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      Ammang Latifa

Abstract: This research entitled “Language Use of Merchant’s Community in South Sulawesi. The objective of this research is to describe the language uses by the merchant to the buyer when transaction in traditional market of Rappang, Sidrap regency. This research used Dell Hymes theory, that is SPEAKING. The method of this research is descpritive qualitative method to explain the language uses merchants’ community in traditional market of Rappang, Sidrap regency. The sample of this research were 4 merchants in traditional market of Rappang.

      Enemaku Idachaba Ph.D & Ebenezer Makinde

Abstract: Discussions on electoral politics in Nigeria often revolve around the institutional weakness of Nigerian political parties including their disdain for internal democracy as a drawback of democratic consolidation in the country. However, though INECs roles as electoral umpire is well documented, its contributions towards ensuring the compliance of political parties to intra-party democracy have received little attention in extant literature.

      Hitesh Mangtani

Abstract: With a statistical overview of data over the past 30 years, i.e., b/w 1990-2019, it can be easily said that people caught up with Test Cricket feel the bliss of the moment, or may even feel the soreness as if they lose the match. Test Match format is habitually regarded as a work of fiction because there is sort of an intense enthusiasm attached to it. Cricket fanatics have this conviction that test-match cricket can impact the daily lively hood of people associated with this format of the game, be it directly or indirectly, and possibly in so many other ways which we as a common-man can never fathom.

      Efrizal, Arezoo Dadrasnia, Fuad Ameen, Suaad Alwakeel and Salmah Ismail

Abstract: Dadih is a traditional fermented buffalo milk that originated from the region of Sumatra, particularly in the province of West Sumatera, Riau, and Jambi. This popular Indonesian beverage contains Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB), which has been proven to lower cholesterol levels and prevent cancer. In this study, LAB in dadih was isolated using the Man Rogosa Sharge (MRS) medium. The isolates were then identified based on their morphology, physiology, and biochemical properties.

      Rafi’ah Nur, Suhria

Abstract: This article analyses the English textbook content entitled "Practice Your English Competence for SMK/MAK Grade XI" based on the English syllabus of the 2013 curriculum. It evaluates the English textbook using an evaluation checklist to decide the textbook is ESP (English for Specific Purpose) or EGP (English for General Purpose) and appropriate for vocational school students.

      Laina, Burhan

Abstract: Tax revenue has tended to be stagnant in the last five years and even decreased in Indonesias reform process for the last 17 years. Tax reform in Indonesia was started in 1983 by introducing the principle of self-assessment. Tax reform has saved Indonesias fiscal condition, especially when the oil and gas sector can no longer be expected to support state revenues. In historical records, Indonesia has carried out 6 (six) tax reforms. The purpose of reforming and reforming taxation regulations is to increase tax revenue improving tax regulation and administration, utilizing information technology to create an integrated system. The main problem of taxation is the level of compliance of taxpayers in Indonesia, which still needs to be improved; the level of compliance of individual taxpayers in Indonesia is still deficient. It is time for the Government to expand the tax base and reduce the corporate tax burden, which has been the backbone of State revenue.

      Gashahun Mola Shako, Fang Ping

Abstract: Ethiopia is the "water tower" of East Africa. Ethiopia is blessed with a vast array of waters called "White Oil" or "Blue Oil" and has 12 major rivers and 11 large lakes. The countrys maximum water supply is only 44%, the countrys annual clean water capacity is 123 mm3, of which only 3% remains in the country. It has a surface capacity of 54.4 bm3 and 2.6 bm3 of groundwater. In general, less than 5% of the surface water is used. It is estimated that 3.7 million hectares of land can be used for irrigation development. Water is an invaluable resource and is essential for sustainable developments and livelihoods. Ethiopia has vast potential for water resources, but it has not used water resources properly or wisely. Achieving the goals of household consumption and sustainable development, access to adequate water will contribute significantly to improved economic sectors. The main management issues and challenges are climate change, transboundary water resources conflicts, drawbacks of institutions, and water weeds.

      Singh,Snehal and Agrawal, R.C

Abstract: Annaona squamosa is commonly known as custard apple which is eatable. In the folk medicine, the different parts of plant are used for medicinal purposes, .Objectives: The aim of this study was to assess the anticarcinogenic, antioxidant and antibacterial effects of Annaona squamoasa leaves and seeds extract in mouse skin Papilloma model, DPPH method and disk diffusion methods. Materials and Methods: Chemopreventive activity was evaluated by two stage protocol consisting of initiation with a single topical application of a carcinogen (7, 12 - dimethylbenz (a) anthracene (DMBA) followed by a promoter (croton oil) two times in a week were employed. The antioxidant and antibacterial effects were assessed by using DPPH and Disk diffusion methods respectively.

      Gusti Ayu Ari Chintya Dewi, Ni Putu Martini Dewi, I Wayan Wenagama, Anak Agung Ketut Ayuningsasi

Abstract: The purpose of this study are to analyze the effect of education, the working age population, and the level of wages on educated unemployment; the effect of education, the population of working age, the level of wages and educated unemployment on poverty; and the effect of education, the population of working age, the level of wages on poverty through educated unemployment.

      Siswati, Hilal Anshary, Andi Parenrengi

Abstract: The research was conducted to analyze the content of bioactive compounds in the ethanol extract of seaweed Codium sp. and to determine the effect of the bioactive compound content of Codium sp on Total Hemocyte Count (THC) in tiger shrimp. Codium sp seaweed is obtained from the waters of Takalar, South Sulawesi. Codium sp seaweed powder was extracted using polar ethanol solvent (maceration method) with a ratio of 1: 3 (w / v).

      Arian Pramesta Harunika, Rudi Hartono, Zulfa Sakhiyya

Abstract: This paper aims to explore the source of interlanguage (IL) errors on male and female college students’ pronunciation based on the aspects of IL. The IL aspects include social, discourse, and psycholinguistics. The participants in this research were ten college students (five male and five female students) from many Indonesian universities who were taken part in an English speech contest organized by English Student Association of UNNES 2019.

      Lixuan Yi

Abstract: Arbitration, as the mean type of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), compared with litigation, has its merits in neutrality and confidentiality. And from the commercial perspective, it is more economical and speedier. Consequently, increasingly more commercial entities tend to submit the dispute to arbitration. An enforceable arbitration agreement is supposed to be the starting point of a commercial arbitration, without which the arbitration proceeding would not initiate. This essay will talk about how to draft an enforceable arbitration agreement for international commercial arbitration from various aspects.

      Dewi Shintawati Kusnadi, Denny Kurniawan

Abstract: The Omnibus Law is not only a job creation law that creates and increases employment but has a cross-sectoral meaning and has a meaning as a social law. This Omnibus Law also includes tax clusters for strengthening in the economic sector, in accordance with the Income Tax Law which has been amended through the Job Creation Law, on domestic dividends received and obtained by domestic corporate taxpayers are directly exempted from the income tax (PPh) object. However, domestic dividends received or obtained by individual taxpayers must meet the criteria, namely that they must be invested in Indonesia within a certain period of time as well as dividends from abroad, both those traded on the stock exchange and those that are not traded on the stock exchange. effect, received or obtained by domestic corporate taxpayers or domestic individual taxpayers, the elimination of income tax on domestic and foreign dividends is one of the instruments in the taxation Omnibus Law that is used in order to attract or increase the attractiveness of Indonesia as an investment destination country and by the existence of double tax avoidance agreement (P3B) which is the reference in taxation of tax objects and tax subjects in Indonesia, provided that they are invested or used to support other business activities in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia for a certain period of time and such dividends must be invested at least 30% (thirty percent) of the profit after tax.

      Rilla Gantino, Hertati Lesi, Meifida Ilyas

Abstract: This study aims to examine the effect of tax regulations an accounting comprehension, the application of modern tax administration systems, tax sanctions with the socialization of taxation as a moderating variable towards taxpayer compliance. Survey on SMEs in 4 cities, namely Medan, Palembang, Jakarta and Jayapura. The results showed that partially only taxation rules comprehension and the application of modern tax administration systems had no significant effect on taxpayer compliance. After being moderated by tax socialization, only understanding of tax regulations had no significant effect, adjusted R2 was 0.69 after moderation and 0.76 before moderation.

      Damaris W. Rukahu, Dr. Wilfrida Olaly, Dr. Susan Macharia, Dr. Elijah Kirimi M’Arimi

Abstract: Numerous studies have demonstrated that family caregivers of persons with a severe mental illness suffer from significant stresses, experience moderately high levels of burden and often receive inadequate assistance from mental health professionals. The major objective of this study was to find out the extent to which the resilience of the family members is influenced by their attitudes towards the mentally ill member, in Nyeri County, Kenya. Two theories guided this study: Hardiness theory of Resilience by Suzanne Kobasa (1979) and the Attribution theory by Fritz Heider (1958). This study adopted the Ex-post facto research design.

      Uwabimfura JACKSON, Xu Bin and NKUSI Revocatte

Abstract: Climate change or climate variability is one of the big challenges facing the world development. If this climate variability increases, it is negatively affecting people’s livelihood in Rwanda. This paper revaluates the impacts of climate variability analysing in Bugesera district and propose solution to hunger crisis and migration of the local population of Bugesera district. The first data have been collected in Meteo Rwanda for analysing air temperature, Rainfall in Bugesera district then this paper will conduct to analyse on the three kind of crop production like Maize and Rice and Beans production this will be analysed referring on the longest period of past years. The last data is to analyse how the local population survive referring on meal parday, this will be achieved using interview in Bugerara district. In addition, a household survey of 400 households was conducted in 3Sectors (Mayange, Nyamata, Gashora.) to examine socio-economic characteristics that influence the choice of actual adaptation measures.

      Dimisulu Priyanka, Sridevi Veluru, Lam Sudha Rani, Sri Himaja Pamu, Venkat Rao Poiba

Abstract: Environmental Biotechnology started with waste water treatment at the turn of 19/20th Century and provides services to remove contaminants from waste water and soil, to monitor pollutants and toxic materials in the environment and captures valuable products from wastes. This review we briefly summarize related recent progress on isolation of microorganisms for pollutant degradation in extreme conditions and the study of genes and enzymes related to biodegradation pathways. This paper also reviews various parameters like effect of metal ion, pH, carbon sources etc. and information on enhancement of biodegradation of genetic Engineering was also mentioned in detail.

      Vunganai Chivore

Abstract: The human security concept emerged as a result of contemporary global developments that triggered the manifestation of risks threatening the safety, survival and welfare of human beings and the environment, but which were not classified as security risks per ser. As such, there became a need to widen the scope and meaning of security by shifting attention and resources away from state protection concerns towards other emerging areas important to human survival and well being. The UNDP crafted human security concept which expanded security to include, political, food, economic, environmental, community and personal security as arms of security. This concept used other socially useful aspects in human life to identify the numerous threats to day to day survival for people and their communities.

      Fareena Ruzaik, Mubassara Begum

Abstract: The objective of this study is to identify the socio-economic challenges, providing more weightage to human wellbeing, during this COVID-19 outbreak. The secondary data were predominantly used. The result revealed that the socio-economically most affected people are low-income earners, daily wages laborers, and business community; due to the curfew, locked down situation and import trade restrictions imposed by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka. The security forces, front-line health care workers, quarantined people and patients associated with long medical history are at higher risk. Their mental health and human wellbeing are beyond normal conditions, due to sleep-deprived workload, stress, frustration, depression, isolation and genuine psychological fear of being infected by this novel-virus.

      Ali Hawedi Marei

Abstract: Health care system is one of the most important, and probably the most complex systems of a society, which is why the role of management is extremely responsible and demanding. Manager in health care has the task to, through constant improvement of the quality of the work process, create conditions for increasing the satisfaction of both patients and employees, which will enable good results of work and business of the health institution. Health management is a way to strengthen the business of health care institutions, but also an important factor in encouraging and applying technology, knowledge and skills.

      Nang Thet Hsu Hnin, Dr Nang Khin Mya

Abstract: A health care system is an organised plan of health services that manage health care to a specified society. Health care system involves a network of organisations, governance, facilities, and health care providers. A successful health care system requires qualified services to all populations whenever and wherever they need.

      Paradzai Munyede

Abstract: In rural Zimbabwe, selling of cattle has for a long time been one of the most dependable sources of income that has sustained livelihoods for decades. Informal cattle marketing which involves door to door or gate sales has been the most predominant system for the last three decades. However, the outbreak of the global COVID-19 pandemic followed by the imposition of lockdowns has exposed the vulnerability of rural communities which are regressing into poverty due to lack of alternative sources of income. The aim of this paper is, therefore, to delineate how formal cattle markets could be used as a sustainable source of income for rural communities’ livelihoods during and post the COVID-19 pandemic era.

      Oswell Binha

Abstract: The Zimbabwe political topography has been a subject of apprehension, pessimism, sarcasm and disappointment. Metaphorically, the nature and type of Zimbabwean politics caused untold destruction of the national value system, weakening of all critical national institutions, undermining the country’s beneficial external relations, annihilation of the economic wellbeing of the country and engendering hate, ethnic conflicts and regionalism as a ploy to consolidate political power. This state of affairs has made those willing to engage into political activities (politicking) consider politics a ‘declared enemy number one.’

      Rawaa Mahmoud Hussain (Ph.D.)

Abstract: John Locke is one of the most leading European philosophers of modern times. His books on political philosophy, tolerance, and criticism of the mind had a profound impact on the development of European thought and its transmission from medieval thought to the modern era. It is striking that John Locke had taken an interest in the Islamic religion in his books and criticized the conditions of Muslims in his period. The comparisons he made between Europe and the Muslim world, and between Christianity and Islam, were prominent discussions in his overall philosophy. In this article, I seek to reveal John Lockes position on Islam as a religion and the Islamic world to gain a greater understanding of Lockes philosophy on the one hand and the historical relations between the Islamic world and the Western world on the other.

      Hardik Srivastava

Abstract: According to the WHO, around one billion people suffer from disorders in speaking and experience motor-skill challenges which can often lead to exclusion from the society. An enhanced and accelerated device for communicating is something the disabled people cannot afford, who still form the world’s largest minority to experience discrimination. So, in this paper I would like to propose an application, HearMeOut that uses artificial intelligence techniques to implement state-of-the-art algorithms and Natural Language Processing for predicting meaningful and appropriate text, generating sentences using pictograms and facilitating short communication using speech recognition. These specifications are delivered to the user via a language assistant called LGenie (Language Generation through Input Event). This will help reduce the communication barrier between the speechless and their interlocutors thus allowing them to integrate into the existing social structures and make the world a more inclusive place.

      Grace Donkor, Dorah Mensah

Abstract: This study focused on investigating the use of word games as a tool for improving the reading abilities of primary five pupils at the Ejisu model school. Purposive sampling technique was used to select data for the study. A number of thirty (30) pupils were purposively selected as sample for the study. Action research design was considered appropriate for the study since the study identified a classroom problem and designed an intervention to solve it. Instruments such as observation, interviews and assessment test were used to gather data on the research problem. The data collected were analyzed using analytical tables, and percentages. Findings from the study revealed that practical instruction through word games improved pupils’ word identification and reading skills tremendously. Pupils’ interest in reading was also enhanced as they could read sentences provided by the teacher afterwards.

      Doris, U. Aghoghovwia, Ekeruche Augustina Chinwe

Abstract: Beyond the usual heritage of being a home to large holding of materials in print and electronic, the library likewise functions in outreach programmes in development of target audience. Their flexibility to support organization and drive knowledge management is the key. The major concepts are to tackle change head on, while they tend to influence prisoners, hospital staff and patients, and handicapped to change their mindset, thus ultimately facilitating change while these special group have always depended on library and information and research needs of their respective pin situations, the library is undergoing a radical change in the wake of new scientific discoveries including the information communication technology (ICT) consequently even though the set of skill used by the librarian remain unchanged the technique employed to apply those skill have drastically changed from what it used to be , thus it will be more correct to describe the library as the hub for support for information cum developmental needs of all disciplines.

      Amadoru S.D.S.

Abstract: Under the e-health project of the Ministry of Health, digitalization of the Out Patient Department (OPD) of the Base Hospital, Elpitiya, named as e-OPD was implemented with the objective of providing a methodical, hassle free and faster service, easy retrieval of patient records, electronic queue management system to reduce waiting time and to provide a paperless service. Each patient who was registered at the OPD was provided with an electronic health card with a unique PHN number and a bar code which could be used to retrieve all the previous medical records. The study was designed to assess the experience and level of satisfaction about e - OPD among patients attending to the OPD of BH, Elpitiya.

      Md. Masum Billah, Md. Rezaull Karim

Abstract: The objective of the paper is to evaluate impressions of the up to date management paradigm “Total Quality Management” (TQM), and its implementation in the field of education. The elementary topic of TQM is a democratic policy to the arrangement with the question(s) of quality in business still within the field of education. Measurement fashionable literature from the net and alternative references, the works of W. Edward Deming’s: fourteen principles for quality confirmation, Prince Philip Crosby’s: fourteen points for quality management & the thought of zero defect, and J. Juran’s 3 areas: quality planning, quality improvement, and quality control unit mentioned.

      Md. Rezaull Karim, Md. Masum Billah

Abstract: Intellectual property rights (IPR) always encourages innovation and creativity. It further generates new jobs and enhances competitiveness. Intellectual property rights ensure the rights and bring benefits for authors, artists, designers, inventors, and other IPR users while their work is using by others. Intellectual property rights (IPR) helps Inventors, designers, developers, and authors to protect the ideas and creative works they have developed. Eventually, the protection of the intellectual property is one of the biggest challenges for both developed and developing countries.

      Bebe Raazia Bacchus and Phillip N.B. Da Silva

Abstract: The aim of this study was to document and compare the corticolous lichen species diversity present on barks of trees at four study sites in urban and suburban environments in New Amsterdam, Guyana. A 50m by 20m plot was demarcated within each of the four sites. Healthy mature trees within the each were sampled to determine species richness, evenness and diversity of corticolous lichens communities.


Abstract: This study aims to study various stereotypes associated to a particular gender. It talks about how the society forms various norms which might be very biased. It also studies how different people deal with these social phenomenons. In total 30 people of age 15 to 25 were surveyed through the online questionnaire survey method. The conclusion of the research was that females do have more stereotypes associated to them and these stereotypes do affect people emotionally.

      A K M Rezwan, Md. Ekramul Hasan, Nurul Huda, Md. Sajibur Rahman, Shahana Islam, Fariha Anjum Amee

Abstract: Background: The number of smartphone users is multiply markedly, most of the daily piece of work are done through these devices. The usage of smartphone played important role in everyday life particularly among the university students.

      Satish Tanaji Chavhan, Sandip Srivastava

Abstract: After the outbreak of COVID-19 in Wuhan, China, virus has spread like a fire in almost all the countries. Many countries are still suffering with thousands of casualties and to cop up with this problem, countries have taken several giant steps. Due to which global crises occurred in almost all business environments.

      Inuwa Yahaya, Mohammed Isa Tada, Musa Abubakar

Abstract: This study was conducted to assess the influence of Plasmodium falciparum parasitaemia on Platelate (children) (6-59), at Bulumkutu Comprehensive Health Centre Maiduguri, Borno State, between August to December, 2018. A total of 210 children were enrolled in the study which consisted of 88 (41.9%) patients with positive P. falciparum malaria and 122 (58.10%) negative malaria. Hematological parameters were analyzed using sysmex haematology auto-analyser (2011), while the Giemsa stained slides thick and thin blood films were prepared from the stock solution, and tested for Plasmodium falciparum malaria and count of malaria parasite density. A positive correlation was observed between the parasite density and white blood cell of (children tested positive) as index of leucocytosis (r2 = 0.831, P = 0.001) and positive correlation was observed between parasite and white cells of males females subjects respectively, where (r2 = 0.735, p = 0.001) for males and (r2 = 0.710, p = 0.001) for females.

      Dr. Venkata Chaganti, Murali Cheruvu

Abstract: Pravargya is a vedic scientific process in Soma Yaga. We have studied the results of the Pravargya during a Soma Yaga conducted in Hyderabad from 14th to 25th of December 2020. During the Pravargya Process, it was observed that Sun Surface temperatures (> 5000K) were produced for a short time (in seconds) along with possible Ultraviolet A (UVA). Our research shows how Pravargya potentially can destroy the viruses like COVID-19 and harmful bacteria and improve immunity in the living beings through excitation of organic compounds from Cow Ghee, Cow Milk, and Goat Milk by offering them in the yaga.

      Mangerbang Simanullang, Michael Alexander Nata

Abstract: The Government of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia has a significant and long-term goal, namely that by 2045 it can get out of the middle-class income trap. Indonesia is a constitutional state based on Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia to create the peoples welfare and prosperity. This prosperity goal can achieve through fair and equitable tax collection. Tax collection is imposed on all citizens in Indonesia, including foreign nationals. In determining the tax subject, Indonesia does not look at citizenship to make it possible for foreign citizens to become domestic tax subjects. Domestic tax subjects status for foreign citizens will have an impact on taxation with the concept of worldwide income to the income they have.

      Emran Sasi Althabit, Ismail.M.Mohamed

Abstract: We introduced in this paper the quaternions concepts and quaternions algebra, Representation of quaternions, transformation of quaternion in space exactly rotation and as application : Quaternions in space.

      Emran Sasi Althabit, Ismail.M.Mohamed

Abstract: We introduced algebraic formulations of time as quaternions, Clifford Algebras , we deduce the Lorentz transform-ation from the Minkowski Space.

      M.W. Amarasiri De Silva And Shantha Wanninayake

Abstract: Notifications of name changes published in Sinhala newspapers during 1993 to 1995, and in1976 were analyzed to see patterns of family name changes and changes of caste status associated with assumption of new family names. Altogether 12547 notifications of name changes were reported during this period. The analysis showed that 71% of the notifications were about changing family names. 36% of the notifications of family name changes were about changing family names of the whole family to assume high caste status, while individuals assuming high caste/class family names notified 64% of family name changes, both by the individuals and the families, 76% have assumed high cast names, 16% changed to a caste names, and the rest were change of family names within their own castes.

      Erwin Sembiring, Surjit Singh, Agustinus Sitepu

Abstract: Nowadays, autopsy is rarely conducted by forensic doctor with the reason of low demand from investigators. Also, it is as the effect of negative image of the people to the action of autopsy such as human organs trafficking, pity feeling from families of victim, local culture prohibition, or may be also as the lack of knowledge of the police officers of Indonesia regarding autopsy. It is as the hindrance for the investigator to reveal civil action cases of murder and can be as the way for legal practitioners causing unfair for either the victim or a suspect since the real cause of the dead cannot be exactly determined.

      Hendra Aprialdi Saputra, Alfred C. Satyo, Abdul Gafar Parinduri

Abstract: Various kinds of events such as mass disasters or mutilated murders can cause a persons limbs to be unrecognized and even pieces of his body separated. If this is the case, the estimation of height is a major step in the process of identifying the unknown person. Research on the fingers is important to do to determine a persons identity because a body piece that is found is not always in the form of a long bone, it can also be found in the form of a short cut like a finger. Objective: This study aims to determine the relationship between the length of the middle finger and the height of the residents of Perumahan Citra Wahana I in Deli Serdang Regency.

      Huzaipah, Bahagia Loebis, Vita Camellia

Abstract: Objective: Schizophrenia is a serious neuropsychiatric disorder involving major disturbances in the patients thinking, perception, emotions and behavior, associated with morbidity, disability, and a large potential for death, thus carrying a large socioeconomic burden on patients, caregivers and health care providers . Predictors of disability include cognitive deficits and negative symptoms, both of which account for the disability in schizophrenia that is difficult to treat.

      Umar Lawal Yusuf, Baba Isa Sanda Benisheikh

Abstract: Societies mostly see youths as the root of all evils. Youths are painted as being the centre of violence, be it political, ethnic, religious, gang and the list goes on. Any society that fails to protect or provide the right and interest of its youths may never be a safe and prosperous one. Every society will be secured if it had ideals and system to ensure justice. Not abandoning the youths to the fringes and mercies of poverty, inequality, lack of quality education, and unemployment. Failure to invest, promote and protect the youths may result in radicalization, escalation of violent acts and extremism. This paper examines the youth’s movement in Nigeria and EndSARS protest.

      Jayakody J.A.P, Perera U.A.A.S, Francis U.M.G.S, A.G. B. A. K Jayaratne

Abstract: A high-performing procurement and supply chain function is vital to the success of running a safe, productive, and efficient healthcare organization, and can make a significant contribution to both financial and operational performance.

      Chimène KAUDJHIS ASSI, Gbouhoury Eric-Kevin BOLOU & Salimata OUATTARA

Abstract: One of the means of reducing poverty in our societies could be beekeeping. For this, the products of the hive must be competitive. The objective of this study is to characterize and verify the floral origin of the honey sold by the Toumodi beekeeping cooperative. The sampling brought the honey intended for sale. The treatment of the samples for pollen analysis was done by acetolysis [1]. The parameters taken into account for the physicochemical analysis are density, PH, water content, ash content, total sugar content (brix degree), electrical conductivity, and total acidity. The values obtained were compared with those recommended by the Codex Alimentarius.

      Morlai Francis Kargbo

Abstract: This paper attempts to examine the effects of accounting practices on Small and Medium Enterprise. This study was a descriptive in nature as it targeted all Small and Medium Enterprises in Port Loko Town. A structured questionnaire was administered to one hundred and fifty (150) Small and Medium Enterprise owners and managers out of which one hundred (100) questionnaires was valid and analysed using Statistical Package of Social Science. The findings of the study shows that Small Medium Enterprise in Port Loko township do not maintain accounting records for their business transactions, and these Small and Medium Enterprises in the study context agreed to the fact that the utilization of accounting practices has been faced with some challenges in their attempt to embraced them in the daily business operations.

      Sonali Sanjay Thakrar, Cheruiyot K. Stephano, Shruti Sureshkumar Patel, Catherine Kamagaju

Abstract: Purpose of the study is assess the accomplishment of all the expected results as outlined in the project document and detailed in the annual work plans during the entire project period/cycle as well as assesses all the different project activities carried out. Its objectives are to determine to what degree the project outcomes and outputs were achieved, to determine what category of beneficiaries and in what ways they benefitted and to look at the following dimensions of the project impact, relevance, effectiveness, sustainability and efficiency.

      Mohadmmad Amzad Hossain, Mohammad Tashauf Akand, Iftikharul Faridee Nur, Sazzatuz Zumma Ismam, MD. Fahim Shahriar Sakib, Tanvir Ahmed, Azmir Ahmed

Abstract: Numerous hazards that are undermine the world, can cause loss of lives or damage and all of them have the ability to cause severe damage to homes, organizations and framework. These incorporates meteorological risks, inadvertent dangers flooding, earthquake, volcano and so on. It has turned into a serious issue of concern all through the world, regardless of whether it is natural hazard or by human components.

      Varshene Sivaprakash, Ulain Umar, Trisha Thontepu, Rehan Shah, Karina Anders, Jennifer Xu, Jaylen Lockhart, Gasser Mamdouh, Deeksha Yelamanchi, Arya Nalavade, Aliza Lopez

Abstract: Bipolar disorder (BD) is a mental health condition that affects approximately 1% of the global population. It is characterized by extreme euphoric mood swings and depressive and manic episodes. Despite the increasing number of patients world-wide, there are very few viable treatments that have proven efficacy for treating bipolar disorder.

      Sachit Misra

Abstract: Throughout the history of game development, the physics behind the real-time hair simulation has continued to pose a challenge due to lack of availability of computational resources required by the system. Unlike rendering an animation, where the requirement of real-time simulation is absent, game hair physics needs more efficiency when it comes to utilization of computational resources. Generally, for making a hair strand mesh, a cylinder or a capsule mesh is an obvious choice despite its requirement of a higher number of draw calls or resources. This paper proposes the use of an innovative and highly efficient use of quad polygons, whose normals face the render in conjunction with the use of Verlet integration, which delivers optimal results by keeping the frames per second (FPS) stable. Additionally, the proposed physics also allows for physical forces, such as gravity and wind, to affect hair movement as well as simulate a natural curl in the hair strand.

      Kitila Alemayehu Mijena, Jianfu Zhao2, Sha Lu, Tao Wang, Kitila Gizachew Mijena

Abstract: Waste management is an environmental challenge for many countries around the world. Management of municipal solid waste is especially critical for cities in the developing world, mainly because of insufficient municipal institutional capability, low bureaucratic competence, and poorly developed infrastructure. Fast urbanization in the developing world has led to increasing generation beyond the capacity that the cities can collect, transport, dispose, and handle the adverse impacts. In this study, an assessment of integrated solid waste management (ISWM) practice was conducted in Adama City, Oromia, Ethiopia, one of the rapidly urbanizing cities in the country. However, the city has been threatened by difficulties in delivering proper solid waste management (SWM) service effectively and efficiently.

      K.E. Karunakaran, M.F.M. Marsook, A.L.M Rifky

Abstract: Eastern University, a state owned University in Sri Lanka, had experienced many misbehavior activities of students range from involvement as a group in assaulting students, gathering to demonstrate against administration without following instruction of the Universities, gathering to block or obstacle the function of the universities. The higher authority of the university has to identify and analyze the factors behind the misbehavior activities. Therefore, a questionnaire was developed using the information such as study environment in the hostels, canteen facilities inside the hostels, communication ability of the Sub wardens, professional counseling by Student Counselors, and availability of Academic Sub Wardens in hostels.

      Ireneo S. Pelayo, M.E. S.

Abstract: This paper does a comparative analysis of the two major characters in the story, Muddy Road. On a higher note, it endeavors to expound truths in life that the two characters represent. More so, it seeks to determine the values drawn from the truths the story communicates to the readers. Detailed discussion focuses on the similarities and differences exhibited by the two monks through their actions as well as their speech. Tanzan and Ekido are both monks belonging to the same religious order who are confronted with a situation that puts to the test their being such. Zs their law provides, they are prohibited from coming in contact with people, especially women. In the story, Tanzan helps a pretty girl in silk kimono cross a muddy road, By so doing, he breaks their law. A closer look atTanzan’s character shows him to be the type of person who could extend genuine kindness to people who need it even if it goes to the extent of breaking their law. Ekido’s character on the other hand is seen as the epitome of hypocrisy and malice . Outwardly, he did keep their law by not extending a helping hand to the girl. Inwardly, however, he lusted for the girl.

      Gurpreet Singh, Dev Sharma, Chirag Jain

Abstract: As various countries are now getting global and are opening their market for foreign companies, various investors are investing in those countries, which means the demand for currency is increasing, affecting the currency exchange rate.

      Ahmed A.Hussein Al-Jumaily, Nasir Muwfaq Younis, Mahmoud Mohammed Ahmed

Abstract: Most citizens are doing less in terms of social contacts in the new international condition of house arrest due to the "COVID-19 outbreak". This can have an adverse impact on your mental and physical health. Deep changes in sleep behaviour have been brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. This may not only raise the levels of everyday stress, but also interrupt sleep. Pertinently, sleep disruption may have direct effects on the everyday functioning of the next day due to the essential role that sleep plays in daily control. Although contacts are required to recognize health effects that can result from these altered sleep behavior, proposed improvements in health habits must also be investigated. Media studies have documented significant changes in sleep activity that could have resulting negative impacts. The complex interactions between health habits and the potential improvements in these found extremely from anti-pandemic interventions and what will be understood about the behavior of changing sleep, The consequences of the current home confinement situation, that could disrupt sleep, but also those that can increase the performance of sleep. There are suggested changes to psychotherapy. Handling sleep disorders as effectively as possible during home detention will alleviate tension and potentially avoid social relationship conflicts. Finally, the call for further research efforts to resolve the brief & medium effects of improvements in sleep behavior is also highlighted.

      Mohammad Salih Alkaisy,Ahmed Abdel Qader Suleiman, Mohammed Ibrahim Ramadan, Salem Shehab Ahmed , Nasir Muwfaq Younis , Mahmoud Mohammed Ahmed

Abstract: Background: Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) has been used in Iraq for more than 40 years and continues to have an important role in clinical psychiatry. It involves the passage of an electric current across the head of a person undergoing general anesthesia, who has also had a muscle relaxant administered, to induce a convulsion.

      Deepak Choukanpally, Alok Kumar

Abstract: Managing municipal solid waste has become one of the major issues of urban administration. More and more Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) bodies are facing problems in properly managing solid waste. The present paper is about case studies on Solid Waste Management (SWM) in ULBs of Hassan district, Karnataka state (India). Hassan district is located in the Malnad and plain regions of state, the ULBs of the district have total population of around 3,47,037 generating total solid waste of around 145 tonnes per days with per capita waste ranging from 0.36 to 0.45 Kg per day. The solid waste collection efficiency in Hassan district ULBs is in the range of 79 to 95%. This paper represents existing solid waste management scenario of 8 ULBs of Hassan district and proposed improvement in terms of required resources and infrastructure as part of the Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM) to meet the SWM Rules 2016 and best practices.

      Amadoru S.D.S.

Abstract: Emergency Treatment Unit which is the entry point for patients to the hospital, is responsible for initial accident and emergency care for patients. The need of prompt action in emergency care was explained by Dr. Cowley of Maryland University as the “Golden hour in emergency medicine”, as patient’s survival or death may decide on how the patient is cared within the first hour of onset of the emergency. A & E policy in Sri Lanka defines the optimum level of care in each level of health care institutions. The article describes the strategies and ways and means of establishing a new ETU at Base Hospital, Elpitiya, Sri Lanka to address the basic objectives of accident and emergency care. With the establishment of the new ETU, number of minor surgical procedures and thrombolysis of acute MI patients at ETU were markedly improved indicating reduction of door to needle time.

      H. K. Salinda Premadasa

Abstract: Diabetes is a fatal chronic disease that grounds for many side effects, deaths, and low quality of life for millions of adults in the present globe. Continuing care and awareness of the disease helps to maintain reasonable control over the condition and prevent complications. The patient often receives such attention only at a medical clinic or doctors visits. Hence, it is essential to identify alternatives for people aware of diabetes. Here we use Facebook as a popular social network site to create a better quality of life for diabetes awareness patients.

      Leeyou Khawlasaysouka, Jianhua Lib, Harrison Henry Boyinga, Mehari Mariyea

Abstract: Climate change is a severe threat to rural communities livelihoods, particularly in the agricultural sector, because they are vulnerable to such changes. This study aims to assess trends in rainfall and temperature in the district of Champhone for at least 30 years and check its Correlation and effects on rice production. And to propose steps for adaptation and essential guidelines for farmers. The objective sampling and questionnaire survey using closed and open-ended approaches were employed in four villages simple linear regression using available meteorology data.

      Gakahu K. Keziah, Dr. Eunice R. Mwangi

Abstract: The aim of this paper is to posit the conceptual model which pretends to investigate the relationship between the use and implementation of Total Quality Management driven Information Communication Technology strategy in organizations. Globally, organizations have realized the important part that controlled quality of goods and services plays in the organizational growth and therefore every organization is making a deliberate effort in implementing Total Quality Management (TQM) irrespective of the business sector. Initially TQM was more prevalent and associated with the manufacturing sector, but presently other sectorsalso have chosen to adopt the TQM primarily due to its successin manufacturing, (Dias, 1998).

      Gakahu, Keziah Kabura, Makori Geoffrey Nyauma

Abstract: Information and communication technologies (ICTs) developments have taken place in Africa with the significant growth over the past decade. This study will seek to assess the economic effects of technological integration of ICT in service provision and the economic impacts on households in Kenya. This study will employ a cross-sectional survey. The survey will be of existing commercial enterprises drawn from within Nairobi Countyin Kenya. A sample of 100 enterprises will be selected using stratified random sampling while the subjects for each stratum will be obtained using convenience sampling technique. Data will be collected through the use of primary and secondary data collection methods. The primary data will be collected using a semi-structured questionnaire, having both open-ended and closed-ended questions. Secondary data will be the data that already exists in various records because they are collected for other purposes other than that of the research at hand.

      Luo Guicheng

Abstract: For China national unification, from the perspective of institutional economics, the efforts from the Chinese Mainland authority as well as ChineseTaiwan local authority, are to better the value of state sovereignty. The unification path can be Hong Kong Mode, Federalism Mode, Quasi U.K. Mode, German Mode, Direct War Mode, Purchasing War Mode, and Political Parties Democratic Competition Mode. The War Mode costs a lot and is not the best choice for cross-strait reunification. Hong Kong Mode costs less, but Taiwans current willingness to compromise is less. The Democratic Competition Mode would change the whole politics into the Western election politics, which could destroy Chinese Mainlands centralization, with gains as well as losses, while, it breaks through the Chinese Mainlands constitutional framework, from the comparison of the international and domestic forces between Chinese Mainland and Chinese Taiwan, the possibility is very low.


Abstract: This paper attempts to investigate the causes and effect of street children on Freetown. It is descriptive in nature as the paper discusses the causes and effects of street children on Freetown. The issue of street children is becoming alarming especially after the ten year rebel war, Ebola outbreak and now Corona. One hundred streets children and those living in rehabilitating centres were targeted. The questionnaire and interviews were the main data collection instruments. These questionnaires were administered through a research guide. It was found out that the major causes of street children are poverty, child abuse, family disintegration, truancy and orphans. The effects of these children in the streets of Freetown is an embarrassment to the government, parents, communities and the general public from whom these children beg from. It is recommended that severe penalties should be reconsidered for parents who expose their children to risk and vulnerability through full application of the provisions of the child law. Street children should be able to have access to governmental vocational training, without the pre-requisites of legal credentials. Such a project is strongly supported by all NGOs working with street children that believe in the efficacy of the training programmes provided at the governmental level which street children should benefits from.


Abstract: The purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of using the Multi-Sensory Approach for teaching a foreign language (English) for students with Dyslexia. To achieve the purpose of the study, a pre/post-test will be constructed to measure students achievement in English vocabulary. The test consists of twenty words in English language. It is said that the students with Dyslexia should be offered individualized learning-teaching strategies but all the students with learning disabilities are put together in the special needs unit that the researcher selected, thus even a mild improvement can be hardly seen. Through the research, the researcher intends to administer Multi- Sensory teaching pedagogy to see whether there is an improvement with the students.

      Brian Leland Artis

Abstract: The aim of the present paper is to show that post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and related psychological conditions are a significant public health problem in Africa as a whole and in South Africa in particular. Some African literature is reviewed that points to the catastrophic impacts of war and other sources of violence on the continent. For South Africa an extensive review is presented of the clinical and epidemiological literature which shows that PTSD is a significant public health problem which calls for appropriate strategic planning on the part of those responsible for resourcing mental health.

      Antonia OKOGWU

Abstract: The major components of discuss here are the Dada movement of the twentieth century that helped to usher in art in the twenty first century that de-emphasized the classical foundation of art and a philosophical aesthetic phenomenon called Gadamer and his projections in theories on aesthetics. This paper sets out to unravel these philosophical questions: What are Dada Philosophies and what are Gadamer’s’ Aesthetic theories, are there any relationships between Dada philosophies and Hangs Gadamer Aesthetic Theories? Having stood on these academic frames to project this study Alexander Kremer views Gadamer’s philosophy as anti-foundationalism just as dada that is regarded as the art of nihilism. In other words, the works of Gadamer tends to agree with the philosophy of Dadaism. More so, Gadamer is priced academically to associate with the following: Experience regarding art works, Integration of aesthetics into hermeneutics, Legitimatization of the humanist tradition, Universality of hermeneutics central position of experience and the art work

      Heru Totok Tri Wahono, Cahyo Tri Atmojo, Fahimul Amri

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to examine the influence of creative economy on the ukm up grade through the competitiveness of ukm. Population in this research is student of STKIP PGRI Jombang Program study Economic Education class of 2016 which amounted to 150 people, and all used as sample of research. Data obtained from respondents perceptions are analyzed descriptively with structural equation modeling using AMOS application. The results of research proved that the creative economy affect the competitiveness of products, creative economy affect to UKM up grade, the competitiveness of products affect UKM up grade, creative economy affect UKM up grade to increase the class through product competitiveness. Next researchers are advised to review research related to UKM upgrading with local wisdom.

      Yusdalifa Ekayanti Yunus, Hilal Anshary, Elmi N. Zainuddin

Abstract: Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) is a freshwater aquaculture commodity that has high economic value. Consistency of increasing fish production has been done through intensive aquaculture. However, disease problem caused by a parasitic infection can reduce the growth rate and even mortality of cultivated tilapia. Control of parasitic infection of fish can be done by administering immunostimulants which has been shown to play a role in activating the fishs non-specific defense system.


Abstract: The taxpayers representative has the duty to represent and provide protection for the rights of the taxpayer, both in assisting data clarifications, tax audits, and other tax procedural processes that require the tax payer’s representative to appear infront of the tax authorities. Its presence in Indonesia has a place for registered tax consultants as well as for non-tax consultant professionals.

      Kwabena Offeh Gyimah, Muhammad Sandhu, Chibudo Kenneth Nworu

Abstract: Microwave spectroscopic properties of imidazolium-based ionic liquids has been investigated in the 100 MHz to 10 GHz range over a range of temperature between 25 oC and 125 oC for characterising the dielectric and loss factor properties. The room temperature dielectric properties of the ionic liquids were found to decrease with increasing frequency of incident wave which may be attributed to a net drop in polarization, as some polarization mechanisms example interfacial and orientation polarization cease to contribute at higher frequencies.

      Rugina, Y, Mulyungi, M.P

Abstract: The main purpose of this study was to examine the contribution of employees’ involvement in success of one laptop per child in Rwanda. In order to achieve the study descriptive and analytical designs were used. The target and the population of the study was 72 employees involved in one laptop per child. Using Slovin’s formula a sample size of 61 respondents was determined. The study used both purposive and simple random sampling technique while selecting the respondents. The study used both primary and secondary data collection method. Primary data was collected using questionnaires and interviews while secondary data was collected using reports published on accredited journals. Data coding, analysis and interpretation was done using SPSS version 24.

      J. L. P. Chaminda

Abstract: Introduction: Medical equipment have an important role in delivery of healthcare, which ranges from small and simple devices to complex devices. Comprehensive data availability is very important to establish a good medical equipment management system which is important for the reduction of accidents. It is extremely important to maintain equipment efficiency to provide quality care and to reduce healthcare costs. Proper medical equipment management is also important for the reduction of accidents caused by inappropriate handling of unsafe equipment to patients or staff.

      W D K Wijesinghe, S Sridharan

Abstract: Purpose Patient safety always interplays with the other key components of health care system. Therefore, patient safety management is a collective task involving medical administrators, clinicians and clients. Overall aim should be to minimize or avoidance of recognizable errors and mistakes rather than zero adverse events. Adverse events reporting is minimal or no in low income countries leading to difficulties in assessing the exact situation in such countries.

      Carolyne Chepkoech, Dr. Hellen Sang, Dr. Patricia Chepkowony

Abstract: Channels of communication is of great importance when passing information from the sender to the receiver and it also affects the performance of employees as they act based on how they have received the information and how they have understood it. Due to the rapid emergence of the channels of communication and its’ increased level of usage in workplace, policymakers and organizations are still not sure whether to incorporate it entirely in their operations even though the evidence points out that use of emerging channels of communication has led to increased productivity.

      Umi Salamah, Endang Sumarti, and Rokhyanto

Abstract: The agricultural development, which is capitalistic-biased, leads to the industrial economy with the impacts on the loss of "gotong royong" culture, increasing individualism, social gap, and environmental degradation. This study aims to explore the agricultural spirit through the diction of Indonesian popular songs across time, its conservation, and transformation.


Abstract: The study explains the legal frame work and institutional potential of Pakistan. The study explains how reforms would work well in areas such as taxation, bureaucratic red-tapes, court procedures and property laws, however, where the Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT) and Free Trade Agreement (FTA) and broader principles of engagement stand; new plans and laws need to be drown from the top-down and local legislative bodies to make the most out of CPEC.

      Md Saikat Hosen, Md Shohidul Islam, Alam Rafikul

Abstract: The research applies performance evaluation of pharmaceutical company in Bangladesh. It means evaluate how well the company performs. The main aim is achieved through ratio analysis of four pharmaceuticals (Beacon, ACI, GSKSmithkline and Square pharmaceutical Limited) companies in Bangladesh. The main data collection from the annual financial reports on Beacon, ACI, GSKSmithkline, and Square pharmaceutical companies in 2014 to 2019. The different financial ratios are evaluated such as liquidity ratios, asset management ratios, profitability ratios, market value ratios, debt management ratios, and finally measure the best performance among the Four companies. The mathematical calculation was establishing for ratio analysis among four companies from 2014-2019.

      Kushal Dey

Abstract: FMCG sector are gaining its importance among other Indian sectors over the years and found to be the 4th largest sector in the economy. There are basically 3 major divisions in the FMCG sector – Personal care which accounts for 50% of FMCG sales, healthcare which accounts for 32% of FMCG sales & food, beverages which accounts for remaining 18% of the FMCG sales in India. Growing awareness, easier access as well as alteration in the lifestyles have been the major drivers for the consumer market. The policies as well as regulatory framework introduced by the Indian Government such as relaxation of license & grant of 51% FDI in multi-brand & 100 % in single-brand retail are some of the key growth drivers for the consumer market. The urban division which estimates for a revenue share of around 55% is considered as the largest contributor to the overall revenue generated by the Indian FMCG sector. However, over the past few years, the rural segment has grown at a faster pace as compared to urban India. Moreover, semi-urban & rural divisions of the FMCG sector are rapidly growing in the Indian economy & FMCG product account or 50% of total rural spending.

      Ouma, Peter O., Ouma Robinson, Mugalavai, Violet K., Onkware, Augustino O.

Abstract: Health guidelines to manage the COVID-19 pandemic could have led to unintended changes in states and processes that affect food systems, food security, and nutrition. The study conducted in Elgeyo Marakwet County, Kenya focused on the impacts of the pandemic on food security and post-harvest losses. A cross-sectional survey was used to gather information on food security concerns from household heads in Keiyo South. Questionnaires were administered to 400 household heads derived from 99,861 households.

      Catherine Marbun

Abstract: Intrapersonal skills are integral to human lives. As applied in a management setting, intrapersonal skills are fundamental to leaders. Assessment on relationship between intrapersonal skills and leadership performance as well as relation to leaders’ profile can help management to prepare their millennial leader on develop their soft skills to be better leaders in the future. Based on big five theory on Intrapersonal Skills of Leaders, the five elements (conscientiousness, agreeableness, neuroticism, openness and extraversion) were required to a very large extent in millennial leadership. The five elements were significantly related to gender, and only some elements having significant relation to age, educational attainment, and length of service of millennial leaders. Management together with human resource department should constantly review the soft skills of millennial leaders by evaluating their teams’ performance.

      Abu Bakar, Astie Darmayantie, Laura Sumampouw

Abstract: The development of information technology nowadays has been able to help people in making decisions. This is possible because of the increasingly rapid development of computer technology, both in terms of hardware and software. DBC (Djabesmen Co.) is a group of companies in Indonesia engaged in the building material business with 8 business units, requires manpower as executors in carrying out its operational activities. Each business unit in DBC group has its own criteria, but still refers to the existing recruitment standard procedures. Assessment to determine employee acceptance is still carried out conventionally, takes a long time, and is prone to errors, especially if there are many applicants.

      P.B.T.K Premarathne and Dr. C.D.H.M Premaratna

Abstract: This study is an attempt at investigating the pedagogical effect of student-fronted and teacher-fronted Corrective Feedback (CF) on improving pronunciation intelligibility in a Sri Lankan context.

      Wadah Mommad Salah, Zang Tie gang

Abstract: This paper thoroughly describes the logistics system used in the healthcare system. A detailed overview of the some of the widely used logistic system and methodologies throughout the world is presented and compared them to find the most feasible one and the problems and difficulties emerged in those systems are discussed as well. They were compared in different topics and valid reasoning over their need is given.

      Nuri Purwanto, Budiyanto, Suhermin

Abstract: This study aims to examine and explain the influence of electronic service quality, electronic satisfaction, and electronic trust on electronic word of mouth (e-WOM) on the consumers of the marketplace in Surabaya. The quantitative (positivist) approach was used in this study to examine and explain the influence of electronic service quality on e-WOM that was mediated by electronic trust and electronic satisfaction.

      Ordu, J I and Owhor, G A

Abstract: The study is aimed at extracting starch from Artocarpos altilis seeds and the isolation effected from the seeds by solvent extraction method using aqueous and alkali (0.1NNaOH) medium respectively. The starch extracted was, evaluated for its physical, physicochemical properties, proximate and mineral compositions. The aqueous-extracted starch had a yield of 9.69% while the yield from alkaline-extract was 11.15%. The identification tests carried out on the starch (Molisch and Iodine test) confirms the presence of carbohydrate and starch. The starch obtained from both medium appeared powdery but that from the aqueous-extracted was less powdery and more crystalline although milkish-white in color while the alkaline-extract was brownish and appeared very amorphous with high content of fines. Proximate analysis indicates high carbohydrate content (77.5%) and potassium as the highest mineral content in the starch.

      Kadam Surendra S & Samal Deepika V

Abstract: The present study was undertaken during June 2016 to May 2017 to evaluate water quality and macro fouling pattern, dominant species and their seasonal changes to explore the distribution and diversity of macrofoulers along the coastal areas of Tarapur Atomic Power(19.86ºN,72.68ºE)and Dahanu Thermal Power Station (19.97º,72.73ºE) in Palghar district of Maharashtra state. Macrofoulers being a prominent community in rocky coasts, the influence of environmental parameters on the prevailing species was also explored.

      Abdul Ahad Wasiq, Abdullah Helmand

Abstract: This research aims to achieve two main objectives. First, to investigate the factors which cause learners’ language speaking anxiety. Second, to discover what are the appropriate strategies that teachers and learners can follow to reduce their language anxiety. The research depends on one main data gathering tool which is a questionnaire that was addressed to 106 (88 male and 18 female) learners of freshman, sophomore, junior and seniors classes of English language department at Kandahar University.

      Mustafa Mohamed Mohamed Dermish

Abstract: The hospital and healthcare management is considered one of the very important concepts that are most prevailing which preoccupied the wide concern of experts, researchers, administrators and managers who are particularly concerned with the development and improvement of the productive and service performance in the various health organizations.

      Ariel U. Cubillas & Trixie E. Cubillas

Abstract: Campus journalism has long been implemented in the Philippines via the Campus Journalism Act of 1991 or R.A. 7079. The act prescribed the implementation of campus journalism in both public and private schools. The researchers took interest in determining the level of awareness and compliance of these schools in the implementation of campus journalism. The study utilized the descriptive-correlational design.

      Pius Cheruiyot, Shadrack Kipkoech Sitienei

Abstract: Maize growing and its use as human food and animal fodder have become popular globally. In most parts of continental Africa and Kenya in particular green maize commercialization and consumption is a common delicacy among the urbanite population as well as those in rural areas. The remains are used for livestock feeds and firewood for some households. This paper strives to unearth the factors which influence the commercialization of green maize in Nandi South in Nandi county parts of Kenya.

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