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      James Karori Nyabuto, Charles Mburu, Margaret Gichuhi

Abstract: Liquefied petroleum gas cylinder accidents are catastrophic; thus, safety enhancement in this trade is indispensable. The aim of this research was to ascertain the level of awareness of occupational safety and health issues in Lpg retail business among retailers in Kiambu County. Interview schedules were administered to 292 Lpg retailers during the data collection period. Subsequently, the data collected was analysed using SPSS ver.25. Descriptive and inferential statistical analyses were effectuated and presented in form of charts, bar graphs, and tables.

      Dobrinka Damyanova, Radosveta Andreeva – Borisova

Abstract: Dental caries has been examined by multiple dental specialists by registering tooth surfaces with untreated caries lesions, extracted teeth and obturated teeth. Our research aims to conduct a clinical study of the prevalence of tooth decay in primary teeth.

      Dobrinka Damyanova, Radosveta Andreeva-Borisova

Abstract: Anomalies in tooth development are variations in the number, shape, size and structure of dental structures. First clinical case: A 6-year-old girl attends the Department of Pediatric Dental Medicine at the Faculty of Dental Medicine, Medical University of Varna for prophylactic examination. Intraoral examination revealed the presence of an unilaterally unusually large tooth in the region of the upper left central primary incisor of the upper jaw.

      Gloria Nneka Ono, Gloria Nwakaego Chukwuemeka, Allen Nnanwuba Adum

Abstract: This paper deals with the problem of AIDS denialism mediated over the Internet in student communities in Nigeria. The Internet plays host to different shades of information and opinions. Since the suggestion of HIV as the cause of AIDS by Dr. Robert Gallo in the early 80s and the counter position by notable virologist, Dr Peter Duesberg, that HIV cannot cause AIDS, there have been issues around HIV & AIDS.

      Akankali J.A., And Davies I.C.

Abstract: This study investigated heavy metals concentration in Penaeus monodon, surface water and sediment for six months in Iwofe creek, in Niger Delta, Nigeria. Samples were collected from three stations and were analyzed for lead (Pb), chromium (Cr), cobalt (Co), Zinc (Zn), copper (Cu) and nickel (Ni) use of atomic absorption spectrophotometer. The results showed the level of heavy metal concentrations in P. monodon, surface water and sediment. From the results, lead, chromium and copper recorded the least concentrations across the three media (fish, sediment and surface water)

      Uwabimfura JACKSON , Prof. Xu Bin and Nkusi REVOCATTE

Abstract: The contamination of fossil oil in the environment with inspection and production activities is a common thread of the surrounding oil producing countries, especially in a developing countries including Nigeria. This country has been suffered from civil terrorist attacks in which affected different countries in West Africa, like Cameroon, Chad, Niger, but especially in Nigeria where this paper focused on and this problem has affected the oil fields production, and oil amenities such as the pipeline, are removed by causing oil storage and spills; thus causing significant pollution of the entire environment (biota, soil, water and air), and human health effects.

      Israel Chukwuka Okunwaye

Abstract: In times of health emergencies, such as the outbreak of a communicable disease, there are issues in law and ethics that are raised. This include, the need to maintain the dignity of those affected, ramping up measures to ensure the protection of health rights, and whether there is a justification for restricting movement given the risk of infection but taking cognisance of the economic implication. Policymakers and health professionals will be faced with the decision of how to maintain conduct so as not to undermine these rights, but also ensure safety.

      Ankitaben V. Mistri, Dr. Alka B. Kshatriya

Abstract: Bank is one of the most important part of national economy. Scheduled Commercial Banks divided into sector Public sector Banks, Private Sector Banks and Foreign Sector Banks. Foreign Banks operating in India form 19th century. Researcher studied with the object to analyze the financial performance of foreign bank during the period of 2010-11 to 2018-19. For the purpose of the study researcher selected 5 foreign banks (Citi Bank, Standard Charted Bank, HSBC Bank, Deutsche Bank and AEBC bank) with the help of convenient sampling method.

      Dilnesaw Wosen Ayalew, ZHAO Jianfu, WANG Tao, Sha Lu

Abstract: Solid waste management is a multidimensional and challenging issue faced by developing countries due to huge waste production and ineffective management. The solid waste management (SWM) system was studied to identify the key issues in Bahir Dar and a survey was conducted to provide statistical guidance for effective management of solid wastes. The results show that, the household solid waste (HSW) generation was 0.34 kg per capita per day (kg/c/d) as of 2019.

      Yonas kidane, Chen Hongbin, Teklwayne Tesfamicheal, Brhane Weldegebrial c.Sebsibe Teka

Abstract: The aim of this study was assessing the land use and land cover (LULC) change and its driving forces analyzed for the last 42 years in Endachewa watershed, Tigray Northern Ethiopia. Major drivers of Land-use/Land-cover (LULC) dynamics and the observed environmental degradation as a response to these changes in the Endachewa watershed, Northern Ethiopia were studied. Data for this study were generated through analyzed of household heads’ perceptions supplemented with interpretation of landsat images. The data were analyzed using descriptive statistics and Land sat-based image processing.

      Rohit Verma, Aman Kumar Sharma

Abstract: Security is a major concern in the field of computer science. With the advancement in technology security of data from theft has become a major obstacle. It is necessary to encrypt data before sending it through the internet. Cryptography plays an important role. Through cryptography, one can easily convert his/her data in a human unreadable form and send it over the internet. In this paper two most widely used cryptography algorithms AES and RSA have been analyzed.

      Nure Mohammedamin Ebrahim, Tao Wang, Jianfu Zhao,

Abstract: The magnitude and rate of forest cover change over the past 30 years in Adaba-Dodola district, Ethiopia have been investigated. The forest cover map based on land use/land cover of the area is generated by using remote sensing (RS) and geographic information system (GIS) techniques. The mainland use/land cover types have been identified as dense forest, open forest, grassland, agriculture, settlement, and water body after collecting and examining literature and information from interviews, field observation, and multiple sources. Moreover, digital data from the Landsat satellite images in the year 1988, 2003 and 2018 were employed.

      Architect shah Rukh Noman, Asst Prof. Fahad Shaikh, Proff. Imtiaz Ahmed Chandio

Abstract: Qasimabad is one of four talukas of Hyderabad District in the province of Sindh, Pakistan. The people from many cities and areas of rural Sindh intend to live and settle in Qasimabad due to its location along national Highway. The continuous migration of people from rural areas of Sindh to Qasimabad has largely affected the population of this area and demand of new housing units rapidly increased; majority of migrated people can’t afford the bungalow or independent house unit as compares to an Apartment unit.

      E.Ulziijargal, I.O.Skorochod, I.K.Kurdish, A.A.Roy, Yu.P.Gorgo

Abstract: Significant opportunities allow the use of biological products that increase the resistance of plants to adverse stress factors, increase yields and improve product quality. In the present work, the dependence on the suppressing effect of hydrogen on various seeds of different species was established. It was shown that the post-treatment of seed with the nanocomposite bacterial preparation Azogran exerts an antioxidant effect on plant growth at different development phases.

      Andy N. Moses and Silas Ishaku

Abstract: This study was carried out to assess the physicochemical parameters of hand dug well water samples in the ten political wards of Zing local government area of Taraba state. Sixty different samples were collected in 10 wards between the months of October 2019 to March 2020. The findings showed that, temperature (ºC), PH, electrical conductivity (µs/cm), Total hardness, Total dissolves Solids, Chlorides, Sulphates, Calcium, Magnesium and nitrates concentrations express in mg/l were within the safe limits recommended by World Health Organization (WHO) and Nigeria Standard for Drinking Water Quality (NSDWQ) for a safe drinking water purposes.


Abstract: This study entitled the adaptation process of intercultural communication of Mercu Buana University students in student exchange programs. The concepts and theories were the concepts of intercultural communication, the process of cultural adaptation, Anxiety and Uncertainty Management Theory, Culture Shock, Student Exchange. This research used a qualitative approach with the phenomenology method.

      Shadrack Kipkoech Sitienei, James Kiptum Chumba

Abstract: Population displacement has been a global issue in the contemporary world. In Africa, Electoral violence has become one of the major cause of inter-state conflicts and the resultant internal displacements in the contemporary society. This paper seeks to examine the Government policy on population displacement; the current human-rights conditions of post-election violence as a result of 2007/8 electoral violence; and finally to find out the challenges facing the applicability of the available legal instruments in Kenya in alleviating the plight of IDPs. The used survey researches design. This paper found that although legal mechanisms are in place, they remain in paper and its implementation is wanting, the human rights conditions of IDPs are deplorable and finally, most of them are largely un-resettled.

      Shadrack kipkoech sitienei, James k. chumba

Abstract: Violent crimes are amongst the serious offenses and are characterized by the fact that it entails the use of force or threat of force resulting in an injury to a person(s). This study seeks to unearth the influence of economic hardship on violent crimes in Kenya. In order to answer the objective under the study the researcher used the following income variable: education level, occupation status and house hold income. A purposive sampling technique was used to find the area understudy, the population and the sample. A descriptive analysis was used in the study. The study found that there is a close relationship between economic hardship and violent crimes in Kenya as most of the criminals came from low income households, low education level and low occupational status. Finally the study recommends that the government should provide favorable conditions to create employment opportunities, and education for the entire population.

      Rajat Sharma, Aman Kumar Sharma

Abstract: A mobile Ad hoc network is a dynamic, infrastructure-less, self-configuring and self-healing network of mobile. A MANET is a multi-hop peer-to-peer wireless network. In Ad hoc network there is no central control or Administration. Each node is free to move arbitrarily as the network topology changes regularly. As per need of new applications new research aspects related to energy consumption, mobility management of node, minimize packet loss ratio, increase throughput has been appeared.


Abstract: This research entitled "communication activities of National Unity and Politics Agency (Kesbangpol) of DKI Jakarta in providing guidance to Community Organization". The purpose of this study is to analyze what communication activities are carried out by National Unity and Politics Agency (Kesbangpol) of DKI Jakarta in the process of coaching Community Organization, so their existence is in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. The concepts that support this research are the concept of organizational communication, the concept of political participation, and the concept of coaching.

      Rizal Fahlevi, BambangSugiarto, Z. A. Imam Supardi

Abstract: This study aims to produce learning tools based on guided inquiry models that are feasible to improve the science process skills of elementary school students. This research is a development research, with ADDIE model. The research trial design uses one group pretest-posttest design with quantitative descriptive analysis techniques and qualitative descriptions.

      Worku Muluneh

Abstract: This study investigated factors that negatively affects socio economic and political community development in the case of aliyu amba town.The objective of the study was to explore and analyze the factors that affecting the social, economic and political community development. The researcher has employed qualitative research method with a descriptive aim. The primary data were collected from 65 participants of whom 10 of them were (civil servants), 30 of them were the community, 20 of them were from different sectors and the remaining 5 were from theatre experts and development workers and all of them were selected by using purposive sampling technique. Moreover, the study adopts referring books, the internet, various PhD dissertation and MA thesis and guiding principles and rules and regulations, as a source of secondary data.

      Gisagara MP and Mulyungi MP

Abstract: The main objective of the study was to assess the effects of community consultation in project sustainability in Rwanda. Community consultation involves a proactive process in which the beneficiaries influenced the development and management of development projects, rather than receiving a share benefit. Community consultation creates an enabling environment for sustainability by allowing users to select the level of services for which they are willing to pay, to guide key investment and management decision and commit resources in support of these choices.

      Ainun Hasanah, Bing Chang

Abstract: This paper tries to identify the colours of 30 architectural buildings that become icons and can represent the character of Bandung city. The architecture buildings are classified into 7 groups according to their functions, namely, worship places, museums, hotels, schools, banks, offices, and cultural-social activities. This research was conducted with literature studies, field investigations, and analysis using Photoshop software to obtain the colour of Bandung city, the factors that influence colour formation and composition, and the challenges faced concerning the colour of Bandung city.

      Farhad Sultani, Mohammad Basir Arifi

Abstract: In Today’s world, public sector organizations increasingly concentrate on transformations of socio-economic & political and administrative structures through the application of e-governance to provide efficient, convenient and affordable services and information to the citizens, business-entities and for public organizations. Developing and developed nations around the world have attained significant improvement in application of e-governance and making e-services easily available and accessible and as well as to provide information and knowledge about entire government operations to their citizens. In recognition of importance of e-governance, the government of Afghanistan initiated the development and implementation of a comprehensive e-governance strategy to improve the working condition of public administration. Several Studies have shown that the implementation of good governance, economic growth, social-progress strongly rely on e-governance initiatives.

      Amaljith J S, Kannan E, Vaisakh R, Vaishnav M, Balakrishnan M

Abstract: In our current scenario life people are facing lots of problems due to improper waste collection and disposal of it. Filled garbage bins causes many problems to the nearby persons and also pollutes the environment. Finding the garbage bins on each floors whether it is filled or not is very difficult. For this problem we introduce our system to solve it. It will save the time and it also prevents the surroundings from pollution.

      Sumitha SS

Abstract: The paper tries to analyse the similarities and differences which are generally seen in North Indian and South Indian temples. It was visible in iconographs, design and architecture of temples. The influence of Buddhism and Jainism in the construction temples are also discussed. The prevalence of Nagara and Versa architecture in the construction temples and its expansion to differed parts of India is also analysed. The expansion of the temple architecture of the Pallavas, Pandyas and Cholas to Kerala is another area of discussion in the paper. Kerala has great cultural legacy of temples and temple arts. Most of the temples are constructed either in Pallava or Pandya style of architecture.

      Metasari Kartika, Erni Panca Kurniasih

Abstract: This study aims to prove again whether the applied Phillips curve occurred in 10 ASEAN countries namely Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei Darussalam, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar over the past ten years (2008-2017). The research is quantitative and is processed using the dynamic panel data method. The results of the study are in the short and long term there is a trade-off between the variables of inflation and unemployment, so it is concluded that the Phillips curve applies in 10 ASEAN countries.

      Nguyen Thi Dieu Ha

Abstract: The present study aims to investigate the significance of using cooperative group work on improving students’ speaking production and communicative skills in EFL classes. The present work is mainly attempts to investigate the students’ awareness of the important of speaking skills in learning English at some high schools in Thai Nguyen province, Vietnam. The results of the study show that most of the students think that speaking is difficult for them because of the lack of real practice.

      Biniyam Bayou Beyene, Berhan Meshesha

Abstract: Abortion is a major public health problem of the world. Sub Saharan Africa specifically suffers 14 % of maternal death due to unsafe abortion. Ethiopia as part of this region, estimated to have 3.27 million pregnancies every year, of which approximately 500,000 end in either spontaneous or unsafely induced abortion. Youth are among the segment of the population with large burden of induced abortion which is unsafe one. Having this fact in mind this study aims measuring the magnitude and identifying associated factors of induced abortion in Dilla university regular female undergraduate students and tries to fill the gap of scarcity of up-to-date and reliable information on induced abortion magnitude and associated factors.

      Widya Noviyanti Wulandari, Matrodji H. Mustafa

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to know whether there are influence of fundamentals factor, like Return on Equity (ROE), Debt to Equity Ratio (DER), Current Ratio (CR) and Price Earnings Ratio (PER).

      Shiv Prakash Mishra

Abstract: The formation of laminated thin plate-shaped hydroxyapatite (HAP) nanocrystals from organically modifided plate-shaped octacalcium phosphate (OCP) under hydrothermal condition which are performed at 180℃ for 3h with pH of solution adjusted to 5.5, further it incorporated succinate ion having Ca/P molar ratio is expected to be 1.56±0.02. The morphological observation of crystals have been characterized by XRD, SEM and other using patterns. Since, the HAP crystal system is hexagonally and its crystallite size in the direction of various (a,b,c) axes depending on the plate-shaped HAP crystals thickness, where their size as perpendicular to the (100) plane is calculated by using of Scherrer equation D100 = Kλ/(β cosθ).

      Haemanath P, Vineet Thomas Abraham, Krishnagopal R, Harin RR

Abstract: Background: One of the common problems of the shoulder is rotator cuff tear. The treatment decision for symptomatic full-thickness cuff tears seems largely based on the physician’s personal experience and Level III and IV evidence, as high-quality data for guiding treatment is limited. We aim to evaluate the evidence available in recent literature, for the efficacy of various surgical modalities.

      James Kwasi Quaisie, Emmanuel Asamoah, Joseph Kwame Lewballah, Paa Kwasi Sackey, Stephen Eduku, Philip Baidoo, Joseph Sekyi-Ansah, Joseph Ebow Dadzie

Abstract: This paper presents a study to identify the various types of maintenance practices employed in engineering workshops in the Senior High Technical Schools in the western part of Ghana. The study also explores the effects of management of materials, tool and stores control system on the maintenance practice in the engineering workshops.

      Nihal Wella Arachchi

Abstract: This study aims at studying whether the concept of regional dialectical variations had the effect on English Language users in Sri Lanka and to which extent they differ from region to region when speaking and writing in English as a second language. In order to identify this phenomenon, 125(hundred and twenty five) students ( five groups) of Sri Lanka Advanced Technological Education were randomly chosen from six regions and surveyed with twenty five structured questionnaire and an interview.


Abstract: The experiment was conducted in Kahramanmaraş Sütcü Imam University, in the laboratory of the plant protection department, Faculty of Agriculture. On 14 Feb 2020 to 27 Feb 2020. The experiment tested 8 treatments (chemical and biological) using seeds from three different ages. Dodder (Cuscuta campestris) seeds were planted in Petri dishes by using double filter paper (Whatman Filter paper) where 30 dodder seeds were put in each Petri for each treatment in CRD design with three replications.

      Rajashri Ramkrishna Nimbhorkar

Abstract: Natural dyes are a class of colourants extracted from vegetative matter and animal residues. The natural dyes derived from plants material represent a more sustainable source of colourants. A vast array of natural colourants obtained from natural sources such as plants, insects and microbes have been scrutinized in recent past for their use in different kinds of applications. Plants are the major source of natural colorants and almost all their parts such as stem, leaves, fruit, seeds and peels are used for extracting natural colour. Therefore present investigation is an attempt to introduce new shades to the colour palette of natural dyes by exploring parts of locally and abundantly available plants. Present investigation was focused on dyeing of silk fabric with Ficus elastica Roxb extract. Metal mordants ferrous and tin were used. Pomegranate rind and harda were used as natural mordants. Good to excellent fastness properties were obtained with antimicrobial properties.

      Mohammed A. Mahdi, Adnan Mahdi, Mohamed A.G. Hazber, Mnaouer Kachout

Abstract: Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET) is a multi-hop wireless network in which fixed infrastructure is not used. A single-path routing protocol is mainly proposed as a single route between a source and destination node, while a multipath routing protocol uses multiple routes between a source and destination node. This paper evaluates the performance of single-path routing protocols which are Cluster Based Routing Protocol (CBRP) and Ad hoc On-demand Distance Vector (AODV) along with a multipath routing protocol which is Ad hoc On-demand Multipath Distance Vector routing (AOMDV) in MANET environments using Random Mobility Model

      Rajendra K.C., Asmita Neupane

Abstract: Employee empowerment is an act of enabling or authorizing an individual to think, behave, take action, and control work and decision-making in autonomous ways. It involves giving employees skills, resources, authority, freedom, opportunity, as well as holding them responsible and accountable for their actions. This study is aimed at exploring the present scenario of employee empowerment in some of the commercial banks at Kathmandu. It is based on a qualitative survey in Kathmandu valley, comprising five commercial banks and 150 sampled respondents selected by the random sampling method.

      Sasiphan Nitayaprapha

Abstract: FinTech stands for the combination of “financial” and “technology”. FinTech is not new, it has a long way of innovations. Information technology has been used by financial service industry to deliver solutions to consumers for half a century. Technology has always change the financial industry. Since 2008, this change accelerated greatly both in terms of disruptive and quantifiable. FinTech has disrupted financial industry in both the developed and developing world. Many new financial solutions have emerged from rapid developing technology. This evolution of FinTech poses challenges for institutions and consumers in harnessing the potential benefits of innovation.

      Ignatius Nnaemeka Onwuatuegwu

Abstract: This paper is set out to make discourse of the concept of power, with a clear concentration of how the concept is seen and practised in Africa and further discussing how the concept of power has overtime changed in Africa, which is the re-definition of the concept of power as it relates to Africa. The application is based on the most comprehensive means to achieve the purposes set out in this study; thus, the study will applicably review existing works of literature in the areas where that cover the concepts contained in this study.

      Nkirote Mwirigi, Morris Maina, Faith Ngari, Eunice Omesa, Grace Wanjau, Alison Yoos, Otieno George

Abstract: A TB prevalence survey conducted by National Tuberculosis, Leprosy and Lung Disease-Program (NTLD-P) in 2016 revealed that the burden of TB in Kenya is higher than the previous assumptions. Additionally, it demonstrated that there was a higher burden of TB in urban compared to rural settings consistent with routine TB data collection which shows a higher notification in the big cities of Nairobi and Mombasa.

      Vania Utamie Subiakto, Rosmawaty Hilderiah Pandjaitan, Ervan Ismail, Saefudin Zuhri

Abstract: The party of democracy in Indonesia has been identical with the competition among the candidates who has been struggling for power. The dynamics behind the 2019 Presidential Election demands the society to be literate toward the media information. With regards to the statement, the hate speech has been a global phenomenon that overwhelms Indonesia. In Indonesia, the hate speech has appeared altogether with the fake news during the 2014 Presidential Election, the Governatorial Election in the 2017 Province of Jakarta Special Capitol and the 2019 Presidential Election. Specific to the 2014 and 2019 the Presidential Election, two candidates have joined the competition consecutively namely Prabowo and Joko Widodo or popularly known as Jokowi.


Abstract: Faunistic survey of fresh water environment of jammu especially river tawi that is known as life line of jammu city winter capital of jk ut invites a research work at broader prospective due to its deteriorating condition.once there was a time when river tawi was graced with rich biodiversity but due to consistent and indefinite anthropogenic activities now the scenario have been changed.as it is evident from the fact that environmental changes caused by both human and natural or catastrophic activities worsen its condition.the man made changes includes denudation,soil erosion,alteration in vegetation pattern on stream banks,abstraction of stream water for agriculture ,domestic and industrial use collection of building material from the river bed and pollution caused by release of domestic and industrial effluents or water

      Tigist Alemayehu, Professor Niu Dongji

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to assess the integrated municipal solid waste management case study Addis Ababa city. To conduct this study, the descriptive survey method was employed. The study was conduct in five sub cities and thirty districts of Addis Ababa city.

      Oluwasegun Matthew OJO, Olabode Thomas OWOLABI

Abstract: The study investigated the effects of virtual laboratory instructional strategy on students’ performance and attitude towards Physics practical in secondary schools. The study adopted the quasi-experimental design of pre-test, post-test and control group. The sample for the study comprised 50 Senior Secondary two (SS II) Physics students who were randomly selected from two co-educational Senior Secondary Schools in Osun state through multistage technique. The schools were randomly selected to experimental and control group.

      Ayao Evans Onsindu, Chirchir Matthew Kimeli

Abstract: The Government of Kenya (GoK) has made effort to strengthen the small business sector yet micro and small enterprises (MSEs) are perceived to have registered weak links with all potential customers. The purpose of this study was to establish whether MSEs could satisfactorily supply requirements to public institutions. It specifically sought to establish whether MSEs could assist public institutions achieve procurement objectives; identify attributes that could make MSEs’ good suppliers and determine the nature of relationship between Suppliers’ attributes and their satisfactory performance.

      Prianto Budi Saptono, Ning Rahayu

Abstract: This study has two objectives. The first aim is to reveal the development of tax accounting thoughts in Indonesia before and after the 2012 convergence of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). The other objective is to provide options to tax policymakers to solve the book-tax difference because of IFRS convergence.

      Robert Mironga Siriba

Abstract: Globally, credit risk is one of the significant concerns to banks, and, therefore, these institutions spend a substantial amount of money on managing it with a view of maximizing returns. Financial performance is a very crucial aspect for any institution since the majority of stakeholders use it as a parameter to gauge its viability.

      Murali, K, Sambath, K

Abstract: Prefabrication has been considered an effective alternative to conventional building. It has gained an increasing amount of attention over the last few decades towards achieving sustainable goal. To develop prefabricated housing and address challenges in construction industry, the Indian government is encouraging prefabricated construction system. A critical review was conducted to identify the potential usage of prefabrication construction system compared to conventional construction methods. Through a comprehensive review of relevant literatures it was observed that, prefabricated construction system has become increasingly popular and widely promoted due to its potential to improve the construction environment, quality and productivity.

      Gagandeep Gupta, Sameer Khan, Imran Khan

Abstract: Management of unstable intertrochanteric femur fractures in elderly provides various challenges. Our study takes into account 20 patients with unstable intertrochanteric femur fractures treated with primary cemented bipolar hemiarthroplasty rather than the traditional internal fixation procedures. All results obtained showed a favorable outcome with respect to early mobilization, reduction in hospital stay and prevention of comorbidities related to prolonged bed rest post operatively.

      Huynh Thanh Toi, Nguyen Thi Hong Van

Abstract: Study was conducted to evaluate the effect of probiotic on the survival and growth performance of white-leg shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) in earthen ponds. Two treatments were carried out including treatment 1 where probiotic was added in every 7 days and a control where probiotic was not added, triplicate for each treatment, shrimps (2.9 cm in length; 0.26 g in weight) were stocked at 50 ind/m2. After 60-day of culture, the result showed that shrimps in the probiotic added treatemnt were significantly better performance in term of length and weight than without probiotic added treatment. However, the survival and production of shrimp was not significantly higher than the without probiotic added treatment.

      Prof. Bashir Ahmad Karimi

Abstract: The nature is full of mysteries and engages the full minded persons and scholars to itself throughout the world, the nature presents these mysteries on a wide variety of events and inside the complex world of different creatures. There are millions of creatures that have individually strange characteristics and life condition. There are things that are in-depth scientific and debate-raising facts with these creatures which most of them are hidden and need to be discovered. Spider silk and webs are one of this mysteries. Due to low rate of degradability, toughness, elasticity and biosynthetic characteristics, the spider silk evaluated to have many scientific uses and application. Hence here in this paper, I a bit more want to discuss on spider silk uses and application on some of life-related matters. And a bit on its structure and specifications.

      Parvathy P.B, Prof. Dr. Jolly

Abstract: Coastal areas are highly vulnerable to the climate change, especially to sea level rise & its related extreme events. Extensive research has been carried out in the past two decades on impacts of climate change with major focus is on the coastal zone. Several international approaches have been developed to assess the vulnerability of coastal zone due to climate change and sea level rise. In spite of India having a very long coastal line, very limited studies have been carried out to assess the vulnerability of its coastal zone.

      Joroms Ogeto Atemba & 2Rev. Sgt. Rtd. Dr. Elijah Onyango Standslause Odhiambo

Abstract: “Ethnic conflicts are a global menace, with the highest frequency in newly democratic African countries. They are marked with deficiency in communication, or lack of peaceful coexistence that hampers interaction between members of different ethnic groups. They have also caused havoc as loss of human life, poor inter-ethnic relations, forced human displacements, destruction of property, cattle rustling, slowed economic growth and increased cases of sexual and gender-based violence.

      Aiyabei, M.K.& Rev. Dr. Odhiambo, E.O.S

Abstract: Whereas the Kerio Valley Delta, in Kenya, like many other arid and semi-arid regions has been experiencing pastoralist and ethnic conflicts that has resulted to the increased numbers of humanitarian aid by Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO), there seems to be little empirical focus to isolate the factors relating to maintaining status as factors behind escalation of conflict and the shift in the nature and intensity of the conflict. The study thus, sought to establish the relationship between maintaining status and conflict dynamism within Kerio Valley Delta, Kenya.

      Sana Majeed RN, Atika Akram RN, Habib Rehman RN

Abstract: Objective: To assess the knowledge and practices regarding dengue fever among people living in Taxila.

      Iwoha Sampson, Arokoyu Samuel Bankole, Weje Ikezam Innocent

Abstract: Urban growth processes, usually accompanied by increased population also sees cities growing rapidly in terms of physical dimension leading to rapid expansion and changes in land characteristics of the area concerned. This study examined land-use changes of states in the south-east, Nigeria. Satellite imageries of the study area for 1986, 2006 and 2018 were sourced from US Geological Survey and NASRDA (March, 2019). Landsat Thematic Mapper imagery constitutes the base data layer from which the land use and land cover (built-up and non-built up) maps were derived. A total of 270 data points were obtained from the ground truth field survey from which 195 ground truth points were used for accuracy assessment through the use of Global Positioning System (GPS).

      Bianca Fernandes Novo

Abstract: Sanitation is a service that needs to be provided in order to promote good health and the well-being of people. Thirteen years after the establishment of the Sanitation Law in Brazil, the sector still experiences several challenges in providing adequate access to sanitation services for the population. According to national standards, only about 55% of the population has access adequate sanitation services. There is a growing need to understand the linkages between the legal framework and the development of the institutional structure, and how the current model of the sanitation sector could be improved. This study describes the legal framework of the Brazilian sanitation sector and discusses the role of the public sector with focus on the potential impacts of increasing the participation of the private sector.

      Shreya Joshi, Gouri Uttarwar, Payal Sawlani, Ram Adlakhe

Abstract: The aim of this paper was to come-up with the advanced technique of Water Quality Monitoring. This intended approach helped to replace the former way of manual testing by updating the sensors information over an application’s platform. Here, we measured the various chemical parameters of water like pH and total dissolved solids as well as physical parameters of water like turbidity and temperature to monitor the supplied water quality.

      Ogamba, Chisom Paula

Abstract: Why separate the micro world from the macro world when the micro world is a derivative of the macro world? This paper explored the framework of Critical Narrative analysis, acronym CNA and therefore presented and applied a model for said framework in linguistics in the analysis of an extract from a select homodiegetic rape narrative.

      S.C.Sahoo, Amitava Sil, Riya Tudu Solanki

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to investigate the effect of solid powder urea formaldehyde resin on the quality of the plywood when manufactured by mixing with liquid urea formaldehyde resin. The finding obtained would benefit the manufacture of urea formaldehyde adhesive bonded composite panels.

      G.A Jayanath Galahitigama

Abstract: Employee Motivational Aspects among IT Professionals in Sri Lanka (Rewards Recognition & Retention) is much related topic to current Sri Lankan economic context where the country is on a rapid development stage of the IT Sector. For this sector the most important resource is the human resource. Retention of this key asset in the organization has been a contemporary issue for most human resources managers who are employed in these companies in Sri Lanka.

      J. N. Mwero

Abstract: A computer model coded in Visual Basic and based on the chemical reaction rules of cement hydration reactions was able to predict reasonably the chemical shrinkage and heat of hydration of hydrating cement pastes containing 0 – 20% Sugarcane Waste Fiber Ash (SWFA), and also the 28 day compressive strength values of concrete containing 0 – 20% SWFA by weight of the total binder.

      Murali, K, Sambath, K

Abstract: Prefabricated construction system has been proven effective, sustainable, and labor-friendly to the construction industry. . India is still in the initial process of adopting prefabricated construction practices and has conducted a few studies to date on the constraints of prefabricated construction up to the operation stage. This paper focuses on benefits, difficulties and measures in adoption of prefabrication in Tamil Nadu, India and offers some recommendations on extent usage of prefabrication.

      Adolof Bormasa, Nirahua Salmon E.M, Garciano Nirahua

Abstract: In the regulation of law enforcement especially law enforcement in the border region of the country in particular the region of the sea, almost all legislation has the authority of each institution to conduct law enforcement in the region the borders of the State, therefore must be well done so as to realize security in the borders of the country.

      Pathirana W.P.H.L, Kulasinge K.K.D.M, Rupasinghe P.M.D.S.S, Thuvendran T, Banu M.T.I, Joseph J, Gunatillake S

Abstract: Cancer is a serious epidemiological problem and is the second leading cause of death worldwide. Most of the cancers are treated with chemotherapy as it is one of the widely used treatment. But ability of cancer patients to control the side-effects associated with chemotherapy is limited due to lack of knowledge and awareness of the disease and its treatment.

      Sheena Mae Trestiza Comighud, Melca Jamio Arevalo

Abstract: This research used the descriptive-correlational method to determine the level of motivation in relation to teachers’ performance. The quantitative data were gathered from 89 teachers of District 6, Bayawan City Division, Negros Oriental for SY 2018-2019. Also, the researcher conducted a survey questionnaire. Descriptive–correlational method was used in this study. The statistical tools used in the analysis of the data were percentage, mean, weighted mean, and spearman rank correlation coefficient.

      Dr.suhair Al-Shibli Ibrahim Hussein, Dr. Siham Ahmed Muharraq al-Sarhani

Abstract: This study aims at examining the impact of foreign maids on the upbringing of children in Saudi Arabia from the point of view of Saudi families. The study aimed to provide theoretical and scientific frameworks on the impact of foreign maids on moral education that could benefit education planners and development and decision makers. This paper attempts to find out about the reality of foreign maids in Saudi Arabia and examining the impact of the of foreign maids on the moral education of children.

      Mwero, J. N

Abstract: This project was conducted to determine the feasibility of bamboo reinforcement for concrete beams as a cheaper alternative to steel for low cost housing. The bamboo selected for use was Dendrocalamus giganteus, in both green and dry forms, which was both untreated and uncoated.

      Omolumen, L.E., Obodo, B.N., Iyevhobu, K.O., Idara, I.U., Irobonosen, O.I., Obi, C.C., Unuane, P.O., Eboiyehi, I.O., Edo, E.O.

Abstract: Tuberculosis and Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) infections are diseases which affect the immune system of the body. The aim of this study is to evaluate the activities of AST, ALT and ALP in Tuberculosis and HIV subjects. A total of one hundred and fifty subjects were recruited for this study which comprised of fifty (50) HIV infected subjects, fifty (50) tuberculosis infected subjects and fifty (50) apparently healthy subjects which served as control.

      J. I. Reuben-kalu, E. A. Alum, J O. Mbe and T. L. Kingsley

Abstract: Lactic acid bacteria (LAB) strains were isolated from fermented cassava tubers and the activities of the resultant secondary metabolites assessed as biocontrol agents against two bacterial pathogens (Escherichia coli O157:H7 and Erwinia carotovora) associated with contamination and spoilage of fresh fruits and vegetables.

      M Therasa, S Sarveshwar, M Madhusudhaanan, V Naveen Kumar

Abstract: The big data techniques in conjunction with data mining are rapidly increasing its domination in the data analysis paradigm. These techniques can be effective when combined with the robust applications of cloud computing which can be used in the forecasting of volatile share market.

      Efuntade A. Olusegun, Adegboyo S. Olufemi, Efuntade O. Olubunmi

Abstract: This study empirically investigated the impact of external debt on economic growth in Nigeria between 1981 and 2018 using ARDLECM estimation technique. The variables used in the study were tested for stationarity using the Augmented Dickey Fuller. The result revealed that EDS, DDS, FDI and GOVE were stationary at first differencing while GDPGR was stationary at level. The study revealed that external debt and foreign direct investment positively affect economic growth while domestic debt and government expenditure hinders economic growth in Nigeria.

      ELVIS DAGAMRA, Dr. Rosemary Okova, Dr. Calvin Otieno

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to determine Nurse-midwives related factors in the utilization of computer technology in nursing practice amongst Nurse-midwives in Kwale County. Method used was institution based descriptive cross-sectional design which was done in Kwale County and the targeted population were the nurse-midwives working at Msambweni, Kwale and Kinango Hospitals with a sample size of 141.

      Aemiro Tadesse Mergia

Abstract: The government of Ethiopia has been concerned to make education accessible for all irrespective of their disability, gender, language, socio-economic status, religion, and other differences. This concern is manifested through the moves and efforts made to realize the principle of education for all in the country. A major factor influencing the movement towards education for all in Ethiopia is the adoption of various international legal and policy frameworks, conventions, declarations, framework of actions, and forums. Following the adoptions of international treaties, education has been considered as a human right approach within the country’s policy, strategy, program and plan documents. In those documents, due emphasis is given to the education of children and youth with disabilities with the intention of creating equal access.

      M. R. Nuzulsari, Ariyati Yosi, Siti Syarifah, Ramona Dumasari Lubis

Abstract: Background: Pruritus or itch is a sensation in the skin that provokes the desire to scratch. Pruritus is one of the most common skin complaints in the elderly. The world’s population is currently in the era of aging population. This change in demographic distribution creates growth challenges in the elderly with pruritus. Senile pruritus is described as chronic pruritus of unknown origin or cause in each elderly individual and has not been properly diagnosed.

      Sudha Katkuri, Prof. P. Premchand

Abstract: Software Testing is a process performed to maintain software quality. Thus, the goal of testing is systematically and stepwise detection of different classes of errors within a minimum amount of time and also with a much less amount of effort. Software testing is also an important component of software quality assurance (SQA), and a number of software organizations are spending up to 40% of their resources on testing.

      Epimaco A. Cabanlit, Jr, Elsie M Cabanlit, Steiltjes M. Cabanlit, Roxan Eve M. Cabanlit

Abstract: This paper presents mathematical models on the growth of the number of cases infected by the Covid-19 virus and the number of deaths caused by the Covid-19 virus. Four models are being considered, the linear, quadratic, cubic and the exponential. Analysis shows that the exponential function is the appropriate model for this pandemic. Forecasted results are very alarming. This can result to human extinction. Moreover, we recommend our humble tangible solutions for the control and to minimize the number of incidents.

      Dr Bhawana choudhary, Dr Sunita Kulheri, Dr Neelu Gupta

Abstract: Background-The small intestine and large intestine accounts for most of the GI tract length and are the sites of a broad array of diseases. Small intestine is the principal site for digestion and absorption of ingested food from the gastro-intestinal tract.

      Sumardi Basri, Amin Setyo Leksono, Bagyo Yanuwiadi

Abstract: Green open space is the areas developed to serve function as food, shade, protection, aesthetic and culture which is the main function to support the green city. The purpose of this study is to compare the profile and function of green open space in the city of Malang. This research was conducted in four green open spaces in Malang, East Java, Indonesia. Three of those were located in municipal areas as follow Veterans Green Belt (VGB), Jakarta Green Belt (JGS), Velodrome Green Space (VGS); while a study site was selected in a Permata Jingga Neighborhood Space (PNS), Neighborhood or resident area. Green space profile was analyzed by vegetation analysis indices including density, species richness and diversity.

      Kizito Hagabirema and Gabriel Kamau Kungu

Abstract: Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) play a great role in the growth of economy and in job creation. However, they face different challenges that constrain their growth prospective. The current study investigated the role played by Business Development Fund (BDF) in providing business support services to the SMEs to improve their growth. It was guided by three specific objectives where data was collected from a sample of 83 SMEs using structured questionnaire. Descriptive research design was used to analyze data.

      Hadj CHENNI, Zhiqiang ZHANG, Joseph JURE

Abstract: Algeria has made recently tremendous efforts to cope with its water stress thanks to significant achievements in hydraulic infrastructure. Nevertheless, Setif Province remains one of Algerian provinces that are insufficiently supplied with drinking water. The demand may not be met in the short and long term by currently mobilized volumes due particularly to the rapid population growth, the climatic hazards.

      Abiodun Ojo, Olubukola E, Owopetu, Christiana A

Abstract: Background: Childbirth is a critical time in the life of women during which they experience high level of pain and health care providers need to respond appropriately to the woman’s reports on labour pain. Unmet pain management often lead to psychological trauma and subsequent feto-maternal mortality therefore, this study assessed the factors influencing midwives management of labour pain at tertiary hospitals in Ekiti State.

      Emmanuel C P, Uchechukwu C F, Odo S E, Umeh M N, Ezemadu U R

Abstract: This study investigated the prevalence of pathogenic bacteria from poultry farms in Umuahia, Abia state and the antimicrobial susceptibility profile of the isolates using the disk diffusion method. A total of 92 isolates (comprising 32 Escherichia coli, 9 Klebsiella spp, 26 Salmonella spp, 13 Shigella spp and 12 Staphylococcus spp) were obtained.

      Hassan B. Luvanga, Sarah W. Mwangi, Robert J. Maneno

Abstract: Inclusion is a philosophy that focuses on the process of adjusting the home, school and the larger society to accommodate persons with special needs including disability. The success of provision of inclusive practices is contingent upon the quality of teaching in an inclusive setting and thus the purpose of this study was to investigate the pedagogical challenges teachers encounter in the implementation of special needs inclusive education for pupils with hearing impairments in public primary schools in Mombasa County, Kenya.

      Eng. Iman AL-Khreisha,Eng :Atheer AL-Nawiseh , Eng:Issra AL-Nsour ,Rola AL-Rammaneh,Ayat AL-Oran.

Abstract: The approach described in this paper using the (top down) method, Bias should be eliminated, and we use QC results using third part control from BIO-RAD, to estimate the MU for the Haemoglobin A1C.

      Pagthinathan, M.

Abstract: Historically curry leave (Murraya koenigii L.) has been used for centuries worldwide in food not only to increase its flavor and taste but also for its antioxidant properties. The antioxidant effect which is facilitates the shelf life of the food product including dairy product.

      Manu Faujdar, Minal Bafna, Sushila

Abstract: In this work we present the synthesis of Zinc Copper Oxide (ZnCuO) nano-powder via sol-gel method using respective metal chlorides as precursors; and insertion of these nano-particles as dopant in poly-methyl-methacyrlate (PMMA) solution to prepare ZnCuO-PMMA composite film using the solution cast method .

      Mwiti Peter Kirimi, Dr. Dennis Magu, Dr. Opondo Everisto, Dr Joseph Mutai

Abstract: Globally there is urgent need to retain children on HIV treatment to maximize the benefits of HIV treatment. This study determined the association between child clinical characteristics and retention to scheduled medical appointment among HIV infected children attending HIV care services at Kenyatta National Hospital, Kenya

      R.Savithiri, A.Manonmani,M.Anandhi

Abstract: In this paper, we have introduced the concept of continuous, irresolute and homeomorphism maps of πg(αg)* closed set. Some of the fundamental properties of this set are studied. And their application also given namely, πg(αg)* –T1/2 – space.

      H. Mazumdar, M. Neog, M Deka, A Ali, A Rajbongshi , M Chakravorty, N Ali

Abstract: The north Eastern Region of India is rich in diversity of indigenous minor fruits. Minor fruits are known to play vital role in food and nutritional supplement of rural community from time immemorial. Many of the minor fruits are found in Assam which grows wild and found also in homestead garden. Minor fruits are hardy and can be grown in adverse condition and are also known for therapeutic, medicinal and nutritive value and can fulfill the demands of health conscious present generation. Many of minor fruits remained unexploited due to lack of awareness of market demand and knowledge of value addition

      Irin Kurniawan, Dody Siswanto, Farida Farida

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of macroeconomic fundamental factors and corporate fundamental factors on the value of the company in the plantation subsector which was listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) in 2014-2018. The number of samples in this study was 10 companies for 5 years and produced with purposive sampling method.

      Tri Wahjoedi

Abstract: This paper explores the contribution that can be made by Eight-step problem solving to deal with the problem of product quality degradation that causes customers to complain. Specifically analyzing the application of Eight-step problem solving in the woodworking industry which located in Central Java Indonesia. The research method used is through field observation, following Eight-step problem solving analysis (Toyota Model), preparing recommended actions and monitoring communication progress and results.

      Ikeoluwa Folasade ADEOYE

Abstract: This study investigated 359 senior secondary school chemistry students’ attitude to learning after being exposed to three inquiry-based learning strategies. The samples were randomly drawn from nine secondary schools in two Education Districts, Lagos State, Nigeria. The learning strategies were Investigate-Discuss (ID), Predict-Discuss-Investigate-Discuss (PDID) and Teacher Demonstration (TD) and sampled schools were assigned to the learning groups. The chemistry teachers in the sampled schools were trained on implementation of the learning strategies using the learning packages. Quasi experimental research design was used to determine the effects of the learning strategies on students’ attitude to chemistry.

      Dr. Rashmi Kushwaha, Dr. Ankit Agarwal, Shelley Saxena

Abstract: Introduction: Microscopy is the simplest and the most important step in diagnosis of anemia. But the microscopy requires considerable experience and is bound to human errors. Artificial intelligence (AI) based microscopy can be an answer to this problem. AI can be used even where expert microscopists are not available. Sevamob provides artificial intelligence enabled healthcare platform to organizations.

      Shivani Shekhar

Abstract: The present study was carried out to understand the concept of CSR. It is not simple to understand because, various concept and themes overlaps this term. The studying inferred that most of the author integrate social environment and interaction within there stakeholders.

      Dr.Shashikala patel,Dr.Anshuman naik,Ansh Sarat Chandra Gountia

Abstract: Corona virus disease is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered corona virus .It is resembles to crown under electron microscope so the name corona came. Corona virus is large family of enveloped RNA viruses; it is mainly attacked on respiratory system, Seen mostly in age group of 30 to 79 years. This new virus and disease were unknown before the outbreak began in Wuhan, China, in December 2019.It is transmit through droplets to person and thete no vaccine till now so ,prevention is better way to fight against corona virus and disease.

      Divya Sharma

Abstract: This research work aims to find out the critical success factors (CSFs) with implementing PPP in affordable housing segment in India. Housing can be a way to define the living standard of a country. As India is a developing country and moving towards the urbanisation with a very faster pace, it results the increased cost of land, development of slums, shortage of affordable housing for low or medium income groups. It becomes difficult for the low or medium income people to purchase a house in the urban areas.

      Garandi Ijudigal Danjuma and Hassan Sa'ad Tanko (Ph.D.)

Abstract: This study appraised the influence of socioeconomic characteristic of members on their participation in cooperative societies in Adamawa State. In order to achieve the objectives, this study was guided by three research questions. The structured questionnaire was used to collect data from randomly selected 397 members from four agricultural zones of the state.

      Adeniran, Taiwo Esther, EFUNTADE, ALANI OLUSEGUN

Abstract: The objective of this study is to examine the effect of IFRS adoption on the financial reporting quality of multinational companies in Nigeria. The independent variable of this study is International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) while the dependent variable is financial reporting quality (FRQ) of multinational companies (MNCs). This study is conceptualized by researching into all relevant journals, articles and textbooks on the subject matter.

      Dr. Devakumar Jacob

Abstract: Is Abortion women’s human rights? Is it a matter of choice’? Or is it a matter of family planning policy? Is the current law sufficient to grant the Right of Women to their Sexual and Reproductive rights? If yes, then how? What are the effects of such deprivation on the unmarried females of any age? What type of alternative method can be adopted to reform the present condition?

      Samwel Omwenga Makini, Prof. Zachary B. Awino, Kennedy Ogollah, Peterson O. Magutu

Abstract: The top management team (TMT) influences a crucial decision carried meant for the whole company. The TMT are made up of high-level executives, generally with designations such as president, General Managers, Managers and associated titles. They are accountable to the entire organization. Organizational strategies are influenced by the personal attributes of TMT are such as experience, expertise, values and dispositions.

      Gipson Raphael Ole Kinisa

Abstract: Procurement includes all activities required in order to obtain the product from the supplier and get it to the place where it is actually needed. It encompasses the purchasing function, stores, traffic and transportation, incoming inspection and quality control and assurance (Farmer and Weele, 2000). Procurement, according to Wind and Thomas (2001), is as old as organizations but it has evolved over time.

      Ismiati Essing, Dr. Jetty E.H Mokat, M.si and Dr. A.R. Dilapanga, M.si

Abstract: This study aims to describe, analyze, and interpret the implementation of the Panulan waterfall destination development policy in the Talaud Islands Regency which is focused on the development plan, the potential, community response, and its determinants. The research method uses a qualitative approach and research instruments are the researchers themselves assisted with assistive devices such as Digital Cameras, Mobile Phones, Tape Recorder.

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