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Abstract: In this research paper, we consider the implementation of one-step scheme interpolation function for solving singular initial value problem in ordinary differential equation of the form:

      K. K. D. Sengphet, K. Pasomsouk, Tsutomu Sato, M. N. Ahmad Fauzi, O. Radzali

Abstract: Porous clay ceramics were fabricated by using kenaf powder waste (KP as a pore-forming agent PFA). The raw clay powder was characterized using XRF, XRD and TGA. Samples were prepared with different kenaf powder wastes (up to 30wt.%) using granulated powder mixtures and followed by hydraulic pressing. After drying, the ceramic green bodies were fired with different temperatures ranging from 1100 to 1175oC for 3 h with a heating rate of 5oC/min. The pore formation and microstructure in the samples were characterized using FE-SEM, while bulk densities, porosities and water absorption were determined using the Archimedes method. Their mechanical properties were also investigated in order to optimize the fabrication process itself. The results obtained showed shrinkages between 11.72-15.90% for the samples. The density values decreased from 1.30 -1.75g/cm3, while porosity was determined to be between 11.86 to 45.64 %. The tensile strength was in the range of 9.06 to 24.05MPa. These results prove that kenaf powder wastes (KP) are potentially capable to produce porous ceramic materials.

      Abobaker M Fatah, Rosliza Mat-Zin

Abstract: This paper used qualitative approach to understand the practice of cost accounting systems in the Libyan agricultural firms. Unstructured interview was used to collect data from the interviewees to achieve the research objectives. The study interviewed six employees from different Libyan agricultural firms to understand the current practices of cost accounting systems. The findings indicated that traditional costing is widely used in the Libyan agricultural firms, whereby, full absorption costing is used to calculate the product costs, to allocate overhead costs Libyan agricultural firms rely on volume-based methods such as cultivated area to allocate the indirect costs to products from plantation department, the most used methods to evaluate the inventory in the agricultural firms in Libya is First-in-first out method, the depreciation calculated using Straight-line method. Cost information mainly used for pricing decisions in the Libyan agricultural firms.

      Mallika Roy

Abstract: The amount of rainfall received over an area is an important factor in assessing availability of water to meet various demands for agriculture, industry, irrigation, generation of hydroelectricity and other human activities. Over the study period of recent 30 years, trend values of monsoon average rainfall in Sylhet have decreased. This paper has measured the correlation coefficients between rainfall and time for Sylhet, where correlation coefficient for Sylhet is negative. In order to check the strength of linear relationship between rainfall and time, P-value has been measured. Due to various factors of Sylhet region of Bangladesh, there is a growing need to study the rainfall pattern, and also frequency of the heavy rainfall events. This study was checked annual average rainfall of 30 years for this region. It is hoped that this research may be of help to the concerned organizations and experts working on increasing rainfall problem in Chittagong.

      Caglar Yildiz, Ali Cetin, Fatih Demirci, Zubeyde Akin Polat, Tuba Kiyan, Ahmet Altun, Meral Cetin, Ozlem Kayim Yildiz, Ismihan Goze

Abstract: Angiogenesis that plays important roles in a variety of physiological processes is strictly delimited and finely tuned by a balance of pro-angiogenic and anti-angiogenic factors. Angiogenesis is essential for viability, growth, invasion and metastasis of tumors. The chorioallantoic membrane model is considered to be a valuable method for investigation of anti-angiogenic effects of drugs and other substances. The aim of the present study is to investigate the anti-angiogenic effects of a calcium channel blocker (diltiazem), a tyrosine kinase inhibitor (imatinib), and a vascular endothelial growth factor inhibitor (bevacizumab) with the means of the chicken chorioallantoic membrane (CAM) model.

      Hazbije Sahiti, Linda Grapci-Kotori, Kemajl Bislimi, Ramadan Sopa, Ferdije Zhushi-Etemi

Abstract: Noting that most of investigations about hydrogen production were done in a small bioreactor volume (from few milliliters – 5 liter) the aim of this investigation was to observe possibility of biological hydrogen production in a continuous culture in a big lab scale with volume of 25 liter. First task of investigation was to design and set up of bioreactor for continuous biological hydrogen production. The bacterial culture used was cultivated in a batch reactor from identified bacterial mixture taken from sludge of plant wastewater treatment. Cultivation was done under anaerobic condition. Synthetic minimal medium was used as a feeding, which contained 5 gram of glucose per liter. The current investigation demonstrates the possibility of hydrogen production by dark fermentative processes in a big lab scale.

      Walid Selmi, Souhail Hermassi, Selmi Hamza, Karim Chamari

Abstract: This study aimed to investigate the relationship between self-esteem and the practice of repeated shuttle sprints ability (RSA) in young post-adolescent athletes. Twenty-one students aged between 16 and 18 affiliated to sporting clubs with different disciplines have participated to this study. All recognized subjects have presented in this study by responding to the Self Esteem Scale EES-10.

      Madukwe E. U., Obizoba, I.C., Chukwuka, O.F.

Abstract: This work was carried out to determine the nutrient composition of soaked/dehulled/fermented rice, soybean and groundnut, and the sensory attributes of their blends. Rice (Oryza sativa); soybean (Glycine max. Merr) and groundnut (Arachis hypogea) were purchased from Nsukka in Enugu State, Nigeria. Local rice was washed, soaked for 3h and sundried and toasted. Soybean was blanched, fermented for 24h and dehulled, sundried and toasted. These foods were separately milled into fine flour. Shelled raw groundnut was blanched, roasted, dehulled and milled to obtain its paste. The treated samples were separately analysed for proximate and mineral composition using standard assay techniques. Blends of these samples were produced to provide 16g Nitrogen (N)/ 1000g cookies. These composites were used to prepare cookies. Wheat flour based cookies served as the control. Data generated were statistically analysed with standard analytical methods to separate mean differences. The proximate values for soybeans and groundnut showed similarity in crude protein (22 vs 23%, respectively) and crude fibre (3.73 vs 3.22%, respectively). They differed widely in fat (19.3 vs 49.8% respectively) and carbohydrate (45.5 vs 19.3% respectively). The rice flour showed the least values in protein and fat but higher value (72.9%) in carbohydrate than soybean and groundnut. In mineral analysis, the values for phosphorus, zinc and copper were comparable in the samples. Soybean and groundnut showed superior values in calcium (65 and 56mg/100g, respectively) to rice (22.4mg/100g). However, rice contain appreciably more iron (7.23mg/100g) than both soybean and groundnut (1.25 and 0.16mg/100g). Sensory evaluation showed that control had better acceptability when compared with the other cookies. However, the test cookies had good acceptability (rice/groundnut – 7.18 and rice/soybean – 6.43). their differences were not significant (P>0.05).

      Mefoh, N.C., Obizoba, I.C., Madukwe, E.U.

Abstract: Afzelia africana was identified in four selected communities in Idemili North Local Government Area as important wild vegetable tree. The tender leaves and shoots are known and consumed as delicacies in yam dish. This wild vegetable that substitutes cultivated vegetables in dry season is on the verge of extinction. This is because farmers produce and consume more commonly known vegetable. Planting, processing, food use and organoleptic attributes of its in-built product for food diversification is scanty in Nigeria literature. Afzelia africana tender leaves and shoots were collected from forest in the four study areas. The leaves and shoots were divided into four portions. One portion was sun-dried as control. The other three portions were exposed for 30 minutes to sun to wither, squeezed in partially burnt fresh banana leaves wrapped and allowed to ferment in locally made basket by inherent microflora for 4, 7 and 10 days. The fermented samples were sun-dried until they become brittle for pulverization into fine powder. These samples were used for both chemical analysis and formation of diets for adult rats for a 12-day N balance study and liver composition. The in-built product (yam dish) has a promising food diversification use. A 4-day fermentation of Afzelia africana leaves and shoots produced much more nutrient density and desirable organoleptic attributes. The dietary protein based on a 4-day fermented Afzelia africana leaves and shoots fed adult rats increased N digestibility and retention, net protein utilization and liver composition.

      Onanong Sukjai, Piyapong Asanithi, Supanee Limsuwan, Pichet Limsuwan

Abstract: Hydroxyapatite (HAp) was grown on sericin coated silk fibers and non-sericin coated silk fibers using simulated body fluid (SBF) at 37 C and two concentrations of 1.0standard SBF and 1.5standard SBF. The results showed that, for both concentrations of SBF, HAp grown on sericin coated silk fibers is more than that on non-sericin coated silk fibers. This indicates that sericin on the silk fiber plays an important role on the growth of HAp on the silk fibers. Moreover, the particle size of HAp grown in 1.5SBF concentration is smaller than that in 1.0SBF concentration.

      Renu Pawels, Asha. P.Tom

Abstract: The developing stage of any country is crucial for planning its resources. The sustainable development is the key factor governing the present scenario of social, economic, political, technological, and environmental challenges faced by the world. The Kerala state being enriched by natural resources and good environmental conditions is also going through the phase of urban development. The resulting trends are the increased consumerism which constituted the solid waste management problems along with severe energy crisis in recent times. The proper management of solid waste is the critical challenge faced by the state today. Both these challenges should be resolved in a win-win manner by adopting suitable technological solutions. The present study is an overview of the existing solid waste treatment systems in the state, the major challenges faced and the feasible opportunities for sustainable management of municipal solid waste.

      Dr. G.Nirmala, G.Suvitha

Abstract: The information encoded on a computer may have a negative or a positive emphasis. Negative information refers to the statement that some situations are impossible. It is often the case for pieces of background knowledge expressed in a logical format. Positive information refers to observed cases. It is often encountered in data-driven mathematical models, learning, etc.

      AITHAL U B.

Abstract: In this study, two independent samples are taken from sugarcane growing farmers of Kolhapur district who use organic and inorganic fertilizers. These are called organic system and inorganic system farming. The collect information’s are analyzed statistically (Mukhopadhyay 2006). It has been found that organic system is significantly better than inorganic system in respect of net gain and growth of gain. It is also observed that among the organic system of farming, proportion of joint family is significantly higher than the nuclear family and the farming system is depending on the type of family. But there is no significant relation between the type farming and level of education.

      Priyanka Kumari , Vijay Kumar Garg

Abstract: The problem of voltage unbalance and its impacts on sensitive loads is well known. To solve these problems, custom power devices are used such as dynamic voltage restorer (DVR), which is most efficient and effective modern device. This paper discusses a review of the researches on the Dynamic voltage restorer (DVR) for power quality Improvement in power distribution networks. Sensitivity industrial loads, critical commercial operations, Utility distribution networks affected from different types of outages and service interruptions and which results in financial losses. This paper describes DVR principle of operation, basic component, DVRs topologies system in distribution system, types of DVR control strategies, and compensation techniques.

      Sapna Khanchi, Vijay Kumar Garg

Abstract: This paper presents when unbalanced is introduced in the stator circuit, the result is obtained in the form of unbalanced of stator current , rotor current,torque and speed of the machine. In this study unstaisfactory parameters of stator current , rotor current ,torque and speed via simulation are presents. In this paper single phase supply apply on the two pahses of induction machine.The simulation results are also given which shows the performance of asynchronous (induction) motor.This simulation results justify the abnormality in the speed and torque of the machine.In this study results obtained under unbalance are also compared with the results under balanced condition.

      Priyanka Pawar, Dr. Vaibhav Neema

Abstract: Hardware designs targeting communication and DSP applications consists of a large number of data path elements such as adders, multipliers, comparators, shifter etc. These elements are main contributors to the power consumption of digital circuits. At present, most of the popular hardware synthesis tools give higher priority to delay. So the synthesis tools tend to generate data path architecture for faster implementation.

      Harney N.V

Abstract: The present study deals with ethnomedicinal plants use by the people of Bhadrawati tahsil of District Chandrapur (M.S.), India. The people from these region with a vast heritage of diverse ethnic culture and rich biodiversity is said to be a great emporium of ethnobotanical health. The use of plants as medicine antedates history. All most all civilization and culture have employed plants in the treatment of human sickness. Bhadrawati is surrounded by dense forest and the people collect the medicinal plant by their traditional knowledge which is used for some common diseases. But due to deforestation, loss of biodiversity and indiscriminate exploitation of wild and natural resources many valuable herbs are at the stage of extinction. The present survey was conducted for documented of traditional knowledge and practices of plants. The present paper enumerates traditional uses of 62 different plant species.

      Tapas kumar Dutta, Bidhan C. Patra

Abstract: Ponds are natural water sources that are used by man for various purposes. Zooplankton constitutes an important food item for fishes . Zooplankton also play an important role and serve as bioindicators as well as to assess the pollution status of water .In this present study, we tried to asses the zooplankton species richness, diversity and evenness and to state the condition of a freshwater tropical perennial pond , Jamunabundh, of Bishnupur Bankura. The plankton density and physicochemical parameters were recorded during the period of January 2012 to December 2012 . A total of 20 taxa were recorded in which 6 were rotifers , 3 copepoda , 4 cladocera , 3 of ostracoda and 4 larva and protozoa were recorded . Cladocera constituted the main dominant group in this pond contributing 45.2% of the total zooplanktons followed by Rotifera 43.3%, Copepoda 8.3% and Ostracoda 1.7% during January being 360 No/l and February being 347 No/l . Lowest density was observed during June and July 234 No/l and 246 No/l respectively. These data are in accordance with the negative significant correlation between Zooplankton and temperature (r = -0.593) . Highest species diversity was observed during December, January and February being 2.96, 2.99 and 2.92 respectively. Highest evenness was also observed during January and February being 0.99 in both the months while the richness being 3.28,, 3.22 and 3.07 in these three months during December, January and February respectively.

      Annu Malik, Anju Sharma, Mr. Vinod Saroha (Guide)

Abstract: This paper presents a survey on Greedy Algorithm. This discussion is centered on overview of Activity Selection Problem and Task Scheduling Problem . A greedy algorithm is an algorithm that follows the problem solving heuristic of making the locally optimal choice at each stage with the hope of finding a global optimum. In many problems, a greedy strategy does not in general produce an optimal solution, but nonetheless a greedy heuristic may yield locally optimal solutions that approximate a global optimal solution in a reasonable time.Greedy algorithms determine the minimum number of coins to give while making change. These are the steps a human would take to emulate a greedy algorithm to represent 36 cents using only coins with values {1, 5, 10, 20}. The coin of the highest value, less than the remaining change owed, is the local optimum. (Note that in general the change-making problem requires dynamic programming or integer programming to find an optimal solution; However, most currency systems, including the Euro and US Dollar, are special cases where the greedy strategy does find an optimum solution.)

      Shrasti Gupta, Pragya Chaturvedi, Bhartesh Kumar, Vijay Laxmi Saxena

Abstract: Swine flu disease is an incurable degenerative and terminal disease. It is associated with Neuraminidase (NA), Hemoagglutinin (HA), and Matrix (M2) protein .3D structure of the one protein neuraminidase was generated using Homology modeling. Active compound of medicinal natural compound – EPICATECHIN GALLATE, MARCHANTIN, XYLOPINE were selected as these three natural compound of chemical structure of the active component of these natural compound were drawn docked with Epicatechin gallate, Marchantin , Xylopine Active component combinations. Known inhibitor taken from the literature docked, and docked at the binding site. Obtain molecule Epicatechin gallate, Xylopine, Marchantin have been given score of -174.3 kcal/mol, -148.5 kcal/mol, -131.4 kcal/mol. This is greater than known inhibitor. Zanamivir and Oseltamivir have been given score of -155.9 kcal/mol, and -132.7 kcal/mol molecules were employed for similarity search from zinc database. To the candidate molecules with drug likeness property can be considered for the test in vitro. And finally it can act as lead compound for the future development and optimization.

      Manidipa Nath

Abstract: Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) is promising technology for many wireless applications due to its large bandwidth, good ratio of transmission data and low power cost. The main goal of this work is to design an UWB filter suitable for that purpose in the frequency band 3.1-10.6 GHz. In order to achieve that goal, one UWB filter configuration is investigated, designed and characterized. Theoretical analysis is done to compute the filter parameters, such as the return loss, insertion loss and attenuation characteristic over the full frequency band. The size of this filter is also studied because of its important aspect on the frequency behavior.

      Richa Prakash, Sharada Devi and D. Anitha

Abstract: One of Indias smallest states is also among its biggest conundrums. With a history as chequered and intriguing as its topography, Nagaland is yet to be explored. The state, with its diverse tribal culture, is a land of festivals and very rich textile tradition. In the textile history of India, the warrior shawls of Nagaland have a unique place and just like the way its counterpart the Scottish kilt has been preserved, there is immediate need and urgency to take care of the Nagaland shawls. We have sixteen major tribes in Nagaland and the warrior shawls of these entities vary a lot.

      Deepali B. Ghatul

Abstract: The studies were conducted in Akola district of Maharashtra state to assess the constraints and stress level of the farmers. The survey was based on the 171 farmers from 96 villages. The operational area of the research activity covered the Akola district of Vidharbha region of Maharashtra state. The present study was conducted in 96 villages of Akola district. The villages as well as the farmers were selected randomly. On having completed data sheets through one to on einterviews of the respondent farmers, it was subjected to processing to get categorical details on number of farmers under various categorical constraints involving of personal, natural technological and economic constraints. The results revealed that almost all the farmers were exposed to the varying degrees of the constraints as well as stress levels. Among the various constraints Natural and Economic Constraints were of major concern.

      Miss. Shweta Soni

Abstract: As the personal computing industry pursues more user friendly, inexpensive user interfaces the concept of a touch less interface is worthy of inspection. Touch less is an SDK (software development kit) that allows users to create and experience multi-touch applications. The main idea is to offer users a new and cheap way of experiencing multi-touch capabilities, without the need of expensive hardware or software. All the user needs is a camera, which will track colored markers defined by the user. This next generation input technology allows the user to navigate without touching the surface. Computers are no longer relegated to use in the home study or on an office desk. These days people travel everywhere with their smart handsets, personal media players, e-books and tablet PCs. Coffee shops, restaurants, gyms, bus stops, plane terminals and even lavatories are fair usage environments for this new generation of touchless interface. If a customer is reading an e-book at the gym while on a treadmill and wants to turn a page, it would be a much easier to swipe across the device with a touchless gesture. A touch less interface can allow an automobile driver to safely adjust volume with the touch less swipe of hand without having to navigate through a complicated instrument cluster to find control buttons. The day will soon come when even the most commonplace home appliance, handheld devices, computing platform and industrial interface can be activated and controlled with the wave of a hand.

      Gira P. Mankad, S.P. Singh

Abstract: There are many blood borne transfusion transmitted diseases. The most common among them is undoubtedly viral hepatitis B and hepatitis C. Patients with the history of multiple blood transfusions are at much greater risk of infection by contaminated blood products. Thalassemia major is one such condition where repeated blood transfusions are required. In our study a total of 218 patients were screened for Hepatitis B surface antigen and HCV antigen in their serum. 08 (3.66%) were found to be HBsAg positive and 18(8.25%) patients were found to be HCV positive by third generation ELISA technique. This was compared to the data of donor population which were considered healthy at the time of blood donation. HBsAg seropositivity was 1.98% and HCV seropositivity was 1.09% in this population. This result clearly indicates high incidence of transfusion transmitted hepatitis in thalassemic patients and much higher incidence of HCV infection compare to donor population is a matter of concern and research.

      Pandian Valarmathi, Sushil Kumar Pareek, Vanaraj Priya, Ramalingam Rabindran and Gopal Chandrasekar

Abstract: Studies were carried out by the grapevine berries sprayed with copper hydroxide (Kocide 3000) to assess its quality in terms of reducing sugars, non reducing sugars, total sugars and acidity. The total, reducing and non reducing sugars were higher in the grapevine berries sprayed with Copper hydroxide comparing with that of control plots. Fruit quality was improved in Copper hydroxide (Kocide 3000) treated plots when compared to control. The plots receiving 450 g a.i ha-1 recorded 25.43 per cent increase in total sugar over control. It attributes that copper hydroxide apart from managing downy mildew pathogen, it improves quality of grapevine berries fetching higher market rate.

      Pankaj Dinesh Javalkar, Junaid Alam

Abstract: Electricity generation from microbial fuel cell (MFC) using cow dung and cow urine as fuel was investigated in this study. The electrodes used in MFC were combinations of copper, brass and magnesium sheets of 0.2 mm thickness and having 6”X 6” dimension. Comparative studies resulted from using cow dung as fuel in two chamber design of MFC under aerobic and anaerobic conditions. Studies were carried out using cow urine as fuel in six chamber design of MFC under anaerobic condition. Dual chamber design and six chamber design gave an average output of 1.1 volt and 4.2 volt respectively.

      Dr. Rakesh K Yadav, Dr. Ashutosh, Dr. Anil Chandra, Dr.A.P.Tikku, Dr.C.Rathinavel

Abstract: Introduction: The main goal of root canal treatment is to prevent or heal formation of apical periodontitis. Complexity of root canal anatomy presents clinical challenges related to treatment outcome. The aim of this study was to investigate the morphology of the root canal system of mandibular 2nd premolar in north Indian subpopulation using periapical radiographs and CT Dentascan. No such study on Indian subpopulation is present till date. Methods: A total of 310 mandibular second premolar teeth were examined with the help of periapical radiographs and CT Dentascan in 158 patients, aged between 15 to 60. Number of roots and root canals were evaluated. Results: Among the teeth examined 6.4% (n=20) had more than one root. Regarding canal morphology, 3.8% (n=12) of the teeth had two canals, whereas 1.9 % (n= 6) had three canals and 1% had more than 3 canals. Conclusion: Most of the mandibular 2nd premolar had 1 root and 1 root canal. Less than 1 of 10 mandibular 2nd premolar had complex root canal system(2 or more canals).This study provides supplemental information about root canals of mandibular 2nd premolar in north Indian subpopulation.

      Shweta Singh, Sant Prakash

Abstract: A strain of Tribolium castaneum (Herbst) was developed for resistance against deltamethrin, after six generation of selection from a laboratory susceptible strain, through topical application method. The selection was initiated at the dose 0.0004, which was increased during successive generations’ upto 0.026 in sixth generation. The resistance ratio of selected strain was determined, and it was found to be 370.5 fold in sixth generation as compared to susceptible strain.

      Dr. M.S.Kusumadevi, Dr. K.M.Prassanna Kumar, Dr. P.Vijayakumar

Abstract: Objective: The study was done with the purpose of evaluating the adrenal cortical response to 1 microgram ACTH stimulation test in children with type-1 diabetes and compared with that of controls. Design: Case – control study. 28 children with type – 1 diabetes attending the outpatient department of endocrinology department, M.S.Ramaiah Medical College and Teaching Hospital and 20 age and sex matched controls from Happy Home Orphange, KGF were infused with 1µg ACTH. Methods: Cortisol levels were estimated using radio immunoassay technique, before and 30 minute after 1 µg ACTH infusion. Results: The cortisol levels significantly increased in normal as well as children with type – 1 diabetes. But the increase was not found to be the same in both the groups. The effect of ACTH in increasing cortisol levels is much more in normal as compared to children with type-1 diabetes. Conclusion: The results suggest a blunted adrenal cortisol response to ACTH in children with type-1 diabetes, which might influence the control of the disease and play a role in the development of its chronic complications.

      Haisel Mathew, Vrinda S Punnackal, Sunny Kuriakose, B.Syamala Kumari, Ancy Manuel

Abstract: Conductive polymers or, more precisely, intrinsically conducting polymers (ICPs) are organic polymers that conduct electricity. Such compounds may have metallic conductivity or can be semiconductors. Electrical conductivity of conducting polymers can be tuned from insulating to metallic through proper doping. Examples of conducting polymers include polyaniline(PANI),Polypyrrole, Polythiophene, Polyacetelyne etc. Amongst the family of conducting polymers, PANI is unique due to its ease of synthesis, environmental stability, and simple doping/dedoping chemistry. They can offer high electrical conductivity through proper doping.Making PANI with suitable materials is another method to enhance it’s conductivity.Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube is one such highly pursued material due to its high electrical conductivity,mechanical strength and thermal stability. In the present work, PANI-MWCNT composite is prepared using Hyrochloric acid(HCL) & Camphor sulphonic acid(CSA) as dopants&compared it’s d.c. conductivity with PANI prepared using HCL &CSA as dopants.The FTIR, XRD& SEM analysis of the samples were done. PANI-MWCNT composite showed good conductivity compared to PANI samples.In the case of composite, aniline molecules are polymerized in the special gaps between MWCNT bundles.They are absorbed at the surface of MWCNTs&subsequently polymerized.The MWCNT may serve as conducting bridges connecting the isolated PANI.The sample prepared with HCL as dopant showed more conductivity than that of the sample prepared using CSA. Comparatively higher d.c. conductivity of HCL doped sample may be due to the presence of lighter dopant ions ie CI—ions in HCL.The light weight CI-- ions have greater mobility than SO3--- ions in CSA.

      Abidha T E, Paul P Mathai

Abstract: Computational vision-based fire and flame detection has drawn significant attention in the past decade with camera surveillance systems becoming ubiquitous. Signal and image processing methods are developed for the detection of fire, flames and smoke in open and large spaces with a range of up to 30m to the camera in visible-range (IR) video. This paper proposes a new approach to computational vision-based fire and flame detection by using a compound algorithm and a decision fusion framework with Naïve Bayes classifier as classification tool. The compound algorithm consists of several sub-algorithms, the fusion network is to fuse the results obtained by each of these sub-algorithms and Naïve Bayes classifier is useful for the final classification. This approach is to improve the accuracy of fire and flame detection in videos and to reduce the false alarm rate to a great extent.

      M P Sivaramakrishnan

Abstract: The Fresnel transform is applied on an ideal wavelet basis for (ℝ), the -splines [1], which results into the -splines.In digital holography the image recorded on a has to be reconstructed. Though the underlying idea of Fresnelets are given in [2], a detailed mathematical derivation is provided here. As a special instance of Fresnelets, the Franklin Fresnelets are considered. To meet the requirements of retrieving the image,the Fresnelets are more effective than the wavelets derived from the -spline scaling functions.

      Dr Navneet Kumar, Dr Sumedha Mukherjee

Abstract: Background: Prognostic factors of breast cancer not only act as a guide to overall prognosis but also determine the need for adjuvant therapy.These factors are interrelated and hormone receptor status is an important determinant of prognosis of ca breast. Objective: The aim of this study was to correlate the various prognostic factors in breast cancer.Tumor size (T) ,nodal status (N) ,grade of the tumour and ER PR status were taken as prognostic factors. Materials and Methods: Mastectomy Specimen of fifty patients of carcinoma breast were studied to ascertain it’s size,status of margin,histology of the tumor ,lymph node metastasis to determine modified Richards Bloomson’s(MRB) score and Nottingham Prognostic Index(NPI). The Estrogen and progesterone receptor status was identified, data was analysed statistically by using Chi-square test and conclusion was drawn. Results: Most of the patients were 40-60 yr of age group, however most were postmenopausal and 40% of the patients had no metastasis in axillary lymph nodes Tumour was hormone receptor positive in two third of the patients.Hormone receptor positivity decreased with increase in size of the tumour , axillary lymph node positivity and grade of the tumour. Hormone receptor positivity increased as the age advances and positivity was more in postmenopausal as compared to premenopausal. Axillary lymph node involvement were increased with size of the tumour also increased size of the tumour leads to increase in the grading of the tumour. Conclusion: More number of patients are presenting in early stage as majority of patients have operable breast cancer. Most of the patients were between 40-60 yr of age which suggest shift towards younger age groups as compared to the traditional presentation of older age. Tumour was hormone receptor positive in two third of the patients. Small size, low grade and tumours without axillary lymph node metastasis have more chances of receptor positivity.

      Vishwanath M.C., Dr. Ramni, Sampath Kumar L

Abstract: Before converting raw materials to a finished product we need an accurate design of the product and also data required for manufacturing. If the design is not accurate then defects will occur in the manufactured product; small mistakes in designing a product makes the manufactured product useless so more amount time is allotted for designing a new product (or) for modifying the existed design. In this work the use of a software namely Pro/E for designing a progressive die to manufacture cup for the oil filter has been incorporated. A progressive die is a multiple station die. In this work authors have designed a progressive die which has two stages of operation. The former operation is piercing and is followed by blanking. In both operations a finite volume of metal is removed from the sheet metal. If the final product happens to be removed portion then the operation is blanking, on other hand if pierced sheet metal is the final product then the operation is piercing. Both the operations are performed simultaneously in a single stroke of press, thus enabling the user to obtain the final product in a single stroke. This design procedure can also be extended for manufacturing washers for M-series bolts by modifying the punch and die plate dimensions.

      A.M.S.Zunaitha Sulthana, L.Clara Mary, A.Sangeetha

Abstract: Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) has revolutionized the way in which mobile subscribers across the globe leverage services on the go. The mobile devices have evolved from mere devices that enabled voice calls only a few years back to smart devices that enable the user to access value added services anytime, anywhere. MCC integrates cloud computing into the mobile environment and overcomes obstacles related to performance (e.g. battery life, storage, and bandwidth), environment (e.g. heterogeneity, scalability, availability) and security (e.g. reliability and privacy). This paper explains about Mobile cloud computing and SWOT analysis of MCC. This analysis is useful for mobile providers.

      Dev Kushwaha

Abstract: We all knew that light exhibit dual behaviour, particle and wave nature. Newton was the first to say that light is made up of particle, but he unable to prove that fact. Later, Einstein and Plank make this prediction proof by explaining blackbody radiation and photoelectric phenomenon with the help of particle behaviour of light.

      Navneet Singh, Muhammad Rukunuddin Ghalib

Abstract: Web Mining is a technique to extract useful information through web, here we are using web usage mining approach, in this mining scheme some special features are there like analyse usage data, surfing information, and Marketing information. Here we are using web usage mining algorithms to find the useful information about the users, We are providing items to the users and as per the ratings we are collecting the ontology information about the users. Users can select and give the ratings for the items, suppose we are providing movie to the users so as per the users interest users can give the ratings, Organization can check the users information. Here we are using S-PLSA algorithms for the online reviews with the help of these algorithm we can get and analyse the user interest and user behaviour. Clustering is used for the same times of items and for the sentiments, we are preparing chart for the sales information where companies can check the sales information, and predict the sales information for future .We are gathering the overall ratings and we are using Collaborative filtering for the result which is given by the user through web mining technology, users can select the items as per own choice and through the payment portal they can pay the amount also. Organizations can check the review details and they can prepare better strategy for the future.

      Dr Anupam Sarma, Dr J. D. Sharma, Dr C. Bhuyan, Dr A. C. Kataki, Dr R. A. Sangma

Abstract: Bronchogenic carcinoma is undoubtedly one of the major killer diseases worldwide. Pulmonary cytology is a simple and resourceful method of early diagnosis of bronchogenic carcinoma. The use of bronchoscope has increased the variety of diagnostic specimen obtainable and extended the scope of cyto-pathology. We carried out a study to demonstrate the value of cytological examination of bronchial brushing and washing in diagnosis of bronchogenic carcinoma in our settings. 69 patients of clinically and radiologically suspected brochogenic carcinoma attending the Dr. B. Borooah Cancer Institute (Guwahati) as well as in Dept. of Pathology, Gauhati Medical College and hospital were selected for one year. Out of total 69 cases bronchial brushing carried out in 42 cases and bronchial washing carried out in 27 cases. In bronchial brushing cytology a positive diagnosis of malignancy was established in 30 cases (71.43%) and in bronchial washing diagnosis of malignancy was found in 8 cases. Bronchoscopic biopsy was successfully done in 40 cases and histopathological diagnosis of malignancy was made in 29 cases. Out of 29 cases of carcinoma confirmed by histology, cytology was consistent in 26 cases. The bronchial cytology revealed sensitivity (89.96%), specificity (90.9%), positive predictive rate (96.3%), accuracy (90%), false negative rate (10.34%) and false positive rate (9.1%). During the bronchoscopic procedure there was no major complication or fatality. Thus bronchial brushing and washing has firmly established its role in the early diagnosis of brochogenic carcinoma because it is safe, rapid and cost –effective and importantly gives a higher rate of sensitivity and accuracy.

      Pankaj Sharma

Abstract: This paper studies a loss and delay queueing model under the restriction of N-policy for the situations where arrival and service of customers are correlated and follows a bivariate Poisson process. When there is no customer present in the system then the server goes on vacation and returns back in the system whenever the specified N (>1) or more customers are accumulated. The server may breakdown only if it is working and is immediately sent to a repair facility to restore its capability as before failure. For steady state various operational characteristics have been derived. Sensitivity analysis has also been made to examine the effect of different parameters so as to facilitate optimal control policy.

      Laxman Shanigarapu, Bhavana P. Shrivastava

Abstract: Adders are the basic building blocks of any processor or data path application. In adder design carry generation is the critical path. To reduce the power consumption of data path we need to reduce number of transistors of the adder. Carry Select Adder is one of the fast adder used in many data path applications. There is a chance to reduce the area, power and delay in the CSLA structure. The proposed design is implemented by using D-latch instead of using RCA cascade structure for Cin=0 or Cin=1. In this proposed design power and delay is reduced to 10.8% and 4.6% for 8bit, 17.73% and 49.3% for 16bit, 20% and 44.5% for 32bit, 21.9% and 59.8% for 64bit when compared to the Regular Carry Select Adder (CSLA). Power and delay is reduced to 4.43% and 37.23% for 8bit, 12.37% and 37.8% for 16bit, 14.06% and 45.68% for 32bit, 14.43% and 50.57% for 64bit when compared to the modified CSL adders (BEC). The delay is reduced 37.24% for 8bit, 60.4% for 16bit, 61.6% for 32bit, 14.43% and 56.74% for 64bit when compared to the modified CSL adder (WITHOUT USING MULTIPLEXER).

      Rakhee Trivedi, Prof. M.P.Sharma

Abstract: The paper attempts to study the attitude of students towards physics practical at senior secondary level in government senior secondary schools of Udaipur city which had science stream. It also attempts to compare the attitude of boys and girls. 80 senior secondary students (40 girls and 40 boys) were taken as sample of study. Data collection tool was an opinionnaire ( questionnaire). The data was analyzed by using mean, percentage, standard deviation and t- test.

      Varun Kumar Prabhakar, Aakanksha jaidka, Ravinder Singh

Abstract: The aqueous extract of Withania somnifera leaf (92.7%) and the Methanolic extract of Ocimum Sanctum (92.6%) showed higher inhibition against porcine pancreatic α-amylase among the medicinal plants studied. Pancreatic α-amylase inhibitors offer an effective strategy to lower the levels of post prandial hyperglycemia via control of starch breakdown. Six different ayurvedic Indian medicinal plants were subjected to sequential solvent extraction, phytochemical analysis, compound identification and tested for α-amylase inhibition. Phytochemical analysis revealed the presence of Alkaloids, Flavonoids, Reducing sugar, Tannins, Anthraquinone and Saponin as probable inhibitory compounds.

      Ms.Shradha Chandrakant Deshmukh, Ms.Varsha Arjun Patil

Abstract: Energy is one of the major inputs for the economic development of any country. In the case of the developing countries, the energy sector assumes a critical importance in view of the ever-increasing energy needs requiring huge investments to meet them. For reducing cost and increasing efficiency, then use energy conservation, management and audit. The objective of Energy Management is to achieve and maintain optimum energy procurement and utilization, throughout the organization as To minimize energy costs / waste without affecting production and quality. To minimize environmental effects. Energy Audit is the key to a systematic approach for decision-making in the area of energy management. It attempts to balance the total energy inputs with its use, and serves to identify all the energy streams in a facility.

      Dr. Samir Kumarpal

Abstract: The present aim is to study of some medicinal ferns having antimicrobial activity and commonly found around the area of district Darjeeling of West Bengal, India. Common medicinal ferns from several areas of Darjeeling district are collected and tested against Gram +ve and Gram –ve bacteria for their antimicrobial activity. Collected plant materials are dried and the soluble extracts are made using organic solvent like ethanol . Antimicrobial activities are measured using agar cup diffusion method. Greater the area of inhibition zone indicates the presence of good potentiality of antimicrobial activity. Antimicrobial activity of three plant parts like rhizome, rachis and frond extracts of Athhyrium filix-femina(L.)Roth., Dicranopteris linearis(Burm.f.)Underw., Pleopeltis macromarpa (Bory ex Willd.)Kaulf. are tested. Frond and rhizome extracts of these species show good antimicrobial activity than rachis. .

      Manoj Dubey, Dr. Basant Singh

Abstract: This paper presents the outcomes of the impact assessment of the history of Algebra over the period 2012-2013, carried out between June 2012 and March 2013. The analysis was performed using a methodology based on the triangulation of information arise from different actions: desk study, assessment of partakers and statistical data analysis.

      Darshna J. Dhimar

Abstract: The word Computer is derived from the word “to compute”, which means ‘to calculate’. Therefore, many people think that a computer is just another calculating machine- a fast calculator. But it is much more than that. It is not just a fast calculating device. It can perform a variety of different operations apart from arithmetic calculations. A computer is now regarded as a multi-purpose tool that is constantly evolving. It can be used also used for knowledge sharing. It can be used to handle audio and video information. It can also be used for communicating messages. Thus, it can be used for a variety of different purposes. Early computers were used to perform arithmetic calculations at fast speed, but now they are used in almost all to represent facts, things, concepts of our life. A computer can be defined as a machine that receives some kind of data, process it, and produces some kind of output. Computers perform data processing under the direction of instructions given by us. These instructions can be stored in a computer. A computer is a machine that can solve problems for us by executing instruction given to it. In this era of technology revolution and with a great boom in the field of information technology, knowledge of computers becomes very essential for every one. Information technologies have played a vital role in higher education for decades.

      Suresh Chimkode, Swathi

Abstract: The electricity of sensor nodes in wireless sensor networks is very limited, Sensor nodes are often scattered outdoors and their energy consumption depends heavily on the area of coverage and network topology. In the related research, LEACH routing algorithm randomly selects cluster heads in each round to form a cluster network, which may cause additional power consumption and inability to maintain the optimal routes for data transmission. The cluster allocation and routing algorithm proposed in this study is based on the cluster architecture of LEACH, and the objective is to produce clusters with more sensor nodes to balance energy consumption of cluster head and routing prevents the cluster heads from exhausting electric power by forwarding data through detoured routes. The experimental results show that the proposed algorithm can efficiently increase the coverage ratio as well as lifetime of wireless sensor networks.

      Rampuram Jayapal Reddy, Dr.N.Sandhya Shenoy

Abstract: The System of Rice Intensification (SRI), developed in Madagascar is gaining increasing credence and momentum as the farmers are now using its methods to raise their rice production while also reducing their use of external inputs and production costs. This paper focuses on this agronomic opportunity that can be particularly beneficial for resource-limited households. In the sample area positive impact of SRI technology was observed on sample farmers followed the suggested wider spacing of 25×25cm or 30×30cm,and by using 8-12 days seedlings, weed management, and sample farmers completely adopted the suggested water management practice, weed management practice and by applying the suggested quantity of organic manure. Saving on seed cost as the seed requirement is less,saving on water as irrigated, higher yields due to profuse tillering, increased panicle length and grain weight. However, the farmers expressed difficulty in adopting SRI on two counts, viz., labour scarcity and weed menace. These constraints have to be addressed to enable wider adoption of SRI technology by more number of rice cultivators.

      R.Priyakanth, Santhi Malladi, Radha Abburi

Abstract: Principal objective of image enhancement is to process an image so that result is more suitable than original image for specific application. Digital image enhancement techniques provide a multitude of choices for improving the visual quality of images. The existing contrast enhancement algorithms such as local, global, partial, bright and dark contrast stretching, Adaptive HE techniques occasionally result in artifacts such as halo effects in sharp boundaries or noise effects and also over enhancement which results a spurious details of the image and unnatural effects in the processed images. These drawbacks increase for images taken under poor illumination conditions.

      Dr Tomar S, Dr Aga P, Dr Sharma P.K, Dr Manik P, Dr Srivastava A.K

Abstract: The aim of this study was to review the appearance of normal patterns of left coronary artery, its anatomic variants and anomalies and to assess their incidence in subjects of North India who underwent 64-slice Computed Tomographic Coronary Angiography (CT-CA) for suspected or known coronary artery disease (CAD). This study was carried out in the Departments of Anatomy and Radiodiagnosis, KGMU, U.P, Lucknow, India. Fifty CT Coronary Angiograms of routine subjects of either sex and of different age groups coming to the department of Radiodiagnosis were evaluated prospectively to see the normal and variant anatomy of Left Coronary Artery (LCA) regarding its origin, length of main trunk and branching pattern. In all the cases LCA arose either below the Sinotubular (ST) junction from Left Posterior Aortic Sinus (LPAS) or from ST junction except one which demonstrated a high take off from tubular part of ascending aorta. The LCA had a mean length of 7.11 ± 3.04 mm. The two main branches of LCA are Left Circumflex (LCX) artery and Left Anterior Descending (LAD) artery. This study revealed that the main trunk of LCA bifurcated into LCX artery and LAD artery in 38 (76%) subjects. The artery was seen to be trifurcating in 12 (24%) cases with the Ramus Intermedius (RI) being the third artery.

      Nwokeke Blessing , Adedokun Ishola, Osuji Chikwendu

Abstract: Nutritional attributes of Fufu-fermented cassava flour was improved through blending with 10, 20, 30 and 40% African Yam Bean (Sphenostylis stenocarpa) flour and the products were subjected to proximate analysis, pasting properties and sensory evaluation, with 100% cassava fufu flour as control. The results showed that the African Yam bean - Fufu flour contained 6.50% protein, 1.08% ash, 0.65% fibre, 0.26% fat at 10% level of inclusion and this increased to 16.45, 1.22, 0.90 and 1.24% respectively at 40% level of inclusion. However, the carbohydrate contents decreased from 91.51 - 80.87% at 10% and 40% inclusion of African yam bean flour respectively. All pasting characteristics with the exception of pasting temperature and peak time decreased with increased African Yam Bean inclusion. Peak viscosity (340.22 - 203.34) RVU, final viscosity (300.06 - 180.33) RVU, setback (79.72 - 39.13) RVU, break down (133.22 – 88.00) RVU, trough at 950 C (220.00 – 141.20) RVU at 10% and 40% level of inclusion of African Yam Bean respectively. There was a slight significant difference (p≤ 0.05) in overall acceptability between 10% level of inclusion and the control (100% cassava flour). The values ranged from 6.2 – 7.9 respectively. Generally, the rating of all the sensory attributes assessed reduced with increased in the inclusion of AYB flour.

      R. Rekha, Dr. M.V.V. Reddy, Dr. P.P. Reddy, Dr. Lakshmi Addala

Abstract: The objective of this study is to identify association of GSTM1 and GSTT1 null gene polymorphisms with risk of cancer in defined populations in South India with histologically confirmed pre-malignant laryngeal lesions. Different parameters were taken into consideration and a demographic risk profile was defined as reported from a hospital-based cancer registry in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India. 23 histologically confirmed pre-malignant laryngeal cancer tissue and blood samples were collected and analyzed for GSTM1 and GSTT1 null polymorphisms by PCR method. GSTT1 null polymorphism was found to be more associated with the risk of malignancy than GSTM1 null polymorphism in the study population.

      Jagannatha Rao M B, Dr. Ramni

Abstract: This is focused on the analysis of plastic flow in two plate injection mould. Motor rare housing component is designed with multi cavity as the plastic part in the two plate injection mould which is used in domestic motor. Mould flow analysis software is used to perform the analysis of filling, wrap and best gate location. This will discuss the flow of molten plastic inside the injection mould. The analysis begins with the origin of the flow channels such as Barrel, nozzle, sprue, runners, and gates until the cavity is completely filled. In this analysis, plastic flow behavior is studied together with parameters settings in plastic injection mould, Based on the analysis improvement has been made to the part design and feed systems in the mould. This includes the location of the gate at the part design, size of sprue, runners and gates. From the analysis also, CAE helps to determine the part defects that might occurred during plastic injection molding process such as Short shot, unequal filling, over filling, welding lines and others. From that, the optimum parameters setting are selected in order to get a quality plastic. So this will explain the plastic flow analysis clearly.


Abstract: Domestic Violence is thus the most prevalent, and yet the least reported crime in society. It is very unfortunate that we have to keep reminding everyone that violence against women is increasing. Bettered women are only too often reluctant to report that they have been beaten up because of social stigma, guilt, shame and loyalty. They may lose the economic support of their husband on harness their career. Also, battered women do not report their problems to the police because they usually get a negative response (Ekelaar, 1991).

      Midhun Baby Neerkuzhi, Jenson Joseph E

Abstract: According to the Ministry of new and renewable energy, Government of India, Dairy industry suggested as one of the most suitable industrial area for the commercialization of solar energy. This paper aims to find out the opportunities of solar energy in a dairy processing plant. This study is very important in India, because India is an energy deficient country. Moreover solar technologies are environmental friendly.

      Prafulla Chandra Rout, Bijayananda Naik

Abstract: A Common Indian cat fish, Clarias batrachus Linneaus was treated with Lead Acetate for sub-acute and chronic exposure to the xenobiotic. The sub acute study included 3 days and 7 days exposure to different concentrations of lead acetate, while chronic study included exposure to 15 ppm lead acetate for 105 days. In all the cases tissues from Gills, Bones, Liver, Blood, Kidneys, Muscles, Skin and GI tract were removed and analyzed by AAS to find lead accumulation. The Bio-Concentration Factor (BCF) was calculated .The BCF varies from organ to organ. Additionally, X-rays photography was made on the chronic treated fishes from time to time, to see whether skeletal tissue is a target of the heavy metal or not. The Co-relation Co-efficient ( r’) in these tissues between Lead treatment and Lead accumulation was found to be highly significant suggesting it both as a dose-dependent and time-dependent process.

      Dr. Prachi Singh, Shilpi Gupta

Abstract: Performance appraisal has increasingly become part of a more strategic approach to integrating HR activities and business policies and may now be seen as a generic term covering a variety of activities through which organizations seek to assess employees and develop their competence, enhance performance and distribute rewards (Fletcher, 2001). Thus, both practice and research have moved away from a narrow focus on psychometric and evaluation issues to developmental performance appraisal (e.g., Fletcher, 2001; Lefkowitz, 2000; Levy and Williams, 2004; Waal, 2003), which may be defined as any effort concerned with enriching attitudes, experiences, and skills that improves the effectiveness of employees (Boswell and Boudreau, 2002). Performance appraisal is a widespread, very expensive, counterproductive exercise. It is typically conducted with good intentions to manage and improve the performance of individual employees, and lead to enhanced overall organizational efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity. Unfortunately it is an exercise in futility. This paper explores why formal performance appraisal and performance pay fail in their objectives as components of an organization’s performance management program, and why they should be abolished .In recent years it is necessary to find more scientific, effective & fair assessment method, to examine the current performance appraisal for the success & failure of the organization.

      C Balakrishnan, Dr D Masthan

Abstract: The study was conducted at Delhi International Airport during 2010-2011 for finding out the ways for improving employee engagement. The reason behind the study was the warning signal received during a routine six monthly employee engagement survey. As per the result of survey indicates there was a significant reduction in the level of employee engagement. Earlier surveys were conducted during the airport project implementation phase and this was the first survey conducted after airport went to operational phase. The result of this survey was alarming and it was decided to start immediate remedial measures. Then different committees were formed and many brainstorming sessions were carried out to find out various drivers which are contributing towards employee engagement. These drivers were analyzed to see which will be the proper one to be addressed by considering the cost of implementation and the one which was worst affected due to the changes undergone during the transition of airport from project to operation phase. “Communication” was identified by experts and top management as the factor which is to be addressed immediately. So it was also decided to find out scientifically whether there is a relationship between internal communication and employee engagement. The results of the scientific study had shown the existence of positive relationship between them. The study was focused on the main characteristics of the engaged employees such as commitment, meaningfulness of their (employee’s) work and discretionary effort. Based on these results action plans were formulated and implemented for immediate improvement in the level of employee engagement.

      T. Koteswara Rao, I. Nageswara Rao

Abstract: The current study focused to evaluate one of the important trace metal concentrations in mixed zooplankton from the waters of Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea. The average concentration of copper from northern Bay of Bengal, central Bay of Bengal, southern Bay of Bengal, and eastern Bay of Bengal on dry weight basis was reported as 65.36 mg.g-1, 58.54 mg.g-1, 48.86 mg.g-1, 43.50 mg.g-1 respectively and average surface sea water copper concentration from the northern Bay of Bengal, central Bay of Bengal, southern Bay of Bengal, and eastern Bay of Bengal was reported as 1.33 ppb, 1.30 ppb, 1.02 ppb, and 0.84 ppb respectively. The copper concentration in the mixed zooplankton from the waters of the Andaman Sea ranged from 36.25 to 58.32 mg.g-1 with an average of 43.14 mg.g-1 and its surface seawater concentrations ranged from 0.78 to 1.29 ppb with an average of 0.93 ppb.

      Dr. Preeti Singh

Abstract: Internet banking or online banking has revolutionized an integral activity of our modern twenty first century lives – ‘banking’. Internet banking is conducted through a PC, PDA, a hand-held communication gadget or any mobile device offering Internet connectivity but with the development of Hi-Tech asynchronous technologies and secured electronic transaction technologies, however, more banks have come forward to use Internet banking both as a transactional as well as an informational medium. Even after having so many advantages, still some factors are there, which affects its usage. There are some of the psychological and behavioral factors which affect the adoption of any new innovation such as Internet banking include consumer awareness, ease of use, security, accessibility, techno phobia or simply reluctance to change, preference for personalized services and cost of adopting the innovation. This research paper was focused on to identify the factors that are the barriers for the usage of internet banking services and also to study the perception of customer about internet banking. The study was exploratory in nature and sample size considered for the study was 100 respondents, those were having account in that banks, which provide the Internet Banking facility, but they are not using it. The primary data was analyzed by factor analysis and identify the nine factors i.e. cost, reliability, processing barriers, security issues, technological incontinence, lack of infrastructure, conventional approach, risk and resistance, which were the barriers in the usage of Internet Banking services in the semi-urban areas.

      Deepak Kumar Yadav, Mayank Kumar Sharma

Abstract: The rapid growth of network utilization raises a new concept as wireless sensor networks (WSN). Sensor networks consist of spatially distributed autonomous sensor to monitor physical or environmental conditions (i.e. temperature, sound pressure etc.) to develop area monitoring, air quality monitoring, and forest fire detection kind of applications. The major design constraint with WSN is resources utilization. Subsequently, work need to perform clustering and routing using node’s information for data transmission. The work propose a novel multi cluster policy to reduce energy consumption during clustering process and overcome routing overhead on routing nodes. The proposed policy also avoids frequent election process during clustering by developing seniority table. The approach also investigates network traffic and nodes energy condition before head selection to develop dynamic clustering policy. Furthermore, work also proposed that, any variation in the network can be intimated through fault tolerant message.

      Vineeta Mathur, K.Maharaj Kumari

Abstract: Wrong attitudes, beliefs and values are adversely affecting the natural environment today. In this research work the attitude towards the environment of two groups of people living in suburban and urban environments is examined and categorized as biospheric, altruistic and egoistic. The data obtained from questionnaires given to participants is used for correlation studies between the environmental attitudes of participants and the higher order values they uphold. Results show that urban respondents exhibit egoistic attitudes while suburban participants who are in close contact with nature show biospheric attitudes. Significant correlations are seen between egoistic attitude and value of self-enhancement (0.73) in case of urban participants and between biospheric attitude and the value of self-transcendence (0.59) for suburban participants. This is probably because the value of Self transcendence is a form of environmental consciousness which may develop into Higher Consciousness.

      Dr. Arun Y Humne, Dr. Subhash B Thakre, Dr. Suresh M Ughade, Dr. Pragati G Rathod, Dr. Sushama S Thakre, Dr. Abhay B Chavan

Abstract: Introduction: In April 2009, a new strain of Influenza virus A H1N1, commonly referred to as "swine flu," began to spread in several countries around the world. Maharashtra state, including the Nagpur region, also started monitoring and surveillance activities as soon as the positive cases were first reported in August. We investigated these cases of influenza like illness (ILI) to confirm the A H1N1 among patients admitted in a tertiary care hospital. Methods: The present study was a cross-sectional study of successive, suspected and confirmed H1N1 patients with respiratory complication admitted to swine flue ward and ICU of a tertiary care centre from January to December 2012 at Government Medical College and Hospital, Nagpur. All cases were RT-PCR confirmed at National Institute of Virology, Pune, Maharastra.

      M.Swetha, P. Raveendra Reddy, V. Krishna Reddy

Abstract: A highly sensitive and selective spectrophotometric method was developed for the determination of trace amount of uranium (VI) in water samples in aqueous DMF medium. The uranyl ion forms a pale yellow colored complex with 5-Bromo salicylaldehyde isonocotinoyl hydrazone (5-BrSAINH) in an acidic buffer of pH 5.0. The complex has an absorbance maximum at 395nm, was stable for more than 72 hours. The complex shows maximum absorbance at 395nm. Beer’s law is obeyed in the range 0.119-1.071 µgml-1. The molar absorptivity and sandell’s sensitivity of the proposed method were found as 1.17 x 104 L.mol-1cm-1 and 0.02µgcm-2,respectively.The pale yellow colored complex has 1:1 (Uranium (VI)- 5BrSAINH) Stoichiometry .The stability constant of the complex was determined as 1.80x105 by Job’s method. A sensitive and selective second order derivative spectrophotometry has also been proposed for the determination of U (VI). The interference of various cations and anions were studied. The developed methods were successfully employed in the determination of U (VI) in environmental, phosphate rocks and fertilizer samples.

      Jisha Jose, Hari Sankar. H.S, Smith V. Bhanu, Aniladevi kunjamma K.P, Remya Varadarajan, Babu Philip

Abstract: The euryhaline fish Oreochromis mossambicus was exposed to three sub-lethal concentrations of Cadmium ion, for 7 days to evaluate the role of protein catabolism in fulfilling the immediate energy needs of fishes under Cadmium ion induced stress. The levels of tissue protein, free amino acid, plasma ammonia and the activities of aspartate aminotransferase (AST), alanine aminotransferase (ALT) and glutamate dehydrogenase (GDH) were estimated in some of the vital tissues like gills, liver, kidney, muscle and blood of O. mossambicus. The rates of ammonia excretion, oxygen consumption and ammonia quotient (AQ) were also estimated. The significant (P< 0.05) decrease in the levels of proteins concomitant with remarkable increase in the level of free amino acids, ALT, AST and GDH activities in these vital tissues of fish species elucidated the protein catabolism as one of the main mechanism of meeting out the immediate energy demand of the fishes in condition of cadmium exposure. The AQ in treated fish increased significantly (P< 0.05), which indicate a marked increase in the catabolism of proteins during cadmium ions induced stress.

      Selmi Hamza, Walid Selmi, Souhail Hermassi

Abstract: The aim of our research was to identify the importance of increasing self-esteem and overall physical satisfaction starting from a comparison between two engines disabled practitioners physical activity groups and not practitioners, with using of self-esteem Rosenberg (1965) scale. The results shows the existence of a significant difference between the scores of the rate of self-esteem of the disabled and non-practicing practitioners engines for those insertions within sports associations and engage in physical regular activities. The relationship between global self-esteem among the physically disabled practitioners and % body fat are strongly related (r = 0.7, p < 0.01). It has been proven that the sport positively affects the overall self-esteem and physical disability practitioners engine which is why we stress the importance of sport for people with physical disabilities, which will enable them to see themselves as useful and active members of society and thus to facilitate their reintegration.

      Ali Faleh, Souhail Hermassi, Walid Selmi

Abstract: The deterioration in health functions is characteristic in elderly person (EP) and may be associated with decline in daily living activities with consequent reduced quality of life. The aim of this study was to analyze training program effects on health functions in elderly with Subjects. 34 elderly mean took part in this study and were allocated into two separated groups: Training Group (TG) and Social Gathering Group (SGG). The global physical health cognitive status was determined using some tests. The protocols were performed three times a week, one hour per session. Physical training protocol consisted of three sets of 20 repetitions, with two minutes of rest between sets and exercises. The activities proposed for the SGG aimed at promoting social interaction among patients. The Results: showed a significant difference associated to the effects of the practice of physical training on health elderly person. In conclusion, the improvement in physical health functions was evident in elderly with EP who followed a low intensity exercise protocol.

      Md. Zohurul Anis, Md. Mehedi Hasan

Abstract: Woman entrepreneurship development, especially among women largely focuses on the empowerment of women through developing skills in small to medium-sized enterprise (SME) and business ventures by taking risk of making investment decisions. This study reveals various aspects of woman entrepreneurs of SMEs. The opportunities and challenges faced by the woman entrepreneurs of SMEs in Rajshahi area is the main focus of the article. The study finds out the role of woman entrepreneurs of SMEs, various SME industries for woman entrepreneurs, financial and technical aids for the women, problems faced by entrepreneurial activities and opportunities to increase entrepreneurial skills among the woman entrepreneurs as well as it recommends suggestions as well. The study has some sort of limitations.

      Dr. K. R.Meena, Dr. Anita, Dr.Ajay Kumar

Abstract: Objective: To study the occurrence and severity of thrombocytopenia in children with malaria Method: It was a retrospective study, done at Vardhman Mahavir medical college and safdarjang Hospital, Delhi, India. Data regarding positive cases of malaria <12 years of age admitted in the hospital between January 2010 to January 2013 were obtained. Patients were further assessed for thrombocytopenia and its severity. Data were analysed by Chi square test using SPSS version. Result- A total of 140 cases were included in the study. Plasmodium vivax was indentified in 98 (70%) patient while plasmodium falciparum in 28 (20%) and mixed infection in 14 (10%) patients. Thrombocytopenia was observed in 98 (70%) cases of which 36 (25.71%) cases have mild 20 (14.28%) cases moderate and 40 (28.50%) cases had severe thrombocytopenia. Thrombocytopenia was found equally in vivax and falciparum infection.

      Hemamalini.V, Dr. Zayaraz G

Abstract: A Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET) is an instant infrastructure less self-organizing network, in which each node functions as an end host and a wireless relay. This form of wireless network is created by mobile nodes without any existing or fixed infrastructure. The nodes in the MANET need mutually exclusive identities before participating in any form of communication. In particular, each end host in the MANET needs to be uniquely addressed so that the packets can be relayed hop by hop and delivered ultimately to the destination. Existing routing protocols in MANETs have all assumed a priori that mobile nodes are configured with a valid (conflict free) network address. Because of the multi-hop routing, the MAC address at the link layer level cannot serve for this purpose. On the other hand, address configuration in wired networks, such as DHCP, requires the presence of a centralized DHCP server. It does not work well for MANETs due to the mobility of the nodes and the lack of a central authority. There have been several approaches proposed for dynamic addressing scheme. However, mostly all approaches depend on broadcasting for address solicitation and/or duplicate address detection. As a result, several types of security threats in dynamic IP configuration can be observed. Address allocation schemes can be classified into state full schemes or stateless schemes. The state full schemes keep state information in a database that keeps track of which addresses have been assigned to which computers. Stateless schemes let the computers select an address by themselves and perform a procedure, called Duplicate Address Detection (DAD).Thus this paper focuses on the various IP allocation schemes for MANETs with and without DAD.

      Sajeena Beevi.B, Jose P.P, Dr.G.Madhu

Abstract: In this study batch anaerobic digestion of organic fraction of municipal solid waste was carried out for 100 days at room temperature for varying substrate concentration of 115, 99 and 83g/l. The performance of reactors was evaluated by measuring the daily biogas production and calculating the degradation of total solids and the total volatile solids. Effect of organic solids concentration and digestion time on biogas yield was studied. The biogas yields at the end of the digestion from the reactors were 22.7L/KgVS, 54.4L/KgVS and 41.7L/KgVS respectively. About of 71.69%, 80.06% and 76.55% Volatile solid degradation were obtained during the loading in reactors.

      Mr. Adarsh Patel, Ms. Mohita Patel, Ms. Shimi Biju

Abstract: We are very much aware that nowadays technology has changed our life. These technology changes have pros and cons. Let’s discuss pros that Gujarat government has started using latest technology to provide immediate response their citizens and cons about the technology changes are that in some of the village area people are not aware of the technology they have to face many problems. [1] Here by writing this paper we would like to create awareness of e governance facility provided by the Gujarat government. Our paper is divided into two sections, in first section we would like to discuss 1) what is egovernance and what are the basic issues related to egoverence. 2) Highlight the facility provided by the Gujarat government, while in section two we would like to find out the awareness using survey then we will provide information about the facility by preparing blog or documents and will resurvey the details and will compare our survey results.[3]

      Ms Chayanika Sharma, Ms Anshu Choudhary

Abstract: The subject of human trafficking has received renewed attention within the last two decades. This study was undertaken among the inmates of a destitute home run by a reputed NGO- Assam centre for Rural Development, Guwahati, Assam, India. The study was conducted with the following objectives- (A) The role of positive psychology in helping the trafficked girls to overcome from the mental trauma and disorders like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), mood disorders and depression. (B) How their experiences affect their reintegration in the society and re-construction of their social identity (C) How they rehabilitate with self-confidence, esteem and improve their economic condition. Cases of three trafficked girls were being studied extensively and were followed till they were rehabilitated. In-depth, semi structured interviews were conducted with the victims, two key persons of the NGO and other individuals. Thematic approach has been employed in data analysis. The findings report that positive psychology, indeed, plays a stupendous role in helping the victims to recover.

      Dr. A.D. Pofale, Syed Raziuddin Quadri

Abstract: The purpose for taking up this investigation owing to the fact that now a days natural sand confirming to Indian Standards is becoming scarcer and costlier due to its non availability in time because of Law of Land, illegal dredging by sand mafia, accessibility to the river source during rainy season, non confirming with IS 383-1970. Hence the present investigation was taken up with a view to verify the suitability, feasibility and potential use of crusher dust, a waste product from aggregate crushing plant in concrete mixes, in context of its compressive strength and workability and in terms of slump, compacting factor, flow table and modified flow respectively. In view of above discussion, an attempt is made to replace the natural sand in concrete control mixes of M25 and M30 grades designed for 100 to 120mm slump at replacement levels of 30%, 40%, 50% and 60% using Portland Pozzolana Cement. There were in all 5 mixes in each grade of concrete including control mix and four mixes with crusher dust as a partial replacement of natural sand.

      K.Rajasekaran, J.Jayalakshmi, T.Jayasankar

Abstract: There is an increasing demand for microwave systems to meet the emerging telecommunication challenges with respect to size, performance and cost. This project describes a general design technique for micro strip low pass filters that are used to convey microwave frequency signals. The parasitic problems of X- band can be adjusted through impedance ratio K, which can enhance the performance of harmonic suppression. The ADS simulation tool is used to design an X-band stepped impedance low pass filter of range 8-12 GHz. This simulation results show that the filter works on 10GHz at the center frequency and achieves attenuation of 60dB, which effectively suppresses the parasitic bands. To attain the filter with these characteristics, Insertion Loss Method is performed. Compared to other filter types, this design works very well with excellent harmonic suppression performance.

      Sanika Oturkar, Karan Gujarathi

Abstract: The Society of Automotive Engineers organizes student design competitions to inculcate in students the general practices of good Engineering. One such student design activity is the SAEINDIA BAJA event held each year in Pithampur, India the aim of which is to build an All Terrain Vehicle as per the constraints given by the organizers. The growing popularity of the competition coupled with the need to design safe, sturdy and sustainable ATV has led to the origin of the idea of the paper. The process of dynamic stress analysis is expensive and time consuming, and simulating the problem statement is unnecessarily tedious at an initial design stage. So it is advantageous to carry out the static stress analysis first, which offers a simplistic simulation criterion of the problem statement and requires a lower computational time. This analysis will validate the safety of the preliminary design and help the designer understand the changes that need to be incorporated in the design. The paper aims to give an introduction to this static stress analysis method using ANSYS APDL 12.0, covering topics such as impact force determination, loading points, convergence of nodes, and the mesh size dependence of generated stress.

      Varikuti Vasantha Rao, Sharanakumar Mathapati, Dr. Basavaraj Amarapur

Abstract: In this paper, the design and implementation of multiple power supplied fertilizer sprayer has been presented. The proposed system is the modified model of the two stroke petrol engine powered sprayer which minimizes the difficulties of the existing power sprayer such as operating cost, changing of fuel etc. The two stroke petrol engine has been replaced by a direct current motor and operated by the electrical energy stored in the battery attached to the unit. The battery can be charged by solar panel during the presence of sun. It could also be operated on direct current during rainy and cloudy weather conditions. This system can be used for spraying pesticides, fungicides, fertilizers and paints. The proposed system has been tested and compared with theoretical values of current and charging time. From the results it is found that the time taken to charge the full battery of capacity 12V, 7Ah has required 16.67 hours. The fully charged battery could be used to spray 575 liters pesticides. Which is approximately covers 5-6 acres of land. It is also found that, if we charge the battery for a day, then it covers approximately 200 liters of pesticides which in turn covers 2 to 2.5 acres of land. The developed systems initial cost is little more as compared to conventional sprayer but the running cost of the system is all most zero in other words minimum.

      Tmt.Maithili Easwaran, Dr.B.Poorna

Abstract: In this paper we propose a novel frame work for face recognition in real-time environments using the Principal component Analysis (PCA)-based face recognition methodology. The proposed frame work is developed by three schemes namely, nonlinearity clustering, eigen vector mapping and relationship learning. In the beginning, a clustering algorithm is proposed as a preprocessing step. After clustering, the very low resolution (VLR), High resolution (HR), illuminated image (IL) pairs in every cluster is approximate nonlinear, i.e., the relationship will be approximately represented by a matrix. Then second resultant matrix spaces are converted into eigen vectors mapping for supporting nonlinear problem in real face images. Finally a kernel PCA model is used to learn relationship mapping, with completely different constraints. We develop a new information constraint is designed for human-based recognition and machine-based recognition to adopt real-time environment. The system proceeding the relationship learning between VLR images to the HR image space as well as IL image space for nonlinear problem. Based on learning map SR algorithm can reconstruct the image space and so measures the reconstruction error, rather than the existing algorithms that perform error the VLR space.

      Dr. Subhabrata Kar

Abstract: Kinanthropometry is an emerging scientific specialization concerned with the application of measurement to appraise human size, shape, proportion, composition, maturation and gross function. It is the application of anthropometry in sports and Physical Education field to find out performance of human being having the body of different shapes and sizes. At the same time, it is a scientific fact that different games and sports need different types of body-build. These research findings have changed the overall human performance capacity in the modern sports field. The purpose of the present study is to find out the difference between the body-build of different levels of female Track & Field runners in respect of their respective kinanthropometric variables.

      Srivathsa S Rao, Vinay Hegde, Boruthalupula Maneesh, Jyothi Prasad N M, Suhas Suresh

Abstract: Honeypots are a modern approach to network security. A honeypot is used in the area of internet security and cryptography. It is a resource, which is intended to be attacked and compromised to gain more information about the attacker and the used implementations. It can be deployed to attract and divert an attacker from their real targets. Honeypots have the big advantage that they do not generate false alerts as each observed traffic is doubtful, because no productive components are running on the system. This fact enables the system to log every byte that flows through the network through and from the honeypot, and to relate this data with other sources to draw a picture of an attack and the attacker.

      Dayanand Jamkhandikar, Dr.V D Mytri, Reshma

Abstract: Content based image retrieval is a technique which uses visual contents like shape, color and texture to retrieve images from large scale image databases. In content based image retrieval shape is one of the primitive feature for image retrieval. Many images are classified and detected based on shape description. In this paper we present the methods for retrieving images from the large database which consist of engineering objects or models. The proposed work uses the shape information from an image along with 3D information. The 3D information can be obtained by obtaining depth map, for this a linear approximation procedure that can capture the depth information using the idea of shape from shading has been used. Retrieval of objects is done using a similarity measure that combines shape and the depth information.

      Dr. Jignesh H Gorasia, Dr. Chandrakant Kamariya, Dr. Uday Vachhani

Abstract: This cross-sectional study was conducted in 50 liver disease patients and 50 non-liver disease patients, who were examined clinically and confirmed sonographically for liver involvement. All the parameters of Conventional Liver Function Tests (CLFTs) including serum Bilirubin, SGPT, SGOT, ALP, Total Protein and Albumin were estimated and compared in liver disease and non-liver disease patients. Data was analyzed by non-parametric Mann-Whitney test and statistical significance was calculated. It showed that serum bilirubin was highly significant (p<0.001), while SGPT and SGOT were raised in liver disease patients, but they were not statistically significant (p>0.05). So none of the individual test can predict the liver disease and at times it can lead to a confusing situation between liver disease and non-liver disease. The present study concludes that more sensitive and specific parameters are needed to correctly diagnose liver disease and at the same time it must rule out non-liver diseases.

      S.Sathianachiyar, Aruna Devaraj

Abstract: Biopolymer producing bacterial species (Bacillus and Pseudomonas )were isolated from rhizosphere soil of Jatropha curcas by using standard morphological, cultural and biochemical characteristics.PHB production by bacterial sps were screened by Sudan black B staining method. The main aim of the present study to production of biopolymers using crude glycerol is a byproduct of biodiesel, act as a sole carbon source for PHB producing microorganisms, under the limitation of nitrogen and phosphate . Ammonium molybdate and ammonium sulphate were used in nitrogen deficient medium instead of ammonium chloride. Maximum biopolymer production were noted in Bacillus spp13.3 gm/100ml.Pseudomonas spp yielded 11.2 gm/100 ml.

      C. Manibaalan, Balamurugan.S, Keshore, Dr.Joshi.C.Haran

Abstract: Airless tyres or Non-pneumatic tyres is introduced with a replacement of poly- composite materials in place of air in a definite structure. The construction and material study of these tyres is done by comparing it with pneumatic tyres. A brief structural study on spokes of airless tyres is done and is related with rolling resistance and fuel efficiency.

      Satpal Kundu, Dr. B.K. Roy, Ashok Kr Mishra

Abstract: The experimental investigation of hybrid metal matrix composites with SiC, Al2O3 and graphite reinforced aluminium alloy (Al 6061T6) composites samples, processed by stir casting route are reported. The aluminium alloy was reinforced with 10 wt. % (SiC, Al2O3) and 5 wt. % of graphite to mixture the hybrid composite. Dry Sliding Wear of the hybrid composite were tested it was found that when the wear resistance of the hybrid composites can be increased when compared to Al6061 T6 alloy. The parameters such as load, sliding speed and sliding distance were identified will affecting wear rate. The design of experiments (DOE) approach using taguchi method was employed to analyze the wear behavior of hybrid composites. Signal-to-noise ratio and analysis of variance (ANOVA) were used to investigate the influence of parameters on the wear rate.

      Vinod Kumar, Ashok Kr. Mishra, Dr. B.K.Roy

Abstract: Tribological behaviour of aluminium alloy Al6061T6 reinforced with silicon carbide and alumina oxide particles (10%weight percentage of SiC and Al2O3 particles) fabricated by stir casting process was investigated. The wear and frictional properties of the metal matrix composites was studied by performing dry sliding wear test using a computerized pin-on-disc wear tester.

      Ananya Roy, Aparajita De, Abhranil Tah

Abstract: In this project a hospital management system is developed by using a Bluetooth connection .Usually in the hospitals and medical clinics Wireless LAN(WLAN) or Wi-Fi is used for data transfer and network connection. The Electro-Magnetic Frequency (EMF) generated from the WLAN ranges from 0 to 300 GHz. Such a high range of frequency is very harmful for the patients since the Wi-Fi has been anecdotally linked to electromagnetic hypersensitivity. However the Bluetooth uses the microwave spectrum in the range of 2.4 GHz and 2.4835 GHz.The radiated output power of the Bluetooth devices vary from 1 to 100 MW and can operate continuously or sporadically.So total exposure to the EMF radiation is quite variable. Thus the Bluetooth device has never been linked to any serious health hazard. Implementation of the project in reality will help to reduce the manpower and in the efficient management of the hospital. The patients can take appointment just by using an embedded Bluetooth device without standing in a queue or waiting at the Appointment Desk. The nurse updates each and every details of the patient regularly to the main server so that by the help of the Bluetooth connection both the doctor and the patient’s relatives can fetch whichever documents or information they want regarding that patient.

      Barshikar Raghavendra Rajendra, Santosh.V. Bhaskar

Abstract: Even though there is a number of condition monitoring and analysis techniques, researchers are in search of a simple and easy way to monitor vibration of a gearbox, which is an important power transmission component in any machinery. In gearboxes, load fluctuations on the gearbox and gear defects are two major sources of vibration. Further, at times, measurement of vibration in the gearbox is not easy because of the inaccessibility in mounting the vibration transducers. Techniques such as wear and debris analysis, vibration monitoring and acoustic emissions require accessibility to the gearbox either to collect samples or to mount the transducers on or near the gearbox. But dusty environment, background noise, structural vibration etc. may hamper the quality and efficiency of these techniques. Hence, there is a need to monitor the gearbox away from its actual location, which can be achieved through Motor current signature analysis (MCSA). An efficient and new but non intrusive method to detect the fluctuation in gear load may be the motor current signature analysis (MCSA). Motor current signature analysis (MCSA) has been the most recent addition as a non-intrusive and easy to measure condition monitoring technique. This analysis system can be used for measuring the characteristics for a perfectly working gearbox and use the data as a standard for measuring faults and defects in other gearboxes.

      Pratima Bhujbal, Uma Nagaraj

Abstract: Now a days congestion in computer network is becoming an important issue. Variable-structure Congestion-control Protocol (VCP) and Double Packet Congestion Control Protocol (DPCP) operating in wireless networks are potentially faced with some challenges of performance degradation. These sources are: 1) The oscillatory behaviour of VCP in the presence of link bandwidth estimation errors is not good. 2) VCP exhibits poor fairness characteristics in high delay networks. 3) DPCP faces deployment obstacles in encrypted wireless networks due to the fact that it relies on partial information in the TCP header and the TCP header information is lost when crossing encryption boundaries. In this paper we propose an alternative congestion control protocol to which we refer as Enhanced Variable-structure Congestion-control Protocol for Encrypted Wireless (EVCP-EW) networks. It does so by passively utilizing the IP Identification field of a packet header instead of the TCP header in conjunction with a heuristic algorithm to differentiate between different sources of loss.

      Rashmi Bhatia

Abstract: Grid is a utility or infra-structure for complex, enormous computations, where remote resources are accessible through the web (internet), from desktop, laptop, mobile phone. It is similar to power grid, where the user does not have to worry about the source of the computing power. Grid can be thought of as aggregation of millions of discrete computers owned by individuals, institutes from various countries across the world connected to form a single, huge, super-computer! Undoubtedly it is an evolution of internet facility, but such aggregation of networked computer resources in dynamic and multi-institutional environment demand for higher security. This paper deals with the challenging security issues that demand new technical approaches. We describe how these issues can be resolved.

      Rahul Hari, Sahana D Nagendra

Abstract: Crosstalk in VLSI interconnects is a major constraint in DSM and UDSM technology. Among various strategies followed for its minimization, shield insertion between aggressor and victim lines is one of the most prominent options. Placing shields around a victim signal line is a common way to enhance signal integrity while minimizing delay uncertainty. This paper analyzes the extent of crosstalk in capacitive coupled interconnects and minimizes the same through shield insertion. Also design guidelines for shielding in the presence of power/ground (P/G) noise are illustrated in this paper. The effects of P/G noise on crosstalk is analyzed for different line lengths, line widths, and interconnect driver resistances. Considering the P/G noise, a shield line can degrade the signal integrity due to increased P/G noise coupling on the victim line. A RC interconnect model is used to investigate the effects of coupling capacitance on the crosstalk noise. Physical spacing and shield insertion are compared in terms of the delay on the victim line for several technology parameters. Dual port SRAM cells contain a second set of access transistors designed to allow a second read from the cell. As device sizes shrink, the spacing between conductors is reduced to the point where crosstalk between second pair of access runners within the same cell area of a dual port device becomes a significant design issue. Techniques for reducing capacitive coupling between these access lines are considered here. Additionally, the effects of technology scaling on P/G noise and shielding efficiency between bit lines are discussed, and related design tradeoffs are addressed. Design tools used to build circuit schematic is Cadence Virtuoso Design Platform, HSpice Simulator for simulation of schematics and CosmosScope (CScope) for observing the waveforms.

      J. Masanganise, B. Chipindu, T. Mhizha, E. Mashonjowa, K. Basira

Abstract: A global climate model (GCM) should be able to reproduce features of the distribution of the regional to local-scale climate in which it is applied. Such features include: the climatological mean, correlation, monthly or daily variance, thresholds, extremes etc, of the distribution of climate variables of interest. Most researchers need to know how GCM simulations vary depending on climatic variables, the choice of GCM and place. These variations can be understood by studying the descriptive statistics above, and inference can be made based on these sample statistics. However, there is no standard approach to test the features above in order to determine the skill of GCMs. In this paper, we focus on correlation and regression to evaluate the performances of five coupled global climate models for simulating monthly rainfall, minimum and maximum temperatures at five stations in northeastern Zimbabwe. We use observed historic climatic data (rainfall and air temperature) as well as downscaled model predictions of the same parameters. The global climate models used were the same as those used by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in formulating the IPCC Special Report on Emissions Scenarios (SRES). The GCMs were evaluated by comparing observed historic climatic data with hindcast downscaled model predictions.

      D.S.Ambadkar, R.M.Kedar

Abstract: In this study new imidazoles derivatives were synthesized.The first stage involved preparation of 2-hydroxy-1-(4-dimethylaminophenyl)-ethan-1-one ( F1) by reacting 4-dimethylaminobenzaldehyde with benzaldehyde in presence of sodium cyanide catalyst .The second stage involved the synthesis of 1-(4-dimethylaminophenyl)-2-phenylethan-1,2-dione(f2) using nitric acid in glacial acetic acid. Finally the compound (5a-5l) were synthesized using the three component system ( Compound F2 , Substituted benzaldehyde and ammonium acetate ) .The structure of all compounds were confirmed by elemental analysis ,NMR and IR data and by melting point .In conclusion this method give some advantages such as good yield ,simple procedure , low cost of chemicals and easy work up .

      Pandian Sankara Kumaran, Tamilvanan M

Abstract: When a lady becomes pregnant she surely must be anxious and excited on when is she is going to embark on a journey full of mysteries, surprises and revelations. Birth weight plays an important role in infant mortality and morbidity, childhood development, and adult health low birth weight babies are at an increased risk for mortality short terms and long terms morbidities. The Aim of the study is to find out whether a supervised exercise programme is effective on infant birth weight, gestational age at delivery in pregnant women.

      Mohammad Farooque Khan

Abstract: In this paper, I have introduced a new patent rule for computing ARC LENGTH of an ELLIPTICAL CURVE. It is based on Geometrical Theorems. The method is fast and simplest of all other methods meant for Elliptical Arc Length. The earlier methods existing for computing Elliptical Arc Length like Riemann sum (by integration), Numerical Integration, Bernoullis method, Eulers method, and other methods in this sequence till now, recently by Arvind Narayan(September-2012) provide approximate value and have more variables and involve more steps to compute.. The peculiarity of this method is that no smoothness (differentiability) of the curve is required, just the extremities of arc is enough to determine the exact arc length of the elliptical curve. The present method not only provides a formula, but also, it will serve as the precious tool for the subjects relevant to the Elliptical Arc Length.

      Rahul A. Bhogare, B. S. Kothawale

Abstract: Nanofluids are potential heat transfer fluids with enhanced thermo physical properties and heat transfer performance can be applied in many devices for better performances (i.e. energy, heat transfer and other performances). Evaluating the heat transfer enhancement due to the use of nanofluids has recently become the center of interest for many researchers. This newly introduced category of cooling fluids containing ultrafine nanoparticles (1–100 nm) has displayed fascinating behavior during experiments including increased thermal conductivity and augmented heat transfer coefficient compared to a pure fluid. In this paper, a comprehensive literature on the applications and challenges of nanofluids have been compiled and reviewed in Automobile sector. Latest up to date literatures on the applications and challenges in terms of PhD and Master thesis, journal articles, conference proceedings, reports and web materials have been reviewed and reported. Recent researches have indicated that substitution of conventional coolants by nanofluids appears promising in Automobile radiator. Nanofluids have great potential to improve automotive and heavy –duty engine cooling rates by increasing the efficiency, lowering the weight and reducing the complexity of thermal management. Alternatively, it is beneficial to design more compact cooling system with smaller and lighter automobile radiators.

      A.Shrivastava, Suchita Singh, Sanchita Singh

Abstract: Calotropis procera are widely used traditional medicinal plant to treat various ailments. It is an erect, perennial shrub luxuriantly thriving in wastelands. Plants are the richest sources of bioactive organic chemicals on earth. They are the store house of secondary metabolites such as alkaloids, terpenoids, steroids and flavonoids etc. The traditional medicine involves the use of different plant extracts or bioactive chemicals. The results suggest that the Phytochemical properties of the stem, leaves and flower for curing various ailments.

      Yangxiu Ye

Abstract: The researcher would like to find out if the value investing methods work in the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) or not, and if they do, then the research compared and identified the method which give the highest return for the SSE. The secondary data used in this research were the fundamentals of companies listed in the Shanghai Stock Exchange A Share Index from year 2006 to 2011. There were total of seven selection methods in this study. Three stock selection methods were applied from the Benjamin Graham’s criteria, two selection methods were adopted from Peter Lynch’s criteria, and two selection methods were from Joel Greenblatt’s Magic formula. The stocks listed in SSEAI were filtered by these seven screening rules, and then equal-weight portfolios were set up with stocks which can pass the screening rules. The returns of portfolios were compared with market return. This research found that the portfolios that created by Peter Lynch and Joel Greenblatt’s methods produced higher return than market in each year from 2007 to 2010, and the portfolios that created by Benjamin Graham’s method produced higher return than market in each year from 2007 to 2011, except eight portfolios had no stock and no return. The researcher also found that the returns of portfolios are not higher than the market returns in year 2006 due to the Chinese government launched the new policy for stock trading.

      Esha Johari, Hardesh Kumar Singh, Sovan Mohanthy, Dr. Pradyot Kala

Abstract: The objective of this paper is to develop a comparative analysis of rectangular and triangular cylindrical microstrip patch antenna. In this study we would like to take into account the problems of resonance and radiation of cylindrical rectangular and triangular microstrip patch antenna. Design procedure involves parameters related to cylindrical microstrip elements to realize the desired resonant frequency, input impedance, radiation patterns etc. Transmission line model is used to calculate the input impedance of the patch, while cavity model is used to calculate its radiation pattern. For a cylindrical-rectangular microstrip antenna, it is observed that the beam-width, resonant frequency, and resonant resistance decrease with cylinder radius. The bandwidth is not sensitive to curvature but it decreases as substrate permittivity increases. Triangular microstrip antennas are a good substitute for rectangular microstrip antennas, especially in microstrip array designs, due to their similar radiation properties and because the triangular patch is physically smaller than the rectangular patch

      Raghunath Toche, Ravindra Janrao

Abstract: Simple and rapid synthesis of various diversely functionalized unprotected 4-amino-2-chloroquinoline-3-aryl derivatives were synthesized in high yields by Suzuki cross-coupling reaction using microwave irradiation in water and in presence of tetrakis(triphenylphosphine)palladium(0). Electronic effects of o-substituted functional groups on the reaction were studied conclusively.

      Dr. Smrity Rupa Borah Dutta, Dr. Sachender Pal Singh, Dr. Aakanksha Rathor

Abstract: Lipomas are benign mesenchymal tumour. Thirteen percent of lipomas are seen in head and neck region1. Anterior neck lipoma is a rare one & anterior neck lipoma with mediastinal extension is extremely rare. We are reporting a case of 48 yr. old female who presented with a huge swelling in the anterior neck region simulating a goitre. It was one of the largest of its own kind. FNAC & sonography helps in making early diagnosis of lipoma apart from clinical examination. Enucleation of lipoma from neck as well as mediastinum was done & followed up for 1 year without any complication.

      Kulwinder Kaur, A. K. Singh

Abstract: The present study was carried out to investigate the mass transfer kinetics and optimization during osmotic dehydration of beetroot. The samples were osmotically treated in different hypertonic sugar solution (55, 65 and 75 0 Brix) with salt concentration of 5 % (w/v), at different solution temperature (30, 45 & 60 °C). Mass transfer kinetics was modeled according to Magee and Azuara model, and kinetic parameters were calculated. It was found that the magee’s model was appropriate for predicting water loss (WL) and solute gain (SG), while Azuara’s model fitted water loss as well as solute gain (SG) data represented more accurately the condition of the complete process close to equilibrium. Quadratic regression equations describing effects of process variables on water loss, solute gain and weight reduction were developed and optimization of osmotic dehydration was done using response surface methodology (RSM). The regression analysis revealed that linear terms of all process parameters have a significant effect on all the responses. The optimum conditions were found to be as sugar of 75 0Brix with 5% salt, solution temperature of 47.70 0 C and immersion time of 120 min at constant osmotic solution to sample ratio of 4:1. At these optimum values, water loss, solute gain and weight reduction were observed as 28.78, 4.42 and 24.36 (g/100 g of initial mass) respectively.

      Vikas Yadav, P.N. Singh and Prakash Yadav

Abstract: This field experiment was carried out at Horticultural Research Centre, G.B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar (U.K.), India, during two consecutive years 2010 and 2011 on 7 years old peach trees cv. Sharbati. The experiment was designed in RBD to study the effect of foliar spraying of boron, zinc and iron and its combination on fruit growth pattern and yield attributing characters of the low-chill peach. Boric acid (0.1%), zinc sulphate (0.5%) and ferrous sulphate (0.5%) were used as a source of boron, zinc and iron, respectively.

      Dr/Ayman Mohamed Afifi

Abstract: The researcher tackles the phenomenon of electricity interruption that is considered one of the most modern phenomena in the summer during the high temperature From this respect, the researcher is interested in cooling air via designing the systems that can be charged by electricity and once the electricity is interrupted, it works for cooling air during the interruption and the most important problems is high temperature

      P.J.M.Rao, S.Malathi , D.V.V.Reddy and M.Upender

Abstract: 50 pigeonpea genotypes were evaluated to study the nature and magnitude of relationship of important agronomic traits with seed yield along with their direct and indirect effects. Days to maturity, number of primary branches per plant number of pods per plant, and harvest index had significant positive association with seed yield, also showed direct positive effect in determining yield in pigeonpea. Hence due emphasis should be given to number of pods per plant, number of primary branches and harvest index for improvement of seed yield in pigoenpea.

      Dr. Asha Menon

Abstract: The present study aims to determine “Early Adolescents Perception of Personal, Parents related, School related and Teacher related Stress”. The findings in response to personal stress indicated that homework is the greatest stressor and participation in extra-curricular activity is the least stressor according to adolescents. The adolescents perceived that comparison by parents with peers in academics is stressful and comparison with peers in extracurricular activities is the least stressful. The adolescents also perceived that when they do not get appropriate feedback on school work, is a source of stress to them and participation in extracurricular activities is least stressful. When the teacher does not listen to them is the greatest stress and are least stressed when teacher expresses concern about their future goals. There is significant difference in the mean stress of grade VIII and IX adolescents. There is no significant difference in the mean stress between boys and girls.

      Nahed habis Alrawashdeh

Abstract: This paper aims to clarify the foundations of corporate governance and the role of internal audit about it as one of the key elements.


Abstract: As a generalization of the notion of prime element and semiprime element, we introduce the notion of weakly prime element and weakly semiprime element in lattice modules. Some characterization of weakly prime and weakly semiprime elements are obtained. Throughout this paper, L will be a lattice domain.

      Priya Choudhary, Vinayak Adane, Vrinda Joglekar

Abstract: In an urban area, users use spaces on the basis of preferences and importances given. User preferences are usually common for a society due to common socio-cultural background. The paper attempts to understand the differences in user preferences of residents of two select localities in a developing city of Nagpur in India by studying the relationship between their spatial cognition and spatial configuration. Spatial configuration is quantified by axial line modeling based on space syntax theory. Local integration (R3), global integration (Rn) and connectivity are considered as parameters of spatial configuration. Interpretive parameters are synergy and intelligibility. The correlation study between parameters of cognition such as frequency of recognition, frequency of use and syntactic parameters is done. It has highlighted the differences in user preferences due to different spatial configurations.


Abstract: Heteropneustes fossilis (Heteropneustidae) is an air breathing freshwater catfish, has an ever increasing demand as a major source of protein and vitamin A. Acid precipitation has detrimental effect on fish population. We have investigated the activity and localization of the enzyme alkaline phosphatase (ALP), by means of histochemical study on experimental wound repair in the fish skin under acid stress. After injury there was a significant decrease in ALP activity in the cells of the migrating epidermis. There was a gradual increase in the activity of ALP in basal cells, epithelial cells of the middle layer and outer layer and club cells after epithelialization (18 h) of the wound during the early stages of healing. By 96h – 10 days, a fairly high ALP activity in the basal cells was observed. With completion of dermal repair, there was a gradual disappearance of ALP activity. The granulation tissue and the differentiating muscle bundles showed a weak reaction for ALP activity. The late appearance and activity of ALP delayed the wound repair process under acid stress condition.


Abstract: Viterbi Decoder (VD) employed in digital wireless communication plays a dominant role in the overall power consumption of trellis coded modulation (TCM) decoder. Power reduction in VD could be achieved by reducing the number of states. A pre-computation architecture with T-algorithm was implemented for this purpose, and when we compare this result with full Trellis VD, this approach significantly reduces power consumption without degrading decoding speed much . Low power design of VD for TCM systems with reliable delay is presented in this paper. This work focuses on the realization of convolutional encoder and adaptive Viterbi decoder (AVD) with a constraint length (K) of 9 and a code rate (k/n) of ½ using field programmable gate array (FPGA) technology. The performance of the implemented AVD is analyzed by using ISE 10.1 and Modelsim simulations.

      M A Gulbarga, Prof S B Burli

Abstract: This paper briefs on manual fabrication process, to prepare injection moldable granules of jute-pp (NF-PP) bio composite, with different loading of jute reinforcement up to 30 % by weight(Jute or NF ratio 10, 20, 30, by wt%), without using parallel twin screw extruder. Low investment process for jute/NF composition up to 30% by wt of jute/NF in bio composite. External hot mixing of jute/NF and PP is accomplished in a pan, with incremental heat and control. Modified manual injection molding machine is used as extruder for in-house granule preparation. Even flax, hemp, sisal and any NF with PP can be prepared for test and development locally.

      Rohit Pawar

Abstract: Ethnographic research and participatory research are the major research methods used in the social science. The said methods are popular in the situation where human emotions and feelings are involved. The popular justification is emotions could not be expressed in numbers. Hence the researcher participates in the community/group and makes observations and often conducts interviews. All the data is maintained in the written form i.e. dairy or notes. Latter on these notes are converted into research article or dissertation. All the documentation is in the form of words, written words.

      Dr. Vishakha S. Patil, Dr. Rohini Mali, Dr. Priya Lele

Abstract: Theodore Maiman in 1960 introduced the first solid state ruby LASER. Since then LASERs have come a long way with numerous applications in the field of medicine and dentistry. In dentistry LASERs are now in vogue and are now becoming a part of the dentist’s armamentarium for endodontic , restorative , periodontal and implant therapies. This paper gives an insight to the basics of LASER physics, various types of LASERs, their interactions with biologic tissues and their uses in Periodontics.

      Sanjay Yadav, Shilpa Yadav

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to understand about WINDOWS 8 and have knowledge regarding the new features which are introduced by Microsoft in new versions of Windows. Windows 8 introduces significant changes to the operating system platform, primarily focused towards improving its user experience. It takes advantage of new and emerging technologies.

      Dr. Romina kapadia, Dr. Dharamadev Gadhiya, Dr. Shamil D Diyora

Abstract: Aim: To estimate the value of mentolabial angle in local Gujarati adults with acceptable facial profile. Materials & Methods: A cross sectional study was carried out to estimate the value of mentolabial angle on standardized digital photographs of Gujarati population (25 males and 25 females) between the age 18-25 years having well-balanced, acceptable and symmetrical face as judged by a group of three senior Orthodontists working in K.M. Shah Dental College and Hospital, SV, Piparia, Waghodia, Vadodara. Assessment of mentolabial angle was done using Dolphin imaging software 10.5.

      Dr.K.Ravichandrudu, M.Manasa, Mr.P.Yohan Babu, G.V.P.Anjaneyulu

Abstract: Micro-grid system is currently a conceptual solution to fulfill the commitment of reliable power delivery for future power systems. Renewable power sources such as wind and hydro offer the best potential for emission free power for future micro-grid systems. This paper presents a micro-grid system based on wind and hydro power sources and addresses issues related to operation, control, and stability of the system. The micro-grid system investigated in this paper represents a case study in Newfoundland, Canada. It consists of a small hydro generation unit and a wind farm that contains nine variable- speed, double-fed induction generator based wind turbines. Using Matlab/Simulink, the system is modeled and simulated to identify the technical issues involved in the operation of a micro-grid system based on renewable power generation units. The operational modes, technical challenges and a brief outline of conceptual approaches to addressing some of the technical issues are presented for further investigation.

      M. Adeel Mannan

Abstract: As the technology shifts from traditional to electronic, electronic to mobile the way of commerce is also changed. But apart from all of these technologies and advancement we look another emerging field of wireless communication during this research, called U-Commerce.

      Leila Javidparvar, Taghi Agha Hosseini, Rasoul Berjisian

Abstract: The objective of the present study is to investigate the relationship between emotional intelligence and leadership performance in primary schools managers of Isfahan. The population of this study is all managers and teachers of state-run and ordinary primary schools in sextuple districts of Isfahan among which 80 managers and 160 teachers were selected using stratified sampling proportional to the population size and according to variables of gender and the location of the service area. The research method is applied in terms of objective and it is a filed study in terms of method of data collection, also it is correlation in terms of methodology.

      Prof. Sunil S. Shinde, Mr. Pravinkumar V. Hadgekar

Abstract: Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) is a useful tool in solving and analyzing problems that involve fluid flows, while shell and tube heat exchanger is the most common type of heat exchanger and widely use in oil refinery and other large chemical processes because it suite for high pressure application. The numerical simulation of Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger with center tube called Helixchanger with center tube with different baffle inclination is to be done. The processes in solving the simulation consist of modeling and meshing the basic geometry of Helixchanger using the CFD package ICEM CFD. Then, the boundary condition will be set before been simulate in Fluent based on the research papers experimental data. Finally results has been examined in CFD-POST. Parameter that had been used was the same parameter of experimental at constant mass flow rate of hot water and varies with mass flow rate at 50,60,70 & 80 LPM of cold water. Thus, this report presents the simulation of heat transfer & pressure drop in Helixchanger model with different baffle inclination as 20, 25, 30 & 40 degree, which gives insight of all parameters affect on Helixchanger design & it also suggests the optimized helix angle which gives better heat transfer with minimum pressure drop.

      Priyank Sanghavi, Kreena Mehta, Shikha Soni

Abstract: Network security has become more important to personal computer users, organizations, and the military. With the advent of the internet, security became a major concern and the history of security allows a better understanding of the emergence of security technology. The internet structure itself allows for many security threats to occur. If the architecture of the internet is modified, it can reduce the possible attacks that can be sent across the network. Knowing the attack methods allows us to emerge with appropriate security. Many businesses secure themselves from the internet by means of firewalls and encryption mechanisms. The businesses create an “intranet” to remain connected to the internet but secured from possible threats. The entire field of network security is vast and in an evolutionary stage. In order to understand the research being performed today, background knowledge of the internet, its vulnerabilities, attack methods through the internet, and security technology is important and therefore they are reviewed.

      P.R. Arora

Abstract: In this modern age, reliable and affordable electricity is requirement of every human being. 19% of population of the world is without access to electricity. Developed countries are managing to provide reliable and affordable electricity to all, while maintaining energy security. Developing countries are unable to supply the electricity to all, therefore, consuming kerosene for lighting and diesel for agricultural, telecom towers, commercial and miscellaneous activities. In India 300 millions peoples are without access to the electricity, one third of rural population and 6% of urban population (1). Government of India is providing subsidy on kerosene for lighting and diesel for agricultural and other purposes. The Government of India has a vision to electrify 100% villages and households that are not in remote under Rajeev Gandhi Grameen Vidyutikaran Yojana. Such remote villages and households are to be electrified by off- grid solar PV under the guidelines of Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission.

      Shruti N. Pardeshi, Chitra Patil, Snehal Dhumale

Abstract: Grid Computing has become another buzzword after Web 2.0. However, there are dozens of different definitions for Grid Computing and there seems to be no consensus on what a Grid is. This paper describes about Grid Computing. In various ways we are trying to explain grid computing along with its architecture and the standards available for grid computing. Then at last we have discussed about the benefits of grid computing.

      Dr.S.Muthukumar M.D.S., Mrs.M.Diviya M.sc.,M.Phil,(P.hd)

Abstract: Background: chronic periodontitis is an inflammatory disease of the periodontium caused by microbial infection. The BANA test is a simple chairside test which allows the clinician to quantify the amount of anaerobic periodontal infection. PISA quantifies the inflammatory burden posed by periodontitis to cause systemic inflammatory response. By comparing the BANA test values with PISA, the validity of PISA as a tool to quantify the amount of inflamed periodontal tissues can be analysed.

      Puneet Kumar, Asso.Prof. K.P.Singh

Abstract: Now a days air conditioning system is the necessity part of human life. The different controllers used for controlling air conditioning system like on-off controllers or PID controllers. But these controllers cannot give the sufficient response and consume high power. This paper aims to control the air conditioning system such that the output temperature of air conditioning systems are getting as required by the operator with fast response and low consuming power. For this purpose neural network controllers are designed which is feedback to the air conditioning system. We designed such neural network control system that speculates its own control law. The advantage of using neural networks are this controller is self-learning system and give the faster and better response with comparison to another controllers and give the zero overshoot output.

      Gunarathna D.M.M.P, Dushani S. N.

Abstract: Working capital is one of the most significant credit needs in the fisheries sector. Fisher-folks mostly use informal credit sources to fulfill their credit needs. Nevertheless, there is an urgent need and desire of the government to make reasonably priced credit available at local level for all fisher-folk communities. Therefore, prime objectives of this paper was to examine the types of credit sources available for fisher-folk in Tangalle while identifying the barriers for formal credit sources and to suggest mitigation measures to overcome the barriers. A questionnaire survey was conducted for fisher-folk in Tangalle. A convince sample of fifty members was selected. Data were analyzed using SPSS 13.0.

      Hamza Selmi, Walid Selmi, Souhail Hermassi

Abstract: This study focuses on the phenomenon of sportivisation in Physical Education School through the state of anxiety and mood perceptions of 200 students of third year male and female secondary states. The sportivisty of Physical Education is characterized by an emotional grip which can be translated by an inability to manage the state of anxiety generated by a purely sports situation which leads to the emergence of negative mood in the student. The students studying three educational institutions, it was possible to show that because of the sporty character of the meeting of Physical Education, the concept of state anxiety is associated with the notion of state mood as assessed by questionnaires (STAI) identifying the state anxiety score and (PANAS) identifying scores of positive and negative affects in sport. The results of our research showed a perfect positive correlation between state anxiety and negative affect. No correlation was observed between state anxiety and positive affect. The comparison based on gender showed no significant difference. This study, however, shows that the sportivisation of Physical Education is a source of high anxiety and negative moods in the student. The phenomenon sportivisation was not studied by us, from a scientific point of view in physical education, and advanced following the completion of this research provide suggestions to better understand the future.

      Dr. Sapna Marcus, Dr. Shiraz Bhatty, Dr. Rajesh Paul, Ms. Amandeep Kaur

Abstract: Tamoxifen in treatment of breast cancer is replaced by aromatase inhibitors (AIs) which blocks and prevent estrogens by inhibiting aromatase enzyme. Treatments in breast cancer, such as oophorectomy, gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) agonists, chemotherapy and AIs, all decrease endogenous estrogens and cause significant decrease in bone mineral density (BMD) leading to bone loss and increase the risk of fractures. There is evidence to suggest that various musculoskeletal issues (pains) may be associated with low circulating estrogen levels. The most important and efficient step in preventing AI induced fracture risk is to assess for other clinical risk factors for osteoporosis before initiating AIs. The most robust non-BMD risk factors are age and prevalent fracture. The various steps in prevention of AIs induced fracture are. 1. Healthy and active lifestyle. 2. Regular Vitamin D and Calcium supplements. 3. Vigilant Monitoring of affected areas.

      Muhammad Babale Girei, Yakubu Aminu Dodo, Ahmed Yahaya Abdul, Aisha Haladu Bornoma & Abubakar Sarkile Kawuwa

Abstract: Landscaping can improve the micro climate of the immediate surroundings of a building; by modifying the microclimate around a building making the building sustainable. Yola has a very hot climate which makes it necessary to have mechanical cooling systems in the buildings but due to power shortage and the need to conserve energy, it becomes necessary to have proper landscaping, since the hotter weather occupies the major part of the year. This research is trying to find out whether there is prevalence of proper landscaping to enhance passive cooling in Yola especially within Modibbo Adama University of Technology (MAUTECH) Yola. Literatures were reviewed to analyze and determine existing conditions of buildings while physical observation of surroundings and the climatic data was also gotten from meteorological stations taken into consideration with data recorded over a period of time. A large number of buildings and their immediate surroundings were designed without the provision of landscaping. Landscaping is major aspect of passive cooling technique in which if Architects and Designers apply to buildings whether they are new or retrofitted buildings, would enhance and maintain the comfortable internal conditions as well as the immediate environment.

      A.Jaganraj M.E, A.Yogaraj M.Tech, N.Vignesh M.E, Dr.R.V.Anuroop Ph.D

Abstract: In MANET (Mobile Ad hoc Networks) is highly vulnerable to attacks in this Routing attacks are most important because they will cause devastating damage to MANET. In order to deal with the routing attacks in the existing system we are using the binary or naive-fuzzy theory of cost sensitive intrusion response system in MANET. But this model cause unexpected network partition and additional damage, It took the subjective knowledge and objective evidence but omitted the logical reasoning part. So in proposed system we are using the risk aware response mechanism based on the quantitative risk estimation and tolerance.

      Agboje Ifeoma. Anestina, Komolafe Joseph. Oluwaseun, Alao Taiwo. Kafayat, Okoruwa Victor.Olusegun

Abstract: Prices of grains in Nigeria are usually outrageous at certain periods over the years followed by rapid reversals. This study identifies the factors influencing the (rise and fall) deviation of maize prices from its market fundamental values and tested for the presence of bubbles in eight maize markets in the South-West, Nigeria. Ordinary Least Square and Residual Augmented Dickey Fuller were used to examine the influencing factors and test for the presence of bubbles respectively. Results indicate that Consumer Price Indexes and crude oil price were the major factors influencing maize market prices in the zone, while maize market price bubbles were detected in Lagos Markets, Ogun, Osun and Oyo States Urban Markets.

      S. Bhattacharya, Anupma Agarwal

Abstract: For over a considerable length of time, scientists have shown keen interest in studying the atmospheric dynamics. Especially when it comes to the investigation of the atmospheric electric field, the changes associated with it help the researcher fundamentally in characterizing other important parameters in the atmospheric studies additionally. These changes in the atmospheric and its response under fair weather or turbulent phases of climate become a promising source of investigation and may prove to be vital in early warning systems provided they are studied on the longer run on consistent basis.

      Pachundkar N. N, Borad P. K and Patil P. A

Abstract: An investigation on evaluation of various synthetic insecticides against sucking insect pests of cluster bean was carried out at Anand Agricultural University, Anand during summer 2010. Among the tested nine synthetic insecticide, the higher effectiveness was observed with the application of clothianidin 50 WDG (0.025%) and thiamethoxam 25 WG (0.0125%) against jassid and whitefly, and with imidacloprid 70 WG (0.015%) against jassids and spiromesifen 240 SC (0.0192%) against whitefly. Fipronil 5 SC (0.005%), acephate 75 SP (0.075%) and carbosulfan 25 EC (0.025%) effectively managed thrips on cluster bean.

      Moinuddin Sarker, Mohammad Mamunor Rashid

Abstract: Vehicle used tyre and low density polyethylene mixture to fuel production process was performing into laboratory batch process. Catalyst was use as a ferric oxide and percentage was 3%. For experiment purposed waste mixture was 75 g, motor vehicle tyre was 25 g and low density polyethylene was 50 g by weight. Temperature range was 270 - 440 ºC and reactor was use Pyrex glass reactor.

      Virginia R. Mercado-Garcia, Gaudencio M. Alaya-ay, Jr

Abstract: This descriptive study was conducted in Iligan City, northern coast of Mindanao, occupying the Southern portion of the Philippine archipelago. This is a survey of 462 respondents coming from the cross-section of the communities during the Calendar Year 2012 to assess if the City Public Library was able to level the library services as based on its collections. Moreover, personal interviews were conducted, daily statistics on library users was utilized, and survey questionnaire on awareness, patronage, gauge of services against needs, other information sources information needs, and library resources were done in data gathering. Findings revealed that of the 313,291 total population (as of 2012 census) which is the target users of the city public library, only 8,397 or 2.68% actually made use of its library services. Out of this, an overwhelming majority or 88.46% are students, followed by the children with 4.74% and the professionals with 3.87% patronage. There has been no patronage from the handicaps and inmates and very least from the out-of-school-youth, non professionals, and senior citizens. Factors affecting these wide gaps between the legitimate and the actual users include: awareness in ICPL’s existence and the mandate of Republic Act 7743, geographical accessibility, policies of ICPL, library services, and the presence of other information centers within the city. These findings imply that the Iligan City Public Library must plan massive reach-out programs in order to bring the library resources closer to all sectors of its intended users which are the whole of the Iligan City community.

      Dr. Sudeepa Sharma

Abstract: When we talk about economic growth or development, the easiest way is deemed to be taken into consideration. Story for the development of the newly borne hilly state of Uttarakhand was no exception. Since its inception, the state resources, natural for specific reasons, have been immensely utilized rather over utilized in the names of revenue generation, employment, development, growth and many such related terms. The present case tries to highlight the facts about the future problems which are bound to be there if and only if the localities, government bodies and other related bodies are concentrating only on tourism related activities for the above mentioned purposes. Alternate means, such as agribusiness horticultural exercises to be more precise, are already available in the area and can easily prove to be an excellent source of revenue generation for the hilly regions of the state if proper planning is carried out.


Abstract: The paper deals with the factors which influence employee engagement. This paper is based on the reviews of the previous old paper. The paper is based on the secondary data .The source of the information has been taken from the previous articles, journals, text books on the employee engagement. The descriptive method is used to explain the factor of employee engagement. The paper focuses only the factors like feedback, Rewards, Reorganization, and Leadership etc. which influence the Employee Engagement.

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