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      Lucky Kartanto, Prasetijo Rijadi, Sri Priyati

Abstract: Tax Revenue is a mandatory contribution that is paid by the people to the state without direct contradiction and will be used for the benefit of the government and the general public Mardiasmo (2011). According to Siti Resmi (2013) tax has two important functions in a countrys economy. First, taxes are a source of government funding for development, both the central and regional governments.

      Dawit Mamo Alemu, Dr. M. Madhavi Latha

Abstract: An adaptive filter is a filter that can adapt the given environment through self-learning process using optimization algorithm by adjusting the filter co-efficient of the input signal. Adaptive filter is the very essence for today’s different application such as Echo Cancellation, Noise Cancellation, System Identification and so on. In this paper we present the design and implementation of acoustic echo cancellation using the art of Xilinx Zynq platform Zed board and by applying a model-based design approach for hardware software co-simulation in Simulink.

      Nurfarahin Adawiah Binti Mohd Jalani, Harwati Binti Hashim

Abstract: Online Formative Assessment is one of the process to boost the quality of curriculum and learning English language as a second language in Malaysian classroom environment. The aim of using online assessment tool is to attract the students’ interest and passion in learning English. Therefore, this study is executed to find out the students’ perceptions towards the use of online formative assessment tool, Quizziz.

      Dr .Swathi.S

Abstract: Attrition is the most common phenomena found in the private sector. when it come to IT companies attrition has become a disease in which all the IT companies are trying to get the best solution for that problem. In this paper an attempt is made by taking forty convenient sampling from IT company to identify the reason for attrition and ways to reduce attrition are discussed in the paper.

      Mr.Syed Raashid Andrabi, Dr.Ajay Vikram Singh

Abstract: Hemodynamic stability at the time of induction of anaesthesia and during surgery has been major concern for the anaesthetist of both ancient and modern era’s .Induction agent’s causes vasodilatation, myoclonic seizures, nausea and vomiting and attenuation of axis thereby decreasing blood pressure. The aim and objective of this study is to evaluate the hemodynamic effect of etomidate and propofol and as induction agents in elective surgeries under general anaesthesia.

      Dr. Adhavan.E, Dr.Kiren.T, Dr.Gopakumar K.P, Dr.Chethan Kumar.G

Abstract: Stridor may be congenital or acquired. It can be acute, intermittent or chronic. Laryngotracheal inflammation (croup) is the most common cause of acute stridor. Laryngomalacia is the most common cause of chronic stridor. In the infant and newborn, stridor usually indicates a congenital disorder including laryngomalacia, vocal cord paralysis or subglottic stenosis1. Most of the studies related to causes, management and outcome of stridor are from western countries. From India there are only limited studies.

      Isaac Tekper, Joseph Kwame Lewballah, James Kwasi Quaisie, Fred Joseph Komla Adzabe, Emmanuel Yeboah Osei, Emmanuel Asamoah, Philip Baidoo, Andrews Danquah

Abstract: This paper presents a study on the comparisons of the HC and CO emission levels on exhaust gases that expels through an existing home used (imported) car converter, a refurbished catalytic converter with a new honeycomb. The performance of a home used catalytic converter, refurb damaged catalytic converters by replacing the worn-out catalyst elements with imported ceramic honeycomb catalysts and compare the performance of the used catalytic converter to that of refurbished and two other locally developed converter of a Kia Sportage LX exhaust system were studied.

      Gabkwet AE, Gwom PM, Igoh EO, Taiwo YF, Salaam AJ, Danjem SM

Abstract: Objectives: Mammography has remained the gold standard globally for breast cancer screening. Patients with breast lesions in our environment are generally anxious due to the fact that breast cancer is associated with high mortality. This study aims to review the pattern of breast lesions in our environment.

      Anyaegbu, Dom Rowland, Okoli, Paul Chibuike, Ofojebe, Chukwuma, Ozougwu, Augustine Obumneme, Eze, Boris Ejike, Edoka Anthony Chukwunonye

Abstract: This study investigated the relationship between family stress and job stress among military officers. The participants for this study comprised a total of 70 workers selected from 82 divisions Army Barrack located at Enugu Abakaliki Express Way Enugu comprising 60 male and 10 female officers. The participants were selected through the use of Convenience sampling technique.

      Mukhammadkhon Soliev

Abstract: This research empirically demonstrates the current status quo of investment environment and potential of Uzbekistan - one of the dynamically developing countries of Asia. By providing relevant and clear evidences of investment prospective of country and highlighting main features of national economy, paper aims to investigate primary important factors, which stands for paradoxical growth and some actual problems as well.

      Faheem Abbas,Shahzad, Muhammad Farman, Muhammad Mumtaz, Farhan Ashrarf, Muhammad Ishaq, Zeeshan Haider, Ali Raza Ayub, Muhammad Usman Tahir, Syed Aleem Sajid and Maria Khalid

Abstract: Nano sciences and nanotechnology are the study of extremely small things at nm scale. The present studies were carried at Chemistry Laboratory, Punjab Bioenergy Institute, University of Agriculture Faisalabad. Different and mixed age Tribolium castaneum and Trogoderma granarium was collected from grain market which is located to be Faisalabad. The population for each of the two insect were acclimatized to the laboratory.

      Mr. Ankit Dhama, Dr. Shamim Ahmad, Mr. Praveen Kumar, Dr. Ashish K. Paharia

Abstract: The present study was undertaken to evaluate the antidiarrhoeal potential of Azadirachta indica stem bark extract against the several experimental models of diarrhoea in rats. I’ve studies the effect of aqueous extract of the stem bark of the Azadirachta indica in the castor oil induced diarrhoea model Weight and the amount of intestinal content induced by castor oil was studied entropolating method.

      Akinwale M. Oteniya, Matthew N. O. Sadiku, and Sarhan M. Musa

Abstract: Symbolic computation refers to using machines or computers to manipulate mathematical equations and expressions in symbolic form, as opposed to numerical manipulation. Using symbolic computing to solve mathematical problems involves manipulations of symbolic objects, rules or programs, with the main goal of being exact.

      Akinwale M. Oteniya, Matthew N. O. Sadiku, and Sarhan M. Musa

Abstract: In few decades, we transitioned from the industrial economy to the IT economy and the Internet economy. The network economy is the next economic revolution. It may be regarded as the convergence of business and consumer networks. It is the business environment that has emerged as a result of ubiquitous information technology allowing access to information anytime and anywhere. This paper expounds the concept of the network economy.

      Syofyan Hadi , Sudarsono , Istislam , Moh. Fadli

Abstract: The establishment of Administrative Court aims to provide legal protection for the people from government actions that are not in accordance with the law. However, the existence of Administrative Court does not fully provide legal protection due to the difficulty of executing of Administrative Court decisions that have permanent legal force.

      Dr. Asha kumari, Dr. Renu Rohatgi, Dr. Ankita Mishra

Abstract: OBJECTIVE:- To assess the quality of pain relief , obstetrical outcome, effect on rate of cesarean section & instrumental delivery.

      Soffia Aba Baidoo-Baiden, Edward Nii Amar Amarteifio

Abstract: The Public Procurement Act (Act 663) 2003 became law in Ghana to help reduce the irregularities in public procurement. The Act has as its goal the promotion of fairness, transparent procedures in public procurement and non-discrimination against supplier on any grounds. The implementation of the Act has faced lots of ongoing challenges and has exposed many flaws that it was supposed to address with its inception.

      Mahmoud Satte, Ahamed Saif, Osman AE.Elnoubi

Abstract: Silicone-S10 plastination process is a modern technique used in preservation of biological tissues for long term and the preserved specimens are used in teaching gross anatomy for medical students, but its relatively cost. In the previous study by Satte et al., in 2017, was used gum Arabic solutions as low cost materials in preservation of biological tissues, and the produced samples were maintained their anatomical features for the long-term.


Abstract: Endometrial carcinoma has a high morbidity in advanced countries of eastern Europe and usa and japan, here its morbidity has increased in recent years . therefore it has become increasingly important to understand the oncogenetic mechanism and prognostic factors of endometrial cancer. It has reported that the gradeof differentiation is one of the critical prognostic factors.


Abstract: This research paper examines causal relationship and impacts of employee’s loyalty & organizational commitment in manufacturing industry of Tanzania. Research paper intends to find out the extent to which factors such as: job Security, Supervisor Support, Fringe Benefits, Team Work, Environment and Training affect the loyalty and commitment. To achieve the purpose, study uses quantitative approach by conducting a survey in manufacturing industry of Tanzania, (Corporate Sector).

      Noman Qadeer

Abstract: Purpose – Purpose of study is to analyze the diplomatic relationship between People’s Republic of China and Islamic Republic of Pakistan through China-Pak Economic corridor of interdependencies. This paper highlight the interdependent model between both the countries and objectives achieved through it.

      Simon Garang Kuch, Yulin Tang, Chunyu Li, Emammuel Wani Jube

Abstract: When hydrocarbons are produced, the well flow typically consists of water produced in affiliation with these hydrocarbons. Oil field produced water is a complex combination of dissolved and particulate organic and inorganic chemical compounds in water that ranges from essentially freshwater to concentrated saline brine.

      Maheen Shahzad, Maryam Zahra, Ansa Shahid

Abstract: Introduction:Anemia represents a decrease in red cell mass or hemoglobin contents of blood below physiological needs (11-12mg/dl) as set by tissues oxygen demand. Physiological adaptation in pregnancy leads to physiological anemia of pregnancy so women in child bearing years are particularly susceptible to iron-deficiency anemia. The reasons are both the loss of blood through menstruation and increase blood supply demands during pregnancy.

      Dissanayake K. G. C., Karunarathna S. B. M. M. M.

Abstract: Selected formula consisted of three ingredients including dried leaves of Azadirachta indica, dried seeds of Sesamum indicum and Bees’ honey which is clinically use for open wounds. The current study was designed as a microbiological assay and the key objective was to evaluate the antibacterial efficacy of TNK against laboratory specimen of Staphylococcus aureus (ATCC25923). The Anti-Bacterial Sensitivity Test was conducted according to the Kirby Bauer method using Agar Well Diffusion method by comparing the effect of Amoxicillin as the positive controller and distilled water as the negative controller in triplicates.

      Mohammad Hanif Hamid

Abstract: In this paper, the author describes and analysis the classroom culture in EFL classrooms in Kabul University in Afghanistan. He suggests some points on creating safe learning environment in his classrooms. He also discusses the influences of some of the internal and external factors on the life of his classrooms and subsequently on teaching and learning process. He then states the implications of classroom analysis for the teacher education.

      Mohammed Nurudeen Alhassan, Douglas Darko Agyei

Abstract: The objective of the study is to understand colleges of education tutors’ conceptions in teaching completing the square in an effort to design an innovative teaching strategy that could impact positively on their knowledge, skills and practices in teaching completing the square.

      Alland Angelbarth Kewas, Muhammad Ihsan, Fadli Armi Lubis

Abstract: Gastrointestinal endoscopy causes discomfort and is a burdensome procedure for patients. Providing sedation to relieve patient anxiety and discomfort, improve examination results, and reduce patient memories about the incident. Effective sedation can be assessed by how the drug reaches the onset of rapid sedation, stable hemodynamics and fast recovery time.

      G. H. J. Lanel, H. S. S. P. Jayawardena

Abstract: This report attempts to provide a descriptive analysis of online social media networks of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn based on graph theory concepts. The first part of the study focuses on identifying various activities of the above networks and constructing a suitable graph model for each social media to represent respective activities. The next part of this study addresses the evaluation of the constructed models of each social media separately in order to identify the applicability of them to analyze behavioral patterns and characteristics of the users. Final part of this study focuses on proposing a method to provide relevant information on online social networks to outsiders, which will be helpful for competent decision making without violating the user privacy.

      Rabiu Maijama’a, Kabiru Saidu Musa, Muktari Yakubu and Shaibu Hassan Usman

Abstract: This study investigate the impact of petroleum pump price and interest rate on food prices in Nigeria using an autoregressive distributed lag (ARDL) model covering the period 1984 -2018. The results showed that petroleum pump price and lending interest rate have positive and significant impact on food prices in both the long-run and the short-run whereas imports of goods and services appeared to be negative and significant in explaining changes in food prices in the long-run but is insignificant in the short-run. The exchange rate is insignificant in explaining changes in food prices in both the long-run and the short-run periods.

      Olatunbosun Olabode, Oladunni Daramola, Racheal Akinbo

Abstract: The most important dependencies for life sustainability with the growth of same is Health Care. Mobile technologies offers a tremendous opportunity for health care system for developing countries through provision of remote medical consultations. The challenges in our health system serve as the motivation for this research. This research focused on the development of Mobile Application for Monitoring and Management of Out-Patients that can be used by health providers and patients to provide medical consultations remotely with instant feedback using android mobile phone. The features includes chatting between patients and the health providers.

      Krokeme Okoyan, Peter Ayunku

Abstract: This paper examined the relationship subsisting between banking sector reforms and money market. Annual data collected from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) statistical bulletin spanning the period 2004 – 2018 were analysed using the OLS model. The study adopted commercial paper as a proxy for money market performance, while banking reforms was proxied by credit to the private sector (CPS), broad money supply (M2) and total bank deposit (TD).

      G.M.D.C.Disanayaka, W.W.A.N.Sujeewa

Abstract: Training is regarded as an important concept that leaders have to learn for greater performance of employees of any organization. The purpose of this study was to examine the impact of training on non-managerial employees’ performance in hotel industry in Matale District.

      May Soe Aung, Myint Moh Soe, Yee Myint Swe

Abstract: Evidence-based findings of completion of continuum of care among pregnant women can be proved to fulfill further activities for improving maternal health. It is aimed to develop intervention package for main care givers of pregnant women and to study its effect on continuum of care. Quasi-experimental study is done among 200 pregnant women and their main care givers from rural areas of Yangon region. To develop intervention package, Focus Group Discussions of pregnant women, main-care givers and midwives is done.

      Porimita Moran

Abstract: A non experimental, survey research design study was undertaken to assess the computer related ergonomic practices and computer related health problems, among the final year postgraduate nursing students in selected colleges of nursing. The main objective is to findout the computer related health problem and to find out the association between computer related ergonomic practices and computer related health problems. The theoretical framework of the study is based on health belief model. Total 60 final year post graduate nursing student was selected by convenient sampling technique.

      Khwaja Moinudeen, Amritha Varshini, John Wesley

Abstract: The Cervical-Vestibular evoked Myogenic potential(c-VEMP) is a biphasic surface potential recorded from the belly of Sternocleidomastoid muscle (SCM) followed by presenting a short loud sound. Various studies have been done with different stimulus to obtain better VEMP responses. The present study is aimed at comparing the c-VEMP responses (amplitude and latencies) of 500 Hz tone burst with 500Hz octave chirp (360-720Hz). c-VEMP was administered on 60 ears from 30 subjects. After preparation, responses were recorded presenting 500Hz Tone bursts and 500Hz octave chirps. P1-N1 amplitude, P1 and N1 latencies for both stimuli were noted.

      Abir Khan

Abstract: The aim of this study was to assess the destroyed effect on denim garment by laser machine and by conventional hand scrapping technique. A local washing plant was used as the facility to prepare samples for both laser machine and hand scrapping. The result of this study gives us an understanding of the both procedures as well as comparison of the induced effect by both techniques. This study recommends the use of laser wash technique over manual hand scrapping technique as the former yields better design effect with user friendliness.

      Rejoice Mwamba, Ru Guo, Simon Garang Kuch

Abstract: Clean safe and affordable energy is a necessity for every human being. Electricity, as an important modern energy, is a basic substance not only for national but individual and household development. In Zambia, only 40 percent of a population of about 17 million has access to electricity consisting of 67 and 4 percent urban and rural area access respectively. Since 1970 Zambia’s electricity generation has largely been solely on the southerly located part of Zambezi as a major hydro power source.

      Munyao, Solomon. M. , Chiroma, Nathan. H & Ongeti, Walter. J

Abstract: Christian organizations such as theological training institutions are started with the aim of achieving certain objectives. For example, one of the objectives of Africa Inland Church (A.I.C) theological training institutions is to equip men and women who have been called by God with the necessary biblical and leadership skills to minister in the church.

      Munyao, Solomon. M. , Chiroma, Nathan. H & Ongeti, Walter. J

Abstract: The primary goal of missionaries at the time of coming to Africa was to spread the gospel and establish churches for those who were converting to Christianity. For Africa Inland Church (A.I.C), the first missionaries initially established mission stations in Machakos with other stations being opened soon after in Central Kenya and Rift Valley respectively.

      Kalimova Ainara, Dong Bin, Davaasambuu Ulzii-orhsikh.

Abstract: The rising dilemma in Kazakhstan and its vicinity areas are regarding pollutant factors. The pollution burst has severed in the Caspian Sea and Aral Sea regions. The pollution has triggered deeply rooted effects like climate change, socio-demographic changes and economic changes. The Kazakhstan people has become susceptible to several illness related to heart, kidney, liver and other deformities. The women and infants are at the major risk of getting such ailment. This study has included secondary data to accomplish understanding of ecological changes in Kazakhstan. Both anthropologic and natural causes are underlying the stimulated changes in nature and natural resources. MajorBiodiversity degradation is the prime concern in this region.

      Dr. Dhun Patel, Dr. Lakhan Kataria, Dr. Suhani Desai, Dr. Kinnari Trivedi

Abstract: Schizophrenia is a chronic mental illness characterized by positive, negative and cognitive symptoms. Positive symptoms consist of hallucinations, delusions, disorganized behavior and disorganized speech. Negative symptoms consist of alogia, anhedonia, asociality, affective flattening and impaired attention and concentration. Cognitive symptoms consist of impairment in working memory and executive functioning. Schizophrenia presents in various symptom cluster other than typical of schizophrenia with positive and negative symptoms. Obsessive - compulsive symptoms also occur frequently in patients with schizophrenia but they are not considered essential elements of schizophrenia.

      Bakulikira M, Bagalwa M, Mulumeoderhwa K

Abstract: Seasonal climate variability is a reality in Eastern DR Congo. Malaria is also a serious public health and socio-economic problem in this country in general and in the Katana Health Zone in particular. A retrospective documentary study was carried out between the period 2004 and 2013.

      Dr. Purna Bahadur Kadel

Abstract: This article is about the reading culture which helps learners to enhance writing skills in English at secondary level. Reading is a lifelong process that plays an integral role of beginner learners. This is a narrative inquiry research design in which I have selected 5 English teachers from five community schools from Kathmandu district through purposive non-random sampling procedure as sample for this study. Narrative inquiry has been used as a tool to collect the data from the respondents. Qualitative research approach has been adopted to analyze and interpret the data in this study.

      Pablo Maria Alberto Pomerantzeff, Elinthon Tavares Veronese, Pedro Alves Lemos Neto, Carlos Manuel de Almeida Brandão, Gisele Aparecida Lapenna, Flávio Tarasoutchi, Fabio Biscegli Jatene

Abstract: Mitral balloon valvuloplasty was first described in 1984 by Inoue. The procedure is routinely performed through femoral vein puncture and the mitral valve catheterization is through a transeptal puncture. We report a challeging situation where it has been performed a mitral balloon valvuloplasty using the transapical access in reason of patient´s contra-indication to mitral valve surgery associated to technical difficulties to perform mitral balloon valvuloplasty via transeptal access.

      Obiekwe, Kingsley K, Ogbo, Rosita N

Abstract: This study determined the relationship between teachers’ classroom management styles and pupils’ discipline in public primary schools in Anambra state. To this end, the study was guided by 3 research questions and three null hypotheses where tested at 0.05 level of significance.

      Engr. Nwukor Frances Nkem

Abstract: A vehicle tracking system is an electronic device installed on a vehicle so as that it’d be track by its owner or a third-party for its position. Most of today’s vehicle tracking system uses Global Positioning System (GPS) to urge an accurate reading of the vehicle position. Communication components like cellular phone (GSM) and GPS will be employing to transmit the vehicle’s position to remote user. Vehicle’s location and mobilization status information are often viewed by employing a software application on a computer system or on a cell phone.

      Nyirigira, V and Mulyungi, M.P

Abstract: In teaching and learning process, every system of education needs an instruction media as well as pedagogical input. These show off when a change in this instruction media get to change or poor teaching methods arise.It is in this context, the current study investigated the enhancement of primary and secondary school education through school-based mentorship program in Rwanda. The population consisted of 118 primary and secondary school teachers in Rwanda. Stratified random sampling was used to select 36 school-based mentors and 82 primary and secondary teachers.


Abstract: This study focused on the non-cognitive characteristics and their relationship to naming compounds, writing formulas, and balancing equations abilities of all Public Senior High School - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics students in Baler, Aurora, Philippines.

      Sara Zinyuk, Dr. Collins Oduor

Abstract: This study sought to establish the role and impact of online repositories in peer-based learning and conducted a case study of the competency-based curriculum teacher training workshops. The specific objectives of the study were: to determine the challenges of traditional repositories in peer-based learning, determine the benefits of online repositories, establish factors affecting the adoption of online repositories, develop and validate an adoption framework for online management system in peer-based learning.

      T.W.M.T.W. Bandara

Abstract: Elephant corridors are paths of wild elephants that are used to move or migrate within or between habitats. The objective of the study is to identify the status of elephant corridors and the causes behind it and to explain the potentiality of ecotourism in enhancing the ethno-zoological values of elephant corridors. To achieve the objectives, a case study was conducted in the Manage Elephant Range, Hambantota based on key informants’ interviews.

      Alex Yaw Adom, Victoria Asunka

Abstract: This study was conducted among employees of CSIR-Food Research Institute (CSIR-FRI) in Accra, and sought to, firstly, establish the average job satisfaction level of all employees in the institute, and secondly, to elicit their views on the relationship between prevailing Human Resource Management (HRM) practices at the institution, and their job satisfaction. The motivation for this was the dearth of published research on the subject, and within the context of Ghanaian research institutions.

      Dr. A.V.Dusane, Ms. Manasi N. Tiwari and Ms.Preeti P. Patade

Abstract: Herbal technology is boosting the economy of India. Herbal lipstick is one of the important herbal products with increasing demand in the national and international markets. The lipstick has become vital cosmetic product that is used since the prehistoric period to make the lips more attractive and healthier. The synthetic lipsticks, even from the reputed commercial brands, are toxic, carcinogenic, and harmful to lips. The synthetic lipsticks mainly cause allergy, nausea, dermatitis, and even drying of lips. This underlined the need for herbal lipsticks. In the present investigation, six novel herbal lipsticks formulations have been developed.

      Leo L. Codilla, Jr, Manilyn B. Codilla

Abstract: The main purpose of the study was to determine the kindergarten teachers’ competence in ICT: basis for enhancement program development.

      Dr. Sohair Al-Shibli Ibrahim Hussein

Abstract: The study aimed to find out the attitudes of special education teachers towards early intervention programs in Disabled children. The study problem was formulated in the following main question: What were the attitudes of special education teachers towards early intervention programs for children in White Nile State? The study assumed a statistical significant relationship between teacher attitudes and early intervention programs in children. The study used the descriptive analytical method

      Dissanayake K. G. C., Srilal U. L. N.

Abstract: The comparative clinical study was designed to evaluate the effect of Anjanavarti in the management of Cataract in comparison with Virecanakarma. Thirty patients were selected, suffering from Cataract and randomly divided in to two groups as group A and B. For the group A Anjanavarti was applied after the Virecana karma for a period of thirty days. For the group B Anjanavarti was applied for a period of thirty days. After the Anjanavarti treatment in group A, visual acuity was tested by using Wilcoxon Signed Ranks test. It was significant (0.001) in 0.05 levels which can be concluded that there was considerable effect after the treatment of Anjanavarti followed by Virecanakarma. Group B also significant (0.001) in 0.05 level.

      Dwi Handayani, Suyatno Sutoyo, I Gusti Made Sanjaya

Abstract: This study aims to describe the effectiveness of the teaching materials based on argument driven inquiry model to train students critical thinking skills at SMAN 7 Surabaya, on the subject matter of reaction rate. The teaching materials was developed using the 4D model and the trial design used was One Group Pretest and Posttest Design. Data collection was carried out using validation techniques, critical thinking skills tests and questionnaires. The results of the teaching materials validation showed the following averages:

      Dr. Kalpesh Patel‚ Dr. Amrutha V Das Dr. Chinmayee Joshi‚ Dr. Vaishali Patel‚ Dr. Krishna Potdukhe

Abstract: Context: The translabyrinthine and retrosigmoid remain significant approaches in the surgical excision of acoustic schwanomma. The neurosurgical as well as otologic component of the tumour begs for a standardized protocol for its management and surgical approach.

      David Lwanga, Mbabazi Mbabazize, Odetha Katuramu and Rogers Barigayomwe

Abstract: Managing Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Uganda is a game, in that despite the many theories and definition of management the reason as to how and why to achieving it, is still a controversy. In this article Thomas Berkeley’s lenses of management are employed to understand management of HEIs in Uganda whether is a rational professional game, an exploitative game, magic/religious game or a political game, (Thomas, 2003). Through a qualitative and explanatory design, four objectives are generated questioning the nature of management that prevails in these Institutions basing on Thomas Berkeley’s Analytical Frame work for management. Findings from this study indicate that the management of these institutions are a continuum and fluid that swing along the four approaches though all these institutions are built on a rational perspective as a foundation of other approaches.

      Edi Hartoyo, Ratih Kumala Sari, Priyanti Kisworini

Abstract: Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)-infected children is a global problem which should be addressed. The increasing prevalence of pediatric HIV become a burden for many countries.

      Ntambiyukuri Aaron,,LongFei- He, Saba Hameed,Li Shuai, Luo Jin, Uwingeneye Josephine and Twizerimana Marcel,UwiringiyimanaThacienne

Abstract: Rwanda is facing low agriculture growth rate and this low agricultural growth rate could be attributed to low level of productivity due to various factors of production including land and access to agricultural inputs .The decline of land productivity is caused by over cultivation of the same piece of land continuously without giving it a chance to regenerate its fertility. The use of intensive farming methods to improve yields has gained support from the government.

      Sujamani M.S, Dr. S. Usharani, Pooja.B

Abstract: Diabetes that frequently impairs the physical ability and psychological difficulties among diabetic patients which accompanied by increased sufferings and compromised quality of life. The present research study describes how self-compassion offer supplementary framework for the improved management of diabetes among working and non-working women by providing protection against rumination and its downstream effects. Self-compassion suppresses the role of rumination and alleviates depression.

      Bumtsend Munkhdelger

Abstract: Mongolian meat processing industry needs to focus on future development trends, make full use of Mongolian rich meat resources, and grasp the opportunities for international competitiveness. Therefore, the Mongolian government attaches great importance to the production capacity, development trends and policies of increasing export output of the meat processing industry. This research analyzes the current market situation and development trend of Mongolias meat processing industry and uses the traditional model of industrial organization theory as the SCP model to study the market structure, market behavior and market performance of Mongolian meat processing industry. The development trend of the industry and put forward development suggestions.

      Dema M. Al-Saqarat, Yazan F. Jarrah

Abstract: Blood infection due to Candida species are major cause of morbidity and mortality in hospitalized patients¹. The increased care of Candida infection in blood was raised more frequently as pathogens due to risk factors such as excessive consumption of a broad spectrum antibiotics, organ transplant and prolonged hospital stay.

      Ekwuluo, M. O. and Ebiana, C. A

Abstract: A study to determine the effect of pH on the removal of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) from ground water contaminated with petroleum product samples was undertaken. This study enabled the use of chemical oxidants to remediate PAH in contaminated ground water.

      Ahmad Yahia Mustafa Alastal, Che Zuriana Muhammad Jamil, Hafizah Abd-Mutalib

Abstract: This paper reviews the relationship between proactive environmental strategy and environmental performance from the resource-based perspective by providing the recent findings on this relationship. The benefits and meaning of proactive environmental strategy and environmental performance are discussed in this article. We find that the resource-based view theory is important to define the relationship between proactive environmental strategy and environmental performance.

      Trixie E. Cubillas PhD

Abstract: The primary objective of the study is to design a contextualized learning material in developing the conceptual understanding of Grade 7 students in Mathematics as a teacher support material in mastering the math concept “sets”. The study is considered developmental and quasi-experimental or one group pre-test and posttest since it underwent three phases namely: planning, development, validation, and utilization. In the planning stage, the least learned skill (LLS) was identified based on the item analysis of the first grading quarterly test.

      Julius M. Huho, Mohamed Hussein Omar

Abstract: Prosopis juliflora, popularly known as Mathenge in Kenya, is an invasive short shrub spread in drylands of Africa, Asia, Australia and in other parts of the world. The shrub was introduced in Kenya in the 1970s with an aim of afforesting the arid and semi-arid areas to curb desertification. In the formative stages, the results were positive but this did not last for long. It spread so rapidly becoming a menace to ASAL pastoralists prompting its declaration as a harmful weed in Kenya under the Suppression of Noxious Weeds Act (CAP 325) in 2008. Well, in some parts of the world, the shrub is cultivated. The study sought to examine the usefulness of P.

      Ugo Chidera Chinedu,Dr. Charles Ikerionwu, Engr. Obi Nwokonkwo

Abstract: Plagiarism is an inappropriate practice in which a person makes use of the words and ideas of another person without fully acknowledging the person. Presently, most tertiary institutions students project work in Nigeria is stored on shelves which can make it impossible to compare one or more projects to determine if plagiarism has been committed. When manually done, this is inefficient and tedious for any individual to be picking files one by one and comparing against other files to determine the occurrence of plagiarism.

      Abdelrahman Abdelnasser Gamal Mohamed

Abstract: Over 23 million software developers in 2018, this number is expected to reach 26.4 million by the end of 2019 and 27.7 million by 2023 according to Evans Data Corporation. The number of programmers continues to grow to this day as technology is the Forthcoming, especially in the AI field. Where there are 300,000 “AI researchers and practitioners” in the world, but the market demand is for millions of roles, so many people Siding to this field. Nowadays, most people learn the programming field as inquisitiveness but for their interest, however, they delve deeper into this field, which enhances their passion for and leaves their work to practice programming as occupation due to the availability of jobs and the most request for it

      Phitalis Were Masakhwe, Professor Kennedy Onkware, Professor Susan Kilonzo

Abstract: This paper explores how PWD’s well-being is realized in disaster situations in Kisumu County of Kenya. Statistics from the National Council for People with Disability indicates that a significant population of 15,760 people are disabled across Kisumu County. Their well-being is protected by the UN Conventions on the Rights of Disabled People (UNCRDP) and UN Charter on Inclusion of Persons with Disability during disasters. At the national level, the well-being of persons with disability is taken care of in the Disability Act, 2003 and the National Disability Policy.

      CPA Kithandi, Charles Katua

Abstract: The main objective of a firm is maximization of shareholders wealth. In attempt to achieve this objective the shareholders appoint management board to oversee the firm’s operations. The management board then utilizes the firm’s capital components of debt and equity at their disposal to achieve this objective. The puzzle of financial managers is the optimal capital structure mix of debt and equity that will ensure the main objective of maximization of shareholders wealth is achieved. One of the key indicators of a firm that is achieving this objective is improved financial performance.

      Aaradhana , Sunny Singla

Abstract: Many Automobile companies have witnessed lot of turbulence in recent 2-3 years due to IR issues, Fire incidents, Structural collapse incidents, power shortage in some areas, natural calamities at many locations.

      Aaradhana, Sunny Singla

Abstract: In Every automobile company, supply chain is quite widespread and there is a long chain of agencies involved in it starting from Raw material manufacturer to end customers. There is a hub of various type of suppliers involved in supply chain. Nature of each supplier is different, the commodities they supply is different. Every OEM (Original Equipment manufacturing) company has to manage different categories of suppliers. When multiple agencies are involved in any manufacturing then there are very high chances that any of the agency may create some issue and hamper smooth functioning of the complete supply chain. In such situation it becomes quite important for any OEM to have strong supply chain and access all risks related to supplies well in advance. Suppliers may create issues which ultimately affects the final production line at Supply chain. So in such case Risk identification and timely mitigation of them is of utmost importance.

      Harold Ogwal, Mbabazi Mbabazize, Odetha Katuramu and Rogers Barigayomwe

Abstract: This study was conducted on the right of use and economics of irrigation water for small-scale irrigation schemes in Eastern, Northern and Western parts of Uganda to examine the extent to which irrigation is accessible to farmers and the economic returns from irrigation water. The specific objectives were to examine the profitability of using irrigation water in Uganda, to assess the sustainability of small-scale irrigation schemes in Uganda, to identify the factors influencing productivity of irrigation water in Uganda, to identify the factors influencing farmers‟ willingness to pay for Irrigation water and to determine the implications of water user rights and costs on adoption of irrigation in Uganda.

      Julia ROTICH, Dr. Winfreda NYAMOTA, Professor Joshua KAYIMA

Abstract: This study sought to determine nutrition knowledge and its association with practices in management of stage 5 chronic kidney disease (CKD) among renal adult patients in Kenyatta National Hospital. A cross-sectional analytical design was used to facilitate collection of qualitative and quantitative data and enable identification of associations between variables. Cochran formula was used to calculate a sample of 110 respondents. A research administered questionnaire with closed ended questions was used to collect information.

      Victor A. Umoh, Ph.D, Victoria S. Umana Ph.D, Michael B. Effiom

Abstract: This study was on entrepreneurial competencies and performance of Micro, Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (MSMEs) in Nigeria. The study was a survey with questionnaire as instrument for data collection. The study’s population was 1,319,607 entrepreneurs while the sample 400 was determined using Taro Yamane formular.. The data obtained in the study were analyzed with both simple and multiple regressions.

      Abbati, Mohammed Alhaji, Umar, Mohammed and Usman, Umar Faruk

Abstract: Macro invertebrates composition and physico-chemical characteristics of Garin Garba Stream Tumu, Gombe, Nigeria was investigated between April and June, 2019. Physical and chemical characteristics includes temperature, pH, Electrical conductivity, turbidity, depth and width and macro invertebrates were sampled fortnightly for a period of three months. It was recorded that physico-chemical characteristics of the four sampling stations shows no variation in all the sampling stations. Shannon Weiner index was employed to determine the abundance of macro invertebrates in each sampling station.

      Okeyo O. Elijah, Dr. Hayombe O.Patrick, and Dr. Oyugi O.Dalmas

Abstract: In Kenya ecotourism is seen as having the potential of driving the economy for locally directed developments based on utilization of the ecosystem and cultural resources. The study explores how nature based eco-tourism products can leverage the fight against HIV/AIDS in Usigu Division. This study sought to establish nature based ecotourism products in Usigu Division that can be explored to leverage prevalence of the pandemic. This study was anchored on Product Branding Theory and conducted through a descriptive research design. Research population consisted of beach assembly members.

      Uddab Poudel, Dr. Umesh Dahal, Dr. Arjun Aryal

Abstract: Canine parvovirus infection is serious life threatening infectious viral disease and major cause of death in young puppies. Due to lack of proper vaccination , mismanagement and lack of knowledge about proper vaccination schedule to pet owners are key cause of occurrence of canine parvo viral disease in Nepal. The disease occurs in two form intestinal and cardiac form in which occurrence of intestinal form is higher with hemorrhagic enteritis. The German shepherd dog of 6 months old was presented at Central Referral Veterinary Hospital (CRVH). The dog was suffering from anorexia , vomiting , bloody diarrhea , dehydration and subnormal temperature .

      Mohammed-Nafiu R, Alhassan AS, Okon EJ, Aliche V, Asemoh J, Nnadi, ET

Abstract: Septic Cavernous Sinus Thrombosis (CST) is a rare infective condition affecting the cavernous sinus in the brain associated with high morbidity and mortality, especially when appropriate and prompt intervention is delayed. Although there is limited data on CST globally, the low prevalence in developing countries may not be unconnected with factors such as poor health seeking behaviour of the people, inadequate healthcare facilities and the dearth of radio-imaging diagnostic techniques, as well as low level suspicion for CST amongst physicians

      A. J. Salaam, A. H. Angba, AA Salaam, SM Danjem, EO Igoh, EA Gabkwet, YF Taiwo, HO Kolade-Yunusa

Abstract: BACKGROUND: Ultrasonography offers a non-invasive and cost effective method for evaluation and hepato-biliary surveillance in viral hepatitis. Two distinct ultrasound patterns are often detected: Accentuated brightness and more extensive demonstration of the portal vein radicle in background of decreased echogenicity of the liver in acute hepatitis. While chronic hepatitis reveals; decreased brightness and number of portal vein radicle walls and overall increased liver echogenicity. Therefore, the aim of the present study was to detect the changes in the hepatobiliary system on ultrasound in viral hepatitis and the significance of these findings.

      A. J. Salaam, A. H. Angba, AA Salaam, SM Danjem, EO Igoh, EA Gabkwet, YF Taiwo, HO Kolade-Yunusa

Abstract: BACKGROUND: Ultrasonography offers a non-invasive and cost effective method for evaluation and hepato-biliary surveillance in viral hepatitis. Two distinct ultrasound patterns are often detected: Accentuated brightness and more extensive demonstration of the portal vein radicle in background of decreased echogenicity of the liver in acute hepatitis. While chronic hepatitis reveals; decreased brightness and number of portal vein radicle walls and overall increased liver echogenicity. Therefore, the aim of the present study was to detect the changes in the hepatobiliary system on ultrasound in viral hepatitis and the significance of these findings.

      Hatari P, Mulyungi M.P

Abstract: This study sought to find out the influence of NGO’s capacity building programs on enhancement of girl’s education in Rwanda. This study adopted both qualitative and quantitative data. Structured questionnaires were administered to acquire primary data whereas key informant interviews were used to acquire qualitative information and a sample size of 116 respondents was representative enough to inform the findings of the report.

      Kumari Renu, Rita Shukla, Meenakshi Devi

Abstract: Aim:. For predicting the severity of preeclampsia and eclampsia, thrombocytopenia remains the most consistent and reliable method. This study aimed to correlate the prognosis of preeclampsia and eclampsia with low platelet count. Design: prospective study


Abstract: The article presents the results of studies analyzing the population dynamics of Microtus ilaeus in the lower Amudarya. It has been established that in the conditions of the South Aral Sea region, the moisture content of the territory for the vole population is a limiting factor in the autumn period. This confirms that under pessimum conditions, the vole population is very sparse and its abundance is limited mainly by external factors. The effect of all analyzed factors on the dynamics of the vole abundance is always complex, interdependent and variable depending on the population density and the totality of the conditions of its existence.

      Didia, M.U and Weje, I.I

Abstract: Water remains one of the essential needs of man. Although, supply of fresh water is finite, availability of water is further threatened by contamination arising from man’s use of space. Rivers State University has witnessed increase in its student and staff population. This increment has also resulted to huge wastes generation within the University campus.

      Karma, Seniorita

Abstract: Objective: This study aims to prove empirically the improvement in business performance driven by business networks through the competitive advantage in the Makassar city hotel sector.


Abstract: Candy, known also as sweets and confectionery, has a long history as a familiar food treat that is available in many varieties. It is influenced by the size of sugar crystals, aeration, sugar concentrations, color and flavors. People usually prefer food items that fulfill their taste buds rather than healthy ones. So in order to make them healthy and free from diseases we have incorporated calcium rich fish bones, specifically Mackerel fish, to develop sweet and attractive candies.

      Daniel Ashong, Douglas Darko Agyei, Helena Naa Korkor Tetteh

Abstract: This study was designed to examine the effect of ICT-integration (use of Smart Notebook) on pre-service teachers’ attitudes at a selected college of education in the Bono Region of Ghana. One group experimental design was used to examine 36 first-year mathematics major pre-service teachers’ cognitive, affective and conative domains of attitude towards ICT-integration

      Ammang Latifa

Abstract: The behavior that shows a misunderstanding of Standard English becomes an indicator of dialect prejudice (Devi & Kariko, 2017). This issue attracted the writer to observe the language attitude that arises due to the influence of local dialects on the use of English in speaking.

      Theviyanthan Krishnamohan, Kugathasan Janarthanan, Peramune P.R.L.C, Ranaweera A.T

Abstract: With the rise of cloud computing, data centers, and big data, the current rigid network architecture has been found to be inadequate. The modern technological demands require a flexible and easily reconfigurable network architecture. Software Defined Networking is a revolutionary concept that separates the control plane of network devices from their data plane and centralizes the control plane of all devices, facilitating the controlling of the entire network through a single portal.

      Mounira Elazabi

Abstract: Sustainable development is a complex, more dimensional concept. The concept of sustainable development implies balanced economic, social and cultural development without endangering the environment, which will enable future generations to develop at the same or higher level. It is aimed at preserving and protecting the environment and on the rational use of natural wealth of the state and related to raising the quality of the environment and quality of life. In order to achieve sustainable development, it is necessary to establish new social values that are based on knowledge, creativity and ability of human resources in a word of creating quality management with the tendency to transform the society so far into the learning society.

      Pham Minh Duc, Halley Nay Myo, Tran Thi Tuyet Hoa, Pham Thanh Liem, Satoru Onoda, Tran Thi Thanh Hien

Abstract: The present study was conducted to determine the effects of dietary heat killed Lactobacillus plantarum (HK L-137) on growth, survival, and immune response of juvenile striped catfish (Pangasianodon hypophthalmus). Feeding trial was carried out and four replicates groups of experimental fish (initial wt. 0.06 g) were fed with respective test diets containing four different concentrations of HK L-137 (0 ppm-control diet), 10 ppm, 20 ppm and 50 ppm, respectively.

      Ayeni Taiwo Michael, Ogunwale Olukunle Daniel, Adewusi Oluwasesan Adeoye, Odukoya Elijah Ayooluwa

Abstract: Statistical distributions pose importance usefulness in predicting and analyzing real life occurrences. Several researchers have applied different statistical distributions in analyzing real life data. Therefore, this study focused on applying the newly developed Exponential-Gamma distribution in modeling data on the number of successive failures of air conditioning system of each member in a fleet of 13 Boeing 720 jet airplanes. The result of the performance and adequacy of the Exponential-Gamma distribution was compared with other existing statistical distribution. The result showed that Exponential-Gamma distribution is adequate and fits data better than other exiting distribution compared.

      Dr. Adhavan.E, Dr.Kiren.T, Dr.Gopakumar K.P, Dr.Chethan Kumar.G

Abstract: Background: Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) is among the commonly diagnosed disease of vestibular system. It can be described as a momentary sensation of spinning amid getting up or lying down on the bed. turning the head up or looking down and it lasts a few moments before resolving. One in 30 patients were diagnosed with the BPPV . it can mild moderate or severe depending on the symptoms.

      A.Khan, Alok Kumar Yadav and Chandrama Kumari

Abstract: Water pollution is a serious problem as nearly 80% of India surface water and a considerable number of growing groundwater sources have been contaminated by inorganic an d biological pollutants . Pollution of water resources occurs mainly through point and nonpoint (diffusion) sources. The major source of water pollution can be categorised as Municipal agricultural and industrial Municipal water consist of water from houses and commercial establishment, which run-off leached up to groundwater table to contaminate the source .

      To Anh Duc, Bui Hung Thang, Cao Thi Thanh and Phan Ngoc Minh

Abstract: Satellites cope with harsh environment when working in the orbit so they require heat management by varios methods such as heat pipes, louvers, pumped fluid loop, etc… to improve stability, durability and longevity. The pumped fluid loop (PFL) is one of the most significant components as it is more efficient than other passive thermal control as it can deal with environmental extremes or to accommodate equipment dissipating high power. Carbon nanotube (CNT) is known as the material that has high thermal conductivity (kCNT = 2000W/mK), so it is possible to use as nano-additive for enhancing thermal conductivity of fluids. In this report, we present some results on simulation of heat dissipation for a satellite using carbon nanotube nanofluids. These results open the potential application of CNTs in nanofluids for heat management in PFL of satellites.

      Chala Abdurahman

Abstract: The Hararghe oromo are descendants of the Barentu confederacy who are found in eastern part of the country. They are classified in to Afran Qalo, Itu, Humbana, Dhumuga and Karrayu. The paper is focused on the Afran Qalo those settled in the Eastern Hararghe, particularly Babile tribe who landing zone in the peripheral boarder restrict with Somali ethnic clans. As a name indicate four Qalo sons Jarso, Babile, Nole and Ala living in this area. Jarso and Babile were live mixed together with Somali. Babile is the oldest son of Qallo who settled beyond the Erer River and the peripheral corner with the Somali in the eastern part. Currently, the town entitle Babile found in the eastern part and it proclaims the center of Babile Oromo tribe in ancient time.

      Prashanth Jakkula

Abstract: A significant growth in data has been observed with the growth in technology and population. This data is non-relational and unstructured and often referred to as NoSQL data. It is growing in complexity for the traditional database management systems to manage such vast databases. Present day cloud services are offering numerous NoSQL databases to manage such non-relational databases ad- dressing different user specific requirements such as performance, availability, security etc.

      Fernando KAB, Waliwita WALC

Abstract: Plants produce variety of medicinal components that can inhibit the growth of pathogens. Current advancement in drug discovery has intensified the efforts for exploring novel medicines from Ayurveda Medicine. In Ayurveda system of medicine, every part of Cassia fistula is used for the treatment of many diseases. Leaves extract of Cassia fistula, which is used as an external application in indigenous medicine in Sri Lanka to cure many skin diseases such as Kustha, Dadru, Visarpa and Vruna. Candida albicans is the most common fungi that cause skin infections.

      Binuja P, Dr.Nagarajaiah

Abstract: Nursing is a profession, centered on the nurse-patient relationship. For the successful and satisfactory work nurses require effective cooperation with patients and other health care professionals. Assertiveness is necessary for effective nurse/patient communication, and it is suggested that its development may also aid the confidence of the profession as it develops. It is considered as one of the essential life skills that has to be developed by everyone. There are different factors that determines the assertiveness behavior of the individual in general. This review describes various factors influencing assertiveness in nursing.

      Mwero J. N

Abstract: The study focused on the use of Bamboo as reinforcement for reinforced concrete slab and beam samples. A comparison was also made on the use of bamboo as reinforcement against steel reinforcement in concrete. Both beams and slabs designed for bamboo tensile reinforcement equivalent to steel reinforcements resulted in significantly lower failure loads at 63% and 34% respectively of the steel beam and slab equivalents.

      Placide Aime Kwizera

Abstract: The aim of this paper is to re-assess the relationship between financial development and economic growth in17 Sub-Saharan African Low-Income Countries(SSALIC) over the period of 2000 to 2015.Both static and dynamic panel estimation techniques are used to re-assess relationship.

      Abdelrazaq Saleh Mohamed, Saleh Ali Elghzhyel

Abstract: Water is a key biodiversity item, crucial for both, economy and society. Without it there is no human survival. Water sustainability has its environmental, social and economic aspects, and each of them is in relation to each others intertwining.

      Dr. Tabitha W. Waithaka, PhD, Moses Lukhanyu Wamalwa

Abstract: The competitive environment in which supermarkets are operating today that is not only local but global has necessitated the supermarkets to device strategies for survival. One such strategy is the marketing mix strategy. This study investigated the influence of marketing mix strategy on customer satisfaction in the Mini Supermarkets in the county of Nairobi.

      USENGUMUREMYI Jean Marie Vianney, Prof. Mike A. Iravo , Prof. Gregory Namusonge

Abstract: The public bodies’ Corporate Governance as leadership and control method involves a set of clear rules and principles (integrity, honesty / sincerity, transparency and responsibility), clear risk management and control mechanisms, elements needed to achieve the purpose of public entities, which is satisfying public needs. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the influence of Local Advocacy Practices on corporate governance performance public institutions in Rwanda. The study adopted a descriptive and explorative design since its main purpose was to explain the of Ethical Integrity practices on corporate governance performance in public institutions in Rwanda.

      Sutan Syarif Muda Dalimunthe, Asmin Lubis, Raka Jati Prasetya

Abstract: Background: Sepsis is a life-threatening organ dysfunction resulting from regulatory disruption of the host response to infection. The Sequential Organ Failure Assessment (SOFA) aims to assess the severity of the disease based on the degree of organ dysfunction serially each time.


Abstract: The zakat potential in West Kalimantan is IDR 2,104 trillion, but the zakat collected by the BAZNAS of West Kalimantan Province was only Rp 3.7 billion or 0.176% of the total potential in 2018. Zakat management organizations found in Pontianak, both the ’amil zakat agency and ’amil zakat institutions, including the West Kalimantan National Amil Zakat Agency (BAZNAS) and Al-Mumtaz Peduli Pontianak. These zakat management organizations have representatives in almost all regencies in West Kalimantan.

      Hinthumathi Ballan, Dr.Faizah Safina Binti Bakrin, Puvana Devi Selvarajoo

Abstract: Background and objectives: Pharmaceutical care is characterized as the direct, responsible provision of medication-related care for the purpose of achieving definite outcomes that enhance patient’s quality of life. Pharmaceutical Care Assessment Questionnaire (PCAQ) is prepared based on Pharmaceutical Care assessment by community pharmacists which was developed and validated by Nneoma et.al (2013).

      Tushar Rane, Nilesh Gupta, Jidnyesh Shinde, Shubham Kharate, Prof.Prabhakar Mhadse

Abstract: This paper shows how to overcome from the fire disaster problems. Now a day’s fire disaster can occur at any place and anytime with a huge loss of lives, products and materials. As we all know robots are intelligent machines that can be controlled as per need. Robot makes work more easier, save time and save man power. Formerly robots are not much used but now a day’s robots are used in many industries for manufacturing, packaging, testing etc. To overcome this loss we can use robot which called as Fire Fighting Robot. With the help of this robot we can save many lives, products and materials. The robot will detect fire and start his work for which it was made. In industries we can use such robots to prevent fire, damage and loss. Instead of human we can use robot so it will become more easier to go closer to the fire. To improve the safety precautions in industries, Fire Fighting Robot is essential.

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