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      Mete Sezgin, Simge Tokay

Abstract: Tourism enterprises are obliged to keep at the highest level the service quality and customer satisfaction in order to compete with the competitors in the sector within today’s increasing competitive environment. Accommodation enterprises, which are among the cornerstones of tourism sector, have a quite important position. Therefore, the services offered by these enterprises and their capability of meeting the customers’ needs and desires are also a matter of great importance. Certain features of accommodation enterprises should be taken into account in this regard. The criteria of hotels and weighting these criteria are determinant in assessment of multi-criteria decision making process.

      Rohan Stanley, Ananya Iyer, Rohit B. Chaurasiya

Abstract: "In countries where Energy consumption is a critical issue, many rural areas have power failures very frequently and one of the biggest reasons for this problem is poor power management in urban areas. This poor power management issue occurs because of ignorance of the consumers which is more prominent as consumers do not keep a track of their energy consumption levels. Project SEM is a design proposed to help solve this problem. This system is specifically designed to tap voltage and current at the upstream of mains of a specific area, to calculate instantaneous active power values and to eventually calculate energy consumed by the systems in that area."

      Rohini Khurana, Akshyaya Pradhan, Sandip Barik, Kamal Sahni

Abstract: Introduction: Radiotherapy (RT) plays a major role in the management of breast cancer. Cardiac Toxicity is an important late complication of radiotherapy for left sided Breast cancer. Cardiac morbidity can be minimized through careful treatment planning.

      Sr.Lilly Joseph (Lillykutty M.J) , Dr.Rebecca Samson

Abstract: This article presents the findings from a pre-test post-test two group comparative study that was conducted in six medical surgical wards, as part of a pilot study for a much larger investigation. This research explored the effect of implementing the Structured Nursing Care Rounds (SNCR) on primary care nurses’ attitude and perceptions of nursing care practices. Its goal was to engage front-line hospital nurses for improving the quality of nursing care practices and the patient’s experience of care. Primary care nurses’ role was of vital importance in SNCR implementation. During hourly visits, bedside care were bunched up and viewed as a package of ‘9 P’s’ interventions. Nurses in participating units completed the Nurses’ Attitude Scale (NAS) and Nurses’ Modus Operandi Scale (NMOS) prior to the two weeks training period and after four weeks period during which structured nursing care rounds were conducted in the intervention wards. Total NAS score significantly improved in primary care nurses of intervention wards during the SNCR implementation period (pre-29.80±2.28; post-54.10±1.82, p= ≤0.001**). Total NMOS score in the intervention group significantly lifted with SNCR implementation (pre-77.96 ±5.61; post-102.0 ±3.84, p= ≤0.001**).

      Mrs. Supriya A. Bejalwar

Abstract: Analysis of 982 research papers published in the Journal “IEEE Transactions on Electromagnetic Compatibility” during the period 2010-2015 has been carried out. The data was collected from the archives of the journal available in online form. This paper examines the articles for year wise growth of the articles published, authorship pattern, degree of collaboration, subject wise distribution of articles, average number of references per article etc.

      Mukhtar Osman, Mohammed Ali Bashir

Abstract: In this paper, we study the properties of sumudu transform and double Sumudu Transform and solve the partial differential equation with variables Coefficient By using Double sumudu transforms. The applicability of this relatively double sumudu transform is demonstrated using some special functions. Double sumudu transform method is a strong method to solve such PDEs

      AUB Pethiyagoda, K Pethiyagoda

Abstract: Urolithiasis is a common clinical disorder. A descriptive cross sectional study was done to compare the presentation of ureteric urolithiasis with respect to gender. According to the literature the first episode of urinary tract stone occurs commonly in young people (20-40 years) and peak incidence is reported in second or third decades of life. There was a higher prevalence of male patients in the 6th and 7th decades of life which is similar to the findings reported in other studies. X-ray Kidney, Ureter, Bladder (KUB) and ultra sound KUB data and ureteric stone site and size were collected and analyzed. The stone size was significantly different between two groups (p=0.303). Both groups had similar distribution of ureteric stones within ureter, more in the lower ureter followed by upper ureter and mid ureter. The side of the stone was significantly different between males and females (p<0.05).

      Juan O. Abarro

Abstract: The main purpose of the study was to craft a Senior High School program offerings of University of Rizal System. It made use of the Descriptive Survey Method. Findings showed that most of the Grade 9 students selected Career Tracks and Strands are Accountancy, Business and Management (ABM), and Technical Vocational Livelihood (TVL) track. Moreover, there is a significant association between the career track choices and profile of the students in terms of sex, average family income, occupation of the head of the family, school preference and average scholastic rating in Grade 8 and no significant association between the career track choices and the highest educational attainment of the head of the family and person influential in the choice of career track.

      Esha Bhattacharya Chatterjee

Abstract: Bollywood, or the Hindi Film industry, embraces a truly enigmatic world of its own. The craze and euphoria surrounding it, not only in India but also in foreign lands, is something worth witnessing. One of the major attractions of Bollywood, which in fact distinguishes it from Hollywood, is its elaborate song-dance sequences which never fail to strike a chord with the audience. Its creation of sublime, emotional or foot-tapping escapism is simply unmatched anywhere in the world. A fact often overlooked is that, these songs and dances are intricately woven in our social fabric. It is interesting to take note of this and undertake an analysis of the same. In this article, I shall discuss about Bollywood, how the dances and songs are placed within movies, analyse the dance types, its forms in the context of social forces operating within it- ‘globalization’ and ‘glocalization’ and provide a sociological understanding of it and its changing form. Since it is not possible to discuss the entire array of dance in Bollywood, I have analysed the dances post the globalization era and after the onslaught of MTV in 1980s. I have focused mainly on those dance sequences which have won the Filmfare Awards1, between year 1994 to 2013.

      Koli Nishikant, Aiwale Nachikat, Inamdar Avadhut, Sanger Abhishek

Abstract: There is now a significant world-wide interest to solve the environmental problems caused by industrial waste and other materials by including such materials in the manufacture of concrete.This technology has been introduced in India in construction, a decade ago, for specific requirement namely footpaths, parking areas etc. but now being adopted extensively in different uses where the conventional construction of pavement using bituminous mix or cement concrete technology is not feasible or desirable. The characteristics of concrete containing fine crushed glass during its process, the best ratio of fine crushed glass which leads to higher strength of concrete in order to produce concrete blocks, and the effect of waste glass replacement on the expansion caused by Alkali-silica reaction (ASR). This study looked at the feasibility of waste glass inclusion as partial FA replacement systems. Properties of concrete incorporating waste glass as partial substitution for FA amounts of 15%, 30% and 45% were investigated. The waste glass material used was obtained waste collectors. The results obtained show clearly that glass enhances the compressive strength properties of the final concrete product. The study indicated that waste glass can effectively be used as fine aggregate replacement (up to 45%) without substantial change in strength.

      Vivian F. Abarro

Abstract: The study developed and validated a computer-aided instructional material in Elementary Algebra. It made used of Quasi - Experimental Research method utilizing one group pretest-posttest design. It also utilized the 100 items validated pretest/posttest developed for the purpose of attaining the objective of the study. The subjects of the study were the 15 randomly selected students in Elementary Algebra at Peter Pan Learning Center, Baras, Rizal, Philippines. Findings revealed that the performance pretest and posttest of the subjects in both Algebraic expressions and first degree equation and inequalities are satisfactory and very satisfactory respectively. It emphasizes that the computed-aided instructional materials in Elementary Algebra brought significant gain in knowledge and skills of the students upon its exposures.

      Caesar K. Simpson

Abstract: The existence of different tax regimes and corporate rates of income tax between countries has given rise to international tax arbitrage and transfer pricing1 schemes. The objective of these schemes has been to minimize income tax expense and tax liabilities of Multinational2 Corporations (MNCs). This paper considers the activities undertaken by these MNCs and the issues presented by these activities. A high-level tax plan is outlined for the fictional; Multinational Technology Company called The Multinational Technology Company to consider in its quest to minimize the company’s consolidated effective income tax expense.

      Nasir Ateeq

Abstract: The paper discusses the main reasons for the social and economic deprivation of large sections of population in countries like India. It identifies low educational learning as one of the main reasons behind their deprivation; and one of the main reasons behind low educational learning, despite rapid increase in school admissions in the recent past, is the low retention and irregular school attendance. The paper argues that religious and spiritual teachings can play decisive role in changing the situation by mobilizing the parents and guardians for regular school attendance and sensitisation of school authorities for providing enabling environment for children to attend school regularly. It highlights certain religious teachings which strongly supporting education and knowledge for all. To substantiate this argument, the paper quotes a few important verses from the Holy Qur’an and Hadiths. The article provides evidence based methods for engaging with religious and spiritual leaders and institutions for sustainable mobilization for regular school attendance.


Abstract: Classical mobile robot control systems are not suitable for use in industrial environments. The high cost of such systems, both to acquire and maintain them, prohibits their adoption. This thesis proposes a new mobile robot architecture and investigates the motion control subsystem of that architecture. This motion control subsystem is based on following a marked path using visual servoing techniques to reduce computational overhead. Two pieces of information are extracted from each frame: the horizontal position of the path, relative to the centre of the image, and the gradient of the path. These pieces of information are then passed into a proportional steering system, which uses them to steer towards the path. The use of marked paths rather than a model of the environment ensures that the downtime, caused by changes to the environment, is minimised. The lack of a model of the robot should allow the control system to easily be ported to different robot hardware.

      U. Sajankumar ji Rao, K.Sreenivasulu, Y.Maruthi, P. Kumara Babu, G.Nagarjuna M.C.S.Subha, K. Chowdoji Rao

Abstract: A solution casting technique was used to prepare Halloysite nanoclay (HNC) incorporated Poly (vinyl alcohol) (PVA) mixed matrix membranes (MMMs) and crosslinked with glutaraldehyde (GA). The prepared membranes were characterized by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction, Scanning electron microscopy, differential scanning calorimeter and thermo gravimetric analysis. Resulting membranes were tested for pervaporation (PV) separation of water-isopropanol mixture.

      Akhilesh Vijay and S. Bijoy Nandan

Abstract: Increasing global concerns about impacts of toxic chemicals, energy crisis and environmental protection, it is becoming more important to rely on local abundant agricultural bio resources than on chemical fertilizer. Understanding the effects of organic farming on soil quality parameters, such as microbial activity and soil nutrient content, is of central importance to concepts of sustainability. Investigation were done on the quantity, type and application of organic amendments on temporal dynamics of paddy soil organic carbon (SOC), soil total nitrogen (STN) and soil microbial biomass (SMB).

      Aqeel Ghazi Mutar

Abstract: The aim of this study was to calculate the drag coefficient (Cd) , surface roughness (Zo) and friction velocity (U*) these characteristics are very imported in (urban planning, pollutants diffusion, Wind Energy (these characteristics are calculated depended on a series of wind tunnel Experiments to different obstacles type, We has used eight type of obstacles Such as Staggered arrays and Regular arrays and with different geometric shapes like a Diamond and cubic. several of empirical equations has been estimated, these equations can be used in urban areas under neutral weather conditions .

      Oluwole A. Shokunbi

Abstract: This study explores the antecedents of employee engagement among civil servants. Participants included 28 teachers from 8 government owned senior secondary schools in Lagos State, Nigeria. The teachers cut across all levels in terms of experience, grade level, and gender. Teachers were interviewed about factors that get them engaged at work. The results revealed six main themes: passion for the job, availability of materials for the job, work environment, relationship and support between employees, training and retraining, and pay and remuneration. The findings are discussed in relation to best practice in engaging employees to work within the public sector.

      Ismail Usman Kaoje

Abstract: Flood risk refers to areas that are at risk of flood hazard. A flood occurs when normally dry lands are temporarily covered by water, it is when a water body breaks out through its natural or artificial bank as a result of snow melting, heavy rainfall, dam failure, raising of the sea level. Floods disasters are common in most part of the world and GIS as a modern technology has several techniques and tools that can be used for effective flood modelling and mapping. The development of GIS functionalities for hydraulic and hydrological models made it possible to identify areas that are at risk of flooding in a particular earth’s surface area. The purpose of flood risk mapping is to steer strategies towards protection, prevention and preparedness, in attempts to minimize future costs from flooding. This paper exploits the utilization of GIS techniques in assessing flood vulnerability with a goal of identifying and mapping areas that are at risk of flooding within Cardiff city. This lead to identification of flood risk areas and identification of properties that lies in a flood risk within the study area.

      Fentaw Leykun

Abstract: This paper analyzes the factors affecting the commercial bank of Ethiopia’s (CBE’s) net interest margins during 2005 to 2014, a period characterized by increasing the bank’s net interest margin. The pooled ordinary multiple regression models are used to estimate the results without compromising the classical linear regression assumptions. In line with findings in the previous literature, this paper finds that capital adequacy (risk aversion), credit risk, operating costs, degree of competition (Lerner index) and deposit growth rate are the most important drivers of CBE’s net interest margins. Almost all variables in the model indicates a positive and highly significant association ship with net interest margins, and are found to be the most important bank specific factors that determine the net interest margin of the bank, CBE. The results of the study also suggests that high concentration led to lower competition, and thereby increase the net interest margins of banks, especially the dominant bank like CBE in case of Ethiopia. All in all, the results suggests that there has to be a measure to be taken by the sector to reduce the banks concentration ratio, operating costs, risk premium on credits, and increase the level of capital to offer competitive interest margins and fairly shared growth rates in deposits among others. In doing so, this paper conclude that further structural reforms and merger or consolidation enter alia may lower CBE’s net interest margins and share the market potentially fairly to other private banks operating in the industry.

      Ambreen Grewal Virk- SPHR, Prof. (Dr.)Meenakshi Malhotra

Abstract: The objective of this study was to establish Emotion Work performed by Managers, specifically those from the Manufacturing sector in India and to ascertain the relationship between Emotion Work performed and Burnout experienced. A cross-sectional survey design was used. The study population (n = 118) consisted of managers from the manufacturing industry. Six subscales from the Frankfurt Emotion Work and Pines & Andersons Burnout Scale were used as measuring instruments. Cronbach alpha coefficients, Pearson product moment correlation coefficients, regression analysis were used to analyse the data. The results revealed that the Managers reported performing a significant amount of Emotion Work. Furthermore, the analysis of the data uncovered that the correlations between the studied dimensions of Emotion Work and Burnout were statistically and practically significant. Emotion Work predicted 28% of the variance explained in the Burnout experienced by these Managers.

      Mallikarjun B Kattimani and N C Hemalatha

Abstract: A dominating set of a graph is roman dominating set, if and are two subsets of and satisfying the condition that every vertex in is adjacent to exactly one to one a vertex in as well as adjacent to some vertex in . The roman domination number of of is the minimum cardinality of a roman dominating set of . In this paper many bounds on are obtained and its exact values for some standard graphs are found. Also relationship with other parameter is investigated. We introduce Roman dominating set in which the interest is in dominating contains two types of subset.

      Soumya S Thulasi, Jyothi R L

Abstract: Signature is considered to be an important behavioral biometric of a person and signature recognition is a relevant research area in the field of personal authentication. Hence signature recognition is a tedious process in the day to day life. Most of the signature recognition system is not efficient due to poor preprocessing, normally due to poor thinning methodology. In this work various thinning algorithms have been studied and comparisons among them were performed. But none of the thinning methods gives a convenient result. Hence a new method for thinning has been proposed, which gives an acceptable result compared to the existing algorithms.

      Shilpa C Vijayan, Jyothy R.L,Anilkumar A

Abstract: Segmentation is the major part of any character recognition system. The efficiency of recognition can be improved by imposing an effective segmentation method. In Malayalam handwritten character recognition system character segmentation is more complex due to the varying writing styles and conjunction between the characters. There is a vast no of researches have been done in this field of Malayalam handwritten character recognition. In this paper various existing methods are analyzed and a method is proposed for effective segmentation.

      GGAP Gamage, AMJB Adikari, WAD Nayananjalie, PHP Prasanna, NWIA Jayawardena, and RHGR Wathsala

Abstract: The present study was carried out to develop a drinking yoghurt made with goat milk using thermophilic yoghurt culture (YC-X11), Bifidobacterioum animalis subsp. Lactis (BB-12) and Lactobacillus acidophilus (LA-5) and to evaluate physicochemical, microbiological and sensory properties. Three inoculation levels (0.2 gL-1, 0.3 gL-1 and 0.4 gL-1) of traditional yoghurt cultures and two probiotic cultures were separately used to develop drinking yoghurt. Drinking yoghurts were stored at 4 0C for 21 days and analyzed for microbial counts, titratable acidity and pH on 0, 7, 14 and 21 days of storage. Sensory evaluation was done within four-day interval from day 1 to day 14 with 30 untrained panelists using five point hedonic scales. Titratable acidity and pH were significantly different (P < 0.05) with added cultures and culture levels. There was an interactive effect of treatment and storage time on pH for the developed product (P < 0.05) and developed product was within the acceptable range up to 14 days of storage at 4 0C. Ash, dry matter, fat contents, brix value and density did not significantly differ (P > 0.05) with cultures and culture levels. Yoghurt made with LA-5 received the highest overall acceptability. The developed products were negative for pathogenic microbes up to 21 days of storage. In conclusion, 0.3 gL-1 inoculation level of LA-5 could be used to develop the probiotic drinking yoghurt using goat’s milk with desired physiochemical, microbiological and sensory properties.

      Abdelrahim.M.Zabadi & Amnah H. A. Dammas

Abstract: This preliminary study discusses the implementation of an E-learning program at the University of Business and Technology (UBT) in Saudi Arabia – Jeddah. The program originally aimed to establish a virtual university which offers totally online courses but due to a number of reasons there had to be some changes in the implementation process as well as the changes and challenges faced by UBT in implementing its E-learning program from an Information System (IS) project management point of view. Findings suggest that implementing such projects needs careful consideration of a variety of issues to ensure that the objectives are achieved. The case provides rich insights to other educational institutions wishing to implement such projects. The outcomes will assist in its continuing implementation at other universities in the future.

      Anita Devi Thokchom, Sanjoy Singh Ningthoujam, Anupam Das Talukdar, Brajakishore Singh Chingakham, Manabendra Dutta Choudhury, Kumar Singh Potsangbam, Guru Aribam Shantibala Devi

Abstract: There is a long tradition of use of medicinal plants for treatment of liver disorders. Documentation and evaluation of hepatoprotective medicinal plants could provide an important role in development of novel drugs for treatment of various hepatic disorders. The present study was aimed to document and perform quantitative evaluation on the medicinal plants used for the treatment of liver disorders by the local traditional healers of two district of Manipur. Ethnopharmacological field studies were conducted by using semi-structured questionnaires during 2012-2014 among the Meitei community in Imphal East and West districts of Manipur. Disease Consensus Indices (DCI) were calculated on the compiled data. A total of 40 plant species belonging to 22 families are used as hepatoprotective medicinal plants by the traditional healers of some certain area of Imphal east and imphal west district of Manipur, India. The highest DCI value was found in Andrographis paniculata (Burm.f.) Nees. The study could document various medicinal plants used in the treatment of liver disorders and for support of liver functions. Application of quantitative methods could highlight the consensus information on the use of therapeutic application of different medicinal plants.

      Turad Senesie

Abstract: The paper presents social justice issues affecting public servants in the course of their duties with focus on the Sierra Leone Police (SLP). It highlights ethical and social justice issues that confront Public Administrators and Organisations. Challenges facing the public servants and strategies that could be employed by the public servant to maintain responsible conduct in the exercise of public duties are also discussed in this paper. Recommendations are drawn from factors that hindered the adherence of public servant in addressing social justice issues of human rights, equality, liberty and justice.

      IBOR, Bassey Ina

Abstract: The study investigated the phenomenon of banking sector frauds in Nigeria, staff involvement and the role of the human resource function in evolving curtailment strategies. It sought, particularly, to determine whether there is a relationship between the amounts of fraud loses in the banking sector and the cadre levels of employees. Using secondary data, estimated losses (EL) to fraud was regressed on number of fraud cases, total amounts and the categories of staff involved. The estimation of the model was based on the ordinary least squares (OLS) method after the necessary pre-testing of the annual time series data using the augmented Dickey-Fuller (ADF) and the Philips-Peron (PP) tests, taken side by side with the related descriptive statistics. The study revealed that the contribution of officers and accountants to fraud losses was the highest compared to the other categorized staff. The study model, considered good for prediction (DW=1.93), revealed that seventy seven percent of frauds are attributable to insiders and about 23% of fraud losses are attributable to non-insider related frauds and forgeries (R2=0.77). Based on the findings, it is recommended, inter alia, that the recruitment process be strengthened through a robust, IT-enabled selection, referencing and personnel lifestyle tracking system. Further, the work environment and job content must be enriched to curtail the opportunity to commit fraud presented when employees are allowed to have wholesome access to assets and information that allow them to both commit and conceal fraud.

      Faith Mueni Ngao, Ben O. Osuga

Abstract: Strategic planning practices allow improvement of organizations performance by establishing guidelines in form of clear vision, mission statements and performance expectations including performance indicators. The study focused on the leadership and governance pillar of health system building block. The objective of the study was how communication, staff participation and capacity building influence implementation of strategic planning practices in MP Shah Hospital. A descriptive case study was employed limited to MP Shah Hospital with target population being key professional employees; target population of 349 key professionals.

      Dr. Dominique OBA

Abstract: This text traces in broad outline the mechanisms by which a group of men under forced deportation eventually settled to the price of a thousand efforts and then how history has caught up after half a century of attachment and hope. This study was made possible through the collection of field data. This took place in several phases of additional years1996 to 2012. We have learned a great fruit of these investigations both collective and individual. The individual and collective character of an anthropological investigation and settlement ceases to be a fiction when the testimonies are true and overlap. Most often the researcher is in front of the builders of what we should call "civilization”. This is the case here because there are still some Matsouanistes alive and WITH their descendants.

      Charles OnyambuMasese, Wanja Mwaura-Tenambergen and Lillian Muiruri

Abstract: Service delivery in government health facilities in Kenya still faces multiple challenges. These challenges can still be identified ten years down the line since the introduction of Service Charter. The objective of the study was to assess how the service charter utilization would influence health service delivery in Thika Level 5 Hospital (TL5H) in Kiambu County. Cross sectional study design was employed. Quantitative data was collected using questionnaires. A sample size of 156 technical employees of TL5H and patients participated in this study. Collected data was edited, coded, and entered into the computer using the Statistical Package for Social Scientists (SPSS v 23).

      Dilip Maske

Abstract: Thin films of cadmium sulfide (CdS) were grown by Chemical Bath Deposition (CBD) technique. Cadmium sulfide, and thiourea were used as the source materials for the preparation of the films. The films were deposited onto the good quality glass plates (75 mm X 25mm) as substrates. To carry out the growth, 1 M Cadmium sulfide solution was prepared and required amount of triethanolamine was added to form a bound stable complex. The substrates (glass plates) were stirred in the solution at the temperature 55ºC with a constant rate of rotation 60 rpm using a DC motor. The pH of the reaction mixture was maintained using appropriate quantities of Sodium hydroxide and aqueous ammonia were added for the film adherence to the substrate support. Thickness of the film gets nearly saturated when the deposition time is above 90 min. Electrical resistivity of the grown CdS film was found to be of the order of 106 Ω-cm as measured by using Four-Probe method.

      Mr. Sandeep Dokhale, Associate Prof. Bhaskar Borkar

Abstract: This paper deals with study of effect of varying thickness of front longitudinal member of pick-up vehicle in frontal crash. The objective is to study maximum force carrying capacity, energy Absorption and deceleration of seat member. The model chosen for study is well correlated and open source model. The physical test to FE correlation is well achieved and this model is suitable for further study about the crash behavior of frontal structure. The aim is to run this model with changes in thickness the longitudinal member of chassis structure which playing crucial role in frontal crash behavior.

      Dave Umang Y., Nena Vivek, Thakor Nirmal, Parmar Krunal

Abstract: In present days, people need more and more power for driving instruments. A solar based reciprocating pump is a pump, running on electricity on electricity generated by solar cell, available from collected sunlight as opposed to greed electricity or diesel run water pump.

      Onwughalu, M.K, Ogwata, C.M

Abstract: Security of data is an important factor in data transmission through network. This paper proposed a new method using fuzzy set theory to enhance the security. The data in the form of text to be transmitted is encrypted by using the AES Rijndael algorithm. The encryption algorithm is the mathematical procedure for performing encryption of data. A key is used to cipher a message and to decipher it back to the original message. Then the scrambled encrypted text is converted into numeric form by applying the fuzzy set theory. The fuzzy logic provides the text in the zero to one value. These numerical values before decryption are again converted into scrambled text. if the key provided by the user is the same key that is used for the encryption then original data will be retrieved. The paper, integrates the encryption of text and conversion of the unscrambled text from numerical to original by using fuzzy logic.

      Prince George and Sabu Joseph

Abstract: Water samples (N= 96) were collected from Meenachil river for 16 locations (S1-S16) in pre monsoon (PRM), monsoon (MON) and post monsoon (POM) seasons during 2013 and 2014. The nutrients like NO3, PO4 (<1 mg/L) and SiO2 (<4 mg/L) are generally low in the river, and increases from upstream to downstream. The cations of abundance include Na> Ca> K> Mg> Fe for PRM, Ca> Na> Mg> K> Fe for MON and Na> Ca> Mg> K> Fe for POM. Anion abundance include Cl>HCO3>SO4>SiO2>NO3>NO2>PO4 during PRM, HCO3> Cl> SO4> SiO2> NO3> PO4> NO2 during MON and Cl> HCO3> SO4> NO3> SiO2> NO2> PO4 during POM. The factor analysis result illustrate F1 loading (TEMP, TH, SAL, Mg, Ca, SO4, Na, K, Cl and HCO3) of 69.85 % during PRM clearly indicating the role of tropical weathering process in the river system.

      Manjunath.V, Revanasiddappa Phatate

Abstract: Single image haze removal has been a challengingproblem due to its ill-posed nature. In this paper, we propose a simple but powerful color attenuation prior for haze removal from a single input hazy image. By creating a linear model for modeling the scene depth of the hazy image under this novel prior and learning the parameters of the model with a supervised learning method, the depth information can be well recovered. With the depth map of the hazy image, we can easily estimate the transmission and restore the scene radiance via the atmospheric scattering model, and thus effectively remove the haze from a single image. Experimental results show that the proposed approach outperforms state-of-the-art haze removal algorithms in terms of both efficiency and the dehazing effect.

      Oji, Promise Chukwuma

Abstract: The first day I was introduced to this hospital, I was taken around the hospital compound and the inside of the hospital by the Director of the hospital (Prof. E.O Oji). In the process of the hospital round, I was made to understand and confirm that there were major departments in the hospital by the director. These departments are as followed

      Oji, Promise Chukwuma

Abstract: Vegetable salad is a very common food accompaniment in Nigeria. The vegetables that usually make up this recipe include tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, cabbage and lettuce. They are sold in almost every market, and can be seen hawked around by traders. Fruits and vegetable have been identified as significant sources of pathogens and chemical contaminants (Uzeh et al., 2009). As a result, environmental and food microbiologists have continued to identify and suggest control measures for hazards at all stages in the supply chain (Johngen, 2005). Khan et al, (1992) reported that bacterial contamination results from various unsanitary cultivation and marketing practices, In another study, Tambekar et al. (2006) reported that bacterial contamination of salad vegetable was linked to the fact that they are usually consumed without any heat treatment. These vegetables can become contaminated with pathogenic microorganisms during harvesting, through human handling, harvesting equipments, transport containers, wild and domestic animals pathogens from the human and animal reservoir as well as other environmental pathogens can be found at the time of consumption. Although spoilage bacteria, yeast and mould dominate the micro flora on row fruits and vegetable, the occasional presence of pathogenic bacteria, parasites and viruses capable of causing human infection has also been documented (Hassan et al., 2006).

      Shivkant Shukla, Joanna Bloese, Tapan Ray

Abstract: System of Rice Intensification (SRI) paddy was introduced to offset the heavy cost of Conventional paddy cultivation. To decrease the cost of cultivation in Conventional paddy, to increase profits of the farmers in rice cultivation by decreasing the use of fertilizers, pesticides and minimizing water use by scientific water management in the face of labour scarcity, SRI paddy was introduced in Madagascar. In Conventional paddy the spacing of 20x15cms was followed and 20-25 days seedlings were used, and whereas, in SRI paddy cultivation, the wider spacing of 25x25cms was followed and by 8-12 days seedlings were used. Although large number of labour were needed for weed management in Conventional paddy, minimal labour was required for weed management in SRI paddy because of using weeders and machinery for weed management. While large amount of water to the tune of 2”-5” inundation was required for Conventional paddy cultivation, a film of water up to 1” only is maintained throughout in SRI paddy cultivation. The use of pesticides was heavy in Conventional paddy cultivation, where as the pest management is done without chemical pesticides in SRI paddy cultivation. The profits attained due to SRI paddy cultivation was higher as compared to Conventional paddy cultivation, therefore, SRI paddy was called as poor farmers’ crop.


Abstract: The problems by the presence of mining companies is not only inflicting damages to nature, but also causing damages to the social environment. This research aims to study the social injustice by the presence of mining companies in Tayan Hilir of Sanggau District in Indonesia. This research used the qualitative approach with a descriptive method. This research data retrieval used purposif technique in which the data was taken from both the informant of the companies and the relocated communities. Then, it was processed using qualitative analysis with described the social injustice by the presence of mining companies. The results explain the social injustices of government policies which favoured the compannies by giving capital and supports which lead them more superior and acting half "force" against the the communities. Whereas, the communities who have limited information and power to bargain got harmed in economical side. They lost their livelihood that was previously available, this occurs because the new area of relocation is not suitable for their livelihood. Based on facts, the land concessions in Semerah village did not match with the contract agreement. The company offered a relocation area but it is remote and there are no public facilities. In addition, ownership status of the land is not clear.

      Mr. Fahd Mohammed Sagheer Eid

Abstract: This paper aims to attempt systemic functional analysis of clause complex in news texts adopting Hallidayan linguistic perspective. News language may contain lexical and grammatical ambiguities that arise because of the use of technical terms that may cause confusion among their readers. Because news texts are written, they have more complex grammars and do not use pauses, stresses, intonations and tones of speech as those in spoken language. Here lies the reason behind the difficulty of meaning that people might face and then they try to interpret it in more than one meaning. According to Leech (1981:30), “An expression is said to be ambiguous when more than one interpretation can be assigned to it”. Now, comes the role of clause complex to resolve the problems by analyzing the modes of meaning in those texts.

      Muhammad Faisal Sultan, Muhammad Raghib Zafar, Anila

Abstract: It has been observed by several researchers that office design has an impact on employee’s productivity. But in the context of Pakistan this effect was not identifies up to higher extent, especially in the banking sector. Therefore the major reason for writing this paper is to analyze the impact of office design on the employees of Islamic banks operating in Pakistan, and after studying prior research work a systematic research model was developed having eight independent and one dependent variable. However collecting data from the Islamic banks was not easy, but through the analysis of prior research work we became able to develop closed ended questionnaire which were circulated among the employees of Islamic banks. The type of investigation we performed was causal and after the analysis of collected data through SPSS we have found that data is reliable for conducting research and through the implementation of regression on the selected data we have concluded that all the factors associated with the office design except office furniture, office equipment and communication does not have any impact on employees productivity in the Islamic banking sector of Pakistan.

      Bikash Hazarika

Abstract: Rural tourism is a form of tourism that showcases the rural life, art, culture and heritage at rural locations, thereby benefiting the local community economically and socially. It is a recent offshoot of tourism sector that has grown up to be a potential business in its own space. It is a significant strategy for rural development by providing an alternate source of livelihood and large scale employment in the rural areas.

      Madeleine Nyirabageni, Kule Julius Waren, Peter Mbabazi

Abstract: This research intended to establish the effect of financial management on the performance of the Presbyterian Church guest houses in Rwanda; it was based on the case study of Bethany guest house. This study was guided by the general objective of evaluating the effect of financial management on the performance of the Presbyterian Church guest houses, the specific objectives were: to analyse the effect of financial literacy on the profit of Bethany guest house; to examine the effect of financial innovation on the profits of Bethany guest house and to examine the effect of financial mobilisation of Bethany Guest house.

      Ms. Preeti Singh, Unnikrishnan Payyappalli

Abstract: People’s Biodiversity Register (PBR) documents diverse aspects such as biodiversity and ecosystems services in a location Narwana Village Panchayath, Kangra District, Himachal Pradesh, status of folk (traditional/indigenous/local) knowledge, their applications, history, ongoing changes and forces driving changes in biodiversity resources, gainers and losers in these processes and people’s perceptions of how these resources should be managed. A number of PBRs have been prepared in different parts of India beginning 1995 through initiatives of NGOs and educational institutions working with local communities and village councils and other administrative bodies, like State Biodiversity Board and Notational Biodiversity Authority.

      Dr.K.Subramanyam & R.Srinivasa Rao

Abstract: The aim of the present investigation is to assess the impact of emotional intelligence, nature of course and gender on problem focused coping style among college students. Sample of the present study consists of 560 professional and non-professional college students, both male and female in Rayalaseema region of Andhra Pradesh State. To measure emotional intelligence and Coping styles, “Emotional intelligence scale” developed by Nutankumar Thingujam and Usha Ram (1999); Coping styles questionnaire developed by Dr. B.S. Kumar Reddy (1999) were administered to the subjects. Results revealed that students with high emotional intelligence; students perusing non professional courses and female students frequently use problem focused coping style to overcome stress.

      Aye Su Mon Kyaw, Chaw Myat Nwe, Hla Myo Tun

Abstract: Recently, crime against children is increasing at higher rate and it is high time to offer safety system for the children going to school. This paper presents a system to inform parents about the status of their children such as absence..The system checks and detects which child enter the wrong bus and issues an alert to this effect. RFID-based detection unit located inside the bus detects the RFID tags worn by the children In addition, the system checks the children absence and updates the database. The parents can log into the system website and monitor the details of their children.

      Tasara Majoni, Jephias Matunhu, Billiat Chaderopa

Abstract: This comparative study examined the policies and challenges of SMEs operating in Zimbabwe and South Korea. Data were collected using focus group discussions, document analysis, interviews and observations. The sample of the study constitutes of SMEs operating in urban areas of Seoul and Ansan, Harare and Chinhoyi of South Korea and Zimbabwe respectively. The major findings revealed that SMEs in the two countries face similar major challenges what differs is that they operate in different policy environments. This research concludes that South Korea’s policies are more supportive to the SMEs sector and hence has led to a miracle economic growth as well as lower mortality rate of SMEs in South Korea while Zimbabwe’s policies are less supportive resulting in higher failure rate of SMEs. The study recommends an econometric investigation of the utility of the traditional production model in SMEs in the two economies. The economic model {Q=f (K, L)} states that growth (Q) is a function of Technology (K) and Labour (L).

      Ukoima Kelvin Nkalo

Abstract: This paper presents an optimal linear control of an energy harvesting system. Energy harvesting system models are typically non linear and therefore utilize a non linear controller. In this work, an investigation on the performance of a linear controller for a nonlinear harvester model is shown. The aim is to maximize the energy produced by implementing an optimal linear control algorithm. A mathematical model of the harvester is given. All simulations were conducted in matlab and simulink. Results obtained satisfy the conditions of optimality.

      Daniel Adhanom, Tefera Toshome

Abstract: The research work was conducted on Aba-midan sub water shed, which is located in the Bambasi District of Assosa Zone in the Benishagul Gumuz Regional State to characterize and to classify the soils along toposequence. Three pedons along toposequence were studied. Aba-midan sub watershed is located between 09°49’ 98.9’’ and 09°49’89.3’’ N latitude and between 34°42’ 31.8’’ and 34°42’50.3’’E longitude, with altitude ranging from 1443 to 1491 m.a.s.l. The soils were generally dark reddish brown to dark red colour and shallow to moderate soil depth. Almost very friable consistency, with bulk density ranges (1.14 to 1.49 gm/cm3), prismatic to sub angular blocky structure, low total porosity indicated that the soil has poor physical condition for plant growth.

      Mr. Tsegazeab Gebremariam Yihdego, Dr. Surajit Ghosal

Abstract: Small scale irrigation is one of the most useful irrigation systems designed to increase production and productivity and reduces risk related with rainfall variability and increasing income of rural farm households indeed. In fact, planners, researchers, development practitioners, and donors emphasized the importance of small sale irrigation in their policy recommendations and actual measures. So, the main objective of this paper is to investigate the impact of small scale irrigation on the income of rural households in Bambasi Woreda.

      Abarro, Juan O., Mariño, Wilfredo P

Abstract: The study aimed to determine the factors affecting the research capabilities of public secondary and elementary school teachers in the Division of Antipolo City. The study made use of the descriptive method.

      Asmita Singh, .Manisha Mathur, Ajay kumar, Gajendra Pal Singh

Abstract: Medicinal plants are big source of information for wide variety of chemical constituents which could be developed as drug with precise selectivity. Achyranthes aspera Linn is one of the important medicinal plants having many therapeutic uses. The present study deals with preliminary phytochemical screening and TLC investigation of Achyranthes aspera Linn. In qualitative analysis, the phytochemical compounds such as steroids, triterpenoids, sugars, alkaloids, phenolic compounds, flavonoids were screened in root methanolic extract by using standard methods. Phytochemical screening of plant revealed the presence of alkaloids, flavonoids steroids reducing sugar, glycosides and Terpenoids. The present study revealed that Achyranthes aspera roots are important source of many therapeutically and pharmacologically active constituents.

      S. Abdalla and N. Al-Aama, Maryam A. Al-Ghamdi

Abstract: Recently, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) of Brain is used widely in the clinical applications for the detection of abnormalities such as tumor. Accurate segmentation of the affected regions in the brain MRI image plays a vital role in the quantitative image analysis to detect the location of tumor in the brain. However, many segmentation algorithms suffer from limited accuracy, due to the presence of noise and intensity inhomogeneity in the brain MR images. This paper proposes a novel Textural Pixel Connectivity (TPC) based segmentation technique to predict the location of brain tumor. The Probabilistic Neural Network (PNN) classifier is used to classify the normal and abnormal images. If the image is classified as abnormal, then TPC segmentation process is applied for clustering out the background and tumor spot in the binary segmented output. Then, the growing pattern of tumor is analyzed and represented as a binary image output. The proposed technique achieves superior performance in terms of sensitivity, specificity, accuracy, error rate, correct rate, inconclusive rate, Positive Predicted Values (PPV), Negative Predicted Values (NPV), classified rate, prevalence, positive likelihood and negative likelihood, when compared to the traditional Adaboost and Enhanced Adaboost techniques.

      zuha qadir

Abstract: Man’s life is interconnected with various living and non-living things. His life depends on social, political, economic, ethical, philosophical and other aspects of social system, which when combined together form a complete society.

      Oyebola Folajimi Kehinde

Abstract: Humour is a multi-disciplinary field of research. People have been working on humour in many fields like philosophy, psychology, sociology, literature, and linguistics. Within the linguistic field, humour can be evaluated from syntactic, pragmatic and semantic points of view. This paper work represents an attempt to show that research in pragmatic theory can contribute to our understanding of humour. The speech act theory has been selected, an exposition of which is followed by an account of how the theory can be applied to humour. Some research into humour has already been carried out using the speech act model. This is briefly described and evaluated. However, both the application of the theory to humour and its evaluation in this paper are mine.

      Dr. G.Nirmala, G.Suvitha

Abstract: Performance Appraisal is the systematic evaluation of the performance of an employee under certain aspects of consideration and to understand the potential of a person for further growth and development of an employee in an organization with specific ratings. This paper presents a design and implementation of a performance appraisal system using the fuzzy logic. It extracts the performance of an employee at each level, thereby generating the ratings automatically with respect to the satisfactory level of the target criteria attained by them. An automated employee rating system based on IBM Lotus Software fuzzy algorithm is used for this purpose to track the employee work performance. The performance will be measured based on certain factors such as Work Achievement, Continual Learning and Communication Skills etc. Based on these attributes, it automatically separates them into five levels of ratings.

      Mary Loreen V. Cayabyab

Abstract: Simplex Method of Linear Programming is a repetitive optimizing technique to determine the possible output in order to maximize a profit in a business plan. A good foundation in Mathematics is the main tool in getting the solution. Many papers aimed to find out the Mathematics performance and the factors affecting the learner’s performance and yet this problem remained unsolved. The objective of this paper is to analyze the common errors committed by the Second Year Bachelor of Science in Accountancy students at the University of Northern Philippines. The scores of the written examination of the respondents were interpreted using error analysis. It was found out that the common errors are: basic application of the operations of numbers, determining the entering variable, miscopied values, incomplete variables in the final answer, and unfinished solution. These errors maybe due to ignorance to the rules in applying the simplex method. The study recommends giving higher percentage to basic operations in the total score of the written examination of students, Furthermore, the College should give seminars to the Accountancy students on how to manage their time in solving Mathematical problems.

      Parth Dharmeshkumar Parikh

Abstract: This paper presents an experimental study of the influence of different superplasticizer on compressive strength at 7th and 28th days with its flow test characteristics, this concrete is prepared with fly ash based self-compacting geopolymer concrete (SCGC). Two superplasticiser (SP)were taken for the comparision, which are being generally used and easly available in market.

      Priyanka Thakur, Dr.Arshia Azam

Abstract: We present, in this paper, effective edge detection methods using type 2 fuzzy inference systems which are known for their uncertainty handling ability. These methods are clubbed up with morphological gradient to enhance their edge detection capabilities. We emphasize on the application of generalized type 2 fuzzy system to the image and detection of edge. We then compare the Morphological Gradient with the type 1 fuzzy system, integrated interval type 2 fuzzy system (Interval type 2 fuzzy logic applied upon Morphological Gradient Technique) and generalized type 2 fuzzy system (Generalized type 2 fuzzy logic applied upon Morphological Gradient Technique). Also these edge detectors are tested on images added with 0.001 white gaussian noise and salt and pepper noise. Recall, precision and PFOM are also calculated for each system and compared.

      Glenda Chan-Rabanal

Abstract: This study was conducted to analyze the performance of the Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEEd) 2013 graduates of the University of Northern Philippines (UNP). It determined the academic achievement in three subject components such as general, professional, and specialization and performance along the components of the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET). The relationship of academic achievement to LET performance was also looked into. This study employed the descriptive method of research which is a combination of documentary analysis and correlation designs. The data gathered were treated statistically using mean and Simple Correlation Analysis. The findings showed that the respondents exhibited good academic achievement, most of the examinees passed the LET in all the components. There was a higher percentage of passer than non-passer in the LET. Academic achievement is significantly related to LET performance. Educational Institutions should continue to seek professional development ventures for the improvement of teaching competence and professional preparations. Thus, come out with quality output in the success of board examination leading graduates towards employment.

      Peter R. Rabanal, Glenda Chan-Rabanal

Abstract: This study was conducted to look into the effects of Hagiazo Chi Alpha Campus Ministry in the lives of its members. It is an accredited student organization of the University of Northern Philippines (UNP). The respondents are the student members and leaders enrolled during the School Year 2013-2014. The survey method with the use of questionnaire and interview was used in gathering the data needed for the study. Findings showed that the respondents are from different places in the Philippine provinces of Ilocos Sur, Ilocos Norte, Kalinga and Abra and most of them are staying in dormitories as they study in the university.

      Dr. Vandana Singh

Abstract: The quantitative and qualitative food loses and feed commodities is mainly done by insect –pests which are prolific in nature and causes development of hot spots as a result of metabolic heat by developing insect populations, thereby create favourable conditions to various pathogens. Thus they cause two way spoilage of food commodities resulting into economic loss as well as loss to public health.


Abstract: This paper deals with the evaluation of the performance of a refrigeration system by using different refrigerant mixtures. This refrigeration system works under vapour compression cycle with the basic principle "" The liquid when evaporates absorbs heat"". The refrigerant continues changing from liquid to vapour state when absorbing heat and from vapour to liquid when giving out heat. The refrigerants used in the system are R134a (Tetrafluoroethane), R290 (Isobutane) and Blend of Tetrafluoroethane and Propane (R134a and R290). This project deals with a comparison study of the performance of different refrigerant mixtures mentioned below with R134a kept as a comparison parameter. The above refrigerants are mixed based on weight proportions in different ratios, and their following mixtures used are:

      Burmen B, Mutai K

Abstract: Linkage of newly diagnosed HIV positive individuals to HIV care and treatment services is essential to initiate lifesaving antiretroviral therapy and thereby reduce HIV transmission. However, program data has shown that only 38% of newly diagnosed HIV patients in Kenya are linked to care. Case management model, a model with proven efficacy, uses case managers to provide strength based counseling that enable individuals identify their internal strengths and assets needed to facilitate linkage and enhance retention. This evaluation seeks to test the efficacy of using case managers in increasing linkage and early retention to HIV care among newly diagnosed HIV positive individuals at a referral hospital in Western Kenya within one year and including a six month follow up period by comparing linkage and retention rates among HIV infected persons who receive case managers to those who did not. A step-wedged design will be employed at 12 of the 24 hospital departments. This will be done by introducing the intervention in a phased approach by testing site. A minimum of 672 HIV infected persons will be recruited. Linkage to care will be defined as a recorded encounter at the HIV clinic’s enrolment registry. Participants will be considered retained in care after attending two or more visits over a six month period. Data on participant characteristics, linkage and retention proportions and their associated factors will be analyzed in the early and late intervention groups. Results from this evaluation will provide information on improving linkage and retention rates among HIV infected patients.

      Krishanu Das, Hridi Ghosh, Maitrayee Sengupta

Abstract: As the energy demand and the environmental problems increase, the natural energy sources have become very important as an alternative to the conventional energy sources. The renewable energy sector is fast gaining ground as a new growth area for numerous countries with the vast potential it presents environmentally and economically. Solar energy plays an important role as a primary source of energy, especially for rural area. This project aims at the development of process to track the sun and attain maximum efficiency using Arduino Uno for real time monitoring. The project is divided into two stages, which are hardware and software development. In hardware development, two light dependent resistor (LDR) has been used for capturing maximum light source. Servo motor has been used to move the solar panel at maximum light source location sensing by LDR. The performance of the system has been tested and compared with static solar panel. This project describes the design of a low cost, solar tracking system.

      Muhammad Salman, Mula Nazar Khan , Uzair Mufti, Fahad Islam, Arslan Aslam

Abstract: In today’s competitive environment organization in developing countries like Pakistan strive for sustainability. The employees are the backbone of the organization. In telecommunication sector of Pakistan increasing trend of technology advancement, organization should provide justice and innovate climate. In current study researcher investigate the impact of organizational justice on perceived creative performance mediating role of employee innovative behavior in telecommunication sector of Pakistan. Data was collected 480 employees of four companies of the telecommunication sector. Results are exploited through Statistical Package of Social Sciences and Analysis of Moment Structures. Results indicate that all the variables are correlated. The organizational justice has significant impact on perceived creative performance and employee innovate behavior. It also shows that employee innovative behavior mediates the relationship of organizational justice and perceived creative performance. Practical implication and future guidelines are also discussed.

      K.W.G. Rekha Nianthi

Abstract: The mountains and highlands in the tropical areas receive more rainfall than the nearby lowlands, in highland areas at least on their windward sides. It is well known that a large part of the heavy rain received on the western side of Sri Lanka is induced by the topographic barriers known as the Central Highland (CH). The objective of this study was to examine whether these orographic rainfall profiles more or less agree with the global figures of the orographic rainfall in the tropical mountains. The orographic effect of the western side of the CH of Sri Lanka has been studied with reference to the annual average rainfall and Southwest Monsoon rainfall using data from 1959-2002. Monthly rainfall data were obtained from the Department of Meteorology in Colombo, Agro-Meteorology Unit, Department of Agriculture, Peradeniya and Nakagawa et. al, (1995). The study area consists of nine representative locations of both sides of the CH elevation ranging from 2 to 1667 meters. These locations are Colombo, Kalutara PWD, Ratnapura, Abergeldie Group, Annifield Estate and Sandirigama, which lie on the western sides and Badulla, Wewessa and Dyraaba lying on the leeward side of the CH.

      Juan O. Abarro

Abstract: The study primarily aimed to determine the conditions of teaching Professional Education Subjects in University of Rizal System, Rizal, Philippines. The study made use of descriptive- evaluative method of research utilizing documentary analysis and questionnaire checklist. Findings revealed that the group-based college teaching modes are not often utilized compared to individual-based teaching modes which are often utilized as perceived by both faculty members and students. The instructional resource materials are very inadequate as perceived by the faculty members and inadequate as perceived by the students. The type of test administered during periodic are multiple-choice test and test items are unevenly distributed to the different domains of learning.

      Samuel K. Gitaka, Professor Clifford G. Machogu

Abstract: The study sought to analyze compliance with two-thirds gender rule in appointments and promotions of staff in new public universities chartered in 2012 and 2013. Specifically, the study determined the gender composition of staff appointed or promoted after the provision of the gender rule in the constitution. The study used the survey research design that had a population of 15 public universities elevated in 2012 and 2013 and a sample size of six. Interview schedules were used to collect data from the sampled universities. This data contained gender of staff per staff division and staff level in appointments and promotions made in 2011, 2012 and 2013 and were analyzed using percentages.

      Abhinav Pathak, Nimisha Dutta

Abstract: Lactobacillus acidophilus comes under the genus Lactobacillus which comprises of large group of beneficial bacteria that have similar properties and all produce lactic acid as an end product of the fermentation process. Previous studies shows that L.acidophilus has its own significant importance as it improves gastrointestinal function, boosts immune system, decreases the frequency of vaginal yeast infection and helps in reducing serum cholesterol levels. The present study is directed towards isolation and identification of antagonistic L. acidophilus from different regions of Allahabad. A total of 50 curd samples were collected from different regions of Allahabad. After careful examination of morphological and biochemical characteristics, all 74 isolates of different Lactobacillus species were found to be present in which 7 strains of L. acidophilus were found. Further these 7 strains were subjected to antagonistic test against selected bacterial pathogens and results revealed that all strains of L.acidophilus were found to be good antagonistic activity against selected bacterial pathogens. This study concluded that curds contain strains of L.acidophilus which shows good antagonistic property; thus revealing that it is safe and beneficial for consumption.


Abstract: Matrices play an important role in the broad area of science and engineering. However, the classical matrix theory sometimes fails to solve the problems involving uncertainties, occurring in an imprecise environment.Sometimes it seems to be more natural to describe imprecise and uncertain opinions not only by membership functions and also by non membership function.

      Prof. Thelma DS. Cruz, Dr. E. Jean DR. Ramirez

Abstract: This study aimed to determine the motivation, satisfaction and difficulty encountered by HEI in Manila graduate students in pursuing graduate studies. The study revealed that most of the respondents were female, single, belong to the 20 – 29 age brackets with only about 1-5 in the teaching / non-teaching profession. Many are still on the process of completing their master’s and their doctorate degree. Most of the respondents are in the teaching profession. Moreover, upgrade qualifications and increase of self-esteem were perceived extremely influential by the respondents. Working and studying, pressure from additional work / assignments and too many were very difficult. And as to the level of satisfaction, they perceived improved professional competence as very satisfactory. The researchers recommend that NBC #461 final print out should be known to all concern in the shortest time and position reclassification/promotion be provided accordingly, likewise, those employed at either private / public institutions must be promoted too. The Institutions should allocate larger budget for the teaching and non- teaching staff for developments. The University should provide a program that will lessen faculty work load while attending on a graduate school.

      Mohammed M. Radhi, Mohammed F. Khalifa

Abstract: Study aims: To evaluate consumers' satisfaction towards rural primary health care services in Babylon Governorate, and to determine the relationship between Consumers’ satisfaction towards rural primary health care services with consumers’ demographic characteristics of age, gender, occupation, education and socioeconomic status.

      A.E. Okoye and T.C. Madueme

Abstract: Forecasting of electrical load is vital in electrical sector; it helps in the process of planning periodical operations and facility expansion. In the deregulated economy, it has many applications which include energy purchasing, and generation, load switching, contract evaluation and infrastructure development. Therefore finding the most appropriate forecasting method for a specific electricity network is not an easy task. Although many forecasting methods were developed none can be generalized for all load patterns. This paper presents a framework of various approaches to optimize the forecasting of electrical loads.

      Pande Putu Hadi Wiguna, Kadek Setiya Wati, Fajar Setiawan

Abstract: By the development of NWP (Numerical Weather Prediction), the using of weather model is used to being done and it get better and better. Starting from a Rick Anthes’ 3-layer hurricane model on 1960, a mesoscale model on 1970s, MM4 on 1980s and MM5 model on 1990s which was developed until the third version. Then WRF (Weather Research and Forecasting) launched in beta version up to now WRF was launched with different core in ARW and NMM with additional modules which is also included in WRF-Chem and WRF-Fire.

      Ankita Borbora

Abstract: This paper shows the decadal pattern of work participation rate among females in India using the evidence of thirty five states and union territories of India for three census years 1991, 2001 and 2011.This study uses the census data of female main workers and marginal workers to show the work participation. It is found that after the introduction of New Economic Policy in 1991, female the worker participates rates are declining, however pattern that is found from the evidences of the states and union territories in India reveals the difference in the work participation behaviour of female main and marginal workers.


Abstract: This study is about the Effectiveness of Internal Control System in the Private Banks of Trincomalee. There was found through observation and discussion that there are some deviations in the internal control system in the daily banking activities. Based on this problem the researcher was intended to do this research on the objectives of evaluate the bank’s control environment and internal control system in the bank, to identify the bank’s risk assessment process and the internal control in the bank, to evaluate bank’s accounting, information and communication system relevant to financial reporting and the internal control in the bank, to find out bank’s control activities affect the internal control in the bank and to find out bank’s self assessment affect the internal control in the bank. This study is based on the dependent variable; effective internal control and five independent variables; control environment, risk assessment,accounting,information and communication, control activities and self assessment.


Abstract: Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) may be viewed as a neuro developmental disability that can affect social interaction, language (or) behavioral skills of children. Most autistic children show symptoms of withdrawal from social interaction and a lack of emotional empathy towards others. The underlying causes of ASD are still not well understood but an alarming number of children are diagnosed and also suffered from this disorder. Among the fundamental social impairments in the ASD are challenges appropriately recognizing and responding to nonverbal cues and communication. Several existing assistive devices mostly serve as remedial tool that provides a learning environment for autistic children to learn about the norms and difficulties of social behavior. However this tool lacks the capability to operate in conjunction with real world scenarios. So we proposed a new intervention paradigm that act as a portable system called facial expression recognition system that recognizes virtual reality (VR) based facial expressions in a synchronous manner and also to break the dependency of an autistic child by enhancing expression based accessing and controlling process in this modern environment.

      Aguwamba S. M, Ogbeifun, O. R, Ekienabor E. E

Abstract: This study has examined the impact of World Bank, International Development Association and International Finance Co-operation on the Nigerian economy for the period 1990 to 2010. The study uses unit root test to determine the stationary state of the variables using the Augmented Dickey-Fuller Test. It also employs the Johansen Co-integration and Error Correction Model (ECM) statistical techniques to establish both short-run and long run dynamic relationship between the endogenous and exogenous variables. The findings indicate one period lag of World Bank loan enhanced the Nigerian economy; International Development Association Grants and International Finance Co-operation positively influenced the economy of Nigeria in the period observed; though they were not all statistically significant. Premised on this, it is therefore recommended that the Nigerian government put stringent measures/policies to ensure the assistances from these bodies are well utilized to positively enhance the Nigerian economy.

      Kay K. Kim

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to define and explain the importance of cyber security and the impact cyber data breaches have on the consumer. This paper also tries to explore several different methods to help protect data while also using real-world examples of some data breaches that have occurred in recent history as well as in the US healthcare industry.

      Emad Mohamed Brgig

Abstract: The changing economic environment both in the market system to follow the central planning or vice versa if it in any organizational change necessary to emerge from interactions highlight the new institutions in accordance with this change In contrast disappear other institutions were playing an active role under the old system , which becomes a role under the new system is an actor, even though their presence may cause an obstacle to activate the new institutions and creator orientation , and financial markets is one of the most important economic developments and secretions that because of their great role and impact on the national economy .

      Mrs.K.Sasikala M.E., Mrs.S.Kalaivani M.Tech

Abstract: The implementation of web server using Altera Nios II embedded IP core makes best solution for conventional heavy weight web server can be replaced by substituting FPGA based web server providing high speed, Low power consumption, reduced cost. The web server hosts the pages, scripts, programs, and multimedia files and serves them using TCP/HTTP designed to send files to web browsers. In Nios II soft processor approach, designers can make a perfect fit in terms of processors, peripherals, memory interfaces, performance characteristics and cost. ECC (Elliptic Curve Cryptography) is integrated with in the source code of web server to achieve secure communication. ECC is particularly useful in applications where memory, bandwidth and/or computational power is limited.

      Iqbal,H, and Asim,M

Abstract: Pharmaceutical industry has undergone unprecedented changes ever since the onset of globalization and liberalization era. This prompted us to review the literature as to how the industry is balancing the change with the existing continuities. The paper, thus, presents a review of the forces of change and continuity affecting the pharmaceutical industry, in general, and India in particular.

      Chanchala Joshi , Umesh Kumar Singh

Abstract: With more and more people becoming Internet users there have been great increase in using Web in all areas of life, including communication, education and shopping. And as a result of these changes the security concerns have also grown. The web application vulnerability scanners help reduce these security concerns in Web-based applications. In today's market a large number of web scanners are available. Although these tools are available in the market but question is how efficient they are to address security concerns in WEB applications? The primary objective of the paper is to study the effectiveness of the scanners and to try to identify common types of vulnerabilities in web services environment. Also, one of the prominent objectives is to provide defense measures, which secure the application significantly.

      Zena K. Kadhim, Muna S. Kassim, Adel Y. Abdul Hassan

Abstract: CFD investigations have been carried out in this paper to study the temperature difference for cross flow heat exchanger with smooth tube and low integral finned tube. The study includes geometry creation with dimensions (2505001200) mm width, height and length, respectively. has a single copper tube with eight passes.. The low integral finned tube with (19 mm) inner diameter, (21 mm) root diameter and (24 mm) outer diameter . The fin height is (1.5 mm). Air is assumed as a cooling fluid passing across the test tube with a range of velocities (1, 2, 3 and 4) m/sec. The inner side flow rates with a range of (2, 3, 4, 5 and 6) L/min. for water. The water temperatures at the inlet of test tube were (50, 60, 70, 80) °C. The results showe that the temperature difference and heat transfer coefficient for heat exchanger with finned tube is higher than with smooth tube.

      Sumit Lathwal, Madhur Rajput

Abstract: This paper deals with the new emerging technology The Sixth Sense. It’s a wearable mobile interface that augments the physical world around us with the digitalised machine world. This technology bridges the gap between the digital world and real world just by allowing the interaction of humans with the machines through simple hand gestures. The category under which this technology falls is the Augmented Reality Technology. This paper eyes on the possible applications and outcomes of such technology and the advantages and drawbacks of the technology after sourcing or implementing it into real world for use. The most important are the technical challenges faced to get succeeded in future and enhancing it more for future and optimal use.

      Hana,a Kadhem Egzar , Noor Mustafa Kamal, Hana,a Adii Ali , and Muthana Saleh Mashkour

Abstract: In this work Azo dye {(2,2'-(3,3'-dimethylbiphenyl-4,4'-diyl) bis (1-(2-hydrazinyl-3,5-dinitrophenyl)diazene)} have been prepared and characterized by, spectorphotometric method UV-Vis, FT-IR spectrum and 1H-NMR spectrum. The absorption maxima was observed in the 464 nm, Thermogravimetric(TG) and differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) of this compound was measured, The photostability of azo dye in water occurred under UV irradiation processes. Dyeing process has on the dye prepared it gave good results. we have found that the colors of cotton fabrics after dyeing was orange

      Waleed Nour Eldien, Bukhari.M. Mmohammed Zakaria A.Z, Ahmed Sohily

Abstract: The study aims to compute the enhancement factor (E) of the absorption of H2S by aqueous Fe2(SO4)3 solution with second order irreversible chemical reaction at isothermal condition. The study was conducted theoretically simulation program. The value of E was computed based on the derivation of the basic equation of film model absorption, and then the non linear film theory equations are solved numerically using orthogonal collocation method under MATLAB program.

      Haitham Ibrahim Faris, Dr. Huda Baker Hassan

Abstract: Background: Acquired hospital infection most of factors responsible for morbidity and mortality ,especially in critical care units , it is one of most dangerous units because they are crowded with patients who are much closer to each other as well as the most frequently penetrating procedures of the skin and mucous membrane beside that the length of patient hospitalization and treatment this increased susceptibility to infection. The study aims: to evaluate the nurse’s practice for the sterile technique in critical care units concerning hand washing, uniform, gloves, gown, mask, instruments and equipment, Peripheral Venous Catheter, IV fluids and medication, medical waste management and sharp disposal and to find out relationship between the nurses practices and nurses demographic characteristics.

      Angeline L. Vestidas

Abstract: This descriptive-correlation study aimed at determining the attitude and level of motivation in rhythmic activities of the one-hundred seventeen randomly selected college students in selected campuses of Capiz State University (CapSU) when the students are classified according to sex and parental involvement. It further aimed at determining the significant differences of attitude and level of motivation in rhythmic activities when the students are classified according to sex and parental involvement and to determine the relationship between attitude and level of motivation in rhythmic activities. A researcher-designed questionnaire was used. Statistical tools used were means, standard deviation, t-test for independent sample and pearson r. All inferential statistics were set at .05 alpha level. Generally, students seem to have similar attitude and level of motivation in rhythmic activities. There was no significant differences in the students’ attitude in rhythmic activities when respondents were classified according to sex and parental involvement. The students’ level of motivation in rhythmic activities did not differ significantly when they were classified according to sex and parental involvement. College students’ attitude and the level of motivation in rhythmic activities are positively and significantly correlated.

      Olga Llanera

Abstract: This descriptive-correlational study assessed the level of student satisfaction, in general, on the frontline services of CapSU Satellite Colleges in terms of tangibles, reliability, responsiveness, assurance, and empathy. The respondents were the 1,520 students randomly selected from the six Satellite Colleges of Capiz State University during the A. Y. 2015 – 2016. Using a researcher-made questionnaire to gather data, mean results revealed that the level of student satisfaction of CapSU Satellite Colleges was very satisfied.

      Reynaldo G. Peralta

Abstract: This quantitative-qualitative study intended to determine the leadership practices of the Secondary School Principals in the Province of Capiz, Philippines for the school year 2013-14 and to determine the significant differences of the leadership practices among Secondary School Principals in the Province of Capiz.

      Amira M. Mansour, Abir A. Elfiky, Aly Fahmy, Ayman Diab

Abstract: Foot-and-Mouth disease (FMD) is one of the world’s most important infectious animal diseases especially cloven-hooved livestock caused by picornavirus and responsible for huge global losses of livestock production and trade, as well as frequent and highly disruptive large-scale epidemics. Bee (Apis mellifera) venom therapy is an alternative form of healing to treat various diseases. Bee venom contains at least active components which have some pharmaceutical properties; the most significant components of bee venom which have antiviral properties like mellitin, phospholipase A2 (PLA2) and Protease inhibitor. Melittin is main active component and the powerful stimulator of phospholipase A2 that destroys phospholipids and dissolves the cell membrane of the agent. Protease inhibitor inhibits the activity of different proteases like trypsin, chymotprypsin, plasmin, thrombin, thus decreasing inflammation. In this work, Egyptian bee venom (Apis mellifera lamarckii venom) was obtained from VACSERA used as a treatment against FMDV-O in Egypt. There are improvements in hematological, biochemical and histopathological tests, the clinical signs are decreased in the treatment period and the virus load is more significance decreases. So this study proved that the bee venom used as natural medicine has been developed to fulfill recent medical requirements without noticed side effects. Bees have been appreciated for their medicinal purposes as a treatment for many diseases and restoring the vitality of the body.

      Yahaya, Ibrahim, Adamu, Sani Jauro

Abstract: This paper examines the statistical rainfall pattern in Gombe metropolis and its implications on the attainment of sustainable development goals (SDGs). Adopting statistical tools commonly used to describe climate such as mean, standard deviation, coefficient of variation, standardized coefficient of skewness and kurtosis, linear trends and Standardized Anomaly Index were used to examine the recent trends and pattern. The trend of rainfall in the study area in the last three decades shows that inter-annual fluctuation responsible for dryness and recent wetness in the study area. The results of the standardized anomaly index, 3- year running moving average and the linear trend revealed that rainfall total is increasing in the study area; the increase in the annual total is predominantly as a result of the increase of August and October, which are critical months for agricultural production in the area. The research recommend that there is need for total commitment and integrated approach towards attainment of SDGs and monitoring rainfall trend as its plays a significant role in the interface of economy, means of livelihood, poverty index and attainment of food security for the benefit of the present and future generation.

      Mulugeta Girma

Abstract: The research was aimed to explore the pattern of brand preference towards domestic and foreign footwear products and its antecedents taking age and gender as a case among Dire Dawa administration residences. A mixed approach with 319 usable samples were collected from respondents randomly and relevant data on purchase preference; normative influences, emotional values, brand consciousness and perceived quality were gathered presented and analyzed using both inferential and descriptive statistical techniques. The finding revealed that the emotional value of the brand and normative influences are the most and least significant antecedents respectively for brand preference also as age increase the preference toward local brad are increased where as the emotional value of the brand significantly affect male youths and females as a whole.

      Akshyaya Pradhan, Rohini Khurana, Abhishek Singh, Vijayant Devenraj, Jyoti Bajpai, M. L. B. Bhatt, Sanjay Mehrotra

Abstract: Introduction- Anthracyclines are commonly used anticancer drugs because of their proven potency but cardiotoxicity represents their most devastating effect .The present study was undertaken to explore the role of biomarkers (NT pro BNP & troponin I) for the detection of chemotherapy induced cardiotoxicity.

      Ar Gauri Kirolikar, Ms Bharti Deshmukh

Abstract: Air Ventilation is defined as the intentional introduction of outside air for letting the fresh air inside and the hot air outside. Ventilators are the built terminology adopted for provision of ventilation, In general, Natural ventilators are provided by use of different types of openings viz.

      G.C. Enwerem and G.A. Ali

Abstract: In Nigerian, most roads are in bad shapes leading to negative economic effects. One of the factors affecting vehicle maintenance is bad road network in Nigeria. The economic effects of bad road networks in Nigeria are studied. The estimated current total road network in Nigeria is about 194,000 kilometers. The analysis showed that about 19% of Nigerian roads are paved. All unpaved roads which is about 13% are bad roads. Both the paved and the unpaved roads in Nigeria are deteriorating by the day and has become a source of worry to all vehicle users. Annual losses (from vehicle maintenance), due to bad roads is valued at over N133.8billion. This is outside all other economic losses from bad roads in the areas of air Pollution, delayed movements, armed robbery and incessant accidents on the roads. Out of a total of 703 respondents, over 51 % had their cars damaged in a month due to bad roads in their areas. By extension, about 51% of vehicle users in Nigeria will experience one or more damages to the vehicles in a month. This should be of great concern to any serious government.

      Beatus Tambaip, Suratman, Sangkala, Gita Susanti

Abstract: Transformation is the transfer from one place to another, and cause changes on an object that has been plagued by such things. So the transformation can cause changes in a particular object. Such changes also occurred in the local community who are able to transform the values of the local culture, especially the culture of Papua. Cultural values in the form of: 1) the work ethic; 2) mutual cooperation; 3) openness; 4) preservation of value; 5) kinship; and 6) the pattern of consumption, it is very attached and form a distinctive characteristic of social behavior ethnic Papuans. This study aims to analyze the process of transformation of local cultural values takes place within the Office of Licensing Services Agency One Stop (BPPTSP) Jayapura city government. The approach used is a qualitative approach. The focus of this study examines the process of transformation of local cultural values takes place in the Integrated Licensing Services Agency One Stop (BPPTSP) Jayapura city government. This study uses depth interview, observation and documentation. Data were analyzed through qualitative data analysis include data reduction, organizing data, and interpretation of data. The results of this study indicate that the process of transformation of local culture into the culture of the organization BPPTSP happen through two ways; first, through the design and local government intervention, both, through a process of acculturation.

      Safriadi, Supriadi Hamdat, Munsi Lampe, Musran Munizu

Abstract: This article describes the anthropological perspective in the study of the organization, particularly related to the culture of the organization. Organizational culture is a reflection of the organization itself. Anthropology as a science that covers the study of culture takes an important role in the development of cultural studies organization. An ethnographic approach that looks at the phenomenon based on what the owner or the perpetrator of culture will provide a positive contribution in the study of organizational culture in the form of findings regarding the ambiguous attitude, political dynamics, creation, modification, and the role of actors in the organization. Ethnographic analysis will explain the differentiation of attitudes and behavior of members of the organization are understood as a cultural organization. Paradigm competing in this study from the perspective of anthropology is the functionalist form of assessment of the functional elements in the organization as a whole that make up the organization, interpretivism that studies the form of meaning basic assumption, the value system and philosophy of the organization to guide the work on every member of the organization and interactionism in the form of studies on the interaction of members based on the meaning of the symbols of the organization that is widely understood by members of the organization. Various paradigms are emphasizing that how anthropology contribute in the study of the organization, especially in today's modern organizations.


Abstract: This study focuses on identifying the challenges and prospects of Ethiopian tourism industry.The primary data was collected from 501 foreign tourists in the study area. To do this, the researcher was used two types of probability sampling techniques such as stratified sampling and simple random sampling methods. The result of the study show that lack of promotion,lack of physical infrastructure (road, transportation system,network facility, availability of hotel accommodations especially tourist site), misperceptions the images of Ethiopia,shortage of human trained powerarechallenges of Ethiopian tourism industry. On the other side the Ethiopia is a capital city of Africa because the African union located in Ethiopia,Ethiopian airline the almost the leading airline from Africa and to be a member of a star alliance, Ethiopia now building the leading African man made dam, lastly Ethiopia is one the leading African country that registered heritage by UNISCO. All this are opportunities of the growth of Ethiopian tourism industry.

      S. Prema, Dr. A. Pasupathy and Dr.S.R. Bheeter

Abstract: The Manganese (II), Nickel (II) and Zinc (II) complexes of Uramido Benzoic acid were prepared and characterized by magnetic studies, molar conductance studies, thermal analysis and spectroscopic techniques (FTIR and UV). The IR spectral studies revealed that the Uramido Benzoic acid behaves as a tridentate ligand. Electronic spectral studies and magnetic studies suggest that the complexes are in octahedral geometry. The thermal study explained the stability of complexes and their decomposition.

      S. Prema, Dr. A. Pasupathy and Dr.S.R. Bheeter

Abstract: The Manganese (II) and Cobalt (II) complexes of o-benzoyl benzoic acid were prepared and characterised by magnetic susceptibility, molar conductivity, thermal analysis and spectroscopic Techniques (FTIR and UV). The IR spectral studies revealed that o-benzoyl benzoic acid behaves as a bidendate ligand and coordinate to the metal ions via; the two carbonyl oxygen. Electronic spectral studies and magnetic studies suggest that Manganese (II) complex is in octahedral geometry except the cobalt complex. The conductance studies show that, cobalt complex is electrolytic in nature. The thermal study explained the stability of the complexes and decomposition.

      S. Prema, Dr. A. Pasupathy and Dr.S.R. Bheeter

Abstract: The Manganese (II), Cobalt (II) and Nickel (II) complexes of phenyl glycine-o-carboxylic acid were prepared and characterized by magnetic studies, molar conductance studies, thermal analysis and spectroscopic techniques (FTIR and UV). The IR spectral studies revealed that the phenyl glycine-o-carboxylic acid behaves as a bidentate ligand. Electronic spectral studies and magnetic studies suggest that the complexes are in octahedral geometry. The thermal study explained the stability of complexes and their decomposition.

      S. Johnson Navamani, P. Sumithraj Premkumar, G. Narayanasamy

Abstract: Single crystals of pure and CuSO4 added L(+) - tartaric acid were grown by slow evaporation technique. The molar concentration of CuSO4 used in the present study were 0.005M, 0.01M and 0.05M. The grown crystals were characterized by energy dispersive spectroscopy, powder x-ray diffraction, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy and dielectric measurements. The elements presented in the grown crystals were identified by the energy dispersive x-ray analysis. The powder x-ray data were indexed and the lattice constants were determined. Fourier transform infrared spectrum revealed that all the functional groups are presented in the pure and CuSO4 added L(+) - tartaric acid crystals. The variation of dielectric constant were calculated in the range 20Hz to 20KHz and it was found that the dielectric constant was increasing when the CuSO4 concentration was increased.

      Ms. Priyanka R. Patil, Prof. Dr. S. L. Lahudkar

Abstract: The main defects present in historical documents are darkness, non-uniform clarification, bleed-through and faded characters. To remove these defects binarization method is used. In this paper a phase based binarization method is studied in which phase of ancient document images is preserved. This method is derived in to three steps: preprocessing, main binarization and post processing. In preprocessing phase preserved denoised image is derived. In main binarization two phase feature maps are derived are maximum moment of phase congruency covariance and a locally weighted mean phase angle. At last in post processing Gaussian and median filter is use for enhancement of image. It is also improve the performance of binarization methodologies.

      Dr.Jaishree Tukaram Kshirsagar, MDS, Dr.Aruna Kaveri

Abstract: Bone Morphogenetic Proteins which are part of extracellular matrix are capable of inducing de novo bone formation. De novo bone formation is essential in treating non-union of fractures, periodontal defects or in patients with tissue irradiation, those in whom there is a necessity to augment alveolar ridge or maxillary sinus for implant placement. BMPs are essential components of tissue engineering. This article focuses on history of isolation and purification of BMPs, mechanism of action, carriers and various clinical applications of BMPs.

      Roselin Polugari, Shailaja Raj Marla, Shailaja. D

Abstract: Propionibacterium acnes is the most common member of the Anaerobic or microaerophilic coryneform organisms found on the skin. The present study focused on the isolation of Propionibacterium acnes, the causative organism of acne and its characterization based on the cultural characteristics, biochemical tests, GC FAME (Gas Chromatography- Fatty acid methyl esters) analysis and 16 S r RNA sequencing. The results were compared with the standard organisms procured from IMTECH, Chandigarh, India. The FAME analysis report of the organism correlates with that of the genotyping of the isolate and the organism is identified as Propionibacterium acnes.

      Dr. Arega Seyoum, Tadele Tesfay, Tadesse Kassahun

Abstract: Working capital refers to the funds required to undertake the day-to-day operations of a firm. To achieve business objectives, an investment of the firm’s capital in current assets and the use of current liabilities to fund part of the investment are required. Therefore, sound working capital management is required in order for the firm to remain competitive in this information age. This study explores the impact of working capital management on the profitability of food complex manufacturing firms operating in and around Addis Ababa.

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