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      Putri Maulidina Fadilah, Aji Hamim Wigena, Anik Djuraidah

Abstract: Extreme rainfall can cause flood and bring bad impact to the agricultural sector. Indonesia has extreme rainfall in several region such as West Java, where the lowland area is at the northern region and the highland area is at the southern. The Global Circulation Models (GCM) output data can be used to get informations about rainfall. Statistical downscaling (SD) is the technique which can be used to analyze the functional relationship between local scale data (rainfall) and global scale data (GCM output) using statistical method.


Abstract: The study focused on the link between school-based mindfulness program activities using the facets: explaining, observing, reacting with awareness, non-judging, and non-reacting to students level of test anxiety. Two self-report measures were undertaken through survey questionnaire. The findings showed that through Mindfulness, the students perceived a moderate level of mindfulness in all facets and conversely low level anxiety during examinations period.

      S.S.Pattnaik, J.Parija, M.Rmohapatra, B.Lnayak, S.Samantray, L.Sarangi, J.Jmohapatra, A.Kpadhy, N.Panda, S.Padhi, D.Samantray, S.Kgiri, B.Mohanty, P.Devi, R.Das, A.Sahoo, R.Das, S.Mohanty, L.Soy, K.Be


      A.G. Amarasinghe

Abstract: COVID-19 originated in Wuhan, China spreads around the world from December 2019 kills hundreds of people in a country and thousands daily collapsing all kind of local and international human activities.

      MKL Irangani

Abstract: The central aim of this study was to identify lessons that can be learned from the indigenous Chena cultivation techniques to address the contemporary agricultural problems. Data for the study were drawn from a field survey conducted in a historically significant area for Chena cultivation—the Kapugollawa agrarian division in the Rajarata region of the country—during the period from May to August, 2014. By employing qualitative research approach, 40 experienced adult farmers, mostly over 70 years of age were interviewed.

      Rupjyoti Bordoloi, Meghali Baruah

Abstract: Health is an important component for achieving physical peace and happiness of an individual. The present study has focused on the health status of women by considering the maternal mortality rates as an indicator in selected district of Assam. Purposive sampling technique has been used to select the desired sample population.


Abstract: The importance of loan structure has not been emphasized by microenterprises when it comes to management of loan risks and performance of the microenterprise. The study therefore investigated the effect of loan structure on the performance of microenterprises in Eldoret Town, Kenya. The specific objectives guiding the study are to evaluate the effect of installments on the performance of microenterprises in Kenya, to determine the effect of repayment period on the performance of microenterprises in Kenya, to find out the effect of loan interest on the performance of microenterprises in in Kenya and to establish the effect of loan security on the performance of microenterprises in Kenya. This research was guided by three theories; the Pecking Order Theory of Financing, Adverse Selection Theory of Financial Markets and Ex Ante Theory of Collateral.

      Anne Nyambura Maina and Dr. Anthony Osoro

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to establish the effect of contract management on organizational performance in telecommunication sector in Kenya. The specific objectives were: Contract Planning, Contract administration, contract and dispute resolution on organizational performance in telecommunication sector in Kenya. The study took place at Airtel headquarters, Nairobi along Mombasa road. The study used descriptive research design for this study, where both quantitative and qualitative research was applied to support each other.

      Nuzulul Qurnain, Budiyanto, Suwitho

Abstract: The Madurese community is considered having a work ethic inherited from their ancestors having a philosophy of cushioned by waves, blanketed in the wind, and protected under the umbrella of prayer mat. In other words, the Madurese are described as hardworking and tireless people. These obviously relate to entrepreneurs whose roles are very essential to increase the economic sector of a country as well as the economic growth of the Madurese community in particular. Therefore, this study investigated university graduates as educated people who are highly demanded to enter the entrepreneurship society. This was an explanatory research with a survey to Madurese native students.

      S.M Arnold

Abstract: Tuberculosis (TB) is regarded as the global leading cause of death among the infectious diseases. Sri Lanka is a country with low burden for Tuberculosis. Annually there is a case gap of 4,000 is found between WHO estimation and the actual detection in Sri Lanka. This research was done to explore the challenges on TB control in Sri Lanka and discuss the measures to overcome these barriers.

      Faruk Abdullahi, Ibrahim Haliru Wala and Muhammad Abdurrahman Sani

Abstract: The study was carried out numerically to study to investigate casson fluid effects on magneto-hydrodynamics (MHD) unsteady heat and mass transfer free convective past an infinite vertical plate. Appropriate dimensional quantities were applied to change the dimensional governing coupled non-linear partial differential equations to non-dimensional form. Numerical solution of the dimensionless governing coupled boundary layer partial differential equations were obtained using finite element method (FEM). The expressions of velocity, temperature, concentration, skin friction, Nusselt number as well as Sherwood number have been obtained and discussed using line graph.

      Saba Gulzar, Rida Zulfiqar, Maimoona Tahira, Faheem Abbas, Mudassar Khadim, Sana Pervaiz, Samina noreen, Muhamamd Abdul Hafeez, Mazhar Abbas, Jawad Habib

Abstract: Micro sciences including nanotechnology are nm-scale investigations of extremely small objects. Specific and mixed age Tribolium castaneum and Trogoderma granarium have been reported from Faisalabads grain market. The population had been acclimatized to the laboratory for each of the two species. Pupa of same age were obtained during insect rearing and in separately plastic containers for adult development (2 weeks) to increase diverse population. After isolation of plant products, biosynthesis of microparticles was performed similarly to standard operating procedure

      Cut Apriliza Novita, Delfi, Vanda Virgayanti, Albiner Simarmata

Abstract: Ocular toxicity caused by chemotherapy can be effect into the anatomical, physiological, and biochemical features of the eye. Combination use of Cisplatin, Doxorubicin, and Paclitaxel is often used for breast cancer therapy. This chemotherapy agent has been shown in several studies can cause ocular toxicity.

      Waheedullah Waheed

Abstract: This paper tends to be about violence against women in Afghan society and offers some solutions for making a safe society for women. This paper also analyzes the UNAMA Report on the causes of violence against Afghan women in 2018. It also describes the experiences of an Afghan woman whose nose has been cut off by her husband and is published on The New York Times, and lastly the paper offers solutions that could help make a safer society for women.


Abstract: Bangladesh is a developing country with remarkable economic growth (growing around 7% average growth rate last 10 years). The recent COVID-19 pandemic has caused colossal damage in this emerging South Asian nation most notably in public health, social well-being, and Education in Bangladesh. This paper aims to study the Coronavirus (Covid-19) consequences to the garment sector of Bangladesh and the garment workers.

      Puspa Renggani, I Made Sumertajaya, Farit Mochamad Afendi, Retno Budiarti

Abstract: Futures exchange is growing rapidly in various countries and has become one of the supports for the economic development of the country. However, research on investment in this field in Indonesia is limited. This study compares the symmetric and asymmetric GARCH models to investigate the volatility of the futures price data of Robusta coffee in the Jakarta Futures Exchange. It used the GARCH, EGARCH, and GJR-GARCH models. Meanwhile, the data used were robusta coffee prices, covering spot prices, March contract prices, and September contract price for the 2016-2019 period. The results of the study indicate that the GARCH (1,1) is the most suitable model for the three Robusta coffee prices.

      M. Bob Muharly Rambe,Dhirajaya Dharma Kadar, Ramlan Nasution

Abstract: Percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) is the treatment of choice for kidney stones. In the PCNL procedure, artificial occlusion of the pelvic system and irrigation were performed. Although the irrigation process is performed with isotonic fluids, the PCNL procedure carries a risk of intravascular absorption of fluid. Apart from affecting hemodynamics, this can affect the amount of electrolytes before and after PCNL. The purpose of this study is to determine the difference between serum electrolytes in the conditions before and after the Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy (PCNL) procedure.

      Harizal Hamid, Zuraida Khairudin, Muhidin Arifin, Nor Suhaila Yaacob, Mohd Nazran Mohammed Pauzi

Abstract: A mathematical modeling is applied to illuminate and predict the mechanism of electron transfer in algae photosynthesis. A magnetic field can accelerate its reaction by decreasing the frequency of reverse reactions in the radical pair mechanism. The effect of magnetic field (MF) changes the rotational dynamic of the radical pair and in general alters the yield and lifetimes of its product. The external magnetic field applied to the system causes a radical pair reaction change. This phenomenon can be explained by a rate constant K3 for dual-reaction coordinate movement or triplet state formulation and according to the effect of the function rate dependent on magnetic K_ISC.

      M. A. Yusha’u, H. J. Muhammad, I. G. Usman

Abstract: This study sought to find out the impact of Polya’s Problem Solving Model on students’ mathematics performance in junior secondary schools in Zamfara State Nigeria. Two research questions were drawn and two hypotheses were formulated and tested at 0.05 level of significant. Quasi-experimental design was used for the study. The population of the study is (229) junior secondary schools with an estimated population of (97,334) students. A sample of (360) students was drawn from six junior secondary schools. A multi-stage sampling technique was used to select the schools and intact classes were selected using connivance sampling techniques. The researcher used Polya’s Problem Solving Instructional Model (PPSIM) as treatment for experimental groups while Discussion Method was used for control group.

      Loesita Sari, Melisa Wahyu Fandyansari

Abstract: This research was conducted with the aim of compiling introductory education teaching materials by applying mind mapping. This research was conducted in an introductory course of education for new students in 1st semester. This research used Research and Development (R&D) method. This research was carried out in five stages. The validation test was carried out by four experts. Total mean score was 86 and included in excellent criteria, while the teaching materials were included in the feasible or usable category.

      Siti Arita Novia, Erfiani, Aji Hamim Wigena

Abstract: Diabetes mellitus (DM), a chronic metabolic disorder, is caused by which the pancreas does not produce enough insulin (a hormone that regulates blood glucose) or of which the body cannot use the insulin which is produced effectively. If it is not immediately prevented or addressed, DM will induce to complications leading to death. One of the preventive actions is to check blood glucose levels regularly.

      Mohamed Siraju, Mohamed Rifky and Athula Ekanayake

Abstract: New Public Management (NPM) reforms have also been tried out in many developing countries where the extent of implementation of NPM differs from a nation to nation, public sector reforms along the line of NPM are a common phenomenon in many developing countries including Sri Lanka. However, the degree of success of these reforms appears to be varied between the countries as well as between the projects. Hence, the aim of this study is to investigate the factors influencing the successful project implementation in the public sector in Sri Lanka. For this purpose, the study has chosen to examine the construction projects in the public university system in Sri Lanka. Over years, there have been a number of successful as well as failed construction projects within this sector. The NPM reforms provided the basis for analysis

      Tijani Ahmad Ashimi

Abstract: Al wasatiyyah is Arabic word which means moderation and balance. Down the centuries, Islam provided an entire life structure that teaches man to follow the middle ground between physical and spiritual needs, balance between worldly life and hereafter and balance between Physical universe, (micro & macro- humans, flora, fauna, inanimate environments) and metaphysical cosmos (angels, heaven, hell, jinn, satan). Thus, Islam as a seal of revealed religions is a belief system that gives to each aspect of human life without any imbalance or exaggeration and never asks people to focus only on the spiritual dimension or on material aspect of their life. It means, one must not be extreme or rigid in one aspect of the world and neglect another dimension, but he should balance his routine activities and worldly affairs, (economic, religious, political and ceremonial activities) with hereafter, on the ground that Islam believes that the healthy life is highly situated in moderate life. Based on this fact, this humble paper aims to explore the importance of moderation in Islamic worldview, with particular reference to moderation in religion. However, For the sake of article, revelation based approach will be applied to carry out this study. Finally, a brief conclusion will be provided, followed by some suggestions and recommendations.

      Aliyu Hassan Ibrahim

Abstract: Nigeria was identified as one of the countries with the highest rate of forest loss (3.3 percent) in the world. Since 1990, the country has lost 6.1 million hectares or 35.7 percent of its forest covers. It also recorded that Nigerian most biodiversity ecosystem is fast depleting at an unbelievable rate. The aim of this research was to determine the trend, pattern and extent of landuse/landcover change of Guga Forest Reserve in, Shika, Giwa Local Government Area of Kaduna State, Nigeria. The methodology adopted for this research includes using Remote Sensing and Geographic Information (GIS) techniques, Landsat MSS imagery of 1986, Landsat TM imagery of 1990, Landsat ETM+ data of 1999 and Landsat 8 OLI image 2019. The datasets were processed and classified into land use/land cover classes using the supervised classification technique in Erdas imagine 9.2 environment and ArGIS 10.1.

      Mohd Harridon, Ainan Syabil Shukri

Abstract: The Malaysian Police Air Wing has a Search and Rescue Unit that actuates Search and Rescue using aircraft and aviation related equipment. The personnel involved are trained professionals with vast experiences. This paper investigated the factors that contributed to the success of Search and Rescue Missions in lieu with aircraft, equipment, experiences, and management. The results were mixed and several initiatives were proposed to mitigate existing predicaments.

      Reymond L. Mallari

Abstract: Learning problem-solving abilities is among the most vital issues of physics curriculum, although it is the zone where learners get the most difficulties. It is considered a challenging matter for students in the secondary to tertiary level of education. Assessing students’ attitudes and solutions to address Physics problems is important in determining which strategies must be used by teachers to handle these situations and in encouraging students to find a more interesting point of view of physics and not to stress or feel worried as they have learned the principle of physics.

      Miss Subhashree Mishra, Dr. H. N. Atibudhi

Abstract: Women are a vital part of any society. Over the year, there is a gradual realization of the key role of women and her contribution to the family income and employment is increasing as a result of women empowerment in the country. The World Bank (2001) has suggested that empowerment of women should be key aspect of all social development programs. For ages women in rural India have not received much attention and recognition. They were engaged in domestic work and some other supportive work in the family sector. The term “Empowerment” was introduced at Nairobi, Kenya during International Women Conference in 1985. Women empowerment has many dimensions i.e. social empowerment, economic empowerment, cultural empowerment, legal empowerment and political empowerment.

      Jacob Wambasi Kitari and Lydiah Wamocha

Abstract: Pre-school teacher training plays the role of inculcating management skills necessary for managing teaching and learning process in public Early Childhood Development Centres (ECDC). The main objective of this study was to establish the extent to which pre-school teacher training facilitate management of teaching-learning processs in public pre-schools. Pre-school teaching forms the backbone of the academic future for the beginning learners. This is achievable when teachers are adequately trained in curriculum implementation and management. Correlation research design was used to investigate the relationship between pre-school teacher training and management of teaching-learning process.

      Aan Nurhadi, Tien Zubaidah, Syamsul Arifin, Laily Khairiyati, Nita Pujianti, Agung Waskito, Rudi Fakhriadi, Noor Ahda Fadillah, Siti Nurhayani, Sherly Theana

Abstract: CSI (COMMUNITY SATISFACTION INDEX) measurement is one of the instruments that measuring level of service performance in the community. This instrument provides an opportunity for the community to be involved in the assessment of Performance FiveFieldfrom PT Adaro Indonesias CSR objectively periodically as the basis for further planning. The purpose of this study is to analyze the community satisfaction index (CSI) in the CSR program of PT Adaro Indonesia in 2019. This type of research is survey through a cross-sectional approach. The population in this study was drawn from the beneficiaries of PT Adaro Indonesias CSR program in 2019.

      Aan Nurhadi, Lenie Marlinae, Tien Zubaidah, Muhamad Ratodi, Muhammad Azmi Maruf

Abstract: Performance refers to a result of human resource activities that exist in the organization together to bring the final result based on the quality level and predetermined standards. The purpose of this study was to analyze the relationship between performance and satisfaction of the beneficiaries of the 5 CSR areas of PT. Adaro Indonesia in 2019.

      Henry Mburu NG’ETHE, Dr. Job MAPESA (PhD) and Mr. Lawrence MUGAMBI

Abstract: Folate deficiency has been associated with abnormalities in both mothers and fetuses. This study therefore sought to determine the prevalence of non-compliance with IFAS among pregnant women and to determine if IFAS non-compliance influences anemia in Nyeri County, Kenya. This was a mixed methods study. Pregnant women attending antenatal care in level 4 and level 5 facilities were targeted.

      Aliyu Hassan Ibrahim

Abstract: The relevance of forests to the environment and mankind cannot be overemphasized, as it is often referred to as an important component of the ecosystem at all levels which provides a wide range of services and functions such as; regulating water supplies, buffering floods and droughts, mitigating the adverse effects of Green House Gases (GHG) emission and harboring biodiversity. The aim of this research was to determine the extent of lanuse/landcover change of Guga Forest Reserve in, Shika, Giwa Local Government Area of Kaduna State, Nigeria. The methodology adopted for this research includes using Remote Sensing and Geographic Information (GIS) techniques, Landsat MSS imagery of 1986, Landsat TM imagery of 1990, Landsat ETM+ data of 1999 and Landsat 8 OLI image 2019.

      Hariteja Bodepudi

Abstract: Data is increasing day by day due to increase of the advanced internet technology, online browsing, Internet banking and online shopping. Modern Technology has helped the humankind to access and communicate anywhere in world very easily. This advanced technology drives the increase of data day by day.

      Gele IH, Saidu SA, Ma’aji SM, Danfulani M, Yunusa GH, Muhammad SB

Abstract: Introduction: The term hydrocephalus literally means “water in the brain” and in this condition, excess fluid accumulates in the brain resulting in dilatation of the ventricles. It results from imbalance between cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) production and absorption. The extent of ventricular dilatation and brain compression in hydrocephalus in children is often significant and if untreated can lead to complications such as blindness and mental defiency. Therefore assessment of cerebral ventricular size is essential in the clinical management of hydrocephalus.

      Krishnarajan.L, Kulathunga H.M.W.B, Jayawardhana K.H.M.I.N, Wickramaarachchi I.A, Hansika Mahaadikara, Devanshi Ganegoda

Abstract: Regardless of the mobile applications available in smartphones, the veterinary hospitals in Sri Lanka still use the manual books to fill the vaccination schedule and keep track of pet care. This research is an attempt to change this tradition by introducing a smart system for dogs. The system can be used both by dog lovers and veterinary doctors. In this study, new proposed application plan is to replace the traditional method with a method that can store the information into a system and make it available for the users to take care of the dog. Since the dogs birth, the information can be stored and it will assist the pet owners. Unlike other applications available, the advantage of this application is that the user can choose applications to be used individually or integrated according to their choice.

      Ali Nouhou

Abstract: The objective of this study is to analyze the dimension of climate variability in the main socio-economic sectors in Niger (agriculture, livestock, transport, health). The climatic situation since 1992 is characterized by a sudden alternation between very wet and very dry years, rather than an alternation of wet (1950-19698) or dry periods (1970-1991). The number of people affected has been steadily increasing, rising from 24,234 in 2013 to more than 430,000 in 2020. The damaged crop areas have increased fivefold while the number of decimated livestock has increased eightfold between 2012 and 2018. Transport infrastructure, particularly bridges, most of which were built in the 1970s and 1990s, i.e. during the periods of rainfall deficits, no longer respond to current climatic conditions (intense rainfall, increasing gullying, reactivation of dead valleys, rising water tables, etc.).

      Yargamji, Garba Idris, Kamladdeen Abdullahi, Hamidu Saádu

Abstract: Levels of Cd, Cr, Cu, Fe and Pb in some vegetables irrigated in three irrigation zones of Katsina State have been studied using Atomic Absorption Spectrometry. Results revealed that Cd was not detected in any of the samples analysed while other metals were present at varying levels. Fe and Pb were found to be present in all the samples with levels above WHO/FAO recommended MPL for the metals. Highest values were obtained in Kofar Marusa irrigation area. It was thus concluded that the high levels of the metals in that area was due the fact that sewage water containing a lot of heavy metal contaminants was used for the irrigation. It was further concluded that the consumption of vegetables irrigated in that area may pose health threats to the consumers. Thus, it was recommended among others, that ban should be imposed on the use of sewage water for irrigation purpose.

      Catherine Athanasa Mulwale, Prof. Evans Abenga Basweti, Dr. Washington Adede Ochola and Prof. Samson Nyang’au Maobe

Abstract: Watershed degradation is an example of natural resource degradation that affects environment and food security negatively. Integrated Land and Watershed Management Project in Kibuon and Tende catchments (ILWMKTP) ran from 2009 to 2014

      Vidya Dhopate and Vaibhav Bahel

Abstract: One of the essential pillars of developing a smart city, is the presence of efficient technology-based smart solutions. This paper aims to explore the existing smart solutions (proposed as well as implemented) in Indian smart cities by conducting a case study on the smart solutions present in Top Three smart cities in India. We discuss challenges hindering development of smart cities in India, in the context of technological advancement. We study existing solutions in smart cities worldwide which may be incorpo-rated in Indian cities. We initiate discussions regarding the development and implementation of solutions in smart cities.


Abstract: The purpose of the study is to see the link between two different styles of parenting with aggression and resilience in present adolescents. With the changing world and lifestyle the ways of rearing a child is also changing. Child’s advancement in his personality, attitude, and behavior are also dependent on the parents and can influence the aggressive behavior and the resilience or how successfully they are able to adapt in the difficult circumstances. For the study, 120 participants from different schools (Dehradun, India) were selected through convenience sampling technique. Tools used in the study were Adolescent Parenting Attitude Four Factor Questionnaire (APA-FFQ), Buss and Perry Aggression Questionnaire and Brief Resilience Scale. It was a quantitative study and t-test was used to analyze the data. The result indicated that both authoritative and authoritarian styles of rearing had an impact on the child’s aggression and that aggression was high in authoritarian style of parenting. Furthermore, there was no impact of both the parenting styles on resilience of a child. It was concluded that two different styles of rearing have an impact on aggression but not on resilience of a child.

      Chimène KAUDJHIS ASSI, Gbouhoury Eric-Kevin BOLOU, Soumaїla SAVADOGO & N’GUESSAN Koffi

Abstract: This study focuses on the evaluation of different beekeeping practices and the establishment of the beekeeping calendar in the rural western zone of Yamoussoukro in central Côte dIvoire. For this purpose, an ethnoapicultural survey based on a questionnaire was conducted among honey hunters and honey producers in this zone.

      Abdul Halik, A.F & Rifka Nusrath, G.M

Abstract: Teaching English in rural schools has been a challenge for the most of the English as a Second Language and English as a Foreign Language teachers. Therefore, this study was carried out with the aim of investigating the challenges faced by the teachers in teaching English to the students in rural schools in the Kinniya Education Zone, Trincomalee. This study was a survey research, and both qualitative and quantitative methods were used for data collection.

      Sindayigaya Guy Jean Marie Vianney, Dr. Ngarambe Prudence, Mr. Nyamweya Mongute Nathan

Abstract: The present study target was to investigate the impact of Project M&E on institutions’ performance from the view point of primary schools in Bugesera District. The project aims to improve learning outcomes for P5 and P6 pupils in 15 selected in Bugesera districts’ primary schools. It seeks to do this by enhancing teaching and learning process quality in P5 and P6 with methods of innovation and technology so as to increase the content and teaching methodology of language teacher self-academy project monitoring and evaluation and its impact on school performance was analyzed and compared, considering performance of students. The researcher adopted the descriptive survey design. The study population comprised 956 in total including 300 teachers, 15 head teachers, 15 SEO’s and 615 students of 15 primary schools in Bugesera district and 11 plan international officers.

      Abdulwahab Tenish

Abstract: As it becomes obvious that ecotourism is a growing market, governments around the world are showing a rising interest in drawing attention to ecotourism as part of their tourism development program. Ecotourism implies conscientious travel in nature while preserving the environment and improving the living standards of the local population and is one of the most dynamic segments of the international travel industry.

      Sah SK, Pandey N, Singh AC

Abstract: INTRODUCTION: Ear is an important complex of the facial complex, which gives an impression of the bearer’s age and sex. From aesthetic point of view the shape, size and spatial location of the ears are very important. Any abnormality is an indication of anomaly in the subject. The biometrics of ear is a very interesting issue as during crime scene investigation, ear marks and measurements are often used for identification in the absence of valid fingerprints. Ear biometrics can positively identify an individual using comparative analysis of the human ear and its morphology.

      Heru Sofian, Nurcholis Sunuyeko, Titik Purwati, Melisa Wahyu Fandyansari

Abstract: Comics which were compiled as teaching material for Introductory Education courses were arranged because there was not any learning media has been used. Thus, the teaching and learning process feels monotonous and less interesting. The development of comics in the civic education course used research and development method from Borg and Gall. Testing was carried out on three experts, namely material, language and media experts, then a small-scale group test (20 students) and a large-scale group test was carried out on 60 students in Semester II.

      Ebifuro Odubo, Eniye Mienye

Abstract: The role of the River Basin Development Authorities is to bring about rapid economic development to Nigeria by harnessing water resources in various regions to promote agricultural development through large scale irrigation projects and general water management. Though various achievements have been recorded, evidence reveal that RBDAs in Nigeria have not led to appreciable economic development. Using a comparative approach, this study reviewed the TVA as a successful model and novel concept in river basin project to compare the RBDAs in Nigeria. The study concluded that lack of institutional interfaces between state structures and RBDAs is responsible for poor organization of the RBDAs. The study also recorded variety of other factors also affecting the RBDAs in accomplishing its objectives.

      Nurhadi, Enda Wista Sinuraya, Denis, Jaka Windarto, Yosua Alvin Adi Soetrisno

Abstract: Garbage was unwanted residual material after the process ends. Garbage was a problem that was often faced by cities in Indonesia, Garbage itself causes pollution around it. Jatibarang Garbage Dump, one of the Garbage Dumps located in Semarang, had a pile of garbage piling up because the amount of Garbage Dumped every day was not comparable to the storage area. One of the uses of garbage was by converting garbage into electrical energy by anaerobic.

      Prince Ewudzie Quansah, Veronica Essinam Eggley, Kobina Danful Fanyinkah

Abstract: Purpose – Studies on family-work conflict and job performance have received much attention. However, there are still unanswered questions about how family-work conflict affects specific job performance, such as safety performance. Therefore, this current study attempted to investigate the extent to which family-work conflict affects two kinds of safety performance, such as safety compliance and safety participation through the mediating role of job stress.

      Hassero, C., Dr. Nabiswa, F. & Rev. Dr. Odhiambo, E .O. S.

Abstract: Globally, utility power transmission and distribution systems are described along with their observed vulnerabilities to natural and man-made hazards. At national level, approximately 40% of the load in the Western region is supplied via 33/0.433 kV secondary distribution transformers. This contributes to transformer overload strain thus contributing to electrical fire disasters and outages.

      Muhammad Yusri Karim, Hasni Y. Azis, Khairul Amri, Nurfadilah and Alimuddin

Abstract: Mangrove crab is one of the mangrove inhabitants that has high economic value so that it is potential to be cultivated using silvofishery system. This research was conducted in the mangrove area of Mandalle Village, Pangkep Regency, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. The objective of this research was to compare the survival, growth, and biochemical composition of the mangrove crab (Scylla olivacea) maintained by a silvofishery system that was stocked with the different lunar phases.

      Jonny Carmona Reyes, Moisés Sánchez Moredia, Bryan Zúñiga Barrientos, Ytan Oscar Paredes Armenta, David Briones García

Abstract: The present project consists in the effective instrumentation of a robotic arm to control it, improving the precision of its movements and monitoring its position, to later control the movements of the arm. A graphical interface was created in the Processing platform that shows the position of each arm joint and at the same time it helps to manipulate its movements. The computer induces the Processing program to send instructions to the Arduino board based on the value of the virtual knob that the operator entered.

      Ebenezer B. Veerasingam

Abstract: This research paper aims at looking at a diasporic journey portrayed in the short story "The Journey": which is one of the nineteen short stories from the war-ravaged Sri Lanka written by Jean Arasanayagam and published under the title All is Burning as a compilation. It is a story which deals with the description of an illegal diasporic journey taken up by a group of migrants from Sri Lanka to reach Berlin, in the guise of asylum seekers.

      Robert Gichangi Kabage, Prof.Kennedy Onkware, Prof.Crispinous Iteyo

Abstract: The nature and numbers of intrastate conflicts in the early nineties challenged regional security; thereby requiring a collective regional response. This explains the formation of a number of regional security mechanisms such as EASF with a mandate to maintain peace and security in the Eastern Africa region. Despite over a decade of its existence, the EASF efforts to tackle the seemingly intractable peace and security dilemmas in the region and especially in Kenya and Somalia have remained elusive and insignificant, making it more of a bystander. This study sought to address this gap. As for EASF efforts to enhance its capability to be able to maintain peace and security, the study found out that EASF has put in place a number of initiatives. The study therefore sought to evaluate Eastern Africa Standby Force’s efforts in maintaining peace and security in Kenya and Somalia. This research paper is underpinned by theoretical framework utilizing power theory.

      Tanay Sinha

Abstract: Sri Lanka has an immense potential for renewable energy given its location near to the equator. Colombo, and a large part of the Western Province, experiences 2620 hours of annual sunlight (approximately 7 hours every day). Furthermore, being a seaside island, it also experiences a fair amount of strong sea breeze on both the west and the east coast. Thus, Green buildings, leveraging renewable energies, have a huge prospect in Sri Lanka. In the long term, green buildings have a deep economic benefit, with lower energy footprint and hence low costs.

      Dina Saeed Solitah, Mustafa Ashraf Salah

Abstract: Cancer is one of the most challenging diseases and up until now. One of the most challenging things about cancer treatment is not the cure itself but the differentiation between the tumor cells and the normal cells. Most of the medical treatments of the cancer today cannot differentiate between the cancer cells and the normal one as well as it damages the hall tissue and it is still considered as a low-effect treatment to be applied in cancer. One of the most popular treatments of this kind is chemotherapy which is known for damaging the hall cells, cancer, and normal ones.

      José Luis Hernández Corona, Ernesto Mendoza Vázquez, Hilda Sánchez Lima, Verenice Fragoso Parra, Guadalupe Adriana Espinoza Peralta, José Armando Olivares Bautista

Abstract: This document presents the design and construction of an water tube type steam generator, which will be used for drying the production process of a paste for childrens soaps and for people with dry skin, this project is carried out within the facilities of the Technological University of Tlaxcala, in the Industrial Maintenance Engineering career.

      Jonny Carmona Reyes, Elisur Prado Luna, Alan Carmona López, Brenda Bonilla Zetina

Abstract: This document presents the study that was conducted on two electric lamps, one square lamp of 25w at 120 volts and the other, a ring light at 14w at 5 volts. It was documented and demonstrated by analyzing two variables, one concerning the electric consumption with an electric current analysis circuit during the operation period, comparing the power output of both lamps and the second regarding the analysis of light intensity (lumens) with an electric circuit including a LDR photoresistor, to value which lamp delivers more light intensity.

      Dhiraj Gondalia, Narhar Deshpande, Ashok Maghodiya

Abstract: Demand of ultra low Sulphur diesel fuel and cost of additives have created interest in fuel additives. Cetane improver (CI) and lubricity additive (LA) are being regularly added in the ultra low Sulphur diesel (ULSD) fuel to meet the requirements of the specification. The additives are always costlier than diesel fuel and the price depends on the performance of additives. Sometimes, additives may have side effects on other properties of fuel. Hence additive’s performance as well as its adverse effect on other properties of fuel are paramount while using additives.

      Okezie Gabriel Chidiebere, Prof. R.A.U.Nwobu, Mgbowula Goodness Ifeoma

Abstract: Helicobacter pylori infection is the most common chronic bacterial infection around the world. It is a major aetiological factor in chronic gastric carcinoma and gastric mucosal associated lymphoid tissue lymphoma. A study on the prevalence of Helicobacter pylori was carried out among 204 clients comprised 118 males and 86 females aged 11- 50years between September,2019 to march,2020.Blood samples were collected from clients and analyzed to determine the presence of Helicobacter pylori using Global Device H.pylori Antibody Rapid test cassette. Out of 204 clients screened 120 (58.8%) were positive for Helicobacter pylori. The result shows that males were more infected than females with 64(31.4%) and 56(27.4%) positive cases respectively.

      Olatunji Paul Jaiyeola, Abdullahi Ayegba, Funmilola A. Oluwafemi, Irene Benibo

Abstract: The impact of temperature and relative humidity on sex differences among schizophrenia patients at Neuropsychiatric Hospital, Akure, and Ondo State, Nigeria was examined in this paper. Two independent variables (temperature and relative humidity) and one dependent variable (number of schizophrenia patients that visited the hospital from (2010-2017) data were collected. The population of study were 13,834 (in-patients and out-patients) for the period of eight years; that comprised 7,290 (52.70%) female and 6,544 (47.30%) male schizophrenia patients. The collected data were analyzed with the use of single regression and multivariate regression analyses.

      Gahonzire, Y, Mulyungi, M. P

Abstract: Over the past decade strategic vision and mission practices are important to the strategic plan implementation of any organization specifically in public sector where it comes to service delivery. Public organizations in Rwanda spends much time and effort on their formulation as they aren’t used as planning instruments. The purpose of the study was to examine the influence of strategic vision & mission practices on service delivery in Rwanda Development Board. This study adopted a descriptive approach. The study target population was 114 employees from Rwanda development Board. A sample of 89 respondents was determined using Slovin’s formula which was stratified into three strata: top management staff, middle management staff, and low-level management staff. Census method brought out the aspect of accuracy and reliability to this study, because, each and every individual participated to this study.


Abstract: In the modern era, Internet of things brought revolution in the everyday life activities by automation in everyday functions, modifying the approach of people to collaborate with one another or with the devices. Actually, the main feature of IoTs is direct device to device interrelationship. Their benefits range from little domestic devices to heavy industrial systems. Despite of numerous advantages of IoTs, their execution contains different issues mostly due to the severe substance of the functions by implement and because of their narrow computing abilities. Blockchain is the forthcoming annoying technology field that has achieved the attention of IoT sectors to tackle the problems by becoming encountered by themselves. In the article, the relevant issues in IoT field are pointed by us and then examined by the method how these issues can be resolved with the help of Blockchain features. Furthermore, we have also identified issues that appear while allocation of blockchain (BC) in Internet of things (IoTs).

      Min Bdr. Shahi

Abstract: The ideas about this research came because of new governing system of three tiers in Nepal. It is a mega jump from unitary government to three tiers federal government system so that teachers’ job induction and professional development are challenging components to manage properly. To find the appropriate role taker and the proper execution plan is main objective of this research. McKinsey 7S management theoretical perspective was applied as a theoretical base and it was focused on staff and sharing culture. This research followed interviews and document study. Qualitative method followed in this research to cover the required data. Finally, research concluded that job induction is not followed in Nepal even it is an essential component for motivating teachers towards the profession and to keep them aware about their future results. Similarly, professional development like; training, exposure visits, workshops, observations and monitoring by supervisors and experts are tough activities to achieve the results. These activities are under the province as well as local government work better.

      Mohd Shafiq Rahman, Norly Salleh

Abstract: Background: Spontaneous splenic haematoma, in the absence of trauma is rare in young immunocompetent adult. Malignancy, infection, and medication are some of the aetiologies identified. Diagnosing spontaneous splenic haematoma is a challenge as it may mimic other disease. Case Presentation: A 21-year-old male presented to emergency district hospital with umbilical pain migrating to right iliac fossa. Physical examination revealed right iliac fossa tenderness but no peritonism. Provisional diagnosis of perforated appendicitis was made and patient was planned for open appendicectomy via Lanz incision. Reassessment revealed generalized abdominal pain and patient underwent lower midline laparotomy. Intraoperatively there was 1.8L of haemoperitoneum and haematoma was found at splenic hilum. Splenectomy was performed and patient was discharged well with prophylaxis antibiotic. Conclusion: Spontaneous splenic haematoma is rare and should be considered in young immunocompetent adult presenting with abdominal pain.

      Imam Dui Agusalim

Abstract: Being able to speak to friends, colleagues, visitors and even strangers, in a foreign language or in a language which both speakers can understand, is surely the communication goal of very many learners. Yet speaking in a foreign language is very difficult, and competence in speaking takes a long time to develop. To speak in a foreign language, learners must master the sound system of the language, have almost instant access to appropriate vocabulary and be able to put words together intelligibly with minimal hesitation.

      Abhishek Dutta, Nivedita Roy

Abstract: The world, which was just globally flat (Friedman, 2005) earlier, has suddenly turned to ether and real-time decision making by systems has become the need of the hour. This transformation is ushering in the age of global digitization. This actuation towards transformation and digitization (Kapur & Wong, 2020) has motivated businesses to look towards artificial intelligence (Huang & Rust, 2018) or A.I., as the only relevant solution. However, A.I. is still young as a technology and in-spite of all the drive and advancements that we have seen in recent times, the technology is neither matured nor standardized and unbiased. Hence, formulating the theoretical principles for successful and safe A.I. adoption, has become a quintessential reality. This paper looks to review and deliberate on the issue and drive discussions to lay down the five fundamental principles for successful A.I. adoption, which will lessen the burden of bias, owing to this new technology incubation and utilization.

      Anugerah Saputra, Muhammad Yusri Karim, Zainuddin

Abstract: Barramundi is one of the cultivated commodities which is being developed at this time. One of the challenges in Barramundi Aquaculture is the low survival rate due to internal mortality during the larval phase. Adequate feed supplementation, both in quantity and dose can be a solution in preventing mortality in fish larvae. The research objective was to analyze the effect of SCP on survival and mortality in barramundi larvae. This study used a plastic tub with a round shape and filled with 25 liters of water. The study was designed using a completely randomized design (CRD) method with 4 treatments and 3 replications. The treatment doses used is 0, 100, 200, and 300 mg / L.

      Langton Mutoya

Abstract: Regional communities have proven over the years to play an important role in sustainable development and transformation worldwide. African nation states remain committed to implementing its regional integration agenda through its eight established Regional Economic Communities (RECs) within the continent. Although some significant progress has been recorded to date, the multiplicity of inter-governmental organisations and diversity of business setups in Africa and overlapping memberships in the RECs poses some threats. Notably, threat of disconnection between governments and private sector. Contrary, there is potential linkages for Regional Integration (RI) that foster implementation of regional agreements at a larger scale.

      Dejan Gajic

Abstract: In order for food to be used as soon as possible and as well as possible, it is very important that the silage that feeds the animals is prepared in such a way that it contains as much degradable protein as possible in relation to non-degradable proteins. The paper analyzes the influence of the addition of non - protein nitrogen (NPN) to the silage of the whole maize plant on the content of individual protein fractions. Of the NPN compounds, urea (at a concentration of 0.5% and 1%) and Benural S (at a concentration of 1% and 2%) were used. The amount of insoluble proteins and non-protein nitrogen in the silage increased with the addition of NPN compounds.

      Ni Nengah Era Sugiartini, Ni Luh Putu Wiagustini

Abstract: This study aims to determine how the effect of financial technology, company characteristics and owner characteristics on fonancial decisions. The population of this research is the MSMEs in Bali Province with a total of 481,853 units. The number of samples in this study were 100 respondents who were determined based on the Slovin formula with a critical value of 10 percent. The sampling technique used was purposive sampling method based on MSMEs that know about Fintech lending, namely online lending and borrowing services.

      Shareef Akanbi Ashade, Mikail Ibrahim, Harison Mohd Sidek

Abstract: Incorporating the strategic human resource management research with teaching staff views of their performance. In this study, it proposed that the human resource management practices of a high-performance work system enhance teacher performance in the school context. However, the integration of Helping Behaviour as a mediator between HPWS and Teacher performance encourage teachers to engage in cooperative behaviors among their colleagues and the students who are essential in achieving its superior performance.


Abstract: Feng shui is a traditional Chinese art of designing the environment that incorporates both rational and irrational (mystical) paradigms. In a unified concept, it connects the physical environment, psychology, social relations and the world of the spiritual. In the beginning, the paper analyses the historical and contemporary fengshui anthropological research. It concludes, that feng shui is viewed by most researchers through the perceptual (rational - logical) perspective of an independent external observer, with descriptions ranging from highly critical (a hindering of development or pseudo-natural science) to more lenient (popular religion, cultural geography or cosmology in practice).

      Nontombi N Mafatlhe, & Kefilwe P.J Batsalelwang

Abstract: Research on father- daughter relationship, active fathering and open communication on sexuality issues show that, participation of fathers in active caregiving is critical for the sexual development of children especially girls. This study explored father- daughter relationship benefits in relation with the prevention of teenage pregnancy. Eight in- depth one-on- one interviews were conducted with teenage mothers and two groups of focus groups of discussions were conducted with male caregivers to the teenage mothers in Mochudi. Several themes emerged; contemporary fathers are keen to actively participate in caregiving; mothers are still perceived to be the right people to educate children on sexuality issue.

      Tobias Brächter, Dietmar Gerhardt

Abstract: There are many possible applications for tracking the gaze of a person. For example, it can be used to analyze which areas of a website are attracting the most attention in order to optimize its layout. Another possible application is creating a barrier-free computer interaction for people with a limited ability to move. Some companies are specialized in gaze tracking technologies and offer different solutions. The downside of those solutions is, that they require special hardware and therefore are not affordable for everyone. This paper presents a method using only one camera for gaze tracking. It is based completely on free accessible software and only needs an ordinary camera, which is integrated into almost every laptop or can be connected as external hardware. The target is to proof that it is possible to obtain a usable gaze interaction while using simple hardware and algorithms. By this method it is possible to achieve resolutions of up to 17 columns and 15 rows, which is enough for special applications.

      Zainuddin, Y. Fujaya, M.I. Djawad, S. Aslamyah, K. Nur, Hadijah

Abstract: Feed is a very important factor in vaname shrimp aquaculture. The addition of phytoecdysteroid supplements (vitomolts) to the feed can increase protein retention, thus the shrimp growth will be better. This study aimed to determine the appropriate dose of Vitomolt supplement in feed for growth and survival of vaname shrimp seeds. The results of this study are expected to be useful in determining the best Vitomolt supplementation in the vaname shrimp feed formulation. The experimental animal used was the vaname shrimp seeds with an average initial weight of 1.5 g per individual.

      Nnamani, John Nnaemeka, Blessing O. Agbo, Umeh, Anthony Chinedu

Abstract: Entrepreneurship is vital in creating and fulfilling a healthy economy. Nigeria business environments which are currently witnessing rapid development and changes on the economic, human, technological and industrial sector, aspire to meet the difficult tasks of today’s operating industrial instability, with emphases been laid on the various components of functional competencies of the firms. The main objective of the study is to evaluate the impact of entrepreneurial competencies on profitability of firms in Nigeria manufacturing industry. The specific objectives are to: establish the effect of total personnel cost to total production cost (TPCPC) ratio on return on asset (ROA) of firms in the Nigeria manufacturing industry, evaluate the impact of total equity to total asset (TETA) ratio on return on asset (ROA) of Nigeria manufacturing firms.

      Moses Kipainoi Saranta and Taji Isindu Shivachi

Abstract: The utilization of pastoral resources such as grasses, shrubs, water and salt-licks is an aspect social capital. However, with climatic and socio-economic changes traditional cattle production and livelihood outcomes including social capital may be impacted. As a result pastoralists devise mechanism to ameliorate any negative effects of the changes. Governments and other agencies have also intervened in the pastoral production systems to align them to current realities. In 1991, the Government of Kenya and the Federal Republic of Germany introduced the Sahiwal cattle to the Isiria Maasai of Narok County to improve cattle production. Studies on the effect of such interventions on social capital are few and the existing ones are narrowed to at most three aspects of social capital. Thus, this study was formulated to investigate the association between adoption of Sahiwal cattle and household social capital among Isiria Maasai pastoralists.

      Mohd Harridon, Syafiq Subian

Abstract: In the Aviation Field, safety is important and numerous steps had been taken to alleviate safety or retain it. The graduates from aviation institutions were trained to be efficient, skillful, and knowledgeable so that mistakes during jobs could be minimized or maintained at zero. In order for these graduates to have those characteristics, their lecturers or academicians should be at their bests in order to train these graduate efficiently. Being at their bests require the lecturers to be fit and healthy. We had investigated the health and fitness of these academicians and the results varies.

      Swapneela Jacob, Choong Bei Ying

Abstract: Background: Housewives consist of a large population in Malaysian society. To date, there is no data baseline on the prevalence and risk factors of work-related musculoskeletal disorders among housewife in Malaysia

      Debrina Vita Ferezagia, Dimas Anggara

Abstract: This study aims to measure student consumption behavior by shopping scores. Researchers also looked at the relationship between the intensity of the use of banking services and electronic money on shopping behavior. Data was collected from 487 students at the University of Indonesia from various majors. The data that has been filled is analyzed by converting a Likert value to a score of 0-100. Furthermore, this study uses descriptive analysis, crosstables, and One-Way Anova. Based on the results, the average UI students shopping scores were 66.48, including the medium (33.34-66.66).

      Jonathan Mwendwa Masombe, Dr. Jane Omwenga

Abstract: This study sought to establish factors hindering sustainability of water projects in Makueni County so as to make appropriate recommendations for enhancing sustainability of water projects. The descriptive survey design was employed in this study. The study population constituted the inhabitants of the two wards, key informants especially the self-help group which partnered with the NGO, Local sub-chiefs of the 7 sub-locations within the two wards.

      Simbarashe Nhokovedzo, Tawanda Prosper Mushayavanhu , Kudzai Ziki

Abstract: This study examined the effects of nCovid 19 on the Tourism and Hospitality firms and assessed the significance of organisational slack resources in mitigating these effects. Research data obtained from 260 respondents was analysed statistically. The findings depicted some debilitating effects of the pandemic on business key performance indicators.

      Fizza Kamal

Abstract: Every software development team thrives for success by managing the workflow and team coordination for timely product delivery with optimum customer satisfaction. Although not a new concept, agile is a requirement for future sustainability. It can be shown that businesses that fail to adopt some form of agile methods for product development also fail to meet customer and market demands and become greatly disadvantaged. Kanban and Scrum are two most popular and widely adopted develop- ment methodologies. This paper focuses on Kanban as an agile software development methodology. In addition to its challenges and opportunities associated with application of Kanban as development methodology. Major benefits of using the Kanban as software development methodology are lead time improvement for software delivery, software quality improvement, effective communication, improved coordination, greater consistency in product delivery, and improved customer satisfaction.

      Abhijeet Nayak, Kaushick Parui, Shourya Sharma, Soumyaranjan Ratha

Abstract: When we look at objects giving off light (or reflecting light) we find three types of spectra. They are produced in different ways, and can actually tell us about the physical properties of the materials producing the spectra. These spectra are known as “a continuous spectrum” (or continuum emission), “an emission line spectrum” and “an absorption line spectrum”. Here, in this project we have tried to analyze all these spectra obtained from common light sources and KMnO4. All the spectra were obtained with the help of a diffraction grating & spectrometer.

      Okemwa Julian Nyaboke

Abstract: The incidence of cancer globally has been on an upward trend in the past decade. Promotion of quality of life (QoL) for children with cancer has become a priority in pediatric research and clinical care. The QoL reflects individual perceptions of the impact of illness on overall, physical, functional, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being. Many studies have indicated presence of a high degree of symptom-distress leading to poor patient and family outcomes.

      Okobi Tobechukwu Joseph, Iyevhobu Kenneth Oshiokhayamhe, Obodo Basil Nnaemeka, Uhomoibhi Oserefuamen Trinitas, Usoro Edidiong Raphael, Irobonosen Osaze Israel.

Abstract: Dietary intake has been implicated as one of the factors associated with prostate cancer. This study is aimed at assessing the role of high fat diet as a risk factor for prostate cancer. Articles were reviewed which included case control studies, cohort studies or randomized clinical controlled trials published between 1997 and 2017 that focused on the role of high fat diet as a risk factor for prostate cancer in humans. Ten (10) articles were then selected based on the relevance to the research topic and most recent of the articles. Out of the ten articles selected and reviewed, four were prospective cohort studies with sample sizes ranging from 525 to 10,564 participants, while six were case control studies with sample size ranging from 90 to 932 participants.

      Medhavi Pradyumna Dhamangaonkar, (Alumnous) MIP, Politecnico di Milano

Abstract: Digital transformation creates the balance of the world and positively affects the way of living, hobbies, health and even industries. In the manufacturing world, the Industrial revolution is based on the digital transformation of the process which brings the advantages and increases the capabilities of companies.

      R.V.Hima and Dr.M.Velvizhi

Abstract: Seaweeds are considered to be sea vegetables. Mostly weeds are unwanted plants which are not consumed by humans. In this article the author describes the uses and health benefits of seaweeds to be use in mere future. Seaweeds contain vitamins, minerals, fibre, Antioxidants, and various biochemical compounds. Several studies have shown that seaweeds consumption has lowered certain life threatening diseases.

      Vijayan.K, Dr. Shanimon.S, Indurajani.R

Abstract: In developed countries, the proportion of people with disabilities ranges from 10 per cent to 20 per cent of total population. Prevalence of disability in developing countries is reported to be 1 per cent to 2 per cent of the population. Persons with disabilities are considered as the world’s largest minority. They are more likely to live in poverty than their non-disabled peers; hence a small portion of governmental allocation will not be sufficient to improve the social and economic conditions of differently abled people. The capacity building and overall development of differently abled persons on par with their non-disabled counterparts and their social inclusion in all developmental activities should be ensured.

      Dr. Shanimon.S, Vijayan.K, Indurajani. R

Abstract: Entrepreneurship is the process of starting a business organization. The entrepreneur develops a business model and acquires the human capital and other resources, and is fully responsible for its success or failure. Entrepreneurship operates within an entrepreneurship ecosystem. The term entrepreneurship was first used in the year 1723. Today the term entrepreneur implies a person with many qualities such as leadership, initiative, management, decision making and innovation. Entrepreneurs contribute to the development of the society and generate employment opportunities. According to Robert Reich, team-building, leadership, and management abilities are essential qualities of an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur is a factor unit in micro economics, and the study of entrepreneurship dates back to the works in the late 17th and early 18th centuries. In the early periods, Richard Cantillon and Adam Smith were the pioneers in entrepreneurship studies. Entrepreneurship can be considered as a tool for the employment of educated unemployed. Entrepreneurship helps to increase national income and bring about social change.

      Rameez Raja Najar

Abstract: Magnesium is the second most common intracellular cation and serves as an important metabolic cofactor to over 300 enzymatic reactions throughout the human body. Among its various roles, magnesium modulates calcium entry and release from sarcoplasmic reticulum and regulates ATP pumps in myocytes and neurons, thereby regulating cardiac and neuronal excitability. This paper reports a patient suffering from severe hypomagnesaemia.

      Jean Mukoyi

Abstract: This article examines the constitution driven process of devolution in Zimbabwe. With a particular focus on local governments, the paper highlights the objectives of the 2013 Constitution in revamping local governance and improving good governance. The most critical objective is the devolution of power from central government to local government, a fundamental principle of good governance which was virtually absent in a centralised system of governance. With the enactment of the 2013 Constitution, it was hoped that through local governments, public participation, peace and unity would be enhanced as well as an improvement in the equitable distribution of resources. However, the events on the ground show that since 2013, devolution is still a fallacy as evidenced by the underdevelopment and marginalisation of resource rich provinces in Zimbabwe.

      Sheetal, Dr Sanjay Naithani

Abstract: The knowledge of the chemical composition of the prospective raw material under study is one of the essential prerequisites for characterization of effluent. Since the present work deals with the investigation carried out an agricultural residue(wheat straw) the proximate chemical analysis have been carried out to compare the structural components of straw with hardwood with particular reference to the components which are of significant value in assessing the paper making potential on chemical basis.

      Uwamahoro, M. J, and Mulyungi, M.P

Abstract: The main objective of this study was to determine the effect of Just-In-Time on the cost of procurement materials, to assess the effect of Just-In-Time on wastage of SKOL The specific objectives of this study were to find out if lead time affect SKOL Brewery’s procurement performance, to determine the influence of procurement process on performance. Data was collected from selected respondents to generalize the results of the study. The study was conducted on 31 respondents. Universal sampling techniques, questionnaires and documentation methods were used to collect data relating to this topic.

      Mohammad Wali Khurami

Abstract: Graphene is a monolayer of carbon allotrope that has honeycomb connections. The scientists have brought graphene to their focus. A large amount of scientific paper has already been written related to this issue. In this paper, I try to write a simple review of graphene and discuss it. I will focus on main concepts of graphene such as history, prospective of graphene, its grandeur, properties (including its optical, electronic, and mechanical properties) of graphene, its economic landscape, and finally the defection of graphene and its impact on semiconductors and mechanical behavior of graphene will be discussed.

      Karin Amelia Safitri, Muhamad Taqiudin Rabbani, Ateng Sudjana

Abstract: Through financial reports, the insurance company can determine the exact steps the company is taking now and in the future, by looking at the various problems that exist, both the weaknesses and the strengths it has. The data analysis method used in this research is to use quantitative methods with horizontal analysis of the financial statements of PT. Bhakti Bhayangkara based on Statement of Financial Accounting Standards (PSAK) No. 28 concerning Loss Insurance Accounting, namely Solvency and Profitability Ratio, Liquidity Ratio, Premium Stability Ratio and Technical Ratio. Based on the data analysis conducted, it is concluded that the companys financial performance is in good condition when viewed from several ratios, but there are also records that need to pay attention to several ratios, such as the need for evaluation in calculating rates, good claims management, and insurance contracts. This is intended so that the insurance companys underwriting expense does not increase and affects the underwriting results and so on. With this step, it is hoped that in the future good decisions can be produced and can improve the companys financial performance.

      Pamela John Chogo

Abstract: This study was conducted to find out the opinion of Tanzanian professionals on the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) readiness. It was pushed by the fact that the 4IR is seen to have great advantages in the world but the pace at which Tanzania is adopting its use and enjoying the benefits is seen to be very slow. This made the researcher question professionals on the countries readiness as they are on the front line in adopting the technology. The research design used was descriptive research design and both primary and secondary data was collected.

      Narcisse Musoni, Prof. Gregory Namusonge, Dr. Jaya Shukla

Abstract: The study was about Asset management strategies and customers satisfaction of commercial banks in Rwanda as the case study. The study was motivated by the various episodes of private bank failures in many parts of the world. This study therefore, examined the contribution analysis of Asset management strategies on customers satisfaction of commercial banks in Rwanda. To achieve, the general objective was to analysis the contribution of Asset management strategies on customers satisfaction of commercial Banks in Rwanda. A multimethod approach composed of both qualitative and quantitative research design was used.

      Narcisse Musoni, Prof. Gregory Namusonge, Dr. Jaya Shukla

Abstract: This study was to assess the effect analysis of financial leadership on the working capital of commercial banks in Rwanda. To achieve this, the general objective was to analyze the effect of financial leadership on the working capital of commercial Banks in Rwanda. A multimethod approach composed of both qualitative and quantitative research design was used. Data were collected from both primary and secondary sources using questionnaire and documentation were used.

      Dr. Ichsan Iqbal

Abstract: This research article aims to show the importance of a SWOT (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis for the Muhammadiyah Alms and Charity Agency (LAZIS Muhammadiyah) of West Kalimantan.

      Venuste UWANYIRIGIRA, Dr.Claude RUSIBANA

Abstract: The main objective of this study was to analyze the effect determinants of project scope on project performance. This study adopted survey research design using both quantitative and qualitative methods. The target population of this study was employees and beneficiaries of Huguka Dukore Akazi Kanoze project. This study used 75 respondents, for choosing 75 respondents simple purposive sampling technique was used.

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