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      Jayasri Lingaiah, Saroja Dhanapal

Abstract: This study investigated the effect of graphic organizer and instructional scaffolding on argumentative essay writing performance among TESL undergraduates. The study employed an experimental research using the pre-test and post-test design involving 60 TESL undergraduates who underwent lessons on argumentative essay writing using two different delivery modes, namely ‘Graphic Organizer with Instructional Scaffolding’ (GOIS) which is the experimental group and ‘No Graphic Organizer No Instructional Scaffolding’ (NGNI) which is the control group.

      Myo-Myo Mon, Kyaw-Min Htut, Phyo Aung-Naing, San Hone, Htun-Nyunt Oo

Abstract: Information on positive living as well as sexual and reproductive health (SRH) is essential for HIV infected adolescents on anti-retroviral therapy (ART). There was very little intervention study among them and effects of intervention have not studied yet. A quasi-experimental study encompassing baseline assessment, intervention and post-intervention assessment after one month was done by applying a mixed-methods design at Mandalay and Magway in 2019. Current study aims to assess the effectiveness of the intervention in terms of knowledge and attitude on SRH and positive living. Intervention package included aspects of positive living incorporated with SRH information which were conducted in group sessions including body mapping, case scenarios and discussions.

      Maria G. Tindangen, Joulanda Rawis, Herry Sumual, Orbanus Naharia

Abstract: Decision-Making of Headmasters is a strategy adopted by headmasters to overcome problems encountered by schools in achieving goals. Research objectives: To describe and analyze the decision-making process using passing standards, content standards, management standards. The research methodology employed qualitative approach, informants consisted of headmasters, teachers, students and supervisors

      H Mon, U Tazeen

Abstract: Background- Primary Hyperparathyroidism (PHPTH) can occur at any age but more common in postmenopausal women and men above 50. Primary treatment for PHPTH is surgery and NICE recommends referring cohorts with symptoms, or target organ damage or adjusted serum calcium ≥2.85mmol/L.

      Monica Dita Pravita Widya Putri, Chaoyi Xu, Larsey Naphtali Akwetteh

Abstract: Purpose - The purpose of this study is to find out more about supply chain problems during the Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia and how government decisions help solve supply chain problems, by forming several policies by adjusting the situation and conditions during the Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia.

      S. N. Osano, K.O. Amollo, R.O. Ouko

Abstract: Road traffic crashes are recorded for various reasons such as establishing the damage, to estimate the economic cost of road crashes and to use this information to adequately plan and provide safer road transport infrastructure. In Kenya, the Traffic Police Department record crash information since they are always the first to attend to accident scenes. The data recorded by Traffic Police may often be counterchecked through the Ministry of Health (M.o.H) at the hospital level for post-crash and trauma care as well as organizations offering paramedicine services. Varying scales of injury may only be determined at the hospital during road crash injury management and prevention hence the need to establish an integrated data management system.

      Asad Ashraf Karel

Abstract: This paper consists of the concept behind the force against the gravitation, and the force is named as force of Antigravitation. Here multiple queries being solved, especially for the researchers to study about the anti-force concept. The thing is explained under the reference of Newton’s law of gravitation. This hypothesis may help to understand the real face of the force of attraction and repulsion.

      Zubin A. Mahajan, Sameera R. Mehta, Raman Singh

Abstract: Henoch-Schönlein purpura (HSP) is an acute IgA–mediated multisystem disorder, characterized by the involvement of vessels of the skin, gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, joints, and rarely the lungs and central nervous system. The annual incidence varies geographically from 6.2 to 70.3 per 100,000 population in the pediatric group with a male predominance (Male: Female = 1.2: 1.0).

      Dr. D.H.N.S. Chandradasa, Dr. K.C. Shanthi Dalpadadu

Abstract: Reliability, accuracy and timeliness of laboratory test results are very important in laboratory Quality Assurance (QA). Accurate test results helps to prevent unnecessary treatment, treatment complications, delays in correct diagnosis and unnecessary diagnostic testing. Laboratory QA cycle consists of pre-analytical, analytical and the post analytical stages which affect the accuracy of test results.

      D. Widyastuti, D. Suprayitno

Abstract: Tofu is one of the foodstuffs favored by the people of Indonesia, this is why there are many tofu industries in Indonesia. The tofu industry is a fast growing industry in Indonesia. There are about 75 tofu industries in Malang city, where most of the tofu industry is in the form of home industry.

      Suwartono, Hendra Dwi Prasetyo, Sri Lestari, Nindya Kartika Kusmayati, Buyung Perdana Surya

Abstract: Promoting with a promotional strategy through the web, particularly with social media, will increase sales wide and doesnt need high-ticket promoting prices. Customers also will find it easier to search out data concerning the merchandise they need to shop for. With this social media, an efficient promoting communication strategy are going to be fashioned, specifically the Word Of Mouth (WOM). WOM marketing includes a lot of competitive advantage in conveyance of title business data.

      Nguyen Thanh Long, Huynh Van Hien and Tran Minh Phu

Abstract: Cage culture of Basa fish (Pangasius bocourti) in An Giang province was investigated through interview 55 households in Chau Doc city (20 households), Tan Chau (20 households) and An Phu districts (15 households). The collected information included general information of households, technical and financial variables in cage aquaculture. The results showed that each farming household had 3.36 cages with average volume of 623 m3/cage. The high stocking density of 151 fish/m3 leads to the high yield of 1,457 kg/10 m3/crop in this kind of cage culture. After a culture period of around 10 months, the fish reached commercial size of 940 g/fish. The survival rate was high, 89.1%, and FCR was 1.85. The initial investment for cage farming was very high, in average of 19.8 million VND/10 m3. Within one crop, the input cost was 33.3 million VND/10 m3 and gained profit was 10.75 million VND/10 m3 and the profit ratio was 0.32 times. The common challenges of Basa cage aquaculture were identified as polluted water, unstable farm-gate price and lacking investment capital.

      Ndungutse Davis, Mr Nathan Nyamweya, Dr. Ngarambe Prudence, PhD

Abstract: The study intended to assess the economic status of the beneficiaries of savings in the village and loans associations in Bugesera District, Rwanda. The researcher adopted the descriptive survey design because the study sought to gain insight or perception into a phenomenon as a way of providing basic information in the area of study. The study population was composed of 696 in total from which a sample size of 254 was calculated using Yamane formula.

      Owino-O, Harriet Nyakecho

Abstract: The aim of this paper is to identify the relationship between personality traits and readiness for learning based on a review of recent literature. The paper, to a large extent, uses literature to appraise the postulations of James Marcia in the Identity Status Theory, which is an extension of the work of the psychologist Erik Erikson. In applying the identity status theory, this paper attempts to explain how personality traits are extensions of identities at different state of formation. Understanding these traits can be instrumental in helping a learner to commit to learning. The author shows that the knowledge of personality style and identity may help a teacher to determine the best methods for teaching different learners. The paper concludes that people learn and teach differently because they are different. Consequently, teachers should endeavour to understand the potential interpersonal frustrations and curtail unnecessary conflicts by creatively adjusting teaching according to the different personalities of learners.

      Epimaco A. Cabanlit

Abstract: This paper shows, that under the piecewise addition modulo 2, and piecewise multiplication of adjacency matrices of digraphs, the basic properties for a ring are being satisfied.

      Almar S. Bantolo, M.D, Kutch V. Yasa, M.D, Lucille P. Detoyato, MD, FPOA

Abstract: Objectives: To evaluate the efficacy of intravenous Tranexamic Acid as pre-operative prophylactic management for patients undergoing Open Reduction Internal Fixation (ORIF) Interlocked Intramedullary Nailing of the Femur in minimizing intra-operative bleeding at Level III trauma Center in a tertiary government hospital.

      Grienny Nuradi, Rudi Wahyono, Fajar Supanto

Abstract: This study has the aim to find out: 1). the effect of the principals transformational leadership style and organizational commitment on job satisfaction and teacher performance; 2). the effect of job satisfaction on teacher performance; 3). the significance of job satisfaction in mediating the effect of transformational leadership styles and organizational commitment on teacher performance. This research was conducted in Malang Regency High School, East Java, Indonesia.

      Madhuka Sanjaya Wickramarachchi

Abstract: Sri Lanka-GCC temporary economic migration corridor which boomed in the early 1980s quickly became feminized with increasing number of women moving back and forth as Female Domestic Workers. The recruitment process of Female Domestic Workers in Sri Lanka presents several peculiarities. Apart from well-established push and pull factors of economics, there are a number of mooring factors which forms the migration decision especially in the Female Domestic Workers who follows a circular migration pattern. A survey conducted in 2019 in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia sheds some light on these mooring factors. It provides that monetary gain is the main push and pull factor and factors such as debt free departure, psychosocial assurance through upfront payments, familiarity with destination, personal networks, escapism, socio-cultural traits and negative stereotyping are operate as mooring factors in migration decision. The study underlines that some of the established ideas on female migrant domestic workers cannot be applied in toto to circular Female Domestic Migrant Workers.

      Tran Thi Yen, Phung Thi Thanh Tu

Abstract: English writing is an important skill for students; however, many English majors at universities in Vietnam have problems in writing English. Therefore, the aim of the research is to seek solutions to enhance English writing performance for English majors through the use of portfolios. The specific objectives are to draw up a procedure for creating and assessing writing portfolios, to evaluate the impacts of portfolios on English majors’ writing performance, and to collect students’ and teachers’ feedback regarding the benefits and drawbacks of portfolios and possible solutions to enhance the effectiveness of portfolios.

      Abdelrahman Salem

Abstract: Lack of water resources and water pollution are some of the major hazards to the security of our water. Do you know the amount of water that consumed and produced in Egypt? This year Egypts water needs stand at 76 billion cubic meters and will keep increasing dramatically in a direct relation with increase of the population. The River Nile supplies Egypt with about 55.5 billion cubic meters each year which represents about 69.8% of Egypts water needs. Moreover, citizens still depend on the fresh water as the main source to obtain drinkable water. In addition, there are about 38 million Egyptian citizens suffering from the water pollution issue, in addition, about 5.4 tons of pollutants are being thrown into water every year? Therefore, the problem mainly was the lack of clean water resources.

      Joseph Kofi Asiedu

Abstract: This study sought to find out factors that affect the performance of pre-service teachers in college algebra in some selected Colleges of Education in the Bono Region of Ghana. A quantitative survey design was employed in this study. The study was conducted in two Colleges of Education and sixty – six (66) second-year pre-service teachers offering 4-year Bachelor of Education(B.Ed.) Programmes in both Primary and Junior High School ( JHS) education randomly selected. A five- point Likert scale questionnaire was used to collect data on the three factors (students’ attitude, motivation, and lesson presentation). Twenty (20) items questionnaire was administered to the pre-service teachers to collect data. The data were analyzed and the descriptive statistics involving means and standard deviation as well as correlation, regression, and paired samples t-test were used to address the research questions. The findings revealed that the poor performance of students in college algebra in colleges of education in Ghana was caused by students negative attitude, motivation and lesson presentation. It is, therefore, recommended that these negative attitude needs to be corrected by instilling in students the values in mathematics. Teachers teaching college algebra should be innovative and use the appropriate technique to teach the concepts in college algebra. The government and stakeholders in teacher education should provide necessary materials and other resources in colleges of education to harness the potentials of pre-service teachers.

      Millicent Cherotich, Rose Atoni, Jennifer Munyua jmunyua

Abstract: In light of the one hundred percent transition from primary to secondary schools, greater investment of resources in education is key. However, the present state of most secondary schools in Kenya is quite deplorable. Some of the books in the library are obsolete, inadequate equipment in the laboratory and buildings overdue for renovation are some of the indicators that the schools have a financial challenge. The sstudy explored strategies for financial resource mobilization in public secondary schools in Kapenguria Constituency West Pokot County Kenya.


Abstract: The current school context with its growing emphasis on quality and accountability is exerting significant performance pressure on teachers. It is important to understand how teachers cope with stressors in their every-day duty of teaching. Since the phenomenon of coping strategies among school teachers has received little attention in Kenya, this study sought to qualitatively explore the coping strategies used by teachers of secondary and primary schools when facing stressors in their working conditions

      Aminu A., Bala M., Kalla S.M., Mudassir L., Abdulazeez M.A.

Abstract: Background: The increase in the price of fossil fuel, strict government regulations on exhaust emissions and future depletion of worldwide petroleum reserves trigger studies to look for alternative fuels. Bio-ethanol from different kinds of biomass is one way to reduce both consumption of crude oil and environmental pollution. Although extensive efforts have been put in place to evaluate the potential of microalgae as a biofuels feedstock during the past 4–5 decades but there is currently limited information on the state of Microalgae biomass conversion to ethanol, this study aimed at harnessing the potentials of microalgae as third generation biomass for bioethanol production.

      Ahmed Yasser Ahmed Mohammed, Zeyad Ayman Mohammed Bady, Ahmed Mohammed Fahmy, Ahmed Mohammed Mahmoud Ahmed

Abstract: The world is facing scarcity in water resources due to various reasons. Irrigation consumes about 86% of the water withdrawal in Egypt which means less water for the domestic and other sectors usage. Thus, treatment of turbid wastewater as sewage water should be done to decrease the amount of the pure water used in irrigation. The presented project reviews a wastewater treatment technology that involves cactus of the species OFI (Opuntia ficus-indica).

      Geeta Chopra

Abstract: When the pandemic hit the world, everyone was relieved a bit that at least, the virus seemed to have a limited direct impact on children. But no one had anticipated the indirect effect the pandemic will have on children. This paper explores the impact of Covid 19 on infant and child mortality, child nutrition, schooling and child protection issues. It draws attention to the already worrisome pre-covid statistics on these parameters in India, and why one can expect things to go worse. Some solutions for remediation are also presented.

      Mrs.Kumuthinidevi Shanthrakumar

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to investigate factors that influence accounting students’ preference toward career paths. Career path refers to the choices of jobs and occupational positions an individual may choose to hold. Accounting students may choose to advance their career into one of the following areas: financial accounting, management accounting, taxation, auditing, finance, etc. According to past literature, choices of career path are influenced by intrinsic motivation, extrinsic motivation, third parties, and career exposure. Therefore, the objective of this study is to measure which factors influencing accounting student’s career paths in Trincomalee Campus, Eastern University, Sri Lanka. A simple random sampling method is used to select participants for this study. A quantitative approach is used in this study. Accordingly, data are collected using a questionnaire, designed in a Likert’s scale method. This study is limited to students who are in Trincomalee Campus, Eastern University, Sri Lanka. In this study, four variables are used to measure the factors influencing accounting student’s career paths in Trincomalee Campus, Eastern University, Sri Lanka.

      Ms. Shikha Goyal

Abstract: This paper is an in-depth study of emergence of Corporate Social Irresponsibility (CSI) as an area that got academicians’ and researchers’ attention when a seminal work published in “Social Responsibility Journal” by Brian Jones et. al in the year 2009 titled “Corporate irresponsibility and corporate social responsibility: competing realities”. In this paper the researcher has come out with an idea to find how the corporate social irresponsibility became prominent area of research that might bring out possible strategies the corporates may follow to enhance their corporate governance practices.

      Mohd Harridon, Ainan Syabil Shukri

Abstract: Search and Rescue (SAR) is a process of searching for individuals and rescuing those that are in danger. In Malaysia, several agencies are involved in SAR. One of them is the Malaysian Police Air Wing. We had posed several SAR issues to the crew of SAR of the Malaysian Police Air Wing and we had given them leverage whether to agree, disagree, or remain neutral pursuant to these issues. The results were analyzed and a majority of the crew agreed that SAR had save lives while other issues showed mixed responses.

      Mr.Srihan Kanishka Ariyasinghe, Bhadra J.H.Arachchige

Abstract: With different methods and theoretical models, numerous researchers have explored the approaches to achieving life goals. On the other hand, mindfulness is increasingly being used as a method for achieving personal growth development as well as organizational progress. And while mindfulness was based on spiritual origin, it has also become a business practice nowadays. A conceptual model was constructed for goal achievement through mindfulness by using the secondary data available, such as journals, books, and scientific articles, and research papers. In this theoretical framework, it is explained through the default network and direct network of the human brain contribute our thoughts and daily functions and how mindfulness co-related on both system positively for habit formation process which has been explained through the habit loop. It is observed that mindfulness helps to reduce the stress, pain, and fear which come as negative consequences of default network usage and how mindfulness can improve the positive outcome such as relaxation, concentration, and awareness which come from the direct network.

      Dr.Niharika Mohapatra

Abstract: The most effective way to mitigate the effects of natural disasters is to be prepared for them. Women, who “are key economic actors throughout the disaster cycle of preparedness, mitigation, relief, and reconstruction”, should be provided with capacity building training to reduce the impact of disasters. In this paper I attempt to put forth some of the training that has been provided to women as part of the disaster preparedness programme in the aftermath of the Super Cyclone.

      Salimah Mulok. Langilao, M.D,DPCP, Maria Theresa Lorenzo Bad-ang, M.D, FPCP, FPSN

Abstract: Background: To determine the factors relevant in understanding the behavior, perceptions and practices as well as religious attitude regarding organ donation of Moros residing in Davao City, Philippines.Material/Methods: A self-administered questionnaire was conducted between August to September 2017. A total of 469 questionnaires were distributed to different public communities and private institutions. 369 surveys were collected successfully and used for analysis. Results:Two most important independent variables as independent indicators of organ donation approval included high level of Islamic ethical principles and lesser score on Punishment of Allah appraisal

      Bhumika patel, Nishtha Patel, Mahima Tailor, Mona Pujara

Abstract: Menstruation is the regular intrauterine bleeding of female after puberty. There are various physical and mental paining by menstruation is called dysmenorrhea. Few studies on the yogic exercise shows that certain yoga poses control the stress and pain of dysmenorrhea and has a positive effect if practiced regularly. The stretching also has a reducing effect on pain as stretching is associated with increased endorphin production. Aim of the study: To determine the effect of stretching exercise and yoga asana in relief of pain and improving quality of life.

      Muhammad Abdurrahman Munir, Khairiah Haji Badri, Sofian Ibrahim

Abstract: Polyurethane (PU) becomes one of the bio-based polymers and produced by pre-polymerization method. In this study, polyurethane (PU) was synthesised using aromatic isocyanate (4,4’-diphenylmethane diisocyanate) as a hard segment and palm kernel-based monoester polyol (PKO-p) as a soft segment by using prepolymerization method with polyethylene glycol (PEG) 400 as a chain extender. Urea added into polyurethane in order to show the characteristic of polyurethane urea. Polyurethane – urea films with various concentration were studied and showing different tensile properties with polyurethane film. The tensile strains of PU – Urea films decreased owing to the addition of urea. The carbonyl peak (C=O) were detected using FTIR in polyurethane and polyurethane – urea around 1727 cm-1 and 1725 cm-1, respectively. Meanwhile, thermal properties of the PU – urea films were determined using thermogravimetry (TGA) method and indicated satisfactory result

      Edi Rusdiyanto, Santun Sitorus, Bambang Pramudya, Ramalis Sobandi

Abstract: Existing condition of settlement area on Cikapundung riverside is dense population, mostly illegal status, low quality of infrastructure, and ecological function decrease. The aim of this study was to analyze sustainability status and sensitive attributes affecting settlement area sustainability. This study used qualitative-quantitative method and its data type was ordinal data. Data analysis method used was statistical method with Multi Dimensional Scalling (MDS) with Rapid appraisal (Rap) – riverside settlement analysis. The result of settlement area sustainability status on Cikapundung riverside was included in less sustainable category by index of 48.65. The result showed analysis of 42 attributes from 5 sustainable dimensions in settlement area was undergone 16 sensitive attributes were obtained consisting of ecological (4 attributes), economical (3 attributes), social (3 attributes), institutional (3 attributes), and technological dimension (3 attributes). Those 16 leverage attributes sensitively affect settlement area sustainability on Cikapundung riverside.

      Prof. Uche Josephine Obidiegwu , Dr. Blessing Chinyere Elekwa

Abstract: The study examined the extent vigilante security group protects lives and properties in Abia State. A research question and a null hypothesis guided the study. Using purposive sampling technique, 726 respondents comprising of 648 Town Union Executives (TUEs) and 78 policemen in 10 local government areas with registered vigilante units were selected for the study. Questionnaire was the tool used for data collection.

      Muhammad Ihwal, Aji H. Wigena, Anik Djuraidah

Abstract: The Statistical downscaling (SD) is a technique of analysis using statistical model which can be used to predict local scale as response based on global scale data as predictors. The problem in SD is that the predictors are usually multicollinearity which can be overcome by ridge regression.

      Mahmoud Smaida, Serhii Yaroshchak

Abstract: Deep learning is the most widely used image recognition technology today, and it provides more insight into how computers can understand and learn from data. In deep learning, artificial neural networks analyze a large set of data to automatically detect patterns. In this article, well introduce some of these techniques to see how we can use deep learning to create our own model for diagnosing eye disease. When we talk about determining a diagnosis by medical imaging, we mean that we are going to explain some of the main areas of computer vision and how we can classify images data using convolutional neural net-works, one of most important idea is the evaluation of model performance using ensemble learning.

      Deepak Choukanpally, Alok Kumar, Madhu S Manohar

Abstract: The increase in population and the improved lifestyle of people around the globe are resulting in over exploitation of resources and also generating huge amount of wastes in terms of solid and liquid waste. As per the World Bank data available in 2016, global municipal waste generation is 2.01 billion tons per year. Dakshina Kannada district is the coastal district in the state of Karnataka, India with Mangaluru as its administration headquarters.

      Annet Anindo Karani, Dr. Anthony Osoro

Abstract: The purpose of the study was to establish the Determinants of Inventory Management on Service Delivery in Trans Nzoia County Level Four Hospital, Kenya. The analysis was focused on the respondents of the target population of the study. The specific objectives of the study were: Lead Time, Staff Competence, Records Management Practices and ICT Practices on Service Delivery in Trans Nzoia County Level Four Hospital. The study was anchored on the following theories; The EOQ theory, Transaction Cost Theory, Resource Based View Theory (RBV) and The Theory of Change. A descriptive research design was adopted. The target population was 200 respondents who comprised of employees from the following departments in Tran Nzoia Level four hospital; procurement, finance, pharmacist and administration department resource respectively. The researcher did a census survey.

      Emmanuel Wani Jube Gore, Haowei Wu, Yulin Tang

Abstract: A sustainable drinking water system increasingly becomes a problem with an increase in population density. The purpose of this study is to assess the drinking water system in Juba city and compare its water quality parameters with the WHO standard. The systematic review method is applied to identify relevant information and the gray literature data collected from the Ministry of Water Resources on the treated water quality parameters such as water temperature, pH, water conductivity, TDS, and residual chlorine for January, March, June, and August 2018.

      Adel Moafa

Abstract: In recent years, the sector of medicinal, aromatic and spice plants (MASP) in Serbia is experiencing new growth, developing new technologies, standards and markets. Today, unfortunately, despite the extremely rich biofund of this group of plants, production, processing and export of medicinal plants is below the levels of the late eighties. The closure of several large public companies, together with the lack of a sufficiently favorable political situation, has led to the discovery of raw materials and products in some other markets.

      Dr. D. M. Ubesekara Dissanayake

Abstract: It is during the classical period of sociology that a strong foundation was laid on its theoretical progress. During this particular period of time, Max Weber, an outstanding classical sociologist became an exception in introducing a sociological methodology, which can enhance the prospects of sociological studies. Following the evolution of the European society into the scientific stage, having based on two Paradigms, researches have been conducted by the scholars who have directed themselves for the supplication of scientific knowledge for the functionality of the materialistic and socio-cultural worlds. Those two Paradigms, are known as ‘Nomothetic Approach’ and ‘Idiographic Approach’. Most importantly, Max Weber, the above mentioned German classical sociologist could be considered as an exception, since the sociological methodology, introduced by him directly belongs to neither ‘Nomothetic Approach’ nor ‘Idiographic Approach’. As such, this specific methodology, introduced by Weber for the realistic understanding of the human society is known as the Weberian sociological methodology.

      Alawode, Olufemi Peter, Adegbie, Folajimi Festus

Abstract: The poultry industry as a key player under the category of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in the Agricultural sector makes critical use of the component of working capital and their contribution to the economy of the country is a direct variable of the value addition generated.

      Abhishek Gupta, Mangala Jadhava, Ruchi Sharma

Abstract: Gunja (Abrus precatorius linn.) described under the category of upavisha, a sub-poisonous drug in Ayurveda. Seeds of gunja have active principle Abrin, which is said to have toxic properties, which can cause severe nausea, vomiting, convulsions, liver failure, severe purgation and death. Also no antidote exists for abrin, the most important factor is avoiding abrin. There are many Ayurvedic medicines which contain gunja as a key ingredient. Gunja seeds are used only after processing in certain medias, known as shodhana prcocess. In the present study, rakta gunja seeds were processed in three medias godugdha, kanji and water at same temperature and evaluated against the raw sample for its abrin content. The study was conducted to evaluate which media reduces abrin to its maximum. Abrin is a protein, which is denatured when subjected to high temperature and removes its toxicity.

      Olfa Hamdi-Larbi, Elwsaef Rim

Abstract: In this paper we address the sparse-dense matrix product (SDMP) problem where the first (resp. second) matrix is sparse (resp. dense). We start with an initial DO loop nest structured algorithm corresponding to the most used sparse matrix compressed formats i.e. DNS, CSR and COO.

      Karthijekan, K, Angela, A.A

Abstract: The increasing prevalence of overweight and obesity, mostly due to various behavioral and lifestyle factors are a burden on the population. Overweight and obesity are recognized as the cause of many health related complications. Unhealthy dietary practices such as high fat and salt intake lead to excess weight gain. The study aimed to assess the nutritional status and dietary practices among university students at Faculty of Health-Care Sciences, Eastern University, Sri Lanka.

      Biplob Ghosh

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to analyse the role that centre-state ‘co-operative federalism’ has played in addressing the current ‘health emergency’ in a diverse federal system like India. How to play a more effective role against this pandemic, how centre-state cooperation can play an effective role in reviving the pandemic economy. How the various ‘coercive’ decisions of the centre have caused social problems in India. Is corona pandemic situation showing a new path to central state relations in India? Are states becoming more centralized? How much has it been possible in the last five years to restructure the rift between the centre and West Bengal in terms of ‘meeting-cooperate’ and negotiating relations? Why?

      Hidayati Kardena, Mawardi Mawardi

Abstract: This study aims to produce a worksheet of chemical equilibrium which based on guided inquiry in order to measure the validity, practicality of the worksheet. This worksheet is structured using a guided inquiry model and is equipped with multiple representations .

      Arwini Arisandi, Aji Hamim Wigena, Agus Mohamad Soleh

Abstract: Statistical downscaling (SDS) is a method to relate functionally global scale to local scale climate data. The global scale data are from the Global Climate Models (GCM) output while the local data are from a rainfall station. Generally, the GCM output data are available in the form of contiguous grids which commonly causes the multicollinearity problem. The problem can be overcome by a method such as principal component analysis (PCA), LASSO, forward selection. A SDS modeling can use the continuum regression with PCA.

      Dr. Ashok Kumar, Prasad Salian

Abstract: Emerging literature highlights the problems in the health sector is excess weight. The excess weight is caused due to accumulation of fat under the skin and around our organs. Fat first get deposited under the skin of belly. Belly fat is directly proportional to the life style diseases. More the belly fat more lifestyle diseases a person is likely to have. Apart from the agony and pain of diseases overweight is a major blow to the self esteem and self image of people worldwide. Many such people fall prey to frauds that mislead them with their tall claim advertisements.

      Kyaw Min Htut, Chitlada Areesantichai, Myo Myo Mon, Phyo Aung Naing

Abstract: Introduction: Globally, transmissions of diseases are more likely to be infected among MSM due to their sexual risk behaviors like unprotected anal sex and multiple sexual partners. Very scarce or limited studies were noted regarding alcohol consumption and sexual risk behavior among MSM in Myanmar.

      Osim, Samuel E, Etukudo, Mbosowo M, Eze, Ukamaka P, Okoye, Simonpeter U, Ekwueme, David C

Abstract: Assessment of tolerance of Zea mays and physio-chemical properties of soil at flooded areas was conducted in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, Nigeria. Five (5) sampling units (P1, P2, P3, P4 and P5) in an area prone to seasonal flooding were selected alongside a non-flooded terrain (control-P0). Germination studies were conducted two (2) weeks before the onset of flood in the experimental sites, while a corresponding set up was maintained at the control site. Three (3) seeds of the crop were sown in the experimental soil per planting point with five (5) replicates.

      Osim, Samuel E, Etukudo, Mbosowo M, Eze, Ukamaka P, Udo, Joseph I, Akwe, Lucky S

Abstract: Characterization of physical and chemical properties of soil from three municipal solid waste dump sites was conducted in Bayelsa State, Nigeria. Soil samples were collected from three (3) municipal solid waste dumpsites; Opolo (L1), Mechanic village (L2), and Kpansia (L3), along side natural soil (control-P0) in triplicates. Physico-chemical properties and heavy metal contents of the experimental sites were examined. This study revealed that soil pH, total nitrogen, available phosphorus, organic carbon, magnesium, potassium, calcium, and electrical conductivity recorded higher contents (P< 0.05) at the dumpsites than the natural soil (control). Exchangeable acidity were lower at the dumpsites than the natural soil, while heavy metals contents were higher at the dumpsites than the natural soil, however, their proportions were within the permissible levels by WHO. Therefore, this study showed that the soil nutrient status and the general soil conditions at the dumpsites were adequate for optimum agricultural productivity.

      N. Malizia, G. Cifaldi

Abstract: The interpretative path of suicide finds its maximum expression in the theorizations of Èmile Durkheim who classifies suicide as a social pathology and as a result of a general social fragility. The more generic theme of "deaths" in prison began to arouse the interest of scholars around the mid-19th century, a period in which "suicide death" was linked to the influence of both exogenous factors, such as socio-family environmental ones and socio-relational before prisonization and suitable for suicide, which are endogenous, referable to the status of prisoner, regardless of the nature of the individual, his cognitive abilities and his adaptation skills. Often, the institutions attitude towards the "suicidal" or "attempting suicide" prisoner coincides with the labeling of a subject deemed insane and the self-suppressive conduct almost always an expression of active deviance.

      Arwa Aleryani

Abstract: E-government research is receiving great attention on a global level. Some researchers tend to explore e-government research within a certain scope. The current study aimed in exploring e-government research in Yemen. The study resulted in finding 41 published studies. The study surveyed the goals and results of the published researches and discussed their progress. In addition, topics related to e-government research that were not studied in Yemen were identified. Finally, the study presented the necessary recommendations from the identified published papers, as well as the suggestions that were put forward in researches similar to the goal of current research.

      Obwogi Cliff Ooga

Abstract: The media both National and International face a myriad challenges as they grapple with the news whose subject matter is terrorism. There is a need for news stories which sell well to the population vis-à-vis the challenge of how much and in what manner should such news be broadcasted to the public. The media in one way or the other have ended up advancing the agenda being pursued by the terrorists knowingly and sometimes unknowingly. The media want profits from the news they report and so sometimes they through caution to the wind and aid the terrorists in their achieving of the agenda of sustained exposure or publicity in the media.

      Krishnamohan Thanabalasingam, Sathiyasegar Kandasamy

Abstract: The Sinhala Buddhists, who are the majority in Sri Lanka, helped the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) win an absolute majority in the ninth general election of Sri Lanka. The SLPP always wishes to exceed expectations and the president, who also belongs to the SLPP, claimed that the party’s performance in the general election was better than what they had anticipated. The United National Party (UNP), led by the former Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, suffered the worst electoral defeat in their history as they managed to win only one seat, that too through the national list. Ranil Wickremesinghe also recorded his first defeat in an electoral battlefield.

      Jamil Ahmad, Hassaan Bin Sohail, Lubna Humayun, Atiya Begum, Bilal and Irfan Ullah

Abstract: Objective: To demines the prevalence of red cell antibodies in incompatible cross match cases.

      Suliman Najmaldin, Satish Kumar, Diksha and Abaker. M. Malik

Abstract: The current rate at which population is increasing and the land which is used for agriculture shows a disbalanced relationship forcing the scientists to think of either alternative or a way to increase food production per unit of land available. Apart from the stated fact, the current agriculture practices for instance, excessive use of chemical fertilizers, contributes to land detieoration and produces a land with high acidity, low organic matter attributing to low production of crop with high percentage of health threats. This concerning situation has led to adopt the use of Plant Growth promoting Rhizobacteria “PGRPs”, which are tiny microbes with a large contribution in global processes. The present review highlights the mechanism behind PGPR activities by classifying them as direct and indirect way.

      Gacaga Peter Mungai, Prof Crispinous Iteyo and Dr. Janet Kassilly

Abstract: In recent years, informal peace committees have rapidly made their mark either as precautionary or as response mechanisms to particular conflicts. The main purpose of this study was to examine the efficacy of informal peace committees in peace building in Nairobi County, Kenya since 1990

      Elsayed Farrag, Ahmed Al-Zaabi and Romina L. Nuqui

Abstract: The fisheries of the United Arab Emirates are considered as a traditional fisheries and provide a source of income, employment and recreation. With the advancement of marine industries, fisheries are a major source of food security. The main fishing gear in the United Arab Emirates is a dome-shaped wire trap. Despite the economic important of the traps on the Arabian Gulf, scatter studies dealt with this fishing gear.

      B. Lhamsuren, B. Odgerel, Kh. Bayarmaa, Sh. Purevsuren

Abstract: The study compared and compared the changes and degradation of soil properties depending on the conditions of use of the protected area by the Pastureland, Recreation and Tourism Department. We made an incision in the Gorkhi-Terelj National Park area for pasture and recreational and tourism purposes, made morphological records, determined the physical and chemical properties of the soil, and selected the soil characteristics of the protected area for more than 10 years. compared with quality. The soil type studied is dark brown mountain soil.

      Gosa Bekele

Abstract: A livestock feed mixer was designed, constructed and evaluated for its performance using mass of shelled corn as tracer. The machine was tested using a feed composed of 12.63 kg wheat bran, 12.63 kg wheat powder, 12.63 kg faba bean bran, 10.1 kg cotton cake, 1.18 kg of salt, 0.84 kg molasses and 2 kg ungrounded corn replicated thrice at four mixing durations of 5, 10, 15 and 20 minutes and paddle shaft speed of 480, and 580 rpm. The effectiveness of mixing was assessed on the basis of mass of shelled corn, and percent of coefficient of variation (CV %) and degree of mixing of sample collected at the end of each test. The best values of coefficient of variation (13.09 %) and degree of mixing (86.91 %) were obtained at mixing paddler shaft speed of 580 rpm and mixing time of 10 minutes. Hence, it can be concluded that the machine, the prototype livestock feed mixer, should be operated at speed of 580 rpm with maximum holding/mixing time of 10 in order to make the owning and operating of the machine productive (in terms of kg/hr) and economical (in terms labour and energy cost birr/kg of mixed quality feed. The capacity of the machine is about four quintals per hour or 32 quintals per day of 8 hours of work.

      Gosa Bekele, Degefa Woyessa and Wabi Tafa

Abstract: Wheat and barley thresher was improved for its threshing capacity and suitability of operation and performance evaluation was done on wheat and barley crops. The size of previous wheat and barley thresher was increased and the feeding system that blows the dust outward to the operator was improved. The major components of the improved wheat and barley thresher include threshing unit, cleaning unit, feeding table, straw and chaff discharging unit and grain discharging unit. It was tested to thresh, separate and clean the wheat and barley seeds.

      Swati Rawat and Dr.Manini Srivastava

Abstract: The study aims to determine difference between the Mental Health of middle aged Working and Non-Working Women, in India. The dimensions under investigation are – ANXIETY, DEPRESSION and STRESS. Instruments used for data collection are ADSS and a Semi-structured Interview Schedule. Working (n=10); Non-Working (n=10) women of ages (45-60) formed the sample. Analysis of Quantitative data used t-test and Qualitative data used Content Analysis. Results indicate difference only in DEPRESSION levels; Non-Working women experience Midlife Crisis relatively more.

      Jyoti Sharma, Sunita (Soni) Tondon, Nidhi Agarwal

Abstract: The spectrophotometric determination of Vanadium (V) by adsorption of its pyridine-2-carboxaldehyde and 2-amino pyridine complex after adsorption on polyurethane foam is described. The complex is eluted from the foam with chloroform and absorbance is measured at 400 nm. Beer’s law is obeyed in the concentration range 5-90 µg of vanadium. The molar absorptivity was found to be 2.3108 x 104 Lmol-1cm-1 and sensitivity being 1.14 x 10-2 µg cm-2 for the absorbance of 0.001. The effect of various parameters namely pH, reagent, adsorbant, shaking time and diverse ions have also been investigated.

      Dr Ashish Garg, Dr B Lokesh

Abstract: Management of Pilon fractures continue to be unsolved mystery for Orthopaedic surgeons even in today’s modern era. Earlier, majority of these fractures were to be treated by conservative management only for want of improved surgical techniques and implants resulted in wound complications and poor functional outcome in terms of range of motion at ankle joint, pain and associated joint stiffness. Majority of the patients land up with ankle arthrodesis and amputations especially in 43-C3 fractures. With advancement and improvisation of our knowledge in anatomy and biomechanics of the distal tibia and with improved surgical techniques, now the trend has been shifted from conservative towards operative approach to manage such fractures showing dramatic improvements functionally. Despite all the efforts, dilemma still persists for the correct method to choose for management of such injuries. In order to vein off such confusion, a comparison has been studied between two cases of open grade 3B Pilon fractures managed by two different methods.

      Maj (Dr) Pamil Banotra, Col (Dr) T Prasanth, Lt Col (Dr) Manab Kosala, Brig SK Bhandari, Surg Lt Cdr (Dr) Goutam Nanavati

Abstract: The purpose of this paper was to review the literature whether tongue cleaning needs to be a part of daily oral hygiene owing to presence of large number of microorganisms. Among the studies included for the present review, it has been observed that the occurrence of halitosis is reduced to a level of 75% after cleaning with mechanical tongue cleaning aids such as tongue scraper after 1 week.

      Nicholas Attamah, Ph.D, Chris U. Kalu, Ph.D

Abstract: Globalization as a whole, and economic globalization in particular is a key challenge to public health outcomes, especially in developing countries. The paper examined the effects of economic globalization on health outcomes in Nigeria. Specifically, it showed the drivers of health outcomes in Nigeria. The paper covered the period of 1970-2020 and the vector error correction model (VECM) approach was utilized on data sourced from Central Bank of Nigeria Statistical Bulletin of various years and the World Bank Development Indicator (WDI, 2019) database.

      Reyry Aprisma, Erina Sudaryati

Abstract: The communication between internal auditor and audit committee is often questioned in the context of the acted upon of any findings. Many cases found that there is incompatibility with the regulatory, where these weaknesses have the potential to cause harm and difficulty to the Company. The responsibility of an internal auditor is to ensure that any weaknesses found must be reported and acted upon by the Audit Committee through Internal Audit report.

      S.M Arnold

Abstract: Introduction and aims: Rising trends of comorbidities associated with tuberculosis (TB) have been observed in recent literature. This review explores these global trends and the implications of these for Sri Lanka.

      Sampat Yewale,A. C. Chaskar, Y.S. Malaghe

Abstract: Amines are efficiently acylated with anhydrides by using Indion Resin as catalyst and acyclic anhydrides react with an amine and amines of various stereo-electronic factors react with the same rates withan anhydride. No chromatographic separation is needed for isolation of the acylated product.Method was developed for the acylation of amine, andin the presence of catalyticamount of Indion 190 resin. Short reaction time, ambient conditions, simple work-up procedure, high yield, easyavailability, reusability, and use of an eco-friendly catalyst are some of the striking features of the presentprotocol.

      Gunathilake M.D.U, Weerakoon K.G.C.Y.S.B, Wickramaratne I.W.M.J, Rathnayake S.J, Samarasinghe Y.J

Abstract: Infectious diseases surveillance has been identified as the cornerstone of public health activities and decision making. By evaluating a surveillance system, it is expected to monitor communicable diseases in efficient and effective manner. Aim of this study is to evaluate the current practice of communicable diseases surveillance at Provincial General Hospital, Kurunegala, one of the largest government healthcare institutions in Sri Lanka.

      Wachuka, N. A., Dr. Ombachi, K.N & Rev. Dr. Odhiambo, E .O. S.

Abstract: Response to disasters among response organizations reveal exceptionally complex management scenarios contributing to delay in response due to lack of Incident Command System. Previous disasters reveals that there no management structure that discuss, analyze, and describe complex disaster scenarios and response under exceptional circumstances as a single system by various response organizations. Therefore, the article assess the strategies employed on Nairobi County incident command systems of selected organizations influencing disaster response operations.

      Himanshu Harilal Jaisal

Abstract: Super Maglev Train is a new concept using which a train can attend high speed by reducing the most favorable resistances like AIR, FRICTION.

      Garama Mramba, Jeniffer Mwema, Rachael Mwende, Florid Ogall, Lucas Ruwah

Abstract: The purpose of the study was to determine perception of parents in regard to Covid-19 mitigation measures before and after resumption of learning activities in the college. Methodology: This study was carried out at KMTC-Mombasa using descriptive cross-sectional design. Participants (parents) were selected using multi stage sampling and convenient sampling technique was used.

      Budhi Ng, Ye Qiang

Abstract: In modern days, composite materials play a major role in many applications specifically in commercial aircraft due to its high specific structural properties and high corrosion resistance as well as being relatively lightweight compared to their metal counterparts. These features that composite materials possess facilitate the designers to come up with various possible designs with high structural efficiency. Subsequently, numerous alternatives in varying fiber orientations have been studied over the years in order to customize in-plane stiffness which leads to enhanced structural performance, especially buckling performance. This paper presents a finite element model of conventional straight fiber and curvilinear fiber composites with respect to compressive load considering different boundary conditions. The variation of orientation variation and buckling load will be investigated for curvilinear fiber composites. And finally the results will compared with the conventional straight fiber composites.

      Christofel Oktavianus Nobel Pale, Najamuddin, Muzbir

Abstract: Setting and hauling the technical aspects that were instrumental in the operation of mini purse seine fishing gear, previous studies have examined the setting and hauling of technical factors that affect the productivity of purse seine In the scope of research just to the arrest of the night, so that should also be studied setting and hauling mini purse seine operated during daylight hours.

      Mohammad A Faraz

Abstract: What we see may not always be the reality and what we presume as real may not be our observation always. In democratic set-up, this has often emerged as reality. Democracies had always been subjected to criticism but it is astonishing to note how the interplay of corrupt vision and changing social attitudes playing a havoc in our democratic systems. This paper broadly investigates the voting behavior and attitudes in response to sophisticated tempting actions by political parties to pull voters

      Yupianti, Dewi Suranti, Venny Novita Sari

Abstract: Dehasen University (Unived) Bengkulu is one of the private universities that is committed to improving service quality standards and continuously strives to improve and dissect in meeting the expectations of its customers, namely students. Good service quality is a guarantee desired by every student in conducting lectures. Then it is necessary to build a decision support system with the application of Bayes calculations in evaluating University services to students, because qualified services will get the attention of the public. The results of this measurement can be used by university leaders to improve and improve services in fulfilling student rights so that the quality of unived education will be better and improved.

      Monsuru A. Morawo, Ahmadu Kiltho and M.Y. Balla

Abstract: In this paper, we compared compactness and its related properties in metric and topological spaces and determine what topological spaces can do that metric spaces cannot.

      Langat Kipkemoi Victor

Abstract: In Kenya Tea sector is a major source of revenue to the government, however the relationship between cost and dividend payout in the Kenyan tea estates remains unclear. The therefore worked on establishing the effect. A descriptive research design approach was used and the target population comprised of all the 105 respondents for a target population of 300 in selected tea factories in the county.

      Langat Kipkemoi Victor

Abstract: Tea sector is a major source of revenue to the Kenyan government. The study established the effect of production index on dividend payout policy on firms. The objective of the study was to establish the effect of dividend policy on increase and decrease of growth in Kericho tea estate. A descriptive research design approach was used and the target population comprised of all the 105 respondents for a target population of 300 in selected tea factories in the county.

      Wachukwu, F.C.; Obinna, V.C.; and Weje, I.I.

Abstract: Throughout history, flood disasters have occurred, but recently, there is increase in their occurrence and intensity. At the moment, out of the two million people representing one-third of the world’s population who have been subjected to the effect of natural disasters in the last decade, flood and drought accounts for 86% of all such catastrophes. The study set out to examine the effects of the 2019 flood incidence on residence of Obio/Akpor Local Government Area (LGA), Rivers state. The study leans on the mixed research paradigm as it combines both quantitative and qualitative approaches.

      Ismi Nurul Qomariyah, Mistianah

Abstract: This study aims to investigate the potential gender differences regarding the metacognitive skills of biology education students. The subject of this research is student of class 2016 Departement of Biology Education of IKIP Budi Utomo Malang, Indonesia.

      ABDUL-BAQI, Alhaji Magaji

Abstract: Access to essential drugs is very vital to the good performance of the health care delivery system all over the world. The procurement of safe, effective and affordable essential drugs of good quality in the right quantity to the whole population in particular the poor is a priority in health as drug policy. The study was aimed at investigating the factors influencing procurement and utilization of essential drugs at primary health care centres in Shira Local Government Area of Bauchi State. The survey approach was used for this study; via random sampling technique. The researcher collected all the relevant data from primary source. The use of percentages, table and chi-square are employed to organize data collected via SPSS version 23. The factors influencing procurement and utilization of essential drugs at primary health care Centres are, good or large turn up of patients and good account system, seeking of approval, and the cost of getting approval.

      GMG Sampath, K Jayantha, DLIHK Peiris, RPDD Rajapaksha, AMSJP Abeykoon

Abstract: Outdoor recreation (OR) bring pleasure to individuals as it gives recreational opportunities to them. OR provides both physical and mental health benefits, supports manage stress, and balances the burdens of work and family with physical and mental wellbeing. In this connection, this study aims to consent people to be happy through maintaining, developing and creating Outdoor Recreation Opportunities (ORO) in the area concerned. The objectives of the study were to identify the existing ORO in the selected area in Gampaha district and classify the existing ORO in the general setting.


Abstract: This is an analysis of the model of Indonesian consumer behavior in choosing halal food, that some researcher found various influencing factors there. Legal theory is using in this paper that was describe There is no standard model for choosing halal food, religion is not the main reason for a Muslim, even though devout Muslims tend to really consider the halalness of a product. Healthy and hygienic is also important for them.

      Sofiah Samsudin, Md. Sirajul Islam

Abstract: This paper presents introduction to ‘the 3W Theory in Multidisciplinary Advanced Research from the Qur’ānic Perspective’. Researchers may use advanced relevant theory and high quality methodology that formulated based on the divine knowledge in order to apply research ethics, to do research based on characteristics, valid objectives as well as importance of research. The‘3W theory’ therefore, has been formulated from the Holy Qur’ānic viewpoint. A research will be appreciated as a fruitful research if its researcher(s) can attain at least an objective from the Qur’ānic objectives of research. For instance, discovering new facts, unique information, reaching a new understanding, identifying problem, recognizing cause(s) of problem and factual consequence of identified problem, finding solution to the problem as well as obtaining ma’refatullah (gaining knowledge about Allah).

      Md. Sirajul Islam, Sofiah Samsudin

Abstract: This article emphasizes on basic research which is a basic foundation of research and development. As results, the article has found that basic research is groundwork in attaining fundamental knowledge about natural, social and human ecosystems, a unique method to enhance basic knowledge about resources and natural phenomenon. It leads to generate innovative idea, to formulate theory that emphasizes on knowing and analysing the laws of nature as well as the divine creativities in creating biodiversity and natural resources. In fact, today’s achievements, technological advancement, emergence of new technologies are grants of successful basic research.

      Md. Sirajul Islam, Sofiah Samsudin

Abstract: This research focuses on the Qur’ānic approaches in caring persons with special needs; their education, religious, health, moral, psychological as well as social rights. The aim of this research was discovering the rights of persons with special needs in the Holy Qur’ān. As a result, the research attains the verse 24:61 talks regarding rights of this group of people. It highlights what to care, who is responsible for caring them, what are the methods used, and the aspects of their care. The Qur’ān does not use the word ‘disable’. It uses the blind, daft, lame, and sick to establish their rights in family and society in a country.

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