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      M. H. Ali & N. J. Chidume

Abstract: High frequency variable oscillator is central to the construction of high speed clock for data communication. A very wide variable frequency oscillation is designed that could be used in data communication for reliable and fast data transmission. A voltage controlled oscillator in Colpitt configuration is used in the design. The design is found to be capable of producing frequencies from 800MHz to 1.5GHz for a reverse biased voltage (VR) of 0 to 25V while maintaining a good tuning flatness throughout the range. The design is found to be free from noise and frequency variations over the tuning range.

      Njugi Anne wanjiku, Nickson Lumwagi agusioma

Abstract: Culture may have a big influence on the performance of all organizations worldwide. This is a practice that cannot just be assumed as it has both positive and negative effects as far as performance is concerned. It is more serious when it comes to non-Governmental organizations, since in most cases they involve international Governments. The main focus of the study was the non-governmental organizations in Kenya with a specific focus on World Vision Kenya. The specific objectives of the study were to establish the link between competitive culture and performance in Non-Governmental Organizations, to explore the effect of entrepreneurial culture on performance in Non-Governmental Organizations, to assess the level of bureaucratic culture and its influence on overall performance in Non-Governmental Organizations, to examine the influence of consensual culture on performance in Non-Governmental Organizations, and finally to identify the preferred cultural integrations in Non-Governmental Organizations in Kenya.

      Ghazwan Mahdy, Tajul A. Yang

Abstract: Milk powders are considered as food ingredients and its intervention in the manufacture of many foods and all this exposed to high temperatures when it cooked. Many of changes accrue in physical and chemical properties of milk. In this study the changes in physical properties color, viscosity, density, PH and lipid stability peroxide oxidation value (POV) and total free fatty acids (TFFA) was measured to reconstituted (WMP) whole milk powder in relation thermal treatment using superheated steam with different temperature and period time.

      Asst. Prof. Dr. Ismail Gelen

Abstract: This research investigated the effectiveness of value analysis approach on elementary school students’ value development. Seventy 5th grade students from a public elementary school in the central district of Hatay province (Turkey) participated in a 14- week study. A pre-test, post-test, control group experimental design was implemented to conduct the study. While “value analysis approach” was applied on the experimental group, traditional activities were continued by the teachers in the control group classrooms to enable students gain pre-determined values in the Social Studies curriculum. The Value Assesment Scale developed by the researchers was used to collect data. Cronbach’s alpha co-efficient of the scale was calculated as 0,83. Results revealed that the experimental group had statistically higher scores on the acquisition levels of ‘Cooperation’, ‘Academic Honesty’ and ‘Fairness’ values over the control group. However, no differences found on the acquisition levels of the “Respect for National Anthem and Flag’.

      Obekpa Solomon, Khatib Mahafroz, Mbwas Mashor, Francis Arome, Das Neha

Abstract: Human immunodeficiency (HIV) and hepatitis B virus (HBV) are both of great concern in Nigeria. This study was conducted to understand the HIV and HBV prevalence among students and staff at the University of Jos (Jos, Nigeria) through a medical outreach program in which free screening was offered to voluntary participants at the university. Serum samples from 180 individuals were assayed for the presence of HBV surface antigen, HIV-1 p24 antigen, and HIV-1/2 antibodies. HIV prevalence was 3.88% and HBV prevalence was 7.22%. In sum, the prevalence of HBV and HIV among young Nigerian adults reflects the need for establishment of clear health policy for this risk group.

      Selva Mary. G, Likhesh N. Kolhe, Kanchan D. Patil

Abstract: Classification analysis of microarray gene expression data has been performed widely to find out the biological features and to differentiate intimately related cell types that usually appear in the diagnosis of cancer. Many algorithms and techniques have been developed for the microarray gene classification process. These developed techniques accomplish microarray gene classification process with the aid of three basic phases namely, dimensionality reduction, feature selection and gene classification. In our previous work, microarray gene classification by statistical analysis approach with Fuzzy Inference System (FIS) was proposed for precise classification of genes to their corresponding gene types.

      Likhesh N. Kolhe, Selva Mary. G, Rucha D. Pathari

Abstract: A vast majority of web services exist without explicit associated semantic descriptions. As a result many services that are relevant to a specific user service request may not be considered during service discovery. In this paper, we address the issue of web service discovery given no explicit service description semantics that match a specific service request. Our approach to semantic based web service discovery involves semantic-based service categorization and semantic enhancement of the service request. We propose a solution for achieving functional level service categorization based on an ontology framework. Additionally, we utilize clustering for accurately classifying the web services based on service functionality.

      V Suma Priya, B V S Raghu Vamsi, E Kavitha, K. Srividya

Abstract: In this research work, frequency response of the gear box in the medium duty lathe machine is studied using transfer functions. The effect of the torque acting at a particular rotor on the amplitude of vibration of the other rotors is studied. Initially, equation of motion is developed for the multi-rotor system in the gearbox and later, Laplace transforms are applied to find the transfer functions. Torque acting at various rotors is also calculated. The obtained characteristic equation and the transfer functions are solved for poles and zeros (frequencies to attenuate the inputs at every rotor) by writing programming in MATLAB. Plots of the frequency response curves are plotted by writing the programming in MATLAB and the final conclusions are drawn.

      Yassine Zouheir , Samira Daouam , Taoufiq Fechtali

Abstract: The North Africa region is characterized by countries that have common cultures and religion and that are more conservative sexual behavior compared to Occidental countries. In this paper, we provide the available information on the burden of Human papillomavirus (HPV)-related cancers (cancer of the cervix, anal cancer, vaginal cancer, vulvar cancer and cancer of the pharynx), as well as available data on the prevalence and distribution of HPV types among men and women with an HPV related cancer, for the countries of the North Africa region (NA). The countries in the NA region show a generally low incidence of cervical cancer (ASR: 6.6/100,000). HPV prevalence (%) in the general population women with normal cytology varied from 10.3 in Egypt to 14.6 in Tunisia.

      M.Reddi Babu, N.Madhusudhana Rao, A.Mohan Babu, L.Ramamoorthy

Abstract: Absorption and emission properties of Dy3+ doped phosphate glass with the chemical composition of 55.5 P2O5 + 14.5 SrO + 14 K2O + 9 Al2O3 + 6 KF +1.0 Dy2O3 have been investigated. The density and refractive index of the prepared glass were determined by Archimedes principle and using an Abbe refractometer, respectively. Optical absorption spectra were recorded on a Hitachi U-3400 spectrometer in the wavelength of 250-2500 nm. The intensity parameters (Ω2, Ω4 and Ω6 ) are determined from the Judd-Ofelt analysis have been used to calculate radiative transition probabilities (AR), life times (τR) and branching ratios (βR) from the exited 4F9/2 level to the lower levels of Dy3+ ion.


Abstract: In order to increase transmission efficiency of the real world video sequences, Motion estimation (2) plays an vital role. An improved version of the reconfigurable block motion estimation algorithm (3) is proposed in this paper. The new algorithm uses a small cross-shaped search patterns to speed up the motion estimation of stationary and quasi- stationary blocks. Also we propose a pipelining method for SAD unit to minimize clock delays with minimum area overhead. Our approach increases speed and enhance the throughput for Codec design. We propose a new method “Block Motions matching technique (BMM)” (2) where compression takes place at both Spatial and Temporal domain. In BMM, images are sub divided into micro blocks of 16x16 matrices and it is checked with nearby blocks. Also this method is applied for video compression techniques. The advantage of BMM over existing system is that it compresses block level compression instead of pixel level compression that improves execution speed and adapt for fast processing.

      Odo, J.U., Okafor, W.C., Ekpe, S.O. and Nwogbu, C. C.

Abstract: Tin slag a waste product of tin smelting contains many important metals such as niobium, tantalum, manganese, iron, aluminum, titanium, etc. Niobium metal which is one of the important metals found in tin slag has successfully been extracted using leaching and electrothermal method. The tin slag was crushed and ground to very fine particle sizes of nanometer level using laboratory ball mill, piston and mortar. The particles were sieved and 150nm and 180nm particle sizes range were used for this experiment. The samples were subjected to two leaching processes using hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide. The residues from the leaching processes were subjected to carbonchlorination at 300oC to produce Niobium oxide. The purity of Niobium metal extracted was calculated to up to 95% which means that tin slag from Nigerian Tin Smelting Company is a good source of high quality Niobium metal.

      Roderick C. Suminta, MAN, RN, PT , Maria Theresa G. Suminta, MAN, RN

Abstract: Different themes emerged from the lived experiences of the 36 co – researchers, here referred to individually with their fictitious names. The following are the themes and their respective meaning: A) Desensitizing information - Initial reactions of the condition: counting the days left, full of disbelief, unbearable, unacceptable, Why me!, What have I done?, and difficult to explain; (B) Holistic disease experience – individual symptomatic experience: Fluid restrictions, Easy fatigability, Vomiting, fever and abdominal pain, Edema /heaviness, Gasping for breath, Increased / decreased blood pressure, fragile, easily fatigued and weak, lost my appetite, think more often, afraid to die and difficulty urinating, weak and body pains; (C) racing against the waves - coping with the illness and support systems:

      Prateek S. Joshi, Jawahir A. Pachore

Abstract: Context: There are currently no published studies analyzing outcomes of total knee arthroplasty (TKA) in Morbidly Obese (MO) Indian patients Aim: To compare short-term outcome of TKA in MO with Non Obese (NO) patients

      Dr Ramya B S, Dr. Dayananda S Biligi, Dr Chinmayee J T, Dr A r Raghupathi

Abstract: Eyelid oncology is of growing importance whose early diagnosis saves the visual system. Overview of eyelid tumours guides ophthalmologists to design for optimal therapy. We carried out the study to assess the incidence of eyelid neoplasms with respect to age, sex, location and histopathological type.

      Mr. Ullhas.Jayakumar.Maisale, Prof. Mrs. S.R.Mahadik

Abstract: Evaluation of frequency reconfigurable patch antennas for multi-standard personal communication systems, using PIN diodes as switches. Two different configurations are studied with dual-band behavior: a patch antenna with two switchable slots; and a rectangular patch with a switchable parasitic element. One of the objectives is to evaluate the reliability of the simulation software to design and predict the performance of reconfigurable antennas with embedded active elements. These antennas were fabricated and the measured results show good agreement withthe simulations. Each of the designed antennas enable electronic switching of the operating frequency, while maintaining good input impedance match and stable radiation characteristics.

      S. K. Sarkar, K. Chakraborty, M. N. Moitra

Abstract: Soil samples were collected from four different types of sites –agricultural field, river basin, brick field and forest floor. Density and group diversity varied considerably among the sites, the statistically significant difference in mean abundance both for total microarthropods and acarines however existed only between forest site and brick field, difference of group diversity was not significant. All the sites showed post-monsoon population maxima. Oribatids were the single largest order at the sites followed by collembolans.


Abstract: In this paper, a single server bulk service queuing system with interrupted vacation, request for Re-service and Balking is considered. At a service completion, if the server finds at least ‘a’ customers waiting for service say 𝜉, he serves a batch of min (𝜉 ,b ) customers, whereb ≥ a. At the completion of an essential service, the leaving batch of customers may request for a re-service with probability π. However, the re-service is rendered only when the number of customers waiting in the queue is less than ‘a’.

      Sule, Abass Iyanda

Abstract: It is debatable that the Nigerian Land Use Act of 1978 has not absolutely transferred ownership of land to the Governor of states in Nigeria. It is argued that the citizens have no rights or interest over the land beyond their occupation because such rights or interest has been taken over by the virtue of section 1 of the Land Use Act, which provides that subject to the provisions of the Act, lands in each State of the Federation is vested in the Governor of that State and such land shall be held in trust and administered for the use and common benefits of all Nigerians.

      Deep Shrivastava, Raina Shrivastava

Abstract: The main idea behind this research paper is to propose a model focusing on cost effective design of a S.A.F.E i.eSELF ACTIVATING FIRE EXTINGUISHER. S.A.F.E is self-activating fire extinguisher which on sensing flame/smoke from the fire automatically activates and extinguishes the fire.

      Nkem Okpa Obaji, Mercy Uche Olugu, Kayode O. Balogun

Abstract: Entrepreneurial policies are generally enacted by governments to promote entrepreneurship and help sustain Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). However, in Nigeria, despite laudable policies, the implementation of those policies relating to entrepreneurship as well as technology incubation programme leaves a lot to be desired. Thus, the Nigerian version of business incubation is yet to attain success stories in comparison with some other developing nations. Consequently, the entrepreneurship development is also in the path of decline.

      Dr R Vijayashree, Ms V. R.Abirami, Dr. S. Govindaraju, Dr K. Ramesh Rao

Abstract: BACKGROUND: Stroke is an important cause of disability and death. Recently several studies have claimed that RDW is a good predictor of outcome in stroke. As RDW is a complete blood count (CBC) parameter that is routinely determined in clinical laboratories, these studies important implications in patient management in developing countries.

      Ayush Agrawal , Utsav Gupta

Abstract: This paper describes an algorithm that incorporates k-means clustering, term-frequency inverse-document-frequency and tokenization to perform extraction based text summarization.

      Dr. (Fr) Simão R. Diniz, Dr. Savio P. Falleiro and Ms. Maria M. de Barros

Abstract: This paper explores the benefits and adverse effects of tourism on the psycho-social and economic life of the locals in the coastal village of Cavelossim, Goa (India). In the study a sample comprising 232 household heads were interviewed. Using Chi-square and Kruskal-Wallis H test, it was found that all household heads perceived that tourism had negatively impacted the psycho-social life of the locals. While the major economic benefits of tourism perceived were employment and increased income, the major adverse effect was increase in food prices. It was also found that due to tourism traditional occupations were abandoned for more lucrative employment.

      Dr.B.Renuka, Dr.A.Sreedevi, Dr.C.Niranjan Paul

Abstract: ASHA will be a health activist in the community who will create awareness on health and its social determinants and mobilize the community towards local health planning and increased utilization and accountability of the existing health services. This is an educational interventional and longitudinal study. Six PHCs of Atmakur CHNC namely Kottalcheruvu, Bairluty, Kothapally, Yerramattam, Gokavaram, Pamulapadu were selected for the study by using multistage random sampling technique.

      Mr Tosin. E. Akinduyo

Abstract: I. INTRODUCTION D eveloped countries will always trace their roots of success in all sectors to the quality of their teaching profession. The long chain of all other professions like medicine, law and engineering originates from the teaching profession. Reverse is the case in Nigeria. Teaching has been seen as a mere activity, occupation and vocation for the academic losers. Some people even refer to teachers as substitutes on the bench of life, who are left with no option than to proceed and get employed into the teaching profession.

      Rohini Chandrica Widyalankara

Abstract: During empirical sociolinguistic research this correlational study statistically compares quantitative scores of an independent variable Proficiency in English against the quantified dependent variable Rate of occurrence of deviations from Standard Sri Lankan English (SSLE) pronunciation across the 185 users of Other Varieties of Sri Lankan Englishes. The participants diversified in their first language. 100 participants had Sinhala while the first language of 85 participants was Sri Lankan Tamil. a questionnaire cum word elicitation process compiled data. The instrument consisted of 25 lexical items which gave rise to pronunciation deviations compiled from literature on Sri Lankan English.

      Rajesh.M, Tejesh.S, Mohan Kumar.B

Abstract: Modal analysis has been important to the designers and operators since the inception of the Turbo machinery. Blades typically fail because of low-cycle fatigue (LCF), and high-cycle fatigue (HCF), environmental attack, Creep, Oxidation, erosion, embrittlement. In the present work the turbine blade is modeled and analyzed using finite element method the eigen value extraction for flexural and torsional modes is obtained. Foreign object damage is simulated by considering a circular crack along the leading edge of the blade. It was found that the stretching induced by the centrifugal inertia force due to the rotational motion of the blades was the cause for the increment of the bending stiffness of the structure. This resulted in maximum operational Vonmises stresses; the object is to provide understanding and information for designers to improve the life and efficiency of gas turbines.

      Niruba Sarath Jayasundara

Abstract: The present paper presents a detailed account of the Indian Language Education Policy from a historical perspective and the issues associated with policy- making for language in education in the Indian socio-political context; It argues the outcome of the policies implemented in the colonial period and discusses the current status of implementation of these policies in the present Indian Educational scenario. It further elaborates the adoption of national and regional language policies of India in general and its outcomes in Tamil Nadu state in particular. Finally it discusses and evaluates the consequences and aftermath to be taken into account by the policy makers.

      Adeniyi, K. A, Daudu, O. A. Y., Abubakar, A, Ismail, A. D., Busari, M. B., Abdulsalami, H., and Oyibo-Usman, K. A.

Abstract: Honey, a natural product of the genus Apis, usually contains a variety of nutritional and mineral substances which varies depending on the plant species on which the bee forage. It had been noted that over the years, there have been a greater increase in the demand of bitter honey over the sweet honey; this has led to increase in price of this honey type and more gain for the apiculturists. This study was then undertaken to compared the nutritional and mineral compositions of Nigeria bitter and sweet honey. The honey samples used were collected from ADEKAM apicultural farm in Ala community, Akure, Ondo State and analysed following Standards Association of Official Analytical Chemists protocol for nutritional composition and mineral compositions using standard calibrated machines.

      M. S. Islam, A. K. Paul, A. S. M. Fazle Bari, Syfullah Shahriar, Sharmin Sultana, M. T. Hosain.

Abstract: An experiment was conducted to asses the integrated effect of organic manures and nitrogen on yield contributing characters and yield of rice (BRRI dhan29). The experiment consisted of 12 treatments, T1: Control condition (No chemical fertilizer, no organic manure); T2: 100% recommended N (120 kg N ha-1) + recommended P, K, S and Zn); T3: 100 kg N from urea + 20 kg N substituted by vermicompost (VC) + P, K, S and Zn; T4: 100 kg N from urea + 20 kg N substituted by cowdung (CD) + P, K, S and Zn; T5: 80 kg N from urea + 40 kg N substituted by VC + P, K, S and Zn; T6: 80 kg N from urea + 40 kg N substituted by CD + P, K, S and Zn; T7: 60 kg N from urea + 60 kg N substituted by VC + P, K, S and Zn; T8: 60 kg N from urea + 60 kg N substituted by CD + P, K, S and Zn; T9: 100 kg N from urea + 20 kg N substituted equally by VC and CD + P, K, S AND..

      Nagalaxmi V, Swetha Reddy A, Srikanth K, Faisal Zardi, Anshul Singh

Abstract: Verrucous carcinoma is the uncommon variant of squamous cell carcinoma characterized by exophytic overgrowth. It constitutes 1-10% of cases of squamous cell carcinoma. It is locally invasive with low metastatic potential. It usually occurs in 6th – 7th decade of life. Larynx and oral cavity are the common sites of involvement in head and neck region, with buccal mucosa frequently involved in oral cavity. Tobacco is considered as chief etiological agent in this disease entity. Many treatment modalities are currently available, surgery being the most preferred treatment modality. In this article, we report case series of verrucous carcinoma seen in older female patients who gives history of chronic usage of tobacco along with review of literature.

      Lourdes Laura.A

Abstract: Different energy sources and converters need to be integrated to meet sustained load demands while accommodating various natural conditions. A hybrid system of a fuel cell, PV array and battery connected to a load is presented in this paper. This paper focuses on the integration of photovoltaic (PV) and fuel cell (FC) for sustained power generation. Fuel Cell and PV are the primary power sources of the system, and a battery combination is used as a backup and a long-term storage system. An overall power management strategy is designed for the proposed system to manage power flows among the different energy sources and the storage unit in the system. A simulation model for the hybrid power source has been developed using MATLAB/Simulink.

      Dr. Agustín Avila Romero

Abstract: This paper gives account on socio-cultural changes, the territorial dispute and the different conceptions of the good life that we find among the indigenous peoples Tojolabal, Tseltal and tsotsil who live and have colonized Selva-Chiapas border region.

      Weerakoon WMPGC, Gunatissa HHAJ

Abstract: Entrepreneurial intentions are considered as more accurate predictors of entrepreneurial behavior. Understanding entrepreneurial intentions will enable the researchers to investigate the dynamics of entrepreneurial venture creation process. However, the controversial findings on the determinants of entrepreneurial intentions and the focus on the isolated variables without a theoretical rationale triggered this study to question what antecedents would predict the entrepreneurial intention of undergraduates. Thus, this study was conducted with the aim of identifying the antecedents of entrepreneurial intention of undergraduates. Accordingly, a sample of 209 undergraduates from Uva Wellassa University of Sri Lanka was studied by using a structured questionnaire on entrepreneurial intention, perceived desirability, perceived social norms and perceived feasibility.

      Kuda B Galketiya MS, FRCS, Vasanti G Pinto MD, FRCA, Anupa Herath MBBS, R M D Rathnayaka MBBS4

Abstract: Objective - To evaluate cervical sympathectomy as a modality of treatment for chronic phantom limb pain Design- Clinical Observation Setting- Teaching Hospital Peradeniya, Sri Lanka Subject- A patient presented with phantom limb pain following left upper limb amputation due to a trauma 31/2 years ago. He complained of a Phantom limb sensation with painful writhing movements in fingers for which medical management failed to offer a lasting effect.

      Muneera farooq and Sahera nasreen

Abstract: In vitro evaluation of Bioagents against both Fusarium oxysporum and Pleurotus sajor-caju revealed that all the bioagents more or less suppress the growth of Fusarium oxysporum. Out of six bioagents, Bacillus subtilis-115 expressed the efficient antagonistic activity against Fusarium oxysporum followed by P. flourescens-105, P. flourescens- 104 and P. flourescens-103. Among these bioagents tested P. flourescens- 103 revealed more inhibitory effect against pathogen but also inhibited the mycelial growth of Pleurotus sajor-caju strongly. The bioagents Bacillus subtilis-115, P. flourescens-105 and P. flourescens-104 revealed less antagonistic activity against P. sajor-caju but their inhibitory effect against the pathogen was very strong.

      K.D.B.H. Subasinghe, S.R. Kodituwakku, H.S.C. Perera

Abstract: Social media refers to the means of interactions among people in which they create, share, and exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks. The growth of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has resulted in an enormous volume of security related information present on the web largely when it comes to social media networks. Therefore, with the changing face of cyber security, although it is difficult, it was found that detecting the potential cyber-attacks or crimes is possible and feasible with the vast improvements in ICT. Cloud computing uses ICT resources that are delivered as a service over a network which has opened a promising opportunity across the globe thus resulting a greater popularity of e-commerce.

      Sayekti Wahyuningsih, Ari Handono Ramelan, Edi Pramono, Ariantama Djatisulistya

Abstract: Ilmenite ore (FeO.TiO2) is source of titanium dioxide (TiO2) production. Titanium dioxide occurs in polymorphic forms as rutile,and anatase phase. InIndonesia,ilmenite sand was found in Bangka island.Modification ofa commercialprocesscapable to produceTiO2 high grade fromilmenite. In this research, the production of TiO2 from ilminite had been conducted and resulted the excellent procedure through roasting and leaching process. Result ofthehydrochloric acidleachingofroastedilmenitedepositedgraduallyin order to obtainTiO2.Fine crystallite anatasephase TiO2was generatedthroughco-precipitation processes using hydrolysis and condensation route via titanium isopropoxide complexes formation. Further hydrolisis process in 2-propanol-water of 9:1 v/v solvent ratio produce the anatase TiO2.

      A.L Furqan M. Auda, A.L Basim M. Ali, A.L Maha S.R, Hassan Mohammed Marhoon

Abstract: This study was conducted in AL-Hakeem hospital in al najaf al ashraf city during the period from May 2014 to September 2014. To assess serum lipid profile ,albumin and Hb in renal failure patients on hemodailysis , it included 77 patients , 53were males and 24 were females and their age range from 21 to 65 years.

      Muhammad H.L.,Kabiru A.Y., Mann A., Adefolalu F.S , Busari M.B.,3Raji R.O., Shekowan S.M and Iwegbulam B

Abstract: Globimetula braunii is a parasitic plant (mistletoe) used to treat diabetes and hypertension by Nupe speaking people of Niger Sate, Nigeria.Extracts of petroleum ether and n-hexane showedthe presence of steroids, terpenes,and phenols.Rats of both sexes, weighing (135-244)g were randomly allotted to five groups of four rats each. Rats in group one (control) were the normoglycaemic (administered 10 ml distilled water daily),while those in groups two, three, four, and five were rendered diabetic by the administration of 100mg/kg bodyweight of alloxan monohydrate.

      Kumar chiman sinha, Dr. Rajiva Prasad

Abstract: Here we are talking about spatial inequality, but before starting to write about it, we need to understand what we mean when we talk about spatial inequality. According to Wikipedia “Spatial inequality is defined as the distribution of qualities/resources and services like welfare in bias or unequal amounts. It occurs as a result of greed, religion, race or culture. Spatial inequality is countered by equal distribution of resources and services”. It has been observed that people are living in same socioeconomic conditions in the same cluster.

      Kumar Chiman Sinha

Abstract: The present paper examines the association between the men’s knowledge regarding the maternal health service utilization and maternal health in India using data from National Family Health Survey 2005-06. The indicator of maternal health used in the analysis is safe delivery. Binary and multinomial logistic regression are used established the said association. Males involvement coded into two ways and two categories viz father present at the time of ANC visit or not, and whether at any time during the pregnancy any health provider or health worker told them about the various sign of pregnancy complications or not.

      G. Mary Sandeepa and Ammani

Abstract: Use of probiotic bacteria in aquaculture has tremendous scope and the studies of the application of probiotics in aquaculture have a glorious future. The present study was aimed at the studies on the probiotic characters of bacteria which were isolated from shrimp cultured ponds. Initially 26 soil samples were collected from dried shrimp cultured ponds; bacteria were isolated by serial dilution. 10 samples were able to produce prominent colonies which were further subjected for repeated sub culturing for pure cultures on nutrient agar medium. Among 10 isolates six were Gram positive, and four of them were Gram negative.

      Raunak Jung Pandey, Sanam Pudasaini, Saurav Dhakal, Rangeet Ballav Uprety,Dr. Hari Prasad Neopane

Abstract: Conventionalturbines are mostly reaction and impulse type or both. Often technical challenge faced by conventional turbines in Himalaya is erosion by sediment. Financial feasibility of power plants is depended upon innovations to prevent erosion of mechanical equipments or alternatives which better handle these conditions.

      Natasha Manhas and Mamta Sharma

Abstract: The need for treaties has increased as the world’s interdependence has intensified. Continuing, technological innovation, economic globalization and the growth of transnationalism has resulted in an enormous increase in the frequency and rapidity of global interaction. Such challenges require both national and international responses. Where a problem cannot be adequately addressed by a country acting alone acting cooperatively at the international level becomes essential for a country to protect its own interests.

      P. Senthil Kumar & B. Mohamed Harif

Abstract: In this paper, fuzzy modeling of distance between Intuitionistic fuzzy sets (four inputs–one output and two inputs–one output) were developed to test the hypothesis that high job demands and low job control (job strain) are associated with elevated free cortisol levels early in the working day and with reduced variability across the day and to evaluate the contribution of anger expression to this pattern. The models were derived from multiple data sources including One hundred five school teachers (41 men and 64 women) classified 12 months earlier as high (N = 48) or low (N = 57) in job strain according to the demand/control model sampled saliva at 2-hour intervals from 8:00 to 8:30 hours to 22:00 to 22:30 hours on a working day. Comparison of the models show that the four input model exhibited less entropy than the two input model using distance between Intuitionistic fuzzy sets.

      Dr. Vinayak Erpate, M.A. (Sociology), M. Phil., Ph. D., Registrar

Abstract: The word 'Recession' denotes a temporary period of economic decline during which trade and Individual activities are reduced. Till date, the world has witnessed a number of economic recessions that brought the trade market to a standstill and left the economists and analysts with valuable lessons to be learnt for future. Globalization and liberalization have contributed a lot in making the entire world a close knit economic unit. In an interconnected global economy recession and economic turbulence in one part of the world has the potential to disrupt the economies of other countries in a major way. The economic slowdown in US economy in 2008 caused by the burst of housing bubble engulfed the entire world in its grip. This research paper attempts objectives, US crisis in 2008 and its impact on Indian economy, facts of global recession in 2013, RBI’s initiative, India and Global recession in 2013, benefits of recession and some conclusions.

      Julius Cosmas

Abstract: In recent years, investor – state arbitration system (ISA) has received a lot of attention and criticism in academic writings. A section of stakeholders have labelled this system as machinery for advancing foreign investors interests at the expense of the host state interests. It is contended that the system is overshadowed with flaws and lacks the necessary values of a legitimate adjudicative system. The often cited flaws in the system includes: lack of mechanism to avoid inconsistent decisions, lack of rules to ensure impartial and independent adjudication process, confidentiality of proceedings despite the fact that the disputes are public in nature and expensive adjudication process. Furthermore the system is condemned for encroaching on governments’ regulatory powers.

      Ahmed I. Hanafy

Abstract: Simple and environment friendly Pd-containing poly (vinyl alcohol) PVA catalysts were prepared by casting from their aqueous solutions. A series of PVA containing different ratios of Pd was characterized by IR, electronic spectroscopy, thermal analysis, XRD, Field-emission scanning electron microscopy (FE-SEM) and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS). The binding of Pd to the polymer matrix and its effect on the polymer structure was studied by means of XRD, XPS and thermal analysis. The catalytic activity of the Pd-based catalysts towards the oxidation of polyphenol trihydroxy benzene was investigated and showed a significant catalytic activity in case of the polymer sample containing the lowest Pd concentration (A1). The oxidation mechanism was proposed. Kojic acid was used to inhibit the oxidation reaction and it has been observed to be a non competitive inhibitor.

      Mrs. Jyoti Gupta, Dr.K.Qureshi Add. Director(Rtd), Dr. Anupama Gupta

Abstract: In the present paper we prove some fixed point and common fixed point theorems in 2-Banach spaces for rational expression. Which generalize the well-known results.

      Jonathan O. Obande, Andrew Akor, Jeremy Namo

Abstract: This study presents the possibilities for power generation in Nigeria through the utilization of the sun’s energy. It highlights the basic science for the design and selection of components for successfully harnessing solar power. The article introduces a concise, rational and practical method of designing a Stand-alone photovoltaic system.

      S . Rosi, W. Thamba Meshach, J.Surya Prakash

Abstract: This paper presents survey on moving object detection and tracking methods is presented by classifying them into different categories and identify new trends. This survey shows moving object detection and tracking using different and efficient methodologies. Object detection and object tracking is used to track the object type(such as human, vehicles) and detect the movement of the object(such as moving, standing).This survey shows various methodologies for object detection and tracking such as background subtraction, background modeling, intensity range based background subtraction. The simulated result shows that used methodologies for effective object detection has better accuracy and with less processing time consumption rather than existing methods.

      Nahla Khalil

Abstract: The invention of the internet has created a new pattern of the traditional way people shop. Today, online shopping is ideal for many of people with disabilities, people with children, people with hectic schedules, and others who just may not have the time or the energy to spend all day walking around the mall. The purpose of this paper is to review and study the factors affecting the consumer’s attitudes directly for online shopping in Saudi Arabia.

      Mayank Jain, Aman Ved Kalia

Abstract: In a modern day vehicle, usually a monocoque chassis is preferred which is designed and manufactured as a single structure. Such a chassis in case of acollision absorbs the impact energy by getting deformed itself and also reduces thedeceleration to an appreciable extent such that no fatal damage is impinged on thepassenger.In the motorsport world, a mechanical structurecalled an Impact Attenuator is used to prevent extreme damage to the vehiclechassis in the event of collision.

      Ahmed Alhuseen

Abstract: This research paper focuses on the analysis of the network that links governmental institutions, non-governmental organizations and United Nations agenciesinvolved in the process of adapting to climate change in Sudan; to find out how they are communicating and cooperating.This paper has adopted qualitative method approach and Desk-based review of various documents and similar research papers as methodology to attain the results. Interviews and focus group discussions have been carried out with key ministries and institutions at national and sub-national levels, executive personnel in local nongovernmental organizations and with some United Nations agencies working in Sudan.

      Natalia Kalimang`asi, Robert Majula and Nanzia Florent

Abstract: The study assessed implication of HIV/AIDs on household income in Dodoma Municipal. A sample of 150 respondents was purposively and randomly selected and a case study design was adopted. Primary and secondary data were collected. The qualitative and Quantitative data were analysed by using the MS-Excel. The results showed that majority of the respondents (60%) engaged themselves in farming and gardening. Also, findings revealed that the respondents whose monthly income was below Tshs.100, 000/= or the equivalent of $ 60 spent a great portion of their income on transport and medication, while those who earn income above Tshs. 100,000/= spent a great portion of their income on special food and transport

      Nanzia Florent, Natalia Kalimang`asi and Robert Majula

Abstract: Consumers’ attitudes towards purchasing either foreign or local products have been a matter of debate. Therefore the objective of this study was to investigate the determinants of consumers’ attitudes on imported products in Tanzania by exploring factors which attract Tanzanian consumers to purchase imported products. This study employed cross sectional design. Data were collected in Dodoma Municipal in which self-administered questionnaires were used to collect the required information. The study randomly sampled 200 respondents who included 92 business men/women, 60 students and 48 servants. The data obtained were analyzed using MS – Excel computer software.

      Tiberius P. Mlowosa, Natalia Kalimang’asi, and Bundala Dodo Mathias

Abstract: The roles of Micro finance institution is to provide small loans to their clients, creation of employment opportunities, capacity building to borrowers by offering different skills such as use of loans, entrepreneurship and managerial skills. The research intended to examine the role played by financial institution’s operations in improving the economic status of women in Tanzania through provision of soft loans, by taking PRIDE TANZANIA-Arusha as a case of study basing on the fact that women are the poorest amongst the world’s poor people.

      Tiberius P. Mlowosa, Natalia Kalimang’asi, and Bundala Dodo Mathias

Abstract: Truancy is any intentional unauthorized absence from compulsory schooling. This refers to absences caused by students of their own free will and not caused by poor medical conditions. also refer to students who attend school but do not go to classes (Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia). Truancy is the serious problem in Tanzania especially in cities. The Ministry of Education and Vocational Training reported that in 2009/10 Form II has the highest number of student drop outs which stands at 9,627 per annum and the main reasons for drop out were truancy 36.2 % and pregnancies 20.4 % (URT, 2011) .

      Vivek pandiya raj , B.Gunasundari , S.Athinarayanan

Abstract: Due to the wide range of application of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN)[1] the past few years have witnessed the potential use of it and also become a hot research area now a days. One the main degradation of WSN is that sensor nodes are battery powered and deployed in harsh environment so it is not possible to recharge or replace the batteries all the time the node fails or dead. WSN are used in various applications like environment monitoring, health care, military, industrial control units and in various other environments.

      Mohd Nizam Lani, Jasmin Mohamad and Zaiton Hassan

Abstract: Microorganism may adapt with environmental stresses by altering metabolisms and structures of their physiology. Temperature is a major environmental factor that can be used to inhibit microorganisms. However, sublethal temperature stress will not kill microorganism effectively and yet microorganisms are injured. The objectives of the present study were to determine the culturability and percentage injury of Escherichia coli ATCC 25922 grown in the laboratory medium when shifting from 37°C to sublethal temperature stresses temperatures of 45°C, 40°C and 20°C at log and stationary phases. Initially, the E. coli culture was grown in Tryptic Soy Broth at 37°C for 6 hours and 18 hours to reach log phase and stationary phase, respectively before the culture was transferred to three sublethal temperature stresses and culturability were determined by using two-plating systems;

      Boaz Wamwayi Inganga, Dr. Agnes Njeru, Kepha Ombui, Ondabu Ibrahim Tirimba

Abstract: The demand for retail banking services is concerned with the demand for the financial services offered in retail/ commercial banks. The general objective of this particular study was to examine the factors affecting customer demand for financial services offered by commercial banks in Nairobi County. The researcher used both primary and secondary data sources. The target group for this study was bank customers from a select 13 of the 43 commercial banks operating in Nairobi County as registered by the Central Bank of Kenya that is; Barclays Bank, CFC Stanbic, Chase Bank, Commercial Bank of Africa, Co-operative Bank of Kenya, Diamond Trust Bank, Equity Bank, Gulf Africa bank, I&M Bank, Kenya Commercial Bank, NIC Bank, Standard Chartered Bank and the United Bank of Africa. From these 13 Banks, a sample population of 115 respondents was drawn for investigation. This sample was selected using stratified random sampling technique. Both open and closed ended questionnaires were used and the data was analyzed by SPSS version 17. The study results revealed that; many respondents reported earnings above Ksh20,000, there was under saving, many investors had accounts that were opened with nil requirements for bank balances, Interest rates on the other hand were cheaper for short term credit services, 51% of respondents operated savings accounts, 32 % operated checking accounts and 14% salary accounts.

      Natalia Kalimang’asi, Bundala Dodo Mathias and Tiberius Philip Mlowosa

Abstract: Increasing uses of information technology (IT) helps to solve problems of efficiency, speed and prompt services. This study aimed at measuring contributions of IT on bank services delivery and customer satisfaction (CS), specifically to assess whether customers are satisfied with operations, to determine major service quality (SQ) determinants and identify its relationship between these determinants and SQ as well as CS. This study adapted SERVQUAL instrument model developed by Parasuraman and others (1990) to gather information.

      Syed Faraaz Hussain, Subramaniam T.G, Sandeep S, Anup L and Samita Maitra

Abstract: A supercapacitor stores energy electrostatically by polarizing an electrolytic solution. Though it is an electrochemical device there are no chemical reactions involved in its energy storage mechanism. This mechanism is highly reversible, allowing the supercapacitor to be charged and discharged hundreds of thousands to even millions of times. Recent advances in this field have been in developing solid state supercapacitors. In this paper, a low temperature synthesis of PZT by sol-gel route is achieved which is made into a homogeneous solution using Diethylene Glycol.

      Dr. B.K. Mahakul

Abstract: Political violence is a phenomenon that, in the past century, has been growing in alarming proportions across the world. Violence is a common method used to achieve particular ends .The turn of the century make a new goal threat .The most important cause of socio-political violence is the feelings of “Relation Deprivation.”As and when people perceive or believe that injustice and frustrated, and tend to strive violently, as the last option .It may have distabiling consequences for the Socio-political violence, its forms, casual factors and implications for the political-systems.

      Dr. (Mrs.) Johani Xaxa

Abstract: The World Food Conference convened by FAO in 1974 draw the attention of the world community, for the first time, the urgent need for finding ways and means for assuring food security to the hungry millions of the world. The conference not only recognised the food security as the responsibility of the World Community, but also gave the call that no child, women and man should be stunted by malnutrition (Acharya 1983).

      Santosh Koirala

Abstract: The open border between Nepal and India and trade dependency of nascent Nepalese economy with her economic giant neighbor would guide the attention of Nepalese policy-makers to consider the transmission effect of Indian Prices on Inflation in Nepal. The study employs unique variable Trade-Dependency with India as inflation transmitting variable to analyze whether Inflation in Nepal is fully home-made or does Nepal borrow [significant] portion of its inflation from India. Applying Co-Integration and VECM approach of monthly time series data from the period of 2000:01 to 2013:07, our study shows strong positive long-term relationship inflation in Nepal and trade dependency with India.

      Sonkeng Germain, Tafah Edokat, Fouda Ongodo Maurice, Gnignindikoup Issofa

Abstract: This paper studies the impact of the old brain drain phenomenon in Africa and particularly in Cameroonian Universities. Through documentary researches, primary data are collected from the Department of Academic Affairs in all Cameroonian State Universities.

      Ezenduka Christiana Uzoamaka , Okafor C. O , Akusoba E. U

Abstract: The study investigated how teachers’ conceptual errors influenced secondary school students understanding of concept of respiration. The sample comprised 40 out of 72 biology teachers and 432 out of 2049 biology students drawn from 10 secondary schools in Awka Education zone of Anambra State. Two research questions and one null hypothesis guided the study. Date was collected using three instrument developed by the researchers.

      Gerrard Charles Mutembei, Njuguna Maryann Wanjiru, Ondabu Ibrahim Tirimba

Abstract: The use of performance contracts has been acclaimed as an effective and promising means of improving the performance of public enterprises as well as government departments. The debate in the public sector has been more complex than just increasing the effectiveness of strategic management systems and narrowing the gap between ambitious strategies and annual planning. The Kenyan government acknowledges that over the years there has been poor performance in the public sector, especially in the management of public resources which has hindered the realization of sustainable economic growth. To improve performance, the government has continued to undertake a number of reform measures. The seminar explained the role of county government, the performance contracting, challenges being faced by counties in implementation of performance contract and suggested solution towards effective implementation of performance contract in the counties.

      Azeyan Awee, Wen-Yao Cheah, Ching-Ning Cheng, Kok-Sing Hong, Lih -Bing Ling, Mey-Chia Tan

Abstract: Servant leadership is an issue of growing interest among scholars. Previous studies have shown that servant leadership has lead to positive behaviors which subsequently influence the individual-level outcomes.Therefore, underpinned by leader-member exchange theory (LMX) and social exchange theory, this study examined the effective of servant leadership on affective commitment among the hotel employee. Data were collected from a sample of 149 hotel employees working in Malaysia using convenience sampling. Statistical Analysis System (SAS) version 5.1 had been used in order to run the reliability analysis, frequency analysis, explaining the correlation coefficient analysis and test of hypothesized relationships among the dependent variable and the independent variables.

      A.Bajulunisha. AP/CSE, Dr. J. Williams. H.O.D/IT

Abstract: Cognitive Radio (CR) is an adaptive, intelligent radio and network technology that can automatically detect available channels in a wireless spectrum and change transmission parameters enabling more communications to run concurrently and also improve radio operating behavior. We are going to discuss topology control and routing issues in CR-MANETs and propose a distributed prediction-based cognitive topology control (PCTC) scheme to provision cognition capability to routing in CR-MANETs.

      Mahendra G. Rathi, Deepak V. Mane

Abstract: The objective of this paper is to understand various trends of Electrical discharge machining (EDM) has been widely used as a removal process to produce parts, dies and molds for several decades. In recent years, the surface modification for hardening and depositing some functional materials by EDM has been studied [1].The development of the super tough electrical conductive material such as carbides, stainless steel, nitralloy etc. resulted in development of the nontraditional machining processes. These materials are difficult to machine by conventional machining process & have wide range of applications in industry.

      Mahendra G. Rathi, Deepak V. Mane

Abstract: Electrical discharge machining (EDM) is one of the most extensively disseminated manufacturing technologies, in particular as regards the generation of precise and difficult geometrical shapes on hard metallic components. The objective of this paper is to Study on Effect of Powder Mixed dielectric in EDM of Inconel 718. The effect of various powder mixed in dielectric is studied input parameters like Duty cycles, current, pulse on time and powder media in that Silicon carbide, Aluminium oxide, Graphite powder used. Machining characteristics measured in terms of Material removal rate, tool wear rate. To obtain the optimal process parameter combination, optimization is carried out by the Signal-to-Noise (S/N) ratio analysis of Taguchi method using L18 Orthogonal Array.

      Kiratey Patil, Gayatri Pendharkar, Prof. G. N. Gaikwad

Abstract: Sign language: a natural, linguistically complete and a primary medium for the humans to interact. Nowadays, this language is prevalent amongst the deaf, dumb or blind individuals. However, with the conventional sign language not known to the signers, it adversely affects their interpersonal relationships in the society. There is a need of much more sophisticated method than communication through interpreters or writing.Our aim is to design a system in which sensor glove is used to capture the signs of the American Sign Language (ASL) and translate them to English displayed on a LCD.

      Anjitha V, Gnana Sheela K

Abstract: Video-based object or face recognition services on mobile devices have recently gained significant attention.Cloud systems start to be utilized for services to analyze user data in the region of computer vision. In these services, key points are extracted from images or videos and the data is identified by machine learning with large database of cloud.Detecting Person-Of-Interest (POI), e.g., fugitives, criminals and terrorists in public spaces is a critical requirement of many law enforcers and police officers. Face recognition applications for airport security and surveillance can benefit from the collaborative coupling of mobile and cloud computing as they become widely available today.

      Itilekha Podder , Monami Samajdar

Abstract: In this Project emphasis has been laid on the study of cognitive radio technology and its spectrum sensing techniques. Here local spectrum sensing will be performed using energy detection procedure under two different kinds of environment namely-Additive White Gaussian Noise (non-fading) channel and Rayleigh Fading channel. The simulations will be done using MATLAB version 7.9.0(R2009b). From the results obtained, we will figure out the variations caused under fading environment when compared with that of non-fading environment. And thereafter the performance will be checked under collaborative spectrum sensing.

      Shimi K S

Abstract: Wireless sensor networks consist of sensor nodes with radio, processor, memory, battery and sensor hardware. With widespread deployment of these devices one can precisely monitor the environment. Sensor nodes are resource constrained in terms of radio range, processor speed, memory and power. WSNs are mostly unguarded and the wireless medium is broadcast. This makes them more vulnerable to attacks. Without proper security measures, an enemy can launch various kinds of attacks in hostile environments. These attacks can disrupt the normal working of WSNs and can defeat the purpose of their deployment. Therefore security is an important aspect of these networks. WSNs are often deployed to monitor important emergency events, such as forest fire and battlefield monitoring.

      ZakariAmamata, Bashir Faizah Mohammed and Badiru Yunus Yusuf

Abstract: The adoption of sustainable Architecture shows that green building is a key element for successful built environment in this dispensation, which call for policy innovative as an ingredient to enable the paradigm shift in the building industry and create guidance towards a sustainable future. More often the smart buildings are usually mistaken for green buildings and they are different in terms of construction materials and intentions and level of sustainability.

      V. Anto Vins, S.Umamageswari, P.Saranya

Abstract: Cloud computing refers to the various remote systems interconnected through the internet. We can outsource data, software, infrastructure from the cloud environments. Once we outsource storage there is a possibility for the data for the data to get corrupted or be hacked. The general solution is to stripe the data across multiple servers. In the setting the repair traffic will be high and the fault tolerance will be low. In order to improve the storage efficiency and the repair traffic regenerating codes have been use. In this paper we will discuss about the various regenerating codes that have evolved from time to time.

      Abhit Kumar

Abstract: Medical science has left no stone unturned to save humanity from various health diseases, injuries. Large, complex and effective equipment’s have been designed to detect injuries, varying from micro to macro. By the help of these LARGE and COMPLEX equipment’s such as X-RAY device, COMPUTER RADIOGRAHY and so on, we generate results of the ailment suffered by the patient within 2-3 Hours or so, where the doctor explains the patient about the ailment HE/SHE is suffering the next day, This happens due to vast amount of time taken to compile the result.

      R.Vimala Devi

Abstract: In this paper M (X ) / G(a,b) /1 queueing system with multiple vacations ,set up time with N-policy and delayed service. If the queue size is

      Sharma, Vijesh Kumar; Rajesh Tiwari and Preeti Chouhan

Abstract: The results were obtained from the investigation shows that the individual application of nitrogen and phosphorus and their interaction significantly influence the physico- chemical properties of guava cv. L-49. Treatments with higher doses of nitrogen were found very effective in improve the physico- chemical parameters of guava fruit. The maximum fruit diameter (7.40 cm), fruit length (7.31 cm) and pulp weight (200.01g) was recorded by combined application of 600 g N and 400 g P2O5 (N2P2) per tree. The effect of treatment interaction was non significant on the TSS, acidity and tss/acidity ratio. The maximum total sugars (7.987%) were recorded in N1P2, non-reducing sugar (4.097%) were recorded in N2P0 and maximum reducing sugar (4.253%) was recorded in N1P0 treatment combination.

      Laxmi Kant Prem Prakash

Abstract: The paper an attempt has been made to analysis the status of acute respiratory tract infection among children in india. The efforts has been also made to analyze the influence of socioeconomic status of parent where children suffereing from acute respiratory infection. Data has been extracted from National Family Health Survey (2005-06) and District Level Health Survey (2007-8). Cross tabulation and binary logistic regression techniques have been computed to fulfill the requirement of the objectives of the present paper with the help SPSS software. In addition, thematic mapping has been also done with the help of Arc GIS technique.

      I.R.Siddiqui and Juhi Nazaan

Abstract: - 1,3,4-thiadiazole nucleus is therapeutically interesting drug candidate as anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial ,anticonvulsant, antihypertensive, analgesic, antiepileptic, antiviral, antineoplastic and antitubercular agents. Therefore thiadiazole derivatives IVa-k were synthesized. The structures of the synthesized compounds were confirmed by spectral data and elemental analysis. The synthesized compounds were screened for antifungal activity by using Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) by serial dilution method against Staphylococcus aureus ATCC 9144, Becillus Cereus ATCC 11778, Escherichia coli ATCC 25922, Pseudomonas aeruginosa ATCC 2853. , Aspergillus niger and Aspergillus flavus.

      Nagashayana R

Abstract: GPS devices for tracking employee, vehicles are becoming outdated now, when most of the people are using Smartphone’s, there are many applications which helps in trackingvehicles, children’s, women and etc.


Abstract: Indonesia as the 4th most populous country in the world, has potential economic growth and also environmental degradation problems. DKI Jakarta Province (capital city) has the most dense area about 30% of the people. East Jakarta has the highest number of unmanaged waste (2,430 m3/day). It is because of the people do not apply the sustainable consumption and they do not obey the law (UU No. 18/2008 on Waste Management). To see the relation between the household income and their consumption (for food and non-food), I used the Spearman’s Rho Correlationand to build a linkage model between the household consumption and the waste management system, I used the System Dynamics Analysis.

      Anang Otoluwa, Abdul Salam, Yasmin Syauki, Muh Nurhasan, Yustiyanty Monoarfa, Suryani As’ad, Veni Hadju, A. Razak Thaha

Abstract: The extracts of Moringa oleifera leaf have been proven to have potent anti oxidant activity, prevent oxidative damage and afford significant protection against oxidative damage. This study aims to assess the effect of Moringa oleifera leaf extracts supplementation in preventing maternal oxidative DNA damage. This was a double bind, randomized control trial study, which conducted in Gowa District, South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia, from January to December 2012. Seventy six of first trimester pregnant women enrolled in this study. They were randomized equally to the intervention and control group.

      Tansley Wandera Kaunyangi

Abstract: Competition is a factor that affects the business environment in any industry. This study sought to investigate the impact of competition on the performance of the mobile telecommunication industry in Kenya. This research aimed at looking at how competition has impacted on performance of the four firms in the sector i.e. Orange Kenya, Airtel, Yu and Safaricom (K) ltd. The study used a descriptive research design that answered questions how competition affects the independent variables of the study i.e. new market entrants, competitive rivalry and buyer power.

      C.R.Ravi, Dr.M.V.Arulalan

Abstract: Aided College system coming under the grant-in-aid Code dates to the pre-independence era. Block grant of 50% was granted to aided colleges before Independence and from 1972-73, the grant-in-aid pattern

      Shivananda N Kalludi, Ravindra Maradi, Vasavi R Gorantla, Murali Dhar

Abstract: Alcohol is the most common chemical substance intentionally used by individuals to alter mood and relieve chronic pain. Early detection of male drinkers with health problems due to alcohol consumption would reduce morbidity of disease. Objectives of the present study are 1) To examine the influence of education on alcohol consumption, 2) To examine the influence of family history of alcoholism on alcohol consumption among male alcoholics.

      Tongbram Chand Singh, E.J. Singh

Abstract: The effect of traditional fire on available soil nitrogen and rate of N-mineralization in the oak forest soil of Lambui hill, Ukhrul district, Manipur, North East India have been studied. The rate of ammonification, nitrification and mineralization varied from 0.08 to 5.99 µg g-1month-1, 0.40 to 2.52µg g-1month-1 and 0.46 to 9.09µg g-1month-1of soil in the traditional burnt site, 0.31 to 3.93µg g-1 month-1, 0.14 to 2.52µg g-1month-1 and 0.48 to 5.67µg g 1month-1 of soil in the unburnt site and 0.19 to 4.00µg g-1month-1, -0.09 to 2.17µg g-1month-1 and 0.33 to 5.61µg g-1month-1 of soil in the control site respectively for different months throughout the year.

      Jalal Hanaysha, Haim Hilman, Noor Hasmini Abdul-Ghani

Abstract: This study examines the effect of product innovation and product quality on brand image with brand trust as mediator. Past studies paid less attention to empirically determine the relationship between the said variables on brand image and using brand trust as mediator between such independent and dependent variables. Therefore, this study aims to fill up this gap and contribute to the body of knowledge by examining the relationship between them. Data is collected using questionnaire from 287 passenger car users at shopping malls in Northern region of Malaysia. Specifically, systematic sampling procedure was followed during data collection.

      Dissanayake D.M.N.S.W, Semasinghe D.M.

Abstract: Complementing Ireland et al., (2003) inference of ‘regardless of the size of the entrepreneurial venture, strategic entrepreneurial aspects (advantage seeking and opportunity seeking behaviors) are important’, we set out to assess whether less entrepreneurial behavior in Sri Lanka has an impact from the innate culture? This working study interviewed 127 entrepreneurs in two districts in Sri Lanka and Geert Hofstede’s six dimensional cultures were assessed. We came to know that selected entrepreneurs of two districts hold the characteristics of being collective, high power distant, feminine, low uncertainty avoidance, long term oriented and Indulgent.


Abstract: Mainly, due to new scientific inquiries and technological advancements knowledge becomes obsolete. So it creates a dilemma where the applicability of so called theories and models which we learnt in class can still be applied to solve problems? Thus, the scholars bring the notion of RESEARCH as a definite solution which enriches the existing understanding of a phenomenon. So, what is research? Research can be simply defined as an attempt to create new knowledge. Having known what research is, this essay suggests a step up process to commence a research career. Suggested process consists of six steps concisely, and process development was exposed to subjective angles of the author.

      Libin Guo

Abstract: Under the background of port supply chain strategic alliances,we clarify the current situation of Rizhao Port by SWOT analysis and find out the ST strategy for it, furthermore, we screen out the optimal cooperation partner for Rizhao Port under different alliance forms range from horizontal integration and vertical integration to the blended dynamic logistics alliance.

      Vijaya Packirisamy, Vijayalakshmi Krishna Moorthy

Abstract: The present study deals with the phytochemical examination and therapeutic importance of Pergularia daemia .The plant Pergularia daemia has been traditionally used as laxative ,antipyretic ,expectorant and also used to treat infantile diarrhea and malarial fever.This study involves the preliminary phytochemical screening followed by antibactertial activity. The phytochemicals such as Tannins ,Saponins ,Flavonoids ,Quinones, Phenols and Alkaloids,Steroids,Glycosides were present in the hydroalcohol of Pergularia daemia leaf extracts was higher amount than the other solvent extracts.In the Antimicrobial activity both gram

      Umesh Gunarathne W.H.D.P

Abstract: After 30 years war, as a country Sri Lanka has a great opportunity to develop tourism industry and there are lot of tourists come to spend holidays in Sri Lanka from around the world. In tourism industry Hotels play a major role. Therefore they should be provided excellent services quality for their customers.

      Henry Peter Gommans , George Mwenda Njiru , Arphaxad Nguka Owange

Abstract: We are stuck with technology when what we really want is just stuff that works. With the current paradigm shift in technological field, there is an urgent need to embrace and appreciate the power of technology. Housing sector remains vigilant to face the challenges of change by employing a new strategy that facilitates easy management of rental houses. Hence there is need to develop a rental house management system that can simplify work for the rental managers so that all their work can be efficient and effective.

      Geetanjali Chauhan

Abstract: The aim of this study was to measure the toxicity levels of heavy metals (Fe, Zn, Cu, Pb, Cd, Mn and Cr) found in tested vegetables (Spinach, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Brinjal, Lady’s Finger, Tomato and Radish) grown in contaminated Cement Factory area compared with those grown in reference Clean (control) area. When compared with the reference in contaminated area, water, soil and vegetables contents of all analyzed metals was significantly higher, usually over normally content for Fe, Zn, Cu, Pb, Cd, Mn and Cr. Particularly, higher values than safe limits were found for Pb, Cd, Mn and Cr in water and for Cd in soil and Pb, Cd and Cr were observed higher in leafy vegetable especially Spinach, in contaminated (Cement Factory) areas. In an attempt to understand the pattern of metal contamination in the area, useful tools including Enrichment Factor were also employed to indicate the sources of soil contamination were anthropogenic in character.

      Shreyansh Likhar, Devendra Goswami, Roopali Dahat, Vaishali Holkar

Abstract: This paper presents a practical approach for wireless power transfer by inductive coupling. As the protection of environment from pollution green cars (electric cars) are emerging out now a day increasing the requirement of electricity but lacks in electricity power sockets. So to solve this problem a new technology of wireless electricity can be used to charge these electric cars which are more reliable. Under this research, working principle is presented about the design and implementation of wireless power transfer. The experiment results also show the validity of the theoretical analysis. During this research investigation for the need of wireless power transfer and comparison with different materials of coil used was done to demonstrate the power transfer. The advantages, disadvantages, biological impacts and applications of WPT are also presented.

      Sanjay Srivastava, Dr S.S Jain, Dr M.P.S. Chauhan

Abstract: The cost of concrete is governed by the cost of material, plant and labour. The cost of cement is several times higher than the aggregate. Therefore, the objective is to produce the concrete mix as lean as possible and should be economical. That is why designed mixes are preferred to nominal mix. Generally in nominal mixes, cement in higher quantity is used than the designed mixes. Since in production of concrete, the cost of cement is governing factor, therefore, to minimize the cost of concrete, it is essential that concrete mixes must be designed.

      Akonbede Rawlings UDAMA (Ph.D)

Abstract: West Africa region has seized to be the traditional warehouse and transit routes for illicit drugs from the Andeans stable to America and European drug markets. The influence of the culture of hard drugs has taken a more than a foothold in the region as production, manufacture/processing has passed the experimental stage and consumption is highly potent. The fear is that, the region may turn into theatre of conflict, crimes, violence and lawlessness which is even more favourable condition for the trade. Most scholars and extant literatures has focused on poor economies weak rule of law and corruption as the endogenous causative factors that has made the region vulnerability and flourishing of illicit drug trade, but importantly, deliberately overlooked the exogenous underpinnings such as high demand for drugs, and the vicious, desperate and determined traffickers to feed on this demand.

      K. Anitha, P.V. Janardhana Reddy, S.venkataramana

Abstract: In the present paper, we investigate the effects of heat source and radiation on unsteady magneto hydrodynamic free convection flow past an infinite heated vertical plate in a porous medium. The dimensionless governing equations are solved numerically using finite element method. Numerical evaluatation of the analytical results are carried out for different values of dimensionless parameters. The results are presented graphically for velocity, temperature and concentration profiles, and observed that, when the heat source and radiation parameter increases, the velocity and temperature decrease in the velocity.

      Dr. Naveed Shibli PhD, Dr. Mudassir Ahmad PhD, Professor Anwar ul Haq, Rafia Mudassir

Abstract: Importance of social roles in societal interconnectivity and cohesion is established and can help study social transition such may be from dictatorship to democracy. Social roles and individual preference are dominatingly harmonious in various social norms and supposed to be there in ‘office roles’ in the present study in case of various preferences served in the form of a questionnaire to the equal number of officers and men of similar governments ranks of a public sector University and prison department two completely different roles to study role identity of all participants with their selecting ‘preferences’ in a semi subjective questionnaire revolving around the routine office work related to both departments administered to them. The results revealed ‘significant’ difference between the role ‘demands’ and preferences selection among all groups reflecting thereby a ‘role confusion’ that could be there may be due to political transition.

      Dr Neha Goyal, Dr Tushar Palve, Dr Aditi Parmar

Abstract: Pregnancy is a special phase in every woman’s life and demands special care because even a small mishap can turn this happy journey in to a scary nightmare. That’s why treating any ailment including malignancy merits special consideration as it can have a long lasting impact on two lives. Hodgkins lymphoma is one of the common malignancy encountered during pregnancy and chemotherapy plays a central role in its management. Chemotherapeutic drugs with their toxic effects can have a profound effect on the outcome of pregnancy. Keeping this view in mind we report our experience of treating such patient in a tertiary care hospital and try to highlight the challenges involved. Lymphoma is a rare diagnosis in pregnancy. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy during the first trimester is associated with fetal malformation risk which diminishes as pregnancy advances. In view of relative rarity of such cases there is a critical need for multicentre cooperation and a central registry to collect data on such cases and their follow up so that treating physicians could assess more accurately the safety of different chemotherapeutic agents in pregnancy.

      S. N. Vedil, A. Kumar, D. Mahto

Abstract: There are two types of energy i.e. high grade energy and low grade energy. Majority of the processes require high grade energy which is depleting day by day. Hence, it has become a matter of great concern to use the non conventional source of energy or to recover the waste heat liberated from the processes. This paper studies theoretical approach to recover the waste heat liberated from vapour compression cycle, which is used to run vapour absorption cycle. The required heat has been given by solar energy. The work evaluated the performance of combined cooling cycle.

      Oyebode, J. A. and Fajilade, T. O

Abstract: Antibacterial activities of aqueous and ethanolic extracts of Allium cepa (onion bulb) were investigated against Escherichia coli, Salmonella spp., Streptococcus pneumoniae, Shigella spp., and Staphylococcus aureus with the minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) of 0.2 g/ml by agar dilution technique. The antibacterial potency of the extract as evaluated by broth dilution technique, showed diameter of inhibition zone of 17.08 mm, 0.00 mm, 19.00, 19.00 and 15.0 mm for E. coli, Salmonella spp., S. pneumoniae, Shigella spp., and Staph. aureus respectively at a concentration of 0.2 mg/ml for aqueous extract and diameter of inhibition zone of 23.0 mm, 20.00 mm, 20.00 mm, 21.00 mm and 21.00 mm for E. coli, Salmonella spp., S. pneumoniae, Shigella spp., and Staph. aureus respectively at a concentration of 0.2 mg/ml for ethanolic extract. The result obtained using the ethanol and hot water extract of the plant showed that the local use of medical plant are based on the efficacy of their active principle which can be discovered scientifically; orthodox medical practices can therefore be complemented with traditional practices.

      Ratheesh K Nair

Abstract: This paper focuses on three aspects: (a) Mutual fund a tool to stabilize Indian economy. (b) Review of existing literature with respect of mutual fund performance and (c) Asset management and channelization of scattered savings in the infrastructural development of India. The result shows that mutual fund is a powerful tool and financial product to mobilize scattered savings among investors and channelize these fund to infrastructural development and thereby economic development of the country. The total asset management of mutual fund business is increased from 1079.46 billion rupees to 7014.43 billion rupees from the last ten years. The role of Banks and Financial institution to promote mutual fund business is ever increasing in the market regulated economy in India.

      Dr Bhuvnesh Chaturvedi, Dr Sk Irfan Ali, Dr Sumit Krishna

Abstract: Fracture of the distal end of radius is one of the most common fractures. It occurs in middle aged and elderly women commonly. It also occurs in young men with high velocity, injury. With increase in longevity and activity in middle aged to elderly population, there is increase in number of this fractures various surgical interventions are available presently, like percutaneous pinning, intra focal pinning, external fixator and plate fixation.

      Apurbo Bhattacharjee, Tuhin Suvra Roy, Md. Nazmul Haque, Md. Ashraful Islam Pulok and Md. Mahfuzar Rahman

Abstract: The experiment was conducted at the Laboratory of Agronomy Department, Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University, Dhaka, Bangladesh during March to August 2013 to study the influence of variety and date of harvesting on changes of sugar and starch levels of potato derived from TPS at ambient storage condition. Potato variety and time of harvest had significant effect on nutritional aspects. Reducing sugar, total sugar increased with advancing storage period, whereas specific gravity, non-reducing sugar and starch content decreased with increasing storage period. Among the varieties HPS 364/67 was the best in respect of nutritional aspects. At harvest and 100 days after storage, the highest total sugar (0.61% and 0.82%) was observed from Lady Rosetta and harvest at 110 days after planting, while the lowest total sugar from HPS-364/67 and harvest at 80 days after planting. The results revealed that HPS 364/67 showed superior nutritional quality than other varieties when harvested at 100 days after planting.

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