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      Liu Xiaoling

Abstract: In this paper, we use Monte Carlo Method to simulate the cascade decay process of psi in MATLAB. We record the direction, energy and momentum of the production particles (two photons and two muons) above the background of a three-body decay and a  decay and estimate the efficiency of the detector model.


Abstract: Take bold action towards achieving your dreams. Overcome your fears & live confidently. Be healthier, happier and more inspired. My deepest belief is that there is greatness inside all of us. If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion. Laughter is the best medicine. Examine life, engage life with vengeance; always search for new pleasures and new destines to reach with your mind. Worry only about the things that are in your control, the things that can be influenced and changed by your actions, not about the things that are beyond your capacity to direct or alter. Treasure Friendship, the reciprocal attachment that fills the need for affiliation. Friendship cannot be acquired in the market place, but must be nurtured and treasured in relations imbued with trust and amity. Experience True Pleasure. Avoid shallow and transient pleasures. Keep your life simple. Seek calming pleasures that contribute peace of mind. True pleasure is disciplined and restrained. Master Yourself. to Resist any external force that might delimit thought and action; stop deceiving yourself, believing only what is personally useful and convenient; complete liberty necessitates a struggle within, a battle to subdue negative psychological and spiritual forces that preclude a healthy existence; self mastery requires ruthless cador.

      Constantino Teixeira, Prof. Leandro Pereira

Abstract: This paper intends to provide a deeper understanding about the current public best practices applied in organizations/countries worldwide. Although the international advanced practices on cost benefit analysis of public investment projects, in Portugal, the last twenty years it was found serious failures in the process of appraisal and evaluation of public investment projects, which led to high financial deviations with strong consequences for current and future taxpayers.

      Llogari Casas Cambra

Abstract: This research paper develops a 3D Editor Software using a HTML5 based browser. Its main aim is to list and identify the major advantages of a cross-platform approach from the user experience and human-computer interaction point of view, in order to incentivize the usage of the Computer Graphics from a different range set of users.

      Rawaa Mahmoud Hussain

Abstract: Virtuology (VG) is a new science, which takes many of features coinciding with the rapid developments in the fields of sociology, economic, humanities, Philosophy of science, digital production technology, Information Technology (IT), means of Telecom, media, as well as the amazing discoveries in the audio and visual fields. One of the manifestations of Virtuology (VG) is the physical characteristic of the virtual environment. The main equation that Virtuology (VG) could be theorized according to it is: VG: U + D, which means: Virtuology: Upload + Download. However, this article discovers two basic branches of Virtuology (VG): Human Virtuology and Natural Virtuology.

      Andrea M Rosario, Dr.Rochelle Monteiro

Abstract: Background: Acne vulgaris is the most common condition encountered in dermatologic practice. Recent literature suggests racial and ethnic difference in the sequelae of acne complications with post acne hyperpigmentation topping the list. Therapeutic goals include promoting degradation of melanosomes and inhibiting their formation. Thus it is a challenge to treat patients of darker skin and find an agent to reduce hyperpigmentation without causing undesirable lightening of surrounding normal skin. A right balance of topical and repetitive superficial resurfacing procedures must be undertaken in addition to ultraviolet protection measures.

      Menap, Soedjajadi, Nursalam

Abstract: Patient’s complaints related to communication, attitude and uncaring behavior. Patient satisfaction to nursing services at General Hospital in Lombok is 65%, is caused by lack of understanding about safety-care, closely related to adverse events : 3.2% - 16.6%. This study aimed to analyze effect of safety-care training on nurses performance and assess its effect on reducing adverse event.

      Bassam Mohsin Mozael

Abstract: Training is becoming one of the most important functions that has real impact on an organization’s performance. The aim of this study is to discuss the training method to maximize the performance of employees. The main findings of this research is that there are several training methods which are used to enhance employee performance. Based on the significant result, several new methods are suggested for better employee training. The main contribution of the proposed solution is in creating new methods which provide employees with practical training to enhance employee performance and save on organizational cost.

      Jeffrey Kurebwa

Abstract: This paper reviews Hanna Pitkin’s (1967) four conceptions of representations. These are descriptive, substantive, formalistic and symbolic representation. The conceptions of representation and their implications for strategies concerning the engagement of women in formal politics are varied. There is a contrast on conceptions that focus on either what is being rep¬re¬¬¬sented or who the representatives are, with conceptions of representation as an act (Pitkin, 1967; Phil¬lips, 1994), as “differentiated relationship among plural actors” (Young, 2000: 127) and Phillips (1995: 96) con¬ception of a “politics of ideas and presence.” Young’s perspective emphasises the relational nature of rep¬resentation. On the other hand, Phillips (1995) incorporates what is being represented and who the representatives are, thus reflecting inclusion and avoiding dichotomies which assume that one is more impor¬t¬ant than the other. The methodology used in this study was documentary research of Pitkin’s work. The works of other scholars who have written on the theories are also reviewed.

      Kavipriyadevi.P, Prithika.P, Ruba.A, Mrs.D.Suba Sri M.E

Abstract: Solid waste is one of the major environmental problems of Indian cities. The quantity of solid waste produced in cities depends on the type of city, its population, living standards of the residents and degree of commercialization, industrialization and various activities prevailing in the city. Solid waste management is an obligatory function of municipal corporations, municipalities and other local bodies in India. Waste quantities are increasing and municipal authorities are not able to upgrade the facilities required for proper management of such wastes. In many cities and towns, garbage is littered on roads and foot-paths; almost 90% of solid waste is disposed of unscientifically in open dumps and landfills, creating problems to public health and the environment. This design is carried out on municipal solid waste management of Pudukkottai Taluk.

      James Selvaraj

Abstract: This paper is set explore the concepts of Human Development and Happiness. In the process an attempt is made to trace the origin of the concepts as well as the components that constitute the core of human development index and happiness indices so as to examine if any correlation exists between the two. The role of utility is examined through the components of the indices as well as the theoretical framework. The paper argues that the measurement in terms of capabilities as advocated by Sen and Nussbaum has nearly freed welfare and well-being measurements from the clutches of “utility”, while the measurement in terms of happiness, as being attempted by many, has invited utility through the back door. It appears that the Neo-classical utility will continue to rule the roost through happiness studies.

      Archit Kumar Nayak, Nitin Barker

Abstract: Indian Fertilizer Industry being one of the allied sectors of agricultural spheres has immense scopes of growth in future. At present India is the world’s third largest fertiliser producer with an installed capacity of 12.76 million tonnes of nitrogen, 6.2 million tonnes of phosphatic nutrients. Urea is the key fertilizer consumed within the nitrogenous fertilizers segment and accounts for almost 55-60% of all fertilizer consumed in India. Due to high prices of P &K fertilisers under the NBS regime, farmers are using less costly urea in place of P&K fertilisers which is one of the reasons for unbalanced use of fertilizers which in turn lowers average yield per hectare.

      Dr Poornima Shankar,Dr T.K.Shaanthy Gunasingh

Abstract: The incidence of fetal pleural effusion is 1 in 15,000 pregnancies in tertiary care centers. This case is being reported to stress on the successful fetal outcome after a fetal intervention of therapeutic fetal thoracocentesis .

      Uma Gole

Abstract: The present study concentrates on the nutritional status of the Oraon tribe of Jashpur district of Chhattisgarh. They heavily depend on their traditional agriculture for nutritional food stuffs. Their food is rich in carbohydrate but deficient in protein and vitamins and iron content, leading to poor nutritional status and poor health. Further, their nutritional status is directly related to the size of landholdings. The land ownership is qualification not only for access to different institutions facilitating agricultural development but also to nutrition availability.

      Adekola Alex Taylor

Abstract: In Kola Analysis of distributive regeneration of ordered system, when different sets of ordered system consisting of entities that are grouped into two or more columns and rows in simple or multiple dimension, are made to undergo Logico-Sequential Distribution, the entities undergo position change from one distribution to another. The formulas connecting the vertical and the horizontal position ranking values of these entities at any particular distribution obey either a linear equation or rectilinear equations. For example in Positiomatics of simple dimension, the formula for the mathematical relationship between the vertical position ranking value (Pvdx) and the horizontal position ranking value (Phdx) of a given entity at distribution (x) is given as:

      Yasin M. Karfaa, Salman Yussof, Mohd Ezanee Bin Rusli

Abstract: This article includes a review of three published articles on the issue of the prospects of the use of Management Information Systems (MIS) and Information Technology (IT); the three articles span the topics of MIS, corporate decision–making, social media–the new paradigm of collaboration and communication for business environment, Tele-health and enhancing the status of healthcare in Yemen. The first and second articles have been reviewed while referring to other scholars’ published works to support the authors’ argument, whilst the third article has been reviewed based on an anecdotal evident for arguments.

      Leyla Ahmed

Abstract: Exchange rate movement in Kenya has been variable with periods of rapid depreciation of the domestic currency Kenya Shilling, which adversely affect the Kenyan economy. Even though studies have been conducted on the exchange rate regimes and the implications for macroeconomic management as well as managing foreign exchange risk, very little has been done on the study of the firm exposure to exchange risk in Kenya. It is in this context that this research was to evaluate the effects (if any) that variations in the exchange rate has in the financial performance of the selected listed commercial banks in Kenya in the Nairobi Stock Exchange. The overall objective of the study is to find out the effect of foreign exchange exposure on commercial bank performance. The research used both secondary and primary data.

      Siva Prasad Penkey, Dr Nihal Siddiqui, Dr D K Gupta

Abstract: Business activities of Upstream Oil & Gas Industry are exposed to different kinds of hazards and risks. Along with other fundamental Health, Safety and Environmental Management system in place, human behaviors are ultimately the key factors in preventing accidents. Systematically adopting lifesaving rules and its implementation through behavioral changes brings significant reduction of work place injuries. Management focus on encouraging sustainable behavioral safety culture and deeply investigating the root causes of the incidents including near misses may help to achieve a culture of “accident free work place in Oil & Gas”.

      Abdullah Nayaf Shafi

Abstract: This paper focuses on network architecture with trust-worthiness, controllability and security. The major focus is on to build an infrastructure of the network with these three main functionalities. It specifies about the threats to the network, the control mechanisms of these threats, the requirements of a network for improved security, trustworthiness and controllability, the mechanisms to increase the trustworthiness, controllability and security. This paper then talks about two types of architecture: Switch ware architecture and SANE architecture, which possess all the three functionalities and provides maximum security.

      Mike Opeyemi, OMILUSI

Abstract: The Nigerian political system is marked by divisions along ethnic, class and religious lines. Deliberate manipulation of these primordial identity symbols to gain political advantage in an electoral contest has been a recurring phenomenon of Nigerian politics since independence in 1960. State apparatus has always been used by rational self-interested leaders to amass power, control social values, and distribute resources based on differentiated ethnic group support. As a matter of fact Nigerian elites often develop patron-client relations based on ethnic or regional commonalities. The result of this phenomenon has been a lack of patriotic leadership with nationalistic tendencies and equity-induced service delivery in the political firmament of the country. This essay therefore, examines the nature and character of the country’s political elites in relation to ethnic politics, and how these have impacted on the existing federal structure.

      Cindy Puspita, Amzul Rifin, Heny K. Daryanto

Abstract: This study aims to determine farm management of arabica and robusta coffee and to analyze the income of arabica and robusta coffee especially in Jember. The study was conducted in the village of the District Karangpring Sukorambi Jember. The determination of study area was based on purposive method. The sampling technique used was purposive sampling method with a single sampling. The method used are descriptive and analytical methods. The result shows that the sample of farmer do farm management of arabica and robusta coffee in cultivating field, marketing and finance planning, implementating, controling and evaluating. Arabica and robusta coffee farming provide benefits showed that the arabica and robusta coffee farm in the district of Jember has the potential to be developed and it deserves to be continued.

      Yunxiao Diao

Abstract: This research investigates the online shopping behavior of Chinese university students, as well as motivations and barriers for online shopping, and its effect on the shopping habits of consumers. Although many surveys have investigated ecommerce’s effect on traditional stores, there are almost no resources about the influences on consumers themselves. So this research makes the discussion of effects of online shopping more complete and gives many suggestions to businesses about where to do online shopping and the products they should sell. Paper and online questionnaires (N=862) were used to collect data, and T-tests were done to analyze the significance of findings using PSPP.

      Sarmistha Agasti, Madhabendra Sinha, Prof. Partha Pratim Sengupta

Abstract: Indian retail market is being dominated by the consumerism at present, particularly during the period of post economic reforms. It is being steadily transformed to a market of buyers who exercise the choices depending on their level of awareness from a market containing predominantly sellers. Consumers’ rights can be protected in an economy with the competitive markets if correct standards for the commodities for which one can make a payment have been ensured by the involvement of an institutional network and system of legal protection. To ensure the welfare of the consumers, the government is having the responsibility that each resident of our country is a consumer in single way or others. Our paper has tried to focus on the protection and welfare of Indian potential consumers in retail markets by showing their activities with the purchase of new brands varying across different categories of the products.

      Everlyn Etakwa, Caleb Shivachi and Nancy Ong’onda

Abstract: Olunyala(K) is one of the more than 17 dialects of the Luyia language spoken in Western Kenya, East Africa (Angogo,1980; Guthrie, 1967; Osogo,1966). The purpose of the study was to identify the sound segments that form the onset of Olunyala(K) syllable. The Study used CV Phonology and Generative Phonology to find out the segments that combine to form syllables in Olunyala. Purposive sampling was used to get the data required for the study. Data collection procedures involved sampling only nouns and verbs because these are the word categories that the researcher needed to find out the sound segments that form the Olunyala(K) onset. A descriptive research design was utilized. This design enabled the researcher to categorize the data into nouns and verbs for analysis. The analysis of the data showed that Olunyala(K) has 31 consonant sounds and that not all the sound segments in this dialect carry equal status in the formation of the onset. Basing on the results, it is recommended that a phonemic inventory of Olunyala and other understudied and undocumented luyia dialects be established.

      L. Vidyaratan Meetei, Benjamin A. Shimray and Rajkumari Malemnganbi

Abstract: Torsional Vibration in industrial drive system can lead to a great economic loss due to loss in production when unexpected components failures result in unscheduled system shutdown. The control structures with proportional-integral controller supported by one additional feedback (from different state variables) effectively suppress the oscillation. However, this control structure can ensure only the free setting of damping coefficient but, not the resonance frequency at the same time. So, this control structure will not be proved efficient where the design specifications require the free setting of both. This paper presents the utilisation of two feedbacks control structures for the free setting of both damping coefficient and resonant frequency simultaneously. The structures are being simulated in MTALAB and the results are present here. Also, a comparison is done between the responses of single feedback and two feedbacks. The result shows that two feedback structures are more efficient than single feedbacks.

      Tharini Ramanathan, Ramanathan Mohan, Ganesh Rajendran

Abstract: Today IT workplace stress is becoming a major issue and a matter of concern for the employees and the organizations. It has become a part of life for the women employees, as life today has become so complex at home as well as outside that it is impossible to avoid stress.

      Polkampally Bharathi, Godishala Sridevi & K.B. Kumar

Abstract: Losing a spouse in later life is known to have profound effects on well-being and is an event which provokes important life changes. Widowhood often is accompanied by emotional distress, physical symptoms, compromised health behaviors, potentially disruptive residential relocations and economic strains triggered by both the direct costs of medical care and funeral arrangements at the end of a spouse’s life, as well as the loss of the spouse’s income. In the scenario of present day India with the advent of modernization; liberalization, competition and technological advancement the problems of widows have increased, which can lead to intense frustration amongst them, resulting in stress, depression and other forms of adaptive behavior if their patterns of reactions to frustration is not appropriate. The lower levels of loneliness are associated with marriage, higher education and higher income; whereas higher levels of loneliness are associated with living alone, infrequent contact with friends and family, physical health symptoms, small social network, lack of a spousal confidant, poor quality social relationships, and divorce and widowhood.

      T.A. Rimi, M. M. Islam, M. A. Siddik, S. Islam, S.C.Shovon, S. Parvin

Abstract: The experiment was conducted at the experimental Field of Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University, Dhaka during the rabi season from November 2011 to February 2012 to investigate the role of nitrogen (N) and zinc (Zn) on seed yield contributing characters and seed quality of rapeseed (Brassica campestris L.). The experiment was factorial with two factors, factor A consisted of four different N levels viz. 0, 60, 120, 180 (kg/ha) and factor B consisted of three different levels of Zn viz. 0, 1, 2 (kg/ha). Randomized Complete Block Design (RCBD) with three replications was used in this experiment. Nitrogen significantly increased number of siliquae plant-1, thousand seed weight and oil content percent up to 120 kg N/ha but the highest dose 180 kg N/ha failed to produce better results as other doses.

      Radosveta Andreeava, Hristina Arnautska, Ani Belcheva

Abstract: The incorrect tooth eruption of the permanent teeth and the disturbances of dental arches formation is closely related to the higher prevalence of caries lesions among children which leads to premature temporary teeth extraction.

      Qaisar Iqbal, Khalid Iqbal

Abstract: This research aims to investigate, how Job-Family preference attribute put impact on the success of new project, by addressing two aspects-Jobs Preference Attribute and Family Preference Attribute. Analyzing the survey response from 225 employees belonging to various commercial Private Banks with help of Correlation and Regression Techniques using SPSS software, it was demonstrated that there is significant impact of employee’s Job Preference Attribute on the success of Project but moderating role of Workplace Deviance Behavior lowers their relationship. Further, it was concluded that Family Preference Attribute is not detrimental to the success of project, directing not to look the impact of Workplace deviance over their relationship.

      K.M.Mrityunjaya Swamy, D.K.Ramesha

Abstract: It has become increasingly obvious that continued reliance on fossil fuel energy resources is unsustainable, owing to both depleting world reserves and the green house gas emissions associated with their use. Therefore, there are vigorous research initiatives aimed at developing alternative renewable and potentially carbon neutral Biofuels as alternative energy resources. Algae as a feedstock is emerging at the forefront of biofuel research due to increasing awareness of global energy issues in conjunction with the production limitations of agriculture-based oilseed crops. The present paper is focused on experimentally investigating the influence of injection pressure and injection timing on brake specific fuel consumption (BSFC), brake thermal efficiency (BTE), unburned hydrocarbon (UBHC), carbon monoxide (CO), oxides of nitrogen (NOx) and smoke opacity of a single cylinder compression ignition engine when blends (20%) of algal oil methyl ester are used as a fuel. Engine performance test show that algae oil as a fuel does not differ greatly from that of diesel. The results showed a better performance and reduced emissions at an injection pressure of 200bar..

      El-Said A. Othman, Sherif K. Nawar, Faten H. Fahmy, Abd El-Shafy A. Nafeh

Abstract: This paper, will present a two optimization techniques (genetic algorithm (GA) and particle swarm optimization (PSO)) are adopted to optimize the sizing of a power train for a fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV). The power train comprised of a fuel cell as the main energy source to supply the vehicle power demand during steady state, battery and supercapacitor as the auxiliary energy storage sources (ESS). It assist the FC during transient state and recovers the energy during braking or deaccelaration. The optimization objective is to achieve the minimum cost, volume, and weight of the power train. Because of a hybrid powertrain, component sizing significantly affects vehicle performance, hence taking into account the constraints of vehicle performance, such as the energy characteristics, power limitations and a DC-link voltage. Optimal sizing of the power train components using GA and PSO algorithms will be presented. Moreover, the calculation and the analysis of the vehicle dynamics and detailed model of the power train is built in MATLAB /SIMULINK.

      Martínez-Espinoza E.T, Morales-López G, Segoviano-Garfías J.J.N, Maldonado-Santoyo M

Abstract: In this work, the content of formaldehyde is determined in 134 samples from 35 models footwear of which thirteen models correspond to men's footwear, ten models for women, seven models for children and five sport type. The samples were obtained from several parts the finished footwear (court, lining, insole, outsole, accessories) and classified according to: i) the model and ii) type of material: leather and textile. The extraction of formaldehyde from several samples was conducted using 0.1% sodium dodecyl benzene sulphonate as extracting agent, derivatizing with 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazine and subsequent separation/determination by High Performance Liquid Chomatography(HPLC) with UV detection. The results show that formaldehyde content in the footwear models were in the range of 17.6 to 164 mg/kg for men; 6.74 to 125 mg/kg for women; 17.3 to 157 mg/kg for children and 21.5 to 107 mg/kg for sports. The highest formaldehyde concentrations were found in leather samples, exceeding the permissible limit of 65 mg/kg for adults; while the remaining models for children exceed the permissible limits of formaldehyde in leather 16 mg/kg by children.

      Suraj sk, Padma Chatterjee

Abstract: The analysis of antifungal activity of aqueous- ethanolic extract of leaves of Calotropis procera R.Br. against Botrytis cinerea, Rhizopus oryzae, Fusarium oxysporum was carried out in disc method. The zone of inhibition produced by the crude 50% aqueous ethanolic leaf extract against sensitive fungi was examined. The results obtained showed that 50% aqueous ethanolic leaf extract of Calotropis procera, has inhibitory effect on the growth of isolates. The effect exhibited by ethanolic extract of leaves was significant. 50% aqueous- ethanolic extract of leaves of Calotropis procera R.Br. was partitioned sequentially in petroleum ether, benzene and chloroform and tested for antifungal activity. It was observed that sample obtained from chloroform portion showed most inhibitory effect. Samples obtained from petroleum ether and benzene portion also showed significant inhibitory effect on the growth of isolates.

      Aminu Aliyu Wushishi, Isah Abdullahi Aloma

Abstract: During the Pre and early Post-Colonial Nigeria, teaching profession was considered as one the best and highly respected profession. Teachers were seen as people who take ignorance away from people and as such they were highly respected by both their students and members of the Community. In the recent time, the profession had a setback, Teachers in Niger State are no longer respected, People are not passionate about the job. This paper examines the major problems affecting teaching profession at secondary school level in Niger State, Nigeria, which includes; poor salary, lack of adequate teaching and learning materials, higher teacher-student ratio, low status accorded to them by members of the Community and low morale in the profession. Few recommendations were given which will help in raising the standard of the profession to gain its lost glory.

      Racheal Musyoki

Abstract: This study sought to establish the role of Balanced Score Card (BSC) as a strategic management tool in human resource management at Kenya Ports Authority (KPA). The objectives of this study were to investigate whether incentives influence employee performance at KPA in Mombasa County; to establish whether training influences employee performance at KPA in Mombasa County; to evaluate the effect of internal business processes on employee performance at KPA in Mombasa County and to investigate whether customer orientation influences employee performance at KPA in Mombasa County. The research design for this project was a descriptive research design. The target population was 326 Human Resource Managers at KPA Mombasa. Data was collected using questionnaires. The researcher tallied the responses and obtain frequency distribution tables. Frequency distribution tables were used to calculate the mean, mode and percentages. The data was presented with the aid of tables and graphs.

      AUB Pethiyagoda, K Pethiyagoda

Abstract: In urology clinical practice in a tropical country like Sri Lanka, a pattern of occupational distribution in patients presenting with ureteric coilc can be observed. As ureteric colic is a debilitating condition which can lead to serious complications thus identifying the risk factors is important. The occupation of an individual has a major impact on predisposing to urolithiasis such as low water intake, excessive perspiration and stress, thus some occupations are at higher risk. This research enrolled 191 patients diagnosed with ureteric colic. It concludes that outdoor workers such as army soldiers and manual laborers have a higher occurrence of urolithiasis compared to indoor workers.

      Md. Monir Hossain

Abstract: This study was carried out in a Bread production floor of Z Bakery factory in Bangladesh. The basic target of this study was to reduce the lead time of the observed Bread production floor. The lean tools like Value Stream Map (VSM), Process Cycle Efficiency (PCE) and Pareto Analysis were used to reduce the lead time. Lead time is the summation of value added (VD) time and non value added (NVD) time. It was observed a number of causes that were responsible for long lead time. Pareto principles were used to find out, quantified and also to reduce the causes prior to short lead time. Takt time and PCE of the Bread production floor were also evaluated which are considered as the process capability factors. At present state, lead time PCE and Takt time were observed consecutively 32605 sec, 12.86% and 19.94 sec/Bread. Eventually, after the proper implementation of lean tools, at future state, the lead time, PCE and Takt time would be 18742 sec, 29.98% and 10.69 sec/Bread.

      Dr.Chammika Mallawaarachchi

Abstract: The aim of this paper is to insight how the concept of media literacy important for enhancing democracy. To study that, continuously have a dialogue with professionals’ concern area through looking at ways in which the media and media contents promote democracy in the knowledge competitive scenario. The study basically used methodology of literature review whilst in the case study manner, but the study is not limited to one geographical area or subject. Therefore, aim of the study was to see how media literacy is serving right to know and access to need information in the democratic ways. So, it has shown during the study period that, the media literacy was highly influenced democracy through rich media contents while enhancing the skills and knowledge of the people. Therefore, to meet that purpose the study was mainly concerned to find how the media literacy process’ attribute which access, analyze, evaluate, create and participate with media contents to gain the required skills and knowledge to enhance democracy, are needed. And, finally it has identified that media can ruin the democracy but people are well-equipped with skills and knowledge in media literacy that process is not easy mission.

      George Babu Ghimire, Mahesh Khatiwada

Abstract: With the increase in population the energy consumption has also increased. Human race is in search of new technology for different energy sources to meet the present demand. Thermoelectric generation is one such emerging technology. This technology uses the waste heat carried away in flue gas or smoke passing through chimney, automobiles, exhaust etc. which is let into the environment to extract electric power. The conversion from heat to electric potential is done with the help of a device called Thermopile. This work primarily concentrates on two objective. Firstly to determine the electric potential at the junction of two different materials. secondly to utilize the developed potential (to operate the load or can be stored in battery).This is an attempt to acknowledge a new technology, a renewable and cost effective one, This will be an alternative source to meet the present demand of energy consumption. This paper describes a method to extract electrical energy from exhaust of a chimney. This can be further extended to other system exhausts also.

      Mahesh Khatiwada, George babu Ghimire

Abstract: Photovoltaic is the method of producing electricity by using the solar cells. The main problem associated with the solar cell is its lower efficiency. Photovoltaic cell converts only about 15% of the solar energy falling into the useful electricity. The increase in the temperature increases the resistance of these cell and in turns decreases the cell efficiency. So, cooling these panels is the effective way of increasing the cell efficiency. This work here primarily concentrate on two objectives. First one, to show that the performance of the solar panel increases by reducing the temperature. This cooling is done by air cooling or water cooling on the self designed modified panel. The second objective is to show that the heat removed can be used for other useful purpose like room heating, supplying to power plants, etc. In this present work the solar panel is cooled by passing air with the help of blower and cooling the panel by water based system by making the copper channels on the rare side of the panel.

      Emmanuel Kobina Payne, Dennis Joe Harmah

Abstract: This proposed system explains the wireless body sensor network based on ZigBee technology and GSM Platform. It is mainly used for collection and transmitting the various monitoring information or physiological parameters using Temperature Sensor, Heart Beat Sensor, Blood Presser, and ECG about the patients in hospitals or in their homes to an assigned medical doctor or practitioner. Here the physiological parameters or conditions of the subjects or the patients are monitored by sensors and the output of these sensors is transmitted via Zigbee-GSM communication medium and the same has to be sent to the remote wireless monitor for acquiring the observed patient’s physiological signal. The measured signal is sent to a PC, or mobile phone through the wireless transmission. The first procedure of the system is that the wireless sensors are used to measure Heart rate, temperature, blood pressure, and ECG waveform monitoring from human body using Zigbee. The measured signal is sent to the PC or mobile phone via the RS-232 serial port communication interface.

      Dennis Joe Harmah, Emmanuel Kobina Payne

Abstract: In this contemporary world where technology is advancing rapidly, design and development of a continuous remote ECG Monitoring System will be of immense help to modern healthcare. Deploying telemedicine principles, the developed system suggests a practical and feasible solution for continuously monitoring the postoperative conditions of cardiac patients especially the old age. The mobile phone technology which has gained tremendous popularity when used as an inter-link between the patient and the physician or the medical practitioner will be a familiar platform for both of them. Our system proposes the design of a real time, ECG monitoring system via a GSM platform which will include an alert system with a notification mechanism to alert the concern physician of the patient’s condition in case of any abnormalities.

      Richard Munir Simon, Toni DiDona

Abstract: In a globalized world, technology is essential to fulfill the needs of organizations. Understanding how users adapt to technological changes is a priority. Today, the developed and underdeveloped countries share an important role within markets. Underdeveloped countries possess key elements for globalization such as tax-free zones for non local investors, and employment and economic development zones. Due to the expansion of markets, employees around the world must be adequately trained and updated with the latest in technological advances. This study was designed to evaluate and understand the technological adaptability across the countries of Honduras and the U.S. The researchers used an online survey to acquire the opinion of 102 participants this sample was divided by 46 persons from the US and 56 from Honduras. An online method was used to acquire data, asking the participants to answer anonymously a questionnaire developed by the researcher. This survey contained items of perception of importance, usage and interest towards technology. The results reflect no difference between the perception and usage between both countries. However when it comes perception of importance, age makes a difference.

      Mr. Jayesh B Mahajan, Mr. Bhagwat Kakde, Mr. Anurag Rishishwar

Abstract: The rapid development of mobile communications systems today, along with the changing times and technology, both in terms of hardware, operating system used and the use of Internet bandwidth, making some mobile applications also contribute to exploit these developments. Mobile Commerce Applications for an example became the most popular applications for mobile users who do not want to trouble yourself with having to carry cash everywhere. An important technology behind mobile payments is called Near Field Communication (NFC). As an indication that NFC represents the potential and tremendous business, leading companies such as Nokia, Microsoft and NXP Semiconductors, actively engaged in the NFC Forum.

      Nadisha Abdulla, Rakendu R, Surekha Mariam Varghese

Abstract: With the tremendous growth of e-commerce use of credit cards for online purchases has increased to a great extent and it caused an explosion in the credit card fraud. Fraud has become one of the major ethical issues in the credit card industry. Fraud associated with credit card are also rising today as it has the most popular mode of payment for both online as well as regular purchase. In order to detect frauds from the mix of genuine as well as fraudulent transactions, efficient fraud detection techniques to detect them accurately are vital rather than simple pattern matching techniques. Here an approach is done to detect the credit card fraud using a hybrid approach which involve stages of pre-processing in which anonymous transactions are removed, genetic algorithm modelled for feature selection and support vector machine for classification. The proposed model is done on UCSD-FICO data mining contest 2009 dataset (anonymous and imbalanced). It is the dataset used in competition which was organized by FICO, the leading provider of analytics and decision management technology and the University of California, San Diego UCSD. This paper describes a simple fraud detection mechanism which can effectively detect fraud with great accuracy.

      Violet Nakhungu Momanyi, Benson Nyambega and Mary Abukutsa Onyango

Abstract: About 40.7% pesticides used to control the pests on crops worldwide are toxic. Over 60% workers in Kenya are exposed to pesticides due to lack of knowledge, negative attitude and poor practice. Ministry of Agriculture reported over 70% unspecified pesticides used on farms in Mavoko Division were toxic and farm workers who applied them complained of unspecified health complications of which 60% were pesticide related. These allegations were investigated on 160 workers who had been employed for over two years on farms in Kinanie sub-location. Data was collected through interviews and observations.

      Ahmed Reguig, Brahim El Houate, Hakima Yahia, Yassine Naasse, Hassan Rouba and Nourdin Harich

Abstract: Allelic distribution of 15 STR loci (D3S1358, D5S818, D7S820, D13S317, vWA, FGA, TH01, TPOX, CSF1PO, D16S539, D8S1179, D21S11, D18S51, D19S433, and D2S1338) were analyzed in 80 unrelated Moroccan men from two regions using AmpF/STR Identifiler kit. The combined power of exclusion (PE) was 0.999993525 and the combined power of discrimination (PD) was >0.999999999. Comparison with other published data of populations are also presented.

      Pooja Nandasana, Ritesh Kumar, Pooja Shinde, Akanshu Dhyani, R.S.Parte

Abstract: Today security and safety is just a click of the appropriate technology away, and with such advancements hap-pening, the security of one’s home must also not be left behind. Modern advances in electronics and communi-cations technologies have led to the miniaturization and improvement of the performance of computers, sensors and networking. These changes have given rise to the development of several home automation technologies and systems. Surveillance can be defined as monitoring of the behavior, other changing information, activities, observing or analyzing particular area for the purpose of influencing, directing, managing or protecting. A home security system should provide security and safety features for a home by alarming the residents from natural, accidental and/or human dangers such as: fire, flooding, theft, animals invading, etc.

      Mehta Prakash, Pawar Monali

Abstract: Cervical pregnancy is a rare and life threatening type of ectopic pregnancy, it can be as rare as 1:18,000 pregnancies. 1 This paper describes a case of cervical ectopic pregnancy following In vitro fertilisation diagnosed at 8 weeks gestation, treated conservatively.


Abstract: This study aims to know level of income of fishermen who operate businesses catching cuttlefish on the island of Pala Pangkep District. This research is a descriptive study was conducted on the island of Pala Pangkep, Indonesia in October to December 2014. Data were collected consist of primary and secondary data and analyzed with analysis of revenues, R/C ratio and descriptive. The results showed that the cuttlefish fishing effort undertaken by fishermen on the island of Pala Pangkep District are in the category of profitable and feasible to be developed with a profit 4.845 million / year and the value of R / C ratio of 4.33, but this business to get the constraints that can only be operated optimally on the full moon with simple equipment.

      Suk-hee Kim

Abstract: The study provides results of primary-care clinic to promote early and routine screening interventions for future research addressing the needs of community-based on research and practices. Perceptions of mild-cognitive decline were connected to demographic and psychosocial factors. Results may help inform early screening intervention for community practices as well as primary-care clinics. Executive Function (EF) is necessary for independent, purposeful, self-care behavior. Client’s with impaired EF have difficulty with complex self-care tasks, medication management, and driving. Older age is associated with higher rates of cognitive impairment in general. Among persons 50 years and older the prevalence of cognitive impairment is higher among women when compared to men. Little is known about gender differences for younger ages.

      Joseph Waithaka Mungiru, Dr Agnes Njeru

Abstract: Formal lending institutions including Commercial banks fail to satisfy financial needs of smallholders, mainly due to stringent lending terms and conditions. The general objective of this study was to assess the effect of informal finance on the performance of SMEs in Kiambu County. The specific objectives were; to establish the effect of financial Self-help groups on the performance of SMEs; to examine the effect of family and friends finance on the performance of SMEs; to determine the effect of trade credit on the performance of SMEs and lastly to establish the effect of Shylock financing on the performance of SMEs.

      Srinath T K, Mr. Joby George

Abstract: Extracting information from semi structured documents is a very hard task, and is going to become more and more critical as the amount of digital information available on the internet grows. Indeed, documents are often so large that the dataset returned as answer to a query may be too big to convey interpretable knowledge. In this work we describe an approach based on Tree-based Association Rules (TARs) mined rules, which provide approximate, intentional information on both the structure and the contents of XML documents, and can be stored in XML format as well. This mined knowledge is later used to provide: (i) a concise idea – the gist – of both the structure and the content of the XML document, (ii) quick, approximate answers to queries and (iii) output without redundancy, null tags and empty tag. In this work we focus on the second and third feature. A prototype system and experimental results demonstrate the effectiveness of the approach.

      Ruchi Shivam, Dr.Sunita Singh

Abstract: We live in a digitalized era where all the information’s are just a touch away. Even our educational system is not untouched. So the need of hour is of modified learning environment which incorporates the benefits of traditional as well as modern learning. Thus the new concept of learning (Blended) arises. Blended environment is the best possible solution for meaningful learning.

      L. K. Dospatliev, A. K. Stoyanova, T. Z. Zhelyazkova, N. Y. Valchev, G. D. Delchev, M. T. Ivanova

Abstract: The research was conducted during 2011 - 2013 in the experimental field of the Department of Plant Production in Agriculture Faculty at Trakia University. Stara Zagora. The field experiment was performed with three varieties of common wheat: Enola, Illico and Ingenio. The objective is to determine the influence of the imported herbicide formulations on the performance of common wheat and determination of the most valuable technological options regarding the stability of the yield. Variants of the experiment are as follows: 1. Control - no treatment with herbicides; 2. Axial one - 1000 ml.ha-1; 3. Lintur + Traksos 150 g.ha-1 + 1200 ml.ha-1 - tank mixture; 4. Logran + Traksos 37.5 g.ha-1 + 1200 ml.ha-1 - tank mixture; 5. Lintur + Axial 150 g.ha-1 + 900 ml.ha-1 - tank mixture; 6. Logran + Axial 37.5 g.ha-1 + 900 ml.ha-1 - tank mixture; 7. Lintur + Axial 150 g.ha-1 + 600 ml.ha-1 - separate treatment;8. Lintur + Traksos 150 g.ha-1 + 1200 ml.ha-1 - separate treatment; 9. Logran + Axial 37.5 g.ha-1 + 600 ml.ha-1 - separate treatment.10. Logran + Traksos 37.5 g.ha-1 + 1200 ml.ha-1 - separate treatment. Synthesis criterion for stability YSi by Kang taking into account both the stability and value of production, shows that in terms of technology growing, technologically the most valuable is the variant of decoupling Lintur + Axial (10+). Axial one herbicide was highly complex assessment (11+) for technological stability of yields. In varieties Illicо and Ingenio most technologically valuable options appear involving herbicide Axial one (12+) and separately imported Lintur + Axial (5+).

      Daniel Mburu Ngata, Dr. Agnes Njeru

Abstract: Interbank money market plays a major role solving temporary liquidity problems in the financial sector. Because of the importance of interbank this study aims to find out the effects of Basel Liquidity accords on interbank money market lending rates in Kenya. The study investigated particularly the effects of core capital requirement, loan to deposit ratio requirement, reserve requirement and liquidity ratio requirement on interbank lending rate. The study adopted a descriptive survey design. The design is considered suitable as it allows an in-depth study of the challenges effects of Basel liquidity regulations on interbank money market and this data can be collected largely with ease from a variety of people working in commercial Banks. The target population for this study was all commercial banks in Kenya. According to the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK), there are 43 commercial banks, 31 are locally owned and 12 foreign owned.

      Falak Javed, Faiza Maqbool Shah

Abstract: The study posits to identify the effect of retained earnings on stock returns of food and personal care good industry listed in Karachi Stock Exchange. The study used three sub variables of stock returns, i.e. capital gain/loss yield, stock prices, cash dividend per share, and identify its relationship with retained earnings. The analysis consists of seven active companies of food and personal care good industry and used the data for a period of 2009-2014. The study used convenience sampling of non- probability method and used linear regression and Spearman’s correlation analysis. The study found a weak and insignificant relationship between retained earnings and cash dividend per share and capital gain/loss yield. The study also found a moderate positive and significant relationship between retained earnings and closing price of stock. The study concluded that the retention of earnings has a weak and insignificant relationship with stock returns. The study suggests that managers should try to pay huge amount of dividends, as retention of earnings do not contribute in enhancing the stock returns.

      Ajibade V. A., Akinruli F. T and Ilesanmi T. M

Abstract: Epidemiological surveillance of antimicrobial resistance is indispensable for empirically treating infections, implementing resistance, control measures and preventing the spread of antimicrobial resistant micro-organisms. Crude extracts from oven-dried pawpaw (Carica papaya) and pineapple (Ananas comosus) were tested against Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aureginosa, Escherichia coli and Streptococcus pneumonia. Even though, these test bacteria showed multidrug resistance against controlled conventional antibiotics, it was observed that the extract from C. papaya showed the highest potency at a concentration of 1.00g/ml on all the test bacteria, the efficacy of A. comosus was also pronounced against all the bacteria at the same concentration. The sensitivity of P. aeruginosa and Staph aureus were not significantly different (p≤ 0.05) at all concentrations of A. comosus extract, except at the concentration of 0.4g/ml and the sensitivity of all the test organisms were not significantly different at a concentration of 0.8g/ml. The sensitivity of all the test organisms at different concentrations of C. papaya extract varied significantly (p≤ 0.05), though E. coli and Strept pneumonia were not significantly different at a concentration of 0.2g/ml. The efficacy of fruits in therapy against diseases or infections from which these bacteria were isolated cannot be underestimated.

      Shalate D’cunha, Shefeena P.S

Abstract: In this paper, the proposed method is mainly based on analyzing the mel-frequency cepstral coefficients and its derivatives which varies as the voice is disguised. A classifier named the Support Vector Machine (SVM) classifier is used for identification of electronically disguised voice. MFCC statistical moments of training input and test input as a combination of original voice and disguised voice, are given as input to SVM classifier. Now the output obtained will be based on the matching between the training input and the test input. Inorder to provide further enhancement to the particular algorithm, probabilistic neural network(PNN) classifier is used and the performance is evaluated by comparing the accuracy of both classifiers. If the classifier output is matched, then the basic details of the particular person can be transmitted to another location through Email.

      O. Bino Devi, L. Ratnamala Devi, W. Manitombi Singh, Ak. Renupriya Devi

Abstract: Manipur, a rich state of fauna and flora and their product are used as medicine from the immorable time. People of Manipur use large number of animal species in zoo-therapy treatment for different ailments. Both domestic and wild animals are made as whole or different parts for treatment of almost all the commonly occurring health problems. Health care practice includes local and oral applications to cure diseases. People have relationship with animals at culture, spiritual and materials levels. The present paper attempt to document the traditional ethno-zoological knowledge of our state. Altogether thirty three species of animals and their product, nature of ailment and mode of treatment has been presented. Five species of invertebrate and twenty eight species of vertebrate was listed. In invertebrates five species belonging 5 families and in vertebrates twenty eight species belong to 20 families. Among vertebrates 3 species are endangered, 4 species are vulnerable, 4 species are near threatened and the rest are least concern expect human. These animals were used in treatment of 35 ailments as traditional medicines for health care.

      Nimrah Azhar, Faiza Maqbool Shah

Abstract: Advertising is very necessary for a product because this is the way of creating awareness about the product to its customers. Companies usually do unethical advertisements. Unethical advertisements are the advertisements which show false claims, misleading and deceptive practices to manipulate the consumers to buy the unnecessary products. The research shows the impact of unethical advertisements on women buying behavior in Pakistan. . The study finds factors regarding unethical advertisements with the sample size of 100 in Pakistan but questionnaires were filled by 150 respondents for the sake of research credibility by using Regression method. The findings show strong relationship between dependent variables and independent variables. The future implications of the research for those who are willing to do research on unethical advertisements and women buying behavior impacted by unethical advertisements that they can take more other variables for further research which support the study and if possible so they can invest more time on research for the goodwill of the research paper.

      Maryam Salihu Muhammad, Rozilah Kasim, David Martin, Mohammed I. Mohammed & Dahiru Adamu

Abstract: This paper examines the housing quality in segregated residential neighbourhoods of Bauchi metropolis. A total of 600 questionnaires were administered in the study area and the data collected from the survey were analysed using factor analysis. The research revealed that the housing quality in the study area is based on the building design, roofing materials, wall materials, condition of buildings, the age of the buildings, internal & external facilities, toilet & bathroom facilities, and the source of lighting. The research also revealed that the housing quality in the high and medium density areas are relatively lower than that of the low density areas.

      Rishika Shetty, Shweta Kasbe, Kimaya Jorwekar, Dharti Kamble, Prof. Makarand Velankar

Abstract: The main objective of this paper is to study possible emotions generation in listener’s mind due to listening of tunes. Such emotions can be detected automatically using the audio features such as zero crossing, compactness, spectral centroid, spectral Flux, spectrum Roll off and Beat Histogram etc. We have explored machine Learning algorithms such as SVM (support vector machine) and ANN (Artificial Neural Network) for classification. The proposed technique of emotion detection is done in two parts as feature extraction and classification of tunes using machine learning techniques. We have studied different tools for extracting the features of tunes. These extracted features can be further given to the classifiers to categorize the emotions.

      Anindita Banik, Shantanu Arya, Anjali Kant

Abstract: INTRODUCTION: Childhood dysphonia requires precise assessments, necessitating establishment of normality standards among genders and age ranges. Computer based software have been used to establish acoustic parameters for infant and adult voice but not for children.

      Williams Musa Ombugus, Motolani O. Matthew

Abstract: The study was aimed at determining the content of iodine in NAFDAC approved Table Salts used in Nigeria. Three Table Salts brands namely: Dangote fine edible salt, Royal edible salt and Mr. Chef edible salt was purchased from a retail shop in Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria. The iodine content of each of the three brands of salt sample were carried out using the titrimetric method. Potassium Iodide (KI) was used for salt iodization. Results show that the Dangote fine edible salt contained 39.6 ppm of iodine while the Royal edible salt contained 41.8 ppm and the Mr. Chef edible salt contained 42.9 ppm. The result confirms that each of the three samples met the iodine content requirements approved by NAFDAC. However, the results were generally lower than the value found at the production level (50 ppm) for each. This could be explained by the fact that iodine content in salt decreases continuously with time. The results were within the acceptable range for human consumption 50 ppm to 30ppm.

      Nurul Izla Abu Bakar, S Sagaran

Abstract: Malaysia played a central role in popularizing Shariah financial system and since then it has played an important role in the development of the economy. But the current focus is on compliance to tenets and it is expected that being compliant also means returns are based on fundamentals rather than speculative. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to examine whether Shariah based stocks in KLSE have any predictability elements that affects its efficiency.

      Nighum Fayyaz, Ms. Samreen Lodhi

Abstract: In this era everyone is affected by advertisements, overpromising and deception also occur in ads. In this research we estimate the relationship of customer response and deceptive advertising. The main purpose of this research is to examine how many deceptive ads affect customer loyalty behavior and attitude, deceptive ads means false ads, which some of the advertisers do in their ads but never accept it. By doing deception they thought they penetrate the market, this deception nowadays occurring in the mobile phone advertisements.

      Joydhish Majumdar, Pranabesh Sarkar, Dr. Madhumati Chatterjee, Dr. Diptendu Chatterjee, Prof. Arup Ratan Bandyopadhyay

Abstract: Human androgens like testosterone and oestrogen are responsible for sexually dimorphic features like more musculo-skeletal system in men. Testosterone affects a number of facial features. In pubertal males, a high testosterone/oestrogen ratio is thought to facilitate the lateral growth of cheek bones, mandible and chin and the forward growth of the bones of eyebrow ridges and lengthening of the lower face leading to more robust face shape. The data for the present study was collected from the 283 individuals of both sexes, which includes 144 mals and 139 female. Considering the present study in Bengalee Hindu caste population. In another hand it is easily highlited that orbital linear measurements (Burley et al, 2003; Debopriya, 2008) which clinically represents the measurement for assessing ocular Hypertelorism, are strongly correlated but in case of male 2D:4D ratio as a proxy measurement for prenatal androgen level is not correlated with Orbital region linear measurements which denotes that prenatal hormonal environment do not affect the orbital measurements.

      Asha Kiran, Anit Kujur, Shamim Haider, Vivek Kashyap

Abstract: Background: Reproductive Tract Infection is caused by Sexually transmitted disease and other routes and are being increasingly recognized as a serious public health problem. RTIs cause suffering both to men and women,but their consequences are far more devastating and widespread among women.

      Dr. Vinita, Shikha Banswal

Abstract: The aim of this research is to determine the retention effect of computer assisted instruction (CAI) on student’s achievement for teaching the chemistry topics. The research included the structure of Atom, Air and carbon units of 8th grade chemistry lesson. In this research 80 students were structured as both control and experiment groups. Traditional instruction (TI) method is used for control group while traditional instruction with teacher supervised CAI method is used for experiment group. Chemistry subject test was applied as pre test and post test to both groups. To check the retention a delayed post test (Retention test) was administered 1 month after the post test. The results of students were analyzed using t-test statistic. The results shows that in the computer assisted instructions the students retained the concepts for a long period of time as compared to the traditional lecture method.

      V.S.P Vidanapathirana, K.H.M.R Peiris and Dhishan Dhammearatchi

Abstract: Hospitals are indispensable part of our lives when it comes to providing best medical facilities to people suffering from various diseases, disorders or syndromes. Usually, it is a place that in a vast area with lots of buildings and places such as laboratories, wards, pharmacies, etc. In such situation, patients, visitor and even the working staff might find it difficult to find the necessary place they need to be at a particular time. The newest members who join the hospital staff might take a while to be familiarized with the hospital area including all the places in it. When it comes to the Outdoor Patient Department (OPD) patients, they also might have to go several rooms to meet their doctors, or to get X-rays, lab reports, and buy medicine. Having direction boards helps, but it is not always productive. Sometimes people might find it difficult to read when they are not properly maintained by time.

      Borate Mahesh Kisanrao, Prof. R. K. Agrawal

Abstract: This study & research work focuses on the design, Installation & optimisation of a 16 Ton capacity of Bogie Hearth Furnace used for MS round plate heat treatment for forgings of dish end of pressure vessel that is fired by LDO / Diesel as a fuel. The furnace may be run with PNG / LPG as an alternative fuel by making small changes in combustion system only. The furnace has an overall combustion Volume of 44.4 m³. It is fitted with a chimney to allow for the escape of combustion flue gases. The combustion air blower discharge air into the furnace at the rate of 1400 m³/hr with an air fuel ratio 11:1. This furnace was designed to consume 100 litters of LDO per Hour fuel with a rating of 40000 BTU / liter which is required to raise the temperature of 16 Ton MS round plate to 1050ºC. These MS plates are then forged in the press to manufacture the dish end of pressure vessel. The theoretical efficiency of the furnace is considered to be 30% for design calculations.

      R. Poornima, P. Saranya, S. Bhuvaneshwari, Dr. Horne Iona Averal

Abstract: The study aimed to evaluate the effect of metformin and the combined activity of P. daemia and metformin in the treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) induced rats. Female albino wistar rats (150- 180 g) were injected with Testosterone propionate (TP) for the development PCOS. The PCOS induced rats were divided into two groups, one were treated with metformin and the other were treated with the combination of metformin and Pergularia daemia extract over a period of 15 days. The vaginal smear and histological studies proved the combined efficacy of metformin and the P. daemia extract by restoring the estrous cycle and re-establishment of the ovarian morphology. The biochemical and hormonal assays also confirms the same. Thus we conclude that the combined activity of metfromin and P. daemia extract is an effective medicine in treating PCOS than metformin alone.

      Joyce Atieno Obuoyo, Charles O. Ochola

Abstract: Resource-poor farmers make up over 95% of the farmers in the study area. They cannot afford artificial inputs into their farms, rather they rely on the intrinsic value of the soil, which once depleted then they are not able to produce food from their farms. This area being semi-arid implies that rainfall is low, unpredictable and variable. Soil fertility is low and supports only a few indigenous crops. The social and economic characteristics of these farmers determine their agricultural practices hence food availability, access and stability. Agriculture is the major source of food for these farmers’ households so their food security is determined by agricultural yields.

      Louis H.M, Manassa H, Barminas J.T, Bisong E.A, Fidelis T.T, Philip M

Abstract: The main purpose of this work is to screen for the presence of polychlorinated biphenyl (PCBs) at different areas around Yola-North metropolis. The method adopted was the standard method used by National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (2013). The water samples were collected from Jimeta modern market area, Jambutu area, Shinko/Bye-pass area and Specialist hospital/Luggare areas. The water samples were analyzed by Gas Chromatography using Trichlorobiphenyl and Tetrachlorobiphenyl as the reference standard. The experimental result shows that, Polychlorinated biphenyls were detected at all the specified locations around Yola-North local government area.

      Ashwini Kamath, Pooja Deole, Shruti Kulkarni, Manisha Galani

Abstract: The main idea behind implementing such a project is to secure and safeguard the important and confidential data of an institution in case of an emergency like fire using minimum applications and at the least cost. The purpose of the project is to create a system which the user feels safe and confident while using. The user can rely on the tool anytime without any second thoughts. The accuracy of the device has to be as high as possible because a large amount of data and money of the institution is at stake. Thus giving the utmost data security to the client is the main aim of the project.

      David Ndiang’ui Wambui, Dr. Kepha Ombui, Dr. Assumptah Kagiri

Abstract: This study sought to determine the factors affecting roads Construction Projects Completion in Nairobi City County. The study specific objectives was to evaluate how project manager’s competency, project funds, project equipment and Information Technology influence efficient road construction projects Completion in Nairobi City County. The target population comprised of all members of staff in all IT, Finance, HR and construction departments. The study applied a descriptive research design. The study population comprised of 2000 members of staff working in KURA in Nairobi. The study applied a stratified random sampling technique to select a sample size of 138 respondents. Questionnaires were used as the main data collection instruments and a pilot study was undertaken to pre-test the questionnaires for validity and reliability. The gathered data was analysed using descriptive statistics aided by Statistical Package for Social Scientists (SPSS) version 22 and findings presented on tables and charts. There was 70% response rate. The study findings reveal that road construction project Completion is greatly influenced by Project Equipment, Project Managers Competency, Project Funds, Project Technology.

      Sana Fahim, Samreen Lodhi

Abstract: This study tries to relationship in the middle of prize and worker inspiration furthermore recognizes relationship between representative inspiration Job divisions of Karachi. The study depends on essential information and test Size (N= 190) comprised of male and female workers of distinctive instructive segment and banks. Essential information gathered by organized poll by utilizing kind of diverse methodologies. Two unique theories were produced for the present study and were tried by applying Correlation and regression. Motivation has been treated as a dependent and Job Satisfaction as an independent variable.

      Henry Peter Gommans, Jacob Muiruri Kari

Abstract: Internal factors such as supply chain management have been observed to be of critical importance to the stability of the inventory prices. There is sufficient evidence indicating that firms do not quickly recover from the negative effects of price disruptions in the supply chain. For the stockholder in the horticulture industry, this event could impinge on earnings, while their loyal customers may have to rethink their loyalty if the horticulture companies decide to increase their prices in order to cushion themselves from the inventory price changes. The overall objective of this research was to establish the influence of supply chain management practices on the procurement performance of horticulture companies in Kenya focusing on Homegrown Horticulture Company, Naivasha.

      Chitra M. Bellurkar

Abstract: Women invariably perform the duties of both employees and the housewives. This dual role entails heavy mental and physical effort which often leads to complete exhaustion of women due to over work. Good health is a requirement throughout life and vital to women in terms of their daily activities, but nutritional anaemia is a major problem for women in India. To overcome these problems daily diet of the women should be nutritious. But health is a crucial area where no due attention has been paid for women. The study was carried out from two agro – climatic zones of Maharashtra. Nanded district was selected from Central Maharashtra Plateau zone and Nagpur district was selected from Central Vidarbha zone.

      Yogita Deshmukh, Puja Khare, D.D. Patra

Abstract: The biological formation of 2AP, by several rhizobacterial isolates was studied on the medium supplemented with L-ornithine. Increase in concentration of 2AP, was observed when proline (4%), ornithine (4%) and putrescine (5%) were supplemented in growth medium. Acinetobacter bahayai-BM-28- KJ143625 was a highest 2AP producing isolate. Medium inoculated with different rhizobacterial isolates was observed with 2-15.4 fold increase over the control. A. bahayai-BM-28- KJ143625 was inoculated in the medium supplemented with different concentrations of 4-aminobutanal and 1-pyrroline. 2-AP was identified as the most important volatile found in the headspace of samples supplemented with different concentrations of 4-aminobutanal before sterilization. 1-pyrroline was found as one of the very important immediate precursor for 2AP synthesis by bacteria. Results of precursor analysis revealed that 2AP production occurs when 4-aminobutanal diethyl acetal deduced from ornithine/proline/putrescine is heat transformed to 1-pyrroline which ultimately is converted into 2AP by bacterial system.

      Ajay Tanpure, Akshay Patil, Anup Bansod, Aniket Kulkarni

Abstract: Transfer of private, sensitive or confidential data over WAN requires protection against eavesdropping, unautho- rized access, use, modification, perusal, disruption assuredly and efficiently. The available open-source utilities like Rsync reduces time and bandwidth required to update the file across the network. It uses the interactive protocols that detects the changes in a file and sends only changed data but it uses weak SSH encryption for secured transfer even over WAN. It is not a secure mode of the data transfer as there are well known attacks like brute-force attack, dictionary attack on SSH. Every Organization requires their data to be transferred securely and they rely heavily on tools which are secure and can be used efficiently without much constraints.

      S.Poornima, Shashwat, Dheeraj Malhotra, Neha Verma

Abstract: Gait Analysis is a new profound human sensor which focuses on human locomotion. The word ‘gait’ means the manner of walking. It is a highly secured technique in which a person’s gait is stored offline in a database and for security reasons the previous data is matched with the present one in order to grant access to a highly secured area. Before considering human locomotion, many other parameters like age, height, weight, health, speed etc. are taken into account. This paper focuses on how Gait Analysis can be used in the field of security in comparison with other existing techniques. Previously and presently, Gait Analysis is being used in animation movie making, visual world creation etc. Its use can be expanded to various other fields like medical sciences, biometric identification etc. in order to provide benefit to the human beings.

      Misbah Ehsan, Samreenlodhi

Abstract: Packaging performs a central role as a medium in the marketing mix, in specifying the character of new products, in promotional campaigns, as a pricing pattern, and as a tool to create shelf impact. Packaging is usually considered as the most utmost form of advertising at the very crucial point of entire in the journey of purchasing: the point of purchase." It reflects the level of creativity, innovation, modernism, cutting-edge qualities the brand might possess. The place of packaging in marketing has become entirely significant since it is one of the channel companies can capture consumers to take notice of products.

      Niturkar Priyanka, Prof. Shinde V. D

Abstract: This paper presents implementation of embedded web server based on ARM9 Processor. The embedded web server design includes a complete web server with TCP/IP support and Ethernet interface. Through the Ethernet we could acquire the different real-time information, and based on the information, we could draft corresponding options and we can also implement control through Internet. In this paper we will be using SAMSUNG Mini2440 32 bit ARM Processor with Linux OS porting. For this purpose we will be using Friendly ARM9 board which is having an inbuilt Ethernet controller. Finally the application is developed and ported into an ARM9 processor using embedded 'C' language. Web pages are written by hyper text markup language (HTML); this system is used for real time applications such as Data Acquisition and control System (DACS).

      Zakari H. A, Jibrin Mohammed, and Ahmad R.S

Abstract: The increase in use of manure requires a knowledge on the fate and distribution of residual manure Cn and Zn in soils around dumpsites. To address this issue, amounts of soil Cu and Zn in the different organic and inorganic fractions were investigated in soil under long term dumping of industrial and animal wastes, especially swine and cattle manure and in two plots that are under intense vegetation around the dumpsites. The annual rates of manure application were based on the N contents in the various manures, and were approximately equivalent to 0, 50, 10, and 300 1G total N ha-1 y-1 in the vegetated area and 0, and 50 kg total N ha-1 y-1 in the grassland plot. In both the field plot and grassland manure plots there were insignificant increase in total Cu and Zn in soils associated with manure application. Moderate increases in labile Cu and Zn were observed in treatment with large amount of animal manure. The liquid swine manure had less effect than the cattle manure on increasing the labile Cu and Zn fraction. The results indicate that annual addition of animal manures at rates approximately 100kg N ho-1 for about 4 years does not constitute an environmental risk from Cu and Zn loading in these soils.

      Zakari HA and Ahmad S Rabo

Abstract: Sorption of lead cadmium and copper was studied using mono, bi-and tri-metal batch test. Simple mathematical expressions were applied to establish relationship between concentration of the adsorbent in the liquid phase and the solid phase at equilibrium and at constant temperature. The studies revealed in general that the soil around the Nasarawa industrial waste dumpsite has a high capacity to sorb metal ions. Results from the kinetics batch tests have shown the applicability of a pseudo second order model to describe adsorption rates of each metal ion in the soil.

      Mansour Abdullah Falah

Abstract: Objective: to assess some aspects of expressed maternal (pregnant women) satisfaction and perception of care provided at 10 primary health care centers within the Primary Health Care.

      Maryam Ahmad, Samreen Lodhi

Abstract: Social media or Social networking is the consolidate medium of online communications. Where people share information and develop professional contact. There are many types of social networking but we focus on LinkedIn where people find job and recruiters find right candidate. We estimate the effect of Internet and social media use on job search and e- recruitment.it.200 hundred question were distribute to final year student fresh graduate and the people who find also the recruiter who find candidate for organization. The data was analysis through the use of SPSS and regression test is applied. The data collect in Karachi. Social networking helps the job searcher to find job according to their field and LinkedIn is effective tool.

      Ibraheem M . Aliyas, Ghanim Y. Kassim, Najah N. Mutlak

Abstract: This research was conducted to study the several methods for evaluation the germination on Buckwheat seeds Fagopyrum esculentum M. Polygonaceae family, which seeds produced from Ukraine, under optimum experimental ecology conditions by planting 50 seed in each of four replications , the results appearance that the mean of germination percentage was 90% ,average vigor germination 24 ,5 % on the basis of first count , average the speed of germination was 2,4 day/ seed , average the index of germination was 11,7 ,average speed coefficient of germination was 6,4 seed / day , ,agricultural value 88,8 %

      Anzala Noor, Samreen Lodhi

Abstract: This research paper has examined to tell about impact of liquidity ratio on company profitability that how can liquidity affect on profitability either negatively or positively. the liquidity ratio include current and quick ratio which measure the company's profitability or efficiency of return on assets and return on equity this research has been conducting on automobile sector of five companies in Karachi including Pak Suzuki , Nissan Ghandhara , Toyota , Honda atlas ,and Hino Pak .The data has been collected from different sources like financial statements , links other sources and so on .

      Mugove Kudenga

Abstract: This study focused on the knowlegeability of girl street children living in Harare in respect of reproductive health. These children are vulnerable considering that they do not have protection from their parents or guardians and most of the time they alone with peers of same ages. In most times they have limited means to get food, clothes and other necessary amenities. This places them at risk of abuse from men who might exploit their vulnerability. It is then imperative that if these children are equipped with relevant reproductive knowledge so that they are in a position to make informed decisions when confronted with challenges that require knowledge of reproductive health so as to avoid unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases and HIV.

      Ashlin Jose, Divya G

Abstract: Secret sharing is the process of distributing a secret amongst a group of participants each of whom is allocated a share of the secret. This secret can be reconstructed only when a enough number of possibly different types of shares are combined together. Individual shares have no use here Steganography can applied on video files and hide the message in an encrypted format thus achieving a multiple cryptographic system. The most frequently used technique is Least Significant Bit steganography (LSB steganography). But instead of traditional LSB encoding a modified encoding technique which will first transform the video using a Lazy Lifting Wavelet transform and after that apply LSB in the sub-bands of the video that has been obtained.

      Suraj Shendkar, Ganesh Narale, Ashwini Ingole, Kalyani Padwal

Abstract: This paper is basically for human voice recongnization for document recommendation and what problem we faced for document recommendation system. The system in known as automatic speech reorganization. The previous we used the written query for information gathering. The automatic speech recongnization machine is take input as human voice then it converts it to text. There are some methodologies used for this which will be discussed in this paper or document . The machine is actually worked as per voice given except that what voice it get from user. The system will give sentence as per human speak .The spoken words are converted into text query by use of ASR machine. The speech signals are given to system the training data .the automatic speech reorganization is worked on the acoustic model and pronunciation model.

      Nital M. Jasud, Varsha k.borude, Pooja D.Khodal, Wandhekar A. Shital

Abstract: Nowadays, one of the popular multimedia data exchanged in the internet is Digital video. Protection requers in requires to enhance security in commercial activity on the internet as well as media. a widely interesting research is the 2D Barcode with a digital watermark is in the field of security. By using the Quick Response (QR) Code technique, in this paper we propose a video watermarking with text data. Via a robust video watermarking scheme the QR Code is prepared to be watermarked based on the SVD(singular value decomposition) and DWT (Discrete Wavelet Transform). SVD is an attractive algebraic transformfor watermarking applications. In addition to that logo (or) watermark gives the authorized ownership of video document. For the cover I-frame the SVD is applied. With logo (or) watermark there fused the extracted diagonal value. For SVD cover image and QR code image the SVD is applied. The watermarked image inverse transform and add the frame into video, to authorized customers this watermarked video file sends. In the reverse process for authorized ownership check the logo and QR code. acceptable imperceptibility achieved by these experimental results and in video processing there certain robustness.

      Norhidayah, A, Noriham, A;Rusop, M.D

Abstract: Study on nanoparticle of herbs on the antimicrobial activity is lacking in the literature, thus this study was conducted with the aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of coarse (CP), fine (FP) and nanostructured ginger rhizome particles (NP) against growth of Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Salmonella typhimurium, Streptococcus pyogenes, Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus subtilis, Rhizopus sp, Aspergillus nige, Candida albicans by using disc diffusion assay. NP had the strongest inhibitory effect against all tested bacteria (8.3 mm) followed by FP (7.5 mm) while CP (6.7 mm) showed the weakest maximum inhibition zone respectively (p < 0.05). However, ginger rhizome water extract at all particle sizes were found not to inhibit yeast and mold. Nanosize particle of ginger rhizome water extract able to inhibit bacteria better than the CP and FP. Hence it is suggested that nanosize particle ginger rhizome water extract has the potential to be used as antibacterial agent in food and pharmaceutical industry.

      Oriwo Sophia Atieno

Abstract: The mastery of grammar forms a basis for achieving proficiency in the four language skills. Teachers are, therefore, supposed to ensure that learners acquire adequate competence in grammar. In order to achieve this, the areas taught in grammar include: parts of speech, phrases, clauses and sentences. Proficiency in oral skills in the English language is tested in two ways, namely through written and oral methods. Based on a study conducted in secondary schools within Eldoret Municipality, this paper examines the relationship between scores attained in the two tests. The study was formulated and interpreted with reference to Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) approach.

      Irawan Muripto

Abstract: The water masses pattern is once of the current system around Dangkalan Sahul as an upwelling from undercurrent thus enchances and nutrified Arafura Sea. Water parcels traveling along the coast of western of Papua across the fishing area where’s kind of fishing boat working in the whole year, at presence of boundary any fishermen are confined in the Sahul Continent that is low current from south. The southern exchange window it’s subducted waters from the eastern Indian Ocean can reaches the continent, and recirculate back to the south entrance Nusa Tenggara Timur waters.

      KB Galketiya, MVG Pinto, BAM Premadasa, AHMAH Abayasinghe, GWGDD Galahawela, RAA Shaminda, NR Kumarasinghe, H Sunanda, AS Samarasinghe, LAK Samarasekara

Abstract: The morbidity of thoracotomy or median sternotomy can be minimized by thoracoscopy whilst providing a clear vision for a precise dissection. One of the challenges of the new learning curve set is tissue dissection and haemostasis specially in complex procedures.

      Dambi JM, Chivambo G, Chiwaridzo M, Matare T

Abstract: Background-Cerebral palsy (CP) is the most common paediatric physical disability. Children with CP often present with multiple impairments and activity limitations. This makes them often reliant on caregivers for assistance in functional activities. As CP is a lifetime condition, long term caregiving may eventually negatively affect the health related quality of life (HRQoL) of caregivers. HRQoL is context-specific, therefore, we thus set to determine the HRQoL of Zimbabwean primary caregivers of children with CP.

      Miss Lince Paulose Njarakatt, Mrs. Arati S. Phadke, Dr. Vaidyanathan Iyer

Abstract: This paper presents a novel motion control system with multiple axes using an Ethernet link from a host generating the motion profile and the motor drivers/controllers. To implement an architecture which can deliver jitter free trajectory scalable to 18axesat an update rate of 5KHz.While analysis and trajectory generation are performed for 6axes control, motor control is evaluated on a mechanical system with two motors. The aim is to achieve efficient motion control with jerk free motion. The algorithm uses ping pong buffers to load and run the motors. Comparisons are made based on the results obtained using various DSP controllers. The motion profile of a circle is experimented and discussed in this paper.

      Zuhair .W. Dardona, Ayman .W. Dardona, Mohammed.A.Albayoumi

Abstract: Butterflies and moths were studied in regions of Wadi Gaza, extending from Salahe El-deen bridge west to Wadi Abo-Qatron near Wadi Gaza village to the east. The research is based on studying the diversity of butterflies and moths in terms of taxa diversity, Genera compositions, and family abundance.

      Muusya Jackline Kavutha

Abstract: Drug use has become prevalent today than any other time in Kenya. Youths are using drugs which modify their mental, emotional and behavioral functioning. In learning institutions, drug use may make students to have poor concentration in class, high rate of absenteeism and failure in exams leading to poor academic performance. The purpose of this study therefore was to investigate the influence of drug use on academic performance among secondary school students in Matinyani district. Descriptive survey was used in this study. Fourteen public secondary schools were involved with population of 1701 students. Purposive sampling was used in the sample selection to select 5 schools which included a girls’ boarding, a boys’ boarding school, a mixed day school, a mixed boarding school and a mixed day and a boarding school.

      Shihab El deen E. Hassan, Dongfa Sun, Khalid A. M. Hassan

Abstract: Wheat is one of the most widely grown food grain crop in the world. Approximately five percent of the worldwide wheat production is comprised of durum wheat. Durum wheat (Triticum durum Desf.) is mainly produced and consumed in the Mediterranean region, it is used to produce several specific endproducts. Diversity analysis is important for deciphering genetic relationship including parentage and for the efficient management of germplasm and thereby, use in breeding of improved varieties.

      Murtada Kanim. A.AL-Jebory

Abstract: Elderly people may suffer from the multiple health disorders due to the vulnerability for many physical and mental disturbances, Quality of life in elderly population can be affected by many environmental factors Objective(s): Cross sectional study was aimed to determine the quality of life in elderly people resident in nursing home and present investigation attempt to study the quality of life elderly men and women living in institutions nursing home.

      Soni Chaubey and Mohan Kumar Patil

Abstract: The present study has determined water quality assessment on the basis of physico-chemical analysis such as pH, Electrical Conductivity (EC), Turbidity (Turb) ,Total Dissolved Solids ( TDS), Total Hardness (TH), Calcium (Ca2+), Magnesium (Mg2+), Chloride (Cl-), Sulphate (SO4) ,Total Alkalinity (TA) and Dissolved Oxygen (DO) etc., using a statistical method. There is a relationship between variables which shows that one variable actually causes changes in another variable.


Abstract: To evaluate the diagnostic importance of the serum gamma glutamyl transferase (GGT)(E.C : and amylase(E.C : to assess the effects of chromic alcoholism on liver and pancreatic tissue and to differentiate alcoholic hepatitis from non alcoholic hepatitis by estimating serum levels of GGT and amylase in addition to regular biochemical investigations like serum bilirubin, alanine transaminase (ALT)(E.C: and alkaline phosphatase (ALP)(E.C: levels in about 40 cases of adult jaundice patients admitted in S.V.S Hospital.

      M.S. Sultana, M.H. Rahman, M.S. Rahman, S. Sultana and A.K. Paul

Abstract: A field experiment was conducted in Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University Farm, Dhaka, Bangladesh during December, 2011 to April, 2012 to assess the effect of integrated use of vermicompost, pressmud and urea on the nutrient status of grain and straw of rice (Hybrid Dhan Hira 2). Ten treatments coded from T1 to T10 were used in this experiment. The highest amount of nitrogen (1.092%), phosphorus (0.297 %), potassium (0.374 %) in grain and the highest amount of potassium (1.213%), sulfur (0.091%) in straw were observed in T3 treatment receiving 90 kg N/ha from urea along with 30 kg N/ha from vermicompost. The highest sulfur (0.124 %) content in grain and the highest nitrogen (0.742%), the highest phosphorus (0.182 %) in straw was recorded in treatment T2 receiving 120 kg N/ha from urea. The highest amount of nitrogen (93.81 kg/ha), phosphorus (26.07 kg/ha), potassium (32.82 kg/ha) and sulfur (10.79 kg/ha) uptake by grains and the highest amount of nitrogen (55.70 kg/ha), phosphorus (13.79 kg/ha), potassium (92.43 kg/ha) and sulfur (6.91 kg/ha) uptake by straw of rice were observed in T3 treatment. On the other hand the lowest values of these parameters were obtained from control treatment T1.

      Arun Hattarge, Sadhana Kokate, Juee Kabade, Sayli Kumbhar, Swati Gore

Abstract: The 2D to 3D change procedures assume essential part in created film commercial ventures, restorative territory in light of the fact that it is give viable and brilliant 3D images .To beat some disadvantage of 2D images then 2D to 3D images and video transformation system have been present and proposed by Saxena[1]. There are numerous researchers working in the range of 3D images and films. In this paper "Learning-Based, Automatic 2D-to-3D Image and Video Conversion" presented. The 3D images makes the general population to experience constant world in a 2D gadget. In therapeutic field utilizing 3D sweep images for indicative device for different ailments

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