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Analysis of the factors that influence in the informal investors: Comparison of Spain and India in the period 2012-2016.
      Mercedes Barrachina, Maria del Carmen Garcia Centeno, Carmen Calderon Patier

Abstract: In recent years, most sectors have benefited from an explosion in the creation of startups in different entrepreneurial environments. In relation with the entrepreneurship, there has been a growing interest in the role of informal investors in the creation of new companies with the objective of identifying the characteristics that could help governments and regulators to promote different measures that help economic growth. The objective of this analysis is to identify the factors that characterize the informal investors in Spain and India. The analysis was performed using data from the website "Global Entrepreneurship Monitor" (GEM) from the period 2012-2016 at the global individual level for Spain and for India. The method utilized to evaluate the data was a logistic regression.

DOI: 10.29322/IJSRP.11.05.2021.p11302

Right To Health Guarantee For Household Workerst
      Artika Sophia Maharani, Wiwik Afifah, Tomy Michael

Abstract: Lots of Indonesian citizens choose to work as domestic workers due to various factors. In doing their job, many domestic workers work long hours and some don’t. It’s possible for domestic workers to experience health problems. In Indonesia, there are many employers who don’t provide health insurance to domestic workers, resulting in them having to pay for medical treatment themselves without being reimbursed by their employers. Health insurance is one of the rights of domestic workers that they should get. The right to health of domestic workers is not regulated in Law Number 13 of 2003 because domestic workers are considered not to be formal workers but informal workers. From these problems, two problem formulations were drawn, namely first, what is the urgency of regulating health rights for domestic workers.

      Kyegh, Aov Thaddeus

Abstract: The establishment of universities was conceived to be a unified single institution that will have one arm of authority taking care and control of the entire programs of each university. This arrangement has been applied in other administrative directorates except that of the student affairs. Whereas vice-chancellors as heads of universities supported by deans of faculties, directors and heads of departments control student affairs of both the undergraduate and postgraduate students, the dean of the students’ affairs is restricted to the welfare of undergraduates, while the dean postgraduate (PG) school handles postgraduate students.

      Thilakarathna H.M.A

Abstract: The health system is considering the patients and their wellbeing as a primary core for the function, therefore ensuring the productive patients care should be considered as a primary objective. Acknowledging the value of the patient care, while promoting and ensuring a higher standard relationship between the health employees and patients and their care givers is mainly based on strong communication and trust. While providing an effective and efficient quality care service improvement of satisfaction levels as well as institutional productivity which in turn would reduce the incidence of adverse outcomes.

      Tigris Asyur Sipahutar, Hakiman, Dr, MM

Abstract: This study aims to analyze the Monday effect on LQ-45 stock returns. The sample used in this study is daily stock return data f companies that are included in LQ45 for the period August 2019 to January 2020, totaling 45 companies. The data analysis technique used is one t- test. The result showed that: (1) There is a significant difference between daily stock returns on trading days in one week on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. (2) There is a Monday Effect on stock trading on the Indonesia Stock Exchange.

      Joseph Parker

Abstract: The purpose of the study was to determine the effectiveness of game-based learning approach and think-pair-share teaching approach on teacher trainees’ performance. This study adopted a comparative research design. The study was carried out in Enchi College of Education in the Aowin Municipality in the Western North Region of Ghana. Stratified, simple random and systematic sampling techniques were used to select 160 respondents for the study.

      Moh Kamalul Wafi

Abstract: The area of fault detection is becoming more interesting since there have been many unique designs to detect or even compensate the faults, either from sensor or actuator. This paper applies the hydraulic system with interconnected tanks by implementing a leakage on one of the three tanks. The mathematical model along with the details of stability properties are highly discussed in this paper by imposing the Lyapunov and boundedness stability. The theory of fault detection with certain threshold after the occurrence of the fault corresponding to the state estimation error is mathematically presented ended by simulation. Moreover, the system compares the effectiveness of the proposed observer using Luenberger observer, adaptivescaling Kalman and consensus filtering.


Abstract: In Indonesia, the economic value of cocoa farmers is still low so that the impact on the low income of farmers. The purpose of this research is to design an alternative to cocoa farmer income improvement solution by referring to One Village One Product (OVOP) program implementation of cocoa processing industry involving farmers as financiers and factory owners. The research began with a study of literature and surveys on cocoa and its process of utilization. Then was proceed with identifying the key factors needed to formulate an alternative framework of factory-building solutions that benefit farmers. Approach method applied is descriptive statistical. The number of samples of expert respondents is 55 people and respondents of cocoa farmers are 75 people. The results of this study were found a conceptual framework that integrates elements of cocoa farmers, cooperative institutions, cocoa factories, marketing systems and banks. The study also was found that the readiness of productive farmers through the support of capital investment commitments sourced from net income is the most important factor. The key strategy factor for increasing farmers income on a conceptual framework that was formulated is profit sharing system.

      Moh Kamalul Wafi

Abstract: The theories of system identification have been highly elaborated so as to achieve the true system. This paper much discuses regarding the stochastic processes along with the divergent of whether or not the system has zero-mean under scenario of either white and coloured noise. The mathematical foundations, including mean, variance, covariance, optimal parameters, along with some modified scenarios among them, are presented in detail from various system along with some basic idea behind them. The families of auto-regressive (1) and (2) are compared both mathematical and simulation in order to obtain the best design approaching the true system, Moreover, the leastsquare algorithm is used to examine the effectiveness of some number of iteration along with ”batch” theorem.

      Mohd Harridon

Abstract: The Helicopter Guimbal Cabri G2 is a helicopter that is usually used for training and recreational activities. The Cabri G2 is agile and easy to handle. In this paper the author had collected data of incidents and accidents of Cabri G2 and analyses were performed upon these data. The author focused upon the incidents and accidents that were due to the faults of pilots. The results of these analyses were discussed and concluded.

      Muh. Takdir, Fs. Bahari

Abstract: This research aims to understand and evaluate the tax administration and management applied at PT Etam Wira Utama. In terms of tax transactions, the regular monthly tax transactions which are often carried out by PT Etam Wira Utama are VAT, income tax article 21, income tax article 22, income tax article 23, as well as income tax article 25/29. The approach taken is a review on the concept of tax administration and management. We evaluate more deeply on how to map taxes in the company. Moreover, the process and the search of tax evaluation data on actual taxation principles, which are the Principle of Justice, the Principle of Certainty, the Principle of Convenience and the Principle of Economic. Guided by these principles, PT. Etam Wira Utama managed to become ranked ninth as a compliant taxpayer among thousands of corporate taxpayers throughout North and East Kalimantan in 2018.

      Oloo, Martin Opondo, Dr. Percy Opio, Dr. Walter J. Ongeti

Abstract: The state of Land administration and management in Kenya has, despite numerous reform efforts, remained fractured and uncoordinated over time. With the adoption of the National Land Policy in 2009, the Constitution of Kenya 2010 and the creation of the National Land Commission (NLC), Land administration and management straddles across two institutions i.e., the Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning, which is created under the Executive Order 2018, and the independent constitution commission, National Land Commission. The land administration functions straddles between the two entities with a performance that is less than satisfactory.

      MAZIMPAKA Pierre Claver, Dr.Claude RUSIBANA

Abstract: Most of the banks in Rwanda have undergone through the process of Merger and/or Acquisition in the recent past. The general objective of this study was to assess the effects of business merger and acquisition on bank financial performance in Rwanda. This study aimed to assess the factors that lead the merger and acquisitions in commercial banks in Rwanda, to assess the factors that determine the performance of commercial banks in Rwanda, to determine the relationship between merger and acquisition and the financial performance of banks in Rwanda.


Abstract: Based on data from Presidential Decree No. 72 of 2020, around 82,62% of Indonesias State Budget (APBN) comes from the domestic tax revenue sector (Data January 2020 to August 2020). Domestic taxes dominant contributions include income tax, value-added tax, customs and excise, land and building tax, and other taxes.


Abstract: This research study determines the serum lead and cadmium (ppm) level of pregnant women living in gas flaring communities in Bayelsa State, Nigeria. Two hundred apparently healthy pregnant women and one hundred non-pregnant as control were randomly selected as participants for this study. The prevalence of elevated serum lead (>0.1ppm) above the world health organization permissible range among the non-pregnant and pregnant subjects was (2%) and (5%) while that of cadmium (>0.0012ppm) was (11.33%) and (19.66%) respectively. However the total prevalence of elevated heavy metals in the blood of non-pregnant and pregnant subjects was (6.66%) and (12.33%).The study reveal a non-significant increased concentration of Lead level among the non-pregnant control group (0.07ppm) to that of the pregnant test (0.05ppm) with no difference in their cadmium (0.01ppm) level.

      Amanda Amauche Igwe, Charles Ikerionwu

Abstract: Localizing on-screen keyboard for communication in Igbo Language has brought about the existence of various Igbo keyboard on Android Operating System Platforms. Thus, the development of an Igbo Keyboard in Standard Orthography for Android mobile devices called AmandaX, which incorporates both the English Alphabet in QWERTY layout and the full Igbo alphabets in WERTY layout displayed in two different interfaces. This thesis made use of the ASCII (American standard code for information interchange) and Unicode Character sets to represent the development of the Igbo alphabets. It is hosted using the Android software development tool kit.

      Antonio Tome Mandala, Zhang Tao, Jiang Shiejie, Zhang Ning

Abstract: In this paper, the oil-paper insulation system of the power transformer is analyzed in the frequency domain. Different factors that influence the dielectric insulation of oil-paper, such as the temperature, moisture in cellulose, conductivity, and oil aging, are described. The analysis for the dielectric response is carried out by analyzing the dissipation factors and the complex capacitance through the Frequency Domain Spectroscopy (FDS) method. This tool analyzes the dielectric responses of the oil-paper insulation system, by measuring a series of dissipation factors at different frequencies, typically distributed over the range of 0.001 Hz to 1000 Hz. The result of the experiments shows that the temperatures, moisture in cellulose, conductivity, and oil aging have a significant influence, in the low-frequency range than in the high-frequency range.

      NSABIMANA Diogene, Dr. David Nyambane, NYABERA Sammy Onsoti

Abstract: The study was carried out to assess the impact of project implementation on the socioeconomic of people living in rural areas of Rwanda and Akanyaru Watershed Protection project at Gisagara district was taken as a case study. Descriptive research design was used in this study. The population under study was 8000 people living in Gisagara district and is stakeholders of Akanyaru Watershed Project (AWP) which involves participants within this project, beneficiaries, cooperatives, and government authorities which is supported by RSSP from which a sample of 99 respondents was selected. Purposive sampling technique was used to select the sample respondents.The findings showed that majority of the respondents were female at 55.43%. 60.87% of the respondents were aged between 26 and 45 years.

      Nshimiyimana Charles, Dr. Julius Warren Kule, Dr. Saganga Kapaya

Abstract: One of the ways to improve performance of MFIs is to encourage them to form strategic alliance. The purpose of this study was to assess the effect of strategic alliance management on the performance of Microfinance Institutions in Rwanda. The target population was 491 MFIs, and a sample size of 220 was determined using Slovene’s formula. Primary data for the study was collected by use of structured questionnaire. Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) was used to establish the relationship between strategic alliance management and performance of MFIs. The SEM results revealed that the model was significant (χ^2=23.56,p=0.0518) with the overall R2=0.588.

      Hitesh Mangtani

Abstract: Sport is a dynamic field where athletes have to frequently enhance their skills, tactics, techniques, training methodologies. The sports ecosystem itself is so vigorous in its true sense where administrators, managers, and policymakers have to be well informed of the latest sports market trends, so the industry or ecosystem in the respective regions is continuously evolving and challenging itself. Coaches and scouts are as critical as athletes at each stage of development hierarchy, so we are discussing a need of the hour implementation of a framework to be placed for scouts, coaches, administrators to be part of the budding system for enhancement of self-sustainability factor of sports development in the country from an administrative and managerial standpoint.

      Flory Kilingo, Zulu Bernard, Chen Hong –bin

Abstract: This study review focused on indicating wastewater treatment technologies used in Kenya and determine the most feasible and effective treatment method that can be applied in slum areas. This systematic literature review showed that the most commonly used treatment method in Kenya is the use of single or combined constructed wetland, stabilization ponds coupled with constructed wetland, stabilization pond with aerated lagoons, and also conventional wastewater treatment systems. However, the conventional method is costly and requires high implementation, maintenance and operation. Yet, most of the final effluents of the treatment system do not meet the National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) standards hence posing a threat to the environment and human life. Found that most of the wastewater treatment plants were not effective in removing the nutrients (phosphorus and nitrogen) to the required standards.

      Medhavi Sood, Dweep Chand Singh

Abstract: Introduction: Helicopter parenting (HP) refers to a distinct type of perceived parenting. It is developmentally inappropriate levels of parent involvement and control in their children’s lives, which is often observable through their advice, direction, and help with problem. They even make decisions for their children and personally invest in their children’s goals. Today’s adolescents are expected to make decisions pertaining to their health related behaviour and career related choices. Decision making refers to the capability of developing reliable level of competence to foresee the consequences of alternatives. It is the fourth phase of cognitive development which is normally reached during adolescence, and is synonymous with abstract thinking, logical reasoning and problem-solving skills. Helicopter parenting has been shown to have negative outcomes in emerging adults but so far it has not been investigated in adolescents in India.

      Septi Nina Maria Ginting, Melati Silvanni Nasution, Santi Syafril, Dharma Lindarto

Abstract: Introduction: Lipid metabolism is a complex enough metabolic reaction in the human body. Lipids have a strong enough appearance with oxidative stress which will form atherogenesis, through the peroxidase reaction. VLDL and LDL are the basic raw materials for peroxidase reactions that will form free radicals and damage blood walls. This study will analyze lipid levels with MDA-Malondialdehyde, as oxidative stress.

      Swathika M C L , Jayanthi Mungara, Akila V, Dharini V

Abstract: INTRODUCTION: The complexity of oral environment presents many obstacles in performing dental treatment procedures. To minimize them, proper isolation is required to control operating field as well as provide safe and quality treatment. Rubber dam isolation has been a gold standard for several years. However, general dentists and specialists may not use rubber dam owing to the difficulty in placement and cost.

      H. K. T. Buddhika and T.S.L.W. Gunawardana

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to the investigate the impact of e-banking on customer satisfaction of private commercial banks in Galle district of Sri Lanka, due to the lack of application of e-banking practices among banking customers commonly to determine the customers satisfaction. Seven hypotheses were developed based on the constructed conceptual framework derived from the Marketing and consumer behavior literature. The data were collected over survey method by purposively and snowball administering structured questionnaires from 150 respondents who used e-banking in Galle district, Sri Lanka. First confirmatory factor analysis was performed to explore the significance of atmospheric dimensions and the multiple regression analysis was carried out to measure the impact of seven e-banking practice variables on customer satisfaction.

      Adamu B, NiaNia, S Abdullahi, S, Raymond, C Saidu, S. G

Abstract: "The research was carried out at Department of Animal Science and Range Management Teaching and Research Farm Modibbo Adama University of Technology, Yola, Nigeria. The study was conducted to determine the Effectiveness Level of Amino Acid Inclusion in Sprouted (germinated Masakwa Sorghum, Sorghum bicolor (l.) moench) Based Diet on the Performance of Broiler Chickens. One hundred and fifty day-old (Anak 200) broiler chickens were used for the study and were randomly allocated to five dietary treatments of thirty broiler chicks per treatment. Each treatment was replicated three times with ten birds per replicate in a completely randomized design (CRD)."

      Abdi Ibrahim, Fs. Bahari, Muh. Takdir, Dewi Shintawati Kusnadi, Heisye Manderos, Nixon, Zulfia, Agus Romdani, Triadi Wijaya Syahrir, Handryno

Abstract: This research originated from the complaints of several taxpayers, both individual and corporate taxpayers, whom the authors met regarding errors that are often encountered by taxpayers when inputting and reporting data in the system, either offline or online, both periodic and annual tax returns. The online disruption was caused by frequent inability to login into Directorate General of Taxes website due to network constraints.

      Agon Skeja, Prof Dr. Seadin Xhaferi

Abstract: Fin-tech are accelerators of innovation in the banking system. They can improve efficiency, create new products and services, enable new business models, and blur the boundaries between industries. Digitization offers new opportunities for banks to put the customer at the center of the development process. New technologies remain and survive in the market to disrupt the value chain of retail financial services, as well as to introduce new players into the competitive arena. But a large number of banks stand far from the necessary scale of modern technologies.

      Fahirah, Sutresna Wati

Abstract: The tourism sector is one of the largest foreign exchange contributors to the countrys economic growth. One of the determining factors for tourism development is the number of foreign tourist arrivals. It is necessary to carry out development, planning strategies that appropriate, effective, and efficient to increase foreign tourist arrivals. Business Intelligence is one of the digital trends and the main digital marketing strategy for Digital Tourism by implementing data mining for data analysis, including forecasting. There are various kinds of forecasting methods, but the problem is in choosing the best method for the problem and the desired output.

      Riska Epina Hayu

Abstract: Based on thyroid screening program has been done by the Magelang District Health Office in 2012 it is known that pregnant women who have low levels of TSH 80/443 pregnancies. Low TSH is the result of an overactive thyroid gland or produce excessive thyroid hormones that circulate in the blood causing hyperthyroidism in pregnant women that can adversely affect the fetus one of which is the occurrence of low birth weight babies (LBW. Cases of low birth weight infants in the District Magelang has increased over the last three years ie in the year 2011 as many as 4.44% of cases, increased in 2012 as much as 5.03% of cases and by 2013 as many as 6.16% of cases.

      Piyali Paul

Abstract: Platography is a modern technique of printmaking in India nowadays. However, western artists such as Albert Durer used this technique as an artistic medium from the nineteenth century. Platography is an alternative way of Lithography. However, artists are getting more attraction towards Platography than Lithography due to a shortage of resources like Limestone. Many schools and colleges are trying to adapt Platography practice due to various printmaking procedures, and as experimental processes, different organizations, studios, and collaborative studios are promoting new techniques of printmaking.

      David K. Rono and Joseph P. Gweyi-Onyango

Abstract: Nearly half of the wastewater generated in Nairobi ended up treated in the treatment facilities. However, cases of irrigating vegetables with raw influent and untreated wastewater water by urban and peri-urban farmers in Nairobi have been noted. Despite the importance of wastewater in in Kenya’s urban and peri-urban agriculture, information on the quality of water used for irrigation areas is lacking. This study sought to establish physicochemical and microbiological composition of water used for irrigating vegetables in Ruai ward, Nairobi County, Kenya. A preliminary survey was conducted to identify sources of water used for irrigation. Sources of water used for irrigation were then categorized into the treated effluent, raw influent and wastewater-polluted water sources. From these sources sampling points were randomly selected and georeferenced.

      Senarath MKID

Abstract: Background: Stroke leaves almost fifty percent (50%) of its survivors disabled with respect to arm–hand performance, and after six months, 25-53% of people are dependent at least one ADL task. Shock wave therapy used in treating post-stroke upper limb for many years; therefore this current review discusses the literature on the effects of shock wave therapy on chronic post-stroke upper limb management.

      Rose Atoni, Phillip Ipat, Paul Ogula

Abstract: Social media is becoming an essential tool for professional growth, curriculum planning, and student engagement. This study investigated on the influence of students’ socio-economic background on social media use in Turkana Central Sub County. The study was guided by the following research questions; what is the socio-economic background of secondary school students in Turkana Central Sub county Kenya. The study was guided by Media Dependency theory and employed causal comparative design. Stratified simple random sampling was used to get the sample size. Questionnaire was used to collect data. Validity was determined by consulting experts. Test and retest method was used to determine reliability. Data analysis was through the use of frequencies, percentages, means and standard deviation. The hypothesis was tested using ANOVA. The finding was that there is a significant relationship between students’ socio-economic background and use of social media. The study recommends that parents should share with children on negative effect of social media, how it affects behaviour and academic achievements.

      Prof. Dr. Mohammed Farooq Salih Albadri

Abstract: There is common preservation that the term "metaphysical" is utilized to portray a gathering of seventeenth-century English artists, who wrote in a specific way affected by, or in response to, works by John Donne. The chose not many related as such are known as the metaphysical artists, and their works marked as "metaphysical poetry". Precisely what the term metaphysical refers to, or what does it define this aspect requires some explanation. As indicated by the Cambridge Dictionary, metaphysical poetry identifies with the piece of theory that is tied in with getting presence and information"; while theory then again, is "the affective reason in viewing things with the aspect of the present reality and presence. Subsequently, by suggestion, however, till this day there is no fully effective definition of metaphysical poetry, as it requires a variety of characteristics which will be presented in this paper along with the brief history behind the metaphysical poets and inspirations.

      Sammy Kent Mang’eli, Dr Anzuruni Barnabe Msabah, Dr Isaac Kibuthu

Abstract: Succession planning within the church movements has been an issue of interest to Christians, because of the weight with which spiritual leadership is viewed. The pattern of leadership development and succession observed globally in most contemporary Pentecostal movements and churches has been characterized as dynastic succession. The study sought to asses coaching as a leadership development strategy and its effect on succession in Evangelical churches. The case study was Nairobi Chapel (NC) church that had embarked on a strategy of planting 300 churches by the year 2020. The research applied mixed methods approach to collect both quantitative and qualitative data.

      Mukiza Oreste, Dr. Safari Erneste

Abstract: The study aimed at investigating how selected NGOs in Kigali use governance practices to contribute to socioeconomic development of their beneficiaries in Rwanda. Its specific objectives included examining the governance practices applied in the selected NGOs in Kigali, determining the level of implementation of governance practices in selected NGOs in Kigali, assessing the impacts of governance practices on socio-economic development and evaluating the challenges and opportunities faced by selected NGOs in Kigali. The research project significantly sought to make policy makers and civil society organizations realize the degree of influence which governance practices can exert on social and economic transformation. The research offered a glimpse into the contributions of governance practices to bringing about substantial socioeconomic changes in the lives of communities served by selected NGOs in Kigali.

      Julien Brice Minkande, Jocelyne Urielle Bedime

Abstract: The aim of this study is to analyse the level and explanatory factors of the technical efficiency of independent oil palm producers in the Sanaga-Maritime. To achieve this objective, we used the stochastic production frontier with embedded inefficiency effects, which we applied to primary data from a survey that covered the period from June 2018 to July 2019. The results lead to the conclusion that 81.6% of the production inefficiency is explained by the producers themselves and only 18.4% of this inefficiency is related to random factors. This inefficiency of independent producers is mainly related to off-farm income and their level of education.

      Servious Mbiza

Abstract: While the mobile phone has revolutionized some sectors of the economy such as banking, its impact in agriculture in Zimbabwe is yet to be established. For farmers to adapt to the fast-changing global environment and remain competitive and relevant, they must integrate ICTs in their farming activities. The study was carried out on farmers in Mushandike Irrigation Scheme in Masvingo district in Zimbabwe. Because of the farmers’ long stay in commercial farming activities, they were clearly aware of their information requirements in farming. Questionnaires were distributed to 54 farmers and interviews were conducted with 10 farmers from the Irrigation Scheme. The level of use of mobile phone applications was found to be very poor. The extension worker was seen as the main source of information when it comes to dealing with traditional issues such as pests and crop diseases. Small scale farmers were not benefitting from mobile applications.

      Ernie, Marcelino

Abstract: Tax incentives for taxpayers in Indonesia when the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, which are expected to have a positive impact on the business world and prevent Indonesia from being in a recession, are interesting to research. The problem formulated in this research was how effective are the new tax incentives for taxpayers in Indonesia, either personal taxpayers or company taxpayers except permanent establishment, in the COVID-19 pandemic era.

      Epimaco A. Cabanlit, Jr

Abstract: Regression analysis is the most frequently used statistical tool or treatment in Education and Social Sciences, especially when the conceptual framework is on causes and effects. As seen in many theses and dissertations results, regression analysis has been abused in the sense that the basic assumptions are not justified. Moreover, results show unrealistic outcomes and even to a point where no sense of reality has been arrived, where the authors and advisers have not realized. Some of these illustrations with anonymity are presented in this paper.

      Nithin Ranawaka, N.H. Welikumbura

Abstract: COVID 19 is a global pandemic caused by newly discovered Corona virus. Hospital preparedness is essential to prevent spreading of infection to hospital staff, patients and provide good quality care to COVID 19 patient and other patients. This article shares the experience of hospital preparedness at base level hospital in Sri Lanka. Sharing experiences will help to learn lesson and enhance the capacity to face COVID-19 pandemic successfully.

      Mohamed Hassan Atwa Eldek, Mahmoud Mohamed Elghwaby, Nayera Naieem Zekry

Abstract: As entering a new century, the impacts of local building materials and construction building techniques are most recognized in order to achieve sustainability in residential houses in EL-Arish city, Sinai, Egypt. As the sustainable buildings has a great role in achieving the sustainable development in the study region. This purpose accomplished through understanding the importance of identifying different ways to move the sector of buildings toward sustainability(Berardi, 2013).

      Santosh P. Supanekar, Mayur S. Naik, Leena N. Meshram, Anil G. Rokade & Prabhakar R. Pawar

Abstract: Insects belonging to the order Odonata are ecological indicators and studies of insects show that, certain species exhibit high association with particular ecological conditions. Panvel is one of the fast-changing metro city in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, due to ongoing construction of Navi Mumbai International Airport (NMIA), rampant urbanization, industrialization and unplanned development have resulted into ecological disturbances and habitats fragmentation. Literature review suggest that no baseline data is available with respect to Odonata, particularly of dragonflies and damselflies. Hence present study is undertaken. 15 species of Odonates representing 2 suborders, 2 families and 2 subfamilies. Recorded Odonates belongs to families Libellulidae & Coenagrionidae and species of family Libellulidae are found to be more abundant in the study area.

      Najidha.S, Haidy Ignatius, P.Predeep

Abstract: It has been reported that implant doping can create an insulator-semiconductor transition in Natural Rubber (cis 1, 4 polyisoprene), a member of the well-known butadiene family, in the unvulcanized state using N+ ion. In this paper, we report, for the first time, the ion beam bombardment in Radiation Vulcanized Natural Rubber Latex (RVNRL) using N+ ion with energy 60 keV in the fluence range of 1014 to 1016 ions/cm 2.

      Christine Kananu Gitonga, Dr. Robert Egessa

Abstract: Training and human resource development is an important component in any given learning organization. Kenya, as a developing economy has put in place parameters to spearhead its growth namely; Vision 2030 which recognize the critical role of science, technology, innovation and training in moving the country to a middle income status. The productivity of workers in Technical colleges is very critical in ensuring workers and the general performance of Technical Colleges to meet the set objectives that are normally spelled out in their five year strategic plans as well as annual objectives. Extensive literature review shows little has been documented on talent engagement drivers and employee productivity in Technical Vocational Education Training Institutions in Kenya.

      Cyrus Gitonga Ngari, Dominic Makaa Kitavi, Paul Muriithi Ngari & David Mugo Muchangi

Abstract: COVID-19 spread in Kenya has been growing at a very high rate in the recent past. According to the Kenya’s ministry of health, the confirmed COVID-19 infections as of 19th July 2020 was 13,353 with recorded 5,122 recoveries and 234 deaths. Based on quarantine data, there is media speculation about COVID-19 manifesting gender dimension, however, no studies have been carried out to establish the gender-based dimension in the community. This paper aimed at: formulating gender based Mathematical model, estimate gender-based disease burden in the community using quarantine data and using estimated parameters and states to predict dynamics of the disease in the quarantine centers.

      Evwierhurhoma, Daniel Ejiroghene And Dr. E. Amah

Abstract: Globalization has made the entire world to become a global village that has succeeded in integrating individuals, organizations as well as nation states. Over the years, globalization has increasingly integrated the globe as well helped in creating unity out of vast multiplicity of the world. Globalization affects every aspect of the society on a daily basis. Thus, this paper was able to critically examine the influence of globalization on the political environment as well on the government of Nigeria and its general implication on organization and managerial effectiveness and on the individual. The methodology used was qualitative methods through the review of literatures.

      Sanoj Kumar Karki

Abstract: Globally there is an energy disparity that emanates from supply shortages of clean energy that is adequate to the growing population. Clean energy is vital for poverty eradication through social-economic development in a country. Nepal has not been an exemption in an energy crisis, despite the potential for generating, 2,100 MW of solar power and 3000 MW wind power which are eco-friendly and renewable sources of energy. Nepal, as a country, is a less developed economy, with more than 80% of the population residing in rural areas. This rural population depends on non-renewable energy sources, like traditional stoves and fuel woods, which are detrimental to the environment. Besides, fossil fuels in the country are imported, creating an economic burden on the country. Nepal has the potential to utilize solar energy as a sustainable energy source. However, this potential requires mitigation of anticipated challenges from the supply side. This research project will seek to develop recommendations for viable solar energy supply technologies by assessing and identifying possible limitations in the energy supply side; this includes analysis of solar concentrations technologies that affect the solar power output and reliability. The final report will be instrumental in developing solar thermal concentrations systems that are effective, efficient and reliable.

      Karthijekan, K, Sujendran, S, Genoosha, N

Abstract: Nursing is a professional practice. Evidence-based practice is important in improving the quality of nursing care. Lack of research knowledge and less involvement in research are the main barriers to evidence-based practice in improving nursing clinical practice. The study aimed to assess the opinions and practice on research among nurses in the selected hospital in Batticaloa district, Sri Lanka. A sample of 270 nurses was selected using a systematic sampling technique. A self-administered questionnaire assessed the socio-demographic characters, nurses’ opinions towards research, and practices on research.

      Zalina Binti Zakaria, Siti Noor Binti Ismail

Abstract: This study aimed to identify the level of principals’ distributed leadership practices, organizational readiness to change and PLC implementation. Other than that, this study as well aimed examine the influence of organizational to change as a mediating variable on the principal’s distributed leadership with PLC implementation in school. A cross-sectional survey was used to collect data involving Kelantan, Malaysia secondary school teachers. A total of 371 teachers from the total population of 10866 were selected based on the graded sampling method.

      Dr Rajan Dagla, Dr Gagandeep singh

Abstract: Teratoma is a most common extra gonadal germ cell tumour of perinatal or neonatal period , but teratomas of nasopharynx and intra oral are rare in neonates . naso pharyngeal teratoma is a serious condition leading to the respiratory distress in newborn. In present case one day old female newborn female born to a 22 year healthy female by normal vaginal delivery with uneventful antenatal period with intra oral and nasopharyngeal growth protruding from the oral cavity leading to severe respiratory distress. Baby was managed immediately and MRI of head and neck suggested nasopharyngeal mass lesion with left intratemporal and left intra cranial extension suggesting solid cystic , calcified fat components of teratoma. Baby was resuscitated and growth was excised successfully and cleft palate was repaired and patient was discharged on normal bladder and bowel habits. Histopathological examination specimen suggested intraoral and nasopharyngeal benign teratoma. We present the intraoperative and specimen finding and treatment followed in this case.

      R. M. A. D. B. Rathnayake

Abstract: In the recent past, the whole world experienced the covid-19 pandemic as a widely spreading infectious disease. Therefore, the Covid - 19 has resultant rigorous social stigmas in this milieu. Starting from the smallest social institution; family and moving on to other social institutions relating to political, economic, religious, law and educational institutions, the Covid - 19 pandemic has delivered both negative and positive impacts. Generally, the use of newer technology for education purposes is highly motivated. However, the problem remains beneath the outcomes of e-learning. This exercise has focused on understanding how post-e-learning affects the psychological condition of university students. The research problem was, “what are the post-e-learning psychological difficulties faced by university scholars”.

      Md.Tarekur Rahman, Shafiqul Islam Shaon

Abstract: Commercial banks are deemed as an exigent part of the world’s economy. The research paper has been ended up wholly relied on the annual reports of five years data from 2015 to 2019, and some definite data is collected from the annual reports such as return on investment, capital adequacy ratio, cost-income ratio, debt-equity, nonperforming loan. Only the internal factors affecting the commercial bank profitability in Bangladesh is taken up into the account in this study. Some preliminary diagnoses have been used to assess the significance of data, like normality test, autocorrelation test, and heteroskedasticity test. In contrast, some statistical methods, like descriptive analysis, univariate analysis, and multiple regression, have been implemented to concluding the research. The findings show that the cost-income ratio, and debt-equity ratio have been found as a negative relationship with the profitability, whereas the capital adequacy and nonperforming loan have not found any significant relationship with the profitability.

      Harastha Khairi Afina, Qadri Fauzi Tanjung, Bastian Lubis, Akhyar Hamonangan Nasution

Abstract: Background: The aim of this study was to investigate the prognostic role of the neutrophil to lymphocyte ratio (NLR) in patients undergoing Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG) with cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB).

      Dr.G.Lakshmi, Poornema.M.C.M, Varshini.U.J, Vidhya Saraswathi.R

Abstract: The banking sector is always deemed to be one of the most vital sectors for an economy. It is the “lifeblood” of all the economic activities, in collecting deposits and providing credits to people and businesses. The main purpose of this study is to study the financial performance of CUB. This study is analytical in nature. Secondary data is collected from annual reports of CUB, journals and books. The collected data has been analyzed using common-size balance sheet and trend analysis. The study concludes that the CUB’s financial performance is strong during the study period.

      Sagar Deshmukh

Abstract: Software engineering comprehends many disciplines dedicated to forestall and remedy malfunctions and to warrant adequate behavior. Testing, the topic of this paper, could be a widespread validation approach in trade, however it is still mostly unexpected, expensive, and erratically effective. Indeed, computer code testing could be a broad term encompassing a variety of activities on the event cycle and on the far side, geared toward completely different goals. Hence, computer code testing analysis faces a set of challenges. The same roadmap of the foremost relevant challenges to be self-addressed is here proposed. In it, the start line is deep-rooted by some important past achievements, whereas the destination consists of 4 known goals to that analysis ultimately tends, however that stay as unapproachable as dreams. The routes from the achievements to the dreams square measure sealed by the outstanding analysis challenges, that square measure mentioned within the paper at the side of attention-grabbing current work.

      Solomon Boachie, Kennedy Ameyaw Baah, Francis Quansah

Abstract: This study sought to find out students’ challenges face during the teaching and learning of acid-base titrition. The research design used the study was a case study. The study took place at Berekum Presbyterian Senior High Schools in the Bono Region of Ghana. This study adopted social constructivism theory of learning. The social constructivism involves the engagement of students in a process of shared meaning-making, guided by the teacher. The target population in the study consisted of thirty chemistry final year students of 2014 / 2015 academic year from Presbyterian Senior High School Berekum in the Brong Ahafo Region.

      Adham Zakaria Osman

Abstract: In this paper we shall express about concept that describe a very different and extremely clever way of solving the Initial Value Problem of ordinary differential equation .

      Shailesh Kumar Gupta, Yashveer Jayara, Yeshi Choden

Abstract: Due to increase in population the rate of generation of solid waste keeps on accumulating, putting pressure on the city and its environment. Municipal solid waste in city is unorganized due to deficiency of infrastructure, proper disposal plan and well managed dumping site. In this case study, an attempt has been made to quantify the sanitation facilities in Dehradun city for both present and future populations with respect to solid waste management system (SWMS). This study aims to find solutions related to (SWMS) and possibilities of resource recovery. It is done by collecting data through visits to organizations such as Pay Jal Nigam, Uttarakhand Jal Sansthan, Municipal Corporation, Solid waste plants, STPs and survey from local people. It has been observed that segregation of solid waste, negligence of waste collection, segregation, inadequate numbers of bins and transfer stations are the main issues that need to be addressed for effective solid waste management facilities in the city.

      Nyabise Nelson, Prof. Niu Dongjie, Petro Mwamlima, Samson Mwitalemi

Abstract: The continuous rise of population and consumption demands of both basic and leisure electrical and electronic equipments within Dar es Salaam city led to increasing amount of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipments (WEEE). Recently WEEE has become the environmental and public health issue needing close attention in the city. Even with urgent actions needed, yet less has been done to study and establish the stakeholder’s collaboration pattern in the sector. This study applied the stakeholder’s analysis (SA) and social networking analysis (SNA) techniques in studying the effectiveness of the stakeholders involved in the sector. All stakeholders involved in the management of WEEE were identified and assessed using literature review, brainstorming and stakeholders’ interviews.

      Milka Wangui, Dr. Joash Mutua, Dr.Mercy Mauki, Kenneth Mburugu

Abstract: Biblically parents are mandated to be the primary educators of their children religious education. This has been recommended by different stakeholders, including the church, schools with an extensive body of researchers suggesting myriad of positive outcomes in children whose parents are involved in their religious education.

      Melissa Yosephine Manoi, Husaini , Lenie Marlinae, Meitria Syahadatina Noor, Erida Wydiamala

Abstract: It is estimated that 1.1 billion people or 17% of the worlds population still defecate in open areas. Utilization of toilets by the community according to the results of Riskesdas 2018 only reached 76.2%, while 12.9% still defecated. Several studies have shown that education and income are related to the use of latrines by the community. The research examines studies that explain the relationship between education and income with the utilization of latrine. This study used a retrospective observational study, in the sense that the researcher made a recapitulation of facts without doing experimental manipulation. Effect size. Sources of data using secondary data obtained from previous studies online. Data collection procedures using Google Scholar and Garuda Portal which were involved in the last 5 years.

      Nova Gozalli Kardiyo, Husaini, Eko Suhartono, Meitria Syahadatina, Lenie Marlinae

Abstract: Based on data from BPS Indonesia, the number of work accidents in Indonesia in 2016 was 106,644 workers experienced work accidents and in 2017 as many as 102,327 workers had work accidents. Ministry of Health data in 2018, explains that nurses are the highest health personnel in Indonesia, amounting to 345,276 people. Nurse fatigue can affect wherever they work. As a result, fatigue in nurses can have a negative impact on patients, reduce assessment of the health services provided, increase the risk of errors, patient falls, injuries, irregular nursing care, poor communication, and lack of continuity in care.

      Dr Kalyani Supriya. Dr RK Aggarwal

Abstract: The water quality has started to deteriorate due to change in landuses even in hilly areas. This necessitated to carry out investigation regarding status of water quality in the hilly region by assessing the seasonal water quality parameters namely like pH, turbidity, EC, TDS, DO, BOD, COD, Ca, Mg, chlorides, nitrates, heavy metals (Ar, Cd, Pb, Cr, Zn, Hg), total coliform under four different landuses categorised as agriculture, urban, peri-urban and forest at 24 representative locations in low hilly region.

      Unggul Adi Utama, Siti Aslamyah, Asda Laining

Abstract: The availability of quality exogenous feed suitable for mouth opening is very decisive survival of the larvae of Siganus guttatus. This study evaluates the application of two live feeds for survival, growth, and the choice of feeding index for S. guttatus larvae. Three treatments tested different types of natural feed, namely Brachionus rotundiformis with a density of 7-10 ind mL-1, Nitzschia sp.

      Aeman Alalawi

Abstract: Libyan present political, economic, and environmental context as a whole is very complex for making any progress when it comes to any of these socio-political areas. The reason is, above all, security instability. Then, the complete division on the political scene. Likewise, the internal structure is fragile when it comes to institutions. Furthermore, corruption is present in all pores of the socio-political sphere. An additional problem with this is the drastic decline in trust in the functionality of institutions.


Abstract: This study focused on contribution of agriculture based cooperative on socio-economic development in Rwanda. The general objective of the study was to investigate the contribution of agriculture based cooperative on socio-economic development of beneficiaries using a case study of Abajeneza cooperative in Nyamirama Sector in Kayonza district.

      Fauzia Nur, Rajuddin Syamsuddin, Rustam

Abstract: Experiments were carried out on Codium sp seaweed cultivation with different seed weights using a growing medium in the form of super intensive shrimp pond liquid waste which aims to obtain the best seed weight to produce growth with 6 weeks of growing trials. The research was carried out at the Experimental Pond Installation (ITP) Institute for Brackish Water Cultivation Research and Development (BPPBAP), Punaga Village, Mangarabombang District, Takalar Regency.

      Mr. Patrick Macharia Njoroge

Abstract: Globally universities are increasingly dependent on information and communication technology to execute their core operations and functionalities, thus getting exposed to increasing cyber threats and consequently unprecedented security risks. Moreover, Kenyan public universities are not exceptional in using information and communication technology to execute their core operations and functionalities. The study sought to examine the common security threats facing the assets in use in Kenyan public universities. Proper identification and establishment of the security threats facing the universities would inform on the necessary mitigation controls to implement hence effectively mitigate the security risks.

      Gupto Andreantoro, Deva Agung Mahendra

Abstract: Tax planning is an important thing to do so that the transaction withholding tax and value-added tax on reimbursement transactions are not subject to double taxation. With tax planning, taxpayers can streamline the tax payable so that the taxes paid are not too high but by applicable tax provisions. This study aims to analyse tax planning on withholding taxes and value-added tax on reimbursement transactions.

      Amadi, Moriah Donu, Weje, Ikezam Innocent

Abstract: Death is the inevitable and ultimate end of human beings on earth. When this happens, there is a need to safely dispose of the remains of the diseased in order to avoid public health hazards. Apart from providing other roles, cemeteries functions majorly as a place of interment for corpse. Cemeteries also have negative impacts that affect the socio-economic well being of residents especially when they are not properly managed. The present study examined some of the impacts of the Military and Port Harcourt City cemeteries on the residents of cemetery area. Both primary and secondary data were utilized.

      C.I. Itumo, P. E. Ogunoh and M.I. Okongwu

Abstract: This research appraises the Alternative Dispute Resolution (Adr) methods for a successful project delivery in Ebonyi State, Nigeria. The study adopted the descriptive survey design. The population of this study is 169 which are made up of registered professional in there various professional bodies in Ebonyi State, precisely the Builders, Architects, Civil engineers, Estate surveyors and valuers, and Quantity surveyors.

      Erastus Kyalo, Kennedy Mutundu

Abstract: In the event of natural disaster occurrences such as hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, pandemic and epidemic diseases, phone utilization aspects such as calls, SMS, airtime, and mobile money transaction have been widely used to monitor behavioral change and prevalence trend of the affected population. However, little is known on the ability of the meta data produced by network operators if could be utilized to monitor and predict drought progression in arid and semi-arid areas in Kenya. The gap necessitated the conveyance of this evaluation to give more insight on the possibility of utilizing the phone generated records in monitoring drought progression.

      C. Sweetline and R. Usha

Abstract: To improve the antimicrobial compound productivity of Streptomyces sp KMA08 by optimizing its physical and chemical parameters. Streptomyces sp KMA08 was isolated from mangrove soil of pitchavaram and was screened for its antimicrobial activity by using agar well diffusion method. To improve the production of antimicrobial compound the medium composition and physical parameters were optimized and its productivity was studied against Staphylococcus aureus Escherichia coli and Candida albicans. Optimum growth of mycelium and antimicrobial compound production occurred at pH 7.2, agitation 180 rpm and temperature 30 ˚ C with glucose 10g/L, soyabean meal 2.5g/L, K2HPO4 2g/L, MgSO4. The optimization of cultural conditions proposed in this paper has effetely improved the antimicrobial compound productivity of Streptomyces sp KMA 08

      Dr. Ibrahim M. Eltom Ibrahim, Dr.Um Hani Idris Ahmed

Abstract: Background: Timely analyzing rainfall variability is an important in the economic and environmental conservation mainly in Arid and Semi-arid zones, like Sudan. In arid environments people exclusively depend on seasonal rainfall in their livelihoods. So, whenever life depends on the seasonal rainfall effectiveness, the authorized meteorological information should be guided the policy of seasonal activities. Objective: The aim of this paper is to detect the rainfall variability across the Sudan through analyzing long-term rainfall records. Methods: the annual Spatio-temporal data of long term (1970-2018) of the Sudan Meteorological Agency in Khartoum was used.

      Sang-Soo Jeon, Bang-Hee Won, Kyeong-Won Yoon

Abstract: In this study, safety certification system of temporary equipment and materials established in domestic and foreign countries are compared and how to improve it and how to secure the safety are suggested. Validity of the system is investigated based on the internet and/or field visit surveys and an actual implementation of the system has been investigated for currently used temporary equipment and materials. Survey results show that an appropriateness of the items, required for an approval of the safety certification is ‘yes(36%)’, ‘no(30%)’, and ‘unknown(24%)’, respectively. Most of respondents answer that the current system does not reflect the transitional change of construction environments. In this study, the items of the current safety certification system, its size, its practicability, and the certification methods are reevaluated and then the improvement schemes of the system are provided.

      Obarisiagbon, Aiwaguore Johnbul, Airemwen, Collins Ovenseri And Obianuju, Jennifer Chude

Abstract: This study aimed at evaluating Musa paradisiaca (banana peel) pectin as a pharmaceutical excipients (binder) in ciprofloxacin tablet formulation. The banana peel pectin was extracted from the peel of Musa paradisiaca (banana). The granules formulated were evaluated for micromeritic properties. The granules were then compressed to tablets at a compression pressure of 30N/m2. The resulting ciprofloxacin tablets were evaluated for hardness, friability and disintegration time, in vitro dissolution studies and release kinetics. The extracted banana peel pectin was found to contain the following phytochemicals – flavonoids, tannins, carbohydrates, reducing sugar, saponins, alkaloids, phytosteroids and glycosides.

      Md. Abdullah Al Mamun, Biplob Kumar Biswas, Sumita Tabassum Tamanna, Md. Bashirul Islam

Abstract: Food adulteration is a major harmful cause in both the developed and less-developed countries. “Adulterant” means any substance which could be compelled the food unsafe for containing extraneous matter. This review has shown that the use of Melamine, Calcium Carbide, argemone oil, Synthetic food colors, artificial sweeteners, and Formalin in foods (fruits, fishes, and vegetables, etc.) turns into silent toxic that is damages our health and reasons numerous serious illnesses. Also, this review has shown that the fishers and the dried fish stocker in Bangladesh have using DDT as a required conserver of dried fish without regarding health danger matters.

      Anthony Baraka, Dr. Jaya Shukla

Abstract: This paper intended to investigate the influence of resource management practice on construction projects in Rwanda, a case of land survey and engineering consultancy Ltd with specific objectives of identifying the factors that influence resource management practices on construction projects performance, to assess the impact of resource management practices on construction projects performance and to determine the effects of resource management skills on performance of construction planning. The target population was a total of 168 members that included 53 project managers, 110 project owners and 5 staff members at LSEC Ltd. The researcher utilized random sampling techniques for project managers and purposive sampling to select the project owners and staff member at LSEC Ltd. The researcher also used Yamane formula to determine the sample size of all the population.

      Dr. Allambergenova Nodira Gulmurzayevna, Salayev Ravnak Fayzullayevich

Abstract: One of the representatives of Turkic literature in India, Kamran Mirza Babur’s second son, a talented poet, is a highly talented man who deservedly continued the traditions of his father Babur. This article provides a comparative analysis of the poetic works of Zahiriddin Muhammad Babur and his second son, Kamran Mirza, published in Uzbek, including ghazals, rubais, and fards. The analysis addresses not only the theoretical rules inherent in the work of these two poets, but also inherent in the classical poetry of the East. Comparing the literary expressions created by the father and son artists, it is shown by the examples that each artist enriched the literary images in the Eastern classical literature both in form and content, and gave a number of peculiarities to the traditional images. It is also proved that Kamran Mirza, like Babur and other oriental classical poets, wrote in the most vivid weights of the Turkic dream and was able to create new, beautiful expressions of content based on traditional images in oriental poetry.

      Omondi, Danlence Codo, Ogone James and Mosoti Edwin

Abstract: Through testimonies born from situations of violent conflicts, survivors are able to narrate, and bear witness to traumatic experiences, albeit subjectively. The subjectivity characterizing such narrations implies a process of editing and selecting, voicing certain aspects of the events and silencing other aspects. Although silence in speech implies absence of voice and therefore no communication, this paper maintains that narrativization of trauma is possible even in silence. Informed by textual data, the paper examines the place of silence in narrativizing trauma, exploring not only the binary opposition of voicing and silence, but also the meaning of the ‘unspoken’ during the narrativization of traumatic events. The paper exposes the multifaceted nature of silence in Rwandan post-genocide testimonial literature as depicted in Hanna Jensen’s “Over a Thousand Hills I Walk with You”, Immaculee Illibagiza’s “Left to Tell: Discovering God Amidst the Rwandan Genocide” and Jean Hatzfeld’s “Machete Season: Killers in Rwanda Speak.”

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