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      Erlee Angel S. Reyes
Abstract: The primary goal of this study is to examine how employees and business managers perceive the impact of FinTech products and services on supply chain management efficiency in Quezon City, Philippines. The study included ten (10) managers and thirty (30) employees from four e-Commerce companies in Quezon City. Respondents were asked to assess FinTech products and services in terms of blockchain, data management, mobile expertise, security and data privacy, user retention and experience. In terms of blockchain, data management, mobile and tech expertise, security and data privacy, and user retention and experience, there is no significant difference among respondents grouped by profile. In addition, in terms of delivery, forecasting accuracy, inventory investment and efficiency, lead time, and late backlog, FinTech products and services have a significant impact on e-Commerce business as viewed by the respondents, however, there is no significant difference in perceived impact of FinTech products and services when grouped by profile. When grouped according to profile, a significant difference between the relationship of FinTech products and services and supply chain management was found, establishing impact of FinTech products and services.

      Mohamed Ahmed Hamid Toweir, Adel M.Milad Ishlak, Abdalla Mohammed Abdalla Mansour
Abstract: The studys goal was to figure out the types of bacteria in goat milk produced on the outskirts of Benghazi. Goat milk samples were gathered from nineteen flocks in the suburbs of Benghazi city and the samples were coded from G1 to G19 respectively Milk samples were collected at random from private herds where the goats were milked by hand and two samples were taken at a rate of 200-250 ml from each herd. The milk samples were examined to determine the average total bacterial count (TBC), (total coliform count (TCC), and Staphylococcus aureus (TSC) and the likelihood of salmonella bacteria present as the suitability of goat milk for human consumption.

      Swapneela Jacob, Lim Fung Mei
Abstract: Background and Objective: Primary dysmenorrhea are normal menstrual pain that have been of hindrance to majority of young adult female. Previous studies involving application of high transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) for pain relief in primary dysmenorrhea has shown to be inconclusive. Relaxation breathing as a way to calm the mind and body has proven to significantly increase pain threshold of an individual. Objective of the study are: (1) to determine the efficacy of high TENS in combination with relaxation breathing. (2) to compare between the efficacy of high TENS and relaxation breathing with placebo TENS and relaxation breathing.

      Marlina Sinaga, Betty, Delyuzar
Abstract: Background: Breast cancer is most common cancer in women. Most breast cancers are invasive. Invasive breast carcinoma (IBC) is breast cancer that has infiltrated breast tissue. Beclin-1 is an important component in initiation stage of autophagy. Decreased levels Beclin-1 protein due to Beclin-1 gene deficiency, lead to poor prognosis and decreased overall survival in breast cancer cases, where Beclin-1 protein acts as a tumor suppressor.

      Happiness Kwamboka Oenga , Evans Nyamboga Mandere, PhD
Abstract: This study’s purpose was to analyze directional leadership style and its influence on performance of Equity Bank Kenya Ltd. The Background to this study includes definitions of leadership Style and performance, the role of leadership in an organization, the nature of institution leadership in different parts of the world and financial institutions in Kenya. This research aimed at answering these research question; to what degree directional leadership style influenced the performance of Equity Bank Ltd. The adopted research design was a descriptive study design. This study’s target population was 682 workers based in Equity Bank Head Office at Equity Centre in Upperhill Nairobi, Kenya. The study of Equity Bank was justified by the fact that Equity Bank is the second largest bank by customer base with over 10 million customers according to Equity Bank records (2017) and Equity Bank being Kenya’s best bank according to Euromoney Awards (2016). The sample design method employed for the study was Stratified Random Sampling. The sample size included 136 workers, which made 20% of the target population of 682 employees. The study grouped the population into three that is; top, middle, and lower management. From each stratum the study used simple random face to face interview session with respondents. A self-administered questionnaire was primarily used for collecting data used in this research. Descriptive analysis method was used to analyze the collected quantitative data. This study interrogated Directional leadership style and evaluated its effect on performance of financial institutions. Findings revealed that directional leadership has positive and desirable effects on Equity bank ltd.’s performance and that there as a statistically significant relationship between this leadership style and the banks’ performance. The findings might benefit Equity Bank Ltd management, other commercial banks, and other researchers.

      Happiness Kwamboka Oenga , Evans Nyamboga Mandere, PhD
Abstract: This study’s purpose was to analyze transformational leadership style and its influence on performance of Equity Bank Kenya Ltd. The Background to this study includes definitions of leadership Style and performance, the role of leadership in an organization, the nature of institution leadership in different parts of the world and financial institutions in Kenya. This research aimed at answering this research question; to what degree transformational leadership style has influenced the performance of Equity Bank Ltd. The adopted research design was a descriptive study design. This study’s target population was 682 workers based in Equity Bank Head Office at Equity Centre in Upperhill Nairobi, Kenya.

      Raví Emanoel de Melo, Eline Dias Barbosa, Rerison Magno Borges Pimenta, Argemiro Pereira Martins Filho, Inara da Silva Araújo, Leidiane de Jesus Oliveira, Antonio Edson Brandão da Silva, Jose Romario da Silva
Abstract: The destination of organic waste for the composting process can be an economically sustainable alternative. The objective of the present work was to evaluate the effect of humic substances extracted from composting organic waste in the semi-arid northeastern region on the production of watermelon seedlings. The study was developed at the State University of Bahia – UNEB, using a commercial cultivar.

      Akhmyetali Khamshybai
Abstract: The study aimed to investigate how to influence the intensity, its edge of the polar vortex to the stratospheric warming on the troposphere in relation to global warming. The edge of polar vortex was defined by averaging wind component at 450K potential temperature surface along 60°–65°N during the winter using reanalyze ERA5 data. The results revealed that, recent years, decreasing linear trend of polar vortex 2m/s per decade (p < 0.1) was found during the study period (1979 – 2019). In addition, we found that the edge of polar vortex has more impact than the inter-annual polar vortex changes on the winter climate of Mongolia.

      M. Ali Syamsuddin Amin
Abstract: The study aimed to examine the partial influence of organizational communication on work motivation. This research uses quantitative methods to determine the influence of the role of communication on work motivation. Primary data collection uses a questionnaire method distributed to 70 permanent lecturers in the Majalengka university environment. The questionnaire results are first tested for validity, reliability, and normality of the data. Then a classic assumption test is carried out to meet the requirements of linear regression analysis. The results prove that the organizational communication hypothesis test has a positive and significant effect on work motivation.

      Dolly Sharma
Abstract: The goal of this study is to find out how agriculture department students at an aided institution use library materials and services. Agriculture department students from DSCW, Ferozepur, and DAV College, Abohar completed a well-structured Google form-based questionnaire (Punjab). The primary goal of this research is to better understand how students use books and library resources, with a focus on agriculture students. The results of the investigation demonstrate that students in the agriculture department regularly use library books and sources provided by their library, and that students also believe the library should purchase the most recent and additional books connected to their field. The current research relies solely on books and library sources, and the geographical scope is limited to two aided colleges in Punjab. There have been a number of studies on the use of books and library sources, but this is the first one done on agricultural department students, and there has been follow-up research.

      Nanbidou DANDONOUGBO
Abstract: Traditional religion is based on the organization of worship and the observance of prohibitions. This cult strengthens the bonds of trust between the invisible and the living. The Kpélé feel safe renewing the bonds of trust with the ancestors through the rites to the various tutelary deities. The introduction of Christianity to Kpélé in 1895 affected the frequency of sacrifices to the tutelary deities without, however, leading to their abandonment as desired by the missionaries. From a methodological approach based on documentary research and field surveys, this article aims to show the resilience of traditional cults in the face of the introduction of Christianity among the Kpélé. The results of the work showed that in 1914, a record year during the German period when the number of baptized at the Catholic mission of Adéta amounted to 1,228 or 37% of the population, ¼ of the rites was maintained.

      Niroji Thayalan, Jeyarasa Pratheepan, Selvaradnam Thayalan
Abstract: The Internet of Things or the IoT is the label IT people have now assigned to the worlds billions of Internet-linked devices. Not only can these instruments gather data, they even exchange information. Via wireless networks and cheap processors, many physical artifacts can now be converted into an IoT computer. The competitiveness of farming and agriculture processes must be improved, such that emerging innovations, such as the Internet of Things, boost yield and cost performance (IoT). In particular, by reducing human interaction by automation, IoT will make agriculture and agriculture more effective. This research aims at analyzing IoT applications in the agriculture and agricultural industries that have recently been launched to include an analysis of sensor data collection and innovations and sub-verticals such as water control and seed safety. This research can be used as a benchmark to enhance and expand IoT usage to maximize agricultural output productivity. This research review also presents suggestions for potential research, including scalability of IoT structures, heterogeneity dimensions, the design of the IoT framework, methods for data analysis, agricultural domain, or land size, IoT protection and protocols or solutions for the challenge of IoT, operating infrastructure, data management, cloud platforms, and energy sources.

      Abayomi Amos Ojo, Abel Ojo Talabi, Lekan Olatayo Afolagboye and Kolawole Popoola
Abstract: This study focused on the impacts of leachate from dumpsite on groundwater in Omuooke-Ekiti, Southwest Nigeria. Twelve groundwater samples collected close and far to the dumpsite were subjected to cations determination employing Atomic Absorption Spectrometer while SO42-, Cl- and NO3- were evaluated using Turbidimetric, Mohr’s and Spectrophotometer methods respectively. Portable meter was used to measure in-situ parameters. The pH (5.00 - 6.97) signified acidic groundwater; EC (µs/cm) (480 – 6980) indicated that 33% of the groundwater samples had concentrations above approved standard for drinking water.

      Sara A. M1., Hala E. A, Huda O. Ali, Nagla M. Mohmmed, Mohammed Ahmed A. Ahmed, Manal H. Salih, Samia H. Abdel Rahman, and, Tarig H. A. Bilal
Abstract: Background: Paracetamol is extensively used analgesic and antipyretic drug. High dose of paracetamol is well known as hepatotoxicity motivator. In order to maintain the hepatic heath, the effect of PGPE as hepatoprotective plant evaluated. Materials and methods: 35 male rats weighing 150-200 g, sorted randomly into 5 groups, (A, B, C, D and E), received orally, normal saline (A and B), Silymarin 80mg/kg (C), 250 mg/kg PGPE (D), 500 mg/kg (E) for 7 days, on day 8 hepatotoxicity induced by single dose of paracetamol 750mg/kg. after 24 hours of fasting, rats were sacrificed, blood samples collected for determination of hematology and biochemistry profile. Liver tissue samples were taken in 10% formalin for histopathology examination. Results: the high elevation of liver enzymes (ALT, AST and ALP, occurred by the single high dose of paracetamol was remarkably reversed by PGPE administration, while serum level of albumin was not significantly altered. Total WBCs count massively lowered by paracetamol administration, and got worse by dosing 500mg/kg PGPE. RBCs, Hb and PCV values expressively reduced by paracetamol and more reduction induced by 500 mg/kg of PGPE.

      Wangkheimayum Ashalata Devi, Manamaya Rana
Abstract: Nursing is a practice-based discipline. The quality of nursing care depends on the quality of clinical education provided to the nursing students. The better the quality of clinical education provided to the student nurse, the more successful and professional students will graduate. The clinical placement is the venue where skills, knowledge and attitudes developed in the theoretical part of the curriculum are applied, developed and integrated. From all perspective, clinical placements are both stressful and rewarding and also viewed as the most important part of nursing education.

      Izuakor Evangeline Chioma and Akin-Osanaiye Bukola Catherine
Abstract: This study focused on isolating and identifying fungi from sachet waters sold in Bwari area council of Federal Capital Territory Nigeria, and also to determine the quality of the sachet water after treatment processes. Samples were collected from 4 different brands and then subjected to physicochemical analysis using standard methods of American Public Health Association (APHA) and fungal identification on potato dextrose agar. This study revealed 18 fungi isolates belonging to 5 fungal species were isolated across all 4 brands analyzed.

      Evordius Laurent Rulazi
Abstract: Solar energy is the renewable energy that can be used to provide, clean and cost- effect energy for cooking food by using a solar cooker. A parabolic solar cooker that uses glass reflective materials was developed. The developed solar cooker has a concentrating surface area of 2.5 m2, a focal length of 0.65m, and a depth of 0.4m. The thermal performance of the solar cooker was conducted in Central Regions in Tanzania. The cooking food substances tested were water, meat, and beans. The average maximum temperature attained was 121 oC. The time taken to boil water was 15mimutes whereas the time taken to cook meat and beans were 50 minutes and 90 minutes respectively.

      Amitava Bondyopadhyay, Dr. A.C Mandal
Abstract: There are some possible steps that can be used to improve Software reliability and robustness through Data Mining. Improving Software Reliability and Robustness would ultimately improve software quality. Defect prediction for a software system is a technique which predicts defects from historical database. This technique helps to enhance the software reliability.

      Shashi Kant and Sneha Pandey
Abstract: An extensive survey was carried out for collection and documentation of ethno medicinal plants used to cure different Kinds of fevers by the tribal people of Sonbhadra district of Uttar Pradesh; India. In this study fourteen plant species namely, Andrographis paniculata , Azadirechta indica, Clerodendrum serrate, Carica papaya, Dalbergia sissoo, Fumaria parviflora, Holarrhena, antidysentirica, Moringa oliefera, Nyctanthes arbortristis Oscimum basilium , Swertia, Chirata, Tinospora cordifolia, Vitex, nigundo and Vernonia, cinerea belonging to thirteen families which are being used for fever treatment by the tribal people of Sonbhadra have been recorded. In this investigation it has been found that Tinospora cordifolia have highest use value ( 0.85) and on the other hand Vitex nigundo have lowest use value (0.18). These plants species were enumerated alphabetically with their botanical name, common name in Hindi, habitat, parts used, use value, ethno medicinal uses in a tabulated form.

      Abhilasha Goyal, R H Kamble, Sunita Shrivastav, Eshan Awasthi
Abstract: Objective : To evaluate condylar head characteristics in skeletal open bite and deep bite cases. Material and Method: The sample consisted of 60 lateral cephalograms of post pubertal patients who were divided on the basis of cephalometric analysis into three groups : skeletal open bite, skeletal deep bite and normal growth pattern. The selected lateral cephalograms were assessed for condylar head inclination, condylar head height and condylar head width for all the three groups. ANOVA, Least significance difference test were done. Results: The skeletal deep bite group showed more anteriorly angulated condyles as compared to skeletal open bite and normal growth pattern groups. The condylar head width was smallest in skeletal open bite group and largest in skeletal deep bite group. No significant difference was found in condylar head height in all the three groups assessed. Conclusion: There exists a variation in the condylar morphology in the various skeletal malocclusions examined. The individuals with Skeletal deep bite had a tendency towards having more anteriorly angulated condyles. Also the width of condylar head of individuals with skeletal open bite is smaller than skeletal deep bite cases.

      Rose Wanjiru Ndiritu, Dr. Samuel Maina, PhD
Abstract: Changes in the working place and pressures of life and market demands have led to high turnover of talented and highly performing employees. At the same time, the cost of acquisition of new employees is high and thus organizations seek ways of improving their employee retention rates. This study sought to assess how career planning affects employee retention in insurance companies in Nairobi City County. The study is anchored on Herzberg’s two factor theory and employed descriptive research design. The target population was the 61 insurance companies and three respondents were selected from each insurance company. The respondents were senior managers from three departments - human resource, operations and finance.

      Dani Maryudianto, Achsanuddin Hanafie, Bastian Lubis
Abstract: Background: PONV (postoperative nausea and vomiting) is a complication that often occurs in operations with general anesthesia. Non-pharmacological and pharmacological prophylaxis provide an advantage against this complication. The risk score for PONV prediction had been used as a means of classifying patients according to risk prediction and providing prophylaxis such as the Sinclair and Apfel scores.

      Indah Astri Wardini, Betty, T. Ibnu Alferraly, Soekimin, Joko S Lukito, Causa Trisna Mariedina
Abstract: Background: Cervical squamous cell carcinoma NOS cervix It is an invasive epithelial tumor with varying degrees of differentiation. The prognostic grading system based on WHO (2020) is assessed from nuclear pleomorphism, mitosis, tumor cell invasion, keratin, and necrosis. Tumor budding is an isolated tumor cell bud 5 cells.1 This tumor budding phenomenon is considered the histological basis for the formation of metastases and further tumor invasion which is an independent prognostic, especially in cervical squamous cell carcinoma NOS.15

      Sunaryo, Rajuddin Syamsuddin, Hasni Yulianti Azis, Muh. Nur
Abstract: Seaweed as one of the export commodities and potential to be developed is C.fragile because it has a fairly high nutritional content as a source of vegetable protein, minerals, and vitamins, and has a high Fe content. A very important factor in supporting the success of seaweed cultivation is the depth of planting and the proper maintenance container when the seaweed is cultivated. This study aimed to analyze the effect of different cultivation depths on the growth of C. fragile. This research used a container in the form of a bag made of bamboo and nets. Then analyzed the growth and content of carotenoids. This study was designed using a Randomized Block Design (RAK) which consisted of 3 treatments with 3 replications each. As treatment is the use of depths of 40 cm, 80 cm, and 120 cm. The results showed that different depths had a significant effect (P<0.05) on the growth of C. fragile seaweed. The best cultivation depth for the growth of C. fragile seaweed is 40 cm.

      Ereola Aladesanmi, Priye Kenneth Ainah
Abstract: This paper presents a unidirectional three-stage power electronic transformer (PET) for interfacing the low voltage (LV) and medium voltage (MV) distribution networks. The input stage of the PET system converts the incoming medium voltage to DC voltage. The second stage is the isolation stage which consist of a converter and rectifier that are connected to the primary and secondary side of the transformer respectively while the output stage is made up of a 2-level 3-phase inverter which connects the LV distribution network.

      Robby Kayame, Anwar Mallongi
Abstract: Pesticides are a class of chemicals that are generally used by agriculture to eradicate weeds and pests or nuisance plants. Pesticides that are used uncontrollably can cause various environmental pollution and interfere with human health. These impacts can be in the form of ecosystem instability, environmental pollution and have an impact on the death of humans who are exposed to pesticides that contain toxins and residues in the materials and crops. The purpose of this study is to help increase knowledge about types of pesticides, their benefits, impacts on environmental pollution and human health due to pesticides as well as handling and programs for controlling pesticides.

      Al-Mousawi A, Al-Kaseer E A, Al-Diwan JK
Abstract: Mental health was defined in 1999 1 then 2004 2. The complete mental health was recently called flourishing3 (low perceived control in life, highest level of functioning goals, resilience, and intimacy). Activism is using vigorous campaigning to bring about political and social change.4 In Iraq, antigovernmental rallies surged ramping up their sit-ins to pressure authorities for long waited reforms. They were chanting their poignant trademark slogan “Nureed watan” i.e., we want a homeland. Activists (protesters) were facing intensifying campaign of kidnapping and killing.5 Protests prove the power of collective activity. It is similar to collective actions occurred in the world e.g., riots in London 2011 and 2017 6 in Spain (Indignados) as a reaction to global economic crisis.7 A little research was focusing on mental health of adolescents. Publishing data on the new phenomenon of protesting are scares, which was the impetus to carry out this study to comment on the mental health of activist’s changes.

      Lenie Marlinae, Danang Biyatmoko, Husaini, Chairul Irawan, Laily Khairiyati, Agung Waskito, Eko Suhartono
Abstract: The existing water problems do not only come from waste, they also come from floods, mining, and also wetland areas. In 2020, flooding is the most frequent disaster event and causes the most casualties. The impact of the flood disaster was 259 people died and 8 people were missing and 3,654 people were injured), 42,762 houses were damaged, facilities (education, worship, health) were damaged as many as 1,542, offices were damaged as many as 134, and bridges were damaged as many as 442, displaced 1,517 .935 souls

      Budi Simanungkalit, Husaini, Lenie Marlinae, Meitria Syahadatina, Rosihan Adhani
Abstract: Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) is still a global public health problem, especially in tropical and subtropical regions, including Indonesia. DHF is an acute infectious disease caused by the dengue virus which is transmitted through the bite of the Aedes (Ae) mosquito. This study aims to systematically examine the association between knowledge and education with dengue prevention behavior in Indonesia.

      Victor khoury, ,Ali IBRAHIM, Ammar Omran
Abstract: Determine the role of Anorectal Manometry in the long-term follow-up of HIRSCHSPRUNG disease patients who undergo Transanal endorectal pull-through procedure.

      Beatrice Perpetue OKOUA
Abstract: Among the civil society organizations working in the field of education in the Republic of Congo is the national branch of the forum of African women educators, fawe -Congo in acronym, the school clubs tosolola in Lingala it is to say lets express ourselves in French and listening cells are installed today by fawe-congo in twenty general and technical education establishments across three departments of the Republic of Congo (Pointe-Noire, Brazzaville and Ewo in the basin-west department). The united nations children fund (UNICEF) which supports its partner, fawe - Congo within the framework of a vast project to set up school clubs in collaboration with the ministry of Prescolary, primary, secondary and of Literacy (MEPPSA) carried out a programmatic monitoring mission in the clubs of Brazzaville, for the year 2017-2018, this mission aimed to verify in the field the functioning of the said structures, the activities carried out, the lessons learned, the synergy between the clubs, then to examine the sustainability of these clubs with a view to scaling up at the national level. The conferences, debates and talks organized by these school clubs in the target secondary schools have contributed to improving the school retention of girls because the retention rate for girls in these schools has increased from 78.75% in 2016 to 82.85% in 2017, i.e. an improvement of 4.10 percentage points The present practical guide is the result of this joint UNICEF-FAWE-Congo mission, as it fills the gap in the absence of an essential framework document for the functioning of the clubs. Intended for those in charge of clubs and cells listening to their members, for administrators of the education system, it will certainly make it possible to substantially improve the field work of these clubs.

      Abdul Sahib, Hendra Harmi, Alven Putra, Andriyani, Wulandari
Abstract: Indonesian people believe that religion has an important role and function in life. However, often ones religious and religious understanding becomes a source of problems, and even becomes a source of conflict when dealing with other people religious and religious understandings. Differences in religious and religious understanding tend to be responded to by acts of violence or what is called radicalism. The purpose of this study was to find concepts, empirical experiences, implementation strategies, understandings and directions for developing religious moderation that are relevant to the Curup State Islamic Institute, the perspective of the academic community, community leaders and religious leaders of Rejang Lebong. aims to analyze the construction management of the concept of religious meditation. The subjects in this study were 200 respondents consisting of 22 religious leaders from Rejang Lebong and 178 academics from the Curup State Islamic Institute. The instruments used were interviews, questionnaires and observations, in which the data were analyzed qualitatively. The results of this study indicate that the concept of religious moderation in IAIN Curup is returned to their respective lecturers through the insertion of courses, maybe not 100% but the concept of religious moderation at IAIN Curup is still being pursued.

      Jean Damascene Mutabazi & Dr. Mercyline Kamande
Abstract: The purpose of this study was to examine the contribution of project planning on Girinka program success in Rwanda using a case of Simbi sector in Huye District. The specific objectives of the study were to analyze effect of project scope planning on Girinka program success, to ascertain the effect of cost planning on Girinka program success, and determine the effect of risk planning on Girinka program success. The significance of this study relies on acquiring skills on how Girinka program implementation process would stimulate its success, reviewing results in order to be used as reference for future studies. The research methodology for this study consist of a descriptive research design using both qualitative and quantitative approaches. A sample size of 279 respondents was calculated using Slovene’s formula. Both purposive and simple random sampling were adopted. Due to COVID-19 prevention measures, online data collection tool and phone interviews were used. Results were analyzed in accordance with specific objectives.

      Aditi Chaturvedi, Rupendra Pachauri
Abstract: Fuel cells have proven to have the potential to re-establish how things are powered on our planet, from small- to large-scale. They are a gateway to clean, reliable, and optimal energy generation. Studies and their applications have showed that they diminish usage of polluting fuels significantly, in turn helping the world shift from traditional fossil fuels to cleaner alternatives. Pressure control of reactants in fuel cells is an ongoing research. Mathematical modeling of Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel cell (PEMFC) using MATLAB/Simulink is carried out in this study for investigating the performance of PEMFC with the static and dynamic load. The mechanism for controlling reactant pressure within the fuel cell is a simple PI controller. The behaviour of PEMFC with PI controller in static and dynamic DC loading conditions is illustrated. The study concludes that simple PI controller works well with in these conditions.

      Umniyah Musdhalifah Yusran, Fahrul, Syahrul
Abstract: Shortfin scad (Decapterus macrosoma) is a pelagic fishery resource and has a high level of production. Fish is very easy to lose quality, so if fish are not handled properly during the distribution chain, the quality of fish is poor when it reaches consumers. This study aims to determine changes in the physical, chemical quality and food safety of Shortfin scad in each distribution chain. The research was conducted from November 2021 to February 2022. The method used in this study was observation using purposive sampling technique. The test results show the initial value of distribution in FLB Lonrae, namely pH; 6,6, TVB ; 9.3 mg-N/100g, peroxide value ; 5.06 mEq/kg, and negative formalin. The final value of distribution after arriving at the consumer area is pH ; 5,7, TVB ; 27,5 mg-N/100g, peroxide value ; 6.04 mEq/kg, and negative formalin. Overall, the quality of the shortfin scad after landing until it reaches the consumer area experiences a change in quality decline in each distribution chain. However, the shortfin scad that arrives at the end consumer area does not exceed the quality standard of fish that is not safe for consumption so that the shortfin scad is still fresh and fit for consumption.

      Aghiad Issa, Aktham Kanjarawi, Mahmoud Daberha
Abstract: "Background: Incisional hernia is considered as an important complication of abdominal surgery. Procedures for repairing these hernias with surgical meshes have been reported without consensus about which location is the best. Objective: The aim of this study was to compare the difference between pre-muscular and post-muscular location for mesh placement regarding to outcome. "

      Nur Wahida, Muhammad Yusri Karim, Zainuddin, Khairul Amri, Nurfadilah, dan Alimuddin
Abstract: One of the important factors that influence the success of mud crab cultivation is the feed which generally uses trash fish. However, the use of trash fish still has limitation, so it takes the role of other fresh feed or a combination of fresh feed to complement the nutritional content of trash fish. This study was aimed to determine the best combination of fresh feed on survival, growth, and production of mud crab (S. olivacea) reared by the silvofishery model. This research was conducted from November 2021 to January 2022 in Mandalle Village, Pangkajene and Islands Regency, South Sulawesi Province. The study used a container in the form of a circular bamboo cage with a diameter of 1.5 m.

      Aimen Waqar, Sohaib Hasnain, Muhammad Tayyab Butt, Zainab Hafeez, Ali Raza, Muhammad Ishaq, Shahid Iqbal
Abstract: Using a Photodiode Array UV detector, researchers were able to develop a simple liquid chromatographic method for analyzing azithromycin in bulk and medicinal dosage forms. In this study, we used a C18 Column with dimensions of 25cm x 4.6mm and L1 packing at 50 + 1°C, a flow rate of 2ml/min, and an injection volume of 100µl each injection. Drugs can be separated quickly and precisely using a mobile phase that has been optimized. This experiment used a flow rate of 1.5 mL/min, a wavelength of 210 nm, and an injection volume of 500 L.

      Calvin Hadi Kusuma ,Yuniarwati
Abstract: The purpose of this study is to empirically examine the effect of tax sanctions, subjective norms and knowledge of taxpayers on the willingness of taxpayers to participate in the voluntary disclosure program. In this research, the research approach used is descriptive method. The type of research used in this research is causal research. The technique of collecting research data was done by means of a questionnaire. The population is individual taxpayers residing in the West Jakarta area. The sample used in part is 105 respondents with purposive sampling technique. The data analysis technique used was multiple linear regression. The results of the study indicate that tax sanctions and knowledge of taxpayers have a positive and significant effect on the willingness of taxpayers to participate in the voluntary disclosure program partially with a significance value <0.05, for subjective norms it has a negative and significant effect on the willingness of taxpayers to participate in the voluntary disclosure program partially. partial with a significance value > 0.05. Meanwhile, the test is done simultaneously (simultaneously) of tax sanctions, subjective norms and knowledge of taxpayers on the willingness of taxpayers to participate in the voluntary disclosure program with a significance value of <0.05.

      Yu-Ting Huang, Ming-Cheng Shih
Abstract: Artificial dyes had been used for over a century, and there are numerous varieties of synthetic dyes used in many different industries, which includes fabric industry, pharmaceutical industry, and so on. However, synthetic dyes are not easily degraded by bacteria and a few dyes are hazardous. As a result of the widespread usage of artificial colors, wastewater released from the facility will cause water contamination if not handled. The adsorption approach is presently an inexpensive and greater typically used approach. In order to get higher adsorption efficiency, researchers studied the adsorption mechanism using different exceptional kinetic equations.

      Anne Nafula Njaya, Dr. Festus Mithi Wanjohi
Abstract: Provision of efficient and effective modes of service delivery for firm operations rely on effective control mechanism for management of an institutions’ finances. The financial system should comply with both local and international regulations regarding an institution’s operational requirements. By and large, this specific examination tries to inspect the impacts of internal audit function on activities of Kenyan County Governments, zeroing in on their monetary area. The study examined how internal audit function affected the Kenyan county government financial management system.

      Ibrahim Ado, Junaidu Na’aliya, Mustapha Muhammad Haleelu and Salihu Sani
Abstract: The Schiff base ligand, which was prepared and used to synthesize Co(II), Ni(II), Cu(II), and Zn(II) complexes, was obtained by condensation reaction of 2-hydroxy-1-naphthaldehyde with 4-aminobenzoic acid (H2L). The Schiff base ligand and their metal complexes were characterized by FT-IR, PXRD, magnetic susceptibility, conductance measurements, and CHN analyses.

Abstract: The career landscape and prospects of a Nutritionist and Dietitian have evolved rapidly in the last decade. This survey aims to identify the average annual income earned by a fresh graduate with a degree holder as a Nutritionist and Dietitian in various community pharmacies in Malaysia in 2022. An online survey in the form of a questionnaire was sent to alumni from several local universities in Malaysia.

      Mr. Komolafe, Isaac. O, Dr. Munyao, Solomon. M
Abstract: Although conflict management theories have been used in different contexts globally, there exists a huge gap in understanding whether the conflict management theories of the West are valid in a multi-cultural context like Nigeria. The purpose of this paper was therefore to investigate the validity of conflict management theories on culture in Nigeria.The paper utilized keywords, and alternate keywords to search for literature on organizational conflict management in Nigeria thereby relying on content evaluation as its methodology. It also sought to understand the Western concepts of conflict management and its influence on Nigerian culture. Based on the understanding generated by the key Western organizational conflict management theories and the evidence collected for organizational conflict resolution in Nigeria, it is considered that the majority of literature shows such wide contrasts based on a disparity of current cultural values that have replaced the traditional African values through the process of colonization and cultural transfer between successive generations. Colonization has led to enhanced-pluralism in an already pluralistic society and has increased the challenge for conflict resolution. There appears to be significant disparity with relation to organizational conflict management practices across Nigerian organizations.

      Nguyen Thi Hong Nhung, Tran Hong Hanh
Abstract: This study aims to use a question-answer relationship strategy to improve reading comprehension skills for grade 10 students at Dong Hy High School. During the research, 20 grade 10th students participated in the survey questionnaire and 20 students participated in the experiment. There are 20 students who took the pre-test to check their level and then were divided into two groups: the experimental group and the control group, and each group had exactly 10 learners. Members of the control group did reading comprehension exercises.

      Ahmed Raqibah
Abstract: The subject of this research paper is exploration of possibilities in developing model of innovative mobile marketing based on mobile telephony services. Aim of this paper is to propose an e-marketing model, suitable for use in mobile provider´s operations in Libya, to research internet marketing in practice in companies based on mobile business model, to analize problems in internet marketing that these companies face and to make a proposal for solution how to overcome these problems.

      Ahmed Raqibah
Abstract: The subject of this research paper is exploration of possibilities in developing model of innovative mobile marketing based on mobile telephony services. Aim of this paper is to propose an e-marketing model, suitable for use in mobile provider´s operations in Libya, to research internet marketing in practice in companies based on mobile business model, to analize problems in internet marketing that these companies face and to make a proposal for solution how to overcome these problems.

      Adel Eltahar
Abstract: Digital technology, not only the feature of the fourth industrial revolution, simultaneously transforms all social spheres, both life and business. The modern economy cannot imagine without reliance on e-platforms and a digitized business system. However, as we have already pointed out in this paper, any form of digital business carries a number of security threats with.

      Sara Isaida, Zayed Abouhdema
Abstract: Information technologies are a significant tool in todays business industry globally. Possession of information systems in todays society helps companies become more associated with the world, and most importantly, with its customers - clients. This is realized in the industry by helping information systems in connecting companies with clients in a way of fast transfer information back and forth or so-called. (Feedbacak - feedback for information). A quick transmission, for example, helps suppliers learn more quickly what to offer and what the demand for their supply is. Knowing demand for offer not only creates business efficiency, but also makes customers satisfied.

      Arjhel V. Domingo
Abstract: This study assessed the quality of the International Student Mobility Program of Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology (NEUST) based on two factors: curriculum and performance of faculty. Data were gathered using a survey questionnaire distributed to 70 Chinese students under the Master of Business Administration programs (MBA) of NEUST Graduate School. This study utilized descriptive statistics to analyze the data. Findings showed that Chinese MBA students have positive feedback on the learning delivery of the institution as they marked excellent ratings to the said program. The results of this study could be used to continuously enhance the learning delivery of the degree program offerings of NEUST internationally.

      Mohammed Abiola Akanbi, Omata David Omakoji
Abstract: Climate change is one of the greatest challenges threatening agricultural dependent and livelihood sustainability of developing economies of the world in the 21st century. It is estimated that the cereal sector in Kenya experiences post-harvest losses of 10 - 30% of the grains produced with the major losses occurring at the farm level due to poor post- harvest handling and management practices.

      Kanife Chukwuemeka Emmanuel, Okanya Arinzechukwu Victor and Ezugwu Cosmas Ikechukwu
Abstract: The study ascertained the influence of achievement motivation and family background on the academic performance of automobile/metalwork and building/woodwork technology students in Nigerian Universities. The study adopted correlational research design. The study was carried out in the south eastern Nigeria. The states that make up the south eastern Nigeria are: Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu, Imo and Abia states respectively.

      Muhammad Haris, Syed Kamran Ali, Syed Umair Kazmi, Shah Zeb Ali, Muhammad Zaheer, Shahzad Hussain, Khawaja Saad, Mubeen Islam, Tariq Mehmood, Malik Humza
Abstract: The study area lies in Rohri near Jacobabad-Khairpur High, which is the part of Sukkur rift zone. The High trends NNW-SSE that separates the Southern Indus Basin from the Middle Indus Basin. The Jacobabad High represents the horsts structure on the regional scale, coupled with Pano-Aqal Graben and Mari Kandhkot Highs these structures are collectively known as Sukkur Rift Zone.

      Hala Yahya AlShamalie, Saoura Ahmad Naiseh
Abstract: Background: The commonest surgical procedure for women is cesarean delivery. Postpartum hemorrhage and intra-operative blood during cesarean delivery is a major concern to all obstetricians. Aim: This study aims at comparing the efficacy of combined use of rectal misoprostol and oxytocin infusion with oxytocin in the prevention of PPH in cesarean delivery. Materials and Methods: This was a prospective comparative observational study including 180 term pregnant woman scheduled for cesarean section at Tishreen University Hospital, Lattakia, Syria, between December 2020 and December 2021. Participants were divided into two equal groups. One group was treated with 20-IU oxytocin IV infusion alone while the other group was treated with Tab. Misoprostol 800mcg, rectal route plus 20-IU oxytocin IV infusion. The main outcome measure was postoperative blood loss. Results: Both groups were comparable with regard to the age, parity, gravidity, and gestational age as well as hemoglobin and hematocrit levels. The combined use of rectal misoprostol plus oxytocin, compared with the use of oxytocin alone, was associated with a significant reduction in the mean blood loss (418 ± 150 ml vs. 649 ± 214 ml, respectively, P<0.0001), and a significant reduction in the mean decrease in hemoglobin and hematocrit. Moreover, the needs for a blood transfusion or extra uterotonics were significantly lower in the combination group than in oxytocin group (p<0.05). The use of rectal misoprostol combined with oxytocin was associated with a statistically significant increase in the rates of fever.

      Petrus Bernadus, Yuniarwati
Abstract: The purpose of this study is to empirically examine the effect of taxpayer awareness, taxpayer knowledge and tax sanctions on MSME taxpayer compliance in paying taxes. In this research, the research approach used is descriptive method. The type of research used in this research is causal research. The technique of collecting research data was done by means of a questionnaire. The population is MSME taxpayers in the South Jakarta area. The sample used in part is 100 respondents with purposive sampling technique. The data analysis technique used was multiple linear regression. The results showed that taxpayer awareness and tax sanctions had a positive and significant effect on MSME taxpayer compliance in paying taxes partially with a significance value <0.05, for taxpayer knowledge a negative and significant effect on MSME taxpayer compliance in paying taxes partially. with a significance value > 0.05. While testing simultaneously (simultaneous) awareness of taxpayers, knowledge of taxpayers and tax sanctions have a positive and significant effect on MSME taxpayer compliance in paying taxes with a significance value of <0.05.
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