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      D. Krstajiić, R. Cvetković, M. Majstorović

Abstract: The relationship between business and IT is a constant theme in both academic and industrial circles for more than 30 years. Aligning Business and Information Technology (IT) is generally seen as an important component of the foundation to optimize business performance. Due to constant changes in both the IT world and in modern business, working on an alignment of business and IT is becoming increasingly important.

      Bernardus Sandjaja, Nur Nasry Noor, A Arsunan Arsin and Armyn Nurdin

Abstract: Introduction: Keerom regency is the most prevalent malaria in Papua (17.7%). The control program launched since 1963 were not able to decrease the prevalence. It is necessary to find out the dominant malaria risk factors in order to enhance the malaria control program. Methods: A prospective cohort prognostic study followed 606 subjects for three months to find out the malaria dominant risk factors. Prior to finding the dominant risk factors, bivariate analysis using chi square and multivariate logistic regression were used in this study.

      Nathaya Boonkongsaen, Channarong Intaraprasert

Abstract: The present study aims to examine the vocabulary learning strategies employed by Thai-tertiary level students with different genders (female/male) and levels of vocabulary proficiency (high , moderate and low) . The VLS questionnaire was employed to elicit the data from 905 Thai EFL students studying in the Northeast of Thailand. Data analysis involved descriptive statistics, an Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) and the chi-square test. The results revealed that students’ gender andvocabulary proficiency level affected their overall VLS use, use of VLSs by the category and the individual strategy levels.The variation patterns of students’ VLS use were found in relation the two variables.


Abstract: The biometry, biomass production, density and the sex ratio of two edible venerid clams, Paphia malabarica and Meretrix casta and the hydrologic parameters of the clam beds of Ashtamudi Estuary were monitored for one year. The results of the study indicated that the density and distribution of these clams were influenced by salinity. The largest Paphia clams were obtained in November and the Meretrix clams in April. In P.malabarica the tissue mass production increased from July to December and in M.casta from April to December. In both species the male and female sex ratio was found to be 1:1. The P.malabarica was denser than M.casta in the estuary. Increased biomass production, percentage edibility and nutritional values were recorded highest during the monsoon season (June-September) indicating the best time for harvest to keep the fishery sustainable.

      Animasaun, D. A., Oyedeji, S., Azeez, M. A. and Onasanya, A.

Abstract: Dry seeds of groundnut (Arachis hypogaea) varieties Samnut 10 and Samnut 20 obtained from the Ministry of Agriculture, Ilorin, Nigeria were treated with sodium azide concentrations (10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 mM) to evaluate the vegetative and yield performances of the varieties in response to treatment. Low concentrations (10-30 mM) promoted fast germination, though germination, percentage germination and seedling survival decreased with increased in concentrations. Highest vegetative growth was induced by 50 mM concentration 2-week after sowing (WAS) and correlations were established performances of the two varieties in relation to different concentrations of sodium azide. The plant vegetative traits evaluated at 4WAS, 6WAS, and 8WAS showed significance responses to different treatment concentrations. Highest performance was obtained at 50 mM, the trend which was sustained till maturity. Early maturity was achieved in all the concentrations applied and quantitative yield parameters evaluated were highest among 50 mM treated plants. In general, the performances of the two varieties were optimal in responses to 50 mM concentration and both varieties (Samnut 10 and Samnut 20) responded similarly to sodium azide treatment of different concentrations. These findings suggest that sodium azide can be utilised to create variability among existing germplasm for improving vegetative and yield parameters of groundnut.

      Chowdareddy N, Anil Kumar Y.C, Arun Thomas, UshaDeepthi K, Ravichander

Abstract: A substantial number of premature deliveries occur in hospitals lacking neonatal intensive care facilities. Advances in perinatal and neonatal care over the last 30 years have contributed to improved survival among extremely low birth weight (ELBW) infants. Little is known about how birth outcomes vary in rural referral hospitals, by degree of rural isolation. We conducted a retrospective cohort study, from Feb 2012- Jan 2013, about etiologies and the mortality of preterm birth in MVJ medical college, Hoskote, which is a rural hospital, Much higher neonatal death rates were observed for preterm or low-birth weight babies in rural areas with no metropolitan influence, suggesting inadequate access to optimal neonatal care. We conclude that birth outcomes in rural areas differ according to the degree of rural isolation. Fetuses and infants of mothers from rural areas with weak or no metropolitan influence are particularly vulnerable to the risks of death during the perinatal and postnatal periods.

      Anil Kumar Y.C, N. Chowdareddy, Ravichander B

Abstract: - We report a case of recurrent intrahepatic cholestasis in an 4-year-old boy who developed four episodes of purities and jaundice at the ages of 6months, 1yr 2yr and 4 years. Each episodes had lasted 6-8 weeks and the 2nd and 3rd episodes were associated with fever which had lasted for 4-6 days. The liver functions were minimally deranged and serum bilirubin, returned to normal between attacks. Investigation in previous episodes proved cholestatic hepatitis and excluded other causes of liver disease. First three episodes had been diagnosed as viral hepatitis and managed for the same. On 4th recurrence child had been extensively investigated and proved to have features of benign recurrent intrahepatic cholestasis (BRIC). Rarity of the disease and its unpredictable clinical morbidity and resemblance to viral hepatitis prompted us to report this case.

      R.K.Padhi, Y.K.Mohanty, G.K.Roy, B.Sarangi

Abstract: - Importance of noncylindrical fluidized bed for process operation has been emphasized.. The correlations and the models developed for gas-solid fluidized bed in noncylindrical conduits (square, Hexagonal, semi cylindrical and conical) as compared with cylindrical, with a special focus on the development during the last two decades.Limited investigation have been carried out in noncylindrical bed hence emphasis is given to recent investigation on hydrodynamics study in noncylindricalconduits,while dynamics for cylindrical bes have been exhaustively studied by different authors. Available studies relating to hydrodynamic properties viz. minimum fluidization velocity, bed pressure drop, bed expansion and fluctuation, bubbling and slugging velocity, bubbling and fluidizing index in non-cylindrical conduits have been detailed. The gray areas in non-cylindrical column hydrodynamics for future studies have been identified and potential application of such column have been suggested.

      Ranjini Kudva, Annappa Kudva

Abstract: Mature teratoma comprises 5-10 % of all testicular neoplasms. Pure testicular teratoma is rare in adulthood with an incidence of 5 %. Regardless of differentiation postpubertal testicular teratoma have aggressive behavior and microscopic appearance of metastasis may differ from that of the primary. We present a case of pure teratoma of testis in an adult presenting as a metastatic germ cell tumor.

      Padiga Chandrasekhar Reddy

Abstract: The new concept of time lost during molecular collisions and other physical events has been introduced. Utilizing the concept, the loss of time during molecular collisions in gaseous state was calculated. The amount of pressure decreased due to the loss of time was calculated. Based on the concept the new equation of state has been developed. A new physical state of the matter gasolid was introduced and some of the properties of gasolid were discussed.

      Robert Angkang Shimray

Abstract: Decentralization and local governance are increasingly recognized as basic components of democratic governance, since they provide an enabling environment in which decision making and service delivery can be brought closer to the people, especially to the rural people. It involves the shifting of fiscal, political and administrative responsibilities from higher to lower levels of government. Throughout the world, countries have been enthusiastically embracing different aspects of decentralization, particularly during the past decades.

      Nisha Shukla

Abstract: The periodic incidence of different sucking pests on okra during the crop season was significant at different period of crop growth. The period mean revealed that the aphid population was reached to its peak level (27.17 aphids / 3 leaves) during 14th weeks after sowing (first week of July). The aphids were considered as sucking insect pests. The population of aphids was more abundant on the crop during June and July 2011. Results revealed that maximum activity was recorded during July and the correlation studies were made between the incidence of major sucking insect pests and select weather parameters. Aphids showed positive correlation with rainfall (r = 0.261) and negative correlation with both maximum and minimum temperature. Aphids showed positive correlation with relative humidity.

      Soma Sarkar, Mallika Sengupta, Puranjay Saha, Manideepa SenGupta

Abstract: In the past, Cefotaxime inhibited greater than 90% of enteric bacilli at a minimum inhibitory concentrations of less than or equal to 0.5 microgram/ml. But with the emergence of ESBL (Extended Spectrum Beta Lactamase) producing bacteria the activity of cefotaxime became questionable. So the objective of this study was to see the in-vitro efficacy of cefotaxime against common clinical isolates in this hospital. 207 culture positive samples from different sources (urine, sputum, pus and blood) were processed. Isolation and identification of microorganism was done by standard microbiological procedure and antibiotic susceptibility testing was done by Kirby Bauer disc diffusion method, MIC was calculated by E-test strip (HiComb MIC Test) and interpreted following CLSI guidelines. The sensitivity of different isolates was found to be as follows: Staphylococcus aureus 66-70%, Enterobacteriaceae (ESBL non producers) 50-75%, Moraxella 91% whereas Streptoococcus pneumoniae and Haemophilus influenzae were 100% sensitive against cefotaxime. Acinetobacter spp however was 33-75% sensitive against cefotaxime. The MIC90 of all the isolates were within the sensitive range.

      Shishir Basarkar

Abstract: The study is interventional in nature because the training has been done as an intervention. The study was done to find out the impact of training on knowledge level of the hospital staff who is dealing with biomedical waste on day to day basis. The study was conducted on 184 staff members during July – Sept 2012 in multispecialty tertiary care hospital. The survey form was prepared and was applied to all participants in person before and after the training was conducted. The training programme on biomedical waste management was for total 60 hours of which 40 hours were class room lectures and 20 hours practice sessions. the Methods used in the analysis of data were chi-square and t-tests. Of total study participants 71.7% (132) were female while 28.2%(52) were male. nursing staff constituted 54.3% (100), medical staff 20.1% (37), house keeping 17.3% (32) while general management 8.1% (15). a significant statistical difference (pretraining and post training) was found among these staff members who have received training in biomedical waste management which is evident from the raised level of knowledge and awareness about biomedical waste management. The safe management of biomedical waste is of paramount importance for the hospital staff, patients as well as community population. Hospital staff is responsible for safe disposal of waste and that can be reinforce with the help of structured training programme.

      Tarun Kanti Bose, Md. Reaz Uddin, Md. Wahidul Islam

Abstract: Dhaka Stock Exchange and Chittagong Stock Exchange have experienced a massive crash in recent time. Regulated authorities of both stock exchanges are trying to reform the market. They are taking various kinds of initiatives to make the market attractive. This study is conducted to measure the efficiency level of Dhaka Stock Exchange and Chittagong Stock Exchange. Market efficiency is used to explain the relationship between information and share price of capital market. In this research it is tried to find out is there relation between the past information and the share price that means are the prices follow random walk or not. Distance of securities is calculated for Dhaka Stock Exchange and Chittagong Stock Exchange to make assumption are stock exchanges belong to strong form of efficiency or not and to conclude which stock exchange is more efficient.

      Ms. Avinash Kaur, Ms. Purva Sharma, Ms.Apurva Verma

Abstract: Breadth-first and depth-first search are indispensable adventure strategies leading which many other rummage around algorithms are built. In this dissertation, we projected an loomed of integrating these two strategies in a solitary algorithm that combines the corresponding strengths of mutual. We account preliminary computational outcome using the tree width predicament as an example. This dissertation explores the configuration of red-black trees by solving an apparently straightforward crisis: grant an uphill progression of rudiments, erect, in linear time, a red-black tree that contains the rudiments in symmetric sort. Numerous tremendous red-black ranking shapes are characterized: trees of least quantity and maximum loftiness, trees with a nominal and with a maximal fraction of red nodes.

      K.Rosaiah, K.Maruthi Nagarjuna, D.C.U.Siva Kumar, B.Srinivasa Rao

Abstract: A combination of exponential and log – logistic failure rate model is considered and named it as exponential log-logistic additive failure rate model. An attempt is made to present the distributional properties, estimation of parameters, testing of hypothesis and the power of likelihood ratio criterion about the proposed model.

      Mridula Dube, Bharti Yadav

Abstract: In this paper, we have constructed a quintic trigonometric Bézier curve with single shape parameter. The shape of the curve can be adjusted as desired, by simply altering the value of shape parameter, without changing the control polygon. The quintic trigonometric Bézier curve can be made close to the cubic Bézier curve or closer to the given control polygon than the cubic Bézier curve. Approximation property has been discussed.

      Tarun Routhan and Dr Saryu Ruhela

Abstract: Researches have shown that the sound generated through chanting has enormous positive effects on the human cognitive abilities. Therefore this study was taken to understand whether chanting (with/ without music) has any therapeutic effect on sports competitive anxiety (SCA). 84 NSO students of Kamala Nehru College (DU) were selected on the basis of homogeneity on Sports Competitive Anxiety Test (SCAT) developed by Martens et al 1990. The selected subjects were then divided into 3 groups namely Group-A (N= 32), Group-B (N=32) and Group-C (N= 20). All the 3 groups did 40 minutes of NSO activity, twice a week, for 8 weeks. While group-A did an extra session of chanting with light music for 20 minutes; group-B did an extra session of chanting with no music for 20 minutes and group-C did not perform any chanting activity over that period. The result of the study showed that all the three groups had significantly reduced their SCA after doing the chanting practices/ NSO activity. But when Scheffe Post Hoc multiple comparisons were done it was found that SCA of Group-C was significantly higher than the group-A and group-B, while there was no significant difference found between group-A and group-B. Therefore it was concluded that chanting significantly reduces the sports competitive anxiety and hence can be used as a therapeutic treatment to control it but which way of chanting is more beneficial, is still not clear. Hence this indicates a further need for research to know the most effective way of chanting practice to reduce the sports competitive anxiety.

      B.L.Lakshmi Meera, Dr.P.Chitramani

Abstract: The escalating deterioration of the environment is a major concern for business organisations today. Green is a strategy implemented to improve the environmental sustainability and with supply chains evolving dynamically towards competitive advantage, Green Supply chain management practices has gained importance in business research. Though sustainability is the major concern in todays organisations, very little research has been done to investigate the GSCM practices in Indian Industries and their Environmental Performance.

      Masoud Nassimi, Yasha SazmandAsfaranjan, Alireza Keshvarsima, Fatemeh Baradari

Abstract: This study aims to identify factors affecting the consumers purchase intention in the foreign exchange market among expatriates who live in Kuala Lumpur. This study is looking for measuring the level of purchase intention related to trust, context , content, internet usage and infrastructure of website in FOREX market. Self-administered questionnaires were administered to clients, IBs, and brokers in this market. The questionnaires were distributed to the FOREX traders in Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia. Results showed that the main factors affecting the consumer purchase intention are trust, content, context and infrastructure of FOREX website. The correlation test is used to determine the relationship between the trust, context of FX website, content of FX website, internet usage and infrastructure of the FX website with the consumer purchase intention. The result of this research can be useful for FOREX Brokers FOREX dealers, central banks and any financial institution to develop the quality of their services in order to gain more investors and the clients loyalty to this market.

      CMA (Dr.) Kinnarry Thakkar, Mrunmayee R.Thatte

Abstract: Globalization and modernization has redefined the Indian fast food industry and today people can be seen consuming food out of their homes moving towards superior and convenient options. The demand for fast food is on uptrend. Increase in the disposable income of the burgeoning upper middle class has contributed to the growth of food industry. Food franchises have made significant inroads into the franchising industry. Franchising is perceived as a beeline to expansion and growth of a business. The present study is an attempt to study the consumers’ perception about two important food franchise, McDonalds and KFC. The study is an explorative study based on primary data collected from 150 respondents in Thane city through a structured questionnaire. Various factors like variety of food items, quality, taste, ingredients etc are analyzed to study consumer perception about food franchise. The study revealed that price of the food items affect the frequency of visits to food outlets.

      S. Shashikala, Venkatesha

Abstract: The object of the present paper is to study generalized pseudo-projective ϕ-recurrent N(k)-contact metric manifold.

      S. Janardana Reddy

Abstract: The freshwater fish, Cyprinus carpio, exposed to acute exposure period (Lethal concentration for 96 hours = 4.369 ppm) and ½ and 1/4th sub lethal concentrations (2.185 and 1.092 ppm) of chemathoate for 30 days. The protein content various tissues of fish was observed after exposure period. Acute exposure caused a significant decrease the protein content in testis, ovary and brain and insignificant decrease in intestine, muscles, liver and gills, whereas increased protein level was observed in kidney. The two sub lethal concentrations are caused to decrease of protein content in ovary, brain, intestine, muscles, gills and liver for over 30 days exposure period, whereas protein level in testis of fish was increased to 1/4th concentration of LC50 and decrease of protein content was noticed at ½ LC50 concentration of chemathoate.

      Sandeep Kumar Dwivedi, Vaibhav Purwar, Sanjiv Mishra

Abstract: In increase in system capacity and data rates can be achieved by getting the transmitter and receiver closer to each other. In wireless communication system, with the increase of data rate the distortion of the received signal caused by multipath fading channel become a major problem. OFDM (orthogonal frequency division multiplexing) technique is a solution of this problem in wireless communication. OFDM provides much more bandwidth efficiency as compared to conventional multicarrier modulation schemes. Simulation results are based on MATLAB completely.

      Dr. Thriveni

Abstract: Princely State of Mysore in India was under the British colonial rule during 1881 to 1947.This historical research article aims to document the role of Princely Mysore State in campaigning against the outbreak of Malaria. The methodology adopted is the historical perspective. Modus operandi adopted by the Princely Mysore state to counter the deadly epidemic is also highlighted. There has been a remarkable progress in the prevention, control and eradication and adapted vigorous measures to eradicate the disease. The article also deals with the large sums of money spent by the State, the epidemic disease regulation passed, a separate intensive health campaign formed, health camps, special officers appointed, a laboratory, separate hospitals established and various precautionary measures adopted. Infectious diseases still remain among the leading causes of death worldwide. New findings show similarities among H1 N1, Dengue and Malaria.

      Hanif Noura, Chair Mohammed, Chbani Idrissi Mostapha, Naoki Tojo

Abstract: The monitoring morphological changes of fronds of G. multipartita during the study period, shows that the maximum growth was reached in June 2012. This summer form is characterized by large fronds with regular and abundant branches. After growth arrest during the summer, a new phase of growth more or less pronounced depending on the year is observed in autumn. Fronds then degenerate to make room for new growth in January on pérennant disk. The study indicates that it would be possible to exploit the species in June, before the fronds begin to degenerate.

      G. Nirmala, M. Murugan

Abstract: In this work basic concepts of algebraic Graph theory and its properties are reviewed and extended to related concepts, of incidence matrix in Graph and Incidence matrix in a Peterson graph and its properties.

      Ranjini Kudva, Annappa Kudva

Abstract: Mucormycosis is a relatively uncommon opportunistic infection caused by fungus Mucor. This usually occur in association with diabetes, leukemia , lymphoma , following long term use of corticosteroids and cytotoxic drugs.We present a case of gastrointestinal mucormycosis in a 40 year old immunocompetent patient with a mass in the jejunum mimicking Gastrointestinal stromal tumor( GIST).

      Miss. Duraisamy Kowsalya

Abstract: This paper examines the basic aspects of standard of living of the Indian origin estate sector Tamil society, which is a very unique social group living in the central highlands of Sri Lanka. The Indian origin estate sector Tamils are the people, who were brought by the colonial British from South India with the purpose of satisfying the increasing labour needs in the nineteenth century Sri Lankan plantations. Even after spending nearly two centuries in the island, this group of people still lives in a poor condition with many unchanged socio-economic structures of life. Trying to understand the living condition of this distinct social group, this work has been done by referring to their all socio-economic performances through an in depth analysis.

      Remya Varadarajan, Hari Sankar H .S, Jisha Jose and Babu Philip

Abstract: Sub lethal toxicity of phenolic compounds in a tropical teleost fish Oreochromis. mossambicus was investigated. Experimental animals were exposed to sub lethal (1/10th of 96 hr LC50) concentration of phenol (3.12 mg l-1) and m-cresol (2.2 mg l-1) for a period of 21 days using a semi-static test bioassay system. Significant (P<0.05) lack of cortisol response was observed on exposure to both the phenolics. Furthermore total carbohydrate significantly (P<0.05) decreased in liver and muscle and blood glucose level was also significantly (P<0.05) decreased. The LDH (lactate dehydrogenase) showed significantly (P<0.05) elevated activity in the liver and kidney of fishes treated with phenol suggesting anaerobic glycolysis. Elevation in the activity (P<0.05) of ALT (alanine amino transferase) can be considered as a response to meet the excess energy demand. Increased serum ACP (acid phosphatase) activity suggests an increase in lysosomal mobilization. Also a significant (P<0.05) inhibition of branchial ATPases (Na+K+-ATPase, Mg2+-ATPase and Ca2+-ATPase) was observed. Moreover gill histopathological analysis on phenol exposure revealed severe lesions such as architectural loss, necrosis, desquamation of epithelial layer, hyperplasia and telangiectesis. Significant changes observed on m-cresol exposure were lamellar necrosis, lamellar shortening, telangiectesis and lamellar clubbing. Phenolic compounds even at very low concentrations (1/10th of 96 hr LC50) for a short duration of 21 days induce metabolic stress, impair branchial functioning and are likely to induce tissue damage in O. mossambicus.

      Dr. Mohammad Shah Nawaz Khan, Prof. Mohd. Mazhar Ali Khan

Abstract: Bulandshahr district is characterised by six soil series depending upon their physio-chemical properties. These soil series are Ganga Khadar Soil Series, Manpur Soil Series, Senta Soil Series, Kota Soil Series, Aulera Soil Series and Ajeetpur Soil Series. In Bulandshahr district an attempt has been made to find out the suitability of major crops based on existing climatic and soil-site database. Land suitability is a function of crop requirement and land/soil characteristics. It is a prerequisite for sustainable agricultural practices. It involves evaluation of the factors like climate, terrain, soil etc. Matching the land characteristics with the crop requirements provides suitability index in the form of ranks.

      Deepak Nayak M., Sushma V. Belurkar, Chethan Manohar, U. Shashikiran

Abstract: The combination of anemia in malarial infestations ranges from nutritional deficiency to marrow suppression. An immune hemolytic anemia in Plasmodium falciparum malaria is also a part of this wide-ranging spectrum. But the co-existence of cold agglutinins in a Plasmodium falciparum malaria has only sporadically been reported in literature. We present a case of a patient with falciparum malaria who developed severe anemia and jaundice at the time of presentation. The Coombs’ test and cold agglutinin test were negative. This case underlines a rare association of cold agglutinins in Plasmodium falciparum malaria.

      Deepak Nayak M., Chethan Manohar, Sushma V.Belurkar, Nidhi Rai, Niveditha Suvarna, Ruchee Khanna

Abstract: Acute Erythroid Leukemia (AML M6) is a rare form of acute leukemia. Aims and Objectives: To retrospectively evaluate 5 cases of acute erythroid leukemia reported in the department of Pathology, Kasturba Medical College and Hospital, Manipal and analyze their clinico-hematological features with the available literature.

      R.Priya, Ms.S.Dhanalakshmi, S.Priyadharshini

Abstract: The supervised web-scale forum crawler is to crawl relevant forum content from the web with minimum overhead. Forum threads contain information content that is the target of forum crawlers. each forums have different layouts or styles and have different forum software packages, they always have similar constant navigation paths connected by specific URL types to direct users from entry pages to thread page. we reduce the web forum crawling problem to a URL-type recognition problem. And shows how to learn accurate and effective regular expression patterns of constant navigation paths from automatically created training sets using aggregated results from weak page type classifiers. Robust page type classifiers can be experienced from as few as five annotated forums and applied to a large set of unseen forums.

      Rajmane S. D. and Korekar S. L.

Abstract: In the present investigation emphasis has been given on to study the changes in reducing sugar content of mango and papaya pulp due to post harvest fungi. It was found that maximum decrease in reducing sugar in local ( Kesar, Beed, Jalna) varieties of mango due to post harvest fungi. Reducing sugar content in local ( Jalna, Nanded, Hingoli) varieties of papaya was hampered due to post harvest fungi.

      M.Prishanthini and M.Vinobaba

Abstract: Laboratory studies were carried out to evaluate the efficacy of some locally available botanicals against cotton mealy bug Phenacoccus solenopsis on shoe flower plants Hibiscus rosa-sinensis. Plants extracts obtained from Azadirachta indica, Ocimum sanctum, Calotropis gigantea, Nicotina tabacum and Alium sativum using standard methods. Among all these botanicals, extracts were prepared and dilutions were obtained at 0.2, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0,1.2,1.5, 2.0 percentage concentrations with the addition of soap solution. Among the treated botanicals, O.sanctum was effective significantly (p<0.05) at lower concentrations and has the 0.6% concentration as LC50. O.sanctum solution of this particular strength was applied in a field trial and was resulted lower adult mortality (39%) and a higher nymphal mortality (72%). Neem, Tobacco, Calotropis and Garlic solutions have LC50 values as 0.82, 0.89, 0.95 and 1.15 percentages respectively.

      Velide Phani kumar and Lakshmi Velide

Abstract: The advancement in computers provided large amount of data.The task is to analyse the input data and obtain the required data which can be done by various data mining techniques. Present work focusses on analysis of soil profile data from various locations of Warangal Region. Naive Bayes, J48(C4.5) and JRip Algorithms were used to analyse the data JRip reported to be simple, efficient classifier of soil data. The selected soil attributes were Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Calcium, Magnesium, Sulphur, Iron, Zinc, Potassium, PH and Humus.


Abstract: This study analyses the key players in the supply chain of cardamom. The present study undertaken in Kerala. Interview of key chain players help to identify the supply chain participants and their role in marketing of the product. Analysis of cost of production of cardamom, showed the price margin enjoyed by each participants in supplu chain. SWOT analysis also help to identify the strength, weaknesses, oppurtunities and threats of cardamom cultivation in Kerala. Cardamom cultivation has greater influence in the development of the people, as it provides employmeny oppurtunities. Plantations are also attracted by the tourists and it gives earning to the growers. Kumily is a plantation town closely associated with the Thekkady. The spice and tea plantations and bustling spice trading activities have made Kumily one of the important tourist and commercial centre in Kerala.


Abstract: Steganography is the art of hiding the existence of data in another transmission medium i.e. image, audio, video files to achieve secret communication. It does not replace cryptography but rather boosts the security using its obscurity features. The proposed method uses both Cryptography and Steganography to enhance the security of the message. The secret message is first encrypted using RSA algorithm and then randomized using OAEP.


Abstract: This project presents an alert system for PROB detection using common commercially available electronic devices to both detect the PROB and alert authorities. We use an Android based smart phone with an integrated tri-axial accelerometer. Data from the accelerometer is evaluated with several threshold based algorithms and position data to determine a PROB. The threshold is adaptive based on user provided parameters such as: height, weight, and level of activity.

      Clement Tom Scaria, Alvin Thariyath

Abstract: Overall cost reduction is the important objective of every industry. In a chemical industry electricity and fuel are the important raw materials. From this study it is found that furnace oil is the mainly used fuel in chemical industry. Mainly it is used in the operation of boilers, as steam is an important requirement in every chemical industry.

      María del Refugio González Ponce, José de Jesús Nezahualcóyotl Segoviano Garfias , José Miguel García Guzmán, Francisco Javier Ortega Herrera

Abstract: In recent years, the production of sludge from wastewater has greatly increased worldwide due to demand for better water quality and the imposition of stricter environmental laws. One of the main problems of pollution of the sewage sludge is the concentration and availability of heavy metals which may contain, because these sludges represent a risk to the environment and to human health. Hence the importance of finding alternatives to generate stable and non-hazardous waste for proper disposal or reuse in order to contribute to sustainable development.

      R. Krishnapriya, Dr. M. Padmaja

Abstract: In Uca triangularis bengali, when mating occurs, the spermatophores get stored in the spermatheca which in turn induces the maturation of the ovary. The sperm plug prevents further mating and the spermatophores are released in batches. By the time the spermatheca is empty, the ovary reaches the advanced stage of maturation and mature eggs are released for fertilization.

      Pritam Das, Biswarup Mukherjee, Chand Kumar Santra, Suparna Gupta and Tapash Dasgupta

Abstract: Success and sustenance of hybrid rice technology solely depends on the exploitation of heterosis in F1 generation. A study was conducted to find out the performance of released F1 rice hybrids (developed by both public and private sector) comparing with hybrid check KRH 2 and HYV check Satabdi (IET 4786) on the basis of different agrobotanical traits.

      S. G. Salokhe, H.V.Sonawane, S. G. Deshpande

Abstract: Earthworms are economically important organisms and play key role in environmental management. Vermiculture is entirely natural process which maintains the environmental balance. In the present studies an attempt was made to observe the effect of soil mixed insecticide, viz. Fipronil on biological parameters, reproductive physiology of and total count of gut microflora of Eudrilus eugeniae and the ability of these micrflora to produce enzymes.

      Dr.P.Satyanarayana, C.Manaswi, P.Kalyani

Abstract: Anaemia is defined as decreased Hb% below 15.0g/dl in males and 11.5g/dl in females. The occurrence of anemia in pregnant women is attributed mainly to malnutrition. Anemia may contribute to maternal mortality and morbidity.

      K. Sasikala, S N M R Boopathi, P Ashok

Abstract: Field experiments were conducted consecutively over a period of two years at Agricultural College & Research Institute, Madurai to study the economic viability of weed management practices in zero till sown rice fallow black gram during rabi season. The experiments were laid out in split plot design replicated thrice. In the experimental field, grasses were found to be dominant followed by broad leaved weeds and sedges.

      Mrs.Latha.K., Nivedha.P., Menagagandhi.G., Ramya.T

Abstract: In the field of collaborative spam filtering by near-duplicate detection, an e-mail abstraction scheme is required to more certainly catch the evolving nature of spams. Compared to the existing methods in prior research, in this work, we explore a more sophisticated and robust e-mail abstraction scheme, which considers e-mail layout structure to represent e-mails. The specific procedure SAG is proposed to generate the e-mail abstraction using HTML content in e-mail, and this newly-devised abstraction can more effectively capture the near-duplicate phenomenon of spams.

      Emmanuel Davies, Kola Sanjay, J.Mohana

Abstract: One of the most important emerging networks applicable in many fields is wireless body area networks (WBANS).In this paper we survey the wireless body area networks (WBANS) and their various applications in healthcare. In this paper a concise survey consisting of the various sections mainly focusing on the paramount aspect of WBANS and it applications in medicine to reduce the need for caregivers and to help the elderly and chronically ill people live an independent life.

      P Karthikeyan, M Sathyamoorthy, P.Paramanandam, Saravana Bhavan, A Prema, M Poornima

Abstract: Spontaneous pneumothorax is a recognised cause of respiratory distress in the neonatal period. Spontaneous pneumothorax occurring during the neonatal period in a term neonate is rare. We report a case of symptomatic spontaneous pneumothorax associated with congenital heart disease which needed intercostal drainage and mechanical ventilation in our NICU unit.

      Margaret Oloko, Enos Bernabas Anene, Patrick Gitonga Kiara, Irene Kathambi

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to investigate factors contributing to the financial losses that have been incurred over time at Telkom Kenya. The study specifically sought to understand if the management style had an impact on the Telkom Kenya performance; to investigate the impact of competition on the company profit levels, to evaluate the impact of the labour cost on profitability level. The study adopted the survey research design because not much study had been carried out on Telkom Kenya. The study used desk research, secondary data evaluation and internet. The data was analyzed and presented through use of descriptive analysis, and content analysis. The findings of study concluded that there was positive relationship between the impact of competition and labour cost to Telkom Kenya Profitability that led to losses. The study recommended the need to search for stronger enhanced innovated products to broaden its profits.

      Cyrus ABANTI , Miph MUSOKE And Gilbert MAIGA

Abstract: This paper presents the study concerning how the personality traits influence usage of health informatics systems in Kenya, especially Nyanza Region. The objectives of this study were, first to examine the personality traits exhibited by the health professionals in Level 5 hospitals in Nyanza, Kenya. Second to analyze the health workers usage of health informatics and third was to examine how the personality traits influenced usage of health informatics in Nyanza, Kenya. The questionnaire survey technique was purposefully adopted for this study to collect the data randomly from a sample population of 163 health workers in Level 5 Hospitals in Nyanza, Kenya.


Abstract: Diabetic Retinopathy [DR] is an eye disorder caused by changes in the blood vessels of the retina. It is one of the major problems that lead to blindness in adults around the world today. Early detection of the disease is absolutely essential in preventing unnecessary blindness. So, we have proposed an automated system to detect diabetic retinopathy from retinal images. In this approach after pre-processing, texture features are extracted from retinal images to detect abnormal images. Then the abnormal images are processed to localize and identify the problem of exudates and haemorrhages.

      Priya V and Sashi V

Abstract: Pectinase producing microorganisms were isolated from pectin rich sites using selective isolation technique. These studies deal with screening the pectinase enzyme producing microorganisms. Best pectinolytic activity, as indicated by the diameter of clear, hydrolyzed zones on the medium plates containing commercial citrus pectin as sole carbon source. The strains of Penicillium spp and Aspergillus sps have good prospect for Pectinase production microorganisms based on the zone formation.

      Dr Parveen Prasad

Abstract: Sustaining high performance among employees and driving their behavior towards change, resilience, commitment, proactiveness and work engagement have been identified as major challenges facing leaders and human resource management personnel in organizations. An important factor influencing such behavioural attitudes and inclinations is employee engagement. This study was carried out to determine factors influencing employee engagement and employee centric performance among 185 personnel working in various organizations, at various positions. The study identified the major factors underlined as employee commitment, readiness for change, proactiveness, behavior of resilience and employee engagement through a generation of excitement and self inspiration. The study recommends that leaders at various levels and human resource personnel should work towards facilitation of an environment and work conditions to generate drivers for work engagement.

      K. Chowlu, Y. Nanda, A. Nageswara Rao and S. P. Vij

Abstract: Two species of Peristylus viz. P. parishii Rchb. f. and P. richardianus Wt. reported as new additions to the orchid flora of Manipur.

      Ghazi Abu Taher, Yousuf Howlader, Md. Asheke Rabbi, Fahim Ahmed Touqir

Abstract: Belt conveyor & Bucket elevator are the media of transportation of material from one location to another in a commercial space. Belt conveyor has huge load carrying capacity, large covering area simplified design, easy maintenance and high reliability of operation. Belt Conveyor system is also used in material transport in foundry shop like supply and distribution of molding sand, molds and removal of waste. On the other hand Bucket elevator can be of great use during bulk material handling. This paper is mainly based on the combination of Belt & Bucket Conveyers to perform complex task within a short time and successfully in a cost effective way. On account of this, a machine and its physical description is covered here with some basic calculation.

      Shamini Prathapan, Kumudu Wijewardena, R.Prathapan

Abstract: Food advertisements on television aimed at children is a public health issue for many countries because it directly affects the healthy behavior of the children. This is a narrative review of published articles. Due to the lack of information on food advertisements on television in the Asian countries, there is an urgent priority for researchers to evaluate the food and beverages related advertisements on television aimed at children in countries in Asia will help the policy makers formulate policies for better restrictions.

      Vamsi Krishna Myalapalli

Abstract: Security engineering isa vital aspect in the Database Management Systems, since databaseis being targeted incessantly for vulnerability to invade sensitive data. Cherishing the database from security threats necessitates maintaining secure practices. The proposed model is intended to serve as benchmark for the DBAs,for overhauling the database configurations to withstand against threat waves.This paper enunciates different security configurations, independent of the proprietary DBMS engines that can serve as anassessment tool.

      Arti Yadav, Pawan Kumar Yadav, Shalini Srivastava*, Pramod Kumar Singh, Vandana Srivastava and D. N. Shukla

Abstract: The paper reports the results of an empirical study on the profitability of rice cultivation in the rural areas of Allahabad by wastewater irrigation from natural drainage. The results show that plots using wastewater containing organic nutrients earn higher profits than those using groundwater. However, we also find the profitability of plots using wastewater negatively affected by the presence of heavy metals such as Fe, Mn, Cu, Zn, Pb and Ni that are found in the water and soil.

      Akinbisoye, S., Oke S. O., Adebola, S. I. and Mokwenye, A. I

Abstract: This study assessed the effects of agroforestry system on diversity of native woody species and soil physico-chemical properties. This was achieved by comparing floristic composition and soil physico-chemical properties in four different Taungya agroforestry sites and a natural regrowth forest reserve where active logging has not taken place in Ondo State, Nigeria. Two sample plots of 25 m x 25 m were assessed in each site using systematic sampling techniques. All the plants were identified to species level and categorized into tree, shrub, perennial herb, scrambling shrub, epiphyte, climber and their families were identified. Shannon-Weiner and species evenness indices were used to assess and compare native woody species diversity and abundance.

      S. M. Jyothirmayee, Dr. P. Eliah, Dr. K. Madhavi Reddy

Abstract: English has gained the status of an international language, with its intercontinental proliferation. In the present context of teaching English to engineering students it was observed that students have basic communication skills. However, these skills are inadequate to meet the changing educational trends. To get an edge over the competitors, students are left with hardly any choice but to add values to their communication skills to exhibit their true potential. But the importance to these communication skills at times are downplayed in engineering programmes in favour of an over emphasis on the technical skills.

      Shoji Lal Bairwa , Kerobim Lakra, S. Kushwaha , L. K. Meena and Pravin Kumar

Abstract: A shift from agriculture to agribusiness is an essential pathway to revitalize Indian agriculture and to make more attractive and profitable venture. Agripreneurship have the potential to contribute to a range of social and economic development such as employment generation, income generation, poverty reduction and improvements in nutrition, health and overall food security in the national economy. Agripreneurship has potential to generate growth, diversifying income, providing widespread employment and entrepreneurial opportunities in rural areas. This paper mainly focused on basic concepts of agripreneurship, entrepreneurship skills, and needs of agripreneurship development in India along with major reason for promoting agripreneurship development in country.

      Dishant Parasharya, Bhavik Patel

Abstract: Opisthobranchs are the least studied group of animals in the phylum Mollusca in context to the Indian subcontinent. They are one of the best indicators of the reef resilience. Melibe viridis Kellart (1858) belonging to subclass Opisthobranchia has been recorded from the reefs of Gulf of Kachchh only in the west coast of India. The current paper describes the first record of spawning aggregation of the species in the Gulf of Kachchh in the western India.

      Marcus S. MD, DNB., Mahajan MK. MD, MNAMS, Grover S. MD, DNB, DGO, 4Sachdev J. MD, Jeyaraj P. MD, Mukhopadhyay S. MD

Abstract: Tamoxifen acts as an estrogen agonist on the female genital tract. The side effect of major concern is endometrial carcinoma.

      Dr.C P Sawant, Prof.Ashok . D Jadhav

Abstract: A systematic study has done to investigate the thin films of chemically deposited CdSe and Tl doped thin films. The deposition has been carried out in an alkaline medium at 70 0C for about 90 minutes. Characterization of thin films were done using X-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscope (SEM) optical absorption, electrical conductivity and thermoelectric techniques. These study reveals that films are polycrystalline in nature with cubic structure. The electrical conductivity of the order of 10-5 ( cm)-1 and an optical energy gap of 1.55 eV to 2.01 eV with a direct allowed type of transitions have been noticed. The thermoelectric power measurements shows n-type conduction mechanism for pure CdSe and doped CdSe thin films.

      Binoy C N, Joseph George, Sijo M T

Abstract: Environmental concern and availability of petroleum fuels have caused interests in the search for alternate fuels for internal combustion engines. Conversion of waste to energy is one of the recent trends in minimizing not only the waste disposal but also could be used as an alternate fuel for Industries. Waste plastics are indispensable materials in the modern world and application in the industrial field is continually increasing. In this context, waste plastics are currently receiving renewed interest.

      Aishvarya Bansal

Abstract: With growing diversity in business organisations, it has become mandatory to outsource the non-core activities and focus more on core functions, because only those organisations succeed which have core competency in conducting and managing their business. A major concern is to manage diversified human resources since, human resources are the most valuable resources for every organisation and optimal utilization of this resource helps to meet individual, organizational and societal objectives. This concern paved way for growth of agencies which specialize in providing right people for the right job, at the right time and in right number. Such agencies are called as Recruitment Process Outsourcing agencies, with whose help organisations get the right type of people to work in their organisation. The purpose of this paper is to communicate Human Resource Management needs to industries across the globe so that the organisations which are not aware get awareness about latest trends in recruitment outsourcing and avail benefit with its services.

      Govind Singh Thakur, P.K.Singhal

Abstract: The performance of a high pass filter (HPF) and a band pass filter (BPF) with and without defected ground structure (DGS) was analyzed in this specific work. The Defected ground structure includes rectangular and circular etched shapes in ground plane. Calculation and comparison of the response of both filters was done separately. Parameters of the proposed configuration were calculated at the centre frequency of 1.5 GHz and also proposed designs were fabricated with dielectric constant of 4.4, loss tangent of 0.02 and substrate height of 1.6mm. Results were simulated using computer simulation technology software (CST) and fabricated structures tested on a spectrum analyzer. The undesired sidebands and fluctuations of response were reduced by using defected ground structure (DGS).

      Agus Bintara Birawida, Veni Hadju, Sumbangan Baja and Armyn Nurdin4

Abstract: Lead is a highly toxic metal and has a very strong poison. The aim of the study is to determine the health risk of the lead exposure in Anadara sp to the coastal society of Makassar City. The method of the research is an observational study with a draft analysis of environmental health risks. The research was conducted from November 20, 2102 to May 28, 2013 in the coastal area of Makassar City. Shellfish samples taken in five districts, then lead content were measured with AAS (atomic absorption spectrophotometer) meanwhile body weight, intake rate, and frequency of exposure are quantitatively measured through questionnaires application interview.

      Dr. Prarthana Karumbaiah. K, Dr. Prasad S. M, Dr. Jyotirmanju C. S

Abstract: A rural hospital based study was conducted on children with clinical suspicion of malaria to evaluate the efficacy of the rapid diagnostic immunochromatographic test, Parasight F test in diagnosis of falciparum malaria compared to the gold standard, the peripheral blood smear. Blood samples from 105 children who presented with clinical suspicion of malaria(fever with splenomegaly) were investigated at the time of admission by both peripheral blood smear and the Parasight F test to detect the plasmodium falciparum species. Of the 63 confirmed cases of malaria, 23 children showed a positive result in the Parasight F test. The Parasight F test showed 100% sensitivity and 100% specificity for the diagnosis of falciparum malaria.

      Rohit Kumar Srivastava, Sunita Tiwari, Pratibha Singh, Aniket Puri, Gaurav Chaudhary, Wahid Ali, Arti Verma

Abstract: Acute myocardial infarction is a leading cause of death throughout the world. Very limited data is available regarding the prevalence of various risk factors in different genders which is why this study was planned. Objectives of the study were to look for the risk factors most prevalent in both the genders. 305 consecutive patients in Cardiology OPD presenting with acute MI were studied. Risk factors associated with acute MI were studied like - family history of premature CAD, previous history of CAD, smoking hypertension, diabetes.

      K.Jebin Roy, R.Ramya

Abstract: In this manuscript, an unusual adaptive FIR filter using distributed arithmetic (DA) for area efficient design is implemented. DA is bit-serial computational action and uses parallel look-up table (LUTs) apprise and equivalent implementation of filtering and weight-update operations to appliance high throughput filter rates irrespective of the filter length. The full adder based conditional signed carry save accumulation for DA-based inner product computation is swapped and design by using 10 transistor full adder based carry save accumulation of shift accumulation, with the intention of the proposed design, it can reduce the area complexity and power consumption. The least-mean-square (LMS) algorithm adaptation is functioned to update the weight and abate the mean square error between the assessed and chosen output. The weight increment block based adder/subtractor cells is exchanged by carry save adder in order to reduce area difficulty. It comprises of multiplexors, smaller LUT, and practically half the number of adders contrasted to the present DA-based design.

      L. Sumitra Devi, Megha Maheshwari

Abstract: Candida spp especially non albicans Candida are increasingly being isolated from clinical specimens. The conventional methods of identification are time consuming and difficult to perform. The study was done to evaluate the performance of conventional identification method (phenotypic and biochemical) and commercially available chromogenic Candida speciation media (CHROM agar) for the identification of medically important yeast and yeast-like organisms in a routine clinical microbiology laboratory.

      Avadhesh Kumar Koshal

Abstract: The Indian Green revolution region “Indo Gangetic Plain” occupies nearly 15% of the total geographical area of the country. The study area covered five states (Punjab, Haryana, Utter Pradesh, Bihar & West Bengal) in the Indian part of IGP, extended from 73º E and 32º N to 89º E and 21º N. Rice- wheat system is a main food security system of the India.

      Anitha Oforiwah Adu-Boahen

Abstract: The study explored the experiences and characteristics of history student teachers as they are admitted into the history teacher education programme in the University of Cape Coast. The study surveyed 16 history student teachers, 3 lecturers and Twenty four (24) practising teachers. A combination of purposive sampling and census methods, stratified sampling and snowball sampling techniques were respectively used for the study. The results showed that candidate who chose to pursue teacher education in history at the university of Cape Coast had some teaching experience mostly at the basic level and have taught history related subjects. Also student teacher candidates had good grades in history as well as had good aggregates before enrolling into the programme. Again individuals who intend pursuing the programme also had interest in the study of history.

      Muhammad Zeeshan Rafique, Waqar Saadat, Atta Ur Rahman Mir

Abstract: In 1960 an excellent game named The Beer Game was developed to provide a useful learning experience about the supply chains. This research work was made to explain certain behavior of supply chain systems with the help of beer game that was basic necessity of most of supply chains systems. This research is a real life example of how organizations are working on basis of simulation playing method of beer game. The major aim of this research was to reduce the total cost, for every member in the supply chain, by maintaining low stocks with proper delivery of orders. Research explained how the value of sharing information across the various components of supply chain helps to increase the efficiency of system.

      Jeremiah David Bala, Japareng Lalung, Norli Ismail

Abstract: Palm oil mill effluent (POME) is produced in large volumes by many of the palm oil mills in Malaysia and contributes a major source of pollution. The main aim of the present study was to evaluate the biodegradation potential of bacterial isolated from POME and to find the most suitable strain(s) for a biological treatment technology of POME. The isolates were identified by sequences analysis of 16S rRNA genes. Sequencing of the 16S rRNA of the isolates suggests that they were identified as Micrococcus luteus101PB, Stenotrophomonas maltophilia102PB, Bacillus cereus103PB, Providencia vermicola104PB, Klebsiella pneumoniae105PB and Bacillus subtilis106PB.Results revealed that total suspended solids (TSS), oil and grease were reduced dynamically with treatments after 5 days.

      Preeti Bhatt, Arunima Verma

Abstract: Photovoltaic is a technical term for generating electricity from light. In the present day scenario of electricity generation, it is fast becoming an important industrial product. Presently the PV market is dominated by wafer based crystalline Si cells, but is hampered by high cost. Nanotechnology is worldwide regarded as a key technology for innovations and technological progress in almost all branches of economy. The paper presents the designing of PV system for a commercial organization to meet its load demand with conventional solar cell and nano solar cell. Moreover, the cost comparison of conventional PV system and nano PV system carried out in this paper shows the superiority of nano solar cells over others in terms of cost and efficiency.

      M. Shamshad Alam, Jamal A. Khan, Bharat J. Pathak and Sandeep Kumar

Abstract: The management, development and conservation of a protected area require vast knowledge of forest resources, its distribution and utilization pattern by its flora and fauna. Application of remote sensing and GIS as a tool, has assumed immense significance in assessment of these information. These applications are now widely used in conservation and management of protected areas across the globe.

      Banvar Spoorthi Ravi, Gurram Shankar Vidya

Abstract: Hepatitis B viral infection is a major public health problem with a worldwide prevalence. Due to their increasing incidence, early detection and improved diagnoses of severe cases are of primary importance. Currently viral antigens and antibodies are detected by traditional serological tests. However, the introduction of oral fluid as an alternative has led to many researches. Its advantages over venepuncture are many. Hence this prompted us to carry out a pilot study to evaluate the diagnostic efficacy of saliva in detecting hepatitis B surface antigen using Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA).

      M.Karthikkumar, D.Manoranjitham, K.Praveenkumar

Abstract: The proposed system is an efficient implementation of 16-bit Multiplier- Accumulator using Radix-8 and Radix-16 Modified Booth Algorithm and seven different adders (SPST Adder, Parallel Prefix Adder, Carry Select Adder, Error Tolerant Adder, Hybrid Prefix Adder, Modified Area Efficient Carry Select Adder, Parallel Binary Adder) are using VHDL. This proposed system provides low power, high speed and less delay.

      Jaishree and T.I.Khan

Abstract: The textile industry represents a range of industries with operations and processes as diverse as its products. Textile industry effluents account for several point sources of water pollution thus posing negative effects on aquatic lives and human health. The paper contains results of a study carried out in agricultural fields of Sanganer town. This paper contains results of physico-chemical analysis of waste water collected from Sanganer town. The town is situated about 20 kms away from the city center, Jaipur.

      Mohsin Anayat, Rajneesh Kumar Agnihotri, Rashmi Vamil, Vikash Bhagat and Rajendra Sharma

Abstract: Heavy metal contamination is a serious environmental problem that limits crop production and endangerous for human health. The present study was conducted at Department of Botany, School of Life Sciences, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar University, Agra for assessing the toxic effect of cadmium and Mercury at different concentration viz. 10, 20 and 50 µm on the chlorophylls, proline and protein content of Foeniculum vulgare L. The standard solution was prepared using standard metal of inorganic ventures.

      Hiten Sarma, K.C. Sarma

Abstract: In the present report ZnO nanocrystals were prepared by precipitation method from Zinc Chloride and Ammonia in aqueous solutions at a pH value 8.0 .ZnO nanocrystals were then synthesized by heating the precursor in a muffle furnace at temp 350°C for 3 hours and allowed to cool to room temperature. The obtained ZnO nanoparticles have been studied using characterization techniques like X-ray diffraction (XRD), Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), and Energy dispersive analysis Of X-ray (EDAX). XRD results reveal that the sample is crystalline with a hexagonal wurtzite phase. X-ray peak broadening analysis was used to evaluate the crystallite sizes and lattice strain by the Williamson-Hall (W-H) analysis. Further appropriate physical parameters such as strain, stress, and energy density values were also calculated using W-H analysis with different models, viz, uniform deformation model, uniform deformation stress model and uniform deformation energy density model. SEM and EDAX study confirms the preparation of ZnO nanoparticles.

      Dr. S. Udaya kumar and A. Rajkumar

Abstract: Relative importance or weight of criterion indicates the priority assigned to the criterion by the decision-maker while ranking the alternatives in a multicriterion decision-making (MCDM) environment. Multicriterion decision making (MCDM) has emerged as an effective methodology due to its ability to combine quantitative and qualitative criteria selection of the best alternative. Concurrently, fuzzy logic is gaining importance due to its flexibility in handling imprecise subjective data. In the present study two fuzzy logic-based MCDM methods, namely similarity analysis (SA) and decision analysis (DA), are adopted and developed as a fuzzy decision system (FUDS) and applied to a case study of the Aringar Anna Sugar Project (AASP), Tamil nadu, India, for selecting the best-performing irrigation subsystem. It is found that both SA and DA suggested the same irrigation subsystem as the best. It is concluded that application of fuzzy logic methodology for real-world decision-making problems is found to be effective.

      A.Pasupathy, S.Nirmala, G.Abirami, M.Satish and R.Paul Milton

Abstract: In this work dipropyl sulphide was evaluated as a corrosion inhibitor for zinc in 0.5N sulphuric acid by weight loss, gasometry and thermometry methods. Results obtained revealed that the inhibitor performed well in the acid solution. The inhibition efficiency increased with increase in the concentration of the inhibitor. The adsorption of the inhibitor molecules on the zinc metal surface obeyed Temkin adsorption isotherm.

      A.Pasupathy, S.Nirmala, G.Abirami, M.Satish and R.Paul Milton

Abstract: In this work, ethyl phenyl sulphide was evaluated as a corrosion inhibitor for zinc in 0.5N H2SO4 by weight loss, gasometric and therometric methods. Results obtained reveals the fact that ethyl phenyl sulphide exhibited high inhibition efficiencies. The inhibition efficiency increased with increase in the inhibitor concentration. The adsorption of the inhibitor molecules on to the zinc metal surface obeyed Temkin adsorption isotherm.

      A.Pasupathy, S.Nirmala, G.Abirami, M.Satish and R.Paul Milton

Abstract: In this work, the extract of the leaves of Phyllanthus amarus was investigated as a green corrosion inhibitor for zinc in 0.5N H2SO4 by using weight loss, gasometric and thermometric methods. Results obtained showed that the extract of Phyllanthus amarus exhibited high inhibition efficiencies against corrosion of zinc metal. The inhibition efficiency was found to increase with increase in the extract concentration. The adsorption of the inhibitor molecules on the zinc metal surface obeyed Temkin adsorption isotherm.

      A.Pasupathy, S.Nirmala, G.Abirami, M.Satish and R.Paul Milton

Abstract: The anticorrosion property of sudan-III dye was evaluated for zinc metal in 0.5N HCl using weight loss, gasometric and thermometric methods. Parameters such as inhibition efficiency and corrosion rates were evaluated to assess the performance of the dye as a corrosion inhibitor. The inhibition efficiency was found to increase with increase in the inhibitor concentration. To study the adsorption of the inhibitor on the metal surface, adsorption isotherm was plotted.

      A.Pasupathy, S.Nirmala, G.Abirami, M.Satish and R.Paul Milton

Abstract: The amino acid, cystein was examined as an inhibitor for zinc in 0.5N HCl was using weight loss and potentiodynamic polarization studies. Corrosion parameters such as inhibition efficiency, corrosion rates, corrosion potential and corrosion current were evaluated. The inhibition efficiency was found to increase with increase in the inhibitor concentration. The adsorption of the inhibitor on the zinc surface followed Temkin adsorption isotherm.

      A.Pasupathy, S.Nirmala, G.Abirami, M.Satish and R.Paul Milton

Abstract: The anti-corrosion characteristics of reactive blue dye for mild steel in 1N H2SO4 was investigated using weight loss and potentiodynamic polarization studies. Corrosion parameters such as inhibition efficiency, corrosion rates, corrosion potential corrosion current and Tafel slopes were evaluated. The inhibition efficiency was found to increase with increase in the inhibitor concentration.

      A.Pasupathy, S.Nirmala, G.Abirami, M.Satish and R.Paul Milton

Abstract: Ethyl methyl sulphide was investigated as a corrosion inhibitor for zinc in 0.5N H2SO4 by weight loss, gasometric and thermometric methods. The inhibition efficiency was found to increase with increase in the inhibitor concentration. The adsorption of the inhibitor molecules on the zinc metal surface obeyed Temkin adsorption isotherm.

      A.Pasupathy, S.Nirmala, G.Abirami, M.Satish and R.Paul Milton

Abstract: The corrosion inhibition activity of 1,4-diaminobutane for mild steel in 1N H2SO4 was investigated using weight loss and potentiodynamic polarization studies. Corrosion parameters such as inhibition efficiency, corrosion rates, corrosion potential and corrosion current were evaluated. The inhibition efficiency was found to increase with increase in the inhibitor concentration. The adsorption of the inhibitor on the mild steel surface follows Langmuir adsorption isotherm

      A.Pasupathy, S.Nirmala, G.Abirami, M.Satish and R.Paul Milton

Abstract: Chrysoidine dye was examined as an inhibitor for mild steel in 1N HCl using weight loss and gasometric and thermometric methods. Parameters such as inhibition efficiency and corrosion rates were evaluated. The inhibition efficiency was found to increase with increase in the inhibitor concentration. To study the adsorption of the inhibitor on the mild steel surface, adsorption isotherm was plotted.

      A.Pasupathy, S.Nirmala, G.Abirami, M.Satish and R.Paul Milton

Abstract: The inhibitive action of the extract of the roots and fruits of Aegle marmelos was investigated as a green corrosion inhibitor for zinc in 0.5N H2SO4 employing weight loss, gasometric and thermometric methods. The results obtained revealed that the extract of the plant could be employed as an effective inhibitor for the corrosion of zinc in sulphuric acid medium.. The inhibition efficiency of the extract increased with increase in its concentration. The adsorption of the inhibitor molecules on the zinc metal surface obeyed Temkin adsorption isotherm.

      Adinna B. O., Chigioke, C.,Igwegbe, W.E.,Obilonu A.N, Kalu P.N

Abstract: Sedimentary rock aggregates are commonly used in Nigeria for structural concrete production. Due to its variability in quality, strength and contaminations it is being suspected as one of causes of many structural failures in the country. This paper investigated the quality of 8 – 16mm size gravels from Oji-River piths by optimizing the strength of concrete made from it through Scheffe’s simplex method of optimization and produced a mathematical model which gave an optimum compressive strength of 11.78N/mm2 and mix ratio of 1:1.4:2.5 for a water/cement ratio of 0.53. Because of the small nature of this optimum strength and the general predictions from the model, it was recommended that such aggregate (8 – 16mm from Oji-River) be restricted to oversite concretes, columns and lintels of buildings of load bearing walls and a maximum storey of three; and it should never be used for slabs of suspended floors, retaining walls, bridges and culverts.

      Dr. D.O Onwuka, Chijioke Chiemela, Ibearugbulam O. H., Obilonu A. N, Adinna B.O

Abstract: Often times, admixtures such as sawdust ash (SDA) are added to raw mixes of burnt bricks in order to modify the properties or reduce the cost of the final product. This article present computer programs based on Simplex and Regression Theories, for the determination of the optimum percentage of saw dust ash to be added to clay in order to produce burnt bricks of optimum compressive strength. Bricks of optimum mix would in its finished state, satisfy at minimum cost, the required performance determined by its application. Besides, the compressive strength of SDA-clay bricks obtainable from a specified mix proportions of its constituents and vice verse. Comparison of the results determined by computer programs based in Scheffe and Regression Theories, showed that there is complete agreement between them. The two computer results, also agreed with the experimental results.

      Usman Dawood

Abstract: Commercial banks play the vital role in the economy of any country. My aim behind this study is to evaluate the profitability of the 23 commercial banks operating in Pakistan for the period of 2009 to 2012.There are internal and external factors that affect the profitability of commercial banks of any country. Internal factors or management factors include the management policies, capital ratios, Risk management etc and external factors include inflation, government policies etc.

      Ms. Prachi Sharma, Ms. Devika Pathak, Ms. Poonam Rachatwar, Mr. Akshay Vadnere, Ms. Pallavi Khude

Abstract: Now a days Internet is becoming one of the basic needs of human being. Day by day different technologies are coming to enhance the experience of user. Our system will also enhance this experience little bit. This system will enhance the video searching experience of the user by providing different categories, dimensions and last but most important, better and most Holocene searching algorithm that is hummingbird algorithm. We are trying to implement one new algorithm, which includes some features of the hummingbird algorithm and also considers users area of interest to provide more relevant search result. This algorithm searches for results on the basis of user area of interest. The goal is that matching the meaning do better, rather than matching just a few words.

      Swanti.A.Jain, M.S.Jagtap, K.P.Patel

Abstract: This Physco-Chemical study of soil is based on various parameter like PH, Electrical Conductivity(EC),Total Organic Carbon, Available Nitrogen (N), Available Phosphorus (P2O5) and available Potassium (K2O). This study lead us to the conclusion of the nutrients quanity of soil of Lunawada Taluka. Dist. Mahisagr, Gujarat State. Soil sampling is the most vital step for any soil Analysis. As a very small fraction of the huge soil mass is used for analysis. It becomes extremely important to get a truly representative soil sample of the field. Result show that overage all the villages of Lunawada taluka have various parameter like EC, PH, OC,N,P,K. This information will help farmers to decide the problems related to soil nutrients amount of fertilizers to be added to soil to make production economic.

      Dr. Satish Gill

Abstract: The objectives of the present investigation is to the educational, social and emotional adjustment of boys and girls of visual handicapped Students of special school of Faridabad. Samplings were selected through random sampling techniques. Data was collected with the help of adjustment inventory (standardized) by Dr. A.K.P Sinha (Patna) and Dr. R.P Singh (Pune) (AISS). two special blind school from in and around Faridabad division of Haryana State. By the application of mean, standard deviation, and t-test indicated is no significant difference between the educational social and emotional adjustments of special school Students belonging to boys and girls.

      Rishika Nayyar, Priti Aggarwal

Abstract: Trade and Investment flows between India and Africa have grown massively over the recent period. The bilateral trade between the region and India was recorded at US $ 70 billion during 2012-2013 and the Indian Investments in the region stood at US$ 14 billion. The paper discusses this emerging trend in trade and investment relation between India and Africa.

      Mrs.P.G.Sunandamma M.S.W , (Ph.D), Mr.K.Sreenivasa Moorhy M.S.W

Abstract: Discrimination against female children has been a topic of debate. It has been a subject of concern and sociological significance. This subject raises the cultural aspects about the role of a female child in society, what her human rights are as a human being and a number of sensitive issues. This issue is important because there is nearly universal consensus on the need for gender equality. Gender based discrimination against female children is pervasive across the world. It is seen in all the strata of society and manifests in various forms. As per the literature, female child has been treated inferior to male child and this is deeply engraved in the mind of the female child. Some argue that due to this inferior treatment the females fail to understand their rights. This is more predominant in India as well as other lesser developed countries.

      Rashmi Dutta and Debangshu Narayan Das

Abstract: The length -weight relationship and condition factor (K) of Semiplotus semiplotus (McClelland, 1839), were studied for an economically important species of food fish from the Dikrong river system of mountainous state of Arunachal Pradesh, India. A total of 120 specimens were randomly collected using cast net and related contraptions from the water bodies and length (mm) and weight (g) of each of the specimen was measured following standard equipments. The result revealed that length- weight of the species followed the cube-law indicating an isometric growth pattern of the species in its natural habitat. The length –weight regression equation for the species in general can be expressed as Log W = -2.7259+3.04269logTLand the length-weight regression equations of males, females and juveniles respectively were Log W = -2.7242+ 3.0926log TL, Log W = -2.7635+ 3.2592 log TL and Log W = -1.2375 + 2.6135 log TL having r value respectively 0.90674 , 0.98107,0.959 for each cases . All these values indicate positive correlation between length and weight in Semiplotus semiplotus in regard to their sex as well as growth stages. General wellbeing of the fish is found to be good, as indicated by the values of condition factor, which were nearer to or greater than 1.

      S.Sandhiya, D.Saranya, S.Archana, M.Jayasudha

Abstract: The management of vast amount of data is quite expensive due to the requirements of high storage capacity and qualified personnel. Storage-as-a-Service (SaaS) offered by cloud service providers (CSPs) is a paid facility that enables organizations to outsource their data to be stored on remote servers. Thus, SaaS reduces the maintenance cost and mitigates the burden of large local data storage at the organizations end. A data owner pays for a desired level of security and must get some compensation in case of any misbehavior committed by the CSP. On the other hand, the CSP needs a security from any false accusations that may be claimed by the owner to get dishonest compensations. In this paper, a cloud-based storage scheme is proposed that allows the data owner to benefit from the facilities offered by the CSP and enables indirect mutual trust between them.

      Ngerebara Owajiokiche Dago, Warmate Tamunonengiyeofori

Abstract: Subsoil investigation was conducted at Unyeada in Andoni Local Government Area, in the Niger Delta for the purpose of designing a suitable foundation for a water tank structure. Field and Laboratory investigations show that the topsoil is underlain by a Loose clayey sandy Layer (about 6m thick) with Phi < 280, overlying a soft clay with cu of about 12KN/m2. Underneath the soft clay is medium dense sandy layer with Phi between 300 and 320. The allowable bearing capacity profile of the sub-surface shows a minimum bearing Capacity of 79.8KN/m2. Settlement predictions based on a loading of 300KN/m2 indicated a settlement of 26mm. The bearing capacity analysis for the underlying soils is limited to the near surface sandy clay. In general, the sandy clay is partially saturated and when tested in unconsolidated and undrained conditions, exhibits both cohesion of 0.00kPa and angle of internal friction of 280for its shear strength characteristics. However, the frictional component of shear strength is neglected for the clay encountered within normal founding depths for shallow foundations when estimating ultimate bearing pressures for the clay. The placement of a Raft foundation on a compacted granular material is suggested for the water tank stand.

      Gbolahan Wahab Ayoade, Titus Adeniyi Olusi, Isiaka Adekunle Amoo, Gbolahan-Ayoade Elizabeth Eka-ete

Abstract: This study is aimed to establish the pharmacological basis for the acclaimed antimalarial activities of the bark extracts of the three herbs. Aqueous extract of the herbs was obtained by cold maceration (72 hrs) while methanol herb extract was by soxhlet extraction. Phytochemical tests were carried out on the three herbs, the antiplasmodal activity of the aqueous extract of the herbs were screened by in-vivo model in mice infected with Plasmodium berghei using 4 days suppression test. The herb extracts were significant (p>0.05) but with varying levels of antiplasmodal activity, as Trema orientalis has the highest (85%) suppression activity followed by Morinda lucida (83%) and Alstonia soonei (80%). The phytochemical screening of the herb extracts revealed the presence of alkaloids, glycosides, proteins, flavonoids, steroids, terpenoids, saponins and tannin. The results suggest that the bark extracts of A. soonei, M. lucida and T.orientalis possess significant antimalarial activity.

      Christopher Kigen, Dr. Nicodemus Abungu Odero

Abstract: This paper presents a coordinated network controller whose objective is to maintain an optimal voltage profile across radial distribution networks with distributed generation. This is done by varying the output of the distributed generators. The controller was modeled as an optimization problem which was solved using Particle Swarm Optimization. The IEEE 33-bus and 69-bus test networks are then used to verify the effectiveness of the controller. The results obtained show that this controller can improve the voltage profile of a power network.

      Rasool.R, Sabarinathan.K, Suresh.M, Syed Salmon.H, Ragavan

Abstract: In this paper, I present a Smartphone-based autonomous management of Location. When developing a location-aware application for Android, one can utilize GPS and Androids Network Location Provider to acquire the user location. Androids Network Location Provider determines user location using cell tower and Wi-Fi signals, providing location information in a way that works indoors and outdoors, responds faster, and uses less battery power. To obtain the user location in your application, one can use both GPS and the Network Location Provider, or just one. Here one could track the positions of the Android Device constantly for 2/4hrs and save them on a well secured webpage. So that if a device is found to be in a prohibited area it can be easily traced out. Hence it is very useful for the military purposes. No unauthorized devices can enter or leave the area without notification to the server. It can also help to create a daily log of device i.e each and every location visited by the device in a day.

      Prabha Tiwari, Supratim Roy Chowdhury

Abstract: This paper deals with the sustainable and best methods that should be employed in the production of Highly Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (HAPIs). We start with a brief introduction of HAPIs, which includes their basic definition, market value and applications. We then study the conventional HAPI manufacturing process and its drawbacks. Finally we move on to propose some methodologies which, if practiced, would lead to better manufacturing standards in terms of safety, cost and sustainability.

      Suhas Bhosale, Monali Bhosale

Abstract: Todays competitive environment is demanding employees to be productive on the way. Employees can work while at home, travelling or from on-site. Mobile devices are proving to be extremely helpful in increasing productivity of employees. Enterprise Mobility is becoming an inevitable part of any organization and is playing crucial role in development of any organization. This paper is focused on discussing various aspects of Enterprise Mobile Application Development from an architectural perspective.

      Prof. Shilpa Chavan

Abstract: Now a day, technology is on a boost. People wish to live a luxurious life with minimum physical work. Here we provide a mobile application for Automobile Service Center Management System. This application is an android app which can be run on any android compatible tablets and mobile phones. The app will enable any car user to search and communicate with any car service center in the vicinity. The user can find the service center , get its location and check and select any of the services provided by the respective service center. The user can send request for pick and drop , appointment for servicing , test drive as well as accessories purchase to the dealer. The dealer processes these requests and gives a response back to the user through push messages.

      Ashwini Sawant, Bhavesh Vasandani, Mitesh Ochaney, Mohit Tilwani, Mohit Kataria

Abstract: The paper is divided into following sections namely, text password recognition, text-dependant speech recognition, face recognition. The first stage involves simple alphanumeric character recognition. Mel Frequency Cepstral Coefficients (MFCCs) are the most popularly used speech features in many speech and speaker recognition applications. Speaker identification can be Text-Independent or Text-Dependent. This paper describes an approach of Text-Dependent speaker recognition by using the MFC Coefficients extracted from speech signal of spoken words. The third stage comprises of face recognition for which the proposed method is based on the principle component analysis algorithm. The algorithm MFCC used in this project for speech recognition is the best. This is because it analysis the speech signal on the basis of the human perception of the sound i.e. in the Mel scale. The PCA algorithm is a simple algorithm. This algorithm is used to reduce the computational time of the overall project.

      Dr Sheikh A, Dr Agha A, Dr Nusrat N, Dr Minhas S, Dr. Agha S.

Abstract: Blood donors are often volunteers which donate blood due to generosity and kindness yet it is imperative to make both the donor and the recipient ends safe. The hemoglobin level is the most used parameter to screen blood donors for anemia. Health education of the donor community about the symptoms of weakness and blackout often observed after donation is required as these occur even with normal hemoglobin levels.

      Abu Reza Md. Towfiqul Islam, Anjum Tasnuva, Md. Tanziul Islam, Md. Rezaul Haque

Abstract: This paper focuses on an overview of disaster scenario in Bangladesh. It is generally true that no one can be eliminated natural disaster but the extent of its damage can be reduced to its reasonable limit to minimize the loss of lives and properties by implementing disaster action plan and co-ordinate disaster management method. Both qualitative and quantitative techniques were applied to carry out this study. It is necessary to the work before the disaster occur to mitigate, preparedness and collaboration with different organization can reduced the loss of huge lives and properties. Communication technology play an important role in management approach to disaster especially preparedness phase of disaster. The main aim of this research is to examine existing Disaster Management System (DMS) and investigation of current development of DMS. This paper attempts to develop a proposed model for enhancing DMS which reducing loss and copes with all kind of disaster in Bangladesh. It can be concluded that number of victim people caused by disaster decreases because of technological advancement but disaster occurrence increases from past to recent due to climate change impact.

      S. Subashkumar and M. Selvanayagam

Abstract: Nanotechnology is an advancing field of research which has revolutionized all industrial needs, such as medical, environmental and other industrial applications. Despite the rapid progress and early acceptance of nanotechnology, the potential for adverse health effects due to prolonged exposure at various concentration levels in humans and the environment has not yet been studied. With the widespread application of nanomaterials, numerous nanoscale products might consequently be released into aquatic environments and elicit an impact not only on one particular ecosystem but also on human health. The environmental impact of nanomaterials is expected to increase dramatically in near future. Zinc oxide (ZnO) nanoparticles have wide ranging applications in a diverse array of industrial and consumer products, ceramic manufacturing, paint formulation, sunscreen and hair care products. Toxicological studies indicate that ZnO nanoparticles have adverse impacts on human health and environmental species. Hence it is due process to characterize the health and safety aspects of ZnO nanoparticles to humans and environment.

      Ezejindu D. N., Akingboye A. J., Ezejindu C. N.

Abstract: Moringa oleifera leaf extract has been reported after analysis of its phytochemical constituents to have natural antioxidants that aid in natural defence. The hepatoprotective evaluation of leaf extract of moringe oleifera on mercury induced renotoxicity was studied. Twenty four healthy adult wistar rats weighing between 190-270g were grouped into four groups (A, B, C & D) of six animals each. Group A served as the control and were orally administered with 0.5ml of distilled water; the experimental groups (B, C & D) received the following: Group B received 0.5ml of Moringa oleifera leaf extract, group C received 0.3ml of mercury while group D received 0.3ml of mercury + 0.5ml of Moringa oleifera leaf extract orally for twenty eight days.

      Manos Roumeliotis, Tsourela Maria

Abstract: It is very important for both businesses and governments to be able to understand and analyze the time and process through which a technology-based service will be accepted by potential consumers. They should understand all the motives and perceptions that may have an effect on customers technology readiness as these factors could be part of new service development strategies. Customers technology readiness must play a lead role on predicting the perception and behavior of consumers. Peoples beliefs about technology must be analyzed in order to determine their predispositions to use new technologies.

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