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      Hazbije Sahiti, Isa Eezaj, Linda Grapci-Kotori, Kemalj Bislimi, Ferdije Zhushi-Etemi, Agim Gashi

Abstract: Heavy metal environmental pollution, especially with lead has become very disturbing, because it causes multiple negative effects in living organisms. It is known that lead is a potent inhibitor of ALA-D activity. The current investigations provide an attempt to find minimal critical level of lead that produces inhibitory effect of ALA-D activity of erythrocyte. In present study it has been also examined the effect of high temperature in activity of ALA-D. Research was performed in human blood hemolysate. For that purpose we selected a healthy human individual who has not been exposed to lead intoxication, does not smoke and does not consume alcohol. The negative correlation was estimated between Pb concentration and ALA-D activity in all concentration (2-100 μg%). Exception from this inhibition trend is the activity of enzyme at 60°C in lead concentration from 7-10 μg%. In concentration of lead above 7 μg% and in temperature of 37°C the activity of enzyme was low while in the same concentration bat in temperature of 60 °C the activity of enzyme was recovered. In high concentrations of Pb, the activity of ALA-D was significantly inhibited at 37°C in comparison to other temperatures (42°C, 50°C and 60°C).

      Emmanuel C. Uttah, S.E. Osim, Hannah Etta, Emmanuel Ogban, Ndibukke Etim Edet Okon

Abstract: The study was aimed at ascertaining the prevalence of typhoid fever by Salmonella typhii and the four year trend of the infection in Etinan, Akwa Ibom State using hospital-based data. Hospital records of those who attended the General Hospital Etinan for medical attention was collected and collated. The four year cumulative prevalence of Salmonella infection was 63.8% (58.0% for males and 68.2% for females), Prevalence was significantly higher among females than among males (x2-test; p < 0.05). Prevalence was comparable in all the years except for the year 2001, which had a significantly higher prevalence than that of each of the other years (x2-test; p < 0.05 for all the tests). A comparison of the prevalence of Salmonella typhi in each of the age groups between 2000 and 2003 showed that in 2001, there was significantly high prevalence (up to 80%) in the first two age groups, 0-4 years and 5-9 years, unlike in the other years where prevalence in the same age groups ranged from 12% to 52% (x2-test; p < 0.05 for all the tests). Generally, prevalence among the various age groups ranged from: 12% in 0-4 years age

      Alireza Pourmoslemi, Nasrolah Erfani, Iraj Firoozfar

Abstract: This study aimed to investigate the level of mathematics anxiety and the relationship between mathematics anxiety and mathematics performance among undergraduate students of Payame Noor university (PNU) in Hamedan, Iran. In particular, the study investigated the relationship between mathematics anxiety and gender, and field of study. The sample of the study consisted of 275 (162 women and 113 men) undergraduate students of various fields of study. To measure the mathematics anxiety level, the participants responded to the 24 Items of The Revised Mathematics Anxiety Rating Scale (RMARS), which consisted of learning mathematics anxiety and mathematics evaluation anxiety subscales. The data were analyzed by One-way ANOVA and independent-samples t- tests using the Statistical Procedures for Social Sciences (SPSS 11.5). The results showed significant differences between men and women’s evaluation anxiety and no significant difference was observed concerning field of study. Also, there is a significant correlation between high level anxiety and low academic performance.

      Alias Mahmud

Abstract: The gap between theory and practice has been a critical issue in medical education. Past studies have shown that the gap between theory and practice is a result from the non-existent integration between theory and practice. This article seeks to discuss how integration between the two can be enhanced in the paramedic curriculum of the Ministry of Health Malaysia. There are 7 main factors that have been discussed namely the curriculum model, organisation and the content of theory and practice, teaching methodology, assessment criteria, the role of the lecturer, the role of the service staff and hidden curriculum.

      Kenny M. Graham, Kwasi Preko, Bannor K. Antwi-Boasiako

Abstract: Monitoring of soil water content (volumetric water content, VWC) is an important process in agricultural and ecological programs, and a vital process in flood and water resource management. There are several methods in estimating VWC but often these are time consuming, invasive and expensive. This paper investigates the applicability of a surface based geophysical technique, Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR), for estimating the VWC in shallow soil (top 0.30 m of soil subsurface). The guided wave sounding, GWS, technique (an invasive application of the GPR technique) was used on a vegetable garden located at latitude 6.67 and longitude -1.56, south of the College of Engineering, KNUST, Kumasi, Ghana. The MALÅ ProEx GPR equipment using shielded antennae with a central frequency of 800 MHz was used for the measurements.

      Thao Q. Tran, Tham M. Duong

Abstract: The present study was conducted to investigate the students attitudes towards English language learning (ELL) and use of self-regulated learning (SRL) strategies at one college in Dak Lak, Vietnam. This study involved 241 non-English majors taking part in answering a questionnaire. The results showed that although the participants had positive attitudes towards ELL, they were likely to engage in SRL very low. Number of years of learning English did not account for the participants change of attitudes to ELL. Academic achievements were also found to be significantly related to cognitive learning and environment management strategies. Additionally, academic achievements and attitudes towards ELL were positively correlated to SRL, yet only attitudes towards ELL were predictors of SRL.

      Aggrey Daniel Maina Thuo. Ph.D

Abstract: Rapid urban population growth has led not only to an increasing demand for urban land, particularly for housing, but also for other various urban uses. And that in many countries, the increasing demand for land is affecting rural-urban fringes. This paper attempts to situate the rural-urban fringe within the urban context by reviewing literature and theories on urban land use. The review of literature is guided by the view that there is no single dominant theory or paradigm of land use change and development.

      Heibatollah mollapour, Seyyed Ali Siadat, Mohammadmohammadisadr

Abstract: The objective of present research is to determine relationship between information literacy and job adjustment of high school teachers in Izeh county .Its method is descriptive-correlative and statistical sample include the total high school teachers of Izeh county, 452people.Statistical sample size obtained by Karjis&Morgan table but returned questionnaires were 190.Sampling random cluster method was in appropriation to statistical sample of men &women teachers.Measurement tools consisted of 25 questions of information literacy researcher-made based on Hepworth(2009) theory by validity factor of /90 and 20 questions questionnaire of job adjustment of Deivis&Lofqist(1991) by reliability and validity factor of /81,/88,respectively.To analyze data inferentially, statistical methods of regression and correlative factor were used. Results show that observed r in p≤/05 indicated a positive and significant correlation between the ability to use information technology component, to find and control information component, the ability of teachers to resolve information need by different ways, ability to obtain new knowledge using the obtained information and ability of teachers to simple information to use by himself and others and job environment and job satisfaction components.

      Endale Engida, Geremew Bultosa, Negussie Bussa

Abstract: Quality differences among the three Ethiopian plantation white sugars from Metahara, Finchaa and Wonji sugar factories and refined sugar (control) in reference to the carbonated soft drink industry requirements were evaluated. Degree of pol (oZ), sucrose (%), color (IU), turbidity (IU), pH, reducing sugar (%) and SO2 (mg/kg) for the three sugar samples were: 99.73–99.79, 99.73–99.79, 210-271, 181210, 6.59-6.82, 0.032-0.083 and 10.60–13.11, respectively, and for the control sugar sample were: 99.94, 99.94, 36, 10, 7.21, 0.076 and 0.00, respectively. Conductivity ash (%), moisture (%), dextran (mg/kg), insoluble matter (mg/kg), particle size (mm), iron (mg/kg), copper (mg/kg) and lead (mg/kg) contents were: 0.012-

      Lawrence Mpele Lekhanya

Abstract: This study aims to establish and develop an understanding of the effect social media and social networks technologies have in developing and sustaining rural SMMEs, by evaluating how social media and social networks can be used to enhance and add value to the marketing promotions and development of rural SMMEs in KZN. A mixed approach of qualitative and quantitative techniques was used to collect primary data from five rural villages in KwaZulu Natal (KZN). Various social technologies appropriate for rural business networking have been identified and recommended. Results of the survey revealed that the majority of respondents do not use

      Odeh Daniel, G Ogbanje, Prof. S. A. Jonah

Abstract: Incorporation of filters between the X-rays source and the patient in Computed Tomography helps to optimize the radiation dose and prevent unnecessary radiation; however the filters use can act as a source of secondary radiation due to angular scattering. The process of X-rays scattering, the energy transmitted and the scattered photons from such filters has is presented. This shows that the scattered photons that can contribute to unnecessary radiation are due to Compton Scattering. Only by understanding and proper collimation of the X-rays, can it be useful in diagnosis without affecting image quality or contributing to unwanted radiation to the patient and laboratory staff.

      Afrah Nazir

Abstract: Information is an important asset of an organization. Large amount of information need to be stored and processed in network based computers. The confidentiality, integrity and availability of the system resources have raised the vulnerability of these systems to security threats, attacks and intrusions. One idea is to use a neural network algorithm for detecting intrusions. The neural network algorithms are popular for their ability to ’learn’ the patterns in a given environment and thus can be trained to detect intrusions by recognizing patterns of an intrusion. In this work we perform a comparative study of Multilayer Feed Forward, Elman Back Propagation, Cascaded Forward Back Propagation and Self Organizing Feature Map neural networks based intrusion detection systems. In this study we work on the well structured KDD CUP 99 dataset.

      Maheshappa K., Wali.K.S, Basavarajaiah.D.M

Abstract: A total of 497 HIV patients were selected from cohort retrospective and non concurrent method and classified in to low group or medium group, HAART was started based on the CD4 count, (Threshold CD4 count <250 cells /microL and >250 Cells /microL).Associated risk factors were analyzed by the conditional logistic regression. The change in CD4 count was evaluated. The mean age of the HIV patients was 32.90 years and the majority (63%) were men. 484 patients were initiated ART at a CD4 <250 (IQR 49-125) and 14 patients initiated at CD4 >250 (IQR 250-375).Patients initiated at CD4 more than 250 were

      V. Bhusari

Abstract: The password techniques used in market are very insecure. The textual passwords which we normally use suffer with both security and usability problems. Therefore in this extended abstract, we have discussed different graphical password authentication systemssuch as Cued Click Points (CCP), a cued-recall graphical password technique and other techniques which uses sound signature for password authentication.Various techniques for password authentication have been discussed in details.

      Nahed Habis Hamed Al Rawashdeh

Abstract: The concept of creative accounting became focus and attention by accountants and auditors so dramatically in recent years, especially when the company (Enron) and other leading companies were collapsed and the company of (Arthur Andersen) was responsible to audit the accounts of (Enron) company that is a part of the for the collapse of the company , that accused of manipulating data accounting for the company taking advantage of some treatments and accounting policies that appear accounting data without true and correct form. we through this research, we highlighted the concept of creative accounting of several aspects with a focus on the role of the auditor in the verification of practices and the results of creative accounting. This research has included seven chapters, the following is a summary of each chapter.

      K.Murali, P.L.Karuppiah, M.Nithish, S.Sajith Kumar, V.Suresh Raja

Abstract: Dairy industry is one of the largest food processing industry which causes severe environmental problems due to the generation of wastewater containing high Solid concentration, high BOD and COD. The removal of COD plays a vital role in the treatment design. An attempt has been made to remove COD from dairy wastewater using water hyacinth - low cost biosorbent as a cleaner production option. The wastewater was collected from AAVIN dairy, Coimbatore and analysed for various physic-chemical parameters. The COD value was found to be 2850 mg/l. Batch study was adopted in this investigation and COD reduction was determined. The optimum contact time was found to be 40 minutes for a COD reduction of 65.4% and optimum dosage was observed as 15 g with an removal efficiency of 89.5%.

      Dr B S Payghan, Dr Swapna S Kadam, Dr Kotresh M

Abstract: Introduction: Globally, about 1 million cases of pediatric tuberculosis are estimated to occur every year accounting for 10-15% of all tuberculosis; with more than 100,000 estimated deaths every year, it is one of the top 10 causes of childhood mortality.1 The source of infection to a child is usually an adult, often family member with sputum smear positive tuberculosis. The frequency of childhood tuberculosis in a given population depends on: (a) the number of infectious cases ;( b) closeness of contact with an infectious case; (c) the age of child when exposed to tuberculosis; and (d) the age structure of the population .2The objective of this study was to study the prevalence of Tuberculosis among severely acute malnourished children and socio-demographic factors associated with it.

      Pooja Chahar, Surjeet Dalal

Abstract: A deadlock occurs when there is a set of processes waiting for resource held by other processes in the same set. The processes in deadlock wait indefinitely for the resources and never terminate their executions and the resources they hold are not available to any other process. The occurrence of deadlocks should be controlled effectively by their detection and resolution, but may sometimes lead to a serious system failure. After implying a detection algorithm the deadlock is resolved by a deadlock resolution algorithm whose primary step is to either select the victim then to abort the victim. This step resolves deadlock easily. This paper describes deadlock detection using wait for graph and some deadlock resolution algorithms which resolves the deadlock by selecting victims using different criteria.

      Ajay Debnath

Abstract: On 25th May 2009 morning severe cyclone Aila hit the Bay of Bengal coast of The Indian Sundarban region with it tidal surges of up to 6.5 metres, affecting 11 coastal districts. This surge of water damaged and washed away over 1,743kms of embankments, removing the only protection available to many people along the coast. This tidal surge causes floods over the entire region which brought high salinity and pH. This flood increased salinity and pH condition of agricultural land and highly affect over crop production. Crop production has markedly reduced after this severe cyclone. Economic conditions of the people in this region also highly affected by this natural disaster.

      S P Mishra, L K Das, Leena Bansod, Ujwala Gujar, Sujata P Bhalshankar, P B Kale

Abstract: MGIRI nurtured as field trainer the locally available lay-women of Wardha for designing new products from Khadi. It was decided to prepare handbags from Khadi, according to the needs and problem of different segments of the society, a series of new designs of Khadi handbags were prepared at MGIRI. With the help of trained human-resources of MGIRI several experiments in training and production were conducted. The aim of the institute in conducting these experiments was to finalise the pathway for creation of more and more employment for the general mass as well as to give new dimensions to fashion accessories using Khadi. Field trainers nurtured by MGIRI were engaged by different organizations of Wardha, to organise training in bag making. The experiment is to bring about plausible changes in the rural mentality. The idea is not only to enhance the present earnings but also produce worthwhile supplementary employment.

      Saeed Hajati Bardmili, Seyyed Ali Siadat, Mohammad Mohammadisadr

Abstract: The present research aims to study relationship between the spiritual leadership of principals and work life quality of teachers in high schools of Izeh county. Its method is descriptive-correlative and research sample includes principals (80 people) and teachers (452 people) in high schools of Izehcounty. Sample size calculated by Karjis-Morgan table (1970) for 66principals and 207 teachers. But returned questionnaire was 63 for principals and 188 for teachers. To select teachers simple random sampling method and for teachers classification random sampling used in proportion to statistical sample of men and women teachers. Measurement tools include a 16items questionnaire made by the researcher of spiritual leadership due to Rio (2005),Fry (2003) by a reliability factor of /85 and a 30 items questionnaire of work life quality of valton(1973)by reliability factor of /88.To analyze data, statistical methods of regression analysis, correlationfactor were used. Results indicate that observed r in p≤ 0/05 show significant and positive correlation between spiritual leadership of principals

      Anuradha T. Agrawal, Pankaj S. Ashtankar

Abstract: Healthcare is approaching a critical situation. The ageing of population is increasing the prevalence of chronic diseases. Cardiovascular and respiratory diseases not only kill hundreds of thousands of people each year around the globe but also cost billions of dollars. Patients have to make frequent visits to their doctor to get their vital signs measured. People in remote places are deprived of proper healthcare. Hence, there is a need to develop a system which will help in reducing the frequent visits to the clinic and also help in early diagnosis of dangerous diseases. A system must be targeted both for monitoring elderly and for monitoring rehabilitation after hospitalization period and at the same time economically efficient. This paper presents our initial attempts to develop such a system with the help of Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) by adaptive learning mechanism. The MATLAB simulation results indicate that the performance of the ANFIS approach is valuable and easy to implement. The developed healthcare system can be useful for the elderly and terminally ill patients confined within their homes and at the same time helpful to the pregnant women for their regular checkups without personally visiting to the clinic.

      Chalantika Laha, Dr. Sunando Bandyapadhyay

Abstract: An attempt has been made to study one of the most severe hazards in West Bengal, India. Study has been carried out to analyze and report the river bank erosion due to morphometric change of the Ganga River, upstream of Farakka Barrage up to Rajmahal. Here, Sinuosity, Braidedness Index, percentage of the island area to the total river reach area have been measured for the year of 1955, 1977, 1990, 2001, 2003, 2005 and 2010. The analysis shows a drastic increase in all of those parameters over the period of time. For increasing sinuosity, the river has been engulfing the large areas of left bank every year. The victims are mostly from Malda district. Another task of this study is to get the temporal shift monitoring for the river reach. 22 cross-sections have been made to get that shift statistics along each cross-section. This task has been followed by vulnerability analysis to assess the risk for the gram-panchayets for next 10 years. These risk zones have been identified by applying linear regression method for each cross-section after proper validation. So, by risk zoning with the aid of remote sensing and GIS technologies, we can plan for better hazard prevention and preparedness programs.

      Emmanuel C. Uttah, Cletus I. Iboh, Raymond Ajang, S.E. Osim, Hannah Etta

Abstract: A total of 1350 mosquitoes were caught during the study. The monthly catches ranged from 210 to 360. Out of this, 1306 (96.7%) were dissected. Overall, parous rate was 75.0%, and ranged from 62.2% in August to 91.3% in December, 2012. The variability in parous rates between months was statistically significant (×2-test, p < 0.05). Relating monthly parous rates with the wet and dry seasons within the sampling months showed significant variability, with higher parity in the dry than wet season (×2-test, p < 0.05). The analysis of parity levels among female mosquitoes caught during the study showed that Parous-one (P1) was most abundant followed by parous-two. Parous-four (P4) was the least. The distribution of parity levels in relation to the sampling months indicated that the proportion of P3s increased in the dry season months while the P1s decreased. In conclusion, ascertaining the age distribution of vectors is very important as it is useful in monitoring the success or otherwise of large-scale vector control measures. It is therefore recommended that control measures against adult mosquitoes be initiated and sustained in the study area. Periodic verification of the success or otherwise of such control measures should be carried out using the physiological age determination method.

      Asif Hassan

Abstract: This Paper is about power-line voice communication over the low-voltage network. Power-line communications is the use of in-house power supply network for communication perseverance. Power-line network has very widespread arrangement in every building and power-line is developed for transmission of power at 50-60 Hz and 230 volts. Hence use of Power-line network for transmission of voice with power supply has increased considerations. The communication approach that eventually could be used for voice transfer over the power-line network is described. Power transmission is achieved by using the principle of superimposition of voce over power in power-line cables. The structure described can be improved and reformed for future requirements.

      Bhandari J.C., S.V. Nikam

Abstract: The present communication deals with description of two ciliate species Anoplophrya chkrawartii and Anoplophrya krishnamurthii n.sp. isolated from the intestine of Perionyx excavatus and Pheretima posthuma collected respectively from different localities of Jalna district. Anoplophrya chkrawartii redescribed here which is previously described by Lalpotu as new species (1979) in Marathwada region. A new species (Anoplophrya krishnamurthii) differs from previously described species in having elongated macronucleus with irregular outlines. Micronucleus is small, elongated, somewhat banana shaped, 2 rows of contractile vacuoles, 2 vacuoles in each row and it measuring about 25.63-39.6 µm in length and width from 16.2-20.97 µm.

      Madhav. U

Abstract: 21st Century global competition demands the professional education and students to be competitive enough to face the global competition. At this juncture, there is a dire need in bringing vast changes in not only curricula of the professional education but also Teaching and Training methodologies focusing on Learner Centric system /approach. This paper throws a light on ‘focus on Learn to learn’ approach which can also be called as Self Reliant Learning (SRL) methodology to be inculcated and implemented in professional education. This methodology enables students to search for resources, generate creative ideas, assimilate new thoughts and arrive at a common conclusion. This practical practice enhances them to cop up with work place challenges.

      Sachin Pente, Nitin Wankhade, Prasad Hatwalne

Abstract: The main purpose of this work is to analyze the vibration in diesel engine cylinder liner considering combustion gas forces and cylinder liner temperature using finite element software ANSYS. Also different materials are being tested in the software for this purpose. The output results were quite satisfactory to predict the behavior of deflection under different pressures. The combustion gas forces calculated for varying compression pressures. Results are presented the displacement vs frequency shows the amplitude of vibration. By comparing the analytical results, the validity of the proposed analysis has been confirmed. Furthermore, this analysis is applied to evaluate the vibration of different materials along with increase in thickness, and revealing the closer response according to the material and vibration.

      Alex A. A. Bruce

Abstract: Securities investors in the 21st century seem to change trend of investment for fear of the effects of the global financial crises and executive fraud scandals which accounts for the quick fall in the value of shares and other investment securities in the Nigerian Capital market. Informed investors are of the view that the primary aim of their investment is to help create more wealth and advance their grip on corporate control yet these have not been realistic because of these crises hence the diversion from securities investment business to property ownerships. These have accosted most investors to resort to alternative investments, most especially the properties such as land and buildings.

      Jinshah B S, Ajith Krishnan R, Sandeep V S

Abstract: Use of CFC-contained systems has caused severe environmental hazards that have researchers looking for alternatives. Studies have shown that thermoacoustic technology is suited a candidate for conventional vapour compression cooling system in particular for special uses. In this research, theoretical, numerical and experimental studies were completed to identify optimum operating conditions for the design, fabrication, and operation of a thermoacoustic refrigerator. The system uses no refrigerant or compressor, and the only mechanical moving part is the loudspeaker connected to a signal generator that produces the acoustics. Here air at 1 atm is used as the working gas. The system fabricated with this grant is made of PVC and brass with a sinusoidal section to reduce power loss and can operate up to a maximum of 4 bar. The system can be taken apart if different stack geometry or material is to be studied.

      Prof.Pratibha J.Mishra

Abstract: The most distinguishing feature of Jainism is to maintain a note of overall universal identity in matters of religious and social order. From the social history of India it is evident that Lord •abha, the first trthakara, has been responsible for the rise and development of Jainism in the history of Indian culture. •abha founded the social order and family system, and taught to mankind the art of the cultivation of land as also different arts like writing, etc. After him there were twenty two trthakaras in Jain tradition. All of them contributed to develop more or less the same values in their times.

      Gaber El-Saady, El-Nobi A.Ibrahim, Abdelhamid A.Raafat

Abstract: The present paper aims at designing of Automatic Landing System for CHARLIE aircraft based on root locus modern control system. The control method is used to determine the gains of the controllers. To apply the root locus method, the nonlinear model of the flight system with controllers is established and developed .Then the nonlinear model is linearized about certain operating point. A CHARLIE aircraft with flight condition parameters used for proposed flight path control system is described .The block diagram of the proposed control system with required controller gains is established. The transfer functions for open loop and then the closed loop are obtained with the help of automatic control principle. The root locus for open loop is drawn and then K values are found for given damping ratios. Finally the step responses of the closed loop system with Automatic Landing system controller autopilot are drawn. The digital simulation results prove the effectiveness of proposed control system in terms of fast response after applying external disturbances.

      Subramanian R, Thanushkodi K

Abstract: The Economic Load Dispatch (ELD) problems in power generation systems is to reduce the fuel cost by reducing the total cost for the generation of electric power. This paper presents a Novel TANAN’s Algorithm (NTA) for solving ELD Problems. The main objective of NTA is to minimize the total fuel cost of the generating units subjected to limits on generator true power output, power loss. The NTA is a simple numerical random search approach based on a parabolic TANAN function. This paper presents an application of NTA to ELD problems for different IEEE standard test systems. ELD is applied and compared with various optimization techniques and the simulation results show that the proposed algorithm outperforms previous optimization methods.

      Rashpal Singh, Mohinder Pal

Abstract: In this paper we formulate Stein–minimax type estimators and compare the performance properties with other estimators in case of mean value predictions. When the model is estimated by ordinary least squares it has been observed that least squares predicted is unbiased while minimax and Stein-minimax predictors are biased. The superiority conditions of the estimators have been derived by assuming error distribution to be non-normal.

      Dr. Amardeep Kour

Abstract: The overwhelming majority of Internally Displaced People (IDP) are mainly women and children struggling to survive with little hope of returning home. Many still faced threats of their safety, could not fulfill their basic needs and lacked prospects for development. A sample of 200 community members was selected from (Rural and Urban) i.e. 100 from rural and 100 from urban. All the respondents in this group were selected using Snowball technique on the basis of their willingness to respond to the issue on internal displacement. For data collection interview schedule for community members was devised to know the perception regarding various aspects of the border migrant women.

      Dr. Jyoti Mankar , Dhanshree Chavan

Abstract: Aptitude means a natural ability, natural skills or talent. A natural or acquitted disposition of capacity for a particular purpose, of tendency to a particular action or effect, as oil an aptitude to burn. The present study on , Assessment of Differential Aptitude of college going students, was under taken during 20011-2012. In this study the population of all the students enrolled in Shri Shivaji College, Akola were considered as a sample. Samples of 120 students from all the faculties were selected randomly. This is an exploratory study and the procedure of simple random sampling method was adopted for drawing the representative sample of 120 students from the population. DAT was administered in two sittings; all the eight tests were administered on various faculty students. Few personal characteristics shown a strong contribution in some aptitude areas where as the other characteristics failed to established correlation with some aptitude areas. Therefore it can be implied that there is a strong correlation of personal characteristics and aptitude of students. Faculty wise correlation seen very significant that is .54, .40, and .46 with verbal reasoning, numerical ability & speed and accuracy respectively. Fathers education & mothers education .25 & .21 established a reasonable correlation with Language Sentence ability of their children. Negative but significant correlation is found predominant in between Gender and certain the areas of Aptitude.

      Dr.Neelam Sharma

Abstract: Nematodes are commonly referred to as non segmented round worm, thread worms or pin worms. Its body is elongated, cylindrical, bilaterally symmetrical and tapering towards both end. It is pseudocoelomate and dioecious with sexual dimorphism. Its impact on agriculture by way of inflicting is quite substantial. In the District Bilaspur of Himachal Pradesh, in the present study on nematodes, two types of nematodes have been detected from the roots and rhizosphere of okra crop. These two are Ectoparisitic and Endoparisitic. The present study also reveals that percentage of Meliodogyne incognita is quite high in some parts of the District of Bilaspur. Okra is susceptible to root-knot nematodes damage. If Okra is to be grown in areas prone to nematode attacks Nematicide must be sprayed prior to planting. Non chemical management of nematodes can be accomplished through the use of soil solarization, crop rotation or the use of nematodes suppressive crops.

      Pawan Bhadana, Ritu Khurana, Chanchal, Manisha

Abstract: Mobile ad-hoc networks (MANETs) are self-configuring networks of nodes connected via wireless without any form of centralized administration. This kind of networks is currently one of the most important research subjects, due to the huge variety of applications (emergency, military, etc...). In MANETs, each node acts both as host and as router, thus, it must be capable of forwarding packets to other nodes. Topologies of these networks change frequently. To solve this problem, special routing protocols for MANETs are needed because traditional routing protocols for wired networks cannot work efficiently in MANETs.

      Dr.J.Sridharan, P.Saranya, Dr.A.Srinivasan

Abstract: In this paper, an organization with two grades subjected to exit of personnel due to the policy decisions taken by the organization is considered. As the exit of personnel is unpredictable a new univariate recruitment policy involving two thresholds one is optional and the other one mandatory is suggested to enable the organization to plan its decision on recruitment. Three mathematical models are constructed using a univariate policy based on shock model approach assuming that (i) the amount of wastage at each decision epoch are identically distributed constantly correlated and exchangeable exponential random variables(ii)the inter-decision times form an order statistics and (iii) the optional and mandatory thresholds follow various distribution. Theanalytical results are substantiated with numerical illustrations.

      Shashi, Sudha

Abstract: The scope of the wireless communications in the recent years going to increase it is the way of constructing small sized, low power and inexpensive sensor devices that posses high-speed sensing, computational and communication capabilities. In this paper combination of hybrid hierarchical network topology and use of different communication techniques for Transmission (sleep & wait) and Reception/Listening (Low Power Listening). Energy efficient, energy conservation and hence improve sensor battery life is the main motive behind our work. In our proposed system, we setup intermediate nodes (parent nodes) in our system, so as to prevent direct communication between a sensor and Sink node, thus preventing large wait times for transmission.

      Debiprasad Acharya, Manjusri Basu, Atanu Das

Abstract: In generalized transportation problem(GTP), the cost of transportation cij per unit product from the ith origin to the jth destination is considered as independent of amount of transported commodity xij. But in real life problems, there are many situations, e.g. quantity discount, price break etc., in which cost of transportation cij depends upon the amount of transported commodity xij. Based on these situations, in this paper, we consider a new type of discounted generalized transportation problem in which the cost of transportation cij per unit product depends on the amount of transported commodity xij. Thereby, we develop a new algorithm for obtaining the optimum solution of this problem. Finally, a numerical example is illustrated to support the algorithm.

      Karan Ostwal, Swati Jakwad, MuktaKhaparkuntikar, JyotiIravane, AjitDamle

Abstract: A 70 year old female camewith complains of persistent nasal discharge since 4 days & spontaneous fall of tooth 4 days back. Patient was a known case of Rheumatoid arthritis since 30 years being on steroidal injections. Patient had left unilateral hypertrophied thick & congested inferior turbinate. Deviating nasal septum to right. Oro-antral fistula was seen.Lactophenol cotton-blue mount showed septate hyphae with acute angle branching &single celled conidia.Patient was effectively treated with voriconazole.

      Rajamani Santhosh Kumar, K R Jothi Kumar, D Saravana Bhavan, A Anandaraj

Abstract: There is number of variations in the morphology of the External Auditory Canal which influence the ability to examine the canal and also play a role in pathogenesis of many Ear diseases. Broadly the aperture of the External Auditory canal is classified into “Narrow” and “Broad” canals. The natural self cleansing ability of the Ear canal may be affected in narrow canals, which could predispose to pathology. This study aims to classify and highlight the variations in ear canal anatomy in a cohort of 185 young adults.

      Virender Kumar Gehlawat, Rizwan S A, Vijay Silan

Abstract: Neuropsychiatric complications in Enteric fever are not uncommon, however cerebellar ataxia as an isolated manifestation is very rare. A 12 year old boy presenting with fever and cerebellar symptoms was diagnosed with Enteric fever. After starting a course of intravenous antibiotics and steroids, he became afebrile and neurological symptoms abated with no residual effects after four weeks.

      Mridula Dhekial Phukan

Abstract: Internally Displaced Persons constitutes the category of vulnerable population who suffer violations of their rights due to the lack of the development of obligatory international law for their protection. The Geneva Convention is only confined to areas of armed conflict. Therefore the Internally Displaced Persons are expose to repeated hardship due to the lack of legal framework The Guiding Principles on Internal Displcement lay down certain standards for protection of IDPS but they do not have the force of a binding instrument.

      Kashinkunti MD M.D, Gundikeri SK M.D, Dhananjaya M M.B.B.S

Abstract: Background: Plasmodium vivaxis the most widely distributed human malarial parasite with risk population of 2.5 billion persons. Pl. vivaxmono infection could also result in multiple organ dysfunction and severe life-threatening disease as seen in P.falciparum infection.1,2 We describe here the clinical profile of patients with severe vivax malaria.

      Gargi Dutta

Abstract: The progressive realization of the right to food is a binding international obligation on all nation states and the freedom from hunger is a fundamental human right. Such being the nature of the right to food, all instance of hunger is a human rights violation. The legal framework of the Nations should incorporate the protection of the right to food to make this right real and effective. The responsibility of building a hunger free world not only rests on individual states, but also on the community of nations, corporate sectors and international organizations.

      Sruthi K

Abstract: In this paper, I present a fast and robust practical tool for segmentation of solid tumors with minimal user interaction to assist clinicians and researchers in radio surgery planning and assessment of the response to the therapy. K Means based seeded tumor segmentation method on contrast enhanced T1 weighted magnetic resonance (MR) images, which standardizes the volume of interest (VOI) and seed selection, is proposed. And the result is compared against Cellular automata based tumor segmentation method. Seed points are selected as the intersection of maximum white points row wise and column wise . First the seed pixels of tumor and background are fed to the algorithm. Using this seeds, the algorithm finds the strength maps for both tumor and background image .This maps are then combined to get the tumor probability map. Comparison studies on both clinical and synthetic brain tumor datasets for both this methods demonstrate 80%–90% overlap performance of the proposed algorithm( K Means)in terms of, its efficiency and accuracy.

      Priyanka Dinesh Gaonkar

Abstract: As air transport serves a time sensitive market, the surface access to airports should be efficient and the airport-linked requirements be persistently updated. In the Indian context, there is an absence of dedicated transportation services to airports except for the city of New Delhi, where it has taken the first step by integration of dedicated airport express line with existing transportation system. Consequently, there is a need to emphasize on linking of dedicated transportation services in other Indian cities as a sustainable solution. Mumbai being the fourth most populated city in the world too lacks a dedicated transportation service to the airport, which is the second busiest airport in India and amongst the renowned in the world (Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN), 2009). Therefore, the main objective of the study is to assess the need for emerging seamless ground accessibility to Indian airports by explicating the case of Mumbai. An interview survey was conducted to understand the trip characteristics of air passengers, their expectations and perceptions for making the mode choice. The results and conclusions were used in estimating cost and time savings per person per hour for the city of Bangalore, so that the same practice can be used for other Indian cities too.

      S.M. Kamrul Hasan, Md Enamul kabir

Abstract: Knit fabric manufacturers particularly those who are involved in producing weft knitted fabrics are continuously facing the problem of adjusting different quality parameters in producing a fabric of predefined structure. Predicting the yarn count, stitch length and appropriate machine gauge in order to produce fabric of certain GSM is of great importance in this regard. This study aims at emphasizing the importance of the linear relationship among those quality parameters and implementing statistical methods and techniques in order to develop a linear relationship among different quality parameters in making different weft knitted fabrics.

      Chetan Kumar D.S., Prof, B.H.Vasudevamurthy, Mr.Krishnaprasad A.K

Abstract: The Sun/Moon simulator facility is used in earth sensor lab for interface checking, mapping checks and other purpose used in geostationary satellites. This has been mounted in the earth lab in Laboratory for Electro Optics Systems (LEOS), ISRO. The overall design has been carried out in rational design. First we select suitable material for designing lead screw which fulfils the design requirements. A suitable AC motor along with a gear is selected, and bevel gear is used to convert rotary motion into a reciprocating motion of the simulator. To locate the simulator to desired location a horizontal beam has been designed with standard diameter which meets the design requirements & this simulator should travel freely.

      Dr. R. John Mathew

Abstract: In this paper we develop and analyse an inventory model for deteriorating items with mixture of Weibull rate of decay and demand as function of both selling price and time without shortages. Using the differential equations, the instantaneous state of inventory at time‘t’, the amount of deterioration etc. are derived. With suitable cost considerations the total cost function and profit rate function are also obtained by maximizing the profit rate function, the optimal ordering and pricing policies of the model are derived. The sensitivity of the model with respect to the parameters is discussed through numerical illustration. It is observed that the deteriorating parameters have a tremendous influence on the optimal selling price and ordering quantity.

      P. T. Aneesh, K. Sudha, A. K. Helna, K. Arshad, G. Anilkumar, J. P. Trilles

Abstract: The simultaneous multiple infestation by parasitic crustacean species involving a cymothoid isopod, Mothocya renardi (Bleeker 1857) and three copepods such as Lernanthropus tylosuri Richiardi 1880, Caligodes lacinatus Heller 1868 and Bomolochus bellones Burmeister 1833 was frequently observed on Banded needlefish, Strongylura leiura (Belonidae) captured from the Malabar Coast. 130 of 132 fish specimens (S. leiura) collected from January 2011 to February 2012, were hyperinfested by 698 parasitic crustaceans including 226 M. renardi, 262 L. tylosuri, 158 C. lacinatus and 52 B. bellones. Out of 132 host fishes ( S. leiura) examined, four members showed a quadruple parasitism involving M. renardi, L. tylosuri, C. lacinatus and B. bellones. 87 host fishes showed triple parasitism and 38 others a double parasitism, with different parasitic associations. In triple parasitism 4 and in double parasitism 5 possible combinations were noticed. Two fish were parasitized only by M. renardi. The sites of infestation by the parasitic crustaceans are highly specific.

      Sandhya Rani Mohanty, Bijaylaxmi Das,Trupti Moahanty

Abstract: Decision-making capacity of a woman is measured as one of the principal components of empowerment, and decision regarding savings of income is considered as capacity building. The present study addresses the rural Odisha women’s decision-making and capacity building through participation in Self Help Groups and microenterprises. The research has been carried out in the Banki block and Tigiria block of Cuttack District, Odisha, India. Field data were collected through survey cum interview and focus group discussion from rural women based on their working pattern, socio-economic condition, family background, education level, and size of the family. Statistical analyses including percentage, average, mean, standard deviation and Chi square test were applied to draw meaningful interpretation of the collected information. The results reveal that the range of economic activities led by the microenterprises helped the rural Odisha women to earn income of their own. The economic decision-making has been enhanced with mobilization of women in organized collectives as SHGs and their participation in microenterprises. Capacity building of women in terms of saving some income and spent on their personal items without any hesitation is also encouraging.

      Dr. Dipika Baria, Dr. (Mrs) Varsha Joshi, Dr. Tejas Shah, Dr.Kapil Gandha, Dr. Nikunj Modi

Abstract: Chronic Renal Failure (CRF) patients are at risk of cardiovascular diseases due to the elevation of various forms of lipids. Many a time CRF patients live on hemodialysis on regular basis. Present study was done to know whether hemodialysis has any impact on the lipid profile of the CRF patients. Study were divided into 3 groups, Group-I: healthy controls (30), Group-II: CRF patients who never undergone hemodialysis (30) and Group-III: CRF patients on hemodialysis for more than 6 months (30). We obtained serum samples from patients in the morning after an overnight fast and were analyzed for total cholesterol (TC), triglycerides (TGs), HDL, LDL and VLDL.

      Shailu Jain

Abstract: Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) is widely recognized as the key technology for the next generation broadband wireless communication (BWC) systems. Besides high spectral efficiency, reliable performance over fast fading channels is becoming more and more important for OFDM-based BWC systems, especially when high speed cars, trains and subways are playing an increasingly indispensable role in our daily life. The time domain synchronous OFDM (TDS-OFDM) has higher spectral efficiency than the standard cyclic prefix OFDM (CP-OFDM), but suffers from severe performance loss over high speed mobile channels since the required iterative interference cancellation between the training sequence (TS) and the OFDM data block. In this paper, a fundamentally distinct OFDM-based transmission scheme called time-frequency training OFDM (TFT-OFDM) is proposed, whereby every TFT-OFDM symbol has training information both in the time and frequency domains. Simulation results also demonstrate that TFT-OFDM outperforms CP-OFDM and TDS-OFDM in high speed mobile environments. This work based on simulation using MATLAB 7.11.

      Rashmi Rani, Vinod Jain

Abstract: Information available on the WWW, users get easily lost in rich hyper structure. It has become increasingly necessary for user’s to utilize automated tool in order to find, extract, filter and evaluate the desired information and resources. Modern Information Retrieval System matches the term of a user with documents in their index and returns a large number of documents of Web pages generally in the form of ranked list. It becomes almost impractical at the user end to examine every return document, thus the need to look for some result optimization. In this paper, finding the content of the web and retrieving the users interest and need from their behaviour has become important.

      Nizara Arya

Abstract: World tea production reached 4.73 million tonnes in 2008. At the international level, China, with 28.9 per cent share of the total world tea production, dominates the market. In 2010 world tea production reached 1738.41 m kg. India was the market leader with regard to production and consumption until 2005. At present, India is the second largest producer of tea in the world, and produces around 972.77 million kilograms in 2008-09 as against of 945.27 million kgs in 2007-2008.

      Vijaykumar L Pattankar, Shagufta Roohi, B Narsimha Reddy

Abstract: Background and objectives: Diagnosis of rhinoscleroma depends on histopathological examination of the tissue. Objective was to study the correlation between the clinical presentation, histomorphological changes and significance of mast cell distribution in various types of rhinoscleroma.

      Rekha Dua, Deepika Garg, Girish Garg

Abstract: Edge Detection is a part of various image processing operations. Usually image is smoothen, sharpen even deblurred before performing edge detection so as to generate finer edges. This approach does works well in various cases, but there are cases where such things can damage the actual data present in image, which can be due to improper smoothening or de-blurring or excessive of both. In such cases edge detection might miss some inferior and less prominent edges which can be important part of image structure.

      Renjith V B, Mathew Baby, K R Jayadevan

Abstract: Deflection of cutting tools during machining on a lathe affects their tool life, surface roughness and dimensional correctness. For an optimum turning operation, correct selection of cutting parameters as well as tool extension length are essential. In this work, deflection of a T-42 CT H.S.S single point cutting tool is investigated by varying rake angle, cutting feed and tool extension length during turning operation on lathe. The selection of process parameters were determined by using Taguchi’s experimental design method. Cutting force components during turning operation were measured by lathe tool force dynamometer and detailed deflection analysis was conducted by using ABAQUS finite element program.

      Parashiva Murthy B.M., Mohan Kera, Bhavani K Eshwar

Abstract: This paper presents a solution showing how IBM Master Data Management(MDM-CE) can be integrated and mapped to Data Warehouse. Such integration and mapping benefits MDM-CE and Warehouse users alike as they gain a wider insight into the business and technical information. Raw data from different sources incur a lot of pre-processing before being processed in MDM-CE hence Information Server which can profile and standardize data in the form input to MDM-CE is being integrated with the help of data stage jobs. These jobs basically helps in larger picture of pre-processing and automating data for data load and data export using ETL process of Infosphere Data Stage.

      Jane N. Mugwe, Dick Mbaja

Abstract: The decision to commence antiretroviral therapy (ART) is clinical and made in consultation with the patient with the help of basic laboratory investigations. Clinical assessment includes staging of (Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) diseases, determining other existing conditions, identifying other medications including traditional therapies, body weight, and assessment of patients’ readiness for antiretroviral therapy. The laboratory play an important role in initiation and follow up of already enrolled clients. CD4 cells can be constantly estimated to obtain values before the initiation of therapy and even during chemotherapy. This can be achieved through the use of flow cytometry instruments for estimating CD4 cells in individuals, such as Fascalibur or Fascount ; which work under the same principle but occasionally produces different results. There is need to establish their accuracy, reliability and reproducibility. This study was aimed at investigating the accuracy and reliability between Fascount and Fascalibur in CD4 count enumeration.

      D.S.Ambadkar , R.M.Kedar

Abstract: In this study new imidazole derivatives were synthesized .The first stage involved preparation of 2-hydroxy-1-(4-methoxyphenyl)-ethan-1-one(C1) by reacting 4-methoxybenzaldehyde with benzaldehyde in presence of sodium cyanide catalyst .The second stage involved the synthesis of 1-(4-methoxyphenyl) -2-phenylethan-1,2-dione(C2) using nitric acid in glacial acetic acid .Finally the compound ( 4a to 4l ) were synthesized using the three-component system ( Compound C2 , Substituted benzaldehyde ,and ammonium acetate) .The structures of all compounds were confirmed by elemental analysis , NMR , IR data and melting point .In conclusion ,this method offer some advantages such as good yield , simple procedure , low cost of chemicals and easy work up .

      Thakre SB, Thakre SS, Chavan AB, Bhelkar SM, Dhok RS, More SM, Deshpande SR

Abstract: Each year far more abstracts are submitted and limited slots are available for oral and poster presentation.Hence, we have carried out an appraisal of abstracts published in the souvenir of the National Conference of IAPSM held at Nagpur during January 2013• These abstracts are reviewed by two independent reviewers as per the guidelines provided by Indian journal of community Medicine (IJCM). Out of 555 abstracts; 374 were accepted (67.38% overall acceptance rate). Maternal and child health papers formed the greatest proportion of total accepted 82(21.93%), followed by non communicable and miscellaneous group; 53 (14.17%) and 50 (13.73%) respectively. Mean (SD) score of accepted abstract by one reviewer was 13.23 (1.74) with 95% confidence interval (CI) (13.05-13.4).

      P.R. Arora

Abstract: Make your home solar is going to be reality within few years. Rooftop PV has been developed by Germany, Spain and Italy with the encouragement Feed- in -Tariff system for early attaining towards grid parity. The rates of solar PV has been drastically reduced in recent years and approaching towards the grid parity. There has been increasing trend of grid connected residential rooftop PV worldwide due to merits. In India the grid parity for residential rooftop PV is likely to be achieved within three to four years. Installation of rooftop PV at residential buildings will be able to meet present deficit of electricity in cities and towns and future demand of electricity. Therefore, time has come to encourage and motivate the peoples of India for installation of rooftop PV at their residence to meet the demand of electricity in urban areas. Central and the State Governments have a major role in development of rooftop PV at the residential buildings in urban areas.

      Seema Langer, Krishan Raj Kant, Jyoti Sharma

Abstract: The present investigations were conducted to evaluate the effect of ovatide treatment on the reproduction in Puntius sophore. Hormone was injected intramuscularly @ 4mg/kg and 0.5mg/kg body weight fortnightly for 90 days in two phases. Phase I was initiated at stage I (Resting stage) and Phase II at stage II(pre-maturing stage) of ovarian maturation. Results reveals that hormonal treatment induce ovarian maturation, stimulate ovulation, and expressed an advancement in time of spawning. It was revealed that spawning could be advanced by four months if treatment occur at stage I and by three months if treatment occur at stage II of the reproductive cycle.

      Seema Langer, Krishan Raj Kant, Jyoti Sharma

Abstract: Puntius sophore collected from Gho-Manhasan river were dissected and ovaries were histologically studied throughout the year. Seven stages of oocytes were recognised in Puntius sophore. Oogonia were present througout the reproductive cycle. The most important event observed during the study was the observation of crystalline yolk, atretic oocytes in the maturation stage and spent phase respectively. The breeding period of the fish is from July-August.

      Dr Sreeja S

Abstract: To attain full participation and equality in society for a hearing impaired person, it is imperative to have a guarantee for the means of livelihood. Only through occupation and economic independence they can participate in social life without any stigma and use the benefits available to them. The field of employment is one which has received a relatively fair amount of investigation in studies of deaf. The present investigation is meant to assess parental perception regarding the employability of their hearing impaired children. Survey method was adopted for the conduct of the study. The sample consisted of 120 parents selected from eight revenue districts of Kerala, viz – Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam, Kottayam, Ernakulam, Thrissur, Pathanamthitta, Idukki and Kozhikode. The sample was selected using random sampling technique.

      Priyanka Yadav, Khalid Hussain, Ashima Gambhir

Abstract: Object oriented design, is becoming very popular in software development environment. Object oriented design metrics is an essential part of software environment. Object oriented measurements are used to measure quality of software. The metrics for object oriented design focus on measurements that are applied to the classand design characteristics. These measurements permit designers to access the softwareearly in process, making changes that will reduce complexity and improve the continuingcapability of the design.

      Ratna Sircar, Shraddha Gupta, Dibya Prakash Srivastava, Brijesh Tripathi

Abstract: To improve conversion efficiency for crystalline silicon solar cells, impurity photovoltaic (IPV) effect has been proposed as an approach for application of new concept solar cell. In this paper, we have carried out a comparative study of IPV solar cells doped with thallium, indium and vanadium. The potential of the IPV solar cell is investigated with different doping materials. It is found that an increase of 2.72%, 2.95% and 3.81% for conversion efficiency can be obtained by indium, thallium and vanadium impurities respectively by the IPV effect. The influence of the light trapping on the IPV solar cell performance is discussed. It is found that cell efficiency can increase by about 2.88% due to the IPV effect. In addition, light trapping has very important impact on the IPV solar cell property. A good light trapping should be required to obtain better device performance for IPV solar cells.

      Prof. Er. Dangat G.D, Prof. Sayyed S. G

Abstract: Network access authentication is a key procedure for network operator to control user access to the network service. The IETF recently finished its major work in this area by standardizing an IP based protocol named Protocol for Carrying Authentication for Network Access (PANA). We provide a fruitful analysis of PANA Architecture based on develop IETF Standard deployed on IPv4 and next generation network environments.

      P. Yedukondala Rao, I. Rukmini Sirisha

Abstract: Seasonal changes in the biochemical parameters such as protein, carbohydrate, lipid and ash besides moisture content in the muscle of Lagocephalus spadiceus (Richardson, 1845) and Lagocephalus lunaris (Bloch and Schneider, 1801) has been carried out during January to December 2009. The percentage composition of moisture, protein, carbohydrate, lipid and ash contents showed variations in their abundance in different seasons in both the species. The highest content of protein (18.11%) in the muscle was recorded in L. spadiceus in summer, while it was high (14.20%) in L. lunaris in monoon season.

      Arissara Sukwatjanee

Abstract: This study aimed to determine the effectiveness of a self-care program for Thais with uncontrolled hypertension leading to pre-stroke. The program was based on self-care behavior and blood pressure control. The samples were 98 purposively selected patients with uncontrolled hypertension receiving care at a hospital in the central part of Thailand. The samples were randomly assigned to either the experimental (n = 50) or control group (n = 48). Those in the experimental group received a 24-week self-care program and routine care, while those in the control group received only routine care. The self-care program consisted of education sessions that were used to increase the samples’ knowledge about, and ability to carry out self-care for controlling their blood pressure. Data were collected via interview-administered questionnaires and blood pressure measurements, before and after participation in the program. Data were analyzed utilizing descriptive statistics; Chi-square; Mann-Whitney U test; and, independent t-test. Results indicated the experimental group, 24 weeks after completion of the program, had a significantly higher mean rank of self-care behavior regarding medication-taking, dietary control, exercise, stress management, and risk behavior avoidance, as well as significantly lower mean blood pressure levels than the control group. Findings suggest the program was effective in enhancing samples’ knowledge to control their blood pressure and prevent a complication as pre-stroke.

      Rachit Soni, Prof. A.K Kori

Abstract: The transformer oil insulation will deteriorates under the effect of thermal, electrical and chemical factors and under water which is one of the by-product of ageing. In order to evaluate the dielectric properties of sealed and unsealed dissipation factor (tan delta) capacitance measurement at power frequency (50 Hz) has commonly used to diagnose the insulation integrity and condition of transformer. The main drawback of this technique is that the measurement result obtained represent the status of the complete transformer insulation system. Hence, in this paper experimental investigation has been done by studying the dielectric property change (tan delta, dielectric constant and acidity) of different transformer oil sealed and unsealed to calculate affecting parameters namely moisture and ageing of both the sample (sealed and unsealed). A simulation model of the combined transformer insulation has been used to correlate the tan delta, acidity of each insulating material differentiate the sealed and unsealed value of a transformer.

      Vandan Tewari, Nirmal Dagdee, Aruna Tiwari

Abstract: Web services [1] are the latest paradigm of distributed systems which are implemented as typically application programming interfaces (API) or web APIs that are accessed via HTTP and executed on a remote system hosting the requested services. The Web services are used to interact between components, programs, and applications. In this paper, we have proposed an approach to allow for support of web service descriptions and queries using registries that conforms to UDDI V3.0.2 specification. Specifically, our main aim is to discover user requested services based on not only on functional parameters but also non functional parameters such as Quality of Service (QoS) parameters. Web Service discovery can be augmented using query expansion as well as appended with QoS in requirement. Since the metadata associated with web services is very less as compared to HTML pages, to offer a web service appropriate to a client we have used two techniques from Information Retrieval: Query Expansion and Query Rewriting. The proposed approach does not require any modification to the existing UDDI data structures.

      Singh Harneet, Juneja Sumit, Kalra Pankhuri, Kaur Puneet

Abstract: According to American Dental Association, Evidence-based dentistry (EBD) is an approach to oral health care that requires the judicious integration of systematic assessments of clinically relevant scientific evidence, relating to the patients oral and medical condition and history, with the dentists clinical expertise and the patients treatment needs and preferences.

      Paramacutty Paramathevan, W.B.Daundasekera

Abstract: The main objective of this study is to search for a scientific method to prepare a weekly schedule for a group of nursing officers working for a ward of a hospital. To achieve this objective, we propose an optimization method. First we develop an optimization model by formulating the objective and the constraints of the problem mathematically.

      Sarvjeet Singh , Tajinder Kour

Abstract: Education is an essential base of good life. Education develops personality of an individual in all fields and aspects making him intelligent, learned, bold, and courageous and possessing strong good character. Educated women are not only raising their own socio-economic status but they are enhancing intellectual horizon of their children, uplifting socio-economic condition of their family and playing a significant role in raising their family status.


Abstract: The objective of this current work is to design a z-axis translation for an earth sensor test facility in the Earth Lab, Laboratory for Electro-Optics System (LEOS), ISRO Bangalore. It is targeted to develop the best solution for the z-axis translation, taking into account the physical and material constraints as well as the operator’s safety and easy accessibility of the device. Nowadays there exist a set of z-axis translators that has been implemented on a limited number for testing equipments. The device developed in this thesis reveals a relatively new concept that is fitting space, safety and easy-access requirements of the test facility in the earth lab. To achieve the goals of this current work, I followed the project design methodology from specialized books that lead us to final concept which was submitted to structural analysis and that will be furthermore optimized. Careful consideration of functional and physical domains guided us to an effective solution to this design problem. This solution is viable from the point of view of the structural analysis.

      Dr.Harsh mohan Pathak, Dr.Sarita Kumari, Dr.Sikander Prasad, Dr.Narendra Singh, Dr.Prachi Pathak

Abstract: Purpose: The purpose of this study is to identify surgical outcomes in third molar surgery when no sutures are used for primary closure. Patients and Methods: A total of 30 third molars were removed from 30 patients in an outpatient setting using local anesthesia. A small V-shaped flap was raised in all cases and no sutures were placed over a 1 and ½ year period. Follow up was done on regular basis and protocol of 1 day ,1 week and 1 month. Results: Normal healing in 75.75% cases, AO was seen in 10.7% cases, Pain more than 3 on VAS scale in 4.93% cases , Other complaints in 3.25% cases.

      Sir Allan Zade, DR. K.N.P.Kumar

Abstract: In the normal format of circumstances, circumscribed delusional beliefs can follow brain injury. Authors suggest that these involve anomalous perceptual experiences created by a deficit to the person perceptual system, and misinterpretation of these experiences due to biased reasoning. We say notwithstanding the brain injury, indoctrination of beliefs is one that is responsible for disastrous consequences, detrimental ramifications and deleterious implications leading to illusion, as is the case with Time Delusion. All space and time is within us.

      Sivagamy Kannan, Chinnusamy Chinnagounder

Abstract: Corn (Zea mays L.) is a versatile crop, allowing it to grow across a range of agro-ecological zone popularly called Queen of Cereals. Weeds constituent one of the major economic important problem for maize growers because they can reduce yield up to 86 per cent. A field experiment were conducted for two years at Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore during kharif seaons of 2010 and 2011 to evaluate the weed management options for transgenic stacked (TC 1507 & NK 603) and conventional maize hybrids. The experiments were conducted with the following objective to evaluate the weed control efficiency and crop productivity with K salt of glyphosate formulations under field conditions.

      Sayed Abdulhayan, Prahlad T Kulkarni, Ravindra D Noubade

Abstract: Scheduler is part of executing throughput in MAC Layer. A good scheduler provides high Quality of Service (QoS) and work towards getting more and more throughput. There are varieties of Scheduler based on different factors such as fairness and maximum feedback etc. Priority Scheduler is based on the need of the service to be catered. We have designed a priority based schedulers on the top of ZF-MUMIMO, MaxThroughput and Optimum throughput schedulers. Our Proposed schedulers are two-level schedulers. In this paper, we present the performance of designed Priority schedulers with different Base schedulers.

      Sayed Abdulhayan, Prahlad T kulkarni, Ravindra D Noubade

Abstract: Scheduler is part of executing throughput in MAC Layer. A good scheduler provides high Quality of Service (QoS) and work towards getting more and more throughput. There are varieties of Scheduler based on different factors such as fairness and maximum feedback etc. Priority Scheduler is based on the need of the service to be catered. We have designed a priority based scheduler on the top of ZF-MUMIMO scheduler. Our Proposed scheduler is two-level scheduler. We will see the performance of designed Priority scheduler in Non Line of Sight (NLOS) and Line of Sight (LOS) propagation Models in this paper.

      Md.Khaled Hossain, Sayed Samial Haq

Abstract: Human lives can be saved from an accident by detecting an accident before it occurs. But this need advance accurate human detection and also accident detection capability. At present there are several works regarding pre crash detection & avoidance system from obstacle. But we are lacking to priorities crash with human or animals compared to obstacles. What would be the situation when a system has to choose between human and obstacles? If the system is unable to detect human then there is a probability to hit humans instead of obstacles. To solve this problem in this work we have priorities humans or animals first. Car will avoid human or animal first then if possible it will try to avoid obstacles also. If the system is unable to avoid accident then our system has accident detection technique with pin point location tracking using GSM only.

      Shanjendu Nath

Abstract: The problem of mind-body relation is a central problem in the history of philosophy. From the very ancient period there have been discussions on this issue but it could not get prominent position. In modern period it is Descartes who brought the old problem in a new way. He holds the view that mind and body are two dependent substances and thereby he is called a dualist philosopher. He is the most influential dualistic philosopher in modern philosophy.

      Shama Wankhade, Payal Koshatwar, Rupali Thakare

Abstract: When we work harder, our hearts beat faster. When we are hot, we sweat. The internal functions within our body regulate themselves. Correspondingly, would not we like to have systems that can heal themselves? Autonomous Computing is a holistic, system-wide perspective. The ultimate goal is to have the machine think for itself without human input, to be able to boot up backup systems, and even to order spare parts to ensure transparency to the user. Successful autonomic systems will need to be self-configuring, self-optimizing, self-protecting, and self-healing. So rather than having to tell systems what to do explicitly in a certain situation, we just tell these systems what we are trying to accomplish. While that ultimate goal is still years away, the first generation of self-adapting software tools is within reach. Autonomic computing will not reinvent computer science but will offer new opportunities—new ways of securing our systems against attack.

      Nisha Sharma, Dr. Fahim Ansari, Pawan Kr. Panday

Abstract: This paper presents modeling of Photovoltaic (PV) module using MATLAB/Simulink. The model is developed on the basis of mathematical model of the PV module. The PV module of VIKRAM SOLAR PANEL PV- ELDORA 230 is selected for the experimental and technical data to analyze the developed model. The objective of this paper is to develop a model to simulate the behavior of a photovoltaic cell. Both models are implemented in MATLAB/Simulink. To demonstrate the validity of the model the IV and PV curves results were compared with those provided by the manufacturer.

      K. H.M. Ashoka Deepananda, W.A.J.P. De Silva

Abstract: We evaluated the changes in estrous cycle of female rats fed either high carbohydrate or high protein diets for 42 days relatively to commercially available rodent pellets. Animals fed high carbohydrate diet showed a lengthened estrus cycle while those fed with a high protein diet could not continue a healthy estrous cycle. Animals received a protein rich diet showed a lengthened estrus cycle with an atypically extended diestrous stage until protein rich food is withdrawn and a balanced diet was introduced. However, animals fed with a carbohydrate rich diet showed a typical estrous cycle but slightly lengthier. Present findings have shown that nutrition depletion affect on estrous cycle in rats.

      J.M.R.V. Wijayarathna, I.S Abeygunawardena

Abstract: The management of racehorses remains amateurish in Sri Lanka although the sport has been prevailing in the country for over a century. This study aimed to gain basic knowledge on the local management practices, identify related problems and make suggestions for improvement. Nuwara Eliya district was selected as the study area since rearing horses and racing is done mainly in this area. Data were obtained by administering a questionnaire to the stable workers and the horse owners of every stable unit (n=5) in the district. The total number of racehorses in the district was 44, out of which Thoroughbreds were predominant (62%). The majority of the horses (72%) are imported from India. All the stables were located on well drained land, and were not undesirably close to domestic dwellings.

      E.S.V. Narayana Rao, A.A. Chari

Abstract: Efficient performance of Agricultural Market Committees(AMCs) is considered to be the sine quo non for the economic development of an agrarian country like India. Though the number of AMCs have been steadily increasing in India, still the farmers are being exploited by one form or another in transacting the agricultural commodities. In view of this, several apprehensions and concerns were raised fearing about the performance of AMCs in discharging the regulatory provisions for efficient transaction of agricultural commodities. Various enactments have been formulated by Government from time to time to revamp the agricultural marketing system in the country and presently, Model act 2005 (The State Agricultural Produce Marketing (Development and Regulation) Act, 2005) has been under implementation. In this context of exploring the agricultural marketing system with a farmers ended approach, the present paper aims at analyzing the performance appraisal of AMCs in Telangana region of AP in India through Data Envelopment Analysis(DEA) approach. The analytical findings revealed that 59% of selected DMUs are being operated at Scale Efficiency <1. The remaining 41% DMUs are being operated at constant return to scale(CRS) and this directs the Government to continue the existing support even in the future.

      RampuramJayapal Reddy, Dr.N.Sandhya Shenoy

Abstract: Groundnut is the major cash crop for Mahabubnagar district. It is important to know the present scenario of adoption of improved cultivation practices to get to know the adoption gaps and knowledge gaps resulting in lower yields and higher cost of cultivation. The study indicated that majority of the sample groundnut farmers were in the range of 31 – 60 years from this it could be inferred that the farmers practicing groundnut are middle aged and having small family norm, the average land holding of groundnut farmers was 2-5 acres, and majority of farmers were illiterates followed by the education level upto primary and secondary school level only and in choosing wider spacing had highest adoption gaps and weed management, water management, Organic manure application and pesticide management fertilizer management, and in choosing plant variety had highest knowledge gaps. The economic analysis indicated higher cost of cultivation in using seed rate, pesticides, and harvesting areas. These have to be addressed through awareness creation programmes and proactive policies that enable ease in procurement of necessary inputs and facilitating environment for adoption of improved cultivation practices, and reducing cost of cultivation , thereby increasing profits per unit area resulting in improvised livelihoods of the farmers.

      Siddhesh P. Narvekar, Dr. Manoj M. Mujumdar, Akshay R. Thorvat

Abstract: Analysis of retaining wall is one of the major part in Geotechnical Engineering. This can be done by various methods such as Rankines Theory, Coulombs Theory, Culmanns Graphical Method which depends on various assumptions . To overcome this, various approaches has been adopted, in this paper we have tried to formulate the same with the help of Dimension Analysis method by which results can be obtained without any assumptions and an universal formula can be developed. We have used the modified Buckingham-pi theorem for this analysis. The results of dimensional analysis so obtained are then compared with the actual test results. The comparison shows the validity of this method.

      Nimmi Jacob, Manu .V.Thomas

Abstract: Children are the nation most important resource. They hold the potential and set the limits of future development of any country. Children are not born with the innate ability to choose a nutritious diet, instead their food habits are learned through experience and education. Basic knowledge of food and normal eating is learned in childhood. Parents have been found to be the principle regulators of children’s eating and food supply, and the home environment is most influential on children’s consumption behaviors. Preschool children between the age group of 3 ½ yrs to 4 ½ years and 4 ½ years to 5 ½ years and their parents were selected for the nutrition education programme. The tools developed for the programme includes PowerPoint presentation and recipe booklet on smart school snacks for the parents. A nutrition handbook containing information about basic nutrition, food pyramids, stories and rhymes on nutrition were developed for the preschool children.The samples were subjected to pre test and post test to evaluate the impact of the developed tools.

      E. Daisy Rani Angelina, R. Bavyaa, Revathy Rajagopal

Abstract: Silver nanoparticles were synthesized at room temperature using fenugreek seed extract. The synthesized silver nanoparticles were characterized using UV-Visible spectroscopy, XRD and particle size analyser. The UV-Vis. spectra showed a red shift with time indicating the increase in particle size. The XRD data revealed that silver nanoparticles crystallizes in fcc structure with a space group of Fm-3m. The average size of the particles was found to be 174 nm.

      Virendra Kumar, Dr. Ajay Kumar

Abstract: Image denoising is a process to restore a worth image from degraded image by choosing an appropriate filter but choosing an appropriate filter still is a challenge.Recently, wavelet transform has attracted more and more interest in image de-noising because the wavelet transformof an image produces a non-redundant image representation, which provides better spatial and spectral localization of image formation. The wavelet transform can be interpreted as image decomposition in a set of independent, spatially oriented frequency channels and each cannel can be treated as a single element for removal of noise using an appropriate shrinkage threshold and at the end all treated channels recombined to get denoised image. We discuss in this paper various shrinkage techniques used in wavelet transform for image denoising in respect of test image size, orthogonal wavelets, and elapsed time under Additive White Gaussian Noise.

      Prof. Venkatesh U. Rajput

Abstract: Welcome to Bancassurance. Bancassurance - a term coined by combining the two words bank and insurance (in French) - connotes distribution of insurance products through banking channels. Bancassurance encompasses terms such as ‘Allfinanz’ (in German), ‘Integrated Financial Services’ and ‘Assure banking’. This concept gained currency in the growing global insurance industry and its search for new channels of distribution. Banks, with their geographical spread and penetration in terms of customer reach of all segments, have emerged as viable sources for the distribution of insurance products. And everyone wants to jump onto the bandwagon for a piece of the action cake.

      Emila S, Revathy K, Padmanaban R, Swaminathan S

Abstract: Bisphenol A (BPA) is an industrial chemical that has been present in many hard plastic bottles and metal-based food and beverage cans since the 1960s. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the European Food Safety Authority (EPSA) and numerous government agencies worldwide for use in food contact application. Because bisphenol A is used in so many common products that we use every day—such as baby bottles, reusable water bottles, microwaveable containers, and the protective coating inside most food and beverage cans—most people in developed countries are exposed almost continuously to some level of bisphenol A. The safety threshold set by the EPA was based on decades-old data. On the basis of results from recent studies using novel approaches to test for subtle effects, both the National Toxicology Program at the National Institutes of Health and FDA have some concern about the potential effects of BPA on the brain, behavior, and prostate gland in fetuses, infants, and young children. Like many chemicals, BPA is found in the blood and urine of virtually every American tested by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Devised opinions among scientists about the exposure to BPA and health implications are going on, some arguing that its effect on health in negligible, but some has proved with studies about its effect on variety of disorders. This paper is therefore an attempt to review the recent concepts on the exposure of BPA in various disorders.

      Prof. Venkatesh U. Rajput

Abstract: K now Your Customer (KYC) is the due diligence and bank regulation that financial institutions and other regulated companies must perform to identify their clients and ascertain relevant information pertinent to doing financial business with them. In the USA, KYC is typically a policy implemented to conform to a customer identification program mandated under the Bank Secrecy Act and USA PATRIOT Act. Know your customer policies are becoming increasingly important globally to prevent identity theft fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing. Beyond name matching, a key aspect of KYC controls is to monitor transactions of a customer against their recorded profile, history on the customer’s account(s) and with peers.

      Sundaram vats

Abstract: The Blackberry operating systems with its limited applications. In its application world are emerging to be the most efficient devices. The android operating systems which involves a variety of applications, Blackberry still continues to be the addiction of most of the peoples as indicated by some of the studies. However some of the studies also present the problems witnessed by its users. Research in motion known for the invention of its blackberry device is facing increasing pressure from the developing nations to grant access to the blackberry hidden data.

      Mr Sumit Miglani , Inderjeet Kaur

Abstract: Address resolution protocol is one of the most critical protocol serving in the OSI model of network architecture. It is responsible for the conversion of network address to physical address at the network layer. But, it is vulnerable to certain attacks and hence information integrity also gets compromised to great extent. Many efforts have been made and different methods have also been applied to prevent such attacks at ARP, but none has been able to give satisfactory results. So, an analysis of such method in order to prevent ARP has been done to layout the feasibility considering different factors like backward compatibility, cost, efficiency, ease of implementation, size of network, reliability, manageability etc. of these respectively.

      J. Prakash, Basavarajaiah D.M.

Abstract: The CD4 count is a critical measure of immune system and is used as an important biomarker for describing the progress to AIDS in children and adults. Usually infants will be having better CD4 count with good immune system as age progresses the CD4 count start declining. .Present study aims to describe the trend of CD4 count with respect to different age group of children. A prospective and retrospective cohort data was collected from Government ART centers of Bangalore city.

      Satpal Yadav, Minu Tadang

Abstract: The present investigation was conducted to determine the effects of 6-week yoga asana on basal metabolic rate of novice female players. Thirty female novice players were selected as subjects for the present investigation aged were ranging from 17- 24 years. To investigate the influence, 6-week yoga asana was imparted to the subject of group A (Yoga training) and B (control group).

      Prof Prashant B Kumbharkar, Dr Trimbak R Sontakke

Abstract: An increasing number of Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Internet applications rely today on data dissemination as their cornerstone, e.g., audio or video streaming, multi-party games. These applications typically depend on some support for multicast communication, where peers interested in a given data stream can join a corresponding multicast group. As a consequence, the efficiency, scalability, and reliability guarantees of these applications are tightly coupled with that of the underlying multicast mechanism.

      Gira P. Mankad, Bhavik Mankad, S.P. Singh

Abstract: Thalassemia describes a group of inherited disorders characterized by reduced amount of hemoglobin, the oxygen-carrying protein inside the red blood cells. Various haematological and serological parameters were studied in a cohort of thalasaemic patients coming for routine blood transfusion regime in a government run children hospital of Rajkot. Due to poor socio-economic condition, none of the patients were taking chelation therapy needed for better management of thalassaemia. To get insight into effect of multiple blood transfusions on these patients, age, spleen status, distribution of blood group, hemoglobin level and other hematological indices and serolological parameter like SGPT related to iron overburden was studied. A very low hemoglobin level with very high SGPT level along with sleenomegaly is suggestive of poor prognosis in these patients.

      Anamika Rai, Ravikant Yadav, Mrs. Ruchi Asija

Abstract: An ad hoc wireless network is an autonomous self-organizing system of mobile nodes connected by wireless links where nodes not in direct range can communicate via intermediate nodes. A common technique used in routing protocols for ad hoc wireless networks is to establish the routing paths instead of continually maintaining a complete routing table. A significant concern in routing is the ability to function in the presence of byzantine failures which include nodes that drop, delay, or mis-route packets in an attempt to disrupt the routing service.

      Kousik Maity, Purnendu Chakraborty, Bidisha Goswami, Arup Paul, Arumoy Saha

Abstract: SCADA refers to a large-scale, distributed measurement (and control) system. SCADA is not a specific technology, but a type of application. SCADA stands for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition — any application that gets data about a system in order to control that system is a SCADA application. A SCADA application has two elements: 1. The process/system/machinery we want to monitor a control — this can be a power plant, a water system, a network, a system of traffic lights, or anything else. 2. A network of intelligent devices that interfaces with the first system through sensors and control outputs. Now modern SCADA system network are associated with large area through LAN/WAN. So automatically the secure security system of SCADA is necessary and for that in this paper we have propose a complete secure SCADA system base on the MiniSec, a secure network layer protocol for wireless sensor networks. By simulation we have shown that it will perform more securely then other SCADA system.

      Previna S, Saravanan A. D

Abstract: Treated distillery effluent (TDE) generated through biomethanated distillery effluent was applied to arable land for augmenting agricultural production. The TDE contains considerable amount of organic matter and salt besides its high plant nutrients content. With this background, an attempt was made. Field experiments were conducted to study the long term effect of TDE and inorganic fertilizers on soil properties and yield of sugarcane in sandy loam soil during 2010-2011 and 2011-2012. The main plot treatments viz., TDE was applied at the rate of 1.25, 2.5, 3.75 and 5.0 lakh litres ha-1 for treatments were compared with control and the sub-plots viz., N, NP, NK, PK, NPK for fertilizer treatments were compared with control (no fertilizer). The results revealed that the application of TDE @ 5.0 lakh liters per ha had significantly increased the microbial population and enzymatic activities and this will indirectly improve the chemical and physical properties.

      M.Jayanthi, A.Vijayakumar, K.Vananagamudi, K.Rajamani

Abstract: Davana (Artemisia pallens wall.ex.D.C.) is an important high valued annual aromatic herb of India belonging to the family Asteraceae. A field experiment was conducted at TamilNadu agricultural university, Coimbatore during rabi 2011 to study the influence of ratoon crop on growth, yield attributes and resultant seed quality of davana. The experiment was laid out with four different treatments viz., Stubbles cut at 5 cm height, Stubbles cut at 10 cm height, Stubbles cut at 15 cm height, Control (Normal crop) defoliation with the spacing of 15x7.5 cm and 125:125:75 NPK kg/ha were adopted in a randomized block design with five replications. Studies on ratoon crop revealed that defoliated seedlings improved the seed yield plot-1 (30.39 g), herbage yield plot-1 (980 g), germination (62%) and vigour index (148.8).

      Anjana Gosain, Sangeeta Sabharwal, Rolly Gupta

Abstract: Recently, Data Warehouse has proven to be a powerful technology for the integration of heterogeneous data into a multidimensional repository for decision-support analysis. The complex ETL (extraction, transformation and loading) process and the aggregation-intensive queries are affected by a sequence of domain specific NFRs (Non Functional Requirement). This advocates the use of service oriented NFR approach for building a data warehouse specification.

      S.Venkatramulu, Dr.C.V Guru Rao

Abstract: Security is at the forefront of most networks, and many companies implement a comprehensive security policy encompassing many of the OSI layers, from application layer all the way down to IP security. However, one area that is often left untouched is hardening Layer 2 and this can open the network to a variety of attacks and compromises. Address resolution protocol is the mapping of IP address to the MAC address (layer 3 to layer2 mapping). ARP provides no authentication mechanism to the incoming request packets this is the reason that any client can forge an ARP message contains malicious information to poison the ARP cache of target host. There are many possible attacks on ARP which can make the communication unsecure such as man-in-the-middle (MITM), Denial of service (DOS), cloning attack, session hijacking and many more attacks.

      Divya Vaishnav, Ritesh Diwan

Abstract: Wireless Power transmission (WPT) is a useful and convenient technology that can be employed to collect solar energy and concentrate on earth surface without the need for a wire connection called as solar power satellites (SPS). WPT via Resonance, for example, can be applied in the future to stable and CO2-free space-based solar power satellites. Overall, WPT will support both future energy production and the environment. This paper provides an analysis of wireless power transfer with an assessment of its practical applicability in terms of power range and efficiency. There are four types of satellites are accessed, one is primary and others are secondary. The secondary satellites are placed in triangular axis and primary satellite is placed at center of triangle for maximum power transfer .This assessment is obtained through the design and construction of a resonant inductive wireless powering system(in secondary satellites) suited to supply a main satellite transceiver(i.e. primary) for power range from 480-1920 watts with efficiency 80-90%. In this paper the formula for calculating the mutual inductance between circular coils with lateral and angular misalignment by using the approach of F. W. Grover is presented. This system is evaluated and designed by using MATLAB 2012a coding.


Abstract: The Apparel industry in Sri Lanka represent as one of the largest contributors for the export revenue of the country. The quality of garments is vital to its survival in an increasingly competitive apparel industry in order to maintain the production of high quality garments and improved productivity in the apparel industry.

      Chandra Sabnani, Madhuwanti Latkar, Utpal Sharma

Abstract: This paper cites relevant provisions in the National Housing Policies, where the thrust is clearly on Housing for the Urban Poor, along with the inclusion of research outcomes in the area of alternative materials and technology in order to lower construction costs. The intention has been Affordable Housing for all, hence the policies create room for standardization of building components, to facilitate ease and speed of construction. All Government instruments appear to be in place for receiving innovation; As a spin off to the space created for action research showcasing alternative low cost solutions to the acute housing shortages on account of non affordability, the research focus needs to shift to identification of obstacles that exist in the mobilization, implementation, and transformation of the intent and content of the policies in to a working reality. It is the action that has to follow the policy formulation that needs to be detailed out, if one is serious about the policies in the first place.

      Dr. Rekha Ojha

Abstract: Women as a class are oppressed and subdued by the hegemony of social patriarchy. Gender concerns and discourses service within the development bureaucracies dominated by men. The continued male dominance in science and technology is due in large measure to the enduring symbolic association of masculinity and technology by which cultural images and representations of technology converge with prevailing images of masculinity and power. The use of technology is always discriminatory. Women in technical roles often feel that the skills and feedback they bring to their jobs are not valued technology and development, are considered gender-neutral. Women are forced to seek employment in other areas which may have no relationship with their original experience, expertise and interest within the Masculinity- technology association, one can discern a series of highly gendered dichotomies.

      Ayaz Rehman͓, Mushtaq A Sangoo, Sajad Hamid, Asif A Wani, Shahnawaz hamid, Masood H Kirmani, Nazir A Khan

Abstract: The objectives of this study were to evaluate a rational approach in the management of recurrent pseudocyst pinna, so as to ascertain the definitive treatment of frequently recurring condition.

      Prof. Deepa H. Kulkarni

Abstract: The objective of Speech Recognition is to determine the sequence of sound units from the Speech signal so that the linguistic message in the form of text to be decoded from the speech Signal. Speech is a sequence of sound units corresponding to a linguistic message. The main problem in these speech applications is processing of the speech signal in a manner similar to human auditory Processing mechanism, so that features relevant to a particular task can be extracted. This paper reviews some of the technologies used for speech recognition for different techniques and survey of some different recognition techniques.

      Afreen Arshad Choudhry , Krishnananda Prabhu

Abstract: C Reactive Protein (CRP) is an acute phase protein whose levels are shown to be elevated in inflammation. Atherosclerosis is known to involve inflammation and dyslipidemia is a triggering factor in its development. In this study we tried to address any association that might exist between high sensitive C reactive protein (HSCRP) and lipid profile. In this study HSCRP and the Lipid profile parameters were estimated in thirty two patients who visited the Kasturba Hospital, Manipal. The results obtained indicate a strong significant positive correlation of total cholesterol (p value =0.0001) and triglycerides( p value= 0.023) with HSCRP and a negative correlation of HDL (p value =0.16) with the same. These results indicate that there may be a role for HSCRP in screening and risk stratification of atherosclerosis.

      Msaakpa T. S., Obasi M. O.

Abstract: A study was conducted at the Teaching and Research Farm of the University of Agriculture, Makurdi in 2007 and 2008 cropping seasons to monitor the effects of selected chemical stimulants on castor seed germination. Top paper (TP) method of seed germination according to Toogood (1993) was adopted. The chemical stimulants used included: 2, 4 – Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2, 4-D) @ 200mg/L, coconut milk @ 15%, aluminum tetraflouride (AlF4) @ 200mg/L, fusiccoccin (FC) @ 200mg/L, potassium nitrate (KNO3) @ 15% and ethrel @ 200mg/L. The chemical stimulants were put into 9cm-diameter petridishes, each containing ten seeds of each castor accession. Data were collected on first germination count at 7 days after planting (DAP), final germination count at 14 DAP, pre-emergence mortality at 14 DAP, post-emergence mortality at 14 DAP, and germination speed index was used to quantify seed, seedling vigour and the planting value of seed lots. Results revealed that 15% of coconut milk followed by 15% of potassium nitrate and 200mg/L of aluminum tetraflouride produced significantly higher final germination count and germination speed index but lower seed mortality rate was observed with untreated seed lot (control) and with 1% of hydrogen peroxide. Germination characteristics were not significantly different in 2007 and 2008. Year x stimulant interaction on germination characteristics was not significant in all the castor accessions studied.

      Lokesh. A, Prapulla.C, Aruna M G, Anusha, Divya P

Abstract: The main constraint in message transmission is security. The key must be shared among users so that we have a secure transmission in group based message transmission. In this paper we discuss an important security problem that happens in mobile ad hoc network for key agreement in dynamic group. For a communication to be secure, a group key must be shared by all the members of the group. The key must be updated when any member of the group leaves existing group or become a new member of the existing group. In this paper, we establish a secured transmission. The main idea here is to spilt the existing network into smaller sub-network and each sub-network maintains its own keys. These keys should be updated when a existing node leave the network or when an new node joins the existing system. The nodes that have the high stability in the sub-network will be made as the Inner gateway member and among Inner gateway member the one that has high stability will be made as Outer gateway member.

      Chanda Patel, Sulekha Yadav, Sonu Rahi, Anuradaha Dave

Abstract: Fungal species that establish an endophytic role inside the tissues of plants are known to produce a wide range of biologically active metabolites and enzymes. In the present study, Endophytic fungi were isolated from the stems and leaves of monocot and dicot plants species collected from Jabalpur region, (M.P.) and were screened for their ability to produce amylase, cellulase, protease, lipase, and laccase activity. Each of endophytic fungal isolates showed a wide range of enzyme activity. Total ninety five fungal strains were isolates from plants and total thirty strains tested for their ability to produce amylase, cellulase, protease, lipase, and laccase activity. The ability to produce these enzymes was distributed amongst the strains tested. The implication of enzyme production in relation to lifestyle abilities of the endophytes is discussed.

      Msaakpa T. S., Maiwaazi, A. B., Obasi, M. O.

Abstract: A field study was conducted at Makurdi, Nigeria, during 2011 and 2012 cropping seasons to determine the responses of seven cowpea varieties to four growth regulators with respect to nodulation and yield. Aluminum tetraflouride (AlF4) and 2, 4-D were applied at 200mg/L; while coconut milk and potassium nitrate (KNO3) were applied at 15%; all applications as foliar spray. Parameters evaluated per plant included: number of nodules, number of branches, nodule weight (g), number of pods, number of leaves, pod length (cm), pod weight (g) and seed weight (kg/ha). Results showed that coconut milk at 15% produced significantly higher nodule number, number of leaves, pods, pod length, and pod weight than KNO3, 2, 4-D, AIF4 and control treatments.


Abstract: Mortierella ramanniana is known as a gamma linolenic acid as an gamma linolenic acid producing oleaginous fungus. Enrichment of GLA from the fungal lipids by a urea inclusion method was studied. Most of the saturated and monosaturated, 93.0% and 84.6%, respectively were removed by forming urea inclusion compounds. GLA was concentrated after urea inclusion. Its content in total fatty acids increased 6.2 folds and recovery of reached 57.1% with a recovery of 90%.

      Suwit Saisuthanawit, Dr.Athisarn Wayuparb, Dr.Panu Buranajarukorn

Abstract: The objectives of this research were to study the knowledge management process (KMP) and to validate the consistency of the KMP model in electricity generation process, by using a confirmatory factor analysis. Population in this study was the supervisors related to the operation and maintenance of power plants, with a total population of 1,555 persons. 635 sampling were selected by stratified random sampling. Instrument used in this study was questionnaire to evaluate the KMP level in the electricity generation process. All questions have the confidence to equal 0.9707; therefore, it can be used. Exploratory factor analysis using SPSS software, to explore a number of factors that are the KMP. The confirmatory factor analysis using AMOS. The results of this study shows that the KMP model in electricity generation process, consist of six constructs include knowledge identification, knowledge acquisition, knowledge creation, knowledge sharing, knowledge storage, knowledge transfer and utilization, all constructs model is valid and well fitted to empirical data, indicating that the constructs of knowledge management in electricity generation process is appropriate to fit the empirical data as well.

      Corinne Patrick, Betty M. E. Liz Ross

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to provide greater insight into the unknown factors that are prevalent within the diverse organization. We will explore the inequities of minority women within the workforce; we will review examples of race, gender, ethnicity, and pay, both in literature and in a personal account of two minority women. The conjectures will enlighten academics and practitioners and will contribute a deeper understanding of the disturbing findings and revelations of what has or has not transpired since the 1960s.

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