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      S.O. Enokela , E. Salifu

Abstract: Groundwater samples from three (3) tubewells located on Sarkin-noma fadama farm, on the bank of River Niger in the Confluence town of Lokoja were collected randomly between March and September 2011 and investigated to ascertain the quality status and suitability for irrigation. Physico-chemical properties were determined using appropriate analytical methods. The water samples were neutral with pH values ranging from 6.9 to 7.2. They had very low salinity values (ECw 250 to 385S/m). The Sodium Adsorption Ratio (SAR) ranged from 1.05 to 1.55. This indicates a low risk of sodium build up in the soils. Irrigation water of very low salinity and low SAR can lead to problems of water infiltration into the soils. Other groundwater hydrological investigations need to be done to profer suitable management advice.

      Wang Tien-You

Abstract: A successful product design satisfies multiple dimensional requirements, such as offering sufficient business returns, complying with various regulatory standards, and the most important, fulfilling customers’ needs and wants. It is the ultimate goal for both industrial designers and marketing managers. Industrial designers need to integrate customer preference into their design, so that their products may be competitive in the market. However, engineering, business and art are distinct academic areas, most education programs or manufacturers cannot address the design issue in a holistic manner. This study aims at analyzing customer preference with brand choice models, so that designers may employee the result of this analysis for product design to promote competitiveness. The research results provide choice probability for different bottle shapes and reveal that customers will most likely choose plastic arts and circle shaped bottles, whereas they like achromatic glass and colored glass bottle most. Moreover, male customers put more attention to perfume selection criteria than females do, and so do customers at age below 35 than those beyond 36. The result may provide industrial designers insight of market feasibility for their product design.

      Dr. Priyanka Modi, Dr. Safia Shoeb Shaikh, Dr. Anita Munde

Abstract: To investigate the prevalence of temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) among university students.

      Allan Zade

Abstract: For thousands of years navigation was bread and butter for any trader. From the time of Middle Ages caravels brought gold from the New World to the Europe. Thousands of men were involved in that business for centuries. Even today many ships and airplanes with sophisticated on-board navigation systems carry their cargo to each corner of the World. Captains and crews are proud for their business. Everything goes perfect until men began to notice something that cannot be explained logically. Sometime those events stay in contradictory to navigational data and even worse – to human logic. Nobody from the captains or their fellow crew members were able to explain some strange phenomena which their vessels demonstrate from time to time. Watercrafts moving faster than airplanes and airplanes flying through “nothing”, vessels went to “oblivion” and vanished in calm seas and perfect weather condition; all those phenomena and many others caused many legends of the oceans and air. Those myths disturb people for many centuries because nobody was able to see and explain powerful underlying phenomena that cause all of them. This essay is dedicated to detailed analysis of such events and their interrelation with Z-Theory published recently.

      Annika Singh, A.K. Gaur, D.P. Mishra

Abstract: Alpha-amylase inhibitors from wheat are found noble sources to develop insect resistant transgenic plants. Thus far wheat alpha – amylase inhibitor genes have been cloned, sequenced and characterized by various researchers through c-DNA library. A subunit of tetrameric alpha amylase CM3 gene was isolated and characterized directly from genomes of different Indian wheat varieties using PCR approach. We have screened different Indian wheat varieties for alpha amylase inhibitor protein(s) and isolated the gene from selected variety to develop transgenic plant having gene of better expressivity and enhanced activity. The alpha amylase inhibitor gene encoding CM3 protein, from T. aestivum and T. durum has cloned and sequenced, the gene sequences from the both species were found same except at one position which is out of coding region. Further, characterization reveals that the isolated gene is intronless and conserved throughout the different varities of T. aestivum and T. durum. It may be possible that there is no ecological or geographical effect on the gene. This indicates probability of important biological role for this protein in wheat.

      Nitin B. Ukunde, Dr. Sanjv K. Shrivastava, Sheetal N. Ukunde

Abstract: Image segmentation is an elementary problem in computer vision and plays very important role in various image application domains.. Regardless of years of research in the area of general purpose image segmentation, it is still a very challenging task since it is inherently ill-posed. Out of different segmentation schemes available today, graph theory based techniques have several excellent characteristics in practical applications. Such graph theory based image segmentation techniques explicitly organize the image objects into mathematically structures, making the computation of image segmentation problem more flexible and efficient. This research work basically employs fundamental concepts of histogram and graph theory for image segmentation. The PSNR and time taken for image segmentation has been used as a comparison parameter for proposed image segmentation methods.

      A.Baskaran, P.Koshy Mathews

Abstract: A performance analysis on a vapour compression refrigeration system with various eco-friendly refrigerants of HFC152a, HFC32, HC290, HC1270, HC600a and RE170 were done and their results were compared with R134a as possible alternative replacement. The results showed that the alternative refrigerants investigated in the analysis RE170, R152a and R600a have a slightly higher performance coefficient (COP) than R134a for the condensation temperature of 50⁰C and evaporating temperatures ranging between -30⁰C and 10⁰C.Refrigerant RE170 instead of R134a was found to be a replacement refrigerant among other alternatives. The effects of the main parameters of performance analysis such as refrigerant type, degree of sub cooling and super heating on the refrigerating effect, coefficient of performance and volumetric refrigeration capacity were also investigated for various evaporating temperatures.

      Allia Rashid, Er.S.N.Thakur

Abstract: With the current upward trend in nutritional and health awareness, the consumers demands for high quality probiotic product with acceptable sensory characteristics. The main purpose of this research was to observe the influence of different levels of honey (5%, 10% and 15% and 20%) to yoghurt and its effect on viability of microbial flora of yoghurt, chemical and sensory characteristics. Honey set yoghurt mix was standardized to 3.5% fat, 12 % solid not fat and inoculated with 2% culture. A different level (5%, 10%, 15%, and 20%) of honey was added to yoghurt milk. The samples of different treatments was analyzed for fat, protein, pH, acidity, total solid , moisture percent, viability on selective media (MRS& ST) and sensory characteristics (flavor and taste, colour and appearance, body and texture and overall acceptability).The data obtained on various parameters were statistically analyzed.

      S. Chandraju, B. Raviprasad, C. S. Chidan Kumar

Abstract: SAP has been delivering on its Sugar industry strategy by expanding its capabilities for manufacturing and supply chain management, broadening its composite package applications in areas such as emissions management, pricing management, and manufacturing dashboards, and focusing on mid-market companies. To implement an integrated system of production planning and materials management, there must have a central database wherein anyone in the company can find out all there is to know about any material passing through the plant. Everyone must use the same rules and data structures when they enter data about material details. The integration of all material data in a single database object eliminates redundant data storage. Areas such as purchasing, inventory management, material requirements planning (MRP), invoice verification, and so on, can all use the same data. By implementing SAP (MM-Module) in sugar industry for Material requirement planning, the product can be ordered and received within safety period. Based on material group classified under ABC analysis. Planning can also be done on priority by calling vendors for particular commodities through online.

      Fauziah Ahmad, Md Azlin Md Said, Lamyaa Najah

Abstract: Gypseous soil is one of problematic soils to be used as foundation of road, building and other structures. It is considerably strong and has good properties when it is dry. The problem appears when constructing heavy buildings or hydraulic structures on these soils after wetted by water from rainfall or from the raising of water table level from any source and leaching the salts from the soil. The primary objective of this paper is to presents the current state of the gypseous soil subject to leaching. A review is provided aiming to discuss the effect of gypsum content and leaching on gypseous soil.

      Dr Tanmaya Kumar Pradhan

Abstract: Higher level of NPA forced the banks to charge higher PLR and PLR related interest rates. This will attract high-risk borrowers which, in turn, may result in higher level of non-performing advances in future. Large borrowers are found to be the principal defaulters. Mismanagement or diversion of fund is also one of the main cause of NPA. The position of Orissa which was at the bottom of major states in June,1969 rose up to 11th position in June,1982. States like Bihar, Assam, Uttarpradesh and even West Bengal which were ahead of Orissa in 1969 came down to lower positions in bank population ratio, in June 1982. The study is based on primary data. The data has been analyzed by percentage method. The tool used to collect data from the bank officials was a structured questionnaire. Responses obtained from the 50 Bank Managers/ Senior officers.

      M.L Patel , Rekha Sachan , Ravi Uniyal, K.K. Gupta

Abstract: The aim of this study was to evaluate the lipid abnormalities associated with different stages of albuminuria and also examine role of ApoB lipoprotein as a predictor of early diabetic nephropathy in type 2 diabetic patients.

      B. Saranya, R. Gopalan, V. Narmatha bai, G. Mahendran

Abstract: This paper deals with the medicinal value of six threatened orchids used by the Irular, a tribal community of Coimbatore Forest Division

      V.B.L. Chaurasi, R.C. Meghwal

Abstract: In this work we derive the bilateral generating relations, pertaining to the product of V.P. Saxena’s I-function [3] and the multivariable H-function of Srivastava and Panda [6]. By suitably specializing the various parameters involved, this formula would yield the corresponding bilateral generating functions for a variety of simpler special functions. 2010 Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary 33C60; secondary 33C65.

      Usha G Shenoy, Karthiyane Kutty, Vinutha Shankar MS, Nachal Annamalai

Abstract: Learning style is the way students begin to focus on the process, internalize, and remember new and difficult information. In the medical college, students of different culture, background, environment and knowledge have varied learning styles and approaches. We observed that our I year MBBS students predominantly had unimodal learning style. In the later years of their course they examine patients and have more interactive sessions. We decided to evaluate if this change in teaching learning methods influenced their learning style. This study was conducted by department of physiology at Sri Devaraj Urs Medical College Tamaka, Kolar. The learning style of the students was determined by using visual, auditory, kinesthetic (VAK) questionnaire. 199 students who were involved in the study during the I year MBBS course were administered questionnaire when they were in final year to assess their learning style. We have observed that in the I year MBBS the unimodal learning style was 62.31%, bi modal was 25.62% and trimodal 12.06% but during the final MBBS the learning style of unimodal was 47.73% bimodal was 30.15% and trimodal was 22.11%. The multi modal learning style has increased from 12.06% to 22.11% in final year MBBS. This could be because, in their I year teaching learning method is confined to blackboard and question answer type. From II year onwards they are exposed to patient interview, clinical examination, problem solving, reasoning, interactive sessions that stimulate two or more modalities of learning, and they shift from the unimodal to multimodal learning style.

      R. N. Maru, Dr. R. S. Patel

Abstract: Dahod District Is One Of The Tribal District Of The Gujarat State. It Is Situated In the North-East Fringe of the Gujarat State, Adjoins With Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh State. Total Forest Area Of Jhalod Is 788.39 Sq. Km. Area. Ethno Botanical Studies Were Carried Out To Collect Information On The Use Of Some Plants By Local Communities In Jhalod Taluka Of Dahod District,Gujarat, India. These Area Lies Under Bio-Geographic Zone-4 – The Semi Arid - Biotic Province -4b Gujarat-Rajwada, Sub Category 4b5-Plains In Central Gujarat. Main Tribes Are Machhaar, Sangoda, Baria, Ninama, Vasaiya,Vasava, Parmar, Chauhan Etc.During This Study. The Authors Have Conducted An Extensive Field Survey In The Tribal Belts And Other Interior Villages Adjoining Forest Areas In The District To Collect Ethno Botanical Lore. First Hand Information Was Gathered Through Interactions With Tribal And Rural People Including Members Of Forest Protection Committees. A Number Of Group Discussions Were Also Conducted During The Period Of Investigation. In The Following Enumeration, Plant Names Have Been Arranged Alphabetically In Disease Wise. The Study Provides Information On 36 Plant Species.

      Niti Gupta, Sonal Chawla, R. K. Singla

Abstract: The knowledge society is flourishing day by day and demanding new educational practices for imparting learning and education. Teachers or instructional designers comprising world of education are trying to develop new educational practices in the form of presentations, lectures, videos, animations etc. so as to impart education among the society in a better way. There is a need of a system to manage, store and organize these instructional materials that enables their applicability and reusability. Internet plays an important role in wide spread dissemination of these resources among the learning community. Repositories act as hosting areas for these instructional materials. Most searches in repositories return a vast number of materials without any assurance of value and quality, thus making it difficult for users to decide which of them best suits their requirements. Theorist and researchers have advocated a number of approaches for evaluating instructional material such as evaluation tools and metrics, but all these approaches are either unsupported by empirical evidence or based on peer review which provides qualitative results on which statistical analysis is very limited. The basic purpose of this paper is to discuss the current scenario of evaluation of instructional material by reviewing the literature, discuss their drawbacks and then propose a system that automatically evaluates the instructional material in terms of various parameters specified so as to give assurance regarding quality and value.

      Somnath Nandy, Madhab Chandra Ghosh, Samirranjan Adhikari

Abstract: Purpose in life (PIL) is conceived in terms of the specific connotation of a personal life. In the present study, we put an attempt to discern the developmental pattern in gaining experience of meaning in life of the prospective teachers in physical education. To measure PIL of prospective teachers in physical education, Part-A of the “Purpose in Life Test” (Crumbaugh & Maholick, 1968) was administered on students of B.P.Ed. course in three different phases during the academic session 2006 – 07. The mean of the PIL scores increased significantly from the 1st phase of testing (M=101.74) to the 2nd phase of testing (M=104.06) and again further increased in the 3rd phase of testing (M=109.63). We may conclude that the physical education teachers’ training programme (B.P.Ed. course) have positive impact on developing life satisfaction. Rigorous and prolonged physical education may bring forth life satisfaction.

      Tanay Lakshman

Abstract: Reliability is concerned with the system capability of survival. In the past forty years, customer expectations have been increasing in response to evolving new technologies. As part of these evolutions, they are demanding from their suppliers: products with higher quality, low initial cost, improved customer support and products that are easy and inexpensive to maintain.

      Sanjay Kumar, Dr. Rajesh Kumar, Dr. Arun Kumar

Abstract: Visceral Leishmaniasis (Leash’ma NIGH a sis) is a vector- borne anthrozoonotic disease caused by obligate intracellular macrophage protozoan Leishmanian donovani belongs to genus within the family Trypanosomatidae. This is very serious disease and endemic in warmer part of the world covering almost 88 countries (16 developed and 72 developing or 66 countries in the Old World while 22 countries located in the New World). A total of 350 million people at risk and 12 million cases of infection every year. Out of 500, 000 cases of Visceral Leishmaniasis, more than 90 percent are reported from India, Bangladesh, Southern Sudan, Nepal and Northeast Brazil. The protozoan parasite Leishmania exists at least in two alternative forms in two different hosts, 1. Amastigote form 2. Promastigote form Promastigotes of Leishmania (infective stage in human) are released in human blood by female sand fly (Phelobotomus argentipes). After entering, these parasites are engulfed by the macrophages of the patients for killing them but due to several protective mechanisms leishmanian promastigotes are not only protected himself inside the macrophages but also rapidly divide within it and releases about ~20 amastigotes form each infected macrophages by bursting them.

      S.Balaji, Dr.S.K.Srivatsa

Abstract: Unsupervised learning is often derived from motivations that appear to be independent of supervised learning. While supervised models aim at prediction, unsupervised models are mainly used for grouping records or fields and for the detection of events or attributes that occur together. Predictive analytics that predict the present are based on existing data, preferably as much as possible.Predictive techniques for customer segmentation can be used for Intelligent decision towards customer preferences.In this paper unsupervised clustering based analysis towards very large datasets for analysis towards health insurance dataset for their preferences towards health insurance products for intelligent decision making.

      Dr. Henry James

Abstract: This paper demonstrates the success of women in microenterprise development to represent issues relevant to women success in the sector. Researchers tend to use gender simply as a variable to explain success vis-avis relevant understanding of gender as a social construct. Such work disregards how culturally specific power relations influence women opportunities for success. Gender and microenterprise development theorists do better at incorporating power relations into explanations of why women start microenterprises and why their performance differs from that of men. They also take a broader view of microenterprise success by combining economic and empowerment outcomes, recognizing the diverse roles self employment plays for women. The relevance of power issues to success and the need for cultural sensitivity in evaluating women opportunities to achieve positive enterprise outcomes are highlighted through the example of women involvement in the microenterprise sector in South Asia.

      Mukesh Sahu, Ashish Kumar Giri, Ashish Das

Abstract: The current trend of modern industry is to use machineries rotating at high speed and carrying heavy rotor loads. In such applications hydrodynamic journal bearings are used. When a bearing operates at high speed, the heat generated due to large shearing rates in the lubricant film raises its temperature which lowers the viscosity of the lubricant and in turn affects the performance characteristics. Thermohydrodynamic (THD) analysis should therefore be carried out to obtain the realistic performance characteristics of the bearing. In the existing literature, several THD studies have been reported. Most of these analyses used two dimensional energy equation to find the temperature distribution in the fluid film by neglecting the temperature variation in the axial direction and two dimensional Reynolds equation was used to obtain pressure distribution in the lubricant flow by neglecting the pressure variation across the film thickness. In this paper CFD technique has been used to accurately predict the performance characteristics of a plain journal bearing. Three dimensional study has been done to predict pressure distribution along journal surface circumferentially as well as axially. Three dimensional energy equation is used to obtain the temperature distribution in the fluid film.

      Manjula Sharaff, Sharad K. Vajpai, Kiran Vajpai

Abstract: The huge amount of ash generated in our power plants can serve as important source for extraction of important ash constituents. Kusmunda area in Korba Coal field is an important source for power coals and therefore a bulk coal sample from the area has been studied in details as a test case for distribution of mineral matter in coal ash in different possible constituted dispatch material to power plants taking silica as a major and marker ash constituent. While, silica as percent of ash from samples under study remains within close limits, its retention in coarser constituted samples is found much higher than in corresponding finer coals.

      M. Kishan Kumar, P. Kalyani, M. Mahender, D. Naga Lakshmi

Abstract: The rate of increase in buffalo population is emphasizing the need to utilize unconventional feed stuffs in buffalo rations. The present study was aimed to study the effect of palm press fibre and sheanut cake based complete diet (PPF-SNC) on rumen fermentation pattern. The experiment was conducted on permanently fistulated graded Murrah buffalo calves in 3 x 3 latin square design (LSD) each trial consisting of 6 days with a switch over period of 20 days. Three experimental diets, D-I (conventional ration), D-II (complete diet with 18.5% NC and 20% PPF) and D-III (complete diet with 28% SNC and 15% PPF) were fed to the three groups of animals. The PPF-SNC based complete diet had significant effect on total volatile fatty acid (TVFA) concentration and pH values with highest concentration of TVFA (95.17b ± 14.81 mEq/L) and least value of pH (6.45a ±0.02) at inclusion of 28 % SNC and 15% PPF. The experimental diet and time of sampling did not have any effect on temperature and ammonia nitrogen (NH3-N) concentration. There was significant effect of time of sampling on TVFA concentration, pH and NH3-N concentration with maximum values of TVFA (123.12d ± 2.08 mEq/L) and NH3-N (16.78d ± 0.44 mg/100ml) at 4h post feeding. It can be concluded that PPF and SNC can be safely used as a feed ingredient in buffalo rations with maximum efficiency at 15% PPF and 28 % SNC.

      Hari Singh, Dr. Jaswinder Singh

Abstract: Eye tracking refers to the process of tracking the movement of the eye and determining where the user is looking. The aim of this paper is to present a review on various techniques used for eye tracking. There are a number of principles used in measuring eye movements, including measurements of electric and photoelectric signals, tracking a number of visual features in the image of the eye, measuring relative reflection of infra-red (IR) light, and using either mechanical or optical levers or a magnetic field. This paper also includes the factors involved in the selection of a particular eye tracking method. Finally, it includes a light on some of the applications of the eye tracking technique.

      Vinod Tukaram Kandakure, Girish Vithal Thakur, Amit Ramesh Thote, Ayesha Junaid Kausar

Abstract: Cherubism is a benign hereditary condition of the mandible and/or maxilla, usually found in children between 2-5 years of age giving characteristic cherubic appearance to the patient. On radiography, the lesions exhibit bilateral multinuclear radiolucent areas. Histopathology reveals multinucleated giant cells in the background of proliferating fibrous connective tissue. The present case report describes cherubism in a 10 yr. old male child and briefly reviews literature on this report.


Abstract: The advancement of Wireless Communication devices have created a new business model. Mobile users can request services through their mobile devices via Information Service and Application Provider (ISAP) from anywhere at any time are enhanced by mining and prediction of mobile user behaviors. But such discovery may not be precise enough for predictions since the differentiated mobile behaviors among users and temporal periods are not considered simultaneously in the previous works. User relations and temporal property are used simultaneously in this work. Prediction strategy is used to predict the subsequent mobile behavior. Here CTMSP-Mine (Cluster-based Temporal Mobile Sequential Pattern - Mine) algorithm is used to mine CTMSPs. In CTMSP-Mine requires user clusters, which are constructed by Cluster-Object-based Smart Cluster Affinity Search Technique (CO-Smart-CAST) and similarities between users are evaluated by Location-Based Service Alignment (LBS-Alignment) to construct the user groups. The temporal property is used by time segmenting the logs using time intervals. The specific time intervals to segment the huge data logs are found using Genetic Algorithm based method called GetNTSP (Get Number of Time Segmenting Points). The user cluster information resulting from CO-Smart-CAST and the time segmentation table are provided as input to CTMSP-Mine technique, which creates CTMSPs. The prediction strategy uses the patterns to predict the mobile user behavior in the near future.


Abstract: This is a constrained optimization type of numerical algorithm for removing noise from images. The L1-norm of total variation of the image is minimized subject to constraints involving the statistics of the noise. The constraints are imposed using Lagrange multipliers. The solution is obtained using the gradient-projection method. This amounts to solving a time dependent partial differential equation on a manifold determined by the constraints. As t →∞ the solution converges to a steady state which is the denoised image. The traditional L2-norm based regularization, which is known to remove high frequency noises in the reconstructed images and make them appear smooth. The recovered contrast in the reconstructed image in these type of methods are typically dependent on the iterative nature of the method employed, in which the non-linear iterative technique is known to perform better in comparison to linear techniques. The usage of non-linear iterative techniques in the real-time, especially in dynamical imaging, becomes prohibitive due to the computational complexity associated with them. This new frame work along with the L1-norm based regularization can provide better robustness to noise and results in better contrast recovery compared to conventionalL2-based techniques. The proposed L1-based technique is computationally efficient.

      Sunil Kumar Singh

Abstract: Bacopa monnieri L. (family Scrophulariaceae) is a traditional medicinal plant in India, commonly known as “brahmi”. Used for different diseases such as- nervous disorder, respiratory problem, leprosy, splenomegaly, skin disease etc. In the present study, the ethanolic and aqueous extract of the leaf callus of Bacopa monnieri was investigated for its phytochemical analysis by modified Kirby-Bauer diffusion method.The finding of this study revealedthat the extract of the leaf callus of Bacopa monnieri revealed the presence of Tannins,flavonoids, glycosides, terpenoids, saponins, and steroids and absence of Anthroquione,Phenolic etc.

      Rajashree Narendra, M.L. Sudheer, D.C. Pande

Abstract: Grounding forms an inseparable part of all electronic and electrical designs, from circuit through system up to installation design. All the ground pins of the system should be tied to the analog ground plane, separated from the system’s digital logic ground, to achieve optimum performance in a mixed mode circuit. The ESD indirect discharge test is carried out to predict the effect of ESD on data in a mixed mode circuit when the analog and digital grounds are common and separate. The Indirect discharge is done for different voltages and distances. The susceptibility of a circuit to ESD can be greatly reduced by properly grounding it which is observed in the mixed mode circuit. In the mixed mode circuit the data is affected more by the ESD transients based on the discharge voltage given when the analog and digital grounds are common than when compared with the grounds being separate.

      Sameer, Sharanbir Kaur

Abstract: Despite global slowdown, Indian economy is resurgent and offers fresh opportunities as well as challenges to global players. McDonald’s still treats the Indian market as one of their young markets although what they have achieved in 15 years here, it would usually take them 25 to 30 years in another market. McDonald’s philosophy of Quality, Service, Cleanliness and Value (QSC&V) is the guiding force behind its stellar service to the customers. However there is still a huge potential in the Indian food market that remains untapped in terms of family restaurants, quick service restaurants and breakfast eateries. Coming in the wake of these, their rebranding effort requires much more than a mere change of the logo or signage. There is a need to critically evaluate the right marketing mix. The article is focused upon assessing the marketing efforts in India in terms of positioning of McDonald’s.

      K. G. Dhanesh, S. Karthikeyan

Abstract: Autism is widely regarded to be the most severe of the childhood psychiatric conditions. It is a developmental disorder and is diagnosed on the basis of abnormal social development, abnormal communicative development, and the presence of narrow, restricted interests and repetitive activity, along with limited imaginative ability. The symptoms are usually evident by the age of three years. All the levels of IQ can occur in autism, but there is significant mental retardation in some three-quarters of the cases. The present study was to compare the Level of Intelligence, Social Quotient, Communication Impairments and Activity level among male and female children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and the following results are drawn. There is no significant difference in social quotient, activity level and non-verbal communication between male and female children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Male children were found to have better level of intelligence and verbal communication compared with female counterparts. Results discussed in detail.

      M.Sahoo, D.Behera

Abstract: The effect of submicron-sized Al2O3 particle addition on the crystal structure and superconducting properties of YBa2Cu3O7-δ ceramics was systematically studied. Series of YBa2Cu3O7−δ + x Al2O3 samples (x = 0.0, 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4, 0.5,0.6 wt.% ) were prepared using the solid state reaction method. The lattice parameters and the orthorhombicity were decreased slightly with Al2O3 addition. No change in the structural symmetry state was obtained. SEM micrographs revels the decreasing trend in the grain size of the composite samples. The superconducting transition temperatures (Tc) determined by standard four-probe method was decreased and dropped sharply with higher alumina content. Excess conductivity fluctuation analysis using Aslamazov-Larkin model fitting reveals transition of two dominant regions (2D and 3D) above Tc. The decrease in 2D-3D crossover temperature i.e. Lawerence-Doniach temperature in the mean field region has been observed as a consequent dominance of 3D region to increase in wt. % of Al2O3 in the composite.

      Asawari K.Chinchanikar, Dr. R. S. Kawitkar

Abstract: MB-OFDM UWB communication technology use orthogonal UWB pulse sequence and multiple sub channels to achieve reliable high data rate transmission and spectral efficiency. In this paper, we followed the standard proposal IEEE 802.12.3a to implement the MB-OFDM UWB system in Matlab simulink. We analyzed the system performance in the multipath fading channel, using S-V channel model. We evaluated the bit error rate for LOS & NLOS channels. We used fixed-point simulation platform which is constructed according to MB-OFDM scheme proposed by MB-OFDM Alliance and the compensation scheme is based on phase compensation.

      Nabendu Sen , Manish Nandi

Abstract: Real world problems are mainly based on multiple objectives rather than single objective. Today, in management sectors, most of the producers are more concerned about their own sense than the economical issues. It is necessary for all the managers to do their best to make as much effort as possible to increase the products. It is obvious that one of the ways is to apply mathematical programming model for the management systems. Economical plans are a key in management, applying fundamental programming methods is inevitable. Application of a multi-objective programming model like goal programming model is an important tool for studying various aspects of management systems.

      Purushothaman. G, Chandrasekhar. M, Qairunnisa. S, Madhuri. B. A, Suresh. M , Ambareesha Kondam

Abstract: Microsomal cytochrome P450 family 1 enzymes (2HI4) play prominent roles in xenobiotic detoxication and procarcinogen activation. P450 1A2 is the principal cytochrome P450 family 1 enzyme expressed in human liver and participates extensively in drug oxidations. This enzyme is also of great importance in the bioactivation of mutagens, including the N-hydroxylation of arylamines. P450-catalyzed reactions involve a wide range of substrates, and this versatility is reflected in a structural diversity evident in the active sites of available P450 structures. Here the presented structure of human P450 1A2 in complex with the inhibitor alpha-naphthoflavone, determined to a resolution of 1.95 A alpha-Naphthoflavone is bound in the active site above the distal surface of the heme prosthetic group. Inhibitors of 2HI4 showed highly adapted for the positioning and oxidation of relatively large, planar substrates and a new series of dimethyl 1,4 – diphenyl naphthalene – 2,3 – dicarboxylate and naphthoflavone which possess good inhibitory activity against 2HI4. This compound showed better binding energy than the compound which has been already co-crystallized with the target protein, (PDB ID 2HI4).

      Onkar Singh, Aran Kumar, Karan Singh

Abstract: Polymeric solid complexes having distorted square antiprismatic geometries of La(III), Ce(III), Pr(III), Nd(III), Sm(III), Gd(III) and Dy(III) with 2,5-Dihydroxy-1,4-benzoquinone are reported. Their compositions and geometries are supported by elemental analysis, IR spectroscopy, magnetic susceptibility measurements and electronic absorption spectroscopic studies.

      R.H. Meena, J. D. Giri, S.K. Sharma

Abstract: In the present study and research work, soil-site suitability evaluation was made for the Malwa plateau of Banwara district in southern Rajasthan for chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.). Ten typical pedons representing major landforms of Malwa plateau in Banswara district, Rajasthan were evaluated for their suitability to chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) cultivation using limitation method regarding number and intensity of limitations. The study suggests that chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) is moderately suitable in soils of Pedon P8 but marginally suitable in soils of Pedon P1, P2, P3, P4, and P5 whereas soils of Pedon P6 and P10 are not suitable for chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) cultivation. Soil depth, wetness (drainage), erosion, texture and organic carbon are the major limitations for crop growth in the most of soils of Malwa plateau. The suitability classes can be improved if the correctable limitations (soil fertility characteristics) are altered through application of farm yard manure, green manuring and inclusion of legumes rotation.

      Suresh M, Mallikarjuna reddy N, Sharan B Singh M, Hari Krishna Bandi, Shravya keerthi G, Chandrasekhar M

Abstract: Kidney diseases is ranked – 3rd amongst life threatening disease in India, after cancer and heart disease. About 200,000 persons go into terminal kidney failure every year. Erythropoietin is the primary regulator of red blood cell formation in the bone marrow, which are mostly produced by the renal epithelial cells. This study was carried out to observe the hematological changes like RBC count, Hb concentration, hematocrit, platelet count and TLC in patients suffering from chronic renal failure.

      Chandrabhan Singh, Sanjay Sachan, Mohit Gangwar

Abstract: Semantic Web Services (SWS) focus on developing a machine understandable approach where different sub-services or we can say that small services are combined to form a complex web application. It uses various component services to satisfy a client’s request which cannot be satisfied by any single available services. Here we try to full fill clients request by using Agents capability and for this we try to develop an agent based SWS composition method with two sets of agents i.e. one for Service Requester and other for Service Provider. The agents in SWS are used as clients, service provider and middle agents. The multi-agent based approach presented is further applied on Medical Health planning domain as an application of semantic web technology. The difficulty to achieve the patients’ requirements is a result of availability of large number of consulted doctor on the web and is increasing continuously. This paper presents a model for Semantic web services composition mainly focuses in Medical health planning domain. In this model agents are able to understand the requirement of the patient and interact with him like a human expert. It focuses on how patients request is proceed to provide information at patient location as a composition of different aggregated web services.

      S. Binthu Mathavan

Abstract: The purpose of the study was to find out the Relationship between Upper Body Anthropometric Parameters and Throwing Performance of Handball Players. To achieve the purpose of this study, 30 handball players were selected. The nature and importance of this study was explained the subjects and they were expressed their willingness for this study. The players were selected from who had participate in the inter collegiate Handball competition in Pondicherry University their age ranged from 17 to 25 years as per college record at the year of 2009-2011 batch. There was no training programme for them. Test was conducted for Anthropometric Parameters and Throwing Performance namely Arm length, Forearm girth, Medicine ball put data was collected and analyzed statistically by Pearson product movement co-relation to find out the significant level.


Abstract: The growth response of Acacia nilotica, Albizzia lebbeck and Prosopis cineraria seedlings in relation to salinity and water stress levels under green house conditions were studied. The response to salinity with water stress by three species possessing different reproductive strategies were investigated to determine the implication of using combined levels of salinity with water stress availability to manipulate plant growth and increased the yield. Three species were compared in terms of growth parameters and response breadth. The suppression of growth parameters caused by the interaction of salinity with water stress was greater in Prosopis cineraria than in Acacia nilotica. The response breadth for both height growth and dry weight along combined gradient of interaction of salinity and water stress was narrower in all the species. The broadest was in A. nilotica (0.495, 0.516) and narrower in P. cineraria, indicating that all the species can grow along a limited gradient of combined salt and water stress. These results suggest the growth of Acacia nilotica seedlings was greatly promoted under the stress conditions of salinity with water stress and resulting in a much more balanced growth in terms of response breadth, which is vital for plants growing in the harsh arid environments where concentration of salts is much more and competition for water is usually intense.

      S. Firthousia Parveen, Dr. M. Durairaj

Abstract: Today mobile, wireless and non-static networks are getting more and more important as these are triggering the development of next generation networks to support mobile devices are bridging the border to traditional, static networks such as the internet. In public key storage management problem have arisen, because the key computation is still having high overhead and the potential threats of the key outflow or loss. In this research work, it is proposed a model approach of Effective Trust Model (ETM) to combine trust models and encrypt public key certificate which utilizes Ad Hoc on demand Trusted Distance vector (AOTDV) and are capable of operating without the support of any fixed infrastructure in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANETs). Trust models essentially needed in order to establish reliable and high-performance communications. On-demand routing protocol is widely developed in ad hoc networks because of its effectiveness and efficiency. In this paper, the significance of Ad hoc On-Demand Trusted Distance Vector (AOTDV) routing protocol decreases the routing overload and end to end delay. This work concentrates implementation of identification and prevention of malicious nodes and message tampering attacks, using a semantic security mechanism.

      K.Somasundaram, S.Vijayalakshmi

Abstract: This paper describes a simple approach for segmenting the hippocampus automatically from high-resolution 9.4 Tesla MRI of postmortem samples. Large datasets of high-resolution structural MR images are collected to quantitatively analyze the relationships between brain anatomy, disease progression, treatment regimens, and genetic influences upon brain structure..This method segments the hippocampus without any human intervention for few slices present in the anterior and the posterior position in the total volume. Experimental results using this method show a good agreement with the manuals segmented gold standard.

      Mr.N.Pavan Kumar Reddy, Ms.P.Hymavathi

Abstract: This paper is concerned with the design and simulation of a pulse width modulation (PWM) rectifier for three-phase Permanent Magnetic motor drive. Based on the mathematical model of PWM rectifier, the dual-close-loop engineering design with decoupled feed-forward control is applied in the 3-phase voltage source rectifier. The objective to be reached is to realize unity power factor at the input ac mains and regulate output voltage. The paper resents the MATLAB/SIMULINK simulation model. The results confirm the validity of the model and its control method.


Abstract: The Einstein field equations (EFE) or Einstein equations are a set of 10 equations in Albert Einstein general theory of relativity which describe the fundamental interaction (e&eb) of gravitation as a result of space time being curved by matter and energy. First published by Einstein in 1915 as a tensor equation, the EFE equate spacetime curvature (expressed by the Einstein tensor) with (=) the energy and momentum tensor within that spacetime (expressed by the stress–energy tensor).Both space time curvature tensor and energy and momentum tensor is classified in to various groups based on which objects they are attributed to. It is to be noted that the total amount of energy and mass in the Universe is zero. But as is said in different context, it is like the Bank Credits and Debits, with the individual debits and Credits being conserved, holistically, the conservation and preservation of Debits and Credits occur, and manifest in the form of General Ledger. Transformations of energy also take place individually in the same form and if all such transformations are classified and written as a Transfer Scroll, it should tally with the total, universalistic transformation.


Abstract: A Theory is Universal and it holds good for various systems. Systems have all characteristics based on parameters. There is nothing in this measurement world that is not classified based on parameters, regardless of the generalization of a Theory. Here we give a consummate model for the well knows models in theoretical physics. That all the theories hold good means that they are interlinked with each other. Based on this premise and also under the consideration that the theories are also violated and this acts as a detritions on the part of the classificatory theory, we consolidate the Model. Kant and Husserl both vouchsafe for this order and mind boggling misnomerliness and antinomy, in nature and systems of corporeal actions and passions. Note that some of the theories have been applied to Quantum dots and Kondo resonances. Systemic properties are analyzed in detail.


Abstract: Any discussion of psychedelic hallucination is an equivalent to the discussion of the spontaneous emergence of perceptual information within human consciousness. Human perception is limited by the capacity of sense organs; or rather the functionality of human perception is limited by sense organs, functionality of the human perception is limited bybyte speed and architecture of the neural network; functionality of human perception is limited by and the number of distinct perceptions the brain can analyze at any one time. Despite functional limitations, human consciousness is seamless, meaning that each perception and behavior flows smoothly from one to the next. When consciousness is equivalent to stable perception and behavior and stable perception are is seamlessly integrated, when consciousness destabilizes perception and behavior loses cohesion until we are no longer in control of our thoughts and actions Destabilization of consciousness can happen all at once. Like (instantaneously without any time lag) in the case of being knocked unconscious, but more often it happens incrementally(with time lag d^1(eb)d^2…….d^n) as various aspects of consciousness enter into a low-power subconscious or unconscious state, as in going to sleep.


Abstract: We study a consolidated system of Standard model as we understand. In the first part of the series, we consider all the possible interactions with the exception of Higgs Boson. In the next series the Higgs bosom shall be included and corresponding properties studies. Model extensively expatiates, enucleates, dilates upon systemic properties and analyses the systemic behavior of the equations together with other concomitant properties. Inclusion of event and cause in the introduction, it is felt, the “Quantum ness” of the system holistically and brings out relevance in the Quantum Computation on par with the classical system, in so far as the analysis is concerned. Both Quantal Complementarity and Cosmic Universality is aimed at as we did on an earlier paper on concatenation and consummation, and consolidation of the four fundamental forces, Quantum Gravity, and perception on one side and Space-Time-Mass-Energy Vacuum Energy and quantum Field on the other. Kind attention is also drawn to the author’s Grand Unified Theory-A Predator Prey analysis, wherein an entirely different approach is resorted to the formulation of the problem, and consummation of the solution.

      Sandipan Das, Sagar P. Mali, Ankita Misra

Abstract: Urban expansion has been creating an alarming situation in all countries of the world. High rate of urban population growth has led to serious land use problems such as loss of agricultural land, unauthorized urban sprawl, high land values, pollution, poverty and social unrest making urban governance a difficult task to maintain healthy urban environment. In the emerging scenario it is essential to have up-to-date information in existing land use information system. In the recent times, remote sensing and geographical information system (GIS) are very valuable and advantageous in providing current land use information. The present study highlights significance of remote sensing in the detection of urban land use changes for the time periods (1989 and 2006) using satellite imageries from IRS-P6, LISS III, IRS-P5, PAN and LANDSAT TM. . The satellite imageries IRS-P6, LISS III and IRS-P5, PAN for two consecutive dates were merged to produce a single merged image of two satellite imageries. These merged image and LANDSAT TM were further subjected to supervised classification for change detection. The result of change detection shows that the significant decrease of agriculture area and increase in settlement area from year1989 to year 2006. The spatial information from the remote sensing satellites plays a vital role in analysis of changing land use/land cover pattern.

      Reeta Bajpai

Abstract: The effluents from City drainage play a vital role in toxicating the River water quality. Hence the present study was undertaken to characterize the physicochemical parameters and comparative study of water samples of Hasdeo River barrage near Seepat NTPC & Torva dam of Arpa River in Bilaspur city. Evaluation of physicochemical parameters was carried out to assess the quality of River water, each parameter was compared with the standard desirable limit of that parameter in drinking water as prescribed by different agencies. A systematic calculation was made to determine the values of the observed parameters were worked out. Suitable suggestions were made to improve the quality of River water of Bilaspur Region.

      Manjary P.Gangan, Dr. R. Karthi

Abstract: Automatic image annotation (AIA) is a technique to provide semantic image retrieval. In AIA, the image contents are automatically labelled with a pre-defined set of keywords which are exploited to represent the image semantics. This paper proposes an Automatic image annotation method using MPEG-7 features. The feature vectors are provided for training the KNN-classifier. When a query image is provided by the user, the extracted features are provided to the trained KNN -classifier for annotation. The system also compares the results of different combinations of mpeg 7 descriptors. The Automatic image annotation proposed in this paper is on fruit images. This system has several applications like automatic labeling and price computing of fruits and vegetables in a grocery store, morphological analysis of fruits, for scientific studies, enhanced learning for kids and Down syndrome patients using fruits pattern recognition.

      Preeti Mahar

Abstract: Despite the increase in email and other forms of digital communication, the use of printed documents continues to increase every year. Many types of printed documents need to be secure" or traceable to the printer that was used to print them. Examples of these include identity documents (e.g. passports) and documents used to commit a crime. Traditional protection methods such as special inks, security threads, or holograms, can be cost prohibitive. The goals of our work are to securely print and trace documents on low cost consumer printers such as inkjet and electrophotographic (laser) printers. We will accomplish this through the use of intrinsic and extrinsic features obtained from modelling the printing process. Speci¯cally we show that the banding artifact in the EP print process can be viewed as an intrinsic feature of the printer used to identify both the model and make of the device. Methods for measuring and extracting the banding signals from documents are presented. The use of banding as an extrinsic feature is also explored.

      Anita Roy, S.S. Aich, S. Mukherjee

Abstract: An investigation was made on the initiation, maintenance and regeneration of callus from mature seeds as explants of eight rice cultivars, viz., Khitish, IR 64, IR 36, IR 72, PNR 546, Swarna, Taraori Basmati and Gobindabhog. Mature seeds were used as explants. MS medium supplemented with 2mgL-1 of 2, 4-D was found suitable for inducing high amount of embryogeniccalli in the studied genotypes. In this hormonal concentration, maximum 95% callus was induced in IR 64, followed by 91.6% in PNR 546. Maximum root - shoot induction (67%) was also observed in the same media component in IR 64. IR 64 was found most suitable for in vitro culture among these genotypes used. Plants regenerated in vitro were successfully established in soil. However among the genotypes studied IR 64 was rated as good and PNR 546 moderate in respect to regeneration capability. Media 5 (2, 4 D and BAP 2mg/l) and 6 ( NAA and BAP2.50 and .050 mg/l) were selected for callusing. However media 5 showed better regeneration potential.

      K.V.S. Seshendra Kumar

Abstract: The present work deals with the design of Gear Fixtures for L200 and H250 CNC Gear Hobbing Machines. The task on hand was to design fixture for the components, namely Reduction ideal gear and 4t1i and 3rd speed gear for gear box used in HMT Tractors. Fixture design and selection starts with the component and the manufacturing operation to be performed. The criteria for this design process are accuracy, positive location, repeatability, production rate and importantly, the reliability under the action of the cutting force and shear experienced. The clamping forces and construction easiness have also been accounted for design. The proposed design was then checked for safety under the action of the involved stresses. The calculations of the cutting force are shown and proved that the forces at various vital points in the design are well below safety limits. Expert analysts then approved the design.

      Pramila D. Kamble, Bharti W. Gawali

Abstract: This paper presents a new idea for detecting an unknown human face in input imagery & recognizing his/her facial expression, or face detection, using the photo sketch of faces with 3D surface. For this purpose two main problems are important i.e. face detection & location of faces. For this we want to need that the direction/side of face or what is the dimension (such that 2D) of face & their face texture, face extraction’s, & facial expressions. In this process using a 3D face, because a 3-D face is represented by a low dimensional Shape Space Vector (SSV).Conveying information about person’s original face or neural face .Many face recognition systems the image processing it is very interesting to recognize the human gesture by observing the different movement of eyes, mouth, nose etc. For face detection it is also important that a novel face photo-sketch synthesis & recognition method using a multiscaleMarkove Random Field (MRF) model. For this system three components are important i.e.1) given face photo 2) face sketch drawing 3) searching for face photo in the database based on a query sketch drawn by an artist. This entire task the main part is photo sketch [1].In lot of papers shows that face detection with photo-sketch, in my paper I have also used the face detection but, it try to use with 3D facial expressions.

      R.Senthil, M.Vijaya

Abstract: Finding different clusters in sequence plays major role in the computational biology, which could help as evidence of structural and functional conservation, as well as of evolutionary relations among the sequence. Functionally related genes often appear in other’s neighborhood on the genome. However, the order of the genes may not be at the same. These groups or clusters of genes may have an ancient evolutionary origin or may signify some other critical phenomenon and may also serve in function prediction. Similarly, cluster of protein domains as appearing in different orders in the protein sequence and suggests more functional parts. Proteins are the large organic compounds made of amino acid in a linear fashion. The side chains of these amino acids are chemically different from one another in some respect can be classified broadly two ways hydrophobic and hydrophilic. Carbon content in these side chains makes the amino acids. It is easily demonstrable that the linear amino acid sequence completely specifies the three dimensional shapes. The study is carried out for prediction of possible cluster in carbon atom rich and low amino acids using permutation method. It is interesting to observe that permutations involving as many as large hydrophobic residues or clusters.

      Sumit Agrawal, Shilpa Jaiswal

Abstract: The need of wireless network is to enforce participating nodes to forward packets to other nodes to foster secure and reliable communication. Although there are presence of vulnerable nodes that can be associated with malicious nodes and can harm networks. The varieties of these malicious nodes are vulnerable to nodes which are either compromised or falsely guided by vulnerable nodes. Malicious nodes can easily tamper the participating nodes in the networks. In mobile ad hoc network these attacks shown their significance in the terms of network worms which can attack, alter or modify the root definitions of network across all administrative and participating domains. This paper reviews the full study to eliminate thread of black hole attacks in MANET”. We also address to the solution against the threat of black hole attack in MANET. In Black Hole Attack a malicious node advertises itself as having the shortest path to the node whose packets it wants to intercept. So to rectify the possibility of occurrence of black hole attack we are proposing a technique to identify attack and a solution to discover a safe route for secure transmission. We are proposing here a Secure Ad-hoc On-Demand Distance Vector routing protocol (SAODV) to endeavor our all efforts into a common place. So the emphasis is to develop a scheme for the measure of these network worms and blackhole attacks to eliminate occurrences of communication hazards from intermediate and surrounding threads.

      S.Vishnuvardhan, S.Venkatramulu, G.Ranjith

Abstract: There is an increasing awareness of the growing influence of organized entities involved in today’s Internet attacks. However, there is no easy way to discriminate between the observed malicious activities of script kiddies and professional organizations, for example. For some time the project has collected data on a worldwide scale amenable to such analysis. Previous publications have highlighted the usefulness of so called attack clusters to provide some insight into the different tools used to attack Internet sites. In this paper, we introduce a new notion, namely cliques of clusters, as an automated knowledge discovery method. Clusters provide analysts with some refined information about how, and potentially by whom, attack tools are used. We provide some examples of the kind of information that they can provide. Our approach to the network attack pattern discovery problem is sketched in this section, and then presented in further detail in the later sections. It is assumed that on any target system, a packet sniffer tool captures all the raw network packets, and the TCP/UDP headers and other relevant information from the data payloads are recorded in a log file stored locally.

      Dr.S.Franklin John, Mr.J. Anand Christopher

Abstract: The study was designed to investigate the Relationship between Branding Dimensions and Brand Rating. The study covers the population includes 325 consumers from Tamil nadu, who are all using branded milk. The questionnaires were given to 500 consumers who are all using branded milk. Out of 500 consumers contacted, 325 questionnaires were received with required coverage and details. The participants completed the two sets of self-reported questionnaires, including Background characteristics and variables chosen for this study in order to measure the influence of branded milk are the Salience, performance, Imagery, Judgment, Feelings and Resonance. The collected data were computed and analyzed using multiple regressions. The findings of the study were generalized as follows: Statistically significant differences were found in Brand rating by the different brand dimensions like Salience, Performance, Imagery, feelings and Resonance. In the end of the study implications and conclusion were provided.

      Patil V.P

Abstract: A mobile ad hoc network (MANET) is a network consisting of a set of wireless mobile nodes that communicate with each other without centralized control or established infrastructure. Every node in MANET moves arbitrarily making the multi-hop network topology to change randomly at unpredictable times. There are several familiar routing protocols like DSDV, AODV, DSR, and OLSR which have been proposed for providing communication among all the nodes in the network. This paper presents Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Reactive and Proactive Routing Protocol Performance Evaluation in Mobile Ad Hoc Network for protocols such as OLSR, DSDV, AODV and DSR based on metrics such as security, multicasting, Packet delivery ratio and average end-to-end delay, Routing load by using the NS-2 simulator. The results shows that there is no routing protocol in the current stage without modifications that can provide efficient routing to any size of network, regardless of the number of nodes and the network load and mobility. AODV shows better performance than DSDV, OLSR, and DSR.

      B. Nikhitha, P. Deekshith, Santhosh Kumar Gugulothu

Abstract: The study of two-phase flows has formed the basis of several industrial applications. The analysis of the concentration gradient of the two phases and the transformation of a particular flow pattern to another has played a vital role in estimating the durability of the machinery used in industries. For efficient analysis of the flow characteristics, one needs to obtain experimental data depicting bubble size, velocity of the bubbles. This paper reviews a time trace method to measure the bubble diameter and velocity in a two-phase gas-liquid flow using a conductance probe. A comparative study on the design of the probe electrodes has been done and an appropriate geometrical design of the probe electrodes has been mentioned. This paper also presents the electronic circuit development of the probe. The principle of the experiment revolves around the difference in electrical conductivity of the two-phases and the corresponding voltage changes noted when each phase is in contact with the probe electrode. The output signal is finally analyzed by an oscilloscope. In addition a few experimental results in regard with the transition of flow pattern and gaseous phase concentration are analyzed. Also an appropriate design of probe electrodes has been selected at the end.

      Shekaina, Dr. T. Jayasingh

Abstract: The power output of a CRDI engine at any particular cycle depends on the oxidation of diesel inside the cylinder. As air-fuel ratio should be maintained within tight limits; the amount of air available inside the cylinder determines the maximum power output at a particular cycle. During acceleration mode and particularly during turbo lag periods, the quantity of air available in conventional CRDI engines is not sufficient to meet the desired torque demand. To overcome the problems encountered during acceleration and deceleration; a novel concept and control strategy are presented in this paper.

      Gaurva Verma, Dr.M.K.Verma, Dr.R.K.Tripathi

Abstract: The present study investigates and analyses the behavior of a concrete gravity dam during the strong ground horizontal motions due to an earthquake with CADAM. The model in thesis is the structure of Hirakud gravity dam. Hirakud dam across river Mahanadi in eastern India is a composite structure of earth, concrete and masonry. Length of the main dam is 4.80 Km, flanked by 21 km earthen dykes on left and right sides, making a total length of 25.8km. Two concrete spillways of average height 45.75 m and maximum height 60.96 m are located in the two arms of the river. Hirakud dam has been built at Latitude 210-32’ N and Longitude 830-52’E across river Mahanadi at about 15 km upstream of Sambalpur town. This is the first post independence major multipurpose river valley project in India. It hasnot ever shakes under the influence of powerful ground motions in the area. Because of lowness and special firmness of the structure it behaves like a solid body, therefore the structure should be compared with many different earthquake accelerations and then the maximum vibration of the body is considerable. After linear dynamic analysis with CADAM the results show the stresses on the body of the dam are relative to particularity of each earthquake like magnitude, epicenter distance and PGA .The body of dam is modeled two dimensional in CADAM. The procedure of analyses is linear response spectra analysis. The acceleration records of ground motions in the CADAM dynamic response spectra analysis are real records of occurred earthquakes. The other data which are used in CADAM modeling are approximately unreal and exaggerated and they are used for magnifying the influence of earthquake on the dam body.

      Adani Lokho, Yogendra Kumar

Abstract: The present paper deals with sixteen species of Indian Dendrobium Sw. from the Northeastern regions which are economically important from aesthetic value related industry. The detailed morphological characterization and the reproductive phenology are discussed. Vegetative characters reveal sizeable variations among the species which can be differentiated from one another. The height of the psuedobulb stem with nodes and internodes ranges from 15 cm to 130 cm, the maximum height was recorded in D. moschatum. The sessile lanceolate leaves with a maximum length were recorded in D. moschatum. The longest inflorescence was found in D. clavatum, interestingly in Dendrobium the longer the inflorescence the more the numbers of flower bearing. The flowers were exquisite and showy which exhibit different shapes and colours, the largest flower was recorded in D. formosum. Most of the species began to sprout new shoots during spring season. The low temperature, rainfall and humidity promote the flower bud initiation except in D. nobile, and D. heterocarpum favoured by moderate temperature and high humidity. The longevity of the flower ranges from 5 to 23 days with a maximum recorded in D. formosum. Post fertilization phenophase is the longest period exhibited by all the species under study, for instance seedpod initiation to maturity ranges from 56 to 120 days.

      Arun Kumar

Abstract: Vehicular ad hoc networks (VANETs) are special case of mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) where non real-time applications are appreciated as compared to real time because of very frequent network partitions caused by high node mobility. Delay tolerant network (DTN) follows the approach of store and forward i.e. message ferrying. In this paper the selection of ferry to forward the data is based on fastest ferry and dynamic speed of ferries. The selection of fastest ferry in variable blocks makes it adaptive to accommodate high speed vehicles which provide maximum packet delivery ratio. The superiority of proposed algorithm is validated by the results obtained by network simulator 2 (ns-2).

      Abdhesh Kumar , Prof. Praveen Pachauri

Abstract: In this paper, a Genetic Algorithm (GA) is used for the travelling salesman problem (TSP) to reduced total time and distance of tool travel for drilling sequence. By using Traveling salesman problem, it become a little bit simple and less time consuming. But there are many possible sequences in TSP. So there is need to find out the best possible solution so that the process becomes more efficient and less time consumer. By using GENETIC ALGORITHM in MTLAB software, I got best possible sequence in TSP.

      B.L. Bhellum, Surat Singh

Abstract: The paper put on record 35 species representing 32 genera belonging to 22 families of following plants of district Samba of Jammu and Kashmir State. The main focus is on ethnomedicinal value of the plants of this district. Each species is followed by the name of the family, vernacular / local name and traditional medicinal use.

      Ch.Raju, T.Bikshapathi, A.Srinivas Reddy, J.Sathyanarayana, R.Vijay Kumar , M. Krishna Reddy

Abstract: Bezoars were isolated from gastrointestinal tract of certain goats and they were used for the treatment of ailments like snake bite, old age, plague, high fever, convulsion, stroke, epilepsy and evil spirits as it was believed that bezoars had healing powers. Bezoars are classified according to the materials which they are composed. In view of the lack of information and owing to importance of the problem towards medicine preparations and its health hazards the present study has been undertaken. The aim of the present study was to evaluate the hematololgical, histopathological and biochemical changes in goats due to bezoars formation. The hematological and biochemical analysis indicate the formation of bezoars caused significant influence on different blood parameters which intern lead to functional and structural alterations at cellular level as evidence by the histopathological changes observed.

      Narinderjeet Kaur, Maninder Singh

Abstract: Route cache strategy is important in an on demand routing protocol in wireless mobile ad hoc networks. In on demand routing protocol the route discovery mechanism is used to transmit packets from one mobile node to other. In order to avoid such route discovery mechanism each time when the packet is transmitted, the route caching technique is used. Route caching is the major approach to decrease the flooding of the network by avoiding the route discovery operation as much as possible. Because the frequently use of route discovery mechanism is very costly in terms of delay and bandwidth consumption which can cause congestion and long delay. Therefore the efficient caching strategies have the great impact on the performance of the DSR and AODV routing protocol. This paper, presented the effect of the cache expiry time and active route timeout (ART) on the performance of the DSR and AODV routing protocols in terms of route discovery time, routing traffic overhead and throughput. The simulation results indicate that the performance of the DSR and AODV protocol decreases if we increase the cache size and ART parameters.

      Shahista Navaz, Uzma Ansari

Abstract: With the rapid development of network technology, Grid Computing has emerged for satisfying the increasing demand of the computing power of scientific computing community. Grid facilitates global computing infrastructure for user to consume the services over the network. To optimize the workflow grid execution, a robust multi-objective scheduling algorithm is needed. In this paper, we considered three conflicting objectives like execution time (makespan), total cost and reliability. We propose a multi-objective scheduling algorithm, using R-NSGA-II approach based on evolutionary computing paradigm. Simulation results shows that the proposed algorithm generates multiple scheduling solutions near the Pareto optimal front with small computation overhead. In this work, we proposed the use of epsilon dominance based MOEA approach for the purpose of solving workflow scheduling problems in Grid. In one scheduling problem, we addressed two major conflicting objectives called make span and cost.

      T.R.JeraldBeno, M.Karnan

Abstract: Feature selection refers to the problem of selecting those input features that are most predictive of a given outcome; a problem encountered in many areas such as machine learning, pattern recognition and image processing. In particular, this has found successful application in tasks that involve datasets containing huge numbers of features which would be impossible to process further. Recent examples include cluster analysis and image classification. Rough set theory has been used as such a dataset pre processor with much success, but current methods are inadequate at tending minimal reductions. This paper proposes a new feature selection mechanism based on fuzzy forward and backward reduct. It also presents a new entropy- based modification of the original rough set-based approach. These are applied to the problem finding minimal rough set reducts, and evaluated experimentally.

      Barjinderpal Singh, Jasbir Singh Dhillon, G.S.Sidhu

Abstract: Exposure buildup factor for some flyasheslike Bituminous, Subbituminous, lignite, high calcium, high iron, low calcium, low iron has been calculated in the energy region 0.015-15.0 MeV up to a penetration depth of 40 mfp. The five G.P. fitting parameters have been used to calculate EBF. Variation of EBF with incident photon energy and penetration depth has been studied. It has been observed that chosen flyash have maximum value of EBF at 0.3 MeV. Variation in value of EBF is due to dominance of different interaction processes in different energy regions. Comparison of calculated exposure buildup factor with standard shows good agreements.

      Jasbir Singh Dhillon, Barjinderpal Singh, Gurdeep Singh Sidhu

Abstract: The five parameters geometrical progression fitting approximation has been used to calculate energy absorption buildup factor (EABF) and exposure buildup factor (EBF) for some Vitamins and tissue equivalent materials in the energy region 0.015-15.0 MeV up to a penetration depth of 40 mfp. Variation of EABF with incident photon energy and penetration depth has been studied. We observed that chosen Vitamins have maximum value of EABF and EBF around 0.1 MeV and that of TEM around 0.08 MeV. Variation in value of EABF was due to dominance of different interaction processes in different energy regions. Bee Wax has the maximum EABF and EBF at 0.08 MeV and all the samples except Vitamin A1 have maximum EBF at 0.1 MeV.

      Niraj Kumar Singh

Abstract: A person with proactive mind-set is an individual who is unconstrained in certain situations and affects environmental change, rather than allowing environmental change to affect him/her. Proactive personality types act on opportunities after identifying them. They take initiative and action with ease to create change, and are capable to transforming constraints into opportunities. According to this integrationist theory, proactive people have the tendency to enter into entrepreneurial careers. Entrepreneurship involves special kinds of decision-making processes. Because of this, it is argued that the success of a business depends on the entrepreneur personality structure, and that this is true in particular for previously unemployed persons. Failure rates of entrepreneurs are high, and so are the costs incurred thereby: not only does failure mean that entrepreneurs lose their own investments and the income opportunities they could have taken advantage of otherwise; it may also mean that banks as well as friends, fools and family lose the capital they had invested (in terms of loans or equity). In this paper we will take a deep note on different thinking and mentality of people (young graduates, new business men/entrepreneurs and employees) in respect to be a job seeker or a job generator or a employee or employer. Some exclusive vital factors are considered to give a beginning start to business and then flourish it beyond bounds; this papers text will demonstrate what-how influences business growth in which type of people (Young Graduates – Techno-managers, Small business men and Employees).

      Abdulla Al Mamun, Soumen Mitra

Abstract: Tourism has significant contribution in sustainable development, economic upliftment and social benefits, if planned methodically. Since the last decade it has become a major thrust area in India to address the aforesaid issues, to utilize its wide variety of destination resources and also to optimize the level of financial involvement for developing tourist infrastructure in a constraint economic domain. This article formulates a simple methodology to quantify tourism potential for a region where detail data is not readily available. ‘Weighted Sum Method’, a popular multi-criteria decision making tool, has been adopted in this study. The method selects social and physical attributes and quantifies them through ranking and scaling techniques. A concept of clusterization has been adopted for optimization of tourist infrastructure costs. The methodology has been applied to Murshidabad district of West Bengal state, India. The district is predominantly characterized by remarkable heritage precincts. The tourism potential has been quantified based on individual spots and clusters. Major limitations of the study have been discussed and relevant avenues for future research have been mentioned.

      Aryak Shori, Dr. R.K.Tripathi, Dr. M. K. Verma

Abstract: This paper presents Safety Analysis of Rupsiabagar Khasiyabara dam situated in Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand in India, using CADAM. The purpose of this work is to see the impact of earthquakes on dam structure & if require modify it by seismic retrofitting to improve the resistance of dam to earthquake. The safety Analysis of concrete gravity dam owes continuous concern to dynamic seismic activities due to earthquake. These Earthquake results in change in seismic parameters due to tectonic movements. CADAM software has been primarily designed for structural stability evaluation of concrete gravity dam using pseudo static method & pseudo dynamic method. Rupsiabagar-Khasiabara dam is located on river Goriganga, which is originates from the Milam glacial regions of Himalayas and has tremendous scope for development of hydro-power, which needs to be harnessed to meet the ever-growing demand for power. With reference to the present value of Peak Ground Acceleration, seismic hazard analysis for Rupsiabagar-Khasiabara dam has been performed .The section of dam is checked for present value of Peak Ground Acceleration for stability for various loading conditions and was found safe with the present study.

      Kalpana, Aruna

Abstract: Obesity is a global epidemic disease and is recognized as a major public health problem in India. Urbanization, Improved economical status, modernization and sedentary life style are some of the factors thought to underlie the epidemic. There is immediate need to treat the issue as Obesity is the major causative factor for many non-communicable diseases. The important strategies for weight management would be diet and Physical activity. But recently many other treatments evolved like behavior modification, weight loss nutritional supplements, non clinical weight management programs, medically managed weight-loss and surgical treatment. L-Carnitine, a vitamin like substance naturally synthesized in our body has gained much importance as weight loss nutritional supplement in treating Obesity as L-carnitine plays an important role in our body to transport fatty acids for its oxidation. As any other vitamin L-Carnitine is also naturally present in foods and the most in animal foods. Hence the study was undertaken to compare the rate of weight loss among overweight and obese individuals after supplementation of L-Carnitine (1000mg/day) for 30 days.

      R.lakshmi, S.Gomathi

Abstract: The flow of Rivlin-Ericksen fluid past a porous vertical wall with the constant suction under the influence of uniform transverse magnetic field is studied. The velocity distribution, temperature distribution, rate of heat transfer, and the coefficient of skin friction are analyzed under the initial and boundary conditions. The effects of magnetic field, visco-elastic parameter, Prandtl number and suction parameter have been investigated on the flow of Rivlin-Ericksen fluid and the results are computed graphically for different values of the parameters.

      Firoj High Sarwa

Abstract: Paradoxically, in the infant stage, European colonization has not been possible without translators and translation in India , owing to continuous exigency of politico-cultural transaction to run the colonial administration. This paper looks at traditional and orientalist approaches to translations activity, crafted in Bengal during East India Company’s reign, and considers how in latter phase the European and native writings have got impetus to its dimension and nature from these translations. Here an attempt has been made to reformulate the orientations of European scholars behind translation mission during the East India Company’s rule in Bengal and offer an insightful perceptiveness from which to undertake the study of Early British activity in unearthing and demonstrating oriental writings (Ancient Sanskrit and Medieval Persian writings) before the occidental world. Finally paper has been concluded with a critical analysis of different modes of linguistic shift from Bengali, Sanskrit, and Persian to English and other European languages, along with its consequences.

      Jayashree Singh, Gouranga C. Mohanty, Swaroop Acharya

Abstract: The Relative Permittivity of Binary Mixtures of 1,2-Dichlorobenzene a Nuclear Extractant with Five Nonpolar Solvents is Measured at Frequency 455 Khz and Temperature 303.16K. The Dielectric Constant Data are used to Compute the Linear Correlation Factor and Excess Gibb Free Energy in the Binary Mixtures. The Molecular Interaction is Found to be Dependent upon Concentration of 1,2-Dichlorobenzene as well as the Nature of the Solvent.

      Swarup Jyoti Baishya

Abstract: The physical set up and growing inhabitants of an area as well as the dynamic human decisions determine the pattern of land use. The Pattern of land use for different purposes in any area influences the local and anticipated future economy. The industrial land use pattern of a particular spatial unit of the earth’s surface is characterized by the positive and negative effects. The relationship between changing land use pattern and population growth is communicated by a number of socio-economic, cultural, political, industrial and other aspects. An effort towards better education, health & nutrition as well as better scientific and technological education will be a solid contribution to the appropriate use of land in a particular area. In the absence of the above said effort there will be a threat to sustainability. During the last few decades, most of the agricultural paddy fields have been used for the establishment of brick industries in the neighboring areas of urban centers due to high demand of building materials. The immediate outcomes of such type of transformation of land use can be summarized as threat to fertility of attached agricultural land, land and air pollution, sanitation, problem to child labours, change of demographic structure due to migrated labours and also other relevant socio-economic aspects. In this paper an attempt has been made to highlight the trend of decadal population growth and to highlight the present scenario of the land use pattern of the brick industries at the villages under Ganeshkuwari Gaon Panchayat measuring an area about 1518.95 hectares and population more than 7000 of Sipajhar C.D. Block, Darrang district, Assam. The present work tries to trace out the changing population scenario, land use pattern, brick industrial economy and relevant problems related to brick industrial growth. SOI topographical maps, secondary data, field data, GIS and field observations will be used to carry out this study.

      Nisha P John, Ashly Thomas

Abstract: An ad-hoc network is a collection of mobile nodes that dynamically form a temporary network and are infras- tructure less. Networks are protected using many firewalls and encryption softwares. But many of them are not sufficient and effective due to its limited power and mobility. The ultimate goal of the security solutions for wireless networks is to provide security services, such as authentication, confidentiality, in- tegrity, anonymity, and availability, to mobile users. Black hole attack is one of the severe security threats in ad-hoc networks which can be easily employed by exploiting vulnerability of on- demand routing protocols such as Ad-Hoc On Demand distance vector (AODV). In this paper, we have surveyed and compared the existing solutions to black hole attacks on AODV protocol.

      M. Bharani, R.V.M.Mahendra Gowda

Abstract: The tensile behaviour of Ring spun, Rotor spun, Air-jet spun and DREF-3 Friction spun yarns has been investigated at high strain rates and different gauge lengths. It is observed that the increase in gauge length from 150 mm to 500 mm decreases continually the yarn tenacity, breaking extension, but increases the breaking work and the modulus. The rotor spun yarns exhibit a minimum reduction in tenacity while the air-jet spun yarns show a greater drop in tenacity and breaking extension when tested at longer gauge lengths. Amongst all yarns, the ring spun yarns exhibit highest tenacity and modulus followed by rotor spun yarns and air-jet spun yarns. The yarn tenacity, breaking extension, breaking work and breaking time are found to be power law functions of gauge length while the modulus is preferably a logarithmic function of gauge length. The percentage increase in tenacity is higher in case of 20 Ne cotton ring spun yarn followed by the corresponding rotor spun and air-jet spun yarns. All these observations ascribe to the nature of the responses of the constituent fibres at differences amongst the structures of these yarns.

      Ch. Santhosh Reddy, Ch. Sowjanya, P. Praveena, Prof Shalini L

Abstract: Cryptography is an art and science. It is a playing major role in information and security division. The main aim of the cryptography is protecting the data from unauthorized users or hackers. “Cryptography is subject contains two parts one is encryption and another one decryption. Encryption is a process converting the plain text to cipher text using some keys. Decryption is a process of converting the cipher text to plain text using the keys”. There are several algorithms in cryptography to encode and decode the data based on the key. This paper discusses types of cryptography and different keys in cryptography. The paper can give brief description about symmetric key algorithms and we are proposing new algorithm in symmetric key cryptography. The proposed algorithm contains two levels of Exclusive OR (XOR) operation. This algorithm is useful in transmission of messages and data between one user and another.

      Abbas Saeedipour

Abstract: Alberuni should be revisited and reread. Another chapter and characteristic should be rediscovered and added to alberuni records: Mythology. Mythology, as a branch of knowledge, a non-major field and course of study, as a perspective, critical opinion and attitude, nearly an informal subject at universities, a playful part of comments and interpretations, and then, as an approach and informal discipline, criticism etc. intermingled with, philosophy, anthropology, cultural studies, sociology, and poetry, has been also appeared and recorded before and emphatically after Alberuni. He can be realized as a knowledge-bridge of mythology between and across the old and the new eras. With his very silent but controversial India Alberuni may not realistically be ignored and put away at all.

      Tomba I.

Abstract: Tomba (May, 2012) introduced a technique for construction (n x n) magic squares (when n is odd) using basic Latin Squares by fixing the pivot element and arranging other elements in an orderly manner [10]. However, even-order magic squares can’t be constructed using the same procedure because of duplication in diagonal elements. Again, Tomba (July, 2012) developed a technique for constructing (n x n) magic squares (when n is doubly-even) using basic Latin square by fixing the column associated with the elements, adjacent to the pivot element and arranging in an orderly manner, making symmetric transformations that generates a magic parametric constant (T) and finally derived by minor adjustment on the pair-numbers of satisfying T [11]. The technique can provide weak magic squares for singly-even cases. In this paper, a technique for constructing singly-even magic squares is developed and illustrated with suitable examples.

      J.Mahesh, M.Antony Kumar

Abstract: Routing in computer network is an essential functionality, which influence both the network management as the quality of services in global networks. The management of the traffic flows has to satisfy requirements for volume of traffic to be transmitted as avoidance of congestions for decreasing the transmission delays. These two requirements in general are contradictory. The optimal traffic management is a key issue for the quality of the information services. Routing in networks, applying shortest path algorithm is widely used in communication protocols in WAN. Short explanations and illustration of these algorithms is given.

      Chandan Sarma, Prof. P.H Talukdar

Abstract: It is not possible to include all the words in a natural language for general text-to-speech system. Grapheme-to-phoneme conversion system is essential to pronounce a word which is out of vocabulary. Grapheme-to-phoneme rules play a vital role where lexical lookup fails. Though basic Grapheme-to-phoneme rules system is very simple yet it is very powerful for naturalness of a TTS system. Letter-to-sound rules may be hand written or maybe automatic depending on the language. We have worked on Bodo language. After a systematic study of Boro language we found that there is a systematic relationship between the written form of a Bodo word and its pronunciation. So, it is fairly easy to build letter-to-sound rules by hand for Bodo language. We have used a Bodo corpora of 5000 words and built letter-to-sound rules. These rules have been tested using Festival, a most popular speech synthesizer and applying these rules, we were able to produce correct pronunciations for approximately 89% of the words. Again, dialect variation also influences grapheme-to-phoneme conversion rules. This paper gives overview of Boro dialect variation and grapheme-to-phoneme conversion rules developed for Boro TTS system.

      Dr. A. Kalyani

Abstract: Chicks infected with Plasmodium gallinaceum were treated with hormones testosterone, DiethyleStilbestirol, Thyroxine and changes in the serum protein content was monitered. In this research work the male and female chicks were taken with different age groups of first week and fourth week. In this study the total protein content during infection was changed. Albumins were decreased and globulins were increased. Total proteins also decreased.

      Nishita Sahoo, Anil Kumar, Charlie Eapen, Ravi Jon

Abstract: The high demand for faster and more reliable services in several applications of modern communications increases the requirements for a large data transmission capacity and hence a wide operational bandwidth. In addition to that, mobile communication set some strict specifications concerning the size, the weight and the efficiency of the RF front-ends, which are responsible for the transformation of the base-band signal to a radiated electromagnetic wave and vice versa. The element of the RF front-end, mainly determines the size and the efficiency of the antenna. In this paper, dual-frequency is obtained, using cylindrical dielectric resonator antenna with a parasitic c-slot fed by a microstrip line. The structure consists of two radiating resonators that are tightly stacked together and resonate at different frequencies. The first frequency is from the DRA and the other from the c-slot. The use of dielectric resonator in feeding circuit requires accurate knowledge of the coupling between the resonator and circuit. So, in order to match the dielectric resonator to the feedline and to excite the HEM11δ mode in the resonator, the most common method of feeding technique used is aperture-coupled arrangement. The proposed DRA is suitable to be mounted above the system circuit board of the mobile communication devices, and is very suitable for application in mobile communication systems.

      Vaishali G. Dubey, Jaspal Singh

Abstract: This paper presents new JPEG2000 based lossy image compression method based on 2D discrete wavelet transform. In the proposed method , 3D image is divided into smaller non-overlapping tiles on which 2D DWT is applied .Thereafter , Hard Thresholding and Huffman coding are respectively applied on each of the tiles to get compressed image. The Performance of proposed compression method is measured over various images and found to be efficient method of image compression in terms of short coding ,less calculations. This compression method is simpler and has better performance compared to that of JPEG compression as we are applying 2D DWT.

      P.Srinivasarao, Dr. P. Ravinder Reddy, Dr.K.Vijaya Kumar Reddy

Abstract: Considering the high capital cost involved in new generation “clean technologies” developing countries like India having an abundance of cheap fossil fuel reserves have to give a major thrust to improvement in fossil-fired power technologies. Steam turbine based generating plants form the backbone of power generation in many countries in our country too, Base load is presently largely generated by fossil fuel based power plants. Most of these plants employ sub-critical coal fired boilers driving steam turbines to generate power. The adoption of “Supercritical cycles” for thermal plants on a wide scale has the ability to improve overall system efficiency, as well as provide benefits of lower emissions both on land & in air. Steam cycles for supercritical application operate at very high pressure & temperatures; these are thus characterized by features that take full advantage of the advanced parameters like higher expansion in turbines, more stages of feed heating & higher input levels to boilers, contributing to higher system efficiency. All the components of the cycle are optimally designed to take advantages of these elevated parameters. Additionally, these cycles are built considering large size machines to take full advantage of economies of scale, thus reducing “Footprint” per MW generated. All of these contribute to lower land & water use, less consumption of coal & reduced wastes & emissions. The paper deals with the design of these cycles in detail in addition to comparing them to the existing sub critical cycles, highlighting areas of improvement.

      Jyotsna Ghildiyal Bijalwan, Dr Pankaj Shah

Abstract: Corporate governance in India can be evident from the Koutaliya’s Arthshastra, which maintain that for good governance all administrators including king were considered as servants of the subjects. Good governance and stability goes hand in hand. The primary objective of this paper is to study the corporate governance policies, practices and system in India. Goodness of corporate governance is checked on the basis of five basic parameters i.e. transparency, ownership structure, board procedure, investor rights and governance strategies. During the study it was observed that, in India the legislative and regulatory framework for the corporate governance is sound but the implementation part is poor. There is a huge gap between what is de-jure and de-facto. The state is still lagging behind when it comes to particularly private sector small and medium size industries. Major part of industrial set up is just their production units. The government has also set up various committees, passed various regulations for the development of the industries in the country. There is a further need to strengthen the existing governance policies.

      Dr. A. Kalyani

Abstract: The diethyl stilbestrol is a synthetic estrogen was given orally into male and female chicks to study its effect on the immune system. The chicks were taken in different age groups such as one week and four weeks. The chicks were experimentally infected with plasmodium to find out the growth rate in the malarial infection. In this study the parasitemia in stilbestrol treated male and female chicks was more than in control chicks

      Kawalpreet Kalra, Alpana Goel, A.K. Jain

Abstract: A systematic of the signature inversion & Signature reversal phenomena in odd- odd nuclei in rare earth region are presented. It is mainly observed in high j-orbitals. These are the systematic of (h11/2p x i13/2n) orbitals. We have analyzed in total 41 cases (Experimental data have been collected from http://www.nndc.bnl.gov/chart/)in rare earths region (Z=61 to Z=75). For these configuration bands, the even spin members should lie lower in energy. However revert behaviors is observed up to certain spin called signature inversion. The point of Inversion is mentioned in the systematic shown in table. The point is shifted towards lower spin as we move towards higher isotopes. These features like signature dependence, signature inversion and signature reversal are well explained by two-quasiparticle rotor model (TQPRM). Goel et al have developed TQPRM for even-even and odd-odd nuclei. The model well explained the signature dependence and signature inversion in 152Eu, 156Tb and 160Ho of odd-odd nuclei. The signature reversal observed in 170Yb of even-even nuclei was also well explained by TQPRM model. The odd-even staggering in rotational band is due to the residual interaction. The Newby shift for the K=0 band and decoupling parameter for K=1/2 band are basically responsible for such behavior. The K=0 and K=1 bands are staggered band. This staggering is transmitted to higher K values by Coriolis coupling or by PPC (particle-particle coupling). Availability of large experimental data of odd-odd nuclei helps to do the further work in this region. We are in process not only to explain this feature but also shifting in the point of inversion as mass number increases. In future we will present systematic by TQPRM calculations.

      Ms. Dhanashree M. Kuthe , Prof. Avinash J. Agrawal

Abstract: An Elliptic Curve Cryptography scheme for blind digital signature is proposed where a sender proves his/her identity using zero knowledge protocol. In this scheme, the ECC is used to implement blind digital signature and the zero knowledge is used at time of signing where the requester needs to prove his/her identity. The ECC is used because of its difficulty of solving discrete logarithmic problem. The proposed scheme uses zero knowledge protocol to hide the identity of the requester. Hence we maintain the untraceability of the requester and also anonymity of the requester is achieved. Here, in the proposed scheme verifier is not supplied with any of the secret facts of the requester even then the sender is verified using a verifying factor. Hence, the identity of the sender is kept in secrecy. Zero knowledge protocol is used because allow identification without leaking any secret information during the conversation and with smaller computational requirements.

      Shakti Mehrotra, Ambakila Sinha

Abstract: In the present study an attempt is made to investigate sex related difference in handedness among adults. It was hypothesized that there will be a difference in the performance of males and females on measure of handedness. 704 males and 840 females were given a group test of handedness. The result indicates that females tended to score significantly high on performance test of handedness than males. The sex difference was statistically significant for right-handers but not for left-handers.

      Pushpendra Kumar Yadav, Dr.N.L.Prajapati

Abstract: Genetic Algorithm specially invented with for development of natural selection and genetic ideas. These are the basic algorithm used to generate solution for optimization problems with some natural evolution techniques which are inheritance, mutation, selection and crossover. The biologist explains that the life at the level of complexity that we observe could be evolved in the relatively short time. The father of the original Genetic Algorithm was John Holland who invented it in the year 1970 and Charles Darwin represent a method of a random search for a defined search space to solve a problem. Generally a population of string is used to encode candidate’s solutions to an optimization problem represent for better solutions in binary 0s and 1s strings and this evolution usually starts from a population of randomly generated individuals in generations.

      A. C. Patel, Dr. R. S. Patel

Abstract: Water is essential for living organisms especially like Flora and Fauna. The presented study deals with comparative study of the periodic and aperiodic variations of Physico-chemical status of two lakes belongs of Lodra Lake and Nardipur Lake of Gandhinagar District, Gujarat India. Both lakes having natural freshwater body. Different data are collected and observed through various field trips. A comparative study of the periodic and aperiodic variations of Physico-chemical status of two lakes were studied in year January to June 2011. Both the lakes are biotically affected by various anthropogenic activities. In the present study water characteristics of two lakes have been compared the water quality. Different Parameters like pH, Fluoride, COD, BOD, Chloride, Alkalinity, Total Hardness, Calcium, Calcium Hardness, Magnesium, Magnesium Hardness, DO, EC and TDS analyzed. The result indicates that the both lakes are in polluted condition.

      H. V. Joshi, Dr. R. S. Patel

Abstract: Visnagar city is located in north Gujarat (72 30 n and 73 30 n 23 0 e and 23 35 e). Visnagar taluka is popularly known as ‘Shikshan Nagari’ and also known as Copper city. The climate of visnagar is tropical arid to marginal semi-arid. It is strongly periodic and seasonal. There are many fresh water bodies are situated at and around Visnagar taluka. The present study deals with the physico-chemical status of two lakes, deliya lake and Malap lake, under biotic stress”. Deliya lake is natural fresh water body having 19 hector area & circular in shape. It is located between latitude230 41’ 60’’N longitude720 32’ 60’’ E. it is oldest lake of visnagar. It is also known as hanuman temple talav. Constructed before 10’th century. Another historical lake is Malap lake , is also situated near Visnagar. Malap lake is natural fresh water body having 4 hector area. These water bodies has dense growth of algae and planktons in its. Physico-chemical status of two lakes belongs to Visnagar Taluka were studied in year January to June 2011. Both the lakes are biotically affected by various anthropogenic activities. In the present study water characteristics of two lakes have been compared the water quality. Different Parameters carried out like temperature, pH, Fluoride, COD, BOD, Phosphate, Sodium, Chloride, Alkalinity, Total Hardness, Calcium, DO and TDS. The result indicates that the both lakes are in polluted condition. It is evident that Malap Lake was found to be more polluted in compare to Deliya Lake. Mittal & Sengar (1990) investigated phytoplankton diversity in relation to certain physico-chemical characteristics and observed direct correlation with conductivity, dissolved solids, suspended solids, turbidity, D.O. and B.O.D. Tripathi and Pandey (1990) observed higher value of total hardness and stated that it may be due to polluted water of the ponds. Various physico-chemical parameter like Different Parameters analyzed like pH, Fluoride, COD, BOD, Ch

      Vahid Behravesh, S.M.R. Farshchi

Abstract: This paper describes automatic document categorization based on large text hierarchy. We handle the large number of features and training examples by taking into account hierarchical structure of examples and using feature selection for large text data. We experimentally evaluate feature subset selection on real-world text data collected from the existing Web hierarchy named Yahoo. In our learning experiments naive Bayesian classifier was used on text data using feature vector document representation that includes word sequences (n-grams) instead of just single words (unigrams). Experimental evaluation on real-world data collected form the Web shows that our approach gives promising results and can potentially be used for document categorization on the Web. Additionally the best result on our data is achieved for relatively small feature subset, while for larger subset the performance substantially drops. The best performance among six tested feature scoring measure was achieved by the feature scoring measure called Odds ratio that is known from information retrieval.

      Vahid Behravesh, S.M.R. Farshchi

Abstract: Prediction of daily peak load for next month is an important type of Medium Term Load Forecast (MTLF) for electrical power systems. In this study, a new MTLF strategy is proposed, which is composed of a new two stage feature selection technique and hybrid forecast engine. new nonlinear feature selection algorithm composed of Modified Relief (MR) and Mutual Information (MI) techniques is proposed for the MTLF and proposed forecast engine has MLP structure and a new hybrid training mechanism composed of LM learning algorithm and Differential Evolution (DE). Two test cases are considered to evaluate the efficiency of the proposed MTLF strategy: EUNITE competition data and Iran power system.

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