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IJSRP, Volume 3, Issue 3, March 2013 Edition [ISSN 2250-3153]

Handicrafts of Bahawalpur (South Punjab) Pakistan
      Miss. Farhana Altaf Qureshi
Abstract: Saraiki region possesses an ancient history, primeval civilization and cultural heritage. This soil has connections with at primordial era when even the human civilization had not awakened. When the man was inhibiting his dwellings on the banks of the river and watercourses, then the man of earlier period made inconsistent advancement towards the civilized life. Then the human civilization development stared dreaming about civilization and culture the initial stages of awareness in the nomadic life after getting out of the dark and narrow caves, then as a step of development not only the process of agriculture forced the man to abandon nomadic life but also gave them a sense of protection and security from the unfavorable conditions of hunting, the feeling of insecurity and the struggle for his survival. Afterwards he implemented the milk of cattle, honey, fruits, and vegetables as alternative food for the meat of hunted animal: And adopted it as a source of economy on addition to alternative food. The necessity of human indigence, instinct and collaboration brought the human beings, victim of the scattered man in search of hound, close to each other to lay foundations of a human society with the vision of an earlier collective and integrated human congregation. Hence the man advances towards the destiny of evolution and civilization by crossing over the various stages cultural development through wisdom of wakefulness. The entry into the era of agriculture and later on through the discovery of fire, access to the age of copper and bronze, the formulation of the rules and regulations after coming out the earlier traditions and customs, earlier domain of economic, political, trade and social factors presented the human civilization and culture in a universal and interconnected form. As a consequence of this factor the great civilizations of Egypt, Mesopotamia and Indus valley got birth. It was the miracle of this human evolution that the art and craft also commenced

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