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IJSRP, Volume 3, Issue 8, August 2013 Edition [ISSN 2250-3153]

Condition Monitoring of Gear Box by Using Motor Current Signature Analysis
      Barshikar Raghavendra Rajendra, Santosh.V. Bhaskar
Abstract: Even though there is a number of condition monitoring and analysis techniques, researchers are in search of a simple and easy way to monitor vibration of a gearbox, which is an important power transmission component in any machinery. In gearboxes, load fluctuations on the gearbox and gear defects are two major sources of vibration. Further, at times, measurement of vibration in the gearbox is not easy because of the inaccessibility in mounting the vibration transducers. Techniques such as wear and debris analysis, vibration monitoring and acoustic emissions require accessibility to the gearbox either to collect samples or to mount the transducers on or near the gearbox. But dusty environment, background noise, structural vibration etc. may hamper the quality and efficiency of these techniques. Hence, there is a need to monitor the gearbox away from its actual location, which can be achieved through Motor current signature analysis (MCSA). An efficient and new but non intrusive method to detect the fluctuation in gear load may be the motor current signature analysis (MCSA). Motor current signature analysis (MCSA) has been the most recent addition as a non-intrusive and easy to measure condition monitoring technique. This analysis system can be used for measuring the characteristics for a perfectly working gearbox and use the data as a standard for measuring faults and defects in other gearboxes.

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