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The Effect of Learners Autonomy and Multiple Intelligences on Grammar Proficiency
      Mary Graceshelyn B. Usi
Abstract: In recent years, learners autonomy has been given a great amount of attention in the educational system. A lot of studies about learner autonomy were conducted in terms of different viewpoints (Oracki & Gelisli, 2017) It has become one of the intriguing phenomena in the field of Second Language Acquisition (SLA)Joshi, K. (2011). As far as learners’ skills are concerned, a theory has been very influential to the scholars and researchers in terms of understanding the development of each individual. Howard Gardners Multiple Intelligence. Most people agree that grammar does need to be taught. It is not something that is necessarily amusing or thrilling to acquire. However, learners can only learn to express themselves well using complete sentences. It is quite difficult to learn the rules or usage of grammar without being guided. Learning grammar is not just about errors and correctness but to help us to comprehend and appreciate how to create meaningful, clear and precise sentences and paragraphs (Kho-Yar & Ai Siok, 2015).

      Khristian M. Besana, Wilangelo V. Mana-ay
Abstract: Open fractures are common problems in orthopedic practice that requires immediate management and intervention because of the high incidence of complications. This study presented the initial report after piloting of the clinical pathway to compare the efficacy of using clinical pathway versus nonclinical pathway in the management of open fracture of the long bone in a tertiary hospital. Specifically, this study aimed to determine a) the clinical profile of the patients in the pathway in terms of age, sex, mechanism of injury and type of open fracture based on the Gustilo-Anderson classification; b) determine the time interval from the initial consult at the emergency department to admission, time interval from admission to operative procedure, time interval from admission to discharge, the rate infection or need for repeat surgery related to infection and the clinical and statistical significance of the variables between the clinical pathway group vs non-pathway group.

      Safiullah Sahil and Fazlullah Akhtar
Abstract: Helmand River basin (HRB) is the largest river basin in Afghanistan in terms of geographical area while the third in terms of surface water availability after Kabul and Amu River basins. The topography of this basin is characterized by high mountains, plateaus and deserts, which influence the hydrology of the region. Helmand River is the main source of water for irrigation in the basin that plays a critical role in sustaining agriculture and livelihoods in the region.

      Rebuma Merera
Abstract: Castor is one of the non-edible oilseed crops with huge potential in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Estimates of heterosis and combining ability help to identify parents with better combining ability which may be hybridized to produce elite crosses. This paper aims to estimate the magnitude of heterosis and combining ability in castor for yield and yield-related traits.

      Asmaeil Akhmaaj
Abstract: Motivated employees are key factors that give companies a competitive advantage. By determining the best way to encourage and improve the performance of employees in organizations, management ensures the success of their company in the market. Adapted employee motivation, i.e. the best incentive for each individual employee, is what brings the organization closer to achieving its goals and objectives. This paper focuses on the employee motivation issue, that is, on determining the merits of intrinsic or extrinsic factors in employee motivation. The paper analyzed several studies that dealt with the influence of internal and external motivation factors on work performance.

      Joy Ritika, Prasad Rachal
Abstract: Background: Adolescence is a phase of health formation when people start to develop healthy habits, and the cognitive and psychological changes that take place during this time create the foundation for lifelong health. And adopting healthy lifestyle into practice, creating good habits to prevent diseases will raise the average life expectancy and enhance both physical and mental health. Increased focus on lifestyle behaviors among adolescents encourages preventive action before weight management becomes a problem.

      David Sudhir Otieno and Prof. Kennedy Mutundu
Abstract: Kenya’s vision 2030 identifies infrastructural development as one of the very crucial pillars to economic growth. However, the projects are awash with delays in completion, cost and time overrun an index of their poor performance. Therefore, there is a need for reliance on monitoring and evaluation (M&E) to enhance performance of these construction-oriented projects for infrastructural development.

      Huyen Nguyen Thi Thuong
Abstract: The objectives of this study were to examine the effectiveness of using shadowing technique to in improve speaking skill for students in learning English as a foreign language. Accordingly, the research was conducted as an experimental research which consisted of two groups. Each group consisted of 30 students studying at Thainguyen University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Vietnam, in which the experimental group was taught using shadowing technique while the control group was taught using traditional lecture method. After 4 weeks of learning speaking, the pre-test and posttest were used as instruments for data collection for students’ speaking learning results.

      Mutuku Mary Miombe, Dr. Josephat Kwasira, Dr. Benard Lango
Abstract: Project Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) is a critical component of the project management phase, which if not properly handled, may lead to project failure. One aspect that has not been given much consideration is effective implementation of M&E systems as advised by M & E experts. For instance, not much is known how stakeholder involvement influences the implementation of water projects. The general objective of the study was to assess the role of Stakeholder Involvement Practices on implementation of county government funded water projects in Kisii County. This study was anchored in the stakeholder theory. The study adopted a descriptive survey design. The target population included 201 county water staff managing 90 water projects across the county. Census method was used to collect data. The primary data was collected by use of questionnaires. Quantitative data was analyzed by employing descriptive statistics and inferential analysis, and the results were presented by tables and figures.

      Soumitra Das, Saikat Banerjee, Prof. Dr. Abhoy Chand Mondal
Abstract: Efficient detection technologies are necessary to address the danger of plant diseases to global agriculture and food security. The conventional method of disease identification, which depends on farmers visually inspecting the crops, is frequently ineffective and prone to bias. This work explores the feasibility of employing image processing and machine learning techniques to automatically detect plant diseases, specifically focusing on infections affecting leaves. In deep learning, a subfield of machine learning, artificial neural networks are used to extract features from data in a way that is reminiscent of the human brain.

      Soumitra Das, Saikat Banerjee, Prof. Dr. Abhoy Chand Mondal
Abstract: Efficient detection technologies are necessary to address the danger of plant diseases to global agriculture and food security. The conventional method of disease identification, which depends on farmers visually inspecting the crops, is frequently ineffective and prone to bias. This work explores the feasibility of employing image processing and machine learning techniques to automatically detect plant diseases, specifically focusing on infections affecting leaves. In deep learning, a subfield of machine learning, artificial neural networks are used to extract features from data in a way that is reminiscent of the human brain.

      Ajaan Anubhav Borah, Ritu Nazneen Ara Begum, Barnali Goswami
Abstract: This paper investigates the application of various machine learning models for predicting the health index and remaining lifespan of power transformers. We evaluate the performance of individual models including Random Forest, Support Vector Regression (SVR), Gradient Boosting, and Elastic Net in estimating the health index of power transformers. Additionally, a stacking ensemble approach is implemented by combining the predictions of these individual models.

      Najmi Wafi, Ausama Ahmed, Mftah BinHasan, Moad Kahal
Abstract: Mention the abstract for the article. An abstract is a brief summary of a research article, thesis, review, conference proceeding or any in-depth analysis of a particular subject or discipline, and is often used to help the reader quickly ascertain the papers purpose. When used, an abstract always appears at the beginning of a manuscript, acting as the point-of-entry for any given scientific paper or patent application.

      POPOOLA Olusoji David , ASANI TIMOTHY
Abstract: The paper profiled patients with hypertension and diabetes between year 2018 and 2022 in University of Benin Teaching Hospital (UBTH) Edo State Nigeria. Hypertension and Diabetes are two leading diseases in Africa especially the low-income countries like Nigeria, what is however unknown is the rate of prevalence, pattern of spread and socio-demographic distribution of the diseases in the recent time. Extant literature on diabetes and hypertension were reviewed and the study was anchored on grounded theory.

      Rahul Lad, Dr. Bhawna Sharma Padroo
Abstract: The enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health is one of the fundamental rights of every human being without distinction of race, religion, political belief, economic or social condition” (WHO). Post the COVID 19 pandemic Indian consumers are investing more on health and immunity. This has led to rise of consumption of natural foods, health supplements, specialized diets (EY report Feb 2022). Over the counter (OTC) products have become increasingly popular among consumers seeking accessible remedies for common health concerns.

      Dr. Thabo Msimango
Abstract: As a result of the current volatile economic environment, the financial services sector is being subjected to an increasing number of stringent restrictions. In order to ensure that financial responsibility and compliance with regulatory standards are enforced, a significant amount of resources are allocated. The provision of the key resources that are necessary to handle the implementation of recently adopted laws and standards once they become operational is something that they are obligated to make sure happens in a timely manner. A simple or generally valid association exists between affluence and belief, however this correlation is not straightforward. The process of acquiring material possessions is one that is extremely intuitive. The acquisition of such information is, without a doubt, a difficult undertaking that calls for a significant amount of dedication and unwavering determination. The approach, on the other hand, demonstrates that it is an extremely effective strategy for achieving goals and overcoming obstacles.

      Dr HMTI Siriwardana, Dr RMWS Ratnayake
Abstract: Prevention of the spread of communicable diseases takes place with the coordinated effort of the preventive and curative health sectors. An efficient disease notification process that is conducted in the curative care setup is an important step in effectively preventing communicable disease outbreaks in the community. It is mandatory to notify the diseases that are mentioned in the list of notifiable diseases to the relevant health authorities by the health staff for further action in view of their prevention. Lack of notification was found to be mainly due to the lack of knowledge regarding the diseases that are included in the notifiable disease list and the lack of understanding of the importance of the communicable disease notification process.

      Ngo Thi Thanh Tam
Abstract: This study investigates the utilization patterns, perceptions, and motivating factors associated with the use of social media as a tool for vocabulary learning among first-year undergraduate students across diverse academic majors. Data were collected from 152 participants representing healthcare, technical, business, and social sciences majors through a survey-based approach. The findings reveal that a significant proportion of first-year students across all majors report frequent usage of social media platforms for vocabulary learning, with variations observed in the perceived effectiveness of these platforms. Convenience and accessibility emerged as primary motivators, followed by factors such as engagement, variety of resources, real-life context, and motivation/accountability.

      Swapneela Jacob, Tarun Amalnerkar, Tan Kar Yee
Abstract: Proper posture is defined as a balanced musculoskeletal state in which no extra stresses put on muscles or soft tissues. Students are usually unaware of proper posture and appropriate ways to maintain it. Prolong working on laptops, desktops pain leads to discomfort affecting their work and activities of daily living. In forward shoulder posture (FSP), shoulder impingement can occur and lung function can be affected. The aim of this study is to find out the effects of therapeutic exercises combined with breathing exercises on pectoral muscles length and chest expansion among students with rounded shoulder.

      Ashley A. Stewart
Abstract: This paper delves into the realm of image processing within the context of design, harnessing the power of the OpenCV library to enact a trilogy of distinctive transformations on images. Firstly, the White to Colored Transformation leverages the cv2.applyColorMap function, which transmutes grayscale images into pseudo-colored representations, imbuing formerly achromatic visuals with a vivid palette. This process, exemplified through the use of the COLORMAP_JET color map, yields visually arresting and dynamically expressive images. The Colored to White Transformation pursues a contrasting objective, simplifying complex scenes into minimalist compositions. Through grayscale conversion and subsequent application of binary thresholding, high-intensity regions are isolated, yielding bold white contours against a black backdrop. This innovative reductionist approach endows images with an aura of clarity and simplicity. Lastly, the Sketch Transformation employs a multi-step process, commencing with grayscale conversion, followed by inversion to produce a negative. The introduction of a Gaussian blur emulates the characteristic softening seen in pencil sketches. The blurred negative is once again inverted, acting as a divisor for the original grayscale image. The resultant output mirrors the aesthetics of a hand-drawn pencil sketch, with intricate details set against a textured background, evoking a palpable sense of artistry by hand. These transformations collectively demonstrate the malleability and expressive potential that image processing, facilitated by OpenCV, offers within the realm of artistic interpretation.

      Vuong Huu Vinh
Abstract: This article delves into the conceptual metaphors of Happiness in George Harrison song Here Comes the Sun. Utilizing a focused analysis of the song lyrical content, it seeks to decode the layers of meaning encapsulated within its verses. Through the lens of conceptual metaphor theory, the research elucidates the various source domains used to map onto the target domain of Happiness. The investigation reveals how such metaphors not only deepen the emotional resonance of the song but also reflect broader cultural perceptions of happiness in music.

      Y.M.S.S. Yapa
Abstract: Clinical laboratories are healthcare facilities providing a wide range of laboratory procedures that aid clinicians in diagnosing, treating, and managing patients. These laboratories are manned by scientists trained to perform and analyze tests on samples of biological specimens collected from patients (Bayot et al., 2024).

      Eyob, D. G, Munyao, S., M, Gathogo, N
Abstract: Spiritual formation is a pressing concern for contemporary churches worldwide. Unfortunately, there is a crisis of spirituality crisis and a lack of mutual respect among church members in Duguna Kale Heywet in Wolaita, Ethiopia. Respecting others is a crucial aspect that can significantly contribute to the spiritual growth of church members. This study aims to investigate the effect of respecting others on the spiritual formation of church members and to provide valuable insights for readers in the Duguna district of WKHC in Ethiopia.

      Solomon Omutoko, John Kariuki, and Japheth Ogendi
Abstract: Provision of adequate safe water, sanitation (WASH) in schools is important for better health and performance among school going children. In Kenya, the National School Health Policy provides for a comprehensive school health Program, which addresses various health needs of children through the formal school system.

Abstract: Data security is of utmost importance in today’s world. Especially when the data is travelling through an insecure communication network. There are symmetric key encryption techniques which use only one key for both encryption and decryption of the data. They are simple in design but can be easily cracked using brute force attacks. The entire security of such a cipher could be compromised if the attacker anyhow gets access to the keys.

      Dr. HMTI Siriwardana, Dr. RMWS Ratnayake
Abstract: Health promotion is the process of enabling people to increase control over and to improve their health”. It covers various social and environmental interventions designed to benefit and protect individuals health and quality of life by addressing and preventing the root causes of ill health, not just focusing on treatment and cure (WHO,2016).

      Ani Manukyan
Abstract: The article considers Instructional coaching implementation in the Armenian secondary education. It investigates the difficulties and challenges of practicing the Instructional coaching approach as an alternative educational method in RA schooling premises. It also examines the responsibilities of instructional coaches, as well as the relationship between the coach, school principals and the teachers.

      Nachael George Mwanga, Salum Kamota
Abstract: The existing studies have yielded valuable insights into the temperature-dependent behavior of bulk nanobubbles in aqueous solutions, emphasizing the role of bubble pressure, surrounding temperature, and surface charge that facilitates random movement and repulsion mechanisms which prevents coalescence leading to the formation of bigger unstable bubbles. However, there remains a significant gap in understanding the specific impact of temperatures near critical points, such as the freezing point of water, on the stability and existence of nanobubbles.

      Hassan Muktar Abdi and Dr. Stella Karimi Silas
Abstract: The government of Kenya is dedicated to improving the quality and access to health care throughout the country. In this regard, the government has continually allocated a significant portion of the national budget to the health sector. However, despite all the efforts from the central, county governments and various development partners, funding has been inadequate and quite a number of projects in the public health sector encounter challenges in the course of their life cycle and more often than not, their implementation has not been successful.

      Hanh Nguyen Thi Hong, Nhung Hoang Thi
Abstract: The study aims at identifying the difficulties affecting the students in the area of reading comprehension skill in English language curricula, and finding out the methods to tackle these proplems that tenth grade students face in reading comprehension skill for English language. The descriptive method has been ultilized to fit the purposes of this study. The participants were 90 students in a high school in Vietnam, who were in grade 10. Results of the study has shown that categories affecting the reading comprehension skills of the students are vocabulary, text coverage, background knowledge, sentence structure, grammar and others. The finding indicated that when teachers were aware of the factors that affected students’ reading comprehension competence, they could help their students develop effective reading strategies and ultimately solve those difficulties in reading and improved reading comprehension.

      Febrian Parlangga Muis, Budi Irwan, Safrudin Nasution
Abstract: Introduction: Liver transplantation is a critical intervention for end-stage liver diseases, yet challenges persist across pre-, peri-, and post-transplant phases. This study aims to characterize potential deceased liver donors to inform transplantation practices and outcomes.

      Tamuda Takudzwa Ngirande, Pevril Tatenda Mandongwe, Tinotenda Llyod Karindi
Abstract: The purpose of this study is to investigate the significance of culture in marketing, with an emphasis on cross-cultural marketing. A great part of this paper, carries out a comprehensive assessment on how understanding cultural characteristic dimensions is critical for a clear and effective cross-cultural marketing strategy, using a case study of Nikes marketing techniques in South Africa. This research opens with an introduction to the subject of culture and its influence on marketing. It then dives into the cultural variables that exist in South Africa, as well as how Nike has changed their marketing techniques to suit to this market.

      Ilukor Geresom
Abstract: This comprehensive exploration delves into the intricate dynamics of water scarcity and quality, highlighting their profound impacts on ecosystems, public health, and sustainable development. Grounded in an extensive review of relevant literature and key references, the article elucidates the multifaceted nature of these challenges.
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