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      Shlrene Quaik, Mahamad Hakimi Ibrahim

Abstract: Rising demand on fertilizer is closely related with the rising demand of crop as the population increases. Land available to be used for agricultural purposes is limited. With the increase of health awareness of people, organically cultured fruits and vegetables are getting attention and in demand. Although chemical fertilizers are still in extensive use these days, people are getting more aware of the effects brought by these chemicals. Environmental as well as health problems have raised the alarm on the effects of usage of chemical fertilizer and consuming of heavily chemically fertilized crops. Vermicomposting has been getting attention due to its environmental friendly approach. Beside the compost produced, recent interest has been brought up due to the possible use of the liquid by products from this green technology. Several terms have been used to describe the liquids derived from the vermicomposting process. This paper reviews the common terms used for vermicompositng derived liquids, its potential in agricultural use as well as its pros and cons.

      Ishanka Weerasekara, Shyama Banneheka

Abstract: Spinal cord injuries (SCI) are most commonly resulting from road traffic accidents, falling from a height, high velocity crashes and certain types of sports accidents. Even though sport related SCI is rare, still it carries a high rate of mortality and morbidity which limits the day-today and sport activities of the athlete because of the altered quality of life that often accompanies such an injury. In this research, the focus is to evaluate the awareness about SCI among school athletes. Self-administered questionnaires were distributed among 243 school athletes (12-20years) of both genders (males-50.2%, females-49.8%) in 10 schools in Kandy educational zone in Central Sri Lanka. Responses for the questionnaires were analyzed to determine the knowledge regarding anatomy, etiologyand clinical features of SCI as well as handling and transferring techniques of an athlete with SCI.

      Abbass, H, M, El_Hag, A. M. H

Abstract: There is shortage of information about sugar cane crop in Sudan; therefore, it is necessary to adopt a new technology for carrying out inventory or estimation of this crop-space technology (Remote Sensing, GIS, and GPS) can offer an invaluable assistance in this regard. In this research, space technologies were applied for sugar cane crop estimation in New Halfa sugar cane scheme.IRS-5m resolution image was used for this purpose. Two areas were selected as the study area (area three and area six). Two sets of image were used (October, 2006 and December, 2007). The Supervised classification technique was adapted for the study. The results showed clear variations between the sugar cane fields. To continue close monitoring of the sugar cane yield, satellite images captured at different dates during the growing period of sugar cane should be available. The research results revealed the importance of integrating RS and GIS as effective tools for the assessment, detection, monitoring and mapping of the various features on the earths surface such as land degradation. Moreover, RS & GIS assist in the study of vegetation cover. Etc. This leads to saving effort, time and cost.

      Dayo Micheal Oguntuase, Olushina Olawale Awe, Isaac Abiodun Ajayi

Abstract: The education system in Nigeria is faced with a mirage of defects which include inadequate provision of teaching and learning resources as a result of poor planning and corruption among other things. This study considers the effect of teaching/learning resources on academic performance in mathematics among pre-university students in Ile-Ife, South-West, Nigeria. A total of 126 questionnaires were administered among two major pre-university schools in Ile-Ile, Nigeria. The research instrument developed for this research is student’s questionnaire on performance (SQP) to answer at least three research questions on academic performance of students in mathematics. Correlation analysis, coefficient of determination and multiple regression analysis were used to analyze the data. In all analyses, we find that all the independent variables considered could not account well for academic performance of students in mathematics. Cogent recommendations were made based on our empirical findings.

      Jayasekara JMKB, Dissanayake DM, Gunaratne MDN, Amunugama K

Abstract: The study was aimed to evaluate whether which spot urine protein to creatinine ratio (PC) can be a reliable alternative to 24-hour urinary total protein (UTP) estimation by analyzing four day time spot urine samples of CKD clinic patients. We studied 48 CKD patients attending Nephrology unit with different nephritis such as diabetic nephropathy, CKD due to hypertension and unknown etiology (28male and 20 female) with proteinuria over 1g/day (GFR> 45 ml/min/1.73m2) to determine the correlation between the measures of urine protein excretion by using four spot urine samples namely early morning,7am - 10 am, 10am-4pm and before going to bed. The simple linear regression, central tendency and dispersion were calculated. The Friedman test was done to evaluate difference among urine protein levels of 4 day time urine samples. The mean 24 hour protein concentration was 3.8g/day+ 1.6 and the correlation coefficient (r) between 24-hour urine total protein and spot urine PC ratio were early morning 0.81 (P < 0.001), 7am - 10 am 0.64 (P < 0.001), 10am-4pm 0.66 (P < 0.001) and before going to bed 0.792 (P < 0.001) in the study population. Early morning spot urine sample showed the highest linear association whereas the 7am-10am and 10am-4 pm shows lower associations compared to other two spot urine samples. Highest and lowest median of PC ratio were 7 am -10am and before going to bed respectively. Highest dispersion of PC ratio was observed in 10am-4 pm and the distribution of before bed is somewhat skewed to right. We conclude that the protein-to-creatinine ratio (PC) in early morning urine sample is an accurate, convenient, and reliable method to estimate the protein excretion in urine in study population in early stages of CKD.

      Ibrahim M. M. M, Dafalla M. S, Elhag A.M.H, Ibrahim S. Ibrahim

Abstract: This study focused on the assessment of land degradation in University of Khartoum (Shambat Area), Khartoum State, Sudan. Through mapping and monitoring the changes that occurred in the soil properties, due to drought and mismanagement. The study attempted also to update some information in the study area such as chemical properties using different methods of data transformation and analysis such as: Soil analysis technique, GIS and remote sensing analysis. The research was based on the data and information deduced and extracted from soil survey data, soil analysis, and remote sensed data, in addition to fieldwork verification and other sources. The study covered an area about 300 Acers. Soil analysis indicated that soil degradation was taken place in the study area specially the top northern and southern parts of the area which were affected by some buckets of salinity, while the north-eastern and south- eastern parts were affected by sodicity buckets. The study showed that there was a hardpan (Average bulk density of soil, 1.9 g/cm3) at subsurface layer (30-60 cm) and subsoil layer (60-90) that impedes the water infiltration and crop growth since tilling is done only in the surface soil to the depth of 25 cm (infiltration rate < 0.07cm/hr.). Evaluation of soil properties and degradation hazard, According to framework of the land suitability (FAO, 1976) revealed that the soil of the study area is moderately suitable (S2) for agriculture.

      Muna Ibrahium Abdalla, Ibtisam El Yas Mohamed El Zubeir, FatimaAlgunaid Hassan

Abstract: Effect of packing technique in chemical composition of Sudanese white soft cheese (SWSC) during storage period investigated. The cheese purchased from Galaja at Edduem,, packed in to 5 different types of packing techniques, 2 metal tin (lined with polyethylene and non-lined), 2 plastic containers (lined with polyethylene and non-lined) and petroleum gallon. Then stored at room temperature (35-37°) for 6 months (180 days) and discharged at 7, 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, 90, 120, 180 days of storage to study changes in physicochemical composition (protein, fat, total solids, salt, ash and acidity). Total solids, protein and fat content of cheese were fluctuating during storage, maximum protein content (30.5%) recorded in lined plastic and tin containers at 60 days of storage. Maximum total solids (53.3) and maximum acidity (2.6% lactic) observed in cheese kept in lined metal tins.

      N. B. Ekwe, D. F. Aloko

Abstract: The investigation into the effect of time and voltage on anodization of aluminum using 0.1M concentration and 2.5 pH of H2SO4 electrolyte, under 35oC and 2.22amp/cm2 current density was carried out. The result obtained showed that as the time and voltage increases the thickness of the coating on the surface of aluminum increases giving a much desired product for industrial and domestic use. The optimum parameter for the coating was found to be 40minutes and 40volts for a thickness of 800µm.

      Thusharika D. Dissanayaka, S. Arambamoorthy, N. Aravinth, Nuwan T. Atapattu, Aruna S. Bandara, Dinusha L. De Silva, Udani N. Fernando, Sukitha K.Herath, Asela J.B. Rathnayaka, Mark I. John

Abstract: Objective: To assess the existing rehabilitation protocol relative to the international standard protocol for knee soft tissue injuries among school level rugby players in Kandy zone. Design, setting and sample: A retrospective whole population survey was conducted among division A and B, 45 school level male rugby players (Under 17 and 19) who had undergone knee soft tissue injuries in the Kandy zone, Sri Lanka. Measurements: A self-administered questionnaire which contained 21 close ended (Yes/No) questions on acute, rehabilitation and training stages which prepared according to the international standard rehabilitation protocol developed by human kinetics organization. Results: According to the responses obtained from the self-administered questionnaire; 24.4 % followed the rehabilitation stage, 4.4 % followed the training stage and none of the players followed the acute stage of the rehabilitation process. Even though the players were not following all the five components of acute stage accurately, they have followed each component separately, such as protection (75%), rest (57%), ice (37%), compression (60%) and elevation (8%). Approximately 71% of players were engaged in stretching and 62% in endurance training in the rehabilitation stage. However majority of players (77%) got back to their sport before getting proper recovery. The study revealed that 24.44% of knee injured players were props in their teams. 40% of these players have got recurrent injuries in their histories. The study identified that the percentage of availability of sport physician and physiotherapists to be 35.55% and zero respectively. This indicated that the entire rehabilitation process is not being implemented among Kandy zone school level rugby players. Conclusion: In conclusion, the results of this study showed that, the implementation of the rehabilitation protocol in the Kandy zone, Sri Lanka is not up to international standard. Therefore, an internationally standard rehabilitation

      A.Muthuchudar, Lt.Dr.S.Santosh Baboo

Abstract: ECG Signal Analysis involves various processes and techniques which in the recent years , have yielded better results in terms of accuracy in the diagnosis of heart diseases. This paper deals with some of the recent developments in the processes such as denoising, data compression, feature extraction and classification of the ECG signals. These processes are discussed each with suitable examples.


Abstract: Here analysis will be made on the mutual reception of linguistic elements (particularly in case of morphological elements) between the two languages spoken within the geographical and cultural context of Assam. The two languages are Boro, a Tibeto-Burman language and on the other hand an Aryan language i.e Assamese. From a structural view point it may be believed that Boro and Assamese have received mutually some morphological elements through the ages. This part will be attempted to highlight in this paper.

      K Sadaiah, V Narsimha Reddy, S Sudheer Kumar

Abstract: The present investigation has been undertaken in sweet corn to carry out the combining ability analysis and to estimate heterosis of yield and yield contributing characters. Eight divergent parents were selected and crossed in diallel fashion excluding reciprocals during kharif, 2010. The resulting 28 crosses along with parents and a standard check Sugar 75 and Madhuri were evaluated in Randomized Block Design replicated thrice, during rabi, 2010-11 at Agricultural Research Institute, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad. The data were collected on various agronomic characters in which emphasis was given to sugar content in the kernel in percentage. The combining ability analysis revealed importance of both additive and non-additive gene actions in governing the characters but non-additive gene action was found predominant. The parental lines 6072-3 and 6069 were contributed maximum favourable genes for character under study and can be given status of good combiners. The hybrids, 6072-3 x 6100-2, 6072-3 x 6069, 6104 x 6082 and 6127 x 6100 were the good specific combiners for sugar content in the kernel. Estimates of heterosis, heterobeltiosis and standard heterosis were variable among crosses in desirable direction and some of them turned out to be best specific crosses. The hybrids 6072-3 x 6069, 6072-3 x 6100-2, 6069 x 6122-1, 6122-1 x 6127, 6072-3 x 6127 and 6104 x 6082 performed well over standard Madhuri for sugar content in kernel. The identified four superior cross combinations (6072-3 x 6100-2, 6072-3 x 6069 and 6104 x 6082) in the present investigation, based on heterosis and combining ability, which performed well for sugar content in the kernel may be used as single cross hybrids after evaluation in multi-location trials.

      Dr. Anupama Singh

Abstract: Today quotas are being introduced in countries where women only constitute a small minority in parliament, and the world is witnessing historical transformations in women’s representation, for example from 19 per cent women in parliament to 35 in one election (Costa Rica) or 36 per cent women in the very first democratic parliamentary election (South Africa). Such great historical fundamental changes might not occur without quota provisions, but the focus here is on electoral gender quotas as a special measure to increase women representation. It is argued that a new international discourse on women in institutional politics is an important factor behind recent introduction of quotas all over the world, even in countries that previously had a very low representation of women. However, the fact that some countries have opened up for quotas, while others have not, and secondly, the fact that specific types of quota systems do seem to occur in regional clusters, all point to the need for contextual based research about what we will call the translation of this international discourse into individual countries and regions, and about the mechanisms behind the introduction of quotas nationally. The study will be done with a search light on situation in India and other political systems.

      Philip kamei

Abstract: T his paper is devoted to an overview of literatures so far review related to role of horticulture in relation to historical background, international, national, regional and state issues with special reference to Tamenglong district. Distinguished scholars, thinkers, horticultural scientists, government and non-governmental organization have mentioned on the importance of horticulture and its allied activities. Intensive and comprehensive overviewed is done concerning to hilly and mountainous regions along with rural development issues. This chapter tries to see the gap in the literature and also throw some light on the already existed literature on the topic of my research areas and an attempt is made to assess what is left undone, so that new things and current research issues can be connected with the present times. It also includes the survey account of ten villages in Tamenglong District, Manipur.

      Dr. Vishal Jindal

Abstract: Glaucoma is a multifactorial optic neuropathy characterized by retinal ganglionic cell death. Elevated intraocular pressure (IOP) is a recognized risk factor for retinal ganglionic cell degeneration in glaucoma, but is it the only cause of glaucoma? Do progression of glaucoma is fully controlled by controlling IOP? No. Today there are enormous pharmacological and surgical methods to control IOP, but still progression of glaucoma is uncontrolled. It is the need of an hour to work into deeper details of glaucoma, to find its associations and find new multidimensional approach to treat glaucoma. In this article, we found some associations of glaucoma with various age related disorders, and new treatment modalities. This will widen our horizon of thinking and will enable us to find better therapeutic ways to control glaucoma.

      Archita Agnihotri

Abstract: Vital signs are measurements of the bodys most basic functions. The four main vital signs routinely monitored by medical professionals and healthcare providers include the following body temperature, pulse rate, respiration rate (rate of breathing), blood pressure (Blood pressure is not considered a vital sign, but is often measured along with the vital signs.) Vital signs are useful in detecting or monitoring medical problems. Vital signs can be measured in a medical setting, at home, at the site of a medical emergency, or elsewhere. This paper aims at measurement of respiration rate using digital sensor extending the methods of measuring it with help of thermistor, chest expansion etc. The respiration rate is measured with the help of TMP100 a Digital temperature sensor which monitor the slightest change in temperature during inhale & exhale. Wireless GSM MODEM, which is serially interfaced with microcontroller, sends the collected data to the physician. The theory, design procedures, experimental results and discussions of these systems are presented.

      G.Ferdic Mashak Ponnaiah, Lt.Dr.Santhosh baboo

Abstract: Detection of Optic disc (OD) in a fundus image is one of the important step in the process of automated screening of diabetic retinopathy. Hard Exudates detection algorithms generally find lot of false positives at the OD region since the intensity and colour distribution of OD region will much resemble that of a Hard Exudates region. So, most of the Exudates detection algorithms will wrongly classify the pixels at the OD region as Hard Exudates or Soft Exudates. In our previous work, we used Genetic Algorithm(GA) to find the OD location and size and reduced overall time, even doing the search on the entire problem space. In this work we are going to remove false hard exudates and will improving Retinopathy detection accuracy using GA based automatic optic disc detection and removal method. We are going to use the outputs of baseline hard exudates detection method presented in the of DIARETDB1[8] for evaluating the improvement after the removal of false positives in the OD region. We will evaluate the improvement in performance using the more versatile metric ‘weighted error rate’ (WER). After removing false positives at OD region by manual removal method and the proposed automatic removal method, we will compare the results of baseline method for evaluating the improvement in classification accuracy.

      Sunil Kumar Tank, R. C. Chippa

Abstract: Bharatpur is the well known place because of “Keoladeo Ghana National Park” due to which it is a world fame tourist place. The present study deals with the water quality of Halena block in Bharatpur area, which is assessed by examine various physico-chemical parameters of open wells, bore wells and hand pumps. The studies reveal that the water of most of the sampling area is hard and contaminated with higher concentration of total dissolved solids.

      Vishal Pathak, Gurdeep Singh Sidhu

Abstract: An attempt is made to generate effective atomic number, exposure buildup factor (EBF) in the energy region 0.015-15.0 MeV up to a penetration depth of 40 mfp for some soils. The five parameters geometrical progression (G-P) fitting approximation has been used to calculate exposure build-up factor (EBF). The generated exposure buildup factors has been studied as function of incident photon energy & penetration depth and represented graphically.

      U. K. Sinha, S. P. Sharma, S. B. L. Seksena

Abstract: The heat extraction from the lower convective zone or storage zone of salinity gradient solar pond with corrugated bottom is investigated with the aim of increasing the overall efficiency of collecting solar radiation, storing heat and delivering this heat to different applications. The energy balance equations for each zone have been used to develop the expression of temperature distribution in the solar pond. Then this equation has been used to develop the equation for efficiency of the solar pond. The analysis is based on the boundary conditions at the interface between the zones and the matching conditions. In this method, heat is extracted from the storage zone of the solar pond. A theoretical analysis is conducted to obtain expression for the variation of temperature with depth of solar pond. The dependence of the energy efficiency of the solar pond on the thickness of storage zone, temperature of delivered heat, variation combinations of the pond and storage zone heat extraction only explored. The theoretical analysis suggests that heat extraction from the storage zone has the potential to increase the overall efficiency of a solar pond delivering heat at a relatively high temperature by up to 50 %, compared with the conventional solar pond method of heat extraction solely from the storage zone. The potential gain in efficiency using storage zone heat extraction is attributed to the storage zone that can be achieved with this method. The results are then obtained by computer simulation. The effects of system and operating parameters of the solar pond like area enhancement factor (β), heat extraction rate, heat capacity rate and depth of the pond on the temperature distribution and efficiency have been developed. It has been found that the temperature distribution in the solar pond is a strong function of system and operating parameters.

      Fatima Algunaid Hassan, Mai Mamoun Ali

Abstract: Survival of seedlings in arid and semi-arid zones plantation is strongly affect by localities requirements (soil ,moisture and climate) Many tree species are able to adapt themselves in response to these factors. Seeds from sand, clay and mixture soil (according to the main classification of soil in Sudan) which representing by sinnar, Kordofan and Southern Darfur States used for propagation of khaya Senegalensis for three months. The experiment was conducted at the nursery and was laid out in randomized block design with 8 replicates and the growth characteristics were measured on monthly bases The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of localities requirements in seedlings growth characteristics of khaya Senegalensis. The results show significant variation in growth and productivity, which found directly correlated to environmental conditions prevailing in each geographical area. It recommended that care should made not to transfer seed from one locality to another because each plant is adapted to its own specific climate condition and a wrong seed transfer may lead to serious losses of plant martial which may fail to grow successfully away from their natural habitats

      K.Sasirekha, P.Baby

Abstract: Clustering is a task of assigning a set of objects into groups called clusters. In data mining, hierarchical clustering is a method of cluster analysis which seeks to build a hierarchy of clusters. Strategies for hierarchical clustering generally fall into two types:Agglomerative: This is a "bottom up" approach: each observation starts in its own cluster, and pairs of clusters are merged as one moves up the hierarchy.Divisive: This is a top down approach: all observations start in one cluster, and splits are performed recursively as one moves down the hierarchy.

      Deepak Nayak M, Sushma V. Belurkar, Chethan Manohar, Niveditha Suvarna, Ruchee Khanna, Brij Mohan Kumar Singh, Kavita Gupta

Abstract: Introduction: Cryptococcal meningitis is a type of meningitis. It has conventionally associated with HIV infection. However, few cases are also described in patients with other forms of immunosuppression and in apparently immunocompetent individuals as well. Objectives: We reviewed 15 cases hospitalized and diagnosed with cryptococcal meningitis at Kasturba Hospital, Manipal in the last two years. We also compared the clinicopathologic characteristics of meningitis in HIV positive and HIV negative groups. Results: 9 of 15 patients with cryptococcal meningitis had been diagnosed with HIV, remaining 6 were HIV negative. The predominant clinical features in both groups were headache, vomiting and fever. The patients with HIV had the following features: more acute onset of signs and symptoms a higher mortality rate, low to normal leucocyte count with a predominance of neutrophils and an initial high cryptococcal antigen titre. The CSF glucose was low whereas the protein was elevated. The HIV negative group had a late onset of illness, higher leucocyte count with a predominance of lymphocytes and lower cryptococcal antigen titre. The CSF glucose and protein were normal. Conclusion: Both groups had a well-defined set of characteristics which could be useful in diagnosing and predicting the course of the disease.

      Dr.(Mrs).K.Udaya Chandrika, Mrs.C.Kalaiselvi

Abstract: Batch arrival feedback queue with additional multi optional service and multiple vacation is considered. All the arriving customers demand first essential service and only some of them demand second optional service. After the completion of second service, customer may feedback to the tail of original queue to repeat the service until it is successful or may depart forever from the system. If there is no customer in the queue the server goes on multiple vacation. Service times are gernerally distributed and vacation time is exponentially distributed. The time dependent probability generating functions has been obtained in terms of their Laplace transforms and the corresponding steady state results are obtained explicitly. Mean queue length and mean waiting time are computed.

      A. Ruby, S. Alfred Cecil Raj

Abstract: Single crystals of thiourea doped trisglycine zinc chloride (TuTGZC) were grown from aqueous solution by slow evaporation technique. Single crystal X-ray diffraction analysis reveals that TuTGZC crystals belong to orthorhombic system. Various diffracting planes of the grown crystal were identified from the powder X-ray diffraction study. The FT- IR spectral analysis confirmed the presence of the functional groups present in the grown TuTGZC crystal. Optical studies showed that the TuTGZC crystal has good transparency in the entire UV and visible range of the spectrum. The relative second harmonic generation (SHG) efficiency of TuTGZC crystal was found by Kurtz – Perry powder technique. Thermal stability and melting point of the grown crystal were found by thermal analyses. The mechanical strength of the grown crystal is estimated by Vicker’s micro hardness test.

      Sujeet More

Abstract: In recent technology smart card (Debit Card/Credit Card) is used for many of the activities such as marketing, online transactions, in ATMs etc. But due to theft/cracking of smart card passwords there would be an unusual loss of property. Hence in this paper i introduce some combinational techniques of securing the smart card using a biometric algorithm. This algorithm uses fingerprint recognition as a reliable method among biometric feature recognition technology which is widely applied in personal identification for the purposes of high degree of security that can be used to authenticate and secure the transactions using smart card.

      Sarada Jarupan

Abstract: In the present days, English communication becomes the international mass connection between people and organizations. The crucial barriers of the English communication would be low level of competency especially for non-native speakers. Developing language profiles of graduates for higher levels of speaking skills to serve the need of workplace in Asian Economic Communities becomes a high concern in many countries including Thailand as one of the providing strategies for ASEAN association. This study investigated and identified levels of English oral communication competency of civil engineering students at a Thai university of Technology with the proposing designed instrument based on the ESP theory aiming to search for specific points for further development. The informants were assessed with tasks composed of structured interviews with pictures to draw out the linguistic features in specific work context using the constructed rubrics. Finding revealed that the participants were ranged at the average level and their significant English oral competency deficiencies fall on grammatical errors and pronunciation and the use of L1 to communicate. However, the interaction aspect indicated that the students are able to interact and communicate in the specific work context if they have the technical content schema. To estimate the proposing tools, results revealed that the first set of the instrument used for signifying levels of English competency of the informants and the second set with scoring process and rubric evaluation to assess the students’ English performance noted in the first set appeared the reliability. Data from this research is used for implications and recommendations for developing the quality of Thai engineers.

      Ashok M Patole

Abstract: In the recent years there has been growing interest in plant diversity studies in general and floristic studies in particular Illustrations of plants are as old as human civilization and yet, there is ever greater need for good Illustration. Everyone including the specialist, knows that a good Illustration is far superior and more efficient in recognizing plants than lengthy descriptions, or even keys. The present work is a sincere attempt to provide an illustrative key to species of genus Datura Linn . Method includes ,Field study ,Herbarium study & Illustrations based on plant specimens. Besides the time consuming process of correct identification of plant species can be minimized, if such flora is easily accessible available at the nearest reference point.

      Nisha, V, Kumar, K. B

Abstract: Neuropsychological deficits have been found to underlie the developmental disorders of various skills. Studies conducted thus far suggest education based remedial training (EBRT) to be beneficial in overcoming the developmental skill deficits. Though, computer assisted cognitive training (CACT) has been found to be effective in enhancing various cognitive functions in cases of traumatic brain injury, stroke, schizophrenia, the effect of this intervention strategy has not been explored in helping children with specific learning disorders (SLD).The aim of the present study therefore was to examine the effectiveness of CACT when employed as an adjunct with EBRT in the management of children with Reading, Spelling and Arithmetic disorder. 10 children between the ages 8 and 15 years meeting at least one of the ICD-10 criteria for Reading, Spelling and Arithmetic disorder were sequentially assigned to either EBRT + CACT, or only EBRT. The training for both the groups was conducted in 8-12 sessions, spread over 2 months. Pre- and Post-assessment was conducted using NIMHANS SLD index. It was found that the adjunct intervention relative to EBRT was superior in augmenting various academic skills. However, these differences did not reach statistically significant level owing to smaller sample size. The use of CACT along with EBRT resulted in significant improvement in Spelling ability of the group undergoing the same. The CACT seems to have therapeutic potential in developmental disorders when combined with EBRT.

      Ninu Joy, Benny Cherian, Salice Peter

Abstract: This paper deals with Voltage and frequency controller for wind generating system with unbalanced linear loads. The proposed system is modelled and simulated in MATLAB using simulink .The controller that controls both voltage and frequency of an asynchronous generator along with its improvement of power quality. The proposed controller has bidirectional active and reactive power flow capability along with battery energy storage system by which it controls the system voltage and frequency with variation of consumer load.

      A.Arjuna, P. Somal

Abstract: The efficacy of three extraction methods for determining the lipid and fatty acid composition of M.ramanniana was studied. The extraction methods were chloroform:Methanol (2:1),Hexane:Isopropanol (3:2) and ethyl acetate. The total fatty acid composition varied in fungal cultures depending on the extraction conditions of the three methods chloroform:methanol (2:1) was found to be the best for extraction of lipid and fatty acids from M.ramanniana.

      Ranjini Kudva, Lakshmi Rao, Mohammed Musheb

Abstract: Peripheral primitive neuroectodermal tumor ( PNET )is now considered an entity of Ewings sarcoma / primitive neuroectodermal tumor family .PNET of the female genital tract especially vaginal and paravaginal region is extremely rare.We present a case of a 29 year old lady with a paravaginal PNET diagnosed on histopathology and confirmed with the help of immunohistochemistry. Awareness of occurrence of PNET at unusual sites such as vagina is required to distinguish it from other tumors and for appropriate management.

      Mrs. Meenakshi Choudhary

Abstract: The Indian retail industry continues its growth trajectory on to 2011. India has emerged as the hottest retail destination. Most of the organized retailing in India has started recently and is concentrating mainly in metropolitan cities. The growth of Indian organized retail market is mainly due to the change in the consumer behavior. This change has come in the consumer due to the increased income, changing life styles and pattern of demography which are favourable.Now the consumer wants to shop at a place where he can get food, entertainment and shopping, all under one roof. This has given Indian organized retail market a major boost. Shopping malls are the hot shopping destinations in new life style. Due to rapid retail boom, variety of malls has emerged. With this big ticket mall culture hitting the great Indian middle class, the days of pure shopping delight seems to be diminishing. Our study is on the ‘DB Mall’ that has recently come up in the city of lakes, Bhopal. It was delighting to study the shopper’s attraction and their views which concluded with a positive nod on mall culture in our tier II city.

      Kiran Boby, Prof.Acy M Kottalil, N.P.Ananthamoorthy

Abstract: The mathematical model of PMSM, using the powerful simulation modeling capabilities of Matlab/Simulink is implemented. The entire PMSM control system is divided into several independent functional modules such as PMSM body module, inverter module and coordinate transformation module and SVPWM production module and so on. The simulation model of the PMSM control system can be obtained by combining these modules. The main advantage of SIMULINK over other programming softwares is that, instead of compilation of program code, the simulation model is built up systematically by means of basic function blocks. With the simulation of the motor, we can analyse a variety of simulation waveforms and it provide an effective means for the analysis and design of the PMSM control system.

      M.Raju Naik(MS), E.Vijaya Kumar(M.Tech), B.Upender Goud(MBA)

Abstract: The projects objective is to study the role of Kanban in Production system. With the present rate at which the technology is evolving and the competition among the company there is a must among the manufacturer to produce their product at cost efficiency. The theory below hence describes about the impacts of KANBAN in an industry and its basic framework. In this paper we have talked about the Kanbans efforts on a multi stage in order to improve planning and production and role of Kanban size in Just in Time Manufacturing are discussed. The problem faced by a manufacturing company (Oral B) and how they overcame it by implementing Kanban with a great margin of profit is discussed briefly. Future trends in implementing Kanban such as digital and E-Kanban and also the scope of their effects is explained as a part of study. The scope of the project is limited to discussion of current and future Kanban strategy. This paper presents a case study of the use of an e-Kanban system to minimize operational and logistics issues for a parts supplier within the automotive industry. Measures of operations and logistics performance are examined both before and after the implementation of the e-Kanban system through a series of observations, in-depth interviews, and documentation reviews. The results indicated improvements in production lead times, financial costs, effective and efficient work processes, and reductions in waste. The enhancement of the e-Kanban system through radio-frequency identification (RFID) is also discussed.

      L. S. Patel, R. S. Patel

Abstract: Asparagus racemosus Willd. (Family Asparagaceae; Liliaceae), is commonly known as Satavari. It is Medicinal plant contribute in human health care system. Asparagus racemosus is recommended in Ayurvedic texts for prevention and treatment of gastric ulcers, dyspepsia and as a galactotgogue. It is also used successfully for nervous disorders, inflammation, liver diseases and certain infectious diseases. In the present study, we evaluated the antibacterial and antifungal investigations were carried out of the crude extracts obtained from the leaf of Asparagus racemosus Willd. using different solvents like Petroleum ether, Methanol, Chloroform, Acetone, Ethyl acetate and Water. The effect of different extracts were tested on Gram positive bacteria like Bacillus subtilis, Staphylococcus aureus and Gram negative bacteria E coli, Pseudomonas and the yeast Candida utilis. by in vitro agar well diffusion method. This study scientifically supports the usage of whole plant as a remedy for various superficial bacterial and fungal infections in traditional medicine. The results were discussed.

      Saim Hasan, Maheshwari T P

Abstract: Introduction: The liquid vaporizers are very commonly used as residential insecticides in developing countries. Neurotoxic effects of pyrethroids have been reported earlier but study regarding its direct effect on physical activity of albino rats are scanty. So the present study was planned to assess and compare the effects of long term prallethrin (a Pyrethroid) exposure on albino rats. Method: Twenty albino rats were divided into two groups of control and experimental. Rats in experimental group were exposed to 3.2% w/v prallethrin vapours 12 hours daily for 180 days. Control animals were kept under identical conditions without exposure to said repellent. The albino rats in experimental group were subjected to Spontaneous Motor Activity, Forced Locomotor Activity and Swimming endurance test to record their physical activity. Result: Significant changes in Spontaneous Motor Activity, Forced Locomotor Activity and Swimming Endurance Test were not recorded in prallethrin exposed rats as compared to control ones throughout the study. Conclusion: Lack of changes in the behavioural parameters as seen in our study may be due to difference in the route adopted and perhaps due to limited duration of exposure and high degree of adaptability of the animal to adverse insults.

      Jashma Suresh P.P., Prof. V. Chandrasekar

Abstract: In multihop cellular networks mobile nodes usually transmit packets through intermediate mobile nodes for enhancing performance. Selfish nodes usually do not cooperate which has a negative effect on the network fairness and performance. A fair, efficient and optimal incentive mechanism has been proposed to stimulate the mobile node’s cooperation. Hashing operations are used in order to increase the security. Trivial Hash function has been used to improve end-to-end delay and throughput. In addition Cyclic Redundancy Check Mechanism has been employed to identify the irrational nodes that involve themselves in sessions with the intention of dropping the data packets. Moreover, to reduce the collision at the Accounting Center a Border node has been entrusted the task of submitting the checks using a digital signature.

      Dr.Sathidevi.V.K, Dr. Sivadas.M.G

Abstract: OBJECTIVES - To identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of Government Medical College, Thrissur, Kerala and to identify factors to enhance the proper utilization of opportunities. METHODOLOGY – It is a cross sectional study done in Govt. Medical College, Thrissur. Twenty In-Depth Interviews were conducted with key informants for data collection. Purposive sampling was done. Data were collected using In-Depth Interview Guide, administrative & teaching reports, registers from hospitals and registers of students for results and analyzed both quantitatively and qualitatively. RESULT – Strengths found out were Adequate Teaching and Non-teaching staff as per Medical Council of India standards, Adequate Clinical Material, good quality UG & PG teaching, Excellent results, Better Patient Care Services, Excellent Operation Theatre Complex and Well Equipped Laboratories. Weaknesses identified were Lack of Academic Block and Inadequate Lecture Halls. The Opportunities are Functional Autonomy, Expand institution with more Specialties & Super-specialties, Enhancement of PG seats, Attract more funds and grants for Research and further development. The emerged Threats are Budget Allocation inadequacy, Beaurocracy and Water Scarcity during summer season. CONCLUSION - This SWOT Analysis was a Situation Analysis of our institution. The required facilities are compared with the norms and requirements of Medical Council of India considering it as the Gold standard.


Abstract: Most oil pumping units (OPUs) have been using manual control in the oilfield. This existing oil-pumping system has a high power-consuming process and needs more manual power. In this paper, a sensor network based intelligent control is proposed for power economy and efficient oil well health monitoring. This paper consists of several basic sensors such as voltage sensor, current sensor, oil pressure sensor, temperature sensor and gas sensor. These sensors are used for oil well data sensing, i.e. it senses and collects the data from the oil well. The sensed data is given to the controller which processes the oil wells data and it is given to the oil pump control unit which controls the process accordingly. If any abnormality is detected then the fault is informed to the maintenance manager. The malfunction is sent as an SMS to the manager’s mobile via GSM. Thus oil wells can be monitored and controlled from remote places.

      R.Meenaakshi Sundhari, C.Sundarrasu, M.Karthikkumar

Abstract: Even a small transition delays and little faults create major concern in digital circuits. It Produce greater impact on not only for simple memory but also for most of the memory applications. So, the majority logic decoders implemented with quasi cyclic LDPC codes are used to correct those problems in a digital circuit. In this technique majority logic decoder is used as fault detector due to usage of quasi cyclic LDPC codes the number of taps N can be reduced in the decoder to get minimum accessing time and lower area overhead.

      Nitika Nathan

Abstract: Vocabulary is a common word used in different contexts and in different situations. Vocabulary is the group of words that a person or group of people knows how to use it. Thus, vocabulary is a list or number of words that one knows and uses it regularly in daily life. This paper critically evaluates the importance of vocabulary for learners, various building strategies and activities involved in its learning.

      Prakarsh Mishra, Rajsh kr. Maurya, Dinesh Dwivedi

Abstract: As medicinal science heading towards the new discoveries, butthe trap of psychological disorders, kept questioning about the capabilities of medicinal science. They sinisterly kill people through their slow poisons like dementia, depression as well as in form different diseases like Schizophrenia, Alzheimer, Autism, Parkinson and many others. In our study we focused on analysis of two totally different diseases that are Alzheimer and Autism. Former one affect the old stage while later shows its presence in childhood stage of us Homo sapiens life. Many neurotransmitters, proteins and various chemicals play their different roles in these two disorders. But certainly Dopamine which is a monoamine synthesized from amino acid tyrosine is a common neurotransmitter play its vital role by varying its percentage in these two diseases. Due to dopamines soluble nature, in case of Alzheimer aggregates with beta-peptide while in Autisms case it affect the central nervous system (CNS). In between huge number of genes of Dopamine, we selected the Dopamine beta hydroxylase gene, which help in combining the study of Alzheimer and Autism together, using different Bioinformatics tools, and proteomic and gene expression analysis. On such basis, among Bos tarus, Rattus norvegicus, Mus musculus, Canis lupus, Danio rerio, Homo sapiens and Equus caballus, we determined the best model organism for Alzheimer and Autism and which may help in future aspects of pharmacogenomics & personalized medicines for both.

      Jubin James, Bobby John, Sijo M.T

Abstract: An attempt is made to solve problems in the process flow in an alternator production plant. The plant had to outsource their partially machined shaft for tapper grinding for a certain rating of alternator. A small study was conducted for identifying is there any opportunity to do the operation within the plant. Next approach was to solve the problem with in the plants available resource, with high quality and law cost. Machining time and labour cost was calculated. Finally the profit of the company for a certain period of time is calculated within the available datas. This attempt helped us to know about the production process of different rated alternators, working of different departments in the firm, problems faced by a company.

      M.Manoj Kumar, G.Srinivasa Raju

Abstract: Describe a software and hardware design solution of an embedded web-based remote monitoring system for the environment in the laboratories. Build an embedded web server to publish the data of sensor networks and video images to achieve remote monitoring which is based on Web Technology. Managers can monitor and control the equipments in the lab through a web browser which is cross-platform. The embedded database manages the data collected by sensor networks, realizing the local management of environmental data. The Laboratory Monitoring and controlling system was developed to implement early warning remote control, real time Monitoring and other functions in the laboratories, which can realizes the local management and remote publishing applications for large-scale dynamic data of sensors networks and video images by using different sensors and webcam ARM Intelligent Monitoring center uses Samsung’s S3C2440 processor as its main controller and Embedded Linux operating system. The experimental results show that the system designed implements safe and convenient remote monitoring and local management of the environment in laboratories and has high availability, reliability and popularization.

      Dr. L.Udayakumar

Abstract: The main concern of this article will be to discuss the reasons that led Wittgenstein to give up his earlier theory of meaning as advocated in the Tractatus.There is a specific problem relating to colour predicates, which initially led Wittgenstein to change his theory. As he realizes, his notion of elementary propositions which provide the foundation for his earlier theory of meaning, cannot be retained. It is thus felt that the problem posed by elementary propositions signifies the inadequacy of the earlier theory of meaning. On this consideration, Wittgensteins analysis of colour predicates assumes a paramount importance in the middle phase (during the period before investigation) of his philosophy. In this changed perspective, propositions are considered not in isolation, as in the case of elementary propositions, but as a system. Different propositions form a system of propositions. The idea of system of propositions…. has a lasting impact on the final stage of Wittgensteins theory of meaning. In fact, his main attempt to explain meaning in the light of Language-game as proposed in the Investigation can be shown to be a full-blown expression of the middle stage of his philosophy. In this discussion we will first see the problem of elementary proposition and second, Wittgensteins idea of a system of proposition. Finally, I will explain some important points relating to this issue. In the present discussion the above mentioned points will be discussed with reference to Wittgenstein Philosophical Remarks.

      Jacob George

Abstract: This article is an attempt based on common day experiences that something exists beyond the so called Intelligence of Brain (IoB) that helps us to act in situation. It also describes situations in which IoB enters into an open conflict with this so called new intelligence. This new thing has been traced to an extension of the well known Emotional Intelligence (EI) as well we make to classify the observable traits of the so called people. The key term used in this article is Wisdom of Heart (WoH). It’s a new term to denote this kind of people and its an extension of the common term EI. We classify these people under the head WoH people. I shall begin with some real life incidents that happened to me.

      S. Bhattacharya, Anugya Rastogi, Anupma Agarwal

Abstract: Every year, the world is hit by a large number of earthquakes, which result in enormous damage, not only in terms of mortality rate but also adversely weaken the socio-economical spine of any nation. Recent years have evidenced a comprehensive study about seismic activities and the various phenomena associated to such events. An interesting and relatively nascent subject related to earthquakes is the generation of Ultra Low Frequency and the Extremely Low Frequency emissions, that account for changes in the electric and the magnetic field prior to moderate as well as strong earthquakes. This paper attempts to emphasize on and discuss the association of ULF and ELF waves in context to the seismic activities. Also some of the intricate causes pertaining to generation mechanism of such electric burst are discussed.

      A Nirmala, C.Kumuthini, V.Sridevi

Abstract: The end-to-end nature of Internet congestion control is an important factor in its scalability and robustness. However, end-to-end congestion control algorithms alone are incapable of preventing the congestion collapse and unfair bandwidth allocations created by applications that are unresponsive to network congestion. To address this flaw, we propose and investigate a novel congestion avoidance mechanism called Network Border Patrol (NBP). NBP relies on the exchange of feedback between routers at the borders of a network in order to detect and restrict unresponsive traffic flows before they enter the network. An enhanced core-stateless fair queueing mechanism is proposed in order to provide fair bandwidth allocations among competing flows. NBP is compliant with the Internet philosophy of pushing complexity toward the edges of the network whenever possible. Simulation results show that NBP effectively eliminates congestion collapse that, when combined with fair queueing, NBP achieves approximately max-min fair bandwidth allocations for competing network flows.

      Aju Pius Thottungal, Sijo.M.T

Abstract: The objective of this paper was to investigate the various forging defects that occur in a forging industry that causes high rejection rates in the components and this paper describes the remedial measures that can reduce these defects in the hot forging. The investigation was done with the help of quality assurance department within the industry. The various defects that occur in the components during forging are identified. The result indicates that the rejection rate in the company was more than five percent of the total productions made each month. The defects in the forged components includes the lapping, mismatch, scales, quench cracks, under filling etc. In this paper, it describes the remedial actions that to be done inorder to reduce the rejection rates. The remedial actions includes the proper use of anti scale coating, venting process to prevent the under filling, the simulation software for determining the material flow, proper lubricant (espon lss) instead of furnace oil etc.

      B.Ganga Devi, S.Jayasudha

Abstract: This paper presents a low power design methodology for the Quasi Resonant Interconnection networks (QRN). This focuses mainly on reducing the power utilized at the receiver by replacing the existing delay element by a digitally controlled delay element. The analysis and design of the transmitter, receiver and the Interconnect and spiral inductor models are presented using 0.18µm CMOS technology. A very efficient reduction in power can be obtained by this method as about 0.12W is the power at the proposed receiver when compared to 50W in the existing receiver.

      S.Jayasudha, B.Ganga Devi

Abstract: Digitally programmable delay elements (DPDE) arerequired to be monotonic and low power. A lowpower digitally programmable delay element (DPDE) withmonotonic delay characteristics is proposed and a dynamiccurrent mirror together with a feedback technique enables acurrent-on-demand operation. The dynamic power is made proportional to the delay with a maximum of 25µW and static power is eliminated. DPDE is implemented with two new designs of CMOS digitally controlled oscillators(DCO).First design has been implemented withone driving strength controlled delay cell and with two NAND gates used as inverters. The second design with one delay cell and by two NOR gates is presented.

      Geetanjali R. Kshirsagar, Savita Kulkarni

Abstract: In this paper encryption and steganography algorithms are implemented using JAVA™ with android platform to provide the security for real time multimedia messaging service system. Establishing hidden communication for mobile has become an important subject of security. One of the methods to provide security is steganography. Steganography is used to hide secret information inside some carrier. To improve the security, encrypted secret data will be hidden inside MMS. The image is made to be hidden into image from MMS which provides more secured transmission than text information embedded into the MMS. The Least Significant Bit (LSB) embedding technique is used to hide the secret information (image). Different sizes of secret images are taken and later the calculations have been done for the PSNR (Peak Signal to Noise Ratio) of image in MATLAB. Encryption and steganography algorithms are ported on HTC Desire mobile device with android version 2.2.3.

      M. H. Gulzar

Abstract: In this paper we find some interesting zero-free regions for a certain class of analytic functions by restricting the coefficients to certain conditions. Our results generalise a number of already known results in this direction.


Abstract: The study examined the efficacy of cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) for the treatment of +1 girl students suffering from mild depression without psychotic features. The sample (N=14) of mildly depressed +1 girl students was arrived at using RBDI. The treatment group and waiting list control group had a sample size of 7 each. The cognitive behavior therapy was given for the treatment group three months which helped the participants to recover from the mild symptoms of depression. A post test employing RBDI revealed that there is significant positive change in the treated group with CBT.

      Mukesh Kumar Garg, Dharam Vir, Dr. S.K. Agarwal

Abstract: Mobile Ad Hoc Networks are formed by devices that are able to communicate with each other using a wireless physical medium without having a route to a preexisting network infrastructure.Mobile means moving and Ad Hoc means temporary without any fixed infrastructure so mobile ad hoc networks are a kindof temporary networks in which nodes are moving without any fixed infrastructure or centralized administration. In this paper, we evaluate simulation and analysis based performance comparison of reactive and hybrid routing protocols: we use performance metric for simulation number of hop count, number of routes selected, RREQ packets forwarded, RREP packets received and number of update Packets/Messages receivedby above routing protocols has been carried out using QualNet 5.0 Simulator. The result shows that neither of the protocol is best in all situations. For some parameters one outperforms the other and vice-versa for some other parameters.

      Ashok Kumar Gottipalla, N.M.S.Desai, M.Sudhakar Reddy

Abstract: It is to be to present the information about existing processes, standards, life cycle models, frameworks, and methodologies that support or could support secure software development. This includes software engineering process group (SEPG) members, software developers, and managers seeing information about existing software development life cycle (SDLC) processes that address security.

      Naveen Kumar, Garima Saini

Abstract: A low profile planar inverted-F antenna (PIFA) is proposed for mobile handset applications. The proposed antenna covers DCS-1800 & PCS-1900 bands. The antenna consists of a square planar element suspended above the FR4 dielectric substrate. The ground plane is on the bottom side of the substrate. Overall size of the antenna is 22*22*5.2 mm3 and is well suited for mobile handsets due to its low profile, small size, wide bandwidth and good gain. The antenna geometry, simulations of return loss, input impedance, VSWR & gain are also discussed.

      Ketaki Joshi, K.V Karthik, Syed Afroz Ahmed

Abstract: Obesity is one of the greatest challenges of our time affecting vast majority of population. It is a serious chronic disease that has numerous etiologies. The Human Adenovirus-36 (Ad-36) was first described in 1980, about the time that the prevalence of obesity began to increase. Support for Ad-36 being a contributor to the obesity epidemic has been accumulating over several years and has been shown to cause obesity in chickens, mice and nonhuman primates.The purpose of this study was to determine the prevalence of Ad-36 virus in obese and non-obese individuals. Plasma titers of Ad-36 virus were evaluated in 20 obese and 21 non obese individuals. Blood samples were obtained from obese subjects with BMI 27-34 and also from non-obese controls with BMI <27. Ad-36 titers were estimated using Real-time PCR SYBR green I fluorescence assay. Statistically increased titers of Ad-36 were found in obese subjects when compared to those of non-obese controls (p<0.001). Thus, in our study, titers of Ad-36 virus are increased in obese individuals suggesting that this virus may play a role in etiology of obesity.

      Dr. Shalini Srivastava, Dr. Sachin R. Dighe

Abstract: The American Psychiatric Associations Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV) defines insomnia as a complaint regarding the quantity, quality, or sleep timing at least 3 times a week for at least 1 month. In spite of presence of several treatment modalities, it possesses significant challenge in the development of effective treatment protocol of insomnia. The varied presentation of the disorder as well as uncertainty in efficacy and safety profile of treating agents complicates the scenario for physicians. There is an unmet medical need to develop an effective yet safe treatment option to address these multiple factors contributing to several aspects of insomnia. Materials and Methods: Twenty four subjects, diagnosed as case of insomnia as per The American Psychiatric Associations Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV). Guidelines were enrolled in case study. Nine subjects who completed the study were assessed to evaluate efficacy of the proprietary formulation E-IN-05 on improving the sleep quality; Sleep Onset Latency; Sleep Efficiency; Sleep Duration and Day Enthusiasm level. Result: Six weeks administration of E-IN-05 yielded an overall improvement. The mean sleep quality improved from 2.4 (0.52) on Day-0 to 0.89(0.78) on Day-42.Sleep efficiency increased to 69.48(. 9.22)Day-42 as compared to that of 46.6(10.76) on Day-0. The mean sleep latency reduced from 81.1(18.83) mins at Day 0 to 40(14.79) mins at Day 42.The initial sleep duration score of 3(0) at Day 0 gradually improved to 1.78(1.3) at Day 42. The mean enthusiasm level in the study population on Day – 0 was calculated as 0.66 (0.5) which increased to 2.22 (0.97)at the end of the study. Conclusion: Six weeks administration of E-IN-05 yielded a significant improvement in several aspects of Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index score namely Sleep quality, Sleep efficiency, sleep latency and day enthusiasm level.


Abstract: Machine learning and data mining retort heavily on a large amount of data to build learning models and make predictions. There is a need for quality of data, thus the quality of data is ultimately important. Many of the industrial and research databases are plagued by the problem of missing values. A variety of methods have been developed with great success on dealing with missing values in data sets with uniform attributes. But in real life dataset contains heterogeneous attributes. In this paper, apart from the overview of imputation, then discussing about the proposed work i .e a new setting of handling missing data imputation (that is imputing missing data in data sets with mixed attributes and also in clustered data sets only with continuous attributes) in non-parametric mixture kernel based.

      Nithiya Amirtham .S, Dr.K. Saraladevi

Abstract: Studies have suggested that relaxation therapy can help children with ADHD to reduce their hyperactivity. This study aims to find out the changes on the absolute power of alpha and theta brain waves of Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder-Hyperactive Impulsive (ADHD-HI) case and attention factors are also analyzed by applying relaxation therapy as an intervention programme. The experimental sample for the present study was a single ADHD-HI case and control group for comparison with quasi experimental approach. Brain waves of the control samples including the experimental case were recorded for pre test using Electro Encephalogram (EEG) along with attention scores and relaxation therapy was given for the experimental case alone and post test was recorded on brain waves and attention scores again. Statistical analyses were done on the different brain waves. It is found that increase in alpha, theta and attention scores of the ADHD-HI case.

      Dr. S. Titus, B.J.Vinothbabu, I. Maria Anton Nishanth

Abstract: With the ever increasing complexities in power systems across the globe and the growing need to provide stable, secure, controlled, economic and high quality power especially in the deregulated power market. It is envisaged that FACTS controllers will play a vital role in power systems. This paper investigates the improvement of transient stability of a test system under three phase fault using facts devise. TCSC- Thyristor Controlled Series Capacitor and STATCOM- Static Synchronous Compensator are utilized as a series and shunt compensation respectively. UPFC-Unified Power Flow Controller is considered as a shunt-series compensator.

      Dr. Merlin Thanga Joy, R. Melba kani

Abstract: The commodities that are being produced by cottage industries are basically consumable ones and are produced through the utilization of the traditional techniques. Cottage Industry especially started its function in the country sides of a country where unemployment along with under-employment are prevalent. Thus, this industry helps the economy by absorbing a huge amount of surplus labor of the rural economy. Another glaring feature of Cottage Industry is that it is not a mass producer of commodities. The main risk that is being faced by this industry is from the factory based medium or large industries which are again capital intensive in nature. This is because of the fact that these large industries utilize all sorts of cost effective technologies which enable them to supply the products at low price. On the other hand, The Cottage Industry is basically labour intensive and utilizes traditional techniques in production process which are generally not cost effective in nature which escalates the price of their product. The products supplied by the Cottage Industry thus face risk of extinction if they dont receive enough financial or other form of support from the government.

      Chander Bhal Roy

Abstract: Scrap tires are being produced and accumulated in large volumes causing an increasing threat to the environment. In order to eliminate the negative effect of these depositions and in terms of sustainable development there is great interest in the recycling of these non hazardous solid wastes. The potential of using rubber from worn tires in many civil engineering works have been studied for more than 20 years. Tire wastes can be used light weight material either in the form of powder, chips, shredded and as a whole. Applications of tire rubber proven to be effective in protecting the environment and conserving natural resources. They are used above and below ground water. Many work regarding the use of scrap tires in geotechnical application have been done especially as embankment materials (Ghani et al, 2002) The reuse application for tire is how the tire are processing basically includes shredding, removing of metal reinforcing and further shredding until the desired materials are achieved. A passenger car tire contains approximately 26% carbon black, 47% natural rubber, 30% of synthetic rubber. India is fabricating one lakh metric ton of recycle rubber which is sold@ Rs 70 per Kg.

      Midhun Baby Neerkuzhi, Jenson Joseph E

Abstract: Raw materials are commonly stored inventories or work in process inventories. These inventories are handled by employees include engineering team,raw material management team, and bottom level workers. Engineers are doing the technical as well as R&D task of raw materials. Management teammanages the raw materials in an economic way to avoid shortage. Workers employ physical means to get desired properties and desired shapes ofthe raw material. Lack of attention of any ofthe employee will badly affect the companys performance. This paper introduces a raw material management system using employees attention. It is an integrated coding method. Three letters are used to represent each raw material, first alphabet is for R and D team, second alphabet is for raw material management team and last alphabet for thebottomlevelworkers. This integrated coding system will give an idea about how much attention is required to be given to each item by each employee.

      Dr. Rantu Gohain, Mrs Pranami Handique, Mr. Abhijit Borpuzari

Abstract: Illegal immigration from Bangladesh to Assam has been a burning problem and is adversely affecting the economy and social environment; creating law and order problem wherever they are present in sizeable number. It is due to both pull and ‘push’ factors. Foremost among these are the economic factors (like better employment opportunities in India) while the poverty, subsistence living, ravages caused by flood and other natural calamities in Bangladesh act as push factors. The data provided in the study indicates that if necessary steps are not taken immediately, Assam, the elder sister of North-East India would loss its identity from the map of India very soon. To meet the problem, a few suggestions are forwarded in this paper.

      Arpit Singhal, Vignesh S. Subramanium

Abstract: The impact attenuator [7] is an energy absorbing device installed forward of the front bulkhead of the car with the function to absorb energy and to protect the driver from a sudden change of momentum experienced during an event of a collision. It achieves that by deforming plastically and absorbing a part of the total energy involved during a collision. Aim of this paper is to provide innovation towards the usual and conventional Honeycomb Structured Attenuators for FSAE cars, and testing its effectiveness with drop weight test analysis providing average deceleration impact of vehicle to be less than 20g, which is required according to FSAE design rules.

      Mahesh Goparaju, S Mohan

Abstract: Image compression is one of the major image processing techniques that is widely used in medical, automotive, consumer and military applications. Discrete wavelet transforms is the most popular transformation technique adopted for image compression. Complexity of DWT is always high due to large number of arithmetic operations. In this work a modified Distributive Arithmetic based DWT architecture is proposed and is implemented on FPGA. The modified approach consumes area of 6% on Spartan 3 FPGA and operates at 134 MHz. The modified DA-DWT architecture has a latency of 44 clock cycles and a throughput of 4 clock cycles. This design is twice faster than the reference design and is thus suitable for applications that require high speed image processing algorithms.

      Hari Narayanan Soundararajan, Eidur Agustsson, René Alexander Díaz Martinez, Andreas Westergren, José Luis González-Conde Pérez

Abstract: Oobleck is a non-Newtonian fluid made of cornstarch and water, easily made and biodegradable. The aim of this research article is to evaluate the performance of Oobleck as a packaging material and compare it with Polyethylene, the most common packaging material in use today. To compile this article, a review of literature in the field of packaging material was done, leading to the design and realization of a simple experiment to make a comparison. The result indicates that Oobleck may possess better packaging shielding than the conventional methods of packaging.

      UrjashreePatil, RajashreeShedge

Abstract: With the rapid development of high-speed and Computational resources Load Balancing has become a necessity in emerging distributed environment to address the inherit heterogeneity in computing resources. From two load balancing strategies static and dynamic, dynamic strategy is efficient for these systems. In dynamic also the centralized dynamic approach limits the scalability with the load balancing unit itself becoming a bottleneck. Conversely, the decentralized dynamic approach though overcomes the above problems, suffers from increased communication overhead. The hybrid dynamic approach which uses centralized and decentralized strategy suffers from bottleneck and communication overhead problem for large number of system. In this paper we propose the design of a simple yet effective improved hybrid dynamic load balancing algorithm that overcomes the limitations of hybrid dynamic algorithm and performs competitively for heterogeneous system having large number of heterogeneous nodes.


Abstract: This paper describes a predictive model for acoustic transverse transmission loss from ducts with flat oval configuration of finite length. The transmission mechanism is essentially that of mode coupling, whereby higher structural modes in the duct walls get excited because of non-circularity of the wall. Effect of geometry has been taken care of by evaluating Fourier coefficients of the radius of curvature. Emphasis is on understanding the physics of the problem as well as analytical modeling. Effects of the flat ovality, curvature have been demonstrated. With Anechoic termination, progressive approach modeling has been adopted in this paper.

      Mr. Dishek Mankad, Mr. Preyash Dholakia

Abstract: Data ware housing is a booming industry with many interesting research problem. The data warehouse is concentrated on only few aspects. Here we are discussing about the data warehouse design and usage. Lets look at various approaches to the data ware house design and usage process and the steps involved. Data warehouse can be built using a top-down approach, bottom – down approach or a combination of both. In this research paper we are discussing about the data warehouse design process.

      AenaPundir, Sana Farista, Afroz SA

Abstract: Calcifying fibroblastic granuloma is a relatively rare ginigval overgrowth that is considered to be reactive rather than neoplastic in nature. It is a benign fibro-osseous lesion of the jaws consisting of cellular fibroblastic tissue containing rounded or lobulated masses of calcified cementum like tissue. In this article, we present a case of 32 year female with an intra oral swelling on the labial aspect of 32 & 33, appearing to originate from the marginal gingiva & interdental papilla. The swelling was sessile, mobile, non-tender, firm in consistency with an irregular surface. The colour of the gingiva was normal with slight ulceration. The swelling was excised & sent for histopathological examination. Based on clinical, radiologic and histopathologic findings a final diagnosis of calcifying fibroblastic granuloma was made.

      Oyas Ahmed Asimi, N. P. Sahu, A.K. Pal

Abstract: Solvent extracts of five Indian spices viz., Turmeric, Cinnamon, Cumin, Ginger and Garlic were examined for their antioxidant activity and antimicrobial activity. The antioxidant capacity of the spice extracts were found in descending order: Cumin>Garlic>Cinnamon>Turmeric>Ginger by DPPH method, Garlic>Cumin>Turmeric>Ginger>Cinnamon by FRAP method and Turmeric>Cinnamon>Garlic>Cumin>Ginger by TPC method. Cinnamon had the highest antimicrobial effect (12mm) at maximum concentration on the growth of bacterial strains Vibrio vulnificus and Micrococcus luteus followed by cumin (9mm), Garlic (8mm), Ginger (8mm) and Turmeric (7mm). These results indicated that the spice extract supplement is promising as a prophylactic for fish health improvement.

      M. K. Mishra, T.Abirami, S.Raja Soundarya, R.RajaSulochana

Abstract: The purpose of the present paper is to classify among different age group of the patients and their symptoms of breast cancer through the mammographic images under single dieses and to determine appropriate therapeutic action. This also helps to diagnosis of diseases which having the same symptoms. This paper deals with knowledge based expert systems which have been developed for the diagnosis of diseases based on the symptoms obtained from the interaction and observation from the patient. The diagnoses are vague or uncertain for the treatment so there is a requirement of fuzzy. An example of Brest Cancer and other group of diseases is taken where the retaliated diagnosis is approach to fuzzy logic.

      M.K.MISHRA, S.Mohanraj, T.Yazhini, K.Vijayasri, R.Gomathi

Abstract: Now a day, due to status symbol everyone is trying to purchase their own four wheelers. All the vehicles run by Petrol, Diesel, and CNG etc. Mostly the people prefer the AC vehicle, in these vehicles’ the rate of fuel consumption is high and also extracting huge amount of heat from the atmosphere. It often happens during rainy season, in heavy traffic area the pollution level is very high if the engine is ON for long time the vehicles are on standing mode. Then due to this reason the toxic gas is emitted inside the vehicle that is injurious to the health of human. In this paper, we are planned to fuzzy logic to make a one gazette which controls the emission of toxic gases, smoke inside the vehicle and avoid drunken drive. Sometimes during the long drive or whole night driving driver may feel sleepy which is also dangerous for passengers, through the blinker system and eye lid blinking if the count is less ,then auto alarm which may indicate the toxic gas ,smoke level through alarm sound must be made alert for drivers and passengers. And if the driver is drinking then through the control unit the vehicle door is not opening and if door is not locked then engine is not ignited. If the toxic gas level is increasing then through auto control system the window will open while the level is decrease then it may be closed.

      R.Parvathi, S.Thilagavathi, K.T.Atanassov

Abstract: Directed hypergraphs are much like standard directed graphs. In intuitionistic fuzzy directed hypergraphs, like directed graphs, standard arcs connect a single tail node to a single head node, hyperarcs connect a set of tail nodes to a set of head nodes. In this paper, the isomorphism between two intuitionistic fuzzy directed hypergraphs is discussed. The condition for two intuitionistic fuzzy directed hypergraphs is isomorphic also discussed and some of its properties are also analyzed.

      Mofidul Islam, Parthankar Choudhury, P. C. Bhattacharjee

Abstract: In India, the Hoolock gibbon, Hoolock hoolock, is found only in a small part in the northeast, south of the Brahmaputra River and east of the Dibang River. The Hoolock gibbon, a canopy dependent species, occurs in some reserve forests of Cachar district of Barak Valley, Assam. but its numbers is declining due to habitat loss and hunting. They are now surviving in some isolated pockets in the reserved forest areas, where they are occur in scattered groups and fighting for survival. A status survey was done in the Inner line reserved forest and its adjoining areas from July 2010 to Dec. 2011. Ten family groups and thirty-three individuals made up the total count. Of these the adult males and females comprised of 54.54% while the sub-adults, juveniles, and infants were 27.27%, 12.12% and 6.06% respectively. In activity budget, maximum time (%) spent in feeding i.e. 23.30% followed by foraging (27.90%), resting (23.50%), calling (3.10%) and others (13.20%). Adequate protection of existing protected areas, ban on timber logging, control of jhum cultivation and poaching, and conservation education/awareness and mass involvement of the local communities can help this valuable species to survive in their natural habitats in Barak Valley, Assam. The present paper deals with the population status and activity budgeting of Hoolock Gibbon in the Inner line Reserve forest and its adjoining areas of Cachar district of Barak Valley, Assam.

      Mridula Dube, Preeti Tiwari

Abstract: A C2 rational quadratic trigonometric spline interpolation has been studied using two kinds of rational quadratic trigonometric splines. It is shown that under some natural conditions the solution of the problem exists and is unique. The necessary and sufficient condition that constrain the interpolant curves to be convex in the interpolating interval or subinterval are derived. approximation properties has been discussed and confirms the expected approximation order is h2.

      Mr. Preyash Dholakia, Mr. Dishek Mankad

Abstract: In the present scenario all software systems are because they cannot be built with mathematical or physical certainty, Hence in this research paper the comparison of various software development models has been carried out. According SDLC e ach and e very model have the advantage and disadvantage so in this research we have to calculate the performance of each model on behalf of some important features. The concept of system lifecycle models came into existence that emphasized on the need to follow some structured approach towards building new or improved system.

      M. K. Mishra, M. Shukla, U. Aarthi

Abstract: In this paper we extend the concepts of rw super closed sets and rw super continuous mappings in fuzzy topological spaces and obtain several results concerning the preservation of fuzzy g- super closed sets. Furthermore we characterize fuzzy rw super continuous and fuzzy rw- super closed mappings and obtain some of the basic properties and characterization of these mappings.

      M.K.Mishra, P.Jananidurga, S.Siva, U.Aarthi, S.Komal

Abstract: In recent years, robots have been applied at different domains to co-ordinate collaborative behavior in distributed systems and providing a powerful basis for proactive applications of complex nature, especially in large scale disasters requiring complex tasks to be performed by groups under extreme time and resource constraints. Now a days robotics technology is became very popular in all fields of human life. Thats why Robotics was chosen as a focal point of this paper of its potentially transformative role both in a positive and negative way in addressing a wide range of development challenges, from climate change, healthcare, and agriculture to housing, transportation, and education. Yet while there is little doubt that technology will continue to be a driver of change across the developing world in the future, the precise trajectory along which technological innovation will travel is highly uncertain. A robot is a machine designed to execute one or more tasks repeatedly, with speed and precision. An important aspect of robotics security systems is surveillance of specified area. All of these tasks are performed mostly by human and trained dogs, often in very dangerous and risky situations. This is why since some years mobile robots have been proposed to help them and to perform tasks that neither humans, dogs nor existing tools can do. Finally, the paper provides new avenues for effective utilization of automation and robotics through mapping of best practices ,through we try to introduce the fuzzy based interesting application of robotics in disaster management and as well as for security purpose. The robot is controlled by pc or mobile phone. These works mainly focus on target perception and identification and robot localization.

      DharamVir, Dr. S.K. Agarwal, Dr. S.A.Imam

Abstract: A Mobile Ad-hoc network (MANET) is a self-organizing and adaptive in environment. A MANET consists of a set of mobile nodes that have to collaborate, interact and communicate to complete an assigned operation. These applications have need of Quality of Service (QoS) parameters such as: minimum hop path, minimum transmitted energy path, residual energy, bandwidth, throughput and power to be adequate so that a reliable and trustful connection between participating nodes is maintained. The proposed work on the performance analysis of low bandwidth and power constraints of nodes, being used in the mobile ad hoc network and design its basic structure and evaluates the outcome of same; on a designed simulator in MATLAB-7.0 and studies its performance on various inputs, like as number of nodes, transmission range, transmission radius of each node throughput and number of iterations. Simulation results show that the number of hop-counts decreases as we increase the percentage of low down bandwidth nodes in the network, it was also concluded that the throughput rate decreases as we increases the number of low down bandwidth nodes in the network.

      Shrinidhi Shetty, K.S. Sreepada, Rama Bhat

Abstract: Bat guano is known to contain all the macro and micronutrients that plants require in a natural form and hence ably serve as plant fertilizer, soil builder, soil cleanser, fungicide, nematocide and compost activator. In ancient times it was used in agricultural practice as manure but with advent of chemical fertilizers its usage became less popular. Health menace created by chemical fertilizers is again polpularizing organic farming but bat guano is still not popular among the farming community since no explicit work on its plant growth promoting activity has been done. Hence the present study was undertaken to study the effect on the growth of Vigna radiata seedlings using Megaderma lyra guano from two different geographical locations (Yennehole and Varanga) in different quantities (soil: guano; 20:1, 20:0.5, 20:0.1) and in two types of soil (Autoclaved and Nonautoclaved).NPK content of guano was also analysed using standard techniques. The results clearly indicated that the M lyra guano was rich in Phosphorus content and comparing the guano from two locations the Varanga guano was found to be higher in its nitrogen content. Plant growth assay indicated that guano from Yennehole was found to be better as manure compared to that from Varanga. Likewise bat guano was required in a very small quantity to increase the efficiency of plant growth. Amendment of both types of soil with bat guano from both locations showed good growth at soil: guano ratio of 20:0.5.

      AparnaRathore, Yogesh.T.Jasrai

Abstract: Biodiversity is the variability among living organisms, including genetic and structural difference between individual and within and between individual and within and between species. Biodiversity plays a direct role in climate regulation. Biodiversity conservation will lead to strengthening of ecosystem resilience and will improve the ability of ecosystem to provide important services during increasing climate pressures. This review basically focuses on the importance of biodiversity, the consequences faced by the plants, animals, humans and ecosystem owing to the global warming and climate change and the possible mitigation and adaptation strategies in terms of biodiversity conservation which can protect the planet from the consequences of climate change.

      K. Ramesh Babu

Abstract: The present study aimed to establish the information on protozoan diseases in Black tiger shrimp Penaeus monodon during the year 2012. Due to high levels of ciliate infestations can affect respiration, feeding, growth, survival and also irritation behaviour of larvae (zoea, mysis and post larvae) was observed. Protozoan diseases in P. monodon was global problem in hatcheries mainly affect the eggs and larval stages. In current study we found different variations of ciliary infections were observed throughout the year (2012), we also concentrated on some physical parameters like PH, Temperature ( to C), and salinity (ppt), variations of these parameters will affect the larval growth and survival rate in hatchery system.

      Rajshree, Pradeep Kumar

Abstract: T he history of education is the history of teaching and learning. Each generation, since the beginning of human evolution and writing, has sought to pass on cultural and social values, traditions, morality, religion and skills to the next generation. The history of the curricula of such education reflects human history itself, the history of knowledge, beliefs, skills and cultures of humanity. Teaching is a triangular process wherein instructional objectives, learning experience and evaluation procedures lie inseparably interwined. In this process, evaluation occupies a pertinent position as it provides constant feedback on the quality of course content, teaching- learning process and advancement of learner’s performance.

      J.Narendra Babu, M.Nageswariah, S.Shajahan, A.Maheswari

Abstract: The removal of unwanted vibrations in a video sequence induced by camera motion is an essential part of video acquisition in industrial, military and consumer applications. In this paper, we present a new image processing method to remove such vibrations and reconstruct a video sequence void of sudden camera movements. This approach to separating unwanted vibrations from intentional camera motion is based on a block matching motion estimation framework. The estimated parameters of interframe camera motion are the noisy observations of the intentional camera motion parameters. Video stabilization algorithm consists of a motion estimation (ME) block and a motion correction (MC) block. ME estimates the motion between frames and can be divided as a local motion estimator and a global motion decision unit. Basically the local motion estimator will return the estimated dense optical flow information between successive frames using typical block-based methods. The global motion decision unit will then determine an appropriate global transformation that best characterizes the motion described by the given optical flow information. Finally MC warps the current frame using the filtered global transformation information and generates the stabilized video sequence.

      Divya T. Dharan, G. Prasad

Abstract: Ascidians are rich source of bioactive agent which could be used for novel antimicrobial drugs. Ascidians are belongs to phylum chordata and class ascidiacea. In the present study a compound ascidia Aplidium multiplicatum, collected from Vizhinjam, south west coast of India was assayed for their antibacterial activity against six human bacterial pathogens. The antibacterial activity of crude extract of ascidians showed inhibitory activity against all six species. The crude methanol extract was more active exhibiting a broad spectrum antibacterial activity than the crude ethanol and acetone extract against each of the bacterial species tested. In antibacterial activity the gram negative bacteria Pseudomonas aeruginosa showed most sensitive against 12.0533± 0.010116 mm A.multiplicatum in crude methanol extract. And the minimum zone of 1.06± 0.121244 mm in K.pneumoniae in ethanol extract. The corresponding zones of ethanol extract produced a maximum zone of 10.3533± 0.7274 mm in Proteus mirabilis and acetone extract produced a maximum zone of 10.143± 0.1266 mm against Pseudomonas aureus. These results indicated that the ascidian A.multiplicatum is found to have remarkable antimicrobial activities against isolated microbes. Further, studies will fulfill for purification and structural elucidation of antimicrobial drugs.

      Anup Prabhu, Jai Naik, Kushaal Nayak, Anjyot Talauliker, Samarth Borkar

Abstract: In this paper a comparative study is has been done on JPEGmini (online service for compressing images) and a proposed algorithm for image compression. We are focusing on the Quantization method in image compression which results in the actual reduction of the size of the image. The proposed algorithm is based on modifying the Quantization method. Performance will be analyzed based upon the compression ratio and the image quality.

      A. Singaravelan, A. Manikandan

Abstract: Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks is a part of wireless ad hoc network that it has the characteristics of high node mobility and fast topology changes. The Vehicular Networks can provide wide variety of services, ranges from safety and crash avoidance to Internet access and multimedia applications. These vehicular communication problems include network architecture, protocols for physical and link layers, routing algorithms, as well as security issues. In this paper, we deal with the multiple issues in the vehicular ad hoc network communications and solution about these problems.

      Muzaffar Rasool Mir, M. Z. Chishti, Majidah Rashid, S. A. Dar, Rajash Katoch, J. A. Kuchay, J. A. Dar

Abstract: The present study was carried out to determine the prevalence of gastrointestinal helminthiasis in large ruminants (cattle and buffalo) in Jammu area of J&K, India. For this purpose, 310 faecal samples were collected from cattle and buffalo from different areas of Jammu. Parasitological procedures used for the identification of helminthes were direct and indirect methods. The overall prevalence of helminthiasis was 51.29 % (67.15% in case of cattle and 38.72% in case of buffaloes). Helminthic infection was recorded throughout the year with seasonal variations.

      Ms. Aruna Gupta

Abstract: Authentication has become integral part of 90% of web sites. The major issue in web authentication is the limitation of human memory to remember the password string for longer period. Almost all websites are still using traditional recall-based textual password to identify their remote users. Vulnerability of this authentication mechanism due to the sophistication of online identity theft has led to the increased scope for the studies of recognition-based web authentication. This paper discusses the web authentication using graphical password built over the virtual environment. It examines the security threats associated with poor authentication practices of the Web and why is the need for businesses to strengthen web authentication. The paper also proposes a new approach for delivering one-time passwords using mobile phones.

      B. Balaji Reddy, M.M. Gopi

Abstract: Untouchable is Mulk Raj Anands first novel and it brought to him immense popularity and prestige. This novel shows the realistic picture of society. In this novel Anand has portrayed a picture of untouchable who is sweeper boy. This character is the representative of all down trodden society in pre-independence of India. . With Bakha, the central character, there are other characters who also suffer because of their lower caste. The present paper of us is concerned with evils of untouchability and the need for radical empathy.


Abstract: Now a days library are not a store house of information, but treated as information dissemination centers. In academic libraries, librarians play a role of a teacher. Here he knows the information needs of students and motivates them towards their resources and also helps them how to access the resources. This paper discusses the role of Libraries in shaping the Engineering students. The authors have conducted researches in the Engineering Students and have come to the conclusion library science as a subject by the user may be said to be indispensable for the effective and efficient utilization by the user.

      Dr. S. Titus, B.J.Vinothbabu, I. Maria Anton Nishanth

Abstract: Wind is a copious vital source of energy which is complimentary and a fabulous gift of Mother Nature. The escalating levels of wind generation have resulted in an urgent appraisal of their impact on frequency control of power system. Despite the consequences of wind turbine technology, The main intention of this paper is to counterpart the generated frequency from the existing system along with the GRID side frequency which has an unremitting variation due to the loads connected besides the GRID. This frequency disparity is the major concern in today renewable energy system and is particularly true in portable wind mill applications connected with the grid. So a frequency control scheme using integrated grid inverter for such wind mill applications is being discussed in this paper.

      Archana B. Dhole, Prof. Nitin J. Janwe

Abstract: Visual Cryptography is a new Cryptography technique which is used to secure the images. In Visual Cryptography the Image is divided into parts called shares and then they are distributed to the participants. The Decryption side just stacking the share images gets the image. The initial model developed only for the bi-level or binary images or monochrome images. Later it was advanced to suit for the Colour Images means Gray Images and RGB/CMY Images. For the RGB/CMY Images different methods are developed based on the colour decomposition techniques.

      Asha Embrandiri, Mahamad H. Ibrahim, Rajeev P. Singh

Abstract: Palm oil contributes about 19% of worldwide vegetable oil production with Malaysia accounting for over 50% of total production. Due to the global rise in crude oil prices, scientists have been forced to look for cheaper alternatives and palm oil has provided the right platform. This in turn led to an increase in the oil plantations and production in countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. Palm oil contains a number of vitamins, carotenes, fatty acids, sterols, pigments, and some other components enabling its wide application in the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries. Palm oil production is an integrated process with several stages starting from good cultivation practices for fruits of high oil content followed by a number of integrated processes for maximal separation and utilization of each oil fraction. The various processing phases generate several by-products which if not dealt with in a scientific manner could lead to deterioration in the ecosystem. In this paper we shall discuss the various on- going researches regarding the use of Palm mill wastes and suggestions on uses of this valuable crop and its by-products as a future to agriculture and a sustainable environment in Malaysia.

      Mostofa Kamal Nasir , A.K.M. Kamrul Islam, Mohammad Touhidur Rahman, Mohammad Khaled Sohel

Abstract: Vehicular Adhoc NETworks (VANETs) have the high potential in commercial value and application prospect. For VANET have some specific security requirements so the routing protocols and security schemes in ad hoc networks not adapt to VANETs. As the vehicle move very quickly, hence it’s necessary to a new security scheme for VANETs. In this paper we discuss the necessary requirements for security and safety in VANETs. We give detail taxonomy of security in VANET. Also describe the privacy and authenticity issue of vehicle to vehicle and vehicle to infrastructure and defined the problems of protecting privacy in VANET.

      Tom Jose V, Binoy Boban, Sijo M T

Abstract: A slab of concrete harnesses kinetic energy whenever it is stepped on. This energy, created by 5 millimeters of flex in the material, is then either stored by lithium polymer batteries contained within the slabs or transmitted immediately to streetlights or other electronics located close by. The current model, made from stainless steel, recycled car tires and recycled aluminum, also includes a lamp embedded in the pavement that lights up every time a step is converted into energy (using only 5 percent of the generated energy).

      Tom Jose V, Akhilesh Jayakumar, Sijo M T

Abstract: Every organization needs inventory for smooth running of its activities. It serves as a link between production and distribution processes. The investment in inventories constitutes the most significant part of current assets and working capital in most of the undertakings. Thus, it is very essential to have proper control and management of inventories. The purpose of inventory management is to ensure availability of materials in sufficient quantity as and when required and also to minimize investment in inventories. So, in order to understand the nature of inventory management of the organization, In this paper we analyzing different inventory control techniques for efficient inventory management system.

      Pankaj Deshmukh , Siraj Pathan , Riyaz Pathan

Abstract: The aim of this paper is to propose a new method in fingerprint enhancement with application of wavelet transform which is more efficient than existing methods. At present the methods that are in use are the ones involving the use of Gabor filtering and Fourier filtering. But the accuracy of these techniques is far from satisfactory. A new technique is being proposed that incorporates wavelet transform and Gabor filtering. The performance of this technique is being discussed in the paper.

      Topu Choudhury

Abstract: Human Rights are a universal phenomenon because rights have been imbibed in our society over the years. It has been realized that without human rights we cannot live as human beings. These rights are necessary to ensure the dignity of every person as a human being irrespective of one race, religion, nationality, language, sex or any other factor. The concept of Human Rights is based on the assumption that human beings are born equal in dignity and rights. It was after the two world wars that the necessity for promoting and promoting human rights was felt seriously, and the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on 10th December 1948. This declaration provides that all men and women are entitled to civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights without any discrimination. Human rights education is not something like consideration of abstract ideas reflecting certain generous ideas. It is naturally to be adapted to the specific needs of every human being by providing one with norms, values and criteria to which one can refer to in the course of daily life. This paper tries to present Human Rights Education as a means of ensuring the observance of human rights and at the same time UGCs approach towards human rights.

      Sonal Job

Abstract: The spectrum licensing issues and interference at unlicensed ISM bands limits the market penetration. Though emerging license-free bands appear promising, they still have certain bandwidth and range limitations. The advantage of FSO communication over Fiber Optic communication (FO) is that, there is no time and money wasting trench digging involved, for laying the optical fiber cables underground and no acquiring of road digging permission from the municipality , because the optical carrier signal travels through the atmosphere. Optical wireless (FSO) can augment RF and milli meter wave links with very high (>1 Gb/s) bandwidth. In fact, it is widely believed that optical wireless is best suited for multi-Gb/s communication. As this is a telecommunication technology that transmits data in the form of optical signals across the air and, as such, can be considered as a wireless (line-of-sight) transmission system; which is being capable of handling data rates at the Gbps level, does not require licensing, and can be deployed at one-fifth of the cost of fiber; also, the narrow beams employed in the transmission of signals are very difficult to be affected by jamming ,interception or interference. This article reviews the FSO Link suitability for achieving reduced error communication. With its high-data-rate capacity and wide bandwidth on unregulated spectrum, FSO communication is a promising solution for the “last mile” problem, however its performance is highly vulnerable to adverse atmospheric conditions. A number of phenomena in the atmosphere, such as absorption, scattering, and turbulence, can affect beam attenuation, but in the case of wavelengths typical of FSO systems operation, only scattering and turbulence are appropriate to be taken into consideration.

      C.G. Deshmukh, R.S. Bahekar

Abstract: The newly established ovarian cell line of Bombyx mori, DZNU-Bm-12 was tested for its susceptibility to homologous nucleopolyhedrovirus, BmNPV. The BmNPV was serially passaged in the cell line for five times along with the other four cell lines Bm-1, Bm-16 and Bm-17 which is established in our laboratory and Bm-5 is a widely used cell line. All the cell lines are susceptible to BmNPV. The overall range of BmNPV infection during serial passaging was more than 90% was observed in Bm-1, Bm-5 and Bm-16, whereas in Bm-12 and Bm-17 it was between 77 and 89%. The average number of OBs/infected cell was 16-19 in Bm-1, Bm-5 and Bm-16 but in Bm-12 it was 9-13 and only 7-8 in Bm-17.

      M. Mary Jansi Rani

Abstract: Cyclic Codes Of Lenth N Over GF(q) q – Cyclotomic Cosets Modulo N And Application Of Burnside’s Lemma

      Dr. Rajwinder Singh, Dr. H.S. Sandhu, Dr. B.A. Metri, Mr. Papampreet Singh

Abstract: Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to produce the findings of a research project seeking to develop and validate a model for measuring supply chain performance of organized garment retailing in India. Design/methodology/approach – The paper draws its conclusions from an analysis of survey data from samples of Indian organized garment retailing practitioners and consultants. The pre-pilot and pilot survey has been done to improve the questionnaire. Later, large scale survey is used to classify key performance indicators and structural equation modeling has been used to develop and validate a model for measuring supply chain performance of organized garment retailing in India. Findings –The twenty key performance indicators have been arranged to measure the supply chain performance of organized garment retailing. The first most important group of key performance indicator is inventory metrics with seven indicators in this node. This nodal point needs to be supported by another supply chain node, i.e., flexibility metrics with three indicators. Also, keeping in view the customer requirements, customer metrics have developed another nodal point for assessing supply chain performance. This nodal point has the support of six performance indicators. The stakeholder metric presents the final nodal point for assessing supply chain performance. This nodal point uses four indicators and projects the monetary outcome of the business. Research limitations/implications – Larger-scale empirical studies are required from the top management for enhanced validity. In particular, the explicit comparison of the supply chain performance of major firms is recommended for future research. Also, there is a need to compare organized and unorganized garment retailing sector for gap analysis. Originality/value – This is the first study to systematically develop and validated a model for measuring supply chain performance of organized

      Monica B. Harjani, Dr Samir M. Gopalan

Abstract: While searching for information about cloud computing over the internet, I came across different computing keywords such as Green Computing and Mobile Computing. After so much of research on all these terms I myself tried to have the clear vision about them. This paper will help the researchers and administrators to have a clear understanding of Green Computing and Mobile Computing and the differences between Green Cloud Computing and Mobile Cloud Computing. It also defines the security issues and the solution methods to these issues.

      Prof. R.T Nakhate, Prof. B.B Lonkar

Abstract: Offering strong data protection to cloud users while enabling rich applications is a challenging task. We explore a new cloud platform architecture called Data Protection as a Service, which dramatically reduces the per-application development effort required to offer data protection, while still allowing rapid development and maintenance.

      Shruti N. Pardeshi

Abstract: Software testing is a process used for evaluating an attributes or capability of program and make sure that it meets the requirements. Now-a-days testing becomes an very important activity in terms of exposure as well in terms of security, performance and usability. If we consider hardware and software licenses, the testing is too expensive task for user. For the automation of Software testing, several tools are available in the markets that are described further in paper.

      Nayana P. Mahajan, Dr. S.B. Deshpande

Abstract: DC motors have been widely used in the electromechanical systems due to its simple structure, ease of implementing variable speed control and low cost. In high accuracy servo control system, high control performance of DC motor is needed. DC motors have traditionally been modelled as IInd order linear system, which ignores the dead nonlinear zone of the motor. Unfortunately, the dead zone caused by the nonlinear friction would bring great effect to servo systems. This paper studies the non linear model of the DC motor and the effects of different types of friction in determining motor dynamics at low speeds using modelling and simulation with MATLAB simulink.

      S V Subrahmanyam, M. M. M. Sarcar

Abstract: The main objective of this work is to demonstrate the optimization of Wire Electrical Discharge Machining process parameters for the machining of H13 HOT DIE STEEL, with multiple responses Material Removal Rate (MRR), surface roughness (Ra) based on the Grey–Taguchi Method. taguchisL27(21x38) OrthogonalArray was used to conduct experiments, which correspond to randomly chosen different combinations of process parameter setting, with eight process parameters: TON, TOFF, IP, SV WF, WT, SF, WP each to be varied in three different levels.Data related to the each response viz. material removal rate (MRR), surface roughness (Ra) have been measured for each experimental run; With Grey Relational Analysis Optimal levels of process parameters were identified. The relatively significant parameters were determined by Analysis of Variance. The variation of output responses with process parameters were mathematically modeled by using non-linear regression analysis. The models were checked for their adequacy. Result of confirmation experiments showed that the established mathematical models can predict the output responses with reasonable accuracy.

      S. Manikandan, R. Srikumar, P. N. Ruvanthika

Abstract: Background: Role of youngsters in voluntary blood donation is crucial to meet the demand of safe blood. Therefore understanding the various factors contributing to knowledge, attitude and practice of Voluntary Blood Donation (VBD) among youngsters is important. Objectives: The present study aims to assess the level of knowledge, attitude and practice regarding blood donation among the health care medical students. Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted among 400 health care medical students from Tagore Medical College and Hospital, Matha Medical College and Research Institute, and Tagore Dental College and Hospital Chennai, Tamil Nadu, South India using a structured survey questionnaire. Results: Overall knowledge on blood donation among respondents was 35.65%, majority of the participants (89.25%) never donated blood in which few of the non-donors had negative attitude (36.41%) like blood donation leads to weakness (12.61%), anemia (19.61%) and 4.2% of non-donors felt that blood donation leads to reduced immunity. Majority of non-donors showed positive attitude (63.59%) by expressing their willingness to donate blood if they were asked to donate blood (32.21%), about 7% of the non-donors don’t know the importance of blood donation and 24.37% of non-donors don’t know where to donate blood. In this study10.75% of students had donated blood only once, in which 34.88 % of blood donors said no privacy was provided while donation, few (11.63%) had experienced some discomfort after donation and 53.49% of respondent said that they have not tried again. Conclusion: The present study recommends that even student community needs to be educated about the importance and health benefits; awareness and motivation of blood donation on regular basis and addressing the problems faced during blood donation will strengthen the recruitment and retention of blood donors to donate blood on regular basis.

      Dr Sukhdeo Sao, K Prasada Rao

Abstract: Due to the opening or closing of circuit breakers and disconnect switches in Gas Insulated Substations (GIS), especially in the pumped storage power stations, Very Fast Transient Over-voltages (VFTO) are generated. This paper describes the 500 kV and 750 kV GIS. The variations of VFTO magnitudes at different points in 500 kV and 750 kV GIS during different switching operations have been calculated and compared by using Mat lab/Simulink. In this paper the effective factors on the level of VFTO is investigated and the beneficial approaches for the industry to finding the optimum approaches for VFT mitigation is presented. These factors are included residual charges, resistance, spark resistance and entrance capacitance of transformer.

      Ipsita Panda, Bulu Maharana, Durllav Charan Chhatar

Abstract: This paper analyses publication and citation patterns in the Journal of Information Literacy (JIL) an open access journal from 2007-2012. The results show that the number of research articles 68 (51.9%) is highest among other types of publications such as book reviews 36 (27.49), conference papers 27 (20.61%), etc. A majority of contributions 94 (71.75%) emanating from UK and other countries have very meager contribution. Almost all the papers 124 (94.65%) are from academic institutions and a very few papers 7 (5.35) are from non-academic institutions. The citations demonstrated that individual research 90 (68.7%) is much higher than collaborative research. So far as profile of the authors concerned, almost equal number of faculty members and professionals contribute to JIL. The journal maintains all the features in terms of content, structure, citations, credibility of authorship, etc. to be considered as an international journal especially devoted Information Literacy. However, there no information regarding the indexing services which include the journal.

      Vasuki Soni, Mordhwaj Patel, Rounak Singh Narde

Abstract: This paper contextualizes an idea of implementing an Interactive touch sensitive user interface. It is an optical touch sensing technique and architecture that allows precision sensing of hands, fingers, and other objects within a constrained 2-dimensional plane. This paper gives the details of the touch panel - a hardware and software based architecture for multi-touch sensing. This is a flat-panel optical multi-touch scheme using a linear array of modulated light receivers which surround the periphery of a display to detect touch. It is a point-to-point visual hull sensing technology, meaning it uses much of modulated infrared sensors and many IR LEDs [4] (940nm) to create a series of invisible light beams that cross the screen. When these beams are being interrupted, it means something has touched the screen, and we can visualize interruption of the beams to reconstruct the visual hull of any objects inside the sensor frame. This way the touch interrupt occurred is first transformed into an image with several scan lines and then many such images make a video clip (which contains the information of the touch point/ Blob) which is theninterfaced with the Image processing software for the Blob detection [15] and Mouse cursor control [17].

      Mr.Pavan G. K, Dr. Nagarekha Kulkarni

Abstract: Dengue is the most prevalent mosquito borne world wide disease, representing a major social, economic and health burden to many countries. Platelet transfusion is given in those patients who is either bleeding or having haemorrhagic symptoms along with thrombocytopenia. The study was conducted in the Vijayanagar Institute Of Medical Sciences (VIMS), Blood Bank, Bellary between September 2012 to November 2012 for a period of 3 months. A total of 264 patient attenders were interviewed who had come to the blood bank with a requisition for platelet concentrate. By seeing the locality and monthly income, 190(72%) of the individuals belonged to low-socioeconomic group and 74(28%) belonged to high-socioeconomic group. Public health educational campaign targeting hot-spot areas could be a logical approach to minimize the impact of the disease. Judicious use of platelet concentrate is suggested as the disease is more prevalent in low-socioeconomic group.

      Shazia Parveen, Syed Afroz Ahmed, Shahela Tanveer

Abstract: Oral submucous fibrosis is a chronic debilitating disease of oral mucosa and is characterized by generalized fibrosis of the oral soft tissues which tends to present itself clinically as palpable vertical fibrous bands. Traditionally, stains such as van- Geison and various forms of trichrome have been used to detect collagen fibres in tissues. Thick and thin collagen fibres play a vital role in maintaining connective tissue integrity. However, both these stains fail to reveal thin collagen fibres. A special stain- picrosirius red stain (PSR) that stained both thin and thick collagen fibres was used in this study. Thus, the present study is to demonstrate the orientation and color of collagen fibres in different grades of oral sub mucous fibrosis and normal mucosa and observed under polarized microscope. However, correlation to the grading of OSF will help in determining the changes in the connective tissue which precedes the neoplastic change in epithelium.

      Dr Vidya C. S, Dr N.M. Shamasundar, Dr Saraswathi G

Abstract: Introduction and objective: The mastoid air cell system represents a more or less extensive system of interconnecting air filled cavities arising from the mastoid and walls of middle ear. Based on the density of mastoid air cells it has been described as sclerotic (absence of pneumatisation), diploic type (partially pneumatised), pneumatic (totally pneumatised). The pneumatised type were further described as squamomastoid, perilabrynthine, petromastoid and accessory (occipital). The knowledge regarding the status of pneumatisation of mastoid process is very essential for otologists while performing surgeries like cochlear implant, drainage of mastoid abscess, middle ear surgeries Materials and method: In the present study 50 dried skulls of south Indian origin (males =28 , females = 22) of age more than 50 yrs were studied in detail by computerized tomography. Hence details regarding pneumatisation were observed in 100 mastoid processes. The extent and type of pneumatisation were recorded and analysed. Results: observations revealed incidence of squamamastoid type was seen in 74 cases, petromastoid type in 12 cases, perilabrynthine in 12 cases , sclerous type in 2 cases and accessory nil. Conclusion: Mastoid process is frequently approached by otologists to perform mastoidectomy, cochlear implant placement in neural deafness and in some of the middle ear surgeries.

      Suresh R.Rijal , Ms.Sharda G. Mungale

Abstract: Multiplication is frequently required in digital signal processing. Parallel multipliers provide a high-speed method for multiplication, but require large area for VLSI implementations. In most signal processing applications, a rounded product is desired to avoid growth in word size. Thus an important design goal is to reduce the area requirement of the rounded output multiplier. This paper presents a method for parallel multiplication which computes the products of two n-bit numbers by summing only the most significant columns with a variable correction method. This paper also presents a comparative study of Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) implementation of 8X8 standard and truncated multipliers using Very High Speed Integrated Circuit Hardware Description Language (VHDL). Truncated multipliers can be used in finite impulse response (FIR) and discrete cosine transforms (DCT). The truncated multiplier shows much more reduction in device utilization as compared to standard multiplier. Significant reduction in FPGA resources, delay, and power can be achieved using truncated multipliers instead of standard parallel multipliers when the full precision of the standard multiplier is not required.

      Amenla Nuken, Laishram Ladu Singh

Abstract: The present study assesses the prevalence and pattern of risk-taking behavior among youth aged 15-24 years in Dimapur, Nagaland. Using a self administered questionnaire, we collected information on risk-taking behavior from 300 youth. Simple bivariate analysis was used in the study. Prevalence of current use of tobacco and alcohol use is high among youth. It is observed that young people start initiating into risk-taking behavior, early, during their teenage years. Initiating to smoking behavior is found to happen earlier than initiating into alcohol use or initiating sexual act (18.2 years). There is a gender differential in terms of engaging in risk-taking behaviors. Boys are found to initiate into risk-taking behavior earlier than girls and represent more in risk-taking behaviors. Childhood exposure to alcohol use is also found to be significantly associated with alcohol use pattern. Programs should aim at reducing early childhood exposure to alcohol by addressing the avoidance of consumption or use of alcohol in the presence of childhood. There should also be programs that educates youth about various adverse effects of engaging in risk-taking behavior and to impart refusal skills.

      Vijay Kumar, Dr R.K.Pandit

Abstract: Solid waste refers to the refuse , the solid and semi solid waste matters of a community except the night soil . Solid waste contains organic as well as inorganic matters . Solid waste management includes the entire process of dealing with solid waste ,starting from the collection from the primary source to ultimately disposing off it hygienically, so that it may not be a nuisance or create any harmful effect on near by community .The solid waste management involves , management at waste generation level , storage at the source of generation , primary collection , street cleansing , temporary storage at locality level , regular and periodic transportation of this temporarily collected waste to disposing sites and treatment plants. As per Municipal solid waste Management and Handling rules -2000 , solid waste management is in the obligatory function of urban local bodies , but in actual practice the solid waste management is given the last priority and the duties are either not performed or poorly performed consequently the city has to face numerable problems related to environment and sanitation . As per the reports of the committee constituted by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India in March 99 , the lack of financial resources , inefficient institutional arrangement , inappropriate technology , weak legislative measures and unawareness in public towards solid waste management has made the service most unsatisfactory and inefficient . The solid waste management approach in India is extremely inefficient , using old and obsolete system , technology for storage collection processing ,treatment and disposal . There is no formal organized system of segregation of biodegradable and non biodegradable solid waste . The recovery

      K.M.Prabhakaran, A.Karthika

Abstract: In many high speed Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and multimedia applications, the multiplier plays a very important role because it dominates the chip power consumption and operation speed. In DSP applications, in order to avoid infinite growth of multiplication bit width, it is necessary to reduce the number of multiplication products. Cutting off n-bit Less Significant Bit (LSB) output can construct a fixed width multiplier with n-bit input and n-bit output. However, truncating the LSB part leads to a large number of truncation errors. In order to avoid truncation error, error compensation circuit is designed with less truncation error and less hardware over head. A new error compensation circuit by using the dual group minor input correction vector to lower input correction vector compensation error is proposed. As compared with the conventional multiplier, the proposed fixed width modified booth multiplier performs not only with lower compensation error but also with lower hardware complexity, especially as multiplier input bits increase. In the proposed fixed width multiplier, the truncation error can be lowered compared with the direct truncated multiplier and the transistor count can be reduced compared with the full length multiplier.

      Srividya.R, Dr.Ramesh

Abstract: In today’s world we are faced with many different types of emergencies in the indoor environment. Response to such emergencies is critical in order to protect resources including human life. With advancements in wireless communication and the development of multifunctional sensors, has lead to the birth of a new technology named Wireless Sensor Networks. This paper, presents an emergency response system which is easy to deploy and with low cost and the flexibility of reporting emergencies to the users in various forms, such as live streaming video feeds on a computer screen, an audio alert using APR 9600 and also a mobile device is used to set or reset any specified parameters of devices when required. In this paper we present a design for such a system using temperature sensors as a proof of concept. The design for this system can be realized using Adhoc Network protocols.

      Moulika Grandhi, B.Anantharaj

Abstract: The cloud data processing is the vision of the data processing as value, in which cloud consumer possibly its data into the cloud environment over enjoying the first-class quality servers and the fast nets, into which applications store and into the services of a divided pool of configurable operational resources. The advantages of the cloud data processing technology of the cloud cover need self-service mode, everywhere net entrance, independent resources of the location, which combine, fast resource elasticity, wages per the use, which on price estimation - resides, the transfer of the risk, etc... It is large flexibility and economic savings is motivated individuals and the enterprises to outsource to their local complex cloud data environment administration system in the cloud. The security of the data in the cloud is at present a very hot topic. Most enterprises, which still possess sensitive metadata, hesitates „handed over “its data to the cloud. Data security is one of the principal reasons for this dislike. However substantial security is to guarantee resources, which use and therefore expensively. On the other hand it gives customers, who demand only warranties of basic security, since their data are less sensitive. This project can have taken place in two parts: like a first part of the project for the analysis of the present problems and the approaches of data security in the cloud; and as the second subproject for a detailed analysis of the development of a model for the treatment of data security in the cloud.

      Vireshkumar G. Mathad, Basangouda F. Ronad (Member IEEE), Suresh H. Jangamshetti (Senior Member IEEE)

Abstract: In recent years, power demand has increased substantially while the expansion of power generation and transmission has been severely limited due to limited resources and environmental restrictions. Transient stability control plays a significant role in ensuring the stable operation of power systems in the event of large disturbances and faults, and is thus a significant area of research. Flexible AC transmission systems (FACTS) controllers have been mainly used for solving various power system steady state control problems. FACTS devices are capable of controlling the active and reactive power flows in a transmission line by controlling its series and shunt parameters. This paper presents a review of comparison of different FACTS controllers in the power system for stability enhancement. Benefits of FACTS controllers to power system are also discussed.

      Derick Mathew, Mohanraj M, Midhun Raju

Abstract: A modified resonant transition switching technique for Buck converter using coupled inductor is proposed in this paper. The principle of operation of this converter is analysed in detail. An additional winding is added on the same core of the main inductor for the purpose of commutation. By using current control, Zero Voltage Switching (ZVS) conditions are ensured over wide load range. The main inductor current is kept in continuous conduction mode (CCM) with small ripple, which allows high output power and small filter parameters. Also, the switching frequency is kept constant when load changes. The simulation results are presented and they verify the analysis.

      Dhiren kumar das

Abstract: Calculation of the Gravitational Constant

      A.Sindhuja, B.Sri Nandhini, S.Bharathi, I.Kalaimathy

Abstract: Today, the Internet has melted into our daily lives with more and more services being moved on-line. While we enjoy the convenience, we are putting ourselves at risk. Most current commercial websites will ask their users to input their user identifications (IDs) and corresponding passwords for authentication. Once a users ID and the corresponding password are stolen by an adversary, the adversary can do anything with the victims account, leading to a disaster for the victim. As a consequence of increasing concerns over such risks, how to protect users passwords on the web is becoming more and more critical. To solve this we propose an hybrid authentication system with fingerprint using Efficient Biohashing algorithm to maintain very low error rate than existing algorithms and text compression using AES algorithm.

      G.S.Nixon, Dr.B.S.Mohanty, S. Godwin Barnabas, S.Manikandan

Abstract: Low carbon steels are widely used for structural applications because of its ease in fabrication and the moderate strength it posses. However, its pure corrosion resistance at normal atmosphere is a matter of serious concern.

      Prof. Nikhat Raza Khan, Mr. Raghvendra Singh Tomar

Abstract: In this paper, we introduce a novel encryption algorithm based on Fibonacci numbers. In addition, novel bit-plane decomposition for Fibonacci weights is also discussed that offers cryptographic benefits. The new lossless image encryption algorithm is presented can encrypt an image using this new decomposition method for privacy protection. Further, it has two levels of encryption that could address both pay-per-view applications or secured communication simultaneously. Simulation results and analysis verify that the algorithm shows good performance in image encryption.

      Mrs.Mahmooda, M.Vinod Kumar Reddy, Sagar Nayakanti

Abstract: Spectrum analysis is very essential requirement in instrumentation and communication signal interception. Spectrum analysis is normally carried out by online or offline FFT processing. The Goertzel algorithm is a digital signal processing (DSP) technique for identifying frequency components of a signal. While the general Fast Fourier transform (FFT) algorithm computes evenly across the bandwidth of the incoming signal, the Goertzel algorithm looks at specific, predetermined frequency. The FPGA being capable of offering high frequency data paths become suitable for realizing high speed spectrum analysis algorithms. The objective of this thesis is implementing Goertzel algorithm as high Q band pass filter on FPGA reconfigurable architecture. A digital frequency synthesizer produces frequency sweep which will drive the digital mixer. The digital mixer output is given to the Goertzel algorithm block. This algorithm output will be given to peak detection logic. The peak detector block output will be used for spectrum computation. The top level module integrates all these modules with appropriate clock and control circuitry. The results will be demonstrated by applying the deterministic signals such as sine wave and also with random band limited signals. It will be aimed to achieve 32 steps in the band of operation for spectrum computation on Spartan 3E low cost FPGA.

      Mr. Murlidher Mourya, Mr. P.Krishna Rao

Abstract: Mining of frequent item sets is one of the most fundamental problems in data mining applications. My proposed algorithm which guides the seller to select the best attributes of a new product to be inserted in the database so that it stands out in the existing competitive products, due to budget constraints there is a limit, say m, on the number of attribute that can be selected for the entry into the database. Although the problems are NP complete. The Approximation algorithm are based on greedy heuristics. My proposed algorithm performs effectively and generates the frequent item sets faster.

      Bhakte D.B, Prof. Vharkate M.N

Abstract: This paper also proposes a generic framework for monitoring continuous spatial queries over moving objects. The framework distinguishes itself from existing work by being the first to address the location update issue and to provide a common interface for monitoring mixed types of queries. We propose algorithms for query evaluation/reevaluation and for safe region computation in this framework. In this paper we address two issues first issue We show that existing approaches may fail to provide spatial anonymity for some distributions of user locations and describe a novel technique which solves this problem and second issue We propose Prive, a decentralized architecture for preserving the anonymity of users issuing spatial queries to LBS. Mobile users self organize into an overlay network with good fault tolerance and load balancing properties. The most important concept of PAM, it is used to the frequently encountered type of query in geographic information system is to find the k nearest neighbor objects to given point in space. In a mobile service scenario, users query a server for nearby points of interest but they may not want to disclose their locations to the service.

      Dr Jyoti Rokade, Dr Shilpa Date, Dr V.D.Mule

Abstract: Aims and objectives- To study the trends of induced abortion at district hospital, to study the determinants of induced abortion, to reduce the factors responsible for induced abortion. Material and methods – Retrospective study of 10 year duration of patients undergoing induced abortion .Total 1212 patients were studied. Key words – induced abortion, health education, women’s autonomy. Conclusion-Except medical grounds all other grounds can be minimised to significant extend. It requires vigilance, health education, sex education, and couple counselling.

      R.Anurekha, A.sivasankari

Abstract: Fetal ECG is an important parameter in medical field. Fetal Electrocardiogram (FECG) identifies the congenital heart problems at the earlier stage. Fetal Electrocardiogram (FECG) signal is extracted from blood pressure mothers abdomen. FECG signal is recorded at the thoracic and abdominal area of blood pressure mothers skin. The thoracic ECG is considered to be completely maternal ECG (MECG) of blood pressure mother. The abdominal ECG is considered to be a combination of blood pressure mother’s ECG signals and foetus ECG signals and random noise. The maternal component of abdominal ECG is a nonlinear transformed version of the Maternal ECG. The method Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) is used to identify the nonlinear transformation of maternal ECG. For identifying the nonlinear transformation and the FECG is extracted by subtracting the non linear version of the MECG signal from the abdominal ECG signal. ANFIS is trained with particle swarm optimization for better quality of signal. This method can be validated on both real and synthetic ECG signals. The results demonstrate the effectiveness of extracting the FECG from blood pressure mothers maternal ECG.

      Chandrama Goswami, Manisha Bhattacharya

Abstract: Income is the most crucial index for accelerating economic growth and development in any meaningful developmental strategy. In the Indian socio-economic context, income generation assumes great significance for women, especially rural women. Women constitute more than fifty per cent of the worlds population, one third of the labour force, and perform nearly two thirds of all working hours. Womens income in a family is of paramount importance for nutritional, economic and educational upliftment of the family. Changing times has brought new interests and responsibilities into a womens life and it is now admitted that womens income is indispensable not only for survival of individual families but for maintenance of wider socio-economic system (Batish and Naurial, 2003).

      Miss. Farhana Altaf Qureshi

Abstract: Saraiki region possesses an ancient history, primeval civilization and cultural heritage. This soil has connections with at primordial era when even the human civilization had not awakened. When the man was inhibiting his dwellings on the banks of the river and watercourses, then the man of earlier period made inconsistent advancement towards the civilized life. Then the human civilization development stared dreaming about civilization and culture the initial stages of awareness in the nomadic life after getting out of the dark and narrow caves, then as a step of development not only the process of agriculture forced the man to abandon nomadic life but also gave them a sense of protection and security from the unfavorable conditions of hunting, the feeling of insecurity and the struggle for his survival. Afterwards he implemented the milk of cattle, honey, fruits, and vegetables as alternative food for the meat of hunted animal: And adopted it as a source of economy on addition to alternative food. The necessity of human indigence, instinct and collaboration brought the human beings, victim of the scattered man in search of hound, close to each other to lay foundations of a human society with the vision of an earlier collective and integrated human congregation. Hence the man advances towards the destiny of evolution and civilization by crossing over the various stages cultural development through wisdom of wakefulness. The entry into the era of agriculture and later on through the discovery of fire, access to the age of copper and bronze, the formulation of the rules and regulations after coming out the earlier traditions and customs, earlier domain of economic, political, trade and social factors presented the human civilization and culture in a universal and interconnected form. As a consequence of this factor the great civilizations of Egypt, Mesopotamia and Indus valley got birth. It was the miracle of this human evolution that the art and craft also commenced

      Gourav Kumar Thakur, Kawal Lal Kurrey, Abhishek Bhushan, Sandeep kashyap

Abstract: This paper described the combustion characteristics of pulverized coal injection (PCI) in the blow pipe tuyere assembly using injection patterns are simulated, to improving the practical performance of the blast furnace. In these study a three dimensional mathematical models has been developed based on computational fluid dynamics software gambit & fluent. The model was capable of handling steady state, three dimensional multi phase flow of pulverized coal injection. The model was applied to simulate the flow pattern of the pulverized coal inside the tuyere. The information including mean temperature distribution and combustion characteristics has been obtained in details.

      Dr. (Mrs) Indira Sharma, Meeta Verma

Abstract: Nature is so fascinating and embodies the spirit of its creator. The soft green leaf moving gently in the breeze, the drop of dew quivering on the petal of a rose, all are so enthralling, No less in the child with his hazel eyes, silken hair, rosy cheeks, toothless mouth and tender skin. His father the man too is very handsome and perhaps most unique creation of God. God has created all things alone with nature as well as man. Man depended, depending and would depend on the plants, animals and other natural resources for food, clothing, housing, medicine and what not! But unlimited exploitation of nature by man disturbed the ecological balance to that extent that has threatened the survival of man himself. Environmental problems cannot be solved within a day or two. It requires rigorous efforts at school level. The present study examined the effect of socio and psychogenic factors on environmental friendly behaviour among todays youth. In order to make them realize their own responsibilities toward environment, this is a crucial time to realize that environmental sensitivity and environment friendly behaviour should be cultivated among masses particularly among youth. Environment friendly behaviour is any action of an individual or a group directed towards the remediation of environmental issues/ problems. Thus, environmental education policies fund both teacher training and worker training initiatives. Teachers must be trained to effectively teach and incorporate environmental studies in their curricula. On the other hand, the current workforce must be trained or re-trained so that they can adapt to the new green economy. Environmental education policies that fund training programs are critical in educating citizens to prosper in a sustainable society. Sow a thought, and you reap an act. Sow an act, and you reap a habit, and you reap a character. Sow a character, and you reap a destiny. Charles Reade

      Mrs.Isha Chhajed, Mr.Sameer Mehta

Abstract: This study analyses the market behavior and price discovery in Indian Agriculture Commodity Markets. Commodity future trading was permitted in 2003. The commodity derivatives market in India has witnessed a phenomenal growth. The functioning of future market came under scrutiny during 2008-2009 due to price rise and the role of futures market in stabilizing spot prices was widely studied. The study considered average monthly spot and future prices of nine agriculture commodities viz. wheat, chana, soybean oil, jute, mentha oil ,rubber, potato, crude palm oil and cardamom trading on MCX and NCDEX during 2009-2010. Granger causality test have been used to test the price discovery i.e., the effect of future market on spot market and vice-versa. The market behavior was studied with the help of backwardation and contango. The result of the study says that the price discovery mechanism is quite different for different commodities but it suggests that causality can be used in forecasting spot and futures prices. Most of the commodities showed bi-directional causality between spot and future prices. The contango and backwardation helps in identifying the hedging opportunities in the market. The research field taken for the study is Indian Agriculture Commodity Market.

      Mrs. G.Madhu Priya, R.Monesha

Abstract: The adoption and diffusion of the cloud are threatened by unresolved security issues. Our proposed work is to protect the integrity of the guest virtual machines and infrastructure components while remaining fully transparent to virtual machines and to cloud users. Various attacks like Denial of services(DOS), Honeypots, password hacking by the hackers affects the availability, integrity and confidentiality of the cloud. The proposed work is to provide a security framework for the cloud. The effectiveness of the system against the attack is tested.

      Ami A. Shah, Mikita Gandhi, Kalpesh M Shah

Abstract: Colorization is a term used to describe a computerized process for adding color to black and white pictures, movies or TV programs. This process can also be used to convert the gray scale medical images to their colorized version, as color increases the visual appeal of an image and it also makes medical visualization more attractive. In the medical field, there used plenty of images especially X-Rays like dental, chest, leg, hand X-Rays and MRI Images. In this paper, we apply colorization based on optimization to colorize medical images and also evaluate its performance in terms of information loss using three proposed correlation coefficient parameters.

      Dr G.V Thakur, Dr V.T Kandakure, Dr A.Thote, Dr Ayesha. K

Abstract: A case study was carried out of 3 consecutive patients with the Pierre Robin Sequence diagnosed with significant upper airway obstruction at birth with retrognathia, micrognathia, U shaped palate and glossoptosis; followed till three months of their age, treated successfully by conservative prone position management only.

      M. Reddi Sankar, T. Pushpaveni, V. Bhanu Prakash Reddy

Abstract: As we all know the fuel prices especially the petrol is rising steadily day by day. Again the pollution due to vehicles in metro cities & urban areas is increasing continuously. To overcome these problems, an effort is being made to search some other alternative sources of energy for the vehicles. Again, it is also not affordable to purchase vehicles (mopeds, scooters or motorcycles) for all the class of society. Keeping this in mind, a search for some way to cater these economically poor people as well as to provide a solution for the environmental pollution was in progress. The solar assisted bicycle developed is driven by DC motor fitted in front or rear axle housing & operated by solar energy. The solar panels mounted on the carriage will charge the battery & which in turn drive the hub motor. When the bicycle is idle, the solar panel will charge the battery. This arrangement will replace the petrol engine, the gear box & the fuel tank in case of a two wheeler or a chain sprocket, chain & gear shifting arrangement of a conventional bicycle being used by most common man. [9] As a part of dissertation work, the solar assisted bicycle is fitted with a dc hub motor on front axle of a bicycle with power rating of 250W and with a travelling speed of around 25-30 kmph. It is provided with a pair of lead acid batteries of 35 Ah each, a photovoltaic solar panel with capacity of 20 watt, a voltage regulator of 24v 10 Amp, accelerator and motor controller of 24v 25Amp. There is also a provision for charging of the battery with 220-240V, AC wall outlet supply, in case of poor solar supply due to cloudy weather. [4]

      M.Nandini, P.Bhargavi, G.Raja Sekhar

Abstract: Face recognition from the images is challenging due to the wide variability of face appearances and the complexity of the image background. This paper proposes a novel approach for recognizing the human faces. The recognition is done by comparing the characteristics of the new face to that of known individuals. It has Face localization part, where mouth end point and eyeballs will be obtained. In feature Extraction, Distance between eyeballs and mouth end point will be calculated. The recognition is performed by Neural Network (NN) using Back Propagation Networks (BPN) and Radial Basis Function (RBF) networks. The recognition performance of the proposed method is tabulated based on the experiments performed on a number of images.

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