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      Aakash Gupta, Sanjay Jayaram

Abstract: A problem existing since 55 years causes Wankel rotary engine to seize before it achieves operational loading conditions. Leading engine manufacturers like Ford, Curtiss Wright, and Bentley have studied this problem and have cited series of patents, but the cause of the problem remains unknown. Existing research literature shows one of the primary indications are the chatter marks, popularly known as ‘the devil’s nail marks’, causing engine failure. The present study focuses on the root cause analysis of the chattering phenomenon occurring at the contact sliding interface between trochoid substrate and apex seal. An analogy drawn from Shobert’s carbon-brush vibration and chatter analysis concludes coefficient of friction, being the driving cause of chatter initiation, is directly proportional to the angle between the contact elements.

      Dimas Prajagopta, Richard Hutapea, Kristina Nadeak

Abstract: Introduction: Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are still a main health problem all over the world, both in developed and developing countries. Individual who are at high risk of having free sex who is at risk of getting STI is in street children.

      Wandia Dennis Kanuri, Arthur Onyuka, Rose Tanui

Abstract: The non-conventional sources of raw materials, i.e. exotic skins are skins obtained from animals such as crocodiles, alligators, snakes and rabbits. Rabbit farming in Kenya has emerged as a good source of supply of raw materials to the exotic leather industry. However, there lacks detailed knowledge on the structural and physical properties of rabbit leather and specifically from different tannages.

      G.G. Kaushik, Poonam Yadav

Abstract: The aim of study was to measure serum level of visfatin in impaired glucose tolerance subjects and compare with healthy control subjects. In this study 120 IGT and 120 healthy subjects (age and gender matched) were enrolled. BMI, Glucose, HbA1c, Insulin and Visfatin were assessed. Serum visfatin levels were higher in impaired glucose tolerance subjects compared with healthy controls (4.95±1.81 ng/ml vs 2.91± 1.12 ng/ml, respectively, P<0.0001). Increased levels of visfatin can assess diabetes at an early stage.

      Ei Phyu Soe, Dr.Myint Myint Soe, Htet Htet Yi

Abstract: This paper presents a simple design and implementation of an elevator controller based on Very High-Speed Integrated Circuits Description Language (VHDL). The controller is implemented in a FPGA using Altera Quartus II software package verision 9.0 (Web Edition). The Altera Quartus II software package is an integrated development environment (IDE) supplied by Altera for the creation of HDL applications. This controller can be implemented for an elevator with the required number of floors by simply changing a control variable in the VHDL code. In the proposed design a VHDL code is developed to control the lift moment based on the request it will get. The design is based on the synchronous input which should be operating with a fixed sort of frequency. Finally the RTL(register transfer level) is verified and implemented in Precision Synthesis Tool. In this paper, the five-floor controller will be modelled with VHDL code using QII software.

      Toe Toe Hlaing

Abstract: The sinusoidal pulse width modulation (SPWM) principle is widely used to control the power switches used in DC to AC inverters. In a three phase PWM inverter, three sinusoidal reference waves (each 120º out of phase) are compared with a triangular carrier wave. PWM are used in motor control and inverter application in order to control the operating state of the power switches. In this paper, three phase sine wave generation is presented in detail. It can be used as a component of PWM in 3 phase DC to AC inverters. Simulation is carried out by using PROTEUS (software).

      Narayan Guchhait

Abstract: Sentences are the important part of human expression. There are different types of sentences like simple, compound, complex and compound-complex sentence. The last is comparatively more important than the first three sentences due to the making of long sentence by joining simply. The process of simplified joining sentences (compound-complex form) in Grammar are shown as the traditional way.

      Ndu Roseline, Nwuju Kingdom, Bunonyo Wilcox K.

Abstract: Interpolation is a method of constructing new data point within the range of a discrete set of known data points. Different methods have been developed to construct useful interpolation formulae, for evenly as well as unevenly spaced data points. This paper is aimed at developing a central difference interpolation formula which is derived from Gauss’s Backward Formula and another formula in which we retreated the subscript in Gauss’s Forward Formula by two units and replacing u by u+2.

      M R RENUKA

Abstract: The protein level of blood, liver and muscle in Anabas testudineus exposed to sublethal and median lethal concentrations of pesticide, dimethoate showed gradual decrease, which was statistically significant. The acid phosphatase activity in the blood, liver and muscle of Anabas testudineus was found to increase on exposure to sublethal and median lethal concentrations of dimethoate. The changes were concentration and duration dependent. Rise in the activities of acid phosphatase along with a reduction in protein content in the different tissues suggests enhanced protein catabolism to meet energy demands.

      Khamrokulova Zebiniso Hamrokulovna, Saparov Kalandar Abdullaevich, Akramova Firuza Dzhaloliddinovna

Abstract: For the first time we registered 21 species of helminthes belonging to the classes - cestodes, trematodes, and nematodes - that are parasites of the house mice (Mus musculus, Linnaeus, 1758) (18 species) and the gray rat (Rattus norvegicus, Berkenhaut, 1769) (11 species) in the territory of Northeastern of Uzbekistan. The total infection of synanthropic rodents was 46.2%. The intensity of invasion by helminthes ranged from 1 to 32 individuals.

      D.T.D. Alahakoon

Abstract: Child sexual abuse is a particularly menacing type of trauma. It can lead victims to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Child sexual abuse is prevailing significantly worldwide. Child sexual abuse can be identified under different types and settings. Signs and symptoms of child sexual abuse can be divided in to four groups as physical, behavioural, emotional and sexual. PTSD, dissociative disorder, anxiety disorders, drug and alcohol addiction, conduct disorders and high-risk sexual behaviours can be identified as chronic effects of child sexual abuse. Cognitive behavioural therapy, Child-centred therapy, Trauma-focused cognitive behavioural therapy, imagery rehearsal therapy and eye movement desensitisation are effective interventions in treating child sexual abuse.

      Safoora Shoukat , M.Iqbal Khan, Ali Waqas

Abstract: Introduction: Servant leadership is not only a tool for management but it’s an inner feeling of a person to serve others in best way. At the same time the association between servant leadership and organizational citizenship behavior has been recognized, the single-level channels underlying this connection and its limited conditions exist poorly understood. In this study, we inquire the mediating mechanisms of servant leadership and organizational citizenship behaviour in explaining the procedure by which servant leaders elicit discretionary Organizational citizenship behavior among followers. We also examine the role of followers’ proactive personality in moderating the indirect consequence of servant leadership and Organizational citizenship behaviour.

      Surajwaran Mangaleswaran, Azlina Abdul Aziz

Abstract: One of the most influential theoretical developments in language teaching and learning especially among ESL students is the idea of communicative competence as it is believed to help in redefining the target of second language (L2) instruction in the classroom. Although most teachers recognise the importance of CLT, many of them do not have much confidence in practicing it effectively in the classroom.

      Burhanuddin Panjaitan

Abstract: The electronic-government or e-government is viewed as a process with great potential for improving public service delivery to individual citizens. Thus, purpose of this study is to recognize the ability of HR and find out what aspects of technical capability are needed by the e-Government Administrators of Communication and Information Agency of West Nias Regency, North Sumatra Province. Thus, the subject of this study are e-gov administrators of Communication and Information Agency of West Nias Regency. This study employed the descriptive methods with total sampling determination. The result of study revealed that the concept of e-Gov has not been fully implemented in West Nias Regency. The main reason is due to the lack of support of the local government, especially the shorten of financial support that impact on the e-gov administrators performance.

      Vainavi Sivarajah, Sinthuvaragi Yogarajah

Abstract: Tourism is a growing sector in the world Nowadays, GIS is widely recognized as a valuable decision support system that enables the Determination of suitable locations for tourism based on a group of criteria. Thus, this study was undertaken with the main objective is to identify the tourist potential in the Jaffna peninsula

      Thin Thin Swe

Abstract: Classification is one of the major tasks in data mining and has also been studied extensively in statistics, machine learning, expert systems, and different application areas on different domains over decades. Decision tree is one of the popular and practical classification approaches in data mining. It is also widely used in several research areas. Tree growing methods used to construct the decision tree may vary the performance of this classifier. Tree based classification algorithms are separated based on their attribute selection measure method. Therefore, this paper presents the comparative analysis of different tree based algorithms such as CART, ID3, J48, Random Tree and PART. Macro average accuracy, precision, recall, and F-measure are used for performance comparisons of these algorithms by using WEKA tool.

      Asma Ahmed Mohmed,Mawahib Ahmed Elsiddig,Nayla E Haroun

Abstract: Seed borne fungi present on or inside the seed or as contaminant with the seed debris adversely affect seed viability, germination, emergence, plant growth vigour and eventually production and productivity. In the present study, seed borne fungi of 4 imported cereal seeds (Maize and Wheat) were examined and recovered from the seeds. The seeds were highly contaminated with Four fungal species (Aspergillus, Penicillum, Alternaia and Rhizopus) were detected in (Maize and Wheat) In maize Aspergillus recorded the highest fungi percent in Filter paper (28.67%) and Agar method (28.33%) Followed by Penicillium, Alternaria and Rhizopus (26.67,17.33 and5.33) respectively. The genus Aspergillus and Penicillum were the most prevalent genera followed by Alternaria and Rhizopus.

      Noor Bahiah, S, Marina, M. T, Hani Nabilia, M. S, Mohd Zafri, H

Abstract: Tropical heath forest occurs widely in many places of Borneo. Similajau National Park is one of the locations with heath forest. Because of insufficient data on the anurans of heath forest in Similajau National Park, a survey was carried out in the beginning of August 2014 until January 2015. The objectives of the study were to compare the anuran species diversity between two different study plots and to determine anuran species microhabitat preferences.

      Donjeta Zejnullahu Pllana

Abstract: Analysing of consumer behaviour and models of this field is increasingly gaining high significance. This is due to the fact that the consumer behaviour changes continuously, and its study brings new perspectives, which are extremely important for the world of marketing. The purpose of this study is to analyse the impact of advertising on the consumer behaviour through analysing its impact on the main contemporary models of consumer behaviour. In order to meet the objective of this study, main constructs of each individual model have been elaborated in details and the potential impact of advertising on each of these constructs. In conclusion, advertising influences the consumer behaviour, and this has been argued through illustration of impact that advertising has on the contemporary models of consumer behaviour.

      Daniar Meiliana Rahayu, Maria Veronika Roesminingsih, Harmanto, Waspodo Tjipto Subroto

Abstract: Based on observations made by researchers in the fifth grade of elementary school, there is a lack of students activity in the learning process and the lack of teachers innovation in selecting and applying learning media. These create a less optimal learning process and student learning outcomes that has not achieved the Minimum Achievement Criteria. One of the skills that must be mastered by students is critical thinking.

      Tin Tin Nwet , Kyi Kyi Khaing , San Nyein Khaing

Abstract: Many bridge systems have been presented but there are still some limitations in terms of the high cost. 0ne function and difficulty of use that is not satisfactorily reliable and cannot be developed. There are two portions in this system. They are toll gates control system and auto bridge plates system. Arduino Uno is also used to control the stepper motor to lift bridges plates and servo motors are used to control tollgates. Therefore, the aim of this research project was to design and develop a prototype for an auto bridge system. It has a user-friendly interface, scalable and reliable by using an integrated system of hardware and software. The hardware such as Arduino Uno, servo motors, stepper motors, variable registers and wires are utilized to develop the prototype of an auto bridge system.

      Khujanazarov Uktam Eshtemirovic, Yu-Mi Lee, Researcher Sadinov Jasur Samandarovich

Abstract: The changes in plant ecology in the Kashkadarya basin area in Uzbekistan have been investigated since 2012. According to the result of the investigation, the number of livestock and pasture are increasing as the population increases, as well as soil erosion, greenhouse effect and desertification. More eco-friendly and sustainable education should be implemented for conservation of ecosystem in this area.

      John K. Osoro, Dr. Noor Ismail Shale

Abstract: This study was to establish the influence of Supply chain management on performance of textile firms in Nairobi City County. All the four variables had a strong effect on the influence of supply chain management in the performance of textile firms in Kenya and this study recommends a further study on other textile firms from other counties in Kenya. So as to validate the existing findings, with this new finding, hence arrive at a general consensus.

      Elizabeth Mueke Kiilu, Simon Karanja, Gideon Kikuvi, Peter Wanzala

Abstract: Early Infant Diagnosis (EID) is the practice of testing babies for the HIV virus within the first 4–6 weeks of life or at the earliest opportunity thereafter. In order to correctly inform caregivers the HIV status of their infants, and link HIV-infected infants to care and treatment, a cascade of events must successfully occur. This cascade of events involves early detection, and retention into care and treatment protocols.

      Hisham Ahmed Al ebeid, Saber Saleh Zagrat

Abstract: The objective of this paper is to highlight the reality of Libyan exports and imports and their contribution to GDP growth for the period (2000-2012) by studying the foreign trade coefficient, the average export tendency, the average import tendency, In terms of whether it is in the interest of the national economy or not.

      Soumyendu Banerjee, Evan Chowdhury, Chaitali Sikder, Debrup Sarkar, Rishab Sarbadhikary

Abstract: In this work, an Arduino Uno based real time home security system using self-generated password protection scheme has been proposed. The main function of this security system is to detect the presence of human being and make the user alert about it whenever it is necessary, by sending text message to users mobile phone-number, registered previously. In the primary stage, presence of any human being will be sensed by a Pyroelectric (PIR) motion sensor and after that, the person will have to enter the right password through a keypad.

      Sulaiman, Sulaiman Abba, Mohammed Rilwan

Abstract: The stratigraphy and sedimentary structures of the area around Gidan Marafa and environs of Late Maastrichtian to Paleocene in SW Iullemmeden Basin Nigeria. Detailed field work was carried out on a scale of 1:25,000 and two groups were encountered. However, three Formations was studied as follows starting from younger to older; (2) Rima Group; only Wurno Formation was found at the top of this group and are made up of friable, yellow-golden brown fine to medium grained sandstones which intercalates with carboniferous mudstones.

      Ashwini Barla

Abstract: Jharkhand has today emerged as a major source area for intra-country trafficking in India. Most of the trafficking in Jharkhand is of tribals for domestic labour to metropolitan cities where there is a demand for such work. In cities like Delhi, a number of illegal placement agencies have proliferated. These agencies take advantage of legal loopholes to traffic mostly innocent girls in the name of providing employment but instead are put into extreme condition of forced labour. 12-14 hours of work every day is a routine practice for these girls. Many of those rescued also report physical and sexual abuse. Several cases of sexual slavery have also been reported from the victims rescued in Delhi. Some of the victims were trafficked to Haryana and Punjab for the purpose of bonded labour and forced marriage.

      Khin Saw Oo, Yee Yee Than

Abstract: Rice has one of the biggest consumption levels all across the world. Parboiled rice is a type of rice, which has been partially cooked during the milling process and then packaged for sale for use in homes and restaurants. During parboiling starch granules of rice are gelatinized. In this project work, paddy crude and parboiled rice samples were collected from Golden Rice Mill in Pathein Township, Ayeyarwady Region.

      Yee Yee Than, Khin Saw Oo

Abstract: This work concerns with the preparation, characterization and application of vegetable stalks alginate biosorbent beads (Bagasse-calcium alginate and Jatropha curcas calcium alginate) which were prepared by the association of bagasse waste powder or Jatropha curcas powder and calcium alginate via sodium alginate. Calcium alginate beads are formed when sodium alginate salt is added dropwise to a fixing solution of calcium chloride.

      Mr. Saleen Joseph

Abstract: India has experienced a rapid growth in many provinces from past one decade. One of the greatest growths is in the field of women empowerment. Women in India are coming forward in every field such as education, defence, technology, politics, entrepreneurship, etc. Women areentering into the workforce for career satisfaction and also for the need of the family income. But in todays world, a very big challenge faced by married women employees is, how to manage a stressful job along with the family responsibilities.

      Hazel R. Balan, Banessa Lyka Mae S. Delfin, Darlene Rae T. Timbal, Ramil Ragas

Abstract: Water quality is the basis to determine as to how a certain body of water can be use and if it is sufficient for supporting species and ecosystem processes. Assessing water quality can be done through studying macrobenthic biodiversity- including the biodiversity of freshwater snails, and through sediment analysis. Freshwater snails are sediment-dwellers since they are benthic macroinvertebrates.

      Nameirakpam Bino Devi, Th. Rabikanta Singh

Abstract: Self-esteem is a major determinant of behaviour and it refers to the evaluation which a person makes. Self-esteem reflects a persons overall subjective emotional evaluation of his/her own worth. It is a judgement of oneself as well as an attitude towards self. The idea of self starts growing from the period of infancy and keeps on growing till and through adolescence and maturity. Adolescence being the critical period of development highlights a strong relationship between self-esteem and feeling of disablement which interactively produce significant effects on the personal and social adjustment and academic achievement for blind adolescents.

      Carolyne C. Bundotich, Dr Felicity W. Githinji, Prof John K. Changach

Abstract: Alcohol abuse is one of the social issues in todays society. Parents and social institutions like schools have the responsibility of socializing the young people but they have also fallen victims of alcohol abuse. The need to carry out this research arose from the fact that alcohol consumption, especially illicit alcohol, had affected the society as a whole, the family included. The study was carried out in Keiyo North, Elgeyo-Marakwet County.

      Simon GARANG KUCH & Jean Pierre BAVUMIRAGIRA

Abstract: Crude oil contamination of the environment associated with exploration and production operations, is a common feature in oil producing nations around the world, especially in a developing country including South Sudan. Apart from this, the country has been suffered from civil war for long period of time which severely affected the oil production areas and oil facilities such as pipelines ware out hence causing oil linkages and spill, therefore it has resulted to significant contamination of the total environment (air,soil,water,biota) and negatively impacted human health.

      Dr. Krishna Kumar Varshney

Abstract: The situation of multiple missing teeth always needs careful dealing and meticulous treatment planning. Successful treatment can be brought about with a combination of contemporary and conventional treatment planning. Implant-assisted prosthodontics has become a contemporary choice for the replacement of the natural teeth, but conventional methods of fabrication of the removable partial denture continues to be an essential prosthetic consideration in many oral reconstructions. In this case report the patients esthetic and functional requirements were fulfilled with a cast partial denture.

      Jeremiah Bvirindi

Abstract: This study sought to assess the effectiveness of community based management of boreholes in urban areas using Budiriro high density suburb in Harare, Zimbabwe as a case study. The general objective was to find out the communitys willingness to take ownership and capability to control or at least strongly influence the development of its water system.

      Dewi Urip Wahyuni

Abstract: The purpose of the study was to analyze the effects of personality and emotional intelligence on the performance of private senior high school teachers in East Surabaya through motivation and job satisfaction. Results showed that personality had no effect on motivation, emotional intelligence had an effect on motivation, personality had no effect on job satisfaction, emotional intelligence had an effect on job satisfaction, personality had no effect on teacher performance, emotional intelligence had no effect on teacher performance and job satisfaction had an effect on teacher performance.

      Cosmas Chikwawawa

Abstract: The study sought to assess the satisfaction of pensioners with the National Social Security Authoritys (NSSA) service in Harare. The study adopted the quantitative research design. Data were collected by means of a questionnaire from a sample of 169 randomly selected participants. Out of these 162 participants fully completed and returned the questionnaire, representing a response rate of 96%.

      Urvashi Sinha

Abstract: The leaf extracts of Commelina benghalensis L were subjected to phytochemical and antimicrobial analysis. Chloroform extract showed the best results. Presence of tannin, favonoid, phenol, carbohydrate and volatile oil were observed in the chloroform extract which showed the maximum activity against the pathogenic bacterial strains Escherechia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella typhi and fungal strain Candida albicans with 7mm, 1mm, 3mm and 4mm of inhibition zone respectively compared to hexane and methanolic extract which showed the least activity.

      N. Lavanya

Abstract: Indian English Literature from the last two decades has gained immense recognition all over the world.Writers started to rediscover the literary heritage with fascinating richness and variety of folklore culture and literature.Women have empowered themselves to free their hands from men. To establish their identity many Indian women writers have been flourishing since independence. Even diasporic women writers have made their contribution to the rise of women empowerment through their writings.Bharathi Mukherjee is one of the pioneer writers who came to give her point of view about the influence of western culture in her novels. Though she is an immigrant her novels are incorporated with cultural dichotomy and women empowerment.

      Numer P, Devika P

Abstract: Banking is the fastest growing economy in India. A major consequence faced by banks nowadays is Non – Performing Assets. A high level of NPA in banks will increase the credit values and affects the profit of banks. Thus, the banks will lose their investment for the long turn. The main objective of the study is to highlight the NPA trend growth of each banks and the Correlation Analysis of Net Profit and Net NPAs of each bank. The study is descriptive in nature and secondary data are collected and analyzed using Trend Ratio, Current Ratio, Assets on Equity Ratio and Pearson Correlation Co-efficient Analysis to examining NPAs, Net Profit and Assets quality of banks.

      Dr.P. Bhaskara Rao

Abstract: This work elaborates study of Vijayanagara historiography and its importance from the beginning of human society, the man had to try to live a better life. The human life has transformed through various stages i.e. hunting-gathering to the globalization of the world in the present day. The economy, trade, and commerce had a crucial role to change the structure and thoughts of human society. In the part of developments, man has started barter system in the ancient period to control over the trade and commerce as well as monetary system continuing till today in terms of rupee coins and currency which were issuing by Government of India.

      Dr.P. Bhaskara Rao

Abstract: This work elaborates study of VijayaNagara coins and its cultural importance. Coins played a vital role in Indian history through the ages. From the beginning of the human society man had trying to live a better life. The human life has transformed through various stages i.e. hunting gathering to globalization of the world in present day. The economy, trade and commerce had a crucial role to change the structure and thoughts of human society. In the part of developments man was started barter system in ancient period to control over the trade and commerce as well as monetary system continuing till today in terms of rupee coins and currency which were issuing by Government of India.

      Dr.T.Pearson, S.Pranitha, K.Sheshank, M.Srujan Goud, L.ManiNithin

Abstract: The Aqua smart boat which has inbuilt automatic fishing technique is designed by using DTMF technology, as it is a wireless, it can be easily mobilized and also controlled. Remote control fishing is a fishing technique accomplished by using a remote control boat. This project utilizes two DC Motors which are connected to the propellers of the aqua smart boat which are used to move the boat in several directions. Advantages of a brushed DC motor include low initial cost, high reliability, and simple control of motor speed.

      Michael Raj.S,Anna Rose David,Zeba Jihan

Abstract: Green accounting is another accounting field whose principle work is to adjust the advancement on both economy and condition through viable esteem the executives and joining accounting and natural economy. Attributable to the absence of relative guideline and the nonappearance of administrative supervisory, there are a few obstacles blocking its training. So as to tackle those issues, generally entrenched laws, legislative mediation and preparing youthful bookkeepers are required in this procedure.

      Kanchan Yadav

Abstract: The purpose of written review paper on anti-fungal nail lacquer which is used in treatment of Onychomycosis skin fungal disorder was focus on the disease causes and treatment by nail lacquer, onychomycosis causes by the pathogens include dermatophytes, candida, and non-dermatophytes. Improvement clinical efficacy and also proper the patients compliance. Nail Lacquer preparation by simple mixing non-volatile, gloss, smoothness to flow, drug diffusion studies drug content estimation, Nail lacquer is used on fingernails, toenails of the human beings.

      Akanksha Srivastava

Abstract: The purpose of written on review on the Floating drug delivery system use in treatment of depression is the main object on floating drug delivery system mechanism, needs and application and the main focus on used in treatment in depression mental state, floating drug delivery system is extreme valuable process and capability to prolong and control the gastric emptying time which domicile in the stomach for long time and floating system is more significance in enhancement of bioavailability and minimize the drug wastages, depression is most serious mental state today many people is know that depression not disease but it is serious mental disease which is cause anxiety etc.

      Afdal Makkuraga Putra, Epung Saepudin

Abstract: The Tobacco Products Industry with the main products of cigarettes currently faces severe challenges. Marked the incessant campaign with health arguments delivered by various groups. Ranging from Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to governments driven by the Ministry of Health. Aside from the health side, the industry is also pushed by government policies that continue to raise cigarette excise. From an economic point of view, the tobacco products industry contributes significantly to state revenues in the form of excise which reaches more than IDR 159 trillion a year. Even though, for anti-tobacco groups, the economic contribution is not comparable to the adverse effects that produced by the tobacco products industry.

      Omondi Aguok Yudah & Geoffrey Maweu

Abstract: Information ethics is at its infancy in Africa. Enormous contribution to information ethics has been done by academicians from the western world and another fair share from the Far East countries. Africa is considered the cradle of humanity and therefore rich in social and ethical diversity. It is thus apparent that in this information and knowledge edge era, Africans should now shift the paradigm to information ethics.

      Akuonga Paul Papa, Dr.Ken Oluoch, Prof.Peter Ndege.

Abstract: A political party is a key component of the democratization process. Political parties can equally be abused by the political system, members and environmental structures within which the party is situated. This study investigates the understanding of the political party, so as to correctly review multipartism, democracy and electioneering in Kenya. It purposes was to locate the function of political parties in democratic governance, examine the problems encountered by political parties in the process of building and sustaining competitive political systems and look back at the conditions that have led to a resurgence of multiparty democracy.

      Akuonga Paul Papa, Prof.Peter Ndege, Dr.Ken Oluoch

Abstract: Democracy and multiparty politics are unique bedfellows. One cannot do without the other. While multipartism can have variations, including being replaced with single party politics, democracy can still survive. How the system is structured ultimately defines and builds democracy is what counts. Nonetheless, the understanding of multipartism – democracy relationship is best analyzed by studying the democratization process as multipartism is roped in. This study focuses on the link between multipartism and democracy in elections. This study was limited to the electioneering process, probing therefore the institutions that are and still are involved in elections in Kenya. The area of concern to the researcher was based on the foundation that multipartism is hinged on progressive development to any country.

      Mr. Keshav Anand, Mr. Uday Anand, Mr. Shivraj Anand, Mr. Sandeep Datta, Dr. Mona Joshi, Nidhi Kumari and Mr. Durgesh Kumar Chaudhary

Abstract: The aim of the present study is to depict the benefits of the bio-stimulants available in the market. The present study explores the benefit of the product EliQzer clinically proven by Parijat Industries for its extensive benefits which is found acting as a best stress buster for the crop. The composition of this crop buster EliQzer consists of naturally occurring compounds which aids the cell division and elongation which in turn results in increased Leaf Index area & Chlorophyll level. It increases the flower production and qualitative and quantitative yield along with enhanced shelf life.

      Rezky Eko Prasetyo, Jan Hoesada

Abstract: The problem of stress often occurs in auditors who work in Public Accountant Firm, especially during a peak season. Several previous studies showed that the role stress has a negative impact on job outcome. To overcome this, this research tries to provide a solution and test whether through a healthy lifestyle mechanism (healthy lifestyle, vitality and psychological well-being) is able to minimize the negative impact of role stress (role ambiguity, role conflict, role overload and job burnout) to job outcome (job satisfaction, performance, turnover intentions, and organizational commitment).

      Enjang Pera Irawan

Abstract: One of the negative impacts of massive development is that it can affect the physical condition and the deteriorating quality of the environment. This then has implications for an increasingly narrow and densely populated housing environment. The implications of the low green open space certainly result in lower quality of health. This condition also inspired the District Military Command (Kodim) of 0503 West Jakarta to organize a green environmental movement through the hydroponic method. For this reason, the aim of this study is to analyze the impact of the green environmental movement campaign program through hydroponic methods for the community.

      Dr. Attahir Shehu Mainiyo, Ahmad Bello Gidadawa

Abstract: High moral standard is said to be a core pillar which ensures prosperity of individuals and the society generally. Man therefore, is born with a moral sense which clearly enables him to differentiate between right and wrong, good and bad. That is why it is not out of place to say a society, shrouded in immoral acts is certain to breed wayward and unscrupulous elements. In order to actually submit to the good morality, one must speak the truth, keep promises, respect family ties, and help the poor, less privileged and weak ones. This possibly has not been unconnected with the fact that the Muslims took their guidance from the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W .).

      Jayson S. Digamon, Reymarvelos M. Oros, Zerg D. Encenzo, Blessed Joana O. Takling, Rynia Mariastelle I. Apugan, John Dave Lingatong, Jericho O. Pon

Abstract: In Freudian psychoanalysis, Oedipus complex refers to the attachment, usually to the extent of sexual desire, of a son to his mother. It typically occurs during the sons age of three to five years old and is said to be a precursor of future romantic attachment styles. If left unresolved, the Oedipus complex will lead to social interaction defects. With the above premise, this research determined the role of Oedipus complex on the perceived romantic security of male students.

      Hewa Kirindage Neranja Sandamini

Abstract: Hepatocellular Carcinoma is the most common liver malignancy in the world and accounts for the most number of cancer related deaths worldwide. Larger incidences of HCC cases are reported from developing countries and much lesser in developed countries. According to many studies men are at more risk of getting HCC than females. Hepatitis B virus remains as the most important risk factor while Hepatitis C virus, alcoholism, diabetes mellitus and obesity play a major role in HCC. Cirrhosis remains as an additional important risk factor specially in the United States.

      Areeba Rahman, Bakhtawar, Nageen Saleem, Fahad Ahmad, Muhammad Rizwan

Abstract: Wireless sensor network is made up to detection stations. Wireless sensor networks give flexibility of communication in real world. From multiple nodes data is forwarded and connected with different networks via gateway. It improves the work performance in the field of industry and daily life. Charging duration of wireless rechargeable sensor networks (WRSN) is nothing less than a challenge. If we overcome this problem, these WRSNs would be acceptable at high rate worldwide. The problem that often comes while charging the wireless networks is the prior knowledge of the whole network and the power levels of each node. We are proposing a scalable solution where we don’t need any prior knowledge of the network. We are using fuzzy inference system where we don’t need to explore the full network as this is time consuming. An unmanned device will be used for this purpose that transfer the power wirelessly to the nodes and extends the wireless network’s life. Fuzzy inference system is simple and flexible. Moreover, it covers wide range of operating situations.

      Ali k.Hasan and Hadeel H.Abed

Abstract: In this study, the energy levels and the probability of electric transition B(E2) of the 20Ne nucleus were calculated using the OXBASH code within the sd shell and the use of the effective interaction KUOSD. OXBASH is a computing code to perform a nuclear installation calculation based on a shell mode, Energy levels and the probability of electric transition is acceptable agreement with available experimental data.

      Adhitityokoendholo AW, Dr. Novita Sulistyowati, SKom., MM

Abstract: Based on the results of planning analysis conducted, based on the 4 main aspects of SWOT namely Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats, then obtained that are identified by priority category. Planning to allocate resources from those found, can be controlled by the suggested controls of the SWOT method based on the process undertaken by the researcher, in the hope of developing an effective and efficient business. Planning has weaknesses and advantages of information technology, especially infrastructure can be anticipated processes that can be planned advantage. risks that arise in companies with high workloads related to information technology infrastructure and complex problems, but lack of personnel so How the results of identification of effective and efficient infrastructure planning can support the business and economy of a company using the SWOT method (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) and how well an efficient and effective strategy in building a technology in a company helps businesses grow. The goal is to produce an overview of priorities and the risk of the use of information technology, to produce a strategy and implement the strategic planning of the use of information technology.

      Hazel Mae L and Dr. Emybel M. Alegre

Abstract: The study was to determine the level of impact of spiral progression approach in mathematics to the academic performance of the grade 10 students in Ampayon National High School. Three specific questions were raised to determine: (1) extent of students’ participation in the spiral progression approach in Mathematics in terms of discussion, peer collaboration, and problem-solving activities? ;(2) what is the level of student’s academic performance in mathematics from grade 7 to 10?; and (3) is there a significant correlation between the extent of student participation in spiral progression approach in mathematics and the academic performance of the students?

      Sadiq A.A, Sulaiman, U. Bello Hadi Mohammed

Abstract: Yola South LGA is one of the probable flood prone areas in Adamawa state which seriously cause damages to the inhabitants seasonally. Therefore, this study saddled to assess the substantive causes, effects and mitigation strategies of flood scenario in Yola South LGA, Adamawa state. The study adopted quantitative survey techniques where 385 inhabitants were selected as the respondents from eight different flood prone areas. Well-structured and defined questionnaires were randomly administered to the sample respondents and data obtained were analyzed using descriptive statistics.

      Sadiq, A. A, Sadiqa Bappa and Surayya Abubakar

Abstract: Soil degradation remains a major serious threat agenda receiving a global attention on the pragmatic causes and its effects on food availability for the growing population. Yola South LGA, of Adamawa State is among the soil degraded region most especially in the tropics as a result of different causative agents. Therefore, this study aimed to assess the substantive causes of soil degradation on farmlands in Yola South LGA, of Adamawa State. Parameters related to soil degradation such as anthropogenic, cultural, edaphic and climatic factors were surveyed and assessed.


Abstract: Poor nutritional status of women has been a serious problem in Ethiopia for many years. This study aims at identifying and investigating determinants of women nutritional status in Ethiopia. The analysis is based on Body Mass Index (BMI) of 11,955 women aged between 15 and 49 years that are obtained from the 2016 Ethiopian Demographic and Health Survey. A multilevel logistic regression analysis is employed to estimate the parameters and captures the hierarchical nature of the dataset. The result indicates that women’s nutritional status differs across regions, and that nutritional status of women varies from 20 percent to 45 percent. Demographic, socio-economic and infrastructure variables significantly determine nutritional status of women. Strengthening primary health care, educating women and creating employment opportunities are found to be crucial way forwards.

      Adriel Jan D. Bruno and Roldan C. Echem

Abstract: The study aimed to determine the increase in length and number of fronds of Euchema spp. after cultivation using vertical hanging rope culture method. Five (5) fronds of Eucheuma spp. were inserted in an individual mesh bags tied 12 inches away from each other in a rope. A total of 25 sets of ropes were used in this study. The physico-chemical parameters (temperature, salinity and pH) of water in Sinunuc Bay, Zamboanga City, Western Mindanao, Philippines were analyzed. The increase in length and number of fronds were recorded daily for 45 days. Results showed that the 3 physico-chemical parameters were in the highly suitable ranged for seaweed farming. The mesh bags tied and exposed near the water surface produce higher longer fronds. This study will provide alternative methods in cultivating highly valued Euchema spp. to further increase the production and provide alternative livelihood and income to local fisherfolks.

      Parveen Surain, Neeraj K Aggarwal

Abstract: Background: In present study, we aim to assess the anticandidal activity of crude extracts and screening of bioactive compounds and their identification by NMR, IR and GC-MS.

      Ohiwerei, Franklin Ohiole, Mrs. Janet Onimawo, Mrs. Mary E. Ohiwerei

Abstract: This paper examines the effect of corruption on academic performance of business education, public administration and English language students respectively in Nigerian universities. It discusses the meaning of corruption in Nigeria universities, contributors to corruption in Nigeria university system. In addition, the paper sort to find out whether corruption is actually the problem in Nigeria university system, the effect of corruption in business education, public administration and English language in Nigeria universities; types of corruption in Nigeria universities were examined. The paper however, examined whether there are lecturers who discourage corruption and ways in which corruption can be eradicated in Nigeria universities. Finally, it discusses the corruption in universities globally, eradication of corruption in Nigerian universities, is corruption applicable to Nigerian universities alone? A historical survey was used to analyze and evaluate the perception of various authors with a view to informing and educating researchers, business educators, public administrators, English language lecturers as well as scholars the current issues relating to state of corruption in Nigeria universities and globally. Conclusion and recommendations were accordingly made.

      Andi Wakiah, Achmar Mallawa, Faisal Amir

Abstract: Tempe Lake is one of the lakes that had considerable fisheries resources, one of which was snakehead fish. These fish was a fishery resource that has high economic value and was beneficial to human health because it was rich in albumin. This study aims to determine the sex ratio and the length-weight relationship of snakehead and carried out six months from September 2018 - February 2019.

      Abdullhamed Ahmed

Abstract: The Economic Reform Program (ERP) is a new phenomenon in the last two decades that has affected countries such as Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, as well as most developing countries. All of them are trying to implement the same program in order to achieve stabilization of their economy. Many of these countries did so because they had to earn enough foreign exchange to protect their currencies. Indeed, many of these countries have begun to transform their economies from socialist, state-owned, to market-oriented economies. The beginning of ERP was the Law 8 for the year 1988 on a number of economic activities, and the Law 9 for the year 1992. However, these laws were not sufficient to motivate the private sector. They only caused a small growth in the services and crafts sectors. More important sectors, as oil sector, stay on hold.

      H.K.G.K.D.K. Hapuhinna, R.D. Gunaratne, H.M.J.C. Pitawala

Abstract: Study carried to find out chemical and structural suitability of newly synthesized Eppawala Hydroxyapatite composite as bone cement, by comparing and contrasting it with human bone as well as commercially available bone cement, which is currently used in orthopedic surgeries. Therefore, a mixture of commercially available bone cement and its liquid monomer, commercially available Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) and a mixture of Solid State synthesized Eppawala Hydroxyapatite powder with commercially available MMA were prepared as the direct substitution for bone cement. Then physical and chemical properties including composition, crystallinity, presence of functional groups, thermal stability, surface morphology, and microstructural features were examined compared to human bone. Results show there is a close similarity between synthesized product and human bone while credenting high thermal stability, good crystalline, and porous properties than the commercial product. Finally, study concluded newly synthesized composite can be applied directly as a substitution for commercial bone cement.

      Baring, Charlito C., Alegre, Emybel M. PhD

Abstract: The study focused on the difficulties encountered in solving quadratic equation of the grade 9 students in Taligaman National High School. This study aimed to determine the difficulties encountered in solving quadratic equation of the grade 9 students. This study used descriptive research procedure which tested the hypothesis or answer question concerning the current status. In gathering the data needed, a survey questionnaire was used to 121 respondents randomly selected from grade 9 students in Taligaman National High School. The researcher used the random sampling design. On the analysis of data some statistical measures were used.

      Abdel-Aziz A. F, El-Hussiny M.A.B, Bakr N.M, Mehrez.H.A

Abstract: Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the third most common cancer type in humans, the fourth most common cause of death annually. Survivin (known as SVV and BIRC5) is the smallest member of the inhibitor of apoptosis protein (IAP) family and it correlates with not only inhibition of apoptosis and a decreased rate of cell death, but also resistance to chemotherapy and tumor aggressiveness.The main goal of this study was to evaluate gene expression of survivin by RT-PCR as well as estimate the level of Oncostatin-M and antioxidants in the peripheral blood of patients with colorectal carcinoma and its relation to metastasis. Results: Our study shows high expression of survivin (p <0.001) and Oncostatin-M (p <0.001) in patients with colorectal cancer more than healthy persons. The present study revealed that CEA concentration was increased in colorectal carcinoma patients group compared to control group, p value was 0.010. Additionally, this study shows high elevation of antioxidants as catalase (p <0.001) , malondialdehyde (p <0.001) in patients group than control group. This proves that early detection of survivin and Oncostatin-M has important role in early screening of colorectal cancer.

      NurFatin Nadiera, Hamidah Yamat

Abstract: This paper presents and discusses a study on effective techniques employed by teachers in teaching early reading through phonics approach. The study aimed to describe the implementation of these techniques to determine teachers’ perception on the techniques that impacted their students’ reading comprehension. An explanatory sequential mixed method research design was employed and conducted in two phases.

      Dr. Ana Gupta, Dr. Nimra Iqbal, Dr. Rohit Kochhar, Dr. Manju Kumari

Abstract: Nonsurgical endodontic treatment is a definitive predictable treatment option in most cases, but endodontic surgery may be indicated for teeth with persistent peri apical pathosis unresponsive to non-surgical approaches. This paper reports the case of post surgical bone healing using laser biostimulation and hydroxyapatite bone graft using CBCT analysis. Pre operative CBCT evaluation was done for each case. Post treatment evaluation was done clinically, radiographically and by CBCT analysis.

      Md. Mozammal Haque, Md. Akram Ullah

Abstract: This study was conducted to update the biosocio-economic condition of fishing community around the Titas River of Kasba Upazila in Brahmanbaria district from July to December, 2016. This data were collected through PRA method, questionnaire survey and focus group discussion from randomly selected 45 different local fishermen communities of 3 villages. The results of the study revealed some interesting facts and showed that more than 47% of total catch was Siluriformes followed by Perciformes 20%.

      Shakhmurova Gulnara Abdullaevna

Abstract: This paper reveals the mechanism of the group as a means of enhancing students cognitive activity. Working with students in a circle, the teacher contributes to the activities of research work, improves the quality of training of qualified specialists.

      Dr. Pallawi Rai, Dr. Rohit Kochhar, Dr. Manju Kumari

Abstract: AIM: The aim of this study was to evaluate and compare the antimicrobial efficacy of three different probiotic strains and 5.25% Sodium hypochlorite against E.faecalis and C.albicans at 48 hour and 1 week.

      J.N. Mwero, V.O. Aduda

Abstract: The significant negative impact on the environment by the current conventional construction practices combined with Kenya’s commitment to reduce domestic greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2030 has necessitated the embracement of sustainable approaches such as green building. However, no matter how often new environmental rules and regulations are imposed or amended; the progress of green building will only succeed through end-user (home owners and tenants) demand and strong purchase appeal.

      Omeodu M. Doris

Abstract: The study investigated the “Availability and Utilization of E-Learning Technologies among Science Education Students in Tertiary Institutions in Rivers State’’. The study was specifically based on determining e-learning technologies available in the teaching and learning of science education in Rivers State universities, investigating how e-learning technologies are utilized in the teaching and learning of science education, identifying the challenges encountered in the utilization of e-learning technologies in the teaching and learning of science education in Rivers State

      M R Renuka

Abstract: As a consequence of agricultural, urban and industrial development, the chemical profiles of air, soils and water bodies are being altered. The alteration of the habitat may have deleterious effects on native flora and fauna. As we modify environment for our own needs, the destruction of the habitat of various species occurs that directly leads to the disappearance of many of them. The current global loss of biodiversity is a process generated by such anthrapogenic interventions. During the last few decades amphibian decline has emerged as a key example of the global biodiversity crisis. Concern is so great for the phenomenon of amphibian declines, that the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) has set up the Declining Amphibian Population Task Force (DAPTF) to investigate the matter in the year 1991.

      Ramya C, Vaishali J, and Nelavalli Divya, T.Joel

Abstract: The development of advancements in nowadays is extremely high. It is continually expanding in each segment. We have seen a ton of mishaps happening in our everyday life. Among these mishaps, the one where we are unfit to give a prompt emergency treatment is mishaps caused in the ocean. Among these marine mishaps, the general population who experience scuba plunging are encountering mishaps which devours more opportunity to give emergency treatment. So we propose a framework for giving a caution at whatever point the body parameters are unusual additionally a live simplex correspondence is performed between the jumper to the individual over the ocean.

      Mohamed MM, Ondigi SR, Kiio MN

Abstract: There has been a concern about the quality of secondary schools teachers being prepared and produced by University and Teachers Training Colleges especially in pedagogy and use of instructional resources which is naturally and technically a pedagogical issue. The study was guided by Shulmans concept of pedagogical content knowledge. A total sample of the study was ten (10) secondary schools, ten (10) Heads of department, fifty (50) Geography teachers and five hundred (500) Geography students. Schools, Geography teachers and Heads/Chairs of departments were purposively selected while form three (3) and form four (4) classes were selected by simple random method.

      Dr. Soni Sharma, Dr. Rohit Kochhar MDS, Dr. Manju Kumari MDS

Abstract: Aim: The aim of this study was to compare a computer controlled local anesthetic delivery (CCLAD) system with a conventional syringe in terms of the pain of needle insertion and injection during infiltration.

      Othman Ali Abokhdeer, Ali Abdalla Erkhais

Abstract: The total quality management is the part of the business in modern age. Everyone use it and in e-services, it has more importance because most of the services are virtual i.e. performed using the tools of information technology. When want to talk about quality, one must provide that the product of service, which we are making or offering to the consumer or users, should be fit for the purpose, free from errors and mistakes, fit for the use and meets the need of the customer. In addition to the above, the quality in e-business is crucial as it involves the three important dimensions: quality management, quality control and quality assurance. The implementation of Total Quality Management (TQM) in e-services environment includes the empowerment of team, systematic problem solving, data derivers’ decision, statistical process and selection and use of appropriate problem solving tools and techniques.

      Md. Shameem Ahmed, Suzon Ahmed, Biplob Kumar Biswas, Md. Abdullah Al Mamun

Abstract: Preterm low birth weight (LBW) babies are unable to control their body temperature and are at greater risk of illness. Conventional neonatal care of LBW babies is expensive and needs both trained personnel and permanent logistic support like the incubator, warmer etc. Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) is a special way of caring for low birth weight babies has three main components- (a) thermal care through continuous skin to skin contact (b) support for exclusive breastfeeding (c) early recognition and response to complication.

      Ajibodu F. A, Ojo B. A

Abstract: Home lighting is required to provide illumination when the environment is dark. Incandescent bulb has been a common device used to provide illumination, but needs to be powered by an alternating current (AC). This paper compares the benefit of using direct current (DC) devices to provide illumination than AC devices and hence reduces the cost of home lightning. A model was developed based on basic home lighting need in a developing community in Nigeria Ilaro. The study shows that using DC devices like LED light will reduce the cost, lower power requirement and also present a greater life span for the lightning devices and this can also by extension be used to reduce cost of lightning in urban settings.

      Akanksha Srivastava, Dr. Jai Narayan Mishra, Mr. D.K Vishwakarma

Abstract: The main object in this research study is development, formulation and evaluation of Venlafaxine hydrochloride anti-depressant gastro retentive tablets that is release 24 h time of period in control manner.

      Kanchan Yadav, Dr. Jai Narayan Mishra, Mr. D.K Vishwakarma

Abstract: In this research paper the main aim is formulation and development of Anti-fungal nail lacquer which is used in treatment of onychomycosis Anti-fungal nail lacquer which is used in treatment of Onychomycosis skin fungal disorder was focus on the disease causes and treatment by nail lacquer, onychomycosis causes by the pathogens include dermatophytes, candida, and non-dermatophytes. Improvement clinical efficacy and also proper the patients compliance. Nail Lacquer preparation by simple mixing non-volatile, gloss, smoothness to flow, drug diffusion studies drug content estimation, Nail lacquer is used on fingernails, toenails of the human beings. Which is protect the nail but, nail plate but most of significant in maximize the beauty, gloss, impart colour. Nail lacquer is mostly applicable for those drug which have poor bioavailability in oral formulation this techniques is used in maximize the topical bioavailability of drug across the nail.

      Obasi, Kenneth K

Abstract: The study acknowledged the strategic role of tertiary education in the development of high level manpower that are critical to the economy, but are grossly impeded by financial constraints. The study therefore investigated the application of positive discrimination to the invisible loan funding option in the planning of tertiary education in Imo State, Nigeria. It adopted the descriptive survey design, with all the state owned three tertiary institutions as the population.

      Obasi, Kenneth K

Abstract: The study investigated school-home collaboration as a synergistic planning strategy for primary education management in Rivers State, Nigeria. It adopted the descriptive survey design, with a population of 941 primary schools and a sample of 30 schools. The instruments for the study were questionnaire and structured interview. Teachers and parents/guardians of the sampled schools responded to the instruments.

      Deska Lafairi Rera, Eddy Suprayitno

Abstract: Gelatin is a polymer of amino acids that are found in collagen on skin tissue and animal bones. The skin of lencam (lethrinus lenjan) is one of gelatin source. Gelatin can be obtained from collagen by acid treatment (type A) or with base treatment (type B). Gelatin from fish skin generally obtained by acid treatment, because the collagen tissue of fish skin is softer than tissue on bones. Gelatin from lencam skin is extracted by phosphoric acid in concentrate 1%, 2%, and 3%. For the higher gel strength 14,04 N, viscosity 6,8% and the higher amino acids is Glycine 24,48%. Overall, there are 15 amino acids profile that contain in fish skin gelatin. Amino acids composition determined by UPLC (Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography).

      Dr.Dijla Abd Almutalb Khan

Abstract: Increasing rate of caesarean section in all over the world made us perform study on trial of labour in patient with one previous caesarean section in Alzahra Hospital , the center of gynecology obstetric in Najaf , We take number of patients in labour room start labour spontaneously with previous one of caesarean section, lower segment transvers, including case was selected for elective caesarean section but suddenly start labour number of them delivers by emergency caesarean section we compare this percentage with other study the result was acceptable we encourage trial of labour after one caesarean section as a safe mode of delivery that decrease rate of caesarean section and its complications we recommend farther in this evaluate field.

      Winda Firdayanti and Eddy Suprayitno

Abstract: Gelatin is widely used in the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries. The demand for gelatin increases every year, gelatin derived from pigs and cows is the main source of gelatin in the market. Gelatin that is sourced from other animals such as from poultry and fish is only about 1%. Gelatin from fish becomes a better prospect to develop. Gelatin raw materials can be obtained from the skin, bones, and fish fins.

      Firdous Ahmad Bahar

Abstract: The aim of this research paper is to present before us the quagmire of a women. The feminine gender have been constrained under the ramparts of conventional, traditional stereotypes of men. Men who all the while brandishes the hammer of..., like the mighty and robust God Thor, the redound-er of all their miseries. Is entirely being looked down upon in every dimension of life, a subservient and as a mere paltry thing, trash indeed.

      Ujjwal Tiwari, Hao Tang, Anh Tu Dang

Abstract: Ultra-Compact combustion presents an innovative solution to address the demand for increasingly compact, efficient, and low weight aircraft gas turbine engine propulsion systems. An Ultra-Compact Combustor (UCC) operates by diverting a portion of the compressor exit flow into a cavity about the engine outer diameter. Injection into the cavity can be done at an angle to induce bulk circumferential swirl.

      Naw Thiri Wai Khin, Nyo Nyo Yee, Aung Aung Hein

Abstract: Web query classification is emphasized by various search engines nowadays due to the increase in the size of the web as millions of web pages are added to it every day. Web query classification is to classify a user query Qi into a list of n categories ci1, ci2, cin. Search result pages can be grouped according to the categories predicted by query classification method.

      Dr. Lipalesa Mathe and Josphine Hapazari

Abstract: For university lecturers, professional identities are constructed within discipline-based cultures and the profession itself. With the view that professional identity is acquired through investigating a combination of self-efficacy, job satisfaction, motivation and occupational commitment, this study set out to describe job experiences which influenced the development of professional identity among university lecturers in Lesotho.

      Khawar Jalil

Abstract: Maintenance cost is the expenses incurred for either or both of proactive and reactive maintenance. There is a moderate and statistically significant correlation between maintenance cost and production. Fuel cost is the expenses incurred as diesel and lubricants’ consumption. When production is regressed on maintenance cost, the regression model is statistically significant and maintenance cost has a statistically significant and moderate influence on production.

      Omkar Tralsawala, Sahil Mathur, Aaftab Khanna, Anshuman Jha, Zainulabuddin S Mohommad

Abstract: As smartphones are getting smarter by the day, pervasive applications are rapidly becoming feasible. People access online resources all the time, this new versatility makes it possible for applications to target the persons surroundings. Augmented Reality (AR) presents a particularly powerful interface to the context-aware computing environments.


Abstract: Many of us still think of the world vis-à-vis parts: different countries and peoples. However, the different parts of the world are now intermeshed across spatial and temporal trajectories into a synchronic order; a whole which has many commonalities and connections that cut across political borders, national identities and cultural differences. Little wonder the world is now called a “global village” because of the interconnectedness of economic, technological, religious, communications and transportation, military and political activities among people of the distinct states and societies on earth.

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