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      Babandi Ibrahim Gumel

Abstract: The study investigated how financial institution financing played a role in the growth of small businesses in Nigeria. Researchers found family and personal savings as the main source of funding small businesses in Nigeria which makes it difficult for owners to secure long-term funding from financial institutions. Lack of long-term funding from a financial institution is one of the challenges that negate the growth of small businesses in Nigeria. The study revealed there is a relationship between financial institutions financing and growth of small business in Nigeria, and knowledge of how to secure the loan by managers is critical in securing long-term funding for small business growth. The study used Chi Square and found small business owners should employ experts who can process long-term loan and manage the loan for the growth of the business.

      Jisha.M. J, C. Isac Sobana raj

Abstract: The Schiff base ligand, derived from furan 3- carboxaldehyde and 3- amino pyridine and the Cu(II), Co(II) and Ni(II) complexes were synthesized. The synthesized ligand and its complexes were characterized by elemental analysis, molar conductance, magnetic moment, 1H NMR, IR, UV-Vis and SEM. The analytical data shows that the metal to ligand ratio is 1:2. The molar conductance data revealed that all the complexes are non-electrolytes. Antimicrobial studies indicated that the complexes exhibit more activity than the ligand.


Abstract: “Self”, which is considered to be the core of individual’s social behaviour has been divided into two complementary parts, i.e. online and offline, thereby increasing new patterns of social interactions, due to the prevalence of Social Network Services (SNS). The dividing line between online sphere and offline sphere of the self, continues to dissolve, as online activities become predominantly intertwined with almost every aspect of the social interactions. More than any other age group, adolescents are mainly subjected to the effects made by SNSs in modern societies. The study strive to understand how adolescents perceive their self and construct self-understanding within a networked society. It also studies the effects of that new self-conceptualization on modern day society, Sri Lanka. Grounded Theory was used as the methodology, and 8 cases were studied preceding a focus group discussion.

      Anshu, Dr. Varma SK

Abstract: The study was conducted in Kurukshetra district of Haryana state with the objective of analysing the involvement of man and women in paddy cultivation. Two blocks from Kurukshetra district were randomly selected i.e. Thanesar and Ladwa block. Two villages from each block were selected randomly. From Kurukshetradistrict 30 households from each village were selected randomly thus making a total sample of 120 households from different socio-economic categories. The study revealed that the average workload of men and women of low socio-economic strata were higher than those of medium and high socio-economic strata, in operation like Land preparation, Nursery raising, Manure and fertilizers application and Intercultural operation. It may therefore, be inferred that landless women and men performed more work in paddy cultivation than the women and men of medium and high socio-economic strata.

      AUB Pethiyagoda, K Pethiyagoda

Abstract: Sexual dysfunction is a very common presentation in urology clinics. Although it is very common in elderly men which is estimated as 50% of all men aged 40 and 70 years old have this problem to some degree. Though it is more common among older age group 26% of men Under 40 year suffer from erectile dysfunction and more than half of them had severe type. Erectile dysfunction is associated with poor cardiovascular function, Ischemic heart disease and stress. Assessment of erectile dysfunction is a way to assess Psychological stress and future risk of Ischemic heart disease in a young population.

      Teuku Rezki Amriza, Susanto

Abstract: In general, the problem that is often faced by the hospital is that the hospital has not been able to provide services that match the expectations of service users. Marketing mix is a set of tools that a hospital can use to shape the characteristics of services offered to customers (patients). The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of marketing mix on the interest of re-visit national health insurance patients in Polyclinic at Hospital X. This study used 75 respondents as polyclinic patients in Hospital X registered as national health insurance participants who are considered quite representative of the population studied. The sampling technique used a random sampling method on each polyclinic taken proportionately.

      Angana Mukherjee, Dr Vani Kulhalli

Abstract: The present case report highlights the role of inconsistent parenting in causation and maintenance of psychopathology of a 17 year old boy, referred here as “Anil”, diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.The case report also puts forward the Psychiatrist’s and the Clinical Psychologist’sreflection, focussing mostly on the treatment outcome. Pharmacotherapy and Cognitive Behaviour Therapywere the treatment of choice for Anil where Cognitive Behaviour Therapy was being modified according to the developmental needs and family context. The case report also puts forward the significance of early attachment and parenting (Guidano and Liotti,1983, Safran,1990) and the role they played in the development and maintenance of the dysfunctional beliefs (Bhar and Kyrios,2000).

      P. Shouthiri

Abstract: Mobile application development is one of the recent trends in computing Industry. Android is one of the largest platforms around the world that run in several smart phones and tablets from various manufacturers like Google, Motorola, Samsung, HTC etc. This paper aims to develop a board game for android platform, exploring a new dimension in the traditional board game to make it more interesting and challenging. It brings fun and simplicity of ‘Tigers and Goats’ game with new features. It includes computer controlled intelligent opponents whose aim is to challenge the human player.

      Marcus S, Bedi N,Yadav HP,Gupta Y,Chowdhary R, Kansal A

Abstract: AIM: The present study was aimed to assess psychiatric morbidity among post mastectomy patients attending cancer OPD in a tertiary care centre in Northern India.

      Geetanjali Thorat, S.G. Salokhe and S. G. Deshpande

Abstract: The insecticide Chlorfenapyr that inhibits Adenosine Tri Phosphate (ATP) production in cellular structure of insects was first registered in the USA for control of termites, cockroaches and ants under the trade name Phantom. In the present work Chlorfenapyr 5% SL (INTREPIDTM) was used to observe the effect on the Tribolium castaneum development, as well as growth. The sub-lethal concentrations of Chlorfenapyr were given to first instar larvae of Tribolium castaneum through diet of wheat flour for 24 hours. There was effect on development and growth of Tribolium castaneum life cycle by dose dependent manner. There was reduction in larval weight, % pupation and time taken for pupation. Similarly there was reduction % adult emergence and time taken for adult emergence. Adult reproductive potential, fecundity and egg hatchability was also affected. The adult emerged from LC20 concentration laid 76% non-viable eggs and the larvae which were emerged from viable eggs survived for 9 to10 days. The adult emerged from LC40 concentration laid 87% non viable eggs and the larvae which were emerged from viable eggs survived for 6-7 days.

      Nimeshi, G. K. S.

Abstract: Underemployment problems and job stress of post grdaute students have gradually become a serious problem. Yet there is a scarcity of research that has attempted to identify the nature, extent and specificity of the problem. This paper aims to find out whether entrepreneurship education can improve job satisfaction and promote employment by finding the impact of entrepreneurship education on increasing employment performance. This paper surveys the post graduate students of Faculty of Commerce and Management Studiesfrom University of Kelaniya and attained their entrepreneurship and employment performance value. The paper draws a conclusion by making correlation analysis and multiple regression analysis. The results showed that entrepreneurship has a positive impact effect on the employment performance. It is confirmed entrepreneurship education has a positive effect on employment performance of post graduate students. The paper made a link between the entrepreneurship research and the employment study. And this study provided a theoretical supporting to the concept of “Encouraging entrepreneurship to drive employment”. This provided the rationality and necessity of entrepreneurship education also.

      Jawairya Mumtaz, Naila Siddiqa, Mussarat Adnan

Abstract: This study is subject to measure the perception of teachers and students related to the new modified curriculum for the 4 years B.Ed degree program. Faculty members of different universities are involved in the designing of curriculum. For this study different hypothesis has been made that define the study outline. Students’ perception was found positive with this regard because they have more knowledge and perfect planning for their future degree program. Teachers knew the comparison among the old and new syllabi of the B.Ed. This study has three hypothesis that measured by the pair t-test. Basic assumptions have been made by the feed-back responses of the respondents who made this study meaningful by their perceptions.

      Foong Chee Haur, Ali Khatibi, S.M.FerdousAzam

Abstract: The aim of this study is to assess the determinants of consumers’ perception towards online advertising in Malaysia. Present study has been developed the research model by reviewing the existing literatures in the area of factors influencing consumers’ perception towards online advertising. The data are subsequently analyzed to explain the relationships among the variables by employing statistical analysis namely descriptive and inferential statistics. Hence, the quantitative strategy is more appropriate since present study test the hypotheses developed rather than a building theory. To execute the current research, altogether 526 respondents have been selected as a final sample size. This research uses survey method in this study because my purpose of the study is to generalize the findings from the sample to population. The current study used Statistical Software Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) and AMOS Software Package to analyze the data. The results of this study provide evidence that increased consumer perception is associated with increased online advertising. There is a direct positive, significant relationship between consumer perception and online advertising of the respondents in the online advertising in Malaysia. It was also found that all sub dimensions of consumer perception positively and significantly affect to online advertising and its dimensions. The resilience was the strongest predictor of online advertising. Besides, the results indicated the significant positive relationships between consumer perception and consumer acceptance. On the other hand, a significant weak relationship was found between consumer acceptance and online advertising. However, the consumer satisfaction has not correlated significantly with online advertising of the respondents in the online advertising in Malaysia.

      Min Fang

Abstract: To improve the ultilization of equipment and labor force, an improved set of low-power indoor tracking equipment was developed based on RF transceivers and microcontrollers. The operating voltage of the system was reset according to the experimental results, this not only reduced the power consumption, but also extended the battery life by driving RF with constant voltage.

      Mr. Prasanna Bhangdia

Abstract: Facade systems, as one of the most complex elements of building, are largely responsible for both the energy-performance and overall aesthetic qualities of a building. With day-to-day innovation in materials & modern technologies, various different materials other than glass are available which can be used for facade of building. Ethylene Tetra Fluoro Ethylene (ETFE) is one of the most exciting materials in today’s design industry and has set the construction world alight with the potential it offers. This research is about study of ETFE; An innovative material & its application as facade material for tall buildings in tropical countries.

      Ibrahim A Ali,Mazin S Abdalla,Omer A Musa

Abstract: Background:At present, there are no studies done to investigate the normal values of Hb A1c in Sudanese population. The level of Hb A1c for Sudanese population is borrowed from international references.

      Bilkay Serez

Abstract: Bronchopulmonary carcinoid tumors are observed rarely. Patients’ usual symptoms are coughing, hemoptysis and recurrent pneumonia, nevertheless in rare cases tese tumors may be diagnosed with clinic conditions related paraneoplastically secreted hormone effects. In this case report, we aimed to indicate a typical lung carcinoid tumor causing ectopic cushing syndrome,presented withdiabetes mellitus, hypertension and hypokalemia.

      Ziaul Muhammad Hussain, Dr. Syed Akhter Hossain

Abstract: Although an innovative approach Construction Quality Management and Monitoring Systems / frameworks (CQMMS) in the development industry are regularly actualized to guarantee that adequate exertion is made by organizations to accomplish the required levels of value for customers. Achievement of these quality levels can bring about more prominent consumer loyalty, which is principal to guarantee long haul intensity for development organizations. In any case, the development division is as yet lingering behind different businesses as far as its effective reception of ICT based CQMMS, because of the relative absence of acknowledgment of the advantages of these frameworks among industry partners. Therefore there is a basic need for thorough investigation of selection of CQMMS in the development part. This paper thoroughly examines in the development part setting, the effects of all the notable variables encompassing effective usage of CQMMS in building associations, particularly those of outer elements.

      Judy Chepkurui Kerich, Dr. Hellen Sang, Dr. Andrew Kipkosgei

Abstract: Effective hygiene education for children is not just teaching facts about health risks and bad hygiene practices. The purpose of the study was to examine the teaching methods used by teachers to facilitate hygiene Practices in Early Childhood Education centers in Londiani Sub-County. The study used active learning instructional theory. This theory states that effective implementation of the curriculum depends on personal hygiene, good health, primary health care, educational environment and food hygiene. The study adopted the descriptive survey research design to investigate hygiene practices. The study was conducted in Londiani Sub-County, Kericho County. The target population of eighty (80) early childhood educational centres and twenty four (24) was sampled for the study. Random sampling technique was used to select the participants. The target population consisted of 24 head teachers and 48 ECD teachers. Research instruments comprised Questionnaire, Interview and Observation schedules. Data analysis was done with the aid of Statistical Package for Social Sciences. The output was presented by use of frequency tables, bar graphs and pie charts. The findings showed that the centres in the area used several methods to teaching hygiene practices which included role playing, use of puppets and using the older pupils to teach the younger pupils hygiene practices. Most of the ECDE centres reported that they used demonstration to teach hygiene practices. There is need therefore to integrate demonstration with other methods to make it permanent and easier for the children.

      Asharani P.V, Guo Zheng Toh, RozinahBachik, Christopher Cheok

Abstract: Background: Communication platforms such as messaging services and social media (SM) have been embraced by healthcare professionals for various purposes. The patterns, purpose of use and, preferences for various tools needs to be explored.

      Hifa Salah Adeen Embirsh , Eng. Yousuf Almukhtar mathkour Ikshadah

Abstract: With increasing demand for energy and international payment to reduce carbon emissions from fossil fuels, Libya solar conversion technologies are currently facing obstacles and cost-saving technologies for a complete energy system. This paper examines the most important sources of renewable energy in Libya, namely solar energy and through the solar energy data obtained from the solar energy research center in Tripoli Libya, that Libya is rich in solar So tremendously.

      M. Salaheldin Abdalla, Ibrahim A Ali, O.A. Musa

Abstract: There is a global increment in the prevalence of increased body mass and it is co-morbid conditions such as but not limited to hypertension. Many studies have been conducted to detect the essence of the relationship between the body mass index (BMI) and the systolic pressure as well as the diastolic blood pressure.

      Hifa Salah Adeen Embirsh , Eng. Yousuf Almukhtar mathkour Ikshadah

Abstract: Libya is one of the oil producing countries, Oil is the main supplier of the country economy. Libya has wind energy resources. Is available in many areas in Libya in reasonable quantities sufficient to solve the crisis that Libya is going through the power cuts for long hours. This paper examines wind energy, the most important renewable energy resource in Libya. The objective of the paper evaluates the wind energy in the capital city of Tripoli, Libya. The data of the Climate Data Station was collected at the Solar Research Center in the capital Tripoli during at a height of 65.14 meters and 32.48 latitudes.

      AnyasorChiamaka Ogechi, Akingunola, Bolanle Oluwayemisi, Owopetu, Christiana Adetoun

Abstract: Contraceptive use among women is associated with reduced maternal morbidity and mortality worldwide. Study assessed women awareness of modern contraceptives, its use and barriers among inner-city mothers attending child welfare clinic in selected hospitals in Abeokuta.This is a descriptive cross-sectional study using convenient sampling to recruit 150 women attending Child Welfare Clinic in three selected health facilities in Abeokuta. Questionnaires with open-ended questions were used to obtain informationfrom respondents after obtaining ethical approval and written consent. Data obtained was analysed using SPSS version 21.Findings from the study revealed that awareness of modern contraceptive among the respondents is high (94%),however its use is low(41.3%). The desire to have more children(47.7%) was the major reason for non-use of modern contraceptives. Lack of communication between couples with regards to sex(24%) and fear of side effects (27.3%) were the main barriers to using contraceptive.Women should be encouraged to communicate effectively with their husbands. Furthermore, healthcare providers should properly evaluate clients seeking contraception and educate them on side effects to improve adherence to contraceptive use.

      Habtamu Garoma Debela, Habtamu Bayissa Yadeta, Solomon Bati Kejela

Abstract: This paper presents the fifth order Runge-Kutta method (RK5) to find the numerical solution of the second order initial value problems of Bratu-type ordinary differential equations. In order to justify the validity and effectiveness of the method, we solve three model examples and compare the exact solutions to numerical solutions. The numerical results in terms of point wise absolute errors presented in tables and the plotted graphs show that the present method approximates the exact solution very well. Besides, the stability of the method had been checked and verified.


Abstract: Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) has a great impact on society, both as an illness and as a source of discrimination. Numerous social and behavioral factors are involved in the spread of HIV/AIDS such as prostitution, broken homes, sexual disharmony, easy money, emotional immaturity, urbanization and industrialization, changing behavioral patterns, social stigma and alcoholism. Most of the infected people are not aware about their HIV status. Social stigma and discrimination towards HIV infected people adversely affect voluntary testing for HIV. Lack of information about the causes and risk factors of AIDS can place a large number of young people at the risk of acquiring Human Immunodeficiency Virus infection (HIV). Therefore, knowledge regarding AIDS is an essential precursor of sexual risk reduction.

      Herath HMLSB, Wickramarathne RLA, Pallewatte AS, Herath LHMIM

Abstract: Ionizing radiation used in medical imaging has probability to establish carcinogenesis and it is important to measure the radiation doses to critical organs of known sensitivity to the stochastic effects. Due to the small size of pediatrics’ body, the chest X-ray examinations are associated with high radiation exposure of non-relevant adjacent organs such as the thyroid gland. Since the thyroid cancer, particularly in pediatrics has been well established and the increasing risk of thyroid cancer from low levels of medical diagnostic X-rays has been highlighted, we aimed to measure the surface dose to the thyroid gland of pediatrics undergoing antero-posterior (AP) chest examination. After assessing each patient against specific inclusion-exclusion criteria, 100 pediatric patients who underwent AP chest X-ray examination were considered eligible for this study.

      Novri Rulyasri, Noer Azam Achsani, Heti Mulyati

Abstract: The fluctuation of global economy condition in 2014 – 2015 will continuously change up to the end of 2016 and it makes uncertainty for players in industrial sectors of developing countries, including Indonesia. The changing of macroeconomicfactors like Gross Domestic Product (GDP) that is represented by Industrial Production Index (IPX), Currency Exchange Rate, BI rate, Consumer Price Index (CPI), and The Total of Money Circulation (M2) that happens in that period of time which also influences the banking industrial sector in Indonesia.Loan provision for Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs), which is generally known by retail segment, is facing a deceleration causing Non Performing Loan (NPL) on that segment.By using times series data on the macroeconomy variables and then it is conducted and analyzed by using Vector Error Correction Model (VECM) can be obtained that the NPL level in retail segment is influenced from the changing factors or macroeconomy variables. In short time, the varibale of money circulation (M2) will be a macroeconomy variable that has positive and significant impact towards NPL in retail segment, meanwhile in long term, currency exchange rate variable and the total money circulation (M2) will be macroeconomy variables that have positive impacts towards the NPL in retail segment.

      Egejuru RO, Nnadi IG, Odesamni WO

Abstract: Aim: To estimate the demographic, injury pattern and causes of death among road traffic accident victims in Owerri metropolis.

      M.P.B.D. Weerasooriya, A. W. Thiranagama

Abstract: Job satisfaction of the employee is most important factor to the successful organization. Satisfied employee is an asset to the organization. Because satisfied employees contribute with his full potentials to the organization. This study investigated the impact of crossover effect of occupational stress of spouse on job satisfaction of the employee. The organizational context of the study was a Sri Lankan Apparel Organization. The basic aim of this study is to fill the existing literature gap. To measure the level of job satisfaction of employee, researcher used validated global job satisfaction scale developed by Brayfield and Rath (1951) and Occupational stress of the spouse was measured by using validated occupational stress scale developed by Srivastav and Singh (1981). Findings of the study revealed that the occupational stress experienced by the spouse negatively impact on job satisfaction level of the employees.

      Odey, M. O, Ita, P. M, Nchor, E. E

Abstract: The study investigated the relationship between child labour and academic performance among Junior Secondary School (JSS III) students in Ogoja education zone of Cross River State. Ex post-Facto research design was adopted. A 30-item questionnaire and a 40-item achievement test were the instruments used to gather data for the study. Simple sampling technique method was applied. Six hundred and ten (610) students were randomly selected from the 74 public secondary schools in the zone using two schools each from a Local Government Area in the zone for the study. Data gathered were subjected to Pearson Product Moment Correlation Coefficient. The result of the analysis revealed negative significant relationship between child labour, and academic performance of upper basic students in Ogoja education zone of Cross River State. Based on the above findings, it is strongly established that students who are victims of one forms of abuse or the other, are likely to perform poorly academically.

      Aimé MuyombanoPhD Scholar; Prof. Eugene Ndabaga

Abstract: The main purpose of this study was to assess the effect of advancing technology on financial performance of Commercial Banks in East African community partner States, specifically; The study was guided by the following specific objectives:the role of Mobile advancing; the importance of Internet advancing; the impact of Electronic Card advancingboth on financial performance of Commercial Banks in East African community partner States.Different methods and methodologies were used during this study. The Stratum sample size strategy has been used to determine which number of banks per States memberof East African Countries should be obtains Data; with Stratum sample size mathematic formula, equally EAC States members provided their financial Institutions (Banks) accordingly such as 3 out of 12 Commercial Banks in Rwanda; 10out of 48 Commercial Banks in Kenya

      Jeeban Jyoti Mohanty

Abstract: Agriculture continues to be the backbone of the state’s economy in Odisha. Nearly 58 percent of the rural households depend on agriculture for their primary means of livelihood, but this sector continues to be subsistence oriented and susceptible to natural shocks such as droughts and floods. As agriculture depends on monsoon, a major segment of this population does not have sufficient income even to meet their daily expenses and for them the possibilities of savings and investment are almost stagnant. They require credit in their day to day life, to purchase agricultural inputs and adopt modern technology. Thus, timely and adequate quantum of agricultural credit is critical for the socio-economic development of the agricultural farmer.

      NehaVashisth, Rajeev Gupta

Abstract: This paper provides design and implementation details of sliding mode controller for buck-boost converter in continuous conduction mode (CCM). This paper also looks in to the nonlinear dynamics of the power converter such as chaos and bifurcation in particular. MATLAB-Simulink based simulation has been carried out to illustrate the simulation results.

      M.L.S.Dissanayaka & Rev. Pinnawala Sangasumana

Abstract: Floods are one of the meteorological events that often record as sever catastrophic natural hazard in the world. Flooding ranks as the most damaging forms of natural disaster in Sri Lanka. Since the most of the populated urban spaces are being subjected to the flood hazard, urban flood hazard management has come to the fore in the field of disaster management. Many urban areas of the Western Province in Sri Lanka, especially North Colombo Region were severely affected due to the flood hazard in May 2016. Therefore, the main objective of the study is to identify the issues and challenges of urban flood hazard management process and introduce the appropriate framework for enhancing the existing flood hazard roadmap.

      Sjamsuddin Garantjang

Abstract: Research on the age of cattle is very important because it will determine the balance between feeding, weight gain, feed efficiency and time of finishing cattle. The purpose of this research was to investigate the effect of age on daily gain,dry matter feed intake, carcass and meat percentage of Bali cattle fed with complete feed based on corn silage. Crude protein and metabolizable energy contents of diets were 11%, and 1879.4 k calories/kg ration, respectively. The experiment used 18 heads of male Bali cattle, with three treatments and six replications. The treatments were age of the cattle: 1.5-2 years, 2.0- 2.5 years and 2.5-3 years.The cattle were housed in individual cage for three months. The results show that age of cattle had a significant effect (p<0.05) on daily gain. Average daily gain 1-1.5 years was 0.340 ± 0.041 kg/head/d, 2-2.5 years was 0.363 ± 0.032 kg/head/d and2.5-3 years that reach 0.469 ± 0.041 kg/head/d. With the increase of age, the average weight gain and feed intake also increased. The highest carcass and meat percentage was found in cattle of 2 – 2.5 years, followed by cattle of 2.5 – 3 and 1.5 – 2.0 years. The conclusion is with respect to rate of gain and feed intake, age 2.5 – 3.0 years old was the best, where-as with respect to carcass and meat percentage, age 2.0 – 2.5 years was the best.

      John Walter Chinaka, Adentan Olusolape Esther, Ihum, Temitope A, Olorundare Olufunke Olufunke

Abstract: Nematicidal activity of Aloe veraplant at different concentration treatments were evaluated to determine its effect on root-knot nematode. The study was conducted at the Federal College of Forestry Jos, Plateau State of Nigeria between March and May, 2017. Nematicidal activity of Aloe vera was tested on M. incognitaassociated with tomatoes using 80mg/ml, 70mg/ml, 60mg/ml, 50mg/ml and 40mg/ml of the extract. Modified Baermann Funnel Method was used for nematode extractions and 70% ethanol was used for Aloe veraextraction analysis.Seedlings of the tomato plant grown in a sandy-loam soil were inoculated with 400 eggs of root-knot nematodes, Meloidogyne incognita on nursery bed.

      Oji, Oliver , Ofoegbu, Grace N

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effect of Audit Committee Qualities on Financial Reporting of listed companies in Nigeria. The study used structured questionnaires administered to a sample of 145 administrative staff of selected listed companies located in Rivers State, Nigeria to elicit the required data for hypothesis testing. The statistical technique employed in testing and analysing the hypothesis was the Ordinary Least Square regression analysis to accurately establish the effect of the dependent and independent variables with the aid of version 17.0 of the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) computer software. Results of the analyses suggested that audit committee independence, audit committee members qualification and audit committee monitoring function have a significant and positive effect on financial reporting of listed firms in Nigeria. The study provides evidence to shareholders that qualification of audit committee members should be considered seriously during their appointment to improving the quality of financial reporting and achieving audit committee members independence. Moreover, the result highlights the need for companies to organise training for audit committee members in the areas where in-depth knowledge is required especially on the application of new accounting standards which will aid financial reporting process of the company. The paper creates awareness on the need for identifying monitoring functions that are vulnerable to manipulation for critical analysis and intensive review in those areas.

      Adoyo Laji, Fatuma Daudi, Jeremiah Ayonga, Caleb Mireri

Abstract: Urban flooding is becoming an increasingly severe and more frequent problem in African cities. The floods result into loss of lives and damages to properties in these urban places. Vulnerability to flood damages has been explained to be related to the manner in which urban settlements develop. Particular processes of urban development, especially in developing countries, where plans follow rapid urban growth, rather than direct it, have been blamed for the increased vulnerability to flood damage. Potential impacts of climate changes are expected to exacerbate this urban flood menace. This therefore necessitated a study of this nature so as to explore the dichotomous pathways in urban development process and how they contribute to the rise in flood damage. This would in turn enable us confront such processes through appropriate urban development planning framework.

      M Rizal Andriyanto, Idqan Fahmi, Setiadi Djohar

Abstract: This research aims to learn on how to develop company performance appraisal sistems in business sector that is highly limited by government regulations. The object of study is PT XYZ that is running business in commercial explosives production and distribution in Indonesia. The performance appraisal will be developed based on Balanced Scorecards (BSC) concept. The objectives of the research is analyzing the internal factor and external factor of the company, and developing a strategy map based on the BSC perspectives, and developing performance appraisal system for the company. Company strategy components such as vision, values and main strategy will be integrated in to the process to get final appraisal systems that is in line with internal company values and capable to support the company to overcome the external challenges.The benefit of this research is to assist the company in developing a strong and solid internal system in order to be able to run the explosive business on an ongoing basis.Customer perspectives is the most prioritized items in the appraisal systems in this type of business due to limited number of customers, high volatility of the customer business situation which is mining industry and high level of business competition. Customer prespectives is also represent most of external factors including how the company anticipate the business regulation changes whichs is oftenly unpredictable.

      Janet J. Kipsanai

Abstract: The history of the developed and newly developed economies of the world shows that the establishment of material processing industries has had the greatest contribution to the growth of their national wealth. Refractories are essential for all industrial processes using elevated temperatures. The ability to withstand exposure to heat above 538 oC is the critical distinction separating refractory from other ceramics. The aim of this study therefore, is to find out the possibility of using Diatomite, mined in Kenya, as a major raw material in the production of refractory linings. Diatomite has been utilized in Kenya but majorly in the manufacture of products like industrial filters and fillers for local consumption and export. Diatomite were collected from Gilgil near Lake Elementaita, crushed, sieved and the chemical composition determined. The samples were moulded into rectangular shaped bricks of 40mm height, 40mm width and 80mm length, allowed to dry and later fired up to a temperature of 10000C. Refractory properties like Compressive strength, Hardness, Linear shrinkage on firing, Apparent porosity and Density were determined. The result of chemical analysis indicated that the clay was composed of Silica (SiO2), 74.8%; Alumina (Al2O3), 3.26%; Iron Oxide (Fe2O3), 2.19%; Calcium Oxide (CaO), 1.82%; Potassium Oxide (K2O), 0.64%; Sodium Oxide (Na2O), 2.77%; and other traces. The physical and mechanical tests show that the clay had Cold Crushing Strength of 1357kPa, Hardness of 10.03GPa%, Linear shrinkage of 11.17%, Apparent Porosity of 64.55% and Bulk Density of 0.81g/cm3. Diatomite can make better local refractory raw materials.

      Siraj Ilyas Khany, Mohammed Ayazuddin, Khaja Iqbal Khan, Syed Ahmed Irfanuddin

Abstract: Metal machining process is one of the fundamental areas where manufacturing industry prospers.Themajor parameters that control the quality of the job within the tolerance limits are speed, feed and depth of cut and other process parameters that affect the machining. In this paper an effort has been made to study the effect of rake angle on cutting forces for a single point cutting tool. Different experiments are carried out to identify the variation in cutting force with the variation in rake angle.


Abstract: This study sought to analyze the overall performance of private commercial banks in Ethiopia using CAMEL rating approach. In this study, the financial performance of six sampled private banks was measured using the audited financial reports of 10 years period (2007-2016). Novel feature of this study was the inclusion of more explanatory variables, which were not used by the average researchers i.e. fixed asset to total assets, net profit per employee, total deposit per no. branches, total loan per no. of branches, measurements.

      Stephen Eduku, Mohammed Okoe Alhassan, Joseph Sekyi – Ansah

Abstract: Driver drowsiness is a significant factor in vehicular accidents and therefore different technologies are being put in place to bring it to the barest minimum. This paper takes in-depth look at vehicle accident prevention system using wireless technology, eye blink sensor and automatic braking system to ensure that the vehicle slows down and comes to a halt when drowsiness is detected, and the system (circuit) is not reset within the threshold period programmed in the microcontroller of the system. The wireless technology which is the backbone of this project work was achieve through radio frequency wave, is then used to send an information (slow down there is halt car ahead) to other vehicles at a transmission distance of wavelength 0.69m with a frequency of 433MHZ. simulation software (Proteus) was used to critically analyzed the model of the design of the vehicle accidents prevention system using wireless technology. It was ascertained from the results that the vehicle accidents prevention system using wireless technology is an effective technology for vehicle accidents prevention due to driver drowsiness. The design of the vehicle accident prevention system using wireless technology, with the aim of sending information to other vehicles at a distance through RF module when drowsiness is detected was successfully implemented.

      John Walter Chinaka, Nanlir Janfa, Oladejo Afolabi, Ya’u Hussaini, Sunday Oladipo

Abstract: This research was carried out to evaluate the phytochemical and antibacterial effect of ethanol extract of Vitellaria paradoxa seed on Staphylococcus aureus and Candida albicans. The research was conducted at Microbiology laboratory of Federal college of Forestry, Jos.V. paradoxa seeds were collected from Bida, Niger State, Nigeria. Clinical isolates of S.aureusand Candida albicanswere obtained from the stock culture of Microbiology Diagnostic Laboratory, N.V.R.I., Vom, Plateau State. Susceptibility testing was carried out using agar well method.100, 50 and 25gm/mlconcentrations of the extract was used to determine zone of inhibition and water served as control. Minimum bactericidal concentration (MBC) and minimum fungicidal concentration (MFC) was conducted using tube method at double fold dilution. MIC and MBC of the extract were tested at concentrations of 25, 12.5, 6.25, 3.125, 1.5625 and 0.7812mg/ml. Ciprofloxacin 20mg/mlserved as positive control and replicated three time.

      Siddharth Bhadauria

Abstract: Failure in industrial term is known as not to perform the intended or desired work. For a design engineer it is very important that a part does perform its intended job efficiently and more reliably. In nuclear power plant there are various pipe lines which carries pressurized fluid and with time under certain conditions these repeated and cyclic loads can cause a fracture inside the pipe wall. Design engineer has to ensure that condition like this doesn’t occur frequently because there are so much at the stake. Now these fracture will occur because of the constantly repeating cyclic loads but measuring the extent to which a pipe can function properly can make a very big difference. System level computer modeling of complex nuclear system is increasingly becoming trend due to availability of advanced computer programs and multi processer based parallel computing hardware and software[1]. Computer based fracture analysis helps in mechanics of the material and computing the different area of the fracture growth.

      Fredy Pattipeilohy, Trijunianto Moniharapon, Meigy Nelce Mailoa, Raja Bonan Dolok Sormin

Abstract: Seaweed Gymnogongrus sp is endemic to the Maluku region, with the local name "vegetable coral" which usually begins to grow early in the east (April) season along the south coast of Ambon island (Hutumuri - Mahia) and is harvested from July to September. People usually consume them as side dishes. Seaweed can be explored as a natural preservative. In order to preserve fresh food business, especially fish in a sustainable manner using natural preservatives containing bioactive components as antibacterial. To obtain the content of organic compounds from dried plants is to extract the continuous connecting powder of the starting material using a hexane solvent series of solvents alternately, ranging from lowest to highest polarity level or from non polar (Hexane) to produce hexane 1, semi polar extract (Ethyl acetate ) to polar (Methanol). In this study also tried the opposite of polar, semi polar and non polar yielding hexane 2 extract. In this study hexane 1 and hexane 2 extracts are used as test extracts. The purpose of this research is to know the rendement and power of antibacterial of hexane extract from seaweed vegetable type Gymnogongrus sp. The results showed that the yield of hexane 1 extract (0.149%) was higher than hexane 2 extract (0.108%). The antibacterial power to Escherichia coli, Salmonella thypi and Bacillus subtilis from n-hexane 2 extracts is, 42.33; 37.50 and 20.83 mm better when compared with n-hexane 1 extract and control (DMSO) with the result of drag zone diameter respectively: 26.00; 39.33 and 20.17 mm and 11.00; 19.50 and 13.00 mm.

      I. Mamuda, P.M. Akushai & J.A. Ramadan

Abstract: Geophysical survey using the Vertical Electrical Sounding (VES) technique of investigation was carried out for the determination of groundwater potentials in parts of Mangu-Halle and surrounding areas. The ABEM Terrameter (SAS 1000), precisely the Schlumberger array with AB/2 electrode spread of 1.5m-215m was employed in the data collection. A total of thirty-five (35) VES points were collected. The field data were interpreted using WIN RESIST computer iterative program. The results obtained from the interpretations were illustrated as geo-electric sections and depth to basement maps which revealed 3-4 geo-electric layers. The first layer consists of topsoil / lateritic cap with resistivity values of 123-2908, the second layer consist of weathered zone with resistivity value of 6.0379, the third and the fourth layers consists of fractured basement with resistivity from 194-4968 and possibly aquiferous, promising good quantity of groundwater source; and the fifth layer consists of fresh basement. With reference to the interpretation of data acquired i.e aquifer thickness and material constituents in the subsurface, the area was classified into high, medium and low groundwater potential zones with the sole aim of providing the background information for detailed groundwater exploration and development within the area.

      Dr. R. Babu & A. Fathima

Abstract: The present study was designed to assess the Empowerment and Family Adjustment level of women teacher.Empowerment scale constructed and validated by Sridevi, 2005 and Family Adjustment scale constructed by the Spanier, 1976 was used to collect responses fort this study. A total of 500 women teachers, working in private, aided and government schools were randomly selected. The study reveals the fact that the level of Empowerment and Family Adjustment are athigh levels. There is low positive and significant correlation is found between women teachers empowerment and family adjustment.

      Carolyne Ruto, Dr. Isaac Kiprotich Naibei, Dr. Peter Kimutai Cheruiyot

Abstract: Over the recent past, the SACCO sector has experienced persistent poor financial performance. This is inspite of the fact that the sector is an important contributor of the economics growth in Kenya. Previous studies indicate that corporate governace in SACCOs is a critical driver of performance in the sector.The purpose of this study is to establish the effect of composition of Board of directors and level of Independence on financial performance of SACCOs in Kericho County. Stratified simple random sampling techniques was used to identify respondents. A sample of 119was drawn from apopulation of 169 respondents in the three selected SACCOs in Kericho County. Questionnaire was used to collect the primary data.

      Joyce Cherotich Malait, Dr. Isaac K. Naibei, and Dr. Joseph K. Kirui

Abstract: Accounting systems is a system that records and process data of transaction and events into meaningful information for use in planning, controlling and operation of business. The purpose of this study was to establish the effect of accounting systems on performance of Public Universities in Kenya. The study adopted descriptive research design using a case of one public University in Kenya. The study targeted all the 106 staff working in the Administration and Finance division of Egerton University. Simple random sampling technique was used to select 83 respondents out of which 79 respondents participated in the study. Data was collected using self-administered questionnaire. Quantitative data collected were analyzed using descriptive statistics . Simple regression model was also used to analyse the results. The study established that there was statistically significant relationship between Accounting systems and the performance of university. The study recommends that the management of university should consider and improve on their Accounting systems to enhance accuracy of accounting reports, customer satisfaction, management accountability and transparency, since they significantly affected their performance. The study also recommended that the same study be carried out in Finance and Microfinance institutions, private and other public sectors to find out if the same results would be obtained.

      ChepkorirEvalyne, Dr. Isaac K. Naibei and Joseph K. Cheruiyot

Abstract: Higher education is very critical in promoting economic, social and political development of individual and society. Consequently, there has been unprecedented growth of universities in Kenya. The growth of universities in the country has resulted in a number of challenges that has raised issues on the quality of education being offered in the universities. Quality of education is a multidimensional concept that covers such aspects as levels of students’ achievement; relevance of the knowledge and skills acquired by learners; conditions of learning; content and methods of teaching and management of the education process.

      Philemon Korir, Dr. Isaac K. Naibei and Dr. Peter K. Cheruiyot

Abstract: Tax collection is an important means of raising revenue of any country and this determine its economic position. The adequacy of revenues allows the government to support its operations ranging from administrative activities; infrastructure development and service provision .In the first half of the last financial year, KRA reported tax collection below its target. Online iTax was introduced to replace the Integrated Tax Management System (ITMS) previously used by Kenya Revenue Authority. Like iTax, ITMS was unable to handle heavy traffic and had less functionality, forcing the taxman to abandon it for the much more versatile system. This study sought to assess the selected dynamics that influence the adoption of iTax by selected Small and Medium Taxpayers, focusing on those operating within Bomet County.

      Mary Kashif, Mehwish Raheel

Abstract: Despite of the large number of studies related to earning differentials there are very few studies that attempts to estimate earning differentials for the workforce working in technical education institutions especially in Case of Lahore. Therefore, this study is designed to examine the factors that affect the earnings of the worker working in the technical educational institutions of Lahore District of Punjab province of Pakistan. Mincerian Human Capital Earning Function Approach was used to estimate the earning differentials of the workforce working in technical educational institutes of Lahore. Primary data was collected for the sample of 1168 respondents in 2015 directly from the field in order to conduct the current study. Empirical analysis indicates that education, experience, training acquired, computer usage, institution from where respondent had completed their secondary school certificate (SSC), gender, family status and family background were found to be contributing factors towards the earnings of the workforce of various categories of the technical educational institutions in Lahore. Results also recommend that implementation of such policies and development programs that reduces or minimizes the earning differentials among the staff which arise on the basis of occupation (teaching and non-teaching).

      Dr. S.W.G.K. Bulankulama

Abstract: Customers when making travelling arrangements, their source for hotels recommendations are the trusted sites through the internet. Star graded hotel are aware of the effects for taking the competitive advantage as the benefits of social media marketing. It is necessary for the hotel to take the direction for attracting of customer have to be measured the significant for utilization of social media. Therefore, in this research examines the appropriateness of social media as a way of marketing to the hotel sector in Sri Lanka and universal sampling was adapted.A requirement of social media is integrating the strategies before implementation for positioning. Therefore, assessed the dimensionality of social media marketing throughcommunication, transaction and distribution and used items were fitted with the Sri Lankan hotel industry.

      Md Asadul Islam, Dr. Amer Hamzah Bin Jantan, Ayesha Saimoon

Abstract: This paper aims to examine the use of succession planning, flexibility and communication to ensure female participation in the leadership positions in the Ready Made Garments (RMG) industry of Bangladesh. Study used quantitative strategy and cross-sectional survey method to collect the data from 250 employees with education level of intermediate to masters. Results demonstrated that more than 90% of participants rated the level of succession planning, flexibility and communication used in RMG organisations as low to bring females into leadership positions. Since, no study identifying the use of three antecedents in Bangladesh has been conducted so far, significance of this study lies in highlighting the exact antecedents to be improved in RMG organizations of Bangladesh to increase female participation in leadership positions.

      AliM.Rahman, Khatam M. AL-Mosawi

Abstract: Objectives:To assess nurses knowledge regarding the facilitated tucking position during venipuncture, and assess the effectiveness of education program among nurses by comparing the pre- and post-test knowledge scores regarding the facilitated tucking position, and it is also, to determine the relationship between the pre- and post-test knowledge scores and the demographic variable of nurses by a Non-probability (purposive sample) of (25) all of them day shift working in Neonatal intensive care units (NICU) at AL-Batool teaching hospital.

      Ushamani M, Renuka M.R

Abstract: Silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) have received considerable attention due to their attractive physical, chemical, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties. This paper reports simple, cost effective and eco-friendly methods for the preparation of AgNPs using silver nitrate solution as the metal precursor using leaf extracts of Ocimum tenuiflorum, Azadirachta indica and Plectranthus amboinicus. The AgNPs obtained were characterized by XRD to analyze the particle size. The XRD patterns confirmed the purity, phase composition and nature of the synthesized nanoparticle. UV-Vis and IR spectroscopy was used as a tool to characterize AgNPs. The study also revealed that AgNPs synthesised from all the medicinal plant extracts had inhibitory activity on the gram positive and negative human pathogenic bacteriae Bacillus and Klebsiella. The broad spectrum of bioactivity of AgNPs makes them promising agents not only to fight infections, but in many other biomedical areas.

      Tooba Haq, Niaz Ahmad, Razia Begum

Abstract: Present study was aimed to determine the effect of herbal pharmaceutical solid waste compost on the growth, pod yield and nutritional value of okra. Compost was prepared by using herbal pharmaceutical solid waste in combination with cow manure under windrow composting technique. Three different doses i.e. 25, 37.5 and 50 kg Nha-1 were applied to okra crop. The experiment was arranged in a randomized complete block design with three replications. Growth, yield, mineral and vitamins of okra were assessed. The results showed that various treatments had significant effects on growth, yield and chemical composition of okra above the control plants in which no compost was applied but among three doses application of 50 kg Nha-1 herbal pharmaceutical solid waste compost significantly increased the growth, yield and level of minerals and vitamins.

      Mengie Belayneh, Alemayehu Abera, Gashahun Tadesse

Abstract: This study was aimed to assess soil degradation and conservation practices in Darimu and Chewaka Woredas of Illu Ababora Zone. Through purposive and simple random sampling methods a total of 331 respondents were selected from the woredas. To achieve the objectives of the study both qualitative and quantitative methods of data analysis were used. Descriptive statistics such as percentage distribution, bar graphs, charts, tables were used and more of qualitative analysis was used. According to the major findings of the study, the major factors that exposed the area for soil erosion was topography, land use/ cover change, continuous farming without fallowing, population pressure, attitude and perception of farmers, knowledge and use of soil conservation practices. The survey result reveals that there are various indigenous and adopted soil conservation practices in the area. Among these, fallowing, manure, contour plowing, crop rotation, waterways are indigenous soil conservation practices and terracing, soil bund, fugn juu, grass strip, chomo grass and elephant grass are some of the adopted soil conservation practices. The result of the study also reveals that the major challenges of adopting structural soil conservation mechanisms in the area includes; geographical aspect, land tenure, educational level, farmer access to extension services, sex of the household, awareness of farmers about soil conservation methods and off farm activities. Finally, suggestions have been forwarded based on the findings of the study.

      Khalida Parveen, Manzoor Ahmad Malik, Farooq Ahmad Itoo, and Zahoor Ahmad Shah

Abstract: Oral pregabalin premedication adequately sedates the patient and haemodynamic pressor response of airway instrumentation was attenuated Material and methods: The study was designed as a prospective randomized, double-blinded,placebo controlled study, which included 120 normotensive adult patients aged 24-56years of both genders,scheduled for elective surgery under general anaesthesia with ASA physical status I & II were allocated for the study.This study was done in the department of anaesthesia, and critical care,Sher-i-Kashmir institute of medical science, Srinager( J &K) after obtaining approval from ethical committee,a written informed consent was taken from the patients for participation in this study.Results: Systolic blood pressure increased maximally in group I(P0) and group II(P75) 1min after direct laryngoscopy and endotracheal intubation from baseline (32.1% from baseline).It gradually decreased to near baseline values over 10 minutes.In groupIII (P150) maximum rise in blood pressure was 11.1% from baseline.Among these only pregabalin 150mg attenuated the rise in blood pressure following laryngoscopy(p-value=0.001).

      Girija Jayanandan

Abstract: As one grain of rice is enough to test if the whole pot of rice is boiled ,a few lines of poetry of the great luminouries [i e]Sri Aurobindo of the East and Sir William Blake of the West testify that great minds think alike. Both Aurobindo and Blake had a strong spiritual intention of discovering the infinite in all things.Though both had one vision their directin and method was a bit different. Blake’s philosophy differed from primitive animism but resembled that of Aurobindo in his subtelity of apprehension ,in spiritual discipline and above all in its recognition of unity in all things .He was a mystic who had a perception of some great absolute truth and he acted upon this realisation.His mystic expression longed for a complete harmony with the transcendental Order.

      ThayamathyPio Jude Navinthan

Abstract: An extension to the classical complex number system from the space of real sequences was proposed. We show that the new complex type number system forms a field over the real or complex field with infinite dimension. We explore some possible exponential and trigonometric formulations this new complex type numbers and investigate their properties. The complex type numbers are used to represent three dimensional physical spaces with Cartesian coordinates.

      Bantayehu Ayalew Workineh

Abstract: Expropriation and compensation for road construction are currently big issues and have many challenges which are more unique than for redevelopment. This research focuses on the capacity of the institutes, workflows, perception of expropriated and rules effectiveness in expropriation and compensation. This research helps for scholars to see and pave for further research; and for city government to implement expropriation and compensation in an appropriate way. The research types used were descriptive research and data were collected through a questionnaire and interview. Primary data and secondary data were used in this study. The samples were taken from official and expropriated landholders for asphalt road construction project site of CMC to WONDIRAD and ROOT school to BONO WUHA. In this focus ground, the difficulty existed not only human capacity building, but also lack of full human resources. The flow of works challenges for expropriation and compensation of road construction like inconsistency design and change of marks on the property of expropriated. In addition, the time given was too short from an authorized body to perform expropriation and valuation. Some expropriated landholders were not satisfied by expropriation and they were opposed due to compensation, and involuntary to leave and changes of plan once again. The rules were not effective due to non-considerations of the current site and ignorance of some expropriated. The compensation was not honest and descriptive detail for valuation. The implementation of rules in the study areas was not effective, due to discussion were not fully aware the expropriated, too short time given to expropriated, unfair compensation amount and exposition of expropriated to demolish their property more than two times which leads extra cost for them.

      Aung Mon, Dr.Nang Su Le MyaThwin

Abstract: The objective of this study is to develop a simplified seismic performance based design method which reduce the repetition cycles of nonlinear process. The peak ground accelerations are estimated using earthquake data along the Sagaing Fault for Mandalaycity in Myanmar. The evaluated yield accelerations of twenty case studies of the seismic force resisting systems that complying with the performance objectives are documented as a data bank based on the current analysis and design procedure. Then, they are converted to a proposed yield acceleration equation using second-order polynomial regression. This method is also verified by the total of four buildings based on different number of stories. By introducing, this proposed yield acceleration at the initial stage of analysis and design as a simplified method, some repetitions of the nonlinear process can be reduced.Fragility curves are developed for performance based buildings on different peak ground accelerations and their damage probability is compared. The vulnerability of the buildings is estimated in terms of vulnerability index to assess the performance of the building.

      M.F.Alniema, A.K. Abduallah, Salma Elhadi3 Musa.O.A

Abstract: Background: Pregnancy has many effects on the functions of women body systems.It is known that the respiratory rate of pregnant women increases as early as the first trimester. The aim of this study is to investigate the effects of pregnancy (2nd and 3rd trimesters) on lung function parameters (FVC, FEV1 and PEFR) and respiratory muscles power parameters (MIP and MEP) in Sudanese women from Khartoum state.

      Nahid Ahmed Mohamed, Omer Abel Aziz Musa

Abstract: "Objectives: this study is designed to assess the effect of occupational exposure on respiratory symptoms and pulmonary functions of workers in Sudanese factories. Methods: A cross sectional study was performed in four Sudanese factories, in Khartoum and Eight hundred and six workers from different factories were included,319 workers from Khartoum refinery company, Khartoum state, 232 workers from Al Genaid sugar factory, 152 workers from Al Baraka biscuit manufacturing factory and 103 workers from Gezira tannery, Gezira state . Respiratory symptoms, pulmonary function and skin prick tests were evaluated.

      Dr. Isaac Kiprotich Naibei, Richard Kiprotich Koskei, Dr. Peter KimutaiCheruiyot

Abstract: In Kenya, Savings and Credit Co-operative Societies (SACCOs) contributes about 30% of the country’s gross domestic product. However, the growth of SACCOs has recently been threatened by competition by other financial institutions offering alternative services. The purpose of this study was to; establish the influence of interest rates on loyalty of SACCO members; determine the influence of the mode of disbursement of funds on loyalty of SACCO members; to determine the influence of variety of SACCO products on loyalty of SACCO members and to determine the influence of collateral required by SACCOs to SACCO products by SACCO members in the selected SACCOs. The target population was 441 members from which a sample of 209 members was selected using systematic sampling technique. Data was collected using Self-administered questionnaires. Data was analyzed by use of correlation analysis and regression analysis. The finding revealed a relationship between loyalty of members to their SACCOs interest rates (r=-0.849, p<0.01), mode of disbursement (r=0.756, p< 0.01) and variety of products (r=310; p<0.05). The study concluded that interest rates, mode of disbursement and variety of financial products are most important financial factors which influence SACCO member’s loyalty. The study recommends that SACCOs seeking to enhance retention of their members should fasten in providing competitive interest rates and find modalities of improving their efficiency in disbursements of funds.

      Paul Mbugua, Dr. Fridah Nyiva, Charles Wachira Gathano

Abstract: The general objective of the study is to assess factors affecting sustainability of Catholic Church community based projects with reference to Catholic Archdiocese of Nairobi in Kenya. This study was based on Stakeholder and Human Capital theories which have also been discussed. The research study adopted a qualitative research methodology and the survey design.

      Joan Thuo, Dr. Headmound Okari, Mr. Michael T. Okuku

Abstract: This study sought to explore the impediments facing elderly persons in accessing cash transfer programs in Kiambu Sub County, Kenya. The study used descriptive research design with a target population of 977 elderly persons in Kiambu Sub County. A sample size of elderly respondents which represents 10% of the total target population from each of the 6 regions was selected from the target population. The study used both questionnaires and interview guides to get information from elderly persons with the help of research assistants. Quantitative data was analyzed descriptively while qualitative data was analyzed by use of content analysis. The study also used Pearson Correlation Moment method for advanced analysis.

      Leonard Muchiri, Dr. Kepha Ombui, Prof. Mike A. Iravo

Abstract: The objectives of this study were to determine the strategic responses adopted by Oil Marketing Companies in Kenya and to establish the influence of strategic responses on performance of Oil Marketing Companies in Kenya. The research used a descriptive case study to determine the strategic responses adopted by OMCs, Kenya. A survey was used to describe the strategic responses which were successfully applied at OMCs so as to improve performance. The target population for the study was 216 employees working at OMCs and the sample size was 115 employees. The study used primary sources of data. Primary data was collected using both open-ended and closed-ended questionnaires.

      Martin Ndirangu Kimemia, Prof. Mike Iravo

Abstract: This study examined the factors contributing to adoption of mobile technologies in public service delivery in Kajiado North sub-county. The independent variables were performance expectation, effort expectancy, social influence and facilitating conditions in line the Unified Theory of Acceptance and use of technology. Simple random sampling based on sample frame of all heads and deputy heads of government departments based in the sub-county was used. The main instrument for the study were self-constructed questionnaire. Data was organized, edited, analyzed and interpreted using descriptive and inferential statistics with the help of Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) version 2.0. The data was categorized, themes established, coded, entered into the computer and analyzed.

      Rachael Peresian Tanyasis, Dr. Jane Omwenga

Abstract: This study focused on factors that affect employees’ service delivery in State Corporation. Specifically, the study examined the following variables; Job description, working relationships, staff turnover and staff motivation. The scope of the study was the water resources management authority in Nairobi County, Kenya. The research employed a descriptive design comprising of both quantitative and qualitative data collection approach.

      By Tsegaye Birhanu

Abstract: The ultimate purpose of any constitution in either granting or denying constitutional secession right should be maintaining the unity and territorial integrity of the state. Granting constitutional secession right will have both benefit as well as a cost. To reap the benefit, constitutional secession rights should be designed wisely and skillfully in a manner they can prevent secession and maintain the unity and integrity of the state. The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopian constitution is among very few constitutions in the world that included secession right in their constitution. This article vehemently claims that carefully designed secession right in constitution can help to effectively prevent secession and disintegration of a multi-national state. However, the secession right as it appears in the current Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopian constitution cannot prevent secession, if the right is going to be operationalized. The clause in the constitution lacks the capacity of making secession difficult. Similarly, repealing the secession right out of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopian constitution without bloodshed seems very difficult. Hence, the only option is revisiting and amending the clause and the procedures of secession in which it can wisely and effectively sabotage and prevent secession and disintegration while maintaining the unity and territorial integrity of the Ethiopian state.


Abstract: This study identifies and examines factors affecting customer loyalty in e-retail environment. This research examines e-commerce and identifies convenient shopping experience as a strategy that can be used to improve service offering to attract and retain customers. Thus, it is useful for businesses to understand the differences between e-commerce and traditional methods of business to enable them identify the new internet-based opportunities that might better satisfy the unique needs and desires of their customers. A qualitative research design was used. Primary data being the main source of data for this study was gathered by use of questionnaires and interviews. The researcher collected data through questionnaires to examine how e-retailing improves customers shopping experience. The researchers administered one hundred and fifty questionnaires (150) through hand delivery and web-based methods. The group of respondents comprised of working class people, credit card holders and students from who live within and on the outskirts of Nairobi.

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