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      Majed Mohamed Hasan Drbseh

Abstract: This paper addresses a matter of great practical significance: the relatively recent spectacular spread of English language in Jordan, a bilingual country. This topic touches on some areas of considerable theoretical importance for the sociology of language such as language attitude.

      Mohammad Falsafinejad, Nasrin Hashembeik

Abstract: The main purpose of this research was to study cybernetic modeling framework in the Isfahan Medical Sciences University administration that was in the form of three questions with regard to model indices (decision making, leadership, equilibrium) were performed. Research methods was descriptive-survey and population consisted of all faculty members of Isfahan Medical Sciences University in the 2009-2010 academic year.

      L. N. Malviya, V. K. Siriah and M. K. Badole

Abstract: The kinetics of the oxidation of the mandelic by N-bromoanisamide has been studied in 40% acetic acid medium in the presence HC1O4 and of [Hg(OAc)2]. The reactions exhibit a first order rate dependence with respect to oxidant and fractional order with respect to substrate. The reaction rate decreases slightly with increasing the concentration of [H+] and retarded by the addition of anisamide, (as one of the oxidation product of oxidant). The decrease in dielectric constant of the medium decreases rate of the reaction. Increase in ionic strength, by the addition of sodium perchlorate has no effect on the rate constant.The effect of temperature on the reaction has been investigated in the temperature range 308-323 K.The activation parameters were calculated and a possible operative mechanism was proposed.

      Nomi Baruah, Ashima, Kaustav Barbaruah

Abstract: Software Process Improvement is one of the most crucial step that the software organizations need to follow. The software process improvement is dynamic. Different software process models have been developed and have different process areas that help an organization to produce a quality product. The software project tracking and oversight is a process area that is common to most of the software process improvement (SPI) models and plays a great role inorder to produce a quality product and deliver it on time. This paper introduces the various measures that is used for software project tracking and oversight and the percentage of use of these measures in different small and medium enterprises (SMEs) of India.

      Hazbije Sahiti, Isa Elezaj, Kemajl Bislimi, Linda Grapci-Kotori, Enis Dalo

Abstract: - Environmental pollution as a result of anthropogenic activity has raised the possibility of pollution with heavy metals. A serious threat in general for health of living organisms is pollution with lead, because lead has a wide range of use and it is listed after iron, copper and zinc. The level of inhibition of ALA-D activity in erythrocyte is used as a biological index for exposure to lead not only in human population but also in wild species, which are environmentally exposed to lead.

      Bibin K Onankunju

Abstract: - Cloud computing is an advanced emerging technology. In this world the storage of data is a big headache for all. Cloud computing is an efficient solution for the easiest and fastest storage and retrieval of data. The main issue in cloud computing is security. Here I am trying to introduce a new method for providing secured access control in cloud computing. This model provides a secure access control in cloud computing. To provide more secured access control it adopt a hierarchical structure and it uses a clock. Using this we can easily upload, download , delete files from and to the cloud.

      Dr.Sayad Abdul Hamid , Dr. Ramya C.S., Dr.G.S Nellige

Abstract: Motor vehicle fumes and exhausts are the major source of ambient air pollution in Bangalore city. Healthy people who breathe polluted air, over a prolonged period of time, can present with a significant impairment in the results of their ventilatory function tests.

      Nikhil Agrawal, Prof.P.B Kulkarni, Pooja Raut

Abstract: Infilled frame structures are commonly used in buildings. Masonry infilled RC frames are the most common type of structures used for multi-storeyed constructions in the developing countries, even in those which are located in seismically active regions also. Masonry infill walls are mainly used to increase initial stiffness and strength of reinforced concrete (RC) frame buildings. In the present study, it is attempt to highlights the performance of masonry infilled reinforced concrete (RC) frames including open first storey of with and without opening.

      J. Xavier Adaikalaraj , L. Rajendran

Abstract: The mathematical modeling of the mammary carcinoma–immune system by an external stimulus is discussed. This model is based on a system of six ordinary differential equations which contains a nonlinear term related to various parameters and cell populations. Approximated closed analytical expressions for cell populations have been derived for all values of parameters for steady and non-steady state conditions. As time tends to infinity, the analytical expressions corresponding to the cell populations for non-steady state conditions approach the steady state values. These analytical results are of great interest both in the applied and theoretical sciences. Furthermore, in this work the numerical simulation of the problem is also reported using Matlab program.

      Megha Mittal

Abstract: The study was undertaken to assess the nutritional status, dietary intake and morbidity patterns among 100 non-pregnant non-lactating rural women of reproductive age group (18-40 years) in the village Bashahpur, Gurgaon. A cross-sectional survey was conducted using both qualitative and quantitative data-collection methods. The study involved interviews using a questionnaire, measurement of food/nutrient intake, anthropometry, observations of clinical signs of morbidities and assessment of their general knowledge and awareness about health, nutrition and sanitation.

      Nahed Habis Alrawashdeh

Abstract: Accounting responsibility emerged as a sub-system of management accounting system in order to provide accounting information in operating performance reports on the work of officials in the control sections and departments and evaluates their performance within the framework of responsibility assigned stemming from the powers granted by the senior management. In this context, focusing on the above link it to business ethics and supposed to be displayed by the accountant and shall be obligated so, clarify and educate and carrots in this morality and that because of their implications in raising the quality of accounting information and therefore its effects on administrative decisions taken.

      Dr.Sridevi K , Dr.Mohana Rao V, Dr.Vijaya .N, Dr.G.Manoj Someswar

Abstract: Chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD) are a potentially fatal, slowly progressive respiratory disease. In contrast to Asthma, COPD is characterized by air flow obstruction that is not fully reversible. The signs and symptoms are chronic cough, excessive mucus production, wheezing and shortness of breath after mild exertion. In the USA, COPD affects more than 15 million people, with the majority of the patients being over the age of 50 years and current or past smokers. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) about 600 million people suffer from COPD although many are undiagnosed.

      Mudzengi, C. P, Kativu S, Murungweni, C, Dahwa, Poshiwa X and Shoko M. D

Abstract: Invasive plant species are a key factor of universal environmental change. They threaten global biodiversity and cause ecosystem degradation. The impacts of Dichrostachys cinerea on native woody species diversity, floristic composition and vegetation structure were determined. The study also assessed the dynamics and extent of invasion (population size, relative abundance, size class distribution and recruitment capacity) of D. cinerea. Forty woody species were identified in the study area. There were significant (P<0.05) differences in woody species canopy cover, basal area, abundance, richness, density and height classes between invaded and uninvaded sites. Height classes showed that most woody plants were saplings followed by shrubs, trees and lastly seedlings for both invaded and uninvaded sites. Significant (P<0.05) differences were also noted among invaded sites and among uninvaded sites in both density and abundance. Within uninvaded sites, richness also differed significantly (P<0.05). However, there were no (P>0.05) significant differences in basal area and canopy cover among the invaded sites and among uninvaded sites. Richness among invaded sites and height classes among uninvaded sites also did not (P>0.05) differ significantly. There is, therefore, urgent need to manage D. cinerea to curb its adverse effects on native woody species.

      Nithya N.R

Abstract: In this paper titled High Literacy and Mounting Violence: A Case of Women in Kerala, India, a modest attempt has been made to discuss the forms and types of violence against women. In all societies, to a greater or lesser degree, women and girls are subjected to physical, sexual and psychological abuse that cuts across lines of income, class and culture. It has been recognized as a violation of basic human rights of women and of their exercise of fundamental freedom. Why should violence against women be distinguished from other forms of violence? Because it has a global magnitude and it is based on sex inequality. It cuts across cultural and religious barriers, impeding the right of women to participate fully in society. Kerala, one of the most developed states of the country in terms of human development indices, is unfortunately no exception in the matter of crimes against women. Government and voluntary agencies are doing their level best to protect women and wipe out this negative indicator of development yet it continues to increase day by day. The paper also suggests remedial measures for preventing violence against women.

      Amit G. Pandey, Asst Prof Krishna Murari, Scientist Prashant Singh

Abstract: Due to rapidly growing energy needs and the resultant rise in the use of coal to meet them, exploration and exploitation of coal resources has seen exponential growth. Global concerns about the environmental impact of coal exploitation have led to an increasing shift to open-cast mining of coal, in place of the traditional deep-pit mining. This has led to search for a suitable method of handling the large quantity of soil – termed overburden – that is a by-product of open-cast coal mining. The most practical method of disposal of overburden has been to dump it in nearby open areas, which causes concern about the stability and mechanical behavior of the resultant hillocks.

      Jins Joy. P, Dr. R. Radhakrishnan

Abstract: Stress is a universal element at work and all human beings have to face stress in all walks of life. The consequences of stress are a deviation from the existing physical and psychological condition of human life. The aim of this paper is to identify the cause of work stress among tile factory workers in Kannur district in Kerala. The research design undertaken for the study was descriptive research and convenience sampling method is used. The sample size consists of 100 workers, 50 male workers and 50 female workers selected from 3 tile factories in Kannur District. Henry Garrett ranking method and Mann – Whitney test was used to analyze the data collected and the results of the study.

      K.Binoy Balan, C.Janaki

Abstract: In this paper we introduce a new notion called πp-compact spaces and πp- connectedness on generalized topological space. Some properties and characterizations of such spaces are investigated.

      Dr. K.N.P. Kumar

Abstract: Science enhances the moral value of life, because it furthers a love of truth and reverence—love of truth displaying itself in the constant endeavor to arrive at a more exact knowledge of the world of mind and matter around us, and reverence, because every advance in knowledge brings us face to face with the mystery of our own being.” -Max Planck Our standard model of elementary particles and forces — with the recent discovery of the Higgs boson now behind us — has now had every expected particle within it discovered, and we can explain where the elementary particles get their masses from.

      Dr. K.N.P. Kumar

Abstract: In the following two modules we give a concatenated mathematical statement of the supersymmetry, gravity and warped extra dimension,. It is to be stated in unequivocal terms that the classification is based on the characterstics of the systems under investigation. Perspicuous forbearance, Sophisticated seasoning, constituent structure, concept formulation, concept formulation, beat cadence, interiority of perfect causes, incompatibility of conjunctions, resonantial resumptions, hypothetical propositions, logical compatibilities, on causal correspondences, predicational inherence, emphasis related phenomenological methodologies, Partcipational observation, Background actuality, Addressed aestheticism, polished perception, refined proficiency, Existential worldliness, Existential strife, Predicational anteriorities, apophthegm and axiom, brocard- gnome, implantation and inculcation, pronouncement and proposition, declaration dogma, Character consonance, shift and stratagem, Ontological consonance, Primordial exactitude, Phenomenological correlates, Accolytish representation, Atrophied asseveration, supposition, surmise, theorization Anamensial alienisms, Anchorite aperitif, Arcadian Atticism all delineated in the conditionalities and functionalities and orinetatilities of the system which incorporate the rules and regulations, axiomatic predications and postulation alcovishness of the foregoing state.

      K.Sireesha, S.Madhava Rao

Abstract: In this paper we present an architecture to implement Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Rijndael algorithm in reconfigurable hardware. Rijndael algorithm is the new AES adopted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to replace existing Data Encryption Standard (DES). Compared to software implementation, hardware implementation of Rijndael algorithm provides more physical security as well as higher speed. The first factor to be considered on implementing AES is the application. High-speed designs are not always desired solutions. In some applications, such as mobile computing and wireless communications, smaller throughput is demanded. Architecture presented uses memory modules (i.e., Dual-Port RAMs) of Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGAs) for storing all the results of the fixed operations (i.e., Look-Up Table), and Digital Clock Manager (DCM) that we used effectively to optimize the execution time, reduce design area and facilitates implementation in FPGA. The architecture consumes only 326 slices plus 3 Block Random Access Memory (BRAMs). The throughput obtained was of 270 Mbits/s. The target hardware used in this paper is Spartan XC3S500E FPGA from Xilinx.

      A. D. Raj, V.Yadav and J. H. Rathod

Abstract: The study was carried out during kharif, rabi and summer seasons in fifty villages of Narmada, Gujarat during 2012-13. All 400 demonstrations on pigeon pea, chick pea, black gram and green gram crops were carried out in area of 160 ha by the active participation of farmers with the objective to demonstrate the improved technologies of pulses production potential. The improved technologies consisting use of modern variety, seed treatment with rhizobium and PSB culture, balanced fertilizer application and integrated pest management. FLD recorded higher yield as compared to farmer’s local practice. The improved technology recorded higher yield of 1880 kg/ha, 1480 kg/ha, 880 kg/ha and 927 kg/ha in pigeon pea, chick pea, black gram and green gram, respectively than 1450, 1130, 680 and 711 kg/ha. In spite of increase in yield of pulses, technological gap, extension gap and technology index existed.

      Mohd Sadaf

Abstract: Pigging is a process of pushing a device (PIG) equipped with metal wire brushes to clean the deposits on the inner walls of the pipeline. This study depicts a concise expression for calculating Pigging effectiveness in petroleum product(Diesel, Petrol, Kerosene) pipelines especially where smaller batches of products are being pumped i.e. where the pipe length between two successive pump stations is not filled with a single product.

      Dr. Shikha Goel, Dr. Darshan Kaur Narang, Dr. Kavita Koradia

Abstract: The present research was taken up with broad objective to study the marital adjustment, mental health and frustration reactions in different age groups of middle age from Delhi, India. The sample comprised of 300 middle aged subjects (n=300) which are bank employees, doctors and lecturers, within the age range of 40-55 years from Delhi, India. It was seen that subjects from AR1 (40-47 years) indicated better recreational adjustment, role distribution and autonomy than age group AR2 (48-55 years).

      Dr. Shanjendu Nath

Abstract: U. T. Place is rightly called the forerunners of Physicalism or Identity Theory of Mind. But he also claims himself to be a behaviourist. Like the behaviourist he believed that mental events can be elucidated purely in terms of hypothetical propositions about behaviour.

      Melkamu Bezabih Yitbarek, Wube Atalel

Abstract: This study was conducted to identify the constraints and opportunities of village chicken production in Debsan Tikara Keble at three villages in Gondar Zuria Woreda by using semi structured questionnaire , field visit and interview from 150 randomly selected respondents. The result revealed that the main constraints were feed shortage (28%), predation (30%) and flock mortality (28%). Almost 58% of chickens share the same room with the main house. The farmers use traditional medicine to treat chickens (82%). Average age of first egg lying of chicken was 6 months, number of eggs per clutch was 13, the clutch size was 3 and hatchability percentage was 72%. The main opportunities for village chicken production was market access 36%, credit service 28%, training and extension service 16%, feed and water access 20%. From this study, constraints and opportunities of village chicken production was merely identified based on this result by improving the management practice, poultry breeds and educating the framers are viable options to improve the livelihood of the households.

      Melkamu Bezabih Yitbarek, Solomon Tesfaye Gurumu

Abstract: The study was conducted to determine production and marketing chicken at Kimbibt Woreda from three representative kebelles by selecting a total of 150 households who involved in chicken production. The data were collected by questionnaire, personal observation and interview like composition, marketing channels and purpose of village chicken production. The result of the study revealed that about 80% of the households kept local chicken, 12% local and cross breed, and 8% kept exotic and local breed together. The major sources of parent stock were from market (52%), research centers (6%) and hatched in home (42%). In this study village chicken in the study area become sexual maturity and egg laying first at average 61/2 months, the average number of clutch /hen/years was 3 and their hatchability was 76%. 60% of the household rear their chicken for laying, 26% for income source and 14% for consumption. The main constraints were diseases 54%, predators 20% and 8% lack of professional assistant. Therefore, to reduce these constraints government sector should give enough training for village chicken producers to maximize their income for livelihood improvement.

      Ali Filiz

Abstract: In this paper a higher-order numerical solution of a non-linear Volterra integro-differential equation is discussed. Example of this question has been solved numerically using the Runge-Kutta-Verner method for Ordinary Differential Equation (ODE) part and Newton-Cotes formulas for integral parts.

      Dheyaa A. Bilal, Kais J. Al-Jumaily, Enas A.Habbib

Abstract: Climate change is considered one of the major world concerns of present times. Air temperature is the most effective meteorological element for detecting climate change. The aim of this research is to investigate trends of temperature in the period 1941-2000 for Baghdad, Iraq. The trends in temperature including minimum, maximum, and mean monthly means were analyzed using the linear regression method. Data were also subjected to 11-year running mean to detect trends. The nonparametric statistics of Man-Kendall was applied to determine the significance of trends.

      J. M. García-Guzmán, F. J. Ortega-Herrera, J. Torres-Jiménez, G. Tapia-Tinoco, L. A. Contreras-Aguilar

Abstract: This paper presents the practical implementation of Phase-Shifting Transformer (PST) model into an Optimal Power Flow (OPF) problem by using the Matlab optimization toolbox. The complexity degree related to the proposed implementation is equivalent to that required by commercial optimization packages for solving optimization models, but with the advantage that Matlab is commonly the available software for research and academic purposes in electric engineering. Thus, this hugely reduces the time to the implementation, and for obtaining results of an OPF analysis of power systems with embedded FACTS devices, in this case with the Phase-Shifting Transformer model. The reliability of the proposed implementation is proved by comparing the PST-OPF solution of the 5-node system with reported results in the open literature. In order to illustrate numerically the prowess of the proposed Matlab based implementation to solve the PST-OPF model, a numerical example with the 10-machine 39-bus New England test system is presented.

      Elham Khalilian, Seyyed Ali Siadat, Hasan Ali Bakhtiar Nasrabadi

Abstract: The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of applying reward distribution system on increasing Shadran-e-Mehr employees satisfaction. The methodology was survey and descriptive and the sample size was 70 people. Sampling was random. Data was collected through a standard questionnaire. In this factory, the productive and unproductive employees were 99 percent satisfied with this system. By using the observation method and data analysis, Shadran-e-Mehr Company sale level rose about 9 percent and the price of sold productsrose only 2 percent after applying of the reward distribution system. Therefore, by fixing the stable possession, the efficiency of Shadran-e-Mehr Companys employees increased.

      Papumoni Dutta, Dr. M. Konwar

Abstract: The floodplains of Brahmaputra river valley and its tributaries in Assam are full of wetlands with different types and sizes. The state has only the inland wetlands of both natural and man-made types. The people of Assam have a long history of eco-friendly utilization and management of wetland resources. Over the years the surrounding people of wetlands have been exerting pressure on wetland resources and as a result of it wetlands have undergone degradation at an alarming rate. The present study focuses on two major issues; firstly, to study of the morphological characteristics of flood plain wetlands in the upper Brahmaputra river valley through combination of remote sensing, GIS analysis and field observation. Secondly, to map the wetland ecosystem and degradation of structural habitat caused by streams and riparian alteration.

      Prathibhavani P M, Vijayakumar and Reshma K

Abstract: Ever since wireless sensor networks (WSNs) have emerged, different optimization techniques have been proposed to overcome their constraints like energy efficiency, delay, finding the best route, etc. Furthermore, the proposal of new applications for WSNs has also created new challenges to be addressed. The concept of Cross-layer gave a verity of optimization techniques to the world of sensor networks and the approaches have proven to be the most efficient optimization techniques for these problems, since they are able to take the behavior of the protocols at each layer into consideration. Thus, this survey proposes to identify the key problems of WSNs and gather available crosslayer solutions for them that have been proposed so far, in order to provide insights on the identification of open issues and provide guidelines for future proposals. In this paper, the need for cross layer design in WSN and the interaction between the layers is discussed first and later we discussed the different types of cross layer techniques

      L. Grapci-Kotori, F.Zhushi -Etemi, H. Ibrahimi, H. Sahiti A. Gshi, A. Rexhepi

Abstract: As the WFD requires carrying out regular quality assessment of fish population, in the frame of this study sampling was done in 3 sites along Lumebardhi i Pejes river. A list of species composition is completed. Altogether 9 fish species and lamprey (Eudontomyzon stankokaramani) were present in catch. The classification of the ecological status is done by using EFI index. The Lumebardhi i Pejes River is an ecosystem with relatively favorable ecological conditions for the development of ichthyofauna but because of direct negative anthropogenic impact in different forms ( as gravel excavation etc), the development of ichthyofauna is on the decline..

      Abraham Mahari, Azalu Alebachew

Abstract: The objective of this study was to evaluate the suitability of the soil properties of the area for irrigation purpose. Soil properties of the study area such as texture, depth, electrical conductivity, drainage, calcium carbonate content and slope were collected from eight sampling sites in the form of semi-detailed surveying level. Qualitative evaluation was carried out by means of parametric method. The results showed that the major portion of the cultivated area (308.1ha) is deemed as being marginally suitable (S3) land due to moderate slope, and medium soil depth. 33ha of the area was found to be currently non-suitable (N1) mainly due to moderate slope, gravelly soil texture and medium soil depth. In the study area, 120.2ha was also found as permanently non-suitable (N2) because of the high slope, gravelly soil texture and shallow soil depth. For almost the total study area elements such as salinity, drainage and CaCO3 were not considered as limiting factors.

      Veenita Anand, Karikalan Nagarajan

Abstract: Objective: The objective of this paper is to understand the scope of microfinance institutions (MFI) in financing medicine for health seeker of low economic strata people. The various challenges faced by the microfinance services providers in health and medicine in particular. Some Asian countries have been chosen to observe the medicine coverage strategies. This paper will use the data from national health accounts and best published inventory data from ILO for some specifics countries. This paper will enlighten the success and challenge face by various microfinance institutions.

      Mainak Samanta, Ankur Bhattacharya, Koushik Ghosh, Ritidrita Dhara

Abstract: Here we are proposing a Bluetooth based autonomous system which has features, such as; check route from one point to another within a premise, providing rate charts of the nearby coffee shops etc. We have used Python language to design and implement the protocols of this system due to its easy syntax and rapid prototyping features. The methodology section describes the implementation in detail and result section show that the proposed system works as per our expectation. We hope that the concept provided in this report will aid the developers community in near future.

      Dr. Meghana Kulkarni, Shubha B Baravani

Abstract: Ever increasing fraction of the energy consumption of an Integrated circuit is due to the interconnect wires (and the associated driver and receiver circuits). Power dissipation from the interconnect wires amounts to up to 40% of the total on-chip power dissipation in some gate array design styles. When compared with other techniques a diode-connected driver circuit has the best attributes over other low-swing signaling techniques in terms of power, and delay. The proposed signaling schemes of symmetric low-swing driver-receiver pairs (MJ-SIB) and (MJDB) for driving signals on the global interconnect lines, which are implemented using split R-π model for an interconnect line, provides best results.

      Dr.Nitesh Kumar, Dr.Snigdha Maity, Dr.Harshmohan Pathak

Abstract: Congenitally missing teeth is the abnormality in the number of teeth. Also called anodontia. it can be total or partial anodontia. Studies shows that there is 35% missing of 3rd molars in the subject examined. Other commonly missing teeth are maxillary lateral incisor, & maxillary & mandibular 2nd premolars, often bilaterally. Congenitally missing deciduous teeth are uncommon but when occuring involving maxillary lateral incisor & mandibular cuspids. This paper describes the case of a young female patient with partial anodontia came for the extraction of over retained deciduous teeth followed by a proper treatment.

      Nupur Mittal, Piyush Charan, Firdaus Majeed

Abstract: The field of analog VLSI design current mode devices has significantly gained importance. Current mode devices such as current conveyors have established their identity as the most demanding devices in the signal processing area due to their high bandwidth, greater linearity, larger dynamic range, low power consumption, simple circuitry and occupy less chip area. In this paper we have proposed a Tunable High Frequency Oscillator that employs the use of only Current Controlled Conveyors and Capacitors. Various simulations have been carried out to obtain the desired results. The outcomes show that by varying Bias Current and capacitor value we get oscillations of different frequencies.

      N. M. Z. Hashim, M. H. A. Halim, H. Bakri, S. H. Husin, M. M. Said

Abstract: The first car been stolen was reported in 1896. Since then, car safety tools and after that car security system faced a fast rapid development. The security system has become one of the key factors in car manufacturing as the demand from the buyer. The main objective of this project is to secure and monitor the car based on combination of Zigbee system, Peripheral Interface Controller (PIC) 16F877A microcontroller, vibration sensor, temperature sensor and micro switch. In order to develop a user friendly security system, it is used as a tool to send data or information to the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) at the receiver for displaying the car situation. There are two programs used in this system which for the transmitter and the receiver.

      Srabanty Ahmed Shaon, Sazzad Ferdous

Abstract: This paper investigates the effect of antenna diversity for a double transmit and multiple receive antenna supported wireless communication system that employs single user Alamouti’s space time block coding (STBC) and maximal ratio combining (MRC) scheme on secured text message transmission. The FEC encoded Alamouti-MRC transmission system under investigation implements RSA cryptographic algorithm and deploys various multi-level digital modulations (16- PSK, 16-DPSK and 16-QAM) techniques over an Additive White Gaussian Noise (AWGN) and Rayleigh Fading Channels. It has been observed from the study that in case of without receive antenna diversity the system shows comparatively worst performance in 16-DPSK scheme and satisfactory performance in 16-QAM. It is noticeable that the system performance is improved with increase in number of receive antenna. The performance analysis shows that with implemented Alamouti-MRC scheme (4 receive antenna) under 16-QAM digital modulation, the system provides excellent performance over a significant low signal to noise ratio(SNR) values.

      Dr.Sujib Kar

Abstract: The paper indicates a prolonged research work conducted by the researcher. The climatic character of West Bengal is extremely variegated in nature. Drought and Flood are the normal occurrence since so many years. Not only that human interference also effects the area to a greater extend. The paper has tried to resolve all these vagaries

      Swarup Jyoti Baishya

Abstract: Among the various hazards created by nature on the earth surface, the one caused by flood and river bank erosion is more common and quite devastating. Like, earthquake and volcanic eruptions, it also affects human activities in various ways wherever it occurs. Erosion, transportation and deposition are the main functions of a river. Through these activities, it creates different landforms and brings about changes in its course. When it overflows its banks, it creates natural calamities, like flood, erosion and sedimentation, which adversely affect human occupancies of the floodplain.

      Lalithamma.G.A, Dr. P.S. Puttaswamy

Abstract: In this literature review the literature available for the neural networks in general, feed forward neural networks in particular are briefly discussed. The application of neural networks in the control systems, direct and Indirect Adaptive Controls, closed loop and fixed gain controller are also reviewed. Important conclusions are drawn and the advantages and limitation are highlighted.

      Manoj Prabhakar

Abstract: This paper proposes an enhanced authentication model, which is suitable for low-power mobile devices. It uses an Extended Password Key Exchange Protocols [2] and elliptic-curve-cryptosystem based trust delegation mechanism to generate a delegation pass code for mobile station authentication, and it can effectively defend all known attacks to mobile networks including the denial-of-service attack. Moreover, the mobile station only needs to receive one message and send one message to authenticate itself to a visitors location register, and the model only requires a single elliptic-curve scalar point multiplication on a mobile device. Therefore, this model enjoys both computation efficiency and communication efficiency as compared to known mobile authentication models.

      Mehnaz Tabassum

Abstract: Biometric based recognition is the science of identifying or verifying the identity of a person based on physiological and or behavioral characteristics. Biometric recognition offers many advantages over traditional PIN number or password and token-based (e.g., ID cards) approaches. A biometric trait cannot be easily transferred, forgotten or lost, the rightful owner of the biometric template can be easily identified, and it is difficult to duplicate a biometric trait. The proposed work is centered upon collection of minutiae terms based on Region of Interest of the image of the fingerprints. Actual phases in the proposed work consist of making binary and thinning to extract the image constituents from the image details. After those minutiae terms are determined on the basis of bifurcation and termination which occurs at the ridges in the fingerprint. False minutia terms are rejected by again comparing that with ROI and user selectivity has been introduced in case user wants to select its own ROI. Thus the experimental results show that the fingerprint is very consistent with the original fingerprint and better than other existent methods.

      Eva Londo

Abstract: Cognitive researchers support that media has a considerable effect on social behavior of its viewers. Media practices in portrayals of specific images and messages depicted in the content of media, be it in films, documentaries, news, etc, affect peoples behavior, The highly polarization of Albanian media gives credits to politics as a conduit that might affect social behavior.


Abstract: A study was attempted to investigate the IX-standard students attitude towards learning English language. A standardized questionnaire was administered in the form of normative survey to 600 IX standard students (selected randomly from various high and higher secondary schools in Puducherry region) to collect their attitude towards learning English language. The collected data was statistically analyzed by SPSS ver-16. The results revealed that there is a significant difference based on the gender, locality of the school, type of school, type of management. Hence it was concluded that more classroom activities in the study of English enhance pupils’ attitude to learn English.

      Kaushik Bhuiya, Kintali Anish, Dhwani Parekh and Kilaru Laxmi Sahiti

Abstract: PLC is a controller used to automate the industrial process and monitor itself. Programmable logic controller is used in many industries to control the whole process automatically with less human intervention and to avoid errors. With the rapid growth in technology wireless instrumentation has came into existence to avoid cabling infrastructure and to obtain efficient control. In order to have a wireless control the existing plcs have to be replaced with wireless plcs. PLCs are also used in homes and small scale industries to automate small process applications. So it is undesirable to invest on wireless PLCs which are expensive for home based applications. In this paper we present a novel approach of converting the existing wired plc into wireless plc by configuring XBEE in direct mode using X-CTU software as communication interface between plc and process, the process used here is batch process and controlled through SCADA.

      Layana Aanand

Abstract: In this paper an attempt was made to analyse how focus group discussion can be used as a method of data collection in Feminist Research? How to collect data related to gender using Focus Group discussion? Why feminist researcher use focus group discussion? What all points have to be considered while designing, sampling and moderator control? These objectives were analysed with the help of detailed description and preparations that were done for conducting focus group discussions with a feminist perspective as part of the study conducted in one of the panchayat in Kerala for framing gender budget.

      Mrs Dolly Kumari

Abstract: Environmental Information System (ENVIS) is a Gateway on Environment Information, which aims to reach a wider spectrum of the society and strengthen the environmental management capacity in the country. It has launched a major initiative to expand the network and reach through involvement of additional institutions/organizations in Governments, academic, corporate and NGO sector and others as ENVIS centre. The project aims to focus at different subject areas, themes, local conditions, issues, information related to the environment through introduction of modern means of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). The Ministry has started this project under the World Bank assisted Environmental Management Capacity Building Technical Assistance Project since January 2002.

      Muzamil Ahmad Baba, Bashir Ahmed Mir, M. A. Halwai, Adil Bashir Shikari, Altaf Ahmad kawoosa

Abstract: A rare case of bilateral osteonecrosis of the trochlea following supracondylar fracture is presented. The patient presented with bilateral cubitus varus deformity three years after trauma.

      Debopam Mukherje, Koustav Ghosh, Debatrayee Roychoudhry, Subhasree Chakraborty

Abstract: This technical report describes the design and implementation of a Bluetooth based departmental store support system. It has been seen that shop lifting is a common phenomenon in case of the departmental stores and the shopping mall and to prevent it a large number of employees and a great number of CCTVs are installed which costs a lot to the stores or the shopping malls.


Abstract: Traffic being the most serious problem in the present overcrowded world, several mishaps occurs in our day to day life. In this paper we have tried to develop an algorithm which will try to overcome this problem. The algorithm that we developed tracks the incoming ambulance or fire engine and the traffic signal automatically turns green and hence provide a smooth flow of these vehicles in even heavy traffic. Original signal is restored as soon as the vehicle moves out of the scanning vicinity of the traffic signal. Moreover, to avoid being stuck in congestion on a particular route, the user can just enter the destination and the program shall provide the user with the optimum path both in terms of traffic congestion and distance, along with other possible paths.

      Manoj Kumar Nigam, A. Krishna Nag

Abstract: The evolution of current centralized generation in the form of distributed generation and Smart Grids provide a great opportunity to eradicate several issues associated with energy efficiency, energy security, power quality and the drawback of aging power system infrastructures. In order to meet the rising electrical power demand and increase service quality as well as reduce pollution, the existing power grid infrastructure should be developed into a Smart Grid that has the flexibility to allow interconnection with the distributed generation.

      Asim Masood

Abstract: In todays economic upheavals, downsizing, layoffs and mergers have cost hundreds of workers their jobs in banking sector of Pakistan. Many more have been shifted to unfamiliar tasks within their banks and wonder how much longer they will be employed. Adding to the pressures that workers face are new bosses, computer surveillance, fewer health and retirement benefits, and the feeling they have to work longer and harder just to maintain their current economic status. Workers at every level are experiencing increased tension and uncertainty. They are undergoing Job Stress, to be precise. This study examines the relationship between Job Stress and Employee Retention and consequences of high stress on bank employees of banking sector of Pakistan.

      Mohamed Shafii A . A. Ibrahim

Abstract: The tourist industry have become in the search for all which may achieve its strategies, the various techniques and methods which help in achieving the highest levels of performance and excellence to reach the highest satisfaction of tourists, as it became a tourist in attention, concentration and focus of attention of many tourist enterprises, which are trying to attract various ways and means possible. According to the available literature and based on the author’s many visits and preliminary investigation regarding Libyan tourism sector in general and Tripoli the tourism sector in particular, it has been proven that the reality of private and the state-owned hotels in Libya is that: these hotels are facing many problems opposing their improvement, continuity and ability to compete.

      Selmi Hamza, Souhail Hermassi, Walid Selmi

Abstract: The aim of this study was to compare the psychological personality profiles of experienced and novice Tunisian physical education (PE) teachers. Recorded results allow to identify a psychological personality profile of PE teachers (experienced and novice). Analyses of variance demonstrate that a non-significant difference emerge on four parameters like the extraversion, consciousness, neuroticism and openness. This study shows that experienced teachers intervention practices fit precisely to the physical and human data from their environment. While PE teacher novices through a period of significant transition to the professional level, they are also facing similar realities personal level: they live in the so-called "reality shock". The psychological personality profile of Tunisian PE experienced teachers is different from that of PE novice’s teachers. The Extraversion, consciousness or control, neuroticism and openness were the psychological variables that make the difference between the psychological profile of experienced teachers and novices.

      Kala Venugopal, Amit Kumar

Abstract: A vision commonly found in the research arena is to provide sensing and wireless communication for assisted living facilities, to improve lifestyle, to improve health care, and to support long term medical studies. Nowadays, Wireless Sensor Network research is being performed to address medical applications. WSN has put an enormous impact on medical healthcare in terms of reducing the patient’s risks of severity in emergency situations. This paper presents a centralized heart rate monitoring and an automated message alert system that employs a wireless body area sensor network (WBAN), which is an enabling technology for medical applications in this type of environment.

      Anushree Bhargava

Abstract: The study was based on Hedonic pricing model which explains the price variability in terms of various functional characteristics of various attributes. It is based on recent transactions that have been paid for that particular property; the model is carried out with the help of regression analysis which is used to calculate the proportion of the total value accounted for by each of a property individual attributes. The model is very demanding on both assumptions and data.

      M.V.Naga Varaprasad Gupta, M.Jyothsna

Abstract: Schiff base 2–Hydroxy–5–methoxy Benzaldehyde – Tris [HMBT] Ligand is a new chromogenic reagent have not been used so far for the determination of copper and palladium in trace quantities.

      Miss. Mane Priyanka Arun, Mr. Petkar Deepak Ganesh

Abstract: Due to overall development, new roads is being constructed, and the ever increasing population has raised the vehicular density from last few decades. The wear and tear of tires from these vehicles is undoubted. So a large number of scrap tires are being generated. A large number of waste and worn out tires are already in existence and with an annual generation rate of 15-20% each year. These tires are discarded indiscriminately or stockpiled. The used tires pose a great threat to human health and environment, since they are non-biodegradable;the waste tire rubber has become a problem of disposal.This paper is intended to study the feasibility of the waste tire rubber as a blending material in bitumen, which is used for road construction. The Waste tire rubber appears to possess the potential to be partially added in bitumen, providing a recycling opportunity. If Waste or used tire rubber can be added in bitumen for improving the properties, and disposing off the tires, thus the environmental gains can be achieved.


Abstract: In this paper we designed Rational Interpolation Method for solving Ordinary Differential Equations (ODES) and Stiff initial value problems (IVPs).This was achieved by considering the Rational Interpolation Formula.


Abstract: In this paper work we study the derivation of the determinant, the adjoint, and inverse of non – singular 2 x 2 and 3 x 3 matrices. And some computational problems and results were carry out.

      Arti Yadav, Pawan Kumar Yadav, Prof. D. N. Shukla

Abstract: The present study was carried out to assess levels of different heavy metals like Iron, Cadmium, Nickel, Lead, Copper and Zinc in vegetables irrigated with water from different sources industrial area of Naini Allahabad. The order of heavy metal concentration was found in Fe > Zn > Cd > Pb > Ni > Cu in irrigated water and Fe > Ni > Zn > Cu > Cd > Pb was observed in industrial contaminated sites of soils. Metal levels observed in these sources were compared with WHO. The concentrations (mg/L) of heavy metals in irrigated water ranged from 0.249 to 0.257 for Fe, 0.049 to 0.056 for Zn, 0.028 to 0.036 for Cd, 0.015 to 0.019 for Cu, 0.035 to 0.042 for Pb and 0.031 to 0.038 for Ni which is lower than recommended maximum tolerable levels proposed by joint FAO/WHO Expert committee on food additives (2007), with the exception of Cd and Fe which exhibited elevated content. Uptake and translocation factor of heavy metal from soil to Edible parts of vegetables were quite distinguished for almost all elements examined. Although the practice of growing leafy vegetables using wastewater for irrigation is aimed at producing socio-economic benefits but study reveals that heavy metal-contaminated vegetables grown in wastewater-irrigated areas may pose Public health hazards which is not safe and may not be sustainable in the long-term.

      Shishir Banchhor, Jimish Dodia, Darshana Gowda

Abstract: Speech, being a fundamental way of communication, has been embedded in various applications. In many unavoidable situations, we are rendered helpless trying to deduce the intelligibility of the speech and this is where Speech enhancing technique i.e. removal of unwanted background noise, comes into picture. In this paper, an attempt has been made towards studying Speech Enhancement techniques such as Spectral Subtraction, Minimum Mean Square Error (MMSE), Kalman and Wiener filter. Based on our observations and analysis of various performance parameters, we conclude which of the methods is most suitable for speech enhancement. The implementation of the code for various filters is done using Graphic User Interface on MATLAB.

      K. Sreedevi, G. Vani Bhushanam and P. Baby Devaki

Abstract: Yoga and meditation have long been considered to have beneficial effects on health. Many yoga camps in India banking on this belief claim to have the powers of reversing the ill effects of degenerative diseases. This paper examines the cumulative beneficial effects of Yoga, Meditation and changed food habits designed by one such camp, the Siddha Samadhi Yoga (SSY) camp on Obese and Non Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (NIDDM) subjects. Thirty obese and thirty NIDDM male subjects free from additional complications belonging to twenty five to forty five years of age were selected from two camps conducted in Mahaboob Nagar and Tirupathi.

      G. Vani Bhushanam, K. Sreedevi and Janaki Kameshwaran

Abstract: The transition from the traditional pre-industrial to modern phase of development of society in India has in many ways changed the social context of the adjustment of the aged. In India, the elderly population depends heavily on the family for economic and emotional support. With joint family system, slowly diminishing the elderly are now being placed in ‘Homes’ and left to the care of such Organizations. This study compares the living conditions and nutritional status of elderly in selected paid and unpaid homes in Chennai, India. The living conditions and physical facilities provided are also assessed and compared. The nutritional status of one hundred and forty elderly from paid and unpaid homes was assessed using subjective, anthropometric and clinical parameters. The BMI of the elderly in unpaid homes was within the normal range of 17.5 to 24.9kg/m2. It was found that the women in the age group of 52 to 64 years had higher BMI than their older in both the sexes. The women in the 75+ age group range were malnourished while the rest were normal in paid homes. The clinical signs of nutritional disorders were, in general, not specific and mostly associated with old age. The awareness levels of elderly in nutrition knowledge revealed a mean 36%. Significant differences were observed between homes on their opinion towards food provided, physical facilities available, nutritional knowledge and sanitary conditions. However, individual differences were also observed within the homes in all the criteria assessed.

      Dr. K.N.P.Kumar

Abstract: Warped extra dimensions pioneered by the aforementioned Lisa Randall along with Raman Sundrum — hold that gravity is just as strong as the other forces, but not in our three-spatial-dimension Universe. It lives in a different three-spatial-dimension Universe that’s offset by some tiny amount — like 10-31 meters — from our own Universe in the fourth spatial dimension. (Or, as the diagram above indicates, in the fifth dimension, once time is included.) This is interesting, because it would be stable, and it could provide a possible explanation as to why our Universe began expanding so rapidly at the beginning (warped spacetime can do that), so it’s got some compelling perks. A concatenated model representing various aspectionalities, attributions, predicational anteriories, and ontological consonance is presented.

      Mulu Berhe Desta, Mehari Muuz Weldemariam

Abstract: Distribution of trace metals (Zn, Cu and Cr) in water; bottom sediment and two fish species (Tilapia zilli and Oreochromis Niloticus) collected from Lake Gudbahri were analyzed using Varian AA240FS Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry in order to ascertain their suitability for consumption and other domestic uses. Results indicated that Tilapia zilli contained the highest concentration of Zn (84%) of the detected heavy metals, followed by Cu (15%), while Cr (1%) was the lowest value. Similarly, Nile Tilapia contained the highest concentration of Zn (77%), followed by Cu (21%). Bioaccumulation factors of Nile Tilapia were Cu (409), Zn (110), Cr (57) and Tilapia zilli showed 345.5, 112 and 28.6 for Cu, Zn and Cr respectively. The distribution of heavy metals in sediment and water samples were in the order of magnitude as by Zn>Cr>Cu and Zn>Cu>Cr respectively whereas the order of heavy metals concentration in fish samples were found to decrease in sequence as Zn>Cu>Cr. The levels of the heavy metals concentration were compared with permissible limit values provided by WHO, FEPA and various national and international agencies. These levels of heavy metals accumulated in the two fish species might be due to the increase in agricultural influx waters, domestic wastes and some anthropogenic activities.

      Ms. Fozia

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to determine the customers perception toward the e-banking services. A total of number of customer taken for the study is 196. Analysis of variance technique is employed to study the significant relationship between the occupation and customer perception of e-banking services and significant relationship between the age and customer perception of e-banking services. The result of the study clearly shows that different age group of customer and different occupation group of customers have different perception toward the e-banking services. The results also propose that demographic factors impact significantly internet banking behaviour, specifically, occupation and age. Finally, this paper suggests that an understanding about the customers perception regarding the e-banking services of public and private banks it will help to the banker to understand the customers need in better way.

      Anant Deogaonkar

Abstract: Emerging technologies have deep impact on employee relations in telecommunication field. The impact is Positive as well as negative on some aspects. Positive aspects of technological trends are manifold and the negative impact can be worked upon to make it sustainable. This paper focuses on emerging trends in technologies and impact on employee relations with respect to Indian market.

      Dr. Afifa Zafer, Dr. Kusum Gaur, Dr. Suresh Kewalramani, Dr. Rashmi Gupta, Dr. R. K. Manohar

Abstract: To find out myths and to suggest ways to overcome them among the acceptors of non-scalpel vasectomy (NSV) This study was conducted on NSV acceptors at Family Welfare Centre of SMS Hospital Jaipur (Rajasthan). The subjects were interrogated about the motivational factors, myths they had and the socio-demographic profile was also enquired. On repeat visits complications if any were recorded and treated. Chi-squire test was used to find out the significance of difference between proportions. Conclusions: Out of total 327 vasectomy acceptors, 251(66.7%) had their wives in the age group of 30 and above. Their wives were significantly (P<.001) more literate than their husbands. Satisfied clients were the main motivational factor (P<.001). The causes of delaying vasectomy were many fears and out of all fears to lose of sexual desire was the commonest.

      Umesh Kumar Soni

Abstract: In the recent works either the obstacle avoidance of robot in the 2-D unconstrained environment or the wall following behavior of mobile robot in constrained motion has been discussed. In some of them target alignment behavior has been discussed. Also the integration of some but not sufficient behaviors have been discussed in some research works. But all of the behaviors have not yet been integrated. So the problem of designing the optimal controller to perform on all conditions has been a major attraction for the designers and scientists. In this paper the effort has been made to take into account various types of factors like the limitations of suspension system and the physics laws like friction, motion, momentum, centrifugal and centripetal force, Tilting avoidance due to turning Traffic rules, Traffic congestion, signals, overtaking, passing high speed vehicle, speed breakers, single lane road and varying width road, final target alignment in no-road or broad area, limited time to reach the target etc. during the design of the controller. Designing the optimal controller with all the behaviors integrated for proper motion planning in all types of environments needs much treatment. This work mainly deals with designing of the unified controller for optimal navigation of a multisensor mobile robot in real-environment by applying fuzzy rule simplification technique (FRST) via multi-stage adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system (MS-ANFIS).The Proportional and Derivative (PD) control has also been used in connection with some ANFIS stages for this work.

      Jubin James, Bobby john, Mahesh Rengaraj

Abstract: Required production output of an alternator plant was carried first. From this study it was clear the plant could not produce even half the required alternators. Present layout was simulated using the discreet simulation software arena and the bottleneck station was identified. next aim was to identify whether the plant layout is flexible to occupy a new VTM . By the CRAFT technique we could find an economic area for the new machine. Then the simulation was done based on the new layout and the utilization of machine, product output of the plant and bottleneck station was determined. From the simulation results it was clear that the production of the plant has increased but could not satisfy the full requirement. Some ratings of alternator production was not enhanced by the new machine were another was the critical machine whose alternator output was not enhanced. Then the layout was again simulated by increasing the number of critical machine and the result was compared.

      Majed Mohamed Hasan Drbseh , Dr. Abdul Aziz Khan

Abstract: The relatively recent upsurge of interest in the language of ladies at the international level ladies level owes an important deal to sociolinguistics, conscious feminism and interesting awareness of civil rights. This interest is also marvelous enhanced by the quick social change in the dress, appearance, and behavior of both ladies and men.

      Deepika chauhan, Sanjay Agarwal, Mahendra Kumar Suman

Abstract: As energy consumption rises with increase in population and living standards, the need to expand access to energy in new ways is growing as is the awareness of the environmental costs. This review paper provides a citizen’s view of Wind Energy Generation(WEG) in India, in the backdrop of (a) the ever-rising national demand for primary energy (b) the national electricity policy (c) wind energy policies. Increased recognition of the contribution that renewable energy (RE) can make to energy independence, climate change mitigation, rural development, improved health and lower health costs (linked to air pollution), is shifting RE from the fringe to the mainstream of sustainable development .

      Dr.Momita Goswami Barooah

Abstract: Literacy and educational attainment are considered to be the hallmark of modern society. The traits of modern society such as urbanisation, industrialisation and modernisation are closely associated with the level of literacy and education. The scheduled caste population is socially a backward class in Indian society. In the past they were downtrodden illiterate people of the Indian fabric. Even in the middle part of twentieth century the literacy rate among them was very low. However in the later part of the twentieth century and in the current millennium due to the developmental measures implemented by the central as well as state governments of India and also due to the influence of mass media there has been a change in the pattern of literacy.

      Malay Tripathi, Ashish Agrawal, L.S.Maurya, Dr.Himanshu Hora

Abstract: A new set of software development methodologies has become prevalent in previous years, commonly known as Agile techniques. Pair programming (an activity from agile techniques)- where two programmers work on the same module at one computer; with one programmer takes responsibilities of writing the actual code and the other one takes the responsibility for the monitoring of strategies, designing and defect related issues. The incorporation of pair programming leads to a better software development process resulting in a high quality product. The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate some parameters for building an effective team for performing pair programming.

      R.R.L.Kantam, B.SriRam, V.Srinivas

Abstract: Variable control charts are based on sub group statistics and variation in the values of the sub group statistics between sub groups. In this paper extreme order statistic of the sub group are considered to develop to the control limits to decide upon the in control status of the process. The quality characteristic is assumed to follow Exponential/Weibull Distributions. Relevant comparisons are also presented.

      Souriar Sebastian, Alexander Mendez, Divya Mary Daise.S

Abstract: - In our earlier papers[14 &15],we have introduced the category L-FCyc whose objects are L-fuzzy subgroups of finite cyclic groups and morphisms are L-fuzzy homomorphisms, and studied some of the properties enjoyed by it. In this paper we discuss the existence of initial objects, final objects, zero objects and zero morphisms in this category.

      Bandana.H., Harshitha.T.M.

Abstract: This paper attempts to map how the requirements of based applications can be fulfilled by ASN key features by applying Agile Manifestos. Even though ASN has many key features like collaborative in nature, emergent, dynamic and business-oriented in nature including agility in this mapping is for the approach of iterative and incremental development. For the continuous change in requirements from the user it is necessary to apply Agile Manifestos to cloud based applications which in turn increases to run business enterprises at good pace. But agile practices (or principles) relating it in to ASN key feature are not being implemented in practice.

      Remya Ramachandran

Abstract: The study aims at examining the efficiency of Indian Stock market by studying stock price and trading volume reaction resultant upon the corporate action information. If the market is efficient prices fully reflect all information and to evaluate there is no scope for abnormal returns and dramatic increase in the traded volume consequent upon such release of information. Here the efficiency of stock market is tested by analyzing the dissimilation of corporate event announcements like dividend, Stock Split, merger, Bonus issue.

      Dr.K.Ravichandrudu, P.Raghava Rani, Mr. P.Yohan babu,Mr.G.V.P.Anjaneyulu

Abstract: Facts devices are used to control power flow in the transmission grid to relieve congestion and limit loop flows. High solutions. This paper introduces the concept of Distributed FACTS (D-FACTS) as an alternative approach to realizing cost-effective power flow control. The UPFC is also capable of improving transient stability in a power system. It is the most complex power electronic system for controlling the power flow in an electrical power system. The circuit model is developed for UPFC using rectifier and inverter circuits. The control angle is varied to vary the real and reactive powers at the receiving end. Details of implementation and system impact are presented in the paper, along with experimental results.

      Suchita Singh, Sanchita Singh, Ajai Prakash Singh

Abstract: Calotropis gigantea R.Br. (Asclepiadaceae) a widely growing plant has been reported to possess number of medicinal properties and other purposes. Since ancient times plants have been used as source of therapeutic agents. Plants are playing a significant role in the indigenous system of medicine to combat diseases. The traditional medicine involves the use of different plant extracts or bioactive chemicals. This type study provides the health at affordable cost. The result suggest that the Phytochemical properties of the stem, leaves and flower for curing various ailments.

      Dhanraj Rai

Abstract: In the contemporary world of Ideologies, Principles, Science and Technology, Information Generation and Globalization, the Democracy plays pivotal role in the greater part of the world Political System. Democracy defined “as the government of the people, by the people, and for the people” by Abraham Lincoln. Countries like Great Britain, United States of America and India follows the democratic Ideologies and Principles in governmental administration, economic activities as well as. United States of America also called the oldest democracy in the world and India is the largest democracy in the world. Almost all the countries of the world are greatly influenced by the Democracy and its usefulness.

      Prof: Siddesh K Pai, Mr. Satya Dheeraj, Ms. Rani Samyuktha Kristam

Abstract: In construction industry, a project mainly focuses on two things, one is optimum utilization of resources and the other is speedy completion of project. In line to this trend, construction industry has seen Human Resource Management as a primary entity for every company or a project.Human Resource Management is managing organizational workforce. It has been broadly defined as a field of organizational activity and professional practice covering functions related primarily to training, career development, organizational development and research development. Human Resource Management is not structured in construction industry but the awareness about the need and importance of HRM is growing.

      Atrima Ghosh

Abstract: This report describes the concept and implementation of a system which allows users to play music as per their preferences and provides the users with recommendations as well from the system after log in. The data mining technology has been utilized in the making of this system in order to rate the users’ likes and choices, taking into consideration the similarity in the backgrounds and personal information of the users obtained during account creation. When a new user creates an account in the system and chooses to listen to a song for the first time, the system automatically provides him or her with a number of initial options based on the data already present in the database, which have been specifically sorted out on the basis of the information provided by the user during the creation of his or her.

      Shamim Ahmed, Nur-ul-Arafat Shomik, Fayyaaz Mushtaque

Abstract: In this modern era, the communication technology has always advanced at a tremendous pace. Along with that our dependency towards electronic devices also has grown to a larger extend. At present, cell phones are the most widely used electronic device worldwide. As technology advances, this little device is being capable of doing almost everything. Now we can use cell phone for web browsing, instant messaging, bill payment and for many other purposes. Modern people are using their cell phones to do what they used to do with their computer and internet.

      D. Hewage Dilrukshi Nadeesha, Achala Dayan De Silva

Abstract: Aim of this study is to evaluate the development of Sri Lankan exports over the recent past and try to highlight a relationship between exports and shipping services, which can be used for forecasting future demand for shipping services derived by country’s exports. Evolution of Sri Lankan exports from early post-independence era to present and the historical background of country’s economic policies that have affected the export sector are being studied to get an in depth understanding of trend, patterns and performance of country export sector.

      Aneesh.P., Dr. Madhukar Mohan, Sathya C.Varma

Abstract: The aim of the present study was to determine Interictal Electroencephalographic (EEG) changes in different types of Seizures.

      Neelam Kumari, A.K.Singh

Abstract: The recently proposed interleave-division multiple access (IDMA) system, a multiuser scheme where users are separated by unique interleaver sequences on the horizon of wireless communication world. The receiver involves a chip-by-chip iterative multi-user detection that uses low complexity turbo-like iterative receivers. Its complexity increases with the number of users, the number of iterations and the number of paths in the case of multipath channels. In IDMA the separation of the information of different users is achieved by interleaving. Criteria for design for a good interleaver IDMA include requirement low memory, low correlation among interleave, low complexity, low overhead synchronization between user and base station.

      Vahid Barekat, Ebrahim Behrouzian Nejad, Seyed Enayattolah Alavi

Abstract: One of the favorite frameworks which is increasingly introduced for solving the problems of complex information systems and improving their management is John Zachman Framework. This framework is currently used for understanding Enterprise Architecture and business. Service Oriented Architecture is a standard framework in which services are created, implemented, and settled. Its main objective is accelerating agility of information technology towards fast and effective reply to the changes in business environments. As the organizations and companies are increasingly moving to the Service Oriented Architecture, its complexities and dimensions are more highlighted.

      Vahid Barekat, Ebrahim Behrouzian Nejad, Seyed Enayattolah Alavi

Abstract: Service Oriented Architecture is a style of Information System Architecture which is constituted from a collection of services based on business and supports Loosely Coupled (independence of coding and service location) for flexibility and intersystem interactions. In this article, firstly Service Oriented Architecture and its related concepts will be elaborated on then a real enterprise, before and after making service orientation, will be studied in order to see the effects of service orientation on the business of that enterprise.

      Ganesh P. Prajapat, Mrs. Lini Mathew, Dr. S. Chatterji

Abstract: This paper includes the performance of a Flexible Alternating Current Transmission Systems (FACTS) device, namely, STATic synchronous COMpensator (STATCOM) based on 6, 12, 24 and 48-pulse Voltage Source Converter (VSC), for the mitigation of voltage-dip caused by the starting of a high power induction motor. The different configuration of the STATCOM implemented improves the voltage profile feeding to a high power induction motor at starting by injecting a controllable current to the supply line having an acceptable limit of harmonics as per the standards of IEEE. The capability of the STATCOM to compensate the reactive power to the system when the voltage dip occurs due to starting of high power induction motor load is described.

      Balaji Prabhu B V

Abstract: Video streaming applications have newly attracted a large number of participants in a distribution network. Traditional client-server based video streaming solutions sustain precious bandwidth provision rate on the server. Recently, several P2P streaming systems have been organized to provide on-demand and live video streaming services on the wired and wireless network at reduced server cost. Peer-to-Peer (P2P) computing is a new pattern to construct disseminated network applications. Typical error control techniques are not very well matched and on the other hand, error prone channels have decreased the handling of video data greatly for video transmission over wireless networks and wired networks based on IP protocol.

      Apurvakumar Pandya, Siddhi Pandya

Abstract: After more than two decades of programming and activism aimed at prevention and control of the sexual transmission of HIV, the HIV pandemic continues to grow worldwide. Despite giving sexuality a prominent position in responses to the epidemic, there exist limited context specific understandings of sex health risks of Men who have Sex with Men (MSM) and their female partners of socio-cultural context. This paper discuses socio-cultural determinant of risk behaviors of MSM and their female partners of Targeted Intervention in Vadodara city, India. Such an improved understanding of the sexuality and sexual health risks of MSM is crucial for creating a scientific reference base for designing effective behavior change strategies in targeted interventions (TI).

      Lalitha. C., Sayee R.

Abstract: Reproductive failure or infertility may be due to several factors that are not limited to one sex. It remains a common problem causing significant psychological distress to those affected individuals and who are increasingly seeking medical advice. Male infertility means inability to induce conception in normal woman within a year. The etiological factors associated with male infertility are anatomical, developmental, seminal, hormonal, immunological and environmental factors. The paper was aimed to highlight the environmental factors and its association to male infertility and seasonality of birth and its influence. The data was collected from the 75 male patients referred with infertility for karyotyping and counselling. Their age ranged from 21 to 45 years. It is opined that certain occupations are preferentially associated with male infertility.

      Kumar Sarvesh, Singh R.P., Mishra A., Kumar Hemant

Abstract: Neural network is the emerging field in the era of globalization which is fully based on the concept of soft-computing technique and bioinformatics. In the competitive market of new development process, Bioinformatics play the vital role to give the process of integration aspect as multidisciplinary subject like- biological Science, medicine science, computer science, engineering, chemical science, physical science as well as mathematical science who gives the experiences of artificial activities of human behaviour in the form of software.

      Santosh Kunnur, S. N. Kurbet, M M Ganganallimath

Abstract: In all sugar industries the cane after processing is left with the waste product called Bagasse. The Bagasse produced in the mills is used as a fuel to boilers and the generation of steam. The steam thus produced is expanded in turbines and the power is generated. The excess bagasse is then stored in an open area. Lot of human health hazards is taking place due to loading of bagasse. Nowadays, the industries are using the crane systems to load the bagasse into the tippers, which is a very slow task and causing more dust. The bucket conveyors are used to move bulk materials in a vertical or inclined path. Buckets are attached to a cable, chain, or belt. Buckets are automatically unloaded at the end of the conveyor run.

      Y Prabhavathi, N T Krishna Kishore, Dr. Seema

Abstract: India Land of spices is the major producer and exporter of chillies. An efficient supply chain ensuring remunerative prices to the producers for their products and to deliver maximum satisfaction to the end consumers for the price they pay. Two major supply chains have been identified, Which reveals that supply chain II is more efficient than the supply chain I because more value goods are delivered to consumer from producer at low marketing costs. The study shows that farmers who bring good quality chillies to market prefer Supply chain-II to supply chain-I. But farmers who bring poor quality, discolored chillies, are preferring supply chain-I. Delay in payment after sale, problems in fare price evolution process, collection of excess commission and availability of loan through bank on produce important problems that farmers are facing in this market.

      Akshay Iyer, Akshay Badgujar, Maheshkumar Eaga, Rohit Iyer

Abstract: Voice and Video over Wireless LAN is concerned with establishing audio and video calls using wireless LAN. We are using client server model for achieving this purpose. A wireless router is used to establish the wireless LAN. Establishing wireless LAN is easier, cost effective and less time consuming than establishing wired LAN.

      Rıfkı Terzioğlu , T. Fedai Çavuş

Abstract: Load flow analysis is one of the most important tools being used in analysing power systems. The significant uncertain parameters of the system planning and reliability are neglected in the deterministic method. In this study, the stochastic technique is proposed to examine the power flow issues in power systems. The main aim of this study is to provide a solid solution by considering the system uncertainties while keeping the system topology constant. The prospective values and the standard deviation of the power flow of each power line are estimated.


Abstract: This paper investigate a queueing model where in customers arrive in batches according to compound Poisson process with rate  and are served one by one in FIFO basis. All incoming customers demand the rst essential service wherein only some of them demand the second optional service.

      D.Bose, G.Ghosh, K.Mandal, S.P.Sau, S.Kunar

Abstract: The growing complexity of equipment and systems often lead to failures and as a consequence the aspects of reliability, maintainability and availability have come into forefront. The failure of machineries and equipment causes disruption in production resulting from a loss of availability of the system and also increases the cost of maintenance. The present study deals with the determination of reliability and availability aspects of one of the significant constituent in a Railway Diesel Locomotive Engine. In order to assess the availability performance of these components, a broad set of studies has been carried out to gather accurate information at the level of detail considered suitable to meet the availability analysis target.

      Shweta Nema

Abstract: The purpose of the present investigation is to analyze marital & emotional adjustment in middle aged couples. The sample consisted of 124 respondents, out of which 62 were males and 62 females (mean age= 50 to 65), who were financially independent from their offspring. To measure adjustment Old-age Adjustment Inventory (SJOAI) created by Dr. Shamshad Hussain and Dr. Jasbir Kaur was used. The inventory measures problems of marital & emotional adjustment faced by middle aged couples. The data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, t-test analysis. There were found significant differences between two genders (male and female) in the marital & emotional adjustment. The result of the study revealed that there is a significant impact on males’ as well as females’ adjustment level.

      Amtul Waris, B. C. Viraktamath

Abstract: Gender equality is considered a critical element in achieving social and institutional change that leads to sustainable development with equity and growth. Inequalities between men and women manifest themselves in all areas of development. Inequalities are most obvious in: health and education, economic development, violence against women, participation in public life and policymaking and social attitudes and gender stereotyping. Health discrimination against women in India starts early and is evident in the skewed sex ratio of 933 women to 1,000 men (world average: 990:1,000). Maternal mortality in India is the second highest in the world and close to 125,000 women die due to pregnancy and pregnancy-related illnesses every year.

      Vaibhav P. Gajre

Abstract: Many distributed algorithms require one process or node to act as leader node in distributed systems. Election algorithms are meant for electing such process or node that acts as leader node also called as coordinator from among currently alive processes in such a way that at any instance of time there will be single coordinator for all the processes in the system. Therefore, election algorithms are very important in any distributed system. Bully algorithm is one of the standard approaches for electing the coordinator in distributed systems. In this paper, we have compared base and efficient version of bully algorithm to minimize the number of messages when electing the coordinator and when a process recovers from a crashed state in distributed systems.

      D.S.Ambadkar, R.M.Kedar

Abstract: An efficient synthesis of 2-(2-Substituted Phenyl) -4,5- bis (4-methoxyphenyl)-1H-imidazoles by one step condensation of an substituted aldehyde .4,4-dimethyl benzil ,ammonium acetate under microwave irradiation is described .The structure of the product were characterized by 1HNMR ,IR ,elemental analysis , and melting point .The advantage of this method is simple methods ,procedure are a green method ,its milder conditions , necessary shorter reaction time and its higher yields and easy workup.

      Sandeep Sharma, Arjun Kumar, Vandana Ghangas

Abstract: The present study involves study of more than 60 earthquake events that took place in the state of Jammu and Kashmir from which it was illustrated that most of the earthquakes were taken place in between and around the main boundary thrust and Main Central Thrust. Further it was seen that a Northwest and Southeast trending pattern will developed almost parallel to the Main Boundary Thrust and Main Central Thrust which indicates that further study is required in the concerned area to trace the faults and thrusts in this region. The epicentre of these earthquakes lies in between 320N-370N, and 720E-800E and the Richter scale magnitude of these Earthquake lies in between 2 to 6. The depth of these earthquakes varies from 5km to 100km. The former observations indicate that the entire region is tectonically active and continuous build up stress along these thrusts and faults has been released from time to time. It was further seemed that majority of earthquakes take place around Kupwara, district of Srinagar and Kishtwar and Doda district of Jammu.

      P.Shiva Keshava Kumar, K.Manjunatha and N.T.Manjunath

Abstract: Groundwater is one of the major resources of the drinking water in Byadagi taluk (India.). In this study 11 sampling station were selected for the investigations on 11 chemical parameters. The work was carried out during different months of the premonsoon, monsoon and post-monsoon seasons in June 2009 to June 2010. pH values recorded were alkaline in nature. Correlation between EC, TDS, Total hardness and related results clearly indicated the degree of acceptance of results documented. Water samples were found to be rich with phosphorus. High sodium content was noticed in all the stations. Results of principal component analysis evinced that all the parameters equally and significantly contribute to groundwater quality variations. Significant variation of physico-chemical parameters of surface water were observed; various physico-chemical parameters for the water samples were within highest desirable limit (HDL) prescribed by WHO for drinking purposes for all seasons except for pH in summer, total alkalinity and Fe contents in spring, autumn and winter; total dissolved solids in winter, turbidity in all seasons.

      Mohamad Johdi Salleh, Baharom Mohamad, Abdul Said Ambotang

Abstract: This study discusses the aim and objectives of teaching and learning of history, Integrated Curriculum for Secondary School (ICSS), Malaysia. The introduction of this subject should help to develop skills in pupils in communication, understanding concepts, to extend vocabulary and use of language in different contexts, to encourage discussion, and, problem-solving. The important thing is that the pupil’s acquisition of historical skills and to the development of personality and self-confident should each be systematically assessed in order to identify both progress and any need for further remedial or enrichment work. This is important in the production of motivated and active citizen who can learn effectively and be competent in their future jobs career. Consequently, the pupils are expected to appreciate and practise in daily life Malaysian multi-culture, appreciate the efforts and contributions of the national figures who had liberated and developed the nation, and, have historical and consciousness with regard to the existing community in the country. It is clear that history curriculum is the only subject at school to directly foster and develop active citizen towards the realisation of the Vision 2020 and 1-Malaysia.

      P. Rajeswari, A. Gandhirajan and R.Senthil

Abstract: To achieve high productivity publishing the web pages are automatically evaluated using common templates with contents. The templates provide readers easy access to the contents guided by consistent structures. Cluster the web documents based on the similarity of underlying template structures in the documents so that the template for each cluster is extracted simultaneously. This process proposes to represent the document and a template as a set of paths in a DOM (Data Object Model) tree. As validated by the most popular XML query language XPATH, paths are sufficient to express tree structures and useful to be queried. Our experimental results with real-life data sets confirm the effectiveness and robustness of our algorithm compared to the state of the art for template detection algorithms.

      Dr Ruchi Singh

Abstract: Capacity building often refers to assistance that is provided to entities usually in developing countries, which have a need to develop a certain skill or competences, or for general upgrading of performance ability of women .It involves activities which strengthens the abilities. Skills, and behavior of women and improve them so that they can meet its mission and goals in a sustainable way. Women political participation has been considered a major measure in women capacity building. The conceptualization of political participation has been undergoing drastic changes .Such changes will have direct impact upon different modes of political participation .There is positive relationship between urban residence and higher level of political participation To increase political participation of women yield positive result, government at both center and state should not delay any further to complete de centralization of power that is power should be shared equally between men & women. This paper deals with the issue of capacity building and scale of need is enormous. There is a need for change in society building in dealing with women. The objective of this paper is to support and encourage in political and legal framework. It is a small exploratory study designed to analyze and interpret the Dalit women in Ambedkar & non-Ambedkar gram of Lucknow district. The sample size will be 500 dalit women from which 250 dalit women from Ambedkar gram are being selected. The result is being discussed in the full length paper.

      Pragya Tiwari Gupta

Abstract: Health Care service delivery system is the main source or base for the implementation of programme or project. The present paper aims to provide a standard model of follow up in BIMARU states if not all over India. Materials and Methods- The present paper is the outcome of the evaluation of the programme of Muskan Ek Abhiyaan (Immunisation Programme) which was launched on October 11, 2007 with the objective of achieving hundred percent immunizations of infants and pregnant women in the state of Bihar (India). The study used two stage thirty cluster analysis. Overall 1936 support workers were interviewed on various aspects for the availability of material and training. Conclusion- Scenario of Immunisation has changed drastically over four years in Bihar and it is interesting to conclude that factors behind such thumping success are due to the change in the health system, its governance and marked strategic shift the previous programme intervention in otherwise one of the worst performing states of India.

      Masood Asim

Abstract: The study explain the impact of the motivation level among the employee performance with the mediating of the training needed in the Pakistani universities. Respondents from the universities of about 118 suggest the impact of the HR need like promotion, motivation level of the employee, training and employee performance. In the model we taking motivation as a independent variable and training taking as mediating variable and employee performance as dependent variable. Alpha is about 0.684 which shows that dependent variable is mediating reliable on the independent variables. The variables are maximum reliable on each other. On the other hand descriptive statistics is calculated correlation as well as regression test is applied. And Pakistani universities must needed to take revise he salary and reward benefits to evaluate the performance of the universities employees. Future research as well as limitation also discuss in the paper.

      Md. Aminul Islam

Abstract: Wireless Mesh Networks (WMNs) being an emerging technology has in recent years received research focus. Considered to be the next step in the evolution of wireless networks, WMNs promises greater flexibility, reliability and performance. In wireless mesh networks, there are multiple potential paths exist between any pair of mesh stations; as each route uses a different set of links with varying link quality, these routes may have different throughputs. Routing protocol selects the route with the best possible throughput. Routing metrics used by routing protocols decides which route to use between pair of nodes. A routing metric is a transaction that provides a number assigned to each route then the routing protocol selects the route with the best one. Our prime concern to design routing metric referred RETT: Revised Expected Transmission Time. Our proposed metric can be able to estimate the end-to-end delay experienced by packet for the available paths to enable the routing protocol to select the best path. RETT considers the link rate, number of retransmissions, control overhead, etc. We consider the control overhead of sending a data packet that includes the time to send a RTS, CTS, DIFS, SIFS. So, the metric show the exact transmission time of a packet from one node to another. It modified the ETT routing metric and represents a new way to calculate expected transmission time

      Tadele Ademe, Sangeeta Rani, Molla Deyou

Abstract: The study was conducted to compare the effects of aerobic and anaerobic workouts on performance enhancement of selected physical fitness variables among first year Sport Science students at Wolaita Sodo University. Thirty (15 male and 15 female) students from Sport Science department were selected as subjects and their age were 19 - 21 years. Subjects were randomly assigned to aerobic training group (5 male, 5 female,) anaerobic training group (5 male, 5 female) and control group(5 male, 5 female). The experimental groups were participated in a supervised aerobic and anaerobic training program 3 days/week for 12 weeks. The control group did not participate in any of the program. The physical fitness variables selected for the study were: cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, body composition and Agility. Data were analyzed using ANOVA and multiple comparison of post test means were held to discover which treatment means differ at 95% confidence interval by using Fisher LSD. The results obtained in this study indicate that there was significant improvement in selected physical fitness variables due to the effects of aerobic and anaerobic training (p < 0.05) .This study proved that aerobic exercise was significantly better than anaerobic exercise in improving cardiovascular endurance and flexibility(p < 0.05) and anaerobic exercise was significantly better than aerobic exercise in improving muscular endurance, muscular strength and agility(p < 0.05) while both exercises had almost the same effect in improving the body composition of the participants.

      Dr. Sneha Mankikar

Abstract: This research aims at understanding the cause and effect relationship between infant attrition and employee satisfaction. It also evaluates relationship and impact of Job description discrepancies, organization leadership style, stress and employee discrimination on infant attrition. The sample consists of employees from IT sector all over India. A structured questionnaire and informal interviews are used to collect primary information from the respondents. Correlation was used to used to establish relationship between various variables and infant attrition using SPSS version 21.It was found that attrition is higher among the entry level management which is below the age group of 40 years. To check infant attrition some measures like profile mapping tools, strong retention policies etc.

      Vishesh Garg, Ankit Gupta

Abstract: Brazing generally require cumbersome apparatus be it induction, vacuum or torch brazing. In torch brazing, metals are joined by using the oxyacetylene cylinder. It thus becomes difficult to carry out brazing at the places where it is not possible to take heavy gas cylinders and brazing apparatuses. So it is tried to figure out the method to carry out brazing at places where conventional brazing is not feasible. And thus Brazing was done by usual Shielded Metal Arc Welding, by developing the electrode composition for the joining process of three different kinds of metals and alloys, without using the oxyacetylene cylinder and other heavy brazing apparatus. The results show that this newly developed brazing method gave almost same appropriate welding results as it is given by the conventional brazing method.

      Arvind Kumar, Bimal Raj Dutta, Sanjeev Budhauliya

Abstract: This paper presents the design & analysis of a planar multiband antenna (Iterated Pythagorean fractal tree antenna) with impedance steps in base path. Impedance steps are adopted with finite ground plane for better impedance matching, multiband & bandwidth characteristics as compare to non-iterated form. As tree iteration increases new resonance frequency will obtained, Iterated Pythagorean fractal multiband tree antenna (IPTFA) has compact size of 41.08*41.08*1.57 mm3 and operates over the frequency band of 2.4 GHz. The improvement in multiband behavior id investigated & discussed with VSWR<2.


Abstract: The purpose of the study was to find out the effects of yoga training aerobic training and detraining on muscular endurance among college boys. To achieve this purpose of the study, forty five college boys were selected as subjects who were studied various departments in the Nagaland University, Lumami. The selected subjects were aged between 18 to 21 years. The selected subjects were randomly divided into three groups of 15 subjects each group. Group one acted as experimental group I (yoga training) and group two acted as experimental group II (aerobic training) and group three acted as control group.

      Resmi.P.Thomas, Alpha Maria Antony, Anu Annamma Mamen

Abstract: A comparative preliminary study on the phytochemistry of acetone, methanol ethanol and aqueous extracts of the leaves of Diospyros chloroxylon of family Ebenaceae was carried out using specific chemical color reaction tests . The results obtained revealed that acetone was the best extractive solvent with the phytochemical properties of the D.chloroxylon leaves. Phytochemical studies indicated that the leaf contain a broad spectrum of secondary metabolites. Different extracts of leaf powders have been screened for qualitative determination of different secondary metabolites like carbohydrates,cardioglycosides, alkaloids, flavonoids, tannins, amino acids and proteins, saponins etc.

      M. Gnana Sri, G. Vinni Sheethal, K. V. Sneha Priya

Abstract: WEB commerce security is an important issue that has been leading to negative or adverse effects on the further development and growth of WEB-commerce. We discuss objectives such as security goals integrity, confidentiality, availability and we discussed the security services and how these are related to the three security goals. Here we took the example service namely SET(Secure Electronic Transaction) and in this case study we have discussed some security techniques to avoid this manipulation of the credential data which would guarantee an increased customer base and eventually prove to be very profitable.

      R. S. Rana, Rajesh Purohit, S. Das

Abstract: Metal Matrix composites (MMCs) are light weight, high-strength materials with potential application in areas such as automobile, aerospace, defence and other industries. MMCs are projected to significantly reduce the overall weight of the vehicle and aircraft while maintaining satisfactory structural strength. Micron and Nano-sized ceramic particle reinforced aluminum matrix composites fabricated using conventional stir casting technique usually present poor distribution of these particles within the matrix and high porosity.

      Anita Puri Singh

Abstract: This report is based on the interesting clinical case study of a teenage based in India with long - standing history of ingesting nonnutritive materials. She was initially non-selective, but later began more exclusively consuming mud obtained from a wall in the back yard of her house on regular basis. She suffered from a eating disorder known as pica.

      Gaudencio M. Alaya-ay, Jr.

Abstract: It is a national policy to promote the holistic well-being of the Filipinos by elevating the literacy level and recognizing the vital role of knowledge and information in nation-building by establishing public libraries in every congressional district, city and municipality, and reading centers in every barangay. The aforesaid fact led the researcher to assess the implementation of the Public Libraries Enabling Laws; the R.A. 7160, R.A. 7743, and R.A. 9246, which are all focused on the establishment and operations throughout the country.

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