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IJSRP, Volume 4, Issue 12, December 2014 Edition [ISSN 2250-3153]

Household Scale Clean Water Disinfection Technique with Chlorination Method
      Hadi Suhatman, Arief Sabdo Yuwono, Yudi Chadirin
Abstract: Disinfection is preventive efforts against the entry of pathogenic bacteria to the human body. Chlorination is one effort to give prevention with chlorine. The research objective was to determine of diffusion and mass transfer coefficients and then to develop of a chlorinated tool model. Effect of water flow rate on chlorine transport and granule size was studied to develop their relationship. The flow rates discharge used were 8 liters/minute, 14 liters/minute, and 20 liters/minute, whereas the granule sizes were 2.36 – 4.75 ml, 4.75-9.5 ml, and 9.5 - 16 ml. Diffusion coefficients and mass transfer determined by least summed of square of error. Diffusion coefficient and mass transfer used for disinfection technique was 0.4371 cm2 minute-1 and 0.0039-minute-1, as well as flow rate and granule size used was 9.5 ml - 16 ml and 8 liters/minute. Experiment testing of chlorination performed to ensure of them was potentially for chlorination. Raw water chlorinated then was found of free chlorine residual and the total coliform met the quality standards based on regulation the Ministry of Health of Republic of Indonesia’s number 416 of 1990 about the terms of supervision and the quality of water.

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