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      Dr Mohamad Johdi Salleh & Nazifah Alwani Mohamad

Abstract: The aim of the study is to investigate the best practice of Individual Competences in strategic leadership among principals of excellent secondary schools. The Model of Individual Competences of Strategic Leadership have been developed by Davies and Davies (2005, 2010), Preedy, Glatter & Wise (2007), Quong & Walker (2010), Nazifah (2012). The respondents of the study were thirty-six principals of excellent secondary schools in Selangor, Malaysia. The principals were asked to rate their practices using a five-point Likert scale ranging from 1 - not at all, and, 5 - frequently. It is interesting to discover that the most frequent practices for the component of ‘Restlessness’ were represented by two items ‘I always motivate members of the school organisation to continuously work hard for school excellence’ and ‘I always enlighten my desire to continuously increase my school development together with all members of the school organisation towards better level of excellence’ with same mean score of 4.7778. The most frequent practice of Absorptive Capacity was ‘I am always concerned with the latest information to increase my school excellence’ with mean score 4.6111. The component of Adaptive Capacity highest score was item ‘I am always ready to receive new ideas that can enhance the school excellence’ with the mean score of 4.7222. The most frequent practice of Wisdom item ‘I can tolerate the implementation of period of strategy but I am strict towards its achievement’ with mean score of 4.7222. It is hope that the research conducted amongst the excellent secondary schools principals would provide valuable insights into the strategic development processes and approaches towards the realization of Vision 2020 and Malaysian Education Blueprint 2013-2025.

      Ms Happy Baglari

Abstract: The belief in and the practise of magic has been present since the earliest human cultures and continues to have an important religious and medicinal role in many cultures today. The present study investigated about social representation regarding societal beliefs of witchcraft and black magic in North Eastern state of India.

      Azize Homer, Robin W. Groose

Abstract: In Wyoming USA, vegetable production is challenging for vegetable growers, whether home gardeners or commercial producers due to a short growing season, high elevation and a relatively cool climate. A significant limitation to local vegetable production is that virtually no vegetable varieties have been bred in Wyoming for local adaptation. As a cool season annual crop, pea has potential for vegetable production in Wyoming. The objective of this study was to produce winterhardy vegetable peas that combine the characteristics of fresh, edible peas with the winterhardiness of feed peas.

      Dr. A. Madhav, M.D, Dr. K.V.L. Sudha Rani, M.D, Dr. B. Sudarsi, M.D, Dr. S. Manohar, M.D, Dr. Nallamaddi Nanditha

Abstract: Complicated malaria remains a major cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide this is a prospective study of clinical presentation, biochemical profile, prognosis and mortality of complicated malaria, in relation to severity of the disease, Age, Sex, and system involvement.

      Dharmendra Dugar, Sagar Khadanga, M.D, Shakti Satapathy, Deepti Sureka Mummidi, Ramji Khetri, M.S

Abstract: Gastrointestinal cancer is the second most common cancer in Asia and second leading cause of death worldwide. It is a leading cause of cancer associated mortality. Hence, there is a need for early detection of GI cancer. Narrow band imaging (NBI) is a novel technology that enhances visualization of the vascular network and surface texture of mucosa, thereby assisting in tissue characterization, differentiation and diagnosis. NBI is used in early detection of inflammatory and neoplastic lesions of esophagus, stomach and large intestine.

      Shaharban KP, Shabana T.P

Abstract: Industrialization and urbanization affect agricultural land and lead to its scarcity. This change in turn affects the biodiversity, ecosystem and socio-economic conditions. In this context, changes in land use pattern, productivity, food security are matter of major concern. The agricultural sector is facing the most serious threats from overexploitation and conversion of land into other uses which results in degradation and depletion of agricultural land. The growth trend in agricultural sector has not been consistent in Kerala with a decline in the contribution to the state income. Agricultural land conversion, especially which of paddy fields, has been a burning issue in recent times both from the perspective of food security and its environmental impacts.

      Badri Abdulhakim.D.M.Mudhsh, Ayman Hamid Al-Takhayinh, Othman Aref Al-Dala’ien

Abstract: This paper gives a concise study of I.C. Analysis. Moreover, this is a method of sentence analysis which was first mentioned by Leonard Bloomfield and developed further by Rulon Wells. As we know, the practice of I.C. Analysis is now widespread. This paper starts with a brief introduction of I.C. Analysis and explores what is I.C. Analysis. It also gives illustration of how sentences are analyzed and divided into constituents in the large construction. Then it discusses what is ICA, and its approach and frame. In this paper we also know how to analyze the ICA and how we analyze ICA sentences and it also discusses what are the limitations of ICA.

      Monica A. Valtierra-Alvarado, M. Pamela Solano-García, María del Refugio González-Ponce, José J. N. Segoviano-Garfias

Abstract: Metformin is prescribed against Diabetes Mellitus II, nevertheless its mechanisms of action are not fully understood. Several studies suggest that mitochondrial copper is chelated by metformin and the properties of the copper-metformin complex could generate the therapeutic activity.

      Fahad Amin Falah Alkreasheh

Abstract: This research aims to identify the effectiveness of the planning of municipalities' budgets in Jordan, in terms of comprehensiveness, flexibility, realism, continuity, coordination and the impact on the preparation and implementation of budgets (setup, validation, implementation, follow-up). This research is a theoretical analysis which rely on data derived from books, periodicals, previous research.

      Dr. P. Sakuntala, M.D, Dr. P. Musa Khan, M.D, Dr. B. Sudarsi, M.D, Dr. S. Manohar, M.D, Dr. R. Siddeswari, M.D, Dr. Kranthi Swaroop, M.D

Abstract: This is a prospective study of 31 cases of hair dye poisoning containing paraphenylene diamine. The clinical profile is dominated by development of angioedema, rhabdomyolysis and renal failure. Inotropic support, emergency airway management, alkaline diuresis and renal replacement therapy were the treatment modalities followed.

      Dr R S Parihar, Dr Swati Duggal, Dr P K Khatri, Dr S S Rathore, Dr Saroj Meena, Dr Ritu Dhoundyal

Abstract: Lymphatic filariasis, caused by Wuchereria bancrofti is an important parasitic disease included in the National vector-borne disease control programme in India to bring down the microfilariae carriage rate and disease prevalence in endemic zones in the country. Unplanned urbanization and frequent travel of people from non-endemic areas to endemic areas has increased the threat of this infection, even in non-endemic zones. We report a case of a 19 year old girl from Rajasthan (non-endemic state) who came with the complaint of cervical lymphadenopathy. Extensive follow-up of patient with various investigations such as CBC, urine complete, X-ray, CECT neck, Giemsa staining of PBF, FNAC of lymph node and AFB staining of sputum were carried out when a final diagnosis of lymphatic filariasis could be established by demonstrating live, motile microfilariae in EDTA blood sample collected in night hours. Also, Giemsa-stained PBF revealed sheathed microfilariae with cephalic space: breadth ratio of 1:1, regularly placed purple-coloured nuclei over the entire length and tail-tip free of nuclei.

      Peter Njuki Karanja, Dr. Christopher J Mairura, Dr. Kepha Ombui

Abstract: This study identified determinants of effective logistics coordination among Humanitarian Organizations in Kenya; A case of Humanitarian Organizations in Nairobi County. Statement problem of this study evolved in the fact of humanitarian Organizations suffers in one way or the other from lack of Logistics Coordination and are well aware of the negative impacts of lack of coordination in the provision of Humanitarian aid. The objectives of this study is to; To explore whether Information sharing among Humanitarian organization influence Humanitarian Logistics Coordination; To establish how specialized skills among Humanitarian organization affect humanitarian Logistics coordination; To establish extent to which Donor Conditions contribute to lack of Humanitarian Logistics Coordination. The Research study focused on Kenya Red Cross Society, Concern worldwide, Danish Refugee Council, Oxfam Kenya and world Vision- Kenya all identified as the main inter-related humanitarian actors with similar mandates.

      Walter Nyamongo Mokogi, Dr. Christopher Mairura, Dr. Kepha Ombui

Abstract: Procurement practices are a set of activities undertaken by an organization to promote effective management of its supply chain (Sollish & Semanik, 2012).The main purpose of the study was to establish the effect of procurement practices on performance of commercial state owned enterprises in Nairobi County. The specific objectives of the study were to establish the effect of buyer-supplier relationships on performance of commercial state owned enterprises in Nairobi County, to establish the effect of supplier selection procedures on performance of commercial state owned enterprises in Nairobi County, to determine how organizational capacity affect performance of commercial state owned enterprises in Nairobi County and to ascertain the effect of procurement process management on performance of commercial state owned enterprises in Nairobi County. The study adopted a descriptive survey design. Primary data was collected using questionnaires targeting managers in Finance, Procurement, Production and Sales and Marketing departments in each enterprise. The study achieved 80% response rate since ninety six (96) out of the 120 questionnaires administered were filled and returned. The population of the study comprised of thirty eight (38) commercial state owned enterprises operating in Nairobi county. A random sample of thirty (30) enterprises representing 78.95% was selected.

      Nimerbir Kaur, Amanjot Kaur

Abstract: This is the research paper, which is based on the Retinopathy. Retinopathy is an eye disorder that is very closely related to diabetes. The full name is Diabetic Retinopathy, and can lead to blindness because it causes the retina to become damaged. When your blood sugar is too high damage can be done to the blood vessels, including those in your eyes. When this happens new blood vessels may develop over the retina causing scar. In this paper we used a DCT Filtering to remove the lighting and the noise from the image. It’s a very unique method through which we can easily remove the noise from the retina .The method is evaluated on the publicly available DRIVE and STARE_DBI. In this paper firstly we extract the RGB image then remove the background noise and last we will apply the DCT Filtering.

      K.Kanak Sindhu, R.Murugesan, P.Namasivayam

Abstract: Let S be a semiprime semiring. An additive mapping is called a semi derivation if there exists a function such that (i) , (ii) hold for all . In this paper we try to generalize some properties of prime rings with derivations to semiprime semirings with semiderivations.

      Dr Madhura TK

Abstract: Etiology and pathophysiology of obsessive compulsive disorder remains inconclusive till today. Multiple converging lines of evidence suggest that neurobiology plays a significant role in the etiology of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). Certain brain areas frequently involved in symptomatology of OCD, analyzed by neuroimaging studies. The strongest pharmacologic evidence concerns the serotonergic system and the well-established efficacy of potent serotonin reuptake inhibitors in the treatment of OCD. Cholesterol forming the vital component of neurons regulates neurochemical activity. Reduced serum cholesterol level causes hyperactivity of serotonin reuptake receptor activity precipitating symptoms of OCD.

      Madhavi Kaulgi

Abstract: Sound therapy involves using sound waves to heal the body and mind. Such sounds are not what we traditionally think of as music but usually continuous tones created by drums, gongs or more modern ultrasonic machines.

      Prof. Suparna Naresh

Abstract: The history of Hindi films is more than a hundred years old. In the hundred odd years Hindi films have seen myriad changes. The changes have happened in terms of genres, themes, story lines, budgets and even promotion strategies. The one genre that has frequently raised quite a few eyebrows is Horror. As with its western counterpart where the original horror gave way to several sub genres like Gothic horror, Slasher horror, Teen horror, and Vampire horror and so on and so forth, Hindi horror films have sprouted many versions of their own. From the initial horror endeavour Mahal by acclaimed director Kamal Amrohi in the year 1949 to the latest Khamoshiyaan in 2015 from the stable of Mahesh Bhat, Hindi horror films have reinvented themselves from being just garden variety to becoming game changers for their makers by ringing the cash registers. Often ridiculed in the past for their excesses and tacky treatment, Hindi horror films in recent years have metamorphosed into products that are classy and sophisticated to say the least. The elements of horror vis-à-vis creaking doors, darkly lit corridors, and scary background score now have the new add on elements of sex and skin show, which have become the USP (unique selling points) of such films. The present paper attempts to explore the different facets that are a common fixture in Hindi horror films today and reasons for their popularity among viewers.

      Mohammad Abdel Qader Abu Shareah, Badri Abdulhakim.D.M.Mudhsh, Ayman Hamid AL-Takhayinh

Abstract: Dialectal variation has witnessed a noticeable progress in the past half –century, this progression lead to consider the dialectal variation as a very important aspect of research in sociolinguistics. This study concentrate on dialect and language in general, it also explains the differences between standard language and dialect, and it shows how a particular dialect is used in a specific region and it is considered as an identity as well, it aimed to show how dialect’s groups of one language may be considered mutual intelligibility or non-mutual intelligibility, and this classification is based on the percentage of convergence and divergence among them.

      P.Prabhu, N.Anbazhagan

Abstract: A real world challenging task of an e-commerce application is to identify the needs of the active users based on user navigation patterns. Online navigation patterns are grown every day and extracting business intelligence is a challenging one. There are various personalized recommender systems have been proposed in the literature. In this paper we propose and analyse the performance of back propagation neural network model for personalized recommender system for better quality in terms of accuracy. The performance of an algorithm has been tested with different parameters with real world dataset for the performance benchmark.

      Rajkumar Hazra

Abstract: We have to proposed combination of two exponential ratio type estimators for estimating population mean using auxiliary variable with double sampling in presence of non-response and study its properties like as mean square error (MSE) and bias. An illustration of the proposed estimator has been made with the relevant class of estimators for optimum value of α.

      Somendra Pal Singh, Prashant Gupta, Anil Kumar Sharma, Manjaree Mishra, Praveen Singh, Shashi Prakash Mishra

Abstract: Introduction- Laparoscopic cholecystectomy is now gold standard for the treatment of gall stone diseases. Studies have compared various parameters to prove it superiority over open cholecystectomy.

      Arvind Kulkarni and Madhura Mukadam

Abstract: The study area, Ratnagiri is situated at 170North and 730East and having an area of about 50,209 sq miles. The coastline of Ratnagiri district is 250 miles long and marked with several islands, which is a result of drowned topography. Ratnagiri coast has been blessed with luxuriant, thick mangrove vegetation with patches of other associated flora and fauna. Bhatye estuary is situated at 73015’ East and 16051’ North near Ratnagiri and known for the mangroves on the mud flats. Zooplankton samples were collected by surface hauling by using conical plankton net (80 µm bolting nylon). The zooplankton samples were then sorted out making sub-samples. The zooplanktons are the secondary producers and the first level converters of plant matter into animal substances and thus they occupy an important place in the food web of aquatic environments like mangroves. The zooplankton assume a great ecological significance in mangrove ecosystems as this ecosystem if the feeding, breeding and nursery grounds for many fin and shell fishes; and the young fin and shell fishes (meroplankton/larvae) spend most of their live times in the brackish waters, and after becoming adult they move over to sea. Hence, zooplankton determine the quantum of fish stock. The zooplankton species like Acrocalanus species, Eucalanus pileatus, Lucicatia flavicornis, Mesocyclops species and Pontellina plumata dominated the estuarine region.

      Sarath Babu Ramachandran

Abstract: Ferrofluid -diesel blend are fuels for regular diesel engines. The advantages of ferrofluid diesel blend are reductions in the emissions of nitrogen oxides and particulate matters, which are both health hazardous, and reduction in fuel consumption due to better burning efficiency. An important aspect is that ferrodiesel can be used without engine modifications. This paper presents the influence of ferrofluid on the emissions and on the combustion efficiency. Whereas there is a decrease in emissions of nitrogen oxides and particulate matters, there is an increase in the emissions of hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide with increasing ferrofluid content of the blend. The combustion efficiency is slightly improved when ferrofluid is blended with diesel

      Siti Azahani Azuar, Hasnuri Mat Hassan and Mahamad Hakimi Ibrahim

Abstract: Palm oil industry is one of the leading agricultural industries in Malaysia and been contributing significantly towards the country’s economy and increase standard of living among Malaysians. The raw palm oil mill effluent (POME) is acidic, with a pH level 4.6 and it may cause environmental problems, so that treatment of POME is necessary. In Malaysia, high generation of POME from crude palm oil production is currently treated using conventional method known as ponding system, which is space inefficient. As an attempt to resolve the long-standing dilemma, recent and alternative method such as vermifiltration is being studied and introduced to wastewater treatment. Vermifiltration is a filtration process where solids are separated from liquid aided by earthworms. In this research, the performance of a vermifilter (VF) containing the earthworms, African Night Crawler and a control filter (CF), without earthworms were compared using the mixture of sand and garden soil as vermibed. Worm density of 8 g/L with flow rates 100 ml/min was used in the vermifilter for a 150 day period. The research was conducted at laboratory scale. Both filters, vermifilter and control filter were set as triplicates. The POME pH increased from acidic to neutral. It was observed that vermifilter reactor shows the highest reduction rate of BOD5, COD, TSS and turbidity by 92%, 90%, 95% and 86% respectively compared to control filter by 55%, 45%, 65% and 52% respectively. Moreover, the phytotoxicity in treated POME in vermifiltration system was showed through germination test.


Abstract: In this paper, I am going to explore Faustian Myth in Herman Melville's Moby Dick (1851) which is an outstanding work of American Renaissance and Romanticism. This novel is about an irrevocable quest of Ahab, captain of the whaler Pequod, to seek revenge on Moby Dick, a whale which has destroyed his ship on his previous voyage that severed his leg from the knee. Here, in this paper I am not relating Faust's story to this novel in a traditional way by talking about devil, pact and damnation but regarding this novel Faustian by the characteristics that it shares with the character of Faust by examining its boundless aspirations, its expansionism, its identification of knowledge with power, its attempt to subdue nature, its yearning for control over its own destiny.

      Mohammed Sani Abdullahi, Aminu Abubakar, Rahama Lami Aliyu, Murtala Bala Umar

Abstract: It has been discovered that firm performance was influenced or affected by so many factors or variables either positively or negatively. The objective of this paper is to review empirical literatures on the determinants influencing firm performance in developing countries. This study reviews almost fifty article from different academic journals, and it discovered different variables or factors that influences or affects firm performance in developing countries. Most of the empirical studies reviewed make used of Ordinary Least Square (OLS) as the method of data analysis, and majority of the studies does not states their sample size, method of data collection, and the theory or theories that support and give direction to their studies. The finding of the articles reviewed varies some are with positive or negative results while others are with both positive and negative results. This study suggests that future researchers should make use of variables that serves as the determinants of firm performance in developing countries. The methodology should be clearly stated in term of sample size, and method of data collection. Structural equation modeling (SEM) that serves as method of data analysis is suggested which was known as the second generation method because base on the literatures reviewed it shows that regression analysis was the most used method. Finally, theory or theories should also be used by future researchers in order to support their study and at the same time it give suitable direction and meaning to a study. This study serves as a guide for further studies especially in developing countries.

      Narendra Bhende, Dr. (Col) Kunal Bhattacharya

Abstract: The micro, small and medium scale organizations in India are still in nascent state as far as use of IT systems is concerned, though they play a pivotal role in the overall industrial economy of the country. Further analysis of this problem reveals that there are number of barriers which come in the way of MSMEs adopting to new IT systems. They also lack the financial power required to adopt latest information technology and so cannot grow beyond a certain point. This paper analyses these barriers and discusses possibility of using Cloud Computing as a one stop solution. The barriers faced by MSMEs in adopting latest IT systems are actually enablers for adoption of cloud computing. But then there are other barriers faced by MSMEs in adopting to cloud computing. One main reason for MSMEs to ignore recent developments in information technology is lack of awareness. This paper critically analyzes enablers and barriers in adoption of cloud computing by MSMEs. It also attempts to create awareness, answering many concerns about cloud computing that can be used by MSMEs. It suggests use of cloud computing by MSMEs in India thereby reducing upfront investments, costs and improving efficiency and flexibility.

      Muthyala Ramakrishna Rao

Abstract: Grace of Sri Rama " (Sri Ramabdhi Shukti mani ) which comprises , Sri meaning goddess Lakshmi ( Universal power ) born as Sita with the former originating from the sea and the latter being born in the earth , Rama combining in the Himself the vital seeds of Shiva and Vishnu, Abdhi meaning the ocean and Shuktimani which means pearl . So it can be understood that when we chum the Ocean of the Ramayana , we will find two pearls , one being the great Sethu (the great bridge) and the other Lankanagara (city of Lanka ), both of which had been constructed on the Ocean . Vishwakarma ( the divine arctic ) , the divine sculptor under instruction from Brahma , the creator has constructed the city of Lanka as residence of the Shiva , a God in the trinity . In the same way the illustrations king in the Hindu legends "Nala born off the vital elements of Vishwakarma constructed the great Sethu , Varadhi (the great bridge ) across the Ocean in compliance with Rama's instructions. Both the Lanka city and the great Sethu are water related constructions as both were built on the sea . Sethu as well as Lanka being the two ornamental pearls of the " Ramayana " , an attempt is made in book both through research and through consultation of the ancient works to enlightens the rulers on these two aspects.

      Monicah W. Njuguna, Dr. Christopher J Mairura, Dr. Kepha Ombui

Abstract: Supply of safe vaccines is very important and appropriate procedures, monitoring and logistics systems need to be put in place to ensure safety. The pharmaceutical supply chain have various global regulatory requirements to be met during transport ,storage, packaging and handling environmentally sensitive products like biologicals, vaccines and some medicines. This is to ensure that quality and efficacy of cold chain products is not compromised along the supply chain. Global players have regulations and guidelines that address product integrity and safety during the entire supply chain. It was therefore of importance to identify how Pharmaceutical distributors in Nairobi County have developed their cold chain supply systems and how it is able to maintain cold chain for temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals considering the challenges of; Transport systems, storage facilities, packaging, technical capacity, unreliable electricity supply, weak validation systems, probable poor monitoring of cold chain supply systems. The main objective of the study was to establish the influence of supply chain logistics in supply of safe pharmaceutical cold chain products in Pharmaceutical distributor firms in Nairobi County while the specific objectives were to determine how storage conditions in pharmaceutical distributors in Nairobi influences safety of vaccines; to determine the influence of transport systems on the safety of vaccine; to evaluate the influence of Packaging on the safety of vaccines and finally establish the extent to which technical capacity influence safety of Vaccines in pharmaceutical distributors in Nairobi.

      Maheshwari Kharga, Rosden Tshering Bhutia

Abstract: The issue of political representation played a significant role in the unification, consolidation and reconstruction of a small Himalayan kingdom of Sikkim. Even after Sikkim’s merger with India (16th April,1975) this issue continues to be a source of contention among different communities and political parties in Sikkim. In this light, this paper examines the politics and functioning of one-man-one-vote system of political representation which replaced “communal” parity system of political representation in Sikkim. It analyses the democratic effects of tribal associations of Bhutia-Lepchas in asserting tribal identities and ensuring “genuine tribal representation” in the Sikkim Legislative Assembly. The major thrust of this study is the fundamental transformation in the nature of these ethnic associations from being discriminatory and political to becoming more exclusive and democratic.

      Susidharthaka Satapathy , Dr.Rasmi Ranjan Patra

Abstract: In today's world where the information communication technique has brought the world together there is one of the increase growing areas is security of network ,which certainly generate discussion of ETHICAL HACKING . The main reason behind the discussion of ethical hacking is insecurity of the network i.e. hacking. The need of ethical hacking is to protect the system from the damage caused by the hackers. The main reason behind the study of ethical hacking is to evaluate target system security & report back to owner. This paper helps to generate a brief idea of ethical hacking & all its aspects.

      Jyoti Singh, Pankaj Verma

Abstract: The presents work is based on the working of dryers, the basic aim of this experiment is to design a dryer which meets the basic requirements of dryer which are improved by a modification in the design of indirect forced solar dryer. The concept behind the construction of a dryer is energy conservation and food preservation by the moisture removal process in solar dryer. In this experiment the dryer which is designed works by using solar energy as well as electrical energy that is why the name of the dryer is ‘Hybrid Solar Dryer’. In this hybrid solar dryer a recirculating duct is added from the motor fan assembly to the drying chamber that the hot air which goes through the passage of air flow that is firstly hot air passes through the rectangular duct then in divergent duct and finally reaches in the drying chamber but in between them some amount of hot is wasted but by the recirculating duct this air is reutilized for heating the food product in drying chamber. After working on this dryer the drying time reduces, drying rate increases ,removal rate of moisture content increases in comparison to indirect solar dryer without air recirculation.

      Th. Inaocha Devi, Kh. Ujala Devi and E.J Singh

Abstract: The present study revealed that a total of 100 wild medicinal plants belongs to 41 families had been collected in which 63 plants are aromatic and 37 plants are non-aromatic. In aromatic, family Zingiberaceae recorded highest plant species (13) whereas in non-aromatic, family Asteraceae shown maximum plant species (7). Out of the total medicinal plants, 20% of plants are used for treatment of diabetics, blood pressure and piles, 21% for rheumatism and gout, 9% for asthma, 6% for stone case, 2% for cancer, 16 % for cosmetics(hair lotion) and 26% for others. Some important medicinal plants which are used by the local peoples are Zingiber cassumunar, Paederia foetida, Polygonum perfoliatum, Melothria purpusilla, Clerodendrum siphonanthes ,Clerodendrum viscosum, Sida rhombifolia, Hiptage benghalensis,. Litsea cubeba, Schefflera venulosa, Zanthoxylum rhesta, Curcuma amada, Curcuma caesia, Kaempferia rotunda, Hedychium marginatum. However, Litsea cubeba, Curcuma amada, Curcuma caesia, Kaempferia rotunda and Hedychium marginatum are critically endangered. Living in the far interior hill environment where no immediate modern medical facilities depends mainly on plants to cure of all diseases. The increase exploitation of various indigenous wild plants by human activities arise the need for the conservation of natural bioresources at present for future generation .

      Dr. M. O. Aku, Mr. L. I. Gani

Abstract: A geophysical investigation of the subsurface condition of the Permanent Site of Federal University Lokoja, Kogi-state was carried out using electrical resistivity method with the aim of studying the subsurface geologic layers, with a view to determine the aquiferious zones, their depth and the thickness of the geologic layers. Vertical electrical sounding (VES) using Schlumberger array was conducted at twenty (20) VES stations along four profiles with the aid of ABEM SAS 300C terrameter and the field data obtained analyzed using computer software, IPI2win. The VES results revealed the heterogeneous nature of the subsurface geological sequence to contain four layers; topsoil (sandy and clayey laterite), weathered layer, partly weathered or fractured basement and fresh basement with two aquiferous zones (weathered basement and fractured basement). The resistivity value of the topsoil layer varies from 20Ωm to 250Ωm with thickness ranging from 1.0m to 3.0m, the weathered basement has resistivity value ranging from 25Ωm to 300Ωm and thickness between 2.0m to 41.5m, the partial/fractured basement has resistivity value of 100Ωm to 600Ωm with thickness of 5.0m to 50m across most part of the area. Lastly the fresh basement has resistivity of 900Ωm and above with infinite depth. However, the depth from the earth’s surface to the aquiferious zone varies from 10m to 50m and the overburden in the area is low.

      Syed Muhammad Syed Omar, Darul Mutakin Ahmad, Mafaisu Chewae, Jamaludin Ibrahim

Abstract: The world has dramatically evolved since the initial introduction of Internet as people, processes, data, and ‘things’ are becoming more and more connected. This era is also called the Internet of Everything (IOE) which has led to a significant effect on individuals, businesses, communities, and countries. This transition has brought an explosive development of Internet of Things (IOT) where ‘things’; possibly an objects, people or animal are connected over a network with the ability to transfer data by utilizing unique identifiers provided. When it comes to IOE, it is important to think transformational in order to understand what the connected devices involved will be and what business opportunities they will create. A major change to the tech job landscape is just one big aspect of these new business opportunities emerging. Moreover, IOT can also possibly applicable to influences in IT professional practice mainly in development processes, service’s delivery, project management and IT consultancy. Therefore, this paper aims to discuss on Internet of Everything (IOE) technology and its challenges for IT professional practices. Furthermore, this paper will emphasize on IT professional improvement and values that can be brought by IOT technology.

      Mrs.Mamatha, Mr.Pradeep Kanchan

Abstract: Cloud computing is the relevant technology for this decade. It allows users to store huge amount of data in cloud storage and use as and when required, from anywhere in the world, through any kind of terminal equipment. Since cloud computing relies on internet, cloud data will be forced to contend with security issues like privacy, data security, confidentiality, and authentication. In order to get rid of the same, a variety of encryption algorithms and mechanisms are used. This paper, introduces use of hybrid cryptographic algorithm blended with digital signature and Diffie Hellman key exchange.. The hybrid algorithm is designed using the combination of Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and Data Encryption Standard (DES) encryption algorithm to protect confidentiality of data stored in cloud. Even if the key in transmission is hacked, the facility of Diffie Hellman key exchange render it useless, since key in transit is of no use without user’s private key, which is confined only to the legitimate user. This proposed architecture of hybrid algorithm makes it tough for hackers to crack the security and integrity of the system, thereby protecting data stored in cloud.

      Dr (Major) Shishir Basarkar

Abstract: Objective : The ultimate goal of drug therapy is to achieve predetermind therapeutic outcomes which improves a patient’s quality of life while minimizing patient’s risks which may be known or unknown. The incidents and hazards which results from such risk have been defined as medication errors. The need of study of medication error was felt to study prevalence of medication errors, to estimate the present magnitude and sensitise concerned staff to prevent these errors.

      Prof.L.N.Sharada,Y.Aparna, M.Saba, S.N.T Sunitha, Lakshmi Viveka

Abstract: 2-Oxazolin-5-Ones(azlactones) are multifunctional compounds and are known to react at C=C,C=N,C=O bonds. These participate in a number of replacement reactions, cycloadditions, other type of reactions as well as dimerisation react ions leading to formation of a variety of heterocyclic compounds. This review attempts to present the prolific development in recent years exclusively in the chemistry of 2-Oxazolin-5-Ones and gives a critical and unified account of these in the heterocyclic Chemistry.

      N.Silpa, B.Masthanamma

Abstract: Absenteeism is a habitual pattern of absence from duty or obligation and it has been viewed as an indicator for poor individual performance. A high degree of absenteeism and turnover can cause serious problems for business like Absenteeism hurts productivity, costs money, affect performance and impact the morale of the rest of employees. A satisfactory level of attendance by employees at work is necessary to allow the achievement of objectives and targets by a department. So the present paper looks at the causes of absenteeism and its ranks and what employer can do to reduce Absenteeism rates in organization.

      Linda McConnon, Craig Vear

Abstract: This article reports on child-focused reflections from research findings of a year-long investigation working with primary school aged children and young people in England exploring mixed reality play. 58 children and young people were engaged in the project and actively participated in 29 focus group interviews over time. Thematic qualitative analysis revealed five broad features of mixed reality play from a child’s perspective: dimensional embodiment, creating worlds, dramatizing and gaming, agentic action and inside and outside spaces. Through the adopted lens of children’s reflective engagement, this article hypothesises that mixed reality presents an environment for digital natives (Prensky, 2001) to play openly and creatively, and puts forth an argument for new technological opportunities and transformations of pedagogic practice.

      Narender Kumar

Abstract: In general the relationship of human being with natural resources is not in good health. The forest as it is enviable natural resources also suffers in relationship. Forests on the mercy of human being therefore the study have been taken to conclude the forest and population relationship. The study is carried out for forest sub regions and their prioritization for further planning and management.

      Aena Goel, Avadh Singhal

Abstract: This paper discusses the impact of Contraceptive Technology on human development. It starts with establishing contraceptives as technology and then evolution of the technology and role of various actors and institutional policies is discussed. The role of market force driven diffusion and various social and technical barriers that affected the diffusion are also discussed. This paper establishes that public sector incubation becomes necessary in the development of health related technologies that impact a wide socio-economic strata and offer minimal financial returns in the early stages. It also discusses the role of firms and social marketing in large scale dissemination of technology. It also brings out that gender oriented development and policy shaping becomes important in case of contraceptive technology. Also, lessons from Arnulf Grubler’s concepts of technological life cycle have been drawn to analyse the present stage of development of the Contraceptive Technology.

      Mr.Somnath B.Thigale, Prof.Amit R.Sarkar

Abstract: Evolution in Cellular networks has observed through various generations, starting with 1G, followed by 2G and then by 3G, cellular networks have come a long way. A recent technology that has marked the beginning of 4G is Long Term Evolution (LTE).

      Ye Min Htut, May Myat Khine, Myo Min Win

Abstract: Gasification processes are complicated with numerous parameters. It makes us difficult to understand the whole process nature. Therefore, a simplified approach based on modified stoichiometric equilibrium model for downdraft gasifier is designed in order to simulate the overall gasification process. The model uses the chemical reactions and species involved, while it starts by selecting all species containing C, H, O and N. Mass and energy balances of the gasifier -coupled with two equilibrium reactions are incorporated to create the model. This model can be solved with user friendly Micorsoft Excel and nonlinear Matlab solver. To validate the model, a close agreement is shown between numerical and experimental results within the same configuration. It can predict the composition of producer gases and heating values with acceptable accuracy. After validation, it is simulated to study the effects of temperature, moisture content of biomass and air-fuel ratio (related to equivalence ratio) in the downdraft gasifier. And then, experiments are conducted using optimized simulation data obtained from the model and it was found that the output producer gases were a close agreement with model results in producer gas composition and heating value.

      Chitra Chhatre, Dr. N. R. Kulkarni

Abstract: This paper represents sensorless state space model of BLDC motor .The BLDC is modeled as sub-blocks and these blocks are either logical or S-function blocks. The BLDC main block is designed using state space model. The Zero cross detection control technique of back-emf is used for commutation of power switching device in 3 phase inverter. Modeling is done using MATLAB/SIMULINK and no built in Simpower system tool box is used. Motor’s speed is controlled with PID controller and for current control, hysteresis current controller is used. By reading instantaneous position of the rotor as a one of the output of the state space model, different variables of the motor can be controlled without any external sensors hence motor is operating as sensorless.

      R. W. Tapre, Dr.Jayant P. Kaware

Abstract: Energy saving is major matter in our global world, and heat exchanger is very useful for energy saving. Of course heat exchanger is most significant component for chemical reaction, distillation, dissolution, crystallization, fermentation etc. So the correct selection of heat exchanger is important in these process industries. Spiral Heat Exchangers are known as excellent heat exchanger because of compact structure and high heat transfer efficiency. The flow of the two fluids is counter-current, which makes it possible to have a close temperature approach between the two medias being treated in the heat exchanger.A large variety of fluids can be suitable for a spiral heat exchanger solution e.g. fouling liquids containing solids and fibres, waste water, slurries, mixtures with inert gases, cooling and heat recovery, vapour/liquid condenser and vacuum condenser with inert gases.

      Deepak Kumar Agrawal

Abstract: SCADA system is envisaged for the steel plants Electrical and Instrumentation automation network world wide now a day. SCADA system is Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system, SCADA system is based on PLC system, The SCADA system uses PLC to collect the data from field instruments and equipments used in Industrial Process system. The SCADA system has been developed by companies who are members of Standardization committees e.g. OPC, OLE for the process control and include trends of IT technologies.

      V Anilvince, Pallela Narayana Someshwara Rao, N Meenakshi Sundaram

Abstract: Global burden of diabetes mellitus is increasing every day. In India diabetes mellitus has become an epidemic with more than 67 million diabetic individuals currently diagnosed with the disease. Patients are losing their savings because of the complications of diabetes like ischemic heart disease, myocardial infarction, chronic kidney disease, diabetic retinopathy and diabetic foot ulcer. Among these, foot ulcer being a complication is also a social stigma. At any given moment, between 4-10% of diabetics have a foot ulcer. In 3-5% of cases, ulcer leads to amputation. Hence resulting in lifelong disability and dependency.

      S.Vivekanandan, G.Saravanan, P.Kamalakannan, S.Krishnaprabhu

Abstract: This paper presents a genetic based method to design a PID controller for Automatic Voltage Regulator system. Many practical problems have objective functions that are non-differentiable, non-continuous, non-linear, noisy, flat, and multi-dimensional or have many local minima, constraints or stochasticity. The proposed algorithm is applied to those fields and the design of PID controller. The result from the algorithm shows the proposed method will able to give better performance and higher speed of convergence. Performance of our proposed algorithm is compared with other famous algorithms and the simulation results clearly indicate that our proposed approach is more efficient and improving the performance of an AVR system.

      Heba A. Mohamed, Ahmed S. Nada, Neamat Hanafi, Hala F. Zaki and Sanaa A. Kenawy

Abstract: Nephrotoxicity is a dose-dependent side effect of cisplatin and γ-radiation that limits their clinical usage in the field of cancer treatments. The present study was designed to evaluate the protective effect of gum Arabic (GA) on nephrotoxicity induced in rats by cisplatin and γ-radiation each alone or combined together. Biochemical investigation of kidney function tests, oxidative stress markers, tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-α) and myeloperoxidase (MPO) was carried out. Renal trace elements contents (Cu, Zn, Fe, Ca, Mg, Mn, Se and Pt), histopathological examination of kidney tissues and immunohistochemical determination of inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS) and endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS) were also performed. Results obtained revealed significant elevation in serum urea and creatinine; propagation in lipid peroxidation (MDA); elevation in nitric oxide (NO) concentration, with subsequent elevation of proinflammatory cytokines as TNF-α as well as increased activities of iNOS, eNOS and myeloperoxidase (MPO), parallel to decline in reduced glutathione (GSH) content. Alterations in renal trace elements contents were detected due to treatment with cisplatin and/or γ-radiation. Moreover, histopathological examination of kidney tissue reflected marked injury. Supplemention with GA significantly ameliorated these parameters, indicating its renoprotective and antioxidant properties. In conclusion, pretreatment with GA offers protection against cisplatin and γ -radiation-induced renal cellular damage.

      Dr. J. Jothikumar, V. Sumathy

Abstract: The present study aims at the analysis of data obtained from patients with Uterine Fibroid. The studies consist of data obtained from 105 patients in respect of clinical and follow up actions for the treatment of Fibroid. Non-parametric methods viz., Kaplan-Meier, Product-limit method, Log Rank Test and Cox Regression models have been used for analyzing the Fibroid data. The analysis revealed the significant role played by certain variables in the survival of patients with Fibroids.

      Anwer Shah, Shamim Ahmad Azad, Ghulam Abbas, M.A.Dar, Mangat Ram, Sharma, Aasia Rashid Bhat, Umar Farooq

Abstract: The present study documented the ethnobotanical information of 104 plant species from Rajouri College Campus belonging to 90 genera and 35 families. Of these about 51 species are used as medicines, 45 species as practical, 45 species as fodder, 44 species as soil conservation, 39 species as fencing, 39 species as construction, 39 species as fuel, 31 species as agricultural implements, 25 species as ornamental, 25 species as shade, 22 species as furniture wood, 19 species as fruits, 16 species as vegetables and 7 species are used as spices. Moreover almost all enlisted species to have use in more than one ethnobotanical use category. This study is first of its kind on the diverse and comprehensive use of the campus flora.

      Dr. Smitarani Saikia,Dr. Binita Baishya kalita, Dr.Satvinder Kaur

Abstract: Blending different types of fibres is a widely practiced means of enhancing the performance and the aesthetic qualities of a fabric. Blended yarns from natural and man-made fibres have the particular advantage of successfully combining the good properties of both fibre components, such as comfort of wear with easy care properties. These advantages also permit an increased variety of products to be made, and yield a stronger marketing advantage. Fiber blending can achieve quality products that cannot be realized using one fiber type alone, and it can also reduce the cost by substituting a less expensive fiber for a more costly one. So, the study was conducted to blend silk and regenerated bamboo to produce value added products with the objectives -To blend Bamboo fibre with silk, to construct fabric of plain weave using blended yarn and to produce value added products from the woven fabrics. The bamboo and silk fibre was blend in carding and drawing stage and yarn were produced in three different ratios 20:80, 50:50 and 80:20.These yarns were further weaved in plain weave and the functional properties of the fabrics produced were evaluated .It was found that the woven blended bamboo mulberry fabrics can successfully use for producing value added products.

      Jaya Singh, Ajay Gairola, Someshwar Das

Abstract: A severe thunderstorm affected Delhi and adjoining region between 1630 hrs IST and 1730 hrs IST of 30th May 2014. Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) system version 3.6.1 has been used to simulate and investigate the severe thunderstorm. Sensitivity experiments are conducted to study the impact of using different grid resolution (9km and 3km) with terrain resolution 5 min (~10 km) and 1 min (~2 km) respectively and the same microphysics (MPs) and cumulus parameterization (CPs) schemes on the simulation of the system. The results demonstrate that the model simulates better structure and intensity of the thunderstorm at higher resolution domain.

      Slobodan Jovanovic, Dusan Regodic

Abstract: The most important fact for this paper is that, in addition to the common machine industry measuring devices, a manually operated coordinate measuring machine (DEA Beta) was used for the first time. Airfoil controls at the desired sections of the model for wind tunnel testing were performed manually by bringing the machine to the desired X, Y positions and by probe contact in the negative Z direction. The model design required a new generation of machine tools with 3-5 axis simultaneous control. The last missing piece was CMM DEA Epsilon 2304. Geometric similarity is the primary requirement defined in the project request for model production. Wind tunnel tests are laboratory tests, so the accuracy requirements of the model design are very high. The aim of the testing is to determine the character and values of the aerodynamic force and moment in the flow around the missile model type M.

      Larrizel Castro, Ana Isabella De Guzman, Rose Bernadette Padua, Eden Jean Supan, Chriesta Marielle Tan, Patricia Isabel Tayag, Arielle Katreena Tuason, Angelica Kristine Wong, Jocelyn Domingo, Julius

Abstract: Serum separator tube is composed of synthetic polymer gels designed to separate serum from the formed elements. In line with this, an alternative serum separator gel using 0.25 g/mL concentrated Ipomoea batatas starch extract was produced. Results show that all the samples in the alternative serum separator gel successfully separated the serum from the formed elements. However the serum blood glucose levels using the alternative serum separator gel showed no evidence of agreement [ρϲ = 0.133, CI95%: -0.23 to 0.46] when compared with commercial serum separator tube.

      Michael Ng'ang'a Thiga and Dr. Willy Muturi

Abstract: This study was meant to analyse the factors influencing tax compliance among the SMEs in Kenya. To achieve this aim, Kiambu County was taken as a case study. In various previous years revenue targets have been set by either the treasury or commissioner general but they are never met. Therefore the actual revenue collected has always been behind the targets. This is as a result of tax non compliance. Tax non-compliance may be measured in terms of the tax gap. It is very clear that there have been tax gaps every fiscal year. Therefore the researcher opted to carry out this study with the aim of analyzing factors influencing tax compliance among the SMEs and recommend measures to be put in place by the government and KRA to enhance tax compliance in this sector.

      Monica Debbarma and Mitali Saha

Abstract: The present research work is based on the studies of various nanocomposites and their I-V characterization for solar applications. Copper oxide (Cu2O) were synthesized and used, to prepare nanocomposites using titanium dioxide (TiO2) and GO. The composites have been synthesized in different ratios by applying simple mechanical stirring followed by ultra sonication. In this work, Cu2O nanoparticles were prepared under microwave irradiation by our reported method which further used, to prepare copper oxide nanocomposite thin films. The prepared nanocomposites were further characterized using scanning electron microscopy and the current–voltage (I–V) characteristics of the thin films of Cu2O /TiO2 and Cu2O /TiO2 / GO nanocomposite were investigated. Various characteristics such as fill factor (FF), short circuit current (Isc), open-circuit photo-voltage (VOC), and efficiencies () were measured for all the nanocomposites. The efficiencies of various ratios of Cu2O /TiO2 and Cu2O /TiO2/GO viz. 1:3, 1:1:1, 1:2:1 and 1:3:1 were found to be 1.98%, 1.16%, 1.45% and 1.55% respectively. During investigation it was found that Cu2O /TiO2/ GO nanocomposite with the ratio of 1:3 showed better efficiency ( as compared to other ratios.

      A.B. Kawade, R.G Weginwar, Dattatray M.Akkewar, V.Ramadevi, G.S. Gond, Y. Rajendra

Abstract: Ventilago maderaspatana is a medicinal herb belonging to family Rhamnaceae. This herb is used in traditional medicine for Kapha, Dyspepsia, Colic disorder, Leprosy, Skin diseases and general disability. In our previous work we have noticed that methanolic extract of stem bark of Ventilago maderaspatana have exhibited strong antioxidant and significant antibiotic activity on gram negative bacteria and Candida albicans and the major phytochemicals phytosterols, flavonoids and alkaloids were noticed in bioactive extractive. During our present investigation on isolation of active constituents from bioactive fraction using chromatographic methods, we have isolated a pure compound designated as (E)-6-(3,4-dihydroxy-2-methyl-4-(2,6,6-trimethylcyclohex-2-enyl)but-1-enyl)-7-methoxy-2H-chromen-2-one, a novel coumarin derivative from analysis of UV, IR, proton NMR and Mass spectral data .We report this compound as a new natural product .

      Paris Basumatary, Debajit Adhikary, Manita Daimary, Noymi Basumatary, Abhijita Daimary

Abstract: A total of 34 species of odonates, including 26 species of dragonflies (sub-order Anisoptera) belonging to 3 families and 8 species of damselflies (sub-order Zygoptera) belonging to 3 families were recorded from the Bodoland University between May 2013 to November 2014. From the sub-order Anisoptera, the Libellulidae was the richest family with 20 species and from the sub-order Zygoptera, the Coenagrionidae was the richest family with 6 species. A detailed list of odonates recorded from Bodoland University is presented.

      Sandeep Kumar, Jitendra Kurmi, Sudhanshu P. Tiwari

Abstract: Travelling salesman problem (TSP) is one of the most popular real world combinatorial optimization problem in which we have to find a shortest possible tour that visits each city exactly once and come back to starting city. It ranges among NP hard problem so it is often used as a benchmark for optimization techniques. In this paper a hybrid of Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) and Cuckoo Search (CS) algorithm is proposed for travelling salesman problem. ACO is good metaheuristic algorithm but drawback of this algorithm is that, the ant will walk through the path where the chemical substances called pheromone density is high. It makes the whole process slow hence CS is employed to carry out the problem of local search of ACO. Cuckoo search uses single parameter apart from the population size because of this reason it works efficiently and performs local search more efficiently. The performance of new hybrid algorithm is compared with ACO. The result shows that new hybrid algorithm is better and efficient than simple ACO algorithm.

      Ritu Raj, Naresh Kumar Kaliraman, Dr Shalini Chandra, Dr Harish Chaudhary

Abstract: This paper develops inventory models for deteriorating item; the rate of deterioration is Weibull distribution deterioration with two parameters. It considers ramp-type demand. Shortage is allowed and it is completely backlogged. In these models, we consider time dependent holding cost. These models are developed under two different replenishment policies; (i) without shortage (ii) with shortage. The aim of these models is to find the optimal solution for minimizing the total inventory costs for both the above mentioned policies. To optimize the models numerical illustrations have been carried out and sensitivity analysis occurred to evaluate the result of parameters on assessment variables and the entire cost of these models.

      Mrs. Deepika N Murthy, Ms. E. Elavarasi

Abstract: In recent years, the innovation of Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks (VANET’s) communication has become more prominent and provides a wide variety of services for effective communication, permitting individuals to impart the road information with one another. Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks are exceptional sort of Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANET’s) in which nodes are profoundly motile, so the network topology changes very rapidly. Furthermore there is no limitation on the network size. All of these attributes have made VANET environment a challenge for developing routing protocols. For the better execution in networks, VANET requires a special support, which makes the network quick, secure and proficient. In order to frame the communication there are several routing protocols that provides optimal path for delivery of packets. In this paper, the Geo-cast routing protocols (GPRs) are applied on highways in view of on traffic environment. The two routing protocols i.e. Information Propagation Speed Analysis (IPSA) in Highway vehicular networks and Mobicast Routing (MR) for Highway Traffic Environment are examined. The path developments from the source node (vehicle) to the destination node based on different criteria are considered. The outcomes are dissected utilizing MATLAB simulation.

      Sarah Wanjiru Ng’aru, Moses Kimani Wafula

Abstract: In October 2013 the Jubilee Government embarked on the implementation of the Huduma Kenya Program as a flagship project in its Manifesto to address the requirements of the Kenyan Constitution on quality and access to Public Services. Ultimately, the Government aimed at transforming the Public Service into a Professional and Customer-Centered Public Service. The initiation of Huduma Centers has ensured that considerable levels of compliance have been realized. Significant progress has been made on the requirement on governance, transparency and accountability. Strategic leadership, strategic decision making and change management in the public sector on service delivery have restored the citizenry confidence in the public service and created a new government brand that customers associate with newness, freshness and high standards in delivery of public services. Overall, the accountability framework has moved the public service to significant levels of efficiency. This paper aims at bringing out explicitly these results and also focuses on areas of improvement. Its main research methodology is predominantly reliance on secondary data. A desk research was adopted and it was found that: Since the initiation of Huduma Centers, considerable levels of compliance have been realized. Significant progress has been made on the requirement on governance, transparency and accountability, and that citizens are able to access quality services.

      S.Sampath Kumar, S.Girijakumari & V.Brindha

Abstract: A descriptive study was conducted among 80 elderly people using convenient sampling technique at Jawahar Nagar, Coimbatore to identify the prevalence of elderly abuse. The data was collected through an interview schedule by adopting the Elder Abuse Suspicion Index (EASI) tool. The finding reveals that 70% of them were between 60 and 70 years, females and were not working. Half of them had some form of assets and lived with their spouse, while 20% lived with their married daughter and 30% with their sons. Seventy percent of them had one or more medical problems like Hypertension, Diabetes mellitus and Asthma. Half of them expected help from their spouse, 40% from their children and 10% from their grand children. Further the finding reveals that 56% of them relied on others for carrying out their activities of daily living. About 30% of them complained about limitation of freedom and psychological abuse, while 19% complained of financial abuse and none of them notified of physical abuse. In 10% of the elderly the researcher was able to notice behaviours like poor eye contact and withdrawn behaviour which can be related to some form of abuse. The notable finding in the study was that, the elderly who lives with their married daughters were faced lesser abuse than the old people reside with their son.

      Dahanayake Nilanthi, Inoka KPI, Madhushani, P.A, Dissanayaka D. M. P and Kumarasinghe S

Abstract: Aeschynomene indica (Fabaceae) (Singhala: Diyasiyambala) is a nitrogen-fixing weed commonly found in paddy fields. This study was undertaken to determine the effect of A. indica on growth and yield of rice variety Bg 357 in comparison with two non-nitrogen fixing weeds Fimbristylis miliacea (Singhala: Kudamatta) and Cyperus iria (Singhala: Thunassa).

      Tahmina Rafiq, Faiza Noureen

Abstract: The paper focuses on the linguistics analysis of male and female representation in Robert Browning’s poems “Porphyria’s Lover’ and “My Last Duchess”. The study is based on the critical discourse analysis serves as the theoretical standpoints for the general analysis. The aim of this paper is to reveal the philosophy of Browning and provides of his poetry. He has given the meaning of human life through these poems. His poetry is like a room or cabinet of interest. Browning is of the view that to acquire the power is the aim of life. He realized that the power of knowledge was not enough unless it is followed by love.

      Gladness L. Kotoroi

Abstract: Innovation is broadly seen as an essential component of competitiveness, embedded in the organizational structures, processes, products, and services within a firm. The objective of this paper is to explore the impacts of technological innovation to the performance, in banking industry. The study was conducted in Dar es Salaam using Azania Bank Ltd at Tegeta branch as a case study. The population of the study included all Azania staff and its costumes the sample size of 58 respondents was drawn randomly from the entire population. Primary and secondary data were collected using interview, and observation The qualitative data were content analyzed while quantitative data were analysis’ numerically ,analyzed. Results of this study reveal that ICT has impacted positively on banking performance. It is also observed that market performance indicators’ such as net income and market share are supported by innovation types performed. The researcher suggests that banks should continue to employ farther technological innovation in “back-office” technologies, as well as to “front-office” technologies in order to improve their performance and increase customer satisfaction.

      Gladness Lucas Kotoro

Abstract: The paper aims at establishing strategies for improving access to, and use of information on cancer by women in Morogoro Rural District for addressing cancer. Specific objectives were to: assess the status of cancer awareness among women in Morogoro Rural District, identify challenges encountered by rural women when accessing information on cancer and to recommend strategies that will enhance dissemination and use of information on cancer. Social survey method was used for conducting this study. The data were collected from a total of 100 respondents through questionnaires, interviews, focus group discussions and observations.

      Ampili, M. and Shiny Sreedhar, K.

Abstract: Morphometric analysis of shell shape and size seems a priori to be a realistic alternative for inter-group discrimination. Analysis of external shell trait measurements of Venerid clam Paphia malabarica of Ashtamudi estuary, a deep estuary unveiled morphological plasticity in the population. The clam population in the barmouth of estuary was found to be morphologically varied from the clam population of upper reaches. The morphotypes displayed variation from 11% to 38% in external shell traits. The phenotypic plasticity can be explained by ecophenotypic variation along a depth gradient with uneven shell thickness and shorter form in deeper part of the estuary near barmouth where wave action and tidal currents were higher and with longer and deeper shells in shallow upper reaches of estuary. Ecological changes in the habitat affect the distribution and abundance of clams in the estuary. Habitat heterogeneity for long period increase genetic variations.

      A.Muthumanicckam M.E, R.Sornalatha,M.E

Abstract: Self-repairing digital systems have recently emerged as the most promising alternative for fault-tolerant systems. The proposed system is developed for automatically detect the fault and correcting it in digital system with high efficiency using self-repairing technique. It composed of structural layer and gene control layer. The structural layer consists of working modules, spare modules and their interconnections. In these system, each module of our system connecting with four spare modules for replacing faulty working modules at four times. Gene control layer controls the operation of modules. The module is the encoded data, called the genome, contains information about the function and the connection. Therefore, a faulty module can be replaced and the whole system’s functions and connections are maintained by simply assigning the same encoded data to a spare (stem) module. The gene control layer determines the neighboring spare module in the structural layer to replace the faulty module without collision. We verified the self repairing digital system mechanism by simulating the system in Xilinx software.

      Anuradha Purohit, Deepika Atre, Payal Jaswani, Priyanshi Asawara

Abstract: Text classification is the process of classifying documents into predefined categories based on their content. Text classification is the primary requirement of text retrieval systems, which retrieve texts in response to a user query, and text understanding systems, which transform text in some way such as producing summaries, answering questions or extracting data. We have proposed a Text Classification system for classifying abstract of different research papers. In this System we have extracted keywords using Porter Stemmer and Tokenizer. The word set is formed from the derived keywords using Association Rule and Apriori algorithm. The Probability of the word set is calculated using naive bayes classifier and then the new abstract inserted by the user is classified as belonging to one of the various classes. The accuracy of the system is found satisfactory. It requires less training data as compared to other classification system.

      Ms.Yogita Honrao, Prof.D.B.Desai

Abstract: Nowadays, highway construction suffers from delay and cost overruns, which causes traffic problems, changes of design, poor planning, disputes, cost overruns, poor safety practices and time delays. Researchers in developed countries have realized the seriousness of this shortfall and suggested solutions to resolve it. Due to the inherent risks and increasing complexity of modern construction projects, delays and cost overruns have become common facts in the industry. Researchers and practitioners have used many techniques to assess project delays and apportion delay responsibility among the parties involved. This research deals with the causes which severely effect in delay of infrastructure projects in India. The delays and cost overruns have become a hallmark of infrastructure projects in India, research in delay and cost overrun in highway projects has not been popular researched yet. Any construction project success can be realized by achieving its objectives within the planned time, budget and level of quality. One of the major problems that face the construction projects in general and road projects in specific is being behind the schedule, i.e., delay in submission. Delay can be defined as postponing the project completion time due to predicted and unpredicted causes. Completion time is very essential in construction; because “Time is Money”. In some cases, to the contractor, delay causes higher overhead costs because of longer construction period. As well as that, material costs may increase due to inflation. To the client, especially if he is investor, delay means losing profits that are planned to be earned after starting the investment on the scheduled time.

      Tasneem Ara,Dr.Sanjay Sharma,Dr.Shibeer Ahmad Bhat, Dr.Anil Bhandari,Dr.Abdul Samieh Deva,Dr.Rathore M.S,Rifat Arifa khan, Dr.Nitish Bhatia

Abstract: The Aim and Objective of the present study was to formulate and evaluate the novel ocular Inserts of Diclofenac amino acid conjugate using different polymers such as HPMC, Eudragit L100 at various concentrations and combinations using dibutylphthalate as plasticizer. The ocuserts were prepared by using solvent casting technique. The main aim was to enhance the trancorneal permeation of diclofenac sodium using different amino acids.Ex vivo trancorneal permeation was studied across goat cornea. The study revealed that Diclofenac sodium and amino acid conjugate ocular inserts had greater permeation than Diclofenac sodium ocular inserts.Effect of concentration of Amino acids on the permeation of Diclofenac sodium was also studied and it was found that on increasing the concentration of amino Acid ,permeation of Diclofenac Sodium increases.Diclofenac sodium and Lysine conjugate produced maximum ocular bioavailability. Formulations(F1) of Diclofenac sodium was prepared and compared, with different formulations ( F2,F3,F4) of Diclofenac sodium and Amino Acid Conjugates and it was found that F4 has maximum ocular availability.. The optimized formulation was subjected to stability studies as per ICH guidelines.

      Dr Jaideep Bhatt, Dr Laltanpuia Chhangte

Abstract: Objective: The aim of this study was to assess the sensitivity and specificity of otoacoustic emission (OAE) test in newborns comparing with auditory brain stem response (ABR) in the age of 3 months and 6 month and to analyze the incidence of hearing loss in newborn.

      Jayantha K, Ubayachandra E. G

Abstract: This particular study titled “Going for Gold Medals: Factors affecting Olympic Performance was carried out with special reference to 2000 Olympic Games. This study was thoroughly undertaken by the researchers by focusing on the problem that why countries show different performance in Olympics? There were three objectives set to be achieved by this study, which include a key objective namely ‘To examine the influences of factors affecting the Olympic performance and two specific objectives such as (i) To produce a mathematical model facilitating to predict the Olympic tally (ii) To identify the degree of factors influenced on the Olympic performance. The researchers carried out an extensive literature review to provide a conceptual background of the study, to develop a conceptual model, and to formulate hypotheses for the study. Olympic Games in 2000, 80 countries and 921 medals were selected for the survey. Certain conclusions were made from the study after carrying out detailed scientific analysis of data using appropriate statistical tools. The conclusions are that the factors such as size of population of countries, GDP per capita, HDI, communist background and host city advantages of certain countries in the particular Olympic year. It showed significant relationship with some variations between these variables and Olympic performance. Based on the findings of the study, recommendations were made to the sport authorities and researchers in the field of sport to improve sport performance in their countries in future.

      K Senevirathne, H Ganegedara, A Jayasinghe, K B Galketiya, V Pinto, A H Abayasinghe

Abstract: Haemorrhagic complications of central venous catheterization (CVC) are well recognized. Accidental damage to carotid artery during CVC is frequently documented with accepted management guidelines. Acute respiratory distress due to complications of CVC is less frequent. However arterial damage causing acute life threatening respiratory distress with stridor is more infrequent. This causes a diagnostic challenge and difficulties in management due to the distortion of the anatomy of the larynx due to bleeding in to the anterior compartment of the neck. There are few reports of damage to thyroid arteries following CVC insertion. We report infrequent occurrence of the damage to superior thyroid artery and thyroid gland which caused acute stridor due to airway compromise. Our initial diagnosis was the more frequent damage to common carotid artery which was managed conventionally until the rapid onset of stridor and hypoxia. It necessitated immediate intubation using a narrow gauge endotrachial tube to overcome acute airway obstruction followed by surgical repair of the superior thyroid artery and evacuation of haematoma.

      Divya fageria, Dr. D.V. Rao

Abstract: Butea monosperma (Lam.) kuntze [Family: leguminosae] is a medium-sized deciduous tree popularly known as Flame of forest, Dhak or palas in Hindi, Bastard Teak in English, Parasa in Tamil which is widely distributed throughout India, Burma and Ceylon The family fabaceae compromises of 630 genera and 18000 species. It is adaptable tree for sub-tropical regions which requires alkaline, swampy badly drained soils and a sunny location. It grows easily from seed. It finds use both medicinally and commercially with each part of the plant having utility. Extract of the plant possess significant astringent , aphrodiasiac, anti-helmintic, anti-inflammatory anti- bacterial , anti-fungal , anti-diabetic and anti -asthmatic properties. This article briefly reviews the botany, distribution, ecology, uses of the plant, chemical composition , pharmacological activites of the plant and its constituents .This is an attempt to compile and document information on different aspect of Butea monosperma (Lam) Kuntze and its potential uses.

      Samaneh Serraj

Abstract: Listening anxiety has a detrimental effect on language learners. In the Iranian EFL context listening comprehension remains as one of the most problematic skills for learners. To figure out learners’ sources of listening comprehension anxiety and the factors that might reduce listening anxiety, the semi-structured interviews were conducted with fifteen participants. Through qualitative analysis several factors were identified as having influence on Iranian EFL learners’ listening anxiety. These factors were divided into three categories, i.e. individual factors (nerves and emotionality, using inappropriate strategies and lack of practice), input factors (lack of time to process, lack of visual support, nature of speech and level of difficulty) and environmental factors (instructors, peers and class environment).

      Ahmed J. Bahiya

Abstract: The Iraqi media industry has witnessed a significant change after the American led invasion in 2003. This period is considered to be a major period of transformation in Iraq media history, as it moved from a completely restricted form of media coverage to one of the most open media sectors in the Middle East. After the fall of Saddam Hussein regime Iraqi media sector witnessed the emergence of ‘free-for-all media’ and a significant number of media productions released as a mouthpieces of various ‘political, religious, or ethnic groups’. This new form of media played an important role in serving as a communication tool of the Iraqi population as a whole. However, that role has been affected by sectarian agendas and the domination of media ownership. The new media landscape has developed in an era of domination, based on the presence of new controlling forms, including ethno-sectarian, political, Islamic, and independent factions, as well as the appearance of media personas. The emergence of this new media affected significantly the way that issues were dealt with in the country, especially the wave of protests that spread across Iraq. The aim of this paper is to shed light on the media role in covering and dealing with the protests happened in the country. Additionally, it shows the role that social media sites played sustaining such protests.

      Muhammad Adamu Isah, Muhammad Ali Chiroma, Adamu Isa Harir Bala Ishiyaku

Abstract: This study pursued a recommendation to search for the sources of water pollution in the hand dug wells (HDW) from Hardo ward a high density residential area in the ancient traditional city of Bauchi metropolis, Nigeria. Secondary data on pollution by Coli form concentration in water from HDW in Hardo ward was used as the dependent variable (Y) while primary data was collected on four parameters as potential sources of water pollution: the depth of the well; type of well; setback distances between HDW and pit latrines, setback distances between HDW and unlined water drainage channels served as independent variables (IV) = X1, X2, X3 and X4 respectively. The data were subjected to both standard and hierarchical/sequential multiple regression analysis (MRA) using the SPSS 20.0 software to determine the significant sources of water pollution in the study area. The results were presented in coefficients tables, and figures. The standard multiple regression showed a highly significant positive correlation at R2 = 0.758 (adjusted R2 0.693) implying that the level of pollution in the HWD is directly affected by the combined effect of the four independent variables. However, when each independent variable was controlled, in the hierarchical multiple regressions, the model indicated only distance from pit latrine (X2) had a significant impact on water pollution by Coliform and with the highest correlation. The study recommended the use of community boreholes for water supply in the area and educating the residents on the need for proper treatment of water before drinking, as well as measures to achieve standards of construction and the setback standards of locations of HDWs from all the pollution sources in general.

      Swati Dubey, Neena Shrivastava, Shweta Joshi, Ranjana Choudhary, P.L. Gupta and R. Prasad

Abstract: We consider chemical reactions taking place in micro emulsions, where the mean number of reactant molecules present is small and countable because of small volume of micelles. We describe time evolution of such stochastic reactions and compare the results with traditional chemical kinetics. Petri net modeling and stochastic simulation of α-chymotrypsin catalyzed hydrolysis of p-nitrophenyl acetate in cationic microemulsion has been performed for the first time. The net has been verified using invariant properties of Petri net. A stochastic simulation of the reaction has been carried out using Gillespie hypothesis. The model conclude the nature of a typical enzymatic reaction. The study suggests the concept that enzyme catalyzed reactions in micro emulsions can mimic in vivo enzymatic reactions.

      Satyendra Singh, Jitendra Kurmi, Sudanshu Prakash Tiwari

Abstract: Job scheduling is a NP hard problem in which we have to minimize the makespan time. Scheduling is the algorithm of assigning resources to the jobs in such a way that all jobs get required resource in fairly manner without affecting one another. In this paper we have proposed a hybrid algorithm for job scheduling using genetic and cuckoo search algorithm. This proposed algorithm combines the advantages of both genetic algorithm and cuckoo search algorithm. Genetic algorithm is an evolutionary algorithm that provides optimal solution for optimization problem but the dis advantage of the genetic algorithm is that it can be easily trapped in local optima to overcome this difficulty we are using cuckoo search algorithm.

      Saurabh Verma, Indresh Yadav

Abstract: Watermarking technique is used to solve the issue related to security of data and copyright degradation. This issue has to be determined by keeping a steady prove on the imperceptibility and robustness or strength which incur to be its major goal. In order to achieve these objectives the usage of a mixed (hybrid) transformation is adopted in this paper, the main idea behind applying a hybrid transform is that the cover image is modified in its singular values rather than on the DWT sub-bands, therefore the watermark makes it vulnerable to vivid attacks and maintains its original state. Some simulation results are available to support the methods and relative study.

      Samar Fakher, Mona Shokair, M.I. Moawad, and Karam Sharshar

Abstract: Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) consists of a large number of sensor nodes to detect some physical phenomena. To design a WSN it is necessary to identify the major issues or the main metric parameters of WSN, which are network lifetime, data gathering, and security. These parameters effect on the overall performance of WSN. To enhance the performance of that network in this paper, we present a survey study of the methods and proposed algorithms that were used to overcome those issues. A number of challenges and research issues emerging from this survey study have been reported for further investigations.

      Dr. Naveed Shibli, Naila Nawaz, Nazima Ameen ,Sehrish Fatima, Hafiza Sadia Khan, Qurat ul Ain

Abstract: During an interview 150 students 75 male and 75 female selected on the bases of low performance and high performance during the current year and were asked to express their personal experiences during the recent examinations for the assess the relationship of anxiety with the academic achievements. The responses reveal no significant relationship between anxiety and academic achievements

      Mahmoud A. Ramadan

Abstract: The Purpose of this paper is aimed to clarify the superior value of applying the lean performance management on the organization and being a lean centric oriented that will enhancing and the capability the core- competency of it in competing journey with any organization in the global industry.

      B. N. Patowary, N. Nath, I. Hussain, H. J. Kakoti

Abstract: In the growing concern of awareness regarding sustainable building material and environmental issue, Compressed Stabilized Earth Block (CSEB) gives the view of energy efficient, cost reduction and environmental friendly building materials, overall contribution on the sustainable development. Different research workers have contributions on the Compressed Stabilized Earth Blocks in terms of different parameters. CSEBs are eco-friendly and as these blocks are un-burnt products, during production no coal or burning material is needed. So, it does not produce any harmful gases during production. In this paper, result of test of soil that has been used in the production of CSEB is shown. Highly compressed un-burnt blocks have been prepared in the laboratory with different composition and varying proportions of sand, clay and stabilizers such as lime, cement etc. Fly ash is also used as stabilizer in replacement of cement. The strength of different blocks are determined and compared to find the composition which gives highest strength and also to compare between different blocks to get the optimized composition and proportion in terms of economy and strength.

      Dr. Mitesh Faliya, Dr. Prasad Kulkarni, Dr. Narsimha Reddy, Dr. AV Pai

Abstract: Tuberous sclerosis is an autosomal dominant rare multisystem syndrome which is now referred to as tuberous sclerosis complex, emphasizing the variance of the clinical symptoms. It is frequently associated with seizure disorder and its knowledge is thus of utmost importance to the anaesthetist keeping in mind the multiple antiepileptic drugs and their interactions involved.

      Mehvish Minhaj, Vandana Dubey

Abstract: A Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET) is self-configuring network made out of portable nodes with no altered foundation. In a MANETs, there are no distinction between a host node and a router so that all nodes can be source and forwarders of movement. Among all the different protocols unicast will be a standout amongst the most critical application in MANETs which manage the exchange of message from single source to single destination hence this sorts of protocol are extremely powerful and mainstream these days. We have proposed a unicast Routing Protocol for MANETs which consolidate the directional forwarding along largest distance from the single source to single destination, named as AB-URP. The fundamental point of this protocol is low system postponement, accomplishing lessened packet overhead and high adaptability in the system.

      Deepak V.Walke, Dr R.R. Yerpude

Abstract: This paper refers to the role of strata monitoring instruments in risk assessment of roof falls in an underground coal mine. Detailed investigation in to the factors responsible for roof fall was carried out in an underground coal mine situated in Central India. The investigation was supplemented by In-situ stress assessment by drilling yield measurements and convergence recording by strata monitoring instruments. It was observed that strata monitoring instruments gives early indications about initiation of strata movement and potential roof fall. The proper analysis and interpretation of the readings from strata monitoring instruments is very much helpful in updating the risk assessment and preventing the roof fall by risk management.

      Lorrine Minayo Musanga, Dr.Kepha Ombui

Abstract: The small and micro enterprises (SMEs) play an important role in the Kenyan economy, they are the sources of innovation in products, technology and services, provide a competitive check on existing firms, contribute to industries where optimal size is small and create jobs in formal and informal sectors..SMEs play a fundamental role in the economy, but despite their significance, past statistics indicate that three out of five businesses fail within the first few months of operation. This study aimed at examining the effects of strategy development on sustainability of Smes in Kenya while using Thika town as a case study. Kaplan and Norton (1992) Balanced Scorecard was adopted to create and test measures of sustainability appropriate to SMEs, Porters five forces of competitive position was also adopted. Data was collected from 50 small and Micro-enterprises within Thika town. The results showed that competition, financial resources, government regulations and entrepreneurial skills affect strategy development of SMEs. Majority of the SMES felt that high cost of business licenses, lack of sufficient capital, Changes in customer expectations and competition from existing and new competitors is are aspects that have an effect on sustainability of SMES.

      Suraj Suryawanshi, Pavan Gujjar Panduranga Rao

Abstract: Due to the open nature of P2P system exposes them to malicious activity. P2P system means computer in the system can act as both client and server. In a P2P network, the peers are computer systems which are connected to each other via the internet. Files can be shared directly between systems on the network without the need of a central server. Building trust relationships among peers can decrease the attacks of malicious peers. A good peer uploads reliable files and gives fair recommendations. A peer’s trustworthiness is evaluated by considering provided services and given recommendations with service and recommendation contexts .A malicious peer performs both service and recommendation-based attacks. Uploading a virus infected (or) an inauthentic file is a service based attack. Self-Organizing Trust Model (SORT) detects the service based attack and recommendation based attack.

      Nickson Muhaya Kadagi, Dr. Anwar Hood Ahmed and Moses Kimani Wafula

Abstract: Financial intermediation is an exciting field in the demand and supply of funds for investment, liquidity and consumption purposes. Through financial intermediation economic growth occurs and the improvement of the welfare improves: Funds are routed from the savers to borrowers who use the funds in most profitable economic activities (King and Levine 1993).The cooperative movement has been in existence since pre-independence times, they have been touted as the major ways of economic empowerment and poverty reduction. The growth of Saccos has been tremendous and thus they are now in the vision 2030 blueprint as one of the mobilizes of savings and investments.

      Peninah Mwikali , Moses Kimani Wafula

Abstract: Democracy is the most suitable form of government and that it has seen many countries perform better through service provision to its citizens and thus improving their livelihood. Devolution of power can address the main challenges of underdevelopment in any government. In Kenya, the case is similar, there are 48 devolved governments and Mombasa County is one of them. This paper looks at secondary literature on the effects of devolution on the performance of an organization a case of Mombasa County. A desk analysis design was used to determine the effects of devolution on the performance of an organization. It was evident that devolution of powers, finances leads to greater performance of an organization. Employee’s training, motivation and availability of funds in devolved governance improves the performance leading to provision of quality and better services to citizens.

      Kanu Raheja

Abstract: Rural development is conceived as strategy aimed at finding ways to improve the rural lives with participation of the rural people themselves so as to meet the required need of the rural area. According to World Bank (2005), rural development is the process of rural modernization and the monetization of the rural society leading to its transition from traditional isolation to integration with the national economy. Also, rural development is perceived as a process of not only increasing the level of per capital income in the rural areas but also the standard of living of the rural population measured by food and nutrition level, health education, housing, recreation and security. Haryana is a leading contributor to the country's production of food grain and milk.. Greening rural development can stimulate rural economies, create jobs and help maintain critical ecosystem services and strengthen climate resilience of the rural people. Conversely, environmental challenges can limit the attainment of development goal. The basic objective of this paper is to upgrade the living standard of the rural people by providing ways to develop rural parts of Haryana and improving food security including those below poverty line (BPL) by restricting the rural-urban migration. However, to provide optimum benefit to the grass-root level, there is a need for coordination among various Government agencies and other institutions engaged in rural development. This will also assist in minimizing the rural-urban gap in terms of basic infrastructure facilities essential for ‘Sustainable Development’ of a settlement.

      Kanu Raheja

Abstract: Child Labour is one of the major concern of India. A large number of Schemes , Projects and laws have been introduced by the Government of India to overcome the problem but the problem has not been solved yet rather the number is increasing day by day. The union Budget Gives least importance to the problem , also the amount which is allocated every year is not being spent as per plans. Presence of child labour is the violation of the child labour laws as well as the lack of implementation of primary education or Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan . Present paper deals with the of Current Scenario Child labour in Haryana state. Paper also finds out some major problems regarding implementation of the law. Suggestions to eradicate the problem have been given at the end of the paper.

      Dr. D.Rathi

Abstract: Banks are financial entities hose prime concern in the well functioning of the economy represented by price stability and effective transmission of monetary policies through the financial markets. Regional Rural Banks are the youngest members in the family of rural banking in India. RRBs are mandated to purvey credit in rural areas, especially to the weaker sections of society. This innovation in rural credit institutions has a unique role in the enormous rural development. Thus, the RRBs in India normally depend on the internal guidance and functioning support in devising an effective policy and strategies for NPAs management. The present study is confined from 2006 – 2007 to 2010 – 2011 further the study depends mainly on secondary date obtained from the bank both published and unpublished. The NPA details of the Pandyan Grama bank were collected from the higher officials of the bank. This study is mainly analyses the three categories (D1, D2 &D3) of Doubtful Assets. The simple statistical tools like percentage and trend line techniques have been adopted for the study. It may be concluded from the analysis that the recovery performance better in Education Loans, Small Scale loans to the industries, Crop loan and Kisan Credit. But the recovery performance is very poor in Loans given to the Self Help Groups.

      K. B. Saxena and A. N. Tikle

Abstract: Pigeonpea yields have remainedunacceptably low over the past five decades and efforts to break this plateau through breeding pure line cultivars did not succeed in its mission. Key successes in breeding stable cytoplasmic nuclear male-sterility (CMS) system, its fertility restorers, and development of an efficient hybrid seed production technology have led to the release of the world’s first commercial hybrid in pigeonpea [Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp.].This hybrids has demonstrated 40-50% yield advantage over the best locally adapted varieties in different agro-ecological environments, giving a strong indication towards a breakthrough in the stagnant productivity of the crop. This paper discusses various issues related to genetic enhancement of productivity in pigeonpea.

      Ibraheem M.A.Naser

Abstract: Significant problems of water shortage and deteriorating water quality are contributing to a growing water crisis in many countries such as western Asia. This situation requires creative solutions to achieve sustainable resources management. In the Western Asia irrigation (agricultural sector) extraction have bad major impact on the water resources environment. Finding ways to meet agricultural demands and also achieve positive environmental and economic outcomes requires the aid of modeling tools to analyze the impact of alternative policy scenarios. These scenarios seek to asses the impact of option for allocation of limited water resources between agricultural production and the environment. This study presents a novel approach for optimizing these objectives by combining system dynamics and constrained linear objective optimization approaches. The network simulation optimization model NSOM has been coupled with a linear programming mathematical algorithm model. This paper concludes that system dynamic optimization approaches is a useful tool for agricultural water use. NSOM has the capability to compare the simulation and optimization dynamic results synchronized in time for each variable involved in the model. The comparison shows that VENSM optimizer does achieve the same results. Rationalization water consumptive require a lot of researches to achieve objectives by using scientific means.

      Mr. Qureshi haroon Rasheed, Dr. Sachin.B.Pagare

Abstract: Child health has prime importance in all societies. School curriculum always emphasis on child proper health for all round development of the pupil. Lack of correct posture and negligence of good postural habits indulge postural deformity which indeed effect the body either structurally or functional. The purpose of this study was to find the prevalence of knock knee and bow legs deformity in school children. For this task a total of 25 subjects were selected randomly from different school ranged from 9 to 14 years of age. Methodology – to identify the deformities the inter - condylar distance for bow legs and inter - malleolar distance for knock knee was measured. Data was collected individually by performing the clinical test of orthopaedics. Mean score, standard deviation were applied for data analysis and interpretation. Conclusion – the mean score for bow legs was 3.38 and for knock knee 4.48 was reported. In the examined subject it was found that 32% of the subjects were having bow legs and knock knee deformity.

      Mr. Qureshi Haroon Rasheed, Dr. Sachin.B.Pagare

Abstract: The moment you discover which foot is your right foot, you don’t have many hesitations about which of them is the left foot. And then the problem left is which of them to start walking with them (A.A.Milne). Flatfoot impairs the body’s shock absorption mechanism and creates motor difficulties in functions or activities requiring balance and stability. The purpose of this study was to find the effect of flat foot deformity on selected physical fitness components in school going child. For this task a total of 20 subjects (10 flat footer and 10 normal feets) subject were selected purposively from different school, ranged from 9 to 14 years of age. Methodology –to identify the flat foot deformities wet test was measured. Data was collected individually by performing the wet test. Mean score, standard deviation were applied for data analysis and interpretation. Conclusion – the mean score for bow legs was 3.6 and for knock knee 4.4 was reported. In the examined subject it was found that 20% of the subjects were having postural deformity.

      Dr. Sangeeta Mishra, Dr. Sanjeev Dubey and Dr. Arpita Awasthi

Abstract: A field survey was conducted at four different sites viz Kothi Compound, Civil Lines, A. G. College and Kuthuliya (Bichhiya) in Rewa district M.P. during years 2005-07. The phytosociological studies made during the course of the present investigation that there were 48 associates of Sida cordifolia in the Kothi Compound Campus, 41 associates each in the Civil Lines Area and A. G. College Campus and 42 in Kuthuliya (Bichhiya) rewa were recorded. The highest Important Value Index (IVI) calculated in case of Sida cordifolia was 47.354, 45.857, 45.121 and 42.397 in Kothi Compound, Civil Lines, A. G. College Campus and Kuthuliya (Bichhiya) respectively.

      A. Preethi, D.Gifty Deborah

Abstract: Renewable energy integration focusses on incorporating renewable energy, distributed generation, energy storage, thermally activated technologies and demand response into the electric distribution and transmission system. . Energy Storage plays a key role in enabling a low-carbon electricity system. Energy storage can supply more flexibility and balancing the grid, providing a backup to intermittent renewable energy. It can improve the management of distribution networks, reducing cost and improving efficiency. Electrical power system is always subjected to different loading conditions. The load variation gives negative impact on the entire power system parameters. The assessment of transient stability is an essential requirement for the security of electrical power system This paper presents the simulation results of a transient stability and economic analysis with battery backup and ultra capacitor in grid connected operation

      Prof Pramod Kumar Naik, Prof Gurusandesh M, Prof Arun S Tigadi, Dr.Hansraj Guhilot

Abstract: Real time video processing has been the subject of interest for research work in last decade. Image and video processing technique are computationally demanding for various applications in various domains. Due to overwhelming demand we have focused on designing and implementing this new architecture which is effective. This paper we have focused on designing a DWT VEDIC processor which has a special SDRAM controller which takes care of this real time video processing. The design here is focused on real time DWT video compression and implementing the design on a Spartan 6 Altys FPGA board. Real time video applications have been implemented in the architecture with various results are projected to demonstrate its applicability and flexibility.

      Basavaraj Police Patil D, Anuradha J P, Mrs.Shanthi V A

Abstract: The GPIO core design provides a general purpose input/output interface to a 32-bit On-Chip Peripheral Bus (OPB). This GPIO core requires simple output and/or input software controlled signals and implements the functions that are not implemented using dedicated controllers in the system. Almost all FPGA boards contain GPIO peripheral. In this project we are atomizing the functions of the GPIO core by writing the code in VERILOG and simulating it in QUESTASIM. In this project we verify the all functions of GPIO core by writing verification code in UVM with different test cases. The functional and code coverage and functional verification of the GPIO RTL design is carried out for the better optimum design.

      OJO, Funmilayo Yemi, YINYINOLA, W. Lasun

Abstract: This paper looks at dehumanization in workplace and the implication of counselling approach to gender based violence. Dehumanizing attitudes and behaviours frequently occur in workplace, this often led to devastating psychological, health, and economic consequences on employees and the organization. One of the benefits of workplace counselling is having a professional and an impartial person who is mindful of the context in which the employees work and have a crucial understanding of the environment to which the employees will be returning. Major activities of a counsellor are listening, supporting, empathizing, exploring client potentials, and empowering client to self-help. The paper concludes that negative interaction in the workplace will negatively impact on employees’ productivity, whereas with availability of counselling services, employees’ moral and potentiality will be fully utilized which will improve the organizational performance. To enhance trust in counselling service in workplace, counsellors need to diligently observe the code of ethics.

      Paul Kamau Waweru, Dr. Jane Omwenga

Abstract: This study sought to investigate the influence of strategic management practices on the performance of private construction firms in Kenya. Studies have shown that world construction markets are at a tipping point already with 52% of all construction activity in emerging markets today. This is expected to increase to 63% by 2025, with China and India contributing most to growth in emerging markets. A report published by Deloitte further expounds that the East African region is turning the heads of investors, construction firms and multi-national corporations. This research was carried out on three private construction firms namely; First Acres Construction, Blue Urban Construction and Nipsan Construction Company. A total sample of 68 respondents formed the sampling frame. The researcher chose simple random sampling as a sampling technique. Primary data was collected using pre-determined questionnaires. The study used questionnaires containing closed ended, open ended, multiple choice and dichotomous questions. Likert scale questions were also used since the responses were easily quantifiable and subjective to computation.

      Nicholas Otieno Okello, Dr. Agnes Njeru

Abstract: Several studies have brought up the following variables as determining factors of out of pocket health spending such as income levels, employment status, cost of medical services and access to health financing/health insurance. This study’s specific objectives include: to investigate, examine and establish the association between income levels, employment and cost of treatment and access to health insurance/ health insurance status on Out-of-Pocket medical expenditures among out patients at the following selected health facilities in Nairobi county Kenya. A mixed research design technique was used to collect data which involved the use of both primary and secondary data sources. A structured questionnaire was used to collect primary data. Data collected for this study was analyzed using both qualitative and quantitative techniques with SPSS software. The target group of this study was the prior mentioned hospitals. The accessible population of the study was 115 respondents. The study’s pilot test results indicate that the survey instruments were reliable and consistent.

      Dr. Felix Kwame Opoku, Mr. Dominic Degraft Arthur

Abstract: The study was carried out to assess the impact of human resource management practices on the performance of the Ghana Postal Services Company. The main objective of the study was to determine the major factors contributing to the inability of the company to meet the challenges of the global market competitiveness in the postal and communication industry. The study adopted purely qualitative approach and used both primary and secondary data. The primary data were collected from management and clients of the company. The results indicated that human resource management practices have a significant effect on organizational performance. Thus, the contribution of this study is that human resource management practices will have significant effect on organizational performance through positive HRM outcomes.

      Dr. K.S. Amaravathi, Dr. P. Shakuntala, Dr. B. Sudarsi, Dr. N. Srinivasa Rao, Dr. R. Nagamani, Dr. P. Ramya

Abstract: Malaria has protean clinical manifestations and renal complications, particularly acute kidney injury that could be life threatening. This study was a prospective study of 50 patients with malaria-associated AKI at our hospital. Smear positive and Parasite V and F positive malaria patients with AKI as defined by RIFLE (Risk, Injury, Failure, Loss of kidney function, and End-stage kidney disease) classification were selected to evaluate the clinical profile and outcome. Out of 50 patients in our study 38 were males and 12 were females. 42% were between 26-40 years. Fever was the most common presenting complaint (100%), followed by chills and rigors (90%), headache (74%), vomiting (70), myalgia (60%), altered sensorium (30%) and discolouration of sclera (36%). Pallor (62%) was the most common sign followed by splenomegaly (62%), icterus (40%) and hepatomegaly (34%). Artemesinin combination therapy was given for all patients and renal replacement therapy was given to 12 (24%) patients. We had a mortality of 12%, all of them had multiple complications. Acute kidney injury in malaria occurred most commonly in plasmodium falciparum 70% infected patients. Applying RIFLE criteria helps in early identification of high risk cases, so that prompt treatment is instituted early, thereby reducing the mortality rate.

      Chavan RP, IngoleSM, Patil VW, Dalvi SM

Abstract: The highest risks of exposure of tobacco for both adults and adolescents, the major concern is that tobacco consumption is associated with certain other behaviors, long range consequences and show characteristic facial changes. Definite role for reactive oxygen species (ROS) in the tissue destruction that characterizes in tobacco addicts and protein carbonyl is the most widely used biomarker for oxidative damage to proteins, and reflects cellular damage induced by multiple forms of ROS. The purpose of this study is to determine malondialdehyde and protein carbonyl content in tobacco addicts with Otorhinological manifestations and to find an association between them.

      S. Kalita

Abstract: Total electron content (TEC) data, obtained from GPS satellites can be used as a tool for extracting earthquake precursor. In this paper, a pattern matching technique is used for monitoring TEC variation during and prior to the earthquake. For the experiment two major earthquake events i.e. Bhutan earthquake on 21st September 2009 and Nepal earthquake on 25th April 2015 are considered for analysis. Work is based on TEC data collected from GPS at Gauhati (26º 10' N, 91º 45' E) and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) satellite data.


Abstract: In CMOS integrated circuit design there is a trade-off between static power consumption and technology scaling factors. Leakage power accounts for an increasingly larger portion of total power consumption in deep submicron technologies. Recently, in technology the power density has increased due to combination of higher clock speed, smaller process geometries and scaling factors, layout structure and greater functional integration. As results static power consumption is becoming more dominant state. This is a challenge for the CMOS integrated circuit designers. However the integrated CMOS designers do have a few methods which they can use to reduce this static power consumption. Since, these methods have some drawbacks. To attain lowest static power consumption one has to sacrifice design area and circuit performance. In this paper we proposed a new method to reduce static power in the CMOS VLSI circuit using dual stack approach without being penalized in area requirement and circuit performance.

      Chavan RP, IngoleSM, Patil VW, Dalvi SM

Abstract: The highest risks of exposure of tobacco for both adults and adolescents, the major concern is that tobacco consumption is associated with certain other behaviors, long range consequences and show characteristic facial changes. Definite role for reactive oxygen species (ROS) in the tissue destruction that characterizes in tobacco addicts and protein carbonyl is the most widely used biomarker for oxidative damage to proteins, and reflects cellular damage induced by multiple forms of ROS. The purpose of this study is to determine malondialdehyde and protein carbonyl content in tobacco addicts with Otorhinological manifestations and to find an association between them.

      Abhay Sharma, Rekha Chaturvedi, Dr. Umesh Kr. Dwivedi

Abstract: Particle swarm optimization is the nature inspired computational search and optimization approach which was developed on the basis of behaviour of swarm. Recently each and every field of research is utilizing the properties of PSO. One of the popular field of research is image segmentation which is also fastest growing field. Taking the advantages of combining PSO with different image segmentation technique many researchers has proposed various research papers with enhancement of various parameter. In this paper we surveyed some paper and try to provide recent trends and techniques involved in image segmentation with PSO.

      Adoyi Oche, Ibrahim Ali Mohammed-Dabo and Abdulhamid Hamza

Abstract: Nigeria is faced with high import of petroleum products, incessant shortage of the product and poor petroleum refining states. There is therefore the need to develop local technology in petroleum refining as a sustainable solution to these problems (Oche 2014). This paper focus on effective designing of crude distillation unit which is one of the basis for local petroleum refining development.

      Mwamfupe Davis, G

Abstract: Community cereal banks have long been acknowledged to have the potential for improving food security in food-deficit areas of Africa. However, the evaluation of their performance reveals that these institutions are not viable in every context. Drawing on the experiences from the food-deficit areas of Kongwa and Chamwino Districts in the semi-arid Tanzania, this paper examines the extent to which the cereal banks have contributed in improving food security in these areas. Data pertaining to villagers’ views on the performance of the banks were collected through household surveys, in-depth interviews and focus group discussions in three villages of Banyibanyi, Manchali and Makoja. The findings revealed that contrary to the expectations of improving food security the performance of the cereal banks was dismal. The poor performance is largely attributed to inadequate deposits of cereals, stock decapitalization caused by delays and non-payment of loans, lack of business acumen on the part of the leaders and attitudes of members towards donor assistance. Lessons learnt from the operation of the banks have shown that strategies to address the problem of food insecurity should be demand rather than supply-driven. This is important for ensuring commitments towards the implementation and an overall sustainability of the course. Furthermore, community cereal banks in food-deficit areas that operate as a service to the rural poor have very limited chances of succeeding unless they also adopt a business approach.

      Emendu, N.B. PhD, Okoye, C.M

Abstract: The study identifies various problems associated with studying of chemistry in Anambra State, Nigeria. A questionnaire was distributed to secondary schools students and undergraduates in the department of Chemistry, Nwafor Orizu College of Education Nsugbe, Anambra State and Anambra State University Igbariam curriculum, Anambra State. Thirty secondary schools were selected which were in the same education zones of the higher institutions. Hundred and fifty students were selected from secondary schools and hundred chemistry students were selected from the higher institutions. Most of the challenges are from the infrastructure, curriculum, funding, textbooks, teachers, students. Some recommendations were made.

      Mr.Rasal Kedar Jayesh, Dr. Gumaste S.V, Prof. Kahate S.A

Abstract: Cloud is regular area to store information and imparted to different users. Yet, some framework issue or human lapse creates more issues about respectability of cloud data. Couple of systems has been intended to allow both information supervisors and public verifiers to effectively reviewing cloud information managers without getting to the whole information from the cloud server. Particularly, proposed system consider the undertaking of allowing an third party auditor (TPA), for the advantage of the information owner, to examine the reliability of the information/data put away in the cloud. Furthermore, this technique has the capacity perform a few inspecting undertaking in the meantime as opposed to verifying them one by one. This proposed algorithm utilize ring signatures to gage affirmation meta-information anticipated that would review the rightness of allocated data, likewise the Key Distribution Center (KDC) which is a piece of a cryptosystem planned to diminish the dangers characteristic in trading keys. With this technique, the ID of the signer on every block in dispersed data is kept private from Third party auditors, who have the capacity to successfully examine the appropriated data consistency without recovering the entire document. The system helps development, modification, and perusing information put away in the cloud, and it likewise bolsters traceability (following the fake user).


Abstract: In CMOS integrated circuit design there is a trade-off between static power consumption and technology scaling factors. Leakage power accounts for an increasingly larger portion of total power consumption in deep submicron technologies. Recently, in technology the power density has increased due to combination of higher clock speed, smaller process geometries and scaling factors, layout structure and greater functional integration.

      Haeranah, M. Said Karim, Aswanto, Oky Deviani Burhamzah

Abstract: Declaration of principles justice for the victim of crime and misused of power on point B of the misused power number 19 stated that the states must be consider to put under the national law, norms that have forbidden to misused it. Spesifically, the restoration must cover the restitution and/or compensation, together with the help and support on materiil, medical, psicology and social but in the case of implementation is often the legal officers conduct the wrongact in order to enforced the law, like to arrest and detention the suspect witouht a proper procedure that mentioned under the Penal Code of procedural law, The wrongful act under the law implementation so the suspect is free, have found the error in persona so need to have a right for compensation. Furthermore, it is need to analysis about the right of compensation for the suspect, defendant and convicted.

      Andi Puspa Sari Idris, Achmar Mallawa, Haryati, Edison Saade

Abstract: This study aims to determine the effect of the use of snails as a source of protein on the growth of eels and feed FCR values. The study lasted for 6 months in rearing eel in State Agricultural Polytechnic Pangkep. The study design used a completely randomized design and consists of three treatments and three replications that treatment A 100% 0% fish meal and snails; treatment B 75% fishmeal and 25% snails; and C 50% fishmeal and 50% snails. Fish samples used are eel with sizes ranging from 20-30 g weight were maintained at a density of 20 fish per tub. Variables measured covers growth, survival rate and FCR. The data collected are then analyzed by analysis of variance. The results showed that all treatments in this study provide a 100% survival rate. The highest growth was obtained in treatment C (50% fishmeal and 50% snails), followed by treatment B (75% fishmeal and 25% snails) and treatment A (100% and 0% fish meal snails). Instead highest feed FCR values obtained in treatment A, following treatment B and treatment C.

      M. S. Patki and S. V. Salvi

Abstract: By adding cobalt to CoSb, different Co1-xSbx (0.17≤x≤0.44) alloys have been synthesized to study the ac characteristics of the material. The ac measurements such as permeability and skin depth are calculated using high frequency and dc resistance of samples. It is observed that the permeability of the sample decreases with decreasing frequency of ac input signal and skin depth increases with decreasing frequency of ac input signal. The skin depth is observed to be sensitive to cell parameters. The results are discussed using microscopic as well as macroscopic models.

      S. Kalita

Abstract: Total electron content (TEC) data, obtained from GPS satellites can be used as a tool for extracting earthquake precursor. In this paper, a pattern matching technique is used for monitoring TEC variation during and prior to the earthquake. For the experiment two major earthquake events i.e. Bhutan earthquake on 21st September 2009 and Nepal earthquake on 25th April 2015 are considered for analysis. Work is based on TEC data collected from GPS at Gauhati (26º 10' N, 91º 45' E) and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) satellite data.

      Ajakor E.M, Anih, L.U, Ogwata C.M

Abstract: In power systems, there is an ever-increasing demand placed on porcelain insulators especially for outdoor applications. Additionally, the huge cost of importation has resulted in a growing need for the local manufacture. To this end, an electrical porcelain insulator was manufactured from Ukpor Clay and other locally available raw material. Universal Composition of triaxial porcelain (kaolin, 45%; ball clay, 5%; feldspar, 25% and quartz, 25%) was used to produce a test piece. The pulverized and thoroughly mixed composition was compacted and fired at a temperature of 1200°C. The physical and Electrical properties were investigated. The results show that the sample has a breakdown voltage of 26kV/mm, low water absorption and dielectric constant between 9.0 and 10.9 within the frequency range considered. These results when compared with those of the commercial variety show that the locally manufactured sample satisfies the stringent requirements of a good insulating material.

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