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IJSRP, Volume 5, Issue 6, June 2015 Edition [ISSN 2250-3153]

Grace of Sri Rama
      Muthyala Ramakrishna Rao
Abstract: Grace of Sri Rama " (Sri Ramabdhi Shukti mani ) which comprises , Sri meaning goddess Lakshmi ( Universal power ) born as Sita with the former originating from the sea and the latter being born in the earth , Rama combining in the Himself the vital seeds of Shiva and Vishnu, Abdhi meaning the ocean and Shuktimani which means pearl . So it can be understood that when we chum the Ocean of the Ramayana , we will find two pearls , one being the great Sethu (the great bridge) and the other Lankanagara (city of Lanka ), both of which had been constructed on the Ocean . Vishwakarma ( the divine arctic ) , the divine sculptor under instruction from Brahma , the creator has constructed the city of Lanka as residence of the Shiva , a God in the trinity . In the same way the illustrations king in the Hindu legends "Nala born off the vital elements of Vishwakarma constructed the great Sethu , Varadhi (the great bridge ) across the Ocean in compliance with Rama's instructions. Both the Lanka city and the great Sethu are water related constructions as both were built on the sea . Sethu as well as Lanka being the two ornamental pearls of the " Ramayana " , an attempt is made in book both through research and through consultation of the ancient works to enlightens the rulers on these two aspects.

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