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      J. Padmaja, Ch. Anjaneyulu

Abstract: Anodization of zircaloy-4 in 0.1M ammonium oxalate has been carried out. Kinetics of anodic oxidation of zircaloy-4 has been studied at a constant current density of 8mA.cm-2 and at room temperature. Thickness estimates were made from capacitance data. The plots of formation voltage vs. time, reciprocal capacitance vs. time, reciprocal capacitance vs. formation voltage and thickness vs. formation voltage were drawn. From these plots rate of formation; current efficiency and differential field were calculated. The addition of solvent (methanol) showed better kinetics results. For 25%, 50% and 75% aquo-methanolic media, the dielectric constant values are low leading to a marked improvement in the kinetics. In 80% methanol, though the dielectric constant value of solution is less, the kinetics was slow which may be attributed to the fact that the electrolyte becomes highly non-polar.

      Kamel Ahmed Mohammed Alalimi

Abstract: This paper focuses on the family disassembly and its impact on children, family and society in Sana City, the capital of Yemen. It sociologically investigates the causes and factors leading to the family disassembly from the perspective of single parents, and the impacts of family disassembly on the children, on the family itself and on the society at large. The study depends on primary data collected from 100 single parents by using the techniques of interview. Moreover details of aspects were gathered by using case study method documents, and observation. Data collected by using interview guide/schedule (s) were analyzed by using simple statistical techniques, classifying variables of back ground, causes and effects. The results of the study showed that family disassembly is taking place due to death, divorce and abandonment and lesser ability to perform basic roles for childrens upbringing and it led to dispersal of family members and juvenile delinquency and the recommend that relatives should not interfere in the disputes between husband and wife moreover the state, civic society, media and other social networks should pay more attention to family issues to help strengthening family ties.

      Tanmoyee Bhattacharya, Dr. S.P Aggarwal, Dr. Vaibhav Garg

Abstract: In the present study, Variable Infiltration Capacity (VIC) a macro-scale hydrological model was used to simulate the hydrology of Chambal river basin of India. This analysis was carried out to generate water balance components including runoff, evapotranspiration and baseflow at 0.25*0.25degree grid for the year 2000 and to estimate daily variation of runoff over entire basin. The effect of change of Land cover, slope and soil type on runoff also investigated in this study. Simulation of VIC model showed the annual runoff generation over the basin is 50%.

      Tarapada Pyne, Utpal Baul, Radhey Shyam Jangid

Abstract: The previous research in Knowledge Management (KM) concentrated on the development of the subject of Knowledge, the creation of the maturity models, the process of implementation etc. as evident in the literature. The related past instruments are not applicable for evaluating the relationship of KM with industrial equipment reliability. The purpose of this paper is to develop a validated instrument to prove the relationship of organization-wide ‘failure factors (FF) of KM’ with ‘equipment performance’. A survey among the expert professionals attached to the inter-disciplinary tasks of managing assets’ reliability reveals that 116 items in 4 constructs suit this core specific purpose. The empirical results had provided the strong support for the models. It is expected that the proposed model would help in any future study on the ‘impact of KM’ on ‘asset management’. The various ‘factors of equipment’s failure’ as commonly encountered and applicable in any sector of industry were adopted and then these factors were validated with the responses from the industrial and specialized workforce either working on or associated with the equipments’ mal-functions. The responses from experienced ‘reliability experts’ had been statistically validated for consistency and reliability. The interplay and the inter-dependence of the failure factors are analyzed along-with the various ‘independent factors’ those have bearing on the equipments’ failure. The relationship of these independent factors with associated Knowledge Gap (K-Gap) and/or Knowledge Risk (K-Risk) and/or Knowledge Strength (K-Strength) may guide then to formulate the equipment-oriented KM strategy.

      Purvi K. Changela

Abstract: Background & Objectives: Obesity is a major health problem worldwide having many long-term debilitating effects which may impair quality of life. Evidence suggests that exercise training improves CVD risk factors. However, it is unclear whether health benefits are limited to aerobic training or if other exercise modalities such as resistance training are as effective or more effective in obese female, so the aim of the study is to compare effect of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise and resistance exercise training programme which would induce and sustain improvements in cardiovascular risk profile in young obese sedentary female. Materials & Methods: An experimental study was conducted on 20 obese sedentary female with age group of 19-25yrs (BMI>30). Subjects were selected by simple random sampling techniques. Subjects were grouped into aerobic training (n=10, 22.22±1.98 (SD) years) and resistance training (n=10, 22.67±1.50 (SD) years). Aerobic training was given for 3 days a week at and resistance training was given for alternate days for 6 weeks. The blood pressure (BP), heart rate (HR), and metabolic parameters like cholesterol, high density lipoprotein (HDL), very low density lipoprotein (VLDL) and anthropometric parameters were taken before and after the training. Result: The findings of the study showed statistically significant differences in recovery HR (t=8.066, P<0.001) and in post-DBP (t=6.249, p<0.05) in aerobic training and in SBP (Pre- t=4.617, P<0.001 and post-exercise t=4.590, P<0.001) in both training groups. Significant differences were observed in VLDL (t=5.378, p<0.05) and HDL (t=6.318, p<0.05) levels in aerobic training group while BMI and body fat percentage showed significant improvements in both aerobic and resistant training groups. Conclusion: Both aerobic exercise and resistance exercise resulted in improved performance and exercise capacity in obese women. While aerobic exercise appeared to be beneficial with regard to improv

      ChesfidaMaqbool, Anisa B. Khan

Abstract: Hydrophytes are established bio-filters for a spectrum of pollutants and as such remediate gaseous contaminants as well. Carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) by virtue of aquatic plants at a local scale may manifest as invalid at the outset but the marine and inland water stretches do contribute a lot globally. A study pertaining to 15 emergent macrophytes represented by 10 families exhibited predominant carbon sequestration potential (CSP) ranging up to 412 Kg/ha. Organic carbon, biomass and calcium content determination provided the CSP values of each species studied. The correlation and regression analysis of the observed data revealed a highly significant relationship between carbon and biomass cum calcium with correlation coefficient values being close to 1. The interspecific comparison of the emergents confirmed Typha latifolia with the highest carbon content (53.62%) and CSP followed by Phragmites australis (52.02%) and Cyperus difformis (50.91%).

      Disha, R C Meena

Abstract: In present study the photocatalytic degradation of commercial azo dye Direct Red 5B (DR5B dye) has been carried out in presence of recently developed photocatalyst: methylene Blue immobilized resin Dowex-11, under visible light. The effect of process parameters such as variation of the dye concentration, pH, light intensity and amount of catalyst loading on the reaction rate has been studied .The rate constant has an optimal conditions at 30 oC , pH 7.5,2.0gm/L catalyst loading, light intensity 200 watt & 40mg/L concentration of the dye. Kinetic study of photo degradation follows pseudo first order kinetics. A Tentative mechanism of the photocatalytic degradation of DR5B dye has also been proposed.

      Dr. G. Nirmala, Mr. K. Dhanabal

Abstract: Mathematical models constructed by fuzzy rules applying the gradient descent method have been widely used in many designs. Adjusting the fuzzy model built for the pre processed data from a dominating graph is the another view point approach of this work. By treating the triangular membership function as two disjoint ones mutual independence of fuzzy rules showed. In that way mathematical models constructed by fuzzy rules by applying gradient descent method with domination graphs.

      Saeid Mousavi, Dr. D.S. Leelavathi

Abstract: This paper is an attempt to investigate the causal relationships among quantity of agricultural export and real exchange rate in India by using time series data for the period between 1980 and 2010. All the macroeconomic series used here are non-stationary, integrated at order one but not co-integrated. The long run relationships between exchange rates and agricultural export were explored by using co-integration analysis. A Granger-causality analysis has been carried out in order to assess whether there is any potential predictability power of one indicator for the other. The finding shows that there is no significant relationship between quantity of agricultural export and real exchange rate. In Other words, both the variables do not cause each other in either direction. The result also shows that the variables are not co-integrated, so there is no the long run relationship between agricultural export and exchange rates in India.

      Syed Hamza Shareef , H.Prasad Rao, G.M.Sayeed Ahmed

Abstract: Nowadays, the usage of cars is increasing day by day. Cars (or automobiles) make up approximately 87% of the total motor vehicle annual production in the world. The number of cars on the worlds roads surpassed one billion last year, according to a study that has spurred debate on what the rapidly-growing car population will mean for the worlds economy and environment. Not surprisingly, China led the way in vehicle growth, with the number of cars on Chinese roads increasing by 27.5 per cent, amounting to half the entire global growth. That gives China the worlds second largest car population, with 78 million vehicles. But the United States still constitutes by far the largest vehicle population in the world, with 239.8 million cars. In India also, the percentage of cars usage has increased vastly. By usage of more cars, parking of car is becoming a problem. Since the parking space is not increasing with the increase of cars. To avoid this problem, in our project we have designed a concept car that is smaller than the usual cars present today. A concept vehicle or show vehicle is a car made to showcase new styling and or new technology.

      Dr Rosemol Xaviour, Dr Girijamony V.K, Dr Joy Augustine, Dr.Simi .S

Abstract: A 40 year old female was brought for post mortem examination with history of epigastric pain of one day duration followed by death after hospitalisation on the very same day. She was unmarried & had mild mental retardation but she was capable of doing household chores. She also had recurrent episodes of epigastric pain for last 1 year for which she was treated with antacids. On examination pericardial tamponade was found as the cause for death. Detailed examination of heart & histology revealed associated bicuspid Aortic valve & Stanford type A aortic dissection.

      Sreeja Mole S.S, Dr.L.Ganesan

Abstract: There are many solution based methods created against Distributed Denial Of Service (DDoS) attacks are focused on the Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Protocol layers as a substitute of the high layer. An extended hidden semi-Markov model is proposed to describe the browsing habits of web searchers. A forward algorithm is derived for the online implementation of the model based on the M-algorithm in order to reduce the computational amount introduced by the model’s large state space. Entropy of the user’s HTTP request sequence accurate to the replica is used as a principle to measure the user’s normality. Finally, experiments are conducted to validate our model and algorithm.

      Kirti Sontakke , S. Ghosh

Abstract: We review publications on Parametric Interactions in nonlinear semiconductor plasma. Topics covered are Hydrodynamical Model of Plasma, Parametric Excitation and Amplification, Piezoelectric Semiconductors, Ion-Implantation, Laser-Plasma Interaction.

      R.C.Agrawal, Sonam Pandey

Abstract: Medicinal plants are part and parcel of human society to combat diseases, from the dawn of civilization. There exists a plethora of knowledge, information and benefits of herbal drugs in our ancient literature of Ayurvedic, Siddha, Unani and Chinese medicine. Aloe vera (L.) is commonly used plant for burn, cosmetic etc.. It belongs to the family Liliaceae. The present study reports antitumour activity of this plant in two stage skin carcinogenesis tumour model and antimutagenic activity using chromosomal aberration assay in the experimental animals. In present investigation, the comparative antitumour effect of Aloe vera extract has been undertaken by topical/oral application of 7, 12-dimethyabenz (a) anthracene followed by 1% croton oil till the end of the experiment (16 weeks).GSH level were also measured during carcinogenicity studies. In another set of experiment the antimutagenicity activity was performed using chromosomal aberration assay in bone marrow cells of Swiss albino mice. The results have indicated that there was a delayed in the first appearance of tumour and significant reduction in incidence and cumulative numbers of papillomas which were observed in the Aloe vera extract treated groups (by topical and oral route) as compared to control. The GSH levels were restored in Aloe vera extracts along with DMBA + croton oil treated groups whereas DMBA + croton oil treated group depleted the GSH levels. In chromosomal aberrations assay, single application of Aloe vera extract at the dose of 250, 500, and 750 mg/kg b.wt.,24 hours prior the i.p. administration of Cyclophosphamide (at the dose of 50 mg/kg) have significantly prevented the chromosomal aberrations in bone marrow cells of mice as compared to Cyclophosphamide group. The above studies indicate that Aloe vera may be used as an alternative medicine for chemoprevention of cancer. Therefore, the present study is immensely important in future drug development programs for the cancer trea

      B.W. Sawarkar

Abstract: The present communication deals with the description of a new species of genus Circumonchobothrium (Shinde, 1968), viz., Circumonchobothrium elichpurii n.sp. from Mastacembellus armatus (Lecepede,1800) in Sapan river at Achalpur in Amravati district of Maharashtra. The present worm differ from the known species of the genus in the shape and size of the scolex, number of hooks and arrangement of rostellum, shape of segment, number of testes, position of cirrus pouch and arrangement of vitellaria.

      Dr Sehgal G, Dr Srivastava A.K, Dr Sharma P.K, Dr Kumar N, Dr Singh R

Abstract: Hepatic artery variations are important to the surgeons performing procedures in and around the porta hepatis in order to avoid injury to vascular and ductal structures. This cross sectional study was carried out in the Departments of Anatomy and Radiodiagnosis, KGMU, U.P, Lucknow, India. CT-angiograms of 50 subjects were analyzed. Various patterns of hepatic arterial anatomy were observed in the study. These included, normal anatomical origin of CHA from the celiac trunk in 95.92% with CHA displaying a variant anatomical relationship in 2.04% cases. Anomalous origin of CHA from the aorta was found in 4.08% cases. Replaced RHA was found in 16% whereas accessory RHA was found in 14% cases. Observations of LHA anatomy displayed replaced origin from CHA and LGA whereas accessory LHA could be traced to the LGA. Variant arteries displayed an anomalous course.

      Shitalkumar Jain, Imran Tamboli

Abstract: Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANETs) have dynamic and unpredictable environment. In MANETs nodes are movable and there is no centralized management. Hence, routing is an important factor in MANETs which works well in small networks as well as in the network which expanded dynamically. MANETs have several challenges such as link connectivity, congestion, routing, QoS, Power (Energy) consumption, interference etc. and routing in MANETs is a main factor considered among all these issues. In MANETs There are two variations in routing – unipath and multipath routing. Multipath routing scheme is superior to traditional unipath routing scheme. All routing protocols in MANETs are by virtue unipath routing protocols. Standard unipath routing protocols in ad-hoc networks, such as Ad-hoc on demand Distance Vector (AODV) and Dynamic Source Routing (DSR) are mainly intended to discover a single route between source and destination. Unipath routing protocols needs modification, optimization and alteration to formulate multipath routing protocol. In this paper, multipath routing protocols are surveyed and it further thoroughly investigates performance of MANETs.

      G. Edirisooriya, H.A. Dharmagunawardhane

Abstract: Plant fossil-bearing mudstones of Jurassic age are present in a small faulted basin within the Precambrian basement rocks at Tabbowa village, in the North Western province of Sri Lanka. The present study was conducted in the Tabbowa sedimentary beds and reports discovery of two new plant species that could probably be affiliated to Otozamites of Bennettitales group that prevailed in the Jurassic period. The reported fossils of this study are included under this plant group on the basis of leaf size, leaflet shape, and venation patterns, in the absence of diagnostic cuticular details. The discussed features are a comparison with those of Type Specimens of Bennettitales and the details found in the literature. There are no previous records on these plant species from Sri Lanka or published reports elsewhere, the purpose of reporting the species is to document their systematic position in the plant world. Thus, the proposed names for new taxa are Otozamites latiphyllus Sri Lanka nov.gen.et sp, and Otozamites tabbowensis Sri Lanka nov.gen.et sp. We consider that the proposed names of new taxa and descriptions expand the details of plant group of Jurassic Bennettitales facilitating advancement of scientific knowledge about this plant group.

      Bharat Kumar Bharadwaj

Abstract: Anything of gospel in nature will be heard attentively, and appreciated too. Following it and applying in practice become optional and an individual prerogative. Many National, International Symposiums and Guest Lectures, though promoted with spiritual gusto and conducted with never before grandiose, remain, as gospels to be kept at the bottom of the mind at will, by choice (the symposium handouts lie in a visitor conspicuous location-some advertisement that).

      Dr. Sathidevi. V.K , Dr.Rahul.U.R

Abstract: We report two variations of celiac trunk which we found during the routine dissections of cadavers in Anatomy Department, Government Medical College, Thrissur, Kerala. Even though enormous number of variations of celiac trunk are reported, quadrifurcation of celiac trunk into splenic, hepatic, left gastric and gastroduodenal is a very rare variation. Awareness of the arterial variations in the upper gastrointestinal region, such as shown in our case, is very important during surgical and radiological procedures pertaining to the liver and adjacent viscera.

      Bharat Kumar Bharadwaj

Abstract: K nowledge management is a continuum. Core knowledge is eternal. The applied knowledge is what the world needs. conceptual knowledge to be implemented practically needs skills. Knowledge management has two major responsibilities. One – creation of knowledge base and designing of process of converting conceptual knowledge to skills, competencies,

      Neelima Chakrabarty, Reetesh Riku

Abstract: Road traffic crashes are still a major cause of death, injuries and economic loss in India due to increasing number of old and unmaintained vehicles, inexperienced drivers and increasing the number of aggressive and impulsive road users. But, unfortunately road safety is still not considered as a major priority for a sustainable transport system. So there is an urgent demand to develop comprehensive Road Safety Policies. The key components of such policies should be based on strong commitments in increased acceptance of road safety as a problem, development of safety culture in society and coordination of all the policy makers. To inculcate safety culture within the society, dynamic safety standards should be introduced in all components of the transport system to stimulate continuous development. In particular this applies to: a) vehicle component for developing safety awareness among consumers and manufacturers, b) road component for introducing compulsory Road Safety Audits of Roads at the construction stage and develop safety assessment methods for existing roads and c) driver component for continuous development of effective testing and evaluation system with awareness plan for driver licensing, education and testing of professional drivers. A case study conducted by Central Road Research Institute for driver components highlight that the specially trained drivers had significantly give superior performance in different evaluation criteria (tests) as compared to the normally trained group of the drivers. Present paper emphasizes the urgent demand of an effective and uniform driver testing and training system for inculcating safety culture in India.

      Neelima Chakrabarty, Reetesh Riku

Abstract: Road rage is a phenomenon which indicates that society is on edge. Increasingly, aggression and violence has appeared to drift further into mainstream Indian society. Stories of school shootings, workplace violence, violence on the airlines, and “road rage” abound. Road rage has recently been cited as equalling alcohol-impaired driving in the number of resultant motor vehicle accident related injuries and fatalities (Martinez, 19971 and Snyder, 1997)2. The probability of becoming a victim on the roadways is significantly increased by the average exposure of the individual on the road. Presently Indian roads and driving conditions are a point of discussion moreover no comprehensive data is available to how many persons die or are injured due to road rage cases. In the last three years in the capital of India sudden provocation prompted people to kill or physically assault each other .In 2005-2006 it topped the list of murder motives. In 2007 it was the second highest cause in murder list. This paper discusses results of opinion survey of experts as well as of the drivers/ commuters, detailed analyses of the causes and time-wise, vehicle-wise, location-wise aggressive behaviour among drivers. Paper further highlights action plan for mitigating measures for reducing aggressive behaviour among Indian drivers.

      Ms.Devjani Banerjee, Prof Dr.Mrs.N.R.Kulkarni

Abstract: As we know that electricity losses during transmission and distribution are extremely high due to which many problems are faced such as varying voltage levels, change in the load current etc. This has been experienced due to the varying electrical consumption and power theft. Also these give rise to fault in power transmission line network and so it is necessary to implement fault detection system in transmission line network. The fault detection system is implemented for three phase electrical distribution system. A practical prototype system can be implemented for fault detection in power system and also the system is successfully designed using 8-bit Microcontrollers which allows the detection of faults. Continuous monitoring of the three phase parameters such as voltage, current and energy consumed is done using data logging system on the PC screen through hyper terminal. There is a Master Slave communication using RS 485 protocol. Communication between Master and Microcontroller is done via RS 232. Comparison of energy units between Master and Slave is done. If difference between the Master and Slave energy units is found, wireless technology GSM (global system for mobile communication) is used to send SMS to a responsible person. Introduction of the mobile communication technology GSM and Microcontroller-based RTU (remote terminal unit) i.e. Master-Slave communication is provided in the paper. This RTU functions as fault detection when abnormality or emergency happens. Also wireless mobile communication technology i.e. GSM is used simultaneously to send message to a responsible person.

      Mandeep Kaur, Shanky Goyal

Abstract: In this paper the ACO (Ant colony optimization) technique of Swarm Intelligence has been used to solve an interesting class of problem. This is an optimization technique which is used to solve max-min MDVRP. Unlike the traditional MDVRP which focuses on minimizing the distance travelled by the vehicle, this technique focuses on minimizing the maximum distance travelled by the vehicle. To achieve this level of optimization 2-opt technique has been used.

      R.K .Grover, Rajesh Jain , Sunil Singhai

Abstract: Several tailings earthen dams have failed during monsoon. Due to failure of tailings dam, stored tailings waste gets release in downstream area causing environmental hazard. Ash produced by combustion of coal in thermal power stations are stored in ash pond. No well-defined provision of operation and maintenance exists for ash pond. Therefore, this paper describes various issues related to operation and maintenance of ash pond.

      Vineetha Sara Abraham , S.Deepa Kanmani

Abstract: Preference queries are used in multi criteria decision making applications where a number of contradictory criteria are involved to select the most commodious answers to the user. Many modern applications agree to the streaming model of computation and therefore continuous query processing algorithms are required to refresh the query result. Examples of such emerging applications are technical data analysis, data organization in sensor networks, article filtering in information retrieval, web-based alerts, issue/subscribe services. Continuous processing of the preference queries is performed by using the sliding window technique which generates fairly accurate answer to data stream query by evaluating the recent data. A Brief overview of how the sliding window technique can be used with preference queries comprised in this survey.

      Sanjay D. Beley, Pravada S. Bhatarkar

Abstract: Information Technology (IT) had a great impact in all aspects of life such as economy, businesses and enterprises. The global economy is currently undergoing fundamental transformation in which IT plays a key role. IT has a real impact in most of industries and in all aspects of economy, while businesses and enterprises continue to undergo considerable changes. Usage of these technologies is revolutionizing the rules of business, resulting in structural transformation of enterprises. Modern businesses are not possible without help of information technology, which is having a significant impact on the operations of Small and Medium scale Business (SMB). It is claimed to be essential for the survival and growth of economies in general. SMB is drawing attention in developed and developing countries as well as in transition countries. It is generally recognized that SMB play a vital role in the revitalization and development of national economy in many countries and particular in the context of India. It is encouraging the development of SMB and the role that SMB sector can play in promoting economic and social development by creating opportunities for employment. These components are described and discussed while more research and studies on the adoption of information technology in SMB in India are proposed as necessary.

      Srujana Kathi, Anisa B. Khan

Abstract: This study focuses on the isolation and biodegradation of PAHs by microorganisms associated with the sediments of automobile workshops of Pondicherry. One of the bacterial isolate selectively enriched in these compounds was identified as Rhodococcus ruber based on morphology, 16S rDNA sequencing and phylogenetic characteristics. Biodegradability tests with selected PAHs supplied as sole carbon sourceshowed that Rhodococcus sp. could utilize PAH compoundsin the order of chrysene >diesel oil > benzanthracene >crude oil >fluorene >fluoranthene >phenanthrene >benzanthracene >naphthalene and anthracene. Absorbance change of mineral medium with phenanthreneat 250ppm, 500ppm and 1000ppm concentration showed a linear increase in growth of the isolate in all the concentrations of phenanthrene. At 250ppm of phenanthrene concentration a lowest average growth of 0.05±0.02 (OD600) was observed while the highest optimum growth of 1.02±0.33 (OD600) was recorded at 1000ppm concentration of phenanthrene suggesting that R. ruber can endure high concentrations of phenanthrene. Hence,R. ruber strain has great application indegradation processes involving petrochemical products.

      Ogundile O.O

Abstract: Fraud permeates the whole sector of Nigeria’s economy, the mobile telecommunication industry is no exception. Nigeria’s mobile industry is a fast growing sector of her economy with increasing numbers of mobile telecommunication operators. However, telecommunication fraud has been a major hindrance to the rapid growth of this industry as it has caused both the telecommunication operators and its subscriber’s loss of revenue. Different solutions and services have been employed to curb this menace in the mobile industry, but the more advanced the service or solution, the more susceptible it is to fraud. This paper therefore presents a survey on the fraud rate of two major services provided by Nigeria’s mobile telecommunication companies over a specified period of time and proffer suitable solutions to reduce fraud in this industry in order to restore the telecommunication subscriber’s confidence in their mobile operators.

      D.V.Ahire, P.R.Chaudhari, Vidya D. Ahire, A. A. Patil

Abstract: In the present research work, studies on correlation factors of electrical conductivity and dielectric constant of black soils with physical properties and macro- and micronutrients of black soils are reported. Soil samples are collected from eight different locations covering North Maharashtra Region (India). An automated C-band and X -band microwave set-ups in the TE10 mode with Gunn source operating at frequencies 4.6 GHz in C - band and 10 GHz in X - band , are used for measuring dielectric properties. Our results show significant positive correlation of electrical conductivity and dielectric constant with majority of soil parameters except those with sand, bulk density, pH and CaCO3. Further, values of correlation factor are relatively more at C-band microwave frequency than X-band. Besides agricultural applications, such studies may find importance in better understanding of soil physics and also for analyzing the satellite data in remote sensing.

      P.Veeranath, Dr.D.N.Rao, Dr.S.Vathsal, N.Bhasker

Abstract: The GPS (Global Positioning System) is a mature technique in the navigation and positioning. But there are some limits in special applications such as mines. The main draw back of the GPS use indoors are the low signal power, and the presence of multi-paths, which may affect the signal acquisition and tracking accuracy[5]. The performance of GPS needs to be improved with technological advances. As a GPS-like ground transmitter, the Pseudolite provides a new research direction to achieve high positioning accuracy and reliability[5]. Pseudolites (pseudo-satellites) are local transmitters on Earth that output GPS satellite signals in order for augment the GPS system for use in locations where satellite signals may be obstructed. One of the challenges related to indoor positioning is to find suitable statistical models of the indoor propagation that give further insight on multi-path behavior and fading distributions[5]. In this paper, we proposed the basic technology of designing and simulation on the coarse acquisition (C/A) codes in constructing the GPS/pseudolite Integration system. We have generated code PRN1 to PRN32 it indicate GPS signal and PRN33 of PL by using (Interace Control Document) ICD-GPS-200C Date sheet. To show multipath efects on generated signals we have Considered Channel noise asWhite Gaussian Noise and Rayleigh Noise, These noises are added to generated PRN codes with the help of Mat-Lab tool, and removed with by using Equal Gain combining algorith (EGC) at the time of Signal Acquisition. Finally we acquired C/A code with the help of Correlation. The obtained results was compared with previous research data to show multipath effects in Indoor channel. It is shown that the pseudolite technology is ideally suited to augment the GPS alone and provide greater integrity, availability, and continuity of the navigation positioning system, especially for indoor use[5].

      K.Praveena, K. Sadhana, S.R.Murthy

Abstract: The polycrystalline Sn added Ni-Zn ferrites were prepared using the conventional sintering method. The monophasic nature of the samples was characterized using X-rays. The elastic behavior has been measured in the temperature range 80-410ºC using the composite oscillator method. The values of Young’s and shear modulus are corrected to theoretical density using the method of Mackenzie method. The variation of Young’s and rigidity modulus with temperature follows Watchman’s equation and a linear equation respectively.

      Kasturi Pawade, Keerthi Rao, Deepali Hande, Khatri SM

Abstract: Background: Retro patellar pain resulting from physical & biomechanical changes in patellofemoral joint is described as Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS). Incidence for PFPS in India was 22/1000 person in 2010. Females were 2.23 times more likely to develop PFPS compared with males. There have been many studies done using foot orthosis in PFPS for various time intervals in the runners. However there is hardly any study using foot orthosis in PFPS that has shown the effectiveness over a period of 6 weeks in the class 4 workers whose maximum work is in prolong sitting, standing, ascending & descending stairs, bending, walking on a flat surface. Hence, there is a need to study the effectiveness of semi rigid shoe wedge in PFPS in the class 4 workers at Pravara Medical College. Further semirigid shoe wedge can be means of ergonomic aid for treatment of PFPS Objectives: Primary objective of this study is to find out the effectiveness of Semirigid Shoe Wedge in Class IV Workers with Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome. Secondary objective of the study is to compare shoe wedge and Conventional Physiotherapy with Conventional Physiotherapy in reducing pain, Q Angle & improving physical function. Methods: A randomized controlled study was conducted between 2012 and 2013. Ten Class IV Workers with clinical diagnosis of patellofemoral pain syndrome were assigned to two groups where Conventional Physiotherapy was common treatment for each group, while medial full length semirigid shoe wedge was given to experimental group except control one, for the duration of six weeks. Outcome measures used were visual analogue scale (VAS), Q Angle (Q Angle), Western Ontario Mac Master Questionnaire (WOMAC) (Physical Function subscale). Results: The findings of this study showed that all interventions in the form of Semirigid shoe wedge and Conventional Physiotherapy Group (Group A), Conventional Physiotherapy Group (Group B) were effective in reducing pain, Q Angle and improving physical perf

      Vinoth.M.M, Mr.S.Rinesh

Abstract: This paper proposes two data hiding approaches using compressed MPEG video. In the first approach, the quantization scale of a Constant Bit Rate (CBR) video is either incremented or decremented according to the underlying message bit. A second-order multivariate regression is used to associate macroblock-level features with the hidden message bit. The decoder makes use of this regression model to predict the message bits. However, the message payload is restricted to one bit per macroblock. The second approach of our work for both CBR and variable bit rate (VBR) coding and achieves a message payload of 3 bits per macroblock. The Flexible Macroblock Ordering (FMO) was used to allocate macroblocks to slice groups according to the content of the message. In existing network delivery of compressed video, packets may be lost if the channel is unreliable. Such losses tend to occur in burst. We can enhance our work to robustness of the existing work against packet losses in video steganalysis methods. We propose a robust error resilient approach for MPEG video transmission over internet. In this work, we develop an error resilient video encoding approach to help error concealment at the decoder. We introduce a new block shuffling scheme to isolate erroneous blocks caused by packet losses. And we apply data hiding to add additional protection for motion vectors. The existing solutions are superior in terms of message payload while causing less distortion and compression overhead and the proposed solution reduces the packet loss during transmission.

      Abid Mushtaq Wani

Abstract: In this research paper we will discuss the concept of God in Hinduism and Islam, the two major world religions. The theme of this paper is to show that monotheism is at the core of both these great religions. Islam is strictly monotheistic but Hinduism has pantheistic and henotheistic tendencies as well. While monotheism means the oneness and transcendence of God pantheism means that the Supreme Being is immanent in His creation and is present everywhere and in everything. Henotheism is the belief in one Supreme Divinity with the belief in other lesser deities.

      Abhinandan Tripathi, A.K. Gupta, Dr. Deepak Arora

Abstract: The capability of multicasting is an important feature in data networking and is emerging in to a highly demanded service being offered by all major ISPs (Internet Service Providers). The benefits of multicast include reducing the overhead in transmission on the network and sender and reducing data delivery delay for all destinations. Multicast (Point-to-multipoint) refers a communication pattern in which a source node sends a message to a group of destination nodes. The major advantage of multicasting is to decrease the network load. On another hand, multicasting can be very useful in resource discovery. Quality of Services (QoS) is required for most of the multicast application and thus, the constraints for QoS provisioning should be also considered. In this paper we present the analysis and simulation of the performance of existing Dense mode and CBT mode multicast routing algorithms. Therefore, the performance comparison of existing multicast routing protocols over wired mesh networks are essential in order to analyze their behavior effectiveness.

      Dr.Gunjan Shrivastava, Dr.Subrat Padhiary, Dr.Harshmohan Pathak, Dr.Swagatika Panda, Dr.Shitaprajna Lenka

Abstract: The buccal fat pad (BFP) originally described as an anatomic structure without any obvious function. For a long period it was considered to be a surgical nuisance. However during the past three decades, the BFP has become a well-established tool in oral and maxillofacial surgery for reconstruction of small to medium sized acquired or congenital soft tissue and bone defects in the oral cavity. The aim of present article is to review the database available regarding BFP, including its anatomy, clinical usage, success and complications and to ascertain the reason for its preference over other modalities in various applications in oral surgery.

      Santhi Chebiyyam, Ravindrababu Maddasani, Someswara Rao Gaddala, Shaik Yakub Pasha

Abstract: The Hard Core Processor (Power PC) can be replaced by Sot Core Processor (Micro Blaze) to develop SoC based applications on FPGA and this also reduces the cost o IP Cores. But the existing problem with Micro Blaze Soft Core Processor is that it does not have capability to read data from high speed sensors. Due to this the usage of Micro Blaze is limited to low frequency I/O applications. By introducing a high speed serial communication protocol this problem can be eliminated without increasing the hardware resources. This high speed serial communication protocol based on FPGA or SoC applications is proposed in this paper. The design is adopted Spartran 3E FPGA chip and simulation results indicate that it satisfies protocol requirements.

      S.Muzamil Basha, Vinodha K, Raghu Veer

Abstract: Wireless Sensor Networks has turn out to be an explorative area of research since last few years, due to energy constraints of sensors. Reduction of energy is a vital part of the research in this field. Congestion control is a key problem in mobile ad-hoc and sensor networks. In case of congestion system require more power to deliver data. In the standard Transmission Control Protocol congestion control method is not able to handle the special properties of a shared wireless multi-hop channel. In particular the frequent changes of the network topology and the shared nature of the wireless channel pose significant challenges. Many approaches have been proposed to overcome these difficulties. In this paper, we present an overview over Congestion Aware Routing and propose a new protocol to avoid loss of low priority packets which is a bottleneck of Congestion Aware Routing.

      Dinesh Kumar Bhatnagar, Dr. Manish Dwivedi

Abstract: The youth population of India presents a heterogeneous age-group that is divided within on many grounds. The division marked by social, economic and educational inequalities has necessitated special policies and programmes to correct the distortions that plague the social order. It has ruled out identification of anyone or set of problems as the youth problem. A vast section of the youth population is in need of special assistance to combat its backwardness and catch up with the rest of the population.

      A.B. Kalambe, M.Y. Salunkhe, R.B. Kharat

Abstract: Photo electrochemical electrodes of lithium based mixed molybdate of Sr (II) was prepared from solution phase. Its chemical composition was determined by estimating the metal contents in it. The material was characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD), electrical conductivity and diffuses reflectance spectroscopy. Lithium based mixed molybdate of Sr (II) seems to be a good choice as photoanode in a PEC cell because of its 2.36 eV band gap. The flat-band potential is located at - 0.16 V vs saturated calomel electrode. The power conversion efficiency was found to be 0.19 %.

      Suneeth Sukumaran, Dr.S.H.Anilkumar

Abstract: The thermal protection system used in the study is an active type structure (withstand both thermal as well as structural loads) in the form of metallic corrugated sandwich. In GPP like ANSYS and NASTRAN (using 2-D heat transfer equation) have ability to do thermal analysis in component level but the customized special software(using 3-D heat transfer equation) have capability to do thermal analysis of assembled structures by giving basic properties (,c,k) of each component. But the main intricacy is the variation of Thermal Contact Conductance (TCC) at metal to metal contact portions of the brazed components. In this work contains transient thermal analysis of a unit cell of MTPS and a parametric study by changing TCC value and finally reach an appropriate value and validated with available experimental value and Compared it with a casting model (no TCC) and collected the thermal data and transfer to ANSYS model. Finally carry out both thermo-structural analysis in ANSYS and bring out the capability of thermo-structural analysis of ANSYS with the support of existing customized software for evaluation of thermal field.

      Christy V Vazhappilly, P.Sathiamurthi

Abstract: The main objective of this study is to explore weight and cost reduction opportunities in the design and production of a connecting rod. This can be achieved by performing a detailed load analysis. A study is performed on a steel connecting rod. Reduction in machining operations, achieved by change in material, is a significant factor in manufacturing cost reduction. This paper deals with the study of weight reduction performed under two cyclic loads comprising dynamic tensile and static compressive as the two extreme loads. The fatigue strength is the most significant factor in the process. The study analysis includes the determination of loads acting on the connecting rod as a function of time for finding out the minimum stress area to remove the material. The connecting rod can be designed and analysis under a load ranging from tensile load, corresponding to various degree crank angle at the maximum engine speed as one extreme load, and compressive load corresponding to the peak gas pressure as the other extreme load. Furthermore, the existing connecting rod material can be replaced with a new composite material, the fracture crack ability feature, facilitates separation of cap from rod without additional machining of the mating surfaces. Also the same performance can be expected in terms of component durability.

      Neeti Kapoor, Prakash Tiwari

Abstract: Lip print: The science under which lip prints study referred as Cheiloscopy. Establishing a person’s identity is a very important process in civil and criminal cases. . Lip prints help in personal identification and criminal investigation is very much important as his evidence would be very much useful in law and justice. Dental identification, fingerprint and DNA comparisons are probably the most common techniques used in this context, allowing fast and secure identification processes. However, since they cannot always be used, sometimes it is necessary to apply different and less known techniques. The pattern of wrinkles on the lips has individual characteristics as fingerprints. Although Lip Print identification may appear in the field literature there is very little science or research to support the theory that Lip Prints are individual, or to support a methodology, for the collection and comparison of Lip Prints, which has become accepted within the forensic community. Lip prints are unique and do not change during the life of a person. The external surface of lip has numerous elevations and depressions that form a characteristic pattern, referred to as lip prints, lip prints can be obtained at the crime scene from clothing, cups, glasses, cigarettes, windows and doors. Where identification is concerned, the mucosal area of the lip holds the most interest. This area, also called Klein’s zone, is covered with wrinkles and grooves that forms a characteristic pattern the lip print. The importance of Cheiloscopy is linked to the fact that lip prints are unique to one person, except in monozygotic twins. Like fingerprints and palatal rugae, lip grooves are permanent and unchangeable. It is possible to identify lip patterns as early as the sixth week of intra uterine life The research paper comprises study of 100 female lip prints and 100males lip prints of Marathi community. Prints are divided into 6 types such as branched, rectangular, long vertical, shor

      Naseer Ahmad Rather, Parvaze Ahmad Lone, Ajaz Ahmad Reshi, Muzafar Manzoor Mir

Abstract: Under the changing agricultural scenario, it has been realized that the horticulture sector plays a vital role in providing livelihood security to the farmers globally. Area, production, productivity and export of horticultural produces are vital for increasing farm income and overall employment in the agricultural sector. In this paper an attempt has been made to explore potential and strength of Jammu and Kashmir with regard to its production and export of fresh and dry fruits. Jammu and Kashmir is the major producer of apple and walnuts in India, 77 percent of apple and 90 percent of walnut production in India belongs to Jammu and Kashmir and percentage share of state in India’s total production is showing an increasing trend and the state has been declared as the “ Agri. Export zone for Apples and Walnuts”. Given the declining share of traditional agricultural commodities in production, consumption and trade horticulture represent an important industry to improve income growth and employment in rural areas of Jammu and Kashmir. Agribusiness including export of fresh and dry fruits is the foundation of economy. The industry contributes nearly 60 percent of the states revenue and 22 percent of gross state domestic product (GSDP). It is also estimated that 80 percent of population is engaged in agriculture and its allied sectors including horticulture sector in the state.

      J.P.Agrawal, Ritu Vijay

Abstract: A key feature of the S-transform is that it uniquely combines a frequency dependent resolution of the time-frequency space and absolutely referenced local phase information. The S-transform is a time-frequency representation known for its local spectral phase properties. In this paper, a method to process non-stationary signal, such as electrocardiograms (ECG) based on S-transform, in which a filter is applied to a time frequency distribution instead of the Fourier spectrum. Such distribution is the S-transform, a modified short-time Fourier transform whose window scales with frequency, as in wavelets.

      Meenakshi Jain, Maya Agarwal

Abstract: A series of 4-Thiazolidinone derivatives were synthesized by reaction of 3-formyl-2-arylindole derivatives, 2-aminonaphthaline and mercaptoacetic acid. The structures of the new compounds were assigned on the basis of their analytical and spectral data.

      Tushar Nale, M. K. Chavan, Hemant Mahajan, Abhimanyu Mahajan

Abstract: Health is basic requirement of any society to develop and progress. Nutrition has major effects on health. Nutrition refers to the availability of energy and nutrients to the body’s cells in relation to body requirements. Growth and development of any country is reflected by the growth and development of its children. The present community based interventional study was carried to assess impact of health interventions in the form of health and nutritional education on nutritional status of malnourished children. It was conducted during January 2010 to December 2010 at urban slum of Cheetah Community, Mumbai, India. Total of 190 children registered under six Anganwadis were included. The information was gathered by personal interview of mothers using semi-structured questionnaires. Out of 190 children 102 were malnourished which later divided into study/intervention (50 children) and control group (52 children). Health interventions were given only to intervention group for six months. Significant difference was seen between the weight gains by both groups. Similarly, significant improvement in mothers’ knowledge about nutrition was seen after six months of intervention. Thus it was evident from the study that health and nutritional education should be considered as major interventions to reduce the problem of malnutrition.

      S Datta

Abstract: We present results from a detailed Quantum Monte Carlo study of BEC applied to JILA experiment[Jin et al, Phys Rev Lett 78,764,1997[1]. This is the first Monte Carlo approach (based on Feynman-Kac path integral method) to the above problem where good qualitative agreement is found for both the lowest lying m=2 and m=0 mode. We found an upward shift of the experimental data for m=0 mode around ( is defined as the predicted BEC transition temperature for a harmonically confined ideal gas when

      Ruchee Khanna, Deepak Nayak M, Chethan Manohar, Sushma V.Belurkar, Akshatha N

Abstract: Fibrin-ring granuloma (FRG) is characterized by a ring of fibrin and epithelioid histiocytes arranged around a central fat vacuole. It is classically described in Q fever. We report a case of FRG in the bone marrow biopsy of a 45-year old male with pancytopenia and clinical features of sepsis and bleeding diathesis. Serologically, the antibodies against Orientia tsutsugamushi were positive; being diagnostic of scrub typhus. The patient responded to specific antibiotics and supportive treatment. Thus, scrub typhus should be included as aetiology for FRG.

      Alpesh Virani, Rahul Athale

Abstract: The significance of the present research can be attributed to the systematic study of QR algorithm to solve eigenvalues. The main objective is to study how to develop a new method or strategy to find eigenvalues which improve the convergence of QR algorithm. It is observed that in general the QR algorithm succeeds when the matrix is graded downward with hessenberg form. Our future goal is to analyze theoretical proof for the same and find the well balanced input matrix for QR algorithm. This paper will helpful to all new students who want to work on Matrix decomposition problem.

      Ruchee Khanna, Deepak Nayak M, Chethan Manohar, Sushma V.Belurkar, Akshatha N

Abstract: An association of acute myeloid leukemia (AML) with a granuloma has seldom been reported in the literature. We report a case where 62-year old male, diagnosed as AML on the bone marrow had a co-incidental epithelioid granuloma. The work up for common causes such as tuberculosis and fungal elements were negative. This case raises a pertinent question on the simultaneous association between AML and granulomas. In the present case, the three follow-up has so far been uneventful.

      Pravin R. Chaudhari, Dodha V. Ahire, Vidya D. Ahire, Manab Chkravarty, Saroj Maity

Abstract: Bulk density of a soil is a dynamic property that varies with the soil structural conditions. In general, it increases with profile depth, due to changes in organic matter content, porosity and compaction. The main objective of this work was to investigate the dependence of bulk density on texture, organic matter content and available nutrients (macro and micro nutrients) for soil of Coimbatore. The relationships between some physical and chemical properties of soil such as, clay content (C), silt content (Si), sand content (S), CaCO3, organic matter content (OMC), total macro and micro nutrient content with soil bulk density (ρb) were studied for eight surface soil samples (0-15 cm). Soil bulk density showed negative relationships with all soil properties (Si, C, CaCO3, OMC, total macro and total micro nutrient content) except with sand content (S). Besides texture and OMC, the nutrient concentration was also the most effective factor that affected the bulk density of soils.

      Dr. Suman V.B., Dr. Khalid Perwez, Dr. Jeganathan P.S. , Dr. Subbalakshmi N.K., Dr. Sheila R. Pai.

Abstract: Background and Objectives: Osteoporosis is a global problem occurring in every geographic area and affecting 150 million men and women worldwide. Osteoporosis is defined as a reduction of bone mass(or density) or the presence of a fragility fracture. Based on recommendation of a WHO committee, osteoporosis is defined as a bone density that falls 2.5 standard deviation (SD) below the mean for young healthy adults of the same race and gender also referred to as T-score of -2.5. Those who fall at the lower end of the young normal range ( a T-score of >1SD below the mean ) are defined as osteopenic having low bone density and are considered to be at increased risk of osteoporosis.Materials and methods: This population based cross sectional study attempts to measure the peripheral ie. heel bone mineral density (BMD) by p-DEXA technique in adults Measurement of BMD:In the DEXA technique two X-ray energies are used to estimate the area of mineralised tissue and the mineral content is divided by the area, which partially corrects for body size. Results: Among total of 173 individuals ( 106 women and 67 men) Women had 137 risk factors and men had 71 risk factors. Among them there are 39 people who had no risk factors and 134 people had one or more risk factors. Among 134 individuals 65 people (50%) had one risk factor and 69 people(50%) had two risk factors. Conclusion: Identification of people at risk of osteoporosis by p-DEXA method was useful in adults and we can implement preventive strategies to improve bone health and reduce the personal and economic burden of osteoporosis.

      Subbiah, M, Kamal Nasir, V, Srinivasan, M.R, Naveed, MS

Abstract: Bayesian statistics is becoming an important statistical tool for practitioners to deal with analysis of complex data and complicated statistical models. The impact of Bayesian analysis in combination with Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) technology is realized optimally in the domain of applications. The ecological data could be a storehouse of natural history and experimental data is used to address hidden uncertainty. Bayesian inference could be the most straightforward and natural way of analyzing and interpreting the related ecological hypotheses. This study basically aims to exploit the inbuilt advantages of Bayesian approach in studying the prevalence of Meiofaunal population from the data collected at five different (Pulicat, Royapuram, Napier, Marina, Adyar) coastal areas of Chennai, India.

      K.Vidhya , K.R.Shankarkumar

Abstract: This paper provides the channel parameter estimation and bit error rate performance for multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) system in new transmission scheme. Channel estimation parameter and bit error rate calculation for 2 x 2 MIMO OFDM system is performed. This new transmission scheme is used in symmetric channels such as the link between two transmit antennas and two receive antennas in the system. Channel parameters are estimated with the help of pilot data. These are send by the receiver to the transmitter. The proposed 2 x 2 MIMO channel model provides good performance compared to conventional MIMO OFDM system model. Mat lab software is used to simulate the results in this paper.

      Farooq A. Rather

Abstract: Women in Central Asia in general and in Tajikistan in particular during Soviet period lived a very diverse life. In a patriarchical society she remained all obedient to the male members of her family, in daughter to father, wife to husband, etc. In tribal societies she worked shoulder to shoulder in the fields for production purposes with the male members of her family and in a Communist setup she lived as good a life as her male counterpart. However, the overall status of the Soviet women in Tajikistan though remained highly respectable but secondary to her male counterpart.

      Simsy Xavier, S.P.Jeno Lovesum

Abstract: Cloud computing is a technology that uses the internet and the central servers to maintain data and resources.Cloud computing allows consumers and businesses to use the applications without installing and access their personal files at any computer with the help of internet. The users request for available services according to their desired Quality of Service, and they are charged on a pay-per-use basis. One of the most challenging problems in Cloud computing is the workflow scheduling the problem of satisfying the Quality of Service of the users as well as minimizing the cost of workflows executions. Workflow scheduling is one of the major issue in cloud computing environment . This paper surveyed different types of scheduling algorithms and compare their various parameters. Existing workflow algorithms does not consider the execution time. Therefore there is a need to implement a new scheduling algorithm that can minimize the execution time in cloud environment.

      V.Sumathi M.E, S.Ramkumar

Abstract: To fulfill the challenging demands of the growing grid, new concepts of the inverters are needed. In this project a reduced switch modular inverter design is detailed. A reduced switch modular inverter design is presented for a modern power system which inputs power from both AC and DC Renewable Sources. The modular inverter is the combination of both three phase inverter and three phase inverter with the neutral point and it supports both symmetrical and asymmetrical loads. Power Electronics Inverter is the key component to couple the two different renewable energy sources such like solar and wind. The converter is the combination of Cuk – SEPIC converters, the input from the source can be either buck or boost or stabilized at a particular value, the inductor in those converters provides the function filter reducing harmonics.

      Muniraju. G

Abstract: Logistics, as defined by the Council of Logistics Management, “is that part of the supply chain process that plans, implements and controls the efficient, effective flow and storage of goods, services and related information from the point of origin to the point of consumption in order to meet customers’ requirements.” To make this happen, transportation, distribution, warehousing, purchasing and order management organizations must execute together. This is no small task, especially in an environment that is becoming increasingly demanding, with customers expecting their products to be delivered as quickly as possible and according to their exact specifications. Most experts talk about inventory and shipment visibility as the key to successful logistics execution. But, when asked to define visibility, those same experts give a fancy response that in plain English means knowing the status of “in-transit” shipments or inventory. Unfortunately, the reality is that knowing the status of something once it is already in-transit adds no value to the supply chain. What many companies fail to realize and understand is that there are four conditions that are changing the way companies are thinking about visibility and the logistics operation as they struggle to meet the ever increasing customer demands:

      Md Emamul Haque

Abstract: In this paper the availability of Indian coal its production in (1955 to 2011-12) , present production , production challenges, supply constraints is discussed.

      Bhoopendra Singh, Dheeraj Kumar

Abstract: Mixed ligand complexes of some transition metals[ Cu(II),Ni(II), Co(II) and Zn(II)] have been investigated Potentiometrically with Pyridine-2,6-dicarboxylic acid(PDA) and 2-hydroxy benzalidine-anthranilic acid (HBAA) in aqueous solution at 298.15 K and 313.15 K. The ionic strength of 0.1 mol dm-3 was kept constant using KNO3. The stability constants of these 1:1:1 ternary complex have been evaluated by the computational methods. The relative order of stability has been observed in accordance with the increasing (φ) = charge/ radius ratio. The changes in thermodynamic parameters (ΔG0, ΔH0, ΔS0) have also been calculated under the same conditions.

      D.C.Jullie Josephine, Dr.T.Jebarajan, Dr.R.S.Rajesh

Abstract: Wireless sensor networks are networks consisting of nodes with sensors to monitor physical or environmental conditions. Resource constraint nature of wireless sensor network (WSN) turns the security issue certainly into a big challenge. Security is critical for sensor network due to the limited resource constraints nature of sensor nodes. Security can be provided in various ways such as in key generation, distribution, storage etc. In our work we present a secure framework against various attacks in WSN by three key management schemes and how the attacks are identified and protected by these three schemes. The proposed scheme has low memory consumption, computation time and energy to run in a node.. Also we propose a new energy efficient clustering algorithm which clusters the nodes in an energy efficient way and the data’s are distributed by Multipath broadcast protocol. Further, we prove that the proposed secure framework against various attack and performance is analyses with certain metrics. The work is organized as Section I-Introduction, Section II-Network Entities, Section III-Architecture, Section IV Clustering and Head selection, Section V-Proposed methods, Section VI- Evaluation metrics, Section VII-Performance analysis ,section VIII-Conclusion.

      Mukesh Kumar, S.Dalela, Dinesh

Abstract: A series of inorganic―organic hybrid compounds were analyzed by using X-ray crystallographic techniquesto study the secondary interactions in cadmium bromide based hybrid materials. The phenomenon of metallophilic interactions with minimum Cd…Cd distance [3.962(1),3.389(3) and 3.924(1) Å] has been observed in Cd2, Cd7and Cd11 compounds whereas the metallophilicity is missing in other compounds of the selected series. The novel entanglements of Cd motifs illustrate 1D and 2D chain pattern of metallophilic and Br…Br interactions. The Cd―Br bond distances experiential in the range of 2.505(1)to 2.924(1)Å and Br―Cd―Br bond angles in the range of 83.45(3) to 180⁰. The minimum value of Torsion angle is -3.647(3)⁰ for the compound Cd10, when Cd atoms are taken in the centre while its minimum value is calculated as 28.211(1)⁰ for the compound Cd1, when Br atoms are taken in the centre.

      Ola A.M Ibrahim

Abstract: Many services have been transformed to E- service which an umbrella term for services on the internet. E- Learning is one of the most important E- services offered. It is most used in training or higher education courses. At the same time Quality of education is the aim of all the High Educational Institute, especially in the Arab world. In this paper we try to study the criteria of each of Higher Education, E-learning, and Quality, in order to find a relationship to indicate a route to go through for improvement of E-Learning programme in Higher Education.

      Gamal Abdel Nasir, Ammar Yassir, Norafida Ithnan

Abstract: A considerable amount of research has been conducted on information security in recent years. Limited attention has been paid to the intrinsic tradeoff between security and system usability within the current literature. The balance between protecting organizational assets and preventing access is always a difficult line and this represents an important distinguishing feature of the study of computer and information systems security. In this research, a new Dynamic Risk Assessment Model (DRAM) is proposed to secure any type of information i.e., organization information or information system. The main case study has been taken from one of the leading Telecommunication Organization which is based on my scope to the physical and logical types of information. Various dynamic and static models are investigated in order to find a suitable way of securing information which is processed either in physical or logical manner. There are different static and dynamic security risk assessment tools are available. Although, a dynamic security risk assessment tool is used to help in getting into the field of developing a new model for the telecommunication system. In DRAM, various dynamic and static models are compared with the help of data in form of diagrams and tables. As a result of these comparisons, a new dynamic risk assessment model is proposed to help telecommunication organizations to secure their information from any threats.

      Sudip Bandyopadhyay, Anirban Ghosal, Jayanta Kr. Ray, Swati Banerjee, Dr.Biswarup Neogi

Abstract: The use of multiple antennas at both transmitter and receiver to formmultiple input and multiple output (MIMO) channels currently hold the potential to drastically improve wireless links spectrum efficiency or robustness, increasing capacity and the ability to increase the transmission speed in future wireless communications system as well as radar. For broadband communications, OFDM turns a frequency selective channel into a set of parallel flat channels, which significantly reduces the receiver complexity.Problems in multipath fading and interference are severe on road condition and environment also so dynamic. Existing wireless system may be utilized single frequency, singleantenna and pulse for multicarrier transmissionand reception. Problems of such system are that in case offailure the total system will become non-operational A distributed system in terms of multicarrier, multiantenna and coded pulse can provide a more suitable communication and sensor give rise toHybrid (SS-OFDM-MIMO) technology is the ultimate solution. The hybrid approach has been essentially been developed for 60GHz frequency provided we have the necessary bandwidth.The performance analysis for the MIMO-OFDM system has been carried out based on MATLAB simulation. The experimental results have been verified using the simulation, the results of simulation have been verified with the various works being carried out in this area and the results conferred to be correct.

      Solomon Addisu, Goraw Goshu, Yihenew G.Silassie, Beruhin Tefera

Abstract: Watershed projects in Ethiopia were very few in number. The institutional strengthening project was implemented by FAO, and was principally aimed at capacity building of agricultural technicians, experts, and development agents in the highland regions of the country. The projects used the sub-watershed as the planning unit and sought the views of local technicians and members of the farming community to prepare land use and capability plans for soil and water conservation. SWHISA Project has been implementing several interventions in the Amhara Regional State. Among others, the watershed development projects conducted in six watersheds located in South Gondar, East Gojjam, South Wollo, North Wollo and North Shewa Zones aimed at improving the biophysical and socio-economic conditions of the area. This study aimed to evaluate the watershed plans of the project and the technology adoption level of farmers. In addition to the biophysical parameters, a total sample of 40 households from each watershed was selected randomly. Generally, a total of 240 (40x6) sample households were considered. The data management and analysis was done using SPSS and Microsoft excel sheet. Accordingly, SWHISA project tried to intervene implemented and resulted in significant changes in many of the farmers’ problems. Among those plans, which resulted in significant changes, soil and water conservation works is the most effective watershed plan in all the study sites. On the other hand Most of the technologies introduced were highly and moderately adopted by farmers. Regarding sustainability, about 80 % of the sample respondents have explained their willingness to continue practicing SWHISA project interventions even in the absence of the project. In concluding this paper, SWHISA projects plan was more or less implemented and adopted. However; the study team also recommends the Identification of potential farming households for capital-intensive technologies, Strengthen Monitoring and Evalua

      J. Godwin Premsingh, Wesley D. Ebenezer

Abstract: Indigenous tribes are forest dwellers and depend on the forest for their livelihood. Over decades with development the government has tried to nationally integrate these tribes. Development has also had negative socio-economic effect on the tribes. These tribes being the minority have been the victims of development. Their socio-economic condition has led to seasonally migrate for 4 to 8 months for alternative employment due to dissemination of forest (their livelihood).The Researchers has attempted to describe the social problem of seasonal migrant tribal children of Dangs district, Gujarat in detail. It describes the vulnerability of children of seasonal migrant and the social problems they face due to seasonal migration along with their families. The study reveals that the seasonal migrant workers and their children should not be treated merely as economic units but as human beings. They need to provide proper child care and educational facilities for the children and protect them from exploitation.

      Bobby John , Jenson Joseph E

Abstract: Attempt is made to simulate the factory layout using the software ARENA (students version). Utilization of each machine is calculated. The efficiency of production depends on how well the various machines; production facilities and employees amenities are located in a plant. Only the properly laid out plant can ensure the smooth and rapid movement of material, from the raw material stage to the end product stage.

      Yogesh Tayade, N.V.Dravid, K.H.Suryawanshi, Sushil Mahajan, Rajeshwari K

Abstract: Leprosy is one of the most common diseases of peripheral nerves. Pure neuritic leprosy constitutes about 4-10 % of all leprosy cases, clinically limited to the peripheral nerves without skin changes. Diagnosis of leprosy in absence of typical dermatological features is difficult and requires histopathological confirmation using nerve biopsy. We report a case of leprosy without skin lesions. Nerve biopsy showed chronic inflammatory cell infiltration, epithelioid cell granulomas and presence of mycobacterium leprae on Modified Ziehl Neelson stain. Hence in leprosy prevalent countries like India, this form of leprosy should be thoroughly investigated especially in patient without skin changes.

      Aswathy Mary Prince , Dr. Sanish Thomas , Er. Ravi Jon , Dr. D.P Jayapandian

Abstract: In this paper, we are going to explore the feasibility of periodicity of sunspot number activity during the solar cycles 21, 22, 23 & 24. The Sunspots are cooler and darker regions on the Sun photosphere comparing to the surrounding regions. Sunspots usually appear in pairs. The two sunspots of a pair have different polarities, one would be a magnetic north and the other is a magnetic south, and can be joined by magnetic field lines. The number of sunspots that can be seen on the surface of sun increases and decreases in a regular pattern known as a solar cycle with a maximum number of sunspots occurring every 11.5 years. This paper shows the comparison between the midrange periodicity in sunspot number for four different cycles.

      Vedna Kumari, H.K. Chaudhary, R. Prasad, A. Kumar, S. Jambhulkar

Abstract: Callus cultures were established from hypocotyl and cotyledon explants of 8-10 days old seedlings obtained from non-irradiated and irradiated seeds of Brassica carinata variety ‘Jayanti’ on MS medium supplemented with various combinations and concentrations of growth hormones. Shoot formation from the cotyledon explants was observed on MS medium supplemented with BAP (2.0 mg l-1) and NAA (0.1 mg l-1) obtained from non-irradiated seeds. Multiple shoots appeared at the base of cotyledon explants of non-irradiated seeds within 3 weeks. AgNO3 in callus induction medium resulted in greening of callus. However, no significant effect of adding organic additive in shooting medium was observed. The hypocotyl explants showed good callusing but, no shooting response was observed. The callusing potential increased with increase in radiation dose up to 80 kR and afterwards started decreasing with increase in dose. The percentage of shoot formation decreased gradually with the increase in radiation dose up to 100 kR (except 60 kR) and the shoots developed were small, less vigorous with retarded growth and yellowish in color. Total suppression of shoot formation was observed in cultures derived from seeds treated with 110 kR dose.

      Patel Hitesh R , Patel R.S

Abstract: Ethnobotany is a distinct branch of natural science dealing with various aspects such as medicine, religious, cultural, agriculture instruments, household implements and several other disciplines. The present paper reviews plants used ethnobotanicaly by the tribal of R.D.F.Poshina forest range of Sabarkantha district, North Gujarat, India.Sabarkantha District having hilly and forest area near the range of Arvalli hills.Sabarkantha district take it name from the river Sabarmatiwhich flows through it. The Sabarkantha district is located in the southern part of Gujarat. This district had a population of 2,082,531 according to the 2001 census. It covers an area of 7,390sq. Km. The Poshina forest range is a tribal area located in Khedbrahmataluka of Sabarkantha district of North Gujarat, India. Poshina range is divided into two sub-ranges, Poshina forest range and R.D.F. (Rehabilitation of degraded forest range) Poshina forest ranges.About 35 plant species belonging to 24 families were observed during the year 2010-2011 of my research work. Plant species of these forest areas are documented here with their botanical names, local names, family and their ethnobotanical uses. The species were arranged family vise according to the flora of Gujarat state.

      Dr. Sneha Mankikar

Abstract: Positive ageing is a part of life that gamut that comprises of many aspects including physical environment, personal safety, physical and mental health, individuality, community attitudes, self-fulfillment. In order for women to age positively we should 1. It is important to recognize wide range of capacities among aged 2. It is important to understand the needs of older women. 3. Valuing the decisions and regime choices of older women. 4. Safeguarding the interest of defenseless older people. When the human body reaches middle age, a number of problems and conditions that are the result of advancing years begin. These include wrinkling of the skin, varicose veins, menopause and the body decreased ability to deal with nicotine, caffeine, alcohol, and excess calories. A number of programs and resources have to be introduced to support positive ageing like ■ Women workforce retaining project ■ Special projects involving older as well as young generation. ■ Planning ahead kit to encourage people in planning their financial, health and lifestyle decisions. ■ Information centers of older women to disseminate information. ■ Protocols to check older women abuse.

      Dr. Narayan Sangam, Prof.R. Pavanaguru

Abstract: Khammam Schist Belt in Andhra Pradesh is considered as a northern extension of the Nellore Schist Belt (NSB). Both KSB and NSB are referred to a single unit of 600 km long west-vergent Nellore-Khammam Schist Belt (NKSB) occurring as a paleo - proterozoic/late archaean greenstone belt on the basis of similar geological and structural setup in the Precambrian terrain of South India. The Nellore Khammam Schist Belt (NKSB) is considered to be the equivalent of Sargur Schist Belt (3.3 Ga, Peucat, et al; 1995). The Khammam Schist Belt (KSB) forms a curvilinear belt in parts of Khammam and Krishna districts of Andhra Pradesh. The KSB is inferred to be a tectonised belt sandwiched between the Dharwar Craton in the West and the Eastern Ghat Mobile Belt (EGMB) in the East. (Leelanandam, C and Narasimha Reddy, M, 1988). The KSB mainly consists of metamorphosed felsic and mafic volcanic, now preserved as quartzo-felspathic gneisses, hornblende schists and schistose amphibolites, with or without garnet. The pelitic meta-sediments such as sillimanite-kyanite schists, sillimanite- cordierite-orthopyroxene-corundum bearing rocks, pegmatites and banded iron formations (quart-magnetites). Garnet bearing quartzites are rare and insignificant in volume in the KSB. The present study area is bounded by 17o 10’: 17o 20’: 80o 15’: 80o 25’. Mafic and Felsic rocks are exposed in the area. The dominant lithology comprises amphibolites, which may be described as banded, foliated, garnetiferous or massive based on its field appearance. The lithological formations of KSB form a basement for the proterozoic pakhals and phanerozoic gondwana sediments. The KSB is endowed with economically viable corundum (ruby variety) and podiform chromite occurrences; however, they are significantly controlled by both lithology and structure.

      Montgomery Howwar

Abstract: Idioms are part and parcel of mastering any language. They are a prominent natural part of our everyday discourse since they reflect cultural and linguistic boundaries enabling communication between different cultures. This paper, therefore, attempts to explore the different types of idiom, shed lights on some Arabic and English idioms and focus on the difficulties faced by learners and translators. Bearing in mind these aims, some Arabic and English idioms were selected and then explained. The overall results showed that idioms can never be translated literally; context, equivalence and semantic relativism should be considered when dealing with idioms. To be communicatively and linguistically competent, translators as well as learners should find the equivalence in the same language first and then in the target language. As a result, it is strongly recommended that translators as well as learners should be fully aware of some translation techniques and the context of the discourse s/he is dealing with.

      Mrs.DeepaliS.Shirke, Prof.Mrs.Haripriya, H.Kulkarni

Abstract: Induction motors are widely used AC motors in industrial area. Advanced semiconductor technology & use of microcontroller have made the speed control of induction motor easier. The proposed paper represents variable speed control application of induction motor using v/f method. In this system, the speed of the induction motor can be adjusted to user defined speed. The actual speed & reference speed is compared & the difference is adjusted by changing the firing angles of IGBTs. The system is tested & experimental results are recorded for variable speed under various load conditions.

      Dr. Nirupama, Dr. Hema Kini, Dr. Anand Kini

Abstract: Columnar cell variant of papillary thyroid carcinoma (CCV-PTC) is a rare and aggressive tumor composed of tumor cells that form papillae, glands and solid structures. Fine needle aspiration on a young female patient who presented with a solitary thyroid nodule. Cytology revealed cellular smears with three dimensional clusters and papillary fragments composed of tall columnar cells. These columnar cells closely resembled respiratory epithelium. Few acini, glandular, solid, syncytial pattern and singly dispersed cells were seen. Nuclei showed pseudostratification. Nuclear grooves were seen occasionally, while intranuclear inclusions and psammoma bodies and colloid were absent. With no obvious clinical history suggesting any visceral malignancies, a diagnosis of CCV-PTC/TCV-PTC was considered. Throidectomy was done. Sections showed well circumscribed tumor with features of CCV-PTC. Here in we wish to document the Cytomorphology of this variant, features to distinguish it from its close mimickers.

      Abubacker Siddick.S, Dr. Ganesh .S

Abstract: Spray drying is one of the effective post harvest technology used for making powders from fruits and vegetables. Natural tomato powder from freshly harvested tomatoes procured from the Dindigul Farmers Association was tried to study the essential parameters for spray drying. The Spray drying behavior of PKM1, CO-3 and Ruchi tomato juices at different inlet and outlet temperature levels using the ACMEFIL Spray dryer, located at Gandhigram Trust was studied. The observation parameter includes different inlet and outlet temperature settings and the feed flow rate of juice in to the atomizer. With the addition of malt dextrin 8% and feed rate of 80ml per minute controlled by the peristaltic pump, having inlet air temperature as 160oC,164oC and 162oC with constant outlet temp of 90oC was observed as the optimum conditions for the maximum recovery of tomato powder from the above three varieties.


Abstract: Background-Various prognostic factors in assisted reproduction procedures have been described and analysed, including woman’s age, the cause of infertility, the ovarian response and uterine receptivity, the semen quality, and the BMI. Optimal BMI is required for an optimal response.There is controversy among various reports, which is partly caused by the varying focus of investigators and differences in study designs, led us to examine the relationship between BMI and IVF/ICS1 outcome in our unit. OBJECTIVE: To study impact of BMI on IVF outcome prospectively. MATERIAL/METHODS: It Prospective study over a period of 1 year in the age group 25-35 years attending the IVF clinic was conducted at a tertiary infertility centre in Bangalore, India between November 2010-October 2011. RESULTS: There was close association of increased BMl in particular when BMl is > 30 kg/m2 and the reduced outcomes of IVF/ICSI treatment in the form of less clinical pregnancy and higher early pregnancy loss. Furthermore, increased BMl was related to an increased FSH requirement, longer days of stimulation, higher dosage of gonadotropins, increased risk of cancellation and fewer collected oocytes. CONCLUSIONS: Obesity is associated with an increased risk of early pregnancy loss. Also need of high dose of gonadotropin ,less number of collected oocytes is observed. Implantation rate ,pregnancy rate and miscarriage rate was comparable but live births are high in normal weight and overweight as compared to extremes of BMI due to high number of miscarriages in extremes of BMI though not statistically significant.So will be appropriate to recommend weight loss prior to IVF.

      Farooq A. Rather

Abstract: Kashmir’s conflict with India started immediately after the partition of the country in 1947. The protest movements / peaceful struggle for right to Self Determination continued till 1988-89. Thereafter resistance to Indian rule in Kashmir was taken up by some Muslims of the state who very often resorted to violent means to achieve their objective of Independence. By and large people supported the cause. In 1990s several mass rallies were conducted which led to the imposition of president’s rule. The government of India brought around 700,000 military and paramilitary troops to suppress the movement in Kashmir. This all resulted in frequent curfews, crackdowns, search operations, arrest, torture, custodial killings, and disappearances of youth, firing, shelling and the implementation of draconian laws like Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA), Prevention of Terrorist Activities (POTA) and Public Safety Act (PSA) which in turn gave birth to various kinds of human rights violations in Kashmir.

      Dr. Paromita Mazumdar, Dr. Utpal K. Das, Dr. Sk. Mahboob Rahaman

Abstract: Developmental dental anomalies are marked deviations from the normal color, contour, size, number, and degree of development of teeth. Local and systemic factors may be responsible for these developmental disturbances. Such influences may begin before or after birth, hence primary or permanent teeth may be affected. Gemination refers to the incomplete attempt of one tooth germ to divide into two. Geminated teeth have two crowns or one large, partially separated crown sharing a single root or root canal, the maxillary permanent incisors and the mandibular primary incisors are most frequently affected. A case of a geminated maxillary right central incisor is reported. Root canal therapy on that tooth was performed as it was detected to be nonvital. Clinical significance lies in identifying a case of geminated tooth and treating the anomaly in the most conservative way.

      Muzmmel Mustafa, Mohammed Salih, Ibrahim Saeed, Elhag A.M.H

Abstract: This study focused on the classification and evaluation of land, determination of suitability for surface irrigation, suitability for agriculture under irrigation and crop suitability in Khartoum University top farm (Shambat area), Khartoum State, Sudan. Through monitoring and mapping the changes that occurred in the soil due to drought and climate change in relation to land degradation processes in the study area was the main goal of this research. The research was based on the data and information deduced and relied on field work, laboratory analysis and geographic information systems. The study revealed that the soil is moderately suitable for agriculture due to limitations for optimal use, such as low fertility, soil cracking and wetness, this indicated that the soil is non-saline, non-sodic and calcareous. However, there are some small pockets of saline and sodic soil. The results showed that the bulk density is relatively high, ranging from 1.5 to 1.9 g / cm3, this affects the physical environment of the soil while the spatial variability analysis of electrical conductivity of saturation extract (ECe), sodium adsorption ratio (SAR) and pH showed that there are no significant variation in these properties among the soils of the farm since all the soil samples were non-saline, non-sodic, and moderately alkaline. The study proved that the use of global position system (GPS) and geographical information system (GIS) techniques are effective in soil evaluation.

      Mrs K.S.Jeen Marseline, Dr.C.Meena

Abstract: Under water environments are dynamic and complex, and obtaining a clear picture of the obstacles and movements of objects in this environment is difficult. The disturbances caused by various factors affect the image quality which leads to incorrect analysis. Sonar image quality can be assessed in terms of quality parameters like contrast, illumination variation and Noise. A non-parametric statistical wavelet denoising method is proposed in this paper. The proposed method incorporates the edge coefficients and non-edge coefficients as it picks up the homogeneous neighbor of non-edge coefficients and estimate the noise-free coefficients and outperforms the traditional approach.

      Radhika v. Totla, K.S.Bapat

Abstract: Digital Watermarking has emerged as a new area of research in an attempt to prevent illegal copying and duplication. In this paper, I represent both methods i.e. DCT&DWT based algorithm for watermarking in digital images. In order to compare the imperceptibility & robustness of the both algorithms make use of simple attacks such as resizing, rotation &cropping.

      Mashhoor K, Kottickal LV, Shanas S, Ramesh N

Abstract: Rice blue beetle, Leptispa pygmaea is a pest of paddy which feed on paddy leaves by scraping the chlorophyll content. The rice blue beetle has been reported to be a pest of paddy attaining major pest status in many districts of North Kerala. No much work has been reported on this emerging pest. Here we report the partial DNA sequence of cytochrome oxidase subunit I (COI) of L. pygmaea (GenBank Accession No. KC427085) and its phylogenetic status. Phylogeneticaly the nearest relative of L. pygmaea are Colasposoma sp. Neolochmea dilatipenni, Chelymorpha alternans.

      S.Sasi Rekha

Abstract: This paper proposes a advance technology which is completely innovative and creative. The urge of inventing this proposal lies on the bases of the idea of making a pen drive have an extendable memory capacity with a modern and digitalized look. This device can operate without the use of a computer system or a mobile. The computerized pen drive has a display unit to display the contents of the pen drive and in-built USB slots to perform data transmission to other pen drives directly without the use of the computer system.

      Shailesh K.Kokate, Prof N.N.Shinde, Madhuri B.Mulik

Abstract: This article study the application of wind energy for two wheeler. Two wheeler plays vital role in transportation. To reduce dependency on fossil fuels electric vehicles developed. This article particularly focuses on use of renewable source of energy for energy storage in battery. For this purpose vehicle speed taken in to consideration. On that basis wind power calculated. The generated power is a DC. That can easily used for storage in battery with negligible cost of grid.

      Praveena Thiruvasagar

Abstract: The shoulder joint has the greatest range of motion of any joint in the body. Because of this mobility the shoulder is more likely to be injured or cause problems. They include sprains, strains, dislocations, separations, tendinitis, bursitis, torn rotator cuffs, frozen shoulder, fractures and arthritis. Among these conditions sub acromial impingement syndrome is the most disabling condition of the shoulder.

      Nibedita Das

Abstract: Indian art history has given a rich storage of traditional painting in Indian sub-continent from pre-history to present time. The style of painting differs from region to region and period to period. There is a living tradition in the art field of Bihar that is called Madhubani painting which enlightened about the social structure as well as cultural identity of Bihar and the styles of painting has been changing from generation to generation. The article deals with the history, subject matter, use of raw materials and styles of Madhubani Paintings in the context of the role of local artisans of Jitwarpur village in it. Article focuses on the paintings of Madhubani with special emphasis to the present scenario of Madhubani painting and how the village painters express their skill through organic colours and free hand brush drawing.

      Elizabeth Paul, Prof. Aleyas M. V. , Prof. Annie P. Oommen

Abstract: In recent years, power converters are used to get high power factor. This paper presents an integrated converter topology for driving HB LEDs which provides high power factor. The integrated buck flyback converter is a single stage, low cost, high power factor AC-DC converter with fast output regulation. The converter is used to provide power factor correction in streetlight application. To obtain high power factor, the buck stage and flyback stage are operated in discontinuous mode. Dimming operation of HB LED is also described. A closed loop is used for enabling the PWM dimming. The simulation studies using MATLAB/Simulink is also presented. Hardware setup of open loop is described.

      Binitha Pushpakaran , R. Gopalan

Abstract: Seasonally waterlogged grasslands are colloquially called vayals. These vayals in addition to providing various ecological services are valuable habitat and food source for many insects, amphibians , reptiles , aves and herbivore mammals. Due to high soil fertility this habitat is much sought after for agriculture . Most of the natural vayals have been converted into farmland resulting in loss of not only the valuable ecological services but also the invaluable biodiversity. What little of this habitat is left undisturbed is only in the wildlife protected areas. The status of the vayals inside Mudumalai Tiger reserve was evaluated by mapping the vayal area, documenting the area occupied by invasive and tracing the hydrological path. The study revealed that invasion of exotic species like Lantana camara and Chromolaena odorata into these vayals are a threat to the very existence of this ecosystem. Without proper conservation and management these wetlands would be lost for ever. A closer look at the complexity of these vayals may help us put proper management tools in place to ensure the conservation of these fragile ecosystems, before it is too late.

      Ms.Santha Devi.P, Mr.Sivakumar.M, Dr.Arthanariee A.M

Abstract: With increasing growth in wireless multimedia image communication, the topics related to be handled are resource consumption and quality of the image being transmitted without noise. In this paper we propose a novel method to compress the image using improved wavelet based polyominos lossless compression technique which increases the quality of image at receiving end. The compressed image is transmitted by Energy Efficient High Quality Image Transmission scheme (EEHQIT) to achieve energy efficient image transmissions in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs). However the existence of noise makes the imaging system is a complicated task. In this scenario reducing noise using filter technique for achieving high quality compression image transmission is desired. To avoid noise in the compressed image, a scheme of spatial averaging filter is presented and tested on the transmitted compressed image. This approach removes the noise from the transmitted image by way of rebuilding the image to obtain the original image without loss of information. Experiments were conducted using the natural and real images collected by our-selves shows that our approach, spatial averaging filter improves the image quality of the compressed image at the receiver side. Simulation results show up to 85% reduction in the total power consumption and higher PSNR value is achieved using the proposed noise filtering strategy. In this approach, the wireless image transmission is efficiently implemented from the source to designation via the router.


Abstract: This study aimed at gaining insight into the Occupational Health Problems Faced by Female Beedi Workers at Khajamalai, Trichy. The research design used for this study is descriptive. The research selected 50 families for the study using a purposive sampling method. Only those female heads of the families who were involved in Beedi work and who were willing to answer the schedule were included for the study. The main objective of the study was to know the working conditions, health status. Most of the respondents 62 percent had work for less than 20 days. Therefore their earning capacity was also less. Majority 72 percent of the respondents were working for contractors which showed that they were subjected to exploitation. 46 percent of the respondents rolled 31-40 bundles daily. This shows that respondents were involved in very hard work. Majority 76 percent of the respondents stated that they had health problems. Majority 70 percent of the respondent stated that their health problems were due to their occupation. Majority 76 percent of the respondents expressed that they had a spouse who was alcoholic and as a result.

      Dhananjay Dheeraj, Rima Kumari

Abstract: Man is a social animal. Academic excellence is updated with the help of social institutions and social institutions are run by cooperation of individuals of society. A correlation existed between society and academics since time immemorial. There is a need to introspect and realize the cooperation between these two. Cooperation is working together to accomplish shared goals. Within cooperative activities individuals seek outcome that are beneficial to themselves and beneficial to all other group members. Cooperative learning is the instructional use of small groups so that students work together to maximize their own and each others learning.

      Kshirsagar A Y, Patil R K, Agarwal S, Garaje A, T Vimal S, Bane P

Abstract: GISTs account for approximately 80% of gastrointestinal mesenchymal tumours. The literature about GIST remains confusing because tumour classification and terminology are continually refined. Furthermore, the exact definition of GIST varies among authors. Mostly occur in the stomach and small intestine with rare occurrence in the rectum (5%), colon (1%), oesophagus and appendix. The diagnosis of GIST is currently based on morphologic features and immunohistochemical demonstration of KIT (CD 117). Early resection is treatment of choice. STI-571 (Imatinib), a KIT tyrosine kinase inhibitor has recently shown promise in the treatment of metastatic GISTs. The three key prognostic factors have been mitotic rate, tumour size and site. The five year survival rate declines and prognosis becomes poor with increase in the size and mitotic activity.

      Dr. Balaji Chinnasami, Dr. V. Mangayarkarasi, Dr. A. Prema, Dr. Kanimozhi Sadasivam, Michael J Davis

Abstract: Background: Conjugate typhoid vaccine can prevent increasing cases of typhoid in younger children. Commercially available conjugate vaccine has limited studies to support its use. Aims: To study the safety and immunogenicity of Vi conjugate typhoid vaccine (PedaTyphTM). Materials and Methods: Four hundred children with age <5 years were randomised to receive either one dose (Group A) or two doses (Group B) of vaccine. Adverse effects were monitored and paired blood samples were collected for immunogenicity. Due to inadequate funding analyses of group B could not be done. Results: Adverse events occurred in 17% and 21% of children after first and second doses respectively.

      Dr. Hon Nanasaheb

Abstract: Background: Hearing loss and deafness is a disability affecting millions of people. Hearing aids and cochlear implants are the only available solutions to overcome this disability. They are at best sophisticated amplifiers of sound and nothing beyond it. Objective: The objective was to test if massaging pressure therapy in addition to nerve enhancing Homeopathic medicines had could positively benefit those suffering from sensorynueral hearing loss.


Abstract: A study of the after-ripening of ‘egusi’ melon [Citrullus lanatus (Thunb.) Matsun and Nakai] fruits was undertaken at the Teaching and Research farm of the University of Agriculture Makurdi in the wet and dry season productions of 2005 and 2007. The aim was to monitor its effects on seed quality. Fruits were harvested at two leaf colour stages [i.e. when leaves started turning yellow (LTY), and when all leaves were dry (ALD)]. Whereas, some of the fruits were processed immediately, others were left to after-ripen for seven and 14 days respectively before processing. Results revealed that fruits from plants harvested when all plant leaves were dry (ALD) were significantly heavier, contained significantly more seeds and produced higher seed yield. Seed yield was generally higher in the wet than in the dry season. There was significant increase in 100-seed weight and germination of seeds from fruits after-ripened for seven and 14 days. Seeds from after-ripened fruits also stored better than from non-after-ripened fruits. It was therefore concluded that Citrullus lanatus should be harvested when all leaves are dry, harvested fruits should be stored to after-ripen for about seven days and seed crop should be preferably produced during the wet season.

      Ali Shazan Gulrez, Mohd. Haris Siddiqui, Jatin Varshney

Abstract: The paper is about increasing the output from the Solar Hydrogen Power System (SHPS) by heat extraction method from heat loop pipes and through high temperature electrolysis. The paper deals in great detail about the effects of temperature rise on the performance of a (SHPS) on a hot sunny day and then tries to find a methodology by which its overall performance is made better by increasing its system efficiency. Heat loop pipes are employed beneath the panel surface that effectively extract the panel heat thus restoring their efficiency. This heat along with environmental heat is utilized in hot water electrolysis to reduce the electrical energy input given to the electrolyser. The results derived show a clear demarcation of the difference between the output given by a conventional SHPS and that of a modified SHPS.

      N.N.Nayak, N.K.Sahoo

Abstract: An Lower Estimate for the Number of Level Crossing of a Random Algebraic Curve when the Coefficients follow Semi-Stable Distribution

      Chandrama Goswami

Abstract: W omen in rural India are involved in various stages of agricultural operations starting from sowing of seeds to hand weeding, harvesting and post harvest activities. Over time, as technological change in agriculture has brought about a substantial change in labour-land use pattern, the nature of work of rural women has also undergone a change. Women spend a substantial part of their time not only in various activities directly related to agriculture but also in the management of livestock, poultry, etc. (Sisodia, 1985; Agarwal, 1988). However, the true picture of female work and their contribution to family expenditure is usually not clearly presented. Many economically productive activities performed by women go unrecorded as such or are subsumed within domestic work.

      Deepak Nayak M, Niveditha Suvarna, Sushma V.Belurkar, P.S.Srilatha, Ruchee Khanna

Abstract: Multiple myeloma is a common hematological malignancy. Serous effusions are described uncommonly in myelomas. A myelomatous effusion however, is extremely rare and carries a poor prognosis. We report a case of multiple myeloma with leukemic transformation and simultaneous pleural fluid involvement in a 66-year old patient who was receiving chemotherapy. The patient developed exceptional dyspnea, dry cough and fatigue prior to admission. Radiological investigations revealed a massive pleural effusion with partial collapse of the lung. Pathological examination of the fluid showed plasma cells and plasmablasts with abnormal forms, consistent with a myelomatous pleural effusion. Hematopoietic neoplasms are associated with body cavity effusions but rare etiologies such as myeloma should also be considered as the treatment protocols differ in these cases.

      Deepak Nayak M

Abstract: Sebotropic mites have been implicated in the pathogenesis of several dermatoses in humans. A 46 year old male diabetic patient presented with painful, erythematous, papular, rosacea-like eruptions over bilateral cheeks and a rhinophyma of the nasal tip. The lesions were persistent for two years, with negative slit skin smears and unresponsive to treatment attempts. A skin biopsy revealed demodex mite with superadded dermatophyte infection. This case is a testament to the view that demodex mites are pathogenetic in certain circumstances.


Abstract: The paper reviews the basic circuit issues of the bulk and SOI technology, and also shows the superior features of SOI which include the process and developing circuits. And finally, conclusion shows the comparison of two technologies by giving the appropriate design description.

      Gayatri Kushwah

Abstract: This study presents the assessment of environmental impact of four stroke petrol engine. The assessment is done by using the Eco indicator 99 method & Eco it software. The assessment of environmental impact of whole life cycle of engine includes the impact assessment of Production phase, Processing phase, transport and packaging phase, use phase, disposal phase of whole life of engine. For assessment, data are collected and then analyzed, during analysis the indicator point obtained from eco it software for particular material and process is taken. After the analysis the impact shows as indicator scores in milli-points, which phase have more indicator score have more impact on environment.

      Vaijyanath Kunchigi, Linganagouda Kulkarni, Subhash Kulkarni

Abstract: This paper presents Multiply and Accumulate (MAC) unit design using Vedic Multiplier, which is based on Urdhva Tiryagbhyam Sutra. The paper emphasizes an efficient 32-bit MAC architecture along with 8-bit and 16-bit versions and results are presented in comparison with conventional architectures. The efficiency in terms of area and speed of proposed MAC unit architecture is observed through reduced area, low critical delay and low hardware complexity. The proposed MAC unit reduces the area by reducing the number of multiplication and addition in the multiplier unit. Increase in the speed of operation is achieved by the hierarchical nature of the Vedic multiplier unit. The proposed MAC unit is implemented on a field programmable gate array (FPGA) device, 3S100ETQ144-5 (Spartan 3). The performance evolution results in terms of speed and device utilization are compared to earlier MAC architecture. Though the use of Vedic mathematics methods for multiplication is reported in literature, it has been observed that our proposed method of 32-bit MAC unit implementation is using (32X32) multiplication unit and shows improvements in the delay and area.

      P.Arunagiri, Dr A.Gnanavel Babu

Abstract: Lean Six Sigma is a tool that can reduce muda (waste) during the manufacturing process. Lean Six Sigma is an integration of Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing, both quality improvement techniques. Lean and Six Sigma are highly complementary and Six Sigma provides an integrated improvement approach that increases quality by reducing variation, defects, and costs. Lean adds tools that increases process throughput by eliminating waste. There are 7 types of waste that occurs during the production systems such as delay, conveyance, over processing, correction, conveyance so on and Delays occurs in the day to day process during manufacturing. But in process terms, delays are one of the biggest causes of ineffectiveness, inefficiencies, and poor performance. Hence, this paper mainly focus on various process methodologies that are used to reduce the delay in the manufacturing process in order to improve the productivity of the manufacturing systems.

      M. K. Mishra, M. Shukla

Abstract: The aim of this paper is to introduce and discuss the concepts of fuzzy GO-super connectedness between fuzzy sets and fuzzy set GO–super connected mappings in fuzzy topological spaces.

      Abhishek Bhardwaj, Pareesha Aggarwal, Rishi Kumar, Nidhi Chandra

Abstract: Driver fatigue is one of the important factors that cause traffic accidents, and the increasing number of accidents due to lessened driver acuity and diligence level has become a problem of serious concern. Therefore, how to avoid this problem has become a topic of discussion. In order to detect and remove this cause of road accident many driver fatigue detection methods have been proposed which can detect the mind state of driver such as drowsiness or inattention, for generating some warning alarms to alert the driver. In this paper we have discussed some of the method that can be used to detect the driver fatigue. And on the basis of our study, we have proposed a new technique that can improve the results of the earlier discussed methods.

      Khanapure V.M, Prof. Chirchi V.R

Abstract: World Wide Web is the most useful source of information. A search engine can support only the initial stages of the search process, i.e., it can locate Web sites where relevant information is available. But, most of the search engines are keyword-based and are not much useful within a Web site to help the user to identify his preferred service. For this purpose, many companies use intelligent assistance systems (e.g., case-based systems) to improve customer service quality. We develop iAssist, an intelligent online assistance system, to automatically find problem solution at terns from the past customer– representative interactions.When a new customer request arrives, iAssist searches and ranks the past cases based on their semantic relevance to the request, groups the relevant cases into different clusters using symmetric matrix factorization, and summarizes each case cluster to generate recommended solutions.

      Madhuri Maheshwari, Gaurav Shrivastava, Bhanu Choubey

Abstract: In this paper study on refrigeration system designed for low temperature which has Zero-Ozone depleting point better heat transfer characteristic gives greater refrigerant effect. In this paper we study the main function part like compressor, evaporator, refrigerant, fan and motor, Technical Details of the components. Energy is the primary and most universal measure of all kind of work by human Being and nature. Everything what happen in the world in the expression of flow of energy is one of its form. Most people use the world energy for input to their bodies or to the machines and thus about fuels and power. Energy is an important input in all sectors of counters economy.

      Deo Kumar Tamang, Dinesh Dhakal, Sambhawana Gurung, N. P. Sharma , D. G. Shrestha

Abstract: Bamboo belongs to the grass family Poaceae (Gramineae) and it is recognized as the fastest growing plant on earth. Of the 30 bamboo species recorded from Sikkim, 27(90.00%) species under 6 genera are sympodial type and only three (10.00%) species under two genera are monopodial type. 21 bamboo species were found in tropical forests (0 – 900m), 28 species in sub-tropical forests (900 – 1800m), 12 species in temperate forests (1800 – 2700m), 6 species in sub-alpine forests (2700 – 3500m) and 3 species in alpine vegetation (3500 – 4500m). Bamboo is mostly used for house construction, scaffolding, fencing, garden support, fodder, handicrafts etc., and for several other articles of everyday use. Edible young bamboo shoots are used as vegetables. In the present paper a list of bamboos occurring in Sikkim with their vernacular names, distribution and its uses in the Himalayan state has been given. However extensive study is required to know emphatically about the bamboo diversity of the Himalayan state.

      Nandikeswari. R, V. Anandan

Abstract: In the present study fecundity of Terapon puta was estimated for 47 matured females from the Bay of Bengal, Pondicherry. The fecundity (F) was found to range from 20,002 to 1,23,042 in fishes between 134-219mm Total length(TL) and 30-78 gm weight respectively. The co-efficient of correlation for F/TL (log F = 0.790+1.731 log TL), F/SL (log F = 0.799+1.773 log SL), F/TW (log F = 2.590+0.450 log TW) and F/GW (log F = 0.518 + 1.7183logGW) were obtained as0.277, 0.282, 0.248 and 0.902 respectively. The regression line for the TL, SL, TW and GW of the fishes were found to be linear when they were plotted against their fecundity on logarithmic scales. Significant (P<0.05) linear relationship was obtained for the variables standard length and fecundity. Highly significant (P<0.01) relationship was obtained between gonad weight and fecundity. Gonad weight was found to be the best indicator of the fecundity of Terapon puta.

      Kalpna Anand, YK Nagle, Nishi Misra, Shivani Dangi

Abstract: Role stresses are known to influence the experience of burnout. Workplace stress has been studied widely in various Occupational environments. However, published studies exploring military environment are less. In air and on ground, military aircrew perform a wide variety of roles each requiring a different set of skills. Demands of workplace and nature of job only add to the stress levels. Burnout manifests itself in individuals as a general loss of feeling, concern, trust, interest, and well-being. The present study investigated the relationship between organizational role stress and job burnout among military aircrew using Organizational Role Stress Inventory and Maslach Burnout Inventory. 45 Indian Air Force officers participated in this study. Organizational role stress was significantly related to depersonalization and emotional exhaustion dimensions of burnout. Inter-role Distance and Personal Inadequacy dimension significantly predicted emotional exhaustion, while depersonalization was predicted by inter-role difference alone, none of the role stress dimensions were related to personal accomplishment dimension of burnout.

      Yashpalsinh Gohil, Sumegha Sakhreliya, Sumitra Menaria

Abstract: Wireless ad-hoc network is a set of independent mobile nodes that communicates through a wireless link. Due to open medium and lack of centralized authority, ad-hoc networks are susceptible to numerous routing attacks. Wormhole Attack is one of the most severe attacks on routing protocols in which two or more malicious nodes receive packets at one point of the network and transmit them to another location by a wired or wireless tunnel. This attack is so powerful that the detection of it is difficult. This attack can form a serious threat in wireless networks, especially against many wireless ad-hoc networks and location-based wireless security systems. There is several wormhole detection and Prevention methods in the wireless ad-hoc networks which some of them are reviewed in this paper.

      D. S. Maske, M. Joshi, D. B. Gadkari

Abstract: Vertical Directional Solidification (VDS) Technique was used for the bulk growths of InSb1-xBix semiconductor without seed for x = 0.04 and x = 0.06. The source materials were filled with argon in the quartz ampoules at the pressure 200 torr. The ampoules were synthesized for 48 hr at temperature 850 oC. Temperature gradient at the solid- liquid interface was of the order of 20 oC/cm. The ampoules were rotated at the speed of 12 rpm during the synthesis as well as the growth. The grown ingots were annealed at 250 oC for 48 hr. These two growths were carried out at the growth rate of 5mm/hr. In both the cases the composition of the source materials (Indium, antimony and Bismuth) in the grown crystals was estimated by EDAX analysis. An equal amount of InSbBi from each of the two ingots was filled in the new ampoule with argon pressure 200 torr and the growth was carried out at the growth rate of 3 mm/hr and rotation speed 12 rpm. The grown ingot was n-type semiconductor with mobility 1530 cm2/Vs and microhardness 200 Kg/mm2.

      V.M. Barot, Sahaj A.Gandhi, Anil Mahato, N.B.Mehta

Abstract: Chalcone moiety (1,3‐diaryl‐2‐propen‐1‐ones) is the backbone of several antinuclear, cardiovascular and antispasmodic drugs. These groups of compounds constitute an important class of natural products belonging to the flavonoid family. A novel 1-(4-butoxy-2-hydroxy phenyl)-3-(2,5-dimethoxyphenyl) prop-2-en-1-one has been synthesized by chemical method. The product has been confirmed by their chemical analysis IR, 1H NMR and 13C NMR. To explore the structural features of the compound X-Ray diffraction (XRD) pattern has been recorded and it confirms that the title compound, C21H24O5 belongs to monoclinic system with P 2/m space group and the crystallographic parameters are a =22.4642 (0.0756), b = 17.1823 (0.0222), c = 10.3753 (0.0324) Ǻ and β = 92.93 (1.410) °. The final product has been screened for their antimicrobial and fungal activities against different panel of organisms.

      Prem Singh Grover, Rajesh Bareja, Subash Chand Jaryal, Vinod Kumar Narang

Abstract: A total of 23,007 clinical samples, 2,001 bacterial isolate were identified as Escherichia coli, of which 205 strains were haemolytic. On biotyping, indole test was found positive in 99.52% strains. Glucose, maltose, trehalose were fermented by all strains. Dulcitol was fermented by 80.98% strains. Raffinose, sucrose, adonitol and inositol were fermented by 61.96%, 49.76%, 35.13% and 34.15% strains respectively. Lysine, ornithine and arginine were decarboxylated / hydrolyzed by 90.74%, 82.44% and 22.44% strains respectively. Serotypability was 82.9% and 51 serogroups were detected. 35.14% belonged to 3 serotypes (O6, O2 & O4). Resistogram typing showed that most of the strains were resistant to Boric acid, Malachite green and Cetrimide. These strains fell into 57 different resistotypes. Antibiogram revealed a higher degree of multiple drug resistance (53.75%).

      VenkatashivaReddy.B, Arti Gupta, Ayush Lohiya, Pradip Kharya

Abstract: Review was done to assess the burden of mental disorders and to study the various issues and challenges at community level. We searched the electronic databases for studies related to prevalence of various psychiatric morbidities and associated factors at community level. World Health Organization estimated that mental and behavioural disorders account for about 12 percent of the global burden of diseases. In India the burden of mental and behavioural disorders ranged from 9.5 to 102 per 1000 population. Burden of mental disorders seen by the world is only a tip of iceberg. Various studies had shown that the prevalence of mental disorders were high in females, elderly, disaster survivors, industrial workers, children, adolescent and those having chronic medical conditions. There is need to have better living conditions, political commitment, primary health care and women empowerment.

      Saxena Shweta

Abstract: The present research study describes leaching kinetics of F- by loading NH4F on undisturbed vertical soil column of the soil collected from Sambhar region of Rajasthan, India.

      Abhijit S. Nair, K. Sriprakash, Anand M. Nirale, K. Balasubramanyam

Abstract: Liposuction has nowadays become a popular procedure amongst all age groups. Because of the advances in the field of Plastic Surgery and Anesthesia, it is now a fast and safe surgery and delivers good results. But Anesthesiologists must be very vigilant when they are involved in such cases. What an Anesthesiologist must not forget is that the most of the times, the person undergoing liposuction is not a patient. It’s a cosmetic procedure. The patient should be well optimized and one should never hesitate to postpone a case if there is slightest of an issue. Pre operative optimization, intraoperative management which includes hemodynamic stability, fluid balance, pain relief, euthermia, documenting input/output and good post operative care can help in preventing catastrophes to happen which if one goes through the literature is not uncommon.

      Nivedita Daimiwal, Dr.M.Sundhararajan, Revati Shriram

Abstract: Functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIR) is a neuroimaging modality that enables continuous, noninvasive, and portable monitoring of changes in blood oxygenation and blood volume related to human brain function. FNIR can be implemented in the form of a wearable and minimally intrusive device, it has the capacity to monitor brain activity under real life conditions and in everyday environments. The principle advantage of optical technique is its noninvasive nature. It provides information about functional oxygenation and volume changes that are directly comparable to fMRI, but the apparatus is much less costly and confining. Optical technique is performed in pediatric populations much more easily than fMRI and it can be transported to the bedside for clinical evaluations. Because NIRS signals are detected several centimeters from the cortex, however, the spatial resolution of the technique is low (~1-2 cm). Spatial coverage can be increased by using arrays of emitters and detectors. Paper proposed a system for measurement of haemodynamic response from skull.

      M. H. Gulzar

Abstract: Many generalizations of the Enestrom –Kakeya Theorem are available in the literature. In this paper we give generalizations of some recent results on the subject. Mathematics Subject Classification : 30C10, 30C15

      Suman Kant, Rahul O Vaishya

Abstract: In this Paper, the FMS loading problem is solved with the bi-criterion objective to minimize the system unbalance and maximizing the throughput by the use of artificial neural networkin the presence of available machine time and tool slots as constraints. The complexity of machine loading Problem in FMS is very high due to the different flexibility criteria such as part selection, operation allocation and various constraints involved such as availability of tool slot and time available on machines. This encourages various researchers to apply various heuristic techniquesto get optimal/ near optimal solution. Artificial Neural Network (ANN), inspired by the structure and functional aspects of biological neural networks which is an adaptive system changes its structure based on internal and external information flow during learning Phase. In this current decade ANN has emerged as one of the important problem solving tool for complex engineering problems. Keeping this views present research adopted ANN to solve FMS loading problem. It gave optimal/near optimal results in less computational time. It has also been found simple and naive tool for solving loading problems of FMSs.

      Dr.T.Vasanthi, D.Gowri

Abstract: The Government of India liberalization and globalization of financial reforms strongly recommended operational flexibility and functional autonomy to bank to enhance efficiency and productivity along with deregulation in interest rates, substantial reduction in statutory reserves and entry of new banks in the private sector to engineer and encourage competition. In the deregulated, competitive and ever demanding customer’s market retaining the existing customer and attracting new customer is very important. Customer acceptance and customer preference to banks play an important role in the success of their functioning. This paper explores the customer perception towards service quality attributes among public sector banks and private sector banks.

      Swapna Lia Anil, Roshni Thanka

Abstract: Cloud computing enables on-demand access to shared resources. It lets to use files and applications over the internet. This technology uses both the internet and the central servers to maintain data and resources. Many organizations uses cloud computing services to outsource their data into cloud environment for location independent resource pooling, elasticity and usage-based pricing. Since more enterprises store their private data on the cloud storage, privacy and security become major concern. One of the most challenging problem in Cloud computing is about the security of the outsourced data which is mainly handled by untrusted parties. This paper surveyed different types of techniques used to enhance the security of data stored in cloud environment and compare those techniques.

      P.J Sweetlin Subha, Jeban Chandir Moses

Abstract: Mobile ad hoc network (MANET) is a collection of mobile hosts without the required intervention of any existing infrastructure or centralized access point such as a base station. MANET has the dynamic infrastructure hence it is highly vulnerable to attacks. Several attacks are possible in MANET networks and among them routing attack could cause the worst damage. There are several solutions available for mitigating the routing attacks based on the intrusion response techniques but most of them isolate the malicious node only based on the binary decisions taken for severity in attacks. This will cause additional damage to the network. Risk mitigating techniques is one of the important factor in MANET environment. This paper surveyed various risk mitigating techniques and compare their various parameters. Existing techniques does not consider the Risk in taking countermeasures. Therefore there is a need to implement the new risk mitigating technique that consider the risk of both routing attacks and their countermeasures.

      Algunaid F.H., Ibrahim, A.M., Zahran, B.B.

Abstract: Kayasenegalensis (Desr) A. juss, locally known as Mahogany , is one of the most economically important forest tree species in Sudan .The seeds of this species have polymorphism phenomenon and dormancy mechanism. Therefore the objective of this study is to determine feasible and practical seed dormancy – breaking method as reflected uniform germination in order to select the method have high rate of germination for forestation and conservation purpose . .The study was carried out on seeds that selected from three localities (Sinnar, Southern Kordofan and Southern Darfur States). Sudan. The germination was examined using three interval of water soaking (12hr, 18hrsand24hrs) and three different concenrration of Gibberellic acid (0.01con, 0.001con, and0.0001con) under controlled environmental conditions in germination chamber. Result revealed significance differences between the three localities on seed attributes, Seeds of Mahogany also showed large and small sizes which are deeply dormant .and presence of a combined dormancy (Chemical and endogenous). In conclusion soaking in H2O for 18 hrs and GA3 (0.01 cons) for two hours are the best treatments to break seed dormancy.

      Quyen Thi Thuc Bui, Channarong Intaraprasert

Abstract: This study explored the relationship of attitude towards speaking English, exposure to oral communication in English and communication strategy use by English majors studying at the universities in the South of Vietnam to cope with communication breakdowns. The communication strategy questionnaire (CSQ) and the English speaking attitude questionnaire (ESAQ) were used for data collection. Data analysis involved analysis of variance (ANOVA) and the Chi-square tests. The results show significant variations in frequency of the students’ use of strategies according to both factors. While the students’ use of CSs reveals to be strongly associated with attitudes towards speaking English; its relationship with exposure to oral communication in English has been found to be minor.

      Alphonsa Chacko

Abstract: The celestial luminary called sun shedding its perpetual flow of light and energy from the heavens on every being in the universe has always been a source of wonder and curiosity since the pre- historic days to the present. It has kindled the imagination of several writers including the Ṛgvedic poets who praised the grace and lustre of the Sun god endowed with many a characteristic feature. In the Hindu pantheon of Gods, the Sun and the Moon are the only pratyakṣa devatas, able to be seen to the naked eye. The worshipping Sun is also worshipping Goddess Gāyatri. According to the Ṛgveda, the Sun is the divine healer. The present paper intends to analyse the features of the cult of Sun in the Ṛgvedic times.

      Pushpa Kesarwani, Prof. A.K. Misra

Abstract: In Artificial Intelligence, knowledge representation is a combination of data structures and interpretive procedures that leads to knowledgeable behavior. Therefore, it is required to investigate such knowledge representation technique in which knowledge can be easily and efficiently represented in computer. This research paper compares various knowledge representation techniques and proves that integrated approach is a more efficient and more accurate knowledge representation scheme.

      G. M. Bhat, Yudhbir Singh, Sandeep Sharma

Abstract: The local earthquake events recorded north of Panjal thrust (=Main Central thrust) and Main Boundary Thrust (MBT) by the four broadband seismological observatories located at Jammu, Poonch, Duru and Bani in Jammu and Kashmir from January to May, 2012 have coda magnitudes ranging from 1.7 to 3.8 were used to compute source parameters namely; seismic moment, source radius, and stress drop. These source parameters were computed with the help of Seisan software following Brune’s source model. The seismic moments calculated for these events range from 4.47x1018 to 6.31x1021 dyne-cm; source radii from 0.45 to 2.08 km and stress drops from 0.08to 28.4 bars.

      Dr. Kanchan Kumar Sinha

Abstract: The Fractional Fourier Transform (FRFT.) is the generalization of the classical Fourier Transform and was introduced many years ago in mathematics literature. The original purpose of FrFT is to solve the differential equation in quantum mechanics problems in optics . Most of the applications of FrFT in optics . It depends on a parameterα and can be interpretedas rotation by an angle α in the time frequency plane or decomposition of the signal in terms of chirps. It is also used in digital domain. Because of its simple and of beautiful properties in time – frequency plane, there are many new applications waiting for signal processing.

      A. G. Jadhav, A. A. Jaybhaye , M. Musaddiq

Abstract: Microbial proteases important hydrolytic enzymes represents largest group of industrial enzymes and have applications in various industries. Proteases capable to in harsh condition of salinity, alkalinity and temperature etc are thus of great concern. Extracellular protease producing bacterium isolated from saline soil of Akola district was related to Bacillus licheniformis on the basis of biochemical and16S rDNA gene sequence similarity. The enzyme was active in the range of pH 6–10 with the optimum at 9.0. Different carbon and nitrogen sources used in the study found increased protease production in Lactose and Yeast extract. The enzyme was highly stable at various NaCl concentrations retained 50% activity after 4hrs. Also, the enzyme was quite stable at higher temperature in the presence of KCl, NaCl and CaCl2. Activity of this was affected by mono and divalent metal ions to varying extent. The study on this enzyme assumes significance with dual extremities of pH and salt also with moderate temperature stability.

      Manikamma Nagindrappa, Radhika M.K

Abstract: In the modern society women have been the victims of exploitations since long time in different fields in their life both physically, socially, mentally and economically. There are several causes of sexual as well as moral abuse which are very often highlighted by the media in Indian modern society, and a lot of those also remain unexplored. Although, such violence against women, sexual harassment, and exploitation to women is not of recent origin, its trace is found in the history of ancient India. It is realized that the long run supremacy of male over female in all respect in the patriarchal society in India is highly responsible for arresting the empowerment of women. Women are being trafficked for sex, harassment at workplaces and tortured in family and society. The paper has attempted to find out the Indian perspectives women exploitation in modern society.

      Suvarna P. Jadhav, Vaibhav S. Hendre

Abstract: The effect of fading and interference effects can be combated with equalizer for a MIMO system. MIMO systems exploit the multipath propagation in rich scattering environment using multiple transmit and receive antennas to increase the capacity of a link. In this contribution, we provide an exact BER analysis for fading channels with maximal-ratio combining (MRC) and imperfect channel estimation at the receive The BER characteristics for the various transmitting and receiving antennas simulated in MATLAB tool box and it shows that the MRC equalizer based receiver is a good choice for removing some ISI and minimizes the total noise power. The results show that the BER decreases as the m x n antenna configurations is increased.

      V. Jaiganesh, Dr. J. Clement Sudhahar

Abstract: In Recent times, pharmaceutical companies are faced with the demanding tasks such as adjustments to the unstable and turbulent market in times of economic crisis as well as to meet the customer needs. The pharmaceutical industry, manufacturing in a current Good manufacturing practice (cGMP) environment has been slow to adopt the lean manufacturing unlike many sectors where it has been successfully deployed. One of the major concern for many pharmaceutical manufacturers looking to implement a lean methodology is how to integrate the Lean methods into its current good manufacturing practice (cGMP) environment, where the main aim to deliver a safe and effective medicinal product. In fact, Lean and cGMP go hand in hand as quality is sustained at a higher level with lower costs due to lean principles that are applied. This research study attempts to sketch out the hidden lean management principles existing in the pharmaceutical manufacturing and thereby improve the quality of products and services through the focused implementation of the lean principles.

      Mr. Akshay Upadhyay, Mr. Balram Purswani

Abstract: Ample amount of knowledge in respect of pattern discovery of web usage mining shall be provided in this paper. Users behavior of page browsing should be in hand with the website designers. They can even study about the visitor’s activities through the web analysis and find patterns of the visitor’s activities. This kind of web analysis involves not only involves the change and interpretation of the web log records to locate the hidden information or predictive pattern by the data mining and knowledge discovery technique, but also offers a great prospect coupled with the web warehousing.

      Dr. Krishne Gowda, Dr. Chandrashekar M. N, Prof. Sridhara M. V., Dr. Hemalatha B. N.

Abstract: The economic growth and demographic changes in Indian cities are posing a serious challenge to urban local authorities. By the year 2020, Indian urban centers including Bangalore will witness a huge increase in population. With the rapidly growing urban population, the need for infrastructure services increases manifold. The increase in per capita income and the concomitant industrial and service activities have resulted in a high increase in consumption and consequently, in the quantum and complexity of the composition of the solid waste generated.

      Sandhya Avasthi, Avinash Dwivedi

Abstract: Services which are recommended to the mobile devices like PDAs, Cellular Phones, smart phones and Laptops while moving using ISAP (Information Service and Application Provider) are increased by accurately predicting user usage pattern. But these discovery may not be always be good enough since the differentiated mobile behaviors among users and temporal periods are not considered simultaneously in the previous works. User relations and temporal property are used simultaneously in this work. Here CTMSP-Mine (Cluster-based Temporal Mobile Sequential Pattern - Mine) algorithm is used to mine CTMSPs. Cluster-Object-based Smart Cluster Affinity Search Technique (CO-Smart-CAST) generates user clusters and similarities between mobile sequences are evaluated by Location-Based Service Alignment (LBS-Alignment).The specific time intervals to group the huge mobile logs are found using Genetic Algorithm based method called GetNTSP (Get Number of Time Segmenting Points).CTMSP-Mine technique, which creates CTMSPs utilizes Co-Smart-Cast and time intervals results. These patterns are used to predict the mobile user future behavior and service recommendations are given accordingly.

      V. Bhavani, T. Siva Rao, SVN Raju, B.Madhusudan, Jamelunnisa Begum

Abstract: A simple, precise, accurate stability-indicating gradient reverse phase ultra-performance liquid chromatographic (RP-UPLC) method was developed for the quantitative estimation of purity of Telmisartan drug substance and drug products in bulk samples and pharmaceutical dosage forms in the presence of its degradation products and impurities. The present method was developed using Waters Aquity BEH C18 (100 mm x 2.1 mm, 1.7 µ) column with mobile phase containing a gradient time programme of the solvents A and B. The wave length selected for monitoring eluted compounds were monitored at 290 nm, the run time was within 10 min, which Telmisartan and its seven impurities were well separated. Telmisartan was found to degrade significantly in acid stress condition when it was subjected for various stress conditions. The degradation products were well separated from main peak and its impurities, proving the stability-indication of the method. The present method was validated as per international conference on harmonization (ICH) guidelines with respect to precision, specificity, linearity, limit of detection, limit of quantification, accuracy, and robustness.

      Kartikeya Dwivedi , Nitin Saraswat , Meena Bisht

Abstract: The power of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectroscopy (NMR) in structure elucidation derives in large part from its ability to establish bonding connectivity (via J- coupling interaction) or through space proximity (via dipolar coupling interactions) of nuclei. The amount of time consumed in elucidating a structure depends on the rate at which these interaction can be detected by NMR and analyzed.1D NMR methods most often explore interactions between only few nuclei at a time: spin-spin decoupling measurements are used to demonstrate through-bond connectivity; and NOE measurements are used to probe inter-nuclear distances, 2-Dimensional NMR experiments provide much more structural information in a given time period. Correlation spectroscopy was used to elucidate the aromatic proton position in NMR spectra.

      Teressa Longjam, Neha Bagoria

Abstract: Destination Sequenced Distance Vector (DSDV) routing protocol and Ad-hoc On-demand Distance Vector (AODV) routing protocol are two routing protocols mainly designed for Mobile Ad-hoc networks (MANET). DSDV is a proactive routing protocol and AODV is a reactive routing protocol. The main purpose of this paper is to discuss about these two routing protocols and to show a comparative analysis of them in terms of their performance metrics that are Packet Delivery Ratio, Throughput and Routing Overhead by using NS2. The comparison is done by varying the number of nodes and keeping the number of connection constant.

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