has undergone a sea of change in the recent years. Several applications demanding modern machinery, technology, materials etc have been developed. This ever-changing radical scenario has led to the demand of materials for applications involving high temperatures, corrosion and oxidation resistance, better strength to weight ratio, hardness etc. These exotic materials possess properties that result in superior product performance; nevertheless, it becomes difficult to machine these materials by conventional methods. Hence Unconventional processes like EDM, ECM etc have been found suitable for machining of such materials. In EDM the Sink-EDM process has been the most preferred machining process for die making as surface attributes of dies such as surface finish, dimensional accuracy etc. are of great significance with respect to the products manufactured. The most important performance measure in EDM is the surface finish; among other measures material removal and tool wear rates could be listed. In the present work, experiments have been conducted to determine the parameters affecting Surface finish. The data obtained for performance measures have been analyzed using the proven Design of Experiments (DOE).

      Dr. Sarfaraz Ahmad

Abstract: The aim of this research is to study the effect of socio-emotional school environment on academic achievement of teenager-boys. Sample of 250 teenager-boys of higher secondary level were taken at Kanpur city. The data was collected on the basis of standardised inventory S.E.S.C.I. by Dr. (Smt.) Renuka Kumari Sinha & Smt. Rajni Bhargava (1994) and for academic achievement, percentage of class 10th marks was taken into consideration. The testing of hypothesis is done by relation the sources of two groups using the 'r' test and comparing the scores of the two groups using the 't' test. The result reveals that there is a significant difference in academic achievement of aided and private higher secondary teenager-boys. The result also reveals that there is a significant relation between socio-emotional school environment and academic achievement of teenager-boys. This shows that the socio-emotional school environment determinates the academic achievement of teenager-boys.

      Mr. Devanand Bhonsle, Miss Sandeepa Dewangan

Abstract: There has been a lot of research work dedicated towards image denoising. However, with the wide spread of image usage in many fields of our lives, it becomes very important to develop new techniques for image denoising. The previous research in image denoising was based on two of the famous techniques in the image denoising named 2-D Dual-tree Complex Wavelet Transform (2D DTCWT) and 2-D Double Density Complex Wavelet Transform (2D DDCWT). In this paper, we introduce a comparative study of applying both Dual-tree Complex Wavelet Transform and Double Density Complex Wavelet Transform techniques to the image denoising. The main goal of this study is to exploit the advantages and disadvantages of using these techniques so as to determine the proper application of both.

      Aditi Agrawal, Rajeev Paulus, A.K Jaiswal, Alok Singh

Abstract: The main characteristics of Mobile Adhoc NETwork (MANET) are no infrastructure, no centralized administration and self-configuring networks. The primary motivation of MANET deployment is to increase portability, flexibility and mobility but, mobility causes an unpredictable change in topology and makes routing more difficult. Efficient dynamic routing is a research challenge in such networks. In this paper we have evaluated the performance of three protocols namely AODV (Adhoc On demand Distance Vector routing), DSR (Dynamic Source Routing) reactive routing protocol and DSDV(Destination Sequenced Distance Vector) routing which is a proactive routing protocol on the basis of packet delivery ratio and normalized routing overhead using NS-2 simulator. Four different models are created by changing few parameters of traffic generator file and scenario file like pause time, speed of mobile nodes, network size and number of maximum connections and the results demonstrate that the difference in the mechanism of routing protocols lead to specific performance variation. The selection of an efficient routing protocol thus depends on different parameters of the MANET.

      DR. Sumathi Kumaraswamy

Abstract: The Indian banking customer now a day are getting more sophisticated in his financial needs and lays greater emphasis on convenience and a single provider for all financial products. Banks providing multiple services at one place to the customers' means enhanced customer satisfaction. It is therefore imperative for the Indian banks to include insurance in the product offering, for customer retention. With Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority's approval a number of public and private sector banks in India have tied up with insurance companies for selling insurance products. Public sector banks, co-operative, newly established private and foreign banks offer various types of insurance products to their customers. The customers look for any particular bank which provides integrated financial solutions with stable returns, total perfection and enlightened service. Banks which places highest priority on customer service and satisfaction has a competitive edge over its competitors. This paper which examines the bancassurance business of India banks suggests that with the increasing usage of information technology and enhanced customer sophistication, bancassurance is expected to play an important role in future growth of life insurance.


Abstract: An efficient marketing system is a prerequisite for sustaining the tempo of increased agricultural production. This ensures fair returns to the farmers for their efforts. The economic efficiency of the marketing system is generally measured in terms of the price-spread of an agricultural commodity. The smaller the price-spread,the greater the efficiency of the marketing system.

      A.Kranthi, Ch.Srinivasu

Abstract: The resolution is the important parameter of the radar. Here waveform design plays an important role in the radar applications. These waveform designs can be achieved by using signal processing tools like auto correlation and ambiguity function. In this project signal processing techniques have been developed by using above functions. These techniques are most useful in the multi target scenario of the radar. In this project the signals like burst signal, linear frequency modulated (LFM) and Non Linear Frequency Modulated (NLFM) signals are used for the determination of radar resolution and also these waveforms are implemented in popular codes like "COSTAS". The three dimensional plots are generated to evaluate both range and Doppler resolution by using ambiguity functions. The results are being presented for the COSTAS code by using LFM and COSTAS code by using NLFM signals. The performance of these waveforms is compared with the conventional waveforms.

      Devendra Kumar, Amit Kumar Jain

Abstract: This paper deals with the action of amendment in Darcy's apparatus by suitable changes. During fabrication there is a use of different materials which are assembled to make the experimental setup to measure the permeability of sand (except coarse grained soils) by falling head method at different length of samples used. Graphs and Experimental analysis shows that compactness of the sand verses moisture content first increases at certain higher value than decreases a moisture content increase. Results obtained are almost accurate within typical permeability range which is used in petroleum geology, casting industries for making mould etc. This setup is too simple to operate with low skilled workers.

      Vandana Singh

Abstract: The present article is aimed to determine common cultivable surfactant producers from soil and contaminated oil, its purification and significance. Bio-surfactants are surface-active substances synthesized by living cells and as compared to synthetic surfactants, they are more effective, selective, environmental friendly and stable. They have the properties of reducing surface tension, stabilizing emulsions, promoting foaming and are generally non-toxic and biodegradable. Interest in microbial surfactants has been steadily increasing due to their diversity, eco-friendly nature, possibility of large-scale production, selectivity, performance under extreme conditions and potential applications in environmental protection. Bio-surfactants enhance the emulsification of hydrocarbons; have the potential to solubilize it to increase their availability for microbial degradation. These compounds can be used in enhanced oil recovery, environmental protection, herbicides and pesticides formulations, detergents, health care and cosmetics, pulp and paper, coal, textiles, ceramic processing and food industries, uranium ore-processing and mechanical dewatering of peat. Mostly bacteria and yeasts are known to synthesize bio-surfactants. These microorganisms synthesize a wide range of chemicals with surface activity, such as glycolipid (low molecular weight surfactants), phospholipids and others like polyanionic heteropolysaccharides (containing covalently-linked hydrophobic side chains or complexes containing both polysaccharides and proteins). In this study two unique isolates L4 and L15 (screened from soil contaminated with oil) are grown on MSM broth with 2% glucose for the production of bio-surfactant. Bio-surfactant was purified by Ammonium sulphate precipitation or ZnCl2 precipitation method and identified by TLC.

      S. N. Singh & Raj Mehta

Abstract: The subject of fractional calculus and its applications (that is, calculus of integrals and derivatives of any arbitrary real or complex order) has gained considerable popularity and importance during the past three decades or so, due mainly to its demonstrated applications in numerous seemingly diverse and widespread fields of science and engineering. The fractional derivatives (and fractional integration) of special functions of one and more variables is important, such as in the evaluation of series and integrals, the derivation of generating functions and the solution of differential and integral equations. Looking into the requirement and importance of fractional calculus in various branches, in this paper we establish some new fractional derivatives involving H-function and other functions, which will be useful to analysis the various problems in different fields.


Abstract: One long outstanding problem in mathematics and computer science is the P versus NP problem. While many may have heard of the P vs. NP problem in computational science through pop culture references (The Simpsons, Futurama) few understand its importance to modern computing, or what quantum computing may mean in relation to it. In computational complexity theory, P and NP are two classes of problems. P is the class of decision problems that a deterministic Turing machine can solve in polynomial time. Now, what that means in more useful terms is that any problem in P can be solved in less than cnk steps where c and k are constants, independent of the input size, n. NP on the other hand, are problems that can be solved on nondeterministic Turing machines in polynomial time. A solution to a NP problem can be verified on a deterministic Turing machine in polynomial time. The key difference is the machine type that is used, an NP problem cannot generally be solved in polynomial time on a deterministic Turing machine, it often has super-polynomial runtimes, e.g. ckn. Again, where c and k are constants independent of the input size, n. As an example of an easy to check, but hard to find solution look at the subset sum problem, determining whether or not a subset of numbers adds to zero is easy, but picking that subset from a large group is very difficult. A prime example of the difference between P and NP problems is that of finding Eulerian and Hamiltonian circuits on a given graph. A Eulerian circuit is a path around a graph that travels across each edge just once. It can be easily solved in polynomial time by checking for a graph's connectivity along with ensuring each vertex is connected to an even number of other vertices. The (very) closely related problem of find a Hamiltonian circuit-a path that touches each vertex just once-is not so simple and is an NP-complete problem. In order to fully solve this one would have to travel EVERY possible path (the number of paths increase exponentially with increasing number of vertices and nodes) until it either finds one that only touches each vertex once, or runs out of possible paths and determines that none exist. Here we assume two cases one where accentuates NP and the other P dissipates NP. AND NP (HARD)-VIS A VIS NPC. We assume the premises and see what the prediction results for both and NP are. Stability analysis, Solutional behaviour and Asymptotic Stability must all throw nevertheless locus and focus on the principal frontier of determinate apriori and differential posteori, ipso facto fait accompli desideratum.


Abstract: We Investigate The Holistic Model With Following Composition :( 1) Mpc (Measurement Based Quantum Computing)(2) Preparational Methodologies Of Resource States (Application Of Electric Field Magnetic Field Etc.)For Gate Teleportation(3) Quantum Logic Gates(4) Conditionalities Of Quantum Dynamics(5) Physical Realization Of Quantum Gates(6) Selective Driving Of Optical Resonances Of Two Subsystems Undergoing Dipole-Dipole Interaction By Means Of Say Ramsey Atomic Interferometry(7) New And Efficient Quantum Algorithms For Computation(8) Quantum Entanglements And No localities(9) Computation Of Minimum Energy Of A Given System Of Particles For Experimentation(10) Exponentially Increasing Number Of Steps For Such Quantum Computation(11) Action Of The Quantum Gates(12) Matrix Representation Of Quantum Gates And Vector Constitution Of Quantum States. Stability Conditions, Analysis, Solutional Behaviour Are Discussed In Detailed For The Consummate System. The System Of Quantum Gates And Collapsing States Show Contrast With The Documented Information Thereto. Paper may be extended to exponential time with exponentially increasing steps in the computation.


Abstract: This is a story of autumn sonata and rocky razzmatazz, a combination of angst saga of taciturn bay and enduring silence on one hand and combination of Byzantine logic and sedative humour on the other. It is at this point the anecdote of life meets aphorism of thought! Courage of conviction and will for vindication have made Physicists to do what usually others do: If you cannot beat them join them philosophy! Since noise gets in the way of quantum computing, cure it by adding more noise. Reports in "The register" states that startling proposal is the work of a team led by the Australian National University's Dr Andre Carvalho, along with collaborators from Brazil and Spain. Noise is normally treated as the enemy in quantum-level experiments, because it destroys the useful characteristics of qubits (quantum computing elements). As Dr Carvalho explains "in the quantum world, these operations work because the qubits can be in a state of superposition" (that is, multiple possible states existing at the same time-as did the famous cat belonging to Herr Schrödinger'). "Those coherence properties disappear with time, and that means the main resource, entanglement, disappears with noise."The particular kind of noise Carvalho's work deals with is the spontaneous emission of photons. This means, simply, that if a qubit starts in a "1" state, it will eventually emit a photon and fall to a "0" state. Without a solution to the noise problem, Dr Carvalho says, computation becomes impossible. "Because we have no control on the outcomes of the measurement-they are totally random-if we just passively wait it would take an infinite amount of time to extract even a very simple computation."Dr Carvalho's solution is two-fold: first, to add noise (as photons, using a laser) back into a qubit before the state-decay takes place; second, to perform measurement on the system in just the right way. If, after adding the extra noise, the system were simply left alone, decoherence will happen more quickly, he said. "But if we measure the photons that are coming out, and measure them in the right way, then at the end of the measurement, we have a quantum gate."In other words, under the right circumstances, the act of measurement is what creates the quantum gate that can perform computation. Unfortunately, measurement, like noise, is an enemy of entanglement and superposition. Just as in Schrödinger's thought experiment, if you "look in the box", the quantum system will resolve itself into a classical state. "When you measure a quantum system, you destroy the system," he said. "If you measure the state of a photon, you will know that it's in a particular state."However, because of the added noise, there are two kinds of photons available for measurement-those that are created by spontaneous emission, and those added in the excitation process. There are two kinds of photons, the spontaneous and the 'noisy channel',"-and since the detector "can't tell whether the photon is coming from one process or the other, that creates a superposition. Metaphorically it is the case of million monkeys typing Shakespeare Problem. Here we give a Model an Involution and Evolution and discuss the properties and Solutional behaviour Of the problem. Concatenated in the Annexure re the equations of "Measurement of Quantum Gates " and "collapse of Quantum States" which should round off the explanation on that score with inclusion of Gates."


Abstract: One of the strengths of classical information theory is that physical representation of information can be disregarded: There is no need for an 'ink-on-paper' information theory or a 'DVD information' theory. This is because it is always possible to efficiently (e&eb) transform information from one representation to another. However, this is not the case for quantum information: it is not possible, for example, to write down on paper the previously unknown information contained in the polarization of a photon. In general, quantum mechanics does not allow us to read out the state of a quantum system with arbitrary precision. The existence of Bell correlations between quantum systems cannot be e(e&eb) converted into classical information. It is only possible to ( e&eb) transform quantum information between quantum systems of sufficient information capacity. The information content of a message can, for this reason, be measured in terms of the minimum number n of two-level systems which are needed to store the message: consists of n qubits. In its original theoretical sense, the term qubit is thus a measure for the amount of information. A two-level quantum system can carry at most one qubit; in the same sense a classical binary digit can carry at most one classical bit. As a consequence of the noisy-channel coding theorem, noise limits the information content of an analog information carrier to be finite. It is very difficult to protect the remaining finite information content of analog information carriers against noise. The example of classical analog information shows that quantum information processing schemes must necessarily be tolerant against noise, otherwise there would not be a chance for them to be useful. It was a big breakthrough for the theory of quantum information, when quantum error correction codes and fault-tolerant quantum computation schemes were discovered. Thus there exists an inexorable link between Quantum Information, Quantum Entanglement, spin states and hidden variables. We given a General Theory for the system and investigate stability analysis, asymptotic analysis, Solutional behaviour. Surprisingly all the terms are positive indicating the stability of the asymptotic analysis. Ipso facto, the system seems to follow the characteristics of its constituents.


Abstract: In this final part we encompass the entire gamut of parametric representattionalities and give a prediction model and analyze the systemic properties, Copious literature survey and explanations ,justifications have been given in the earlier papers, wherefore we just give the model forth with herewith, the expositions a fait accompli desideratum.

      Sadiqa Abbas, Gauhar Mahmood, Rajeev Kumar

Abstract: The Indo-gangetic plains in India have got a number of river basins and these river basins by virtue of their hydrological characteristics provide the fluctuation in water quality range within the channel as well as through their aquifer system within the premises of active flood plains. The active flood plains are the dependent factors based on hydro-meteorological characteristics of the respective basins. In Indo-gangetic plains Ganga and Yamuna river basins plays a pivotal role for the water supply to the urbanized areas as well as agriculture land to their surroundings. The water resources of Ganga and Yamuna river basin are quite similar and maybe defined in terms of three major seasons for the generation of water resource system. These three major seasons are normal monsoon rainfall, snow-melt water and western disturbances.

      ML Patel, Rekha Sachan, AK Verma, KK Gupta

Abstract: This study includes one hundred fifty patients of End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD), mean age 52.5± 14.56 years, during a period of two year from August 2009 to July 2011 were studied. Detailed clinical history, physical examination and laboratory investigations were recorded. Chi-square and Fischer-exact tests were used for statistical analysis. Thirty cases of tuberculosis were detected in 150 ESRD patients on hemodialysis. Twenty seven of them were pulmonary and three extrapulmonary cases. Increased association of tuberculosis were seen in diabetics as underlying cause for ESRD (82%), lower socioeconomic status (65%), male patients (67.3%), and patients > 30 years of age (83.3%). Anorexia was most common symptom (73.3%), followed by fever (60%) and cough (53.3%). Keeping in view of high incidence and prevalence of tuberculosis in developing countries like India patients of ESRD should always be screened for tuberculosis. If patients presenting with above symptoms requiring a high index's of suspicion.

      Rekha Sachan, ML Patel, Anuradha Nischal

Abstract: Biomedical waste also known as infectious waste or medical waste. This study was therefore, conducted to understand the awareness amongst the employees as regards to biomedical waste management practices to study the knowledge, attitude and practice of the respondent. The hospital chosen for the study is a premier tertiary level institute in India. This cross sectional study was carried out in Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, CSM Medical University, (Erstwhile KGMU) Lucknow. The study was conducted in 120 hours. 10 doctors and 20 nurses were included in the study. Two groups were made: Group A- Nursing staff (20 nurses, all females) Group B- Doctors (10 Junior Doctors, 8 from Obstetrics and Gynaecology, 2 from Paediatrics). 30% of the doctors and 20% nursing staff have more than 70% knowledge about biomedical waste management. 100% doctors and 60% nurses have a positive attitude towards biomedical waste management.

      Anuj Kumar, Dr. Ashish Chaturvedi

Abstract: Today, the study of energy efficient networking solutions in sensor networks has been focusing on networks with always-on connectivity between communication end-points and short link delays. The reliability of data transfer is vital for commercial and enterprise applications of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN). Likewise, mission-oriented and critical military applications of these networks demand dependable and timely data transport. Designing a reliable transport protocol is a new challenging area in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs). Generally transport layer is responsible for congestion control and reliable packet delivery. Congestion is an essential problem in WSNs. Although TCP is a time-tested transport layer protocol of Internet that ensures reliability, flow control and congestion control, being a heavy protocol, it is considered unsuitable for resource constrained sensor networks. As a result new transport layer protocols have been developed for these networks. . In this paper we present a reliable transport protocol for wireless sensor networks which not only controls the congestion in the network, but also provides reliability in packet delivery.

      Abbas Saeedipour

Abstract: The Rta is the dominant regulator and observed direction in the Rig Veda. It is the law of justified order of things and conduct. The sun, the moon, the stars, seas, oceans, and the phenomena of nature with human beings are ordered according to the rta. The rta is the controlling authority and core of the universe. It seems to be the unchanging law in the Vedic tradition In addition it also appears to be the moral codes of conduct of both the deities and mortal creatures. The rta is called holy law by the clever rsis and supported by the great lords of Deities like VARUNA, INDRA, MITRA, and ARYAMAN. No mortal and immortal creatures should violate the rta. Yama could not have done but right deed. Otherwise the incest of Yama would have fumed furious anger of the lords of adityas of the Vedic Aryans.

      V.Vamshi Krishna, S. Naveen Kumar

Abstract: Digital signal processing (DSP) is the technology that is omnipresent in almost every engineering discipline. A typical processor devotes a considerable amount of processing time in performing arithmetic operations, particularly multiplication operations. Multiplication is one of the basic arithmetic operations and it requires substantially more hardware resources and processing time than addition and subtraction. In fact, 8.72% of all the instruction in typical processing units is multiplication. The core computing process is always a multiplication routine; therefore, DSP engineers are constantly looking for new algorithms and hardware to implement them. Vedic mathematics is the name given to the ancient system of mathematics, which was rediscovered, from the Vedas between 1911 and 1918 by Sri Bharati Krishna Tirthaji. The whole of Vedic mathematics is based on 16 sutras (word formulae) and manifests a unified structure of mathematics. This paper presents the design of a low power high speed algorithms for arithmetic logic units using this ancient mathematics techniques and also their hardware implementation. Even convolution algorithms using this technique are discussed along with their FGPA implementation. Employing these techniques in the computation algorithms of the coprocessor has reduced the complexity, execution time, area, power. Further research prospects may include the design and development of a Vedic DSP chip using VLSI technology.

      C.S Ramesh, R. Suresh Kumar

Abstract: Many wear models can be found in the literature to predict the type and amount of wear but there is no general wear model which can be adopted for all wear problems due to the complex and dynamic nature of the phenomenon. In the present work, an attempt has been made to study the influence of wear parameters like applied load, speed and sliding distance on the dry sliding wear of mild steel coated with Inconel 718 using pin on disc apparatus and build Mathematical and Neural Network models. A plan of experiments based on Taguchi's orthogonal array was developed to acquire data in a controlled way for different sliding distances, under different loads, and different speeds. The experimental results were used to develop mathematical model using MINITAB 13 and ANN model using MATLAB7 successfully. The validity of the modeling approaches is demonstrated by comparing the predicted results with experimental results. The predictions of these models show a good agreement with experimental values.

      D. S. Palimkar

Abstract: In this paper, the existence result of nonlinear first order ordinary random differential equations is proved using random fixed point theorem.

      Dr.D.Jackuline Moni, K.Priyadarshini

Abstract: This paper presents a fast Motion Estimation algorithm concept with reduction in execution time, which provides low power consumption in the design of hardware architecture. A new VLSI architecture for Integer Motion Estimation based on the Full search algorithm is proposed.This architecture uses Sum Of Absolute Difference (SAD) operation, the commonly used metric to determine the best match of the blocks. Computations and comparisons are performed using Carry Save Ahead Adder (CSA) and Carry Look Ahead Adder(CLA) for SAD operation. The design has been implemented on the Xilinx Spartran which depicts the characteristics of memory used, and power consumption. Fast search algorithm reduces search area by determining motion vectors for multiframes instead of single frame. The Motion Estimation algorithm is the most computationally intensive part of the encoder which is simulated using MATLAB.The proposed algorithm gives us a fast processing time schedule with a fixed number of computations. Multiframe motion estimation speeds up the computation time and the simulation results shows that PSNR value is high compared with the single frame process and computation time is reduced with negligible performance degradation.

      Ashish Kumar Parashar, Rinku Parashar

Abstract: The need for locally manufactured building materials has been emphasized in many countries of the world because of their easy availability & low cost. Bricks also have been regarded as one of the longest lasting and strongest building materials used throughout history. Ordinary building bricks are made of a mixture of clay, which is subjected to various processes, differing according to the nature of the material, the method of manufacture and the character of the finished product. After being properly prepared the clay is formed in moulds to the desired shape, then dried and burnt.

      Ar Anuj Jaiswal, Dr. Ashutosh Sharma

Abstract: Rapid growth in vehicles population has put enormous strains in all urban roads in all million plus cities in India, due to high vehicle ownership and poor supporting public transport facilities specially in the cities where the population is between 1 to 2 million. The major factor is very low ridership in public transport due to poor service quality and more traveling time. This study is concerned of assessment of public transport demand for Bhopal and identifies the major factors for poor ridership with estimation of the probable shift of personal vehicle users to bus due to the increase in its level of service also identifies ways to account for qualitative factors in the public transport project evaluation by adjusting travel time values to reflect comfort and convenience. This can help to find innovative solutions to the current problems such as increasing traffic congestion, energy-consumption etc. and can increase the efficiencies as well as support for alternative modes of public transport, making them more acceptable by the people & achieving their equity objectives and increased economic efficiency both also a new approach is required to estimate the actual public transport demand so that most feasible and suitable system can be selected to optimise the public transport demand

      Prashasti Rikhari, Arko Bagchi

Abstract: We cannot freeze requirements at the requirement gathering phase. Requirement changes after the requirement gathering phase because of various factors like business change, technology change, internal changes in the organization and better understanding of the problem. Managing Changing Requirements are very crucial for success of any software development and its organization. We have to manage the requirement so that we can achieve project objective as well as business objective. In this research paper, we will give a complete strategy that will work on the issues related to Managing Changing Requirements and will provide a solution to manage the Changing requirements. We will also give some precaution steps which can be used before implementing the strategy so that we can achieve requirement management in a more effective way.

      Nitin Tiwari, Prof. Neeraj Shukla, Prof. Balram Purswani

Abstract: A mobile ad hoc network (MANET) is a collection of wireless mobile nodes forming a dynamic network Topology without the aid of any existing network infrastructure or centralized administration. Each node participating in the network acts as a host and as a router , means they have to forward packets and identify route as well. Random waypoint is the most common mobility model in most of the simulation based studies of various MANET routing protocols. The Group Mobility Model has been generated by Impact of Mobility Patterns on Routing in Ad-hoc Network (IMPORTANT). In the present communication is an attempt to develop a Group Mobility Model named Group Node Demanding Mobility 9GNDM) model, which provide the facility to assign number of nodes in a group according to demand. We have analyzed the Packet Delivery Ratio (PDR), Average End to End delay, Average Throughput, Normalized Routing Load (NRL) and number of Drop packets in CBR traffic model using reactive routing protocol, AODV . Research efforts have focused much in evaluating their performance with same number of nodes in each group as well as different number of nodes in each group. Simulations has been carried out using NS-2 simulator

      Dr Humma Habib, Dr Syed Naseer, Dr Maraj-ud-din, Dr Shakura Bhat

Abstract: The present study has been done to evaluate the role of amnioinfusion in patient with moderate to thick meconium under conditions of limited intrapartum foetal surveillance.

      Mr.Mhamane Sanjeev C., Dr.Mr.Mukane S M

Abstract: The main aim of this paper is to design and implement different protocols for the VDTN and also check the performance of the same. Here in this paper we will be developing and showing the result for Spray and wait protocol. Here we have to create a vehicular delay tolerant network for spray and wait protocol. We have to show that as the number of relay nodes increases the number of connectivity opportunities increases which in terms increases message delivery probability.

      Dr. G. Nirmala, Mr. K. Dhanabal

Abstract: In this paper new fuzzy graphs are constructed using special graph configurations. Hamiltonian fuzzy graph, fuzzy Hamiltonian circuit, cubic fuzzy graphs and its properties are introduced. Algorithmic development of spanning trees in graphs, matching in bipartite graphs, maximum flows in network are discussed. This paper concludes that if a fuzzy graph is planar, cubic connected then the Hamiltonian circuit problem for this graph is NP-complete.

      Dr. Mrs. G.Nirmala, Mr.D.Ramprasad

Abstract: In this paper, we address a single machine family scheduling problem where jobs, each characterised by a processing time and an associated positive weight, are partitioned into families and setup time is required between these families. For this problem, we propose a genetic algorithm using an optimised crossover operator designed by an undirected bipartite graph to find an optimal schedule which minimises the total weighted completion time of the jobs in the presence of the sequence independent family setup times. The proposed algorithm finds the best offspring solution among an exponentially large number of potential offspring.

      M.Latha and S.Jeyabharathi

Abstract: A formula to compute the average probability of acceptance of chain sampling plans (ChSP-1) by attributes under Beta- Geometric distribution is provided. The performance/discriminating power of the beta-geometric sampling plans is also discussed by determining the operating characteristic curve. The Average Probabilities of Acceptance are compared with conventional sampling plans.

      Ritesh Singh, Vidya S. Rao, Dr. Shreesha C.

Abstract: Aircraft brake system plays a very important role in the safe takeoff and landing. On landing, skid phenomena is observed due to runway surfaces, pilot brake demand or due to other factors which creates unsafe for the aircraft while landing. So we use anti-skid braking system which will prevent tires from slipping extremely on the track and ensure aircraft landing safety and stability with maximum braking efficiency. Estimate of the slip is estimated using a technique called H8 filter design. The purpose of estimation is to make the slip, error free, from the noises coming out from the sensors and other measuring devices which affect the system parameters. This paper presents modeling and simulation part of the work for the aircraft brake system.

      Siddaramappa V

Abstract: The main target of this research paper is to propose an algorithm to implement data security using encryption and decryption method in binary sequence of original text message. The binary sequence of message is converted into DNA sequence, which consists of nucleotide letter A,T,G,C., then by using random function, which generates the sequence of random numbers for each nucleotide. The generated random numbers are used to cryptography the ASCII values of binary DNA sequence of original text message, with binary addition and subtraction method. Hence, this paper aims to describe and review about the data security by using the random function in DNA sequence.


Abstract: Synchronous motors are designed to run at synchronous speed. Synchronous speed defines the natural rate of rotation of the magnetic field generated in the stator of an AC machine. This rate of rotation is governed by the frequency of the voltage applied to the machine and the number of pole pairs built into the stator, and is defined by the following equation: Synchronous Speed, Ns = (60 seconds/minute) (Cycles per Second) (RPM) [2] The stator of a synchronous motor is wound in the same manner as a three-phase induction motor, with distributed poles. When a three-phase source is applied to the stator, a rotating magnetic field develops at synchronous frequency. The rotor of a synchronous motor, however, differs greatly from that of an induction motor. In an induction motor, voltages are induced in the rotor as its windings cut lines of flux created by the rotating stator field. The induced voltages cause a flow of current in the rotor winding, creating a magnetic field in the rotor and developing torque.[2]

      Subita Sharma, Aruna Dubey, Rajni Sharma

Abstract: Women are a vital part of Indian economy. Over the years, there is a gradual realization of the key role of women in agriculture development and their vital contribution in the field of agriculture, food security, horticulture, processing, nutrition, sericulture, fisheries, and other allied sectors. Women form the backbone of agriculture, in India, Comprising the majority of agricultural laborers, women have been putting in lab our not only in terms of physical output but also in terms of quality and efficiency. Women are critical to the well-being of farm households. A sample of 50 farm women belonging to different villages of Marh block of Jammu District were selected using purposive sampling technique with the objective of studying their daily activity schedule which included both farm and house-hold activities and problems being faced by them in doing these activities. For data collection interview schedule, field observations and case studies were framed. Data was analyzed both quantitatively and qualitatively.

      Abdul Bari Naik, Subita Sharma and Rajni Sharma

Abstract: This paper focuses on the sustainable development of tourism activities through integrated planning in Uttarakhand. Uttarakhand is a state in the Northern Himalayan Region in India and it has been a hot spot of tourism due to its magnificently diverse landscapes, high biodiversity enough religious tourist potential and rich cultural heritage, which has also generated a good source of income and employment to youths and rural masses . Tourism is one of the biggest and fastest-growing economic sectors in the global economy and has significant environmental, cultural, social, and economic effects, both positive and negative. Tourism has been noted as the world's largest and fastest-growing industry. The main objectives of the study are formation of tourist circuits, find out the problems and suggest a suitable plan for sustainable tourism development in Uttarakhand.

      Vandana Dubey, O.P.Singh, G.R.Mishra

Abstract: Modern digital circuit designing is now focussing on the reversible circuits. It aims towards the designing of low power loss circuits in the area of nanotechnology, quantum computing, optical computing, signal processing etc. This paper presents an optimized two-bit binary comparator based on reversible logic using Feynman, Toffoli, TR, URG and BJN gates. Optimization of the comparator circuit is achieved on the basis of total number of gates used in the circuit and total number of garbage outputs generated. Proposed circuits have been simulated using ModelSim and implemented using Xilinx Spartan2 FPGA platform.

      Ms. Pradnya R. Rudramath, Prof. M. R. Madki

Abstract: The improved bit-plane complexity segmentation (BPCS) steganography carries on different processing's to different bit-planes, with setting high threshold value at the high bit-plane and low threshold value at the low. Steganography is an important issue in the filed of information safety. This paper concretely designs and carries out a steganography of the text secret information. RSA algorithm is used for encryption of the text secret information, so that others not privy to the decryption mechanism. The introduction of chaos theory conveniences to the test of steganography characteristics and enhance the safe of steganography. Not only provides good visual imperceptibility and data embedding capacity, this scheme also is capable of resisting the analysis of the whole histogram.

      Dr. Md. Habibur Rahman, Dr. Mohammed Nasir Uddin and Sayeed Ahmed Siddiqui

Abstract: The tremendous advances and the aggressive infusion of information technology had brought in a paradigm shift in banking operations. With the rapid proliferation of Internet Technology banking sector now takes a different approaches often termed as E-banking. The adoption of E-banking becomes a necessity for the banking which wishes to maintain its share of market and retain its customers. In one hand, it offers ease of operation for both customers and consumers. On the other hand, it overcomes the geographical bars between the countries. But such improved services have come at the cost of rigorous adaptation of business rules and policies as well as to cope with the new technology. This paper reveals the current situation of E-banking in Bangladesh and the impact of E-banking on banking activities. The new challenges of E-banking are to develop and apply policy from the perspectives of society, banks, and regulatory authorities as like as government are addressed in the study.

      Rachana Kamble, R.K Pateriya

Abstract: VoIP services are scarifying, due to delay in transmission of voice packets (Latency), echo, jitter, packet loss and other Quality of Service (QoS) problems arrived in VoIP phones. The weakness on QoS is managing by voice and data service together on a VoIP network. In this paper we dedicated to studying the response of data transmission quality, characteristic of voice quality, the service quality and diagnoses the problem arrived on VoIP protocol suite. For this reason, we suggest, to manage the weakness of VoIP related protocol by design of measurement management process model also use to analyzed quality item driven per voice service that can increase the quality and come up the result of MOS, delay, jitter, packet loss value, voice processing, filtering, try to achieve Qos requirements, removing the miscellaneous QoS security issues, Improving QoS, and obtained the idea about Software Queueing Mechanisms etc.

      Ananthi. P, G.Selva Vinayagam

Abstract: Advent of Internet has resulted in e-commerce replacing traditional selling of digital products (such as songs, videos,movies, software, books, documents, images, etc.) through shops. This mode of sale can bring the product price down as infrastructure cost in setting up shops and retail chain is reduced. On downside, however, this may increase problem of piracy as digital data can be easily copied, manipulated and transmitted. To protect copyright of owner, establish right of buyer on purchased copy and yet check data piracy, it is required that a rusted e-distribution system be built. Such a system should be able to ensure secure transaction between buyer and seller, check ownership and track the origin of unauthorized copies..The buyer seller watermarking protocols are heavyweight protocols.These protocols require large computation power and network bandwidth.The heavyweight protocols could not be used for the resource constrained devices since the devices does not support battery power.A lightweight protocol has been proposed which is best suited for the resource constrained devices. The protocol is based on a fast asymmetric encryption with novel simplification.In this approach the seller authenticates the buyer but does not learn which items are purchased. The protocol is designed in such a way that the buyers pay the right price without disclosing the purchased item, and the sellers are able to identify buyers that released pirated copies. The protocol is constructed based on the priced oblivious transfer and the existing techniques for asymmetric watermark embedding.

      Abhinandan R. Gupta

Abstract: With the mode toward urbanization, rate of construction and hazards related to it has increased to high extend. One such major source is Fire accidents. Structure can undergo fire accident, but because of this the structure cannot be denied neither abandoned. To make a structure functionally viable after the damage due to fire has become a challenge for the civil engineering community. The problem is where to start and how to proceed. The root for such problem lies in the strength parametric study of component material that are use in construction industry. One such major item is concrete, which have very distinct chemical and physical properties because of its elemental components.

      Zeeshan Ahmed Khan, R.K Pateriya

Abstract: String matching algorithms in software applications like virus scanners (anti-virus) or intrusion detection systems is stressed for improving data security over the internet. String-matching techniques are used for sequence analysis, gene finding, evolutionary biology studies and analysis of protein expression. Other fields such as Music Technology, Computational Linguistics, Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Vision, have been using string matching algorithm as their integral part of theoretical and practical tools. There are various problems in string matching appeared as a result of such continuous, exhaustive use, which in turn were promptly solved by the computer scientists. The more practical solutions to the real world problems can be solved by the multiple pattern string matching algorithms. String Matching Algorithms like Aho-Corasick, Commentz-Walter, Bit parallel, Rabin-Karp, Wu-Manber etc. are to be focused in this paper. Aho-Corasick algorithm is based on finite state machines (automata). Commentz Walter algorithm is based on the idea of Knutt-Morris-Pratt and finite state machines. Bit parallel algorithm like shift-or makes use of wide machine words (CPU registers) to parallelize the work. Rabin-Karp uses hashing to find any one of a set of pattern strings in a text. Wu-Manber looking text in blocks instead of one by one character combining idea of Aho-Corasick and Boyer-Moore.Each algorithm has certain advantages and disadvantages. This paper presents the comparative analysis of various multiple pattern string matching algorithms.A comparison of Aho-Corasick, Commentz-Walter, Bit-Parallel(Shift-OR), Rabin-Karp, Wu-Manber etc. type of string matching algorithms is presented on different parameters.

      Anurag Gupta, K.K. Swarnkar, Dr. S. Wadhwani, Dr.A.K.Wadhwani

Abstract: In this paper particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm is proposed to optimize Combined Economic emission Dispatch Problem (CEEDP)of thermal units. Combined Economic emission Dispatch Problem (CEEDP is used to minimize both total fuel cost of generation and the emission of toxic gases of the thermal generating units simultaneously while satisfying the load demand and constraints of the system which makes it multi-objective problem..The bi-objective problem is converted into single objective problem by introducing price penalty factor to maintain an acceptable system performance in terms of limits on generator real power outputs, transmission losses with minimum emission dispatch. In this paper, the proposed algorithm has been applied to a standard IEEE 30-bus test system with six generating units and three generating units. The results obtained with the proposed approach are compared with results of genetic algorithm and other technique.

      Tomba I.

Abstract: Tomba (2012) introduced a technique for construction (n x n) magic squares (when n is odd) using basic Latin Squares by fixing the pivot element and arranging other elements in an orderly manner [10]. However, even-order magic squares can't be constructed using the same procedure because of duplication in diagonal elements. In this paper, a technique for constructing (n x n) magic squares (when n is doubly even) using basic Latin square is developed. Doubly even magic squares are made by fixing the column associated with the elements, adjacent to the pivot element and arranging in an orderly manner that generates a magic parametric constant (T, known as Tomba's constant) and sub-magic parametric constants (Ti) and finally derived by minor adjustment on the values of Ti' s. The technique can provide weak magic squares for singly even cases. The construction is illustrated with suitable examples.

      Ms. Pradnya B. Rane, Dr.B.B.Meshram

Abstract: E-commerce applications now a day are becoming very popular as it saves a lot of time and at the same time it is very secure. Developing E-commerce application from scratch is a tedious job. The requirements for securing e-commerce transaction are privacy, authentication, integrity maintenance and non-repudiation. In this paper we are suggesting security concerns for payment details of customer. We are using XML watermarking in combination with digital signature for this purpose. This can be done to check integrity of the payment details data. This paper provides directions for web and ecommerce applications security. In particular, XML security and payment database security issues pertaining to the web and e-commerce applications are discussed.

      Suchita Patil, Dr. B.B.Meshram

Abstract: The Intrusion prevention system is the extension of Intrusion detection system. Network Intrusion Detection and Prevention system works on analyzing the packets coming and going through the interface. The paper illustrates the idea of detecting the DoS Attack. There are many methods available to Detect and avoid the DoS attack. On the network there are many types of DoS attack occurs due to which the service gets interrupted. This paper mainly deals with the DoS attacks.

      M.Gopu, Dr. Ritesh Khanna

Abstract: Seamless roaming and mobility management are the main challenges before heterogeneous 4G wireless networks. The existing methods for seamless roaming need changes in the implementation of TCP. User specific vertical handover is provided by introducing new entities in the existing networks. This paper presents three layer architecture to provide seamless roaming and user specific handoff without altering the current implementations. It also avoids the need for new entities. The first layer is a management agent and the next is information transfer. The final layer behaves as link agent. Management agent controls and shares the messages among different access networks. Information agent handles data streams. Link agent gathers details about the connected links and provides status updates.

      Prabhu Ponnusamy

Abstract: This paper will discuss how CSPro (Census and Survey Processing System) coped with data processing system in complex large scale survey. A recent large scale surveys used the CSPro package for data entry fact sheet and tabulation generation for the survey. The paper will discuss the outcomes of using CSPro and data processing system methods in such a large scale survey. It is suggested that the use of CSPro has achieved a better data quality than other data processing packages would have. The use of CSPro has a number of distinguished advantages, such as improvements in data quality and turnaround times. It will critically review how the quantitative method worked in this specific situation before placing the discussion in its wider data processing system methods and research environment context.

      Rakesh K. Parmar and Purnima Chopra

Abstract: Recently an extension of beta function is defined by introducing an extra parameter is proved to be useful earlier (Aslam Chaudhry 1997 [8] and A. R. Miller 1998 [1]). In this short research note, we further obtained results for generalized incomplete beta function and obtained the various integral representations and properties.



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