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      Jian Gao

Abstract: This paper shows a two-week internship report of medical learner in first year undergraduate course. It introduces what medical learner participated the medical professional engagement; how they observed daily clinical working environment in hospital. Also, the transformation of medical learner has been shaping base on these comprehensive experience, not only professional behaviors, but also psychological maturity. The discussion about how a short period time of internship would be able to create a life-long impact to the first-year medical undergraduate.

      Cosmas Chikwawawa, Jeremiah Bvirindi

Abstract: Governments today face a broad range of complex healthcare challenges prompted by changing demographics, a growing burden of chronic diseases, escalating healthcare costs and rapidly changing healthcare technologies. Due to these challenges healthcare delivery systems are increasingly strained and are struggling to expand access and deliver high-quality healthcare services in line the implementation of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and the overarching objective of achieving Sustainable Development Goal 3, which seeks to ensure healthy lives and promote wellbeing for all at all ages by 2030.

      A.Abdu; Dr. Z.S. Saheed; Dr. A.A.Alexander, Dr. (Mrs) Buk. Farouk & Dr. O.A.Adeneye

Abstract: Despite small-scale rice farming been seen as an integral part of Kebbi Economy, however, the extent to which small-scale rice farming affect the internally generated revenue in Argungu LGA of Kebbi State, is yet to be empirically examined. Low internally generated revenue as resulted to array of economic problems such as low level of employment generation, low per capital income, poverty and underdevelopment of the rural area etc., Thus, this study examines the effect of small scale rice farming on the internally generated revenue in Argungu LGA of Kebbi State. Econometric technique of logist regression analysis was employed to analyze the primary data sourced from field survey on this subject matter.

      Naga Satyaprasad Putcha

Abstract: To meet the emerging credit needs of the self-employed production spectrum (with institutional credit as agent of change) and to create a socially responsible Commercial Banking system, the Government of India had acquired 14 large Scheduled Commercial Banks from the then Private Sector Banks in July 1969 and 6 more in April 1980 (nationalisation). These banks are known as Nationalised Banks.

      Lai-Wang Wang, Ke-Duc Le

Abstract: The challenge that all developed countries are facing is how to grow their economies in a sustainable way. To do this, energy efficiency is proposed as one of the keys solutions. In Europe, energy efficiency is one of the key elements; therefore; Europe the worlds largest energy importer worldwide.

      Rodgers Ombeck Oyoo,Professor Pontian Okoth, Professor Frank Matanga

Abstract: The causes and types of conflicts are multifaceted as they are deeply embedded in ethno-political and cultural issues of the community. The study was guided by Galtung’s theories of structural violence and structural peace-building and Agenda Setting theory. The study employed qualitative and quantitative methods. The data were collected through questionnaires, interviews schedule, FGDs guides and review of literature through document analysis.

      Penina Chepkorir Langat, Peter Kimutai Cheruiyot, Isaac Kiprotich Naibei, Willitter Chepkemoi Rop

Abstract: The market for stocks plays a crucial role in the lives of many individual households. They stand to gain from higher returns that they earn from participating in the stock market. In reality, few individual households participate in the stock market. Many researches have tried to provide explanation for the limited individual investor participation in the stock market. This study sought to explain whether financial literacy could also provide explanation for the stock holding puzzle by assessing the relationship between financial wealth and individual investor stock market participation decision among secondary school teachers in Nakuru County.

      Choirun Nikmah, Tukiran, Harun Nasrudin

Abstract: The subjects in this study are the development of learning media using the ADI (Argument Driven Inquiry) learning model on electrolyte and non-electrolyte material. Learning media developed aim to improve self-efficacy and student learning outcomes.

      Mercy Njoki and Professor Hellen Mberia

Abstract: This study sought to establish the influence of televised music programs on the sexual behaviour of students in secondary schools, Nairobi County, Kenya. More precisely, the study evaluated the influence of nature of televised music programs, the influence of programs watching environment, the influence of frequency of watching televised music programs and the influence of program gratifications on the sexual behavior of secondary school’s students in Nairobi County, Kenya.

      Dr Akhtar Un Nisa Salaria

Abstract: Background: Objective of the study was to analyze the histopathological spectrum of heart diseases in autopsy specimens that play a major role as cause of death.

      Eddy Suprayitno

Abstract: Gelatin is a water-soluble protein obtained from animal collagen through a controlled hydrolysis process. Groupers are one of the large pelagic fish that are used as fillet products, while for waste that can be used to make gelatin. Gelatin is then used as a raw material for Marshmallows. Marshmallow is a kind of candy which has a texture like soft foam.

      Ayesha Rehman, Tehseen Hameed, Hassan Altaf Khan

Abstract: Background: Obesity and its associated disorders are a growing epidemic across world. Many genetic, physiological, psychological, environmental and behavioural factors play a role in etiology of obesity. Diet and exercise are known to play a valuable role in treatment and prevention of obesity and associated disorders. Therefore, purpose of this review is to examine, prevalence, etiology, consequences and treatment of obesity.

      Rishabh Sancheti

Abstract: Growth synergies have been obtained by Kotak and hence the merger has been a success. Having evaluated the Cost-Benefit Analysis, we obtain that an increase of profit with the benefits including the presence in SME and deposit base strengthening are outweighing the costs in the merger. Additionally, the AT Kearney synergy curve shows us that the initial IT cost and documentation have been short-term issues as with time, the cost efficiencies have expanded as economies of scale was obtained and hence growth synergies would be resulted.

      A. S. Thanuja Nishadi

Abstract: The use of mobile phones has skyrocketed during the last decade hence it has generated bulk of junk messages. However, emerging machine learning algorithms are one such solutions which are used to detect and filter spam messages recently. Naïve Bayes is a powerful yet simple classification machine learning algorithm which used in predictive modelling. Thus, Naïve Bayes categorize as four forms of its implementations; however, Multinomial Naïve Bayes is used in this study.


Abstract: A varietal trial was conducted to evaluate growth and yield attributing characteristics of nine commonly grown potato varieties collected from central region of Nepal namely; Khumal Upahar, IPY -8, Khumal Seto-1, Jankdev, Khumal Ujjawol, Cardinal, Panauti Local, MS 42.3 and Khumal Bikash. The experiment was laid out on randomized complete block design (RCBD) with three replications.

      Ezeike CI, Ibewuike C, Okike C, Orji MO, Uchendu E, Ugwu NI

Abstract: Introduction: Doppler sonography has revolutionalized the use of ultrasonography in medicine and its use in the vascular imaging of sickle cell patients is invaluable. The aim of this study was to evaluate the splenic artery Doppler indices in sickle cell anemia and to compare the indices with Hemoglobin AA subjects.

      Lidya, Haryati, Edison Saade

Abstract: This research aims to determine the combination of fresh feed of sardine fish (Sardinella) with artificial feed on the growth and survival of snakehead fish (Channa striata). This research method was carried out using a Completely Randomized Design (CRD) with 5 treatments and 4 replications.

      Lemuel Kim A. Garcia

Abstract: Language has many characteristics and one of which is its dynamicity. Words do not remain stagnant; they evolve over time based on the in – culture, or society where a particular language is used. Since language change affects all language and exempts nothing, Filipino language is counted in such phenomena.

      Ronoh Evans Kiprotich & Leonard Kimutai

Abstract: This study expounds on useful parameters for engine tests in the case of a single-cylinder, four-stroke, spark-ignition engine. Deviations from desired operation standards and the resulting losses provide reasons for the study and analysis of those parameters. Knowledge obtained from such studies is useful in planning for improvements and better utilisation of fuels – petrol and liquefied petroleum gas, (LPG) in this case.

      Febrina Tritama Kurniasih, Meidina Kusuma Wardani, Lukmanul Hakim Nasution

Abstract: Introduction: Dermatophytosis are superficial fungal infection of the hair, nail and skin. Causative organisms include fungi in the Trichophyton, Microsporum, dan Epidermophyton. Fungal infections can occur in all immune statuses, both in immunocompetents and immunocompromaise condition such as in patients with HIV/AIDS.

      Ugege Joseph, Ezenwa Samuel Chinenyeze

Abstract: This research examined the awareness, utilization and impact of viral marketing on the performance rate and global competitiveness of MSMEs in sub-urban area of Edo State, (Ekpoma and Uromi). Three research questions were raised in this study to investigate the awareness, utilization and impact of viral marketing on the performance rate and global competitiveness of MSMEs in sub-urban area of Edo State.

      Mesele Shiferaw, Mulugeta Abuye

Abstract: Micro finance institutions have a significant role for the development of one’s country economic development by providing a credit and also a saving service for those productive clients. This study was conducted with the aim of analyzing the factors that influence micro-finance loan repayment practice using primary data collected through self-administered questionnaire. The researcher used both primary and secondary sources of information to gather relevant data.

      K. Laxmi

Abstract: Medications of barbiturate class are used in the treatment of certain types of diseases like insomnia (difficulty sleeping), and for controlling certain seizures. One such type of medicinally important compound is Phenobarbital. It is also known for its activities .as anticonvulsant, antidepressant and antihypnotic. In view of medicinal importance of Phenobarbital its structure and properties were studied by using chemcalise software of Chemaxon and data obtained is interpreted.

      Le-ol Anthony E.N. and Onita J. K.

Abstract: This study examined the crime occurrence, prevention and community resilience in Rumuolumeni Community in Obio/Akpor LGA. Rivers State, Nigeria. One hundred and ten copies of questionnaire were administered on the residents using random sampling technique. Archived crime data were from 2011 to 2017 were also used for the study. Descripitve statistics were used for the data analysis. Findings revealed that The yearly frequency of occurrence showed that there were 1295 cases of crime in total and the highest was recorded in 2015 with 236 cases (18.2%), followed by 2017 having 231 cases (17.8%) and the next is 2016 having 210 cases (16.2%).

      Yalo Gao (PhD Scholar), Prof. E. Hangsing

Abstract: The present study used the descriptive-correlation research design, the study aimed to examine the relationship between the scientific aptitude and academic achievement in science of tribal 12th grade students. The population of the study comprised of 298 class-XII science students from nine Govt higher secondary schools. Out of all the 298 class-XII science students, the researcher selected 221 12th grade science students through random sampling technique. Pearson’s product moment were used to treat the data as statistical tool.

      Fannanah Firdausi, Muslimin Ibrahim, Yuni Sri Rahayu

Abstract: Research was aimed to developed science learning with pemaknaan learning model on subject matter genetic substance through 4-D models to train moral sensitivity of Senior High School and tested on 15 students of SMAN 10 Samarinda with one group pretest-postest design.

      Yash Dekate

Abstract: CSMA/CD is basically a collision dealing arrangement which comes with a set of predefined persistent methods. It detects these collisions by sensing the medium first before sending the data and if there is collision, it immediately aborts the transmission and then later tries to send the data again according to any of the predefined persistent methods. Though this ensures the proper and safe transfer of data but when there are multiple nodes which have some data to send, it can happen that nodes might have to wait a longer time to transmit their data.

      Omole Timilehin Michael, Olaiya Abiodun Paul, Sanni Olaniyi Felix, Freddy Rukema Kaniki, Oluwasola Stephen Ayosanmi, Djibril Wade, Aturaka Olusegun, Ajani Olumide Faith, Gwa Zachary Terna, Abdulsalam

Abstract: Introduction: This study captures the perspectives of stakeholders on optimization of Nigeria vaccine supply chain with 3D printing technology. Temperature excursion, cold chain maintenance and the attendant issues of maintaining vaccine integrity across the supply chain network till the last mile remain a critical bottleneck to immunization and vaccine coverage. This study aimed at taking a pragmatic approach to assessing the awareness, acceptability, feasibility, and preparedness of the Nigerian supply chain professionals to take up the innovation of 3D technology to optimize the vaccine supply chain and immunization coverage in the Nigeria context. Internet-based questionnaire (Google Form) was used to reach different public health supply chain professionals in Nigeria.

      Fangnon Firmin Fangninou, Prudence Houedegnon, Janet Nassali, Ahyana Maxine Bowen, Naila Benarab, Ithabeleng Anna Moleli

Abstract: Organochlorine pesticides (OCPs) are chemical compound classes based on carbon, classified persistent organic pollutants (POPs), and produced for agricultural purposes. OCPs are used in the cotton-growing, which nowadays is one of these compounds attraction mainstays in Benin, although their use has been banned as a result of the 2001 Stockholm Convention. Indeed, OCPs brought up problems including environmental contamination (soils, sediment, water, air, and biota), hazards to organisms and also human health disorders. Due to their fate solubility and persistence, they were detected in Benin food commodities, food chains and webs (vegetables, meat, milk, fish, crabs, amphibians, birds).

      Wilson G.S. Oduori Abangi, Dr. Stanley Omuterema and Dr. Humphrey Wanjala Nyongesa (deceased)

Abstract: Farmers Field Schools have been in operation as an alternative Agricultural extension approach from South East Asia, Philippines under Integrated Pest Management (IPM) from 1989. This study was on Examination of the differences between staff run and farmer run Farmers Field School on attainment of sustainability in Busia County in Western Kenya region.

      Jimmy Rinaldo Tambunan, Dadik Wahyu Wijaya, Wulan Fadinie

Abstract: Background: Postoperative pain is an unresolved problem even though understanding of pain management continues to grow. Several studies of preemptive analgesia show that administration of systemic opioids before surgery is more effective in reducing postoperative pain. Oxycodone and morphine sulphate are opioids that are often used as analgesia and have 1:1 analgesic potential.

      Aye, A.M., Aguoru, C.U Gberikon, G.M., Onyilokwu, S.A

Abstract: Molecular characterization of bacteria associated with diarrhoea in children (0-5) years attending selected hospitals in Makurdi was carried out. A total of 377 stool samples were collected from children attending Federal Medical Centre, General Hospital North Bank and Bishop Murray Memorial Hospital, High level Makurdi. Standard methods involving microbiological, biochemical and molecular analysis using PCR were employed in characterizing bacteria associated with diarrhoea in children (0-5)

      Cut Mirshella Amanda, Meidina Kesuma Wardani, Lukmanul Hakim Nasution

Abstract: Background: Dermatomycosis is estimated to affect about 20-25% of the worlds population and is one of the most common forms of infection in humans. The causes of dermatomycosis are dermatophytes and Candida species.

      Tseganesh Tesfaye

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to assess the current status of accounting and financial reporting practices by the Small and Medium Sized Entities/SMEs in Wolaita Sodo, Southern Ethiopia. Most of the studies conducted previously in relation to SMEs focus on the importance of SMEs and challenges faced by the SMEs in Ethiopia. Despite the importance of accounting to SMEs, little has been researched about the accounting and financial reporting practices of SMEs in Ethiopia.

      Shib Sankar Das

Abstract: This paper presents the paradigm shift of value education in school since ancient period. It highlights the basic structure of ancient education which contributed quality manpower imbibing moral, social and civic values to the society. It also shows the erosion of values and how values shifts from the ancient base to modern era. As a result, calls for several reforms in present situation which can be implemented from the ancient education for overall development of students as a human being. The quality of education generally influences on the quality manpower for social benefits.

      Moneeb Enamul Haq, Zalmai Saniullah, Danish Hidayatullah, Azizi Mohammad Javid

Abstract: Introduction:Variation in hepatic arterial system (HAS) is common and has importance in preoperative planning to reduce the risk of accidental vascular injuries during surgical and radiological intervention of the liver. The aim of this study was to measure the prevalence of celiac trunk and describe different types of variations using Computed Tomographic angiography (CTA).

      Willy Bett, Dr. Williter Rop, Dr. Patricia. C. Chepkwony

Abstract: The major role of Business Intelligence (BI) Techniques in an enterprise is data resource utilization. Banks could create more value by leveraging on the data they have. However, greater portion of contemporary banks confront difficulties such as data underestimation, fragmented financial systems, small banks serving niche markets and are not contributing to competition in the sector, limited Outreach program of financial systems, fraud detection, mismanagement and even loss of business among others have remain glaring in the sector.

      Nohan Arum Romadlona, Budi Utomo

Abstract: The adolescent knowledge and perception on such risk behaviors might be shape by whom the health related information has been discussed. Smoking has negative impact for the future adolescent life. This research aims to assess to what extent discussion partner influence on adolescent smoking behavior. Data used in this research is Indonesia Demographic and Health Survey 2012, Adolescent Reproductive Health component. The population of the research is unmarried young men and women aged between 15-24 years old.

      Akwanyi, O. William, Wakhungu W. Jacob and Obiri, F. John

Abstract: Fish farming in Kakamega County, Kenya faces the challenges of underinvestment and poor management, which often results in low yields. Many farmers have shied away from investing in fish farming and some who have tried fish farming have later on abandoned their fishponds. This study determined the relationship between the demographic and socio-economic characteristics of fish farmers and fish farming management practices in Kakamega County, Kenya. The study focused in Lugari, Lurambi and Khwisero sub-counties in Kakamega County, Kenya.

      A Hanum, U Azizah, S E Cahyaningrum

Abstract: Critical thinking skills are one of the high-order thinking skills that students need for survival living in the 21st century. Critical thinking skills are needed to solve various problems by questioning what they hear and reviewing certain thoughts. The aim of this research is to describe learning activity and students critical thinking skills through implementation of problem solving models on reaction rate materials.

      Vivian Ngozi Nwogbo, Perpetua N. Okorji

Abstract: The central focus of this paper is that economic recession in Nigeria which is associated with high rate of poverty, increasing unemployment rate, high inflation and declining gross domestic product could be mitigated by improving the quality of education given to teachers inthe country . This is not far-fetched as teachers are responsible for imparting requisite skills and knowledge to individuals to become self-reliant and positively contribute to the development of the society.

      Thaanyane, Mamosa

Abstract: This study is based on a larger study undertaken by Thaanyane, 2010, whose aim was to investigate the teachers’ experiences of implementing Business Education in three secondary schools in Maseru, Lesotho. Lesotho is recently experiencing high rate of poverty and unemployment which impact badly on its economy. This paper tries to bridge the gap between schooling and world of work. It examines how Business Education can be used as an instrument for poverty and unemployment reduction. It, specifically, explores how Business Education teachers equip learners with entrepreneurial skills and allow learners experience the business by running their own projects.

      Reward Milambo , William Sakala

Abstract: The aim of this study was to assess the effect of incorporating Ethno-mathematics strategies on students’ achievement in functions among the eleventh grade students. In addition, this study sought to examine gender differences on achievement and attitude. The respondents of this study comprised 122 conveniently selected eleventh grade students of Mpongwe Day Secondary school in Mpongwe District, Copperbelt Province, Zambia. A pre-test and post-test Quasi Experimental research design was used by randomly assigning treatment variables to the two classes which were used for the research. The experimental group (N=64) received instructions on functions using ethno-mathematics strategies while the observational group (N = 58) received instructions on functions using conventional teaching methods.

      Balwinder Kaur

Abstract: All human societies have a social structure that divides people into categories based on a combination of achieved and ascribed traits. The kinds of categories McCall cites gender, race, age, and membership in exclusive social organizations. Most Americans also increasingly disagreeing with the statement “the American Dream has become impossible for most people to achieve” leading to the conclusion that most Americans are increasingly satisfied with the opportunity to get ahead. To answer these questions, data was taken from a survey conducted on Brigham Young University (BYU) students from various class backgrounds. It is interesting to see that 61% of rich people strongly agree that there are still great differences between social levels in the United States. This is against McCall’s findings.

      Dr. Balwinder Kaur

Abstract: Environmental degradation is the deterioration of the environment through depletion of resources such as air, soil. The destruction of ecosystems and the extinction of wildlife. The United Nation International Strategy for Disaster Reduction defines environmental degradation as “The reduction of the capacity of the environment to meet social and ecological objectives and needs”. Today environmental degradation and preservation have emerged as major issues in globalization studies. Our environment is being deteriorated every now and then due to various factors like population explosion, uncontrolled and lavish consumption of precious environmental resources, industrialization, urbanization and exploitation of abiotic and biotic components of environment have resulted in the present day environment crisis condition.


Abstract: This paper presents a study on Blockchain and its application in operations management. Blockchain technology, characterized by its transparent, decentralized and fraud resistant properties, has endless use cases. Different industries ranging from banking, infrastructure, ride sharing, voting to public policy are now using blockchain for greater transparency in digital ecosystem. This study is not limited to a particular industry or function, but it will question the effectiveness of using blockchain in improving efficiency across industries. Research is conducted through multiple in-depth interviews by professionals working on blockchain.

      Ashraf Khalil Adam, Adam Ahmed, Dr. Zainab Mahmoud University of Bahrey

Abstract: I really enjoyed my experiments Dr. Zainab Mahmoud university of Bahrey and other employee even though it was not easy starting for me. Evaluation and control of vandalism impact in oil and gas field were my first trial, and I didnt know how to do my research and who to start my work (Power plant acting superintendent in NEEM field) Mr. Adam Mohmedani support me and offer all the required information related to power section, I had only a slight understanding of my research topic, the progress of experiments, and data analyzing. Dr. Zaunab Mahmoud answered all my questions and helped me to make great progress in my research. Finally, I understand my research topic well and I did my poster presentation.

      Godfrey Magorombe Matiku Maswe

Abstract: Despite the success enjoyed by players in Tanzania tele-industry, a number impediments have been drawing back firms’ initiative to realize their goals; that attract scholars’ attentions to have a shared understanding for effective strategic formulation in annulling them. The main study question was, “what are challenges facing tele-firms in e-marketing of services in Tanzania tele-industry?” The specific research questions were three, namely; what are technological challenges facing Tele-firms in e-marketing of services in Tanzania Tele-industry; what are socio-marketing challenges facing tele-firms in e-marketing of services in Tanzania tele-industry?

      Godfrey Magorombe Matiku Maswe

Abstract: In the evolution of global business, a number micro-financing players have faced many defies in due course of their lending-borrowing interrelations. The group lending by MFIs has been one of the model perceived to guarantee the security of loans provided by the said funding institutions. This study aimed “to determine the challenges of group lending on MFIs loans security in Tanzania”. The specific objectives of the study were: to examine the challenges of diluted group norms on MFIs loans defaulting; and, to examine the contribution of deferred group interests on MFIs loans defaulting. A research was a multiple case study in nature undertaken in four selected MFIs (FINCA, BRAC, NMB & CRDB) based in Arusha– Tanzania.

      Melisa Wahyu Fandyansari, Putri Vina Sefaverdiana

Abstract: The development of Virtue-Based Sharia Economics textbooks conducted at the Economic Education Study Program is a study that uses research and development techniques. The implementation of this research based on the majority of participants in Islamic economics courses who are non-Muslim, thus experiencing difficulties in using textbooks because there are many verses of the Quran. Based on the results of the pretest and posttest, the results of expert validation, as well as small-scale and large-scale tests, obtained the results that Virtue-Based Sharia Economics textbooks included in the criteria of good and feasible to use.

      Yuni Bintarawati, Budi Jatmiko, Soenarjo

Abstract: This research is a type of research development that is about developing learning instrument. Development of learning instruments including the Learning Implementation Plan, Student Activity Sheets, Student Teaching Materials, with Sheets Assessment oriented towards guided inquiry learning. The subject in this study was Newtons Law of Motion. The research was conducted at SMA Negeri 20 Surabaya, for trial I held for 12 students of class X academic year 2011-2012.

      Purwono, Wahono Widodo, Zainul Arifin Imam Supardi

Abstract: This research includes research and development (Research and Development). Research and development are research methods used to produce certain products and test the effectiveness of the product. To be able to produce certain products used research nature of needs analysis and to test the effectiveness of the product so can function in the wider community, research is needed to test the product.

      Julius Kirui Sholle, Akuonga Paul Papa and Kipkorir Bett

Abstract: 21st century Africa is embroiled in problems that have stalled the developmental gains postulated in yesteryears. Conflict, poverty, ill-health and illiteracy continue in prevalence, jeopardizing the reversal of gains already made. Solutions to this stalemate are varied, but leadership is according to the most practical step in the direction to finding solutions. Leadership provides the path and bridge to finding solutions that fit the 21st century Africa. Leadership is supposed to be within the context of good governance, transparency, rule of law, private sector development, and respect for property rights, prudent macro-economic management and cognisance of the international community of states.

      Kipkorir Bett, Cosmus Kemboi and Gideon Kemboi

Abstract: Economics and Politics are bedfellows. An increment in either leads to the increment of the other. The cooperation of more than one economy to achieve common development has a definite impact on politics. How this is impacted is based on the manner with which economic cooperation is undertaken, and secondly by the factor of power politics. Democracy and governance in Africa are embroiled in several circumstantial factors, integration of African economies being one of them (Mwencha, 2008:26). These factors do influence each other, either positively or negatively.

      Lydiah Wamocha, Joseph Nasong’oS

Abstract: After being demobilized, former combatants constitute a weak and marginalized group in need of economic, psychological and social assistance in order to survive. Making sure that such assistance is given poses a major challenge to local communities and international donors. There is need to address the issue of reintegration of former combatants in Mt. Elgon in Bungoma County, but the process has been undermined by persistent instability in the region. The problem of follow up, re-recruitment of former combatants by different armed groups and the lack of long-term funding are some of the obstacles to successful reintegration in Kenya. The purpose of the study was to determine the extent to which there is trust between the reintegrated members and community members in Mount Elgon region, Kenya.

      Toni DiDona, Coral La Rosa

Abstract: Locus of control is one of the most relevant and important concepts that affects outcomes in modern organizations. It is psychologically connected to how we cope with stress and our overall well-being. Research has shown that as a construct locus of control, specifically whether a person displays an internal or external orientation, plays a substantial role in a person’s attitudes and beliefs in the workplace (Spector, 1988). A person’s age is also interrelated to how they perceive life events.

      M. Chitra, M.Suhasini

Abstract: In this paper,We investigate the effect of unsteady MHD flow of a dusty gas through permeable boundary with mass transfer and thermal diffusion. The flow is assumed to be free convective flow and it is induced by the motion of a semi infinite plate.

      M. Chitra, M.Suhasini

Abstract: In this paper, we investigate the effect of unsteady MHD oscillatory flow of a viscoelastic fluid through the porous medium with the effect of mass transfer and hall current. The viscous incompressible and electrically conducting viscoelastic fluid through a porous medium over the finite plate with temperature and mass transfer are considered and the closed form of analytical solution are obtained for the Momentum,Energy and Concentration equation.

      Sajid Ahmad, Yan Xin Qing

Abstract: This research paper highlights the Blockchain technology for the educational certificates. The current paper proposed that Blockchain can be used to secure the educational data like academic credentials and academic certificates. This paper first introduces the core problem which we are facing in the educational sector and then talk about some use cases in education using Blockchain. We are using the Blockchain to reduce the frauds in education institutions.

      Anusha M N, Pachaiappan C

Abstract: Hearing impairment becomes a very common sensory deficit seen in premature infants and its association has long been recognized. Understanding the principal lead for hearing impairment in pre-term infants becomes difficult as they show spectrum of high-risk registers which may contribute to the hearing loss. An 8-month- old preterm baby was reported with the complaint of hard of hearing and failure of OAE tests.

      Nyale, E. H., Professor China, S. S and Dr. Nabiswa, F.

Abstract: Food insecurity is a concern for households and government. It destabilizes social, economic and political wellbeing. Despite Kenya’s government efforts in provision of incentives like climate smart subsidies to address food insecurity, Makueni County still experiences food deficit. This article focuses on effects of climate smart agriculture technologies on household food security. Findings revealed improvement in food security as 21.8 per cent households were food secured compared to 2 percent in 2012, attributing to existence of climate smart fund. From findings, access to farm input and practising Agroforestry increases crop yields and thus food availability, accessibility and affordability.

      Oluwadara J. Odeyinka, Michael C. Ndinechi, Onyebuchi C. Nosiri

Abstract: Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) is an attractive solution for myriads of communication applications. The deployment of WSNs in restricted areas, where battery replacement or recharging is difficult, demands that energy be sparingly utilized. In this study, a model of energy-efficient Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) for monitoring Aircraft Runway was developed to prolong the life-span of the deployed network using a non-hierarchy and hierarchy based cluster configurations for two sampled Runways (R/W).

      Prince T. Lamin-Boima

Abstract: Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) practices are kin practices and essential to excellence health care setting. It attends to issues associated to and from staff to patient or among staff. An infection Prevention and Control practice is something we cannot do without if we want to ensure a safe health delivery services and limit the spread of infections in the health-care setting or /and the community thereby, minimizing the risk of spreading infections. This research seeks to assess the perception of healthcare workers on IPC practices in two hospitals in Bo City.

      Mohamed Al Ashraf ALI, Harun Uğuz

Abstract: According to Virgo Capital, Typically, good services businesses have renewal rates of more than 80%, while more sticky software renewal rates hit 90% or more. Paid subscription trading websites collect huge amounts of customer’s data which, unfortunately, are not “mined” to discover hidden information for effective decision making. Hidden patterns discovery and relationships often go unexploited. This situation can be solved by using advanced data mining techniques.

      John Mark D. Catolico and Keiven Mark B. Ampode

Abstract: Palm Kernel Meal has nutrient and amino acid composition comparable to that of copra meal except for higher lysine and methionine but it has been relatively underutilized and considered as agri-waste by-products. The study was conducted to investigate the potential of palm kernel meal (Elaeis guineensis) as a substitute to copra meal fed to broilers. Parameters considered in the study were average initial weight, average final weight, body weight gain, average daily gain, voluntary feed intake, feed conversion ratio, return above feed and chick cost and dressing percentage. Sixty broiler chicks regardless of sex were used as the experimental animal of the study.

      Keiven Mark B. Ampode

Abstract: Quail raising is said to be the business venture of those with limited capital but who look for high returns in a short period. A feeding trial to assess the growth performance and economic benefits of Japanese quails supplemented with varying levels of fermented kangkong juice through the drinking water was conducted using 120 female Japanese quails at the Department of Animal Science-College of Agriculture and Food Science, Visayas State University, Visca, Baybay City, Leyte, Philippines from January to February 2016. The Japanese quails were randomly assigned to four treatments and replicated three times with ten birds per replication laid out in a Completely Randomized Design set-up.

      Argungu Musa Zulkiflu, Lawali Yakubu, Prof. Lydia Azioto

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to explore the patient’s belief on the causes of mental illness in Nigeria. An exploratory- descriptive design within the qualitative paradigm was used. In-depth one-on-one interview with thirteen (13) participants between the ages of 30-54 years old. All participants consented to participate and they were used purposively sampled. No form of coercion was used to attract or retain them. The interviews were audio taped and transcribed verbatim after which content analysis was done to identify themes and categories. A key finding in this study was that patient’s belief on the causes of mental illness indicated that patients believed Thoughts/thinking, feelings, and emotions as the causes of their illness. Other findings included: witchcraft, emotional experience, resources, occupations, and family/homes. It was recommended that health care providers should create an avenue to enlighten their patients on mental illness.

      Aye Aye Nwe, Wah Wah Nyein

Abstract: This research concerns with production of orange wine and some physical parameters of different wines were studied. The orange sample was purchased from Myoma market, Kyaing Tong in Eastern Shan State. The orange wine was produced by fermentation method. Some physical parameters of the orange wine and different wine such as pH, specific gravity and percent alcohol by volume (ABV) were examined.

      Widija Suseno Widjaja, Etty E. Listiati, I.M.Tri Hesti Mulyani, B. Tyas Susanti

Abstract: Kemijen is a village in the northern part of Semarang Timur District which is affected by tide. When there is a tide or flood, the residents do land-taking to elevate their houses. Stage house is a suitable house for tidal / flood areas because the floor of the houses becomes higher compared to ordinary houses, without being buried and the floor of the houses will remain dry.

      George Korir Kiprop, Kenneth Kiprotich Langat

Abstract: This paper aims at introducing the concept of pricing options by applying numerical methods. In particular we focus on the pricing of a European Put Option by two numerical techniques, that is, the Monte-Carlo simulation and the Crank-Nicolson finite difference method. In the Monte-Carlo simulation method, the concept of a random walk is used in the simulation of the path followed by the underlying stock price.

      Roopikha Ganesh

Abstract: CSMA/CD suffers from drawbacks like packet starvation and wastage of bandwidth due to un-utilized periods of the channel. Its performance can be enhanced greatly by modifying the protocol after taking all these factors into consideration.

      Rahmatullah Arsyad, Aris Baso, Najamuddin

Abstract: The fishing communities that carry out fishing activities in Sinjai district generally use purse seine which is a relatively high productivity and effectiveness tool when compared to other fishing gear. However, efforts to utilize fish fishery resources have not been maximized when compared to the magnitude of untapped potential due to facilities and infrastructure factors, capture fisheries business that is still lacking and not yet functioning optimally.

      Merga Futasa Begna , Professor Zhao Yongliang

Abstract: The total earning from the oilseeds business particularly from the export market of niger seed has increased over the past few years. However, the gain from the business is not fairly distributed and does not properly reach to the primary producers. The objective of the study was to explore key factors influencing the effectiveness of the niger seed market channels of selected primary agricultural multipurpose cooperatives in the study area.

      Nyale, E. H., Professor China, S. S and Dr. Nabiswa, F.

Abstract: Food insecurity is a concern for households and government. It destabilizes social, economic and political wellbeing. Despite Kenya’s government efforts in provision of incentives like climate smart subsidies to address food insecurity, Makueni County still experiences food deficit. This article endeavored to assess extent of adoption of climate smart agriculture technologies in addressing household food security. Findings revealed that climate smart agriculture technology accessed and practiced had low adoption on food security. Farmers were willing to adopt technology but cultural factors hindered its adoption. From findings, limited resources was the main constraints to CSA technologies adoption and extension services provision.

      Keshab Khatri Chettri

Abstract: This paper examines the effect of firm specific variables on stock returns of financial and non-financial enterprises in Nepal. Fixed effects regression models are estimated to identify causal relationship of firm size, book-to-market ratio, leverage, earnings yield and assets growth with adjusted stock return. A balanced panel data of 110 observations for 11 non-financial firms and 120 observations for 12 commercial banks listed in NEPSE are taken for the study covering a 10 year period from 2009 till 2018. Comparative analysis is done by estimating sector wise regression models. For non-financial firms, fixed effects model performed better than random effect model and OLS model suggested by Hausman test and Wald test. OLS model showed better by Wald test for financial firms. The findings reveal that size and book-to-market equity ratio have significant negative impact on stock returns in the non-financial firms. However for financial firms only book-to-market ratio shows significant negative impact on stock returns in univariate and bivariate models. Leverage is observed to have positive impact on stock return at 10 percent level of significance in univariate model for financial firms.

      Hassan M. Lomertwala, Peter W. Njoroge, Sylvia A. Opiyo, Brian M. Ptoton

Abstract: Clay is a stony or earthy mineral aggregate composed of fine-grained minerals, which are plastic at appropriate water content and hardens up when fired. Clay soils have various mineral groups such as kaolinite, smectites, illites and palygorskite-sepiolite with unique properties for industrial applications. Uses of clay include manufacture of cement, tiles, ceramics, bricks, drilling clays, lead pencils, printing inks and paints. This project determined elemental and mineralogical composition of clays from Githima (00 46’ 40” S, 370 6’ 31”E), Kimathi (00 40’ 0”S, 370 10’ 28”E) and Ithanje (00 36’ 30” S, 370 6’ 46”

      Syerli Haryati

Abstract: This study entitled the Communication Process Analysis of Corporate Social Responsibility Program of Ancol Zero Waste. This research was motivated by PT. Pembangunan Jaya Ancol Tbk who wanted to contribute to the community in the form of implementing CSR programs. The CSR Program of Ancol Zero Waste was done to minimize the impact of company activities, protect the environment, foster harmonious relations and maintain the continuity of the company’s business. This study aimed to understand and explain what the communication process was implemented in implementing the communication process of the corporate social responsibility program of Ancol Zero Waste. This research method was qualitative with a single case study design.

      Tonye Richard Apiri

Abstract: Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has over time structured out different kinds of banking sector reforms to boost commercial banks and its allies in the sector to adequately perform essentially their intermediation function. Therefore, this study critically examined banking sector reforms impact on stock market performance in Nigeria considered from 2004-2018; with particular interest to proxy banking sector reforms: as broad money supply, domestic credit to the private sector and interest rate spread.

      Ebenezer B. Veerasingam, Wijesekara Mudiyanselage Sumith Dananjaya

Abstract: This research study explores the significance of using symbols in poetry titles. Taking A. E. Houseman’s poem “Farewell to Barn and Stack and Tree,” the study explores the geographical and social background that is created using symbolism in the title. This study also analyses the contribution these symbolic elements of the title make towards the better understanding of the poem. Though there is a plethora of studies conducted on the significance of symbolism in poetry, very few have focused on the typical usage of symbolism in the poetry titles. Moreover, this selected text remains unexplored in terms of the understanding of the title. By using textual analysis method, and by the application of the understanding of symbolism, the study is taken forward with an approach to explore further. The analysis understands, that symbolism used in title influences readers’ understanding of the poem in terms of the background, and that is, the Barn as the symbol of home, stack as the workplace and tree, the social space.

      Ifediba, Donald I And Egbuna, Helen I

Abstract: Fortification of biscuit was carried out by blending wheat flour with moringa leaf powder on 1:10 (w/w) ratio. The moringa wheat flour biscuit (MWFB) was evaluated for proximate composition and organoleptic appeal against biscuit produced from wheat flour (WFB). Results show that addition of moringa leaf powder marginally (p>0.05) increased the moisture content of biscuit from 15.90 to 16.01%, ash from 3.75 to 4.09%, protein from 11.14 to 11.47%, and significantly (p<0.05) increased the fiber from 0.71 to 1.28%. There was marginal (p>0.05) decrease in carbohydrate from 49.38% in (WFB) to 47.80% in MWFB. Sensory results show that (WFB) was significantly (p<0.05) superior in color with 7.95 compared to the 6.70 of MWFB. The MWFB significantly (p<0.05) excelled in texture with 7.5 compared to the 7.25 of the WFB, and in taste (7.85) against 7.40. The general acceptability score (8.0) of the MWFB was significantly (p<0.05) higher than the 7.50 of WFB. The results suggest that moringa leaf powder can be used to improve nutritional and sensorial qualities of biscuits.

      Riya Pal, Jagatpati Tah, Chand Kumar Santra

Abstract: Hybridization, the most potential breeding system, brought about significant qualitative and quantitative changes in the Indian agricultural scenario. The invention of cytoplasmic male sterile (CMS) lines for production of F1 hybrid rice seeds using modern CMS rice breeding technology has no doubt created a new approach in agricultural sector.

      Ayalew Bekele Demie, Getachew Hailu wondimagegn and Shemsedin Abubeker

Abstract: A Double drum type inverted down draft gasifier was fabricated in Assela Agricultural Engineering Research Center Metal workshop. The water boiling test version 4.2.3 was used to evaluate thermal and stove characteristic performance indicators of the stoves. Performance result was compared with three stone traditional cook stove. High power and low power performance were compared and reported in this paper.

      Prianto Budi Saptono, Prof. Gunadi, Dr. Ning Rahayu

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to describe whether International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) convergence in Indonesia implies the behavior of tax management or earnings management of publicly-listed companies whose corporate income tax is not subject to final tax.

      Christine Kerubo Owinyi, Lydia Wamocha, Samuel O. Obaki, Alice Owano

Abstract: This paper is based on an on-going postgraduate research study which is aimed at investigating the effect of different management styles of principals on teacher performance in secondary schools. The objectives of the study included establishing secondary school principals’ management styles and how they relate to a teacher’s performance in relation to teachers’ perception and students’ academic performance. The study adopted exploratory survey, descriptive survey and correlation designs. Random and stratified sampling techniques were used to identify the respondents.

      Soham Sarkar

Abstract: This paper is focused on finding a more efficient version of the Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection Networking protocol. It analyses where CSMA/CD falls short and provides two possible solutions to better it. These potential solutions are then compared with the Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Avoidance protocol.

      Dyah Fitria Padmasari, Siti Masitoh, Sri Joeda Andajani

Abstract: This study aimed at describing the overall analysis of inclusive education policy in Magetan Regency which included 1) describing the implementation of the Magetan Regent Regulations number 35 of 2014 in inclusive Junior High Schools in Magetan Regency; 2) describing the obstacles in the implementation of Magetan Regent Regulations number 35 of 2014 in inclusive junior high schools in Magetan Regency and 3) describing the solutions carried out in supporting the implementation of Magetan Regent Regulations number 35 of 2014 in inclusive junior high schools in Magetan Regency.

      Rhitwique Dutta

Abstract: In order to respond to the emerging problems from the strengthening of ethnic identities– we need to look into the various factors which are responsible for the particular phenomenon. The state is an important player– which needs to be taken into account when we look into the emergence and strengthening of ethnic identities.

      Muhammad Yusri Karim, Hasni Y. Azis, Khairul Amri, Nurfadilah, and Alimuddin

Abstract: Mud crab is one of aquatic organisms occupying mangrove ecosystem that has high economic value and potential for cultivation with Silvofishery system. The current study was conducted in the mangrove areas of Mandalle Village, Pangkep Regency, South Sulawesi Province.

      Paul A. Onuh; Chukwudi Aninweze & Nnaemeka E. Otagburuagu

Abstract: The structure and substance of politics in Nigeria revolves largely around the factors of religion and ethnicity. Since independence, the voting behavior of Nigerians has reflected both ethnic and religious bias. In the 2011 and 2015 Presidential elections, the two leading candidates, one a Christian from South, and the other a Muslim from North, practically pitched the religious and ethnic cleavages of the electorate against each other.

      Zhian Friska, Z.A Imam Supardi, Tukiran

Abstract: The aim of this research is to analyse material learning instrument with Predict-Observe-Explain based work laboratory to train basic science process skills on the topic of straight motion. Learning tool/instrument is developed by using 4D model. This developmet method is used to generate learning instrument, then its validity and reliability are verified.

      Ayanabha Jana

Abstract: The Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection works on the basis of the back-off algorithm which gives a range of time slots for a particular device and a particular packet, once a collision is detected. The node selects a random time slot to retransmit and each time if collision occurs, the probability of success keeps on increasing for that node only, decreasing the probability for other nodes in the network, who might want to transmit packets in an empty time slot. I propose an external device which allocates specific time slots for the nodes who might want to transmit packets after a collision has occurred. This method also utilizes a clock on each node and the channel must be divided into multiple bandwidth gaps.

      Dipjyoti Sundaray

Abstract: This article explores government’s educational policies focusing on quality improvement of children studying in school. Number of commissions has been undertaken by the government to look in to the structural problem of education in the country. Some of the crucial ones are education commission- 1964 which is also commonly called as Kothari commission, the National education policy 1968 and 1986 will be discussed in details in the below chapter.

      Tang Wei; Md. Muhie Menul Haque; Shi Yong; Liu Yan

Abstract: This paper proposes a strategy for designing pitch, yaw and supervisory control of wind turbine including a 3D modeling of the whole system. The system is considered here to avoid mechanical losses as well as maintain a constant rotor speed in wind turbine. The wind speed will be varying from time to time, so to protect the turbine from any kind of damage due to wind speed variation, the pitch control system is designed. The direction of nacelle is also varying with time to capture the maximum energy from the air, a yaw control system is

      Ikeh CN, Uchendu E, Orji MO, Oboke OS, Odoemene CA

Abstract: BACKGROUND: Men often have prostatic lesions especially with advancement in age above 50 years. Lesions of the prostate are common health problems globally with prostate cancer said to be the second commonest malignancy in men. Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) is a nonspecific marker but very sensitive for prostatic lesions. Benign and malignant prostatic lesions cause appreciable enlargement of the gland and significant rise in PSA. Transrectal ultrasonography is a readily available and affordable imaging modality for evaluating the prostate.

      Umar Syarifuddin, Otto R.Payangan Mahlia Muis, Muhammad Yunus Amar

Abstract: This study aims to: a) measure and analyze how much influence social media has on business performance both directly and indirectly through the companys reputation, b) measure and analyze how much influence the reputation of the company on business performance. Research use survey method with data collection using questionnaires and interviews. The population of this research is all hotels in Makassar, which are 157 hotels. Samples used in the study were taken as many as 70 based on the number of questionnaires returned.

      Chiu-man Lin, MSN, Tsu-Yin Wu, Vedhika Raghunathan

Abstract: Background: Adequate preparation for newly graduated nurses is a critical nursing development component for new nurses’ success. The two-year training program for postgraduate nurses at Veteran General Hospital in Taichung (VGH- Taichung) was initiated in 2008. The mission of this program was to foster the nurses to become competent clinicians who are able to provide high quality patient-centered care.

      Gusbakti Rusip, Sri Mukti S

Abstract: Background: Sedentary elderly lifestyle and aging can decreased the function of cardiovascular system may lead reduction of body performance. Exercise moderate intensity (EIM) can changes matrix metalloproteinase–9 (MMP-9) are decreased. MMP-9 is a potential marker the structural and function of the heart and its association with collagen degradation of blood vessel.

      Hitarth S Menon

Abstract: In the current Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection (CSMA/CD) protocol, a back off algorithm is followed upon encountering a collision between two frames sent by different systems. This algorithm involves the generating of random numbers in both the stations whose messages collided. If a re-collision occurs, the numbers are chosen from a larger range of integers. The station then has to wait for that much amount of time before retransmission.

      Rakesh K R, Krishna C V, Rohit H R, Lakshmi H R

Abstract: Fireflies that attract all other fireflies or be attracted to other fireflies which are of higher brightness is the basis of the firefly algorithm. It is an optimization algorithm of calculating objective functional values. In this paper with the use of discrete wavelet transform the implementation of firefly algorithm is done and the experimental results of using certain number of initial and randomly allocated fireflies are used to calculate certain parameters which gives the ratio between the maximum signal power and maximum noise power, bit error rate(BER), coefficient measuring the degree of similarity(Corr), the normalized cross correlation(NC) between the watermarked image and original image.

      Dr. Nelson Siocha Omae Ph,D

Abstract: Attainment of education related millennium development goals in Kenya is largely hinged on availability and appropriate use of unit cost to acquire supportive inputs to the education process. The introduction of capitation in secondary schools was aimed at providing the economically disadvantaged with an opportunity to benefit from government sponsored education provision. However, there are indications that providing this education is now beyond the scope of Kenya’s ordinary education budget, owing to 95% transition in the year 2019.

      PGRB Chandrasekara and UWMRSSCB Kappagoda

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to investigate the Impact of Creativity towards the Performance of the Undergraduates in Rajarata University of Sri Lanka. Creativity was considered as the independent variable and the performance of the undergraduates was considered as the dependent variable. Researcher used eight creative talents which includes in the model developed by Lynne C.

      Balasooriya M. G. D. N, Karunarathne W. D. C. K, Wickramarachchi W. J

Abstract: In clinical practice many herbal preparations have been using in the management of Tonsillitis (Thundikeri). Thrikatu kalinga katuka is a famous decoction prescribed only by some of the renowned physicians according to their experience. Its efficacy against Streptococcus pyogenes is not proved by laboratory investigations up to now. This study was carried out to determine the antibacterial effect of the above decoction against the laboratory specimen of S. pyogenes and to determine the most effective concentration against the organism.

      Mirella Fonda Maahury, Muhamad Abdulkadir Martoprawiro, I Wayan Sutapa

Abstract: Computational calculations for two compounds of anthocyanidin group, petunidin and peonidin have been conducted in ethanol phase. Purpose of this calculation is to get optimized geometry and electronic properties from petunidin and peonidin, which have potency as photosensitizer in dye-sensitized solar

      Dr. Vennela D, Dr. Kavitha Chunduru, Dr. PSN.Murthy

Abstract: Papillary thyroid carcinoma is the most common thyroid carcinoma .Usually there is a high rate of metastases and micrometastases to the cervical lymph nodes, typically affecting the paratracheal and jugular lymph nodes. Papillary carcinoma rarely presents metastases to parapharyngeal and retropharyngeal lymph nodes.

      Rashmika Parmar, Kairavi Desai

Abstract: Background & objectives – Dengue virus and chikungunya virus are two common mosquito borne infections at Gujarat in present scenario.

      Nazib Sohail

Abstract: India is unique because of its diversity. The Indian census of 1961 recognized 1652 different languages in India including languages which are not native to this land. But recently the move made by the central government to impose Hindi all over the country is yet another attack on the Assamese community in particular and also on other linguistic groups in general.

      Inemesit N. Ebito, Victor A. Umoh, Efremfon J. AkpanF

Abstract: Entrepreneurial Orientation represents the behaviour of entrepreneurs in their lines of business. This study is focused on entrepreneurial orientation and performance of Keke business in Nigeria. The study concentrated on registered members of Tricycle Owners Association of Nigeria (TOAN) in Akwa Ibom State.

      Sangosina, M.I, Olorunsogbon, B.F. and Sanwo, K.A.

Abstract: Meat is considered a source of high quality proteins. Meat is a very good source of animal protein that consists of essential amino acid, minerals, vitamins and essential fatty acids (Lawrie, 1991). Meat provides calories from fat, proteins and limited quantities of carbohydrate (Judge et al., 1990). Lean meat contains from 15 to 20% of protein, which varies inversely with percentage of fat. It is also one of the few foods which provide complete protein as well as being rich source of such essential nutrients as iron, niacin and vitamin B12 (Lawrie, 1991).

      Foday N.K. Fatty and Lamin Komma

Abstract: Undoubtedly, inadequate municipal solid waste management in most developing countries is one of the major contributing factors to the present environmental pollution and risk to human health. This is influenced by increasing population, urbanization, industrialization, and economic development of a particular place resulting to the rise in waste stream and its complexity.

      Prenatal Life Education Based on Family Christian Religious Education

Abstract: This study aims to provide an understanding of the task of Christian Religious Education (PAK) so far that only includes students starting from children, adolescents, youth and the elderly while PAK to humans (fetuses) who begin to become living creatures since in the mothers womb (education prenatal) received less emphasis. Therefore this research would like to provide a rationale that PAK life to the fetus must be a priority scale.

      Akshita Saini

Abstract: CSMA/CD suffers from drawbacks like packet starvation and wastage of bandwidth due to unutilised periods of the channel. Its performance can be enhanced greatly by modifying the protocol after taking all these factors into consideration.

      Pascal Sindayiheba, Jean De Dieu Rwamasunzu, Dr. Papias Niyigena

Abstract: Several works using different tools with various algorithms and models, worked on forecast of agricultural areas include crop yield. However, their findings still need improvement for more accurate performance. Precisely predicting the change of CPI is significant to many aspects of economics, some examples include fiscal policy, financial markets and productivity. In this study, we are conducting an analytical study to discover which factor is most affecting changes of Consumer Price Index for Rwanda and make prediction of CPI for 2019 to 2025. The dataset is extracted from online platform of World Bank on world economy, especially for Rwanda (1990 - 2018).

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