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      Alaaeddin M. Abed, Md. Mahfuzul Islam, Khalid Helal, Mohamed Abdirahman, Abdirizak Mohamed, Dr.Jamaludin Ibrahim

Abstract: As a matter of fact the knowledge aspects either if it was theoretical knowledge or practical knowledge is infinitely intertwined and has become ubiquitous in terms of technology use. Knowledge Management is imperatively related to the information technology in a large number of these aspects in order to create effective and professionalized techniques to go hand in hand with the users and managers to achieve the highest level of success in the face of the accelerated challenges. Hence, the study will be focused on to show the importance of the user and manager’s roles in terms of the use of IT in Knowledge Management as a tool to elaborate and illustrate the roles of the Management and users in that capacity.

      Idah Gatwiri Muchunku, Dr. Hellen K. Mberia, and Dr. Ndeti Ndati

Abstract: This study assessed the effectiveness of opinion leadership strategies used in communicating adaptive climate change information to residents of arid and semi arid areas (ASALs) in Kenya. It sought to achieve this by assessing (1) the knowledge levels on adaptive climate change information among residents of Kenyan ASALs (2) attributes of opinion leaders who communicate adaptive climate change information to residents of Kenyan ASALs and (3) strategies used by opinion leaders to communicate adaptive climate change information to residents of Kenyan ASALs. The study found that adaptive climate change information disseminated by opinion leaders is inadequate, shallow and confusing because it is not crafted in consideration of the unique situations affecting residents of Kenyan ASALs. It concluded that with training and support from communication and research experts, local opinion leaders can enhance access to and use of adaptive climate change information among Kenyan ASAL residents.

      Dr. Chinmayee P. Joshi

Abstract: Rigid bronchoscopy has been time tested modality for management of acute respiratory distress, especially in paediatric cases of foreign body in bronchus. However, there still persists dilemma regarding its application in conditions other than foreign body bronchus.

      Geetika M. Kalra, Hitesh Chhinkaniwala

Abstract: Data mining extracts valuable knowledge from large amounts of data. It is a powerful new technology to help companies focus on the most important information in their data warehouses. Several issues need to be addressed when mining on data is performed that are bulk at size and geographically distributed at various sites. Privacy preserving data mining has emerged as promising way to mining knowledge from large databases securely. The techniques are classified as: data distribution, data modification, and data mining algorithm, rule hiding and privacy preservation. Our approach is based on heuristics of Association Rule Mining. The techniques involves modifying database to prevent sensitive rules from getting disclosed which leads to information loss of non-sensitive data. We propose an algorithm that hides sensitive item on either side of rule by selective modification of database with minimal information loss. The prime objective is the accuracy of algorithm in terms of rule hiding, ghost rules and missing rules

      J.A.K.S. Jayasinghe, K.K.K.D. Nadishan

Abstract: Accurate estimation of state of the charge (SOC) is vital for electric vehicle batteries. This paper presents a novel method to estimate the SOC based on a neural network which can be programed into a low cost microcontroller. The microcontroller monitors the battery voltage and takes four samples immediately after the battery is disconnected from the load and monitors the steady state terminal voltage when the vehicle is parked for more than 30 minutes to train a neural network. Each time the battery is disconnected from the load while driving, the microcontroller takes four voltage samples to estimate the SOC using the previously trained neural network. In order to increase the accuracy, the battery temperature is also taken as an input.

      Mrs. Omprakash Yadav, Ryan Fernandes, Rohit Tiwari, Sheenam Kaul

Abstract: Indian Railway is world’s largest human transport system, is currently dealing with a lot of problems, such as availability of confirming seat if available during immediate cancellation / getting down at destination where other waiting list passesnger from that destination can board a train and reach the destination to avoid not allowing the other people who enter the train without buying tickets and then buy tickets from tc, reduce the burden of passenger to carry ticket. However there is no such system that presently in Indian railway gives accommodation to waiting list passengers during their journey and reducing the burden of carrying tickets. This paper proposes the new Seat Allocation system considering the advantage of QR code image that containts information about ticket and passenger info in form of 2d . Moreover, authentication seat allocation checking by tc is done using an another android app for tc which verifies qr code information with the database and reduces the burden of tc. Through this research paper our approach is to make journey of waiting list passengers more convenient in Indian Railway

      N.K. Gundu, S.M. Jadhav, T.S. Kulkarni, A.S. Kumbhar

Abstract: In this project we combine the best ideas from the text extraction withthe help of character description and stroke configuration, web context searchand web mining with the help of semantic web and synaptic web at low entropy. First, we design a discriminative character descriptor. Second, we model characterstructure at each character class by designing stroke configuration maps.With the help of web context search, the extracted text is searched over thenet. In the proposed approach we have extended the context of user’s interestand developed an unsupervised algorithm to find the items of interest for theuser. Web mining is the application of data mining technique to automaticallydiscover and gathered information from web documents. It is used to find outthe relevant and efficient results from the web. Semantic-Synaptic web mining interlinks the web of data to different data sources at low entropy.

      C.Socrates, P.M.Beulah Devamalar, R.Kannamma Sridharan

Abstract: Congestion has been considered as one of the basic important issue in packet switched network [1][9]. Congestion control refers to the mechanisms and techniques to control the congestion and keep the load below the capacity. This paper provides an overview of category provided by congestion control .It also includes how TCP uses congestion control to avoid congestion or alleviate congestion in network. Computer networks have experienced an explosive growth over the past few years and with that growth have come severe congestion problems. This paper also concentrates on avoidance of congestion. This scheme allows a network to operate in the region of low delay and high throughput. In this paper, a survey on various mechanisms of congestion control and avoidance has been done.

      Chiranjeevi Gudala, E.S.V. Narayana Rao

Abstract: Private Sector banks played a vital role in catering the needs of common man as well as business community in early years and also in current time period. In this paper major private Sector banks are considered for evaluating their performance using Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA). Super-efficiency DEA model is also used to rank the private sector banks.

      Hadi Suhatman, Arief Sabdo Yuwono, Yudi Chadirin

Abstract: Disinfection is preventive efforts against the entry of pathogenic bacteria to the human body. Chlorination is one effort to give prevention with chlorine. The research objective was to determine of diffusion and mass transfer coefficients and then to develop of a chlorinated tool model. Effect of water flow rate on chlorine transport and granule size was studied to develop their relationship. The flow rates discharge used were 8 liters/minute, 14 liters/minute, and 20 liters/minute, whereas the granule sizes were 2.36 – 4.75 ml, 4.75-9.5 ml, and 9.5 - 16 ml. Diffusion coefficients and mass transfer determined by least summed of square of error. Diffusion coefficient and mass transfer used for disinfection technique was 0.4371 cm2 minute-1 and 0.0039-minute-1, as well as flow rate and granule size used was 9.5 ml - 16 ml and 8 liters/minute. Experiment testing of chlorination performed to ensure of them was potentially for chlorination. Raw water chlorinated then was found of free chlorine residual and the total coliform met the quality standards based on regulation the Ministry of Health of Republic of Indonesia’s number 416 of 1990 about the terms of supervision and the quality of water.

      Bosenu Abera, Takele Geta

Abstract: Survey on rural chicken production system was conducted in three peasant associations of Haramaya Woreda of Oromia regional state to generate information on the problems and constraints emending the developments of their community with particular emphasis on poultry production and to list the possible opportunities and strategies that could solve these problems. A total of 120 households were used for the survey work. Finally, all the data collected were analyzed using descriptive statistics.


Abstract: Micro and Small (MSEs) play an important economic role in many countries. In Kenya, for example the MSE sector contributes over 50 per cent of new jobs created but despite their significance. The purpose of this study was to determine the challenges facing Micro and Small Enterprises in accessing credit facilities in Kangemi Harambee Market in Nairobi City County, Kenya. The study used descriptive research design. The study targeted a sample of 241 from a target population of 656 MSEs located in Kangemi Harambee market. Stratified random sampling was utilized in selecting the respondents for the study. Primary data was collected from the study respondents using questionnaires which wereself-administered and others researcher administered. Data was analyzed descriptively and presented through figures, tables, percentages, bar charts, arithmetic means, standard deviations, pie charts and tabulation to show differences in frequencies. Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) version 21.0 was used to aid in coding, entry and analysis of quantitative data obtained from the closed ended questions. The study revealed that the key challenges hindering micro and small enterprises from accessing credit facilities to be high cost of repayment, strict collateral requirements, unwillingness of people to act as guarantors, high credit facilities processing fees and short repayment period. Therefore it is recommended that financial institutions set more flexible, affordable and attractive requirements in financing micro and small enterprises.

      Reenu Jacob, Jayakumari Isac

Abstract: A new nano ceramic materialBSFT was prepared via a conventional solid state reaction technique and UV-VIS analysis of the sample was carried to study the optical properties. The band gap energy of the sample shows marked variation in their values with the increase in temperature. Tunable band gaps can be obtained by varying annealing temperatures. An exponentially varying absorption edge was observed and explained in terms of the Urbach’s tail. The refractive index was calculated and the results obtained also showed a systematic variation with temperature. The EDX measurements confirmed the composition of the sample.

      Mehdi S. Kaddory Al-Zubaidy

Abstract: World heritage sites are very vital cultural and natural areas that need to be effectively protected and improved in order to remain relevant and be used by future generations. UNESCO went ahead and shortlisted over 851 sites across the globe as being heritage sites of global stature. This was seen as a good effort aimed at recognizing and conserving the sites. However, these efforts are not enough. There have been efforts to manage these sites locally through following certain set standards or guidelines.

      Mbugua Stephen Kamunge, Dr. Agnes Njeru, Ondabu Ibrahim Tirimba

Abstract: It is generally accepted that SMEs are becoming increasingly important in terms of employment, wealth creation, and the development of innovation. However many problems encounter SMEs and as a result, many firms perform dismally and fail to grow. In addition it is generally known and accepted that there is a high mortality rate of SMEs within the first two years. Given this high failure rate, it becomes vital to research the factors required to enable the SMEs to survive and indeed progress to the growth phase of the organizational life cycle.

      Dr.R.Nagamani, Dr.Sridhar, Dr.P.Deepika

Abstract: Diabetes mellitus can present in 25% of patients with acromegaly, which is usually neither severe nor symptomatic, and can often be controlled with oral hypoglycemic agents. A subgroup of patients with acromegaly exhibit severe hyperglycemia and require insulin. Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) is rare.

      Deep Shrivastava

Abstract: Designing purpose of this Quad bike is to manufacture an off road vehicle that could help in transportation in hilly areas, farming field and as a reliable experience for a weekend enthusiast. In order to accomplish this task, different design aspects of a Quad Bike. vehicle were analyzed, and certain elements of the bike were chosen for specific focus. There are many facets to an off-road vehicle, such as the chassis, suspension, steering, drive-train, and braking, all of which require thorough design concentration. The points of the car I decided to specifically focus on were the chassis, drive-train, and suspension. The most time and effort went into designing and implementing these components of the vehicle because it was felt that they most dramatically effect the off-road driving experience. During the entire design process, consumer interest through innovative, inexpensive, and effective methods was always the primary goal

      Yen Phan, Anh Nguyen

Abstract: Medicinal plants contain bioactive compounds which are used for treatment of various human diseases.Phytochemicals have two categories i.e., primary and secondary constituents.Secondary metabolites are responsible for medicinal activity of plants. The phytochemical analysis of total extracts in water, ethanol, methanol, chloroform, hexane and ether extracts of Scopariadulcis L.were investigated. The phytochemical analysis revealed the presence of flavonoids, steroids, quinone, starch, cellulose, terpenoids, phenols, carbohydrates, fixed oil and fat, and saponins in varying solvents. This research seeks to investigate the presence phytochemical constituents as the possible agent responsible for the medicinal activities of the plant ScopariadulcisL.. This plant belongs to family Scrophulariaceae. The present study provides evidence that different solvents can extract different phytochemical constituents of Scopariadulcis L. The diversity of phytochemicals found suggests that Scopariadulcis L. could serve as a natural source of traditional medicine for treatment of various diseases.

      Padmavathi narahari , Pallela Narayana Someshwara Rao, Nidhi Sharma , S Navukkarasu, A Navaneeth , M Om Prakash , M Pavithra , P Pavithra

Abstract: India has been experiencing a nutritional transition in food choices from typical Indian diet into the fast- food pattern. Obesity in combination with unhealthy lifestyle such as smoking and physical inactivity may increase the risk of chronic diseases.We have focused on finding out the predictors of obesity among medical students using a questionnaire and the prevalence of obesity by BMI (Body-Mass Index) which is a weight to height ratio and is a sensitive indicator for finding out the prevalence of obesity

      Mayank Grover, B. Lohith Kumar, Isaac Ramalla

Abstract: More than 90% world’s power is being generated using electromagnets based on the faraday’s law of electro-magnetic induction. Many new technologies were discovered with time which led a drastic change in the perception of electric energy. But at the same time there is misconception of FREE ENERGY. Energy becomes free only at a point after which we don’t have to pay for power generation after commissioning the unit. By using the magnetic force of magnets continuous motion (Energy) is generated.

      Dr. Anju Dinkar, MD , Dr. Jitendra Singh MD , Dr. KK Gupta, MD , Dr. Saurabh Kumar

Abstract: Enteric fever (EF or typhoid) is a common infectious disease. It is a common cause of morbidity and hospital admission in developing countries like India. We report a case of Cholestatic Hepatitis secondary to enteric fever in a 42-year-old male who was admitted to our medical emergency unit with chief complaints of fever for 9 days followed by anorexia, abdominal discomfort and jaundice. He recovered completely to prompt administration of appropriate antibiotic therapy with supportive management.

      Sanjeev Kumar, Suresh Kumar, Manish Kumar, Shefali Gautam , Kanishk Shidhartha

Abstract: Tapeworm infection is major threat in many developing countries. Despite asymptomatic patients some develop serious conditions like intestinal obstruction. due to entangment of the worms which may leads to perforation which is a rare cause of acute abdomen. Taenia solium infection is caused by ingestion of undercooked pork meat containing cysticercus cellulose. Ileal perforation by taenia solium is very rarely reported condition in literature.

      Bhavna S Nambissan

Abstract: Ultra- small size transmit/ receive module is reported with regard to active phased arrays by the application of GaAs MMIC technique. This makes possible the production of Quad TRMs, while satisfying the basic requirements for transmit/ receive modules- wide band, high output power, low noise figure, small size and weight and low cost and sufficient gain in both transmit and receive. This paper focuses on the control of one such X-band QTRM using FPGA.

      Ibraheem M. A., Abdullah N .A ,Ghanim S.M

Abstract: The resources of economic environment is the available natural resources in the environmental ocean , which are in different forms and kinds, whether life or non life, renewable or non- renewable of the necessities of sustaining life and to achieve the natural stability according to a balanced perspective to contents of the ecosystem. The effective tools , mechanical of rational interaction with ecosystem is the human who has the scientific capacity and a mechanism a live dealing with life ocean in which they live , the environment and their protection are old , environment protection emerged and created in the eighties of the last century , more researches had focused on the relationship between the environment and economic development, then evolved into the concept of sustainable development, economic growth accompanied by mass production and urban development in the world which moves in fast form accompanied by depletion of natural resources and accompanied damage inflicting to global environmental ocean.

      Chin Yuet Meng, Puteri J Noor, Zubaidah Zakaria

Abstract: Chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) is a myeloproliferative neoplasm characterised by the presence of the Philadelphia (Ph) chromosome which is due to the reciprocal translocation, t(9;22)(q34;q11.2). The translocation results in the BCR-ABL1 fusion gene, encoding a constitutively active tyrosine kinase protein which causes the genesis of CML. About 5-10% of newly diagnosed Ph-positive CML patients have a variant translocation involving chromosomes 9 and 22, and one or more than one other chromosomes. The objectives of this study are to identify the chromosomes involved, breakpoints and additional chromosomal aberrations in variant Ph translocation. Conventional cytogenetic analysis is performed as a routine diagnostic test for all patients with hematological malignancies in our Cytogenetic Laboratory. Based on cytogenetic findings, 42 newly diagnosed CML patients with variant Ph translocation were selected for this study. Thirty nine patients (93%) had simple variant translocation and three patients (7%), complex variant translocation. Besides chromosomes 9 and 22, a total of 16 different chromosomes were involved in variant Ph translocation. The most frequently involved chromosomes were chromosomes 1 and 11. A total of 34 breakpoints were identified. Additional chromosomal abnormalities such as trisomies, translocations, and deletions were also observed. This shows that variant Ph translocations are very heterogeneous at the genetics level, with the involvement of different chromosomes and a diversity of breakpoints.

      Brahmane Jayant Shaligram

Abstract: The focus of this paper is to theoretically investigate about different organisational capabilities. Understanding about the organisational capability can support organisation to draft strategies and invest directly to the capabilities which has better outcome in terms of business performance. This study focuses on organizational capabilities such as innovation, supply chain management, manufacturingR&D,and marketing and their effect on organizational performance with strategic implications.Organisational capabilities show their presence through organisational processes and are source of competitive advantage. The focus of research is to investigate about marketing capability and associate its relevance in B2B setup.The model of organizational capability and market share as business performance outcome proposed in the paper is one of the useful platform to understand dynamic capability and implementation of capability to solve business bottlenecks. Paper focuses on theoretically conceptualizing and creating platform for research scholars for further extension of this research in the form of empirical study. It would also be useful for managers to benchmark their marketing strategies

      Deepa Malviya

Abstract: Automated Teller Machine (ATM) has been convenient approach than ever before for accessing bank’s account from anywhere anytime. Being an electronic telecommunication device, it helps customer to perform transactions/withdraw cash, make deposits & transfer funds by simply touching few buttons on screen without need for a cashier or bank teller. A survey showed that there is no proper security in withdrawing cash from ATM’s. There are no proper authentication methods applied for security during ATM transactions. In this paper, security approaches of ATM have been focused on, and has been improved using biometric based authentication technique i.e. , face recognition from 3 angles. One of the main motive is to diminish and tranquillize the effects of attacks to ATM by use of biometrics. The end result is strengthened biometric ATM system that will be a defending approach in coming year and will escalate the confidence of customer’s in banking sector.

      T.S.S.Jayawardana, M.Y.A. Perera, G.H.D.Wijesena

Abstract: Increased noise level with the technological advancement becomes a serious problem in the textile industry and it has become a crucial occupational hazard to its workers. Maximum noise level of some textile machines is as high as 95dB and locating many machines inside a single room causes to increase the cumulative noise level by at least 5dB beyond maximum noise level of a machine. So the noise level inside a textile factory is well above the limits specified by NIOSH and it amounts to be hazardous. This article analyzes the quality of noise and its distribution inside the factory. A mathematical model is developed to predict the noise distribution pattern and the model is validated with the noise data gathered following the standard methods. Economically viable noise control panels are designed and carry out a pilot implementation in order to prove the effectiveness of the noise control method experimentally. Further, authors present the potential applications of the proposed design and evaluate its usefulness.

      Ewelum, Johnson Nnadi (PhD)

Abstract: The central focus of this study was to ascertain the community education needs of community based organizations leaders in Anambra State of Nigeria. To guide this study, five research questions were posed. The study adopted a descriptive survey design. The population of the study comprised 1,701 executive members of the 189 registered community based organizations in the 21 local government areas that make up the three senatorial zones of Anambra State. The sample consisted of 1045 executive members of community based organizations selected through stratified random sampling. The internal consistency reliability coefficient obtained was 0.88.

      Aymen. A.Ahmed Imam, Mohammed AliBshir, Emad Eldeen A. A. Rahim

Abstract: To developthe concept of stacked set and fuzzy stacked set in the previous twopapers [1] and [2], also generalizethe idea ofstacked systems to becomemore comprehensivein addressingsimilarissues, and the addition ofsomealgebraicrelationsandalgebraicoperations, while maintaining thebasicshape of thestacked systems.

      R. Helen and R.Sumathi

Abstract: This paper deals branch and bound technique to solve single machine scheduling problem involving two processing times along with due date using Type-2 Trapezoidal fuzzy numbers. Our aim is to obtained optimal sequence of jobs and to minimize the total tardiness. The working of the algorithm has been illustrated by numerical example.

      R. Rajeswari

Abstract: Air transport being the most and the quickest mode of transport have been gaining popularity. However, the exorbitant rates have made it the mode of travel of the rich or of the business community for whom time is more expensive than air travel. The main objective of the study was to find out the customer satisfaction in airways in various objects like price, quality, services& source of booking.

      J. Kathiresan, N. Anbazhagan and K. Jeganathan

Abstract: This article considers a continuous review retrial inventory system at a service facility, wherein an item demanded by a customer is issued after performing service on the item. The arrival time points of customers form a Poisson process. The inventory replenished according to an policy and the lead times are assumed to follow an exponential distribution. The demands that occur during the stock out period or the server busy (regular or working vacation) are permitted to enter into the orbit of infinite size. When the inventory level is zero or no demands in the system or both, server goes to a working vacation which is exponentially distributed.

      Aditi Irkal, Prof. Monika Mishra

Abstract: Cloud Computing or in shorthand just the “cloud”, is a pool of resources, software and information that are accessed over a network (Internet). Cloud provides services based on “Pay for what you use” principle i.e., pay for only those resources used for a particular time. The information and services are provided to various computers and devices as utility (like electricity grid).

      Mila Karmilah, Wiendu Nuryanti, Nindyo Soewarno, Bakti Setiawan

Abstract: Kasongan it is very important village due to tourism that based on small scale entreprised, and after the earthquake hit Kasongan not only the village was collapse but also the small scale entreprised that people earn their living. This thesis discusses the involvement and participation of local communities in tourism development using a case study in Kasongan village. The research is guided by three research questions: (1) what are the views of local people towards community involvement in tourism development especially after the earthquake; (2) what are appropriate roles and participate of local people in tourism development; and (3) what are the views of the local people on the contribution of tourism development towards poverty alleviation.

      Himanshu, Kartik Upadhyay,Nitish Sehgal,Mohit Jaraut,Prince Gautam,Shubham Kalra,Prof. S.K Gupta

Abstract: This paper is about our attempt to merge Domestic Refrigerator and Air conditioner into a combined system such that an ordinary man can have a sound sleep which automatically increases his working productivity for the next day. Refrigerator has become a necessity of all households in 21st Century. As the country’s GDP is 8 to 9% and is likely to be 10%, hence the standard of living of common man is bound to be better. In all metropolitan cities, environment degradation due to automobile & other factors is on the rise, therefore the requirement of air-conditioner has already been felt. The motivation for the project comes from rising energy demands and hence its cost. As we all know that we are lacking of power resources, so this product will help us in tackling this problem as we are trying to make a personalized cooling system which will run at a very low cost that can be afforded by a common man.

      Miss Snehal K. Dekate, Prof. Jayant Adhikari, Prof. Sulbha Parate

Abstract: The enhancing data techniques are used in the user database for secure their database from other unauthorized user. This technique is useful for privacy preserving; securely share data among N number of parties. And also apply data mining approach on web service.

      Chetan S. Rawal, Dr. Anwar M. Mulla

Abstract: This paper deals with a DFIG model employing nine switches AC/AC converter. As compared to the conventional DFIG employing Back to Back power converter the nine switch converter requires fewer switches and gate drive circuits. Therefore proposed topology results in reduction of installation area and cost. The nine switch converter DFIG is applied to the wind turbine and integrated with the grid. The results reveal that even though change in wind speed occurred, the generator terminal voltage and frequency remain same. The generator output power follows the wind speed and delivers the more power to the grid.

      V. Magesh Babu, T. Shankar Ganesh, K. Ramraj

Abstract: In this modern world of communications, cryptography has an important role in the security of data transmission and is the best method of data protection against passive and active fraud. Cryptography is an algorithmic process of converting a plain text or clear text message to a cipher text or cipher message based on an algorithm that both the sender and receiver know. There are a number of algorithms for performing encryption and decryption, but comparatively few such algorithms have stood the test of time. The most successful algorithms use a key. In this paper, we may gain knowledge about the cryptography algorithms and its role in Encryption and Decryption.

      Khyati K. Choksi, Devansh D. Patel, Vidhi M. Joshi, Shrenik k. shah

Abstract: Since the surge of interest in renewable-energy alternatives to liquid fossil fuels hit in 2004/5, the possibility of growing Jatropha curcas for the purpose of producing biofuel has attracted the attention of investors and policy-makers worldwide. The seeds of jatropha contain non-edible oil with properties that are well suited for the production of biodiesel. Today, rural communities continue to use it for its medicinal value and for local soap production. India and many countries in Africa use the jatropha plant as a living hedge to keep out grazing livestock.

      Asst. Prof. Mehul J. Bhavsar, Asst. Prof. Kavita N. Choksi, Asst. Prof. Sejal K. Bhatt, Shrenik K. Shah

Abstract: In R.C. buildings, frames are considered as main structural elements, which resist shear, moment and torsion effectively. These frames are subjected to variety of loads, where lateral loads are always predominant. Infrastructures of Gulf countries are always remarkable as they mostly follow EURO standards for construction development. In view of the demand of such codes across the developing countries like India, an attempt is made to compare EURO standards with Indian standards using structural software.

      Najia Moukrad, Fouzia Rhazi Filali, Ikram Daou and Omar Zegaoui

Abstract: In this study, the zinc oxide prepared from three different precursors: zinc sulfate hepta hydrate, zinc nitrate hexahydrate and zinc acetate dihydrate, has been tested on the germination of Lepidium sativum seeds. Radicles growth of selected seeds responded differently to the treatment of various oxides synthesized. The results show a very significant inhibitory effect on the germination and the growth of rootlets observed in the case of ZnO synthesized from zinc sulfate heptahydrate, compared to the control and other oxides prepared from zinc nitrate or acetate zinc. We found that, after a week of incubation in the presence of ZnO synthesized from zinc sulfate, 65% inhibition of seed germination, the length of the radicles Lepidium sativum decreased almost 90 to 100% and the inhibitory action of this oxide is irreversible after cessation of treatment.

      Dinesh Kumar Sharma, RikitaMaheshwari, AyushiKhandelwal, Himanshu Solanki

Abstract: In today’s world safety and security plays an important role; hence in this paper we propose a realistic automation and monitoring system for our homes and living places. It includes centralize control of lighting, temperature and other resources to provide better convenience, comfort and energy efficiency with reliable automation. It is the arrangement of electronics and computer technology that fulfills all the requirements for a monitoring system. The application of serial communication is provided in the system to enhance the reliability and feasibility of the system.

      Anikesh Tripathi, Amit Medhavi

Abstract: Numerical simulation has become an important tool in the rolling industry. The use of two dimensional rolling model is quite common in Aluminum industries. In the present work A two dimensional elasto-plastic Finite Element model for hot rolling of an Aluminum plate has been developed. This model is used to study the behavior of the material under different values of coefficient of friction, roller diameter and initial thickness of the plate for attaining a specified final thickness of the rolled plate. The effect of coefficient of friction, initial thickness of plate and roller radius on maximum stress, equivalent plastic strain and reaction force has been studied. The current work has been carried out using the Finite Element software ABAQUS 6.10 (Explicit).

      Lucas Wilson

Abstract: Hankow Reef off the coast of Madang Province, New Guinea has been linked to a large eruption at a former island known as ‘Yomba’ by legends told by people living in the Madang province. However some doubts have been made about the accuracy of their comments. I present evidence for a low-lying volcanic island that may have existed at Hankow Reef and its links to the Yomba stories.

      Thelma DS. Cruz

Abstract: “Mathematics is the language of Physics”. This is the actual scenario of how Physics has to be taught by the teacher and be learned by the students through using formula, equations and analysis.

      S.Franklin John, Gunaseelan

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to find the influence of demographic variables and service quality dimensions.In order to investigate levels of satisfaction and loyalty of banking portfolio(products and services),a questionnaire was submitted to a random sample of NRI bank customers interviewed by trained student Volunteers outside the banks in a Coimbatore city in the south of India. The data were collected in one month during the time in which people usually go to Banks (from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 1 to 3 p.m.)150 customers were contacted while leaving the bank. 30 questionnaires were received with required coverage details.

      Poonam Barge, R.K. Malviya and Nitesh Parmar

Abstract: The review is concerned with the transfer of oxygen from air to a wastewater subjected to biological aerobic treatment. Oxygen transfer from gaseous to the liquid phase, is a vital part of a number of wastewater treatment processes, such as activated sludge process which is totally depend on the availability of sufficient quantity of oxygen. This paper is a study of oxygen transfer rate, efficiency, capacity and their kinetics on aeration system. Apart from this the study shows how the sludge retention time and the oxygen uptake rate is depend on the temperature of wastewater of sewage treatment plant. The standard oxygen transfer rate is the decisive factor in the dimensioning of activated sludge process used in STP Plants. It depends on the required oxygen uptake rate by micro-organisms. This review discuss about the dependency of oxygen transfer rate on the temperature of wastewater.

      Asif Ansari, Prof Sachin Bojewar

Abstract: In this paper we glance through the various approaches used by the researchers to develop an automatic timetable using Genetic algorithms. The optimized genetic algorithm can be used with the heuristic approach to design and develop the timetable of an institute. At stake during the process of development, the stakeholders are the professors and the students. The efficient utilization of the infrastructure is the main aim of the authors. The crossover, mutation and the fitness function is to be calculated for the implementation. In genetic algorithm every individual are characterized by a fitness function. After analysis if there is higher fitness then it means better solution and then after based on their fitness, parents are selected to reproduce offspring for a new generation where fitter individuals have more chance to reproduce. The objective of the work is to create a model used to generate the acceptable schedule using probabilistic operators

      G.Prasad, N.Vasantha

Abstract: The process of hardware – software co-design of satellite data acquisition system is described. The hardware components are targeted to execute on a reconfigurable hardware coprocessor which communicates with a host computer that executes the software tasks. Control of the data flow between device interfaces, processing blocks and memories in a data acquisition system is complex in hardware implementation.. With growing computational needs, high design and NRE costs of ASICs, FPGA based co-processor has become a viable alternative. The main objective of our co-design methodology is the usage of hardware designing of algorithms, simulation and synthesis.

      Sanjeev Kumar, G K Aneja, Arvind Trivedi, V Atam, S N Shankhwar, Ajay Panwar, Pradeep Kumar

Abstract: Insulin resistance is characterized by a subnormal response to a given concentration of insulin and can be measured indirectly by a fasting insulin level. The prevalence of diabetes continues to grow worldwide, disease-related morbidity and mortality is emerging as major healthcare problems. Clearly, type 2 diabetes has a strong genetic component. Diabetic–nephropathy is the leading cause of end stage renal disease (ESRD) in US and a leading cause of diabetes mellitus related morbidity and mortality. Nephropathy complicates approximately 30% of type 2 diabetic patients. However no study has been performed that compared the HbA1c in type II diabetes mellitus with nephropathy to without nephropathy. Therefore aim of this study was to evaluate the glycosylated hemoglobin and their association with diabetic nephropathy in a western Uttar Pradesh.

      Guangling Tian Houjun He, Weisong Wang

Abstract: In this study, we detected Torque teno sus virus 1(TTSuV 1) in blood samples obtained from pigs in Jiangnan area of China, also characterized complete genomes of TTSuV 1. Genomes of TTSuV1 were obtained to examine the diversity and evolution of swine TTVs. The results suggest that JX TTSuV1 strain have a different sequence identity between 67.7% to 97.7% , and shared the highest identity (97.7%) with the Japan strain (AB076001).

      N.Sharmila Kumari, Santhosh Kumari, Apoorva.D

Abstract: Mobile ad-hoc network (MANET) is one of the most important fields for development of wireless network. A mobile ad hoc network is an autonomous collection of mobile devices like laptops, mobiles, sensors, etc. MANET is an emerging technology and have great strength to be applied in critical situations in military battlefields and commercial applications such as building traffic system, MANET is infrastructure less, with no any centralized controller exist. So one of the major challenges wireless mobile ad-hoc networks face today is security, because no central controller exists. There are many security attacks in MANET and DDOS (Distributed denial of service) is one important attack in MANET.

      Dr.R.Nagamani, Dr.S.Manohar, Dr.Manasa

Abstract: Malignant melanoma is the leading cause of death due to skin disease. Malignant melanoma is known to metastasize to different organs of the human body with an unusual predilection for the gastrointestinal tract. Gastrointestinal invasion is a rare condition and is often associated with the invasion of other visceral organs.

      Prof. Saurajit pattnaik, Dr. Amit Dahiya, Dr. Ritesh Roy

Abstract: Mobile phones have been the source of communication within the hospital. Mobile phones can act as an important source of microorganism capable of causing nosocomial infections, however in surgeons mobile they can be more devastating by acting as an important source of surgical site infections

      Prof. Saurajit pattnaik, Dr. Amit Dahiya, Dr. Ritesh Roy

Abstract: Mobile phones have been the source of communication within the hospital. Mobile phones can act as an important source of microorganism capable of causing nosocomial infections, however in surgeons mobile they can be more devastating by acting as an important source of surgical site infections

      P.Sushma, Asiya Naaz, D.V.H.S.Sarma, R.Shireesha

Abstract: A high proportion of women in both industrialized and developing countries become anaemic during pregnancy. Estimates from the World Health Organization (WHO) report that from 35% to 75% of pregnant women in developing countries and 18% of women from industrialized countries are anaemic (2). Many of these women were already anaemic at the time of conception, with an estimated prevalence of anaemia of 43% in non pregnant women in developing countries and of 12% in women in wealthier regions (2). The prevalence of iron deficiency is far greater than the prevalence of anaemia and iron deficiency. In pregnancy, anaemia has a significant impact on the health status of both mother and fetus. Nutritional anaemia is the most widespread nutritional disorder in the world affecting 30 percent world population. It is more common among the expectant mothers. According to Agarwal, maternal anaemia resulted in 12 to 28 percent of fetal loss, 30 percent of perinatal and 7 to 10 percent of neonatal deaths (2). The remaining births have about 50% chance resulting in a low birth weight.

      Miss. Ambekari Tabassum Dawood, Mrs A.N.Mulla

Abstract: With the great increase in the usage of computer networks, the risk of having these network to be under attacks have been increased. Number of techniques have been created and designed to help in detecting and/or preventing such attacks. One common technique is the use of Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS). Today, number of open sources and commercial IDS are available to match enterprises requirements. However, the performance of these systems is still the main concern. This paper examines perceptions of intrusion detection architecture implementation, resulting from the use of graphics processor. It discusses recent research activities, developments and problems of operating systems security. Some exploratory evidence is presented that shows capabilities of using graphical processors and intrusion detection systems. The focus is on how knowledge experienced throughout the graphics processor inclusion has played out in the design of intrusion detection architecture.

      Ujjwal Kumar, M Chilambarasan, D Dinesh Kumar

Abstract: This work presents a control strategy of a dynamic voltage restorer (DVR) to improve the doubly fed induction generator (DFIG) based wind turbine in case of fault. The application of a dynamic voltage restorer (DVR) connected to a doubly fed induction generator (DFIG) based wind-turbine-driven is investigated.Voltage in faulty line can be compensated using DVR, while nominal operation of DFIG wind turbine is continued as demanded in actual grid codes.

      Soo Jeong Kwon, Swapan Kumar Roy, Kab Yeon Cho, Young Ja Moon, Sun Hee Woo and Hag Hyun Kim

Abstract: This study was conducted to find out the effective induction method of tetraploid plants to obtain potential data for cultivating superior varieties by colchicine treatment. The seed germination was decreased by the higher concentration of colchicine treatment and longer soaking time. A total of 907 individuals were germinated in 16 treated plots except control (untreated plot) and 28 tetraploids were induced which was about 3.1% of the number of seed germinated. The plant regeneration rate by colchicine treatment on explant of Prunella vulgaris for. albiflora Nakai under in vitro culture was decreased with the higher concentration of colchicine. While a total of 312 individuals were regenerated in all treatments, the explant was soaked in more than 0.05% for over 1 hour, tetraploid could be obtained. In particular, for the soaking treatment in 0.05% for 6 hours and 12 hours, 37 tetraploids were induced, which was about 57.8% of the number of plant regenerated

      Varun Nathan, Shanmukha Sreenivas

Abstract: Aggregate annual production of made tea in India is empirically analyzed in this study using time series analysis techniques. Important factors affecting tea production are identified and modeled using Vector Autoregressive (VAR) model taking two variables at a time of which one is production, the variable of interest.

      C.Loganathan & K.V.Girija

Abstract: This paper discusses the performance of proposed learning method of Hybrid Back Propagation Neuro fuzzy Method (BPN) and Runge-Kutta Learning Method(RKLM). The proposed learning method is evaluated in the application of cancer classification. First, a classifier is trained with a part of samples in the cancer data set. Then one uses the trained classifier to predict the samples in the rest of the dataset to evaluate the effectiveness of the classifier. The analysis of the cancer classification using Hybrid Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) is explained in this paper.

      Md. Shareful Hassan, Syed Mahmud-ul-islam

Abstract: Water-logging is one of the major environmental problems and challenges of socio-economic development in the south-western part of Bangladesh. In this research paper, Jessore district of Khulna division was selected as the study area to detect water-logging and damaged agriculture lands. To carry out this detection, Landsat imageries from 1972, 1989 and 2014 were used. A post classification comparison of change detection was followed to calculate transformation of water and agriculture in the study area. About 32830 hectare lands were extracted as waterlogged areas, which is 13% of the total land. Moreover, agriculture has been decreased while water bodies have upward trend. In this analysis, a multi-regression analysis was performed using Upazila wise water-logged as independent variable and Upazila wise damaged agriculture lands as dependent variable. This result shows a strong correlation between waterlogged and damaged areas, which was 93% at 95% confidence level with P value < 0.5. The overall accuracy assessment for water and agriculture were 92%, 91% and 95% in 1972, 1989 and 2014 respectively.

      Pandey P L, Kankal S B, Jadhav M V

Abstract: Excess of copper in drinking water is significantly toxic to human being and ecological environments. Various treatment technologies for copper removal from industrial and municipal waste water effluents has been investigated in past. In the present study batch adsorption studies were carried out for adsorption of Cu by using natural cheap agro waste such as Syzygium Cumini L for removal of copper from aqueous solution. The effects of initial metal concentration, Dose, pH, contact time on the removal on Cu have been studied. Results indicate that contact time of 360 min is sufficient to achieve equilibrium at different concentrations. Determination of Cu was done using Atomic absorption spectrophotometer. The peak percentage adsorption of Cu was attained at pH 7.0.Adsorption parameters were determined using both Langmuir, Freundlich and Temkin isotherms, but the experimental data were better fitted to Langmuir equation than to Freundlich and Temkin equation.

      N. C. Das, B. K. Dutta, D.C.Ray

Abstract: Sclerotium rolfsii Sacc. is known to be a serious pathogen on many crops of economic importance. This pathogen is the major constraint in successful cultivation of most of the cash crops in Barak Valley. The present investigation was carried out to evaluate the potential of six systemic fungicides (i.e. Propiconazole 25% EC, Hexaconazole 5% EC, Mycobutanil 10% WP, Thiophanate Methyl 70% WP, Tebuconazole 25.9 m/m EC & Carbendazim 50%WP); three non-systemic fungicides(i.e. Captaf, Mancozeb 75%WP & Copper oxychloride) and three combo fungicides(i.e. Metalaxyl 8% +Mancozeb 64% , Carbendazim 12% + Mancozeb 63% & Carboxin 37.5% + Thiram 37.5%). These fungicides were evaluated at different concentrations (i.e. 1, 10, 50 and 100 ppm), except copper-oxychloreide (contact) at 0.1%, 0.25%, 0.5% and 1.00% on the growth of Sclerotium rolfsii in Potato dextrose agar (PDA) medium using poisoned food technique, in vitro. The result shows that the effect of hexaconazole (systemic) has been highly effective in suppressing radial expansion as well as percent inhibition of the fungus at all the concentrations used followed by Carboxin 37.5% + Thiram 37.5%(combo Fungicide) and tebuconazole (systemic). The results suggest that some of these fungicides may be tried against S. rolfsii in susceptible crop plants (i.e. brinjal) under field condition.

      Pawankumar Pathak, Nileshkumar Jaiswal, Tejal Hagawane, Pooja Pomane

Abstract: In last few years industries are facing a major problem in field of testing their final finished produce especially in the field of automobiles. Efficiency of the vehicles is affected when the parts are not tested properly. Hence the selection and rejection of this automobile part for the further implementation of automotive is needed. We are presenting our research paper on developing intelligence in machine so as to make machine to do accurate analysis and on the basis of this analysis machine is able to take accurate and correct decision regarding sorting of defective and non defective washers. Neural network technique which is part of pattern recognition is used to implement artificial intelligence in the machine. These technique is synthesized using MATLAB. hence we are providing the most promising solution for fast and accurate sorting technique for washers.

      Rajesh Kumar Roshan Lal Vivek Bhuchar

Abstract: The term social support can be talked in terms of relationships that how much and to what level can it fit in relationships. The social support includes the help and assistance that one need from friends, family at any time of need, crisis so as to inculcate the positive self image. It not only improves the quality of life but also helps during adverse times. The self esteem means self image that buffers and improves upon one’s beliefs. It is a personality trait which remains stable and is permanent in nature.

      A.G.Gokula Kumar, R.Thiyagarajan, N.Sripriya

Abstract: Sensor networks are quite different from traditional networks in different ways: sensor networks have severe energy concerns, redundant low-rate data, and many-to-one flows. Routing protocols developed for other adhoc networks cannot be applied directly in WSN because of the energy constraint of the sensor nodes. Data-centric technologies are needed to perform in-network aggregation of data to yield energy-efficient dissemination. Sensor networks are used in many applications like environment monitoring, health, industrial control units, military applications and in the various computing environments. Since sensor the entire sensor node are battery powered devices, energy consumption of nodes during transmission or reception of packets affects the life-time of the entire network. In this paper we model data-centric routing and compare its performance with traditional end-to-end routing schemes.

      Nivedita Grover, Isha Tyagi

Abstract: The concept of forensic science is not a new one in India , though it’s the application was not known by our Indian the use of fingerprint which was also known as ‘Trija” by the illiterates was induced centuries ago as it was known at that time as well that the same are inimitable. ancestors in the present scientific form but its detailed reference can been seen from our literature written 2300 years ago like the Kautilya’s Arthashastra.

      PreetiRawat, Soniya Rajput, ManushreeGautam,SachinTammannavar

Abstract: OBJECTIVE: Study of Various ocular trauma scores and its effect on prognosis using a prospective study. MATERIAL AND METHODS: Studied 30 eyes in 30 patients with open globe injury underwent full history taking and ophthalmic examination at the time of presentation in our institute. patients were graded by using Ocular Trauma Score (OTS) , Ocular Trauma Severity Score (OTSS) and ISOT Score. Outcome measure was final visual acuity (six month after the primary surgical procedure). The significance of various scoring scales in relation to final visual acuity was assessed.

      Chouhan, Preeti; Vidhya Sankar M. and Vijay Rathor

Abstract: It can be concluded from the investigation that the application of N, P, K and their interaction significantly improves the physiological as well as bio-chemical parameters in gladiolus. The application of N2P¬2K2 (4.5:2.7:2.25 g/plant) was observed to be the best in respect of vase life of spike, earliest first flower bud appearance, number of florets per spike and longest vase life of spike and highest nitrogen content in leaves. The application of N2P¬2K1 (4.5:2.7:1.8 g/plant) was found to be the best in respect of longest duration of flowering, the maximum number of spikes per plant, maximum length of spike, maximum diameter of florets, maximum length of florets, the maximum chlorophyll content in leaves, anthocyanin content in petals and potassium content in leaves and N2P¬1K1 (4.5:1.8:1.8 g/plant) was found to be the best in respect of high phosphorus content in leaves.

      Vaishnav D. Gharat, Vikrant V. Shertukade

Abstract: A simple and green protocol is developed for Aza Michael reaction of aromatic amine with activated olefins in water as a green solvent by using recyclable polymer supported copper acetate as a catalyst.

      Mohammed A. Faggal , Daniel Lazard

Abstract: Formulas are given for solving by radicals every solvable quintic or septics. The formula for the quintics are much shorter than the preceding ones, while the formula for the septics seems the first published one. Instead of using resolvent as the preceding papers on this subject, this paper uses the factorization of the polynomials whose roots are the sum of two different roots of the input (for the quintics) or the sum of three different roots of the input (for the septics).

      Taibat Abdullahi Manga, Ishaq Danbauchi Sanchi, Damana Bamaiyi Senchi and Musa Dantani Baba

Abstract: This study examined rural women’s constraints to participation in IFAD/CBARDP on poverty reduction in Kebbi State Nigeria. Multi-stage random sampling technique was used to select a total of one hundred and (120) beneficiaries (Rural Women). Interview schedule was the main tool used for data collection while descriptive statistics (frequency distribution and percentages) were used to analyse the data. The result showed that the mean age of the respondents was 40 years, 69% were married, the average household size of the beneficiaries was 10 persons, 95% of the beneficiaries did not have formal education,

      Hassan Alaaraj, Fatimah Wati Ibrahim

Abstract: E-readiness of governments has become a vital policy tool for all countries since it enhances the trust of the citizens through applying the principles of good governance. Recently, e-readiness is becoming more accepted at the level of governments, organizations and citizens especially in the growing global open market. However, e-readiness has turned into a core feature of the international socio-economic development due to its ability to transform the society including the movement from traditional relations to more modern ways of thinking or dealing with health, education and production. This paper presents the different international organizations that have developed a variety of e-readiness models to participate in the global digital economy at the level of e-commerce, e-government and general ICT diffusion. Moreover, the paper provides classifications of the assessment models of e-readiness as e-economy and e-society assessment tools, the methods of quantitative and qualitative pictures and finally the area of focus whether it is macro or micro. In line with this, governments should prepare inventive and realistic e-government projects as providing online services. Thus, such assessment tools are fundamental to achieve substantial progress at the level of e-government, e-commerce, e-education, e-health and e-science that constitute the information society.

      C.K. Lee and F. A. Abdul Halim

Abstract: The rise in global oil demand along with current environmental crisis; global warming and climate mitigation has been a serious issue. Thus, the need for an alternative fuel from renewable resources that promotes sustainability is vital to replace our dependence on fossil fuel. High sugar content in Oil Palm Frond Juice (OPFJ) indicates its potential as a feedstock in ethanol fermentation. Two strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae; SA79 and HC10 are screened for high fermentation efficiency. Percentage yield bioethanol revealed that S. cerevisiae HC10 (55.72%) was proven a better strain than S. cerevisiae SA79 (43.19%). A growth profile of S. cerevisiae HC10 was performed in 60 h time period with 6 h interval sampling time. Specific growth rate (µ) and doubling time (td) of 0.037h-1 and 18.7h, respectively shows that S. cerevisiae HC10 fermentation of OPFJ is industrially applicable.

      Dr. Naveed Shibli, Inas Hasan, Ayesha Shakeel, Sundas Shakeel, Siara Yousaf, Mehmood Iqbal

Abstract: How a test measuring anxiety could be used to study examination anxiety was the focus of present study? Dr. OZ’s Anxiety Scale Test was used to assess examination/test anxiety among 60 college students including 30 male and 30 female subjects. The results revealed that Dr. OZ’s Anxiety Scale Test successfully depicts examination/test anxiety among subjects, moreover, the test also reflected gender based examination/test anxiety among subjects.

      Sanjeev Kumar, G K Aneja, Arvind Trivedi, V Atam, Abhishek Singh, Neetu Verma Ajay Panwar, Pradeep Kumar

Abstract: Cardiovascular diseases like congestive heart failure, coronary artery disease, myocardial infarction account for highest mortality in diabetic patient. Left ventricular hypertrophy which is an ominous prognostic sign and independent risk factor for cardiac events is often present along with left ventricular diastolic dysfunction (LVDD) in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients. the aim of the present study is to verify whether HbA1c detect pre-clinical diastolic dysfunction in type-2 diabetic patients. Total 100 patients of newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes mellitus were selected for this cross sectional study. Patients of age between 30 to 60 yrs were selected for the study.

      Aditya P. Tapaswi, Pratik P. Nashikkar, Rohit S. Barge, Aniket M. Shinde, Prof. Pramod Patil

Abstract: Invention of wireless network has brought up drastic change in networking. Mobile Ad hoc NETwork (MANET) has been evolved as one of the promising technology based on implementation of wireless network. Providing mobility, flexible infrastructure, fast and low cost deplyoment are the key features of MANET. MANET is being most widely used wireless technology has limited security against network attacks. Dynamic configurability adds flexibility to MANET but it makes it vulnerable to attacks like DoS, Wormhole, Man-In-Middle Attack, IP Spoofing Attacks.

      Suryanarayan P, Navneet Jain, Ashok P.

Abstract: Published studies have shown variation in sizes and angles of various anthropometric measurement namely tibial torsion, proximal femur geometry, distal femur and proximal tibia dimensions etc. This is an anthropometric study of proximal tibia and distal femur to identify variations in the subset of Indian population undergoing total knee replacement.

      Jamaluddin Ibrahim, Rafidah Chee Ros, Nurul Faatihah Sulaiman, Roszaini Che Nordin, & Li Ze Yuan

Abstract: Science and technologies contribute to the development and improvement of various activities globally. One of those activities is a day to day business such as household selling; home based, kitchen needs and utilities, wedding door gifts and souvenirs, flower arrangements/bouquets, artworks, cloth, scarf and varieties of other products. In this paper we aim to explore the positive impact of the smartphone application for online business. The usage of smartphone applications such as WhatsApp and Facebook has contributed enormously to especially online business. Research has been conducted using informal interview, questionnaire, and online survey based on question develop by researcher. The respondents consist of 100 targeted participants which involves university students, housewives, and random public at various places. The outcome indicates that the smartphone application has given the positive impact to the online business which can help to develop business success.

      Vernotico L., Picca D., Calculli L., Proto F. , Valentini N., Covelli V.

Abstract: This report is the result of a teamwork of the Unità Operativa di Medicina Iperbarica (Op. Unit of Hyp. Med.) and of the Unità Operativa di Anestesia e Rianimazione (Intensive Care Unit) of the S. Paolo Hospital (Bari, Italy). Purpose of this work is to make a close examination of the literature about cervico-mediastinal gangrene and to illustrate the management in emergency of a septic complication from a tonsillar abscess: the cervico mediastinal gangrene also called descending necrotizing mediastinitis (D.N.M.) (case report).

      Mohammed Adem (MSc) , Habtamu Worku (MA, MSc) , Dessalegn Beyene (MSc)

Abstract: This study examines the constraints and growth potentials of micro and small enterprises. To undertake this study primary data were collected through well-structured and self-administered questionnaire to a sample of 85 micro and small-scale enterprises operated in Mekelle City. In order to explore the relationship between the explanatory variables with the dependent variable different econometric models like multiple regression to examine the growth of MSEs is associated with diffrent constraints and logit model to analyzes how and to what extent the operators’ socio-economics characterstics affect the income growth potential of enterprises were applied.

      Galketiya KB, Pinto V

Abstract: In thoracoscopy, there is a requirement for provision of adequate space to identify the anatomy and instrumentation for dissection. To obtain space lung is collapsed and the collapsed lung has to be retracted away from the field of dissection. This could be done with retractors which will need additional ports and assistants. Some of the procedures are traditionally being done as lateral decubitus position. We have used supine or prone positioning for the lung to fall away from the surgical field. Supine position for anterior and superior mediastinal procedures and prone position for posterior medistinal procedures were used. The use of gravity to retract lung by positioning provided space, which is a major requirement for the success and safety of the surgery. There were no derangements observed in the physiological stability in supine or prone positions.

      Galketiya KB, Pinto V

Abstract: To map out the path way from open pancreatico duodenectomy to complete laparoscopic resection detailing the situations which necessitated conversion to the open surgery at different stages of the procedure.

      L.Annapurna, P.Jalapathi

Abstract: New Heterocyclic systems namely derivatives (a-d) have been synthesized via reaction of - and 4-hydroxy-1-methyl-3-((E)-3-morpholino or piperidin-1-yl or 4-phenylpiperazin-1- yl or 4-(4-methoxyphenyl)piperazin-1-yl )acryloyl)quinolin-2(1H)-one (3a-d) derivatives and 2-amino thiophenol by using benzyl tri ethyl ammonium chloride in good yields. Some of the compounds have shown good anti inflammation activity.

      Lateef Ahmad Mir

Abstract: The paper exposes the economic viability of the Indian tourism industry by employing secondary data taken from various national and international reports, journals, books, magazines and other pertinent literature of this discipline. The Indian tourism industry is playing an important role in economic development of many sectors of our economy by generating employment both for skilled and unskilled labour force, by improving living standard, particularly of remote rural areas , foreign exchange earnings, infrastructure development, and boosts the world famous Indian traditional Art and craft. Tourism is an important catalyst in the socio-economic development of both rural and urban areas since the last two decades, contributing in several ways and strengthens the inter-connected processes. Tourism industry has potential to strengthen the inclusive economic development. It is a limitless industry with immense growth potential having clear remarkable positive impact on economic and social aspects of Indian economy.

      Sajjad Ur Rahman, Zeenat Afroze, Mohammed Tareq

Abstract: A few decades ago, usage of computer was so tough and complicated that none but scientists could use it. But now with the passage of time and to cope with the demand of our every sphere of life, usage of computer has become so easy that everyone can use it. At present, mouse or keyboard is being used to interact with the computer. But sometimes it seems uncomfortable because people don’t want to get off from where they are sitting or lying. This paper proposed a technique for man-machine interaction which is based on gesture recognition using openCV technology which provides basic data structures for image processing with most favorable efficiency [1]. A hand image is taken as input to detect the hand easily in this system. In this paper, all the hand gesture images are captured from a single web camera. The proposed algorithm also helps to locate the palm and fingertip in hand gesture.

      S S Panda, Aliva P. Minz and N K Dhal

Abstract: The opencast mining has resulted to destruction of habitats which is essential for maintaining ecological balance. In the present study, attempts have been made to assess the floristic composition and biomass accumulation of ground flora. The study revealed that the number of tree species was low in all the mining sites. The present study designed to explore the floristic composition of the Lajkura coal mining area, Jharsuguda and to analyze the impact of coal mining on plant diversity. The record of plant species was organized on the source of field trips conducted in winter, summer and monsoon during the year 2013-14. A total of 144 plant species (36 tree, 36 herbs, 34 shrubs, 17 small tree, 11 climber, 8 grasses and 2 rhizomes) were documented. Dominant families were Apocynaceae, Fabaceae, Moraceae, Poaceae, Euphorbiaceae, Asteraceae and Lamiaceae.

      Kulani Wijayabahu

Abstract: India has used its own potentials and capabilities in terms of culture, religion, economy and politics since Indu-Nimna civilization as means of its soft power. Even though India has successfully applied its soft power within the region; she has not successfully extent its power beyond the region to encompass other states in the world. On the other hand the United States of America (USA) has succeeded to embrace the world although they have a more brief history and un-unique history compared with India. In fact, it is obvious that soft power of the United States is being used throughout the world since the independence concurrently with comprehensive understanding of the current phenomena. Therefore, the main intention of this research paper is to investigate reasons and challenges of India being unable to become a hegemonic power in the world. Apart from that, this anticipates to analyze the practice of American soft power as a successful bench mark according to Joseph Nye’s view as a comparative study together with India.

      Vandana R. Patil, Ramesh R. Manza

Abstract: It is important to identify plant species because plants has variety of medicinal and healthy food properties. Several methods have been introduced by researchers to identify objects . Shape is an important aspects in identifying plants. Moment invariants have been most probably used as features extraction for shape recognition. Moment invariants are computed based on the contours and interior portion of leaf. In this research three method were studied to identify plants using shape features was accomplished. Out of them two approaches i.e zernil moments and polar transforms were never been used in plat identification.

      Sumit Bhojane, A. A. Agarkar

Abstract: Use of wireless sensor network (WSN) has resulted in many revolutionary changes in human life. But research community has not been able to create a common platform which will enable the implementation of different range of applications easy using that platform. “SWiFiNet” is task distributed reusable system architecture. In this architecture complex functionality has been transfer to the second tire devices of the system. This survey paper aims to analyze various reusable wireless sensor networks and concept related to “SWiFiNet”.

      Kisumbe, L ;Sanga, D ;Kasubi, J.W

Abstract: The paper presents an analysis on human resources utilization and the need to re-balance the realization of organizational and employee’s objectives. A sample of 40 employees was drawn for the purpose of the study of which 10 respondents were drawn from Local Government Training Institute (LGTI) and 30 from Prime Minister’s Office-Region Administration and Local Government (PMO-RALG). Questionnaires and interview guides were employed in collecting primary data. Also, secondary data were collected from various sources with the aim of identifying the gaps to fill in. The data were analyzed through the use of SPSS version 11.0.

      Kasubi, J.W, Kisumbe, A, L and Danford, S

Abstract: The study intended to analyze the optimum solution to enhance utilization of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) services to the grassroots community in Dodoma Municipal Council (DMC) in Tanzania. The specific objectives of this study were to: identify the availability and use of ICT infrastructures for service delivery at grassroots level; identify possible Local Government Authorities (LGAs) services/products offered through the use of ICT services; identify challenges that LGAs face in using ICT infrastructures for service delivery and recommend the best solution to enhance utilization of ICT services to the grassroots community for efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery to the grassroots community.

      Kisumbe, L ; Sanga, D. and Kasubi, J. W

Abstract: The paper investigated on an assessment of decentralization and its implication on pro-poor service delivery for primary education and basic health services for more than a decade ago. The services are delivered by the local government authorities, institutions that are closets to service beneficiaries. The study relied on secondary data to assess decentralization and its impacts on pro-poor service delivery. Decentralization related documents were reviewed and documented to synthesize the implication of decentralization in service delivery. It was noted that government of Tanzania has taken various notable steps to improve service delivery to beneficiaries. The steps included inter-aria:- amendment of the laws to incorporate decentralization aspects; establishment of opportunities and obstacles to development; a participatory planning methodology used by local government, abolishing school fees in primary education in order to enhance accessibility and affordability for all even the poor segment of the society and the exemption in health service provision for old people, expectant mothers and children aimed at pro-poor service delivery.

      Feras Qawasmeh, Abdulhadi Tahir, Haris Tresnjo, Amina Zilic, Jamaludin Ibrahim

Abstract: One of the important services that universities currently depend on is a student portal where Students can check information related to their study and affairs. This service is one of the knowledge management tools. This article compares the student portal performance of the Graduate School of Management (GSM) and International Islamic University- Malaysia (IIUM). GSM belongs to IIUM but their administrations and student portals are totally different. Many complaints have been raised against some of their student portals’ services. This article has examined whether student portal users played their role to provide feedback to the administrators or not.

      Chalchissa Amentie and Emnet Negash

Abstract: Female entrepreneurship is considered an important tool in enabling female empowerment and emancipation. The main objective of this study is to investigate female undergraduate students’ attitudes toward and perceptions of entrepreneurship (Comparison Ethiopian Public and Private Universities). In the light of recent world events, this has become a crucial area to study and understand – especially with respect to, attitudes toward entrepreneur, motivations, constraints and consequences. The reason why final year female undergraduates are chosen for the current study is because they are at a period in their career development where they are considering different career routes and are therefore, a potential source of future female entrepreneurs. For research design; cross-sectional, descriptive and inferential designs study were used in the study. In the study both primary and secondary data were used. Pertaining to data analysis the researchers had used both qualitative and quantitative data analysis techniques mainly descriptive analysis using percentages, tables and graphs deployed. While for inferential statistics like distribution based analysis for nominal data type, chi-square, and multi-regeration were used to test the statistically significant difference (independency) of variables, impacts of independent variables on dependent variable.

      Jhimli Bhattacharjee

Abstract: The paper is to highlight on the depiction of third gender issue in Indian Film with a special focus on film Chitrangada. With an understanding of gradual representation of third gender in world cinema it tries how the issue has made its road to Indian Films. It explores various issues on problems related to third gender portrayed in the film Chitrangada.

      I. Sadaoui, V. Barrès, H. Amrani Hassani Joutei , N. El Gnaoui , W. Mahfoud, H. Benomar and S. Nadifi

Abstract: The progression of normal prostatic epithelium to androgen-dependent cancer and, eventually, castrate-resistant prostate cancer is a complex process involving many different growth regulatory signals. Activation of epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) has been implicated in prostate cancer cell growth.

      Dr. Nasreldeen Gidam Elnagy

Abstract: E nvironmental Costs quality, measured and disclosed in financial statements has not yet reached the required level in the sugar industries requires the development of scientific framework of the concept of the environment and environmental pollution and the nature of the costs of environmental quality and to identify the foundations of measurement, disclosure and analysis of the costs of environmental quality and the statement of its role in increasing the effectiveness of accounting information.

      Mr.C.M. Jadhav, Ummeaiyman Shaikh

Abstract: The multi-hop routing in wireless sensor networks (WSNs) offers little protection against identity deception through replaying routing information. An adversary can exploit this defect to launch various harmful or even devastating attacks against the routing protocols, including sinkhole attacks, wormhole attacks and Sybil attacks. Traditional cryptographic techniques or efforts at developing trust-aware routing protocols do not effectively address this severe problem. To secure the WSNs against adversaries misdirecting the multi-hop routing, we have design and implemented TARF, a robust trust-aware routing framework for dynamic WSNs.TARF provides trustworthy and energy-efficient route. Most importantly, TARF proves effective against those harmful attacks developed out of identity deception; the resilience of TARF is verified through extensive evaluation with both simulation and empirical experiments on large-scale WSNs under various scenarios including mobile and RF-shielding network conditions.

      Dr. Kavita Sharma

Abstract: The purpose of the present study was to find out the effect of nine weeks resistance training program on selected physical fitness variables of Basketball players. For this purpose twenty female basketball players from Delhi University were selected to act as subjects for the study, the age of the subjects ranged from 17 to 21 years. The minimum level of participation was Inter-University. The subjects were further divided into two groups i.e. Control and Experimental group, group-I underwent resistance training and group-II acted as control and continued with their regular physical activity. The training period for the study was three days in a week for nine weeks. Pre data of both the groups were taken prior to the training period; the subjects were tested for speed, back strength and abdominal strength. The dependent’s` test and analysis of covariance was applied as statistical tool. In all cases 0.05 level was fixed as significance. It was concluded from the results of the study that training groups had improved on back strength, and had no significant improvement on the speed and abdominal strength.

      Chaitanya.K, Mahmood.S.K, Ranakausar, Sunil Kumar.N

Abstract: Biological waste water are characterized by the exposure of microorganism to transient conditions, where biomass is submitted to alternating periods of high and low substrate concentration and aerobic and anaerobic environments which make some microorganisms respond the production of polymers and various biochemical agents. Bacteria utilize siderophores to help the process of ferric iron uptake in environment. This process can found across three domains and is necessary for microorganisms to obtain iron needed for essential process. The present investigations were undertaken to check the siderphore producing activity of bacteria which produces polymer. A total of 640 bacteria were isolated from waste water pond. Among them 198 bacterial strains showing polymer production wee isolated. Out of which 12 potential strains were selected and investigated for siderphore activity. The result showed that out of 12 bacteria some of them showed siderophore activity.

      Mitesh Kumar, Ashok Kumar Mishra

Abstract: In the present investigation research work is based on development of Al 6063 base hybrid metal matrix composite reinforced with 10 weight percentage of Aluminium Oxide (Al2O3), and varying weight percentage of Molybdenum disulphide (i.e. 3%, 5%, 7% & 9%). The composite was prepared by using stir casting technique. The density of Al 6063/ MoS2/ Al2O3 were increasing when reinforcement of MoS2 increases from 3% to 9%. The Ultimate Tensile Strength decreasing due to the additions of 3% to 9% of MoS2 and also reinforced with alumina (Al2O3) into the base matrix. It was seen that while the Al 6063 alloys shows the pre- dominantly ductile fracture (base matrix). The composite specimens (with a MoS2 addition) show an increase in the mixed mode (ductile and brittle regions). Investigation also predicts that hardness increases due to varying addition of MoS2. Micrographs of the composite specimen are taken for the study of particular or overall behavior of the material.

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