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      Ngi Dimang, Zhu Zhengxuan

Abstract: With the establishment of the China-ASEAN Free Trade Area and the deepening of bilateral economic cooperation, especially the implementation of Chinas “One Belt, One Road” strategy, more and more Chinese companies have entered Cambodia, and their investment in Cambodia is increasing and investing. The quality is also increasing. While Chinas investment in Cambodia continues to deepen cooperation between the two sides, it also has an important impact on Cambodias economic development and growth.

      Sumra Haleem Shaikh, Haseeb Shaikh, Sumair Shaikh

Abstract: The objective of current paper assess the job dissatisfaction’s impact with the extrinsic factors on performance of employees. Current thesis applies Herzberg’s two-factor theory to investigate the effects of job dissatisfaction on employees performance. Seven point Likert scale is used for survey purpose. Descriptive statistics, Reliability test, Pearson correlation, Analysis Of Variance (ANOVA), t test and multiple regression techniques are employed for data analysis. In textile industry, the result shows that job dissatisfaction factors effects negatively to extrinsic factors and employees’ performance. The result suggested that management of Textile industries should employed the Hygiene factors of Herzberg two-factor theory on their organization to improve the performance of individual as well as for organization.

      Sushma S, Dr. T.K. Chandrashekar

Abstract: The cooling performance of electronic device, engine etc is a biggest challenge and an area of concern. As the poor cooling performance is observed from the conventional method of cooling. There are various researches which are happening in this field to improve the performance of fins and to enhance the heat transfer. In this paper an attempt is made to summarize the various researches that were conducted on the fins.

      Reeny Roy, Susan Dahit and Mingmar

Abstract: Stress provides an acoustic cue to a syllable, word or a part of a sentence to convey different intents without changing the meaning. The acoustic correlates of stress comprises of increased fundamental frequency, intensity, duration and vowel quality. These acoustic measures vary according to the structure of the language. There are no reports on the acoustic correlates of stress in Nepali.

      Damia N.J, Ameera H.A, Afham A.M, Sabariah A.H

Abstract: Tobacco smoking is one of the biggest public health threats to the world, not only harmful for the smokers but also for the second-hand smokers. This study aims to assess the awareness on passive smoking among smokers’ villagers in Sg Pelek, Sepang, Selangor. A cross sectional study was done by using simple random sampling. Respondents that fulfill the inclusion & exclusion criteria were interviewed with validated questionnaires and data were analyze using SPSS. The prevalence of smoking was 13.9%. The awareness on passive smoking among smokers was 42.4% and 57.1% of them still smoke in front of others despite of having the awareness. In order to make the public places in Malaysia as smoke free zones, an integrated effort needs to be initiated by various authorities. The perception of secondhand smoke health effects among Malaysians should also be instilled.

      Indartato, Abdul Hakim, Amin Setyo Leksono, and Bagyo Yanuwiadi

Abstract: Food is a basic human need so that it must be fulfilled qualitatively and quantitatively. This prompted the government to issue a policy in the form of a sustainable food house area program. The purpose of this study was to determine the implications of sustainable reserve food garden (SRFG) area programs for the sustainability of food fulfillment in Pacitan Regency, East Java, Indonesia.

      Dr. Uttayan Chakrabarti, Dr. Vinod Chaitanya

Abstract: Dengue encephalitis with cranial mononeuropathy is a rare entity. Imaging being non-specific, diagnosis of the condition relies on detection of NS1 antigen and IgM antibodies in CSF. Treatment relies on maintenance of airways, adequate hydration and nutrition along with monitoring of vitals without any need of antivirals or antibiotics. Prompt recognition of the condition is necessary firstly due to the potential mortality associated with the condition and secondly to avoid unnecessary administration of drugs. Here we report a case of 25 year old female who presented with fever, vomiting and altered sensorium, had an isolated left 3rd nerve palsy, was investigated to have dengue encephalitis accounting for the same, was managed conservatively, discharged with stable vitals and resolution of the symptoms and normalisation of lab parameters.

      Rufina S. Hamafyelto (Mrs)

Abstract: This study investigated students’ perception towards the use of social media tools as interactive resources for teaching and evaluation in the University of Maiduguri. A survey of 2,466 undergraduate students was carried out in two semesters. The students were the 200 level of a 4/5 -year degree programme in 2017/2018 session offering Educational psychology in the Faculty of Education.

      Lok Nath Dulal

Abstract: The stone sculptures of Kumarsambhavam, displayed here in the stone work section of the National Museum, Nepal, are known as the important narrative panels of Lord Kumar the son of Mahadeva and Parvati. There are five different sculptures which describes the nativity story of Kumar. Kumarsambhavam is a Sanskrit poetry written by a famous Sanskrit poet Kalidasa in 4th century A.D. It is believed that the narrative panels are based on the version of the story of the poetry as mentioned above. No doubt, the Nepalese artists of ancient period perfectly carved the main notion of such poem as narrated by the renowned poet Kalidasa in his literature.

      Goutham Sridhar, Divya M, Dencil Mathew, Gowrishree H

Abstract: The major objective of the present work is to study the thermal profile for a considered turbine Blade without Thermal Barrier Coating. Then, the thermal profile of the same blade with Thermal Barrier Coating is studied. A ceramic TBC coating like Yttria-stabilized Zirconia or SiC matrix composite is used as the coating for the turbine blade profile. Through extensive CFD analysis using NUMECA, the CFD tool used to generate and simulate the flow over the turbine blade, the objective is carried out. Flow behaviors over the two turbine blades and the data obtained post simulation are compared and the the effectiveness of the Thermal Barrier Coating is observed.

      Pyone Pyone Khaing

Abstract: The main aim of this paper is to analyze the general land use of Sagaing Township, it is found to be influenced not only by natural factor such as topography, soil, climate and natural vegetation but also by social factor. Due to the increase of population in Sagaing urban region it is necessary to set up systematic residential lands. In order to get the urban features and characteristics it is necessary to start transforming the agricultural land to the industrial land in urban area.

      Ivy M. Lituañas and Mansueto C. Gutierrez Jr.

Abstract: An experiment was conducted to find out the suitable crop combination for increasing total productivity and net return through legume+vegetables intercropping system in a floating garden. Seven treatments viz., mungbean (monocrop), pechay (monocrop), upland kangkong (monocrop), lettuce (monocrop), mungbean + lettuce, mungbean + upland kangkong and mungbean + pechay were used in the study. Results showed that different intercropping combination did not influence the agronomic and yield components of mungbean which include the days to flowering, plant height, pod length and weight (g) of 100 seeds.

      DH Dilrukshi Nadeesha

Abstract: With the rapid growth of financial service sector and past experience of distress of financial service companies in Sri Lanka, this study motivates to investigate the relationship between the corporate governance structure and performance of 59 listed financial service companies in Colombo Stock Exchange during the period of 2014-2017. Tobin’s Q and Return on Assets are used as financial performance measures. Our findings show that managerial ownership is significantly associated with the market performance measure but not with accounting performance measure.

      Genevive Syangbo, Karma Samten Bhutia

Abstract: Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) established by an Act of Parliament in 1985 is one of the largest university in the world operating with the core objective of promoting opportunities for higher education and achieving its vision ‘reaching the unreached’. Analysing the role of IGNOU in the advancement and development of higher education through its outstretched academic and professional programmes, the University confers to provide education to the people, more particularly the women and the marginalised sections of the

      Punyakrit Singh Ranawat, Soni George

Abstract: India is endowed with unique geological and geomorphological processes. However, the positive trend of development has negatively impacted the geological wealth of our country. The aim of this paper is to convey to the reader in brief about the idea of Potential Geoheritage sites in our country present in almost every state. This comes in sync with tourism of such sites which is still hardly visible.

      Pratiwi Mukti Lestari and Titik Dwi Sulistiyati

Abstract: Biscuits are snacks that are known to be saved because they have a good and varied taste. Processing Eucheuma cottonii seaweed into flour as a raw material for making biscuits can be done to increase the use value and economic value of seaweed. The purpose of this study was to study the panelist acceptance and color characteristics of biscuits by substituting seaweed flour Eucheuma cottonii.

      Proyustitia Indri Purwonegoro and Titik Dwi Sulistiyati

Abstract: Brownies are one type of cake that has a characteristic blackish brown color. Brownies are made from a mixture of flour, eggs, margarine, chocolate powder and chocolate bars. The purpose of this study is to determined the level of acceptance of panelists and hardness in brownies substituted with seaweed flour Eucheuma cottonii. Variations in substitution of seaweed flour at the manufacture of steamed brownies had carried out with the percentage of seaweed flour at 0%, 5%, 10% and 15%. The research method used a completely randomized design of 4 treatments and 5 replication. Data were analyzed using the Kruskal-wallis test and the hardness analysis was analyzed using the One Way ANOVA test. The results showed that the substitution of Eucheuma cottonii seaweed flour has a significant effect on the hardness of brownies. The 10% concentration has a higher acceptability with a score of 3.54 with a hardness value of 48.48N.

      Davaasambuu Ulzii-orshikh, Liu Airong, Oyunbaatar Dambaravjaa, Peter Bol Gai Kuany

Abstract: The water resources in Mongolia are a vital and sensitive to change of the weather. The results if the climate changes show as the form of ruining of water resources, the lakes and ponds become surprisingly dry. All the surface water runs down to ground water levels, at the summer seasons there is always an extreme heat, as the result of this heat, there is always severe desertification because of the lack of rain precipitation and eventually the drought is eminent, consequences are that of soil change of its characteristics, withering of some species of plants, deterioration of the environment and subsequently the ecosystem in Mongolia. Its truth and fact that water are the vital resources of all the natural resources of which all the living thins depending on, be it surface water, hydrological, streams, the change in the hydrological system in the ecosystem is the change of most of living thing that needs water. The fluctuation of the climate is not only changing the hydrological system, but it also inflicts a serious changes of economic circular, and this change in economic or climate also change the demographic distribution of mankind. Therefore, the expected future change in Mongolia will also affect sustainable environment in the region and Mongolia in

      Inna Ukhrowiyatul Ma’rifah and Titik Dwi Sulistiyati

Abstract: Cookies are one of practical foods because they can be eaten at any time and with good packaging will have a relatively long shelf life. The substitution of rice bran flour in product Eucheuma cottonii seaweed cookies can increase the use value and economic value of rice bran flour. This study aim is to determine the level of acceptance of panelists and color characteristics of Eucheuma cottonii seaweed cookies with substitution of rice bran flour.

      Ahadina Dewi Maghfiroh and Titik Dwi Sulistiyati

Abstract: Shumai is a type of snack made from ground meat wrapped in a thin skin and steamed. In this research, shrimp shumai is made with the addition of carrots. The addition of carrots aims to improve the appearance of the color on shrimp shumai. The treatment in this study is adds 0%, 10%, 20% and 30% of carrots to shrimp shumai with an organoleptic test using 100 untrained panelists, continued with color test L, a, b, and chemical test for the best treatment of color and organoleptic parameters. The addition of carrots affects the parameters L, a, b, and organoleptic appearance.

      Niladri Sarkar

Abstract: Digital forensics involves the application of tried and tested methodologies for the Acquisition, preservation, validation, identification, analysis, documentation, interpretation, and presentation of evidences from sources in digital form, which can later be used to replicate the events found to be illegal . Acquisition, Preservation, Analysis are few of the most critical processes. The risk involved in these processes, the impact of the risk and standardisation followed to minimise risk are discussed in detail in this paper.

      Niladri Sarkar

Abstract: The process of electronic discovery is very commonly used by digital forensic experts for day today activity to investigate a civil or criminal case. There are several techniques used in electronic discovery keeping the main objective in focus. This paper talks about one of the widely used eDiscovery techniques called Email threading and elaborates the pros and cons of using it during an investigation.

      Ms.Binoo Sainy, PROF MINI ANIL

Abstract: Dysmenorrhea is a common gynecological complaint among adolescent girls and women of reproductive age. It refers to any degree of perceived cramping pain associated with menstruation.Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) therapies are widely used in the general population.13 CAM therapies may be adopted as interventions to prevent or alleviate dysmenorrhea. A pre-experimental study was conducted to assess the effectiveness of acupressure therapy (Sp6 point) on dysmenorrhoea during the first day of menstruation among nursing students at S R Nursing Colleges of Gwalior. The study used the pre-experimental approach with Two group pre-test post-test pre-experimental Research Design. Purposive sampling technique was taken up to select 60 respondents of dysmenorrhoea during their first day of menstruation in selected S R Student Nursing Hostel, Gwalior as per predetermined inclusion criteria

      Chiciani Diah Puspita and Titik Dwi Sulistiyati

Abstract: Cake is a baked dough with the basic ingredients of flour, sugar, eggs and fat. The substitution of cake with rice bran flour can increase the nutritional value of the cake because it contains dietary fiber which is beneficial for the bodys digestion. The purpose of this study was to determine the level of acceptance of panelists and the color characteristics of Gracilaria sp seaweed flour with substitution rice bran flour. The concentration used is 0% (A), 100% (B), 2.5% (C), 5% (D), and 7.5% (E). The results showed that the substitution of rice bran flour had a significant effect on the color of the cake.

      Tombisana S, Kshetrimayum RS, Khagokpam HD

Abstract: Gallstones are the most common biliary pathology. For decades, there has been a discussion, whether thyroid disorders could cause gallstone disease due to the low bile flow in hypothyroid subjects. The present study was conducted on 200 patients of gallstone diseases admitted in the Department of Surgery, Regional Institute of Medical Sciences Hospital, Imphal, after taking due permission from the Institutional Ethics Committee. Among the 43 hypothyroid patients with gallstones, 38 were found to be in subclinical state. Females showed predominance with 65.7%. Subclinical hypothyroid was more in the age group 46-55 years. Hypothyroidism in choledocholithiasis patients was more in subclinical state. When treating patients with gallstone disease, clinicians should be aware of the possible hypothyroid background and consider examining the thyroid function, atleast in elderly female patients.

      Shimanta Gogoi

Abstract: Assam is the most important part of North East India with huge amount of natural resources such as forests resources, water resources & mineral resources like petroleum, natural gas, coal, limestone etc. Despite these resources, the region is still facing serious problems of unemployment and poverty. Most of the people of Assam are living in rural areas. But the people of rural areas are still backward. This paper tries to analyze the causes of backwardness of rural areas of Assam. The main reasons of backwardness are ineffective implementation of government policies, misutilisation of loan, unawareness and prevalence of child labour etc. This paper focuses mainly prevalence of child labour as a cause of rural backwardness in Assam.

      Talatu Barwa Mohammed

Abstract: The broad aim of this research is to analyse the impact of innovation management on high growth entrepreneurship in selected SME of Nigeria. As the growth of SMEs in Nigeria is intense, new entrepreneurs need innovative ideas for starting a new business. So an analysis of innovation management for identifying its importance on the high growth entrepreneurship in SME has been conducted with this research. To conduct this study, the researcher used different literatures related with this research topic to identify and analyse factors relating to this and the effectiveness of this. The researcher accessed 20 persons as sample with a well structured questionnaire to collect required information on this regards. After proper analysis and reports from the collected data analysed statistically, the researcher identified that there is a high requirement of innovation management in SME industry of Nigeria for the entrepreneurs to invest and to sustain.

      A.Aruna Shantha

Abstract: In recent years, both academics and banking professionals are paying more attention towards the green banking concept due to its significant influence on environment management in banking context. In Sri Lanka, People’s bank adapted to the green banking practices in 2015 with YES savings accounts as the first state sector bank which introduced the green banking products to their customers. Even though there are so many convenient facilities and benefits available with green banking in People’s Bank since 2015, the problem is that there is a less customers’ intention to use these green banking products.

      Dessy Cahayaning Margi Utami, Maria Veronika Roesminingsih, Ari Wahyudi

Abstract: The study aims to improve student learning outcomes through the use of snake and ladders game media. Research location is at Budi Luhur Elementary School, Banyuurip Lor I Surabaya. The research approach used is quantitative. The research conducted was Quasi Experimental with the design of Nonequivalent Control Group Design. The study population was all fourth grade students at Budi Luhur Surabaya Elementary School and the sample of this study was IVA class amounting to 32 children as experimental class and IVB class as the control class amounted to 27 children. Data collection techniques used tests in the form of pretest and posttest questions as many as 20 items.

      Ristuhi Anggar Kusumadewi, Setya Yuwana Sudikan, Wahyu Sukartiningsih

Abstract: This study aims to develop and test the feasibility, practicality, and effectiveness of learning media in the form of quiz card-based learning media to improve reading skills of understanding. The research model used is the Four-D research and development (R & D) model.

      Janet Bela Nor Malita, Eddy Suprayitno

Abstract: Gelatin is a protein that is hydrolyzed from collagen. Gelatin is an easily digestible protein, containing all essential amino acids except tryptophan. Gelatin can be obtained from the skin and bones of animals. The highest production of gelatin is sourced from cows and pigs. Because some religions prohibit the consumption of foods that containing cows or pigs. For this reason, it is necessary to have an alternative source of gelatin which is lawful and can be consumed by all people. One alternative source of halal gelatin is lencam fish bone waste (Lethrinus lentjan).

      Riza Qurrota Ayunin, Eddy Suprayitno

Abstract: Red snapper skin is on eof thenalternative gelatin resource. Gelatinnis a protein obtainednfrom the results of partial hydrolysis of skin, bones, and white connective tissue. The typenof gelatin is divided into two types, gelatin type A (acid immersion) and type B (base immersion). Thenpurpose of this study wa to determine thenbest extraction time with 5 hours, 6 hours, and 7 hours treatment. The resultnshowed the best value at 7 hours extraction, containing yield (18,60%), gel strenght (8,97 N), and viscosity (6,48 cP). In addition, gelatin in this studyncontaining higher glycine (16,54%) as amino acidsnprofile.

      Dr.Dijla Abd Almutalb Khan

Abstract: Missed abortion is the failure of fetal development and retained in uterus not expelled with closed OSE. ultra sound show an empty gestational sac or fetus without cardiac activity, constitute approximately 5% clinically diagnosed pregnancy, 95% of surgical termination was effective ,surgical termination have many complication as risk of general Anesthesia and risk of bleeding during surgery with risk of trauma to uterus or intestine or bladder due to perforation to uterus with increase maternal morbidity in all the world with costs .of surgery and hospitalization with risk infection and risk of infertility due to uterine adhesion many studies show that medical management might be more suitable instead of surgical evacuation we perfume our study Al Zahraa hospital of gynecology and obstetrics in Al Najaf number of patient in first trimester pregnancy use misoprostol 800 Mg vaginally and compare an effectiveness with other studies for the same subject we found its very effective with low side effect , we recommend its use better than waiting for spontaneous onset of abortion with loss of time during which is emotional disturbance for the mother is occur with risk coagulation disturbance that increase need for blood and increase maternal morbidity missed abortion is failure of fetal development before 20 weeks with closed cervix and slight vaginal bleeding and uterus failed to expelled it

      Agbo David O, Madukwe Chinaza A, Anyalewechi Chika J

Abstract: The lack of natural light during night time in the urban environment has always been a problem. From people not being able to see where they are going, to the greater chance of being attacked or mugged at night which as we all know is a problem that has been in existence since humans started living together. The main advantage of this system exists in the reduction of costs related to energy consumption by the street light by integrating a vehicle/human detection algorithm into the system. The introduction of this vehicle/human detection algorithm further reduces the power consumption costs. In this project, solar PV is used to supply the energy to charge the battery.

      Akanksha Prasad

Abstract: Buildings are termed as important components for various applications. Building extraction is defined as a sub-problem of Object Recognition. Though, numerous building extraction techniques have been proposed in the literature. But still they often exhibit limited success in the real scenarios. The main purpose of this research is to develop an algorithm which is able to detect and extract buildings from satellite images. In the proposed approach feature-based extraction process is used to extract buildings from satellite images. The overall system is tested and high performance detection is achieved which shows the effectiveness of proposed approach.

      Ginoga Veridona, Artha Prabawa

Abstract: Houses are a primary need for humans. The need for houses that meet healthy requirements is very important in order to improve household health status and prevent disease. The parameters of a healthy house have been regulated by a law issued by the Ministry of Health where there are 17 parameters that must be met. The purpose of this paper is to know the overview of healthy houses in Indonesia.

      Mungathia, T , Gariy Z. A, Nyomboi, T

Abstract: To investigate the behavior of sisal fibre and waste plastic modified asphalt concrete mixes, a study was done to determine the feasibility of modifying the behaviour of open graded asphalt (OGA) concrete mix through the use of sisal fiber and waste plastics. The main objective of this research was to analyze and study how sisal fibre and waste plastics can be used to reduce bitumen drain down and effectively utilize waste plastics in construction of flexible pavement to improve on strength.

      Mungathia, T 1, Gariy Z. A, Nyomboi, T

Abstract: To investigate the behavior of sisal fibre and waste plastic modified asphalt concrete mixes, a study was done to determine the feasibility of modifying the behaviour of open graded asphalt (OGA) concrete mix through the use of sisal fiber and waste plastics. The main objective of this research was to analyze and study how a combination of sisal fibre and waste plastics can be used to reduce bitumen drain down and effectively utilize waste plastics in construction of flexible pavement to improve on

      Dr. David Onyancha Omae (PhD)

Abstract: Kenya has not yet achieved full access to Universal Primary Education (UPE) for school going-age children. This study sought to establish stakeholders’ perceptions on pupils’ cultural background on access to primary education (PE) in Masimba Disivion, Masaba south Sub-County, Kisii County of Kenya. The study adopted the descriptive survey design. The target population was 405 teachers and 16059 pupils in all public primary schools in Masimba Disivion, Masaba South Sub-County. Stratified random sampling was used to select the subjects for the study who comprised of 150 teachers and 361 pupils from 36 selected public primary schools. Two instruments namely; Teacher’s Questionnaire (TQ) and pupil’s Questionnaire (PQ) developed by the researcher were used to collect data. The research instruments were pilot tested in two randomly selected public primary schools

      Hussaini Aliyu and Yahaya Ado Umar

Abstract: This paper examines the spatial characteristics of ‘Almajiri’ (Tsangaya) Schools with a view to assessing the physical planning implications. Geographic coordinates of ‘Almajiri’ Schools was obtained with the aid of GPS (Garmin GPSMAP 78S). Features related to space considered include site and situation of ‘Almajiri’ schools, living area per ’Almajiri’, floor area, site coverage. Building and environmental physiognomies like building type, building use, building facilities, environmental sanitation, and waste disposal methods.

      Judith Nduku Kimeu, D.O Mbuge

Abstract: Renewable Energy (RE) is perceived to play an increasingly important role in fast-tracking accessibility to affordable electricity as an alternative to the nonconventional sources. The role of such REs in mitigating negative environmental effects has been given much emphasis. Developing isolated mini-grids has been one of the potential projects in scaling up RE to achieve rural electrification in line with Kenya’s energy solar PV-Diesel Hybrid minigrids systems are discussed. Further, the proposed Simulation Software policies. In this paper, the environmental effects of solar PV Minigrid, Diesel minigrid and the corresponding (Homer) and the Case Study (Turkana County) are discussed.

      Aigboje Preston Ikhelowa, Braimah Odunayo Joseph & Umoru Oshioke Marcus, Aimufua Godstime

Abstract: This study is designed to relate the Cox Proportional Hazard model to evaluate the determinant factors of survival time, predict the clinical progression of HIV/AIDs ailment by means of secondary data obtained from the Antiretroviral Rehabilitation Unit of Central Hospital, Agbor, Delta State, Nigeria. The statistics were extracted from Regular Patient Medical Registration. A study was undertaken on a sample of 1000 HIV/AIDs patients who were followed for a minimum predetermined period of 11 years and 3 months. From the sample, 64.2 per cent were female and 35.8 per cent were male, 8.6 per cent of the patients were report dead; while 91.4 per cent patients were censored. The Cox regression result indicated that the survival time of the HIV/AIDs patient is significantly related to gender, on ART, enrolment date, and current age.

      Dr.Uttayan Chakrabarti,Dr.Ashish Goel

Abstract: Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS), though associated with progressive motor weakness and areflexia, there have been case reports of GBS presenting as hyperreflexia and maintained reflexes. Early detection and treatment is of paramount importance as delay in diagnosis portends a poor prognosis to the patient. There is clear evidence of an association of an antecedent infectious disease associated with the development of GBS, therefore if proper diagnostic studies are not considered early in the course of treatment, the potential antecedent etiology may remain elusive. Here we report an atypical case of GBS with hyperreflexia precipitated by Lyme’s disease.

      Veena Arali, Mini Ajitha, Nagarathna C

Abstract: STUDY OBJECTIVES: To evaluate the size of the adenoid and thickness of soft palate in the test group consisting of children with mouth breathing habit and compare it with the control group which included children without mouth breathing habit. Also to correlate the occurrence of pediatric obstructive sleep apnea among such children.

      J.N. Mwero, P.R.A. Bukachi

Abstract: Countries like the USA, UK and the Netherlands have all adopted Building Information Modelling as a standard and it is used in the design and construction process. In Kenya, neither is the use of Building Information Modelling mandatory nor has it been made a standard for any form of work. Its adoption is purely based on the organizations policies and preferences.

      Emellika Rahmayana, Dr. Rudy Trisno Yuwono, SKom., MM

Abstract: Based on the results of the analysis of the quality of the website, analyzed the XXI and CG cinema providers in Indonesia, the utilization of the facilities is to market the currently aired and aired films. People can choose the movie they want to see, the location of the movie, the price of the movie, and any time available. However, in reality sometimes people also prefer to come directly to the Cinema because of the quality of the website is less user friendly for use by the community. So the quality of the website will greatly affect the level of user satisfaction itself. To know the level of user satisfaction of cinema service website, then do quality comparison between website XXI and CGV using WEBQUAL method (Website Quality) with 3 pieces of X that are information quality, interaction quality, and usability quality plus 1 additional variable Y namely customer satisfaction with smartPLS application.

      Kalu Emmanuel Ogbonnaya, Benard Chibuike Okechi, Benedict Chimezie Nwankwo

Abstract: Statistical fallacy has been a menace in the field of sciences. This is mostly contributed by the misconception of analysts and thereby led to the distrust in statistics. This research investigated the conception of students from selected departments on statistical concepts as it relates statistical fallacy. Students in Statistics, Economics, Psychology, and Banking/Finance department were randomly sampled with a sample size of 36, 43, 41 and 38 respectively. A Statistical test was conducted to obtain their conception score about statistical concepts. A null hypothesis which states that there will be no significant difference between the students’ conception of statistical concepts with respect to their departments was tested using One-way Analysis of Variance (ANOVA). The hypothesis was rejected based on F(3,157) = 23.471 and p-value < 0.001 which suggests statistical significant difference in their conceptions. It was then found out that Statistics students have a higher understanding about statistical concepts followed by Economics, Psychology and Banking/Finance students with a low understanding of Statistical concepts using a post-hoc (Tukey HSD) test and mean chart.

      Gupta Abhishek, Kumari Vinay, Rai Kanika, Dr. (Mrs.) Jyoti Sarin

Abstract: Design: True experimental i.e: “Randomized controlled Trail: pretest posttest design”

      Nwe Nwe Khaing, Khin Mya Mya

Abstract: Hatching success and post-natal stages of Dendrocygna javanica (Lesser Whistling Duck) were recorded from January 2007 to December 2007 at Paleik In in SinKaing Township, Mandalay division. Nests of D. javanica were observed among a variety of sites. All nests are nearly cup-shaped with a slight depression at the center. During the study period it was observed that 12 nests were constructed of twigs and broken dry leaves of Myet Mont Nyin grass (Carex pandanophylla), among the broken dry leaves of Myar grass (Cyperus spp.) and on the bending branches of Kyee tree (Barringtonia acutangular) at Paleik In. During the year 2007, 12 nests, 87 eggs and 49 hatchlings were observed in Paleik In. Among these nests 50% were recorded as successful, 25% as lost by predator, 16.67% were lost by flooding and 8.33% as abandoned. Of the 87 eggs observed, 49 eggs (56.32%) survived until hatching.

      Mercy Kintu, Aletta Shitenga,Martha Shiteng

Abstract: As urban space continues to expand to accommodate a growing global population, there remains a real need to quantify and qualify the impacts of urban space on natural processes. The expansion of global urban areas has resulted in marked alterations to natural processes, environmental quality and natural resource consumption. The urban landscape influences infiltration and evapotranspiration, complicating our capacity to quantify their dynamics across a heterogeneous landscape at contrasting scales. Impervious surfaces exacerbate runoff processes, whereas runoff from pervious areas remains uncertain owing to variable infiltration dynamics. Increasingly, the link between the natural hydrological cycle and engineered water cycle has been made, realizing the contributions from leaky infrastructure to recharge and runoff rates. Urban landscapes are host to a suite of contaminants that impact on water quality, where novel contaminants continue to pose new challenges to monitoring and treatment regimes.

      Dr. Therese Mary William

Abstract: Introduction: There are lots of transitions within the trajectory of being an independent medical practitioner. Transition is a continuous and an inevitable process in the medical career, it starts from the first day at medical school and continues until doctors’ retirement, with accompanying changes in identities. Transition period can be a double-edged sword, it represents potential threats as well as valuable learning opportunities. Preparedness for transitions can be complex, Isaac Asimov stated in his famous dictum that “Life is pleasant, death is peaceful, it is the transition that is troublesome”. Jindal Snape also, argued that transitions can be times of multiple adversities for some as what it might be seen as minor hassles by others. Transition is a continuous process and a stepping stone between each stage, yet it does not eliminate on stepping up to a new level. Understanding the complexity of the transitions helps smoother processes, better preparedness and adaptation of junior doctors for their new responsibilities and ultimately safer patients.

      Girley P. Mingke, Dr. Emybel M. Alegre

Abstract: The study was conducted to determine the difficulties encountered in mathematical word problem solving in Butuan Central Elementary School. Descriptive type of research through survey questionnaire was used in the study. The researchers used quota sampling with a random selection in order to limit researcher’s choice of sample. Each selection of Grade 6 class had the number of respondents that were randomly selected with the help of corresponding teachers.

      Sodik Romadlon, Eddy Suprayitno dan Titik Dwi Sulistiyati

Abstract: The cork fish is not liked by the community due to the fishy smell or fishy smell of cork, so it is necessary to diversify the processing of cork fish in order to be able to increase the interesting consumption of the community. The process of cork fish has not yet been optimal, so it is necessary to diversify the process of cork fish into a product that has a higher value, both from nutrition and economics so that the potential of cork fish can be utilized optimally, one of which is by making brownies with cinnamon as an antioxidant.

      Blahoua Kassi Georges, Adou Yedehi Euphrasie, Etilé Raphaël N’Doua, N’Douba Valentin

Abstract: This study compared gill monogenean parasite of Tylochromis jentinki from two sectors in Ebrié lagoon during March 2017 to February 2018. Six hundred specimens of T. jentinki were necropsied for parasitological analysis. Gills were prepared from each specimen following standard methods for microscopic analysis. Parasitological indices were calculated. The diversity indices were determined using Berger-Parker dominance index, Shannon-Weaver index, Pielou’s measure of evenness, Margalef’s diversity index and the Simpson index. Three species (Cichlidogyrus berrebii, C. kothiasi and C. pouyaudi) occurred and the parasitic populations varied depending on the sampling sector. All the indices considered showed significant differences among the two sectors of Ebrié Lagoon except for the evenness which showed no significant differences both study areas. The diversity of monogenean seemed to be influenced by environmental conditions.

      Badhon Ahmmed, Khandoker Qudrata Kibria

Abstract: The aim of the study was to observe the suitability of tube-wells water consumed by people of Lalpur upazila in Natore district for drinking purpose in comparison to standard of World Health Organization (WHO) and the standard of Bangladesh. In this study, it was tried to find out the physical and chemical conditions of the drinkable tube-wells water used in the studied region and to observe the presence or absence of total coliform & Escherichia coli bacteria.

      Archana Sinha, Sushant Kumar Sharma, Kavya Abhilashi,S.K Suman, Prem Prakash

Abstract: BACKGROUND: Breast pain may be cyclic or non-cyclic,focal or diffuse. Cyclic pain is thought to be due to hormonal changes, is usually bilateral and more in the upper and outer quadrants.Non-cyclic,focal pain is due to breast diseases,mostly benign. Role of imaging techniques like mammography and ultrasonography, in palpable breast lumps have been proven, however their role in cases of mastalgia alone is still a matter of research.

      Mungathia, T, Gariy Z. A, Nyomboi, T

Abstract: This study was done to determine how to improve moisture susceptibility of Open Graded Asphalt Concrete mix through the use of sisal fibre and waste plastics. The indirect tensile strength is an indicator of tensile properties of the Open Graded Asphalt (OGA) mixture. This test is generally associated with cracking behavour of the road pavement. The higher the results, the stronger the pavement to resist crack development. Further, the tensile strength ratio of asphalt concrete shows its ability to resist moisture susceptibility. The test is also a measure of water sensitivity of the asphalt mix.

      Dhany Jeffriansah and Eddy Suprayitno

Abstract: Gelatin is a collagen derivative compound found in the skin, bones, and connective tissue of animals that are hydrolyzed using acidic or basic solutions. The industry that uses gelatin the most is the food industry. Cork fish skin has a very high protein and is rich in albumin so that it can be used by people with hypalbumin (low albumin) and accelerate wound healing. The process of making gelatin has 2 extraction methods, namely the acid and base method. The extraction process using the acid method is faster than using the base method, because the acid solution hydrolyzes collagen to gelatin more be faster. For this reason, HCl solutions are used in research to determine the effect of adding concentration on the process of making gelatin. Giving different concentrations during the manufacturing process is expected to produce the best quality gelatin concentration in chemical and physics.

      J.N. Mwero, C.K. Lagat

Abstract: This paper outlines a study on the effectiveness of deep learning techniques at detecting voids given photographs of concrete surfaces. The proposed deep learning model makes use of a convolutional neural network (CNN) and an artificial neural network (ANN). The model was trained on a dataset of 4,032 images of sizes 32x32 and 128x128, and subsequently obtained a training accuracy of 92.08% and a validation accuracy of 89.08%.

      Mr. Chhy Sothy

Abstract: Human resource management plays a significant role in maintaining and promoting quality education in private secondary schools. The active participation of principals in managing human resource is to ensure ensuring effective teaching and learning. The functions of human resource management in the school includes recruitment and selection, training and development, compensation and benefits, and performance management.

      Ekereke, Layefa, Ekakitie, Omamoke

Abstract: Random changes in financial markets have motivated the extensive use of stochastic processes in finance. With the advent of digital technology and the accompanying gains in processing speed and data storage, techniques in signal processing have become increasingly sought after in the finance industry.

      Moe Moe San, Naung Cho Wynn

Abstract: In high-current, high-voltage power systems a very clear differentiation between steady-state and transient behavior of circuits is made. This is based on the concept that steady state behavior is normal and transients arise from the faults. The operation of most electronic circuits (such as oscillators, switch capacitors, rectifiers, resonant circuits etc.) is based on their transient behavior, and therefore the transients here can be referred to as ‘‘

      Ms. Mandeep Kaur, Ms. Simarjeet Kaur, Ms. Chandanpreet Kaur

Abstract: Modern life is full of stress. Everyone face stress in their daily life. Stress is simply a fact of nature forces from the inside or outside world affecting the individual. The individual responds to stress in ways that affect the individual as well as their environment.1 Stress is a big issue know a days in teaching profession because of overburden at their work environment. Therefore, the present study was conducted on school teachers to assess the level of stress and educate them about management of stress by using progressive muscle relaxation technique.

      Pratheesh. N, Pretheeba P

Abstract: The banking sector recognized as the dominant and leading sector of adopting the trend of using Internet to serve their customers. Banks are now moving forward towards Internet banking from their traditional banking procedures and adopt e-commerce to carry out most of their banking transactions. The prime objective of undertaking this study is to analyse the contributors of the customer adoption of Internet banking in Savings Bank in Sri Lanka. The self-administered questionnaires relying on a 4 point likert scale was distributed to sample of 300 customers who are using internet banking and analysed and the corresponding findings are discussed in the work.


Abstract: Competitiveness imposed by globalization and international trade requires improvement and measurement of policies on public administration as well as private participation projects in infrastructure with measuring effects on the economic gross domestic product (GDP) & inflation rate, paper aims to Define the geographic & sectorial disruption of private participation in infrastructure projects in Sub Saharan Africa region and popular types was used for period 1990-2017.

      O.T. Osore

Abstract: Taking into consideration the trend of urban development in recent times, the ineluctable evidence of slum formation can be seen as a resulting effect of urbanization in developing countries such as Nigeria. Urban centres are undoubtedly central to the changes in any society that lead to socio-economic advancement and urban development. Yet, in spite of the availability of collective services such as education, health, industrial, commercial and technological services, in most of these cities, regardless of their size, slums continue to have a dominant appearance across them..

      I Nengah Aryasta, Luh Gede Sri Artini

Abstract: This study was to analyze the effect of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the rupiah exchange rate against the US dollar, inflation, interest rates, Dow Jones Index, BSE Sensex Index, Nikkei-225 Index, and Shanghai Index on the composite stock prices index in Indonesia. The study used secondary data obtained from www.yahoo.finance.com, Central Bank of Indonesia, and the Indonesian Central Bureau of Statistics. Data was collected in the quarter period from January 2010 - December 2018 with 36 data numbers per each variable. Multiple linear regression analysis technique was used for the analytical method.

      LKAMA, Julius Drambi; DABO, Umar Yusuf

Abstract: This study determined the effectiveness of Constructivist teaching method on students’ performance in metalwork in technical colleges in Yobe State, Nigeria. The study adopted quasi-experimental research design in which intact classes were used. Two research questions were raised to guide the study, two hypotheses were formulated and tested at 0.05 level of significance. The sample size was 58 students selected from the two technical colleges in the state.

      Thandar Htwe, Myintzu Phyo Aung

Abstract: Information systems plays a major role in contemporary university. In a university, the management of student information is tedious and boring and it is needed to be computerized. The achievements in the education and the science areas depend on the computerization of the activities of university. The student information system of a university stores and tracks all student data which are needed by the faculty and staff to manage the operations of the university. Information such as grades, attendance records, admission information, and financial aid are tracked through these platforms. This paper presents the development of student information system for a university using ADO.Net technology and Microsoft SQL to help faculty and staff to manage the university

      Jesca B.M. Musungu, John Ngasike, Specia Akello, Anne Muiru

Abstract: Social interaction between children and more knowledgeable members of society is essential for children to acquire ways of thinking and behaving. Although socio-cultural activities enhance learning in pre-school children, some teachers and parents in Kakamega South Sub-County have not embraced them in relevant learning areas such as language, poetry, outdoor activities and mathematics. This study aimed at establishing the influence between socio-cultural activities and pre-academic skills among ECDE learners in Kakamega South Sub-County.

      Surono Parabang, Amin Setyo Leksono, Andi Tamsil, Soemarno

Abstract: The increase in population and rapid development in various sectors is directly proportional to the amount of waste produced. The high number of residents will result in increased use of clean water, then the increased use of clean water will increase the amount of waste produced. On the other hand, the amount of infrastructure and facilities for managing household wastewater is very limited.

      Sachidanand S.Zaware,Mangal S.Zaware

Abstract: In this research, the students of Class IX studied the reasons for the difficulties of mathematics to find and apply it.The students of Class IX took pre-test and post-test.From this, I used to remember the use of knowledge, constructivism and practice in nature, in memory of the mathematical symbols Activity,tables and Formula rule properties.

      Prachi Pandey and Dr. R.C. Agrawal

Abstract: In the present investigations, the anticarcinogenic activity of Andrographis paniculata leaves and whole plant extracts was evaluated using two stage protocol in skin papillioma model in Swiss albino mice . It is a widely used medicinal plant and used in various indigenous systems of medicine. The prevention of papillomas in DMBA + Andrographis paniculata leaves and whole Plant extract + croton oil treated group was observed in The mice which was initiated by DMBA followed by croton oil .

      Yosef Muhamad Rachman Baniaz Muliawan, Sabarinah Prasetyo

Abstract: Diarrhea cases in Brebes District by the year 2016 increased more than 60% from year earlier. The objective of this study was to determine the priority intervention areas of diarrhea cases related to environmental sanitation, behavior and community access parameters based on the Brebes District Health Profile, 2016.

      Dr. Oby G. Offor, Nzekwe A.E., Nwagboso Grace

Abstract: Dyeing is the process of application or coloring of desired fibers, yarns, or fabrics to obtain fastness. This involves special solution containing dyes and particular chemical material. The study is to develop extract and harness natural dye for fashion dyeing techniques in industries in south-east and west Nigeria.

      Etim,Okon Effiom,Bassey,Utibe Evans,Nnamudi,Anthony Chibuzor

Abstract: This study was designed to investigate the phytoremediation effects of Dacryodes edulis seeds on the levels of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and heavy metals in germinating leaves of Telfairia occidentalis grown in crude oil polluted environment. Differential amounts of the powdered seed of Dacryodes edulis was introduced into four cotton wool vessels which were contaminated with crude oil prior to the planting of T. occidentalis.

      Hengki Dwi Julianto, Mustaji, Hendratno

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to describe the village of Pancasila as the identity and character formation of elementary school students. This type of research is descriptive qualitative. The research location is in SDN Balun Lamongan.Sources of data in research explored through other research subjects, ie principals, teachers, and students.Methods of data collection using interviews, observation and documentation.

      Maula Ismail M, Besral, Milla Herdayati

Abstract: Goiter is a swelling of the neck due to enlargement of the thyroid gland. Beside as a body image disorders, thyroid gland disorder can result including cardiovascular disease, hypertension, stunting and impaired fertility in women. Another impact of goiter was students which has goiter experiences has lower average grade than normal students. Bulakamba, Brebes District was a region with a severe goiter categories.

      S.P.G.M.Abeyrathna, A.J.M.Priyadarshana

Abstract: This study investigates the impact of firm size on profitability of listed manufacturing companies in Sri Lanka. In this study, 20 manufacturing companies which have been listed in Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) have been selected as the sample using random sampling method and data have been collected from the annual reports of year 2014 to 2017. Return on Assets and Net Profit have been used as the indicators of firms’ profitability.

      Mohamed Abu Alkawash

Abstract: Address the extent to which higher education institutions standards of total quality management in accordance with the different axes, and represented the study procedures in the use of descriptive and analytical approach, also used the questionnaire to collect information tool which has been applied to a sample of 62 of the directors and heads of departments and units and members of the faculty and all of his role in the strategic planning of higher education institutions in Sabratha

      K.F. Yarn

Abstract: This thesis is mainly to study the oxygen sensing characteristics of gallium metal oxide film at high temperature, and to analyze the oxygen sensing at temperatures above 600°C. First, the gallium oxide thin film is grown on the silicon substrate by sputtering, and the film quality and the boundary particle size are determined by different sputtering conditions, and the film structure is analyzed by atomic force microscopy. Finally, using this intrinsic and variable resistance characteristic of a gallium oxide film under oxygen, a simple Wheatstone bridge circuit was designed to successfully complete an oxygen voltage sensing transducer.

      Kao-Feng Yarn

Abstract: In this study, the solar detector is used as a light source sensor by means of a photodetector is proposed. After using the HT66F50 single-chip processing microprocessor, the signal is output to the stepping motor. In this way, the motor can be adjusted in an automatic manner to adjust the solar panel to the characteristics of the required angle. The researched results can be used as a reference for relevant researchers.

      Ejem, Chukwu Agwu; Oriko, Bonaventure Ofasia and Nwakodo, Ogechi Blessing.

Abstract: This study ‘Does government recurrent expenditure drive growth in Nigeria’? found the absence of multicolinearity and heteroskesdasticity with no serial correlation. The data employed showed that the variables are differenced once to be statationary using Augmented Dickey Fuller unit root test. Johansen Cointegration Test found long run relationships existing between growth of the economy (Gross Domestic Product) and Recurrent Expenditure variables.

      Tania Maretna, Delyuzar, Hidayat

Abstract: Background: CYP1A1 plays a role in the phase I metabolism of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAHs) and estrogen metabolism. This gene polymorphism is suspected to be one of predisposition factors contributing to incidence of breast carcinoma. Literatures about CYP1A1 gene polymorphism in breast carcinoma showed contradictory results.

      Tri Puji Asmiati, Delyuzar, Hidayat

Abstract: Background: Cervical cancer is the second most frequent cancer in women wordwide and the leading cause of death in several developing countries. It is well established that the risk factors of cervical cancer are infection of Human Papillomavirus, contraception, age of menarche, and parity.

      Rini Syahrani Harahap, Delyuzar, Soekimin

Abstract: Background : Most patients with NSCLC are diagnosed in advanced stage. Several investigators evaluated the possibility to modulate the immune system for treating lung cancer. PD-L1 expression on tumour cells leads to the inhibition of immune responses against cancer. The aim of this study is to differentiate expression PD-L1 in lung adenocarcinoma and lung squamous cell carcinoma.

      W.F. Bakr

Abstract: Radium-226 activity is determined by gamma spectrometry, based on the measurement of radon progeny short lived isotopes (214Pb and 214Bi) when Ra-Rn secular equilibrium is reached. Depending on the behaviors of radon emanation from the soil matrix, the homogeneous distribution of these radionuclides in measured soil samples may be lost, which may affect the quality of the obtained results if not taken into consideration. This paper highlights some assumptions regarding the distribution of radon daughters in the soil matrix and their effect on the detection efficiency of an HPGe detector using Mont Carlo simulation code.

      Khujanazarov Uktam Eshtemirovich, Pulatova Nilufar Abdusafiyevna, Abidova Sadokat Abduakhadovna

Abstract: This article involves the information on the level of degradation of vegetation communities spread in the upper parts of mountain and foothill territories of Kashkadarya basin. So, the list of rare and endemic species is also reflected in the article.

      T.M.P.M. Dissanayaka, K.H.I. Gimhani, W.A.H. Champa

Abstract: The study was conducted to develop frozen yoghurt, flavoured with jackfruit pulp. Sensory data revealed that, the sample incorporated with 15% jackfruit pulp had the best qualities. Protein content of all jackfruit pulp incorporated frozen yoghurts was significantly higher (p < 0.05) and their fat content was significantly lower (p < 0.05) compared to the control. Significantly higher (p < 0.05) overrun was observed in the frozen yoghurt containing 20% of jackfruit pulp compared to the control. Titratable acidity increased and pH decreased in all samples during the storage.

      Dr. Nadeesha Gunawardana

Abstract: Thēra Mahinda is stipulated as Dīpaprasādaka in Sri Lanka. In the Aśōkāvadāna, there is no reference at all of the Mahinda. He was the son of Emperor Aśoka. At the age of twelve years a monk (age of 32) guided by his teacher Moggaliputtatissa, thēra Mahinda visited to Sri Lanka with six other fellows. He introduced the Buddhism to Sri Lank.

      Dr. Nadeesha Gunawardana

Abstract: The main objective of this research paper is to identify the authenticity of the historical facts compiled on Sri Lanka, by Xuanzang. He travelled to India in seventh century C.E. Although he wanted to visit Sri Lanka, he could not visit the island owing to a famine and political unrest in Sri Lanka. He visited Kānchipuram, and there he met the chief monks of Bodhimegehsvar and Abhayadrustra with three hundred other fellow monks, who stayed in South India, owing to the famine and the political unrest that occurred in Sri Lanka. Xuanzang’s records of Sri Lanka was based on, what he has heard from the above monks. In this research the attention is made to compare the records of the Xuanzang with the chronicles of Sri Lanka, the Divyāvadāna, the records Faxian and the Jātaka stories.

      Ajala O. A. , Obalalu A. M. , Abimbade S. F. and Akinyemi O. T.

Abstract: In this paper, forced convective heat generation in a steady flow of an incompressible viscous fluid through a channel permeable walls was studied. The nonlinear governing equations along with boundary are converted into ordinary differential equations using appropriate similarity transformations.

      Tangirova Nodira Khasanovna

Abstract: This article analyzes the laws of helminthes exchanging among wild and domestic birds and their circulation development in different biocenoses.

      Mannapova Nargiza Shakirovna

Abstract: The article involves the problem of a healthy lifestyle and the formation of motivation for the upbringing of a healthy lifestyle (HL) of future teachers of educational institutions. The concept of motivation principles of the formation of the motivation of healthy lifestyle is described; information on the results of experimental studies is given.

      Asriadi, Suratman, Baharuddin, Hamsinah, Badu Ahmad

Abstract: Organizational culture and knowledge management become the prominent dimensions in developing the health service innovation into achieve the high performance of the health service institution in the era of decentralization and competitiveness for local government Organizational culture has benefits to improve the condition of performance and innovation, and also knowledge management can help to make the organization stability and organization performance. Surprisingly, there is little research conducted to measure the organizational culture and knowledge management by using the health service innovation as a moderating variable toward the performance of health service institution.

      Ria Resti Fauziah, Prof Mustaji,M.Pd, Dr. Nanik Setyowati, M.Si

Abstract: Researches are interested in developing if it is associated with how to solve problems in the learning process, thinking is a cognitive process in the process involving some knowledge manipulation such as connecting the understanding with one another in the cognitive system directed is to find or produce solutions in solving a problem in the learning process. But the facts in the field of students tend to be interested in interacting digitally rather than interacting directly with their surroundings. This study aims to determine the effect of Problem based learning and cooperative skills on the critical thinking skills of fourth grade students at MI AL-AZHAR Menganti Gresik

      Sri Undiyani, Suhanadji, Raden Roro Nanik Setyowati

Abstract: This research aims to improve student learning outcomes through the use of a model of Discovery Learning. Location of research in SDN Pajaran O5 Madiun. The study was a Quasi-Experimental. The population is all fourth-grade students at SDN Pajaran O5 Madiun.

      Muhammad Azriansah, Muhari, Waspodo Tjipto Subroto

Abstract: The research aimed to develop a textbook of social basic concept based on quantum learning to increase student learning achievement. The development model used four-D models (define, design, develop and disseminate).

      Siddik Romadhan, Raden Roro Nanik Setyowati, Waspodo Cipto Subroto

Abstract: The background of this research by folklore which is a heritage of knowledge noble values in society. Therefore, very precise serve as resource nationalism in shaping attitudes of students especially for primary school children.The purpose of this research to develop teaching materials folklore nationalism in shaping attitudes of primary school students.

      Dewi Erlynawati, Yatim Riyanto, Nasution

Abstract: The purpose of this research is to measure the readability of discourse and to ensure that it is written on the book cover that this reading book is intended by elementary school age children. The reading level of the folklore is using the Fry legibility Formula. The research uses quantitative descriptive methods. The Data is the text of the Peoples Story discourse Samba Paria.

      Jane Kuria

Abstract: Mobile app stores business model has made mobile apps available to millions of people anytime, anywhere. Developers develop apps that are available to users in short periods of time. Mobile application are downloaded in their billions. Most of these apps fail. Quality of the mobile applications is the major factor. Users can now use an app and give feedback by way of rating and leaving comments.

      Thanda Aung, Lin Lin Naing

Abstract: The Brahmaso Humanitarian Aid Organization (BHAO) is the most popular philanthropic organization in Myanmar. It provides various kinds of aids for human including healthcare service with free of charge. It stands only on donation from public. Total of sixteen units for health problems are provided. The purpose of this paper is to perform a comparative study for reduction of total patients’ waiting time in the clinic by considering for different departments of clinic such as patient’s registration and pre-checkup department, consultation department, and treatment and pharmacy department under the general diseases unit using different queuing models.

      J.A.O. Oyekunle, K.T. Ogundele, A.S. Adekunle, M.O. Omirin, T.P. Abe, M.O. Dawodu, A.A. Adenuga, O. Ayinuola and O.W. Makinde

Abstract: This study evaluated the radiological hazard levels of the naturally occurring radionuclides in samples of commonly consumed vegetable and condiment samples collected from Ile-Ife main market. Gamma Ray Spectrometer was used to profile 238U, 232Th, and 40K levels in the samples. Activity Concentrations, Radium equivalent activity concentration index (Raeq), Absorbed Gamma Dose Rate (DR), External Hazard Index (Hex), Internal Hazard Index (Hin), Excess Lifetime Cancer Risk (ELCR) and Annual Effective Dose Equivalent (AEDE) were subsequently evaluated.

      Sumiara,S.Pd, Prof. Dr. Yatim Riyanto, M.Pd, Dr. Suhanadji, M.Si

Abstract: This study aims to determine the effect of Treffinger learning models on the ability to think critically and student learning outcomes. This research is an experimental research, the research design used is Quasi Experimental Research. The experimental class that uses treatment using the Treffinger learning model, one class only uses conventional learning models.

      Talatu Barwa Mohammed

Abstract: The research focuses on finding the impact of advanced technology on entrepreneurship in an organization. The research found that there is a powerful relationship between technological advancement and entrepreneurship in an organization as newer technology enhance the flow of creative ideas in the organization. The research also finds it important to ensure the participation of the employees for effective idea generation. In most cases, organizations are reluctant to increase the participation or do not apply the latest technologies available in the market. In order to conduct the research, a sample of 30 respondents from Airtel, Nigeria was drawn in simple random sampling method. The respondents were provided a 6-question questionnaire to conduct this primary quantitative research.

      Gowtham B.C, Ajay Prakash B.V

Abstract: "The incessant need to furnish better interfaces between people and computer engendered in intelligent systems with prime emphasis on User Interface, basic software engineering principles and simplified yet powerful data analytics for the Business. In this race, Small and Medium Scale Enterprises fell behind due to lack of human, technical and financial resources."

      Eunice Chiamaka Allen-Ngbale

Abstract: CISG is the main international sales contract uniform treaty ratified by a significant proportion of world trade. Can courts of a non-contracting party be compelled, as propounded by some writers, to apply CISG impliedly or by default or acquire the status of force of law to be justiciable?

      Dr. Geethani Amratunga and Dr. Nadeesha Gunawardana

Abstract: It is impossible for the king to control the economy of the country alone; therefore he needed a supportive staff for it. The administrative officers who helped the king in the monetary transactions can be identified from the Brāhmī inscriptions, chronicles as well as from the Vinaya commentaries, in Sri Lanka. Some of the administrative officers who have helped the king in the monetary transactions are discussed here.

      Dr. Geethani Amratunga and Dr. Nadeesha Gunawardana

Abstract: There are many foreign accounts on Sri Lankan history. The “Record of the Western Regions” of Xuanzang’s having a considerable accounts on Sri Lanka. Although there are many other divergences and discrepancies with Mahāvamasa and the other chronicles, we are lucky to gain some controversial historical facts from the above text. This enables us to gain a better understanding of the religious milieu that formed or existed during this period. I have noticed interesting sequel to Divyāvadāna with this.

      Thathsarani, AAT, Lanel, GHJ

Abstract: Traffic congestion is an adverse problem in the world and Colombo city incurs a huge negative impact from traffic congestion. The number of vehicles drive into the Colombo city increasing day by day and the roads are congested most hours of the day. Among several techniques, which can use to reduce traffic congestion, this research aims to give a solution by reducing the number of vehicles enter to the city. Therefore, motive of this research is to introduce a model to reduce traffic congestion in Colombo city by establishing parking locations in critically con-gested areas. In order to fulfil this objective, concept of cut in graph theory is applied. Fur-thermore, to analyse the traffic situation and to evaluate traffic measurements, multimodal traf-fic simulation software PTV Vissim 9 is used.

      Khin Saw Oo, Yee Yee Than, Zaw Naing Naing

Abstract: In this research work, wound dressing materials were prepared as composite membranes from chitosan, sodium alginate and calcium chloride by autoclaving method. The important parameters for wound dressing materials are tensile strength, elongation at break, tear strength, antibacterial activities and wound healing activity. Moreover biodegradability of composite membrane is one of the important parameters for reduction environmental pollution. This research work concerns with the preparation, characterization and application of biodegradable modified chitosan composite membranes (MCM) for wound dressing materials.

      Yee Yee Than, Khin Saw Oo

Abstract: This work concerns with the adsorption capacity of Calcium Alginate, Bagasse-Calcium Alginate and Jatropha curcas- Calcium Alginate Beads on the removal of Pb2+ and Cu2+ ion in wastewater of Myanmar industry. On the aspect of removal of Pb2+ and Cu2+ ions by three types of beads, the removal percent depends on pH, the mass of adsorbent dose and the time contact between adsorbent and adsorbate.

      A.Indra Nihlah Annashih, Tjandra Kirana, Raharjo

Abstract: This study aims to produce science teaching materials products and related devices such as Learning Implementation Plans (RPP), Student Activity Sheets (LKS), and Test Sheets that are valid, practical, and effective to improve critical thinking of elementary school students. This research was carried out using the 4-D model of Thiagarajan et al., Namely the stage of defining, designing, developing, disseminating and testing in the fifth grade of Dukuhtunggal State Elementary School, Duduklor State Elementary School, Margoanyar Lamongan State Elementary School year 2018/2019 teaching with One-Group Pretest-Posttest Design.

      Luu Thi Huong, Ph.D., Dinh Thi Huong, Ph.D.

Abstract: English academic writing is never an easy task for university students. This is true for both native and non-native speakers of English. Many first year students claim that the writing assignments at universities are much different from what they studied at high schools.

      Prabin Ghimire, Bishal Giri,Prabin Gautam,Prabin Shrestha,Shraddha Shrestha

Abstract: A field experiment to detect the response of different rice genotypes against rice blast disease under DSR condition at Mid hill during rainy season of 2017. Screening of different genotypes was carried out in a field against rice blast disease and checked in one factor RCBD with 3 replication and 9 genotype. The experiment was conducted to impart knowledge about the response of different genotype against rice blast disease. The disease severity, AUDPC was found high in Shankharika genotype while found low in Sabitri genotype. Thus the use of Sabitri genotype provide proper resistance against rice blast disease in rice under the hill region of Baitadi district under Direct Seeded Rice(DSR) condition.

      Ahmed Mohamed Algayed, Yousef Mohamed Abukhattala, Najah Ateya Abazoom

Abstract: Social responsibility is only a commitment of companies towards the society in which they work for, by contributing to a range of social activities such as fighting poverty, improving and providing service, combating pollution, creating employment opportunities, solving the problem of housing, transportation, etc. This commitment maximizes the positive effects of activities of companies to society and reduces the negative effects of those activities as much as possible.

      Hifza Saleem, Sadaf Munir, Amara Mumtaz, Dr.Roshan Ali, Dr. Ayesha Maqbool, Danish, Malik, Muhammad Abubakar Sideeq

Abstract: Background: Schizophrenia is related with physiological condition. It affects brain sections including the prefrontal cortex, the basal ganglia as well as limbic system. There are certain neurotransmitters present in the brain such as dopamine. When level of dopamine is disturbed it causes schizophrenia. Environmental factors like stress, depression and anxiety also contribute to schizophrenia. Several drugs including first and second generation are available to provide treatment against schizophrenia. Second generation drugs have better results and fewer side effects than first generation. Clozapine is second generation drug which was recommended as best drug for schizophrenia.

      Muhammad Azhar Mukhtar, Nazia Ehsan, Hafiz Muhammad Abu Bakr, Muhammad Nadeem

Abstract: Background: Agricultural sector plays an important role in the economy of Pakistan. In the field of agriculture Rice is an important cereal crop after wheat. Rice grains are big source of carbohydrate. Rice grain has, 3.5% iron, 8.5% protein, 4.9% fiber and highest amount of antioxidants. The diversity and abundance of macro-invertebrates in agro-ecosystem depend on providing the basic survival needs.

      Kirimi Ivy, Philip Otema

Abstract: Environmental auditing is currently one of the requirements that have been adopted by nations because of the rising awareness of the need for sustainability to protect the earth from the risk of failing to replenish natural resources in a sustainable manner. The issue of global warming has particularly played a major role in influencing the international community to adopt rules that govern the utilization of natural resources and conservation activities. Following this, developed economies have stepped in with their vast resources to develop entities and mechanisms through which environmental auditing will be actualized.

      Tran Thi Nhu Trang

Abstract: This paper investigates the need of working abroad among students in Nam Dinh University of Nursing and related barriers. The questionnaire was used to find out about the need to work abroad of the first, second and third year students and difficulties as well as challenges in exporting labor. Multiple-stage random sampling was performed by stratification, sampling size, and then sampling for each stratum by means of cluster sampling to ensure the objectivity for the study

      Mrs. Mondira Bhuyan

Abstract: The success of inclusive education largely depends on the support from the parents of the children with disabilities. Sometimes it is seen that some parents are reluctant to bring their children with disabilities out into the open. such types of attitude turns into a barrier in implementing inclusive education. Parents play the most significance role in their children’s life, therefore to know their attitude towards inclusion of children with special needs is very important. Present paper is designed to study the attitude of parents towards inclusive education. A sample of 200 parents from five Urban and five rural area of Dhemaji district of Assam are used to conduct the study. The result showed that there is no significance difference between the town and village parents and have significance difference in male and female parents in their attitude towards inclusive education.

      Khalid Aldeeb

Abstract: The main trends that influence development of new internet marketing approaches in mobile business include: mobile social media, mobile games, mobile TV and Internet intelligent devices. Mobile games are often used mobile applications, so they have a good advertising potential. Although in practice, dynamic advertising is often present, where the message displayed within the game changes according to defined criteria, the choice and manner of displaying marketing messages is not always appropriate or tailored to the characteristics of users, so more personalized advertising is necessary. The delivery of television content to mobile devices has brought innovations to traditional television advertising.

      Joanie Ganga Timpac Haramain

Abstract: The effectiveness of educational management practices employed by school principals have been extensively documented for several decades. However, most of the studies had concentrated on the improvement of students’ outcomes. The focus of management for teacher excellence as perceived by the school managers and teachers have remained unexplored.

      Khawar Jalil

Abstract: In current times mining companies across the globe have to deal with mine mechanization associated cost increments for the sustainable growth of their projects. It has become necessary to anticipate the operational cost and the relationship and impact of various cost components on each other. Unfortunately, dimension stone mining companies and investors in Pakistan have least knowledge about the costs related to diamond wire sawing technique of stone extraction.

      Dr.Gitanjali Dutta, Dr.Rajya lakshmi Edupuganti, Dr.Sandeep Yadav, Dr.A.K.Chowdary, Dr.S.N.Ghosh, Dr.S.Ghosh

Abstract: Spinal bifida is a congenital neural tube decade , has been described in literature since 19 th centuary . There has been gross development of management of spina bifida in the form of prenatal repair , MOMs trial . Since the introduction of folic acid in primary health care, there is a significant reduction in incidence of spina bifida . In the era where peadiatric neurosurgeons are faced to manage the neonatal and pre natal repair of mmc . we are challenged to mange patients with adult spina bifida with complications, in this advanced neurosurgical era this is rare challenge to face . we described 4 patients with neglected complications of spina bifida , their clinical presentations and management.

      A Aditya Raj Gokul, A Surya Praneeth, A Chandrasourabh, Nishant Jajoo, P Rohanth Reddy, D Rohan

Abstract: A compound gear train is a combination of gears used to transmit motion and power from one shaft to another. The gears that make up a compound gear usually differ in size and have a different number of teeth. This is useful if there is a need to speed up or slow down the final output. Our motive is to design a compound gearbox, which has a reduction gear ratio of 10:1.

      Boyejo A.O, Azeez I.A, Owolabi S.L, Issah A.O

Abstract: This study was carried out to investigate the phytochemical constituent and antifungal activities of extract from leaves, barks and roots of Vitellaria paradoxa (shea butter tree) against dermatophytes. The leaves, barks and roots of Vitellaria paradoxa were extracted using aqueous, ethanol and acetone as solvent of extraction. The extracts were tested for antifungal activities against dermatophytes using agar well diffusion and broth dilution method.

      David Terfa Akighir Phd, Tarlumun Aondoakura Joeseph

Abstract: This study investigates the relationship between non-oil exports and economic growth in selected African countries which include Algeria, Angola, Cameroun, Chad, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Ghana, Libya, Republic of Congo, Nigeria and Sudan from 1986-2018. The study has employed the Dynamic Panel Data Models and findings revealed that non-oil exports have positive relationship with economic growth in all the countries except Gabon in the long-run.

      Dr. Manish Kumar Bhaskar, Dr. R.G Singh, Dr.Pallavi V.Latpate

Abstract: Background: Most of the newer concepts in Nephrology developed in the 19th and 20th century. Progression of renal failure is an area of Nephrology where our understanding has improved appreciably in the last century but still our knowledge is like a drop in ocean. We have ample of evidence that progression of renal failure can be slowed down but we still need more definite information whether established renal failure can be reversed. This pilot clinical study was planned to explore the therapeutic potential of salicinol in retardation of chronic kidney disease progression and anti-atherosclerotic property by looking for if reduction in CIMT is possible.

      Amber Hameed, Tehreem Rashid, Washma Amin

Abstract: Introduction: The important determinant of treatment success is adherence to recommended medication and it is one of the factors which plays a major role between process of disease and its prognosis. Compliance of patients depends on many factors such as resource limitations, cost of the treatments, patient’s beliefs.Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disorder. There are two types which are type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes.In patients with diabetes, non-adherence can lead to many serious complications. Primary goal in management of diabetes is to keep the blood glucose levels stable. Majority of diabetic patients are ineffectual in controlling their blood glucose levels with modifications in diet ,exercise and required medication. The aim of this study was to assess the compliance of diabetic patients to prescribed clinical regimen and factors affecting it.

      Popoola, O. Omokunmi, Ajibade, G, Abdulsalami, M. S, Abba, Daniel, Adams, D. David

Abstract: Aspergillus niger isolated from diseased yam in three yam-growing zones in Nigeria synthesized cellulase (EC. which caused soft rot of the yam within nine days of inoculation. Microscopic and molecular analyses revealed two isolates of A. niger, P1 and P2, from yam growing in tropical rain forest and southern guinea savannah produced cellulase enzymes in significantly different proportions. When the protein extracts from the infection were subjected to molecular exclusion chromatography, three peaks of absorption (A, B and C) were produced with only the components of peak A showing cellulase activity.

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