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      Yigez Belayneh, Guo Ru, Mengesha Tsega

Abstract: A small scale changes in land use and land cover (LULC) in different part of the planet has a substantial contribution for the regional or global LULC changes. The combined effect of these changes could also result a global impact on the natural as well as the human environment. To make informed planning and management decisions in addressing these adverse impacts, in-deep knowledge and information on the local scale changes require an immediate attention. This study aimed to investigate the extent and magnitude of LULC changes in Finote Birihan kebele, Ethiopia from 1986 to 2018 using Geographic information system (GIS) and remote sensing approaches. It is found that in the current study area, agriculture land and built-up area has increased by about 37 and 497%, respectively at the expense of grassland (55%), forest land (33%) and shrub lands (32%).

      Elisha Ochieng, Fadina Justine Kolade, Xuefei Zhou, Yulin Tang, Huaqiang Chu

Abstract: Several lab experiments were done to compare the effectiveness of three pretreatment technologies for Microcystis aeruginosa inhibition at the drinking water treatment (DWTP): NaClO, K2FeO4 and KMnO4. All three technologies showed effectiveness in varying degree to inhibit Microcystis aeruginosa, their performance increased with increasing concentration and time. However, Microcystis aeruginosa cell wall lyses was of concern at higher concentrations.

      Akshat S. Chaturvedi

Abstract: This paper focuses on the usage of solar panels to generate electricity in remote areas and less economically developed countries (LEDC’s) with a specific focus on countries that lie along the equator, using Tanzania as a pilot study. This paper also examines and evaluates Saleh’s (1978) research in which he states ‘most of the developing countries lie within the “solar – belt” i.e., in the latitude range 35° N - 35 ° S which is characterized by the higher intensity of solar radiation.’ Moreover, this paper also acknowledges that large scale operations such as the ones being undertaken in countries like India which seek to replace conventional regional grids with solar arrays are efficient and more practical for larger settlements, they are time consuming to construct and more expensive than the communities can afford. Additionally, this paper looks into the ideas put forward by Komendantova, Patt, Barras, & Battaglini, (2012) in saying that an absence of government guarantees is a barrier to the development of such technologies and projects in developing countries.

      Igor Brandão de Paula, Suellen da Silva Pereira, Antonio Neres Norberg, José Tadeu Madeira de Oliveira, Aluízio Antonio de Santa Helena, Nelson Ayres Barradas

Abstract: Apitoxin is the venom produced by bees of the genus Apis. This toxin is produced by these insects for protecting the hive against predators such as arthropods and vertebrates. Apitoxin is composed by a complex combination of enzymes, peptides and amino acids, as well as small amounts of carbohydrates and lipids. Bee venom and its bioactive compounds have several biological effects against a variety of diseases in humans and animals. The treatment with the bee venom is used in traditional Chinese medicine and since ancient times in Egypt, Greece and India.


Abstract: The purpose of the present study was to investigate the challenges in providing quality physical education , to compare the magnitude of these challenges in between the schools and to find out the relationship between challenges. This study utilized a descriptive cross-sectional survey design. Hence, Questionnaire of 5-point forced rating scales (Strongly Agree (5), Agree (4), Neutral (3), Disagree (2) and Strongly Disagree (1) was designed and piloted in two (2) public secondary schools.

      Debrework Tesfaye Diro

Abstract: Because of different contributing factors such as psychosocial, economic, environmental, and personal factors human beings’ physical activity level is declining in the recent years. In order to clearly understand the challenges as well as the opportunities related to exercise behavioral change it is important to study the perceived exercise benefits and barriers and stage of exercise behavior change.

      Revalda Amanda Yacoba B. Salakory, Salakory Melianus

Abstract: This study aims to (1) analyze about ecology condition of mangrove forest ecosystem and (2) estimate about total economic valuation of mangrove forest ecosystem in Nania. This research is a quantitative research. Data were collected through interviews, documentation and observation. Method analysis employed was Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) and Total Economic Value (TEV). Mangrove forests in on 2015 are categorized ‘lightly damaged’ (2.40 Ha). Overall, the economic value of mangrove forest ecosystem if undamaged is Rp. 657.679.150 per year, with the following description: direct use value is Rp. 88.427.000 per year, indirect use value is Rp. 566.590.400 per year, option value is Rp. 468.000 per year.

      Shakhmurova Gulnara Abdullaevna

Abstract: Individual phytoecdysteroids and total ecdysteroid-containing preparations, which studied by us have ability to increase the number of cells in the peripheral organs of immunity and the titer of antibodies to ER (erythrocyte of ram (sheep)) in the blood of mice. This confirms the high immune stimulating activity of some animals and helps to better understand their action mechanism to immune system of the organism, as a whole.

      Florence Tsuma, Prof. Hellen Mberia, Dr. Idah Muchunku

Abstract: Child malnutrition is a global health crisis whose origin can be attributed to the culture and level of interaction between interpersonal communication participants. In Kenya as in many African countries whose communities tend to be patriarchal, women and children get the raw end of the deal when it comes to food distribution; feeding on smaller food portions and less nutritious foods thereby contributing to child malnutrition and maternal malnutrition which directly contributes to child malnutrition. Behavior change is not an automatic process and therefore interpersonal communication participants have to put in time in building a relationship with each other so as to develop respect and trust. It is only through increased interaction, that the cultural walls that anchor child malnutrition come down.

      John Nyiro Mwero, Sylvester Ochieng Abuodha

Abstract: "Reinforced concrete is a major material of construction in Kenya and the world over. A key component of this material is steel reinforcing bars. Sometimes these bars are bent wrongly, straightened and re-bent, resulting in the altering of their original characteristics. Some of such steel has been known to be used whereas some has been condemned as unfit for reinforcing purposes. This paper reports on an investigation into the residual properties of reworked steel reinforcement bars (R12, Y12, R16 and Y16), including yield strength, ultimate strength, modulus of elasticity and ductility. Comparison of these has been done against those of normal reinforcement bars using tensile tests and the results have shown that even though reworking these bars once reduces the strength and changes the other tensile properties, the extent of change is such that slight modification on the relevant design formulae can render these bars suitable for reinforcing concrete. "

      J. N. Mwero, S. O. Abuodha

Abstract: Heat of hydration and chemical shrinkage are some of the main causes of cracking in concrete. The heat of hydration and chemical shrinkage characteristics of cement pastes containing Sugarcane Waste Fiber Ash (SWFA) partially replacing cement by weight percentage of between 0 and 20% were investigated in this study using a Semi Adiabatic Method to BS EN 196 – 9:2010 for the heat of hydration, and a volumetric method to ASTM C 1608-07 for the chemical shrinkage. A maximum amount of shrinkage was observed on the paste containing 4% SWFA replacing cement by weight. This was thought to be caused by increased reactions at this SWFA content.

      San Nyein Khine, Zaw Tun

Abstract: Temperature control system and light intensity control system for smart home are becoming more common in these days. The proposed system is to manage the temperature and the light intensity of a given area based on setting by a user of the system with analog temperature sensor (LM 35) and light dependent resistor (LDR). The system contains LM 35, LDR, Ardino Mega 2560 microcontroller and liquid crystal display (LCD). It can support ON/OFF control of the fan system and the lighting system for smart home and its environment.

      Warsinggih, Unggul

Abstract: This research have assessed nitric oxide (NO) levels in hemorrhoids. The study was conducted a cross sectional study to look at the profile of free radical nitric oxide (NO) with ELISA method in 80 hemorrhoids patients at Surgery Department of Hasanuddin University Faculty of Medicine, Wahidin Sudirohusodo Hospital and other network hospitals. Patients are aggregated and grouped by age, sex, criterion of smokers, drinking criteria, occupation, and diet. Nitric Oxide levels are elevated in grade III and IV hemorrhoids.

      Archana Hombalimath, Manjula H T, Amreen Khanam, Krishna Girish

Abstract: Iris recognition is a biometric technology to identify humans by capturing and analyzing the distinctive patterns of iris within the human eye. This paper involves developing an ‘open-source’ iris recognition system so as to verify each individuality of the human iris and conjointly its performance as a biometric.To determine the recognition performance of the system databases of grey-scale eye images are used. The development tool to be used is MATLAB, which emphasis only on performing recognition, and not on capturing of an eye image using hardware.

      Andy W. Chen

Abstract: In this paper, I build automated machine learning models to recognize and predict handwritten digits. The models are supervised learning models used to predict every possible pair of digits. I evaluate the models by comparing the training and testing accuracies to explore the pairs that are most and least difficult to distinguish. I find that the pair 0 and 1 has the highest accuracy and the pair 3 and 5 has the lowest accuracy.

      Aletta TuliMevava Ndapanda Shitenga, Shilongo Sem Mekondjo, Morie Sam

Abstract: As the issue of water crisis is becoming a major concern at global level, water resource management should be inculcated into government priorities, and this has to be done through sustainable development. In this paper, we focus on the comparative analysis of the surface water quality between Guma Valley dam in Sierra Leone and Tai Lake for Wuxi waterworks in P.R. China. The various drinking water treatment methods use at Wuxi waterworks, the company major challenges and the policy impact were also examined. The arising algae problem in Tai Lake is becoming a severe concern not only, to Wuxi waterworks but also to Wuxi local government. This is due to urbanisation and industrialisation of Wuxi municipality and the nearby cities along the Tia Lake, as they are the major source of pollution into the Lake.

      Anita Rani Kamboj

Abstract: In mathematics there is one of the most important properties of real numbers is comparability. In real number system we can compare two distinct real numbers and we can say one of them is smaller or larger than other.

      Jige, Felix Teryima, Peter Ali Malgwi, Mohammed Isa Bappa

Abstract: Laser shock peening (LSP) is an industrial process which creates rapid pressure rise in material surfaces giving rise to shock waves by using a high energy laser pulse. It offers 10 times increased life time as compared to the traditional mechanical shot peening.

      Ale Felix, Abdullahi Ayegba, Jaiyeola O. Paul and Adejo Joshua

Abstract: The radio signal strength of an FM radio station, WE FM, 106.3 MHz Abuja was simultaneously measured along with the atmospheric pressure of the study area.

      Adewumi, A.A.

Abstract: This study reviews the effect of nutrition on fish development, growth and health. The need for sound nutrition and adequate feeding for fish cultured in captivity cannot be over emphasized. If there is no utilizable feed intake by the fish, there can be no growth and death eventually results. Diet contributes toward increased growth and weight gain. Growth is due mainly to protein tissues and increase in body carcass. Lipids are important source of energy and fatty acids that are essential for normal growth, survival of fish, fish development and flesh quality.

      Okoli, Constance .I. PhD, Okeke, Stella Ifeoma

Abstract: The need to ensure the success of small and medium scale enterprises necessitated this study to ascertain extent owners of small and medium scale enterprises adopt financial management practices for business success in Anambra State. Descriptive Survey research design was adopted. The population comprised 2502 owners of small and medium scale enterprises who were registered with Anambra State Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Technology. A validated structured questionnaire with a reliability coefficient index value of 0.84 using Cronbach alpha was used to collect data.

      Okoli Anthony Ifeanyichukwu PhD, Prof A.E. Uzoagulu, Okoli Constance Ifeyinwa PhD

Abstract: Technology education is competency- based and requires properly equipped workshops for the application of modern tools in instructional delivery. This study evaluated the availability and adequacy of workshop facilities for skill acquisition among undergraduates in technology vocational education in universities in south east Nigeria.The design of the study was ex-post facto and was carried out in the South-East geopolitical zone of Nigeria.

      Pandey Shipra, Pandey V.N, Shukla Kalawati

Abstract: The present study was conducted to highlight the pharmacognostic and phytochemical analysis of different parts of Dillenia indica Linn, an important ethnomedicinal plant containing secondary metabolites. The plant has been blessed with numerous medicinal properties with edible constituents as well. The fruit is the main yield of the plant. The plant has a very vast range of traditional and medicinal properties with good therapeutic values.

      Ojo Femi OGUNBOYO

Abstract: Introduction: Depression is a mood disorder that affects people across ages. It is estimated that more than 300mllion people have depression worldwide and the unset is usually at mid-to-late adolescence. However, local data on depression among in-school adolescents in Nigeria is scanty in the literature. The present study assesses individual and compositional level factors associated with depression in the population.

      AUB Pethiyagoda, K Pethiyagoda

Abstract: Medical expulsion therapy is being used to treat ureteric stones after understanding the pathophysiology of the ureter. The objective of this study was to find out the efficacy of alfa blockers (Prazocin) and calcium channel blockers (Nifedipine) in management of ureteric stones. A prospective study was done in patients who presented with ureteric stones to THP from 1st June 2009 to 31st October 2011. We randomized patients into three groups and identified the patients who were treated with Medical Expulsive Therapy (MET) for urolithiasis. X-ray KUB reports at the diagnosis and after 1 month of treatment with MET were collected. Findings of X-ray KUBs were assessed according to the MET type. A total of 105 patients with mean age of 41.35 years (+/- 12.98) were included. Out of 105, 48 have been given Prazosin 0.5 mg bd (group-A). Nifedipine 10mg bd (group-B) has been given to 29. Both groups have been given Diclofenac Na 50mg tds with Omeprazole 20mg bd. The other 28 have given only Diclofenac and Omeprazole (group-C)

      Vivek Chudhary

Abstract: This research paper introduces the idea of dimension. This is the second part of the series of “The Dimension”. In it we see where the 8 dimension came from and we also learn about their graph and planes. In this we will know exactly what this like GOD and SPIRIT are present in the universe. In this we will know how to create the first universe.

      B.Sreekanth, Dr C.M.Bhaskar Reddy, Dr S.G. Manjunatha

Abstract: The main aim and objective of this research paper is to prepare pharmacophore 1, 2- amino alcohols. Amino alcohols are prepared by ring opening with nitrogen nuclophiles from Cyclicsulfates which was consequentialised via asymmetric dihydroxylation of the corresponding alkenes. 1,2-amino alcohols prepared by ring opened with nitrogen nuclophiles from carbonates which was derived via asymmetric dihydroxylation of the corresponding alkenes. The opening occurs in the generally activated position with overall yields of 70-80% . Similarly, synthesised syn-amino alcohols from syn-diols. These compounds are more useful to cure infections obtained from Gram positive and Gram negative Bacteria in human beings.

      B.Sreekanth, Dr C.M.Bhaskar Reddy, Dr S.G. Manjunatha

Abstract: The main objective of this research paper is to develop substituted anilines, o-phenylenediamine, amine substituted naphthalene, phenanthren, pyridine, indole, indazoles and quinalones and conversion of cyclohexenone oximes or α, β-unsaturated cyclohexenyl ketoxime to an aromatic amine in the presence of an acid by using semmler-wolff rearrangement. The substituted anisidines derivatives have been found to be useful as intermediates in the preparation of agents of hepatitis C viral (HCV) infections and advanced medicinal compound namely synthesis of AZD1981.

      Anthony Adeseye Adeniran

Abstract: Microorganisms are important in histopathology because vast majority of pathological basis of diseases are either direct or indirect effects of pathogens. Therefore demonstration of microorganisms in tissue sections is essential in complementing clinical findings, identification of the infecting organism, cost effectiveness and administering prompt treatment regimen where applicable. Tissue detection of microorganisms using molecular techniques is highly specific and sensitive; however, they are expensive to procure and maintain in a resource-limited laboratory mostly in the developing countries. Hence, the use of conventional light microscope along with the use of general and different special histopathological stains are essential to assist the Histopathologist in providing an opinion as to the type of microorganism causing the disease condition.

      Subhas Neupane, Viwek Thakur, Bikram Bhatta, Praksah Pathak, Bhanu Bhakta Gautam and Laxman Aryal

Abstract: A research was conducted at Gokuleshwor VDC of Darchula district during 2015 to determine the performance of different substrate for the production of Oyster The research was carried out by growing florida species of Pleurotus (Oyster Mushroom), on five different substrates namely banana leaves, rice straw, wheat straw, mixture of rice and wheat straw and saw dust under one factor CRD design with four replication during summer with an average daily temperature of 260C- 300C and RH ranging from 80 to 100%. Among the five different treatments banana leaves was found to be suitable as it obtained more total yield per five kg of substrate i. e. 4.76 kg followed by other substrates.

      TAI CW

Abstract: Aims: To evaluate the impacts and outcomes of diabetes care on patients with Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) in primary care services at Malaysia through analysis of National Diabetes Registry (NDR) Database. Methods: This is a cross-sectional study using audit dataset extracted from NDR from 2012-2016 for 13 primary health clinics located at Johor Bahru (JB) district, Malaysia. Results: Five subsets of 1314, 702, 778, 774 and 762 patients with T2DM (2012-2016) from NDR registry were studied.

      Dr. Ashok Kumar Sharma

Abstract: Ayurveda is popular and well known in India since the ancient time. Ayurveda was the core of lifestyle of Indian people and used to treat diseases before the modern Allopathic system came into existence. The Ayurvedic herbs were also used for enhancing the performance in sports which was very effective and safe. Even the foreign countries used some herbs in different ways. But due to increase in popularities of modern medicine system at the end of eighteenth century, the popularity and faith in Ayurveda started decreasing.

      Samira Olyan Swaaidat, Hiba Moahammad Al.megdad, Isamil Ahmad Bany-Issa, Sufian Ibrahim Alsoudi

Abstract: Despite that antimicrobial resistant (AMR) is not a new problem around the world. The number of resistance microorganisms reaches an alarming level increasing morbidity and mortality across different geographical places. World Health Organization (WHO) defined the actual situation of AMR as natural phenomena when the microorganisms adapt and develop their ability to survive and multiply in the presence of antibiotic which was previously susceptible to kill or inhabit this type of organism [1]. Causing diseases agents that were thought to be under control by antibiotics to return in new types of resistance to their therapies.

      Ehagi Daniel, Omuterema Stanley, Nyandiko Niccodemus

Abstract: Agro-pastoral communities face challenges due to land cover change. Land tenure, consequent land subdivision and expansion of settlements, cultivation and development has led to a shift of livelihood activities from the traditional livestock keeping and cultivation of crops to logging, charcoal trading, quarrying, sand harvesting and land encroachment by the growing population at 5.5% per annum. Minimal research has been conducted and documented on how land cover change at present influences the livelihood of agro-pastoralist.

      EBIRE Kolawole, MUKHTAR Salisu Sadiq, ONMONYA Lucky

Abstract: The oil and gas sector has been the main stay of the Nigerian economy which has attracted lots of investors and consequently maximization of wealth in the form of dividend. This study therefore investigated the effect of dividend policy on the performance of listed oil and gas firms in Nigeria spanning from 2007-2016. Secondary data were sourced from 9 listed firms which formed the sample size of this study. The collected data were analysed using descriptive statistics, correlations matrix and pooled regression analysis. Also, residuals of result were subjected to various diagnostic tests such as Variance Inflation Factor and Heteroskedasticity. Findings from the analysis revealed that dividend payout ratio and retained earnings positively affects earnings per share of listed oil and gas firms in Nigeria while dividend yield had a significant but negative effect on earning per share. Based on this, the study therefore recommends that oil and gas firms willing to maximize shareholders wealth and firms value should endeavor to consistently increase their dividend payout ratio as this sends a signal that the firm is financially healthy.

      Rana Neha, Mathur Shabla & Dr Taneja Indu

Abstract: This review is focused upon the increased efficacy led by composition upgradation of standard COQ10 supplement for male fertility, with Ubiquinol – the reduced form of coenzyme Q10. The rates of male infertility in less industrialized nations are markedly higher and infectious diseases are responsible for a greater proportion of infertility. Dietary supplementation with CoQ10 results in increased levels of Ubiquinol within circulating lipoproteins and increased resistance of human low-density lipoproteins to the initiation of lipid peroxidation. Supplementation with CoQ10 at pharmacological doses was capable of improving sperm functions by increasing sperm cell motility, thereby increasing male fertility. Finally, the findings on the implications of CoQ10 in seminal fluid integrity and sperm cell motility are summarized.

      Sufian Ibrahim Alsoudi, Ismail Ahmad Bany-Issa, Noor Ibrahem Mohamed, Mohammed Abu-Hjeilah

Abstract: Blood pressure (BP) is considered recently as one of the most famous diseases of the modern age. It affects people of different ages and different races. Due to its importance, it became recently an essential part of routine medical practice[1][2].

      Aliu B.S. and Egwemi, A.O.

Abstract: An experiment was designed and carried out to assess the growth responses of Heterobranchus bidorsalis fingerlings fed graded levels of toasted Vigna subterranean based diets with the aim of establishing the best inclusion level of Bambara groundnut seed meal. Ground decorticated toasted Bambara groundnut (BG) was incorporated as a non-conventional feedstuff at 0%(T1); 10% (T2); 20% (T3); 30% (T4) and 40% (T5) level of replacement for Soyabean for treatment one to five respectively.

      Samaila Samaila Yaradua

Abstract: A review of the genus Crotalaria is presented, the genus is one of the largest genera in angiosperms with ca. 700 species distributed globally. The main centre of biodiversity is Africa with ca. 540 species. Carolus Linnaeus was the first to describe the genus Crotalaria; he named 13 species in his Species Plantarum of 1753. The first infrageneric classification of the species within the genus was given by (Lamarck 1786), he divided the genus into two groups which are simple leaved group and trifoliate, digitate leaved group.

      Roel R. Dayondon and Vences C. Valleser

Abstract: Nitrogen (N), calcium (Ca) and boron (B) are among the most important nutrients needed by plants to have better yield and fruit quality. These nutrients can be supplied in the form of urea (46% N) and liquid calcium-boron (6% Ca and 2% B) fertilizers. Hence, a study to evaluate the effects of varying rates of urea and calcium-boron (CaB) fertilizer applications at flower-bud stage on ‘MD2’ pineapple fruit was conducted. The experiment was laid out in 4x4 split plot in randomized complete block design (RCBD). Rates of urea (0, 25, 50 and 75 kg ha-1, respectively) served as the main plot, whereas the rates of CaB (0, 20, 30 and 40 L ha-1, respectively) served as the sub plot.

      Chilakpu, K.O, Egwuonwu, C.C, Okafor, V.C and Okafor, K.C

Abstract: Jatropha seed oil was used to produce biodiesel using a modified batch reactor. A two stage esterification process was adopted. A 114 liters cylindrical batch reactor was modified and locally fabricated, all the required reagents were also locally sourced. Sulphuric acid (H2SO4) to oil ratio of 1%w/w and methanol(CH3-OH) to oil ratio of 60%w/w ¬were used to ensure less than 4% free fatty acid (FFA) content. 753ml of alcohol (methanol) and 30grams of sodium hydroxide (NaOH) was vigorously mixed for about 35mins to achieve a homogenous solution. 3500ml of the acid treated Jatropha curcas seed oil was trans-esterified.

      Chilakpu, K.O, Egwuonwu, C.C, & Asoegwu, S.N

Abstract: In recent times, agricultural practices have transformed to a level that only well-articulated programs, mechanized equipment and clean energy input can ensure its sustainability. This research work is aimed at highlighting the potentials of clean, renewable and environmentally friendly sources of energy in the sustainability of agriculture and food production in Nigeria. The consequences of using non-renewable forms of energy in the farm have been a source of concern because of its attending environmental pollution and contamination of edible agricultural products due to its hazardous gas emissions.

      Dewi Widowati

Abstract: This research explores the way of organizational communication regarding the process of privatization of PT. Krakatau Steel in Indonesia. The theory use rational dialectics theory proposed by Lesile Baxer and Barbara Montgomery. The results that there are contradictive opinions among the functionary staff which then grouped into a tripartite concern with the process of IPO PT Krakatau Steel. This means that the privatization of PT Krakatau Steel Indonesia will include the strategic scheme of sales. The privatization process is considered as a colliding rule – The Constitution 1945 in which the strategic scheme of sales is denationalization. There are different aims of the functional staffs in term of the privatization process.

      Aschalew Mulugeta, Eshetu Hailemariam

Abstract: A wide variety of managerial activities and organizational processes are affected by perception of employees. This research work is about assessing the perception of employees towards the leadership style and organizational commitment. Standard multifactor leadership and organizational commitment questionnaires were used to collect data from sample of 570 employees working in the public organization of Dire Dawa city administration. The data was analyzed using descriptive statistics and found that the employees perceive the leadership style to be more transformational and the commitment to be affective.

      Roopjyoti Hazarika and Nilotpala Sharma

Abstract: Diffusion of medical revolution, development of science and technology and invention of contemporary suave equipment’s and drugs helped healing different diseases. These facilities are however buffered around urban/city centre, accessibility and affordability to these facilities are deprived in the rural areas due to distance from the urban centres. An attempt has been made to analyse the spatial accessibility to health care facilities available in Dariapara Village and its adjoining areas. The sole primary health centre (PHC) in this area is Rangamati Mini PHC, which serve all the villagers of the locality.

      Jessica Muljadi, Ima Defiana, Muhammad Faqih

Abstract: Adult ASD has special characters related to their reaction to sensory stimulation, hipersensitive and hyposensitive, which cause difficulty adapting in working place and daily life. This behavior should be accommodated in designing psychologically comfortable working and community place to educate them adapt in real life. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct a research on adult ASD behavior focused on sensory design and ways to accomodate those two different characters into one place.

      Charles Ganaprakasam, Kavitha Sri Davaidass, Sivan Chandiran Muniandy

Abstract: Gaining independence from various restriction set by parents is overjoy for adolescent. However, it does not always happen as it planned. Helicopter parenting referred to the excessive engagement of parents similar like hovering around their children to rescue from hazardous and preventing them from experiencing failure.

      Selam Getaneh Gezimu, Belay Felek Alemu

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to find the employee turnover intention with Compensation, Work environment and Supervision.

      Hendra Hadiwijaya, Febrianty

Abstract: This study aimed to determine the effect of Absorptive Capacity and Knowledge Sharing on the performance of women-owned SMEs group. The sample of this research was female business actor who joined in Alisah Khadijah group of ICMI Palembang as many as 138 business actors. Analysis of this research used Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) program with Lisrel Program. The result showed that Absorptive Capacity and Knowledge Sharing variable had positive and significant influence on Performance of SME group incorporated in Alisah Khadijah ICMI Palembang. Absorptive Capacity variable had more dominant influence on Performance than Knowledge Sharing variable.

      Redin, Abdul Hakim, Aminudin Afandhi, Harsuko Riniwati

Abstract: The Baning Forest has been designated as a Nature Tourism Park (NTP) since 1999. The development of Baning NTP as a natural tourism area is inseparable from the involvement of the Regional Government, however until now the potential has not been managed optimally yet. The implementation of tourism program must be carried out by the Regional Government according to the potential in the area. This study aims to describe comprehensively and in detail about the implementation of the authority of Sintang District Government in the development of nature tourism in Baning NTP. This type of research used ab empirical legal research

      Suraya, Muhammad Sholeh

Abstract: Museum as a place used to collect, maintain, and present and preserve the cultural heritage of the community or as a place to explore knowledge becomes one of the places to visit. One of the easiness that the user wants in the search process of a museum location is the existence of other museum information that the location of the existence of the museum is not far from the location of other museums. By implementing geographic information system and google map API, the built application can inform the location of adjacent museum. In this paper, a web-based application can be published which can provide information about the location of adjacent museums, especially museums in Yogyakarta. Applications developed with PHP and databases using Mysql.

      Belay Felek Alemu, Selam Getaneh Gezimu

Abstract: The objective of this study is to explore the major factors that influence turnover intention among permanent employees in Dire Dawa Administration in three government bureaus namely; trade, industry and investment bureau, land development management bureau and urban development bureau. It aims to identify the most significant determinants influencing the employees' turnover intention in these government bureaus. A total of 286 permanent employees as a respondent were involved in this study by using a census method. Three independent variables that are promotion opportunities, professionalism and organizational commitment were included to assess their relationship with dependent variable which is turnover intention. Data was obtained through structured questioners and has been analyzed using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) version 20. The regression analysis of promotion opportunities, professionalism and organizational commitment on turnover intentions indicated negative and significant relationship. This proved that all factors are indirectly related to employees' turnover intention which is consistent with the previous other research findings. The finding of this study also suggested that 'promotion opportunities' are the most significant factor influencing employees to quit their jobs among the permanent employees working in these three government bureaus in Dire Dawa Administration. Organizational commitment and professionalism played the second and third rank, respectively, for the turnover intention of employees. Therefore, the respective government bodies need to give high attention to promotion opportunities, professionalism and organizational commitment' so as to hold the experienced and qualified employees in the long run.

      Beatriz Padilla-Rizo, María Maldonado-Santoyo, Celso Moises Bautista-Rodríguez, Luz Elena Mora-Maldonado, Jorge Elias Soto-Maldonado, Roberto Zitzumbo-Guzmán, Luz Adriana Arias-Hernández

Abstract: In this article the results obtained during a study using the Life Cycle Analysis methodology for the tanning process environmental performance, are reported. This study considered as a total environmental system, the chromium tanning process, and the beamhouse for hide/skin preprocessing. The study uses a functional unit of 1 kg of tanned cowhide produced by the wet blue process.

      Salisu Sule

Abstract: An intensive study of a manually operated interlocking tile moulding machine have been undertaken, in which its construction was made with mild steel as the material of choice. The component parts were joined mainly by bolt and nut for temporary joint and permanent joints obtained by welding. This machine is manually operated using a lever to raise the mould while the moulded tile remains on the pallet

      Chilakpu, Kingsley Ogueri

Abstract: A Groundnut decorticator was developed using locally available materials. This machine consists of a hopper, a 450mmm diameter cylindrical stripping chamber, a chute and a 75 x75mm wooden frame. The stripping chamber houses two serrated disc fixed at an experimentally determined space of 1.15cm. One disc is fixed (static) on the chamber inner wall while the second and the mobile disc is mounted on a flange attached to the power shaft. The flange carrying the mobile disc at the point of attachment to the driving shaft has an adjustable groove to vary the space between both discs. The evaluation results show that optimal shelling efficiency of 95% and 92% unbroken kernel were achieved when operated at 50% metering device opening at a shaft speed of 240rpm and throughput capacity of 782.61kg/hr. The best result was obtained in the course of the experiment at 10% moisture content (wet bases) of the product.

      Dattani M L, Jesalpura B S, George K M

Abstract: Mention the abstract for the article. An abstract is a brief summary of a research article, thesis, review, conference proceeding or any in-depth analysis of a particular subject or discipline, and is often used to help the reader quickly ascertain the papers purpose.

      Alvin A Doris

Abstract: The economies of many developing states and economies in transition are founded on land-based extractive industries. Bauxite, gold, diamond and other mineral mining has resulted in immense land degradation in these countries, many of which aspire to embrace the concept sustainable development.

      Ahmed. Abdulhakeem Al-Sammarraie

Abstract: Five Ethanol extracts(concentrations 3000 ppm) of Cerbera odollam L.(Pong-pong), Capsicum frutescence L.(Chili), Azadirachta indica L. (Neem), Cymbopogon nardus L. (Lemon grass), Zingiber officinale L. (Ginger), Andrographis paniculata L . (Green chirayta), Curcuma longa L. (Turmeric), Syzygyum aromaticum L. (Cloves), Murraya koenigii L. (Curry leaf), Swietenia macrophyllai L. (Mahogani), were tested for their anti-fungal activity for green mold, black rot and brown rot . Longevity of crude plant extracts was studied depending on their anti-fungi activity under different storage conditions (Refrigerator, Room conditions, and Outside) for four weeks. Longevity study showed the fresh extract solution for all plants under study gave best effectiveness of crude plant extracts stored under different conditions.

      Muhammad Muzammul

Abstract: Due to developing trend for the reliability of software with new and advanced features, reengineering is core demand of this age. For the purpose of assurance of proposal validity, a huge analysis of existing approaches with proper referencing performed and proposed a new generalized model based theory. In this paper, phases of reengineering as core of restructuring and refactoring, reverse and forward engineering is going to be discussed with the objective of quality and user requirements. Restructuring covers the areas as code patterns, object-oriented patterns, an architecture for the extraction of design and restructured documents generated. By the restructure of data, an advanced product with more features can be obtained by passing all steps of forwarding engineering.

      Umar Ahmed, Abdullahi Sani

Abstract: The relationship between language and gender has been a major research topic in sociolinguistics. It has generated a huge amount of discussion and thought in the last four or so decades. This paper focuses on the work of three famous feminist sociolinguistic researchers, Robin Lakoff, Dale Spender, and Deborah Tannen, who have claimed that language has some connections with gender.

      Agbo David O., Madukwe Chinaza A., Shittu Dodo H.

Abstract: Nowadays, the rate of road accident has increased tremendously. The drivers cause majority of these accidents by over speeding. In order to address the stated problem above, the problem, “car over speed checking system using RFID tag” was proposed. In this project, each car has his own tag with Unique Identification (UID), two RFID reader positioned at a distance of hundred meters and a maximum speed of sixty kilometer per hours was chosen.

      Alvin A Doris, Rongchang WANG

Abstract: Determining the willingness of forest-dependent Guyanese to contribute to forest protection is of strategic importance to forest management policy, particularly for Guyana – a high forest cover, low deforestation (HFLD) Amazonian tropical country whose government has articulated through several national development strategy documents, including the Low Carbon Development Strategy and the Framework Green State Development Strategy – a commitment to green development.

      Yu-Ting Huang,Li-Chiun Lee, Ming-Cheng Shih

Abstract: Adsorption is a feasible and environment friendly dye remediation method. The pseudo-second-order kinetic models is commonly applied to experimental data in many adsorption kinetic studies to express the adsorption mechanism of adsorbate onto the adsorbent.

      Sitati Dawo, Joseph Mungatu

Abstract: The practice of stakeholder management and recognition of the significance of stakeholders in project management is very paramount. A stakeholder is anyone or organization that has interest in an organization. They can affect or be affected by an organization’s actions, objectives and policies. Stakeholder engagement on the other hand is a process of how organizations involves people(s) who may be either affected by the decisions of the organization or can affect the implementation of the decisions in order to improve decision making, accountability and performance. This process is used as a risk management, buy-in catalyst, performance input and lately corporate governance tenet.

      Reema Sameem

Abstract: Infant food products were collected from supermarkets in Sri Lanka and investigated for contamination by fungi. The objective of this study was to develop a novel DNA extraction procedure and a PCR assay for the detection of fungal presence which leads to contamination of infant foods. Mycotoxins are secondary metabolites of many phytopathogenic and food spoilage fungi. The presence of mycotoxins in the food chain is of high concern for human health due to the ability of these compounds to induce severe toxic effects.

      Smriti Joshi

Abstract: This study attempts to compare the effectiveness of online job portals and social media platforms for job seekers. The lives of the people of this era are completely changed by globalisation and electronic revolution. Before internet the process of e-recruitment was very different. The organisations used traditional channels for finding the candidates. Some of the traditional sources are campus recruitment, newspaper ads, job agencies and many more. Now, thanks to the internet revolution, many are channels have emerged for e-recruitment some of them are various job portals, postings via e-mail, social media platforms and so on. Social media profiles are playing crucial rules recruitment of applicants. Hence, it is important to maintain a good image in individual’s profiles. Employers look at these social media profiles to assess the candidates. These sites provide a more personal view of candidates and an informal profile of the applicants. LinkedIn only gives a formal resume- like view. There has been a sincere effort in exploring more and more methods of job search. Also there has been a shift in the whole process of job search. The focus is now on response time and cost effectiveness.

      Preethi M, Rashmi Purad, Kavya D S, Chandrakala H L

Abstract: Wireless sensor network requires secure and trusted communication. Due to lack of power supply and processing capability of sensor node ensuring security in wireless sensor network is a challenging task. The major attack in wireless sensor network is byzantine attack, where an opponent node has full control over some of the authenticated nodes and can perform arbitrary behavior to disturb the system. The key idea of this project is to ensure the delivery of accurate data in wireless sensor network with mobile access points (SENMA) for the reliable data fusion. In sensor network with mobile access points, the mobile node is used to collect data from sensor nodes. Mobile node uses distributed detection technique to sense weather a node is normal node or static attacker or dynamic attacker. Then it collects data from valid nodes only and sends aggregated data to sink.

      Suzanna Ratih Sari, Eko Punto Hendro, Hermin Werdiningsih

Abstract: Semarang City is well known as one of coastal city which has some historical values. One of the areas that has so many historical value is so called “Kampung Melayu Darat”. Formerly, “Kampung Melayu Darat” was the oldest “Kampung” in Semarang City. But the current condition is now very poor. The “kampung” is suffered by flood which caused some damages to the existing heritage housings and buildings. Considering to that matter and the important history of “Kampung Melayu Darat” especially for Semarang City, researcher wants to study about how to create suitable concept and strategy of conserving “Kampung Melayu Darat” as one of traditional “kampung” in Semarang. By using descriptive method, researcher wants to describe the potentials and problems existed in the kampoong and try to analyze the proper conservation concept and strategy for increasing the value of “Kampung Melayu Darat”.

      Agung Dwiyanto, Gagoek Hardiman, Wahyu Setia Budi

Abstract: Most hospitals in Indonesia have already been provided with the digital radiography room in their radiology installation rooms. This room utilizes the lowest X-ray level to diagnose, and this kind of radiation, if not well-managed, will become one of the hospital’s pollutant sources namely the danger of radiation exposure. Related to the room’s design, the government, by means of the Ministry of Health Regulation No. 1014 of 2008 and the Chairman of Nuclear Energy Supervisory Agency Regulation No. 8 of 2011, requires the brick wall with 25 cm thickness, 2.2 g/cm3 density, and 2 meters height from the floor or equal to 2 mm lead layer (Pb), which serve as the room’s partition (the secondary shield). However, in its implementation, most of shielding partition wall designs in hospitals’ digital radiography rooms use the 15 cm half brick wall coated with 2 mm lead layer (Pb).

      Kartika Rachma Sari, Didik Susetyo, Inten Meutia, Saadah Siddik

Abstract: This study aimed to analyze the Influence of Management Commitment, Asset Administrator Competencies, Internal Control and Administration of Asset on Information quality of local government Asset Report. The research conducted on 207 Local Government Organization in 17 districts/cities in South Sumatera Province. The research data is primary data collected through questionnaire. The year of study is 2017. The analytical method used in this research is SEM by using Lisrel 8,7.

      Kasim Kelil

Abstract: The main intention of this study is to analyze the effect of service quality on customer satisfaction, in four branches establish under CBE Bale Robe Town. In order to achieve this goal, the SERVPERF model was used to design and categorize standardized questionnaire under five dimensions. The sample consists of 392 respondents’ selected based on stratified random sampling procedure.

      Siti Chomarijah Lita Samsi, Moh. Puguh Haryogi

Abstract: Corruption is a very serious crime in this country because it can destroy the nation of the various lines, both educational, social, environmental, economic or other strategic corner of the nation. Even has been categorized as a crime "Extra Ordinary crime", although the effect is not directly visible bleeding. But if we want to examine how the conditions of this country which has become the country with debt is very high, schools and bridges collapsed prematurely (remember the victims of the bridge kutai Kertanegara in East Kalimantan collapsed prematurely) as well as many more cases of corruption sprung up like mushrooms in the rainy season.

      Emad Abd Elhalim Nour Elgalil, Eltaib Mohammed, Eltaib Ibrahim, Fathelrahman Mahadi, Ali Mahmoud Idris and Babiker Ahmed Mohammed

Abstract: Background: Malaria is a major public health problem in Sudan and associated with a lot of complications to pregnant women and their fetus leading to alter organogenesis and fetal development. So this study is addressed this problem by examining fetal hematological status in relation to maternal malaria.

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