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      Zeljka Vukovic, Dusan Regodic

Abstract: All types of Freon, including those that do not contain chlorine and are not considered Ozone-depleting substances, have negative effects to the environment because they contribute to global warming. As a result of the harmful effects Freon has upon the environment, numerous research studies of existing refrigeration systems have been carried out. Some of those studies were related to the quantity of Freon that leaks out into the atmosphere, while others were related to what causes Freon to leak. The results of a research on quantity of Freon emissions from refrigerating systems in Serbia are shown in this paper. These findings are important since they represent the starting point when defining measures aimed at reducing Freon emissions and leakage from refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

      Oluwakemi Oyebanji, Olalekan Soyelu, Adekunle Bamigbade, Raphael Okonji

Abstract: Adult male and female cockroaches, Periplaneta americana (L.) were assayed for the presence of digestive enzymes in the fore-, mid- and hindgut regions. Activities of α-amylase, β-amylase, γ-amylase, proteinase and lipase were detected in the three gut regions except for the absence of γ-amylase and lipase in female hindgut. The presence of these enzymes partly explains the polyphagous feeding habit of P. americana, enabling the insect species to digest a wide variety of food substances. In some instances, significant differences in enzyme activities were observed between sexes and among gut regions. Generally, enzyme activity was highest in the midgut followed by the fore- and hindgut in descending order. Despite this trend, a considerable level of proteinase and male lipase was observed in the hindgut suggesting that it might be necessary to give extra attention to hindgut activities in future studies.

      Adeyemi Kafayat and Asere Abraham

Abstract: Globally, around 2.6 billion people still rely on traditional biomass fuels for their cooking. This biomass burning produces green house gases and black carbon, which contributes to climate change. Uganda’s low level of income as shown by a low per capita income (approx. US$300) and its heavy dependence on rain-fed agriculture make it very vulnerable to climate change. Uganda like other countries in the least developed Countries (LDC) group, through its energy policies emphasizes the importance of access to sustainable energy and affordable energy efficient technologies in order to adapt to climate change. Although climate change and it effects have taken root in most part of the country, there is limited knowledge about climate change and its impact. Mitigation and adaptive measures taken by Uganda include but are not limited to creating a mix of renewable and low carbon technologies, implementation of reduce emission from deforestation and desertification (REDD) strategy and widespread implementation of energy efficient measures such as the dissemination of improved cook stoves to households.

      K.O.Adeyemi and A.A.Asere

Abstract: This paper reviews the energy sector of Uganda. As is typical of East Africa, it is characterized by excessive use of Biomass to provide over 90% of the energy needs. Uganda is one of the least developed countries in the region. Hydropower provides over 90% of the total electricity generated in the country while wind, solar and geothermal are under developed. Energy policies are geared towards the use of modern, clean and energy efficient technologies. This is stimulating public private partnerships, attracting multilateral and bilateral agencies to provide funding, grants and technical assistance in renewable energy projects. The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) of the United Nations avail project developers the opportunity to obtain carbon finance. Several challenges hindering the development in the energy sector and utilization of renewable energy resources have been identified. Strategies for achieving the United Nations Sustainable Energy for All Initiative have been presented.

      Thusyanthini Nadarasa, Ravivathani Thuraisingam

Abstract: The study was designed to investigate the effects of principals’ leadership styles on teachers’ job satisfaction. The design of the study was descriptive survey design. For the data collection, only the primary data collection technique was used by the researcher. Questionnaire was given to selected sample in order to get needed data.

      Bernard, Igoche

Abstract: This research work deals with the use of ontologies for knowledge management and the application of technology within an organization. Knowledge management has immense value to the organisation activities. It is well known that knowledge has an immense value in all kinds of businesses and people everyday life. The work presented in this dissertation aims to make a stronger connection between knowledge management and organizations. The approach taken is to use ontology based knowledge management. The study tries to propose technologies that support knowledge management activities within an organisation. In order to achieve thi, objective, the use of ontologies for knowledge management plays very important role in different ways.

      Sivakumaran Sivaramanan

Abstract: This study aim to find the colonizing ability of cellulose degrading fungi which were derived from terrestrial sources, in sea water with salinity of 34‰, which can be used in degradation of marine algal debris in order to use as fertilizer. Algal debris is rich in minerals but due to its salt content it takes relatively longer time to degrade by microbes. Here the fungus Cladosporium sp. depicted the highest activity of 64.01 FPU/ml. which was 20.74 FPU/ml in CBM medium on the same substrate; this shows their preference as well as tolerance to marine environment.

      Michael H. Indico, Luisa M. Lanciso, Ana L. Vargas

Abstract: This paper described a mobile monitoring and inquiry system using the fingerprint biometrics and Short Message Service (SMS) technology. It was specifically developed for the monitoring of preschoolers’ attendance during their schooling, which is beneficial to the working parents. The system adopted the Rational Unified Process (RUP), Visual C#.Net 2008 and MySQL Server 5.1 database and software development kit (SDK). The system was designed to automatically sends an alert SMS to the parents/guardians whenever the pupils logged-in/logged-out in the system.

      Mr.Sonjay Mondal, Dr.Jatisankar Bandayopadhyay, Dr.Debashish Chakravatry

Abstract: The impact of mining and mineral extraction activities can be significant on the surrounding land, water and air bodies, in any operational area. The environmental degradation ranges from localized surface and ground water contamination to the damaging effects of airborne pollutants on the regional ecosystem; which need the properly designed geospatial database. The monitoring of these environmental impacts requires a user-friendly and cost effective method to quantify the land cover changes over large time periods. Now-a-days, it has become compulsory to use the remote sensing techniques for regular monitoring of these environmental hazards in-and-around the mining areas. This paper provides a case study on the use of geospatial techniques for environmental monitoring in the mining areas.

      Jhimli Bhattacharjee

Abstract: The Dhulis in Barak valley are the depressed section of society who occupy a very degraded social status in the social ladder of caste hierarchy. They are known as duglas or dhulis, or Shabdakar or badyakar . The main occupation of the community is beating dhools or drums , a musical instrument made up of wood and skin. Most of the dhulis write surname das. The dhulis or duglas of the district consists of mainly two groups of populations, one being migrated from the then East Bengal and other from West Bengal mainly from its Birbhum district . The dhulis of Cachar is highly dominated by the migrants from west Bengal in terms of its number

      Swapnil M. Kamble

Abstract: Present paper is a micro level case study of Kolhapur city in Maharashtra. This study is based on secondary sources of data from different government reports, research articles from journals and books and internet sources. In this paper, an attempt has been made to understand the problem of water pollution of panchaganga river due to urbanization and industrialization and its impact on public health in Kolhapur city and measures to be taken to deal with this problem effectively. Researches have proved that, water pollution is one of the most leading causes of public health issues and mortality. Water pollution is the outcome of urbanization and overpopulation. Water pollution is caused due to over utilization of fertilizers by farmers, sewage from hotels, hospitals and homes and industries in the city. The polluted water of Panchganga has led to spread some dangerous infectious diseases like Diarrhea, jaundice, gastro and fever etc. in Kolhapur city. Therefore; there is a need of government intervention with the help of active peoples’ participation.

      Jayashri S Janiwarad

Abstract: Sensor network has quick installation, dynamic configuration features. Security of the data in the wireless sensor network has become a critical issue. As the applications are increasing, privacy preservation is an important issue in wireless sensor network. Depending on the nature of the installment of the network and the data that is exchanged between two nodes, steps taken to secure the data have to be decided. Security mechanisms like authentication and encryption play a vital role. The existing encryption algorithms cannot be applied directly to WSN. Care has to be taken to modify these algorithms to fit into WSN, as these modifications may lead to additional computations which consume additional energy and additional communication. This paper aims at implementing one such encryption algorithm which is easy to develop using common programming language like C and easy to port across different processors varying in processing speed, computations and operating word size.

      Dr. Manisha Bakliwal (Jain)

Abstract: In a country like India where most women present late in third trimester and may not keep menstrual record properly, a method was needed which can help to estimate gestational age in third trimester. So this study was done on 100 pregnant women ranging from 28 to 42 weeks of gestation, attending the OPD of SIMS,Hyderabad, A.P, India, during the period July 2009 to Sep 2010. Patients with high risk factors affecting the growth of baby were excluded from the study. These women were subjected to single exposure of ultrasonography estimation of gestational age using multiple foetal parameters like BPD, FL, HC.

      M.A.Gopalan, S. Vidhyalakshmi, E.Premalatha

Abstract: The biquadratic equation with 5 unknown given by is analyzed for its patterns of non – zero distinct integral solutions. A few interesting relations between the solutions and special polygonal numbers are exhibited.

      Aklilu Seifu Adesa, Sangeeta Rani, Negussie Bussa

Abstract: The main objective of this study was to investigate the relationship between physical fitness and academic achievement among Model School students of Haramaya University. For this purpose Grade six students’ physical fitness levels were compared to their academic achievement based on the idea that health related physical fitness had an impact on the ability to achieve academically. The pre and post tests on selected health related physical fitness parameters were administered for two groups (experimental group and control group). For academic achievement the first semester GPAs (grade point average) was taken as pre test and Second Semester GPAs was taken as post test for both groups. The GPAs of the groups was determined by calculating an average of all subjects. Data was collected from 20 students (10 boys and 10 girls) grade six sections A and B with aged 11-13 years old, during the 2012-2013 school year by using the health related Physical Fitness Tests and (GPA‘s). The training schedules were for twelve weeks for physical fitness exercises and it was arranged between the first semester final exam and Second Semester final- Exam.

      Sanjib Brahma, Hwiyang Narzary, Jayeeta Brahma

Abstract: Bodos are the major tribe inhabiting in BTC. The Bodos have rich cultural and social heritage. They have their own religion and language. Since Bodos are living around the forest and nature; they have some traditional believes and knowledge in plants and forests. Perhaps the availability and richness of forest and plants of the areas where they inhabit may be the important reasons how they get influence with plants and forests in their socio-cultural and religious life. The Scientific documentation of the plant specieswhich are used in socio-cultural and religious activities will definitely give encouragement to the community tribal people. The preservation of their indigenous knowledge with plant and forest may be important tools for conservation of these plant species. In this paper, a total of 48 plant species from 36 different families are documented.

      Aldo Enrico, Ritchie Aron, Weriyen Oktavia

Abstract: Nowadays, in big cities the consumptive behaviors among university students become common. However this fact indicates a negative impact for financial performance because students have not found their money yet. This journal is conducted with a purpose, to know what the factors that affect people consumptive behavior are. This research journal is conducted in Jakarta, Indonesia, and the respondents are students from several universities that are located in Jakarta. The method that we are using is a quantitative research by spreading questionnaires. The amount of samples that we took in this research is 270. From the research, the authors conclude that Product Usage and Purchasing Power, social status, prestige and satisfaction is related to people tendency to have consumptive behavior. Therefore, by knowing these factors, hopefully people will be able to suppress their consumptive behavior or help the people in our surroundings not to be consumptive.

      Mohammed Avais

Abstract: Financial sector has witnessed many changes over the last few decades. The economic development of a country is correlated with the financial sector. For the growth of financial sector the participation of every individual of a country is needed that is reflected in the motive of financial inclusion. Since in developing countries or LCDs large proportion of population is dependent on agriculture, but in most of rural areas of these countries financial intermediation has a poor performance and is unable to meet sustainable development. Financial inclusion at a broader level for poor is still a dream for most of the countries. Financial innovation therefore may be the only way to make financial facility available for poor at all levels of income. Some of these products are especially designed targeting the poor. New financial products for poor will be able to remove poverty in rural areas and can play a crucial role in socio-economic change in the rural society. This paper discusses literature review of financial innovation, its impact on rural areas and discusses how some of the innovative financial products helped in financial inclusion for poor people. Moreover it reflects use of technological advancement for innovative financial products that helped in financial inclusion and poverty alleviation. It also gives some suggestions for new financial products to bring more rural poor people in the ambit of financial inclusion for their financial needs. The data and facts used is secondary data from world bank and other agencies reports.

      Dr. Amit Tiwari, Dr. Jai Prakash Pandey, Dr. Kalpana Tripathi, Dr. Dhirendra Pandey, Dr. Brajesh Pandey and Nisha Shukla

Abstract: An ecofriendly alternative to chemical pesticides is biopesticides, which encompasses a broad array of microbial pesticides, biochemicals derived from micro-organisms and other natural sources, and processes involving the genetic incorporation of DNA into agricultural commodities that confer protection against pest damage.The field studies were carried out for effectiveness of insecticides and biopesticides against gundhi bug on rice in rewa region. Study of insect pest complex was done from 2006-07 to 2007- 08. The observations were made regarding the grain yield monocrotophos was the most efficient insecticide where as among biopescides wanis was the best.

      Sunil H, Karthik K.V, Pradeep H N, Mahesh Kumar Shetty

Abstract: Alternative adsorbents like Activated charcoal, modified activated charcoal, wheat bran, activated neem leaf powder and groundnut shell powder were used as adsorbents for effective removal of Cr (VI) ions and thus a comparative study between the adsorbents are presented. Waste water containing Cr (VI) ions was treated with all adsorbents for a calculated amount of time. Further, filtration was carried out and was analysed for Cr (VI) metal ions using Spectrophotometric method. By varying the concentration of the solution and studying its effects we have selected the best result obtained for percentage removal of Chromium for the different adsorbents. Other parameters like time of contact, amount of adsorbent used and pH were also varied and the required result i.e. percentage removal of Chromium is shown.

      P. Venkateshwari

Abstract: This paper introduces the real time implementation of a vehicle in the changing environment, changes in the environment is notified through video motion transmitter and receiver. The receiver takes snapshot of an image to detect threatening objects in the environment. Those images are trained and tested by using Associative memory. The runtime image has been trained, tested and quickly retrieved for fast decision making. This robot detects threatening objects in the environment with HAM network. After making decision the remote control access is done through Zigbee device to monitor and control the speed of a Roving robot in an accurate path. Supervised learning method has been applied to detect the object correctly. Delta learning rule is applied in HAM network to test and train the image.

      Tanuja Agarwal, Manjula K. Saxena, Chandrawat M.P.S.

Abstract: The main objective of the study is to explore easier and cost effective method to produce the cellulase enzyme by using sawdust as a substrate, which is an industrial waste. In the present investigation, different cultural conditions (Concentration of sawdust, pH, Temperature and Inoculum size) were examined to assess their effect for optimum cellulase production using Pseudomonas aeruginosa MTCC 4643. Pretreated sawdust produced highest cellulase activity (12.08 U/g)at 5% concentration. Optimum pH and temperature for cellulase production was observed 6.0 and 300C respectively.

      Nawal Kishore and S. Mukherjee

Abstract: In this work we prepare nanocrystalline mixed ferrites by equilibrated low entropy routes with generic formula of MnxNi1-xFe2O4. Two series of samples have been prepared where x varies as 0.0, 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4 and 0.5 the samples have been prepared by chemical co-precipitation route. For the first calculated amount of salts of Mn, Fe and Ni were dissolved in deionized water and stirred for a few minutes. 0.1 M NH4OH solution was then slowly added drop-wise under vigorous stirring. The alkali addition was continued till the pH of the solution was 10 and was left undisturbed for 1hour for complete digestion.


Abstract: This research aims at enlightens and emphasizing the most prevailing disease conditions and disorders which are most common in mahabubnagar locality ,were category A(augmented) type ADR are more followed by type C(continous).

      Dr. Amit Tiwari, Sanchita Singh, Suchita Singh

Abstract: Since ancient time plants have been used as source of therapeutic agents, plants play a significant role in the indigenous system of medicines to combat diseases. Plants are richest source of bioactive organic chemicals on earth. Phytochemical properties of leaf of Calotropis procera obtained from methanol and petroleum ether extracts were investigated .The results suggest that the Phytochemical properties of the leaf for using various ailments.

      Ali Faleh Salman, Qays Chyad Khalaf

Abstract: A large body of scientific evidence holds that a combination of carbohydrates and protein/essential amino acids is more efficient than carbohydrates alone when in optimal muscle strength and size gains through resistance training is the goal. However, there is much less consensus on what the optimal timing of administration is, with conflicting reports regarding consumption of supplements before, during, and after training. To try and answer some of these questions, a study was conducted using 23 volunteers performing resistance training for 8 weeks, and consuming either a combination of carbohydrates and protein or carbohydrates alone. Measurements of body composition, limb circumference and strength were performed both before and after. No significant differences could were be found observed in any of the measurements between the two groups after 8 weeks of training. While this was unexpected, a closer look at the data, as well as an evaluation of the training methods and nutrient supplementation used in the study in comparison with by other studies in the field, revealed that issues such as nutrient composition, dosage and the training process (directly supervised or not) training may have a strong influence on the results of a training study. Thus, in order to conclusively answer the question of which training and nutritional strategy produces were the best results, first of all, a more standardized training methods are is required.

      Aning A. A., Sackey N., Jakalia I. S., Sedoawu O., Tetteh E. H., Hinson G., Akorlie R. K., Appiah D., Quaye E. K.

Abstract: Continuous vertical electrical sounding (CVES) surveys were carried out on KNUST campus to ascertain the electrical properties of the formations in the area in order to determine its suitability for the construction of heavy structures. Eight 2D CVES profiles were conducted at the site in the study area with a wenner array using electrode separations of 1, 2.5 and 4 m. The apparent resistivity data were inverted using the least square inversion technique into subsurface electrical structures. The results on the profiles running N-S indicate a well defined boundary in the electrical resistivity structure between the wet granites at the base and the dry undifferentiated granites on top of it.

      FebiValentya, Ni WayanAyu Lestari, Timothy Gotama, Suresh Kumar

Abstract: Indonesia is one of the biggest exporters of perfume raw materials to the world. However the local industry of perfume cannot compete with international imported brand. This journal research is supposed to find out the role of packaging on consumer preference on perfume, and wasconducted in the area of Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang and Bekasi (Jabodetabek) by spreading the questionaire with the utilization of electronic mail and conventional way. From this research, relationship between independent variables (design, color and innovation, information specified and material used) towards dependent variable (consumer preference) was found and can be conclude that packaging has an important role to increase purchase decision of perfume, not for women only but also for men in young adult. Therefore, by paying more attention to perfume packaging, opportunity to increasesales of perfume that targeting young adult consumer will be higher.

      Felix Pratama Chianasta, Sandy Wijaya

Abstract: In today marketing, promotion has become one of the most important factors in doing business. Hereby, the aim of this research is to identify and find out how is the social media have impact on marketing promotion in Indonesia. This survey has been done with a descriptive analysis, with reliability test, classical analysis which includes normality test, heteroscedasticity test, as well as the multicollinearity test, with the data from 205 samples. With the result of this survey, the impact of marketing promotion through social media is not positive for Lenovo this far. The survey shows that Lenovo has not done an effective marketing promotion through social media in Indonesia, as we compare it to the studies before that shows great influence of social media to people buying decision from the other brand. Thus, Lenovo marketers have to do a better job in order to attract Indonesian attention to their brand and products in the social media.

      Danny Firmansyah

Abstract: Parents are the primary community for their children, and parents are the key education of their children. Poor management income is related to how parents teach their children on doing saving. They often confident about their saving whereas they do not focus on educating their children on managing income. This research is conducted to find the influence of family backgrounds toward students saving behavior, which in this research college student in Jabodetabek, Indonesia is chosen as the source of information. Using quantitative data analysis, 300 questionnaires are spread to Jabodetabek area to obtain information about their saving behavior. The discussion is the correlation of family background, including parents, toward their children saving behavior.

      B.Vardhana, Babu GKL, Vijetha KR

Abstract: A melogenesis Imperfecta is a developmental disturbance that interferes with normal enamel formation in the absence of a systemic disorder. In general, it affects all or nearly all of the teeth in both the primary and permanent dentitions1. A 16-year old patient with a history of brown-stained teeth reported to the Dental office. She complained of stained teeth ever since it erupted and parents noticed similarly stained teeth with her deciduous teeth as well. On clinical examination the teeth were found to have yellowish to brown stains (internal) that did not remove with gentle probing. She was found to have Amelogenesis Imperfecta Hypoplastic Type (Witkop’s classification)2 with pitting and flakes of enamel chipping off on probing. The enamel exposed the underlying whitish dentine in some areas and made it sensitive to the patient. In terms of investigation, there was no DNA analysis done to isolate the defective gene, due to non-feasibility and non-compliance of the patient with regards to drawing blood. The condition was analyzed purely of the basis of clinical analysis. Since she had no other systemic abnormality, any syndrome(s) was ruled out. Her dental age was corroborated to her chronological age and she had complete set of 28 permanent teeth erupted with a Class I occlusion and no orthodontic anomaly recorded.

      SRM Prasanna, Rituparna Devi, Deepjoy Das,Subhankar Ghosh, Krishna Naik

Abstract: The work describes the development of Online Assamese Stroke & Akshara Recognizer based on a set of language rules. In handwriting literature strokes are composed of two coordinate trace in between pen down and pen up labels. The Assamese aksharas are combination of a number of strokes, the maximum number of strokes taken to make a combination being eight. Based on these combinations eight language rule models have been made which are used to test if a set of strokes form a valid akshara. A Hidden Markov Model is used to train 181 different stroke patterns which generates a model used during stroke level testing. Akshara level testing is performed by integrating a GUI (provided by CDAC-Pune) with the Binaries of HTK toolkit classifier, HMM train model and the language rules using a dynamic linked library (dll). We have got a stroke level performance of 94.14% and akshara level performance of 84.2%.

      Dr.A.Chandrasekar, Mrs.SudhaRajesh, Mr.P.Rajesh

Abstract: Software quality is becoming an important part in software design, helping the designer to handle the complexity of large systems. While designing, the architect should analyze the system requirements before committing the resources to it. The analyzing process helps us to ensure the high quality of architecture design. For the past decade, there were many analyzing methods are used, which in turn to analyze only the views of single stakeholder. By doing so, there are many limitations that lead to critical situation in the development process. They elaborated this situation to excessive amount of time to perform the complete analysis. The scope of finding the key architectural decision is very difficult. Intend of these types of analysis gives the detailed information only after the designing phase, which makes the software unusable and not satisfied by the end-users. Generally, unusable software is useless.

      Dr. K. Raghavendra Reddy, Dr. Prafulla Thumati

Abstract: The goal of dentistry is for patients to keep all of their teeth throughout their lives in health and comfort. If the teeth are lost despite all efforts to save them, a restoration should be made in such a manner as to function efficiently and comfortably in harmony with the stomatognathic system and the temporomandibular joints. Tremendous progress has been made in procedures for rehabilitation over the past few decades. Swift increase in research work in the recent past leaves many options for clinicians, to be updated and to possess optimum knowledge to select the use of materials and techniques that are employed for rehabilitation in proximity to both health as well as comfort.

      Vijay Purbia, Himanshu Vyas, Maneesh Kumar Sharma, Devashri Rathore

Abstract: A One group pre-test post-test experimental study to assess the effectiveness of planned teaching program on knowledge of staff nurses regarding prevention of urinary tract infection among patients with indwelling catheter. The sample consisting of 90 staff nurses was selected by using simple random sampling. The tool comprised of structured self-administered questionnaire. The pretest was conducted and the planned teaching program was administered. The post test was conducted after one week. The data obtained were analyzed by using differential and inferential statistics.The mean score of post-test knowledge 21.53 (71.76%) was apparently higher than the mean score of pre-test knowledge 13.51 (45.03%), suggesting that the planned teaching programme was effective in increasing the knowledge of the staff nurses regarding prevention of urinary tract infection among patients with indwelling catheter. The mean difference 8.02 between pre-test and post-test knowledge score of the staff nurses was found to be significant.

      Paramjeet Cheema

Abstract: To prepare a database of germplasm diversity in the Indian sedges, cytological studies were initiated on population basis from Punjab plains and adjoining areas. About 2000 taxonomical species have been recorded for major genus Carex but the cytological picture is quite dismal at the world level with chromosome records for only 579 species and 14 out of about 148 Indian species. The chromosome number varies from 2n=12 to 2n=114 on worldwide basis. Polyploids, intraspecific and aneuploid cytotypes are very common. Data suggest the existence of x=6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 17 and 19. Chromosome numbers 2n=60 is most frequent which support x=6 as the primary base numbers for Carex. The genus is dominated by polyploids with 98.96% of the taxa being polyploid ranging from 4x-12x ploid level. The chromosome size of the genus is small which support the breakage of diffuse centric chromosomes to account for existence of high %age of chromosome number variations which are perpetuated through vegetative multiplication prevalent in the family.


Abstract: Child Labour is a harsh reality and unavoidable in the present scenario of social and economic realities. Child Labour is not a new problem. It is a age old problem and it is perceived as a social evil in present situation. The Encyclopedia of social sciences (1959) defines child labour as When the business of wage earning or of participation in work, conflicts directly or indirectly with the business of growth and education of children the result is child labour.


Abstract: The influence of PH and temperature on the toxicity of cypermethrin has been evaluated by using freshwater fishes. Both PH and temperature were found to affect significantly the toxicity of pesticide by altering the physiological responses of fishes resulting in mortality. The adverse effects of the PH and temperature were decreased oxygen consumption, acceleration of chemical reaction, impaired respiratory activities, insufficient energy liberation and so on. In general these environmental factors could lead to a higher level of bioaccumulation of the toxic chemicals, thus causing the chemical stress, which affecting the normal functioning of the body.

      Giovani Pangestu, Nicky, Pogen Fuston, Mr. Suresh Kumar

Abstract: Entrepreneurs are important in the economy of a country. It could improve the overall economy of the country by opening more jobs opportunities which means more income to the country. That is why some scientist said that the minimum percentage of entrepreneurs in a country is 2%. In Indonesia, it still has low entrepreneur percentage which is only 1.56%. Compare to other South Asia countries like Singapore which has 5% of entrepreneurs, Indonesia is still being left behind. This paper explores the factors that affect the entrepreneur growth in Bekasi region, Indonesia. The research identified the education and motivation factors, entrepreneurial intention, readiness of potential entrepreneurs, government rules for the entrepreneurs, and hinders to capital access. The quantitative research method is used as well in this paper. The questionnaires are spread for 215 respondents. The result shows that the education and motivation factor has significant affect people to be an entrepreneur.

      R.P.T.Bhagya, S. Vasanthapriyan, P Jayaweera

Abstract: Business processes manifest the business knowledge and related logics. As it becomes more common for organizations to describe their operations in terms of business processes, it is necessary to establish a Business Process Repository to manage thousands of process models while providing capabilities for effective sharing and reusing of valuable business and process related knowledge. Even though there are number of repositories exist to store process models, the heterogeneity of current process repositories makes it difficult to relate and share process knowledge across them. A survey of existing business process repositories has been reported here by reviewing number of available process repositories and the existing literature. Analyzing the principles on which development of these repositories are based, a comparison is made to identify the strengths and shortcomings. Founding on these principles, a number of essential properties that a successful process repository solution should possess are proposed as to support process repositories development efforts. Consequently, such a repository would become a common information asset to all business users and especially facilitate reuse over different business domains while enhancing assuring sharing and reuse business process knowledge.

      Nguyen Thanh Duong, Doan Van Khanh, Hoa Thi Ngoc Ha, Do Manh Cuong

Abstract: For every country, human resource is a main power for country development. Vietnam is an agricultural developing country, rural labor force accounts for the majority of the whole country labor force. Rural human resource development is a compelling need to ensure Vietnam economy development speed, especially for northern midland and mountainous area, where there are special geographical characteristics and social. Economic condition is backward and lower compared to the average condition of whole country. Northern midland and mountainous area has special geographical characteristics with limited traffic structure, backward social, economic condition and low qualified rural human resource. These difficulties lead education programs implemented in this area be not effective as expected, especially for rural laborers in the countryside. Improving quality of rural labors can help them to increase their income, improve quality of life and also promote rural sustainable development. It is necessary to find some education models that can meet the requirements of this area condition by studying on the general education programs, vocational and technical training programs supported by the government. Finding out the causes of education programs limitations and disadvantages to propose solutions for this area. A study on the experiences lesson absorbing from the failures of vocational and technical training programs supported by the government, and the success experiences of vocational and technical training programs implemented by local government and Non- Government organizations is also carried out to find out suitable education modals for rural human resource development in this area. The course organizing and curriculum building, teachers and instructors recruitment, financial and capital support solutions are proposed in this article.

      Neera Bansal

Abstract: Nowadays, vast collection of electronic research journals is available on the internet. This fundamental growth of e-journals has led to the origin of DOAJ. The Directory of Open Access Journals is very comprehensive and covers a huge number of scholarly journals related to interdisciplinary subjects. The present paper is an attempt to study 44 journals of music. These journals were accessed through DOAJ. Readers can be benefitted due to the availability of summarized information of all free access music e-journals. All music journals are analyzed on the basis of their originating country, language and year of emergence.

      GauravMorghare, PoonamSinha

Abstract: In this paper, a Tri band linearly-polarized microstrip patch antenna is designed and simulated with Modified Resonating Structures using CADFEKO antenna simulation software from a dual band antenna. Antenna parameters are examined in this which includes resonating frequency, VSWR, impedances and bandwidth of the designed and proposed resonating structure with microstrip feed. The antenna is proposed for GPS/GSM, UMTS and Wi-Fi/WLAN wireless communication applications provided with greater bandwidth. This paper focuses on the designing of miniature microstrip antenna with microstrip feed and analyzes the results like return loss S11, VSWR, impedance and Bandwidth.

      Aneri Mehta

Abstract: Governments of the countries around the world have started utilizing the potential of technology to deliver online information and services to their citizens. Using ICT in the form of e-governance could yield great benefits in the reform and modernization of the public sector. The experience of e-governance in a number of developed and developing countries has shown that ICT can be a tool for greater service delivery with the goal of improving service quality. E-governance can also promote good govern-ance, that is, greater civic engagement can increase opportunities for direct representation and voice, and support for increased democracy. This paper discusses and presents the survey findings that seek to test the role of e-governance in improving service delivery by altering the principal-agent relationship. It further seeks to elucidate the quality aspects of public service. Strong leadership is required to implement e-governance to capture and internalize the benefits of quality services and satisfied customers. Questionnaires distributed to different groups of respondents using stratified random sampling. The results indicate that e-governance has the potential to improve service delivery and customer satisfaction. It is also confirmed through the findings in this research that the expectations of citizens from public services are quite high, but experience has often been negative i.e. there is a huge variance in the perception and expectation of normal citizens in the country regarding service delivery, quality of services. This has negatively affected customer satisfaction over the number of years. E-governance should be seen as a means of improving service quality in the future.

      Bhawana Miglani

Abstract: Business has to fight for every dollar when times get tight and the economy slows to a halt. On top of all of this, they also have to make sure all their figures are right, comply with all the laws, and follow guidelines to properly maintain a legal business. Doing all of these tasks can be difficult but are manageable if a small business takes the right paths, makes the right decisions, and works hard enough. Small businesses have many barriers but with many hurdles overcome these business can succeed. Although business competition is exceedingly harmful to businesses themselves, we should all be glad that we as consumers can reap the benefits.Monitoring, understanding and adapting to the political environment is absolutely essential for any business, because it significantly affects every business.

      U.V.A. Buddhika, G. Seneviratne, C.L. Abayasekara

Abstract: Beneficial microorganisms used as biofertilizers enhance seed germination and vigour through breaking seed dormancy and hormonal effects. However, their higher production of hormones like indole acetic acid (IAA) result low seed germination. Therefore, they need a regulation of the IAA production for increased plant growth. Such control exists in developed fungal-bacterial biofilms (FBBs), fungal surface-attached bacterial communities. Therefore, present study compares two FBBs and their seven bacterial monoculture counterparts for IAA production and seed germination with maize as the test plant. Results showed that two biofilms increased seed germination and vigour significantly compared to the monocultures whereas, relatively low IAA concentrations, which were comparable with lower limit of the monocultures. IAA production of monocultures was related negatively to seedling vigour, confirming that relatively low IAA concentrations are more favorable for seed germination. Thus, results suggested a regulatory mechanism for optimizing IAA concentration, and/or factors other than IAA for plant growth benefits in the case of biofilms. In conclusion, it is clear that the FBBs differ from bacterial monocultures in regulating improved seed germination and plant growth. Consequently, FBBs warrant formulating biofertilizers in the biofilm mode for futuristic agriculture.

      Komal Chandrakar, Daneshver Kumar Verma, Devendra Sharma, K.C. Yadav

Abstract: Despite of extensive deforestation and land use changes in India, one of the most resilient features of the country’s landscape is the temple or sacred forests. Because of their ‘divine’ protection, a number of tree species that have otherwise been heavily extracted from the forests continue to exist in the groves. However in recent years with the erosion of religious faith and encroachment of these sacred groves, there is a growing concern if the groves indeed can offer a refugium to the endemic and endangered species of the Chhattisgarh state. In this context, we examined the population genetic structure and genetic diversity of Chhattisgarh state, a canopy tree species in sacred groves of varying sizes.

      Hem Lal Chandrakar, Komal Chandrakar, Manas Ujjaini & K.C.Yadav

Abstract: One- year field experiments were conducted to evaluate the effect of fertilization on growth & yield of rainfed blackgram in custard apple based agri-horti-system with alley cropping pattern on Vindhyan soil. The factors under study comprised of Control plot (T1), 2% urea spray (twice fifteen days intervals)(T2), 100% RDF (T3), 50%RDF + 25kg Zinc sulphate(T4), 50% RDF + 2% urea spray + 25 kg zinc sulphate (T5), 100%RDF + 25kg Zinc sulphate(T6) and 2% urea spray + 25kg Zinc sulphate(T7) were laid out in randomized block design. The treatments were replicated three times. However, a significant increase in grain yield was observed under 100% RDF + 25kg Zinc sulphate (T6). It was recorded maximum net return Rs.18143/ha in case of 100% RDF + 25 kg zinc sulphate under the alley cropping.

      Kumari Archana, Abdul Wasay Mudasser

Abstract: Real time monitoring of process parameters inside the underground or open cast mines in a reliable manner is a technical challenge for the mine industry. Real time monitoring can provide accurate information about different critical mining parameters like rise in humidity and temperature, presence of dangerous gases, presence of light etc. This monitoring can also pave way for the safety of the miners. Conventional wired communication has severe drawback regarding real time monitoring. This paper develops an ARM based embedded system which monitors the critical parameters inside the mine and transmits the data in wireless manner for better monitoring and visualization.

      Rajendra Prasad Bharti, Abhilasha shri vastava, Nandkishor Soni, Asha Tiwari , Shivbhanu more, Jagjeevan ram choudhary

Abstract: Our surrounding is filled up with a large number of toxicants in different forms. They contaminate our water, land and atmosphere where we live. Heavy metal pollution of soil is a significant environmental problem and has its negative impact on human health and agriculture. Rhizosphere, as an important interface of soil and plant, plays a significant role in phytoremediation of contaminated soil by heavy metals, in which, microbial populations are known to affect heavy metal mobility and availability to the plant through release of chelating agents, acidification, phosphate solubilization and redox changes. Phytoremediation of toxic heavy metals could be carried out by using specific metallophytes. Green plants are the lungs of nature with unique ability to purifying impure air by photosynthesis and remove or minimize heavy metals toxicity from soil and water ecosystem by absorption, accumulation and biotransformation process. This article paper reviews some recent advances in effect and significance of rhizobacteria in phytoremediation of heavy metal toxicity in contaminated soils. There is also a need to improve our understanding of the mechanisms involved in the transfer and mobilization of heavy metals by rhizobacteria and to conduct research on the selection of microbial isolates from Rhizosphere of plants growing metal contaminated soils for specific restoration programmes.

      Naveen Kolloju

Abstract: Financial inclusion i.e., access to adequate and timely credit, and other financial services is of utmost importance for socio-economic development of poor and unbanked sections. It enables them to alleviate their poverty levels through self-employment generation and promotes them as a part of rural banking system. Accordingly, Indian Government is being initiated various financial measures in the banking sector, and different microfinance models have been playing an active role in providing microfinance and other financial services to the rural poor. However, despite these efforts, a large number of social groups remained excluded from the basic opportunities and services provided by the formal financial sector. In these circumstances, as a part of financial inclusion drive, Indian government with the help of Reserve Bank of India (RBI), has come up with a new model in the realm of banking sector, called as Business Correspondent (BC) model. This model primarily aims at providing affordable banking facility to the hitherto unbanked population with the help of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) based application and capacity building. Against this backdrop, this paper attempts to introduce the concept of financial inclusion and highlights its need. It briefly reviews the Indian banking sector and reports the level of financial exclusion in India. In the second part, it provides a brief understanding on Business Correspondent model and emphasizes how BC model could significantly helps in promoting financial inclusion of the hitherto excluded population. It concludes by emphasizing some of the operational challenges in its functioning and suggests a way forward.

      Yurembam Motilan, Yumnam Bedajit and Wahengbam Sunitibala

Abstract: Oral delivery of a salmon gonadotropic signaling molecules WOVA-FH @ of 0.2-0.4 mlkg-1 to endangered Barbs Pethia manipurensis to induced spawning of 42-100% within 8-10 hr.

      Devendra Sharma, Komal Chandrakar, Daneshver Kumar Verma, K.C. Yadav

Abstract: The continuous dependency of man on fuel wood and service wood results in serious degradation of the forest in Kanker forest division. A study on the consumption trends of fuel wood & their impact on forest were carried out in Chivranj & Ichchhapur village of Kanker forest division of Chhattisgarh, and its rural environs. Results show that the villagers of Kanker are highly dependent on fuel wood for cooking purpose. In tribal village fuel wood are sold in the form of wood lots which contains about 20-30 kg fuel wood & averagely pricing about Rs. 110/ lots. Price value of these fuel woods varies from Rs. 20-30 according to their traders & fuel wood species. The rural population works under the community forest policy, but illegal harvesting in natural forests is indiscriminate and results in severe environmental degradation. This paper calls for some basic recommendations & guideline on sustainable management of these fuel woods & for reducing pressure on fuel wood consumption.

      Ranganathan Lakshmi & Swaminathan S

Abstract: Depression has now become an universal health problem and the outcome of such disorder is physical, psychological, mental and social problems. Several studies have shown that depression results in impairment in the quality of life leading to decreased work performance, The purpose of this study is to find out the association between the levels of depression by scoring systems and the degree of impairment with the quality of life. This prospective study was carried out as part of a doctoral research in a prominent yoga centre in the city from January 2012 to July 2013. 34 subjects, both males and females in the age group 18 – 60 years, who sought yoga treatment for depression, who scored greater than 8 points with Becks depression inventory and signed informal consent were enrolled for this study. The quality of life score were collected using SF – 36 questionnaire. Becks depression scores and demographic details were used for statistical analysis using SPSS version 17.0 software. Pearson correlation coefficient analysis gave r values of -0.582 and -0.585 between depression and physical and mental health respectively and the p values was < 0.05 for both parameters. This study shows that quality of life is significantly affected by depression. The negative correlation reveals that the quality of life decreases as depression increases and mental health is more affected than physical health.

      Dr. Koushik, Dr. Shailaja, P.Jadhav, Dr. Lata Bhoir

Abstract: Objective – HIV is known to increase the chances of occurrence of B-cell neoplasms. There have been citations of cases of primary solitary plasmacytomas at various sites in HIV positive patients. We present a case of HIV positive initially diagnosed a solitary extra medullary plasmacytoma post radiotherapy recurring as multiple solitary extra medullary plasmacytomas involving de novo soft tissue sites which is a rare presentation Design – case report Result—63yr old HIV positive male patient on HAART presented with solitary extra medullary plasmacytoma of left maxillary sinus in the year 2010 and was treated by radiotherapy alone. He presented in the year 2012 with recurrent multiple extra medullary plasmacytoma involving the recto sigmoid, chest wall skin and left axilla. This patient had absent M band on electrophoresis. Patient was operated with Hartmanns procedure and wide local excision for chest and axillary swellings. Conclusion – extra medullary plasmacytoma can recur at multiple soft tissue sites. HIV infection is known to cause increase in severity of B-cell neoplasms. Literature search reveals cases of plasmacytoma associated with HIV. Case of multiple solitary recurrent plasmacytoma in a case of HIV is rare and has not been cited.

      Ibrahim, Alli Adelani

Abstract: This study discusses the establishment of madrasah Da’wah al-Islamiyyah, and the school’ management systems comprised of the organization structure, finance and physical facilities. This study identifies some problems and obstacles that inhibit the effectiveness of the madrasah, followd by suggestions to improve the school. The data were collected through library research, interviews with headmaster and five teachers in the madrasah and direct observation. the principal of the madrasah perception of the problems faced by the by the Islamic private school in Nigeria reffered to various problems, such as finance, lack of gorvenment support and lack of parental commitment. The researcher provides relevant suggestions to improve the madrsah and enhance student achievement.

      Poonam R. Chaudhari, Kuldeep Pande, Subroto Dutt

Abstract: Turning over the pages of history it is found that the sincere effort are undertaken for gaining efficient output from solar energy but it has to face lot of shortcoming. While analysing toward different factor one of the factor is shadowing & effect of dust particle. In this topic the survey to this effect on overall performance of SPV is focused & an embedded System is design to solve this problem.

      Jithesh Sathyan

Abstract: Based on report published by American Psychological Association, the number of Americans reporting extreme stress continues to be significant - around 20 percent in 2012, 22 percent in 2011, 24 percent in 2010 and 23 percent in 2009. Based on latest report from American Psychological Association, work is among the top three sources of stress. The physical and emotional symptoms associated to stress vary based on type of work. Hence understanding of the specific cause in work related stress and associated symptoms help organizations to come up with appropriate stress management programs to improve organizational effectiveness. Considering the increasing role of IT (Information Technology) in today’s industry, this study is intended to identify the causes of work related stress in IT professionals and the common physical and emotional symptoms exhibited by IT professionals with high level of work related stress. The study collected data from 128 IT professionals, to identify a subset of professionals experiencing high levels of work place stress. 53 of 128 professionals reported work related issues as primary factor contributing to stress. Work related issues causing extreme stress, most frequently experienced physical symptoms associated with work related stress and most frequently experienced emotional symptoms associated with work related stress, were identified for the 53 professionals that reported work related issues as primary factor contributing to stress.

      Suresh Kumar, Mrs. D. Saravanapriya

Abstract: Text sequences are ubiquitous, multiple text sequence are often related to each other by sharing common topics. The interactions among these sequences provide more information to derive more meaningful topics. Discovering valuable knowledge from a text sequence involves extracting topics from the sequence with both semantic and temporal information. The method is relied on a fundamental assumption that different sequences are always synchronous in time. The documents from different sequences on the same topic have different time stamp and there is no guarantee that the articles covering the same topic are indexed by the same time stamps. The key idea is to introduce a generative topic model for utilizing correlation between the semantic and temporal information in the sequences. Topic model is mainly focused on extracting a set of common topics from given sequences using their original time stamps. It performs topic extraction and time synchronization alternatively to optimize a unified objective function. A local optimum is guaranteed with the proposed method.

      Tanka Raj Adhikari, R.S. Srivastava

Abstract: In this paper the general concept of Poisson-size-biased Lindley (PSBL) distribution is presented. Its p.m.f. is obtained. Some of its properties and the expressions for raw and central moments, coefficients of skewness and kurtosis are derived. The moment equations and the maximum likelihood estimators of the parameter of this Poisson size-biased Lindley (PSBL) distribution have been obtained for estimation its parameters. A simulation of a parameter is study has been proposed.


Abstract: The services sector has become global in Indian context. This paper describes the characteristics of services and compares it with the characteristics of the products. It also brings out the importance of services in case of manufactured products. The challenges for the service industry have been discussed and the critical success factors have also been elaborated. This study also covers international trade regulations and their impact on the services sector. The problems facing Indias health care system which have a greater impact on the poor. The inequal geographic distribution of doctors and hospitals makes it difficult for low-income families to access quality medical facilities. Eighty percent of doctors, 75 percent of dispensaries, and 60 percent of hospitals are situated in urban areas – making quality health care virtually inaccessible to people who live in remote areas. This study is mainly concerned with laundry workers, their nature of work, their washing material needs, their health issues and the protection in laundry work. The hospital administration is taking care of laundry workers. The area of the study is confined to Trichy city and the primary and secondary data are used in this study. The data were analysed using appropriate statistical tools such as percentages, chi-square test and ranking technique, Likert scaling techniques, correlation and analysis of variance.

      KVBL Deepthi, V. Rama Krishna Sharma, G. Santhosh Kumar

Abstract: Coded OFDM is a transmission technique that is used in many practical communication systems. In a coded OFDM system, source data are coded, interleaved and multiplexed for transmission over many frequency sub-channels. In a conventional coded OFDM system, the transmission power of each subcarrier is the same regardless of the channel condition. However, some subcarrier can suffer deep fading with multi-paths and the power allocated to the faded subcarrier is likely to be wasted. In this paper, we compute the FER and BER bounds of a coded OFDM system given as convex functions for a given channel coder, inter-leaver and channel response. The power optimization is shown to be a convex optimization problem that can be solved numerically with great efficiency. With the proposed power optimization scheme, near-optimum power allocation for a given coded OFDM system and channel response to minimize FER or BER under a constant transmission power constraint is obtained.

      Dr. G. Mannepalli

Abstract: The history of early Indian trade also shows a distinct preference for the study of long-distance trade-both over land and overseas –the study of exports and imports, especially their possible identifications on a modern map. The other common feature in this historiography is to present urban centers almost invariably as thriving commercial canters and to hold commercial exchanges as the principal causative factor towards urbanization. Without belittling the importance of this conventional narrative approach to the history of trade; it must be emphasized that an understanding of trade and urban centers can hardly be delinked from the agrarian sector. Significantly enough, the expansion “agro-cities” has been used to characterize early Indian urban centers. The trade between Andhra and Roman Empire, Andhra was the much beneficiary compare with Rome. Because of this trade Buddhism, urban centers were flourished in that period.

      Arya Gowri G., Prince A.

Abstract: This paper presents Electric Vehicle (EV) propulsion using a three phase squirrel cage induction motor. The motor control at different operating conditions is carried out by a direct torque control technique with an energy optimization strategy. The operating flux of the motor is chosen optimally using model based control strategy. Simulation tests have been carried out using MATLAB SIMULINK to check the consistency and performance of the proposed scheme.

      Md.Muqtar Ahmed, Heena Naaz

Abstract: Power generation is done through various methods, some of which uses Renewable energy sources and some use Non Renewable Energy Resources. But all this methods can be used to produce the Electrical energy only for some extent. The energy generated from Renewable sources is also not continuous throughout the day for 24hrs.Therefore a source through which energy can be harvested continuously for 24hrs is to be found. Gravity is the force that is present on the earth at every instant of time, hence with suitable mechanism it can be used as a source to generate Electrical energy. An arrangement is made in such a way that the Kinetic Energy of a body due to the gravitational force is converted into electrical energy.

      Nidhi Sharma, K. Jayashree Srinivasan, M. Benjamin Sagayaraj, D. V. Lal

Abstract: Background: Knowledge of the weight of the foetus in utero is important for the obstetricians to decide the time and mode of delivery. It can be estimated clinically, biochemically or by radiological imaging .None of the diagnostic tools are direct .Interestingly clinically estimated foetal weight is being found more precise than radiological estimation Aim:. This study was designed to find the error percentage in ultrasound and clinical methods. We also studied the research papers on the role of ultrasound and MRI in the diverse strata of birth weights. Results: The average error in all the weight groups except in >3500 grams group was least with Dares Formula, closely followed by Hadlocks Ultrasound Method. Average error in the >3500 grams group was least with Johnsons formula. For birth weight below 3500 grams clinical estimation by Dares Formula gave the least average absolute error while in birth weights above 3500 grams clinical estimation by Johnson’s Formula gave the least average absolute error. Dares Formula had a tendency to underestimate the foetal weight and had least error in <3500 grams group. Johnsons and Ultrasound method overestimated the foetal weight. Ultrasound methods showed advantage in intrauterine growth restricted and macrosomic babies. MRI is important to detect central fat deposition in babies of diabetic and hypothyroid mothers. Conclusion: The abdominal girth multiplication by symphysiofundal height can be a great concern in developing countries. It is easy and simple and can be used by even by midwives. Ultrasound may be reserved to detect abnormal blood flow in umbilical arteries in growth restricted babies and detecting central fat deposition in clinically macrosomic babies. This would ensure a better use of clinical and diagnostic modalities available to us

      Renjini M R

Abstract: The present study was conducted to assess the nutritional knowledge of the adolescent girls participating in the nutritional awareness programme in Anganwadis of Changanacherry Taluk of Kottayam district and to educate the girls and parents about the importance and the ways to achieve optimum nutrition during adolescence. Data on the dietary pattern and anthropometric assessments like height and weight were collected using a pre-structured interview schedule. It is clear from the results that majority of the subjects were assessed to have either poor or fair levels of awareness about the importance of nutrition. Hence during nutrition education, emphasis was given to the dietary guidelines during adolescence as diet influences the future nutritional status.


Abstract: Big Data is characterized by increasing volume and velocity of data.IBM estimates that every day 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created – so much that 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years. The traditional data-intensive sciences such as astronomy, high energy physics, meteorology, genomics, biological and environmental research in which peta- and Exabyte of data are generated are common domain examples. Here even the capture and storage of the data is a challenge. Google implemented hundreds of special-purpose computations that process large amounts of raw data, such as crawled documents, Web request logs, etc., to compute various kinds of derived data, such as inverted indices, various representations of the graph structure of Web documents, summaries of the number of pages crawled per host, and the set of most frequent queries in a given day. In this paper big data that is navigating in years from the past to present and to the future is analyzed. To address the problem space of unstructured analytics, Map Reduce with Hadoop distributed File System (HDFS) is also discussed. To process terabytes of data efficiently on daily basis some of tools and techniques available and challenges, issues and benefits of big data is also listed.

      Neera Bansal

Abstract: Knowledge about the users and their demands is necessary to make library and information services more effective and user oriented. The present study deals with users attitude towards information sources and information services in the library of F.C.College for Women, Hisar. Data is collected from the students as well as faculty members of the college. 100 out of 125 questionnaires are taken for consideration. The paper attempts to analyse use pattern, adequacy of library collection, users opinion on information sources and services. Maximum users are found satisfied with the physical facilities and collection as well as arrangement of library reading material

      Anil Barak, Palash Jyoti Das, Hemlata Vashisht, Sudershan Kumar

Abstract: The high molecular weight poly (ethylene oxide) was used to synthesize telechelic bromine terminated poly (ethylene oxide) polymers. The low molecular weight polystyrene anion was generated by living anionic polymerization by controlling monomer/initiator ratio. The living polystyrene anion was reacted with telechelic bromine terminated poly (ethylene oxide) polymers to obtain water soluble polystyrene-b-poly(ethylene oxide)-b-polystyrene tri-block copolymers. The effect of polystyrene-b-poly(ethylene oxide)-b-polystyrene (PS-b-PEO-b-PS) block copolymer on the mild steel corrosion in 1M sulfuric acid solution has been investigated at various inhibitor concentrations and temperatures by Potentiodynamic Polarization Study. The investigated results showed that the corrosion rate decreased significantly with increase in the concentration of inhibitors. The shape of polarization profiles of the polymer at various concentrations indicated their mixed-type nature of inhibition.

      Thangal Yumnamcha, Upendra Nongthomba and M. Damayanti Devi

Abstract: Extensive and indiscriminate use of synthetic compounds and natural compounds obtained from plant sources have resulted into serious threats to not only the aquatic ecosystem but also to human health. Aqueous seed extract of the plant Croton tiglium L. is used in many traditional medicines to treat various ailments in many developing countries. The extract is also used for killing fishes for consumption in Manipur, India. However, the side effects and safety measures are not well studied and evaluated. The present study aims to investigate major phytochemical constituents, acute toxicity and genotoxicity of the aqueous extract. The phytochemical screening was carried out using chemical methods; acute toxicity test was performed using zebrafish as a model organism and genotoxicity potential was evaluated by in vitro plasmid DNA fragmentation analysis. Our results show that the exposure of aqueous extracts of Croton tiglium cause increase plasmid DNA strand breakage in a dose dependent manner. The aqueous extract of Croton tiglium also showed pisicidal activity. So, the plant extract need to be evaluated for its long term human health hazards and safety thoroughly before it could be used for therapeutic medicinal interventions.

      Kapil Garg, Jaspreet Kaur

Abstract: Due to the continuous change in load, the frequency and tie-line power of control areas get disturbed from their scheduled value which is undesirable. Automatic Generation Control (AGC) is an essential mechanism in electric power systems which balance generated power and demand in each control area in order to maintain the system frequency at nominal value and tie-line power at its scheduled value. This necessitates an accurate and fast acting controller to maintain constant nominal frequency. The limitations of conventional controllers i.e. Integral (I), Proportional Integral (PI) are slow and lack of efficiency in handling system errors. This paper proposes Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) technique for AGC of two-area interconnected power system. Firstly, the conventional controllers i.e. Integral (I), Proportional Integral (PI) are used for AGC of two-area interconnected power system. Then PSO based controllers are used and various responses due to various controllers have been compared. The responses of the proposed methods are demonstrated by MATLAB simulations.

      Shivam Patel, Yogesh Chauhan

Abstract: The main aim of this research paper is to illustrate the use of a device which can perform the dual function of detecting a heart attack without the intervention of any specialist for potential victim and also notify the emergency services. Stroke can be tackled if It is detected and appropriate measures are taken instantly. The research paper illustrates how a device called Kinect can used to detect a heart attack and the symptoms experienced along with it. A step by step guide to its working in an event of heart attack and the how the use of GSM system and Skype feature can be used for sending an alert sms to relatives and emergency services. As well as, provides video conferencing option with doctor. Which is explained in the paper .In all the best chance for survival of a patient who experiences a heart attack and quickest medical attention can be ensured.

      Bharathi Dhevi. V.R and Dr. Bhooma Mani

Abstract: India is a country which is best known for its culture and tradition. Tribal groups are homogeneous, culturally firm and they wish to survive in their own style. Irular tribes of Tamil Nadu occupy the second largest groups of tribes after the Badgas. They are situated at the base of the western ghat. The road which takes us to the village is undeveloped and rocky. The huts are little developed into houses with cement sheet. Unlike the earlier tribal people, 21st century tribes have normal dress code like other people. The major occupation of these tribal people is field work as farmers. Neither hospital nor any other medical facility is available with in 15 Kms. There is a government school situated about three to four kilometers away from the village premises. When the girls attain their puberty, there will be seven days celebration at their houses. The marriage is not considered as an important custom of the villagers. Death is considered as an important ritual in this community. The irular tribes are mostly non vegetarians. It can be concluded that the tribal people of India need still more improvement in all walks of their lives.

      WorawitBinden, MaheedeenJormae, ZakariaZain, Jamaludin Ibrahim

Abstract: Use of Online Social Networking Sites (OSNs) has become ubiquitous nowadays. In the era of a million user social networking sites throughout the world, it becomes increasingly difficult for people to control what they are exposing to whom. In this paper we analyze the influence of social media interactivity features on the exposure of personal data of average Internet user and present techniques to implement information security awareness to minimize over-exposure on OSNs.

      Vikram Shende, Dr. Prafulla Kulkarni

Abstract: This paper presents a methodology for decision support system for rapid prototyping process selection. Experimentation recommends the methodology for RP process selection which is divided into three stages. First stage is to identify part requirements in terms of quality, cost and time. Second stage is generating feasible alternative processes and attributes data collection based on benchmarking. Attributes considered for evaluation are the most significant those will affect the selection of RP process. Third stage is to evaluate the data by decision making Method such as Graph Theory and Matrix Approach and TOPSIS method.

      Christina Sagala, Mila Destriani, Ulffa Karina Putri, Suresh Kumar

Abstract: This research investigates the influence of promotional mix and price on consumer buying decision towards fast food. A survey of university student in Jabodetabek. Descriptive researched was used to 300 correspondents as the consumer of fast food products. Data were collected through online questionnaire. The result of questioner then will be analyzed by SPSS statistics, which are factor analysis, reliability test, and regression analysis. It is found that the promotional mix and price has significant influence towards consumer buying decision in fast food industry.

      K.K.Srivastava, Shubha Srivastava, Md. Tanweer Alam, Rituraj

Abstract: Quantum mechanical calculations of different energies components of 1,10-phenanthroline in ground state were carried out by DFT method , in isolated state and in various solvents to study the effects of solvents on various energy components . The solvation energy, chemical potential, hardness, electrophilicity of 1,10-phenanthroline were calculated with the help of computed HOMO-LUMO gap of 1,10-phenanthroline in different solvents in ground state .The plots of energy components and thermodynamic parameters against the dielectric constant of the corresponding solvents were found to be polynomial of higher order. The solvation energy of 1,10-phenanthroline is found to highest in

      Dr. Uday Bhanu Kundu, Dr. Tarak Nath Pramanik

Abstract: The purpose of the study was to determine the effect of Asanas and Pranayama on self concept (Behaviour, Intellectual and school status, Physical appearance and attributes, Anxiety, Popularity, Happiness and satisfaction) of school going children. 120 subjects were equally assigned to the four groups by using random sampling procedure i.e. three experimental groups and one control group. The experimental Group A was administered Asanas, Group B was administered Pranayama and Group C was administered combination of Asana Pranayama and Group D control group was given no training of an experimental period of twelve weeks. Analysis of covariance was used exclusively to compare the effect of three yogic experimental treatments programme for school going children. After statistical analysis findings show significant effect of all three experimental groups.

      A.Pasupathy, S.Nirmala, P.Sakthival, G.Abirami and M.Raja

Abstract: This work deals with the evaluation of diphenyl sulphide as a corrosion inhibitor for zinc in 0.5N HCl and 0.5N H2SO4 by conventional weight loss and gasometric methods. Results indicate that diphenyl sulphide exhibited high inhibition efficiencies in both the acids but performed better in 0.5N H2SO4 than in 05N HCl. The inhibition efficiency was found to increase with increase in the inhibitor concentration. The adsorption of the inhibitor molecules on the zinc metal surface obeyed Temkin adsorption isotherm.

      A.Pasupathy, S.Nirmala, P.Sakthival, G.Abirami and M.Raja

Abstract: Reactive blue dye was evaluated as a corrosion inhibitor for zinc in 0.5N HCl by weight loss, gasometric and thermometric methods. The inhibition efficiency was found to increase with increase in the inhibitor concentration. The adsorption of the inhibitor molecules on the zinc metal surface obeyed Temkin adsorption isotherm.

      A.Pasupathy, S.Nirmala, P.Sakthival, G.Abirami and M.Raja

Abstract: In this work, the extract of the leaves and berries of solanum nigrum was examined as a green corrosion inhibitor for zinc in 0.5N HCl by using weight loss, gasometric and thermometric methods. Results obtained showed that the extract of solanum nigrum offered good protection against corrosion of zinc metal and exhibited high inhibition efficiencies. The inhibition efficiency was found to increase with increase in the extract concentration. The adsorption of the inhibitor molecules on the zinc metal surface obeyed Temkin adsorption isotherm.

      P Vishnu Chithamacharyulu, D Phani Sashanka, G Uday Kiran, Ch. Priyanka

Abstract: This paper describes design of a semi-automated robot that can inspect power transmission lines accompanied by an operator situated in the control room. This robot mainly focuses on the most frequent problems faced by the power systems, hotlines. Thus making in ease of operation and avoiding their life risk, at least for few cases, where they can use them satisfactorily.


Abstract: The main aim of this paper is to, first we determine the two Finsler deformations to the special Finsler (α,β)-metrics. Consequently, we obtain the nonholonomic frame for the special (α,β)-metrics, such as L=α+β+β^2/α (Ist Approximate Matsumoto metric) and L=β^2/(β-α) (Infinite series (α,β)-metric).

      Sagar Karia, Radhika Majlikar, Avinash De Sousa, Nilesh Shah

Abstract: Extrapontine myelinosis (EPM) is a common co-occurrence with central pontine myelinosis in head injury and alcohol withdrawal where hyponatremia may be the precipitating cause. There are not many treatment options available in these cases except a supportive management. We describe here a case of head injury under the influence of alcohol that also displayed EPM without hyponatremia after alcohol withdrawal in a chronic alcoholic that responded very well to cerebroprotein therapy.

      Omveer, Vinith Chauhan

Abstract: 2D projections of the real 3D space are the only available information in the imaging technics like in X- Ray and MRI. In this paper we study projections of images as generated by Radon transformation. We implemented an image reconstruction algorithm which receives different projections of the original image as input. We performed this experiment using artificially created image in order to test and verify the algorithm. The quality of images reconstructed by an algorithm is most prominent to check. So in this paper, we performed analysis on head phantom MRI image by calculating correlation coefficient, Cutoff rotation angle for an image and linearity of correlation coefficient.

      Kavitha G.R, Dr. Indumathi T.S

Abstract: The need of more capacity of the network due to exponential usage of internet by users is the concern of majority of the researchers currently. In line of exploring better solution, it can be said that currently fiber optics has become the core of telecommunication and data networking infrastructures giving birth to optical networking system. These factors have driven the deployment of high capacity optical network and their remarkable rapid transmission from the research laboratories into commercial deployment. However, with the progress of technology taking pace, trade-off is surfaced by the unpredictable traffic situation over the dynamic users situated world wide that is quite challenging to standardize the performance of the existing optical networks. Hence, this paper reviews some of the standard and frequently used techniques for mitigating the traffic issues in Optical networking system.

      Dr. Ankita Jain, Ankita Goyal

Abstract: The only imperative vista for an organisation that can ignite it, and give it a direction to flourish is the workforce of an organization. Human resource is the means apparatus for any organization. Organisation have to recruit people with requites skills, qualifications and experience, if they have to survive and flourish in a highly competitive environment. While doing so, they have to be sensitive to economic, social, political and legal factors within a country. To be effective they need to tap all available sources of supply, both internal and external. Internal promotion boost the morale of people and External sources too need to be explored regularly to bring qualified people with innovative ideas.

      Dr Ruchi Jain, Surinder Kaur

Abstract: The work environment can implicate the social relation at workplace and also maintain the relationship between colleague, supervisor and the organisation. It describes the neighboring circumstances in which employees are working together. A satisfied, happy and hardworking employee is biggest asset of any organisation. Effective results & productivity for any organisation is depend on the level of satisfaction of employees and work environment is one of the most important factor which influence the satisfaction & motivation level of employees. Efficient human resource management and maintain good work environment or culture effects not only the performance of employee & organisation but also affects the growth & development of entire economy. This research paper makes effort to study the work environment & work culture in the Dominos pizza. This study is conducted in Jaipur city only.

      Bhakti Parmar, Jayesh Munjani, Jemish Meisuria, Ajay Singh

Abstract: Wireless sensor network consists of spatially distributed sensor nodes which sense physical and environmental condition like sound, pressure, temperature etc and pass the data to the main location through the network. In WSN network life time and node energy efficiency are two most important terms. One major issue in wireless sensor networks is developing an energy-efficient routing protocol which has a significant impact on the overall lifetime of the sensor network. Clustering based Energy efficient LEACH (Low-Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy) protocol can effectively increase WSN performance by dynamically changing cluster head. This paper surveys working of LEACH protocol, its limitations and advancements done in LEACH to improve its performance.

      Huda S. Alrowaihi

Abstract: With the rapid development of databases and data storage technology, the cloud has emerged as a significant aspect of nowadays businesses. This embraces the necessity of the distinction between the cloud services and deployment models in order to obtain a service that fits the user demands. This paper provides current and potential cloud users with the basic knowledge of the cloud services and deployment models. In addition, this paper highlights the advantages and disadvantages of this technology, while providing the cloud user with methods to benefit from cloud services in a sufficient manner, and overcome the cloud limitations and risks.

      Miss.V. M. Dharanguttikar, Miss.V.H.Borkar

Abstract: The present investigation entitled, “Physiological analysis of groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) genotypes” during summer season of the year 2011 at AICRP on Groundnut, Cotton Improvement Project, M.P.K.V., Rahuri (M.S.). The experiment was conducted in a randomized block design (RBD) with twenty two genotypes replicated two times in single rows with the spacing of 30 x 10 cm. The observations on different plant characters such as Growth studies, phenological traits, dry matter studies, various growth parameters, physiological parameters, protein and oil content, correlation studies and path analysis were recorded. Various morphological and yield contributing characters determine the productivity of the groundnut genotypes.

      Miss.V. H. Borkar, Miss.V.M.Dharanguttikar

Abstract: Twenty two groundnut genotypes were evaluated in randomized block design (RBD) with two replications at AICRP on Groundnut, MPKV, Rahuri, Dist. Ahmednagar (M.S.) during summer,2011 to study the physiological analysis of growth and yield variation in groundnut genotypes. The observations on plant height, number of branches, leaves, leaf area, LAI, dry matter production and it’s distribution in component parts of plant, photosynthetic rate, transpiration rate, stomatal conductance, water use efficiency, stomatal frequency, chlorophyll content, protein and oil content and yield and yield contributing characters were recorded. The genotypes were significantly differed for seed yield. The highest dry pod yield was recorded by the genotypes ICG-8420, ICG-8473 and ICG-8506 due to significant favourable yield contributing characters like number of pods per plant, pod yield (g) and kernel yield (g) per plant, shelling percentage and harvest index.

      G. Divya, B. Subbarami Reddy, P. Bhagyalakshmi

Abstract: This paper presents power analysis of the full adder cells reported as having a low PDP (Power Delay Product), by means of speed, power consumption and area. These full adders were designed upon various logic styles to derive the sum and carry outputs. Two new high-speed and low-power full adder cells designed with an alternative internal logic structure and pass-transistor logic styles that lead to have a reduced PDP (Power-delay product). These all full adder cells designed using a TDK 90 nm CMOS technology.

      K.Saravanan,N.Muthu Prabhu, B.Raja Rajeswari

Abstract: This paper describes how we design a lighting control sys- tem including hardware and software. Hardware includes Dimmer with relays Bulb light sensing circuit, control circuit, and 8255 expanding I/O circuit, PC, and bulb. Sensing circuit uses photo-resistance component to sense the environmental light and then transmit the signal of the lightness to the computer through an 8-bit A/D converter 0804. The control circuit applies reed relay in digital control way to adjust the variable resistor value of the traditional dimmer.

      Dr.HaseenaV.A, Dr.Ajims P. Mohammed

Abstract: Scheduled Tribes in India are generally considered to be Adivasis, meaning indigenous people or original inhabitants of the country. The tribes have been confined to low status and are often physically and socially isolated instead of being absorbed in the mainstream Hindu population. Psychologically, the Scheduled Tribes often experience passive indifference that may take the form of exclusion from educational opportunities, social participation, and access to their own land. All tribal communities are not alike. They are products of different historical and social conditions.

      Poonam Sindhu, Suman Singh

Abstract: Environmental crisis is real. Now the time has come when we should be careful. If human society has to endure not just for another centaury but thousands and thousands of years, we need to imbecile a way of life that can be sustained. The growth of human beings and plants life can only develop fully in friendly environment that is conclusive to growth. Since, the present problems result largely from ignorance and different trend of continued misuse of the environment can, however, be altered by creating awareness among people of how man’s activities effect the environment for good or ill. We cannot expect improvement unless attitudes of people change and unless a better generations. Our great need of today is knowledgeable citizens who are conscious of their surrounding and willing to take necessary, social, economic and political steps to assure a better environment for the fulfillment of need and wants of every citizen on the earth. Keeping in view the importance of environment the present study was undertaken to study the awareness among students towards environmental education.

      K.Prabha, B.Kavi Priya, Dr.S.Sukumaran

Abstract: Mobile Ad-hoc Network is a peer-to-peer wireless network that transmits data from computer to computer without the use of a central base station or access point. Intrusion detection techniques are used for the network attack detection process. The system is designed to handle leader election scheme for intrusion detection process. In this paper, we use leader election algorithm to find the globally optimal cost-efficient leader and it is devised to handle the election process for possibility of cheating and security flaws, such as replay attacks. The clustering scheme is optimized with coverage and traffic level. Cost and resource utilization is controlled under the clusters. The system development and analysis are carried out under the JiST (Java in Simulation Time) simulation environment.

      Raquib Buksh, Soumyajit Routh, Parthib Mitra, Subhajit Banik, Abhishek Mallik, Sauvik Das Gupta

Abstract: This paper deals with the implementation of various MATLAB functions present in image processing toolbox of MATLAB and using the same to create a basic image processor having different features like, viewing the red, green and blue components of a color image separately, color detection and various other features (noise addition and removal, edge detection, cropping, resizing, rotation, histogram adjust, brightness control, etc.) that is used in a basic image editor along with object detection and tracking.

      Raquib Buksh, Soumyajit Routh, Parthib Mitra, Subhajit Banik, Abhishek Mallik, Sauvik Das Gupta

Abstract: This paper illustrates the application of the color detection technique using MATLAB algorithms, to control the state of the output pins of an Arduino (AT mega 328) and also to control the movements of an iROBOT CREATE [1]. This gives a very small example of implementing Bounding Box algorithm [2] and use of the simple color detection technique and other ‘REGIONPROPS’ [3][4] parameters we can control the outputs of an Arduino board [5]and also control an iROBOT CREATE.

      Er. Gupta Ankush, Dr. Chandak Rajeev , Er. Koshta M.K.

Abstract: Self-compacting concrete (SCC) generally has higher powder content than normally vibrated concrete (NVC) and thus it is necessary to replace some of the cement by mineral admixtures such as flyash to achieve an economical and durable concrete. SCC contains a large mortar volume as compared to NVC. This work presents the influence of fine aggregate particle size and fly ash on the compressive strength of mortar for SCC. Mortar mixes consists of five different cement replacement percentage (CRP) by flyash are investigated for four different particle sizes of fine aggregate. The compressive strength of mortar cubes at the curing time of 7, 28 days was determined.

      Nand kishor Soni , Teerath Prasad Patel

Abstract: The paper studies on Quality Teaching & Higher education system in India. The system aims to provide a theoretical background to the OECD-IMHE policy quality of teaching in higher education. It highlights the main debates on the topic to date, hoping to present the different perspectives that exist on the topic of quality in teaching.

      Nand kishor Soni , Teerath Prasad Patel

Abstract: Present paper studies the Economic Efficiency and Gain technologies. Most of the literature related to the measurement of economic efficiency has based its analysis either on parametric or on non-parametric Gain methods. This Article thus argues that, while Technique economy tends to be a powerful force, it is possible for concerns of Economic efficiency. The aim of this paper is to provide a critical and detailed review of both core Gain methods. In our opinion, no approach is strictly preferable to any other. Moreover, careful consideration of their main advantages and disadvantages, of the data set utilized, and of the intrinsic characteristics of the framework under analysis will help us in the correct implementation of these techniques. Recent developments in Gain techniques and economic efficiency measurement such as Bayesian techniques, bootstrapping, duality theory and the analysis of sampling asymptotic properties are also considered in this paper.

      Dipika Sonawane, Madhuri Upadhye, Priyanka Bhogade, Prof. Sanchika Bajpai

Abstract: This paper seems quite obvious that nowadays we are able to do transactions, shopping, banking, sharing and storing confidential data like other online services which aims to highly secured. The design and implementation of QR is easy to use and read, combined with multifactor (ID/Password which only user knows, Detail information that only the user has, Unique QR code that shows only the user is), camera based all hardware. The information is in the QR code is transmitted in the encryption form. It is portable and cost efficient. The system uses QR codes which are small two-dimensional pictures that en-code digital data.

      Nkululeko. J Ndiweni, Shirley Mashonganyika, NonsikeleloNcube, Nosizo Dube

Abstract: One of the major development concerns in recent years, particularly in sub-Saharan African countries, has been the rapid growth of urban population coupled with low industrial growth. This mismatch has led to high unemployment levels as most companies have either scaled down or completely shut down. High poverty levels have intensified in urban areas and this has facilitated the mushrooming of the informal economy such as vending, operating tuck-shops and various micro enterprises as an adaptation strategy to failing economies. This study took a micro-level approach by exploring the role of the informal economy as a source livelihood in the city of Bulawayo.

      Sanchal Ramteke, Purva modi, Apurva Raghojiwar, Vijaya Karad, Prof.P.D. Kale

Abstract: In several distributed systems using a certain set of attributes, a user should only be able to access data. Currently, the only method for enforcing such policies is to employ a trusted server to store the data. To keep the shared data confidential against any kind of misuse, a natural way is to store only the encrypted data in a cloud. The key problems of this approach include establishing access control for the encrypted data. Previous Attribute - Based Encryption systems used attributes to describe the encrypted data. While in our system attributes are used to describe a user’s credentials, and encrypting data determines a policy for who can decrypt.

      Suhas V. Kamble, D.P. Kadam

Abstract: The job of automatic frequency regulation is achieved by governing systems of individual turbine generators and Automatic Generation Control (AGC) or Load frequency control (LFC) system of the hydro power plant. This seminar report addresses a comprehensive literature survey on load frequency control in hydro power plant. The report is aimed to present the various control and structural schemes of LFC present in the microhydro power plant. The LFC schemes on different aspects like classical control based LFC schemes, LFC schemes based on modern control concepts are discussed. The aim of the proposed work is to design a fuzzy controller that would manage almost the whole operation of the generating unit.

      Gopi Krishna. N

Abstract: “Today’s theories shape tomorrow’s reality” and “tomorrow’s standard of living will depend on the success of today’s theories”. These old truths, having proved themselves so many times in our history, should make us responsible for the implementation, creation, development, distribution of new scientific theories.

      S.Vaishnavi, S.Ashok, T.Mohammed Abbas, Arun Ragesh, Dr.Rangarajan Dr.Sakunthala

Abstract: A high voltage transmitter integrated circuit for ultrasound medical imaging is implemented using 90nm technology.The high voltage transmitter consists of level shifter and output drivers to increase the voltage, with reduced delay,that drives the capacitive micro-machined ultrasound transducer to produce acoustic signal in medical applications .The performance of various level shifters are compared. The level shifter generates 20V pulses from the input of 10V. The level shifter is designed using 90nm technology in HSPICE.

      Tarun Routhan, Devender Singh Jaggi, Gaurav Negi

Abstract: This study was determined to identify the effects of Mental Imagery Training &Tratak Kriya training on stopping the penalty stroke by goalkeeper in hockey.A total of 150 male hockey players from Delhi, whose average of stopping thepenalty stroke ranges from 3-5 out of 10 penalty strokes in 2 trials were selected. The subjects were further randomly divided into three groups namely MIT (Mental Imagery Training Group) N = 50, TK (Tratak Kriya Group) N = 50 and CG (Control Group) N = 50. All the 3 groups did regular hockey training;followed by 20 minutes of mental imagery training (by MIT Group only) and tratak kriya training (by TK group only) for 3 days in a week and for 8 weeks respectively while Control group received the hockey training session only.

      Shashi Bahl, Bhawna Mehta

Abstract: The use of supplementary information on auxiliary variables in sample surveys was extensively discussed by Cochran and Jessen. In their work they showed that regression estimator is superior to the other estimators (viz. ratio and mean per unit estimators etc.).This paper proposes a new kind of estimator based on appropriate weighing of the sample means of the main and the auxiliary variables. It is shown that the proposed estimator is more efficient when compared with the regression, ratio and the mean per unit estimator under certain restrictions on the correlation coefficient between main and the auxiliary variables.


Abstract: Many initiatives are undertaken to improve the empowerment of people with disabilities in developing countries especially in India. However, an adequate development in proportion to the pre-determined programmes and budget allocation never attained to date. This systematic literature review aims to describe and assess a new model of development and empowerment in people with disability, suitable for use in developing countries especially in India. A systematic literature review was conducted. Articles and reports were considered when they described the development, validation, translation or the use of an instrument to measuring empowerment in the context of disability.

      Manisha Wadhwa, Dr.Kanak Saxena

Abstract: We focus only how to recognize a failure node in selected network. In autonomous system a queue is playing important role for node to node communication with the knowledge of node to its neighbour node

      Dr. Rutesh R. Shah , Dr. R. S. Patel

Abstract: The Punitvan is a conglomeration of Panchvati, Nakshatra Van, Rashi Van, Navgraha Van and Charak Van. The Punitvan inspires to human society to plant the trees and care they including all matters. Punitvan is situated in sector 18, Gandhinagar. It was established in the year 2004.Thus Punitvan gives us inspiration to protect the plants and to know its uses. There are various plants planted according to different themes like planets, constellations, a sign of zodiac, and Panchavati. Present paper indicates 27 constellations with 27 plant- species show importance of individual. In the ancient time our elders were directly or indirectly connected with the trees. They believed that plants are useful to different purposes in life. Recently people believe in astrology, so they can care and protect the plants regularly.

      Fatima Naz

Abstract: As a result different aims were drawn; the initial aim of this research is to study the attention of the customers in word of mouth to power their online purchasing activities. The next aim is to analyze the people influenced by interest of word of mouth. The following aim is to examine the marketing behavior bearing in mind the internet progress and word of mouth, their consideration for word of mouth marketing.

      Izani Bin Ibrahim, Dr. Yahya Bin Don

Abstract: Effective leadership is one of the important indicators to determining the change management in school achievement. This study aimed to identify the influence of servant leadership on the change management in schools. This cross-sectional survey involved 342 secondary school teachers in the northern zone (Perlis, Kedah, Penang and Perak). The instrument included Servant Leadership Scale (SLS) and Change Facilitator Style Questionnaire (CFSQ). Results showed that servant leadership contributed to the change management in schools. Implications of this study is servant leadership contributed to the change management in schools. Thus, servant leadership should be applied and practiced by school leaders to improve the success of change management, thereby improving school performance .


Abstract: A Feature selection for the high dimensional data clustering is a difficult problem because the ground truth class labels that can guide the selection are unavailable in clustering. Besides, the data may have a broad number of features and the irrelevant ones can run the clustering. A novel feature weighting scheme is proposed, in which the weight for each feature is a measure of its contribution to the clustering task. A well defined objective function is given, which can be explicitly solved in an iterative way. A fast clustering-based feature selection algorithm (FAST) works in two steps. In the first step, graph-theoretic clustering methods are used to divide the features into clusters. In second step, the most nearest feature that is completely related to destination is chosen from each cluster to design a subset of features. Features in each cluster are independent. Efficiency of FAST is measured by using Minimum Spanning Tree (MST). Accuracy of image comparison is efficient by using semantic similarity algorithm.

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