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      Dr/Ayman Mohamed Afifi

Abstract: The research is concerned with finding out a suitable means to protect the children against this phenomenon of Children abduction using tracking systems like GSM,GPRS,GPS. The research aims at illustrating the advantages of the tracking systems that are used and developing the designing of thetracking system devices of following up the children in order to face this phenomenon to fir huge number of children with different contexts, traditions and financial possibilities. The new method helps in following up the kidnapped child for long time as the used system is connected with the parents via sending messages to their mobile phones when the child changes the defined location as it defines the location more accurately. the researcher designed an attractive shoes connected to a belt containing the GPS tracking system that can be installed in all kinds of shoes that can be used by the child when he want to change or replace this shoes with another one.

      Leo C. Rio, Marites M. Rio

Abstract: The study aimed to determine the effect of electro-magnetic field on the growth characteristics of Okra, Tomato and Eggplants and set to establish baseline data for farmers on the possible utilization of Electro-Magnetic Field ( EMF ). It was conducted on November 2011 to June 2012 and primed with the use of an inductor that produces EMF, exposing on it the Okra, Eggplants and Tomato. Susceptibility of the plants to insects and pests was also looked into by the study. The experimental and descriptive methods were used. The study found out that Okra plants when exposed to EMF grew faster and have its height, weight, sizes and number of fruits per plant significantly bigger and heavier than the Okra not exposed to EMF. On the other hand, EMF brought negative effect to Tomato. Egg plants, both exposed and not exposed to EMF were found with no significant effects on its growth characteristics. Moreover, Okra, Tomato and Eggplant plants which were exposed to EMF were observed with less number of insects and pests compared to those not exposed to EMF.A follow up study on the positive effect of EMF to the growth characteristics of Okra considering other variables is recommended.

      Ph.D Candidate. Elnori Elhaddad

Abstract: The techniques used in the design of gas lift equipment have faced many challenges over the years. Designs of production wells for lifting oil using low casing pressure lead to cold flow of the extracted fluid. This is because the wells need lower rates of gas lift. It is recommended to use gas lifting pressure in the range of 1120 to 1200 Psi[1].Producers, who produce lower volumes of oil, require small amounts of gas in order to lift the fluid. They fit gas chokes for controlling the volume of gas lift in gas lift wells. Lower oil production gas volume is small and this leads to a falling in pressure which eventually lowers the temperature of the injected gas that flows down the casing.

      Ahmad Kainuwa, Najeemah Binti Mohammad Yusuf

Abstract: This conceptual paper studies the influence of parents socio-economic status and educational background on their children education in Nigeria. The paper reviews literature on how socio-economic status and educational background of the parents affects the education of their children; examine the role of parents’ socio-economic status and their educational background on the Educational process of their children. In addition, studies and researches from the previous works of scholars relating to the factors that influence children Education were also analyzed and discussed throughout the paper. The discussion in the paper is base on the theoretical framework of conflict theory. This theory is appropriate for the study because it allows the reader to understand how children education is significantly affected by the socio-economic status and educational background of their parents.

      Morris L. Bates

Abstract: This paper looks at a comparison be made between Eric Smith and a leader that we have had the opportunity of working with closely, explaining each man and motivations for their respective visions. Additionally, each man communication style is to be described, as well as, its effectiveness with subordinates. Explain how each man vision is purposeful, understandable, believable, and measureable. Finally, present the model of preference if asked to lead a district.

      Valeria Pandolfini

Abstract: The article aims to provide a critical perspective on the ongoing Information and Communication Technologies application in education, analyzing the development of technology-based school innovations and their effective implementation. It presents an evaluation case study referred to an Italian government program for teachers professional development aimed to develop and to improve the educational practices innovation through the diffusion and the use of Interactive Whiteboards in Italian primary and secondary schools.

      Chandrasen F. Rajemahadik, S. V. Kulkarni, Dr. G. S. Kulkarni

Abstract: Heavy metals are toxic to humans on consumption if disposed with inefficient treatment facilities in water bodies or on land. Such industrial wastewater needs effective treatment before disposal as they may mostly contain heavy metals in dissolved form, advance treatments are required for efficient, economical with low operational and maintenance systems for commercial utilisation.

      Dr. Corinne Patrick, Dr. Betty Marie “Liz” Ross

Abstract: Conflict occurs globally everyday impacting lives, countries, and slowing economic productive growth and safe wellbeing. In 1945, the United Nations founded an international organization comprised of nations of the world with the purpose to promote peace, security, and economic development. Since WWII, women’s roles within the U.S. and world society have transformed. This paper will examine womens roles in logistics support for peace keeping missions, the possible barriers women encounter, as well as identifying current practices that hinder and/or promote the pool of female candidates.

      Prof. Dr. Milenko Heleta, Prof. Dr. Gojko Grubor, Svetislav Veljković

Abstract: Organisation subsistence and long-term sustained successin the conditions of international competitiveness and every day changes, depends on various key performances. Degree of accomplishing intended level of key performances depends on the processes management – of products or services (process results), objectives management – of strategic, tactical and operative, as well as, on performances management – of processes, products and services.

      Onwuka, D.O, Egbulonu, R.B.A and Onwuka, S.U

Abstract: Softwares have been developed for estimating the modulus of elasticity, E, of concrete. These softwares can predict several possible combinations of mix proportions of concrete components that can yield concrete of desired elasticity modulus, E. The determination of optimum cost of concrete based on a specified modulus of elasticity, entails several time wasting manual calculations of the total cost of all the mix proportions predicted for the specified modulus of elasticity by the software.

      Nedal M. Elsaid, Ahmed E. Okasha & Abdalla A. Abdelghaly

Abstract: The structured problem solving is important methodology in improvethe organization performance.This study is aiming to provide more insight that determines the organizational problems, solutions for the ministry of state for environmental affairs which it is one of the most critical issues effect the administration fields.Firstly, we discuss the concept of organization structured and organization structured types. Secondly, we focus on the signs of poor organizations structured which it indicate that the organization is deeply need to solve the mentioned problem. Thirdly, we discuss the base of structured problem solving is the Deming circle: And introduce the Bank 6 steps process of the problem solving. then discuss the important of a create and maintain healthy organization structured manner using team in problem solving. Finally, we discuss the arguments against using a structured problem solving.

      Najeba F. Salih, Mohamad S. Jaafara, Anees A. Al-Hamzawi Murtadha Sh. Aswood

Abstract: Blood samples were acquired from 60 women aged 20 to 44 years having decreased fertility, infertile or with uterine tumors in the Iraqi Kurdistan region. A pilot experiment was performed to determine alpha radionuclides in powder blood. The concentrations of alpha emitters in powdered blood ranged from 0.0036ppm in Eiskan to 0.0096 ppm in Halabjay–Kon in Sulaymania Governorate, with average (0.0085 ppm) that was high significant difference in concentration( p<0.001). And the alpha emitter concentrations in powdered blood ranged from 0.0031 ppm in Shorsh to 0.0146 ppm in Sedakan in the Erbil Governorate, with average (0.0062 ppm) that was high significant difference in concentration( p<0.001). The average results of concentration in Erbil was higher than the concentration in Sulaymania. Exposure to ionizing radiation higher than the environmental radiation levels causes different diseases. To prevent dysfunction and decreases in the life span of red blood cells, the concentrations must be determined because the high concentration and degree of exposure to alpha particles are more damaging to the living tissue and gonads, most of data have been significant, therefore, the result shown that the radiation effect on women fertility.

      S. S. Raskar, V.V Sonani , P.A. Patil

Abstract: This paper summarizes the economics of maize production under different treatment combinations of nitrogen, phosphorus and zinc. A field experiment was conducted during the rabi season of the year 2009- 10 at Pulse Research Station, Anand Agricultural University, Model Farm, Vadodara, Gujarat.

      Dr. Vinayak Irpate

Abstract: The present study was carried out to measure the impact of gender on some organizational variables like work motivation, job satisfaction, need for achievement and life satisfaction. The sample of 200 employees was selected and was divided into two parts i.e.100 male and 100 female. The five scales namely Personal Data Sheet, work Motivation Questionnaire, Job Satisfaction Scales, Sentence Completion Scales and Life Satisfaction Scale were administered on them. The Data was collected and analyzed with the help of mean, SD and t. Result with help of mean, SD and t. result indicated that male had higher level of work motivation than female. There was no significant difference between male and female employees on job satisfaction. It was found that male employees have high need for achievement than female employees and concluded that the male and female did not differed on life satisfaction scale. Several factors were responsible for these phenomena.

      Prithvi Simha

Abstract: This paper provides an overview on the concept of closed loop sanitation systems. A brief outline has been given on existing sanitation facilities in India, ways to implement ecological sanitation and retrofitting of nutrient recovery systems into existing sanitation facilities. In recent times, though India has witnessed phenomenal development in water resources, access to adequate sanitation facilities remain one of its major development issues. Urine Diversion Systems as a sustainable sanitation alternative can help India move closer in achieving such goals.

      Mrs. Vaishali D. Khairnar, Dr. Ketan Kotecha

Abstract: A Vehicular Ad-hoc Network (VANET) is a collection of wireless vehicle nodes forming a temporary network without using any centralized Road Side Unit (RSU). VANET protocols have to face high challenges due to dynamically changing topologies and symmetric links of networks. A suitable and effective routing mechanism helps to extend the successful deployment of vehicular ad-hoc networks. An attempt has been made to compare the performance of two On-demand reactive routing protocols namely AODV and DSR which works on gateway discovery algorithms and a geographical routing protocol namely GPSR which works on an algorithm constantly geographical based updates network topology information available to all nodes in VANETs for different scenarios. Comparison is made on the basis of different metrics like throughput, packet loss, packet delivery ratio and end-to-end delay using SUMO and NS2 simulator. In this paper we have taken different types of scenarios for simulation and then analysed the performance results.

      Neena Priyanka*,**, P. K. Joshi

Abstract: Lantana camara, a noxious weed, has been expanding and now established in many regions of the world, including India. As it poses major threats to ecosystem, it has been in the focus of control attempts. For the purpose of this research, various characteristics of Lantana camara are discussed and techniques to combat its invasion in India have been studied. Results reveal that species have become menace and expanding its range. Present research also suggest that more than 80% of studies focus on its impact, use, toxicity, and its therapeutic uses only. It thus comes out clear, that research focusing on path and progression of Lantana camara, besides knowing its ecology, is the need of the hour. Information of this kind, as presented in this research, is critically needed to plan-out a befitting response to protect the ecosystems at a matching scale; else it may be impossible to make any headway towards meaningful control with small, scattered and sporadic attempts.


Abstract: Alcoholic intoxication is a major social problem of public health all over the world. It is also related to a complex genetic association. The allele A9 of the dopamine transporter gene (DAT1; SLC6A3) was examined for association with alcoholism. The present study determines the distribution of the variable number of tandem repeat (VNTR) polymorphism in the 3’untranslated region of DAT1 in Pategar community of Dharwad. A group of 100 healthy controls (nonalcoholic) and 100 alcoholic patients were examined and genotyping study was done. The genotyping in individual gender was examined. The four allele frequencies 7, 9, 10 and 11 repeats of the DAT1 40-bp VNTR were detected. The analysis was carried out by using PCR and electrophoresis. The frequency of the allele A9 [f (A9+)] was significantly higher (P = 0.01) in the group of alcoholic patients [f (A9+) = 0.52] when compared with healthy controls (nonalcoholic) [f (A9+) = 0.30].The heterozygosity indices were low and varied from 0.090 to 0.390. This research study shows that the frequency of individuals carrying the allele A9 was significantly higher in the group of alcoholic patients compared with healthy controls. The results demonstrate the variability of the DAT1 40-bp VNTR polymorphism in Pategar community, Dharwad.

      P.Kayal, Dr.S.Kannan

Abstract: One of the most important challenges of HR professional is to manage organizations talents, especially to ensure the right person for the right job. This paper presents an idea of identifying leadership quality in a person, which is a potential contribution that Data Mining (DM) could make within the Human Resource (HR) function in organizations,using association rule mining which is one of the most important techniques in the field of Data Mining. The original idea derives from attempts to deal with quantitative attributes in a database, where subdivision of the quantitative values into crisp sets would lead to over or underestimating values. The concept of Fuzzy will help to overcome the problem by allowing partial memberships to variable values.

      Dr.Debesh Bhowmik

Abstract: The paper evaluated the multidimensional framework of stock market volatility.High indices of stock market in every aspect of measurement implied less variability of volatility.A country depression or recession turned into severe volatile stock market which cannot be cured in the short run.Political turmoil or instability or chaos made negative impact on stock market which spurs volatility.The stock market volatility has the negative nexus with the growth rate of a nation i.e. high volatility reduces growth rate. There is causality between them. Since stock market volatility brings forth economic crisis which has ultimately spill over on growth inversely to other countries as well. The international trade and stock market volatility is negatively related in the sense that volatility reduces the volume of trade and increases current account and capital account deficits.

      Ashwani Kumar

Abstract: Cellular Automation (CA) is a decentralized computing model providing an excellent platform for performing complex computation with the help of only local information. Researchers, scientists and practitioners from different fields have exploited the CA paradigm of local information, decentralized control and universal computation for modeling different applications.

      Dr. Indrajit Pal (Ph. D), Dr. Siddharth Singh, IAS, Mr. Abhinav Walia

Abstract: Brahmaputra is an important river for irrigation and transportation in the state of Assam, India. About 2,900 km long and with an average depth of 38 m mighty river is prone to catastrophic flooding in spring when the Himalayan snows melt. The average discharge of the river is about 19,300 cubic metres per second and floods can reach over 100,000 cubic metres per second. It is a classic example of a braided river and is highly susceptible to channel migration and avulsion. It is also one of the few rivers in the world that exhibit a tidal bore. The river drains the Himalaya east of the Indo-Nepal border, southern-central portion of the Tibetan plateau above the Ganges basin, south-eastern portion of Tibet, the Patkai-Bum hills, the northern slopes of the Meghalaya hills, the Assam plains and the northern portion of Bangladesh. The basin, especially south of Tibet is characterized by high level of rainfall.

      Sonakshi Ruhela & Dr. Priyanka Tiwari

Abstract: The present study is aimed at examining language socialization in the early childhood development for working and non- working mothers. Socialization is a learning process that begins shortly after birth. Early childhood is the period of the most intense and the most crucial socialization. It is then that we acquire language and learn the fundamentals of our culture. Language socialization research shows that language plays a crucial role in the process of novice becoming a member of any cultural community. In order to become active and competent members of their community, novices must learn to understand and use these linguistic structures in appropriate ways. The sample of the study consisted of 20 mothers (10 working and 10 non- working) hailing from Delhi region on the basis of Random Sampling technique. The measures taken for collecting data is extensive interview, both formal and informal interviews were taken. The data was further qualitatively analyzed by thematic analysis and result was found. The hypothesis were:- a) Language socialization in children of working mothers was more than in the children of non-working mothers b) Socialization in children of working mothers is more than in the children of non- working mothers and lastly c) Overall development of children of non- working mothers will be better than children of working mothers.

      Alka Dubey, Swinder Jeet Singh Kalra

Abstract: Human immunodeficiency virus is a lentivirus (slowly replicating virus) that causes Acquired immuno deficiency syndrome (AIDS). HIV attached to the human CD4 receptor and leads to the infection. Protein modelling is type of structure prediction from its sequence with an accuracy that is comparable from different softwares .Computational protein modelling is a method designed for the most probable 3D structure from a sequence given its alignments with related structure .In this topic we discuss about the 3D structure of HIV1and HIV2 protein from different softwares and their variations in core value, hydrophobicity, residues and intermolecular forces.

      Mousumi Deka

Abstract: The Kamakhya temple is one of the world known religious centre. Though, the temple is regarded as the great religious Tantriccentre but, it lays great emphasis on the sculptural art. The temple exits at the Nilachal hill of Assam. The myth, religion and art are amalgamated in the Kamakhya temple. The reconstructed temple shows the sculptural art of different times. Numerous sculptural images are very similar to the Gupta art style. The study focuses upon the characteristics of the stone images and traces the myth behind the temple. The stone images are analyzed according to the subject matter.

      M. H. Gulzar

Abstract: In this paper we obtain bounds for the number of zeros of a polynomial in a given domain when the coefficients of the polynomial or their real or imaginary parts are restricted to certain conditions. Our results generalize some known results in the theory of the distribution of zeros of polynomials.

      V.R.Kulli, M.B.Kattimani

Abstract: A dominating set D of a graph G = (V, E) is an accurate dominating set, if V–D has no dominating set of cardinality |D|.

      Tanmoy Dey, Ganesh C. Sahoo, Somendra N. Roy, Sibdas Bandyopadhyay

Abstract: The pre-requisite for operation of a RO plant requires feed pre-treatment for removal of suspended solids, bacteria, colloidal particles, etc, which would otherwise lead to fouling of RO membrane. In recent years, the performance of polymeric membranes for seawater pre-treatment has improved significantly. This enables a more advanced SWRO system design by providing good quality feed for RO system, which results in increased reliability and lower water cost. However, use of disposable polymeric cartridge leads to higher running cost and increased plant downtime because of the need of frequent replacement. The present study describes the pilot scale performance obtained on Arabian coastal sea water using tubular ceramic membrane (average pore diameter 0.1 µm) of 19-channel configuration as a pre-treatment system for RO. The MF pilot unit operated at fixed TMP of 1.2 bar with 40 hrs continuous run, using filtrate water of pressure sand filter (PSF) as feed. Flux obtained was around 350-370 LMH. Turbidity came down to 1.0 NTU and SDI value to less than 3. The filtrate obtained was virtually free from any suspended solids, colloids and bacteria, etc.

      Aju Mathew, Prof.E.M.Somasekaran Nair, Asst Prof. Jenson Joseph E

Abstract: With today uncertain economy,companies are searching for alternative methods to keep ahead of their competitors.Forecasts of future demand will determine the quantities that should be purchased,produced and shipped.In this work α,two data mining methods,artificial neural network(ANN) and exponential smoothing(ES) were utilized to predict the demand of the fertilizer(Ammonium Sulphate).The training data used was the sales data of fertilizer of the previous 3 years.Demand forecasted by artificial neural network is more accurate and have less inventory costs than exponential smoothing method.

      Ms. Mandira Sikdar, Mr. Rishiraj Balwariya

Abstract: Tertiary Education has always played an important role in the overall economic and social development of any country by virtue of its contribution to the quality of education and research, which is its principle domain. A corollary to this is the training of future teachers for the effective use of ICT, and consequent transfer of these skills to successive generations. The researchers attempted to study Teacher awareness and perceptions related to their roles as ‘managers of learning resources’ i.e. having an in-depth understanding of learning resources and their respective potentials.

      Smt. Sandhya S.J

Abstract: Selection the ideal mate is the most confusing process in the life of most people. To explore these issues to examine differences under graduates socio-economic status have on their preference of marriage partner selection in terms of their personality traits, socio-economic status and physical attractiveness. A total of 770 respondents participated in this study. The respondents were mainly college students studying in final year degree in professional and non professional courses. The result revealed that the respondents socio-economic status significantly influence preferences in marriage partners selection in terms of personality traits, socio-economic status and physical attractiveness.

      Dhirendra Pandey and Jai Prakash Pandey

Abstract: The aim of this paper is to increase the knowledge of the diversity of digenean parasites from rana tigrina collected in sidhi district madhya Pradesh, India. About 200 parasites representing Ommatobrephus lobatum were collected from the intestine of f Varanus bengalensisi and Tropidonotus piscator from different places of Sidhi (M.P.). They were critically analyzed for their intra specific variations. Measurements of various organs of 50 parasites were recorded for study. The body length was measured 0.910 mm. to 2.820 mm. The oral sucker range was 0.105 – 0.245 mm. X 0.176 – 0.280 mm. and ventral sucker range was 0.315 – 0.665 mm X 0.350 – 0.665 mm.

      Swaminathan S, Rajeswari S, Emila S, Revathy K and Kumar J.S.

Abstract: Diabetes mellitus is a common disorder affecting individuals of all ages. It is not a pathogenic entity but a group of aetiologically different metabolic defects. By the year 2025, there is predicted to be a 35 % increase in the world-wide prevalence of diabetes. The rising number of people with diabetes will occur mainly in populations of developing countries, leading to more than 300 million people with diabetes globally by 2025. Presently as many as 50 % of people with diabetes are undiagnosed.

      Sindhu Cugati, Anuradha. K, Venkatesha.D, Sweta Sadanand

Abstract: Background: HIV- infected patients are at high risk of colonization and infection with methicillin resistant Staphylococci over the past decade. Increasing non-β-lactam antimicrobial resistance among methicillin resistant Staphylococcal clones, particularly to clindamycin, may complicate the efforts to manage infections in the community. Methodology: Nasal swabs from 200 HIV patients were cultured. Staphylococcal isolates were tested for methicillin resistance by Cefoxitin disk diffusion test & inducible clindamycin resistance by D test as per CLSI guidelines. CD4 counts of the patients were determined and analyzed.

      S.Hemalatha, S.Alaudeen Basha

Abstract: In this paper, we propose a upper-bound privacy leakage constraint based approach to identify which intermediate datasets need to be encrypted and which do not, so that privacy preserving cost can be saved while the privacy requirements of data holders can still be satisfied. To identify and encrypt all functionally encrypt able data, sensitive data that can be encrypted without limiting the functionality of the application on the cloud. However, Preserving the privacy of intermediate datasets becomes a challenging problem because adversaries may recover privacy-sensitive information by analyzing multiple intermediate datasets. Encrypting all datasets in cloud is widely adopted in existing approaches to address this challenge. But we argue that encrypting all intermediate datasets are neither efficient nor cost-effective because it is very time consuming and costly for data-intensive applications to encrypt/decrypt datasets frequently while performing any operation on them. In order to preserve privacy, the clients will encrypt their data when they out- source it to the cloud. However, the encrypted form of data greatly impedes the utilization due to its randomness. Such data would be stored on the cloud only in an encrypted form, accessible only to users with the correct keys, thus protecting its confidentiality against unintentional errors and attacks.

      B.Shoba, Dr.K.Rasappan

Abstract: Solid waste management is the one of the major problem faced by today world. There is an increase in commercial, residential and infrastructure development due to the population growth and it leads to negative impact on the environment. Urban solid waste management is considered as one of the most tedious environmental problems facing by municipal authorities in developing countries. Rapid urbanization coupled with increasing industrial, commercial and economic development, have given rise to an increased generation of various types of waste. The amount of waste generation rates is coupled with socio-economic development, degree of industrialisation and climate. Generally, the greater the economic growth and higher the percentage of urban population, the greater amount of solid waste is produced. In recent years, the management of solid waste continues to be one of the major issues facing municipal planners due to increased population levels. Planners are thus forced to consider alternate and available means of disposal, especially by minimizing damage to the ecosystem and human population. GIS has proved to be a boon to such planners by visualizing the real solid waste situations and facilitating route analysis through mapping. Based on the above focus, the present study focuses mapping the waste generation of Coimbatore urban area and on suggesting convenient and administratively transparent solutions to the waste disposal problem.

      Deepak Mahajan, Ravindra Tajane

Abstract: Burnishing is a cold-working process in which plasticdeformation occurs by applying a pressure through a very hard and smooth ball or roller on a metallic surface. Improvements in surface finish, surface hardness, wearresistance, fatigue resistance, yield and tensile strengthand corrosion resistance can be achieved by the applicationof this process. The experimental studies were conducted under varying Burnishing forces, speeds, feeds, and lubricants. The settings of burnishing parameters were determined by using the Taguchi experimental design method.The optimum burnishing parameter combination was obtained by using the analysis of signal-to-noise (S/N) ratio. The confirmation tests indicated that it is possible to increase surface hardness and decrease surface roughness significantly by using the Taguchi method. The experimental results confirmed the validity of the used Taguchi method for enhancing the ball burnishing performance and optimizing the process parameters.

      Jins Joy. P

Abstract: Stress is a part of everyday life; we experience it to one degree or another. Although it is an unavoidable part of our activities at work and at home, stress becomes harmful when it reaches an intensity that impairs daily activities.

      Shraddha Chauhan, Dr. Bani Tamber Aeri

Abstract: Background and Objectives: Cardiovascular diseases have a major share in the incidence of non-communicable diseases. CVD is also one of the leading causes of deaths in India. It has outgrown the boundaries of gender, location of dwelling etc. A number of studies have been conducted time and again to find out the prevalence of cardiovascular disease. This article aspires to collate all the data gathered by such studies conducted after year 2000 and provide an overview of the prevalence of CVDs in India.

      Rahul Garg

Abstract: Till now, the question remains the same whether organizations are moving towards a sustainable future or not. The impact of policies on the sustainable growth of the organization. The main assumption in this model is that for calculating growth or development, GDP per capita alone cannot be considered as only criteria, a multi –criteria model must be used to calculate it. If GDP increases, by destruction of natural vegetation and by depletion of natural resources it cannot be considered development. In this paper I present a statistical model, such that by using that model any number of organizations can be compared or ordered in increasing or decreasing sustainability. These organizations can be as large as countries or can be as small as local companies. The model is prepared in such a way that it is not biased towards any organization or sector. It considers all the factors necessary for a sustainable growth or sustainable future.

      Surabhi Jain, RanjanaSingh

Abstract: This paper presents an efficient method for reducing losses in existing LT- distribution system.The study is based on a real distribution feeder in Madhya Pradesh (M.P.) state. In this study, main focus is given on the reduction of distribution losses by converting LT distribution system to LT- Less distribution system. Under this proposed LT- Less distribution system; power is distributed mainly through HT (11 KV) lines with small rating distribution transformers. This paper presents the comparison of existing LT- distribution system with proposed LT-Less distribution system in terms of losses.

      D.S. Ambadkar, R.M.Kedar

Abstract: An eco-friendly method has been employed for the synthesis of 2-Substitutedphenyl-4-(4-methoxyphenyl)-5-phenyl -1H-imidazole under microwave irradiation .The synthesis of 2-Substituted phenyl -4- (4-methoxyphenyl)-5-phenyl-1H-imidazoles by one step condensation of an substituted aldehyde ,4-methoxyl benzil ,ammonium acetate.The structure of the product were characterized by 1HNMR ,IR ,elemental analysis , and melting point .In conclusion of this method gives some advantages such as a green method , good yield, simple procedure, easy work up, needed short reaction time, less expenditure of energy, and less pollution.

      K.Chitrapriya, S. Asokan and R. Nagarajan

Abstract: Vermicomposting using Eudrilus eugeniae and Perionyx excavatus was carried out from May to October 2012 by Tray method wherein the worms were fed with cow-dung and saw-dust.


Abstract: - Nodular Hidradenoma, also known as solid-cystic or clear cell Hidradenoma or acrospiroma, is a benign adnexal tumor that arises from the distal excretory duct of eccrine sweat glands. The lesion can occur anywhere on the body e.g axilla, face, arms, thighs, trunk, scalp and pubic region but the most common site is head.

      Khusboo.M.Trivedi, Shipra Pandya, Sakthi Kumaresh

Abstract: A software development life cycle model is a characterization of various steps involved in the development of a software product. These phases in a software model range from planning to implementation and maintenance of the software. There are many existing software development life cycle models which are applicable for developing various types of software products. Despite the existence of many models, there are many complex projects that cannot be successfully developed using the same.

      Md. Zahangir Alam, Monzur Morshed Patwary, Muhammad Abdur Rahim

Abstract: This study is about the Mobile Money System in Bangladesh. Major objectives of this study are to give an overview about cost, usage and all other benefits of Mobile Banking as well as to produce a scenario of Mobile Banking in Bangladesh. Both the primary and secondary data have been used for the study purpose. The major findings of this study are 94% respondents think that it saves time than traditional banking, the highest number of respondents use Mobile Banking for ‘Air-time top-up’ service, out of 50 respondents 92% have replied it is less costlier than traditional banking, 100% respondents have agreed that it is speedy, and 100% respondents have opined any type of set can be used for Mobile Banking. Besides, 64% respondents have mentioned that DBBL plays a significant role in mobile baking sector, whereas 28% respondents have agreed that Bkash performs a vital role. Although this concept is new in Bangladesh but its potentiality is high and already it has started to contribute in the economy significantly. From this research, other researchers and policy makers will get an insight about the Mobile Banking in Bangladesh.

      N. S. Pawar, R.R. Lakhe, R. L. Shrivastava

Abstract: A number of investigations carried out in an abrasive jet machining process having a traditional material with traditional nozzle. In some publication are focusing on water jet cutting machining and some are focusing on sand bond grinding , some work are wear behavior of nozzle and some are on performance of material in water jet machining.

      D.Siva Jyothi, Nitin Meena

Abstract: Pseudo Random Number Generator (PRNG) is an algorithm for generating a sequence of numbers. Due to speed in number generation pseudorandom numbers are very important. The increasing application of cryptographic algorithms to ensure secure communications is widely used. So, Here we propose a new reseeding mixing method to extend the system period length and to enhance the statistical properties of pseudo random number generator (PRNG). The reseeding method removes the short periods which are occurred by CB-PRNG and the mixing method extends the system period length by Xoring with ALG. The output sequence of RM-PRNG is used as a key to the encryption and decryption modules. The simulation results are obtained by using Modelsim and Synthesis is observed by Xilinx ISE 10.1.

      Dr. K.N.P. Kumar

Abstract: Yang–Mills theory is the (non-Abelian) quantum field theory underlying the Standard Model of particle physics; mathbb{R}^4 is Euclidean 4-space; the mass gap Δ is the mass of the least massive particle predicted by the theory. Therefore, the winner must first prove that Yang–Mills theory exists and that it satisfies the standard of rigor that characterizes contemporary mathematical physics, in particular constructive quantum field theory, which is referenced in the papers 45 and 35 cited in the official problem description by Jaffe and Witten.

      Jitendra Bikaneria, Surya Prakash Joshi, A.R. Joshi

Abstract: The focus of this paper is on one diode photovoltaic cell model. The theory as well as the construction and working of photovoltaic cells using single diode method is also presented. Simulation studies are carried out with different temperatures. Based on this study a conclusion is drawn with comparison with ideal diode.

      Heerash Kumar Sharma, Chandra Bhan Partheria

Abstract: Temporal data have importance in a variety of fields, such as biomedicine, geographical data processing, financial data forecasting and Internet site usage monitoring. Temporal data mining deals with the extracting of useful information from temporal data, where the definition of useful depends on the application. The most common type of temporal data is time series data, which consist of real values sampled at regular time intervals. Temporal Data Mining is a rapidly evolving area of research that is at the intersection of several disciplines, including statistics, temporal pattern recognition, temporal databases, optimization, and visualization, high performance computing, and parallel computing. This paper is first intended to serve as an overview of the temporal data mining and provide an algorithm to achieve privacy in temporal mining.

      Praneeta Tripathi, Amit Tiwari, Jai Prakash Pandey and Shrish Agnihotri

Abstract: The field studies were carried out for evaluation of cultural methods for insect pest complex of soybean in rewa region. Study of insect pest complex was done from September 2008 to December 2008. Seed damage caused by the bugs fell by 33.50% in the trap plat and 55.80% in the without trap crop.

      A. Ahmed, S.P Ahmad and J.A. Reshi

Abstract: The Rayleigh distribution is often used in physics related fields to model processes such as sound and light radiation, wave heights, and wind speed, as well as in communication theory to describe hourly median and instantaneous peak power of received radio signals. It has been used to model the frequency of different wind speeds over a year at wind turbine sites and daily average wind speed.

      Sanobar Khan, Prof.Vanita Mane

Abstract: New requirements are arising in environments where we have higher volumes of data with high operation rates, agile development and cloud computing. In recent years, a growing number of companies have adopted various types of non-relational database, commonly referred to as NoSQL database. This reflects the growing interactivity of applications which are becoming more networked and social, driving more requests to the database where high-performance NoSQL database such as MongoDB becomes favorable. This paper attempts to use NoSQL database to replace the relational database. It mainly focuses on one of the boosting technology of NoSQL database i.e. MongoDB, and makes a comparison with MySQL and thus justifies why MongoDB is preferred over MySQL. Lastly, a method is proposed to integrate these two types of database by adding a middleware (Metadata) between application layer and database layer.

      Manisha A. Bhagat, Prof. Vanita Mane

Abstract: Web applications are used by many users.web applications are consist of web forms, web server and backend. These applications are vulnerable due to attacks and scripts as the number of web application users are increasing. Web application can have sensitive and confidential data which is stored in database.web applications accepts the data from the users. This data is retrieved from the database through the queries.SQL Injection attack is one of the most popular attack used in system hacking or cracking. Using SQL INJECTION ATTACK attacker can gain information or have unauthorized access to the system. When attacker gains control over web application maximum damage is caused. This paper illustrates SQLIA methods and prevention and detection tools.

      Neha Varma, Dr. Ganesh Kumar

Abstract: In this paper we propose to discuss unconstrained multivariable search methods that are used for optimization of nonlinear programming problems. Earlier Dr.William P.Fox and Dr.William H.Richardson [1] have attempted to solve such problems by using MAPPLE. But we have preferred to solve these problems by OR methods as our present area of research is OR. Although several OR methods are known but we have confined our discussions to Gradient search method, Newton’s method and Quasi- Newton methods. We propose to conclude the discussion by taking a suitable example.

      RampuramJayapalreddy, Dr. N. Sandhya Shenoy

Abstract: System of Rice Intensification (SRI) paddy was introduced to offset the heavy cost of Traditional paddy cultivation. To decrease the cost of cultivation in Traditional paddy, to increase profits of the farmers in rice cultivation by decreasing the use of fertilizers, pesticides and minimizing water use by scientific water management in the face of labour scarcity, SRI paddy was introduced in Madagascar. In Traditional paddy the spacing of 20x15cms was followed and 20 days seedlings were used, and whereas, in SRI paddy cultivation, the wider spacing of 25x25cms was followed and by 8-12 days seedlings were used. Although large number of labour were needed for weed management in Traditional paddy, minimal labour was required for weed management in SRI paddy because of using weeders and machinery for weed management.

      Rajendra D. Tamkhane, Gajendra Singh

Abstract: Managing writing activities and providing feedback to students is very labor intensive and academics often opt out of including such learning experiences in their teaching. We describe the architecture for a new collaborative writing support environment used to embed such collaborative learning activities in engineering courses. IWrite provides tools for managing collaborative and individual writing assignments in large cohorts. It outsources the writing tools and the storage of student content to third party cloud-computing vendors(i.e., Google). We can describe how using machine learning and NLP techniques, the architecture provides automated feedback and automatic question generation, and process analysis features.

      Bello, B., Wudil, A.M. and Atiku, M.K.

Abstract: The antioxidant effect of aqueous extracts of Daucus carota root and Moringa oleifera leaf were investigated in anti-tubercular drugs (isoniazid, INH and rifampicin, RMP) induced oxidative stress.The test control rats were administered with INH (27mg/kg) and RMP (54mg/kg) for 4 weeks to induce oxidative stress. Rats were pretreated with doses of 100mg/kg and 200mg/kg of aqueous extracts of Daucus carota and Moringa oleifera respectively for 4 weeks then INH and RMP were administered for another 4 weeks. Rats were also co-administered with 100mg/kg and 200mg/kg of the extracts plus INH and RMP for 4 weeks. The effect of the extracts on oxidative stress was determined by monitoring the serum malondialdehyde (MDA) concentration. Pretreatment and co-administration of Daucus carota and Moringa oleifera aqueous extracts significantly (P<0.05) reduced serum MDA levels compared with the test control. The co-administration of the extracts with the anti-tubercular drugs had a more profound effect in reducing serum MDA concentration compared with pretreatment with the aqueous extracts of D. carota root and M. oleifera leaf. Moringa oleifera leaves and Daucus carota rootsmay afford anti-oxidant effect in anti-tubercular drugs- induced oxidative stress.

      B K Borah

Abstract: Schwarzschild solution is the simplest solution of Einstein field equations. The solution was first given by Schwarzschild on the basis of 4-dimensional space-time metric or line element. But here we extended our view to the 7-dimensional space-time continuum where 3-usual space components and another 4 time components on the basis of the four fundamental forces of nature.

      Harvinder Chauhan, Anu Chauhan

Abstract: Data classification is a form of data analysis that can be used to extract models describing important data classes. There are many classification algorithms but decision tree is the most commonly used algorithm because of its ease of implementation and easier to understand compared to other classification algorithms.C4.5 is one of the most effective classification method. In this paper we are implementing this algorithm using weka data mining tool using publicly available datasets of different size. This paper also gives insights into the rate of accuracy it provides when a dataset contains noisy data, missing data and large amount of data.

      A.L. Rantetampang, Anwar Mallongi

Abstract: This research aimed to investigate lead (Pb) contamination in aquatic habitat and assess the potential health risks of seafood consumption from Sentani Lake, Papua. Water column, sediment, bivalve, pelagic and benthic fishes samples were collected in one time collection. Furthermore, estimated weekly intake (EWI) and potential health risks were determined using target hazard quotient (THQ) equation.

      Dr.C.Aparna, Dr.C.Padmavathi Devi, Dr.G.Sailabala

Abstract: Hemoglobinopathies are a heterogeneous group of hereditary hemolytic anemias. Thalassemia and sickle cell anemia are the commonest hemoglobinopathies seen in our region. Aim ; to analyse the family members of hemiglibinopathies for carrier status. Material and methods ;Patients visiting our hospital with features of anemia, recurrent attacks of jaundice, splenomegaly were screened for evidence of hemolysis. Their siblings, parents, first cousins,grand parents are also screened for carrier status. Conclusion ;Thirty two people belonging to five families were screened over a period of one year. Of which three cases were sickle cell anemia, one case was thalassemia major, three cases were sickle thaslassemia, twelve cases were carriers, thirteen cases were normal.

      U.C.Orumie, D.W Ebong

Abstract: Lexicographic Linear Goal programming within a pre-emptive priority structure has been one of the most widely used techniques considered in solving multiple objective problems. In the past several years, the modified simplex algorithm has been shown to be widely used and very accurate in computational formulation. Orumie and Ebong recently developed a generalized linear goal programming algorithm that is efficient. A new approach for solving lexicographic linear Goal programming problem is developed, together with an illustrative example. The method is efficient in reaching solution.


Abstract: Cloud computing enables on-demand access to shared resources. It lets to use files and applications over the internet. This technology uses both the internet and the central servers to maintain data and resources. Many organizations uses cloud computing services to outsource their data into cloud environment for location independent resource pooling, elasticity and usage-based pricing. Since more enterprises store their private data on the cloud storage, privacy and security become major concern. One of the most challenging problem in Cloud computing is about the security of the outsourced data which is mainly handled by untrusted parties. This paper surveyed different types of techniques used to enhance the security of data stored in cloud environment and compare those techniques.

      Nagaveni.B.Sangolgi, Syed Khaja Ahmeduddin Zakir

Abstract: Wireless sensor networks consist of sensor nodes with sensing, communicating, computing & storage with battery capacity. Data aggregation is a process or scheme to eliminate redundant transmission & provide fused information to base station which improves energy efficiency & network .lifetime of energy constrained WSN..In this paper, we present a survey of data aggregation schemes in Flat & Hierarchical wireless sensor networks & compare them on the basis of metrices such as lifetime, latency and data accuracy. Our main focus on data aggregation in cluster based network using LEACH protocol which delivers 10 times more data than the minimum energy transmission routing which improves system lifetime & reliability of data transmission & energy consumption by a factor of 8 compared to direct transmission. This paper highlights some of the drawbacks and issues in LEACH & the proposed protocol LEACH Acess Point(LEACH-AP).

      Ch.B.V.Durga, Mr. Ch. Venkata Narayana, Dr. S. S. S. Reddy

Abstract: A cloud storage system, consisting of a collection of storage servers, provides long-term storage services over the Internet. Storing data in a third party cloud system causes serious concern over data confidentiality and to reduce data management costs. However, we must provide security guarantees for the outsourced data.

      Dr. A.Venumadhav

Abstract: Abstract- Cloud computing is a technology that uses the internet and the central servers to maintain data and resources. Cloud computing allows consumers and businesses to use the applications without installing and access their personal files at any computer with the help of internet. The users request for available services according to their desired Quality of Service, and they are charged on a pay-per-use basis. One of the most challenging problems in Cloud computing is the workflow scheduling the problem of satisfying the Quality of Service of the users as well as minimizing the cost of workflows executions. Workflow scheduling is one of the major issue in cloud computing environment. This paper surveyed different types of scheduling algorithms and compare their various parameters. Existing workflow algorithms does not consider the execution time. Therefore there is a need to implement a new scheduling algorithm that can minimize the execution time in cloud environment.

      Pingale Prerna Rambhau

Abstract: This paper presents the implementation and analysis of a real time stereo vision hand tracking system that can be used for interaction purpose. In real time, the system can track the 3D position and 2D orientation of thumb and index finger of each hand without the use of special markers and gloves.

      Prof. Navleen Kaur, Robin Sirohi

Abstract: This paper presents the effect of rupee depreciation on common man. The main focus of the research was on change in pattern of spending and savings of people who are getting affected by rupee depreciation. Currency depreciation is severely affecting the economy of our country and eventually its residents are getting affected due to drastic change in their monthly budget. For stock market investors, things have turned worse. The fall in the value of Indian currency has several consequences which could have mixed effects on Indian economy and its residents. The study showed that after currency depreciation people are grappling with inflated prices of the commodities which they use in their day to day life and the change in their spending and savings trends, a falling rupee will pinch students who are planning to go abroad or are presently studying outside India. This paper studies the real implications of the depreciation of the rupee on the Indian Nationals and the steps taken by government to stem its fall.

      Akshay Malik

Abstract: This paper will attempt to define positive organizational behavior and outline the role of self-efficacy, hope, optimism and resilience in maintaining positive behavior in an organization. Recent researches and findings by famous psychologists are stated at relevant points to relate the four core-constructs to the positive organizational behavior (POB). The focus of the paper is also towards giving practical suggestions for creating a workplace that is conducive to being confident, hopeful, optimistic, resilient and promotes a sense of well-being.

      Gaurav Washimkar, Anant Deogaonkar

Abstract: With the emergence of concept of enhanced profits within existing setup, it is mandatory to study the impact of employee productivity analysis on the Service Quality. Now a days this analysis is becoming an integral part of every industry especially Service Related. In Telecom Industry, employee productivity analysis is playing a vital role while judging the Profitability of business as well as Services to be offered. This paper discussed the Positive as well as Negative Impacts of Employee Productivity Analysis on Service Quality in Telecom Industry with respect to Indian Market.

      Ola Ibrahim

Abstract: Total quality Management as a philosophy seeking to integrate all organizational functions in all areas of productions and services become an important attractive research field. It encourage Researchers to address many topics related to Total Quality management and Continuous improvements. Each has his own approach. Each reveals findings and results. This paper is a comparative analysis of some of the researchers approaches concerning Total quality Management Applications, Models, principles and aims.

      Srinivasan.S, Tinnokesh, Siddharth

Abstract: Energy has become the utmost necessity of our life. It is required from dawn to dusk to fuel the world. Energy is scattered everywhere around the Earth. Man has always desired to capture it and use it for mankind. One of the most important sources of energy is solar energy. Several methods of capturing solar energy and its usage are practised. The intensity of solar rays is immense and ways are still being discovered to harness the full potential of the rays. Focussing the rays to a point will cause generation of heat. Transferring the energy towards cooking is one such method. Usually a solar cooker is a device that is placed in the open ground under direct sunlight. This causes inconvenience to the users. Recent developments are in progress to make it possible to cook under shelter harnessing energy from the solar rays.


Abstract: The concrete currently used in the construction industry generally consists of at least cement, water and aggregates (fine or coarse). As is well known, traditional concrete has a greyish colour, and its high density prevents the passage of light through it, which means that it is also impossible to distinguish bodies, colours and shapes through it. As can be imagined, concrete with the characteristic of being translucent will permit a better interaction between the construction and its environment, thereby creating ambiences that are better and more naturally lit, at the same time as significantly reducing the expenses of laying and maintenance of the concrete. Along with the translucent characteristics, the paper confines its area towards the reinforcement method of this type of concrete such that they can be practically implemented as a load bearing structure. This new kind of building material can integrate the concept of green energy saving with the usage self-sensing properties of functional materials.

      Mr. Ibrahim Hassan Ali Mahfoodh, Dr. S.G. Bhanegaonkar

Abstract: Nothing is more certain to guarantee disastrous teaching than an unprepared teacher is. As a part of preparing the teacher is to provide an evaluation checklist enabling him to be aware of the textbook he is using. A particular feature of the book may be inappropriate to the situation in which she/he is using it or there may simply be a feature of the book she/he dislikes and wishes to adapt. For a teacher, thus, to know the appropriateness or otherwise of the book and may wish to adapt it and make it suitable for his/her local setting, a checklist is needed to provide him with an evaluation scheme enabling him to make his/her right judgments. To evaluate the appropriateness and efficacy of a textbook is to know the principles on which the textbook has been designed and how it meets the objectives that it aims to achieve. To help evaluating a textbook, the paper has provided an eclectic evaluation checklist.


Abstract: Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) have inherent and unique characteristics rather than traditional networks. They have many different constraints, such as computational power, storage capacity, energy supply and etc; of course the most important issue is their energy constraint. Energy aware routing protocol is very important in WSN, but routing protocol which only considers energy has not efficient performance. Cluster-head election problem is one of the basic Qos requirements of WSNs, yet this problem has not been sufficiently explored in the context of cluster-based sensor networks.

      Snehal P. Hon and Prof. Dr. M.T. Kolte

Abstract: MPPT and solar Tracking system are two systems to improve the efficiency of solar panel. The sun tracker is a automated solar panel that follows the position of the sun throughout the day to harness the output power. Sun tracking increases the output power production by keeping the panel parallel to the sun so that sun radiation makes 90 angle with panel. This paper presents sun tracking system implemented in real time. Sun tracking system composed of fuzzy logic controller implemented on FPGA, sensors, PV panel, stepper motor, input-output interface

      Syed Hafeez Choudhary, MD. Sohel Ansari

Abstract: Email is one of the mostly used utility of Internet for communication. A person can communicate with any other person with email in seconds. Also various important documents, images, scanned documents etc. can be sends as attachments. Emails can be sent using a Computer or Mobile The firm requirement to send Email from mobile is that it requires GPRS activation on Computer or Mobile. Naturally everyone cannot afford GPRS to be activated on their mobile device. Also email with attachments with a normal mobile device is not possible. In this paper we explore the viability and present our system implementation to allow registered users to send email with their non-GPRS Mobile via SMS. Also Attachments can be sent with Email. That too will be sent from non-GPRS mobile.

      S.Thripurna, G.Renuka, Dr. Syed Musthak Ahmed

Abstract: A multiresolution AHB on-chip bus tracer named SYS-HMRBT (AHB multiresolution bus tracer) for versatile system-on-chip (SoC) debugging and monitoring. The bus tracer is capable of capturing the bus trace with different resolutions, all with efficient built-in compression mechanisms, to meet a diverse range of needs. Experiments show that the bus tracer achieves very good compression ratios of 79%–96%, depending on the selected resolution mode. The SoC has been successfully verified both in field-programmable gate array and a test chip.

      S.Sumathi and P.Srimathi

Abstract: An experiment was conducted to evaluate the effect of different sowing time on seed yield and quality in under used medicinal plant babchi. The study was carried out for 12 months from January to December. Results showed that the seeds sown in November month recorded the maximum seed yield and quality parameters followed by October month than other months. November month recorded the maximum field emergence (92%), number of branches per plant (12), number of racemes per plant (121) at 90 days after sowing, pod yield (2415kgha-1), seed yield (1931kgha-1), 100 seed weight (1.69g), germination (46%), vigour index (901), protein (18.8%), oil content (6.7%) and it was on pared with October month. Lowest seed yield of 825 kgha-1 was recorded in February month sown crop, the other biochemical quality parameters like protein (18.0%) and oil (6.2%) content were also low in this month. Finally, it could be concluded that October or November was the suitable time for babchi sowing.

      Prof. Suvarna Nandyal and Sandhya Koti

Abstract: As the diversity and size of digital image collections grow exponentially, efficient image retrieval is becoming increasingly important. In general, current automatic image retrieval systems can be characterized into two categories: text-based and image content-based. For text-based image retrieval, the images are searched using the annotated text. In this framework, manual image annotation is extremely laborious and the visual content of images are difficult to be described precisely by a limited set of text terms. To overcome these difficulties, content-based image retrieval systems index images by their visual content, such as color, shape, texture, etc. It is a remarkable fact that, neither searching the images based on the content of the image nor searching the images using the annotated text may lead to an accurate result but jointly they tend to produce a perfect result; this is probably because the writers of text descriptions of images tend to leave out what is visually obvious (the color of flowers, etc.) and to mention properties that are very difficult to infer using vision (the species of the flower, say) and the content of the image depicts the description that may be left out by the writer. An efficient image retrieval system is highly desired. An algorithm which can combine both the retrieval systems i.e. Text Based and Content Based search and then filter out the common images can provide the exact solution for the underlying problem of the retrieval system. Our approach strives to implement the content based search by color and texture features of the objects present in the image using DWT, RGB color filter and color moments and text based search using the simple string match algorithm, and later using both results a similarity comparison is carried out to come up with a final result of the retrieval system. Our image extraction algorithm is based on both the content and the text based retrieval system with high recall rate.

      Jayashree Venkatesh and K. N. Ninge Gowda

Abstract: Moisture management is the ability of a fabric to transport moisture away from the skin to the garment outer surface in multi-dimensions and it is one of key performance criteria in today textiles for garments for various end uses. This property has a significant effect on the human perception of moisture sensations as well as the growth of microorganisms. Plasma treatment on textiles is a novel dry processing technique used to enhance comfort, functional and aesthetic properties of regenerated cellulosic fabrics and at the same time reduce the pollution load on the environment.

      T. Rajeshwar Reddy, P. Narayan Reddy, R. Ranga Reddy, S. Sokka Reddy

Abstract: Seven fungicides were evaluated in vitro against Exserohilum turcicum causing leaf blight of maize The treatment mancozeb 0.25% and combination treatments of carbendazim and mancozeb i.e. saff 0.25% recorded the lowest percent disease index (PDI) reducing the disease by 73.0% and 72.1% respectively. The treatment which had a combination metriram + pyraclostrobin i.e. cabriotop 0.3% was found to be the next best treatment in reducing the disease by 61.5% with PDI of 14.6 following propiconazole with PDI of 18.6.

      Ibrahim M. Eltom, Ahmed H. I. Elfaig, Abdarhiem A.M. Salih

Abstract: The study area is located between 30 – 12 East, and 13 - 10 North. The Urban Development of the town consists of the residence areas from the first, second, and third classes, in addition to the squatter settlement extensions that planned later and became officially new urban extension. The third class housing represents 70% from the total residential area of the town that expanded at expense of the Urban forests.

      Jayti Arora, P.R. Arora

Abstract: Solar heat is utilized in residential sector for heating water for bathing, cleaning and washing throughout the world. Its utilization is very much less is in commercial, industrial and agricultural sectors. Solar heat is also utilized for cooking food but limited. Solar thermal applications are economical and efficient for our daily life. India has a high solar resource; therefore, need to develop solar thermal applications in residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural sectors. Cooking food by solar cooker is clean and free from smoke, thus it can provide quality way of life to the millions of people using chulhas and kerosene for cooking. Need innovation, technological development, implementation, awareness and encouragement to increase use of solar heat in all walks of life, under the guidelines Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission.

      Mehul Yadav, Sumedh Kurundkar, Anushka Barve, Mrugesh Verekar

Abstract: In Indian Railways transport system and in most other public transport system a passenger cannot book for a ticket after the charting of train is done and a seat remains unused if a passenger did not board a train or cancels his ticket after the charting of train is done our approach to overcome it is by a dynamic seat allocation system using QR Code containing the URL to an online website for railway reservation has been developed. In a QR code a passenger specific URL is stored, when Hand held Terminal device running on android OS encodes this URL by the Check-in an passenger which is updated in the central database and any passenger who don’t board on the train his QR code check-in procedure is not done and after the specific time interval the ticket for it is automatically made available in the system for booking to other passengers.

      Deva Prasad Venna, Siva Nagaraju Allam, Phanindra

Abstract: The aim of present research work was to formulate an intravenous injection of Omeprazole sodium. Omeprazole drug is very slightly soluble in water. Hence in-situ conversion of Omeprazole into Omeprazole sodium was opted. But Omeprazole sodium is not stable in solution form. It is stable only for 1-2 days. Hence lyophilization technology was adopted to increase the stability of Omeprazole sodium injection. The lyophilization was carried out in different batches by varying the total cycle time, freezing and holding time, primary drying and secondary drying time while keeping the quantities of all the active pharmaceutical ingredients constant. Lyophilization was carried out in five different batches with five different lyophilization-cycles of 24.5 hours, 28.5 hours, 30.5 hours, 32.5 hours, and 35 hours respectively. Melt pack was found in Batch 1, Partial melt pack was found in batch 2, cake was sticking to the bottom of vial in batch 3, moisture content was high in batch 4, the optimized good cake was found in batch 5. lyophilization cycle of 35 hours was optimized. The optimized lyophilized product was subjected to evaluation parameters such as cake appearance, reconstitution time, pH, assay, impurities, particulate matter, water content and DSC. After considering all product characteristics batch-5 was considered as an optimized formulation. All the evaluation parameters complies the limits as per the specification of USP. Accelerated stability studies were also conducted for a period of three months and from the results obtained, it was found that the optimized formulation was found to be stable. Finally, it was concluded that the lyophilization is a suitable technique to enhance the stability of Omeprazole sodium for intravenous injection with a single dose of 40mg/vial.

      Shamasul Haque, Naseer Ahmad Wani

Abstract: The scheme of Integrated Child Development Service is the foremost symbol of India’s commitment to her children. India’s response to the challenge of providing pre – school education on one hand and breaking the vicious cycle of malnutrition, morbidity, reduced learning capacity and morbidity, on the other. Despite of the fact that huge allocations have been made by the Central Government for ICDS in Jammu and Kashmir, the development in basic infrastructure and improvements in amenities/facilities has been inadequate, especially in rural areas of the state.

      Dardi Charan Kaur, Dr.Wankhede S.V

Abstract: Background and Aims: Pseudomonas aeruginosa is an opportunistic pathogen. The appearance of the Metallo-β-Lactamases genes and their spread among bacterial pathogens is a matter of concern with regard to the future of antimicrobial therapy.Antimicrobial resistance is an innate feature of bacterial biofilms. Biofilm formation is higher in MDR strains. The present study was undertaken with the aim to find Prevalence of Metallo-β-Lactamases among isolates forming Biofilm, Antibiotic resistance pattern of the isolates and their correlation with biofilm producer. The study was carried out in the Tertiary Care Hospital from the period of February 2013 to August 2013. Total of 60 Multidrug resistant (MDR) Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolated from 638 clinical samples were identified by standard microbiological techniques & the isolates were further tested for Antibiotic susceptibility testing. Results:Of 60 Multidrug resistant (MDR)Pseudomonas aeruginosa, the Metallo-β-Lactamases was seen in 30%& Meropenem resistance was seen in 16.66 %.Highest prevalence of Metallo-β-Lactamases was seen in Pus 41.66% followed by Urine (33.33%) blood (23.07%), sputum (20%), Miscellaneous (30%). Biofilm formation was seen in in 65%. Higher antibiotic resistance was seen in strong biofilm producers as compared to the negative biofilm producers.In our study P. aeruginosa showed (56.67%) resistance to ceftazidime,Cefoperazone(61.67%), netilin (78.33%), ticarcillin (61.67%). P.aeruginosa showed higher sensitivity to Amikacin (83.33%),Meropenem(81.67%),Cefepime (66.67%),tobramycin(80%).

      Dr Manoj Togale, Dr S I Neeli, Dr Manisha More

Abstract: Liposarcoma is a malignant soft tissue tumor from fat tissue. Commonly it is found in the abdominal cavity or extremities, but they can be found anywhere in the body. They are typically large tumors and not usually spread beyond its local limits. The cause is unknown but has been linked to genetics and some inherited diseases. The tumor may be present for a long time before being diagnosed. Treatment usually involves surgery and potentially radiation. We report a case of giant retroperitoneal sarcoma in a 44 yr old female. Patient was treated effectively with surgery and radiation. Patient followed up to 16 months postoperatively with no local recurrence.

      Nkululeko Joshua Ndiweni

Abstract: Zimbabwe has been hard hit by successive droughts in the last 13 years leading to the plummeting of agricultural productivity in most of the areas and Zhombe communal land has not been spared. However, many households in Zhombe have ventured into prudent poultry farming as a source of livelihood and food security. Small-scale farmers have embarked into the raising of indigenous chicken breeds, guinea fowls and turkeys. Data for the survey was collected by the administration of a well- structured questionnaire, focus group discussions and observations.

      Kavyashree.P., Dr. Siva S Yellampalli

Abstract: In this paper the design of two low noise amplifiers proposed for WiMAX applications is presented. The two low noise amplifier topologies implemented are: (1) cascoded common source amplifier, (2) Shunt feedback amplifier. The amplifiers are implemented in a standard 180nm CMOS process, and are operated with a 1-V supply voltage and 5.9GHz frequency, the cascoded LNA achieved the best performance with a simulated gain of 15.7dB and noise figure of 1.85dB. The Low noise amplifier has been simulated using cadence spectre.

      Shivani Sharma, Ravindra Pratap

Abstract: Nowadays, Customers are placing tremendous pressure on vendor companies for high quality, reliable products. The rising capabilities and functionality of many products are creating it additional complex for producer to keep up the quality and reliability, which not only satisfies him but also delights him. Considerable research has been carried out and literature available in the field of Supply Chain Management since 1990.

      Shivani Sharma, Ravindra Pratap

Abstract: Worldwide Competitiveness today, means that the customer is Utmost. As the customer is supreme, only those enterprises are going to be prosperous which are able to provide goods and services to the customer in timely, cost effective manner and also provide quality, which not only satisfies him but also delights him. Considerable research has been carried out and literature available in the field of Supply Chain Management since 1990.

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