International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications

IJSRP, Volume 3, Issue 9, September 2013 Edition [ISSN 2250-3153]

Seismicity in Jammu and Kashmir Region with Special Reference to Kishtwar
      Sandeep Sharma, Arjun Kumar, Vandana Ghangas
Abstract: The present study involves study of more than 60 earthquake events that took place in the state of Jammu and Kashmir from which it was illustrated that most of the earthquakes were taken place in between and around the main boundary thrust and Main Central Thrust. Further it was seen that a Northwest and Southeast trending pattern will developed almost parallel to the Main Boundary Thrust and Main Central Thrust which indicates that further study is required in the concerned area to trace the faults and thrusts in this region. The epicentre of these earthquakes lies in between 320N-370N, and 720E-800E and the Richter scale magnitude of these Earthquake lies in between 2 to 6. The depth of these earthquakes varies from 5km to 100km. The former observations indicate that the entire region is tectonically active and continuous build up stress along these thrusts and faults has been released from time to time. It was further seemed that majority of earthquakes take place around Kupwara, district of Srinagar and Kishtwar and Doda district of Jammu.

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Sandeep Sharma, Arjun Kumar, Vandana Ghangas (2018); Seismicity in Jammu and Kashmir Region with Special Reference to Kishtwar; Int J Sci Res Publ 3(9) (ISSN: 2250-3153).
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