International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications

IJSRP, Volume 3, Issue 8, August 2013 Edition [ISSN 2250-3153]

Multiple Power Supplied Fertilizer Sprayer
      Varikuti Vasantha Rao, Sharanakumar Mathapati, Dr. Basavaraj Amarapur
Abstract: In this paper, the design and implementation of multiple power supplied fertilizer sprayer has been presented. The proposed system is the modified model of the two stroke petrol engine powered sprayer which minimizes the difficulties of the existing power sprayer such as operating cost, changing of fuel etc. The two stroke petrol engine has been replaced by a direct current motor and operated by the electrical energy stored in the battery attached to the unit. The battery can be charged by solar panel during the presence of sun. It could also be operated on direct current during rainy and cloudy weather conditions. This system can be used for spraying pesticides, fungicides, fertilizers and paints. The proposed system has been tested and compared with theoretical values of current and charging time. From the results it is found that the time taken to charge the full battery of capacity 12V, 7Ah has required 16.67 hours. The fully charged battery could be used to spray 575 liters pesticides. Which is approximately covers 5-6 acres of land. It is also found that, if we charge the battery for a day, then it covers approximately 200 liters of pesticides which in turn covers 2 to 2.5 acres of land. The developed systems initial cost is little more as compared to conventional sprayer but the running cost of the system is all most zero in other words minimum.

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